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Chapter Text's so cold... 

Mocha-colored eyes lurched open. Veronica hadn't expected to appear in a voided location, yet here she was, standing in a small area of shimmering light surrounded by the murky darkness that seemed to beckon her towards them. Nothing but darkness could be seen in this empty void that the poor girl had awoken in.

Is...that you...dear...Veronica?

A voice from behind Veronica attracted her attention. She swept around. In the middle of the lit area, there stood a lone grey figure. Veronica didn't know how to describe them, she had never seen someone that looked so beautiful, yet so hideous, young, yet so old, their dark eyes told many stories, yet it held emptiness- it truly disturbed her. However as much as she truly wanted to look away, a strange sensation inside her enticed her, drawing her near the figure.

Come closer...

Veronica flinched as she heard the deep voice that growled at her from...somewhere. She stood there, perplexed and unsure of what her next move should be. Her eyes wander around the space, and another thought pushed the mulling question of who the figure was into the darkest corners of her mind. Just where the hell was she?

"Confused? You should be, It's been a long time since you've been here, I don't expect you to remember this place" A softer voice spoke. The voice appeared to have come from the figure. "Welcome back, Sawyer" Though Veronica heard their voice, her eyes widened when she saw that their mouth hadn't moved, not one bit. 

"W...who are you? What is this place?"  Veronica hesitantly asked. "Is this Limbo?... Am I dead?"

"So many questions...yet so little time" The figure replied. 

"Then I'm in what? Heaven, Hell?" Veronica continues. "Are you like what? God?"

The figure scoffed. "Don't compare me to that childish fool" A frown was formed onto the figure's face. "Anyways, let's get to the point"

"You're actually dead now, you were too late to stop Jason Dean from destroying the school, thus killing you and the people inside" The figure spoke. "But instead of your soul being sent to Heaven or Hell, it was sent to me, here in Limbo, because of one request made to me by someone you knew...for a long time"

Those words struck Veronica like a knife. Dead? She was dead? But she did everything she could to stop the inevitable consequence of JD's actions. Hearing this...did that meant that she had ultimately failed in the end? And also, who was this other individual that was making a request to this figure to give her another chance? She looked up at the figure's hollow eyes and held her gaze.

"I have been requested to revive you and send you back in time, to fix up your 'little' mistakes, to make sure that no one will die this time." The figure said. "Only if you actually want to"

"But why?" Veronica managed to utter in a pained voice. "Why do I deserve this when...?"

The figure held out their hand to cease Veronica from continuing, though the latter wanted to question more about the figure's involvement on all of this, she felt compelled to ease.

"We've all been impressed of your endeavors, Sawyer, don't be surprised that someone has requested for me to do this" The figure expressed, and for once Veronica heard an emotion behind the mysterious grey individual's voice, but she wasn't all too sure of what emotion it could be. "Hmm actually, I'll give you one other gift before you leave". 

A blue glow enveloped the figure's hands. They clasped them together and began chanting words in a language that Veronica wasn't familiar with. The light died down, and the figure removed their hands, revealing a golden, circular object that had a hole. It wasn't really much or impressive to look, it was just golden and that was that. The floating object drifted towards Veronica, she held a hand beneath the object before it fell to her palms.

"What's this for?" The figure didn't reply this time, they had withdrawn to a sorrowful silence. 

 The figure held out their hand towards Veronica. Their palms started to radiate in a pale, golden light, and suddenly, the very same light surged out, blinding Veronica and causing her to back away even more. Fortunately, she was able to adjust her vision to the light, and as she looked around in her surroundings, she noticed that the darkness around her had not been affected by this radiant light.

"You have a choice, take my hand and you will be back to those 'precious' times you treasured oh so much" There was a slight hint of sarcasm in the figure's voice, but Veronica hadn't noticed, her attention was at the glowing hand. "Or you can choose whether to stay and go to heaven" Veronica raised her own hand as various thoughts swelled in her mind; would she be happier this way, would everyone be happy this way? And with this, she would probably get rid of the weight in the chest that had continued to grow heavier as she watched JD becoming the monster that he had become.

"One chance, you've got one chance to change all of this" In the last minute of desperation, Veronica grasped the figure's hand and as she did so, she swore she saw the figure's mouth quirk up to form a small smirk.

"Huh, didn't think you would take the offer" Those words came as an echo to Veronica that reverberated around her dulling senses as she felt the fatigue beginning to creep. The familiar sense of tiredness felt drugged to her, fake, however, she brushed it off and allowed her state of mind to enter the dimension of unconsciousness and dreams. But something that lurked in her mind tried to constrain her to stay awake, endless questions that needed answers- just who was this figure? And why were they helping her? What was their sole purpose?

She struggled to stay awake, but her ineffective endeavors were left incompetent, and as she felt her eyelids becoming heavy as lead, straining themselves to be left open, Another unexpected wave of nausea and tiredness crashed against her like a wave. She starts to see the null void beckoning her to sleep.

"Oh, and by the way, my patron has sent another to take care of you throughout this whole..." The figure's voice faded.

The last thing Veronica saw being the darkness coming down on her like strong protective arms, that enveloped her in an embrace and held her close.

And the ringing noise that she had started to hear eased into a silence that was thunderous to Veronica's ears.



Veronica jolted awake from someone vigorously shaking her shoulders. In her vision, she could barely make out three blurry figures; three blurry colors she had familiarised with in the past, before all the incidents, before all the confusion, and before the destruction of the school. As her vision became clearer, she could make out the recognizable face of Heather McNamara pressed up against her. Veronica yelped and recoiled away, unaware of the set of lockers right behind her. The distorted sound from banging against the metal made Veronica wince, and from what she could discern, also made the group of three cringed.


"Woah, Veronica easy now" Veronica heard McNamara's high pitched voice. Instantly, Veronica's vision became accustomed to the searing brightness of the sunlight and her senses became aware of the cool, crisp feeling of the air and the strong-smelling fragrance of someone's rose-scented perfume.

I knew someone who used that a lot. Veronica grimaced. And was that Mac I just heard? Does that mean...

Veronica's eyes wandered up. Her mouth dropped and her eyes widened as she saw one individual she hadn't expected to see. Heather Chandler. The Demon Queen of Westerburg standing before her in all of her might and glory. She stared fiercely at the gawking girl beneath her figure, an angry frown starting to form.

"What the fuck are you doing laying on the goddamn floor?" Heather demanded. Veronica opened her mouth to answer, but no words came out, the astonishment of seeing Chandler alive was, well- just too much for her, as she could still vividly remember how the latter had died, how she was choking out the blue drain cleaner, her body convulsing, falling onto the ground as she reached for Veronica, before her body gave one more jerk and fell limp. But it seems that Veronica was in a time before she died, as here was Heather Chandler, alive and well, not even the faintest of blue liquid running down from the corner of her mouth. 

Then that figure...they were real? If she could, Veronica would have punched herself in the face to check if she wasn't dreaming. However, she quickly decided against it to avoid making a fool out of herself in front of the many students making their way throughout the halls of Westerburg and especially in front of the certain group of three that were beginning to be perplexed about Veronica's strange behavior. 

When she squirmed on her spot, it was only now that she noticed the object that was clasped in her left hand. She ran her thumb across its smooth edge, it was incredibly cold.

Holy crap, I'm...I'm actually...In the past...?  Veronica began to stutter an answer to Heather's earlier question.

Before Veronica could muster one word, she heard the very obnoxious voices of two familiar jocks from somewhere nearby. Kurt and Ram are alive too!? Looking past the Heathers, she witnessed the two carrying on with their usual antics.

"Veronica, stop spacing out there, you look fucking weird if you do" Chandler's voice brought back Veronica's attention to her.

"H-huh? Oh yeah" Veronica got herself up adjusting the neck of her shirt that she had noticed became crooked.

Heather started to speak once more, but Veronica had muted her surroundings. She was slowly grasping the situation she was in: She's in the past, everyone's alive, perhaps JD is also alive but she didn't want to think about him,  not after what had all happened, and it's all thanks to that puzzling figure and the figure's equally puzzling benefactor. Then she remembered the words the figure had said. It only took a moment for Veronica to register the serious situation that she was placed in,

She was given once chance, one chance to fix all of her mistakes, and she certainly wasn't throwing her shot away.

"-Ronica, were you even listening to me!?" Chandler yelled, attracting the attention of many of the students around them. What was Veronica supposed to say? Say that had watched her die and now she was here to fix the past. Yeah, mentioning what had happened in the past was way out of the question, if she could make an accurate guess, it would probably end up in the same way as before, Chandler, Kurt, Ram and all the students of Westerburg High including Veronica herself ending up in front of Death's doorstep. Veronica needed to be careful of what to say.

"Sorry, just tired" Veronica replied, scratching the back of her head in a sheepish manner and laughed nervously. She could hear Duke sighing behind Chandler. Oh, still her normal self.S he glowered at the thought of future Duke, the very same Duke that drove Mcnamara- her own friend- to almost commit suicide.

"Extra homework again?" Heather sneered. "You really are a nerd, huh?"

"What do you want, Heather?" Veronica met with Heather's piercing gaze.

Heather raised an eyebrow. "Watch your tone, Veronica" Heather hissed.

Veronica muttered a curse, loud enough for only herself to hear. She whipped her head around towards Chandler. "Sorry Heather, I've got somethi-" Before Veronica's sentence could be finished, the school bell blared throughout the hallway.

"Oh...time for classes" Veronica mumbled. She turned to look at McNamara. "What day is it, and what period is it?". The three Heathers stared at her in bewilderment. 

" it's Monday, and we're just starting the 1st period..." McNamara answered nonetheless. "Uh...are you sure you're ok because..."

Veronica dismissed her with a small wave of her hand. "Sorry, I'm just really, really tired...I only got two hours of sleep last night, I'm pretty sure"

"Two hours of sleep?  What the fuck, would you be more chill on that extra homework?" Chandler growled. Veronica was confused why she was angry at her for doing extra homework, even if that wasn't the reason why her behavior had abruptly changed. Another part of Veronica told her a different story, that Heather was genuinely concerned for her health after only sleeping for two hours (a lie). But Veronica shoved those thoughts down the darkest depth of her mind with all the unwanted memories of past events left there to be untouched, because in reality, it would never happen.

"You have English, right Veronica?" McNamara said. 

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure or was it Economics...? Do I even have Economics?" Veronica replied, unsure of her answer.

"You even forgets their own timetable?" Chandler sighed, rolling her glazed, blue eyes. 

"Obviously someone who slept for two hours." Duke quipped, looking from the book she was quietly reading. "I gotta go, see ya'". She turned around without another word and left. The remaining three watched as Duke sauntered towards the other end of the corridor, her figure disappearing as she made a quick turn to the right.

"I suppose I should go now as well" Veronica uttered. 

"Do you want me to go with you?" McNamara asked. "Your English class is in the same corridor as my History class"

"N-No, it's fine". Veronica answered. "I've got some stuff to do before I head to class anyways" 

"Ok then, if you say so" And she left, leaving Veronica with Chandler. She gazed at Veronica, and as the latter gave a sideways glance to the slightly shorter girl beside her, she noticed that her face was blank, though Veronica could just scarcely see an unrecognizable emotion in those blue eyes.

Heather sighed. "Well, should we go to English then?"

Veronica shook her head. "You can go on without me as I said, I've got something to do". Heather quirked an eyebrow. 

"It's unlike you to ditch." Heather voiced her surprise.

"I know, just something more important than metaphors that I gotta deal with," Veronica said. "And anyway, I can just quickly forge a hall pass if any of the teachers are nearby"

"I suppose so then," Heather sighed. With a small gesture of her hand, Heather spun around towards the direction Duke had went. With that, Veronica was left remaining in the almost-empty corridor, the clicking of Heather's 6-inch heels bouncing off the walls and sending echoes throughout the hallway. Veronica watched as Heather's red-clad figure recede in the distance, before disappearing as she turned a corner.

Oh, and by the way, my patron has sent another to take care of you throughout this whole... Those words kept on repeating in Veronica's head. 

Huh, I'll figure out what they meant later, probably another 'gift' She looked at the object in her hands and rotated it around in different angles. She lifted it up to the light to see if it would react to it, but all it did was glint with a honey-gold sheen like real gold.

She was getting strange gifts indeed. 

"Indeed you are" Veronica turned around, she wasn't surprised that she had missed someone in the corridor since she was distracted, but she swore that all the students had vacated to their classrooms and that the corridors would surely be empty. Somehow, Veronica sensed that this individual wasn't human.

This new figure was brighter in contrast to the grey figure from before. They had a child-like appearance, but it was obvious that they older than they appeared. Though they appeared human- with pale skin, and normal-looking blue eyes- there was just something about this figure that screamed out 'godly'. The figure was floating in midair, though it wasn't much of a surprise to Veronica, it would still be a long time for her to get used to the supernatural events that were occurring to her like a blur. Veronica took a further inspection of the figure's features. There were bandages wrapped around their left eye, it made her wonder what was hiding beneath those bandages, an injured eye? Or maybe an empty space that lacked an eye? 

Then she saw the blood stains that were almost present on the white cloth that wouldn't be hard to miss.

"You must be Veronica right?" The figure seemed almost ecstatic to meet her. Veronica nodded slowly, causing the figure to sigh in content. "Thank fuck, I should have arrived earlier ago but I was stuck in...what was it again? 2018?" The figure shuddered. "I hate that year sooo much"

"Who are you?" The figure took a hand out from the pockets of their blue hoodie, offered a peace sign and grinned.

"Got no name, miss, but people call me 'God' from time-to-time" Veronica froze. Wait...this god?

Don't compare me to that childish fool Now she understood the meaning behind the grey figure's words.

"So let me explain quickly before time starts up again." 'God' paused to see if Veronica would start demanding questions. 

Veronica hadn't noticed, but she felt incredibly lighter, weightless even, and it felt like the air in her lungs were stripped out. It felt like she was back in that void again, the darkness taking the form of one of Westerburg's long corridors. She had just become aware of the air just lingering in the ambiance, just staying, no movements, it just stayed in the deafening silence.

Seeing that she wasn't going to, they began to explain. "You, a dear protagonist of this story, has been granted a chance to fix everything."

"So I'm in the past now?" God nodded in response.

"I expected you to be more panicky since you literally just traveled back in time, you're way different than all the mortals I've encountered thus far." The corners of God's lips quirked up. Veronica was unsure whether to trust the mischevious look that formed on God's face. "Y'know what? I like ya' attitude"

"Thanks, I suppose?" Veronica grunted. "Now, what were you going to say earlier?"

God's face lit up. "Ah, right!" God slowly floated down, lowering their feet before plopping on the ground without any noise. "Right now, we're in a time waaay before everyone died, if I could take an accurate guess, I'd say three weeks before the first death happens"

Three weeks before I accidently gave Heather Chandler that liquid drain cleaner for her to drink... Veronica scowled. And three weeks before I met JD.

"You can do whatever to change the future, either way, all the paths you will take are neither right or wrong." God's expression suddenly darkened. When God began to speak again, there was another voice- one that sounded more masculine- speaking along with them."But just as we warned, you only got one chance."

Veronica gulped

God gave a small, friendly smile when they became aware of the taller girl becoming tense. "If you have any more questions, Miss, I suggest you should ask them now."

"I've got two questions." Veronica brought out the golden object and held it towards God, who after noticing it, dashed towards Veronica and started examining it thoroughly with much interest.

 "Wow, Miss!" God exclaimed. "I can't believe you were given this!"

"What is it?"

"It doesn't have a name, but there are two uses for it," God explained. "The first is to summon me whenever and wherever, and the second-" God opened their mouth to speak, nothing came out. They tried to speak again, but nothing.

Veronica frowned in confusion. "What?"

God chuckled. "Well you gotta find that out by yourself, it seems."

"Are you serious?" Veronica sighed. "Ok then, last question, since I'll be messing around with time or whatever, would there be any complications like paradoxes, loopholes- any parallel universes that'll get affected?"

"You've read a lot of those time travel fictions, haven't you?" God stifled a snicker. "Don't worry, nothing will happen as long as I'm here, why do ya' think Time sent me for a reason?"

"So none of those will happen?" 

God scratched their head. "Well, there is a slight chance of you creating a consistent causal loop if you follow on from your previous route, but I'm sure that you won't take it"

Veronica mentally noted down God's words. "Got it then, I've got no more questions, I suppose I can go to class now?"

God nodded. "It looks like we stopped this chat at the exact moment." Veronica started to feel like she could breathe as the cool, crisp air became alive again. The silence disappeared, though you wouldn't be able to notice it by any normal means, there was just something inside Veronica that made her notice. She noticed the dullness of the colors around them appeared to look brighter like before; time had begun to tick again.

"I'll be following you for now, Miss, you'll be the only one to see me, so try not to talk to me when you're around public to avoid making yourself appear like a psycho." God tilted their head and grinned. "Let's get to your English class then, for now, just do what you can, and find any small or big alterations that have been made"

Veronica shot them a glance before she took out her journal to rip a page out and started forging a late note.