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Kinktober 2018 (selective)

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When he had given Akutagawa the key to his apartment, he had expected a lot of things. Gin and him staying over, watching movies and trying his wine collection.Random visits in the middle of the night. Blood everywhere.

The picture in front of him was not on the list, but certainly better than anything his imagination could have come up with. His boyfriend was lying on the bed completely naked, normally pale skin flushed a beautiful pinkish-red, eyes closed in bliss. One slender hand was lazily stroking his shaft, the other was further down, three fingers slowly working the younger open.

The soft gasps and moans filling the room were like music to the Executive, who couldn't stop his grin at hearing his name in between a couple times. Placing his hat on it's holder, he finally stepped into the room properly, looking his partner over before speaking up.

“Having fun Ryuu?”

The reaction was immediate, steel grey eyes widening in surprise, Akutagawa making a motion as if to stop, Chuuya quickly catching his wrist to keep it in place. The stuttered half-sentences he got were just too adorable to pass up.

“Ch-Chuuya...I was...I just…”

Blue eyes clouded with lust, the older man leaned in for a kiss, biting his partners lower lip, before pulling back.

“Keep going. I want to see.”

Pulling over a chair, Chuuya got comfortable, leaning back and giving his lover a suggestive smile. Already flushed cheeks turned a few tints redder, but Akutagawa soon listened to his demand, slowly starting to move again.

Licking his lips, the Executive let his eyes freely roam, taking in the way the youngers fingers moved in up to the second knuckle, spreading apart and searching for his sweet spot. How his hand got just a bit faster, moving from the base of his shaft to the tip, thumb running over the slit and eliciting a pleased sigh each time.

Finally, he settled on Akutagawa’s face, soft lips swollen from where the taller had bitten down to stifle his moans, mouth slightly open. He could tell his boyfriend was having a hard time trying to catch his breath, every movement making him sob in pleasure.

Shifting in his seat, Chuuya slid a hand between his legs, palming his erection through his pants. It was almost embarrassing how hard he could get, just from watching his lover pleasure himself, but Akutagawa was giving him the most erotic show he had ever witnessed.

Cursing under his breath at an especially loud moan, that went straight to his cock, he undid his belt and pants, freeing himself from their confines. At the first touch, the Executive let out a pleased sigh, smiling as he caught his boyfriend's eyes.

“You look so goddamn sexy Ryuu...I don't think I could ever get enough of you…”

His words made the younger mewl, movement speeding up a little more. Gods above, he'd have to suggest doing this again.


He forced himself to keep his eyes open, watching Akutagawa’s body tense up, taking in how the taller threw his head back with a loud moan of his name, hitting his climax and riding himself through it.


Stumbling to his feet, Chuuya made his way to the bed, laying next to his partner and showering him with kisses. He could take care of himself later, right now he wanted to make sure his lover was alright. Gloved hands lovingly ran through dual-coloured hair, pushing sweaty strands out of Akutagawa’s face.

“Take it slow...I'll get you cleaned up in a moment.”