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The Last Resort

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“Mommy? Where are we going?” Shinsou asks as he was strapped into his car seat. He looked up quizzically at his mom as she gave him a backpack stuffed with clothes and his favorite plush cat.

“We are just going to a trip to see some of mommy’s friends okay?” She replied, giving him a small sad smile. She double checked that he was properly in his car seat before she got into the front seat and started the car.

Shinsou scrunched up his face at the look his mom gave him, he didn’t think there was a reason she should be sad today. He was good today, he did everything his mom asked and he even avoided asking questions like she asked. No matter what he did, his mom would give him the same sad smile and pat his head while she thanked him.

He just wanted it to go back to normal. He wanted to go back before he got his quirk a month ago. His mom used to smile and hug him all the time. Now he either gets these sad looks or a terrified one if he had used his quirk. He’s trying not use it, but it’s so hard not to. It feels like an itch on his forehead, only going away if he uses his quirk or enough time has passed.

Shinsou started to get more nervous and confused the father they traveled from home and how dark it was getting outside. He kept asking his moms questions on where they’re going and how long it would take. At first, she’d respond with ‘We’re almost there’ and ‘Not too long now’, until she finally stopped answering and Shinsou was left staring at back of her head. He hugged his cat tightly to his chest as he settled down with his forehead resting against the window as he watched the sky slowly darken.

He doesn’t remember falling asleep, but he slowly came too when he felt the car stop and heard a door slam shut. He sat up and rubbed his eye with the back of his hand, as he looked out the window at hi mother. His mom walked up to a man and women and started talking to them. She occasionally looked back to the car but mainly kept her focus on the people in front of her. Shinsou shifted and pressed his hands and face against the window truing to get a better look at them.

The man couldn’t have been too much taller than Shinsou. He was short and round and waddled a bit as he moved around, kind of reminded Shinsou of a penguin. He was balding at the top, but still had limp black hair around the side of his head. What made him so unnerving to Shinsou was the man’s sharp grin filled with equally sharp teeth.

The woman was standing up ramrod straight, with a bulky bag tight in one hand and a set of papers in another. She was about the same height of his mom, not tall but not short, and had short cropped black hair. Her face was pursed unhappily and continued to become more contorted as they continued talking. The women suddenly held out the stack of paperwork to his mom and looked at her expectantly. He saw his mom turn to look at him with the same sad smile he’s been getting all month, before she turns her back to him to sign the papers.

“Hey kid, get out the car.” A rough voice said from behind him. Shinsou jolted in his seat and whipped his head towards the voice.

A lady was leaning into the car with her arm resting on the roof. She had long blonde hair that partially covered her face as she folded in on herself to get into the car. Even with her hair in her face, Shinsou could still make out a shiny black eye staring at him. Shinsou hugged his stuff toy tighter when she reached in with a scar riddled arm, and a single large circular scar on her palm.

“Come on kid,” She grunted as she grabbed his ankle and started to pull him across the seats. Shinsou fell on his stomach at the movement letting out a small ‘oof’. He made one last-ditch effort to stay in the car and reached for the car door handle but ended up grabbing onto his backpack as he slide out the car.
She placed him on his feet once she got him out and them motioning for him to move. She let out an irritated sigh when he just stared at her, and roughly grabbed his upper arm, pulling him in the direction of his mom. He sent his mom a bewildered look as soon as they reached the small gathering, but she refused to look at him.

“Mom?” he whispered trying to get her attention, but she turned her head away from him and snatched the bag out from the black-haired women’s hand.

“Pleasure doing business with you Ms. Shinsou.” The man chortled giving her a slight bow as she walked to the car.

“Mom?” he murmured as he watched her go, her soft purple ringlet hair swaying behind her as she walked to the car.

“Mom!” he shouted, panicking he tried pulling his arm away from the lady, but she had him in a vice grip. He struggled harder when he saw his mom enter the car, the grip on his arm impossible tightened. Ignoring the pain that it caused, he increased his efforts. “Let me go!”

“MOM!” he cried out, as heard the revving of the engines. He kicked frantically at the lady holding him, but she didn’t so much as flinch at the assault.

“I always hate this part.” The black hair lady murmured from beside him.

He froze in his spot as he saw his car back up and turn away. It felt unreal as he watched his mom slowly drive back down the road they came from until it went out of view. Even then he refused to look from that spot, holding his breath in hopes it’d turn around.

“Oh shut it Memory, you know it’s necessary.” The scarred women growled out from behind him. “They need to know, they’re not coming back. If not, we’re going to hear years of whining. ‘Where’s my family?’ and ‘when can I go home?’ and that’s the most annoying thing. At least this way, its once and done.”

“I guess you’re right.”

Shinsou felt his arm get pulled hard; rough enough to cause him to stumble back, but he managed to keep his eyes trained on the road. “Come on kid, if you haven’t realized it yet, she’s not coming back.”

“Mom?” he whimpered as he was pulled along, he dug his heels into the dirt in a halfhearted attempt to stay, unwilling to completely give up yet. He felt empty, like everything was moving around him but he was frozen in time. He barely paid any attention to anything around him, vision tunneling to the spot where the car had disappeared to.

Suddenly a face entered his view, beady black eyes glaring into his own. She grabbed both of his shoulders and shook him roughly causing his head to whip back and forth with the movement. “Listen to me kid. She’s not fucking coming back, get it through your thick skull. She sold you for a measly one hundred twelve thousand-yen, mere pocket change.”

“What.” He whispered, staring at her with large eyes.

She gave him a glare as she stood back up, taking his backpack from him and slinging it over her shoulder. She placed her hand on the back of his neck and steered him towards their car. “Tough luck kid. We bought you for your quirk. In exchange she got rid of a problem kid and some extra spending cash. Must have been too much for her to handle you. It must be a giant relief to finally rid of you.” She glanced down at him and let out a sigh when she saw tears start to stream down his face. “Look kid, a quirk like yours? You’re bound to end up with us sooner or later. At least now we can train you, you’ll be more prepared, protected, and you will last longer than the others who start so late.”

She forced him into the back seat once she opened the door, throwing his backpack after him before getting in herself. Shinsou looked at her and went to grab the door handle on his side but was met with metal. The lady let out an amused chuckle and told him he wasn’t the first one to try that. He turned away as he felt heat rush to his cheeks in embarrassment. He turned his head slightly to look out the back window, to watch the road as they drove in the opposite direction his mom went.

“Wipe those tears kid, we don’t like criers here. You’ll have plenty more reasons to cry about later.”

He let out a sniffle and harshly rubbed his face with the back of his arm to get rid of any remaining tears. Shinsou gave one last longingly look out the window before turning away.

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Shinsou woke to the sound of a door slamming shut, causing the car to rock. He jerks his head towards his door as it opens violently and a hand wraps tightly on his upper arm, forcing him out. He held on tight to his cat as he was dragged through the concrete room and through the double doors. He hears the scar lady growl at him to keep up when he stumbled over his feet.

Shinsou looked around frantically as he was dragged through the building, down corridor after corridor. Everything was concrete that had a weird grey tile that covered the lower half of the walls. Occasionally, it was disrupted by a thick metal door or an entrance to another hallway.

Shinsou tried to pull his arm away, when he heard the first scream’s echoing down the hall, but she ended up picking him up and tossing him on his shoulder like a sack. Shinsou gripped the back of her shirt as his breathing picked up and rocked side to side with her movement. He felt his throat close u when the screaming just got louder the further they went down the hall.

“Don’t worry kid, as long as you listen to us you won’t be in the same position as them.” The lady explained as she continued to carry him. “They’re just having some quality time with my quirk is all, and if you’re lucky, you won’t have to experience it yourself.”

She abruptly stopped in front of a door, causing him to bounce against her back. Before he can move, she opened a door and tossed him in. He felt wind knock out of him as he slammed into the hard-concrete floor. He blinked blearily at her as he struggled to regain his breath.

“Here’s the rules and it’s best that you remember them. The man you saw earlier? His name Boss, nothing else, you are not allowed to call him anything but that. The shorty that you saw with him, her name is Memory and my name is Bug. That’s what you can call us, even if you hear people call us something else, or there will be hell to pay.” She disclosed as she leaned over him from the doorway. “You are ours now and no one else’s. You belong to us. We own you. No one is coming for you, the sooner you accept it the better. You do exactly what we tell you. If we say go, you go, if we say stay, you stay, if we say jump off a building, you better damn well jump off that building.”

She crouched down with her hands on her knees as she made eye contact with him. She gave him a crooked smile, showing way too many teeth. When Shinsou hunched over as he clutched the toy to his chest, her smile became impossibly wider at the display.

“I’ll be you’re trainer from now on. You’re the youngest I’ve ever had to work with, so I won’t be going easy, we don’t have time for that. It’s a dog eat dog world after all.” She paused and gave him a thoughtful look, tilting her head to the side as she looked him over. “Your quirk, it’s brain washing right? Your mom didn’t try to rip us off.”
Shinsou felt his eyes grow wide at the question. She doesn’t know for sure about his quirk. Maybe she doesn’t know how it works? Maybe he can get out of here. He just gets her with his quirk and make her take him out. He’s not sure how long he can keep it up, but maybe it’ll be enough to get some help. Shinsou made his face as blank as he can, trying not to show what he’s planning to do.

“Yes. Why would she lie to you?“

“For the mone-“ Shinsou watched as her face went blank and her mouth opened slightly. He slowly got up from his crouch and approached her. He waved his hand in front of her face a couple of times before he was satisfied.

“Lead me the way out.”
She disjointedly got up from her crouch until she was standing up, almost like a doll. Shinsou let in a sharp inhale when he felt a sudden pain in his head as she struggled against his hold. He closes one eye and rubbed his temples as she made her way sluggishly to the door way. He ran into her when she suddenly stops infront, causing him to hit his already pounding head against her leg. He heard her give a sharp gasp before his world tilted to the side.

Shinsou felt his head hit the floor before he even realized she had moved. She had her hand covering the side of his head as she ground it into the ground.

“Try that quirk bullshit on me again and see where you’ll wind up.” Shinsou felt her warm breath waft across his face as she growled at him. He twitched when he felt her nails dig into the skin as she increased her grip. “Nice little demonstration though. Next time you should be more specific with what you want them to do, I just had to lead you to the way out of the room not out of the compound. You got a long way to go kid and this trick will only work once. You’re not going to give me anymore problems, right? Shake your head yes or no, I don’t want to hear another peep from you.”
Shinsou watched her from the side of his eye as she slowly got more agitated the longer he took to reply before he gave her a slow hesitant nod.

“Good, but you’re still going to get punished on top of the regular conditioning for that move. But that only gives me more time to figure out your uniform. I already have such a great idea for it.” Bug sneered as she covered Shinsou’s mouth with her hand, nails scrapping teasingly against his face as she dragged it across. She suddenly shoved his head into the ground as she got up.

“I’ll see you when I see ya kid.” She said over her shoulder as she closed the door, leaving him in complete darkness.


Shinsou didn’t see her again what felt like weeks, the days blurred together. He couldn’t keep track of the time, always sitting in the dark and the food that was slid through a slot were irregular. Sometimes it felt like it came twice a day, and other times it felt like he didn’t have anything for three. The food was never filling either, most of the time it was hard pieces of bread, sometimes it even came with cheese. One time he did get a cold slice of pizza and he couldn’t help but give out a tiny sob when he took the first bite.
He spent most of his time either sleeping or staring out into the darkness as he clutched his black stuffed cat, unable to even see it in the pitch black. Sometimes when he feels too wound up, he’d walk around arms outstretched to feel out his surroundings.

He was trapped in the small room but felt like it was getting smaller by the minute. There was a hard-creaky mattress that stretched the length of the cell, along with a threadbare blanket that left him itchy after he used it. There was a toilet and a sink across from the mattress which he was grateful for. He wouldn’t know what to do if he didn’t have a toilet, and the sink was a life saver. He would drink out of it anytime he got thirsty or tried to fill his belly when he got too hungry. The water had a strong rusty taste to it, but he was never given anything to drink, he’d rather drink the rust than nothing at all.
He waited and waited for something to happen. Someone’s bound to come and save him, right? His mom would realize what she did and come get him out of this place. They could go home and forget that this place even existed. Even if she never showed up, a hero is bound to come here. There’s many screams echoing in the halls, people in pain, people in trouble. And isn’t that what heroes do? Save people in trouble? They have to come sooner or later, they’re probably just waiting for the perfect time to barge in and save everyone.

When someone finally did get him, it was just Bug. It took him a while for his eyes to adjust when she opened the door, the bright hallway momentarily blinding him. He must have taken too long for her liking because she reached in and dragged him out by his hair. When he was finally able to orientate himself, he asked where they were going. She had froze mid step, turned around and tossed him right back into the cell. She didn’t return until after he received food eight more times.

This patterned repeated five times, any time he made a sound or didn’t respond to the number 27, she’d shove him back straight into the cell. He remembers being confused the first time she called him 27, and she must of seen it in his expression, because she informed him that’s his name. When he argued with her that it wasn’t, she threw him right back into the cell and locked it behind her. He got up from the ground and stomped up to the door taking his anger out on it. He cried, yelled, kicked, and banged on the steel door with his fists, until he ended up sitting down, crying himself into exhaustion. Finally accepting that no one is coming and everything he has is taken, the last thing that was truly his was his cat he ended up hiding under the bed, he prayed that they have forgotten it and wouldn’t take that away also. He didn’t get any food after that outburst until she came to pick him up a long time later.

She seemed satisfied when he robotically followed her down the halls, too tired and too hungry to do anything else. She led him into a huge gymnasium that was filled with workout equipment, weapons, gymnastic equipment, and a fighting cage. Getting distracted by looking around, he didn’t notice her bringing over his new uniform until it was shoved in his face and told to put it on and hurry up. He looked down quizzically at the black fabric he was given before shrugging off the smelly clothes he was currently wearing. He slipped into the black jumpsuit while she kept a careful eye on him, he’s glad for the new clothes, but he wished he was clean before he put them on. He can feel the dirt cling to him and his head itched from how greasy hair is.

“Oh! One last thing, got it made especially for you. We’ll get you a more updated one later, after you’re done with training.” Bug crouched down to become eye height with him. She grabbed his arm and pulled him closer to her, and with the other she dangled a mask in front of him. Shinsou opened his mouth to talk but she slapped her hand over it quickly.

“Nope! No talking remember? Don’t want to go back in your room for another seven days, do you?” He felt his eyes widen and shook his head. She gave him a smirk, as she turned him around and fastened the mask to his face. He felt his eyes water in pain as the thick plastic sunk and cut into his face as she tightened it.

“Yeah, I didn’t think so.” She grunted as she gave one last pull on the straps, causing a click as it locked into place. “Here’s the rules 27. You’re going to train with me with this on and it will stay on. It will stay on until you outgrow this one and then you’ll get a new one.”

He ran his fingers around the edge of the mask as she talked. It ran across his nose just below his eyes, from ear to ear and went under his chin until it rubbed against his throat. He panicked when he tried to move his jaw, but the mask pressed his teeth together. He could hardly move, and it made the plastic to dig further into his skin. He pulled harder at the mask when he felt something wet trickle down his face, but she yanked his hands down.

“The mask won’t come off no matter how hard you pull. You wont ever be able to get it off, only me and Boss have a key to remove it, so we can change it out. You can eat with it on, we have this handy dandy clicker that will slide a portion of it down, but the majority of it will stay in place. When we do lower it, you don’t say anything, don’t even make a sound. You won’t like what would happen if we hear you. Understand?” She asked as she moved away from him, so she can make eye contact. He gave her a small nod as he tried not to reach up and fiddle with the mask.

“Good, lets get training started.”



He wishes his days would go back to the nothingness. He’d rather go back to sitting in a dark room, hoping someone would save him, waiting for his next meal, and praying things would change. He wishes he could take back the last thing, he didn’t like this change.

His day’s didn’t get any better, if anything it got worse. He finally got light in his cell, showered every other day, and had breakfast and dinner every day, but that’s the only thing that improved. He wakes up early to try and eat breakfast before Bug came to take him to training. It didn’t matter if he didn’t finish his food or even get to it. Bug would drag him straight to training and the food would be gone when he returnees.

Her training was brutal. In the beginning months, she trained him in hand to hand, mercilessly beating him into the ground. It was less her teaching and more her pounding into him like a punching bag, and him trying to evade them. Sometimes she’d drag him by his ankles back to his cell because no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t find the energy or will to move. He’d lay on the bed twitching in pain, staring at the food across the cell, wishing that his quirk was telekinesis, so he can eat without moving to go get it. As the day’s turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, and months turned into years, until he was finally able to land multiple punches on her.

She deemed him worthy enough to start ‘training’ with other numbers. He stood in the gym along with twelve other numbers, and none of them were close to his age. All of them were towering over him, the smallest guy still had a hundred pounds on him. Glancing around at them, he can tell most of them had physical quirks, all buff and looking ready for a fight.

It was like he started training with Bug all over again. She first paired him up with the smallest of the guys; who he learned later was number 87 and told to fight. The first couple of weeks he wouldn’t last longer than six minutes in the ring until he was knocked out cold, until he finally managed to take out 87. Bug applauded him before she quickly sent in the next biggest person to fight him, even as he stood out of breath and drenched in sweat. She stuck with this new training regimen until he finally cycled through all the other numbers, taking them out one by one.

He dragged himself back into awareness when he reached the gym. He looking around at the other numbers, wondering which one he would be made to fight, when he noticed he didn’t see number 50. He did another headcount, searching for the long green locks of 50. She was his favorite out of the rest of the numbers, she was one of the only ones who didn’t find his silence and blank looks creepy. She didn’t mind that he couldn’t respond to her, she would drone on and on about what she remembers about the outside world, helping him escape momentarily. She was twenty when she traded herself into the Miasma in exchange for her younger brother who was indebted to them. 50 said she never regretted the decision, her quirk “dark night” was more suited to survive than her brothers light quirk and she didn’t think he would have survived. She explained that her quirk allowed her to make everything within 25 radii of her, go pitch black, while her brother’s just lit it up with a soft blue glow.

“She died kid.”
He jolted out of his thoughts and looked up at 98. 98 was the most intimidating guy he’s ever saw, he was 8 ft tall, with dark blue hair shaved closely to his head, and had a strength enhancement quirk causing his muscles to constantly bulge out. What really unnerved him, was the fact that 98 volunteered to be here. Volunteers weren’t rare, most of the number’s were here willingly; only him and number 65 were sold off, but 98 loved being here. He thrived off the daily violence that the job entailed.

“She got rented out yesterday by some drug dealers.” 98 grunted out when he saw 27’s eyebrows furrow. “Some hero came in and tried to take down the deal and she used her quirk. The dealers freaked out not expecting it to happen and started to blind fire. She got hit in the head with a spike from some dudes quirk, died instantly.”
He froze and looked up at 98 with wide eyes. Dead. This is how its going to end. He’s going to wind up just like her. He knew they were training for a reason, but he never knew what for. They had never explained to him why he was here and he never had a chance to ask.

“You do know why you’re here right?” 98 continued when 27 shook his head. “We’re like tools that you can rent out. They rent us out by the hour and as soon as the allotted time is up, Boss uses his quirk and teleports us back here. If people need a body guard or extra back up, they call the Miasma. They need some more muscle? The Miasma got people with strength quirks. They need a distraction? Rent out someone with a flashy quirk. Fuck dude, any situation you can think of, the Miasma has a tool that has the quirk they need. 50 specialized in distraction and escape, the dealers needed her just incase the cops showed up. Can’t get caught if they can’t see you. Guess they didn’t realize that her quirk would work on them also, and she paid the price. Well, they’re probably suffering also, Boss was not too happy with her death, she was a pretty big cash cow.”

“Alright numbers! Enough chit chat!” Bug said as she barged into the gym, carrying a bad and a small remote in her hand. She strode through the gym to stand in front of them, a crooked smile plastered on her face. “Today little 27 is all grown up! Since he was able to pin 98 down last week, you are now all free to use your quirks on him during training, but the catch is, so can he. It should be a fun little training exercise. So give it your all.”

He felt his body stiffen as the group started to mumble amongst themselves. Most of them had some sort of strength quirk, only him and 65 had mental quirks. He can probably be able to handle himself if he was placed against 65, who’s quirk is can create an illusion of your greatest fear, but with the others, he was completely outmatched. The only upside was that no one knew his quirk and therefore had an element of surprise. Bug never told them, and he hasn’t even used his quirk since he got here. He’d managed to talk to himself quietly at least once a day in his cell as he ate but hasn’t gotten a chance to do anything else.

“Alright 27 you are going to be paired up with 98 since you guys seemed so cozy earlier.”

His heart pounded in his ears as he thought of what to do. He had to get out now, if he didn’t want to share the same fate as 50. This is his chance, this could be his last opportunity to get out of here. His biggest obstacle is Bug, but if he brainwashes 98 he might be able to do it. 98 wasn’t only the biggest and most experienced guy in the gym, his quirk was also the most consistent and lasted the longest. He doesn’t know how many people he can control or how long, but if he’s quick enough he should be able to make it out.

With plan in mind, he entered the fighting ring across from 98. He heard the tell-tale click and hiss as the section of his mask slowly lowered past his mouth. He brought his hand up to his jaw, slowly working it open and close to get rid of the stiffness in it.

“Alrighty kid, let’s do this!” 98 said with excitement coloring his voice, as he bounced on the balls of his feet with his fists up. 27 could hear the other numbers murmurs increase as they looked on. “Voice quirk, right? Got to be something if they’ve wired your mouth shut like that. Got a quirk like Present Mic right? Wait, do you even know who that is? Never mind that, come at me!”

27 just stood there watching as 98 got more and more animated. He knew 98’s style, he doesn’t like to throw the first punch, he likes to dodge and counter with a right hook that will knock his opponent out in one swift move. He should be glad hes paired with 98 on the pure fact that 98 loves to talk, and wouldn’t be able to resist to respond to anything.

“W-why d-d-don’t y-you c-come a-t m-m-me?” He croacked out, he cringed at the sound of his own rusty and chopped words as they echoed around the room. The man in front of him froze and stared at him, and that’s when 27 realized the whole room was dead silent. He sent a quick look at the other numbers and saw their slacked faces. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, until he realized they probably didn’t even realize he could talk.

“Ballsy ki-“
Got him

He let out his breathe he didn’t realize he was holding, when he saw 98’s face slack. He walked towards the door to the cage and opened it. “Take me safely out of the compound.” He ordered, learning from the last time he used his quirk, unwilling to repeat the same mistake twice.

“What the fuck are you thinking.” Bug growled out from the sidelines, as 98 walked towards the door like a puppet on a string.

“W-what do you think im doing?”

“Escapin-“ another voice chirped out.
Got her

He had hoped that Bug would have answered but having 65 under his control wasn’t too bad. 65 was a great in hand to hand combat, since she couldn’t solely rely on their quirk.

“This isn’t going to work out the way you want to kid. There’s ten other people that are here that can stop you and all they have to do is hit hard enough to stop your quirk.” Bean growled as she watched him walk behind 98 as he started to shove through the confused crowd of numbers, parting a clear path out of the gym.

“I can try.”

“You won’t like it when you fail kid. I’ll still punish you if you stop it now, but I’ll take it into consideration when I decide on how long.”

“65 get behind me and stop anyone who tries to come up from the back.”

“If that’s how it is kid, so be it. Any number who can take 27 and meet me in the Red Room, will get the weekend to do what every they’d like to do. That includes going into town.”

The next fifteen minutes was a chaotic mess. He doesn’t even know what exactly even happened, he felt like was in a washer machine as hands started to pull him this way and that. He tried to yank himself away from the hands to give him room to try and put his training to use, but he’d get dragged back into the weird mosh pit they had formed. He felt his connection with 65 snap first, it felt like someone tried to shove a screwdriver through his temple. The connection breaking with 98 breaking happened not too long after 65’s and 98 made it known that he was pissed. While he felt like his brain was being cleaved into two because of the broken connection, he heard 98 roar and body’s hitting the ground. The next thing he knew, he was on 98’s shoulder and being delivered to the Red Room. He went limp in 98’s arms, not going to try and wiggle out of 98’s grip. Once 98’s quirk is activated and he’s determined, you’d need a machine to pry his fingers away from anything.

“Got the fuckin brat. I’m going to town this weekend.” 98 announced when he entered the Red Room.

“That’s fine, a deal’s a deal, but first put him on that table and strap him in for me.”
98 dropped him onto a steel table, before 27 could even move, he clicked in metal cuffs onto his ankles and wrists. He tried to tug his arms free, but the cuffs were tight enough that they wouldn’t even budge. He jolted when his jaw snapped shut and the mask clicked close.

“Thank you, you can go now.” Bug said as she turned her attention on the trapped kid. She sauntered over and took off her coat, revealing a tank top underneath that exposed her scar riddles arms and chest. She gave a smirk as he stared wearily at her.

“Well 27, I’m actually surprised it took you this long before you ended up here. You made it to the ripe old age of 9 if I remember your age correctly. That’s a long time in someone in your situation. Normally they only last about a year until they get to experience my quirk, but you lasted five that’s quite a feat!” She teased as she pulled a metal serving cart up to the table. She noticed his eyes narrow on the tray and gave him a smirk. “Oh don’t worry about that, I don’t use tools for punishment, I only need my quirk. This is only for after, it just has some tweezers and some paper towels on it, so no need to worry about that yet.”
27 heard his heartbeat frantically as she slid up close to him, her shiny black eyes sparkling with mirth.

“My quirk is called Maggot, basically I can store the little babies under my skin and call them out when I need them. That’s why I have so many scars, for every bug that goes in, they need to get out somehow. It’s not very useful quirk in most cases nor very powerful, that’s why I put a lot of focus on training in hand to hand.” She leaned over and showed him her palm of her hands. Both had large angry red cars that circle the century of his palm. “You see these? These hold my favorites babies, Cherry and Blossom, they are very hard workers. They love to burrow into anything I put them on and they like to go really deep, sometimes all the way through. The warmer the object the more they love it.”

27 started to struggle against his restraints as she brought her palms closer to his face. Suddenly she pulled her hands back and let out a low chuckle.

“But, I’m afraid you won’t experience them this time, we do still need you alive, how are we going to make a profit if you’re dead? We have a lot of buyers who are really interested in what you have to offer. For today, you will meet some of my other smaller friends.” She smiled as she brought her forearm to rest against his arm.

He would have screamed if he could, the only sound he could make was long groans as he felt them bury into him. He didn’t even realize she moved on to his other arm until he felt the pain riddle his other arm. He started to struggle more in the restraints, pulling his arms and legs and bucking his hips as the pain continued. He could feel them moving, wiggling and digging around. He barely heard Bug over his own breathing as he hyperventilated, that she’ll see him in three days. He sent out one frantic look her way before she shut the door and he was left in the dark.

Chapter Text

27 leaned against the brick wall as he stared blankly at the door. He absentmindedly scratched at the freshly formed scabs on his forearms, right below the 27 permanently tattooed neatly just below the crook of his elbow. He glanced at the small clock he had on the floor, reading the time through the cracked glass. He had an hour before he’d get picked up by Bug for a job or not. Most of his jobs pick up times were ranged between midnight and two, rarely were some earlier or later into the night. He sighed as he turned to look back at the door and let his mind wander.

He can’t recall what his life was like before arriving to Miasma. The only thing he remembers from his past life was the soft violet tone of his mom’s hair. He can’t even remember what she looked like, her face a blur always a blur when he tried. His last vivid image that he can remember of her is the back of her head as she walked away. Anytime he tries to recall anything else, the house he lived in, if he had friends or pets, he draws up a blank. How many years ago was that? 5? 6? 8? However long it has been, it’s a lot longer than he wished.

27 glanced down at his scarred arms when he felt something wet trickle down his forearm. He watched the blood create a small river as it winds down arm, curving with the dips and grooves of his scars.

He’s been lucky that he’s only had five sessions with Bug, those who’ve had more never come out the same. Those who spend a lot of personal time with Bug, have little to no feeling left in their extremities, making their movements slow and rugged in their response times to external factors. This affects their ability to do their jobs, and failure to do your job right, you get another secession with Bug. They would be caught in this awful cycle until Miasma decided they were useless and got rid of them.

He let out an involuntary shiver as he thought about the first time he failed a job, in fact it was his first job. It wasn’t too long after his second escape attempt, before he realized he’s going to be here forever. He was still naive and thought he can just leave. He got sent out to do a simple protection detail for some small-time gang and was located just on the outskirts of the city. He had thought that it would be his best opportunity to make a run for it. As soon as his mask was lowered, he made his move. He ran as fast as he could, ignoring the clients shouts as he made his way to the busiest street he could find. He remembers wandering around for hours, trying to find a police station, then suddenly he finds himself in Boss’s office. Boss was leaning forward in his chair smiling with his too sharp smile as he explained that the mission was a test, and then sent him straight into the Red Room with Bug.

That’s how he had learned what Boss’s quirk was and that he will never be able to escape. Boss can teleport anyone to him, as long as he has some of their DNA. Doesn’t matter how the distance, he can always bring you back. That’s exactly how he always has assurance he’ll get his Numbers back, as soon as the time that was allotted is up, he teleports them back. Doesn’t matter if they are in the middle of a fight, inside a building or in a car, they always come back.

That session with Bug was the worst he had ever experience. She had brought out her favorite large babies, Cherry and Blossom. She had set them directly on his stomach left him alone in the dark for hours. By the time she had come back to check on him, he was coughing up blood, couldn’t breathe or move from the amount of pain he was in. It had felt like something was chopping up his insides like a blender, and he was sure that’s what they were doing, slowly eating their way through. He was near delirium when Bug showed up, mumbling his apologies to his mother. He knew he would have died if she hadn’t brought 10 in to heal him.

10 was a godsend in this forsaken place, but at times he wished 10 wasn’t here, so it would finally be over. 10 is the oldest, most prized, and longest surviving Number Miasma has. 10 couldn’t be younger than 80, hair completely white, face wrinkled with stress and worry lines, and always carried the saddest smile 27 has ever seen. But what made him the most valuable to Miasma; to the point he hasn’t never been on a dangerous mission, was his quirk.

His quirk is called ‘Insta Heal’ and as the name implies, it’s a healing quirk. 10 can heal any injury you can have, if your body has the potential to heal from it, it will be healed in an instant. The downside is that his healing will make you sick. The intensity of your injury would determine how sick you will get. The worse the injury, the higher your fever you will get, and it can be lethal. That’s how 73 died. He came back from a mission with six massive holes in throughout his body. He was impaled on metal spikes when Boss transported him back, and he had started to quickly bleed out on the tile floor. 10 managed to heal it all in two minutes, but 73 got a fever so high, he had died in two days. 27 had never seen 10 as distraught as he was when 73 died. He kept murmuring about how 73 only died from the after affects of his quirk.

10 was also the closest thing to a parent 27 had. Well, what 27 assumes how a parent would act. 10 made sure to visit him every other day for at least a couple of hours, especially since 50 had passed away. He’d come by and heal any cuts or bruises he got from training or from missions, and then pull out a book. 10 had earned a couple of books from his long service and he’d bring them down for him and teach him what he knew. 10 had made sure he knew how to do simple math and basic Japanese, which saved him a lot of pain, especially since Bug assumed that he already knew how. She’d toss a stack of papers at him, telling him he needs to read up on the assignment before he gets sent out. In the beginning, 10 would come by and they would go through the paperwork together, making sure he understands what he needs to do. As he got better at reading, nodding to 10 to let him know he understood what was written, the less 10 started to come around. Now he’s lucky if he gets to see him once a week, normally it was only after a major incident and he needed healing.

27 looked from his lap as he heard the door creak open ominously. He felt himself stiffen up, back going ramrod straight when he saw Bug’s expression. Her eyebrows were pulled together, black beady eyes squinting dangeriously, and lips pressed into a thin line. “Follow me.”

He scrambled up from the bed quickly at the sharp tone and followed close behind as they went to the Boss’s office. He has made this journey with Bug more than he count, but he’s never seen her this openly agitated. Even 98 cowed away from her fury as they walked by. Her footsteps were quick and loud as she stomped her boots against the tile, shoulders getting more tense as they got closer to their destination.

“Brought 27 for ya.” She growled as she kicked down the golden door, revealing the equally as gold and tacky room. Boss was sitting at his gold encrusted desk, shuffling through different vials, causing the glass to clink together. Still searching, he let out a hum in acknowledgement and waved his hand, beckoning them in.

Bug crossed their arms and tapped her foot as Boss continued to shift through different vials. “I still think we shouldn’t take this job.”

“Ahhh found it. For a second I thought I lost it. ” Boss chuckled, holding up a vial labeled 27 to the light, shaking it lightly, causing the contents to clank against the sides. 27 was always creeped out when he sees his vial, being reminded about what’s in it. He knows Boss needs his DNA for his quirk to work, but he wishes he would use something other than his old baby teeth. “I don’t think loaning 27 out in this case is much of a risk.”

“Really?” Bug scoffed. “You know the Voice Hero is going to show up. A Pro Hero. We have always tried to avoid them at all costs in the past. Why not take advantage of the tip we got and pass on this? We did get the tip from a reliable source and they’ve never been wrong before. It’s not a matter of ‘if the hero shows up’ it’s only a matter of ‘when will he show up’. I don’t think a voice quirk versus voice quirk show down is a good idea, especially against a pro. It barely has any control of it’s quirk! If you feel the need to risk a Pro encounter, at least send in 98. A physical quirk would be better suited against a voice quirk.”

Boss looked away from the vial and smiled large enough to show off his sharp yellowed teeth. 27 shrunk in on himself as Boss’s sharp gaze went from Bug to him. He could barely restrain himself from ducking behind Bug to hide from the scrutiny.

“This is the best pairing that could ever happen, it’s a guarantee win. 27 just needs to ask a question, and since the voice hero’s quirk is reliant on talking, it’s a shoe in. Well I guess in this case yelling, but no way would he be able to resist answering, even if he knew the 27’s quirk. Let’s pretend and say that he does know 27 quirk and didn’t answer, I’m confident 27 can still take out a quirk reliant Hero.”

“That’s true, I did train it well.” Bug mumbled more to herself than them.

27 looked on confused. They want him to try and brainwash a pro hero? But they’ve told him if he ever meets a hero, he needs to abandon ship and hide until time runs out. And what type of hero? A voice hero? What type of quirk would that be? Boss said it had something to do with yelling, so maybe its like a singing quirk. Is he going to get yodeled at? He’d probably let the hero take him down if he does, anything would be better than hearing that for longer than two minutes.

“Sure we have stopped small time heroes in the past, but taking down a well known pro hero? Business will boom! Everyone would want to rent from us! I can just hear the rumors, new slogans! The company that can take out Pro heroes with ease! Now! Go take it to the care and give him the details.” Boss exclaimed at Bug, hand rubbing together as he thought of all avenues that would open to them.

Bug rolled her eyes as Boss started muttering about how much they could increase rent rates, and grabbed 27 by the arm, dragging the confused number out the door.

“Wait.” Boss got up from his chair and waddled towards them until he got right up to 27, clawed fingers seized his face. Boss turned his head side to side, slowly examining him until he pulled him closer so they were nose to nose. 27 tried to subtly hold his breath as Boss’s hot breathe washed over his face. Resisting the urge to wrinkle his nose as it was assaulted with the vile smell Boss always seems to give out, a mix of liquor, fish, and vomit

“Don’t you dare mess this up for us, you will not like the consequences of your failure.” Boss said menacily. 27 quickly diverted his eyes when Boss tried to make eye contact. After seconds ticked by, Boss finally let out a pleased hum.

27 found himself stumbling against Bug as Boss shoved his head harshly away. “Go get it to the job site. They want it from 12am till 4am, best not let our client wait.”




27 leaned against the rough and slightly damp brick wall, running his hand along the bottom seam of his mask. He let off a low hum when he managed to give some relief for the raw skin underneath as he lifted the mask up slightly by wedging his finger underneath the plastic. He had closed his eyes as he enjoyed the moment, until the man beside him let out an annoyed huff and told him to pay attention. He gave the man a blank look, giving him two slow blinks before ultimately creepy the guy out and then turned to watch the meeting.

His clients of the day were some gang that hired him to make sure that their trade off with another gang would go by peaceful and to provide back up if necessary. Little did both gangs know, he’d end up providing protection and distraction from the pro hero they undoubtedly pissed off.

The clients were trading some hero gadgets and hero support equipment they were able to snag from a hero firm, not just any hero firm, but the Voice Hero’s firm. They had managed to get the simple defensive and offensive gadgets, along with the support equipment of various sidekicks and spare ones that the Voice Hero has for backups. According to Miasma’s network, the Voice Hero has been adamant about personally getting the equipment back, he’s been very vocal about it for days. One of the Miasma’s informants managed to find out that the hero somehow knows exactly when and where the deal will go down.

The two gangs were currently standing 20 feet apart, just starring at each other. The deal was supposed to be that each group could only bring five members with them or deal was off. However, it looks like both groups brought about ten people each. Now both gangs are staring at each other mouths open and gapping like fish on dry land, as if they are shocked that the other broke the agreement.

27 sighed as he looked around the empty docks as the two gangs squared off, both too nervous to make the first move. The dock was like every other dock he’s been too for a job. Two clear entrances and exits, shipping containers stacked to create a maze, convenient enough to also be used to confuse any pursuers, and finally one side along the sea, an escape boat ready in preparation for a fast escape.

Why do these things always happen in the shadiest places? Why not like at a coffee shop? It would seem less suspicious, less likely for an all-out quirk fight to happen, and it wouldn’t smell like dead fish.

27 reluctantly dragged his eyes from the sea when he heard shouting coming from the groups. They had finally managed to find their words and are now yelling at each other. He got up from the wall as both groups started to move in on each other, quickly closing the distance between them. He moved towards his temporary boss, as he saw the first signs of quirks being used. Just as the situation couldn’t get any more pear-shaped, a loud screeching interrupted the oncoming fight.

27 slapped his hands over his ears at the deafening sound, feeling sticky fluid sluggishly drip from his ears as the sound refused to desist. He felt his very bones vibrate as he held his ground against the quirk. He struggled against the temptation to shut his eyes and looked towards the source of the horrid sound. A person was standing on top of one of the shipping containers not 200 yards away, continuously screeching like a banshee. The slender man was tall and only made taller by the way his hair was styled to curve upwards. 27 squinted his eyes as he tried to make more of the figure, but it was made difficult by the long distance and how dark it was. Is.. is that leather? Is he wearing leather pants to a fight? How is that at all practical?

27 looked away when he stumbled trying to regain his balance when a man shoved him roughly aside to reach a fallen comrade. Most of the members were still on the ground, withering in pain as they clutched their ears, some appeared to be crying. He reluctantly removed his own hands when he noticed the sound and vibrations had stopped and saw the loud man jumping off the container, quickly approaching the group.

“Fuck, kid. Uhh 57?No that’s not it. Hey you! The Number!” 27 turned to face his client that was shouting way too loudly at him. His temporary boss, looking way too pale as he shakenly wiping away the sweat that had formed on his forehead, stalked towards and jabbed his finger into his chest as he talked. “I paid a lot for you, so it’s your job to deal with Present Mic while I get my people out of here. I still have an hour with you, so go do your job.”

27 sent a glance at the quickly approaching hero before he snapped his fingers at the client when they started to turn away.

“What?! Did I fucking stutter or are you fucking stupid? Do what I fucking rented your ass out for!” Panic was creeping into the mans voice as he kept giving side glances at the pro.

27 reached up and tapped the still closed mask, letting out a dull clink. When the client gave him a look as if he had grown two heads, he tapped it again and then pointed to the charging hero.

“Fuck, right, you need that shit off. Yeah okay, I got the clicker here somewhere. Fuck, just-just go head the guy off while I find it! Buy as much time as you can.”

He gave a quick nod before walking towards the pro hero that was now only about 100 feet away. He tried to walk as casually as he could, trying to give off an air of ease like Bug had told him too. She was very adamant that he had to make it look easy, but not too easy, to play up the drama a bit. She also drilled into his head that he needs to extend the encounter as long as he can, get some verbal play in before he brainwashes the guy.

No one outside Miasma knows exactly how his quirk works, they just know he can brainwash people, and they want to keep it that way. It makes it easier if he ever gets rented out and confronts any past clients. And Miasma really doesn’t want anyone in the hero world to figure it out. As soon as too many people finds out how his quirk works, he would be rendered utterly useless and would be put out of commission.

27 felt his knees shake slightly as he walked towards the hero, the distance closing fast between them. He has faced off with hero’s before and came out unscathed, but this is his first time going against a pro, and a popular one at that, if he goes by everyone’s reactions.

He felt his heart beat in his hears as he thought about facing off a pro and thought things over trying to calm himself. He just has to rely on all of his training, if worst comes to worst and the hero avoids getting brainwashed, he would have to take him on hand to hand. He has taken down bigger people than the pro before him and a lot of them had physical quirks. And from what boss has mentioned, this guy tends to rely on his quirk a lot. If he can just get in close enough, he should be able to dodge the worst of the quirk. Everything should turn out fine if he does that.

He heard his mask give off a small click and felt the plastic rub against his lips as it lowered, slowly untightening its hold on its jaw. He opened his mouth as soon as he could, jaw letting out a small pop with the motion. He brought his hand up to hold the bottom of his chin and slowly worked his jaw up and down, loosening it up for the upcoming event.

27 took a deep breath trying to regulate his heart and gave a quick shake of his hands to get rid of any lingering nerves. He stopped in his tracks waiting for the hero to cross the final 20 yards, not wanting to be the one to make the first move. 27 quickly covered his blood smeared ears and widened his stance when he heard the hero take a sharp inhale. He couldn’t help but close his eyes this time as he braced himself for the incoming onslaught that the hero will unleash on him.

He stood there with his teeth clenched together for what felt like hours, before he slowly opened his eyes and looked at the hero. The hero was now only 5 feet away, staring at him with wide green eyes beneath orange triangle shades, his mouth agape, arms half way raised up before he lowered them down to his side.

“You’re just a kid.”

27 lowered his hands from his ears as the hero just stood there looking at him dumbfoundedly. He gave the hero a shrug, only to cause the bewildered expression to increase.

“Like that matters.” He said hoarsely when it looked like the pro was expecting an answer of some sort.

“Of course it matters!! I’m not going to you know.” The hero moved his arms at him, gesturing to all of him.

27 looked down on himself confused. He wasn’t wearing anything weird? At least he doesn’t think so? It was just his normal black jumpsuit. Is he talking about him not wearing a normal shirt and pants? It’s not like he can change, he doesn’t own anything else.

“Well at least I don’t look like I’m going to a sex club.”

The hero lets out a spluttered noise and starts doing the gestures all over again. 27 watched as red slowly creeped up the others neck and colored his cheeks and ears a deep red.

“T-that’s not what I meant and you know it! I can’t just fight a kid! It’s like against a code of hero ethics or something.”

27 gave him a couple of slow blinks and tilted his head to the side, as he brought one of his hands towards his back pocket. He palmed one of the knives he had tucked backed there and thumbed the other.

“Just step aside kid, I need to deal with them. What are you even doing here? Why aren’t you home? What is that and why do you have it around your face? Wait, no, this can wait till after to figure all this out. Just… Just wait here.”

When the hero made a move to go past him, 27 quickly drew out knife behind his back and stepped in front of him, essentially blocking his way. He sent a hard glare at the pro, adjusting his stance so he’s on the balls of his feet, and pulled out another knife from his back pocket with his other hand. The voice hero’s eyes immediately zeroed in on the long knives and took a step back, raising his hands in surrender. When the pro moved to side step to get passed him, 27 moved to counter it. When the pro went to do it again and was blocked again, he let out an annoyed huff.

“Come on kid, put that down and let me go past. I don’t want to fight you, but I will. You really wouldn’t want to fight me, it won’t turn out well for you. I am a professional hero for a reason, I’m no small fry. I’ve been training for stuff like this longer than you’ve probably been alive.”

“Bold of you to assume I haven’t been trained.”27 barked out, eyes narrowed at the other. He didn’t like how the hero was essentially talking down to him. What did this guy know? He knows nothing about him, and yet he can made all these assumptions? If he didn’t know how to fight, why the hell would he be in an illegal arms deal in the first place?

He eyed the pro hero as he still attempted to step around him, but what stood out to 27 was the pro’s stance. The pro had his arms up in a surrendering position but the position of his feet gave away his true intentions. The pro was prepared to take him down. He was in a defensive stance, unwilling to make the first move but not unwilling to defend himself. If 27 had to guess, it looks like the pro is ready for him to lunge at him with a knife and he would counter it by grabbing his arm and flipping him to the ground.
He spared a second to glanced at his clients from the corner of his eye, from what he can tell only a few remained, but enough people to observe the fight and report back. Good, just like what Bug wanted. Time to end this little stand off.

“What do you think your colleagues will say when they find out you got taken out by a kid?”

“That’s no-“

27 dropped his stance, letting the tension run out of his body, and strolled up to the now frozen figure. He took his time wiping the knives against his suit and then putting them away. He heard the chattering from the group behind him pick up in volume and speed. He studied the now relaxed features of the hero’s face before he reached up and plucked the glasses off. He turned the triangle shades around in his hands before settling them in one of his free pockets.

“Walk to the shipping container A14586 and then stand there facing it and don’t move.”

27 watched the voice hero walk robotically to the container until he stood still, occasionally swaying slightly with the ocean’s breeze. Once he was satisfied that the hero was firmly under his control, he headed back to the remaining members.

“Wow kid, I knew you had a good quirk, but I didn’t think it was that good.” A bald man said as he approached them. “How long will that last?”

“Until I get returned.”

The bald man gave him a nod and clapped his hands together a couple of times to get the rest of the gangs attention. “All right men! We only got forty minutes left! Pack up and head out! The deals off anyways!”


Aizawa clutched the coffee cup in his hands like a life line, contents gone cold hours ago, as he stared at the silent phone. He reached out with a shaky hand and clicked the button, the screen lit up showing the time to be 5am.

Hizashi was supposed to be home hours ago. He’s never this late and he always calls when he suspects it will take longer than normal. He knew he should have gone with him to the raid, but Hizashi was adamant that he would be able to handle it. He said it was only a barely off the ground group, obviously amateurs if they didn’t notice the tracking chips on the gear. Even with that Aizawa was hesitant, only agreeing not to come when Hizashi said that he’s going to bring a couple of sidekicks with him.

He had tried to get some rest earlier but as time went by and no blond bustling in through the front door, he felt his anxiety rise. He even ended up cleaning the apartment in attempt to let off some steam as the agreed time of 3am approached and passed.
He had called Hizashi’s number, but it went straight to voicemail everytime. Panicking he called Hizashis hero agency, and they said they haven’t heard anything from him and would call if they receive anything in the future.

What really caused him to worry, was learning that his idiot of a husband didn’t bring any of the sidekicks and decided to go solo. His reasoning was that one was under the weather and the other one should go home and spend some time with their family. He understood that part, but what he doesn’t understand is why didn’t he text anyone else to come with? Why didn’t he text him?

Aizawa’s head whipped to the door when he heard the door unlock and pushed opened.

“Shouta?” a familiar voice whispered out hesitantly.
He quickly set down the mug on the table and stood up, taking a faltered step towards the entrance. He felt the tension drain out of his shoulders when he saw the Hizashi’s head peak out from behind the door way.

“Why are you so late? Why didn’t you call?” Aizawa replied, trying to keep his voice as steady as possible, but it still came out breathlessly.
Hizashi came out from behind the door and gave him a wobbly smile, that instantly sent Aizawa into high alert. He quickly looked Hizashi over, searching for any wounds. Nothing. He was still dressed in his hero suit and didn’t look like it went through any damage. A little dirty but no tears, missing studs, or any evidence of blood. But that smile, it never meant anything good. The last time he got the smile was when his husband was tried to hide the fact he needed 27 stitches in his arm because he failed to avoid falling rubble.

“’Zashi, what happened?”

Hizashi rubbed the back of neck with his hand, eyes darting away. “Well, it’s kind of embarrassing really. I completely failed, my phone is missing, I lost a fight to a kid, and may have no memory of what happened the past three hours.”

“Give me more details than that.”

“Well, so I went out to the docks following that tip you got. They were there just like they said. You should really pay the guy more for that, his information was spot on. He deserves a lot more than what you’re paying him. Are you even paying him? If not I’ll pay him and then give him a nice giant tip.” Hizashi rambled, but quickly sobered up and got back on track when he saw the glare that was sent his way. “Anyways, I got down to business as usual, when some kid blocked my way. Shou, by kid I mean kid. He couldn’t be older than our students! He was wearing a jumpsuit like your’s and had this weird black thing under his chin. I tried to make out what it was, to see if it could be a weapon, but it was too dark to tell. God this kid Shou, I swear he was skinnier than that one kid we had with the skeleton quirk, I’m kind of scared I broke some bones from my quirk use earlier.”
Hizashi ran his hands through his hair and sat down on one of the chairs. Aizawa watched as his face became more pinched, eyebrows furrowed, and lips pursed.

“It.. it was weird. At first, he looked like any old kid you know? Like he was just got caught up in it. In the wrong time at the wrong place sorta deal, but the more we talked the more I noticed things were….Off. He wouldn’t look at me directly in the eyes, it was always just off centered like he was looking at my ears or at my hairline. I had noticed him tugging on his sleeves or scratching at his arms throughout the whole talk. Hell, I don’t know if he even realized he was doing it. I could practically see the wheels turning in his head before he said anything. It was like he was always second guessing his words or something. And that’s only if he said anything at all, half the time he just looked at me. I don’t know Shou, I don’t know if I explained it well, but all of it was odd.”

Hizashi let out a sigh and shrugged off his jacket and took off his headphones and amplifier, setting them beside him on the table. He turned his head side to side, neck popping as he twists this way and that.

“I tried to convince him to let me get by, but he just wouldn’t move. Any time I tried to get closer he’d get in my way. Then he pulled out a huge ass knife Shouta!” Hizashi exclaimed, waving his arms up in the air, emphasizing each word. “Then he pulls out another! From where? I have no idea, but he pulled it out like a god damn moment no knife, then one and then two! So of course, I tried to get him to put them down and to just stay out of it, and then it got weirder. One minute I was talking to him, and then the next thing I realize I’m standing in front of a container like I’m on timeout.”

“Must have been his quirk. Do you remember the last thing he said?”

Hizashi looked down at his lap, as his ears slowly turned a deep red and mumbled something under his breath.

“Zashi, what did he say.”

“’What do you think your colleagues will say when they find out you got taken out by a kid?’” Zashi rushed out, hands covering his face to hide the embarrassed flush that had formed.

Aizawa covered his mouth to stiffle a laugh, as Hizashi started to fold in on himself, letting out a whine saying how embarrassing it was. Aizawa rolled his eyes and decided to take some pity on him. “Well, it looks like it may only work if you talk to them. You were doomed from the start., you had no chance.” He said patting his husbands back.

“Do you want to know the worst part?”


“He took my glasses. My favorite custom glasses.”

Chapter Text

He rubbed his heavy eyes with the back of his hand as he tried to keep them open. He blinked languidly a couple of times, eyes like sandpaper, trying to focus on the situation but he was just so tired.

Ever since he returned from the mission with the pro hero a month ago, business for the Miasma has been booming. He had showed Boss the orange tinted glasses as proof that he did encounter the pro, and he was ecstatic. Boss had ranted and raved for an hour about how much profit would increase because of this success. He even felt generous enough to give Bug a raise for training the Numbers so well, congratulating her on a job well done. As an afterthought, Boss turned to him with a sharp grin and said that he had finally earned his keep and allowed him to sleep in the next day.

Word quickly spread around the underground networks about that night. Soon everyone knew that they had successfully helped a client escape from a pro hero and they were the sole reason that they had made it out safely. This caused a frenzy of calls into the Miasma. Numbers were getting rented for jobs day in and day out. Some numbers were even held on reserve for months in advance. People changed their plans just so they could get the Number they wanted.

27 was used to be rented out once or twice a week, but with business booming, it felt like he was rented out every night. Everyone wanted to have the Number that fooled the pro, he was in high demand and boss increases his prices and the number of jobs he would take. He started to get called in for a multitude of different jobs, no longer just as a guard. From protection and fighting to providing a getaway, he was called in anytime a client thought there may be a chance that a pro would show up.
His popularity also increased the risk factor in the missions he was sent on. He was hired for more and more as muscle than he was used to, normally hired as a distraction. He hasn’t come across another pro hero, but it seemed like in every job it always ended in some sort of altercation. Luckily, only one instance did he need 10 to come over to heal a stab wound to the gut, the other times he managed to only get small bruises and cuts.

His days had quickly blurred together as his new tentative routine formed. Wake up, drink water from the sink, choke down food rations, train with Bug, drink water, get a ration bar, get sent out on a job, come back, sleep and repeat. The best days were the ones where he managed to get four hours of sleep before Bug came to retrieve him, even if his nights were restless. Tossing and turning, wondering what his next job would be, and if it would end up being his last.

He sat slumped on a wooden box, one leg dangled off the edge and the other one bent as he hugged it to his chest. He felt wrung out, his skin too tight for his body, and his muscles tense. He didn’t want to move, any time he did, it hurt. He could feel his muscles cramp even as he just sat there, the very act of breathing made his chest ache and his head pound. What he really wanted to do was go back and sleep for a week.

He let out a sigh and rested his chin on his knee as he glanced around the warehouse. It was more of a big empty room than anything. It had crates scattered around and a large table in the middle where his five clients sat discussing future business plans amongst themselves. He was rented for protection detail; the client was terrified a hero would come in and ruin everything. The client had a point, the layout of the place was awful to hold a secret meeting but was a heroes wet dream.

The building had one entrance and exit but had blacked out windows running along the top of the walls. The clients may didn’t think that as a problem, but 27 knew it was a cause for concern. The windows were in easy access from the other warehouses nearby and were all connected by the rafters above. Someone could easily get in through the window, walk along the beam, and never be spotted until they wanted to be seen.

27 made sure to keep an eye on the windows as he sat as he half listening to the meeting. He was still weary because he wasn’t able to search the room to see if it was clear. He tried to ask if he could go up and inspect the frame work, but the client couldn’t understand him. After a couple of minutes of him trying to mime to the older man that he wants to go up on the rafters, the man got frustrated and told him to sit on a crate and don’t move.

“Hey twerp shouldn’t you be, I don’t know, doing something other than staring at the ceiling?” a voice croaked said way to close for 27’s comfort. He reluctantly dragged his eyes from the beams, coming face to face to the man in front of him. Not for the first time, 27 was glad that the mask covers most of his face, successfully hiding the look of pure disgust he shot at the man.

The man looked and smelled like a water bloated corpse. Everything about him was bulging, and was held at odd angles. His paper thin pale skin was colored softly in a mix of sickly blues, purples, and greens, the man’s foggy dark eyes were surrounded by a deep purple. The worst thing about his client, was the smell he gave off. He had first noticed the foul odor twenty feet away from the man when he had first arrived at the warehouse. He was convinced the smell had to be because of the man’s quirk because no one should smell like rotten sewage that strongly and be okay with it.

“I’m paying big bucks for ya, might as well put you to work. Why don’t ya go out and check the perimeter or something? Put those legs to use.”
He normally stayed close to his clients, but he was going to seize the opportunity to get away from the other man. 27 reached up, double taping the mask with a raised eyebow.
The man let out an irritated grunt as he pulled out the remote from beneath the folds of his gut. He gave a sneer as he dramatically showed the remote to him as he pressed the single button, causing the mask to slowly lower.

“Now go and do what I told you to do.”

27 gave a quick nod as he got up, rubbing at his now freed jaw as he left the room. He felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up on end as everyone at the table went abruptly quiet as they watched him go.

27 wrapped his arms around his waist as a chill breeze assaulted him as soon as he got outside. He let out a sharp exhale through his nose then started to walk around the building.

His eyes darted around as he walked, looking for anything suspicious. He could feel himself slowly start to freeze in the cool air, every exhale formed a small cloud, condensation had built up on the remainder of his mask as it laid under his chin, and water droplets clung to his clothes and hair. He had shoved his hands under his armpits in attempt to warm them up as he felt them slowly go numb.

He quickly narrowed in on an opened window, even though it was the one in the building next to the one he was guarding, it still set 27 on edge. The gape was barely large enough for a cat to squeeze through and still had a five feet distance between the two buildings, but it was still too convenient for anyone to sneak it. The window lines up perfectly with the warehouse’s windows; and if 27 had to guess, it also had a perfect view of its contents from inside.
Just as he took a step to go investigate the building, he heard yelling and a bang that shook the ground beneath him. He spun on his heel and raced back to the entrance of the building. The closer he got the louder the shouts and bangs got louder, the it abruptly stopped. When he finally reached and shoved open the door, 27 felt himself break out in cold sweat as he analyzed the situation.

One of his clients were slouched in his chair out cold, two were tied up and slumped against each other, blood dripping from one’s hairline. The tall gangly one laid on the ground, limbs laid twisted and unnatural around him, letting out an occasional pained whimper in between labored breath. His largest client was cornered and restrained by an unknown man.

27’s heart pounded in his ears as the man turned slowly toward him, positioning himself to have both him and his clients within his eyesight. The man’s dark hair stood on end as he faced him, yellow goggles hiding his eyes. In his grip was a part of a white scarf as it floated around him, one end of the scarf was wrapped tightly around his large client.

“What are you doing?” 27 rasped out. The man just stared at him, slowly straightening up from his hunched position while his hair fell and laid limply against his face. The man pulled on the scarf, causing his client to let out a grunt as it tightens around him. 27 shifted his feet to stand his ground as the man lowered his arms and turned to fully face him, unworried about the bound man.

“Not going to answer? That’s kind of rude, don’t ya think?” he croaked as the man continued to stay quiet. 27 tilted his head in confusion as the man took a threatening step towards him, recalling his scarf back to him, the fabric wrapping around his neck and down to his forearms.

“Fuck.” 27 mumbled to himself as he came to the realization this man knew. This man knows his quirk,or at least he knows how it works. He clenched his fists tightly, nails biting into his palm. He can’t let anyone in Miasma find out that someone knows how it works. Even if the man just has a vague idea of his quirk, he can’t let him escape.

He rushed at the man, pulling out the two knives from his back pocket as he approaches. He moved to side to dodge the end of the scarf as it shot out at him.

“Who told you? Was it the hero that screeches like a cat in heat? What was the loud mouths name? Currently Megaphone? Accounted Vocal Apparatus?” He dropped down and skidded across the floor as fabric came at his head. He closed the distance between the both of them, dodging the scarves as he went and threw a punch at the man’s face, who quickly backed away to avoid it.

He needs to take this man down and fast. He doesn’t have a lot of time left before Boss calls him back. If he can just get him to respond to something.

“No. That wasn’t it.” He croaked as he dodged a kick from the other man and followed up with one of his own. “It’s Up-to-date sound amplifier, right?”

27 let out a grunt as the man kneed him in the gut and skidded back to put some distance between them. He eyed the man wearily as they started to slowly circle each other, both taking the time to analyze and strategize.

This man is good, too good to be just any hero, he had to be a pro. The man had a solid defense and offence in both close and long-distance fighting. He also wasn’t relying on his quirk, at least It’s nothing that 27 can tell. Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t seem like a physical enhancement quirk, and probably an emitter. Great. Not only does he have to worry about the damn scarf, he also has to watch out for the unknown quirk. It was going to be difficult to take this guy down.

27 flinched back in shock as the man charged at him, faster than he had anticipated, and barely brought his arms up in time to block the left hook. He clenched his teeth together, as he arms vibrated in pain from taking the impact. He quickly slashed back at the man with his knife, grazing his side as the man danced back. He watched as the man’s expression went grime as he looked down at the cut in his suit. Taking advantage of the situation, 27 threw one of his knives, aiming for thigh. Before the knife could sink in, it was knocked aside by the scarf.

As they continued to exchange blows back and forth. 27 felt himself slow down as exhaustion reared its ugly head. His reactions became sluggish and his hits weaker as the adrenaline slowly left his body. As he quickly reached the end of his stamina, it seemed like the hero’s was never ending. His attacks becoming quicker and more precise at hitting the openings in his defense.

27 felt a sharp pain in his side before he was knocked off course by the kick the other man managed to land on him. He was able to roll into the fall, landing back on his feet to dodge the follow up hit the hero swung at him. He rolled back on the balls of his feet and fiddled with his remaining knife as the man listlessly stalked towards him.

27 let out a small huff in annoyance as the man took his time. As soon as the man was close enough, he tried to sweep his legs, but failed when the man just grabbed it. 27 stared with his mouth open in shock as the man just held onto his leg. As if he realized he was in the middle of the fight, the man yanked his foot, causing him to hit the floor hard.

27 felt his ears ring and his head spin as he laid on the floor trying to get his bearings. He let out a few ragged breaths, before he managed turn to lay sideways. He spit out a glob of spit and blood when he felt it build up in his mouth. He laid there, breathing through his mouth as he tried to get enough energy to sit up. It was getting harder for him to breath as time went by, as if something was squeezing his chest. He took another shaky breath before moving to sit up on his knees. He looked up blearily at the man standing above him when he finally found the energy.

“Can you tell me who you are?” 27 gasped out quietly as the man slowly loosened his fighting stance, trading it for something more casual. He let out a startled laugh when the guys hair started to stand on its ends, floating around his head as if they were in space.

27 smirked and tried to pull the guy under his control. His furrowed his eyebrows, smile fell off his face when nothing happened. It felt like it was just out of his reach, almost teasingly.

“Not going to work.” The gruff voice said, giving 27 a smirk of his own. He felt his eyes widen at the statement and panic slowly setting in. So that’s his quirk, the ability to make quirks ineffective.

He can’t use his quirk against him and the hero’s better than him in hand to hand. He can’t beat him. He failed. He failed the mission. His clients are either knocked out or not in a position to move, he can’t defeat the hero to turn everything around, and the hero knows his quirk. Bug is going to kill him, he’s going to get discarded.
He let out a dry laugh at the thought. Once he started he couldn’t stop. His laugh started to slowly turn into coughs then dry heaves. 27 covered his mouth with his hand as he felt something come up, mouth tasting of copper. He pulled his hand away and pressed it against his sore ribs, taking in ragged breathes. He slowly hunged over his knees, forehead rested against his thighs as his thoughts spiraled.

“This is it. Isn’t it?” he muttered into his leg, more to himself than anything. He heard the man’s cautious footsteps approach him.

“What is?”

“Everything. Everything is over. This is the it, there’s no coming back from this.”

27 listened carefully as he heard the man slowly creep towards him. He pressed his face further into his thigh and let out a small whimper, which seemed to encourage the man to finally close the gap between them. After a couple of seconds had ticked by, he felt a large hand placed his shoulder and a presence lean over him.

“It doesn’t have to be. Let me help yo-“

27 brought his head up quickly, smashing the back of his head against the one above him. A loud crack sounded across the room, followed by a clatter as something fell to the ground.

“You fucking little bastard.” The hero snarled out.

27 reached out to snatch the now broken in two goggles that laid before him. As soon as his fingers got hold of them, he pulled back his hand, narrowly escaping a stomp from a black boot, and held the plastic tightly in his grasp. He turned his face upwards and gave the hero a bloody grin when he was suddenly bound by white fabric.

Eraserhead stood over him, his eyes hard and cold as steel as he rubbed the quickly forming bruise on his forehead, a small bead of blood dripping from the cut across his nose.
27 couldn’t help but feel relief bubble in his chest as he felt the familiar tugging sensation. Times up. “I won.”
“You won? You’re the one who’s caught.”

His smirk grew larger at the mans confused face. “Bye Eraserhead.”

27 felt the tug on his chest grow stronger, almost uncomfortable so, like a rubber band stretched too tight. The last thing he saw was Eraserheads face contort from confusion to dawning realization as his form slowly started to fade, before he appeared in Boss’s gaudy office.

“You weren’t successful, were you? Why else would you appear in such a state?” Boss voice rumbled around the room.
He made sure to keep his eyes trained in his lap as he felt his mask snap shut. With a shaking hand, he held up the broken goggles. He jumped startled; unaware they weren’t alone, when he heard someone moved around him to take a closer look.

“Eraserhead.” The soft voice of Memory murmured. “It’s rare for people to come back from him, that’s why few know of him. He’s very good at what he does.”
Memory’s delicate hand entered his vision as she placed one finger onto the goggles. She let out a small hum as she activated her quirk, a soft blue encasing the yellow eyewear.
Her quirk Object Recall doesn’t seem like would be too useful, and it’s not most of the time, but it has led to people’s downfall. Shecan see the past of any object she touches, all the way down to where the materials came from.

The past of any inanimate object was opened to her, which allowed her to pick up small details of a person. If she has enough items of a subject, she piece things together to figure out their schedule, and when she does, it’s oddly precise. In one case, she got hold of their competitions boss’s jacket and wallet. After using her quirk on the jacket and all the contents of the wallet, she found out that he frequented a deli on main street and had lunch there every Monday from 12-2pm. She was right, and now they no longer need to worry about any competition.

She can also tell if you lied about being in a fight. If the object hadn’t taken damage recently, means nothing happened. That’s how she found a spy amongst the ranks. They had tried to claim that they met up with the client for a protection detail and had to fight to escape. They went into a long spiel about the fight as they tried to cover the odd tear in their suit.. One touch from Memory broke the lie down, and an investigation was made. It was later found out, that every month, they had met up with some local underground heroes and started to leak information for money, they had a wire placed under the suit but it got stuck, and had to cut it out. Everyone involved was quickly disposed of.

“Nothing much from this, at least nothing useful. It’s been banged around a lot from its years of use and has seen a lot of daylight, surprisingly for an underground hero. He probably has some sort of day job that requires them when he doesn’t put it in storage.” She rambled as she moved away to stand next to boss.

27’s breath picked up as the minutes ticked by and nothing happened. Everything was oddly silent, causing his anxiety to spike. He slowly lowered his outstretched arm as it started to shake from exertion.

“Bug.” Boss said, finally breaking the silence.


“Take it to the Red Room.”

He felt a hand grip his head, he let out a sharp gasp when it pulled him up by his hair. “Come on, no use delaying the inevitable.”

They walked from the office to the Red Room in dead silence. 27 was barely able to keep with Bug’s sedated pace, even as she pulled him along by his hair. He closed his eyes as he walked, slowly nodding off in exhaustion, too tired to care about his fate.

“Get on the table.”

27 blinked open his eyes, and looked at bug with unfocused eyes, before slowly getting on the table and laid down. He felt his ribs twinge in pain as he crawled onto the table, but his feet sighed in relief as the weight was finally lifted. He closed his eyes, resigned to his fate as he felt the metal clasps close around his wrists and ankles with a loud snap.

“So what are you doing with these?” Bug said as she took the fragmented goggles from his hands. “I watched you sneak off with that tacky pair the hero had.”


He had thought he was able to sneak out of the room with the glasses unseen, while Boss had the impromptu meeting with Memory and Bug. He should have known by now that he couldn’t get away with anything.

He had stashed the glasses under his bed with his other meager possessions. He had a habit of taking small items from different jobs that seemed important. He collected a marble from his first successful mission, a pencil from his first major fight, a candy wrapper from his first hero fight, and now glasses from his first Pro hero encounter. He doesn’t know why he took these goggles, it wasn’t like it was his first encounter or the fight anything profound. Maybe he subconsciously knew it was his last mission and wanted something to commemorate it.

“Let’s make a deal. I won’t strip search your room and get rid of anything I find, if you can withstand Cherry and Blossom for twenty-four hours.”

He felt himself tremble in his restraints causing the metal to ring out, as he thought the deal over. The last time they decided to strip search his room, his stuffed black cat, the last reminder of the outside world he had, was torn and burned right in front of him. He doesn’t know if he can watch everything he has, be destroyed in front of him again.
What he does know is that no matter what, he will be meeting the two bugs once again, its just the matter of how long it will be. The longest he has been with Cherry and Blossom was ten hours and he was a wreck afterward, even 10 was worried he wouldn’t make it. But. But if he could keep what’s his, it would be worth it.

He gritted his teeth and gave a nod, agreeing to the terms.

“Excellent. Let’s get started, I already got the timer ready.”


“Shouta? What happened?!? Are you injured? Are you okay?!?” Hizashi yelled at him as soon as he set foot through the door. He dragged his heavy feet to the living room and collapsed face first onto the couch.

“I’m fine Hizashi.”

“What happened?”

“Arrested the heads of the Croak mafia, even got the head mobster.” He mumbled into the soft cushion.

“Then why do you look like shit?”

“Met the kid.”

“Oh. Is that why you have that cut on your head?”
Aizawa felt the couch dip as Hizashi sat down next to him. He let out a sigh as he felt long fingers start to comb through his hair, detangling any knots they happen to come by.

“Yeah, broke my goggles with a headbutt.”

“Are they fixable? I'm sure we can fix it, if not someone else probably can. Did you bring them back?”

“No. He took them.”

The hand in his hair stilled, before Hizashi let out a boisterous laugh.
“Glasses stealer strikes again.”
Aizawa smirked into the couch at the sound of his husband laughing at his own joke but still elbowed him in the ribs out of principal. The only affect it had was making Hizashi to laugh louder.

Chapter Text

27 laid shaking under the restraints, haven long given up moving, let alone trying to break free. Initially, when it felt like the two bugs stopped moving, he tried to get free, pulling at the worn metal straps with all his might, but it had disturbed the bugs and they would restart their work. After the fifth attempt, he didn’t try anymore, in too much pain and too tired to move.

Throughout the day? The night? He tried to get some sleep when he could, any time he could manage the pain even a bit, but he never caught more than a few seconds. As the day progressed, the pain got too strong to shove aside as the maggots dug their way deeper, touching and gnawing as they moved.

His ragged wet breaths were the only thing he could hear as it echoed around the room, every inhale sent waves of pain through his body. He tried to take deeper breathes, but every time it felt like something was pressing back against his lungs.

“Fuck. Fuck! Fuck fuck!”

27 tried to flinch away when he felt two hands press against his sternum. The person above him kept continuously cussing under their breath as they started to press harder.

“Alright dolls, time to get out. You did too good of a job this time.”

He let out a gasp and yanked his hands against the metal straps repeatedly as the pain skyrocketed. In the past, he has had hot blades pressed against him, but this felt like the hot knives were cutting from inside. When he thought he was finally going to pass out from the pain, he heard a wet plop. The intense pressure disappeared at the sound and he collapsed against the table panting.

“Fuck, fuck shit. Fuck. Shit this is too much blood. Fuck okay, okay okay, I’ll be right back with 10. Fuck!”

27 sluggishly rolled his head to the side, resting the side of his face against the cool metal. He laid there breathing through his opened mouth as he waited. His head was buzzing faintly and his body slowly going numb. He pried open his eyes; just enough to squint through his eyelashes, when he felt something wet touch his face.


He would have laughed if he could, but the mask was still on, firmly keeping his jaw shut. Of all the things he could have died from. Out on a job, in the training room, or Bug using her quirk on his head. This is was how its going to end, bleeding out on the table. He guesses its not to bad, not one of the worse ways he could go out, definitely one of the more painless ones. His body was pleasantly numb, finally unable to feel the throbbing pain from his torn-up insides, and the puddle around him was warm compared to his cooling body.

“You shouldn’t have gone all out if you wanted him to make it. Or you should have at least stopped it sooner. You were too reckless.”

When did they come in? Wait when did he close his eyes again? He should probably try to be more aware. Guess it doesn’t really matter, nothing is ever in his control, why should this be any different.

“I thought we were done with him. We didn’t think he’d be rented out after that fiasco.”

“See if you can convince them to rent out a different one.”

“You don’t think we tried 10? Of course we tried! They just increased their offer, they are willing to pay triple his going rate. Boss accepted it, too much cash to simply turn away.”

27 tried to open his eyes when he felt something warm touch his neck, but they just felt too heavy. He should probably move or give some sign that he’s somewhat aware, but he was just so tired. Everything felt like its been weighed down, he doesn’t think he could even twitch his fingers if he wanted to.

“I don’t think he’s going to survive, he’s barely hanging on as is.”

“You better make sure it survives! This is why we keep you! What use are you if you can’t heal anyone? It has two weeks before it’s needed, so you better get to work.”

27 could vaguely make out the sound of footsteps leaving before he felt warm hands cup his face. The soft hands turned his head side to side then set it gently back down.

“Sorry kid, this might hurt a bit.”



“Hey Existing Resonator, can you come over here and look at this for me?” Aizawa asks as he lays out papers across his desk.

He was currently working on the case about the new illegal underground groups, but something was off. Normally when law enforcement finds out about a newly formed group, they can nip it in the butt before it gets too strong. However, lately its been more difficult in doing so.

New groups tend to be unorganized and have little to no skilled fighters in their ranks. Most skilled quirk users end up joining already formed organizations, easier to make sure your back is watched and less likely you will wind up in jail. Joining or creating a new organization is too risky for the more experienced people, too many variables to make it a safe bet. But there has been an increase of skilled fighters in these newer groups, and it’s making it harder for the police and other underground heroes to take them down.

“Ha ha, very funny.” Hizashi huffed as he laid on the couch, shoving his feet underneath Aizawa’s thighs. “Are you ever going to let that go?”

“Let what go Today Speaker?”

Aizawa couldn’t help the smirk that formed on his face, when Hizashi let out an offended groan and gently shoved him with a foot. “Do you want my help or not.”

“You know about the low gangs are increasing in man power. I’ve been looking over reports, and in a lot of these, the quirks are the same. I mean, look at this one. Two gangs, across town, territories don’t touch, but yet when heroes went to stop them, both groups were reported to have a guy with an overall strength enhancement quirk.I think it’s the same guy.” Aizawa said as he handed Hizashi the reports.

“Strength enhancers are pretty common Shou, this is bit of a stretch.”

“But how many start bleeding from their eyes when they activate their quirk? Every report states this, and it wasn’t a bit of blood, it was gushing down his face. I’ve noticed that there’s never a sighting of a strength enhancement of this type in the same night, even with gangs he was previously seen with. It looks like he’s been jumping from organization to organization, almost nightly. No one in their right mind would jump organizations like this and no organization would want a hopper in their ranks.”


“So what do you think it is?” Hizashi mutters as he flips through the papers.


“I think he’s muscle for hire.”

“Well, everyone has dealt with them, they’ll mess up sooner or later. I don’t know why you’re stressing about it.”

“That’s because normally they are freelancers, this, this I think is bigger.” Aizawa leaned back against the couch and ran his hands through his hair. “Remember that mission I took a couple of weeks ago? With the mobsters?”

“With the kid?”

“That’s the one. I got there early and hide in the rafters before they showed up, just so I could get some information. I didn’t pick up too much that I didn’t already know, but seeing the kid there was odd. The group that stole your equipment, is a direct competitor to the mob I was watching, in fact they were talking about how to take them down. So why would the kid be in that group and this group?” Aizawa reached over and pulled out a couple more folders and held them out to Hizashi. “They treated him weirdly also, as if he wasn’t a member. Half of them didn’t seem to want him there. They had completely ignored him and sent him in the corner like a naughty puppy. The only time they talked to him was to remind him to do the job they paid him for.”

“What makes you think the kids not a freelancer? Might have fell in rough times and decided to do what he can. Sure, there’s better jobs for a kid, but with a quirk like his, there’s bound to be prejudice keeping him from getting a job. His quirk isn’t exactly versatile for the job market, probably thought this was the only route he could take.”

“He’s been trained, for a long time by the way he fought. It also seems to have some training with surveillance, I swore he had me made a couple of times. No kid that age should have that sort of experience, it would have taken years.”

“Maybe his parent trained him? He could have taken his training and put it to use. I still don’t see how you would think this isn’t a bunch of freelancers.”

“I don’t think a kid that age could be smart or careful enough to be a freelancer without being caught after being in business for so long. I’ve had a couple of informants tell me he’s been pretty active, and yet he hasn’t been caught or even seen by the police.” Aizawa rolled his head and made eye contact with Hizashi. “That thing around his neck, it’s a mask. We’ll more like a muzzle. I saw him try to talk a couple of times but couldn’t. What type of freelancer would put a muzzle on, that only their client can open? It’s illogical.”

“Is that what you need help with? For me to be a sound board and help you compile facts.”


Aizawa felt his heart drop when he watched Hizashi heaved himself from the couch and walked away. Did he push it too much? Is his theory just completely wrong? Does he not see it as well? Has he wasted both of their time? How many hours did he put into this? 8? 12? Is he just thinking too hard about it? Overthinking something simple. Hizashi is the smartest man he knows, if he thinks it’s a dead end, it’s a dead end.

“Sounds like a black coffee night. Do you want the big cup or the bigger big cup?” Hizashi shouted from the kitchen.

“The bigger big cup.”

“Alright, after this brews, let’s get started.”




27 woke with a jolt, bolting straight up with his hand covering his nose to block the foul odor. He crinkled his nose as the smell still came through his hands. He felt a large hand brush against his forehead, causing him to flinch away. He slowly relaxed when he heard a gentle murmur from 10 as he tugged on his arm. He leaned against 10 at his encouragement, resting as 10 was finishing his check-up while he did his own.

He could feel the tell-tale signs that 10 used his quirk on him. His body felt slightly overheated and he could feel the new muscles and skin stretch uncomfortably as he moved. But, nothing hurt.

He blinked a couple of times to clear his bleary vision. He was greeted with the familiar sight of his room. The only thing that was out of place were the vials that were strewn across the extra blanket on his once bare bed.

“Everything checks out.” 10 mumbled as he entered 27’s vision. When did 10 get so old? 10’s face was more wrinkled than he remembers, worry lines more prominent. His hair sparer, laying limp and flat around his crown. He looked frailer, sicker, and more tired than he’s ever seen him. “It was touch and go for a while, but you made it. You were out for about two weeks, in n out, but your fever finally broke last night. You are officially out of the woods. I would like to have you resting, but your needed. Bug will be here any minute, try and get your bearings as much as you can.”

27 nodded and shakenly shifted to lean against the wall as 10 went to move away. He felt his eyes get heavier as he watched 10 pack up his stuff and eventually leave the room. He lifted his hand and rubbed against his forearm, thumb moving in gentle patterns as he tried to learn the new bumps and grooves. He stared dazedly at the door as he tried to keep his eyes open as long as he could, before sleep finally dragged him under.




Aizawa groaned as he rolled his sleeping bag up and kicked it underneath his desk.

He had a nice day planned until it all crumbled beneath him. He was going to take a nice nap, wake up do some grading, work more on his cases while listening to Yamada’s show, and then hopefully go back to sleep before he needs get ready for school. Now he’s going to USJ for rescue training and he can kiss his sweet nap goodbye.

He knew there was a small chance that All Might wouldn’t be able to show, just didn’t want it to happen. Getting the news that he was going to go to USJ as replacement for Toshinori because he ran out of time, he couldn’t bring himself to get mad at him when he learned why. Irritated, yes, mad, no.

“Hey Eraser! I’m going to have to stay later than I thought.” Yamada exclaimed as he entered the lounge, arms filled paperwork. “I’ll wake you up from your nap when I’m done, you’ll just get more sleep than originally planned. Wouldn’t hurt you, maybe it’ll help those bags under your eyes.”

“I’m going to USJ.”

“Oh? Some rescue training? That should be fun.”

Aizawa gave a grunt in confirmation as he shut down his computer and picked up his keys. “See ya later Mic.”

“Don’t be too hard on the kids! Try to keep them in one piece!”

Aizawa threw a hand over his shoulder as he exited the room.



27 inched closer the wall when the creepy hand guy turned towards him. The guy’s actual hands reached up and scratched at his neck as he stared at him. He slowly lowered his own hands from scratching at his arms and started tugging at the ends of his sleeves. When the man took a step towards him, he shuffled behind a tall woman to block his sightline.

He almost wishes he had died from Bugs quirk, this was by far the worst job he has ever been on.

27 had woken up from his nap when Bug had dragged him out from the car. Someone must have placed him in there in the first place because he doesn’t remember traveling or even getting inside the car, but here he was.

As Bug pulled him alongside her as they walked through the streets, trying to look as casual as you can when you are lugging around a half-conscious kid, she explained what was needed of him. This was going to be his very last chance, no matter what. If he fucks up on this job, well he doesn’t want to know what is going to happen. It would be better to die trying than come back after an unsuccessful job.

She told him that this job is going to be a long one, they rented him for quite a while. Atleast the job was simple, he was hired muscle. Don’t do anything the clients don’t tell you to do. Listen and do everything they asked. Do everything within your power to make sure everything goes according to plan. With such standard rules, it should have been like any other job, but his clients were… unique.

Bug had shoved him into the surprisingly clean and organized bar and pointed out his two clients. A tall man, wearing a suit, and looked to be made from black fog, who introduced himself as Kurogiri. The other client was about his height; maybe a bit taller, slight of frame, and pale with light blue hair. What stood out from him though, was the multitude of disembodied hands that were holding on to him.

Kurogiri seemed nice enough, even though his teleportation quirk made him wary. The older man was polite and spoke to him, not at him like his other clients. He even offered him a drink, before he realized his mistake, noticing the mask strapped to his face,and told him he can sit anywhere in the room while they wait.

His other client had grumbled upon his arrival then ignored him in favor of talking to Bug before she left. Kurogiri ended up telling him that the blue haired man’s name was Shigaraki, when it didn’t seem like he was ever going to introduce himself.


“Kurogiri, I don’t like this new player.”

27 felt himself break out in cold sweat from his hiding spot. He made an aborted gesture as he went to grab the lady when she started to walk away, but let his hand drop right before he touched her. He was mentally begging her to come back as she moved further away to talk to someone else, completely exposing him to the red eyes.

“He’s not doing anything.” Kurogiri sighed as he broke away from his conversation partner.

“Exactly! He’s just jumping around the room like a skittish rabbit, he’s not even talking!”

“He has a muzzle on, he can’t talk. You know why we can’t take it off until its time.”


27 couldn’t bring himself to move as Shigaraki hopped off the bar stool and approached him. He flinched back when Shigaraki placed a cracked hand on his mask, pinky carefully held up. The blood rushed to his head as he watched the fingers carefully.

Bug had warned him about the guys quirk, even joked about it. Shigaraki’s reputation proceeded him, and the Miasma had a decent amount of detail on him, even has he tried to keep it under wraps. Normally, the Miasma doesn’t keep tabs on people, but the way that he was recruiting a large amount of low leveled villains, they had made it their business to know. They first assumed that Shigaraki was building up a business to compete with them, slowly stealing their clients, but relaxed when they got enough information on him.
The guy was not only childish but had a nasty temper to match. He loves to watch things turn into dust in his hands, especially things that disappoint him, which Bug made a huge emphasis on. The first thing she said when she dropped him off, was that they had full permission to do as they please with him, even using their quirks, as she made eye contact with the younger client.

“I don’t like the way he looks. I don’t want someone like him in our party.” Shigaraki stressed as he slowly brought the final finger to touch the mask. “Remind me why I can turn him into ash?”

“He has experience with fighting pro heroes, more specifically Present Mic and Eraserhead.”

“And why does that matter if we are going to go after All Might?”

“There may be a chance that Eraserhead shows up. Since the kid already fought him and was somewhat successfully from what I heard, that experience may come in handy.”

“We are going to USJ to kill All Might not Eraserhead!”

“You’re right, but in the off chance Eraserhead does show up, he may hesitate in fighting a kid so young. Especially someone who looks the same age as his students. As for All Might, he could be used as support or just general back up. He could brainwash All Might to spare us some extra time or for the Nomu to place one calculated punch.”

Shigaraki gave out a hum before releasing his hold on the mask. He shoved his hands in his pockets and walked back to Kurogiri.

“I supposed you’re right. All Might would want to play the perfect hero,” Shigaraki spat out.

27 released his breath that he didn’t realize he was holding, as their conversation moved on to a different topic. His two clients gathered everyone around and listed out their plan to take over USJ and end All Might. He couldn’t help but zone out half way through the speech.

It started out as talking about the plan, but slowly descended in a rant about how heroes are the bane of society. 27 didn’t really care about all that, he already knew his place in the world. Talking about a better future without heroes, wouldn’t change the position he’s in, so why listen to the mad rambles of a madman?

His eyes shot to Kurogiri as he moved to a clear opening in the crowd and activated his quirk, black mist started spreading around the area. 27 hesitated when he motioned him forward, but one glare from Shigaraki, he walked as confidently as he could to Kurogiri.

The ends of Shigaraki’s grin was peeking out from beneath the hand mask he was wearing as he announced it was time for the game to begin.

27 closed his eyes as he felt the familiar sensation of teleportation when he stepped through the black mist alongside Shigaraki. Unlike Boss’s, whose felt like it was tearing at your very being, Kurogiris was a lot smoother. It was like stepping through a wall of gelatin, uncomfortable, but it was painless.

“Thirteen and Eraserhead huh?” Shigaraki voiced softly as he took in the situation. “Where is he?”

He couldn’t help but to shuffle a couple steps aside at the tone of his voice. It was soft, oddly soft, and it sent chills down his spine. 27 casted him and the creature next to him a wary glance.

He did not like that thing at all. A Nomu they called it, but he thought it would fit better if they just called it a monster. His client had raved about how this was the thing that was going to take down the number one hero, and he believed him. That thing was so monstrous, that if it had even had half the abilities that the villain said it had, it definitely could take out All Might.

He stuck close as could to Shigaraki, close enough to follow the plan, but far enough for I’m to keep his distance from the Nomu. He tugged on the hems of his sleeves as he watched Eraserhead fly down the stairs and started to fight their ground men.

As he observed, he noticed that Eraserhead really did go easy on him the last time they met. If he had fought like this against him in the warehouse, no way would it have lasted as long as it did. His motions were fluid, no hesitations to be seen, almost like Eraserhead relies solely on instinct.

“I hate pro heroes. The masses don’t stand a chance against them.” Shigaraki sighed out as he watched his small army dwindle. “Kurogiri, it’s time to open it up.”

27 heard the gears in the mask turn, as it slowly lowered. He turned to give a thankful nod in Kurogiri’s direction, but the man was already gone, fulfilling his part of the plan.
He heard Shigaraki mumble numbers under his breath beside him, until he shot forward towards the pro. 27 couldn’t help but wince in sympathy when Shigaraki grabbed Eraser’s elbow, , causing it to slowly start to crack and then fall apart, revealing the muscles underneath.

Shigaraki let out a huff when he hit the floor from the kick as the pro jumped away. Eraserhead quickly used his quirk on the other, managing to stop the progression of the quirk, but soon got ambushed by the remaining ground forces.

“Don’t push yourself, Eraserhead. Isn’t this too different from your usual job?” Shigaraki taunted as he got up onto his feet. “By the way, hero….I’m not the last boss.”

27 turned his head quickly when he saw the Nomu appear behind Eraserhead, not wanting to see the monster at work. He tried to block out the sounds of the fight as he focused on the flashing lights coming from the mountain range, but he wasn’t successful. Every crunch, every gasp, and every chuckle that Shigaraki let out, sent chills down his spine.

He was used to violence, somewhat immune to it, but most of the time it was a fair fight. Well as fair as it can be. Quirks vs quirks, training vs training, will power vs will power. But this? How can you beat a monster like that? It was almost sadistic in the way it fought the pro. He knew the monster itself wasn’t a sadist; the dead eyes and robotic actions was a dead give away that no one was home, but it was still brutal to watch.

He heard a startled gasp from behind him coming from the reeds and turned his head to be greeted by three sets of wide eyes.

One set belongs to a girl with long dark green hair, who was studying him intently. Next to her was a boy with a lighter green hair, whose eyes were trained on the fight between Aizawa and the Nomu. The last was a girl with short brown hair, she had her hands covering her mouth as she stared at the scene in shock.

“An audience. I hate uninvited audiences. Take care of it.” Shigaraki ordered.

27 gave him a nod in confirmation and went to deal with them.

They were unplanned, completely unplanned. None of the students were supposed to make this far, let alone survive. They are untrained and severely outnumbered, it should have been an easy win for them. The others must have royally fucked up their job. It doesn’t matter now, what’s done is done, and now it’s his issue to deal with.
He stopped about a foot from their positions and quickly looked them over. The long-haired girl must have some sort of frog quirk, if he based it on the position of her legs as it was still somewhat submerged in water. Probably adapt at both long and close distance fighting, but he’s confident enough to be able to handle her in close combat. If he sticks close enough to her, he should be fine.

The boy is a tad bit more difficult to tell what his quirk is. If he goes on the injured fingers, it probably relies on close combat, which could be a good thing or a really bad thing for him. If him and the girl tag team him, it could spell out a lot of trouble. The boy could keep him occupied as they fought close range, while the girl could fight from afar, spelling out victory for them.

The last girl, he has no idea what her quirk was. It mustn’t be physically reliant; an emitter probably, if he guesses by the costume she’s wearing. Her hands are completely exposed, no protection if she throws a punch. The rest of her suit provided little protection, which heavily implied that her fighting style isn’t reliant on hand to hand. Now, he just needs to figure out exactly what it is.

“You guys came from the Shipwreck zone.” 27 hoarse voice said with simple directness as he watched the ship behind the students sink, as if high lightening the fact they caused it. “The frog quirk must have been useful in the water, and partnered with a physical quirk such as yours? It would have made it easy to escape.”

“Wait, you guys know our quirks?” The green haired guy answered, voice wavering slightly. “There goes the theory the villains have no idea about them.Then you know Uraraka can make stuff float, but you guys still sent us on the sinking ship.”

“I didn’t know. Until now.”

The boy slapped his hands over his mouth, as blush creeped across his face. “I didn’t mean to say that out loud.” He mumbled through his hands.

“Midoriya, please don’t give the enemy anymore information.” The frog girl croaked, causing the boy to start mumbling out apologies.

“Is he even an enemy? He looks to be our age?” The brunette interjected as she looked at him.

27 paused and tilted his head to the side as the three students ignored him and started to talk amongst themselves about the possible answer. Going back and forth about how he is a villain and how he wasn’t. The conversation slowly developed into a philosophical question of what a villain is, and what actions would make you one. Asking themselves if he is even a villain, as if they needed more proof than him arriving with numerous of others to help kill All Might.

“Does villainy have an age restriction?” 27 asked dryly when their whispers started to get louder. The brown-haired girl jumped, and looked at him with wide eyes, as if she forgot that he even existed. She gave him a frown and her eye brows furrowed together as she thought. The student genuinely looked to be giving his question some serious though, it almost made him feel bad that he didn’t care for the answer.

“Well, no but-“

Got ya

27 watched her face go slack and her body go ridged. “Use your quirk on the girl next to you.”

The brown-haired girl slapped her hand onto the girl next to her, not a second after his command.The frog girl croaked in shock as she started to drift towards the ceiling. The boy let out a shout as he scrambled to grab the floating girls wrist. He managed to grab it just before she floated out of his reach, keeping her suspended just above his head.

“Uraraka! Stop this! Let her go! What’s wrong with you?” He yelled out as his feet started to gently lift from the ground.

27 watched passively as the boy continued to fruitlessly try to get his friend to stop her quirk. Confident that they wouldn’t be able to break the hold, he gave a quick glance to the fight behind him and saw a still conscious Eraserhead being crushed underneath the Nomu.

He kind of felt bad for the pro, not only is he aware of his injuries and conscious enough to witness what his failure will cause, the downfall of a hero and the murder of his students. But what truly made him pity the hero, was the fact that he was coherent enough to listen and understand Shigaraki as he stood infront of the hero and vented about how All Might is the bane of the universe.

Just as he saw the Nomu pulled the pro’s head back, preparing to smash it into the ground one last final time, a green blur rushed past him. 27 stared wide eyed as the boy from earlier winds up to throw a quirk powered punch.
He was barely able to stand his ground as wind from the force of the punch pressed him back, feet sinking into the soft dirt as he slid.

He’s so fucked. Now way did his client survive a punch like that.

“You move well, and your Smash... Are you a follower of All Might?” 27 let out a relieve sigh as he heard the familiar voice of his client. The Nomu did what he could not, protected his client from certain defeat. The Nomu’s hulking figure stood just in front of Shigaraki, taking the brunt of the boy’s attack. “Oh well, I’m done with you. Nomu, take care of him.”

Just as the Nomu reached down and grabbed the still shocked student by the arm, a loud crash from the entrance of the building drew their attention.

“Its fine now!” a deep voice echoed across the stadium. “I am here!”

“Oh. We’re getting a continue.” His boss mumbles out loud.

He couldn’t help but take a step back at the sight of the number one hero. He knew that the point of them coming to USJ, was to get to All Might, but seeing him completely different than hearing about him. His general presence and the way he carries himself, is the most intimidating thing 27 has ever seen. The sheer sight of it made him want to bolt.

27 gave a startled jump as All might seemed to appear from thin air right in front of the Nomu, and threw a punch, causing the creature to drop the boy. He couldn’t help but watch the fight in complete awe, as the monstrous creature and the pro duked it out in front of him.

When he went to turned back to check on the brainwashed girl, he noticed that the green haired boy was trying to help a conscious Eraserhead walk; the older man leaning heavily against his side as support, while frog girl had her tongue wrapped around his waist. What really held the group up was trying to tug along the reluctant brainwashed girl with them.

Not again. He’s not going to let this kid or Eraserhead get by him for the second time.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He yelled out as he made his way to the group. He received two startled looks from the students and a tired glare from the teacher. The boy opened his mouth to respond, but Eraser quickly slapped his hand over the teens mouth.

“Are you really going to make my job that much harder Delete Cranium?”

He received the blandest look he’s ever seen from anyone as a response.

“No good? I could always try another, but it doesn’t look like we have the time. All Might isn’t looking too good.”

“No matter what you do, don’t answer his questions.” The hero grunted out, as he made to stand on his own two feet. He pressed a hand against the boys shoulder for support before completely removing it when he got his feet under him. The hero made his stance wider to compensate the shakiness of his legs that threatened to crumble and used an arm to shove his students behind him.

27 let out a hum as he watched the hero slightly tilt to the left, but still managed not to tip over from his injuries. “Its not nice to give peoples secrets away like that, and for free? I would think my secret would be worth more than that.”

The pro gave him a slight shrug and lifted his fists in front of him. “Are you going to just stand there, or are we going to get started?”

He tugged at his sleeves nervously and looked at the clearly beaten man. “Just stand down and make this easier on the both of us. I don’t like fighting clearly injured men.”

“I’m not going to give you a choic-“

“ALL MIGHT!” The boy’s scream interrupted their conversation and reminded 27 of his general presence. The boy shoved the frog girl at his teacher, causing Eraser to stumble and fall with the girl held firmly in his grip.

“MIDORIYA! GET BACK HERE!” Eraser shouted from his spot on the ground as Midoriya sped past 27, towards the fight.

He didn’t understand why the kid would just drop every notion and would willingly go towards the that monster, especially after seeing what he can do, but he can’t just watch the kid go by him. He can’t let the kid go to try and stop his clients plan without doing anything, but the kid was fast. The only thing he could do is follow.

Kurogiri had both the Nomu and All Might, half way through a teleportation, threatening to split them in half. The teen from before, was desperately reaching towards the pro, as if he could pull him out from this dilemma in time.

He turned his head to the side to avoid being witnessed to what was sure to come next, but a loud explosion brought his attention right back.
A blond hair boy was sitting on and holding the teleporter by the next as he started yelling. Another two boys entered the scene, a boy creating ice that slowly encompassed the battled field, and a red haired boy standing next to him.

“Kurogiri, our exit and entrance, has been overcome” Shigaraki said calmly. “In addition to capturing them, they’re almost all uninjured. Kids these days are amazing. They make the League of Villains look bad.”

Shigaraki looked over at him then nodded his heads towards the students. “You handle them. Nomu, Kurogiri, kill All Might.”

27 took a deep breath and shook out his hands before entering the fray.

The next couple of minutes went by in a blur, he was only vaguely aware of the other pro heroes arrival during his fights.

He had managed to get the kid with the hardening quirk under his control first. All he had to do is ask if the kid wanted to fight him, the poor guy didn’t hesitate to answer with a no.

The next was the exploding guy, he was a bit more difficult. He must have gotten a warning from the green haired teen, because he refused to answer him. So he sent out his newly brainwashed teen with his quirk fully activated straight at him. Luckily, the guys hardening quirk was strong enough that the blasts caused him no pain, effectively keeping him under his control.

27 finally got the explosive teen under his control only after he got hit by his quirk. He asked the blonde through gritted teeth if he thought he was stronger than the strength enhancement user, because he didn’t think so, told him that his hits were weak compared to the others. As soon as the blond let out the first ‘Fucking Deku’ as a response, he pulled him under his control.

He felt blood drip down from his nose as soon as he got teen under his control. His head felt cloudy and throbbed as three consciousness were simultaneously fighting against his control. He normally didn’t have too much of an issue controlling three, but this time was different from the rest. He’s exhausted, injured and he’s been holding on to the girl for a while now. His brain was begging for release as the pain slowly increased as the minutes ticked by.

He mumbled out commands to his now three brain washed students to stand near him as he tried to catch his breath and get a firmer hold on his quirk. Not that he would admit it, but the blond’s hit did more damage than he thought.

He pressed a trembling hand against his burnt side, feeling the bones shift slightly beneath his fingertips, as he tried to ground himself. Breathing heavily though his nose, he turned on side and got on his knees, letting out the small grunt as pain laced through him.

“So you’re the twerp that’s been causing my colleges trouble.” A voice purred.

Great. He peered between his guards at the pro hero in front of him. She stood with her hips cocked to the side and holding a whip in her hand.

Stumbling to his feet, 27 eyed the heroine nervously. Bug had warned him about Midnight in the past. Her quirk was tricky, and nearly impossible to avoid once activated. He was always told to run if he even see’s a glimpse of her. He doesn’t have that option now, his only option is to stand his ground.

“Are you talking about Pencil Remover or the Contemporary Mouthpiece?” he coughed out as he made a step towards her.

She let out a snort at the names but that was the only reaction he got, not enough to pull her under his control.

This confirms it. He felt his heart drop in his chest as dread sinks in at that thought. They all know how his quirk works. He was naive to think that it wouldn’t have spread around the hero community, but he couldn’t help but hope. Maybe. Maybe if he can prove that he doesn’t need his quirk to take down a pro, they’ll keep him. That he can still be useful, that they still need him.

He gritted his teeth and commanded the two boys to charge at her, then told the girl to sneak around and get her from behind.
The last-ditch plan was to have the three students attack Midnight, while he can come in from the side and hopefully knock her out with a well-placed punch. However, it was risky. This plan could only work once, and afterwards he’s bound to lose control of the students, as soon as Midnight lands a hit on them.

His eyes widen as he saw the teens slowed down until they were laying across the ground. He quickly covered his nose with his elbow as he started to see the pink tinted air spread around her.

“One tiny breath, just one little inhale and I will have absolute control.” Midnight smirked at him as she sauntered closer. She snapped the whip a couple of times besides her, when he didn’t stop circling around her. “Do you think you could fight me in a state of suffocation?”

27 took a large inhale of clean air before rushing towards the pro. He barely managed to sidestep the whip she threw at him, the whip sending a crack right next to his ear. Her eyes widen in surprise when he managed to reach her. He looked into her startled eyes and plucked the glasses right off her face. She let out an offended squawk and tried to grab him as he danced away.

“Did you seriously just take my glasses? Seriously?” She scolded waving a finger in his direction. “Do you have some sort of eyewear fetish?”

Tuning her out, he quickly reached out grabbed her out stretched arm, turned on the balls of his feet, and flipped her over his shoulder. The sounding thud of her body hitting the floor was almost satisfying, almost. His slight victory was short lived, when he felt something wrap around his ankle. It squeezes tighter as it wrapped around, then his foot was yanked out from underneath him, making him fall face flat on the floor.

“Now now now, that was very naughty of you.” She teased as she pressed a heel against his back, causing him to let out a harsh exhale. He struggled beneath her, trying to get out from her hold, before he couldn’t hold it in any longer, finally taking in air. The sweet aroma quickly filled his nose and cloudy his thoughts, enticing him to sleep.

Caught. He knew he would be sooner or later. Pro heroes were swarming the place,they were outmatched and out gunned. He could distantly hear the fights slowly come to an end and the Nomu has long since been defeated. The heroes were just slowly wrapping everything up in a neat little bow.

Even his clients had abandoned the fight. They seemed to have made their escape as soon as the pros arrived, leaving him and the remaining villains to fend for themselves. He was probably one of the last ones standing, the others fighting the same losing battle if they weren’t either unconscious or tied up.

It was useless to try anymore, they were utterly defeated. He had done his best, and that’s as much as he could do.
He made one last attempt to move; just one last ditch attempt, before relaxing and taking in a large breath, letting the quirk put him to sleep.

Chapter Text

“You sure about this Shou? It’s only been two days, you should still be resting.” Hizashi asks as he opens the double doors for him.

Aizawa gives a grunt in confirmation as hobbles by Hizashi and into the police station, careful not to put too much weight on his leg.

“Exactly, I’ve wasted enough time resting.”

Two days have gone by since USJ, and one of the days was spent sleeping the day away under Chiyo’s quirk, and the next trying to convince her to discharge him.
He could barely remember what had happened after the other heroes arrived. One moment he was struggling to stay awake, shaking as he held onto Tsuyu; trying to keep her from floating way, and the next he was waking up in the hospital with Hizashi by his side.

Hizashi had mumbled something before clicking a button, summoning the older woman. Chiyo had suddenly appeared at his side as if by magic, quickly checking his vitals as she gave him a summary of his injuries.

It wasn’t as bad as he thought it would have been. A couple of broken ribs, small skull fractures, missing skin and torn muscles on his elbow, hairline fractures in his arms and legs, but relatively unscathed considering what had happened.

Aizawa tried to convince them to let him out that day, but Chiyo wanted to do two more healing secessions before he could get discharged. She also wanted to keep him, just so she’d know that he would rest.

He changed tactics and tried to convince his husband. Hizashi wanting him to stay for longer, the bandages wrapped around his body only leaving his face and his new scar exposed, making him nervous and more convinced that he needs to stay. Telling him he just wants to go home with his husband, which worked in previous hospital visits, was unable to budge Hizashi’s resolve.

In the end, it wasn’t him that convinced them to let him go, it was Naomasa. Naomasa had arrived in the morning saying that they need his help. He couldn’t give him many details, it was all classified, but they needed him to help interrogate a villain from the attack. Aizawa quickly concluded that they needed his quirk more than they needed him, but he pounced on his chance to be able to leave anyways, uncaring on why he’s leaving as long as he is leaving.

One of the villains in their custody were giving them a hard time, nothing they did would get them to corporate with them. As soon as they mentioned that the villains quirk was an emitter and was voice activation, he knew who they were talking about. He agreed immediately that he would help with investigation, only if they could get him out of here and give him more information when they can.

After some promises he’d take it easy, and convinced Chiyo he needs to do this to get more information about the League of Villains, was he able to escape the hospital and go to the station.

“If your going to do this, can you at least find out what happened to my glasses?”

“Let it go Hizashi.” Aizawa sighed as shuffled down the hall and towards the interrogation rooms.

“It’s my favorite pair.” Hizashi whined. “It’s UV protected, shatter proof, scratch resistant and matched with every outfit.”

“Fine. If it comes up during the conversation, I will ask.” Aizawa sighed, finally caving in. Hizashi hissed underneath his breath a very long yes in victory. He rolled his eyes at his husband antics and entered the room.

“Glad you could make it, Eraser.” Naomasa greeted them from where he was standing in front of a one-way mirror.

“Glad to see you too, but let’s cut to the chase, I can’t stay very long. Can you give me more details about the situation now?”

“Yeah, sorry about that, can’t be too careful nowadays.” Naomasa said sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. He gestures them closer, tilting his head towards the mirror.

Inside was the kid, looking smaller and younger than Aizawa has ever seen him, it was a shock reminder that this was a child. He was sitting slouched in his chair and was still wearing the clothes he wore at USJ, but now had manacles around his wrists that loosely connected him to the table. His matted hair was greasy, and he had large bags underneath his tired eyes. The black mask was still unfolded, freeing his mouth, the red lines the mask caused, was stark against the pale skin.

The boy had a bowl of rice and a bottled water set in front of him, but it remained untouched, utterly ignored as he focused on the officer in the corner. He was scratching his arms while keeping his eyes trained on the very ruffled looking Sansa. His fur was slightly puffed out, betraying his frayed nerves despite portraying a calm demeanor.

“He woke up two days ago and we have gotten nothing out of him. Can’t get him to cooperate no matter what we do. At first, he wouldn’t say anything, just stared at the walls, not responding to anything. We tried to interrogate him yesterday, but he would answer none of our questions, instead he responded with his own. He managed to brainwash two officers and made it down the hall before he was caught and brought back.”Naomasa explained, lifting his hat to run his hands through his hair.

“What about his behavior?”

“His behavior is something else.” Naomasa’s laughed wearily and placed the hat back on his head. “We barely got him into his cell before he woke up from Midnight’s quirk. He wouldn’t let anyone near him once he was awake. We tried to get a doctor to check him over, but we ended up needing a doctor for the doctor. He broke the doctor’s arm as soon as she got near him. He did that to two other medical staff before people became too scared to go in there with him. Hell, we even tried to knock him out, but nothing worked. He just stared at us as the anesthesia went through him, he didn’t go down, he didn’t even look tired. The doctors had to stop because they were scared they were going to overdose him. Then we tried to wait for him to fall asleep, but he hasn’t slept at all, he’s been awake for more than forty-eight hours.”

“He hasn’t been checked out at all.” Hizashi mumbled more to himself then to them as he thought out loud. Hizashi’s eyebrows were furrowed and a hand was brought up over his mouth as he thought. “He doesn’t look to have showered, but has he at least eaten?”

The detective shook his head. “No, he hasn’t. He’s skittish beyond belief and extremely distrustful. We’ve offered him clothes and even access to the shower, but he refused both. He hasn’t eaten or drank anything either. Everything we give him has returned untouched.”

“Is that all the information you have on him? Just everything you have observed?” Aizawa asks breaking the silence that permitted the room as they watched the unnervingly still kid through the window.

“That’s all we have for now. We’re trying to find his name in our database and the quirk database. There shouldn’t be too many kids with a quirk like his, it shouldn’t take too long. I’ll let you know when I know.”

Aizawa gave a nod in thanks, before dragging his tired eyes from the kid and to Naomasa. “Shall we get started?”



27 felt utterly exhausted. His body felt sore, his ribs still thrumming with pain, and his head was pounding. He’s unsure if his head hurts from overusing his quirk or from the lack of sleep and water. It took a lot of effort to keep his face as blank as it was; trying to hide his pain, to not show any weakness that they could use against him.

He kept his eyes on the cat, trying to distract him from the pain, and felt slight joy in watching the other slowly bristle as he became more uncomfortable. The guard was an easy way to entertain himself in this otherwise empty room, helps to keep his mind from wandering and staying awake. He’s never seen a cat quirk before, so it was interesting to him. The only animal quirk he’s seen was a giant polar bear quirk, and he didn’t look as soft as the guard in front of him. Does he have toe beans like other cats? How many cat attributes does he have? Does he purr?

Reluctantly dragging his eyes from the guard and to the door when he heard it open. The warden from before entered the room carrying folders, looking more tired than he did earlier.

27 did not like him, he had too many variables. He doesn’t know what he’s planning to do or what the guys quirk was. Everything he did was suspicious and instantly put him on alert. He offered too many things and nothing in return, no one just did those things out of the kindness of their heart, especially not to a prisoner, there must be a hidden motive.

The guys quirk still remains an utter mystery to him, even after spending hours with him in the same room. This man already has a lot over him, he knows how his quirk works, has him captured, and has him cuffed to the table, In return, he knows nothing about him. He’s in an uneven playing field, and he doesn’t like it at all.

He felt his eyebrows raise in surprise before he could stop it, when he saw the familiar bandaged man follow the warden.

“Obliterate skull, what are you doing in such a nice place like this?” 27 croaked out, lifting his hands so the chains hit against the metal table, the metallic clinking sounding loud to his ears.

The warden raised an eyebrow questioningly at Eraserhead, who just waved it away as he pulled out a chair from across the table. The warden shrugged it off and took a seat next to the hero and placed a recorder in the center of the table.

27 leaned forward in his chair as the silence continued, willing to wait them out. He’s not the one on the time limit, granted he doesn’t know if they know they are on one. He doesn’t know when, but Boss should be calling him back anytime soon. It was slightly worrying that it was taking so long, he’s never had to wait this long before, but he can be patient.

“You know that won’t work.” The scruffy man grunted, black hair raised and eyes red.

“Worth a shot.” 27 shrugged.

“We have some questions for you.” The hero continued. “What do you know about the League of Villains.”

“Straight to the point, not going to ease me into it?”

“I don’t see a point in wasting time.” Quirk once again activated.

“Fair enough.”

“Then what do you know about the league of villains?”

“Nothing” 27 lied. He saw on the the corner of his eye, the warden write something down in his book. It looked like the warden was trying to be subtle, if he wasn’t paying attention it would have been, but he was and noticed him nudging Eraserhead.

“Do you want to try again?”

“Not really.”

“What do you know of the League of Villains?”

“I know nothing about the League of Villains.” Another nudge. Is that his quirk? He can tell if people are lying? How accurate can he be with that? Can he tell half-truths from lies?

“If you give us some information on them, we can give you some leniency when charging you.” The warden interjected.

“I know little about the league.” 27 replied keeping his eyes trained on Eraser. Notes were taken, but no nudge. A lie detecting quirk, now he just needs to figure out how much he can push it.

“Do you know what they are planning?”

“To take out All-Might.” Nothing that they didn’t already know, going by the look the warden gave the hero. He can’t give them any information about his clients. When he does get called back, and they learned that he snitched, it would make everything worse. Not only did he fail his job, his second chance, he also gave away information about his clients.

Miasma runs on secrets and information. If it spread around, that one of Boss’s tools gave away information about a client, against orders, and for free? It would create a lot of issues for Boss. His credibility and professionalism would be questioned. It would take months, if not years, to regain his reputation.

Maybe if he can figure out this guys quirk, he could appease Boss with the new information. This guy is bound to be an adversary to a lot of their clients, the information on his quirk could be worth a lot.

“Why do you keep looking at the clock?” Eraser probed.
27 jumped startled and dragged his eyes away from the clock and back to the hero, unaware he was doing it.

“I’m waiting.”

“For what?”

“For the inevitable.”

The hero’s impressively blank face broke, as he raised an eyebrow. The hero adjusted in his seat and leaned forward, eyes scanning across his face.

“What’s inevitable?”

“My escape.”

“You believe that, don’t you?” Eraser mumbled, after he received the almost unnoticeable nudge from the warden.

“Yes.” 27 replied, when the other looked like he was waiting for a response, his eyebrows furrowing further the longer the silence stretched. “Just as I know the sun will rise tomorrow, I know I’ll be taking my leave. It’s just the matter of time.”

“Are you going to leave the same way you did the night in the warehouse?”

27 gave him a nod, not seeing any harm in responding to the question. It gave nothing away about Boss’s quirk and Eraser didn’t learn anything new.

“A quirk is going to get you out of here. A teleportation quirk, right?”

27 stayed quiet, unwilling to answer. He watched passively as the warden started to scribble into his notebook.

“Who do you work for?”

“League of Villains.” Not a complete lie, they were his clients, and did work for them for during USJ. The warden wrote stuff but no nudge. So he can use half truths and get away with it.

“Did you work for the League of Villains when we first met?”

27 let his eyes drift towards the clock as he thought. No matter what answer he gives to this yes or no question, it would confirm that he hasn’t been working for the League for very long. But staying quiet is just as telling as giving an answer. “I’ve switched since then.”

“Do you switch often?”


“Are you a freelancer?”

“No, I don’t think I’d qualify as a freelancer.”

The hero looked to the man beside him for confirmation. When he got a nod, the man pulled out a piece of paper with a photo on it and pushed it forward. 27 felt all the blood drain from his face as he recognized the man on the photo.

How did this man get a picture of 77? It was clearly him, it was no mistaking the muscular man as he lifted a truck, blood running down his face from his tear ducts. 77 is the most competent of all the Numbers, and to get a picture this clear of him? Half the time 77 left no witnesses alive, killing anyone who got a clear look of him. How did this hero managed to get a picture of him?

He quickly scanned the photo to see if it would give anything about Miasma away. The number tattooed on 77’s neck was covered by a scarf, which was a slight relief. Nothing else could indicate the Miasma more than the numbers that were tattooed in various places on the Numbers. They always pushed to keep theirs hidden no matter what. It was their identification card, their proof they are who they say they are. They’re only allowed to show their clients the number when they first meet, proof they received the tool they wanted, and then ordered to hide it for the remainder of the mission.

A bandaged finger entered his tunneling vision and tapped the photo. “You know him.” No hint of uncertainty in his voice.
27 pressed his lips together and pulled down on his sleeves, unable to look away from the photo. The wrapped hand pulled another photo from underneath, this one showcasing 98. 27 couldn’t help looking up at the hero in shock, heart pounding in his ears.

“How big is the organization you are in?” The hero grumbled as he fanned out 8 more photos, all showing 98 and 77 in action. They were obviously all taken during different missions, varying in locations, and were all time stamped indicating different days.

“Are you there willingly?” Eraser continued when he didn’t say anything.

27 couldn’t bring himself self to answer, voice caught in this throat. He felt sick. His heart had dropped to his stomach as a sense of dread filled him, making him nauseous.

He knows too much; the hero knows way too much. He doesn’t know everything, but he’s on the right track. Boss is going to be furious.

“We can help. We can keep you away from them and offer you protection.” 27 dragged his wide eyes away from the pictures and to the man in front of him at the soft tone of his voice. He was leaning forward, once blank face now showed faint traces of emotions that he couldn’t decipher. “We can offer you protection against them. Professional protection. We can have heroes watching you until everything is handled, you would be completely safe.”

“Eraser,” the warden finally interjected. “we can’t promise that. We don’t have the funds to pay for heroes to watch him all the time, let alone until that organization is taken down. That could take years, we don’t have the man power for that.”

“Fine, then he can stay with me.”

“You can’t just do that.” The warden sighed, dragging a hand over his face and gave the hero an exasperated look.

“Sure I can. I have my heroes license, and I have a quirk that counter’s his perfectly. My quirk is the best suited to protect him and make sure he doesn’t do anything. You can’t argue with that, you were the one who called me in specifically for my quirk.” The warden sighed and then started writing more into his notes and said he’d see what he could do to help. Satisfied, the hero turned his attention back to him.” What do you think?”

He doesn’t know what to think. It’s a kind gesture, but it doesn’t change his situation at all. He would still be trapped, it just would change where, exchanging one cage for another. He’s currently trapped in this building, filled with guards, some even trying to touch him, claiming to help. Now this hero claims he wants to help.

The pro finally leaned back into his seat after a couple of minutes of them sitting in silence, only receiving a conflicted look from the kid. He sighed before exchanging a look with the warden next to him before collecting the photos and putting back into the folder.

“Can you tell me your name?”

“That’s a sudden change in questioning.” 27 pointed out confused.

“Thought we could move onto some lighter subjects. I’ll start, my name is Aizawa, what’s yours?”


“27 can’t be your name.” Aizawa said looking at the man beside him, who gave him a nod in return.

“He believes it.” The detective said quietly.

“Your name is 27.” The hero deadpanned unconvinced.

“That’s what they call me.”

“27… It’s a number”

27 tried to hide the panic he felt and keep his face blank. Eraser knows a lot more than he thought he knew. How does he know that he’s a number? How much of the Miasma does he know? Is he just playing with him? Toying him like Bug does. Is he actually one of the spies Miasma has? Is this a trick? A test to see what he would do if he was in this situation? To prove his loyalty? This has to be a test and he has to pass.

“Yes, exactly, because I’m a number. I’m only a number.” He said frantically.

“What does being a number mean? Is that what they-“

27 zoned out the pro as he continued to ask questions, distracted by the sudden pulling sensation he felt. It was like it was plucking him like a string, hesitant and uncertain, until he felt it become stronger.


What is Boss doing? Is he still deciding to bring me back or not? If this was a test, did he just failed and that’s why he’s calling him back? First, he fails the mission, gets captured, and then fails the test he was given. There’s no coming back from that, he’s failed at everything.

“Kid, hey kid, are you back with us?” 27 jumped in his seat and focused back on the hero in front of him.

“It’s time.” He said quietly, voice wavering slightly, fists clenching as he felt a stronger tug.

“Do you know anything about where you are going? We can get you out, just give us some clues.” The hero leaned forward resting his forearms on the table, talking quickly, trying to beat the clock.

“I... I don’t know where. It has a lot of concrete and rooms. It’s huge, at least three floors and a basement.”

“That’s a good start, but do you have anything else? Anything that can narrow it down, sights, smells, any noise?”

Shaking his head, 27 felt the tug get stronger, strong enough to be extremely uncomfortable. “Bye Remover Noggin.”

He watched Eraser as he reached out to him, as if he could stop the teleportation. He heard people start to shout as he started to fade, only for it to be abruptly cut as he appeared in front of Boss in the deadly silent office.

“The mist guy was right, you did get caught.” Bug scoffed from beside him, arms crossed as she looked him over. He shrunk underneath her gaze but started shivering slightly, noticing Boss’s.

Boss stood right before his desk, leaning back against it with support from his gold encrusted cane. He had his head turned down as he glared at 27 with cold eyes, casting a shadow across his face. His blue and green tinted lips pressed down in a frown.

“You had failed your second chance.” Moss addressed calmly as he pushed himself off from the desk and walked towards him.

27 found his knees hitting the ground hard, as Bug pressed her hands on his shoulders hard enough for his knees to buckle. She whispered harshly in his ear for him to stay right there. Not that he could move if he wanted, her hands were clamped tightly onto his shoulders, nails digging into his skin.

He looked up to boss when he felt the canes sharp tip press underneath his chin. “Do you understand how you completely destroyed it? Out of the kindness of our own heart, we gave you a second chance, then you turned and spat it in our faces. Not only was the mission a failure, you got caught by pro heroes. Then you left yourself wide open for the investigators.”

Boss stared down at him, black beady eyes analyzing his blank face. He let out a sigh and lowered the cane. “I guess I can’t blame you for how long you stayed there, you were rented out for three days and they should have told me as soon as they escaped that my tool was in police custody.” Boss sent a nod at Bug from over his shoulder. “However, we have no use for you anymore. I was told they expected your quirk during the mission, and now the whole hero world probably knows it. You should have died trying on that mission.”

His heart pounded in his ears as he felt Bug grab underneath his armpits and hefted him up. As soon as he was shakenly on his feet, his detachedly felt his knees buckle underneath him. He would have collapsed to the ground if it were not for the hold Bug had him in.

“W-wait! W-wait!” he blurted out as Bug dragged him to the door, “I got some information!”

“Hold on.”

Bug paused, looking over at Boss as he sat in his seat. He held up a hand for her to wait and looked at the Number. He rested his chin on folded hands as he looked at him considering.

“What type of information would a Number have to give me?”

27 swallowed and went tense under the gaze. “I.. I know that the warden’s quirk from where I was held at.”

“You mean the detective? We already know of his Lie Detector quirk. Take him”

“Wait wait! Eraserhead knows about the Numbers!” 27 rushed out as Bug started to pull him.

“What. Did. You.Say?” Boss growled in a deep voice as he enunciated his words.

“Eraserhead knows about the Numbers. He-he has pictures of 98 and 77. Lots of pictures! Lots of pictures from different jobs.” 27 choked out. He flinched when he felt a sharp pinch on his arm as bug encouraged him to continue. “He seems to be putting things together but doesn’t know about the Miasma.”

“Tell me exactly how your conversation went with this hero. Don’t skip any details.”

27 felt cold sweat drip down his back as he recalled what had occurred. He kept his eyes train on the dark beady eyes to try and guess what he might be thinking or what he may do next, but Boss’s expression never changed.

“He wants you to go with him.” Boss mumbled sat on the desk as he thought. “We will do as the hero wants.”

“What?!?!” Bug blurted out, digging her nails in his shoulders, hard enough to break skin.

“27 here, is going to spy for us. It’ll go with the hero and get as much information as it can from him. Get his routes, his routines, his favorite food, and how much he knows about Miasma.” Boss snaps his fingers, making sure he got the Numbers attention. “All you have to do, is take a pen, write down your findings on a piece of paper. As soon as that’s done, get rid of the paper, burn it, flush it down, eat it, I don’t care just get rid of it. With the pen, tie a thin piece of cloth around it and toss it out the window, make sure it gets outside on the ground. I’ll have someone pick it up and bring it here for Memory to use her quirk.”

“You’re just going to let it go? After all that?”

“No, I never said that. It would be too suspicious if It comes back immediately.” Boss continued after Bug calmed down a little, her hands no longer having him in a death grip. “It’s going to have to escape. We’ll give it a five-minute head start to escape the compound, after that, we’ll set the other numbers on him. If he can successfully make it out without being captured or incapacitated, we’ll give him a ride into town. If he doesn’t, well drop him off using the boats and he can swim back.”

Bug let out a laugh, claiming she likes Boss’s style and that’s the way she follows him. She left the room as she went to go gather the other Numbers.
Boss got down from his chair and crouched before him, and gripped his face in his hands. “You will not tell anyone anything about us. Don’t tell them about our quirks, how we work, what we do, or anything that they don’t already know. I will know if you do, I have informants everywhere, and that includes the station you were held at. We’ll take you out before you could say ‘I fucked up’, and you will never see it coming. It could be through poison, someone’s quirk, a knife, or I might just send Bug after you. This is the one job you can’t fuck up.”

27 gave a slight nod after a while, when it looked like Boss was expecting an answer.

“Good. Your five-minute head start begins now.”



“Sir, we found him, we found the files.”

“Well? Who is he?”

“His name is Shinsou Hitoshi.”

Chapter Text

27 breathed deeply through his mouth, trying to catch his breath as he laid face up on the docks. Dazedly watching his breath swirl in the frigid air, he slowly stretched out his protesting muscles, extending his legs and arms slowly. His body creaked, joints popped, ribs and head throbbed in pain in time with his heartbeat. Arms felt like limp noodles from swimming such a long distance, then ultimately pulling himself up from the water and onto the dock.

He tried. He tried so hard to be careful, and he was so close in making it out.

Knowing he wouldn’t be able to fight them all off, he tried to keep in the shadows as much as he can to avoid them. He managed to sneak by a lot of the more bullheaded members, who were running around without a plan. Their loud footsteps followed by crashing equipment as they moved around, had announced their presence, which gave him more than enough time to find an adequate hiding spot.

The smaller more agility focused Numbers were more organized than that, some even teamed up. They methodically searched throughout the base, room by room, corner by corner, and any potential hiding spots. Luckily for him, most of them never looked up.

Any time there was an opening for him to get on higher ground he took it. Running along beams, on top of machines and equipment, moving through the vents, only on the ground when he had no other choice. He regularly stopped and slunk into the shadows when he saw or heard another Number approach.

The frequent stops and the way he moved through the base, trying not to show a pattern and go the straightest route, was slow but extremely effective. He knew he needed to get out as fast as possible, but if he went too fast, he’d make a mistake and get caught. He tried to make his route as erratic as possible, so his movements would be harder to predict, but also move swiftly.

This tactic was only going to work for so long. He ended up having to fight past five other numbers; only one time he was able to use his quirk successfully, the rest kept quiet during their fights. However, he was able to put them all out of commission with a few well-placed hits, as most of the time he had the advantage of being on higher ground. None of his confrontations with the other numbers lasted longer than five minutes.

He even managed to take out 65 when he was put under their illusion quirk, but it was mainly out of pure luck. 65 made it look like he was in the red room surrounded by bugs, which sent him straight into a panic. All rational thought was thrown out the window when he saw the bugs inch their way towards him, completely forgetting that he was in the hall a mere second ago. He threw out a punch blindly, hoping that it would all just go away. One of his wild punches somehow landed a hit. He ended up hitting 65 square in the face and knocking them out cold.

Slightly bruised but mostly uninjured, he had made it to the garage. In his excitement of being so close to the goal, he became reckless and threw all caution to the wind. He jumped down from the vent he was in without looking around, keeping his eyes on the door that would lead him to victory. He made it two steps before he felt a large hand grip his arm painfully.


98 had him firm in his grip, declaring he was the winner of the hunt, his loud voice booming. 27 took his chance while the big oaf bragged and flipped the larger man over his shoulder. He didn’t hesitate to start running for the door while 98 stared up at the ceiling in shock from his position on the floor, only to be greeted by 77. 77 had a large smile plastered on his face, blood already dripping from his eyes indicating his quirk was already activated.

The next few minutes passed in a blur. He remembers fighting 77, trying not to get hit, knowing one hit from a quirk activated 77 would take him down. As soon as he thought he had the upper hand in the fight, 77’s finally slowing down as his quirk started to fade, 98 joined the fight. The last thing he remembers before he woke up from being tossed into the cold ocean, was 98 saying he’s been waiting a long time for a rematch.

27 rolled on his side, as a strong gust of wind swept over him, causing him to shiver violently. He unsteadily got onto his feet and pressed a hand to support his side as the movement made it twanged in pain. Focusing on his feet as he shuffled down the dock and towards the city lights he saw in the distance.

The time seem to drag on as he walked. He tried to focus on walking, putting one foot in front of the other, as he ignored his chattering teeth and his body thrumming in pain. He clenched and unclenched his hands periodically to encourage the blood flow back to them as he felt them go numb.

The scenery slowly changed from the water front with no one in sight, until it progressively became more populated. The seedy district around the docks was his favorite district so far, no one was walking about this late at night and the buildings occasionally protected him from the brutal wind. It was kind of calming to be able to walk along the sidewalk and not have to worry about anything other than moving forward. No people around, no animals, no danger, just him and the sidewalk.

However, the more he walked, the more people he came across. At first, it was the occasional passerby, who would give him a weird look, but continued along their own journeys. Then it started to get more populated, larger groups of people passing him by.

He didn’t like it. More people mean less room to move, more people to watch out for, and more possibilities for things to go wrong. Less people were just safer, you know who’s who, what they can do, where they are, or you can at least you can keep an eye on them. But surrounded by a lot of people? You are at their mercy. You can’t keep track of all their movements, you can be alert of them, but to watch everyone on the street? To watch every movement? Impossible without a help of a quirk.

He froze mid step when he felt someone bump into his shoulder. Tensing further when someone behind him ran into him roughly, telling him to get the hell out of the way. He felt someone looming from behind him and turned sharply with his hands held shakenly up.

An older lady was standing there in shock, before concern grew on her face and she started saying something at him, but he couldn’t her over his own rapid breathing. Stumbling back when she reached out with a withered hand, he mumbled what hope was an apology before he turned in his spot and ran.

Air. He needs air. His eyes darted back and forth as he fled, but it felt more like he was trudging through a swamp than running on the smooth sidewalk of a city. He needs air. Why is everyone so packed close together? How can they breathe? He needs air. He’s outside but there’s no air.

He ducked n weaved through the crowd, careful not to touch anyone as he went. His lunges squeezed painfully in his chest, there was no air, water dripped from his hair, there was no air, his throat was dry, there was no air, heart pounding painfully in his ears, and there was no air .
Skidding roughly to the side when he saw a blurry hand reach out to him, he continued to run despite the lack of air. Hands. There was no air. Another hand. No no no, don’t touch me. Don’t touch me. Please don’t touch me.

Heart pounding in his head, he vaguely felt his knees hit rough concrete as he collapsed. After sparing a glance around with his blackening vision, he allowed himself to rest with the back to the wall when he noticed he made it to an abandoned alley way.

Closing his eyes, he tried to breathe. The sound of rushing blood in his ears was giving away to the echoing sounds of screams and bugs scratching against tile as they moved. There’s no air, no air. Where did it go. He’s breathing so fast, but still no air.

Shoving his head between his knees, he brought his arms around him as he curled inwards, digging his nails into his arms. He’s here. He’s here. He’s in some shitty ally, he’s not back there, he’s right here.

Flinching when he heard a voice. A women’s voice. He lifted his head. But he couldn’t see anything, he can’t see. Everything was black, there’s only her voice chiming and the sound of bugs moving.

Bug is not here. She’s at the compound. He repeated to himself as he ducked his head back into the folds of his arms and tried to get his breathing under control. One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. Bug’s at the compound. One. Two. Three. Four. He’s not surrounded. One. Two. Three. Four. He’s okay.
He repeated his mantra until he felt his lungs loosen in his chest, finally allowing him to suck in the air his body desperately craved. The slower his breaths got, the more he was able to focus on the voice talking to him.

“This is the famous 27? To be honest, I expected someone… bigger. And less jumpy. And less… this. Thought you were a big bad professional.”

That’s definitely not Bug. The voice was lighter and sounded more like a bird singing than the gruff voice Bug had. He hesitantly brought his head out from where it was hidden in his arms and looked up at the voice, blinking repeatedly to clear the black dots that danced across his vision.

She was standing a foot in front of him, slightly crouched with her hands on her knees as he looked at him. She had a deep blue hair with matching eyes that crinkled at the edges with the soft smile she was giving him. What surprised him the most was the police officer uniform she was wearing.

“I was told I was supposed to pick up a Number and bring it to the station, but make it look like I stumbled upon it by accident. Lucky for me, someone saw you walking around like a shipwreck victim and called you in for suspicious behavior, making my job a lot easier.”

Her long blue ponytail swished to the side as she tilted her head and observed him. He tightened his grip as she slowly scanned him over with her sharp eyes. She was slow about it, taking in every detail she could before finally making eye-contact with him.

“You with me now?” She continued despite him never acknowledging her. “Alright let’s get this show on the road.”

He stared at her warily as she got up from her crouch and brushed off her pants. She reached up to the radio on her shoulder and pressed a button, causing a static sound to echo around the alley. “Yo, this is Officer Nagoa to dispatch, I have a kid here.”

“And what’s the issue?”

“He looks pretty beat up. Also looks like he got dragged in from the sea by fishermen, he’s all wet and smells like low tide.”

”You should know this by now Nagoa, Make a report. Get his name and take him to the hospital.”

“I can’t get a name from him. Keeps saying his name is 27.”
He gave her a confused look at her response. The officer winked at him and brought a finger to her lips as the radio remained silent for a couple of minutes.

”Bring him to the station ASAP. We’ll have someone to look over him here.”

“Roger that!” She chirped as she turned the radio off and faced him. “Alright, so remember, don’t let anything slip about the Miasma, or that I am in it. You don’t know me; which isn’t a lie, but I don’t know you. You don’t know anything. Capiche?”

He nodded hesitantly as he leaned up against the wall for support as he shakenly got to his feet. Digging his hands into the brick wall behind him as his knees threatened to buckle. The officer waited until he was able to stand with only one hand shakily pressed against the wall for guidance, before she gave him a bright smile and motioned for him to follow.

“Let’s get you to the station.”


He clutched the warm coffee in his hands, letting the steam waft over his face as he made his way to the interrogation room. It was slightly irritating that the kid was put back into the interrogation room, but Naomasa did give him logical explanations. It was one of their more secure rooms in the station besides the cells, the kid has been there before and won’t need to get used to new surroundings, and it would provide more privacy than any other place. It was still irritating though.

Aizawa was at home when he got the call from the detective. He had a map of Japan set out in front of him on their coffee table, marking all the points where the men that the kid confirmed he knew were sighted, trying to triangulate where their base was.

It turned out to be utterly pointless. They were spotted everywhere, even in the richer neighborhoods and cities. Hell, there were sightings clear across Japan. He couldn’t make out a pattern of any kind. Normally, after a lot of work, he could slowly make a pattern, enough to get a rough estimate in what distract they are located. This was just utter chaos that no rhyme or reason. They were spotted in every city, in almost every district. How large was this thing anyways? How many people did they have working for them? He only caught onto two, three with the kid. If only he had more information, he may be able to make some more headway.

Just as he pulled a sleepy husband over to the couch to see if he can spot anything, he got the call. He was slightly surprised in getting a call so soon from Naomasa that he found the kid, especially since its only been five hours since he teleported away. Naomasa wasn’t able to give him a lot of details over the phone, not knowing who might be listening in, but told him that one of his officers picked him up in a red-light district downtown.

Hizashi moved from his position draped across his lap, saying that he’d get the place ready just in case if he returns with another kid. Aizawa bristled slightly at the comment, ready to refute it, but shut his mouth when he spotted a smirk on Hiashi’s face. Hizashi sing songed over his shoulder as he walked away to the kitchen, about how he let a student from a couple of years ago sleep over at their place, so they wouldn’t have to go with their parents out of town and miss a fieldtrip. He turned and teased lightly about how this wasn’t the first time and probably wouldn’t be the last time he brought a kid in need home.

Before he could respond about how that it was the only rational way to solve the problem, Hizashi shoved his capture weapon and a cup of coffee in his hands, while he guided him out the front door. He grumbled a bit behind the door about it would be the last time, before he trudged his way to the station.

“Eraser, glad you could make it at such a late hour.”

He looked up from his coffee and to a straight-faced Naomasa. The detective didn’t look any worse for wear as he leaned against the entrance to the interrogation room, his clothes were slightly more rumbled than usual and carried his own coffee mug in hand, but he looked composed.

“I was awake anyways.” He said offhandedly as he took a deep drink of his coffee. “Do you have anything new for me?”

“Sure do.” Naomasa confirmed as he motioned toward the one-way mirror. Aizawa couldn’t help but look through as Naomasa ruffled through a bag as he looked for something. The first thought that crossed Aizawa’s mind when he saw the kid sitting there, was that he looked like shit.

The boy was sitting on the chair, completely soaked, and shivered slightly with his arms crossed over his chest as he tried to conserve heat. Still wearing the black outfit he was seen in earlier, minus any handcuffs he had on his last visit. A bruise formed on the upper part of his cheek, dangerously close to his right eye. He was paler than he’s ever seen him, his lips tinted slightly blue, as he stared at a folded set of clothes and the cup of noodles in front of him.

In the corner of the interrogation room, was the ever-present Sansa. He was slightly nodding off in the corner as he watched the kid, head hitting his chest occasionally. Poor sap probably didn’t even get to go home from when the last he saw him. His fur was in disarray, clothes crinkled, and he yawned every couple of minutes, exposing his sharp canines.

“His name is Shinsou Hitoshi.” Naomasa voice said, brining the focus back to him. “He’s 15 years old and was reported missing by his mother eleven years ago. He was later assumed dead after five years passed by.”

“Have you contacted his parents?”

“The father passed away twelve years ago. We tried to contact the mother but turns out she left the country six years ago.” Naomasa flipped through the paper work in his hands. “We’re still trying to get into contact with her through other lines. She deserves to know her son is still alive.”

Aizawa grunted in confirmation as he was handed the papers. It would make sense if the kid was taken when he was young. He would have had to go under extensive training to get the amount of knowledge he has in combat and stealth, especially with the fluidity of his movements that you could only get with experience.

“We got a call earlier from an older lady about what she assumed was a hurt kid after he got mugged. Officer Nagao went to check it out and found him in the alley on twelfth and third.” Naomasa rubbed the back of his head as he looked in the interrogation room. “We can tell he’s pretty hurt. He was limping so bad he had to lean against the wall for support the whole way. Wouldn’t accept any help from anyone, if they tried, one look from him turned them away. Everyone knows what happened to the doctor, she’s been pretty vocal about her experience, so no one is willing to push it.”

Aizawa looked at the kid for anything that would indicate how hurt he was. His clothes covered everything from the neck down, even as it stuck to him, only displaying the purpling bruise on his face. He felt his blood boil when he saw that mask still firmly in place on the kid, open to allow the him to talk, but still clasped on.

“We got him another set of clothes from the spares we have for the cadets to use in gym, but as you can see, he won’t change. Wouldn’t even go to the bathroom when we offered, preferring to stay right there.” The detective sighed pinching the bridge of his nose. “All I had was some ramen I keep stashed at my desk, thought something warm would do him good. It’s better than whatever crap the vending machines have to offer. But it’s the same as last time, he just keeps staring at it.”

“Do you mind if I talk with him?”

Naomasa waved his hand. “It’s the reason we brought you in here. That and your willingness to take the kid in. I wouldn’t know what to do with him otherwise. I would either have to toss him into a cell or at social services, but I don’t think either would do much good.”

Aizawa gave one last glance at the paperwork in his hands, before setting it down and entering the room.



God he was tired. How long has he been awake? 72 hours not counting when he passed out from being choked out by 98. His eyes lids felt like sandpaper as it dragged across his eyes when he blinked. He let himself sit limply in the chair as exhaustion set in, arms barely holding its folded position across his chest. He long since stopped trying to suppress his shivers as it racked his body but stopped his teeth from chattering by clenching his jaws shut tightly.

He absentmindedly watched the small amount of steam floating up from the cup that was in front of him. His stomach growled lowly as the smell wafted over him, he reached out hesitantly for the cup, then pulled his hand back in.

Was the food a trick? Was this supposed to test his will power? What would they want in return if he ate it? Nothing material. All he had was the clothes on his back, and even then, they tried to take it from him and give him new ones. What would they ask for him to do in exchange for clothes and rations?

“You should eat that, it’s illogical to let it go to waste.”

27 reluctantly dragged his tired eyes from the cup and towards the gruff voice. Eraserhead was sitting across from him, leaning back in his chair with a cup of coffee clasped in his hand as he took a long pull from the mug.

When did he get in here? He needs to stay more alert than this if he wants to make this mission successful. The door to the room was insanely loud when it’s opened, echoing with a loud screech as it dragged across the floor, and he didn’t even hear it. The past couple of days must have really taken a toll on him. He shouldn’t be too surprised, just the event in the alley left him more tired than any training exercise.

“It’s going to get cold and it won’t make it anymore pleasant to eat.” Eraserhead yawned out as he took another sip of his drink, dragging 27 out of his thoughts.

“W-wh-what is i-it?” 27 asked between his chattering teeth. Wincing slightly as his dry throat twanged in pain as he spoke. He could barely remember the last time he had anything other than the mush they gave him, having a slice of pizza after the incident with the voice hero. It was cold and hard to eat, but worth having something other than the bland food he was given any other day. And the smell coming off from the soup was tantalizing.

The older man raised one eyebrow at the question and set down his cup. “Instant ramen. It’s not the tastiest thing, but it’ll put something warm in your stomach.”

“What do you want in return?”

“Nothing. Just for you to eat something.”

“What did you do to it?”
This question caused the hero to pause, analyzing his face. 27 watched as the hero’s face flashed to something akin to anger, before it quickly smoothed over back into its neutral state.

“We didn’t do anything to it. Do you want me to take a bite of it first?”

“Not you.” 27 said as he spared a glance to the officer standing in the corner. He stared at the officer’s sharp teeth and curled tongue as he yawned loudly. “I want him too.”

“You want Sansa to take a sip first? Why would it matter if he does and not me?”

“He has a cat quirk.”

“And that matters why?”

“Cats don’t follow orders.” 27 shrugged. The pro gave him a confused look, but nonetheless asked the officer if he could take a bite of ramen.
The Miasma wouldn’t dare employ someone who couldn’t follow orders, let alone someone with a quirk that was less than useful. Cats are notorious for never following commands, even if the officers quirk didn’t extend that far into his personality, Miasma wouldn’t take that chance. That leaves the officer being the only one he knows forsure wouldn’t be apart of the Miasma, even if he had wanted to.

27 eyes narrowed on the cup as the officer sluggishly put a couple of noodles into his mouth. He watched the officers face as he chewed and swallowed, then waited a couple more minutes watching for any reactions. The officer only shuffled on his feet nervously, his eyes darted towards the hero as if asking for help before coming back him.

As soon as enough time had pass to deem it safe, he snatched the cup from the table and crammed as much noodles as he can into his mouth. He was barely able to hold in a groan as felt the warmth from the soup spread through him and his taste buds sing in praise of the new taste. Focusing on the quickly diminishing cup, he kept shoving the noodles in his mouth, uncaring about the looks he was receiving from the adults.

“Would you like to get checked out now for injuries and then change, or would you rather wait?”

27 froze as he held the now empty foam cup in his hand. A choice. Is this a test? Another test so soon? This isn’t the deal they made. He’s supposed to do whatever the hero wanted or said to do. Is he supposed to guess what he wanted? Is he supposed to know? What would the hero want in him to do? What would the correct answer be?
He glanced up and looked at the disinterested face as he set down the noodle cup, trying to look for a sign of what the hero wanted, before he hesitantly gave the hero a short nod.

“Is that a yes for now or a yes for later?” The pro asked. 27 gave him a slow nod in response. “How about this, well have someone come in to check you out, and if you feel the need to stop at any time, we’ll stop. How does that sound?”

27 gave him another nod and placed the foam cup down on the table. He watched carefully as the officer left the room, mumbling how he’d go get her, before returning his gaze on the hero in front of him.

“The lady that will come in here is named Dr. Kimoto, she’s short with long black hair and with brown eyes that change to gold when her quirk is activated.” Eraserhead detailed as he made eye-contact with him. He continued as if spurred on by 27’s silence. “She needs to touch the injuries with her hands to heal. It’ll feel like pins and needles and you’ll be tired after it, but you’ll be completely healed when she done.”

Before he could respond or for the hero to continue, the door creaked open. A woman with dark long hair peaked her head in through the crack before she gave a small wave and entered the room.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Kimoto and I’ll be your healer today.” She said, her professional voice wavering slightly. She looked at the pro; who gave her an encouraging nod, she stepped forward more confidently. “Can you please take off your shirt for me? I need to see what we are dealing with before I can do anything.”

He hesitated as he stood up and gripped the hem of his shirt. His arms shook subtly, but he’s unsure if it’s from the cold or the prospect of being vulnerable and out in the open in front other people. He glanced over at the hero, who’s only advice was to tell him that he can stop right now if he wanted to. Taking a deep breath, he pulled the long sleeve shirt over his head and let it hit the tile floor with a wet slap.

A sharp inhale from the corner of the room, made his eyes snap to the other male. The hero’s eyebrows were pinched together, lips pressed into a thin line, and his hands were clenched in fists at his sides. The hero opened his mouth as if to say something, before snapping it shut when he noticed he was being watched.

He knew he was a mess, it was no surprise to him. His body is riddled in scars and grooves from past battles and having been under Bug’s quirk. Arms having parallel scars and fresh scabs running up and down them. He knew it wasn’t a pretty sight, but what did the hero expect? Hell, the hero himself caused one of the scars across his side from their first battle. This shouldn’t have been a surprise, he’s sure the hero has more markings, more than just the freshly healed one beneath his eye. Why would he be any different?

“I’m going to start with the one on your side okay?” The doctors soft voice drew his focus back on hand and gave her a nod. She pressed her hand against the black and blue bruise on his side, skin burnt from the fight with the kid with the explosion quirk. The hero didn’t lie about her name or his looks, he also didn’t lie about her quirk. He felt the slight tingling sensation on his side as the now goldened eyed doctor work. “I managed to heal the broken bone, but it will still be tender for a while, so take it easy.”

The routine continued like this. The doctor asking him for permission to touch a wound and would only continue when he gave her the okay. She started on his torso, saying she wanted to get the major injuries done first, on any internal bleeding or broken bones, and then focusing on the less dangerous ones. However, she was going to ignore the bruises that weren’t deep, allowing those to heal naturally to avoid any complications her quirk may cause on him. After each use of her quirk, he felt himself get more tired, another thing the pro did not lie about. When she was finally finished, he ended up sitting down and slump over the backrest of the chair.

He blinked slowly as he watched the doctor went up to the pro and whisper something to him as she took off her gloves. The hero whispered something back before escorting her out the door and thanking her. He should probably care more about what words were exchanged, but he was too tired to bring himself too question it too much. It couldn’t have been too important for the Miasma to know anyways. If it was, it probably was written down somewhere if the cameras in the room didn’t pick it up.

“How about you get changed and we can get out of here.”

“hmm? W-what? I’m not staying h-here?” He slurred as the hero started typing into his phone.

“You’re coming with me.”

“What? I thought I’m going to stay here?”

“No, you can’t. This is the last resort kid. We can’t have you staying in the cells and we can’t leave you unprotected in the foster care system. It would put too many lives at stack, yours included, and that doesn’t even consider the fact they would have no idea how to deal with this type of case. You’d be safer with me and I would be able to get you any help you need.” The hero glanced up from his phone. “Take it or leave it.”

“Guess I’ll take it.”

Chapter Text

He sighed as he looked at the passed-out boy sitting next to him. Aizawa would have thought he was dead if he didn’t hear the subtle breathing. The boys head was pressed against the cop car’s window, his body curled up as it leaned away from him and against the door. What unnerved him was how still he was, especially after the putting up such a fight before finally succumbing to the sleep that he desperately needed.

As soon as the checkup was over and after the doctor promising to give him a list of instructions, it was time to go. The kid was laying limp against the back of chair with his eyes closed. He was undoubtedly tired from the ordeals he went through the past couple of days and from the after effects of Dr. Kimoto’s quirk. He didn’t even react when Naomasa came into the room unannounced. Earlier, he would tense, fight or flight instincts taking a forefront, but all he did was open his eyes and lazily stared at him.

The kid slowly started nodding off as he and Naomasa talked about what to do next. Aizawa managed to convince Naomasa that he can ask the kid more questions after he got sleep. Naomasa tried to insist on the urgency of the situation, but one looked at the kid; who slowly started to tip off from his chair from exhaustion, he agreed to meet later.

He managed to get the kid to change his clothes, but only after promising he could keep his old clothes. He shoved the dirty black outfit into a bag as the kid dressed in police academy sweats. Even with his tall frame, he still looked like he was wearing his father’s clothes. It hung loosely on his skinny form, the drawstrings on the pants were tied as tight as it could go but still needed to be rolled up to sit on his hips.

What he hated the most was the kid refused to take the mask off. He tried to reach around to inspect the back to see how it came off, but the boy jerked back and snatched his wrist in midair. They stared at each other, one in shock and the other panic. Aizawa watched the panic slowly creep on the kids face, before it was replaced with fear.

He started to mutter insurances that it was okay, and that it was just a logic reaction to try and put the kid at ease. The reassurances didn’t work. The death grip on his wrist only started to lessen when he said he won’t touch the mask without his permission. The small stareoff between them lasted a couple more minutes, before he was finally set free and was able to rub at his now reddening wrist.

The small amount of awkward tension that stayed in the air was broken when Sansa peaked his head in and offered them a ride home. Aizawa initially was going to turn it down, his apartment not to far away from the station, but reconsidered when he saw the kid shaking slightly in his seat.

Progress to the car was slow. The kid refused any help from anyone, even turning away Sansa’s offer. He kept denying that he needed help, although it was obvious he needed it. He had a trembling hand pressed against the wall for support as they made their way down the halls and to the car. They had to stop frequently so the kid could catch his breath or muster up enough energy to take another step forward.

Normally, Aizawa would just pick up the stubborn kid and take him to the car but resisted the impulse. If this was any of his students, who showed that they obviously pushed past their limits, he would have berated them for being illogical and to just accept the help.

However, this wasn’t one of his students and he was tossed into a completely new dynamic. He knew the bare minimal of who this kid was and that was all in concept. He knew everything that they managed to have on paper, but they don’t actually know him. He doesn’t know what the kid has been through or seen since he was reported missing. He can make assumptions based off what he’s seen and learned, but he doesn’t know for sure. He doesn’t want to push some unspoken or seen boundary and cause the kid to react badly and make a break for it.

When they finally made it to the police car, they both piled into the backseats. At the beginning of their journey, the boy was tense, wearily watching him as Sansa filled the air with light chatter. The boy slowly started to relax as he warmed up from the hot air coming from the heater. Before Aizawa knew it, he heard a thunk when the kid’s mask hit the door when he finally fell asleep. He kept up the chatter with Sansa as he watched the kid next to him curled up in his car seat.

He waved off Sansa’s offer to help carry the kid as he got out of the car when they made it to his apartment, not wanting to freak him out if he woke with two people surrounding him. Cautiously he pressed his hand against the sleeping boy to see if he would wake. The boy didn’t so much as twitch, with his breathing still deep, he knew the kid was too exhausted to wake up. Grasping the wrists in front of him and hooking his free arm under the knees, he hoisted the boy on to his back.

Making his way up the stair’s he couldn’t help but notice how easy it was. Even with the amount of work he puts into keeping in shape, a kid his height, should put him under a considerable about of strain when carrying them up the stairs, but the kid was light as a feather. He’s sure that even Tsuyu probably weighted more than him. He frowned as he made the last steps up the stairs and to his door way.

Opening the door to the apartment was a bit difficult, with the boys mask digging uncomfortably into his shoulder and trying to keep a firm hold so the he doesn’t slide off, but he managed.

“I didn’t think you’d be back so soon. I just got finished with the room.” Hizashi’s voice yelled out from the other room. Aizawa froze as he felt the kid move on his back at the sound but continued to the spare room once he went still again.

“I put new sheets on and got rid of all the extra paperwork in here. Did you know Nemuri kept emergency mascara in this dresser? I knew about the spare clothes, but I didn’t think she’d had anything else.” Hizashi rambled as he shoved clothes into a bag. “I think I got everything? The room should be cleared now.”

Aizawa raised an eyebrow at his husband as he continued to ramble as he nitpicked the room, to make sure everything was perfect. He was surprised about how much he had got done in so little time.

The room was their spare guest room, long turned into a makeshift office, only keeping the bed incase a friend needed to spend a night. The only one who really used it was Nemuri. She frequently would stop and take a nap at their place if her shift ended near their neighborhood and she was too tired to make the journey home. But with the frequentness slowly decreased, the room quickly filled with spare items that belonged to Nemuri along with paperwork from their jobs.

Hizashi had the papers that were scattered around in rough piles in a mock sense of organization, were cleared up and put into boxes and folders that were out in the hall. Nemuri’s stuff was all put away in a bag and stashed in the hallway closet, leaving the room completely empty besides the furniture.

“Do you think we should decorate it before he comes?” Hizashi asked as he squeezed under the bed.
He raised an eyebrow at the sight. Hizashi was wearing his hero costume as he inspected underneath the bed, only his lower half peeking out, but what really impressed him was his ability not to mess up his hair as he crawled under there.


‘Oh you’re right. Maybe he would like to decorate it. We haven’t touched this room in forever, it would be nice to change it up. Should we get rid of these storage boxes under here? It might be useful? No, I think its fine. Who doesn’t like some extra storage space? If they really don’t like it, we can get rid of it later.”

“Zashi, I’m sure it’s fine. Please come out from underneath the bed.”

Aizawa sighed as he watched Hizashi wiggle out of from underneath the bed. He was slightly surprised that he managed to squeeze underneath it but was more impressed that the kid slept through all that noise.

“Oh. He’s already here. Thought it would have been a couple more days.” Hizashi noticed as he fixed the orange tinted glasses on his face.

“You’re a hero, you should be more observant. Another person was in this house and you didn’t even realize it.”

“Like I’m going to be that observant in my own home. Especially if I know you’re here.” Hizashi huffed as he lifted the blankets open when he started to make his way to the bed. “You would have alerted me if anyone dangerous was here.”

He couldn’t argue with him on that, but he’d feel more at ease if Hizashi paid a bit more attention. He knows that no one knows where they live besides a few close friends, but it doesn’t mean they should risk it.

“Do you need help?”Hizashi asked when Aizawa stared at the bed for too long as he tried to figure out how to get the kid on the bed without dropping him or hitting his head against the bed frame.

It took a bit of maneuvering and a bit of help from Hizashi, but they got the kid tucked into the bed.
His fingers itched to rip that mask off the kids face but stopped himself, remembering his promise. It didn’t look like it belonged there, and he wanted it gone. The hard-sharp edges of the mask contrasted against the softness that surrounded it. The pillows, the fluffy blanket, and even the kid had a softness to his face that made him look even younger.

He turned away, ignoring the urge and pushed Hizashi out the door, closing it behind them.

“What happened at the station?” Hizashi asked as they made their way to the kitchen. Hizashi quickly busied himself with making tea as he collected his thoughts.

“Police found him downtown and took him to the station.” Aizawa started once he accepted the mug Hizashi handed to him. He watched the dark tea swirl in the mug as it warmed up his hands. “He finally got checked out from a doctor.”

Hizashi let out a pleased hum as he sat down at the table with him. “Good, that took way too long. They should have found a way to get him checked out the first time. What’s the verdict?”

“Not good, but not as bad as I initially thought. He’s beat to hell and back but should be completely healed in a week or two. It might take a bit longer because of his weight would hinder the healing process. But the doctor said she’d email me stuff that would help him. Just meal plans to try to stick too and exercises that he could do.”

“How does a kid even end up like that? Did they find anything new since last time?”

“They got a bit more information on him, not much, but it’s enough for now. His name is Shinsou Hitoshi and went missing as a kid. According to reports, the mom placed a report on him because he never returned home from school. They tried contacting her but no response as of yet.” Aizawa continued when he saw the disgruntled look on Hizashi’s face. “He was assumed dead. Our best guess is that she couldn’t handle it and left the country after a couple of years.”

Hizashi mumbled unhappily under his breathe about how he couldn’t imagine just leaving if there was a possibility, and then to have no way they could contact him if they did find him. “What did the kid say about that?”

“Nothing. He hasn’t said a word about it yet, not that I blame him. He looked dead on his feet after the exam. He could barely keep his eyes open, let alone answer the detective’s questions. That reminds me, Naomasa is going to come over.” Aizawa’s eyes drifted to the clock flashing that it was 6 am. “Maybe later today or tomorrow. He still needs to get as much information for the investigation he’s going to open. He said he’d like to get it while everything is still fresh in the kid’s memory, but he’d wait until he gets some sleep first.”

“What are we going to do with him today?”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s a Monday Shouta.” Hizashi sighed as he ran his hands down his face. He sighed loudly when he saw surprise quickly washed over Aizawa’s face. “Please tell me you didn’t forget. I swear if I wasn’t here, you’d never show up to school on Mondays.”

“No, I didn’t forget.” Aizawa grumbled back. “I just chose to not acknowledge it.”

“Well, what are we going to do then? We can’t just leave him here.”

“Why not? He’d probably sleep throughout the whole day. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sleeps twenty-four hours. Wouldn’t even notice if we were gone.”

“Shou! We can’t just leave a kid home alone like that! Especially this one! Isn’t the whole point he’s here is because he’s under protection?” Hizashi sighed and pulled out his phone and typed something when Aizawa just reiterated what he said. He got up and put the now empty mugs into the sink and pulled out some bread and popped it into a toaster. Hizashi tapped his fingers against the counter as he waited.

Aizawa gave him a confused look when he heard Hizashi’s obnoxious ring tone alerted him that he received a text. Hizashi grabbed and buttered the toast and put two pieces in front of him. But only picked up to check his phone when the “yeeeaaahhhh!’repeated to alert him of another text.

“Tensei said he has tomorrow off and can watch him tomorrow.” Hizashi looked up from the phone after reading, sensing the glare he was receiving. “I didn’t tell him anything sensitive. I just said the kid is on protection detail and we need to keep him here for now. He’s the only one available that I can think of. He says hi by the way. He also says he promises he won’t replace all your hero suits with lime green ones again.”

He likes Tensei, he really does. He considers him one of his most reliable and best friends. But unlike the student Iida, he likes the push the rules a bit. He caused his fair share of mayhem during his time at UA, enough for people to be warily of Tensei’s light hearted pranks. They didn’t come often, but they were always memorable.

Aizawa sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to ward off the headache that he knows he’d inevitably get. “Fine. But if he does, I shouldn’t be held responsible for any retaliation I may take.”

Hizashi rolled his eyes and quickly text back. “Go get dressed for class. We need to head out soon and you still look like I found you in that dumpster.”

“That was one time.”

“Four times.”



The first thing he notices as he comes to, was how heavy his body was and how warm he was.
It wasn’t normal to feel warm. The only time he ever felt warm was when he had a fever after recovering from 10’s quirk. But this wasn’t it. His body did feel like it always does after recovery, but the warmth wasn’t was from a fever. This is not normal

He kept his breathing as evenly as he can so feign sleep incase someone was in the room with him. He strained his ears, but it was quiet besides the sound of his own breathing. He peaked through his eyelashes to make sure he was alone. Once confirming he was alone in both directions, he sat up.

The room he was in was a lot larger than the one he had at Miasma, double if not triple its size. The bed didn’t stretch across the room and it even had two doors. One he presumes leads to the out of the room and the other belonging to a closet.

The bed he was in was the size of the one he had but has soft sheets and three fluffy grey blankets that stretched across it. There was a small nightstand beside him with a small lamp, he resisted the urge to immediately turn it on, and he continued to survey his surroundings. Next to the nightstand was small desk and dresser along with a small wire waste basket. But what caught his eye were the grey curtains on the back wall.

A window. They allowed him to have a window.

27 slipped quietly out of bed onto soft carpet and made a step towards the window. He hesitantly stopped and looked around at the temptations around him.
The lamp that wouldn’t leave him in darkness, the desk with its pencils and pens piled neatly into a cup, the doors that open from the inside, the dresser with the promise of holding new things, and the covered window that promises a taste of freedom.

Is this a trap? Is this to mock what he would want? To tease him? To remind him that he’s a Number. What if he did test it out?
The lamp won’t turn on if clicked, the pencils and pens empty, the doors locked, the dresser just to show what could have been, and pulling back the curtain to only show bricks.

He pulled back his out stretch arm just as his fingers brushed against the curtains. He turned away busied himself with making the bed to distract him from the possibilities. He tried to make it as neat looking as possible, his only experience was folding the threadbare at the end of his mattress, but he thinks it turned out okay. The blankets were a little wrinkled, but everything was laid down flat and straight.

“Hey ma.” 27 whipped his head towards the door at the sound of the voice. That was not Eraser’s. Who is that? The last thing he remembers was being in the car with the hero, and then nothing until he woke up here. Did he already get exchanged? Who has him now?
He walked towards the door, relying on the thick carpet to deafen his already soft footstep, and pressed his ear against the door.

“No nothing is wrong. I swear everything is okay, I’m not even on duty right now….Yeah I’m house sitting for a couple of hours. I was just letting you know that I’m going to pick up Tenya afterschool and take him out for dinner or something… No, it’s not a hassle, I’m close to the school and I have my car. I just wanted to inform you that we’re going to be home later, so you don’t have to worry…No I didn’t do anything to Shouta this time… I promise I didn’t! No faith at all, not even from my own mother…Yes…Yes… I love you too. Bye.”

He listened carefully as the man moved around the place. He felt himself blanch as he heard footsteps approaching. Locked in place with his ear pressed still pressed against the door, he couldn’t force himself to move. Holding his breath as he listened to the steps stopped right in front of the door. He let out a relieved breath when the footsteps moved away and followed by the sound of a TV.

Just as he came, he backed away from the door and sat on the floor in the corner, so he can view the whole room at once. Folding up his knees up against his chest so he can rest his chin on them, he settled down to wait for someone to get him.

The muffled sounds of the TV was the only thing he heard for a long time. Occasionally he heard a muffled laugh or a snort, but it was mostly quiet. He was about to stretch out his legs when he heard the front door open.

“Hey Tensei! How did it go?” that wasn’t Eraser’s voice either, but it did have a familiar ring to it. Someone he met at the station maybe?

“It was fine, didn't make a peep the whole time. I peaked my head in at noon like you said. He was still out like a light. Didn’t even move from the position he was in when we checked earlier.”

“Is that healthy? Is he okay? Should we check for a pulse?”

“I’m sure he’s fine.” 27 let out the breath he didn’t realize he was holding at the deep sound of Eraser’s voice. “The kid needs the sleep. I told you he probably wouldn’t wake up for a while. Thanks for keeping an eye on him.”

“It was no issue, but I really do need to get going.”

He strained from his spot as he listened to the muffled goodbyes and the door shut. He quickly scrambled to his feet as he heard footsteps coming his way. He stood with his hands pressed against his sides, a quick look to the bed to make sure it was still presentable, he faced the door.

“Should we check? I think we should check. Don’t give me that look. What if there were complications of the quirk that we don’t know about? What if he’s like allergic to it? Don’t laugh! I bet you that’s a thing!”

The door handled jiggled before a curtain of blonde hair appeared. “SHOUTA! HE’S NOT HERE! WE’VE HAD HIM FOR ONE DAY AND HE’S GONE!“ The blond man busted in the room as his eyes trained on the made up bed. The man turned and opened his mouth to say something else, but finally noticed him standing in the corner. The blond man shut his mouth with a snap and stared at him with wide eyes that portrayed his shock. “FALSE ALARM SHOU!”

27 watched the man warily as he turned his focus on him and gave him a smile, causing him to tense up. Smiles are never good. Memory smiled when she got enough information from an item to ruin someone’s livelihood, Bug smiled when she has an opportunity to use his quirk, and Boss smiled when he received a paycheck and sent them on their missions. Now he has to learn the meaning behind this smile if this is going to be his new temporary owner.

“Hello listener, glad to see you up.” The man said softly, smile still in place. “Are you hungry?”


He looked at the mans face to try and find any indication of how he wanted him to answer. The longer he tried to figure it out, the smile became more strained at the corners. Not wanting to see what would happen if he wanted any longer, he gave a nod.

“Alright! Great!” the man’s smile grew larger and more genuine. “Come on, I’ll show you where the kitchen is.”

He followed the animated out of the room. He made sure to keep his eyes trained on the mans back and not to let his eyes wander. Clients never liked him looking at anything they don’t deem necessary. Probably scared that he’d pick up information from their bases layout or meeting spot and give it Boss. Best to keep it safe and assume this one doesn’t like people snooping either.

“You can sit here while I get the food ready.” He dragged his eyes away from the man and to the seat pointed at. That’s when he noticed Eraserhead sitting a chair across from the one the man had indicated.

The man had a stack of papers in front of him along with a mug. He gave 27 a nod of recognition before returning to the papers. He was utterly focus as he wrote on the papers in red, only breaking occasional to take a drink from his mug.

“Here you go!” 27 jumped in his seat as the man from earlier put a plate in front of him. He felt his mouth start to water at the sight and smell of the eggs and rice drifting up to him. He must have been staring at it too long, for a pale hand reached across and pulled the food away. His eyes snapped to Eraserhead as he moved papers aside and put the plate in front of him.

“SHOUTA!” the blonde man yelled, causing him to flinch at the volume. “That’s not yours! I can make you some if you want!”

Eraser didn’t so much as bat an eye at the louder than normal yell, even as his hair shifted in the wind the shout caused. Making eye contact with him, he brought a spoonful of the food into his mouth, which only made the blonde man to let out an indigent shriek.

Eraser made a show of chewing, even opening his mouth to prove he swallowed the food, ignoring the scolding he was receiving. A couple of seconds passed, and nothing happened, the plate was in front of him again.

“Eat. You’re going to need your energy. The detective is going to be here in any moment to ask some questions. I’ll make sure that it doesn’t last too long.” Eraser said calmly.

He quickly shoved the warm rice and egg into his mouth as the other two talked. Before he knew it, his bowl sat empty in front of him. He should have saved some for later, but he feels like he has eaten anything in forever. It was probably the quirks doing but it was still disappointing.

“Not a moment too soon.” Eraser mumbled when the doorbell rang and went about to clear the table. He removed the papers and placed it in the bag, and then looked pointedly at the bowl that was set in front of him. Only after a nod, did Eraser take it and put it into the kitchen.


“Thanks for having me, Mic and Eraser.” The detective said as he sat down when the blond man lead them to the free seat at the table.

His eyebrows furrowed as he looked between the detective and the other two as they talked. Mic.. Mic.. Where has he heard that before? That sounds familiar.

“You’re Nearby Radio!” He blurted out, eyes wide as he made the connection. How could he have missed that? Blonde hair, mustache, and loud as hell, everything fits.

Eraserhead covered his mouth to deafen the snort he let out while the other let out an offended noise.
“It’s Present Mic! I worked very hard on that name.” The hero squawked, voice pitched slightly higher. “But you can call me Yamada or Hizashi if you like.

“Sure thing Today’s Loudspeaker.”


The Mic opened his mouth to respond but was cut off by a look from Eraser. He huffed and mumble underneath his breath about of course the first thing he says was to mock his hero name.

“I’ll keep this as short as I can.” The detective said once everything settled down, which left Mic had his arms crossed over his chest and pouted in his seat, and a slightly amused expression on Erasers face. “Who were you living with these past years?”


“What organization were you apart of?”

“An underground one.”

“Does it have a name?”


“What does it depend on?”

“Depends on who’s asking.”
27 tried to keep his face as blank as possible. He could tell he was flustering the detective. Despite his calm demeanor, he saw the detectives left eye twitched subitly in agitation.

“Do you know how the teleportation quirk works?”

“A little.” Not a lie, but not the truth. He knows how it works theoretically. Boss needs DNA for it to work, but does he know how the quirk works? The science behind it? Nope.

“Can you tell us a bit about it.”

“He is time based.” The quirk itself doesn’t have a time limit itself, but Boss is religiously on time for everything. Never wanting to rent someone out no longer or less than what the client paid. He has timers around his office to alert him when it’s time to recall a Number. The quirk isn’t time based, but Boss definitely is.

“Can you tell us anything else? Anything? More on the group? On the leaders?”

“No.” He answers quickly. Not a lie. He can’t even if he wanted to, not willing to risk the wrath of Boss.

The detective sighed and wrote a couple of things down in the notepad in front of him, before looking back up. “How did you end up there?”

Is it okay to answer truthfully? It’s not directly part of the Miasma, but they were still involved. But what half-truth can he give? How can he spin this? Can he do what he did earlier and phrase his answer differently?


They’re not supposed to know how Numbers were made. Eraser already knows about the Numbers, but does he know how?

Shinsou? Hey kid. 

Would this get him in trouble? He vaguely remembers his mom giving him to the Miasma. But Bug reminded him how much he cost anytime he failed. Meager amount of yen. No matter how well he did, he was a minor investment. Disposable.

“Shinsou?” 27 jumped and grabbed the wrist of the hand that touched his. He looked up startled at the blanked face Eraser. He saw Eraser’s mouth move, but all he could hear is his heart pounding in his ears.

“Shinsou.” Eraser said once he loosened his hold on the wrist when his heart finally calmed down. His eyebrows furrowed further when Eraser repeated the name.

“Why do you keep saying that name?”

Chapter Text

He dropped Eraser’s wrist like it was hot he when he saw an indistinguishable look briefly flashed across his face. Eraser didn’t move from his outstretched position as he tried to read 27’s expression. After what seemed like forever, he followed suit and removed his hand and leaned back into his chair.

The blood rushed to his ears as he watched the adults exchange looks as the silence stretched on uncomfortably. The investigators eyebrows were furrowed, as if they just got told an interesting riddle. Present Mics eyebrows were raised, eyes wide, and his mouth open slightly as he stared at him. But what scared him the most was Eraser’s. His was completely blank.

Reading faces, reading emotions in the moment has saved his life multiple times. He has experience reading many types of people. People he’s known for years, some that he only gets a second to look, some with quirk mutations, and some with mutilated faces. He could read them all, but for some reason, he couldn't get a read on Eraser’s passive face.

He knew about the importance of a blank face, to hide what you’re feeling, to hide what you know, to hide your next moves. He did it all the the time, it was an important part of his job and it made everything safer. But reading people's faces was also an important part of the job, equally if not more.

It’s a matter of failure or success. If he can read his opponents face, he can figure out how to win. To determine what words would push their buttons, to get them mad enough that they make mistakes, for them to throw caution to the wind and act out on emotion. To know how angry Boss is, how much can he toe the line for the day. Know if Bug is excited about something big, if he needs to avoid her for the rest of the day. To determine how irritated Memory is despite their calm demeanor, to see if he will be forgotten during meal time or not.

Blank faces were the worst. Can’t figure out if what you are saying or doing is having the desired effect and could quickly backfire. To know if you should run or avoid them, never figuring it out until it’s too late. Can’t tell if what you are doing is right or wrong, waiting to see if he ends up in the red room as his only form of indication.

He slouched in his seat, bringing his shoulders up to his ears and fiddled with the new sleeves when the silenced continued. Did he ask something wrong? Was he not supposed to ask questions? Oh. oh. That makes sense. Boss didn’t like it either, Bug even less so. That must be a rule here also. He crossed a line already, he already broke a rule.

“That’s your name.”Eraser’s scratchy voice said with uncertainty. 27 tugged roughly on the end of the sleeves, letting the pull bring him back to focus. He needs to think.

Eraser knows he’s a number, so how does Eraser want him to respond. Is he trying to test his loyalties for Miasma or is he seeing if he knows where he stands. Maybe he wants to see how loyal he is to him, to see if he’s more loyal to him or Miasma. Or does he want to see how much is loyalty is worth, to see how strong or weak it is.. Gives him new clothes, a room, some food and water, to test how easily he can be influenced, if his loyalties can be bought.

“It’s twenty seven.” He said as evenly as he could, only wavering slightly at the end. Better safe than sorry. When in doubt side with Miasma.

He kept his face as blank as he could as he saw a flash of anger cross Erasers face. Eraser pressed his lips in a fine line, and looked to the detective. He gave him a short nod in response to whatever silent exchange they just had.

Scratching slightly at his wrist when Erasers scrutiny returned to him, he tried to distract himself from the misstep. The anger across his face, the confirmation from the detective, and the sharp inhale of breath from Present Mic, all points to his mistake. He messed up. He answered wrong. He picked the wrong choice.

“Your name is Shinsou Hitoshi.” Eraser said quietly after he shot a quick glance at Present Mic. Mic was still looking at him but closed his mouth shut when Eraser nudged him. “Your name is Shinsou Hitoshi, you were called twenty seven, but your name is Shinsou Hitoshi.”

27 tilted his head to the side and scrunched up his eyebrows before quickly smoothing them over. It’s not too often he gets code names, he rarely ever does. Once or twice a boss wanted him to be called by this name or that. He wanted him to hide the fact that he’s a Number, not wanting them to know he’s not a member of their gang or organization. As if they had a powerhouse or unique quirks on their side constantly, that they didn't just rent one out.

He shouldn’t have been too surprised that Eraser would want him to have a code name. At first, he didn’t seem like a guy who would want to use code names, but the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. If he was going to be living with them for a while, he can’t go around calling him 27. It was pretty much broadcasting that he has a Number living with him, providing a target on them. And it wasn’t like code names were a new thing to him, his hero name is a code name. It wasn't such a far stretch to give him one also.


“Okay, my name is Shinsou Hitoshi,” He parroted back. The adults didn’t look that convinced, still wearing the same expressions from earlier. Perhaps he responded too slowly?

“Let’s get back on track shall we?” The detective interjected when the silence seemed to stretch on forever and before he could get too lost in his own thoughts. “Shinsou, how did you end up being part of the group?”

“A women gave me to them.”

“I know it was a long time ago, but do you know this woman's name?”

“No.” Not a lie. He only known her as mom. If she had ever told him her name, it was long forgotten.

“Do you remember anything before you were given to this group? What happened before this woman took you there? How did she get you there?”

He opened and then closed his mouth as he hesitated to pick an answer. He could feel Eraser drill holes into him as he thought. He tugged on his sleeves as a distraction. “I don’t remember much. I.. I remember being in a car. I think I was asleep. Then I was with Boss.”

The detective let out a small hum and wrote something down in his notepad. He tilted it so Eraser could read it without so much as turning his head, and let out a sigh.

“I have only a couple more questions for you Shinsou. Do you know where their base is? And do you know how big this operation is?”

Rubbing circles along his arms, he tried to think of a way he can get out of this. The first question he could answer easily. The second was another story. He’s not supposed to give out information about the Miasma at all. They can’t know how large they are. They can’t know how big of a threat they actually pose. If he tells, there’s no doubt that Boss will find out and he can’t let that happen.

But does he truly know how large Miasma is? No. He just knows its huge. But is that enough of a half truth to get by the quirk? He doesn’t want to risk it if he doesn’t have too.

“No… No i don’t know where the base is.”
He must of stayed quiet too long, clinging onto his last hope that the detective would leave the other question be.

“Do you know how large the group is?”


27 eyed the detective as he scribbled in his notes. He didn't give anything away that he knows that he had lied. No raised eyebrows, no widening of the eyes, no exchanging looks,no movement besides pen on paper, doesn't even try to show Eraser his notepad. He got away with it. He felt relief bubble in his chest, until it was suddenly popped when the detective looked up sharply.

“Can you tell me if the organization is small or large?”

“No.” he blurted out, slightly in panic. It’s not a lie. It’s not a lie, it should be able to pass by. He really can’t tell them if he wants to be okay. If he wants to do his job. If he wants to succeed.

“Is it because you don’t know or just won’t? Are you purposefully being vague?”

His breath caught in his chest and his heart squeezed painfully. He kept his eyes looking at the detective, trying not to give into the urge to look away. 27 tightened his grip tightly on his arm, letting his nails dig into it, just enough to keep him in the moment.

Trapped. The first question he can wiggle by, probably by the skin of his teeth, but he would pass. The second question has him cornered. If he says no, they’ll know he lied. If he doesn't answer, that’s just as telling. No matter how he goes about answering, he’s trap.

“I don’t know.”

“Are you purposefully being vague?”

He bit the inside of his cheek. He doesn’t know. Is there a right answer in this? Is there an answer he can get away with? He shouldn’t have been so forthcoming earlier, but it would have been suspicious if he wasn’t. Play the ‘I’m just trying to get out of a mess I winded up in and was over my head’ character. Those people are always as forthcoming as possible, spilling the beans as soon as they were able. If he stayed quiet, it would look bad on him, it wouldn't help him build trust with his new bosses. No trust and he wouldn’t be able to get information that the Miasma wants.

Maybe he should have answered every other question or just random ones. The ones that he was more comfortable with, more confident that he would get away with it. Then act like he was too scared to answer the others, perhaps they would have let it slide by.

Bug always tried to tell him to use his age to his advantage. Maybe he should have used it this time, the officer doesn’t look like one that would push a kid too the breaking point. However, it was too late now. He can’t go back and change what he’s done. Now he has to live with the consequences of his actions.

“It’s getting late Naomasa, maybe you should head home.” Mic said suddenly, pushing back his chair loudly.Despite the words, it did not sound like a suggestion. Mic’s voice still had its normal lilt to it, but also had a hardness to it that made it known he was going to get his way. “I think you got everything you can from him for now. If you happen to have more questions later, you know how to contact us.”

The detective let out a weary sigh and put his bag things into a bag. “You’re right. Thank you for your time.”


27 kept his eyes trained to the table as the detective packed. Twisting the now fraying fabric at the ends, he listened to him mumble something to Mic and Eraser as he left.

“Well wasn’t that fun?” Mic chirped once the door closed shut.

He furrowed his eyebrows and bit his lip to stop from asking how was that fun. It was not fun at all, at least not for him. He would have thought it would have been boring for them, but maybe they found some entertainment from watching him get grilled.

“Why don’t you take a look around the place? I don’t think you’ve had time too since you’ve arrived. Shouta can show you around.”


This caused him to bring his eyes from the table and shoot the hero a confused look. They want him to know the layout? Why? I thought they didn’t want him to escape? Or maybe they want him to know as part of his job. Be aware of the blind spots and all entrances and exits in the place, to know where someone may attack from. Or...or are they going to show what they have and then put him back in the room. So he knows exactly what he’s missing out on, to see what he can’t have. Remind him on where he stands.

“You can take a look around.” Eraser reaffirmed as he got up from the table, cup in hand and the manila folder that he was working on earlier. When he didn’t move, Eraser jerked his head to the side towards the other room. “If you are going to staying, it would be logical to get to know your surroundings.”

He hesitated, before giving a small nod and got up. Balling up his fists, he took a deep breath and turned to go look around.


Shuffling around what he assumed was the living room. It had a couch, a tv, a couple lamps on side tables, and a shelf. But he wasn't really paying attention, he was focusing more the the conversation the adults were having behind him in hushed voices.

He crouched on the other side of the couch and laid on his stomach to look under. He didn’t really feel the need to look under, it wasn’t large enough for someone to hide under without a quirk, but he wanted to see if he can listen in on their conversation. If he made it seem like he was busy, people tend to relax and speak a little louder, assuming he is too preoccupied to be eavesdropping.


“Did you get rid of everything that could be harmful?”

“Yes Shou, I already did it while you were at the station. I even hide your weird ninja stars from the side tables.”

“Those are yours.” Eraser deadpanned, unimpressed.

“Maybe so.”

“The medication?”

“Yeah, I put your sleeping pills in our bathroom. Not a lot of places we can keep them, but it would be more difficult for him to get them if he has to walk by our room. That is, if he even knows or wants them.”

He kept his eyes trained under the couch as they continued to mumble, but something caught his eyes. There was a cardboard box sitting unassumingly right in the middle. He reached out and touched the end of the box, then paused when there was a lull in the conversation. Once the talking resumed, he pulled it towards him and looked inside.

Knives. An assortment of kitchen knives. He pulled a couple out to see what was in there. It had bread , butter, utility,paring,santoku, and a chef’s knife. There had to be at least twenty of them all haphazardly thrown into the container. He hesitated slightly before taking two of the steak knives and slipping them into his sleeves.

“Hey Eradicator,” he called out as he pulled out the box. “Does everyone keep their knives under the couch?”

His heart raced as the other room went dead silent, he broke the no question rule again, and so soon. Why couldn’t his mask be closed, it would stop him from stumbling and a speaking out of turn.

“W-what?”Eraser asked after a moment of silence.

“There’s a box of knives under the couch.”

Eraser turned and glared at the sheepish looking Mic. “Why did you put the knives under the couch?” He whispered harshly.

“I remember how he is with knives! I remember those big things! So I hid them.”

“And you thought under the couch was the best place?”

“I didn’t think he would check under there!” Mic whispered harshly back waving his arm around. Eraser sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose and whispered back to him that he should just put all the knives back to where they belong.

“Shinsou, why don’t I show you around and then you can take a bath.”

His eyes darted between the two during the the conversation before landing on Eraser. He probably saw his hesitancy in going with him, not wanting to see how his irritation would affect him. Eraser didn’t wait for him to respond, merely motioning him with his hand as he went down the hall.

The rest of the tour went by quickly. It was mostly Eraser opening the door, telling what’s its purpose was, and letting him poke his head inside to look. He showed him their room that has an adjoining bathroom, a hallway closet, and then finally another bathroom across from the room he woke up in.

“This can be your bathroom.” Eraser said, swinging the door open. It was a smaller bathroom than the he saw before, but it had everything he needed, it even had a bathtub. But what threw him off was the decorations.

Everything was clashing with each other.. The sliding glass door that separated the bathtub from the rest of the room had black cat decals sticking on them. There were black towels hanging on a sparkly rod, the lights were a shiny silver, and the fluffy rug on the floor was in shape of a boombox. Even with all this, what caught his eye was the soap dispenser.

He glanced at Eraser, who gave him an encouraging nod before he entered the bathroom. He hesitated before he pick up the godawful thing. As he looked it over, he couldn't tell what it was supposed to be, only knowing that it looked demonic.

It was oddly smooth behind this fingers besides the bumpy mess it was. He thought it would have been cool to the touch, but felt lukewarm. It looked like it was attempting to look like a cat, but the artist was only describe what a cat looked like, from a person who’s only heard about cats. It was slanted, and bubbly looking, and bulged out oddly in places. What he assumed was supposed to be the face, looked like it wanted to yowl for help, but couldn't managed to make a sound.

27 was turning it around in his hands when he heard a loud bang from the other room, causing him to jump back with his arms raised. He didn’t realize he dropped the dispenser until he heard something shatter. Frozen, he looked down at the mess at his feet, hoping by some miracle it would have survived the fall despite the sound.

The only miracle that happened, was that it somehow looked worse. Red colored soap seeped from between the cracks and slowly formed a large thick puddle. The once yowling cat, looked like it was finally at peace, the face cracked to make it appear like it was smiling. An awful looking smile, but a smile nonetheless.

Oh god, he broke it.There’s no saving it, it was absolutely beyond repair. He shouldn’t have touched anything. Should have kept his hands by his side and let looking be good enough. He was a fool. First day, and he broke the no question rule twice and now he’s broken something.


“Sorry! I’ll pick it up!” He said a little too loudly when he saw Eraser take a step forward. The blood rushed to his ears as he shakingly started to pick up the larger pieces. If he cleaned it up, maybe he can get by with a lighter punishment. Maybe just a scolding if he was lucky. The last time he broke something, it happened to be Memory’s and it didn’t well for him. He had all this training, but still dropped everything in his hands like an amateur.

“It’s alright. You’re fine. Mistakes happen. You’re not in trouble.” Eraser said calmly, causing him to jump startled. When did he get so close? “You did me a favor breaking that thing. Hizashi was at a sculpting studio making what he says was a lion, when the power went out. Ever determined, instead of just coming back later or waiting for the lights to turn back on, he finished the thing in the dark.”

Eraser took hold of his hands after he gave a small nod in permission at his unspoken question. He turned the palm over and gently removed the ceramic and checked his hand.

“That thing gave me nightmares for weeks. Nemuri also said she had nightmares where that thing would standing over her while she slept. For a while it became a game. Anytime she was sleeping over, I would hide it in the room so those red eyes could stare at her. Every time she blamed Hizashi but of course he was innocent and he knew nothing about it. It took a couple of more times, before she finally connected the dots. After that, it was an awful game of hide and seek.” He mumbled as he cleaned the floor after inspecting his hands. 27 stayed in the crouch position as his heart started to slow down as Eraser continued rambling. “It ended once when Hizashi found it by mistake. He opened the freezer, and low and behold, the monster was staring out from behind an ice cream container. He screamed so loud, that it shattered one of the cups, but that monster survived. After that I tried to subtly get rid of it, but I could never manage. I even purposely knocked it off the counter a couple of times but this was just one thing I could not defeat. The point being, that it just managed to hit the floor at just right angle for it to shatter. It was an accident but a good accident.”

Eraser stood up, now holding napkins and a plastic bag that contained the remains of the demolished soap dispenser. He looked around as he did one last inspection on the ground and wrinkled his nose when it didn’t pass. “Why don’t you take a bath in the other bathroom, I still need to vacuum just in case.” Eraser raised his eyebrows when he saw him hesitate. “You smell. You are going to have to take a bath or a shower.”

He gave a nod. God he hated baths. He only got one after tougher missions or twice a week if he didn’t get too gross, but it was always a process. When he was younger, 10 would toss him in a cold tub, mumbling apologize as he helped clean him in the freezing water. As he got older, he would just be sprayed off. The water was always guaranteed to be cold, and even colder in winter. He would go as fast as he could, not wanting to spend more time than necessary, and then try to dry off in his room.

“You should take off the mask for the bath at least. I don’t know how you are going to clean underneath that.” Eraser said as he led him towards the other bathroom.

“Is that what you want?” He asks hesitantly. He’s too tired to figure out what Eraser wants. He knows Boss and all his client wants him to keep the mask on. It’s a necessary precaution. It makes things safer for him and for them. They won’t act out on him suddenly if they see it placed on his face and they have the reassurance that he won’t try to do anything without their permission. But ever since he’s gotten here, he’s been messing up. He just can’t guess what he wants from him, everything is out of balance, and he doesn’t know all the rules yet.

“It’s not a matter of what I want. You can keep it on if you like, I just thought it would be easier to take it off when you bath. It doesn’t look very comfortable and I want to let you know it’s okay if you want it gone.”’

“You can take it off.” That’s what Eraser wants. He implied that he had a choice, but he had put a lot of emphasis on having it off. He already messed up one too many times to try to toe the line.

Eraser had him sit on the bathroom floor so he could reach the back of his mask. He stiffened when he felt hands carefully shift through his hair to find the clasp at the back. The muttered string of curse words startled him, but kept still as he felt the tug on the back of his head. . “Sick fucks got a lock on it. This is going to take me a second.” The hands left his hair as Eraser got up and dug around in a dresser, before it was quickly replaced.

He pressed his chin against his chest as he heard Eraser try and lock pick the back. He started to relax his posture as time slowed down in anticipation. He listened to the tiny gears turn and click as Eraser tried to open it. After a couple of defeated frustrated groans, he heard a small hum of approval. A loud click echoed around the room, followed by the release of weight on his face.

Gingerly, he pressed his fingertips against his face as soon as Eraser removed the mask with little flair. He felt the scars that lightly lined his faces and underneath his chin. Pressing his hand against the smooth parts, he felt his hands shake slightly.

The last time he gotten it taken off, was when he was twelve . The old mask got too tight, cutting more into his face, and the gears having a hard time lowering the mask to allow him to speak. The switch for a bigger one was quick, he kept his hands against his lap as Memory did the exchange.

“You never have to put it back on if you don’t want to.” He looked up at him with wide eyes but gave a nod in acknowledgement. He knew that was a double edge sword, but he couldn’t help but fall straight into it.

He didn’t know how much weight that thing had until it was taken off. He felt both physically and mentally lighter without it dragging on him. Sure,they now have something they could now punish him with, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. This feeling was worth way more than the risk of having it put back on. He just have to follow the rules and not get caught, and as a reward, doesn't have to have that thing on him again.

Eraser was watching him carefully as he basked in the feeling of freeing his face. He got up and held the mask in his hand. “Turn the left knob for hot water and the right for cold, take as long as you want. There’s a towel there you can use and I’ll leave a set of clothes outside the door for you to change into.”

He turned to look at the bath once Eraser left with the mask in a white knuckle grip. He did say he could use the hot water. He wouldn’t tell him what knob it was if he couldn’t. He turned the knob as far as it’d go, letting the water slowly start to heat up.




“Well, I put the knives back. I didn’t realize that we had so many.” Yamada said once he saw him stomp in the room with gritted teeth. He eyed the mask in his hand and slouched against the counter. “I was so close in ripping that thing off his face myself.”

“It was locked, it wouldn't have done any good. It wasn’t any ordinary lock either, it took me a couple of minutes to pick lock it open. It has to be custom made, I’ve never seen anything like this one.” Aizawa mumbled as he tossed the mask onto the table.

“Can you figure out who made it?”

“Possibly. It might take some time and some help from Naomasa.”

Yamada picked the mask up and turned it around his hands, looking over it carefully. “This whole thing is getting worse by the minute. No way would a kid would willingly put a mask like this on. Sometimes I have difficulties getting kids to wear their hero masks, and those are designed especially for them to be comfortable. But this? No way in hell would I get or make them wear this.” Yamada said as he ran his fingers around the jagged edges.

“I know. I’m going to have someone from Naomasa’s team look at it. He didn’t get a lot out from today’s conversation,so this may help. However, we can be certain about one thing after today’s events. He wasn’t a willing participation.”

Yamada let out as snorts humorlessly and shoved the mask away. “What gave that away? The way he danced around the questions, wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone, his nervous ticks, or the kid not knowing his name? Honestly Shou, this is going to be a lot of work.”

“I know.”

“I still don’t think he actually believes that’s his name. At first I thought he was joking, but then.. Then I looked at his face, and he looked so serious. We’re going to have to say his name as often as possible so he can get used to it.” Yamada rambled, running his hands through his loose hair as he thought out loud. “Not only that, he looked ready to bolt any second or he had the sword of Damocles hanging over their head.”

“He broke that damn creature soap you made earlier when you dropped that pan-”

“Awh nooo, rest in peace Fluffy. You shall be missed.” Hizashi mocked mourned as he held a hand over his heart. His face sobered quickly when he saw the expression across his face.

“He went so pale, I didn’t think he was breathing. Just bent down and started picking it up, I thought he was going to faint when he saw me next to him. And when I took off the mask? I think that’s the first time I’ve seen something other than boredom or fear across his face.”

“I’m going to burn that thing.” Hizashi murmured, his eyes narrowing on the mask as if it would suddenly combust if he glared hard enough.

“I think we should let him do it. He is pretty possessive of his stuff or at least what he considered is his. If anyone is going to destroy that thing, he should.”

“Fine,” Hizashi turned and looked at the clock, lights blaring indicating it was 9pm.“On that note, we need to get him clothes and some more personalized stuff. If how they found him is any indication, it might be easier and less stressful for him to just have him pick stuff out online and order it. But that can wait until tomorrow.”

“Any ideas of what we are going to do with him tomorrow? I can leave school a bit early, but I need to be there. Some of the kids are still understandably jittery about what had happened at USJ. I don’t want to not show up and cause a panic. Might end up with half the class on our front doorstep.”

“Tensei is clear for tomorrow to watch him. For Wednesday, I asked Toshinori if he could watch him for the day.”

“You asked Toshinori..Toshinori Yagi.” He deadpanned.

“Don’t give me that look! Toshinori would be a great babysitter. He’s unassuming looking, wouldn’t freak him out too much, but can protect him if something does happen. He also has great babysitting skills! I mean, look at he is with Midoriya! He does great with him.”

“Midoriya breaks his fingers constantly.”

“Exactly! He used to break his arms! Look at how far he’s progressed!”

Aizawa pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. It’s not like they have much choice. Everyone they know that would be capable, is busy. He would prefer the kid to at least get used to the apartment and get comfortable without leaving. And they still need to talk to Nezu about him shadowing him at school for the long term solution.

He liked Toshinori, he really did. Sure he stumbled about teaching and should really learn how to teach better, but he had everyone's best interest at heart. However, Toshinori had a foot in mouth syndrome. He has a bad habit of digging himself in holes or accidentally saying something to a student that would have the opposite of the desired effect. He doesn’t know or want to know how it would turn out for Toshinori to be in charge of a kid that would over analyse everything he saw or was said to him. But this was their only option. It was this or nothing.

“Fine, but we are leaving him with a list of instructions.”

Chapter Text

27 sat in the corner of the room hugging his knees to his chest as he waited. He could hear them shuffling around as they dragged their feet along with the sounds of dishes clattering from the other side of the door. They’ve walked by his room a couple of times,but not once have they come to get him yet.

Holding in a yawn, he tried to wake himself up by pinching his arms lightly. Last night was simultaneously the most relaxing night he’s had but also one of the more nerve wracking ones he’s had.

Despite some confusion that had occurred, he wouldn’t trade the bath for the world. He made the water as hot as it could go and filled the tube as much as it could handle. If he was going to risk the chance of getting in trouble for hot water, he was going to go big. He added some soap that he saw sitting on the side into the bathroom into the water until it formed bubbles and the pungent lavender smell filled the room.

Hot baths were his new favorite thing. Just allowing the warm water slowly loosen up his muscles until he felt like he had melted, was well worth any risk.

He stayed in the tub with just his eyes and nose above the waterline as he soaked in the water until it long since gone cold, idly watching the water swirl as he moved his hand. He had long forgotten to actual clean himself with soap, too distracted by the warmth to focus much on else.

He must of stayed in the bath far too long because he heard a hesitant knock on the door before Mic asking if he was okay. He sat up straight in alarm, making the water slosh over the sides of the tub as he quickly replied that he was fine. His heart was beating too hard in his chest as he waited for a reply. He was floored when the response wasn’t a punishment, but that he could refill the tub with hot water if he wanted to.


By the time he got out, he refilled the bath three times and looked more like a prune than a Number. He found the piled of clothes just as Eraser said there would be, and quickly pulled them on. They were much too large for him, having to roll up the sleeves and the pants, so he wasn’t completely swallowed in fabric, but they were warm and soft.

Rubbing the material between his fingers, his breath caught in his chest when he was hit with a sudden realization. He had no more instructions to follow. He had no more instructions from Eraser on what to do after putting the clothes on. So he did what he always does between orders, he waited.

Minutes passed before he heard someone on the other side of the door asking if Shinsou was okay. It took him a couple of seconds to realize they were talking to him. Silently berating himself for already forgetting the code name, he opened the door to see Mic with his hand half raised to knock against the door again. He gave him a slanted smile telling him that it was late and that he should head to bed.

Relieved that he finally knew what to do, he followed the instructions and went to the room he woke up in earlier. Not knowing if he could even get in the bed this time, maybe the previous incident was a one time offer because he was recovering. He hesitated for a second before deciding to play it safe and pulled of the top blanket and bundled up in the corner.

He tried to get some sleep, he really did. He felt exhaustion pulling at his body, trying to encourage him to sleep, but he couldn’t no matter how hard he tried.

Any tiny sound immediately sent him on high alert. The cars rushing by from outside, the place creaking as the wood settled, the air conditioner vibrating as it worked, and the wind blowing outside,all put him on edge. His eyes constantly darted around the new place, keeping tense during the whole night.

27 sent a glance at the clock that said 5:30am in bright green numbers when he heard shuffled footsteps approach his door. Standing up he did a quick check around the room to make sure everything was in order. Having long since put the blanket back onto the bed when he remade it, nothing seemed out of place. Everything was in order as if he was never there.

His eyes darted to the door when there was a soft creak as it slowly opened. Tired eyes met his own when a a head peaked in.

“Oh.Thought you’d still be asleep.” Eraser mumbled keeping eye contact with him as he opened the door wider. He resisted the urge to fidget in his spot as Eraser looked around the room before back at him. It mustn’t have met his standards because his eyes narrowed into slits and his eyebrows furrowed. “It’s dark in here.”

The air clog in his throat as Eraser strode confidently into the room and directly towards him. He locked his joints as he tried to hide any tremors and kept his face blank as he waited for corrections.
What was he going to do? Slap on the wrist? A rap on the knuckles? He knows Bug just sends him to train with 98 in cases like this, but he’s not here.

Right when he thought his heart couldn’t take it anymore, Eraser went by him, barely casting a glance his way.

“You need more sun.” Eraser muttered as he pulled the curtains apart to show a window. Not brick. But a window.

He felt his eyes widen as the soft tones of morning sunlight illuminated the room. Turning slowly he looked out the window, uncaring about how carefully the hero was observing him.

The view wasn’t the best, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away. It overlooked an alley, red bricks from the building across from them, and a road to the right. All of it was a little dreary, but he could see the sky.

His chest started to loosen as he looked a the sky painted in reds and oranges as the sun started to rise. He’s seen sunrises all the time, during and after jobs, and times when he was traveling. He doesn’t know why, but this time felt different than the rest.

“Shinsou, you can use anything in this room. You can use anything in the house, within reason. You may have to ask if you can use it depending on what it is, like our personal computers or phones, but we won’t get mad if you use or move stuff around.” Eraser said carefully.

Sensing that he wanted a response, he reluctantly dragging his eyes from the window and gave him a nod.

He can do that easily. Perhaps too easy of a rule to follow. At least he knows what one rule is out of how many he doesn’t know. One less thing to stumble through, one less thing he doesn't need to worry about.

“Hizashi has breakfast already set and we would like you to do something before we leave for work.” Aizawa said as he motioned him to follow. He sent one last glance out the window, drinking it all in before tailing after him.

He sat in the same spot as last night with a bowl of soup and some rice in front of him. This time, Eraser took a bit of it before he sat down in his chair with his food and Mic didn’t seem too perturbed about it this time. A frown tugged at the corner of his lips, but that was the only indication he was unhappy about it, before a smile was back on his face.

Eating slowly as the two adults started talking. He tried to feign indifference as they talked, but he needed something to report back to Miasma. Their conversation topics were light as they talked. They kept it about their teaching jobs, what the lesson plans were for the day, but that was of little help for him. Sure, he learned that they taught and what they taught at UA, but Miasma probably knew about it. Even if they didn’t beforehand, he doesn’t think that knowledge would be of any benefit for them.

He almost jumped out of his seat when a laptop was placed suddenly in front of him, to absorbed in his thoughts to see Mic move.

“Here you go little listener! Now that you’re done eating, why don’t you pick out some clothes?” Mic chirped as he bent down next to him as he navigated the screen. He had his tongue sticking out in the corner of his mouth as he started to pull up multiple pages on the screen before handing him the mouse. “You can pick anything you want. However, by the end, you need to have at least five shirts, five pants, a couple of jackets, some underwear, some socks, a pair of shoes. You look like a medium, you’re probably a medium with your height. Oh you might need some rain boots, what else am i missing? Oh you can also pick out some stuff to decorate your room with if you want.”

He zoned out the man as he started to ramble on and focused on the screen in front of him. Quickly going through the mental checklist that Mic had given him, making sure to finish before they both went to work, but also be efficient as possible. Scrolling down, he picked a couple of plain black shirts and the first pairs of pants he saw, and a large black hoodie. After a couple of minutes of adding things in the cart,he paused his scrolling when he saw what must have been one of the tackiest sweaters he’s ever seen.

It was purple galaxy sweater with a row of cats cascading down it, and one cat using them like bongos. It was the weirdest thing he’s seen so far, but it kept his interest. Anytime he scrolled pass, he ended up scrolling right back up. The colors were nothing he’s ever worn before, always having dark colors, even when he’s in a situation to try to blend in. The brightest he’s ever been in was a maroon color. This may be the only chance he could wear something like this. To put it simply, he wanted it.

Hesitating the cursor over the add to cart button, he tried to rationalize the buy. Mic did say he could get anything he wanted, he never said he couldn’t get something like this. It was a bit abnormal from what he’s seen from he’s seen other people wearing. But it should be okay. Right? Maybe it’s not too weird for someone to want. Mic walks around in leather and Eraser looks like he just rolled out of bed and walked out the door.

With that in mind, he steeled himself and clicked the button. Freezing as soon as the deed was done, he sent a glance towards the two heroes, as if they’d sense what he’d done. When neither of them so much as looked in his direction as they got ready, he went back to finish the list.


Idly scrolling through, long since finishing the list but reluctant to having to go back to the room, he started browsing what other things stores offered. He started noticing the prices more and more as he went. He had a vague idea on how much a yen is worth, but it was always seem arbitrary for him. The only time he heard talk about money, is when information was being exchanged. That was the only thing that he could base how much anything was worth.

He checked the prices as he scrolled mentally comparing thing as he went. The price of that coffee maker was equivalent to be given a last name, a car you get where they work at, a large boat on you bought the bodyguards shift rotation. He froze when he saw the price of a phone.

Hesitantly clicking on it, he brought the phone page up. The details labeling on the side, showing off different views and angles and what features it has, but what he focused on was the price.

“Eraser.” He said softly as he stared at the screen. Mic stopped talking at the sound of his voice, but he heard a questioning hum come from Eraser. “ a hundred and twelve thousand a lot for a phone?”

He couldn’t stop himself from asking, he’d accept any punishment as it comes, but he knew this question would eat him more if he didn't try to get it answered.

“Yes, that’s really expensive.” Eraser said as he walked over to look at the screen. He felt Eraser’s hair brush his shoulder as he leaned over and used the mouse. Mic was making choking sounds in the background, muttering about the price. “Oh, that’s the new model they released, the price will lower later, they all do eventually. But if you want a phone, we can get you a cheaper one.”

“No, it’s okay. I don’t want a phone. I was just curious.” He could barely hear himself over the rushing sound in his ears.

This touch screen phone with barely any capabilities or features, nothing out of the usual from many of the other phones he seen, cost the same as him. He was the same price as this phone. If the value of phones decreases as time goes by, does that mean so does his? What is he worth now?


If she sold him for a price of a phone, was it worth it? What can she even buy worth that price? What did she do with it? Did she end up getting a phone? Made sure the price was at least enough to cover its expenses and traded him in. Does that make him less valuable than the phone if she was willing to trade him for a price of one?


He startled out of his thoughts at the sound of his voice and looked up at Eraser. His heart was pounding erratically and his hands felt clammy. Slowing his rapid breathing, he willed his body to calm down and wiped any expression off of his face. Erasers eyebrows furrowed at the sudden change but didn’t call him out on it.

“Perhaps you should get some sleep, you look like you need it. If you missed anything, we can always buy it later.” Eraser continued when he gave a short nod and got up. “We have a close friend coming over to watch you while we are at work. His name is Tensei Iida, also known as the hero Ingenium. He’s tall with short black hair and has arrow shaped eyebrows.”

Quickly filing the information away for later, he slipped back into the room ignoring the whispering that he left in his wake. He paused for a second before crawling under the covers of the bed, pulling them over his head to block out any sound. Willing away the panic thoughts away as they tried to return, he closed his eyes and let exhaustion pull him under.



He jolted awake and quickly scrambled out of bed when he heard the front door open and shut.

“I should be at school.”A voice wheezed.

27 raised an eyebrow at the young sounding voice. A hero that young? Or perhaps it’s part of their quirk?

“You’re sick. Do you want to get your class sick also?”

A sense of dread filled his stomach. Eraser said that there was only going to be one person coming over, why is there two? Are they intruders? Or is this a test of skill? Maybe a training exercise. No matter what, there was only supposed to be one person coming over. He walked closer and pressed his ear against the door, to try and hear the quiet mumbling and groaning.

“No, I would not wish my peers to get sick because of me.” The first voice muttered.

“Good, so just lay right here on the couch and I’ll go get some medicine. I’m sure they keep it in their bathroom.”

He froze as he heard the footsteps walk right by him and into the room down the hall. This was his chance. He’d rather not have to face them both at the same time, especially with unknown quirks in play.

Quietly opening the door, lifting it up slightly to avoid the squeaking hinges, he peeked his head out. He could hear the other man shuffling around in the other bathroom room, letting out an occasional curse as he looked for what he wanted. Deciding it was safe to venture out, the man seemingly occupied, he continued.

Keeping to the edges of the walls to avoid any creaking from the wooden floor, he silently made his way into the living room. The back of the couch was facing him, but he can see blue tinted black hair poking out from the side. He tugged down a knife from his sleeve, not enough for it to be exposed, but just enough that he can pull it out quickly when or if he needed to.


Pausing when he heard the person on the couch let out a sniffle and move around as they got comfortable, but continued as soon as he quieted back down. As soon as he was in range, he vaulted over the backrest of the couch and landed on the intruders chest.

He heard the rush of air as he winded them when he landed, and quickly hooked his legs and grabbed in his arms. The person beneath him got over the initial shock and started to twist and turn underneath him. He felt the back of his calves get hot,when the sound of an engine started stuttering. It left a burning sensation, but he ignored in favor of concentrating on his hold on the wiggling body.

Twisting around with the intruders body; when he lost his grip with his legs, he managed to get the other in an arm bar. Wrist firmly grasped in both hands over his chest, and his legs on either side of the arm but pressed on top of the intruder’s chest.

“Stop moving or I will break your arm.” He threatened, pulling the arm back slightly when the other started to buck his hips. It didn’t seem like the other either heard him or cared, seeing as he was still trying to get free. The sounds of the engine started to get louder until it started to pound in his ears. Tightening his hold as they both started to turn and slightly dragged across the floor in time with the stuttering engine.

“Oh, I see you met Shinsou.” A voice said to calmly from the entrance way over the sound of the engine. The guy below him let out a sigh and went limp in his hold. After making sure his grip would remain secure, he turned to look at the person who used his code name.

A man was standing there with a box of tissues in one hand and a thing of medicine in other. The more he looked the more he realized that he fits the description Eraser had given him earlier. In fact he thought the man was exaggerating the arrow eyebrows, but low and behold there they were.

“Glad to see you awake, the last time I was here, I would have thought you were dead if I didn’t know any better.” the man said calmly as he went to the table. “Shinsou, meet my younger brother Tenya.”

Brother? He finally took the time to see who he was wrangling with. He let go of his hold when he noticed the arrow eyebrows.

He wasn’t lying, the resemblance was too uncanny for him not to be his brother. They both had similar hair color, though this one was mused from all the movement, and have similar square features with their face shape, though this one was slightly rounder with youth, and of course the signature eyebrows.

He felt sweat drop down his back as he scooted away from the other. He had attacked a guest. They had invited someone over, and he just attacked him. He shouldn’t have been to quick to the draw, should have waited longer to get more information before he made a move.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled, keeping his eyes on the ground as he scrambled to his feet.

“No, it was my fault. I’m sorry that I didn’t warn you about him beforehand, I just found out just a bit ago myself that he was sick. Caught him trying to head to school with a cold and I couldn’t leave him at home alone-”

“You could have.” Tenya grumbled beside him as he sat up, rolling the now free arm in circles as he stretched it out.

“I couldn’t. Mom would have killed me if I left her poor baby boy all alone at home with a cold.” Tensei teased lightly as he came back with a glass of water. He tossed the box of tissues at his brother. “Besides, you’d probably try to sneak out to keep your perfect attendance if no one watched you.”

“It’s important to be punctual and attend every class, if I want to learn and train to become a proper hero.”

“But it’s also important to take care yourself. You can’t protect others if you don’t take care of yourself first.” The older Iida scolded as he helped his brother back on the couch and handed the medicine and the glass of water to him. “Look at how easily you were taken down, I’d say just under three minutes.”

Tenya huffed and took the medicine and the cup. He swallowed the medicine and soon collapsed back onto the couch. “I was unaware and unprepared.In any other occasion, it would have been more difficult to subdue me. Besides, I am not sick, merely under the weather.”

“You are sick, that’s why I brought you here.”

27 startled at the stern tone the hero used and quickly looked back at the unsuspecting kid under the pile of blankets.

Being sick is the one thing that everyone tried to avoid, it was like a death sentence. If you were sick too long, you were wasting the Miasma’s time, money, and resources.

If you ask 10, they can heal you when you are sick but you still run the risk of the quirks side effects. It was always a gamble against the odds. Would you heal faster by yourself or use 10’s quirk and hope the resulting fever wouldn’t put you out of commission for too long.

If you were lucky, and you didn't have a job for while, you can manage to sneakily recover before they found out or it impeded your job. If you were assigned a job during the time you were sick, as long as you weren’t immobile and you could still be efficient, they’d send you out. If you were too sick to move or function correctly, well, they couldn’t give their client a broken product. Normally, it would cost them their reputation, but they found a loophole. The easiest way to keep their reputation and explain to the clients why they couldn’t get the product they ordered, is if the product was no longer available.

“Oh.” 27 mumbled as everything clicked. The tone of his voice, the location, and why he was present. The scolding was the only warning the sick kid was going to get, the location away from their main house, easier to claim innocence and make clean up easier and less suspicious, and he took him to place were a Number located.

He didn’t think Aizawa would have gone around telling everyone he’s a Number, but he did say Tensei was a close friend. Iida was his temporary boss, and he shouldn’t disobey orders while he was here. He can’t afford to get kick out yet, he still hasn’t gotten any information that could be useful. He has to do whatever he’s told and at this point it's his life verses the one on the couch.

He’s never killed anyone though, he was merely used as distractions. The most he’s caused were broken bones, but none that lead to death. It was slightly disheartening that his first kill was made more difficult with his target so young.

“How do you want me to do it?” He asked somberly with his head tilted slightly, so he can glance at Tensei but keep his eye on the target.

“What?” The hero ask, his eyebrows scrunched up to a point.

“How do you want me to take care of him?”

“Oh! You don’t have to worry yourself with that. I did bring him here, I can take care of him myself.”

He let go of a breath he didn’t realize he was holding as his body slouched in relief. Tensei gave him a weird look at the sound, but didn’t question it.

“Why don’t you sit on the chair and I can set up a movie while you both relax?” Tensei didn’t wait for a response and went straight to the TV. He crouched down and started doing something to the component, while he sat down in the chair as ordered. After a couple of minutes, the TV flashed on and a cartoon started playing. “I think you’d like Spirited Away, it was one of my favorites as a kid.” As soon as he was done, he walked away leaving the two of them alone.

27 didn’t pay attention to the movie, always keeping watch of the other from the corner of his eye. The other kid open his mouth a couple of times during the viewing as if he wanted to say something, but ultimately closed it and returned his back to the screen.

Anytime Tensei walked into the room, he couldn’t help but tense up. Was he going to do it now while they were distracted? Was he going to use his quirk or something more personal? But every time he entered, he’d just peeked his head in and checked on him and his now sleeping brother.

Just when he couldn’t take the anticipation anymore, he walked in with three bowls in his hands. He gently woke up his brother, who sat up rubbing his eyes and brought his feet to his chest as he made room for the other.

“Made some simple miso for the both of you, hope that’s okay.” Tensei said handing each of them a bowl before he settling back with his own.

Oh. That’s how he’s going to do it. Poison wasn’t exactly uncommon; in fact it was Memory’s favorite way because it keeps her hands clean, but he wouldn’t have pinned this guy picking this way. Guess it could be more of a mercy kill as long as he used something for a quick and painless death.

Keeping the bowl in his hands but not daring to drink, he watched the sick kid carefully. The boy mumbled something and put on his glasses to see what he was doing. He brought the bowl to his lips and started to drink.

27 couldn’t keep his eyes away from the other as he set down the bowl. For a couple of minutes nothing happened, then he saw the other scrunch up his face. He put down his own untouched bowl on the coffee table then clutched at the armrests as he watched.

He wanted to look away as the kid pulled a tissue to his face, but it was like watching a train wreck. You’re uncomfortable but you can’t seem to bring yourself to look away. Just when the anticipation almost made him want to end the wait himself, the boy sneezed.Then sneezed again, and then let out a string of sneezes. Pressing the tissue to his face, he ended up placing his glasses back onto the table to get them out of the way.

Glancing at the hero, he didn’t seem displeased by the results, in fact he started to smirk. He failed though? Unless it’s a slow acting one? But that’d take to long, and would just be easier to do it here and now? What the hell is going on?

“I hate being sick.” Tenya mumbled between sneezes.

“Ha! So you finally admit you are sick!” Tensei shouted in fake victory. He had a grin stretched across his face that only grew wider when his brother sent a soft kick his way.

He scrunched up his face as he thought. He didn’t do anything to the soup if he went by their reactions. He was literally taking care of him. He was taking care of him, not taking care of him.

27 moved as quietly as he could, trying to make his departure go unnoticed as they started playfully bicker back and forth with each other. He wanted to go back to the room and try to figure out what just happened. How did he read the situation so wrong, to just fully process what had just happened. But right when he reached the doorway, he couldn’t help but cringe as his code name was called.

“Hey Shinsou, let’s get to know each other better.” An order. Not just any order, a direct order from his temporary boss.

Holding in a sigh, he went back to his seat.

“Alright, I think it would do you some good to talk with a kid your age. You mustn’t have been around a lot of kids your age and it must be boring with only adults around all the time.” Tensei said flippantly, either not noticing or just ignoring his tense posture.

Even his brother looked uncomfortable with the statement. He had a tissue pressed against his nose as he leaned against the arm rest and kept fidgeting in his spot as he tried to get comfortable. He kept his face blank when the younger Iida gave him a confused look, trying to decipher what his brother meant by that.

Eraser must have told him a lot more he initially assumed. It made sense to inform someone what they were going to be watching. He couldn't fault them for that decision but it still set him on edge.

Overall, what he had said was true, he hasn’t been around a lot of people his age. Most of the people he has interacted with were at least eight years older than him and he was never got sent on jobs that had kids involved. The only time he has spoken to someone around his age, they didn’t last too long.

Her name was 112, she was roughly three years older than him from what they could tell. She was brought in from an orphanage for her quirk years after he was there. He never did learn what her quirk was, she only lasted two weeks with them before she died, but he could make an accurate guess on what it was.

Bug had told him that she died during a training accident, but he’s sure it was on purpose and that it was 98’s doing. 98 didn’t like competition of any kind, especially with people who had a similar quirk to his.The only reason 77 is still alive despite having a strength enhancing quirk, was because of their mutual agreement. 77 was fond of bodyguard jobs or escorting, but 98 liked the more brutal ones. As long as they stayed in their respective categories, they didn’t fight each other.

However, when third strength enhancement person entered the mix, it throws off the balance. 112 must have had some sort of strength enhancement and that’s why 98 took her out so quickly, unwilling to throw that balance off.

“Let’s start with a clean slate and officially introducing ourselves. My name is Iida Tensei and my hero name is Ingenium.” He said with a slanted smile on his face. “Tenya, why don’t you go next?”

Is this really how it’s going to work? Are they really going to just ignore the fact he attacked him? Just brush it all off and start over?

“Hello! I am Iida Tenya! I’m studying to be a hero at UA! I am the student class president for class 1-A, nice to officially meet you!”


27 felt himself sweat drop at the intensity Iida tried to use, but the effect was immediately ruined when he let out a high pitched sneeze right after his declarations. Both Iida’s looked at him expectantly after a moment passed in silence after the introductions.

“Um, Shinsou Hitoshi, nice to meet you also.” He said slightly more as a question than a statement. He must have done something correctly because it earned him a smile from the older and the younger stuck his hand out with a surprisingly serious expression on his face despite his cheeks and nose being red.

His eyes darted between the hand and the face a couple of times, before he hesitantly took it. When their hands were clasped, Iida started to shake it fervently as he said he was glad they had met.

“We should train together some time!” Iida said leaning forward, hand still shaking his. “ I think we could learn a lot from each other. I would greatly appreciate learning some of the moves you demonstrated earlier. I didn’t even hear you approach. Your technique is very effective.”

“Um.” His eyes darted to Tenya, mentally asking for help. He didn’t know what to do. This is not his boss, this is not his keeper, he can’t make a commitment like this to him.

“Perhaps we can arrange something, of course with Aizawa’s and Yamada’s permission.” Tense mumbled to himself with his finger on his chin as he thought out loud. “He is under protection, but I’m sure as long as one of us is present, it should be fine.”

“Under protection?” Tenya inquired turning to look to his brother. Finally distracted, 27 snatched his hand back from the strong grip. The other didn’t seem to notice as he kept his attention on his brother.

“Oops, I didn’t mean to let that slip.” He said sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. He waved off the curious look his brother sent him. “It’s no matter, we can discuss the details later. That is, if Shinsou is okay with it of course.”

He was slightly impressed by the nonchalant shrug he gave, despite having two pairs of eyes watching him intensely for his response.

Teaching is something he’s never done before, but if that’s what they want, who was he to argue?

“That sounds great! If we are going to train together, it would be beneficial for both of us if we know each others quirk. My quirk is Engine just like my brothers, but instead of engines in my elbows, it’s in my legs.” Iida explained. “What’s yours?”

The question wasn’t a surprise to him, but it still felt like the world went still. He’s not supposed to give out his quirk, that was the number one rule. The number one rule over anything. People can’t find about his quirk or at least know how it works. He can’t carelessly give away this information. It would provide the already increasing group of people who knew, to grow even larger.

It was bad enough that Eraser and his friends knew, but having this kid know also? He’d spread it around his class, a future hero class. A whole generation of heroes would know of his quirk, of his weakness. He’d be rendered completely useless against them.

Pulling at his sleeves he tried to think about how to get around this one, but nothing was coming to mind. He couldn’t think of a way to steer the conversation or find some distraction that would be suited for the situation.

The siblings shared concerned looks before looking back to him. Just as Iida opened his mouth to say something, the door started to jingle and then open.

“Hey! Welcome home!” Tensei yelled turning to greet Eraser and Mic as they entered the room.”How’d it go?”

27 slumped in his seat as he saw the familiar set of heads enter the apartment. He couldn’t be more grateful for their timing.

“Nothing too unusual.” Eraser mumbled as he set down stuff.

“You say that, but it was unusual that your brother never showed up to class. Do you think he’s playing hooky?” Mic asked.

“I would never Sensei!” Tenya shouted, sitting straight up in alarm and looked over the edge of the couch. “

“Iida, please, how many times do I have to say not to call us Sensei outside of school?” Eraser asked.

“Sorry Sensei.”

Eraser sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. His eyes scanned the room but quickly connected with his. He felt himself fidget under the intense stare and couldn’t help but break the contact away first and look away.

“Shinsou, you can leave to go to your room if you would like, while we talk.”

He didn’t have to be told twice. Grateful for the opportunity to escape, he got up from the chair and tried to give a bow that he’s seen Memory give Boss when she was dismissed. He was sure his didn’t look as grateful as hers, but at least he tried. He quietly thanked them for spending time with him and for the movie.

Keeping his head down he walked out, he tried to get out as fast as possible. However, one of his steps faltered when he saw Iida’s glasses on the table from the corner of his eye, before he returned to his long stride. . He didn’t know exactly why, but he quietly swiped the glasses off the table; in what he hoped went by unnoticed, and slipped them into his sleeves.

He closed the door behind him and went to sit underneath the window, letting out a long breath. Taking out the prize, he turned them over in the dying daylight. Simple rectangular half-rim frames with thick glass because of the intensity of the prescription.

Normally, he took things to commemorate something, mostly a change. It made some sense that he took these, this was a first for a lot of things. First mission in the house under new ownership,first time he talked with someone his age, and the first time he’s seen a movie. Well, he wasn’t really paying attention to the movie, but he’s going to count it.

The more he thought about what had happened, the more he started to question himself. Was it really a mission? He wasn’t sent a parameters to fulfill. So was it a test of skill? If it was, it wasn’t a very good one. The boy was ill and went down far too quick to show a range of skill, and the older brother never jumped in or attempted anything.

The front door shutting close startled him out of his musings. When he heard footsteps approach he scrambled and shoved the glasses underneath the mattress along with one of the knives he was able to acquire.

“Shinsou,” Eraser said from the other side of the door. “I don’t know how you did it, but I know you took Iida’s glasses.”

He felt himself blanch at the words. He was so stupid. Thinking that he got away with it, of course he’d notice he was missing his glasses. He needed it to see. He was so stupid. Not controlling a stupid impulse got him in trouble. Stealing had to be against a rule, it is everywhere else.

“I’m impressed.” His head shot towards the door at the statement. “I’d normally would make you give it back, but they said it was okay. Also I know for a fact that Iida has a wall of glasses at home and they could afford to replace it a million times over. However, please refrain from taking anything else without permission.”

After he mumbled a quick agreement, he heard the footsteps walk away. Just as his heart started to settle in his chest, Mic laughed loudly that the Glasses Stealer had struck again. He pulled up the bottom of his shirt as heat rushed to his cheeks.

Chapter Text

He’d like to think he’s getting better at reading Shinsou, but it was still difficult for him. Shinsou always looked disinterested or bored, despite the subtle hints in his body posture that he was paying attention. This made him both easier and harder to read. Any new or strong enough emotion would flash across his face as if he couldn't hold it in, and the blank face made it easier to spot any subtle change in expression. However, every display was muted and happened quickly, if you blink you’ll miss it. Even with all the signs he could decipher, it is still hard to tell what he was thinking or implying.

The more obvious tells that he has noticed were the ones that were dependent on movement. Shinsou would pull at his sleeves or scratch his arms when he got nervous about something.It was quick, but he furrowed his eyebrows when he either thought or questioned something, sometimes tapping his finger against his bouncing leg. The most expressive was his lower face, not used to having it displayed, he hasn’t had practice to school his expression.The tensing of the jaw, the lips quirk this way or that, it often betrayed what he was feeling.

The other signals you had to watch more carefully for. Eyes never landing directly on you, but going about the room like he’s looking for a way out. Posture stiffening in apprehension, or subtly loosening into a fighting stance. The one that worried him the most is when he would go completely still.

He just started noticing this one recently since most of the time it was subtle. Shinsou would freeze up,stilling even the slightest of movements like a prey in front of a predator. He would try and break the kid out of it as fast as he could because he wasn’t sure he even breathes when he gets like that and didn't want him passing out.

He wouldn't normally put much heed into the occurrence seeing that it hasn’t happen often or have lasted too long, but after this morning with the computer, he’s going to make sure to keep track of it.

They have been trying to figure out how to handle the whole situation. Neither of them have been in this type of situation before nor have they’ve had an experience like Shinsou’s, so it’s been a lot of guess work.

Hizashi had brought up the issues with them asking questions. He had noticed that anytime they asked an opened ended question, Shinsou would tense up and take longer to respond. He never seemed to be sure of his answer either, even if it was a question with no right or wrong answer.

Hizashi decided to test his theory to make sure he didn’t come to the wrong conclusion, and ask Shinsou in the morning what he would like for breakfast. Hizashi ended up asking a following question when Shinsou started to visibly crumble before him as he tried to think of a way to respond. When Shinsou was asked if he would like pancakes or soup, he received a quicker response and he looked more relaxed.

It was further proven when Hizashi gave him the task of picking out clothing for himself. He didn’t even question it when the laptop was placed in front of him and started his task without hesitation.

They thought it was going well. They gave him enough space to make his own decisions on what he wanted from the open tabs they provided, gave him options but not a lot to overwhelm him or give him a chance to overthink it, and it was going so well. Shinsou didn’t seem like he was phased as he went about completing his task. That was until the question about the phone.

He already saw some of the signs before be answered, the scratching at the wrists, eyes glazed over, but he thought his answer would have calmed him. He had thought it was the price that was getting to him, so he confirmed that the phone was extremely overpriced and offered him a chance for a cheaper option.

It was almost startling how fast Shinsou seemed to deteriorate with in front of him. If he wasn’t watching, he probably wouldn’t have noticed. The wispy tone Shinsou responded with and the slight crack at the end immediately drew his attention to him.

Initially he thought it he okay, he didn’t look any different then before he called him over, then he noticed how he wasn't moving. One hand frozen on the mouse and the other right over his arm mid scratch, his chest didn’t look to be moving either.

He called out his name, but didn’t get a response and Shinsou only grew paler and sweat started to dot along his hairline. Stopping himself from touching him while he was that unaware, he called out his name again. Just as he was prepared to touch his hand, not liking how pale the kid getting, Shinsou finally croaked out a response.

Aizawa felt slightly bad ushering the ill looking kid to bed and then leaving for work, but that is what was needed to be done. Shinsou had looked like he just ran a marathon sleep deprived and truly needed the rest and he needed to go to school.

Knowing that Tensei was there made the day go by easier. He didn’t have to worry that anything would happen to the kid, especially when he looked so drained earlier and wouldn’t be able to do anything if something did happen.

He continued the day as he normally would. He had noticed that Iida was absent, but did not put much more thought into it since he had more pressing matters. He had an appointment with Nezu to talk about the situation with Shinsou.

It wasn’t rare for teachers to take up temporary wards. Midnight frequently took in wards, she’d have a kid with her at least once every two months. They had always received Nezu’s approval, but this was a different case.

Occasionally, the wards would come to class with them as they taught, but at most it would only last a week or two. With Shinsou, they don’t know how long he was going to be with them, and it looked like it would last longer than many of the other wards.

Going by the severity of what they can understand about the situation that Shinsou is in, he needs to be around a hero at all times. They couldn’t leave the kid unprotected, even if they did reunite him with his mother, he’d still needed protection.

He had volunteered to offer said protection, but it brings back the point that they don’t know how long the case would take. They haven’t even cracked it yet, everything was tangled and nothing about it made much sense. He couldn’t afford to take a break from teaching to watch the kid and do hero work, the only option would be to bring the kid with him.

Talking with Nezu was everything he expected and didn't expect. He had walked in with a speech mentally prepared and before he opened his mouth, Nezu gave him permission to bring Shinsou into UA for however long it was needed. The rat, mouse, thing, knew too much in his opinion, the principal looked way to smug drinking his tea as he said his thanks and left.

Walking into the apartment with Hizashi with such a loud greeting was something he should have expected when Tensei was there, but he still jumped at the sound. He was slightly confused on the way that Shinsou was looking at him when he came into view, a weird mixture of feign boredom and hope. The look made sense when he saw Tenya as he appeared over the edge of the couch to defend himself.

Shinsou was sitting on the chair, the bags under his eyes deeper than he saw this morning, and was stiffening up as the conversation went on. He saw him reached for his sleeve just as they made eye contact.

“Shinsou, you can leave to go to your room if you would like, while we talk.” Aizawa said.

Keeping his eyes on Shinsou as he quickly accepted the chance to leave and scrambled up to his feet. He jerkily bowed and offered some pleasantries before he rushed off to his room. His stride did not break as he crossed the room, but Aizawa could see his shoulders drop from where it was raised to his ears and to something more relaxed.

“How did it go?” He asked once he heard the door to Shinsou’s room close.

“Not bad. It went by smoothly, only a few things to report.” Tensei replied as he helped his grumbling brother to his feet. “I put on a movie, but he seemed more focused on Tenya. Don’t blame him, he’s probably the first kid his age he’s been close to, even if this one is sick. Maybe being sick was more of an appeal, you can’t be much of a threat when your choking on your own snot.”

“Tensei!” Tenya whined as he accepted a hand from his brother. His furrowed in confusion as he looked between the two adults. “Wait, why would he be kept from his peers?”

“Didn’t eat a lick of the soup that I prepared, not that it was unexpected from what you told me, but it was odd. He attentively watched Tenya eat his, at one point I thought he was going to snatch the bowl right out from his hands. So I surely thought he was hungry enough, but he never touched anything.” Tensei said, ignoring his brothers question.

“Did anything else happen?”

“Nope.” Tensei chirped just as Tenya complained about not finding his glasses.

“How unbecoming to be this irresponsible.” Tenya murmured as he reached around the coffee table as he tried to feel for his glasses.

“Your glasses are missing?”

“I have seemed to have misplaced them.”

“No, you probably didn’t.” Aizawa sighed pinching the bridge of his nose as he connected the dots. It was unusual that Shinsou took them in this situation,here hadn’t been any altercations. He always had taken or tried to take glasses after or during a fight but hasn’t made any attempts otherwise. Hizashi has been leaving his spare glasses around the apartment and they have never been touched. He’s seen Shinsou look at them but didn’t seemed to interested in them. Maybe he only takes from the people he just met.“Shinsou probably took them, I’ll go get them.”

“No, its okay.” Tensei assured, as he reached into the school bag that was hanging off his shoulder, and pulled out another pair. Tenya looked like he was about to protest but paused when he saw the stern look his brother gave him and accepted the new pair. “Shinsou can keep it, he has a lot of spares at home.”

“Before we go, I would like to inquire about possibly training with Shinsou.” Tenya changed the subject as he adjusted the glasses on his face.

“What?” Mic asked as he entered the room, causing Aizawa to jump slightly, not noticing the blond had left in the first place.

“Shinsou has great combat techniques and is very quiet on his feet. It would be a good skill to learn.”

“What Iida means,” Tensei jumped in when he saw the identical confused faces. “I think them training together would benefit them both. Tenya can learn some more hand to hand combat, something different from what he normally trains in, and it could help Shinsou adjust to people his own age without the added social stresses.”

“How does he know about Shinsou’s combat skills?” Aizawa couldn’t help but ask. As far as he knew, Tenya didn’t see Shinsou in action at USJ, he was too busy getting help. Even when he had returned, he was told to remain by the doors and help his peers as the teachers handled the situation.

Maybe he learned from his brother. He had informed Tensei the bare minimum of what was happening, thinking it was necessary for him to know exactly who he was protecting and from what, anything to give Tensei a leg up if something did happen. Maybe he felt the need to tell his brother since they were going to be in close proximity to each other but that still didn’t seem like something Tensei would do.

“Well, about that,” Tensei said sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck.”Um, their meeting didn’t necessarily go as plan. I went to get some medication and came back and Shinsou had him in an arm bar.”

“I thought you said nothing happened.”

“I didn’t think it was a big deal. It was over as quickly as it started. Everything seemed fine afterwards.” Tensei said without an ounce of guilt for not divulging this information earlier.

Great. He hadn’t planned on the younger Iida to come over and meet Shinsou, one more person knowing where Shinsou was staying, but it didn't look like he recognized Shinsou from USJ. However, the slight scuffle made Shinsou more interesting and more memorable. If it went around there was a teen with obvious training not in a hero course, it wouldn’t take long for people to connect him to the USJ incident.

Aizawa looked over to the equally unapologetic brother. “Iida, you can’t tell anyone you saw Shinsou here and I mean no one.

“ Of course sensei! Your secret is in trusted hands, it’s imperative information! Heroes should be be able to keep certain information to themselves for cases, to think that-”

“You already told Midoriya haven't you.”

Iida’s jaw snapped shut, ending the lecture immediately. His cheeks colored pink as he lifted up his phone showing his messages. Noticing him squinting to read, he handed him the phone. “And Uraraka in a group chat. But that was before I was aware it was sensitive information.”


The Squad ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

Energizer Bunny: Hey are you okay Iida?

Speed Racer: All is well, my brother thought it was necessary for me to stay at home today.

Kirby Are you sick?

Speed Racer: He seems to think so.

Kirby Hope you feel better soon! It’s weird not seeing you in class.

Speed Racer: I will probably be attending again tomorrow. Didn’t class start? Pay attention, it could be important!

Energizer Bunny: Will do, I’ll let you borrow today’s notes.

Speed Racer: Thank you, that would be greatly appreciated.
Speed Racer: Midoriya, we should spare together more. I need to work on close combat

Energizer Bunny: Sure! But what brought this up?

Speed Racer: I was subdued alarmingly fast and I couldn’t get out of the hold

Kirby By who!?!?! Aren’t you at your house? Was it your brother?

Speed Racer: I’m currently not at home, but at my brother’s friends house while he baby sits for them (his words). But the teen at the house did it and I went down too fast for a potential hero. It showed how much improvement I need.

Aizawa pulled the phone away, ignoring the rest of the replies, and handed it back to Iida. At least it didn’t give away too much detail, it was vague enough that it didn’t cause too much concern.

He didn’t mind Midoriya and Uraraka knowing; they were going to find out sooner or later, but more worried about someone else reading the texts. He feels slightly paranoid just thinking about it but he can’t be too careful.

“That’s fine Iida but please do not get any more detailed than that.”

He waved off an apology coming from his student as they exited the apartment, saying it was fine. Another apology coming from the student was abruptly cut off when Tensei closed the door.

He was on the fence about confronting Shinsou about the glasses situation, but ultimately decided it was for the best. Wanting to give him space, he decided to just talk through the door, knowing that he’d be heard. He needed to reinforce the rule of asking permission to use things but not come on too harshly.

There was already a weird balance between them, not only were they still getting used to each other, but the power balance between them felt even more askew than he had with previous wards. He didn't need nor want to push it anymore than he has too.

Hizashi gave him a confused look when he came back to the kitchen. Before he could even finish that Shinsou took another pair of glasses, Hizashi started to laugh and joked about how the glasses thief struck again.

The rest of the day went by calmly enough. They had managed to get Shinsou to eat two servings of dinner and then take a bath. Hizashi finally got used to the long baths, no longer whispering if they should go check on him after an hour had passed. This time, they remembered to set a change of clothes outside of the door.

After two hours went by, Hizashi was prepared to go to the door ask if he was done, remembering how the last time he had waited in the bathroom for one of them to fetch him, but Shinsou left on his own accord. Shinsou walked out, hesitantly at first then growing bolder when none of them made a scene from it. Face flushed from the heat of the bath, he strolled straight into the kitchen, giving them a slight glance as he passed but never breaking stride. He could tell that Shinsou was nervous, hands clenching and unclenching at his sides, before finally getting a glass and filling it with water.

Letting out a grunt when Hizashi elbowed him in the side at at the act, but they didn’t react other than that. They wanted to get Shinsou get comfortable enough to go about as he pleased and not to scare him off with encouragements that would undoubtedly have the opposite reaction than they desired.


The following morning went by smoother than it did the previous day. Instead of finding Shinsou in the corner, he was still bundled up in the blankets. Aizawa internally cursed at himself when the kid’s eyes snapped open at the sound of the door opening. He would have wanted the kid to have slept more, the bags under his eyes lighter than yesterdays but still present, however he needed him up for Toshinori.

Hizashi and him agreed that they would make sure they’d introduce Toshinori to Shinsou in order to avoid a repeat of the previous day. Letting him sleep while they left and another person entering the apartment has yet to work out, so they had asked Toshinori to arrive earlier than initially planned to make sure the exchange went by smoothly.

Aizawa blinked down at his phone as it flashed. He quickly excused himself from the table, pushing the remains of his breakfast towards the still sluggish teen and went to meet Toshinori. Just as he closed the door, he heard Hizashi yell at him not to be too harsh on him.

He couldn't help but roll his eyes at the statement. He’s not going to grill the poor man, just lay down some basics on what to expect, he didn’t want either one of them to be caught unaware. Seeing the man in front of him looking lost at the end of the hall, fiddling with his phone was confirmation enough that they needed this talk.

“Hello, thank you for doing this.” Aizawa greeted when he was finally spotted by the other.

“It’s no issue at all.”

“I’m going to cut to the chase if that’s all right for you. I know that you know about Shinsou’s case through Naomasa.” Aizawa said bluntly. Toshinori let out a startled cough and covered his mouth with a handkerchief as he looked at him with wide eyes. “I know you are close with the detective, it’s not a well kept secret. Also, it wouldn’t be surprising that you know based on Shinsou’s appearance during the USJ incident.”

“If you know all this then what do you want to explain beforehand?” Toshinori asked once he regained some of his composure.

“Just some things to be expected today. Do not be surprised if Shinsou doesn’t eat a lot or if he he just doesn’t eat. You can taste test his food beforehand, but I don’t know if it’ll change his mind. I have some sealed packaged stuff that you can give him if that doesn’t work.” Aizawa continued when Toshinsori gave him a nod in confirmation. “Don’t push him for answers, if you see him picking at his arms, try to change the subject, but please watch what you say around him, he will take everything you say literally. He doesn’t often respond to his name the first time, so you may have to repeat it, but do try to address him with it as often as you can.”

“Got it, I can do that.” Toshinori agreed as they started to walk back to the apartment side by side.

“Also, there will be a package for Shinsou arriving later today, so don’t be alarm if you hear the doorbell ring.”

Getting back into the apartment, they were greeted by little fanfare. He could hear Hizashi singing over the hair dryer in the bathroom and Shinsou had his head faced down while he rested on his folded arms at the table.

“Shinsou.” He tried to get the kids attention as they sat down at the table. “Shinsou.”

Shinsou’s shoulders hunched but lifted his head and looked at him blearily. Any trace of sleepiness was quickly erased as he eyed Toshinori next to him. Shinsou sat straight up, alarm briefly flashing across his face before going straight.

“Shinsou, this is Toshinori. He’s a friend of ours from work and he’s going to be watching you today.”

Aizawa felt Toshinori squirm slightly next to him as Shinsou looked over him. Shinsou looked confused at the statement, nose wrinkled slightly as he thought. After what seemed like eternity, Shinsou relaxed in his chair.

“You want me to protect him.” Shinsou concluded after the visual pat down. Toshinori let out a choking sound but it was quickly muffled by a handkerchief.

“No, he’s here to protect you.”

“The skeleton is spitting up blood as we speak.” Shinsou pointed out, tilting his head to the side as he watched Toshinori.

“Don’t call him that.” Aizawa sighed.

“Fine, the bony structure looks like a strong breeze would topple him.”

“He’s more than capable to protect you from anything that may happen. He’s far stronger than he looks.”

Shinsou didn't look convinced at the statement, his lips were pursed as he scrutinized the number one hero but didn’t question him about it.


Ignoring the bewildered looks he was getting from the others, Aizawa stood up and grabbed both of their school bags.

“I think it was Tensei, he did say he was in the bathroom looking for medication yesterday. Do you think if we replace his-” Hizashi skidded to a halt when he noticed three pairs of on him and not just two. “Oh! Hey Toshinori! Thank you for coming! You’re welcome to anything in the house, feel free to use whatever.”

Aizawa quickly grabbed his husbands arm and started to drag him to the door as he tried to start up a conversation with Toshinori. “C’mon, weren’t you the one who just pointed out we’re going to be late?”

“Right, right, we gotta get a move on. Bye Toshinor! Thanks again! Bye Hitoshi! Have a good day!” Hizashi chirped out before the door closed shut behind them.

Aizawa stumbled to the side when Hizashi bumped into his shoulder. He turned and gave him his best glare despite the bright smile he saw when he looked over.

“Don’t worry, Toshinori got this in the bag. Everything's going to turn out okay. Don’t be such a worry wart.” Hizashi teased.

“Yeah, yeah, let’s just get to class.”



27 didn’t know what to make of the man in front of him. It was like trying to solve a puzzle, everything Aizawa insinuated was contradicting with everything he did.

The man didn’t seem too confident in what he was doing. As soon as the two heroes left, he returned his gaze back to the other man, They sat in silence just observed each other, Shinsou watched as the man became more unsettled as time went on. First he started to fidget slightly in his seat, then he noticed the sweat beading at his temples before he finally excused himself to get a glass of water.

He didn’t lie to Eraser when he thought the man was going to fall over. The man seemed thinner than he was, jawline protruding more than what could be healthy, and a dot of blood from earlier was still in the corner of his mouth. Even now as he got up to get some water, he was hunched over and wobbled slightly as he moved.

Aizawa did say that he was stronger than he looked and that he was a coworker. If he was a coworker, perhaps he was a hero also? It wouldn’t be the first time a quirk made up for what the body was lacking, maybe he could fight.

27 immediately took back his last thought as he watched Toshinori fumbled with a glass and almost dropping it to the floor. Nope, this definitely have to be a protection job in disguise.

“What would you like to do?” Toshinori inquired after he emptied his glass. He felt his mouth tug in a slight frown at the question. He doesn’t know how to answer that one. He hasn’t done much that he has liked to do. Normally his options were train, mission, recover, read old medical textbooks, or sleep. But here, he has no idea what his options are and which ones were safe to pick.

“Whatever you want me to do I guess.” That didn’t seem like the answer Toshinori wanted seeing as he started to fiddle with the cup between his hands.

“Oh! Why don’t we bake? I saw some eggs in the fridge and no doubt they have ingredients enough ingredients to make something.” Toshinori exclaimed as he turned around and started opening and closing cabinets. He started to pull out some stuff and stacking them on the counter. “Do you like chocolate chip cookies? It looks like they have everything to make them.”

“I don’t know if I do.” 27 answered honestly when Toshinori sent a smile his way. The way he was beaming at him as he pulled out a bag of chocolate, it almost forces the honesty out of him. Maybe that was his quirk. When he saw the smile falter on the mans face, he hurried to rectify it. “I remember liking chocolate.”

The smile was back up and Toshinori motioned him over. As soon as he made it into the kitchen, a large bowl and a whisk was put into his hands.

“I’m going to melt this butter and then we can start whisking.” Toshinori explained as he grabbed the butter.

Any trace of uncertainty and awkwardness was gone as Toshinori moved about the kitchen. Maybe it wasn’t uncertainty but just a lack of direction, he seemed more than confident now. His hands were sure and never wavered as he got and prepped ingredients.

As soon as everything was prepared, he was quickly set to work in mixing the ingredients in a bowl. He was fine with working in complete silence, but it seemed like Toshinori didn’t. He started talking about random things as they worked. First he talked about the weather, but after not receiving any response, he started to talk about his new position at UA.

“You met them at UA ” 27 noted as they started to scoop ball shapes onto a pan.

“Indeed,” Toshinori confirmed as he rolled dough in his hand. “Aizawa has been a great help with that. I’m quite inexperience and Aizawa has been helping me understand how things work there.”

“Oh, you’re a teacher then.”

“I’m an assistant.”


“To Eraser then, that explains why you are here.”

“No, I’m an assistant to All Might.” The slight pause he got before an answer drew his eyes to the other, Toshinori didn’t seem to notice the slip up as he placed the cookies in the oven. No matter how small it may have been to Toshinori, it was significant to him.

He knows who All Might was, anyone who didn’t must be living farther underground than he did. Miasma sold information on All Might for thousands if not hundreds of thousand yens for information about All Might. The information they had was very little, and from what he knows, the most valuable of information they had were what area’s All Might tends to frequent.

This could be something he could report back to. He felt a slight ping of guilt but pushed it aside with the thought of what would happen if he didn’t report it.

“So you work closely with him.” He prodded.

“You can say that.” Toshinori chuckled. Before he could think of a response to get more information, he whipped his head towards the door at the sound of the doorbell.

“That must be the packages Aizawa was talking about.” Toshinori mumbled as he dried his hands.

“Wait,” 27 whispered as he grabbed Toshinori’s sleeve to stop him from going to the door. The man put up a little fight as he tugged him behind him, but eventually gave up and went with the movement. After giving Toshinori a hand signal to stay there and received a nod, he crept towards the front door.

This was a common tactic used. They provide a distraction of something simple like food delivery or a door salesman and then they’d attack. Their target normally would be confused, elated or irritated depending on the distraction used, then attack while their guard is dropped. Most of the time it works, they are to startled or their reflexes too slow to use their quirk before it’s too late.

He’d rather deal with this then send the fragile man ahead. He’d be more capable of moving out of the way than the other and with his mask off, perhaps he has a chance to activate his quirk in time.

He eyed the light that peaked from under the door, but did not notice any shadows crossing over it. The only other way to find out who or if anyone was on the other side was looking through the peephole.

Normally he’d refrain from doing so, seeing too many possibilities on how that could go wrong, but nothing has happened and it’s been three minutes since the bell rang. Quickly looking through for a glimpse and then backing away just encase, he didn’t see any large shapes. Hesitantly, he went back and put his eye up for a better look.

Nothing. No one was in the hall.

Edging the door open, he paused after every inch it opened, waiting for something to happen. As soon as the whole was large enough he stuck his hand out. When nothing happened to his hand, he stuck his head out and looked around. The hall was empty, besides a large cardboard box that was sitting beside the door that he quickly pulled into the apartment.

“See, just a package. Why don’t you open it?” Toshinori said, still in the same position he had left him.

He grunted in affirmation but still looked it over. It was addressed to Aizawa on the corner and looked professionally taped up. He pulled out his knife from his sleeve and cut into the side of the box, ignoring the flaps just in case.

“Does Aizawa know you have a knife?”

“Sure.” He replied as nonchalant as he could. Toshinori didn’t looked that impressed but didn’t push it so he returned his attention back to the box.

27 grunted as he pried a hole in the box open enough to look inside and was greeted by fabric. Deeming it was safe, he opened it all the way.

As he pulled out the items, he quickly recognized it as the stuff he picked out yesterday. Not all the items have arrived, but enough. He sat crossed legged as he sorted through the stuff and started to organize them as he removed them from the box. He paused as he noticed a bright material on the bottom before reaching for it and taking it out. He almost forgot about the cat sweater, it definitely stood out from the rest of the items he got.

He must have stared at it too long, because he heard Toshinori gave a slight cough to gain his attention. “Why don’t you go put it on Shinsou?”

“Do you think they’ll be mad that I got this?” he asked as he fingered the material. He almost regrets getting it as much as he did asking that question.

“Neither one of them have much of a fashion sense, I think you’ll be fine.”Toshinori dismissed, then walked deeper into the kitchen at the sound of a bell.

27 looked up confused but slipped the sweater over his head with the unspoken permission. What does fashion sense have to do with this? It was an irrational buy, it had no benefits. It was too colorful, he’d be spotted immediately, it had no pockets to hold anything, it was useless.

The only thing that calmed his nerves were that the rest of the things he got were more rational, more useful. The rest were all darker colors, a lot of pockets and folds to store stuff. Surely one impulse buy would not outweigh the rest.

“Why don’t you have a cookie?” Toshinori asked as he walked over with two on a plate. “Careful, they’re hot.”

He accepted the plate and split one of the cookies in half and watched the the still melted chocolate stretch between the two pieces. He almost hesitated in eating it, before remembering that he had made it. Not once did Toshinori do more than roll the dough to put on a sheet, and he kept a careful eye on him when he did touch them. Of course, he could have put something on it when he brought them over, but he didn’t seem like the person to tamper with it.

Shoving half the cookie into his mouth, he had to restrain himself from stuffing his face with the other half. The cookie was soft but had a slight crisp on the edge that let out a crunch when he bit down. His mouth was slightly burnt from the heat, but he wouldn’t have wanted to wait anyways. As soon as he swallowed, he put the other part in his mouth.

“Good?” Toshinori chuckled, amusement dancing in his eyes.

Nodding as he finished up the last cookie on the plate. “Yes. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had a cookie.”

“You know, I saw a lot of different ingredients in there. What do you say we make as many types of cookies we can while their gone?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Chapter Text

“Why the hell does it smell like a bakery?” Aizawa mumbled more to himself than to Hizashi as he opened the door to the apartment.

“Neighbors maybe?” Hizashi answered then let out a laugh when he entered the apartment. “Or it could be because of that.”

His confusion was replaced with exasperation when he made eye contact with a very sheepish looking Toshinori.

There were cookies everywhere. Cookies were on the kitchen counters cooling off, plates of them on the table and coffee table, and just as he thought there couldn’t be more, the oven beeped. Toshinori rubbed the back of his neck before quietly excusing himself to pull out another tray of cookies.

He ran his hands through his hair as he looked around. It wasn’t that bad, there was a lot, but the kitchen was decently clean. There were no dishes stacked in the sink, the only thing out on the counters were the cooling racks and the cookies.

Toshinori looked at him, a blush forming on his face as he looked around as if he just realized what had happened. His mouth opened and snapped shut when Hizashi let out another laugh. Aizawa felt alarm shoot through him as continued his gaze around the apartment and didn’t see Shinsou.

As if summoned, Shinsou rushed out from the hallway asking if the cookies were done. The excitement on his face slipped away and was filled with apprehension when he saw them. He came to a sudden halt, his outstretched hands were lowered and then pressed against his sides as he analyzed their faces.

“It was my fault.” Shinsou blurted, his eyes darting between them and edged to block their view of Toshinori who was now placing the cookies onto a drying rack.


“It was my fault! I started it and I made them all.I made him let me make them.”

“That’s not what happened.” Toshinori said, voice laced with confusion. Shinsou looked over his shoulder and gave him an exasperated look. He jerked his head subtle in their direction while raising his eyebrows meaningfully. Toshinori’s face pinched in confusion as Shinsou tried to communicate with him silently.

“You made Toshinori make cookies.” Aizawa said slowly, when he saw Shinsou grow more frustrated when Toshinori didn’t seem to catch his drift.

“Yes. I forced him to let me make them all. It wasn’t hard, I mean look at him. ” Shinsou said nodding. He threw his arm back and pointed at the now spluttering Toshinori. “A toddler could take him out.”

“Wow how many types did you make?” Hizashi asked through a mouthful of cookie, completely oblivious of the growing tension in the air. Aizawa didn’t even notice him move and make his way towards the table, but there he was with a cookie in each hand.

“We made seven different types of cookies.” Toshinori answered, startling Shinsou when he placed a hand on his shoulder and gently encouraged him aside so he can leave the kitchen. “We made chocolate chip, oatmeal, sugar, chocolate, snicker-doodle, and then we ran out of eggs so made eggless chocolate chip and chocolate cookies.”

The color drained out of Shinsou’s face when Toshinori admitted he was the one that made the cookies. His face continued to drop as Toshinori explained that they made so many cookies because Shinsou doesn’t remember having cookies in the past and he wanted to have him pick a favorite.

“What’s your favorite cookie you made Shinsou?” Hizashi asked as he contemplated on which cookie to take next. He had taken a step towards a plate that was near Toshinori but was suddenly blocked by Shinsou.

Both Hizashi and Shinsou looked startled at how fast he had reacted. Shinsou face morphed into determination and clenched his fists at his side. “I said I did it. He’s innocent, he’s done nothing wrong.”

“Neither of you done anything wrong.” Aizawa decided to jump in before things escalate any higher. Hizashi simply nodded and raised his hands and took a step back. Even with the action, Shinsou’s body was still tout as a wire as he continued to watch them for any sudden moves.

“You’re not mad.” Shinsou said, disbelief coloring his voice.

“No .we’re not mad.” Aizawa confirmed. He felt chills go down his spine when Shinsou turned his sharp gaze onto him and tried to search for a lie.

“Yeah! Who doesn’t like cookies. Sure we have enough to last us a couple of weeks, but more the merrier. Maybe we can give some away” Hizashi considered as he looked around at the seemingly growing pile of cookies. “You both had a free reign of the kitchen and you’ve done nothing wrong.”

“So you’re not mad about the cookies.”

“No we’re not mad.”

“And your not mad about the sweater.”

It took Aizawa a minute to realize what he was talking about before he realized what Shinsou was wearing. He was still wearing the sweats he had on when they left, but he now had on a cat galaxy sweater. At first he thought Shinsou was nervous they’d be mad that he had ruined a new sweater, but it looked undamaged. It had spots that were covered in flower but otherwise looked fine.

“No?” Hizashi said as Shinsou started to fidget with his sleeves as the silence grew. “I said you can get what you want. We’re not going to take it from you.”

“Like I’d let you take it Instant Transmitter.” Shinsou snarled sharply. His previous stiff posture loosened as he settled into a more defensive stance.

“You know, you can just call me Mic if you don’t feel comfortable calling me Hizashi or Yamada.” Hizashi casually replied.

“Sure thing Michael.”

Aizawa could tell that Hizashi has noticed the atmosphere and at first he didn’t think Hizashi’s tactics would work at easing it. Then he saw the tension slowly drain out of Shinsou’s body as Hizashi scoffed at the name calling but otherwise kept the atmosphere light.

As Hizashi and Shinsou started to snark back and forth, Toshinori took the chance to shuffled up next to him.

“So, how did it go?” He murmured as the two were distracted now by opening a couple of boxes that were stacked on the ground. He could hear Hizashi chattering as he helped pull out items, even showing him the bath products they had ordered for him after he went to bed the other day.

“It went fine. He was cautious when the first box arrived, but after the next couple of boxes he was more relaxed about it.” Toshinori whispered back.

“He opened the door?” Aizawa asked. It was slightly odd that Shinsou would be bold enough to take charge. Not that he wasn’t glad that he did it, but more that it was a drastic change from him staying in his room unless he was persuaded out of it.

“Wouldn’t let me near it and didn’t let me help him carry a box in when multiple had arrived.”

It clicked for Aizawa when he saw Hizashi help move a couple of boxes around. It wasn’t any possessiveness that Shinsou shows over his stuff, but he legitimately thinks Toshinori needs to be protected.

It would explain everything he has seen so far. The frequent looks he sends Toshinori like he’s checking on him, getting in front of him when Hizashi suddenly went towards him, and him answering the door. It was almost funny that Shinsou unknowingly put himself in front of All Might to protect him from potential danger.

“Did he eat anything?”

“Well, he ate about twenty cookies that we made.” Toshinori murmured, face slightly red as he rubbed the back of his neck. “Couldn’t get him to eat anything else. I thought him eating cookies was better than him not eating anything. He’ll probably go through a sugar crash soon though.”

“Thanks for watching him, we owe you one.”

“It was no issue at all, you don’t owe me anything.”

“Well, if you ever need us to watch Midoriya for you, just tell us know.”

He couldn't help the smirk forming on his face as Toshinori let out a shocked cough. His let his smile grow as Toshinori started stuttering out that Midoriya wasn’t his kid.

“Shouta, stop teasing him. He looks like he’s about to combust.” Hizashi teased.

“Uh who do you have watching him tomorrow?” Toshinori muttered trying to change the topic as his face got impossibly redder.



“Nemuri.” Aizawa confirmed.

Nemuri had approached them earlier that day and was offended that they hadn’t asked her if they could watch Shinsou and quickly offered to watch him tomorrow. She mocked hurt that they would deprived Shinsou from meeting their best friend.

He was hesitant about accepting it, especially with her being the one that that had captured him, but the realized there was fault with that logic. Both him and Hizashi had fought him previously, he even captured the kid, and Shinsou seems fine with them.
What worried him was how Shinsou would get along with her. It would also be a change from Toshinori, who was one of the most nonthreatening looking person he knew, to someone one with such a bold personality Nemuri has and is known to be able to beat him in a fight

He ended up accepting her offer because he couldn’t figure out what else to do or anyone else that would be able do it. Nemuri wouldn’t do a bad job, she’s has a lot of experience with children that have gone or going through traumatic experiences, so it shouldn’t turn out too bad.

Toshinori took the time to say goodbye and made his leave saying that he’ll see them tomorrow at work. As soon as he left, their normal routine went underway with only one foreseen blunder. Toshinori was right about the sugar crash happening.

At the beginning, Shinsou was a bottle of energy and was constantly moving. Hizashi offered to have him help in the kitchen when Shinsou started to hover by the entrance. Shinsou jumped at the chance to help and quickly got started. Aizawa has never heard Shinsou talk as much as he did when they were chattering while they cooked.

He had a bath earlier and was excitedly talking about the new bath bomb that he had used that arrived earlier. Their conversation was changing at such a rapid pace that he had a hard time keeping up with the two of them and decided to do some paperwork.

The crash finally happened in halfway through dinner. Aizawa could see the energy slowly drain out of him until he had his head resting on the table. They ended up helping him stumble into his own bed for the night.

The following morning went as well as they had expected. He had to get Shinsou out from his room this time, but more because he was still sleeping than him waiting for him to be retrieved like earlier in the week.

Just as he put the dishes from breakfast into the sink the front door slammed open. He jumped startled when he heard a crash coming from the dining room. Looking over he saw Shinsou standing at the table with the chair on the floor behind him and his eyes glued to the front door.

“I’m here and I brought presents!”

“Nemuri, how did you even get in here?” He sighed as he dried off his hands. He checked the clock and saw she arrived later than their agreed upon time.

“I got a key from Hizashi a long time ago for emergencies.” Nemuri said as she shut the door behind her. Her arms were laden with bags that she quickly set on the table. The small wave that she gave Shinsou broke him out of his stupor.

Shinsou’s eyed her wearily, eyebrows furrowing the longer he looked at her. Nemuri’s smile never wavered once during the inspection. Aizawa can see the recognition flashed across his face after a couple of moments.

He didn’t blame Shinsou taking that long to connect Nemuri to Midnight. She was dressed casually, leggings and a long sweater, her hair was down and had her wire rimmed glasses on. She didn’t look that similar to her hero persona outside of hero work, which is what she wanted.


“You.” Shinsou pointed out blandly.

“Me!” Nemuri chirped her smile broadening.

“You’re Witching Hour.”

“Yes, well Midnight, but you can call me Nemuri.” She pulled out a box from one of the bags and handed it to Shinsou. “Peace offering”

Shinsou looked at the black box in front of him skeptically. He pulled it closer and gave him a glance in his direction before focusing back on the box in front of him when he nodded.

“What’s going on?” Hizashi asked as he entered the room and saw them huddled around the table. Shinsou’s eyes lit up as he opened the box and let out a happy hum. “What do you have there?”

“A knife.” Shinsou said as he pulled out a black pocket knife out from the box. He turned it over in his hands before flipping it open and closed repeatedly. It wasn’t a large knife, barely larger than his palm, but more than what they wanted him to have.


“No!” Hizashi squawked. He turned on his heel and he sent set Nemuri a frantic look. “Please tell me you did not just get him a knife.”

“I did. I heard Toshinori was going to be a hard act to follow and I need to cement my position as the cool one.”

“But why a knife?”

“He likes knives,” Nemuri shrugged nonchalantly.

“Shinsou.” Aizawa said drawing the kids attention. “Give me the knife.”

“You are going to have to pry this out of my dead hands if you want it Effacer.”

Aizawa raised his eyebrow as Shinsou pulled the knife to his chest and gave him a hard glare. He knew that the question could have turned out a couple of ways, but he was still slightly surprised at how fast Shinsou became defensive over it. He would have liked to take the knife away, but at this point it would cause more of a fight then he was willing to

“Fine, but it has to stay in the apartment okay? It can’t leave the premises.”

“Deal.” Shinsou agreed quickly, grip tightening on the handle.

“You guys should probably be leaving now.” Nemuri butted in. “Or you’re going to be late. Tenya said that you were late for class yesterday and half the class was ready to plan a rescue party.That’s very unlike you Shouta.”

“I just got tied up for a bit. The students overreacted,I was only late by two minutes.”


“Nemuri.” Aizawa sighed running his hands down his face. She let out a laugh and patted his shoulder as she shoved his bag into his hands.

“Wait. I need to go over a couple of things before I leave.”

“Shouta, I’ve more experience with kids than you. You can trust me, get goin’ before your other kids worry about you.”

Hizashi let out a loud laugh at his startled look and he hooked his arm around his and pulled him out. Nemuri’s cheerful voice wishing them a good day was the last thing he’s heard before the door shut behind him.



27 was more puzzled about her than he was with Toshinori. He couldn’t figure out what her game was. Toshinori was easy, he gave him cookies in exchange for protection, but with her he has no idea what she wants.

She had given him a knife despite the fact that Mic and Eraser had hidden all the knives in the house from him. Well, all the knives besides the one he has hidden in his sleeve and the other that was under his mattress. Ultimately, he would like to have a weapon in each room of the apartment for safety reasons, and with this addition he’s one step closer.

He likes the knife she gave him. It’s well balanced, sharp enough to draw blood if he lightly presses his finger against the blade, and had a comfortable grip. It was one the best knives he’s ever had. He’s more than grateful that Eraser allowed him to keep it, he saw how reluctant he was, but happy he stood his ground with it. But why did she give him such a good knife?

Does she trust him with it or is she confident in her abilities to take him down if she needs to? Is she testing to see what he would do with a knife? To test his reaction? Or is she arming him for something.

His blood ran cold when he came to a sudden conclusion, she was his new trainer. It would explain all the leather bags she brought with her. Today going to be his first day of weapon training. She’s experienced enough to be his trainer but she seems like she’d be merciless and he was not prepared for that. He doesn’t want to have to learn how to navigate around a new trainer, and he didn’t want to imagine what her punishments would be.

“Well, I brought some things we can do if you want.” Midnight said as she started to shuffle through on of the bags. He gripped the end of his sleeves as he watched her. What weapon is she going to make him learn? He’s already proficient at knives, throwing or otherwise. Maybe a staff? He always wanted to learn that. He just hopes he doesn’t have to learn how to use the whip she uses.

“I thought we could create something today so I brought some art supplies. I have some paints, colored pencils, and charcoal. If you get bored of this or don’t feel like doing it, I also brought a couple of movies.”

“That’s a lot,” he murmured trying to keep the shock he felt out of his voice. He was slightly surprised she didn’t pull out nunchucks or gun but started pulling out supplies that were slowly being stacked on the table.

“I do teach art at UA, so I have a lot of art supplies around the apartment. I didn’t know which medium you would prefer so I brought some options.”

“I don’t know how to do any of this.” He said picking up a paint bottle to inspect it.

“That’s the best thing about art is that you don’t have to know how to do any of this to create something,” She explained setting a sketchbook in front of him.

Pulling the notebook in front of him, he opened it and turned it to the first blank page as she talked about the endless possibilities a blank page holds. This situation only further confirms that he really doesn’t understand her at all. First the knife and now this.

What does art have to do with anything? It’s not applicable for anything necessary. You can’t use it in a fight, it can’t save your or anyone else’s life. It’s not a rational skill to have for someone like her or anyone that she’s teaching it to. The only case in which he could think that it would be important if it’s necessary for someone’s quirk, which doesn’t apply to either of theirs.

“What’s the point of this?” He finally caved and asked when she handed him a paint brush after she finished setting up a plate full of different colored paints.

“To relax and just have some fun with it.” she answered as she started to work on her own clean sheet of paper. “I always find useful to keep art around. It’s helps me to wind down after a long day. I’ve also noticed it has helped a lot of the kids I worked with in the past, so thought it could be a good activity we could do together.”

He gave her a confused nod before he focused on the paper in front of him. He didn’t find it necessarily calming to be spreading paint around on a page but it seemed to make her happy.

Maybe he can keep the notebook? It wouldn't be used as she probably wants or expected it to be, but it would be useful. He snooped around the desk that was in his room yesterday, but it didn’t have any paper to write on for his reports.

“Can I keep the notebook? I really like doing this.” He lied after a couple of minutes of mindlessly swirling paint on the paper.

“Of course! You can have all of this is you want.”

His gut clenched at the sight at the excitement on her face. He tried to shove the guilt away as she started to talk about different types of paints he could look into.

Guilt ate at him throughout the day. He tried to pay attention to what she was saying and what they were doing but his mind kept wandering to his report he’s had to make tonight.

The weekly report was due, and he still had very little useful information. He knew that Eraser taught hero course and that Mic taught English, but it was probably not any new information. Their job schedules were also still a mystery to him. Neither of them had gone to do hero work as far as he has noticed nor have talked about it around him. They go to UA to teach and come back as soon as it was over, he hasn’t even seen Mic go to the radio show he runs.

The only useful information he has is with Toshinori and he doesn’t know if he wants to give it to them. He doesn’t want to know who Miasma would give the information to and what would happen to Toshinori. People become desperate with All Might information, no matter how small it is. They could take him and use him as hostage, or try and pry information about All Might out of him. He doesn’t want that to happen to the frail man but he has no other choice. Maybe if he had something else to give them, he wouldn’t say anything but he has nothing.

27 let out of a breath of relief when he heard the front door open. Midnight has been trying to get him to eat for the past hour but he felt too nauseous to try and eat anything. As soon as he heard Mic yell out a greeting, he scooped up his notebook while thanking Midnight and went to his room as quickly as possible.

Even after making the note, the pressure on his shoulders didn’t leave. He took a sock and ripped it and tied it around the pen he had used. After prying open the window he tossed the pen out of the window and into the alley. He thought his nerves would disappear once the deed was done, but it was persistent. He crumpled up the piece of notepaper he used and decided to flush it down the toilet. While he’s at it, maybe a bath would help him ease him.

Chapter Text

27 always heard that Mondays were supposed to be the worst day of the week. He’s never fully understood the concept until now.

After Midnight left the apartment on Friday, Eraser told him that he’ll be going with them to their work on Monday. At first he found the prospect of going to UA a relief. Not only would it get him out of the apartment, he’d be able to stay within earshot of Eraser. Being with him for the majority of the day would make getting information for Miasma easier. The excitement dwindled away and dread started to replace it on Saturday when he realized who he would meet at UA.

Interacting with the students wouldn’t be an issue for him. After the initial confrontation that is bound to happen when the students who recognize him, they should all forget about him sooner or later. If he can keep his head down and become as part as the background as possible, they’d leave him alone. What made him dread coming on Monday was realizing that Toshinori works there. He was going to see Toshinori frequently if his schedule was anywhere similar to Erasers or Mics. He’d have to see the person he put on Miasma’s radar every day.

He already felt the guilt start to eat at him as soon as he wrote the letter and it has only grown stronger since. Initially he thought the feeling was because he was nervous that Miasma wouldn’t be able to find the pen, that they would say he never made a report. However, when he looked out the window the following morning, the pen was no longer laying there in the dirty alley. Despite knowing that Miasma more than likely retrieved the pen, the feeling stayed.

Throughout the weekend he started to feel worse about what he did, no matter how hard he tried to reason with himself that it was for the best, it wouldn’t go away. He felt like an exposed nerve, any sound set him on high alert. He doesn’t know what he expected to happen. Maybe Miasma barging into the apartment saying that what he gave wasn’t enough and just get rid of him or Toshinori himself to storming in and accuse him of betrayal.

The smell or the sight of food turned his stomach and he was unable to keep anything down for long. Eraser seemed to pick up on it after a couple of meals. He didn’t seem to concern that he was only eating a couple of bites of food at first, then he saw the concern grow on his face as the pattern didn’t stop. He started to taste test every item of food that was on the plate, not just one item like he’d used to do. When that didn’t work, Eraser offered to let him eat some cookies in exchange of the meal he prepared. He was able to take one bite before he remembered who he made them with. It quickly turned into ash in his mouth and he quickly excused himself from the room.

He couldn’t get his mind to stop replying what he’s done and the potential consequences of his actions. Toshinori started to haunt his dreams when he could sleep. Asking why he did it, if it was worth it, begging for his life.

The last time he slept was when he was taking a nap Saturday evening and dreamt that Toshinori was in front of him in the red room asking him why. He tried to explain, but Toshinori’s whispered why’s continued to grow in volume until he was screaming at him. He felt the spit spray his face as he got yelled at by the slowly approaching man. He woke up in cold sweat when Bug started to laugh in the background and maggots started to crawl over Toshinori’s already bony arms as he reached out to him in blood covered hands.

Avoiding sleep after that was simple. Eraser and Mic seemed to be fine with him sitting in his room for as long as he liked. He learned that they wouldn’t bother him unless it was for food or if he looked like he was already preoccupied. If he was just sitting thinking, Mic would start encouraging him to talk to him about what he was pondering, which he quickly turned down. Thereafter, any time they did check on him, he’d pretend he was sleeping and they would leave. During the day, he would take the notepad and colored pencils that Midnight had given him and let himself mindlessly draw.

He could tell they tried their hardest to include him with stuff they were doing. Asking if he’d want to watch a movie with them, if he wanted to help cook, if he would like to draw on the table while they graded papers. He turned every invite down,it was becoming too much effort to keep up with them and settled to keep by himself to try and reign his thoughts in.

Sunday came and went uneventful. Mic finally went to the station for work and him and Eraser listened to his show while they ate dinner. And then it was Monday. Mondays were normally just another day in the week for him. But this one? He wished it never came.

27 felt his pulse race as he stood in front of the UA entrance next to Mic and Eraser. Mic was chattering excitedly about a lesson he had for his students, something about translating an English song while Eraser merely hummed in acknowledgement.

“Let’s go over it one more time.” Eraser said shooting him a look from the corner of his eye. “You’re going to stay with me. If you need something, let me know and I’ll help as best as I can. However, if it can wait, make sure you ask during an appropriate time, I do still need to teach.”


He resisted sending back a glare as Eraser relied what his orders were again but merely nodded.Eraser had already told him the plans for his attendance at UA six times, he would have been offended, if not for the fact it looked to be more for Eraser’s benefit than his.

He knew his job, it was the only thing that he was confident about today. He’s going to shadow him, like he’s done with some of his past clients, a simple protection detail. Keep quiet, stay to the sides, be the buffer, and not be a inconvenience.

Eraser seemed satisfied with his response and they entered the building. They soon parted ways with Mic as he went to go to a meeting with the head of departments, and he was left alone with Eraser.

27 tried to do his job as best he could like any other client but Eraser simultaneously made it easier and harder. Eraser would walk right down the center of the hall. It was impressive that the students parted like the red sea as Eraser walked, but it also caused some issues. It made it easier to for him to spot it, but it also made it easier for any enemies to spot him. It also left him wide opened and it made it difficult to provide adequate protection when there were multiple angles an attacker can attack from.

It also didn’t help the fact that when they avoided him, it left not only Eraser exposed but it also left him exposed. It ruined his cover and his plan to go by unnoticed. He wasn’t blending into the shadows like he wanted, but seemed like he had a giant neon sign pointing directly at him. , He felt the hair on the back of his neck raise as he felt multiple sets of eyes on him that only seemed to grow as he went. With the amount of whispering that they had left in their wake, at this rate the whole school knows he was there.

“You ready?”

27 gave him the most exasperated look he could manage. Eraser raised an eyebrow back at him, his hand still holding the door handle.

He had half a mind that Eraser was making his job harder on purpose. Not only did he leave his back exposed to the hall, which he quickly blocked, but he kept asking if he was ready and alerting the people inside the room of their presence. He had already said yes when he ask him if he was ready to meet his homeroom class down the hall, a few minutes weren’t going to change that.

Just as he was going to open the door himself, Eraser stopped looking him over and opened the door with little flourish.

“Everyone sit down.” Eraser ordered as he entered the room. He strode confidently in, ignoring the the confused looks his way as he set down his work bag. Eraser was digging around in said bag as he addressed him. “You can sit in the empty seat over there.”

27 nodded and went to the free chair that Eraser indicated with a jerk of his head. He felt the once relaxed atmosphere shift to something more intense as he went to the free desk. Resisting his training, he kept his head low, avoiding looking at the sure to be inquisitive looks that was sure to be sent his way.

The whole room was still, it was quiet enough he was sure you could hear a pin drop. He bit his tongue as he resisted looking up once he sat down, all his senses screaming at him to see who’s around him. Literally and figuratively he needed to keep his head down, he was sure if he made eye contact with one of the students, he would learn to regret it.

He didn’t want to compare his situation to a lamb inside a lion's den, but that's what it felt like. He was confident in the training he has received but they have all received training also. If they decided to all do something at once, he would undoubtedly lose. He was used to fighting smaller groups and one on one, but this class wasn’t just larger, they all must have strong quirks to make it into the hero course. No amount of training would prepare him to fight nineteen kids with strong physical quirks.

“All right, so for today’s lesson-”

“Sensei!” a voice yelled out from across the classroom. “Who’s that?”

The feeling of eyes on him seemed to triple at the question. He wanted to look up at Eraser but the heard the kid in front of him turn in his seat to look at him, so he settled at looking out the window that was next to him.

“Is that really how you want to spend your time Ashido?” Eraser sighed. “It’s unimportant right now.”

Multiple started to shout out at once. He was silently grateful that that the people closest to him had remained quiet, he doesn’t know if he would be able to handle someone yelling that close to him.

The lack of sleep and food quickly caught up with him as the rush from the morning left his body. His head was pounding from lack of sleep and his hands shook slightly, which he covered by pulling his sleeves to cover them.

“Sensei perhaps it’s wise to introduce him? I’m sure everyone would calm down once he’s been introduced.”

27 couldn’t resist the urge to look over when he recognized the voice. Iida was standing up at his desk two seats away. He looked better than he last saw him, no longer sounding as nasally as he last had and his nose and cheeks were no longer flushed. He furrowed his eyebrows as he watched Iida fix his glasses on his face and started to talk about the importance of knowing every student in the class. He couldn't help but seem slightly shocked that Iida was still there, he must be stronger than he initially thought.

“Fine, only if you get to work as soon as introductions done.” Eraser said duly which he earned him a few reluctant agreements.

Just as Eraser turned to look at him, he was interrupted by the door slamming open and a shout of someone announcing themselves.


27 couldn’t help but freeze in his seat and stare wide eyed at the number one hero as he waved to the classroom. He was just as intimidating as he remembered, he was so tall he was leaning over Eraser and had a massive frame to match, but no longer had his face in a determined scowl but his iconic smile. Eraser looked like a toothpick next to All Might but still glared him down.

“All Might,” Eraser grumbled roughly. “What are you doing here?”

“I-uh..” All Might said, his face reddening as he looked away from the glare. “I need you.”

27 jumped in his seat when the pink girl across the classroom let out a sharp ‘I knew it!’ and then started cooing in the silent classroom before quickly covering her mouth with a eep when Eraser turned his glare onto her.

“You need me?”

“Well, I need your quirk.” All Might rubbed the back of his neck nervously and gave Eraser a slanted smile. “I was covering for homeroom for the Gen 2 kids. I thought it would be a great opportunity to have them try a hero course activity.”

“And?” Eraser prompted when All Might voice trailed off and remained silent.

“Well, one of the students kinda lost control of their quirk and they got stuck. We were hoping if you used erasure on them, it would unstick them.”

Eraser pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a long exhale before nodding. “Alright, everyone while I’m dealing with this, do some homework or something until I get back. Iida is in charge.”

27 got to his feet to follow, but Eraser raised his hand and told him to wait here, that he’d be right back. He wishes he ignored the ordered and followed, so he didn’t have nineteen pairs of eyes trained on him as soon as the door closed.

They all seemed to think he’ll say something if they stared long and hard at him enough. They could do it as long as they like, that tactic never worked on him, he’s fine with with the silence. Even if it was a waiting game, he could out wait them. If he didn’t say anything, hopefully they wouldn’t either. He only had to out wait until Eraser came back, after that he’ll be in the clear.

Leaning back in his seat while keeping his face as blank as he could he turned to look back out the window.

“I can’t take it anymore!” a voice said dramatically somewhere in front of him. “Aizawa was going to introduce you, but since he’s gone, why don’t you do it?”

He was set in ignoring her, but multiple voices started to join in with hers. The increasing volume reminded him of the headache that was slowly forming into a migraine.

“Alright.” he sighed turning his head back to address the class. “Im twe- Shinsou Hitoshi.”

Shivers went down his spine as the room suddenly became quiet as they started to analyze him. He saw multiple eyebrows furrow as they looked him over and tried to connect the face to the name.

He himself recognized a couple of the students from his previous job. Both girls that he had interacted with were squinting at him from across the room, and the red haired boy was giving him a big smile from where he sat a couple of seats down. He did feel sweat drip down his back when he noticed the green idiot who tried to take on the Nomu was sitting in front of him as he started to mumble, while the guy who landed at hit on him was sitting behind him with eyes narrowed dangerously.

“What’s your quirk?” A waving uniform said in one of the front seats.

He couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows as he saw her. Invisibility wasn’t an extremely rare quirk, but normally is only activated for a couple of minutes tops. He knew one person who could remain invisible as long as he held his breath, but she looked to be continuously invisible. Just as he thought that her quirk would make a great Number, he quickly shook it out of his brain.

“It’s above your pay grade.”



“I’m not going to give away that information for free.” He shrugged. If it was in his power, he would prevent them from ever learning, but if he was going to spend a lot of time with them, he knew it would slip sooner or later. It doesn’t mean he wasn’t going to make them work for it.

“What if we tell you our names and quirks? Then it’d be even.” The pink girl shouted. Before he could agree or disagree, people started to introduce themselves and their quirk at a rapid pace.

He tried to remember them all, quickly filing away the information for later. He knew the Miasma didn’t have this information. If they did have it,they would have sold it to The League of Villains and perhaps their last mission would have turned out better.

Just as the last person reluctantly grumbled out their name and quirk they all looked at him expectantly. “I never agreed that I’d tell you my quirk.”

The collective groan in response was almost worth being here alone. Almost.

“Hey Iida?” The green haired kid in front of him asked. Midoriya if he remembers correctly. “Is this the guy that beat you in hand to hand?”

“N-No! What makes you think that?” Iida spluttered out while waving an arm. 27 clasped his hands together tightly to stop himself from face palming at the blatant lie.

“Well, you said you were with your brother at his friend’s house when it happened. You’re brother is a pro hero, so the odds are high that it was another pro hero. You said he was our age and I can’t imagine anyone not in a hero course beating you.” Midoriya rambled. He leaned forward onto his desk and made eye contact. 27 straightened his back as the Izuku started to really look him over. “Is that why you’re here? Did Aizawa transfer you to UA to be in the Hero course?”


“Sure.” He replied instantly. He doesn’t know what Eraser wanted him to tell his students why he was here, they never covered his cover story fully. But this one didn’t seem like a bad one to go with.

“I know you from somewhere.” The blonde haired kid in front of him said. His eyes were pinpoints as he glared at him.

“No you don’t.” he replied. He couldn't help but feel slightly smug as the kid seemed to grow more frustrated.

“Fuck yes I do.”

“Sure you do Combustible.” He said rolling his eyes.

“What the fuck did you call me?” Bakugou growled dangerously, small explosions were let out as he slammed his hands onto Midoriya’s desk as he stood up.

“Maybe you should calm down Blasty, it’s not cool to scare the new guy.” a voice said calmly.

“Blasty?” 27 couldn't stop the smirk that started to form on his face as the blond seemed to visibly simmer at the name. He knew he shouldn’t push it, especially with this guy landing a hit on him the last time they met, but this was too easy. “Fulmination, why didn’t you tell me your name was already so interesting?”

He pulled the neck of his sweater over his to cover his mouth to try to hide his expression better, which he immediately regretted when recognition flashed in Bakugou’s eyes. His old mask did leave half of his face exposed so he knew they’d would recognize him sooner or later, but he was hoping for later. It unwittingly pushed it too far by mimicking his mask with jacket.

One moment Bakugou was in his seat and the next he was reaching for him with his right hand. 27 gripped the wrist and twisted it away from him, letting the oncoming explosion onto his desk and not his face. The other hand came and grabbed at his shirt. Just as he felt the heat bubble up, he hooked his right arm and pressed it against the inside of Bakugou’s elbow then slid his arm underneath, dislodging the hand as he yanked the arm to the side. He slid out the knife that he kept in his sleeve and held it against the wrist that he now holding against the table. When Bakugou went to counter, he pressed the knife harder letting it draw up a small line of blood.

“Don’t move Boom Baby. I can cut off your hand before you even lay a finger on me.” 27 growled out when he felt the hand in his twitch. He was slightly lying, he’d be able to do severe damage, but knife isn't sharp enough to cut it off. He was hoping that the importance of the use of his hands for his quirk would be what stops Bakugou from calling his bluff. “I don’t care if I hurt you, consequences mean shit to me. Nothing they or you could do would ruin me. You however? If you hurt me, in front of an audience this large, it would be a completely different story. Potential hero attacks new student in homeroom class out of anger would be a wonderful title for the school paper, maybe even the actual press. What would that say about your chances of becoming a hero? Do you think that the top hero school would keep you after that? I could land on my feet no matter how this turns out, but what about you?”

The class was silent as they stared at each other. 27 can hear Bakugou grind his teeth as he glared at him, his lips curled back in a snarl.

It was a matter of pride at this point. He was at an uncomfortable crouch, hovering over his seat, as he held onto Bakugou. However, he wasn’t going to let go. He wasn’t going to be the first to cave in this small standoff. He doesn’t know what he’s waiting for Bakugou to do but he can wait.

“You were at USJ.” Bakugou snapped at him,breaking the silence.

“Yes I was.” He said dryly.. He heard a couple of sounds of recognition from the class, but most of them was covered by people yelling for explanations of what Bakugou was talking about.

“He’s the one that did something to shitty hair and round face.”

“Don’t forget to mention yourself Detonation. This is what this is all about right? Can’t admit that you lost to me the last time we met? Is that what made you decide to do a on the spot rematch.”

Bakugou growled at him as the class started to erupt around them, yelling and shouting echoing around. He could make out some trying to reason with him to let go of the blond, some asking why there was a villain in the classroom, while some were yelling out how they now recognized him and started to recall some events to the people surrounding them.

“What the hell is going on here?”

He could hear his heartbeat in his ears as he heard the anger coloring Erasers voice. The room abruptly went quiet, but he still didn’t look away from the red eyes in front of him to see what’s going on. He was slightly concerned that his bluff wouldn’t work, and if he looked away, the last thing he’d see were those red eyes. He was relieved that Eraser was back, no longer have to make his own cover story even though it got ruined, no longer without direction on what to do. He could live with whatever consequences Eraser gives him for his actions as long as he could get him out of this situation.

27 kept his eyes on the now red faces Bakugou as he heard Iida quickly gave shorthand version of the what happened to Eraser.

“I leave for fifteen minutes.” Eraser mumbled from the front of the classroom. “Shinsou, didn’t we agree to keep the knife at home?”

“We did.” he replied dryly, keeping his grip tight.

“Then why did you bring it here?”

“I did leave that knife at the apartment. This is a different one.”

“Where did you get that one?”

“The box of knives.”

Shinsou heard the Midoriya mutter if all underground heroes have boxes of knives laying around and if it was a requirement, he then started to wonder why they’ve never seen Eraser use a knife.

“We’ll talk more about this later,” Eraser proposed when Bakugou’s hands started to spark up in irritation. “Let him go.”

He pulled the knife back before Eraser even finished his sentence. Bakugou snatched his hand back and looked like he was about to say something, but was quickly cut off by Eraser.

“Shinsou give me the knife and since All Might owes me, you can stay with him for a couple of minutes while I explain.”

Only at the mention of his name, did 27 notice All Might standing in the doorway. He odd combination of emotions running across his face. He looked slightly shocked, nervous, and confused before it was replaced with his signature smile when he saw him looking. He gave him that same smile after he handed Eraser the knife and followed All Might into the hallway.

This was his chance to make it big with Miasma, solidify his spot as a Number, no longer be useless, no longer have to worry about what happens next. If he could get the smallest bit of information on this guy, directly from the source, he could be safe.

“So Entire Maybe,” 27 said as soon as the door closed.

“Oh! Is this your names? Mic told me about that. But might is more like power or strength or force!” All Might boomed as he flexed one of his arms. 27 felt his body vibrate at the power behind his voice. He wouldn’t doubt that it echoed across the campus.

“Sure thing Completely Perchance, but I was wondering.”


The words suddenly died on his tongue as he looked up at the smiling hero. He couldn’t do it. He knew All Might would probably survive anything that any of the Miasma’s clients may throw at him, but he couldn’t help but have images of the Nomu pop into his head.

It was surprisingly a close call for the hero, the Nomu had almost defeated him. Sure All Might ended up defeating him, but the monster could be improved upon. The League of Villains saw first hand and know the potential of those things. They did make them after all and who’s to say they have stopped making them? Their next batch would be stronger than the last. If it was stronger, it could actually accomplish what the other didn't, kill All Might.

Having the guilt of telling Miasma about Toshinori was still slowly wearing him down, he doesn’t think he can take on more for today. He knows the potential information he gets from All Might could be worth a lot, but it wouldn't change Toshinori’s position. He’d still be in the same predicament. All Might’s information would be worth a lot more than Toshinori’s and It would be cheaper for clients to take what they want from Toshinori than buy Miasma’s information on All Might.

Miasma probably already let it known they have some information about All Might, so they couldn’t take back what they know about Toshinori or risk their credibility. No matter what, he screwed Toshinori over. He hasn’t been able to handle the guilt with Toshinori, he doesn't think he can handle handing in over All Might also.

“Never mind.” He mumbled out, shifting his weight from one foot to another as All Might’s grin seemed to grow.

“All right, why don’t I take you to the teachers lounge? I have to go back to teaching, but I can drop you off along the way.”


“Hm, I think someone is in there right now. I can’t remember who, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind watching you until Eraserhead is done. Maybe you can find something fun to do while you wait.”

“Lets hope.” he mumbled sarcastically as he followed the towering hero down the hall.

Chapter Text

Aizawa waited until the door closed and heard the sound of retreating footsteps before he turned to addressed his class.

He didn’t have anything really planned on what to tell them; he was kind of hoping that a small introduction would have sufficed, but that plan went down the toilet with this incident.

It turned out that his quirk didn’t help the student from getting unstuck from the ceiling, so he stayed to make sure they made it down okay. Well, he mostly stayed to make sure that Toshinori doesn't accidentally rip an arm off when he pries them off the ceiling. He didn't regret coming when he ended up catching them with his capture scarf when they suddenly popped off from the ceiling with no warning. Getting the student free took longer than he wanted, but also thought fifteen minutes wouldn't have been too much of an issue. He was obviously wrong.

Walking into the room in such disarray wasn’t what he had imagined. At most, he thought they would all be pestering a reluctant Shinsou for answers but at least being reigned in by Iida. He didn’t expect to hear the alarmed shouts from down the hall that made him rush back to the classroom with Toshinori hot on his heels.

Chairs were pushed back and on the floor, students on their feet shouting all kinds of stuff, some sitting in their chairs with wide eyes, while Iida yelled as he tried to gain some semblance of control.

It was almost like the students had created a circle around the classroom and in the center of the storm was Bakugou and Shinsou. He should have known that Bakugou’s more brash personality would have clashed with Shinsou’s but he didn’t think it would have happened so soon or this large of a confrontation.

Shinsou’s face was as blank as when he last saw him at the police station. He looked like it was natural to be pressing a large steak knife against the wrist he had pinned down.

Bakugou had a snarl on his face as he made eye contact with the carefully empty eyes. Aizawa noticed the stance Bakugou had slowly shifted into and decided to quickly end the standoff before he could try to execute a move to free himself.

With the look on Shinsou’s face, he doesn't doubt that Shinsou would severely injure him if he felt threatened enough. He cant have any more injuries happen on his watch, let alone com from his ward.

“Sensei, can you explain now?” Yaoyorozu asked hesitantly from the back of the room, breaking the uneasy silence that had settled amongst the class and bringing him back to the present.

Aizawa dragged his eyes away from the door and looked at the scowling Bakugou. Bakugou was sitting slouched in his seat rubbing the newly freed wrists and looked like he was trying hard not to snap at the softly muttering Midoriya behind him.

“Bakugou,” Aizawa said ignoring the question and gaining said students attention. “Do you need to go see Recovery Girl?”

“Like that twig could have hurt me.” Bakugou sneered.

“I think he did.” Sero pointed out.

“Like hell he did! I’m fine.” Bakugou turned and growled at Sero. He held up his red wrists showing it off mockingly at the other student, turning it slowly side to side as if he was modeling for a bracelet. ”It’s nothing but a tiny ass scratch. My neighbors cat can do better than this.”

“It looks fine,” Aizawa mumbled as he observed the wrist and breaking any retort from any of the other students. It did look fine, at least from what he can see from where he was standing. “But go get it check with Recovery Girl after this.”

Bakugou let out a grunt of agreement and then sat forward with his arms crossed over his chest. “After you explain why there’s a fucking villain on campus?”

“Yes after that.” Aizawa replied dryly. He let his eyes roam over the surprisingly attentive students. “He’s under my surveillance until some matters have been settled. I’m not allowed to go into much detail concerning the matter because of this case.”

“What do you mean by that?” Uraraka shouted with her arm raised in the air.

“Is it because he was with villains or because he is one? It doesn’t make sense for UA to be watching over a villain. But maybe it does.” Midoriya started to mumble as the class started to get louder as they started to ask their own questions. “I mean, how else would they get reliable information about The League other than straight from one of its members?”


“Everyone calm down. There are some things I can address, I just can’t give any explicit information for his safety and yours.” He said once the class went silent when they realized he wasn’t going to try and talk over them. “First of all, he’s not under UA’s protection but mine. UA has very little to do with this as of now. He wasn’t officially apart of The League so you don’t have to worry about that. He was put in the situation at USJ under certain circumstances that he couldn’t control.”

“Bullshit.” Bakugou mumbled underneath his breath.

“He’s going to be shadowing me so to speak, while everything gets settled.” Aizawa continued ignoring the glare he was receiving. “I’ll be discussing with him about this later to make sure this won't happen again. He won’t bother you as long as you don’t bother him.”


He received a couple of nods but most of the class didn't look convinced. They started to mutter amongst themselves as they went over what he had said. He let them talk about it for the little time that remained in the class, hopefully it would somewhat ease their nerves if they knew they weren’t alone.

There wasn’t much that he could to reassure them and he did the best he could with the amount of information that he could share with them. He did answer some questions when they were shot his way, most of it was him reassuring that he wouldn’t have let Shinsou into the room if he thought he would go out of his way to attack them.

He truly didn’t think Shinsou would go out of his way to attack them with serious intent to harm. The only times he can think were Shinsou had attacked first was when he was ordered too, when he thought there was an intruder in the apartment, or in this case, if felt that he was being threatened.

As soon as class was over he went to teachers lounge, knowing that's where Toshinori more than likely deposited him. And he was right, as soon as he opened the door he was greeted by the familiar shock of purple hair.

Shinsou was sat draped across the couch in the corner of the room and obviously resisting sleep. Even with the sluggish movements, his eyes were quick as they darted from looking across the room and towards him.

Toshinori was sitting at his desk and gave him a wave before going back to what he was doing. Next to him was Ectoplasm who seemed to be intently studying Shinsou. He didn’t even pretend to be grading the paperwork that was in front of him as he stared. His body was turned half way in his seat as he looked at the lounging teen who let out a huge yawn and made a show of getting into a more comfortable position on the couch.

“Is everything okay in here?” Aizawa asked as he watched the one sided stare down.

“Why are you so interested in the file cabinets?” Ectoplasm questioned Shinsou, completely ignoring him.

Shinsou rolled his head to look back at him and gave him a couple of slow blinks before shrugging.

“You keep looking at them.” Ectoplasm pointed out as he leaned forward to rest his elbows against his legs. “You kept looking at them when you thought we were both busy with work. As soon as I made it more obvious I was watching, you tried to play it off as if you were looking at the clock.”

Shinsou tilted his head to the side and furrowed his eyebrows at the accusation. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. What use would I need a filing cabinet for? I don’t have any papers to put in it.”

“I’m on to you. I don’t know what I’m onto yet but I’m onto you.”

Aizawa felt his like he was watching a tennis game the whole time as they continued to banter. Shinsou remained in his relaxed position on the couch despite the intense look and words he was receiving from Ectoplasm. Toshinori didn't so much as look up from his paperwork during the whole conversation, so it probably has been going on for a while if he didn’t so much flinch at the slowly rising voices. Once it seemed like Ectoplasm said what he wanted to,he waved a greeting to him and turned back to do his paperwork.

“Alright, since whatever that was seems to be over.” Aizawa said waving his hand between Ectoplasm and Shinsou, “Come on Shinsou, we got places to be.”

Shinsou got up and brought his hands above his head as he stretched out his arms causing his back to pop.. He told Toshinori goodbye and gave a squinted eye Ectoplasm a two finger salute as he followed him out of the lounge.

“I need to get something made clear.” He said gruffly when Shinsou caught up to him. The longer they walked the more Shinsou started to almost herd him to where he wanted him.

He didn’t mind getting pushed towards the side of the hall so they were no longer walking directly in the middle since it seemed to calm Shinsou but he would like to break the habit. He didn’t feel like he was walking with a ward or even a student, he felt like Shinsou was his bodyguard.

Any time someone walked their way, Shinsou would move so he would create a physical barrier between him and them. He didn’t actually mind it, it help prevent unwanted conversations, but it was the way Shinsou reacted when there were multiple people in the hall that concerned him. He could see the panic build up as more and more people showed and Shinsou didn't seem to know how to react. He needed to try to break this habit as subtle as possible but that was an issue that would take a while to solve.

“I need to talk to you about what happened in the class.” Aizawa continued. Shinsou’s step falter next to him before he regained his long stride. “I would like to issue no more weapons at school but i have a feeling that you would manage to bring them in anyways. You can have them as long as you don’t use it on a student or staff member.”

“What if they deserve it?” Shinsou replied once they were walking in silence for a couple of minutes.

“If they have intent to harm you then you may use it.”

“I’m not going to apologize.” Shinsou said suddenly as he connected the talk to the incident. “I’m sure fireworks back there was intending to do some harm.”

“I don’t expect you to apologize. This is just for future reference, unless there's a situation that has turned dire, the knives should not be used. We had a talk and they won’t be bothering you again like they did today.”

“Do they know about my quirk?” Shinsou asked softly

“No.” As soon as he said it, he saw Shinsou’s shoulders drop from his ears and let out a deep breath. “I think they were more focused on having a knife used against Bakugou than your quirk. They aren’t used to weapons being pulled out on them. The most they have worked with so far are other people’s quirks, their support equipment and my capture scarf. I don't think they expected to see someone bring a knife to a quirk fight.”

“They aren't trained against weapons.”

“Not yet, it is still early into the year. Right now we are more focused on gaining some quirk control and some basic hand to hand fighting. Once they are decent at sparing then we’ll introduce some things.”

Shinsou nodded and kept to his side as class got out for lunch and the halls quickly began to fill. He kept his pace slow as Shinsou seemed to hover around him, dead eyes glaring at anyone who seemed to get close.

“”I won’t put you into a situation where you need to fight them. Everyday will pretty much be like today. The only time you will be in contact with class 1A is during homeroom. When I teach hero training, you will be with Mic in his classes.”

Aizawa watched Shinsou gave him a nod but didn’t put up a fight with the scheduling and focused on what he was doing.

He didn’t want Shinsou to be with him during training for only a couple of reasons. He didn’t want to bring Shinsou into an area where there was going to be constant fighting, he didn’t want to see how it would affect him and didn’t want him to join in.

He would like to think it was for Shinsou’s benefit, but he couldn't help but be slightly relieved when Hizashi agreed to watch him when he trained the class. He doesn’t know if he could keep a proper eye on Shinsou during the activities but he also doesn't want to know how Shinsou would react. Shinsou has obviously gone through training,and it must have been brutal based on the scars he’s seen and the way he acts. It was selfish of him, but he doesn't want to know exactly how he was trained. He’d rather live in some ignorance on how hard the organization was on a kid.

Having Shinsou compare the training he received based on how the other kids were being trained might be too much for him right now. Maybe after he gets more adjusted, he’ll consider bringing him to future secessions, but right now he doesn't think it would go over smoothly.

“Alright let’s go see if we can find Mic.”


27 would say that he had a pretty successful week. Monday started off a bit like how he had expected with the confrontation but it turned out alright.

After getting ushered into the lounge, he saw where UA kept their past and present student records along with activities and events they have planned. There was the bit of the drawback that Ectoplasm saw him looking around and initially played it off as being curious of a new surrounding.

He should have known to let what he saw be good enough but pushed it too far. He couldn't help but watch Toshinori as he started filing papers for future reference. Ectoplasm noticed and wouldn’t let it go like a dog with a new bone. He only seemed to drop it for now when Eraser entered the room.

The rest of the day remained uneventful. He kept to himself and none of the students seemed too bothered by his presence. He didn't even have to see class 1A for the rest of the day and instead followed Present Mic around.

The days seemed to continue just like that. Even when he entered class 1A during homeroom on Tuesday, they didn't seem to pay him any mind. He received a wave from Iida and a glare from Bakugou. Midoriya tried to talk to him seeing as he didn't receive the hints that he didn't want to talk but turned back around in his seat when AIzawa started the lesson. The rest of the day remained uneventful as it did on Monday. Everyone didn’t seem to take note or mind his presence.

The teachers were a different story. Lunch Rush took one look at him and decided to try and feed him anytime they were in the same room. Midnight tried to get him to talk every second they met. Snipe nodded his head in his direction if they were passing by in the hall. Toshinori seemed to always disappear and he was glad that he didn't have to see him as much as he thought he would have. It all went fine, even if he has received a couple of inquisitive looks from Ectoplasm.

The rest of the week stayed the same and he couldn’t be any happier. Even Midoriya seemed to finally give up on having a conversation with him and opted to say a couple of words to him and by Friday it was just a hello.

What was really the icing on the cake, were the reports he was making. He was able to write information on all the students quirks. He didn’t even have to dig too far to get them, they were more than willingly provided it to him. Getting information on the teachers quirks happened just like with the students, even Ectoplasm told him how his quirk worked. By the end of the week, he had everyone that he had interacted with quirk’s in detail.

He started to make daily reports to keep up with the amount of information he was getting. He thought Miasma would have been happy with what he was provided. He thought they would have been thrilled. But he must of been wrong.

27 walked into his room after dinner and closed the door behind him. He bit down on his tongue hard to not let out a shout when a man suddenly appeared on the bed.

“Nice place ya got here brother.” The man said as he looked over at him with his moving eyes. He was stretched across the bed vertically so the top half was hanging off the edge while his bottom half kept him from sliding completely off.

“I’m not your brother 12.” He said as his heartbeat slowed down as he recognized him, but quickly picked up again when he realized the severity of the situation he was in. This was not good if Miasma had 12 in his room.

His Number was actually 127, but he was nicknamed 12 because it was faster to say. The Number was clear for use since 12 died long before their time, only 10 remembering them. But because of his actual number, he had the strange idea to call him brother since they shared 27 in their number and it could never been father from the truth. If he had a choice, he’d rather have nothing to do with 127.

127 had the physical appearance of a chameleon, even had the perk of being able to climb up walls, but his appearance wasn’t the only aspect of his quirk. Within twelve foot radius, he can choose if an object would be visible or invisible and to be seen by who. He could make an item appear to one person but invisible to another person and the item also wouldn’t be detected on the camera if he didn’t want to. The only downside to the quirk was that he couldn’t hide sounds.

To make up for the drawbacks, he quickly learned how to become quiet on his feet and became practically undetectable. This is what caused him to quickly raise ranks amongst the Numbers and become the second most valuable Number after 10.

127 was an all rounder. He was an excellent thief, items would disappear in a blink of the eye, but he was also made a great assassin. He could merely walk up to the target undetected and kill him with no one none the wiser. One minute the guy would be standing and the next he’s on the floor. When his efficiency became higher so did his demand. His schedule was always filled with jobs to do spy work or to act as a hitman.

He rapidly became too valuable for miasma to send out on any dangerous missions without backup. Now a days he was mostly be used directly by the Miasma, but when he did get rented out, it would be for extremely large prices and also be accompanied by his partner.

His partner was 148, but he acted more like a guard than a partner. 148 was a large man and had a mutation quirk called Komodo Dragon and it was just as it implied. He was able to scent out enemies from miles away and would be able to pick up trails on their target.

The target could have touched something forty hours ago and he’d still be able to smell that they had touched it. 148’s sole job was to make sure that Miasma’s most valuable and proficient offensive Number was safe and provide support.

127 laughed bringing back into the present. He placing his hands on the ground and rolled his feet over his head until it hit the ground. He stood up and brushed the invisible dirt off his pants.

“You wound me, what ever shall I tell mother?”

27 kept his face blank as 127 approached him with a wide smile. “Where’s 148?”

“What? You can’t smell his breath from here?” 127 teased, his breath fanning across his face. “I had him wait a couple of blocks over. He would have been too loud for this. After all there are two heroes here right?”

27 nodded and resisted to look at the door behind and kept his eyes on the Number in front of him. He was right, he could hear Eraser and Mic talking over the sound of rushing water as they did the dishes.

“What are you doing here? I made a report last night, I have nothing to give for today.”

It was almost startling how fast the teasing smile on 127’s face was replaced with something darker.

“You haven’t given us Eraser’s or Present Mic’s schedules and it’s been a week. What have you been doing?”

“I haven’t been able to learn it besides what I already gave about their teaching schedules. I don’t know their hero work schedule yet. It’s far too soon and difficult to tell.”

“Oh? Really?” 27 resisted taking a step back at the dark tone 127 used. “I haven’t learned what their patrol routes but I have learned when they leave and return from work.”


“I’ve been camped out around here for the past week and a half. I know Eraser leaves for work at twelve am and returns by five on most nights. Present Mic waits for calls to go into hero work and he always carries an extra phone that seems dedicated for it. They check on you before they go to work or to bed at around eleven thirty. On the weekdays in the mornings they check on you at five am and on the weekends they check at nine. You need to step up your game little brother.”

27 felt shivers run down his spin as 127 gave him a sharp smile, showing way too many teeth. He’s been watching for longer than a week. He’s been watching him long before he even arrived to the apartment. How did he even know where to find him? Wait how did the Miasma know how to find where the apartment was in the first place? They didn’t know anything about Eraser before this, so how did they know?

“How did you find me?”

“Your mask silly.” 127 said taking a step back to sit back on the bed. “You really think that the Miasma wouldn’t take any precautions. There’s a tracker in the mask. Besides if there wasn’t a tracker, 148 would be able to sniff you out easily. It might have taken him longer than a tracker would have but it would have been done. Speaking of the mask, I was searching for it but I didn’t find it in here.”

“They took it. They probably destroyed by now.”

“Do you really think I would be searching for something that was destroyed? The tracker is still intact, so your mask should be also.” 127 chided. He let his eyes wander in to different directions as he castes another look around the room, as if he could spot the mask laying out in the open. “Go find it. You’re going to need it. You’ve been rented out for Sunday night.”

“Wait.” He said as 127 got up and went to the window. “What?”

“Oh, well you’re not pulling good enough information to be profitable with just spying. Also, one of our most loyal clients were desperate to have you. We told them that heroes more than likely know about your quirk, but they didn't seem to care “ 127 shrugged as he opened the window and straddled the frame and he looked back at him. “So go get your mask. We have a spare but it’s the old prototype and I know it won’t be too comfortable for you. We need-”

127 abruptly stopped and froze in his spot. One of his eyes turned away from him and looked over at the door while the other focused on his exit. 27 was about to say something but was interrupted by a knock on the door. He looked over at 127 and saw him jerk his head to the door and mouthed at him to act normally.

“Come in.”

The door opened and revealed Eraser. 27 felt himself breakout in cold sweat as his eyes swept across the room but felt like he was going to faint when the tired eyes locked onto the window.

“I thought I heard voices coming from here.” Eraser said after a bit. Shinsou barely covered his exhale of relief as Eraser’s eyes moved away from the window and to his.

“You must be hearing the neighbors from outside.”

Eraser let out a hum in agreement but didn’t seem convinced. “Remember to close the window before you go to bed. It’s going to get cold out tonight.”

“Will do.” 27 agreed quickly. He could practically feel 127’s smirk radiate off of him when he went undetected by Eraser.

“Good night.”


Aizawa’s eyes swept across the room one last time before he closed the door and left them alone.

“Get the mask by Sunday night. I have spare uniforms that I could give you before the job. I’m going to pick you up at one am so be ready.” 127 murmured as he finished climbing out the window and blinked out of existence.

It took awhile for the adrenaline to run out of his system. He stood staring at the now closed window as he processed everything.

He was failing his job as a spy and badly if what 127 has said was right. 127 was able to get more information on the heroes than he did, and he wasn’t even living with them like he was. It would make sense that he would need to pick up some slack and start doing jobs outside this one.

27 waited until the clock reached two am before he decided to see if 127 information on the mask was correct. He didn’t want to believe it was true, but 127 has never been wrong before.

He snuck around the apartment as quiet as he could and opened every drawers he could and every space he could find. He even checked underneath the couch just in case and then he opened the hallway closet that was next to his bathroom when that was unsuccessful .

Right on the top shelf of the closet was his mask. He reached up on his tiptoes and gingerly picked it up off the shelf before shuffling back into his room with it.

27 sat behind the bed so if the door would open they wouldn't be able to spot him right away and toyed with mask in his hands. Other than a bit dusty, it appeared just like he last remembered it. Still filled with sharp edges and the mechanism in the hinge was still intact, even the lock wasn’t damaged when Eraser picked it.

He didn’t know how to feel about it. He almost wished that Eraser had gotten rid of it but at the same time he was relieved when he saw it. He felt a tinge of betrayal that Eraser kept it but it made sense. It would be easier to keep the mask than have him buy or make another one for him to use when the time comes. He was also relieved that he finally knew what Eraser’s true intentions were. The mystery was finally been solved. He still felt a twinge of pain in his chest when he realized he was right all along. That everything that he had experienced so far was a front.

Night came and went as he stayed in the corner and looked at the mask in his lap. He should have tried to get some sleep, so he could be on top of his game, but he couldn’t tear his eyes from the mask. He barely managed to shove the mask underneath the bed when he heard Mic knock on the door to announce breakfast. He didn’t want to even imagine how he would to Mic or Eraser on how he sought out and took back the mask.

The day went by quickly with it filled with anticipation of the upcoming mission. He couldn’t do his routines before missions in the house and the broken routine made him nauseous. Bug wasn’t here to do a quick sparing secession in the morning and anytime he tried to get himself mentally prepared, Mic or Eraser would drag him out of his thoughts.

Everything was not going according to what he was used to and it was throwing him off badly. He was barely able to focus on what was happening around him as he tried to keep his thoughts from spiraling out of control.

Would the job be what he was used to do? They were going to make him avoid heroes right? What if someone recognized him? It would ruin his cover and reestablish the fact he is indeed useless. What if he came across Eraser? Then what? His spy job here would be compromised and it would be cancelled and he’d have to go back to Miasma. He tried not to think too hard on what would happen if he did have to return to the Miasma after yet again another unsuccessful mission. No one has been able to fail more than one mission, let alone the amount he has. How long would he be able to toe the line before he finally falls off.

The day seemed to blur together and speed by. He’d blink and be in his room, another blink and he’s sitting on the couch with the news droning on about a missing person in the background, another blink and he’s sitting at the table with a plate of food in front of him.

27 looked at the bowl of what seemed to be a rapidly cooling katsudon and a pair of chopsticks half way into the bowl and laying loosely in his hand.

“Why don’t you try some?”

Mic was sitting across from him with an empty bowl in front of him. His eyes were crinkled at the corners and eyebrows pinched as he observed him.

“You have to be hungry, just try a bit. I swear it’ll be the best katsudon you’ve ever had.”

Taking his advice, he grab some and brought it up to his mouth. Just before it reached his lips, the smell of the soup suddenly assaulted his nose and only seemed to turn his stomach even more. Dropping the chopsticks into the bowl, he pushed the bowl away from him, soup spilling over edges at the movement. He got up and went to his room, ignoring the sounds of protest he left in his wake. It’s best if he didn’t have anything too heavy in his stomach anyways.

Checking the time and still had four hours to kill before 127 was going to pick him up. Even if his nerves would allow him to, he dismissed the idea to just sit and wait. Getting down on the floor he started to do the routine 10 and Bug had showed him when he was younger.

He made sure to get his muscles warmed up by doing a sets of jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, and squats as quietly as he could. After his muscles were warmed, he started to do the stretches he was taught to do. He started with his arms and slowly worked his way down his body and stretch out every muscle he could. After he was done, he repeated the routine.

It never failed to relax him and put his nerves at ease and sent his nerves at ease as he did the mind numbing task. He focused on his heart rate as he went through the motions, the way it sped up slightly as he exercised and the way it slowed down to an even beat as he stretched.

“Look at you all prepared and stuff.”

27 looked up from reaching from his toes to see 127 crouched on the windowsill. He could have kicked himself for not hearing the window open but decided to let it go when he remembered who he was dealing with.

“Do you have the mask?”

He gave a nod and reached under the bed and dragged the mask across the floor. After showing him the mask, 127 motioned towards him and wiggled a key between two fingers.

“Come on, put it on so I can lock ya up. Don’t give me that look, I’ll make sure to take it off before I drop you off again. Don’t look so stressed, you’ll be back way before your little check ins. We don’t have a lot of time, so chop chop.”

Pressing the mask against his face was a weird but familiar experience. The metallic smell, the pressure underneath his chin as it locks his jaw shut, the scrapping of the edges against his face. With the clicking at the back of his head as 127 locked it, it felt like everything fell into place. He knew what to expect, he knew the rules, he knew the routine, and he didn’t have to expect any surprises.

When the mask was in place, 127 tossed him a suit and told him to put it on. It was his simple tracksuit that he was used to wearing. The long black sleeves as stiff as he remembered but what was new was the black hat that came with. Looking up confused as he pulled the hat on over his head, 127 replied that his hair was too recognizable now and the Miasma wanted to play it safe.

Once he was changed and handed two set of knives that he slid into their holders, he followed 127 out the window. He hooked his arms around his neck as they scaled down the building but let go just as his feet touched the ground. After following 127 down the alley and down a couple of blocks he was ushered into the back seat of a tinted windowed van.


148 let out a grunt in confirmation as 127 hopped into the passenger seat and told him to drive. He pushed down the gas and 27 felt his head hit the back of the headrest as it sped forward. 127 let out a startled laugh as the car screeched as it weaved between cars and through streets.

27 was once again grateful that the mask hid his expression, he didn’t want to know what 148 would do if he saw the look of disgust on his face.

It wasn’t a joke that 127 told about smelling 148’s breath. It absolutely reeked and filled the car. His breath always constantly smelled like death and decay. He had to assume it was one of the downsides of 148’s quirk, since he knew 148 brushed his teeth frequently and always seemed to have a stick of gum in his mouth. Even now, he can hear him chewing one loudly.

“So, this is the dealio.” 127 said as he turned in his seat to address him, arm thrown over the headrest as he peeked his head out above the center console. “Our favorite and utter special client that we all hold dear to our hearts, have rented you out for a simple matter. They said that they just need ya to stand guard for a bit and get some information out of him. Some small scare tactics perhaps, just stand there as menacing as you can. Just do what they say, no matter what. Make sure when we pick you up, you leave them happy. Capisce?”

Before he could even agree, his body shot forward and braced himself against the driver's seat with his hands in front of him as 148 slammed on the breaks.

“Here.” 148 grunted, his clawed hands still firmly placed on the steering wheel and his eyes forward.

“Thanks!” 127 chirped as he got out the car. He slammed his door shut and opened the back seat. He held out his hand out to him, which he quickly took and was pulled out of the car. “Let me drop off the lil bro and we can go do somethin’ else while we wait. Wanna get food? We can go get ramen from the place you like.”

The only sign that 148 heard him was the grumbled okay right before 127 shut the door and yelled that it was a date.127 continued to chatter about the ramen place they adored and he lead him into, yet another warehouse.

It was just like every warehouse 27 has ever been to. Large, metallic, beams running across the top next to high windows, The only thing that was different was instead of it being filled with wares and boxes, it was completely emptied besides three people standing at the center.

A large bald man was standing in the middle and was flanked by two identical masked men. The large man skin looked like granite and when he moved his arms out to greet them, it sounded like two stones crushing against each other.

“Welcome, I do hope you have what I had ordered.” The deep baritone voice seemed amplified in the empty warehouse as it echoed around.

“Of course. Show him.” 127 said nudging him on the side but placing the remote into the large stone hands.

Used to the routine, he pulled up his right sleeve without hesitating. He pushed it up to his upper arm to display the thick bold number on his upper forearm, right below his elbow. He rarely saw it, always hid it when he could like he was told to. He knew the risk of seeing it, even without looking he could still remember the pain he experienced when he first received it.

It received it right before his first mission. Bug had to sit on him and hold his arm down to keep him still as Memory calmly tattooed the number on him. He doesn’t remember much about what happened, just a lot of pain. Afterwards Bug told him to wipe the tears and snot off his face and took him to the car to his job.

“That’ll do. We will return here before our time is up.”

“Sounds great, see you then. Have fun little brother!” 127 cheered as he left the warehouse.

The man abruptly turned around and walked further into the warehouse once the metallic doors shut behind the Number. 27 eyed the two men that was with him,but went with their lead and followed the man. They ended up walking out the back of the warehouse and into another behind that.

One of the men rushed forward to open the large metal door for them but struggled even lifting the latch. His boss pushed him aside and lifted the long piece of thick metal up with one hand and opened the door with the other.

27 felt himself break out in cold sweat when he saw how thick the door was and consequently the room. It had to be at least ten inches of solid steel and had to weigh no less than a hundred pounds, but the man opened it with ease. The room itself was made wall to wall of the same steel and the temperature seemed to drop quickly in the metal box.

What made him nervous was the obvious show of strength and how protected the place was. It made him question why he was even here. They obviously had enough muscle and enough money to do whatever they needed.

His nerves increased as they lead him over to a large metal door in the floor in the back of the room. One of the henchmen lifted it to show the entrance to a cellar. The large man didn’t hesitate going down the staircase as if he was moving without really processing, trusting his guards to have everything out of his way as he went. 27 hesitated at the top for a second as he stared down into the staircase that only seemed to go into a black put but stumbled forward when he was pushed forward by one of the henchmen.

Going down the metal staircase their footsteps echoed ominously as it ricochet against the surrounding cold metal. He hurried up to catch up his boss once they reached the ground floor. His client’s long strides didn’t falter as they walked down a slowly narrowing hallway. At first they could all stand side by side, then by twos, and then single filed.

27 noticed the number of motioned censored traps go off in red blinking lights as they walked and only seemed to turn off when the boss pressed a button the phone that he held out at his side. Occasionally, his client would stop by a door and enter in a keypad to open multiple sets of doors but otherwise went undisturbed.

After what felt like hours, they finally reached the end. The boss went up to the door and pressed his thumb against the scanner on the side. It let out a loud beep and the door opened. Only when the door was finally opened did the boss finally made notice of them and motioned them in. Boss went in first heading in straight, while his two bodyguards flanked the room. He took a careful step in and looked around.

At first he didn’t notice anything too abnormal besides that it was a steel room and then he started to notice the smaller details. Dents in the sides of the wall, scratches along the door frames, rusted colors left in its wake, and thick chains dangling in the corners.

He was confused on what they were doing here and why they were so still, until he moved around his client so that his body no longer blocked his sight. Right in there in middle of the room and above a single drain, was a man chained by the wrist to the ceiling.

The man had blood running down from his hairline and into his eye as he glared up unwavering at his client. His wrists were clasped together as it stretched above him and the tips of his toes were the only thing that reached the ground. He didn’t have a shirt on; displaying multiple thick and thin scars running along his torso and arms, but had dingy green combat pants on that were barely hanging onto his bony hips.

“27, come here.” His client ordered, not breaking eye contact with the man in front of him.

When he did as he was told, he felt cold large hands on the back of his neck as his client moved him to stand in front of him. Warm breath wafted past his ear as his boss bent over to talk next to his ear but at the hero. “This here, is what’s going to get you to talk hero.”


The more he looked at the man in front of him, the more he connected the word to the man in front of him. The pants seemed thick and too well made to have come from any civilian shop, the muscle definition that still clung to the skinny body, and the way he seemed to keep track of the goons as they moved around the room without looking away from his client.

27 tried not to jump as he felt the mask suddenly clicked and started to slide open. The hand behind his neck moved to his shoulders as he was directed to stand directly in front of the hero. Only when he was five inches from the man, did the green eyes move from his client’s to his.

“Now, I need you to get some information for me. Get his name, where he lives, where he works, what he knows about me, about the strategies his firm uses, and what his partners quirks are.” His client said into his ear before he let go. “Use your fancy training.”

He felt his breath get caught in his throat as he processed what his client wanted him to do. He wasn’t trained for this. Interrogation techniques were never part of his training. Body guarding, information gathering and getaways were the only things he knew what to do. Hell, he hasn’t even been that successful with information gathering, if he was he wouldn't be here right now. Who told him he could interrogate? Did Boss not tell him? Did Bug lie and say that he knew how?

27 glanced to the side as one of the sidekicks handed him a large knife. The metal glinted harshly against the fluorescent light as he turned it in his hand. He was glad he didn’t have to use one of the knives he got from 127 if he had to do this, he didn’t want the memory connected to it. He really did have to do it, he had to if he would want to make his client happy and ultimately the Miasma happy.

The heroes glare didn’t waver as he stepped forward spinning the knife between his fingers as he thought how he should do this. He doesn’t even see any fear on his face and he didn’t blame him. Based on the fresh scars and cuts across his body, he probably already experienced more pain than he could do to him.

“What do you know?” He asked in a ditch attempt that the hero would spill everything and save him from doing this. The hope quickly flickered away as the hero kept his mouth pressed in a thin line.

He could do this. He could do this. Just a simple cut to let him know he means business and maybe he’ll spill. It’s like the exact opposite of what he normally does, avoid anything important and it’ll be fine.

27 brought the knife up to the side of his ribs and dragged it down shallowly. The hero didn’t so much as flinch as the knife cut into him. He watched the blood bubble out from the wound and dribble down his side before finally collecting at the hem of his pants.

“Tell us what you know.” 27 ordered keeping his voice flat. A glare was his only response and he pressed the knife up against the side again and brought it down.

He kept asking the same question, phrased differently each time, but always got the same glare. He couldn’t get him to respond so the pattern repeated.

Question. No answer. Knife. Question. Glare. Knife. Question. Snarl. Knife. Question. Spat at. Knife.

After what seemed like the fiftieth time he asked the question, he couldn’t see anything but red and just repeated the motions. Even when his client pulled his shaking hand away, he couldn’t look away from the torso that he carved up.

He didn’t want to see the green eyes of the hero, he didn't want to see the face in pain, he couldn't look away from what he’s done. He needed to see what his actions have done, he couldn’t look away from what he did.

“This is not what I wanted. If I wanted you to carve this man up like a Thanksgiving turkey, I would have had one of my men do it. We’ve been at that sort of stuff for the past week and it hasn’t work. We gave you the knife to use your quirk, so show us what your fancy quirk can do.”

He was confused for a second on why they thought he needed a knife to use it quirk, but then it clicked. How his quirk works must not have spread around as much as he thought. Like all of his clients, this one also doesn’t know exactly how it works. It is logical to think that he needs a knife to use it since he’s known to use knives frequently.

“I can’t do that sir. Under my quirk, he can’t tell me anything that I don’t already know.”

He felt the pain in his chest before he realized what happen. The burning sensation in his chest continued as his lungs demanded air. His nails scratched across the rough skin as he tried to pry the cold hands away from his throat enough to get another breath.

“Can’t or won’t?” The deep voice growled in his ear.

He went limp in his hold as he realized it was his client doing this and not some attacker. Shaking his head as much as he could to try to get his point across, seemed what his client wanted because suddenly he was on his knees gasping for air.

“Fine, guess we have to use a different tactic. You’re quirk may be useless but we have other ways we can use you.”

His chest was still burning as he tried to regain his breath when he felt his hat get ripped off his head. He couldn’t stop the yelp that escaped his lips as a rough hand gripped his hair and hoisted him up. Struggling to relieve the pressure, he reached up and grasped the wrist that was holding him as his feet left the ground.

“Look at him.” His client demanded as he dangled him in front of the hero. “Come on, lift up your head. Look at him hero, take a really good look at him.”

27 felt tears prick at his eyes as the strain of being held up by his hair and the only support he had was from his own grip on his clients forearm keeping his hair from being ripped out.

He stared wide eyed at the hero in front of him as he lifted his head and made eye contact with him. He was close enough to feel the man’s warm breath across his face and to see all the different emotions flicker across his face as they stared at each other. To see the shock, horror, fear, and then finally settling back into something more defiant than he had on earlier.

“Not gonna say anything? That’s fine, we have more than one way to make you talk.”

The only thing that prepared him for what was going to happen was based off the heroes shocked face and the clanking of chains. 27 went limp right before the fist his side in hopes of lessening the injury.

It felt like a sludge hammer had smashed into his side as his client swung against him and knocked the air out of him.

“Come on hero, do what every hero would do. Are you going to let a kid take a beating when you could stop it?” 27 felt the hand tighten in his hair before his client shook him as he emphasized his words. “Nothing? Perhaps you weren’t much of a hero that I thought you were.”

His side started to throb along with his rapid heart beat as he hung in front of the hero. The hero didn’t seem so certain about his situation anymore, his eyes darting between his client and him. The defiant look across his face was slowly fading away into something that he didn’t recognize.

A grunt escaped his lips as he felt the hard fist hit make contact with his side again. He couldn’t do anything. Nothing. He knows twelve moves to get out of this hold, most of them he’d lose his hair but it would have been worth it. But he can’t fight against his client. If this is what his client wanted, that’s what he was going to do.

He knows he won't kill him, the Miasma would be very unhappy if he did, but he could probably become close. The Miasma wouldn’t let him die like this right? They still needed him. He was still useful. He still had information he needed to get for them. He was still useful. Right?

“Wait. Wait.” A hoarse voice echoed around the room.

27 opened his eyes as the assault on his side stopped and looked at the now resigned faced of the hero. He let out his own wheeze as he felt the bones on the side shift uncomfortably as he swung back-and-forth in the grip like a literal punching bag.

“I’ll talk if you let the kid go.” The hero bargained in his raspy voice. His eyes were no longer looking at his client but looking directly at him. 27 could hear the chains on the ceiling as the hero made one last ditch effort to get free before stilling when another fist was brought up.

“Sounds like a deal.”

He let himself roll forward on his feet and away from his client as soon as the grip on his hair loosened and he was let go. His heartbeat was in his ears as he felt someone grab his arms, but relaxed when he realized it was one of the guards were pulling him aside so he can lean against the wall.

The man handed him a water that he accepted and shakenly poured over his head. He let the water drip over his hair and onto his face as he tried to regain his scrambled thoughts and become more aware of the situation. The hero mumbling out answers to the questions was the only sound that permitted the room.

He did this.

The hero choked on his breath and blood started to drip from the corner of his mouth as he spoke.

He did that.

His client smile grew larger as the hero continued.

He caused that.

The hero paused in answering about his fellow heroes, but once his client motioned for his guard to bring him over, he continued.

Because of me.

“Alright kid, you’ve sat there long enough, come join me.”

He was finally able to drag his eyes away from the hero and towards his client. He didn’t put up a fight as he felt hands host him up by the armpit and brought him to the center of the room.

“Since you’ve seem to lack some education in this art, I’m going to supplement you. Think of it as my gift to you and a favor for the Miasma.” His client said once he was placed shakingly on his feet. “Don’t you all survive on information? Isn’t that how you guys work?”

27 kept his eyes on the hero as he looked up at him wearily. The hero gave him a crooked smile with blood covered his teeth and mouthed that it was going to be okay, that it was okay.

“Interrogation are a lovely thing. Know what would cause a lot of pain without too much damage so you could make it last longer, to walk that line between life and death. You see, everyone is motivated by pain. Everyone. This guy is no different. Sometimes they aren’t motivated by their own pain but by someone else's. You must learn to exploit their weakness with people like him. If you can’t find the people they love to use against them, try to find a different weakness.” His client whispered in his ear as he stared down at the hero. “In this case, a civilian, a women, or a child, would have worked. Play against his morals. What so called hero would let someone get hurt in front of them? Not a good one. This one seems to be one of the good ones. It’s such a pity that it’s going to end like this.”

The heroes smile didn’t waver as the knife was once again thrusted at him. He gripped the knife with trembling hands as he sent him a confused look. The hero just kept mouthing at him that it was okay, that it was all right, to just do what he was told.

He didn’t know what he meant. He knew that he had to do what he was told, that’s why he was here. Was the hero really confused on who he was? Was he not aware that he was the one that left those new wounds across his body?

“Do you know what you do after an interrogation?”

“You let them go?” He guessed after a couple of minutes passed in silence, when his client seemed to be waiting for an answer.

“No, you can’t leave any witnesses.”

27 felt his clients hands wrap around his and was suddenly forced forward.

That’s what’s what he meant.

He wanted to puke. He wanted to cry. He wanted to scream. But all he could do was stare wide eyed at the man in front of him.

27 ignored the warm liquid pooling over his hands and kept his eyes on the paling man’s face. The hero continued to mouth that it was okay. He continued to mouth it. He just kept going until he finally started to slow down and stumble over the words. Until he finally stopped.

Hands started to tug him away, prying his hands away from the handle, pulling him out the door, leaving the knife where it was at. He heard the baritone voice echo in his chest as his client pulled him away, but he couldn't process any of it. The last thing he saw before the door shut was the now empty and glazed green eyes.

Chapter Text

27 saw his breath fog up and covered his sight. Completely blocking his view of the door as he gets pulled down the hall with rough hands. He could vaguely hear his client talk but it all sounded muffled as if he was underwater.

It’s going to be okay.

Nothing made sense. Nothing went the way he was told it was going to be. It was supposed to be a simple job! Just stand there. Show off the money and power his client had. To look as intimidating as possible. To make his clients numbers seem larger. To have an experienced person on his side. It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this.

Do what you’re told.

The coldness of the hall was suffocating, he could feel it seep into his bones. Shivering hard as if he’d never get warm again. He felt like he was drifting, no longer feeling his feet as he moved backwards as his client pulls him long like he’s at the end of a leash. He felt someone move him so his body face forward, but he kept his eyes glued to where they were coming from . Looking over his shoulder as the door became smaller and smaller.

Do what you have to do.

He didn’t realize they came to stop until he heard another voice join the muted speech of his clients. He should look to see who joined them, that’s his job. Protection. That was supposed to be his job not mur- not this. Not this.

It’s all right.

27 jumped slightly at the scaly touch on his face and teared his eyes away from the door and onto the pity look he was receiving.

127 was crouched in front of him with his strangely soft hands on his cheeks and with a soft slanted smile. He kept his eyes on him, even when he heard 148 said his Number to his client with his rumbling voice.

“The first is always the worst.” 127 murmured when he noted his eye’s focusing in on his. He reached down and rubbed his upper arms as if to warm him. It was pointless. He’s never going to get warm again. “Sorry bro, it was only supposed to be an interrogation. Money he gave was too good to pass up. Boss thought since your spying now, having experience interrogating would provide useful in the long run.”

Bile rose in his mouth. Is this what he’s going to have to do to Eraser? To Mic? In their own home or will they take it somewhere else? Would they take them here? To this ice box. To this hell. Guess it burns cold instead of hot.


“C’mon let's go.”

27 can see the moment that 127 went into work mode. No longer blocked from his clients view, the concern was wiped away and placed with something sharper. His whole face seemed angular, his eyes no longer focusing on him but moving rapidly around the room. He placed his hand behind his back and steered him towards the car.

“It’s a pleasure doing business with you Mr. Honzo.” 127 said while doing a finger salute while keeping the other hand on him.“Thanks for choosing Miasma for all your nasty deeds.”

“The pleasure was all mine.” 27 felt the numbness set in further when he heard the tone his client used. He didn’t have to look over to know there was a smile in his voice. “I don’t think this will be the last time we meet, your boy did very well.”

“That’s what we strive for!” 127 chirped back. Despite his laid back demeanor he portrayed, 27 felt himself get urged furthered more urgently. “Your satisfaction is our top priority! However, we must be going now. Things to do, people to see, information to get. You know how it is. Gotta get back into the grind.”

27 barely processed the rest of the journey back to the apartment. He remembers hearing 127 tell 148 to hurry up between gritted teeth as a hand pushed his head into the car. One moment he was in the car hearing their harsh whispers in the front seat and the next he was sitting on his bathroom room.

“Back with me bro?” 27 blinked owlishly up at 127 who was crouching in front of him before giving a slight nod. “Good. Good. You’re doing great lil bro. We just gotta get you cleaned up.”


27 scrunched up his eyebrows as 127 started to mumble nonsense about how 148 ate twelve bowls of food as he pulled off the suit and shoved it into a bag that sat next to his mask. He reached up with his hands and touched his now free face before letting it fall into his lap. It was slightly worrying that he didn’t noticed it was removed but decided it didn’t matter. On or off, it wouldn’t change a thing.

127 let out a hum as he pulled out a washcloth and put it under the faucet in the sink to let it soak.


“Why-” he started but choked off when he looked down at his arms.

Red. It was all red. From his fingertips and up his forearm was a reddish brown. It didn’t seem real, even if he could feel the slight film over his hands with its slight tackiness. He watched his hands twitch in his lap to make sure it was his. He felt his throat close up as he watched the browning red flake off at the movement.

He did that. It really happened. He did that.

27 grabbed the cloth that was held out to him and started scrubbing. He needed it off. He didn’t want this. He didn’t want to do it. He needed it off.

“Hey, hey.”

Panic started bubbling in his chest as he started to scrub harder. All it was doing was smearing it up and down his arms. It wasn’t coming off. Why isn’t it coming off? He wants it gone. Has he been tainted? Does he have to wear his deeds across his arms, to show them. Is his hands literally stained. He wants it off.

“Hey bro, it’s alright. You’re scrubbing too hard.” 127 said pulling the cloth out of his hands.

“It’s not coming off.” He choked out almost bubbling as the words escaped between his lips.

“You gotta go slow with it.” 127 said as he rinsed the cloth off in the sink. He turned back and sat crossed legged in front of him, taking one arm and gently wiping it. “You get use to it, you’ll get the hang of it.”

“What if I don’t want to.” He whispered as 127 gently wiped between his fingers to get the last of the blood off. Even with the movements, he can still see some left over between his nails.

“Don’t look at it kid.” 127 murmured gently as he went to work on them, completely blocking the view of his hands. The seconds ticked by as he worked before he let out a sigh and answered his question.

“You don’t have to want to but you must get used to it for your own sake. It’s just the cards you were dealt with kid. If this is what they want you to do, that’s what you’re going to do. Sometimes life is shitty and you gotta do what you gotta do to survive.” 127 sat back on his heels and looked over him. He let out a sigh and pulled over a bag from his side and pulled out some bandages. “I know you weren’t paying attention earlier, so I’m going to repeat myself. We can’t take you to 10 for obvious reasons, so I’m going to bandage you up okay?”

As if just mentioning it,the pain let itself be known. His right side throbbed and the more he focused on it, the worse it seemed to get. He pressed his shaking fingers onto it and immediately pulled his hands back with a hiss.

“Adrenaline finally leaving ya?” 127 asked softly. 27 stiffened when 127 reached out towards him, but seemed to ignore the apprehension he held and got closer to him. He pressed his hands against his side and gently prodded up and down.

“Alright, it looks pretty gnarly but it looks worse than it actually is. You’re definitely going to see a lot bruising, a rib or two seem at least cracked but I don’t think they’re broken. He was going pretty easy on ya. The last Number that went to him had two shattered arms when they returned.”

He winced as 127 started to pull the bandages around him. 127 went slow but meticulously as he started at the bottom and work his way up, making sure the support is where it needed.

“Remember, you’re still undercover.” 127 said once he inspected his handiwork. Seemingly satisfied he sat back on his heels and zipped up the bag that laid next to him. “Keep it covered. I’m going to leave you with the leftover bandages, I put them under the sink behind the cleaning supplies. You’ll need to move them later to a better hiding spot after you’re healed a bit, but for now it’s more convenient there.”

27 barely managed to catch the spare change of clothes that was thrown onto him. Pulling over the sweater over his head as carefully as he could, he couldn’t help but feel like he was hiding evidence. He even tugged down the slaves to make sure it covered everything, the bruises, his number, the raw skin on his forearms and tucked his hands into the sleeves.

Is this is life now? Is this what he’s going to have to do now. On the job 24/7 with one job, get called out randomly for the other. To go out and come back, clean himself up, and hide everything. To hide more than he initially thought he would. To have to ki-

The knock at the door made him choke on air. He looked up from his staring at his fingertips and towards the sound as he heard another knock. Panic rushed through him before it calmed down when he realized they weren’t caught. 127 was long gone from what he could tell. The spot in front of him where he was last sitting was as cold when he pressed his hands against the tile. It was almost as cold as the room. As the box. The place where he-

“Shinsou?” Mic said on the other side of the door. “You doing okay?”


Panic set back in when he looked around the bathroom. It was a mess. Bile rose in his throat as he saw traces of red smeared on the floor and at the sink but he quickly pushed it down. He scrambled up to his his feet and grabbed the white washcloth that was still sitting in the sink. The white was now off colored and slightly pink from its earlier use but it could get the job done.

He started cleaning as fast and quietly as he could. Wiping away any trace he could that anything happened. Wiping down the counters and the floor with it, scrubbing at times and using soap for in between the tiles, and shoved the few leftover scraps of bandages deeper into the cabinet. The rapid movements made his side twinge in pain but he’d rather have that than being caught.

Hearing Eraser join Mic and have a hushed conversation outside the door only made his anxiety spike. He didn’t turn on the sink in fear it would bring up more scrutiny, but even then he can hear the conversation go on the other side.

“We gotta go Hizashi.” He heard Eraser whisper on the other side.

“I know, I know, but he’s not opening the door. I’ve knocked earlier for breakfast but nothing. Even now I've knocked a couple of times he hasn’t responded. Do you think he’s okay? Did he just fall asleep in there?”

27 shoved the rag he was using under the sink and slinked towards the door and pressed his ear against the door when the voices got too quiet to hear clearly from where he was at.

“He wasn’t looking too good yesterday, it is possible.”

“Do you think something’s wrong? Maybe the kids have been doing something to him when we aren’t paying attention.” Hizashi whispered quietly.

“I don’t think so, he’s always at my heel. I think I would have noticed if something like that was happening. It could be just the stress of being out of the organization finally catching up to him. I’ve been working on the case lately but we do have some leads I want to run by him and-”

Time to break that conversation.

Mic let out an alarm sound as the door swung open suddenly. When he fully stepped out of the bathroom, he saw him send a glance over to Eraser before plastering a grin on his face.

“Hey listener, you ready to go? I have something you can eat along the way.”

“I wasn’t listening.” 27 blurted out as his heart pounded in his chest. The timing of his entrance was too obvious. “I wasn’t listening in on you guys.”

“Alright?” Eraser faltered, looking over to Mic with furrowed eyebrows and exchanging similar confused expressions. “We really do have to go. If you want to stay here we can get someone to watch you.”

“No, no that’s fine. I’ll go.” He said quickly as he scooted by them to head to the door. The hair on the back of his neck rose as he felt their eyes on him.

They could already sense something was off and he didn’t want to give them any other excuse to focus on him anymore. He’s supposed to fly under the radar and get things done. He can’t get what they want if they are going to watch him like a hawk.

Keeping that in mind, he was going to make it a priority to keep his presence as minimal as possible. The car ride over he was given a package muffin and a banana as he sat in the back seat. He ignored the exchanging looks they sent each other and the occasional one at him when they looked in the rear view mirror.

He tried to keep the day within his routine as much as possible, despite his side revolting at every movement. He made sure to keep his sleeves down past his knuckles and even tightened the strings around the hood to keep his neck covered to hide the two large fingertip sized bruises that started to form on his collarbone.

Most of the day went by smoothly. He stayed by Eraser and kept with his guard duty as well as he could. He mustn’t have been moving as well as he normally has because Eraser notably slowed his pace. That would have normally panic that Eraser noticed, but he was too tired to care and slightly grateful that he did.

Even during classes it seemed like people knew something was off. He didn’t realize how they knew, until he saw himself in the mirror. The bags under his eyes seemed impossibly larger and darker than he has remembered, his eyes itself was slightly bloodshot, and his skin looked translucent. He washed his face with warm water to try and bring put in some color but it only helped a bit.

There were some benefits and downsides for looking the way he felt. Most of the people seemed to take it as a hint to keep their distance, however there was some that took it as an invitation. He had Midoriya ask him if he was okay as soon as he walked in and continued fussing even when he said he was fine. Bakugou eventually had to turn around and tell him to stop mumbling and pay attention to class for him to finally cease.

The one major benefit from looking like shit was that the teachers gave him more slack, even Ectoplasm seemed to lay off of him for the day. Eraser even set him up on the couch in the teachers lounge and told him to rest while he taught class.

He left him all by himself. No teachers in sight. This was the best opportunity that he was given since he entered UA and he wasn’t going to let it go to waste.

27 let a couple of minutes tick by before slinging the blanket off of him and got off the couch. He went to the closest desk and started to rifle through the top drawer to find what he needed. They were common office supplies and he really didn’t think he would have had to search as hard as he did to find them, but he eventually did find what he needed.

Pulling out a paperclip, he unfolded it until one end was straight and used masking tape at the other end to create a better grip on it. Next he picked up a pen and broke off the metal pen clip and folded one end of it until it was at a ninety degree angle. Once satisfied with his work, he went over to the filing cabinets.

He skimmed over the drawers as he decided which one he wanted to open. He knew he didn’t have enough time to look over them all, he knew his time was limited. Any minute, a teacher could be walking through the door and he’d be caught. If he was going to risk this, it was go big or go home.

Information on current students weren’t such a necessity right now. He had time learning about them through actual interactions and he already knew the basics about them. Past students were tempting, until he saw the cabinet off to the side that was labeled sport festival.

He remembers Eraser announcing about the event earlier this morning. It was going to remain as a private event, no cameras, and with lots of professional protection. Eraser didn’t disclose who was going to be at the event, but he did say that a lot of heroes and hero agencies were going to be present.

That’s what he was going with. Not only was this going to be a time sensitive information, the event itself happening next week, it could potentially be extremely valuable. Miasma could sell the information on what heroes would or would not be roaming the streets because they are at the event for extremely high prices. It’d be a perfect time for people to do their business without the fear of heroes breathing down their necks.

He sat in front of the cabinet and looked at the lock. It was a simple lock, luckily nothing too complicated. If he does it right, it should open for him within seconds.

Using the pen clip, he inserted it into the lock as a tension wrench and then using the paperclip as a rake, he inserted it in. He jiggled the rake around as he made sure the tension was kept using the clip.

He let out a relieved sigh when the cabinet finally clicked opened. He slide his tools into his sleeve and started shuffling around. Ignoring the folders labeled construction, student events, tournament, and went straight for attendees.

The folder was thick and heavy in his hands as he pulled it out. Sitting down cross legged he put the folder in his lap and took out the pen he got the clip he had. He used the pen and traced the words written with the ball point still hidden. It left little indents on the paper he pressed it against the paper but at least it didn’t leave ink. He just had to hope no one looked at it too carefully and connect that the grooves were only on the more sensitive information.

He truly didn’t think how he was getting the information out thoroughly. He couldn't write everything down on a separate piece of paper, and it was too much for him to remember. The only thing that is saving him was Memory’s quirk. The report would be messy and unorganized, but at least they would be getting the information.

His hand stilled on the paper, pen still pressed against the heroes name highlighted in red. Is he going to really do this? Is he going to let another hero possible share the same fate as the last? Is he just writing a hit list? Is he going to become this. Is this what he wants to become? But if he doesn’t… If he doesn’t would he be prepared to suffer those consequences instead?

Clutching tightly on the pen, he continued. He needed to get a grip. He knew what this would entail. He needed to get a grip and get his head in order and do the rest of the names as quickly as he could before someone comes. He needs to push every stray thought back and focus on his job.

27 paused and raised an eyebrow when he noticed one of the attendees. It wasn’t a surprised that All Might was going to attend but the number two hero also? Japan’s top two heroes were going to be off the street while this is occurring. It didn’t make sense that they would leave themselves vulnerable like that, until he noticed that Endeavor wasn’t going as a scout but had a family pass.

The sounds of footsteps approaching quickly had him shoving everything back into its folder and into the cabinet. He squirreled the pen away in his sleeve and bolted to the couch. He let out a grunt as he tossed himself on the couch as his ribs protested his movements but gritted his teeth to stop the shout.

The sound of the door opening brought him back from the present. Eraser’s tired eyes immediately met his as he shuffled in with Toshinori closely behind him.

“You’re looking better. You don’t look as dead anymore.” Eraser mumbled.

“That’s a great compliment coming from someone who perpetually looks like Megaphone dragged in from the sewers every morning.” He snarked back.

Toshinori put his hand over his mouth and covered his laugh with a cough when Eraser sent him a hard glare. Eraser looked like he wanted to retort but was cut off from his phone ringing.

“This better be good.” Eraser sighed into the phone as he placed his bag on the desk. 27 watched the Erasers face morph from annoyed, to interested, to concern, before it settled on something more serious. “Yeah, I’ll come.”

Eraser closed his phone and started to type quickly into it. “Can you watch him for me? I got to go.”

“Is it a case?” Toshinori asked as Eraser shoved his phone into his pocket and grabbed keys that were in his drawer.


“That case?” Toshinori whispered, his eyes darting in his direction. 27 barely stopped himself from raising his eyebrows at him. Toshinori was one of the least subtle person he has ever met. He doesn’t think he could ever be able to keep a secret longer than five seconds.

Eraser looked as unimpressed as he felt. “Yes.I got to go, watch him.”

Toshinori agreed as Eraser ran out the door. Then it was odd, 27 saw the calm demeanor replace with something akin to panic as he raced after Eraser telling him to wait. Leaving him in the teacher's lounge alone again.

Just as he thought they really did forget about him and he should continue what he was doing before he got interrupted, All Might came through the door.


“That was phrased a little creepily.” 27 murmured and watch All Might slowly deflate from his signature pose at the statement. “I thought I was supposed to be with Toshinori.”

“Uhh, I had him go do something for me off campus, so he’s unable to. BUT! He asked me to cover for him.” All Might said, trying to keep his smile plastered on his face. “So you’re coming with me to my class.”

What he said didn’t sit well with him. He doesn’t know why, but it settled unwell in his stomach. There had to be something the hero is saying. Perhaps with what Toshinori is doing or maybe Toshinori decided All Might would be better suited to watch him. No matter how he felt, he had no choice and followed the uncertain looking All Might out the room.

The longer he kept his eyes trained on the back of All Might’s head, the more All Might seemed to become unnerved. 27 can see the nerves plainly on his face when he looks over his shoulders to check he’s still being followed. His eyes darted too and fro to avoid eye contact and had sweat dotting along his forehead.

27 paused as he realized where he was lead to and immediately wanted to bolt. In front of him all dressed in their hero costumes was Class 1A. He received a couple of waves as he followed All Might into the replica cityscape but the sharp smirk he got from Bakugou sent chills down his spine.

“Would you like to join?” All Might whispered turning to him. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I think you’ve been cooped up for too long lately. It’d be a nice way to stretch your legs out.”

Did he want to join? No. His ribs were aching and his temples were throbbing from the lack of sleep and the look he was getting from Bakugou wasn’t helping that decision. Does All Might want him to join? Yes. All Might looked way too hopeful not to want him to do it. It would probably be easier on him to get him out of his hair and join the exercise.

That or it was a test. Are they finally testing his abilities? It made sense that the test with Iida last week wasn’t suitable enough. Maybe they were working him up? First test his morals, to see if he would fight a sick person under orders and now to see how he’d do in a group setting. He needed to prove that he could be useful, he needed to stay with them a lot longer. He was just able to get into the filing system and he’s still missing a lot of information. It can’t end too soon.


The genuine smile he got from All Might was almost worth saying yes to. Almost.

“All right class! Since today we have a visitor, I think it would be fun to play a little game!” All Might said clapping his his hands to gain the classes attention. “The goal of the game is to capture as many of your classmates as you can! Use of quirks are allowed, but it is every person to themselves. You may work in teams but the person who put these zip ties on the other, will get the point.You don’t have to zip tie both hands together, one hand will do.”

Noting which students that made eye contact with at the mention of names and made a mental note on who seemed likely to be paired with and what their quirks were. It wasn’t unusual for people to team up, but the excitement on their faces unnerved him.

Excitement had no place in situations like this, fake or not. Did they not realize what this training was for? They were training for when they get sent on real jobs. So they would know how to incapacitate other people. Other people who may not provide the same leniency as their peers would. Other people who would not hesitate to capture them. To chain them. To hang them from the ceiling. To torture them. To ki-

“Alright! You guys have five minutes before it starts! So get going!” All Might's booming voice jolted out of his thoughts and he was moving before he even realized it.

He needed a plan. He knew that at least one person would be going after him. Bakugou doesn’t seem the type of person to let slights go and based on the look he was getting from Kirishima, he won’t be alone.

Climbing up into the building and running along the pipes was not easy with his side but he managed. He kept to the shadows as much as he can as he went, but made sure his pace as fast as he could. He already had a slight head start from the beginning; the others hesitating before they entered the city, but it wasn’t much.

He was at a major disadvantage. Not only did he have no equipment, he was unarmed, injured, was wearing only a sweater and jeans, but some of them also had a vague idea of how his quirk worked. He wasn’t unused to fighting people with physical quirks, over the years he’s learned to prefer it, but most of them never had idea about what his quirk.

Since word has probably gone out and know that he was at USJ, they know he has experience, and that he’d use his quirk on their classmates. If they were smart, they wouldn't underestimate him, and he would lose another advantage he got from people. Some adults hesitate when attacking a kid, like the first time he met Present Mic, but kids his age wouldn’t.

Squeezing through a window into a rundown buildings rafters he took the chance to catch his breath. In the silent room, his wheezing seemed to echo as he tried to force oxygen into his lungs.Taking his time to regain his breathing and try and figure out a plan seemed like his best option. Then he heard a barely audible footstep nearby that made him realize his mistake in taking a break. Not only was he still unarmed, he also didn’t grab any zip ties for the exercise. He moved without thinking and never grabbed any.

27 held his breath as he strained his ears. As time passed by, he thought it must have been his imagination,the lack of oxygen providing information that wasn’t there. Then he heard the creak of the wooden floorboards.

Jumping down from the ceiling probably wasn’t his smartest move but he had to do it before he lost track of where they were. Landing on top of someone was a little surprising but not unexpected.

Hearing the high pitch grunt, he felt around for her arms while she was still disorientated. The dust that filled the air from their impact helped make a clear outline of her as she moved.

Finding one arm, he twisted it behind her back and reached for the other. She seemed to finally get her bearings because she started twisted underneath him to get out of his hold. She used her free arm to elbow him in the nose, ignoring the pain he grabbed it before she could retreat it.

“Stop. You lost.” The whine he earned was almost satisfying. “Where’s your zip ties?”


“Zip ties. Where are your zip ties Concealer?”

“Concealer? That’s actually kinda cute.”

“Focus Imperceptible, where’s your zip ties?”

“I actually kinda like these names.” She chirped. “I can’t believe you don’t have any ties.”

Sighing he applied more pressure against her wrists and forced her up onto her feet. “Just tell me where they are.”

“Ouch! That hurts! Fine!” She shouted when he pulled her arms up her back. “They’re right outside the door with my gloves.”

It could be a trick. She could have a partner waiting right outside the door, but he had no other choice. Either go get it or they stand here until someone barges in and he’d have to let go over her to free his hand, then he’d have two people to fight.

Keeping her in front of him so she’d take the brunt of any frontal attacks, he pushed the front door open with his other hand. When nothing happened, he moved her forward until he saw the gloves laying right next to the entrance. Wasting no time, he grabbed one of the zip ties and did it around her wrist and pocketed the next.

Leaving her where she was at, he turned and went back into the building. Climbing back up to the rafters was a lot harder than going down. It took more time than he wanted to spend but he was finally up and out the window.

Running along the pipes was a tad bit precarious but the pro’s would outweigh the cons. If he was on the ground he lost a lot of advantages. He would lose the higher advantage, having the chance to see someone before they saw him, and attacking from above. He was also hoping no one else would be traveling alone the pipes and that no one would want to confront him while they were on such unstable ground.

All Might was quickly rattling off names as they were eliminated. He made a mental note of the names as he moved. He connected them to their quirks and started coming up with plans if he encountered them.

Earlier he had decided to try and go through the whole exercise without any more encounters. If he avoid confrontations he needed to keep moving. If he doesn’t move, he would be a sitting duck. The class would be able to find him where he was based on simply on whether if they checked that area or not. .

He barely managed to jump to the large pipe next to him to avoid the ice that was encompassing the one he was on.

Not good. Not good at all.


27 continued running, knowing that he was severe disadvantage against the other and in hopes that he could lose him. Ducking and weaving through and around buildings, taking sharp turns, retracing steps,all in attempt to lose him. But nothing was working, the ice just kept coming.

Then he started to notice how the ice wasn’t coming directly at him but at his sides. He was being herded. He doesn’t think Todoroki is working with anyone, he didn’t seem like the type, but he was definitely being pushed to go into some sort of trap. Deciding that he was going to pick the place for their confrontation, he dived in front of the ice and into building he tried to block.

He immediately regretted that decision.

There wasn’t a lot of room for him to maneuver. He came in from the top window and all there was were tiny pipes and thin bars zigzagging on the top half of the room. The floor of the room was even worse. There were old machinery. discarded planks, blocks of concrete, and metal scraps littering the bottom.

Before he could escape, his only applicable exit was blocked by the other boy entering the building. He hesitated too long in determining if he should try another window, ice had grown along the walls. Covering the windows and any chance to escape.

“It’s over. Give up. You had no chance to escape.” Todoroki said duly as he slowly approached.

“Is it?” He replied as he walked backwards. He tried to concentrate on where his feet landed, keeping one foot in front of the other along the thin pole to keep his balance,but to also keep his attention on the boy in front of him. When the Todoroki remained silent and kept his march forward, dread filled his stomach.

Todoroki wasn’t a talkative type, he rarely heard him say anything besides when he got called to answer a question by Eraser, but he has snarked back in the past. He either knew his quirk worked or was taking this exercise as seriously as he was. Either case, it didn’t look good for him. Unless his theory was right.

“You’re a bit of a hot head aren’t you?” 27 asked, regaining his balance as his foot slipped on the pole. “Not as much as explodo boy but still a hot head.”

No response. He almost seemed bored with his blank look and the slow pace he kept. It didn’t make any sense. Why doesn’t he end it? He knows his quirk, and he knows Todoroki has never not try to freeze the person immediately. Why doesn’t he end it?

“Do you think you can be a hero with that attitude?” He waited for a split second before jumping to the closest pipe. He stumbled a bit as his grip less shoes skidded across the pole.His heart jumped into his throat as he felt his foot go forward and his body go backward. Scrambling in time, he grabbed hold of the pole as he slipped past. He let out a pained grunt when it felt like he was about to dislocate his shoulder when he stopped his fall.

Dangling off a pole above jagged piece of metal and having his opponent literally stand over him wasn’t what he had planned. He had one last shot to pull this off or it was over.

“You know, I don’t know any heroes that have a hot head.” He grunted as he felt his grip slip. He reached up and used his other hand to help that one despite having to stretch his right side to do so. “Actually, I think I do. He’s may be a literal hot head but he kind of reminds me of you and I think it fits. You and Endeavor have both have a similar demeanor. Do you look up to him?”

It was a gamble. He didn’t know who Endeavor was going to the sport festival to watch. It could have been any student from any year, from any class. But if he was watching for someone from Class 1A, it could only be Todoroki.

There were only two flame based quirks in the class and Todoroki made the most sense. Bakugou looks nothing like the flame hero and he doesn’t think his attitude would be that bad with a hero parent. The only other flame user was Todoroki. He knew Todoroki had a flame based quirk, why else would his quirk be named half-cold half-hot? It wasn’t much of a secret what his quirk was called, hell even Bakugou called him half n half. If anyone was going to be related to a man with a flame quirk, it would be Todoroki.

However, even with knowing that he could be correct, he didn’t expect the reaction he gained. Todoroki’s face went from passive to anger His face twisted up into a snarl as he activated his quirk. Ice started started to build up from the pole that he was and leaped out at him in large jagged edges.

“To think that-”

Got him

27 winced as the ice stopped mere centimeters from in front of his face. The coldness was burning the tip of his nose by the time he managed to process that he did it. Barely made it, but he did it.

Sighing he ordered Todoroki to come over and pull him up.He felt the throbbing pain between his eyes as Todoroki tried to fight his quirk but he still did as he was ordered to do.
Once he back up on his feet, he pulled the zip ties out from his pocket and tied it around the others wrist. Only when All Might announced on the speaker that Todoroki was out of the game, did he release him from his quirk.

He braced himself for some assault but nothing happened. Todoroki had blinked rapidly like he woke up from a dream but made no sudden movements. Once he seemed to be fully aware, he gave him a curt nod and used his ice to leave out the front door.

27 couldn’t help but stare dumbfounded at the exit. No retaliation. Nothing. At least that’s what he had initially thought, until he realized what happened. When Todoroki left the building via ice, he blocked the door and thus his last exit.

Trapped. He was trapped in this literal ice box. It was almost as cold as last night in that room.

Shaking his head he focused on what he needed to do, he wasn’t going to let his thoughts go down that path. He needed to get out, no doubt everyone that heard All Might announce that Todoroki was out, the game was sure to become more frantic. One of the strongest quirks in the class was out, it was bound to be a free for all. And all that they needed to do to find him, was follow the massive ice trail that Todoroki left.

A sudden explosion coming from his left almost made him lose his stance on the thin pole and tumbling to the floor. He pulled up his arm to cover his face as ice shards went everywhere. He felt it cut his arms and he let out a hiss as a sharp edge cut into his thigh.

“There you are fuck face! We got some shit to settle.”

27 groaned and lowered his arms to face the hard glare to give his own unamused one. “It’s a bad time, why don’t you try again later Sparkler?”

The only response was the creaking of Bakugou’s teeth as he clenched his jaw. It was a long shot to hope that Bakugou would fall for it twice, but he wanted to try it anyways.

The pole started to shake from underneath his feet, but he wasn’t moving and Bakugou wasn’t standing on it. He quickly ducked his head when the shaking stop. He felt something graze his hair as he lunge forward to avoid any proceeding moves.
Now or never.

Without thinking, he jumped down onto the ice patched Todoroki had left to reach the ground.. The slide down jolted his ribs and he let out a groan as his back slammed into the ice encased door as he stopped.

Blinking up once he was able to regain his lost breath, he saw Kirishima with his hands out to provide some balance while he stood on the pipe, right where he just was.

“Darn. I really thought I could have grabbed him while he was distracted.” Kirishima sighed. Hardening his quirk, he stepped onto the ice patch and slide down to join him. 27 rolled over to the side and got to his feet to avoid the oncoming tank.

“That’s your damn fault, I told you it wouldn’t work.” Bakugou snarled. He jumped down from the window, using smaller blasts to help lower him onto the hazardous ground.

27 shifted to the side to avoid the harden hand that was aimed at his face. He grabbed the wrist and placed his foot on the other side of Kirishima’s. Using his weight against him, he flipped him over his shoulder.

“Nice move dude!”

27 jumped back to avoid an explosion to the arm and looked over to Kirishima. He looked fine as he sat up with a large smile. It was disappointed to see that Kirishima had activated his quirk in time to avoid any injury or disorientation, he could have used it to his advantage. But now he had two people fighting him. Realistically, he knew he needed to divide and conquer, but he didn’t know how.

“It’s pretty unmanly to be fighting two against one.” He said breathlessly as he danced backwards to avoid the explosions.He knew the bare basics about Kirishima and all he knows for sure about him, was that he liked manliness.

“It’s just smart.” Bakugou grunted as he let out another explosion at it face, to only make contact with a slab of concrete.

The metal scraps and machinery were give him ample amount of materials to provide cover, and weapons. He had even managed to pick up a smaller lead pipe and used it to block a swing from Kirishima. However, it wasn’t going to last forever.

“True, it may be smart. But aren’t you just proving that you can’t take me on by yourself? That you need back up?”

27 couldn’t help but let the smirk from on his face at the response. Bakugou may not have responded but he was definitely affected by the comment, he could hear him grinding his teeth above the explosions. His smile stayed even as he barely avoided another larger blast, close enough to feel the heat singe his eyebrows.

He needed to end this. Not only was his body begging for a break, Bakugou was getting too close for his liking. Kirishima has already landed a couple of hits, one across his uninjured side and a couple on his arms . and Bakugou managed to land a hard hit against his legs.

The only good thing about drawing this fight out, was that he started to notice patterns in their movements. Kirishima always to seem to throw punches above the waist, Bakugou liked to attack from above and would intake his breathe before he made a move, but he also noticed the timing. Kirishima wasn’t holding up or using his quirk as much as he did earlier. At first the quirk was activated on his whole body, then just his arms and chest, and now he only has it concentrated on his arms.

While Kirishima seemed to be running on fumes, Bakugou’s blasts only seemed to get bigger. The more he moved, the more he sweated, the stronger the explosions were becoming. He was having a hard time dodging them as time went by. The radius to avoid getting fire in the face increased. He was thrown across the room like a rag doll a couple of times because of the blasts.

This was going on too long. He didn’t know how long he could keep it up and they were undoubtedly drawing attention from any of the other participants. If he was going to end this, the timing and execution had to be perfect.

27’s eyes widen as he saw Kirishima come at him to his right but on the left Bakugou had a smirk on his face as he held out a hand while the other went to pull the pin out of his gauntlet. As soon as he heard the tiny click as the pin was removed,he went into action. Hitting the inside of Bakugou’s elbow with his pipe to bend it, he grabbed Kirishima’s outstretched hand and pulled him in front of him.

Even behind his meat shield, he was still thrown back by the explosion. His head hit the ground hard and let out a grunt as Kirishima’s weight landed in on him. Ignoring the ringing in his ears he grasped for the ties in his pocket.

It was a gamble, but he had hoped that Kirishima’s exhausted quirk would be able to handle the initial blast but leave him drained afterwards. It must have worked to some degree if Kirishima hasn’t moved as he got out from underneath him and tied him up. Even as the dust tried to settle and the smoke clearing out, he could still see a large scorch mark on the center of his chest.

“Shitty Hair! Why the fuck did you do that?”Bakugou shouted between coughs as the trapped smoke just swirled around in the ice encased room

“Bro! That was unmanly! Why would you use the gauntlet?” 27 croaked out as he tried to mimic Kirishima’s voice as best he can. He hasn’t interacted with Kirishima, but he knows the basic from what he’s seen in homeroom the past week. He just hopes that the smoke would give a good enough excuse on why the pitch doesn’t match up.

“It doesn’t ma-”

Thank god.


27 slouched down a slab of concrete and let out a sigh of relief when he heard All Might announce that the exercise was over right after he tied up Bakugou.

Chapter Text

Aizawa tried to keep his rage bottled up as he made a beeline towards the infirmary. It was a lot harder than he thought, he could feel it burning under his skin. He wasn’t able to go over all the information that the detective called him over for before he got the call from Chiyo. He had to abandon the station and head straight to school.

Today wasn’t going his way at all. He felt like he’s been undermined the whole day, first by Naomasa and now by Toshinori. All of his efforts are crumbling in his hands and it was frustrating.

Naomasa was quit urgent in his call for him to come over and rightfully so. The other day they had arrested a man during a drug bust. Normally it wouldn’t have been a big deal until they saw the number 87 tattooed under his chin.

Their interview with him, wasn’t all that much different from Shinsou’s. He was deathly scrawny and extremely skittish. He refused any food and water they had offered. He remained completely silent and kept his eyes focused on the clock during the duration of the interrogation.

The man didn’t stay in custody long. About an hour into the questioning, he started to flicker before their eyes before he blinked out of existence.

What made Aizawa irritated was that Naomasa didn’t think it was necessary to contact him about this development until a week later. The only reason he was even contacted was because the man was found dead two cities away.

It was up to experts to decide exactly how he died. However from what Aizawa saw, it was a brutal way to go. He felt chills go down his spine when he saw the body. The pictures displayed old scars and open wounds that ran along now exposed body and two large wounds that were on the man’s temple. The police haven’t done a full autopsy yet but what they could tell, something burrowed into him.

He should have been informed about the man a lot sooner than he was. He should have been contacted as soon as they saw someone with a tattoo like that. He’s not sure if Shinsou has a matching one;most of his body was constantly covered, but he should have been informed when someone else goes by a number.

They were supposed to be working together on this case. This investigation was a lot bigger than any of them could handle on their own. He’s been telling the cops all the information he could get from the streets and they should have returned the favor.

This case was becoming far larger and more dangerous than they originally thought. The more they looked into it, the worse it seemed to get. They don’t even have a lot of information on them and it still looks bad.
They are grasping at straws at this point. All they have are the pictures they have on file and things they’ve heard by word of mouth amongst criminals. They know there is a large organization out there with a far reach, a man that has a teleportation quirk, they will kill, and they have a lot of highly trained members that go by numbers. With the sparse knowledge that they did know, it makes it that much more important to trade information. How were they supposed to solve this if neither one of them shared what they knew?

Just as he was scolding Naomasa about it, he got the call from the school. The first time, he ended the call without looking as Naomasa shoved folders of information at him. After the fourth time it rang, he finally picked it up at Naomasa’s chagrin.

He didn’t really expect to hear Chiyo over the phone. He really didn’t expect to hear that his charge was in her infirmary. It didn’t help his rising temper when Naomasa looked so relieved when he excused himself from the station.

Aizawa stood out the infirmary taking a couple of deep breaths to calm himself before entering. He’d rather not have his students seem him this frazzled and think it’s because of them. As soon as he cleared the door, his eyes immediately zoned in on the three beds on the other side of the room.

Shinsou was fast asleep in the bed closest to him. The only evidence that he was even on the bed was the shock of purple hair that was sticking out from underneath the blanket. In the bed on the by the window was a snoring Kirishima, spread out like a starfish with his chest bandaged. In between the two beds was a wide awake and alert Midoriya. He had a bandage wrapped around his head and around his wrist, but otherwise looked fine.

“Sensei! I thought you went home?” Midoriya asked as he fiddled with the blanket in his lap.

“No, I had other business to attend to until I was called back.” Aizawa said as he kept his distance. He glanced around the room to find Chiyo but with her out of sight, he turned back to Midoriya. “Did you do this?”

“W-what?” Midoriya squeaked as his eyes settled on him again. He shrunk down and then his eyes widened in realization. “Oh! No! I didn’t. I was fighting Uraraka. They were on the other side of the grounds.”

Aizawa hummed in confirmation and let the questions he wanted to ask go. He would get his answers soon enough.

“Glad you could leave the station. I normally wouldn’t call but he is your ward.”

Aizawa looked over his shoulder at the sounds of Chiyo’s voice. She had a soft smile on her face and had a folder in her hand as she shuffled in. Before she continued talking, his eyes narrowed on the tall figure that was entered behind her with his shoulders hunched.

“Excuse us Chiyo, we’re going to have a quick talk,” He said between gritted teeth as he grabbed All Might by his upper arm and dragged him out the door. He could hear the audible All Might’s audible gulp when Chiyo wished him the best of luck.

“What the fuck were you thinking?” He growled once he was satisfied they were far enough away from the recovery room. “I asked you to watch him, not put him up against the rest of the class.”

“I thought it would be good for him to get some exercise.” Toshinori said rubbing the back of his neck.

“What made you think that? The way he looks ill? The way he could barely keep his eyes open? That’s a sure fire way to help a kid when he looks like he’s dead on his feet. Let's have him fucking fight with only the clothes on his back!”

“It could have been a good way for him to make friends.” Toshinori his voice wavering as he questioned his own statement.


“There’s no finding friends in a fight like that! You know his background, you know just as much as I do. I told you the first day you were watching him that I didn’t want him around fighting and here you went!” Aizawa snarled taking a step forward and pressed a finger against his chest. “You put him into a fight amongst kids his age! He’s been fighting for years and probably thinks that it’s normal for kids to be fighting. And here you go, reinforcing that idea by having him fight other children!”

“I asked him if he wanted to.” Toshinori said to voice his stance. He shifted backwards until his back hit the locker as Aizawa’s glare sharpened.

“You know damn well he’s not good at choices! He’d answer with anything that he thinks would please you! There was no choice for him! We have been working hard to show him he has choices! But anything with fight or some exercise, he doesn’t see it as a choice! It could set back anything we’ve done so far. Are you trying to dismantle any progress he’s made?”

“No! No that’s not it! I just wanted to help.” Toshinori interjected just as his figure deflated, steam filling his vision briefly.

“He’s lying in the hospital bed right now! Not only is your kid injured, you had to injure my ward also?”

“That was not the intention. I thought it would help Shinsou.”

“Explain.” He growled out.

“I thought it would be good for him to get out. I admit that having him join the lesson was a bad idea!” Toshinori blurted holding his hands up when Aizawa raised an eyebrow at him. “He’s been so cooped up. When he’s not in the apartment, he’s at the school. The only time he’s not inside is when he walks to and from the car. I thought it’d be good for him to stretch out his legs. I thought that joining the class, he could become more comfortable with them. I’ve only seen him talk to adults and avoid any type of communication with anyone else. I’ve seen him talk to some of the class but it’s never more than one word. Thought this could help break the ice.”

Aizawa paused any refute he wanted to make. Shinsou has only talked to adults longer than five minutes, anytime a student tried they were shut down quickly. He wasn't even going to try and refute that they’ve kept Shinsou pretty well locked up. They didn’t want to risk anything with that organization about.

Toshinori’s logic was sound but the way he went about solving it was wrong. He had faced this issue like he would as All Might, head on and punching it in the face. This would take more finesse than what he was used to. Maybe he wasn’t so far off with about how. Shinsou has been jittery this past week, it would probably do him some good to work off that extra energy.

“You’re right,” Aizawa sighed running his hand through his hair. Toshinori let out a sigh and visibly relaxed against the lockers as Aizawa thought out loud. “I wouldn’t have tossed him into a free-for-all fight, I still don’t know why you thought that was a good idea. I’ll probably take up Iida’s offer for the training sessions. No quirks, simple exercise, and light sparring. Not like the cage fight you put him in.”

Aizawa paused in his musings and looked over to the recovery room. “Come on, lets head back. Your kid looked like he would faint when he saw me drag you away.”

“He’s not my kid.” Toshinori managed to choke out between startled coughs. AIzawa let the small smirk form on his face as Toshinori continued to deny the allegations.

As always, he was right. Midoriya was sitting up stiff as a board when they walked in but slumped back into the pillows as soon as Toshinori appeared. Toshinori’s face became red as he raised an eyebrow in his direction when Midoriya called his name.

“Glad you survived that.I wouldn't have healed anything he would have done to you.” Chiyo said from her desk. She flipped open a folder to the front page and motioned for Aizawa to follow her to the next room. As soon as he shut the door behind him and cut of the hushed conversation between Toshinori and Midoriya, did she continue speaking. “Let’s cut to the chase. He had two fractured ribs, a large amount of bruising around his right side, smaller cuts long his arms, a large one on his legs, and some defensive burns on his forearms.”

That made sense. Toshinori had him fight his class while Shinsou was unprepared. He didn’t have any protection that hero suits might offer, hasn’t eaten that well the past couple of days, and fought when he’s physically ill. It wasn’t a surprise that Shinsou had taken this much damage but the furrow in Chiyo’s eyebrows means there's something more to it.

“Some of these are not new.”


“Some of these were already well on its way to healing, more than it could have been after an hour. The bruising was already too dark to be caused during the training exercise. The ribs seemed to have been injured during the training. However, looking at the bruising, it could have been hurt before but was injured further during the training.”

“Recent?” Aizawa asked.

“It had to happen after he arrived in your care. I’m not sure exactly what could have caused it other than it had to be something had to happen with a lot of force behind it. I don’t want to imply that he did it to himself but keep an eye on the boy.”

This had happened while Shinsou was in his care. It must have happened while Shinsou was in their apartment. Shinsou hasn’t been out of their sight when they are out of the house besides earlier when he let the kid take a nap in the teachers lounge.

It happened underneath their roof. No way would Shinsou have managed to escape their home without them noticing. The front door had a multitude of locks with the top one being loud enough to wake him when it becomes undone. Shinsou wouldn’t have escaped from his room, there was no fire escape by his window. The two floor sheer drop wouldn’t pose too much of an issue going down, but coming back up would be a different story.

Their ward was injured in his house and they didn’t see or hear anything. Maybe they were allowing him to stay by himself for too long. Did they miss an episode and Shinsou tried to get out of it? He’s noticed Shinsou scratching at his arms, but maybe it wasn’t enough anymore? Has things escalated without either of them noticing?

Aizawa mumbled that he’d keep a better eye on him and followed Chiyo back into the recovery room. He expected to see the room exactly how he left it but he was left speechless at the mess that greeted him.

Both Midoriya and Kirishima were sitting up in their beds as they watched the scene in front of them. Midoriya eyes were wide and kept muttering under his breath while he watched and Kirishima still had a dazed look on his face as if he had just woken up. All Might was standing in the corner with his hands up trying to placate a frantic Shinsou who was turning the room upside.

Shinsou was up and was looking underneath the bed, cursing under his breath when he didn’t get what he wanted and quickly left the area to search a different area.

“What are you doing young man? You should still be resting.” Chiyo’s voice breaking the chaos. All Might, Midoriya, and Kirishima whipped their head towards her at the sound of her voice. The room became still besides Shinsou who ignored her and continued to riffle through a drawer.

“I need my stuff.” Shinsou deadpanned.

That’s when Aizawa noticed what he was wearing. He still had the jeans that he wore earlier but they replaced his top with one of the spare shirts that Chiyo keeps in the infirminary. His short sleeved and fully exposed the scars on his arms. Aizawa thought he would have to sit down when he noticed how familiar the scars were to the guy who was found dead.

“What are you looking for?” Chiyo asked.


“My pen. I need my pen.” Shinsou replied quickly, his voice wavering at the end. “I have everything else. The pen, I need the pen.”

It might have been a regular pen for most people but Aizawa has noticed how Shinsou was extremely possessive of his stuff. He still had the rags that he was found in folded up neatly in the corner of the room. The art supplies that Nemuri had given him were treated gently and no one else was allowed to touch them. Aizawa thought Shinsou was going to vibrate out of his skin when Mic got close to a paintbrush that was on the table. After that they made sure not to touch anything that was his without his expressed permission.

“There was one in the sleeve but I’m afraid I tossed it out.”

Aizawa’s blood ran cold when Shinsou turned around with panic written clearly on his face and noticed something on his arm. He was barely able to catch it as Shinsou moved about, but it was there. In dark thick blank ink, a stark contrast to his pale skin, was the number 27.

This was the confirmation he didn’t necessarily wanted. He wished that the guy with the number tattooed on him was just a coincidence. That the scars were just a coincidence. That it had nothing to do with the organization that Shinsou escaped from. Unfortunately he couldn’t ignore the evidence in front of his eyes.

Is this why Shinsou is so jittery? It’s not from finally having excess energy from eating well or from living in a new environment. Is it because he thinks he’s on borrowed time? Does he expect to have the same outcome of the other man?

Shinsou hasn’t revealed a lot about the organization and hasn’t so much as speak on how it is works. Based on Shinsou’s reactions to food, items, and the way he interacts with people, he knows that people that share the same rank as him weren’t treated well. He doesn’t have to think too hard what would happen if they didn’t do what they were told to do, the evidence didn’t leave much for the imagination.

The sigh of relief brought Aizawa out of his thoughts. Shinsou was sitting crossed legged in front of a trash bin holding a broken pen to his chest.

“I’m sorry hun, I didn’t think you would want to keep it.” Chiyo said as she gave a Kirishima a gummy. Kirishima exchanged confused looks with Midoriya before both returning their eyes to Shinsou. “I can get you another pen if you’d like, that one has been put through the ringer.”

“It’s alright. I like this one” Shinsou muttered looking up, his face tinted pink when he noticed them looking at him. Only when he tried to slide the pen into his sleeves did Shinsou notice that he didn’t have sleeves. He stared down at his arm in shock as the pen scrapped against his naked forearm. The color quickly drained from his face and he slapped his hand over the number on the his forearm.

Shinsou’s eyes darted around the room frantically looking as he shrunk in on himself. Only then did he notice him standing by the door. As soon as the frantic eyes made contact with his, Shinsou opened and closed his mouth as he tried to tell him something.

“I think we’ll be going now Chiyo. Thank you for taking care of them.” Aizawa said when he saw the signs of the inevitable meltdown.

“All right, you boys head out now. Remember what I told you.”

“Will do, see you tomorrow.” Aizawa replied as Shinsou scrambled over to him. He kept his hand hovering over the kids back as they exited UA.


He was so stupid. He was so stupid. How long was the number shown? Did they all see it? Of course they all saw it. It was right there.It was right in front of their faces. They all saw it, no doubt about it. All Might saw it. Kirishima saw it, Midoriya saw it. Recovery girl saw it. Eraser saw it.

They all know now. He’s not supposed to be giving information away and with stunt he practically gave the information away. No one is supposed to see that Number outside of clients. He’s not even allowed to look at it too long. Now they’ve all seen it.

He was ordered to find out what Eraser knows about the Miasma, not the other way around. There was no doubt that Eraser saw it, he was too observant not to have noticed it. He might as well have walked right up to him and said, ‘“Hey Eraser! Here’s my serial number! We all have one! It’s a great way to see who’s a number or not!”

27 jumped slightly when Eraser turned on the TV to fill the empty silence. He could hear Eraser sit down at the table and talk with Mic in hushed whispers.

He knew they were talking about him, they weren’t being too subtle about it. Mic kept sending glances his way. 27 let out a sigh and brought his knees up to his chin as he slouched back into the couch to watch. There wasn’t much he could do about that anyway.

Eraser was insistent that he stayed out in the living room to wait for dinner instead of making a hasty retreat back into his room. Something about wanting to make sure there were no side effects from getting healed by Recovery Girl. He could tell that his reasoning was utter bullshit. The other people that were healed earlier left on their own and Recovery girl said nothing about lasting side effects.

He didn't argue against him but he was appreciative that Eraser handed him a jacket to put it over the scratchy shirt. Only when the sweater was on, did he noticed it wasn’t one of his. It was a grey jacket that had English writing across the chest and smelled faintly of detergent and hairspray.

When he looked over, Mic gave him a conspiracal wink. Eraser’s eyebrows furrowed at the action. Realization dawned on his face as he looked over and saw the jacket he was wearing. He smacked Mic lightly across the chest and said that he shouldn’t make him a walking billboard.

“This just in, pro hero Karma Shot was found dead.” 27 froze at the sound of the solemn voice of the newscaster and slowly turned his head back towards the TV.

“Wasn’t that one of Nemuri’s kids? She’s going to be heartbroken.” 27 heard Mic whisper but he couldn’t tear his eyes from the screen.

“Yeah, he was. He had a physical counter quirk, it was pretty powerful from what I remember. Saw him get hit by the zero pointer robot without a scratch and then sent the hit right back. It was blown to smithereens.”

27 could barely hear Mic respond to Aizawa about the time he was thrown 50ft because of the quirk over the sound of his heart beating. His skin felt tight against his own skin as he watched the newscaster make her report.

“It’s a tragic day for heroes” The newscaster said as she brought up the picture of the hero.

It’s going to be okay

The picture was blown up across the screen as if he needed to see it better to recognize it. The man looked so much better than he saw him last. His brown hair was cut in an undercut, styled so it swept across his face. Features sharp but the harshness was broken up by the large smile that he was wearing. A dark blue mask ran across his face that only accentuated the green in his eyes.

27 felt himself shudder as the reporter said they weren’t allowed to disclose full details how he died but they had found him in a dumpster in an alley. He grasping his arms he tried to ground himself as she continued. It did nothing. Everything felt was closing in. He couldn’t breathe. There’s no room to breathe.

“The hero has been missing for almost two weeks before he was found by one of his coworkers. It hasn’t been looking good for this agency. One hero went missing and now found dead, and another has been hospitalized. Is this a coincidence or are other things at work?”

He needed to go. He needed some room. He needed to get some air. He wanted to breathe.

His lungs squeezed painfully as he tried to get off the couch. Pressing his hands against the couched, he got up to his feet. He needed air. H needed to get out. He took a step forward on shaky knees to make his getaway. Unfortunately, he couldn't resist looking back at the screen when he heard the lady take a sharp inhale.


“This just in, another hero from the agency has been reported severely injured on sight of a villain attack.”

Bile rose in his throat as fell onto his knees. He kept his eyes trained on the TV as they now showed the pictures of the three heroes side by side. He did that. He caused all of it. He couldn’t breathe. Their blood is on his hands.

Hey Shinsou, look at me. Come on, look at me not that.

The hero gave the information to his client. He had given his client information on his agency, and it looks like he didn’t lie. Maybe he didn’t tell the whole truth, but he did tell them something. He shouldn’t have done that.

Shou! Turn that off!

What did he do to repay the hero for doing that? Repay him for stopping his client? He repaid him by killing him. Right there. While he was there in that cold metal tomb. Blood warm and thick as it ran over his hands. He’s never going to get clean again. It’s still there, he can feel it. His hands felt tacky and slow like it was covered in tar. Now there was more. Their blood was on his hands as well. It was tainted red. He couldn’t breathe.

Don’t do that with your arms. Can you hear me? Shinsou?

The hero should have known that he wasn’t innocent. He cut him up! The hero should have let it go. He should have known he wasn’t worth that. He would have been fine if he didnt do anything. He should have kept quiet. Perhaps rescue was on its way. Perhaps he could have escaped if he kept doing what he was doing. He lasted a week before he arrived. He didn’t deserve to die like that.

Don’t do that with your arms. Come on kid. Shou, back up. We don’t want to crowd him.

To die so slow. For it to be slow. To slowly fade. The warmth leaving only to cover his hands. The green eyes losing focus, to see the color go. To see the light leave and be replaced with the green dull.

It’s okay. You’re okay.

27 flinched when the black screen was obscured by green. Green, just like him. He didn’t think, he just reacted.

Putting as much strength as he could manage he threw the punch at it. He felt his hand make contact against skin before he scrambled back. Taking advantage of the sudden adrenaline surge. he shoved himself up onto his feet and moved away until he felt something hit the back of his knees.

He couldn’t breathe. HIs chest felt like it was being squeezed and his skin felt too tight. The only thing he could hear was his own wheezing as blackness started to cover his vision.

This what it feels like? Did the man have this much trouble? Is this karma? Is this how he’s going out also?

Pressing his hand against his chest didn’t help. He could only feel his own heart beating rapidly under his fingers. His eyes darted up from his chest to look for an escape. He was expecting to meet the familiar green but faltered when he saw gold.

Mic was crouched a couple of feet away from him. His face had an angry red mark on his left side and he was wearing orange triangular glasses that obscured the green. He seemed to be talking, his mouth moving slowly as he looked over at him but he couldn’t hear him.

27 let out a laugh that ended up sounding like a choked sob as Mic slowly approached him with his hands up like he was trying to calm a wild animal. He probably wasn’t too far off. He would have bolted if his body wasn’t currently betraying him.

Staying rooted in his spot, Mic slowly came up to him while maintaining eye contact. 27 tried to get his feet to move but they wouldn’t budge. They felt like there cemented in the floor. All he could do was stand there and stare as Mic got closer.

“You’re okay. Everything is okay.”

Is it? Is it really? How is anything okay?

“Hey can you breathe with me?”

He wanted to ask how is he supposed to breathe when there’s no air but all that came out was a wheeze.

“Let’s do it together okay? Breathe in for four seconds and let it out.” Mic instructed then he made an exaggerated inhale. He tried to follow but his lungs only seemed to rattle in his chest. “Very good. Let’s do another one okay? Breathe in.”

Burying his fingers into his forearms he followed the instructions. He doesn’t know how long they were at it until his chest seemed to loosen and his stuttering breaths became more even. He just knows was that he was standing up and now he was suddenly on the floor exhausted with Mic in a similar position in front of him.

“You doing alright?” Mic asked softly. He managed a nod not trusting his voice just yet. “Do you want to eat or need something to drink?”

“Can I go to my room?” 27 managed to croak out, his voice sounding rough to his ears.

“Sure little listener. It is getting late, and you had a rough day. If you get hungry later, there’s a bowl inside the fridge for you.”

27 ignored the look that Mic sent over his shoulder and kept his eyes trained forward as he shuffled to his room. He didn’t have to look to know that he was sending it to Eraser. He doesn’t want to think about what they might have drawn from his dramatics. He just wants to crawl into bed and forget everything for a little while.



27 couldn't help but felt like Eraser and Mic knew something that he didn’t. He could see the questions that Eraser wanted to ask but always seemed to drop it. Anytime Eraser seemed like he built up enough nerve to ask, he’d make an excuse and slip out of the room. He’d rather really not explain what had happened, he’s not sure so himself. It’d be best to avoid it.

It’s been three days since his freak out and they’ve been watching him like a hawk. Their eyes always seemed to be on him. Even if they weren’t in the room with him, it still felt like he was being watched and it left his skin crawling.

The amount of attention he was gaining was hindering his job.It seemed like they checked on him every hour like he’d disappear any minute. They seemed to hover over him during school hours and he had to say goodbye to staying in the lounge by himself. Anytime he was left anywhere, there was always a teacher there.

Even when there wasn’t a teacher in the classroom, the students started talking to him. At first they seemed hesitant, then Midoriya had to break the tension by congratulating him for winning on Monday. It had opened the floodgates, and they acted like they were familiar with him. Too familiar.

They started to stand near him as they asked him questions or told their experiences of their fights. There were a lot of questions of where he learned how to fight and what his quirk was. He was easily able to brush most of them off by either ignoring them or gave them a scathing remark. However the tactics didn’t work on everyone. Kaminari was more persistent than his peers with his questions. He constantly asked where he learned how to fight despite his best efforts. He finally answered that if he told him where he learned how to fight, he’d have to kill him. Kaminari’s full hearted laugh quickly faltered and the color drained from his face when he saw his expression. He never asked again.


The constant surveillance also made it hard to make any reports. It took him two nights until they left him alone long enough to toss the pen for Memory out the window. He just hoped the Miasma got it in time to sell the information before the festival and it being broken wouldn’t affect anything.

He was getting nothing else useful to report these past days. Not even with the added amount of contact with them gained him any new information. He always seemed to get so close in getting something from Erasure but he was always foiled.

Eraser would have folders out on his desk as he worked. 27 knew it wasn’t school work, they were kept in binders and not the manilla folders. He would often hear him and Mic discuss something in hushed whispers, even pointing out stuff in the folders.

It was as if they were always aware where he was because anytime he got close enough to try to make out they were saying, they’d go quiet. Even when they left the room, they took the folders with them, so he couldn’t even manage to sneak a peek. It was beyond frustrating.

The only solace he had was that today was Friday. The day of the sports festival. He was finally going to have a chance to have a break from their constant surveillance. He had overheard them talking to someone over the phone that they were going to do announcements for the first years. They had tried to turn it down, Eraser more eager to get out of it than Mic, but who ever was on the other line wouldn’t let them off the hook.

Mic came up to him later that evening asking if he wanted to go to the sports festival. He seemed uncertain and also offered to have someone to come over and watch him if he didn’t want to attend. He barely stopped himself from scoffing at the question. Instead he told him that he wanted to go. Only when he said that he’d think it would be fun to watch and that he didn’t want to be stuck in the apartment, did Mic seem to loosen.

This would be his chance to get back into the lounge and get into the folders again. Everyone would be too focused on the festival to worry about that. All the teachers were all assigned to do a job to help everything run smoothly. Somewhere being announcers for different years, some referring, some guarding the event, and some keeping the crowds organized. The chances of one of the teachers entering the lounge would be slim.

27 could barely contain his excitement as Mic and Eraser were setting up the equipment in the announcer booth. Well, Mic was the one setting it up and Eraser was lounging.

Eraser was sprawled on his chair as he languidly watched Mic setup the sound system. Mic didn’t seem to stop moving as he went to and fro around the room, chattering along the way as he got everything ready.

“You got the best seat in the house listener! I’m sure this will be a great year.” Mic said as he plugged in a couple of wires. “There’s nothing better than sitting right here. You get a birds eye view and we got a so many camera angles. You’re not going to miss anything.”

27 only nodded in reply when he noticed Eraser’s sharp eyes on him.
He had no intentions of staying. As soon as they were distracted enough, he was leaving. He needed to make sure they were at ease before he made his escape. Eraser has been watching from his peripheral since they got here but he knows it’s only a matter of time. He’s been looking more tired than he has ever seen him and he’s bound to slip up.

“Alright! Let’s get this party started!” Mic exclaimed as he threw himself into his chair, causing it to spin it its spot. He leaned forward with a large grin and started to shout into the microphone. “Hey! Pay attention audience! Swarm mass media!”

Eraser elbowed him in the side for that comment. He covered his microphone and whispered at him. “For someone who’s always in the media’s spotlight, you should probably lay off them a bit.”

Mic’s wasn’t phased. His smile didn’t so much as falter as he continued to make his announcement with his arms flailing about. “This year’s high school rodeo of adolescence, that you all love! The UA sports festival is about to begin! Everybody, are you ready?!”

27 jumped slightly at the loud cheering that Mic got in response. The room seemed to shake beneath his feet from the thundering sound. He even thinks he saw Eraser’s chair roll a bit from the vibrations.

“It’s time for the students to enter the first-year stage!”

27 zoned out Mic’s voice as he continued to announce the stage and as it progress. He pretended to watch the event, but he was more focused on Eraser. Not once during the stage did Mic turn around to look at him. He was too focused on doing play by plays to be concerned about anything else. Eraser was a different story.

Eraser rarely said his input and he only spoke when he was prompted by Mic. He also thrown subtlety out the window. He’d turn so that half his body was always in his direction and would send him looks frequently.

He moved into a less suspicious spot than the one right next to the door and opted to stand in a corner. The change in his position did seem to ease Eraser’s nerves. His checks became less frequent and he became more focused on the event unfolding in front of them.

It was only a matter of time before he’d get an opportunity. Occasionally Eraser nodded off during the event. He’d close his eyes and rest his chin on his chest but would startle awake when Mic yelled about of his student’s achievements.

Mic was spinning in his chair as he started to cheer in amazement at the results of the first event. He continued chattering as students started to complete the course, only pausing when the last of the qualifying students crossed the finish line.

27 started to shift on his feet as Mic started to announce the rules for the next game. Eraser had spared him a glance but turned his attention back onto his partner when he said there was going to be a fifteen minute break.

“You can take a quick nap.” Mic said as he leaned back in his chair with his hands behind his head. Mic raised an eyebrow at Eraser when he just crossed his arms. “I’ll look over everything. Nothing’s going to happen if you take your eyes off them. No villain would dare attack during an event like this. It’s jam packed full of heroes.”

Eraser grunted and slunk down into his chair. “Fine but wake me up when the battle begins.”

27 waited until he heard Eraser’s breathing evened out and had Mic’s back facing him while he was on a call with Nemuri as they talked about their plans for the next event to make his move.

Slipping off his shoes and picking them up, he quietly moved towards the door. He kept his eyes on Mic’s back as he kept his weight evenly distributed to make as minimal sounds as he could on the tile floor. He mentally thanked his past self for making sure to keep the door to hallway slightly ajar when they entered.

Putting his fingers against the door, he lifted it up slightly to relieve some pressure from the door jamb and opened it. He paused when he saw Mic move as he animatedly talked into the phone but continued when he had calmed down. He pulled the door open just enough to slip between the opening and gently closed it behind him.

Holding his breath, he waited for something to happen. The door opening, yelling, or even shouts of where he was at. When nothing happened, he sped walk down the hall and around the corner to slip back on his shoes.

He couldn’t help feeling giddy as he walked down the empty halls. He did it.The whole atmosphere only played into this triumph feeling. The cheers vibrated in his chest, the smells of the food stalls tempting people to come to it, and the screams and shouts of the fight below. It was utterly contagious and he couldn't stop the smile on his face.

Slipping into the teacher’s lounge was a piece of cake, he didn’t even pass anyone on the way there. He pulled out his makeshift lock pick kit from his pocket, grateful that he stored it there on Monday. He didn’t know how he would explain what it was if Recover Girl saw it. Explaining why a pen was in his sleeve would have already been difficult. But they never asked, they seemed to completely drop it or didn’t find it strange. However, he doubts they would have let it go if they saw the pen and his makeshift lock pick equipment.

Settling into the spot in front of the cabinets he got to work. After opening it, he shifted through until he saw the past students folder. He pulled out the pen he had brought and gently repeated the procedure from last week.

UA didn’t keep a lot of physical copies about their past students. The information they had was only the past five years of graduate students. He knows they probably input it into their computer system after an allotted time and more than likely have both a physical and electronic section. However, he had no idea if he could gain access to a computer or how to find what he was looking for.

It was disappointing that he couldn’t get to anything older than five years. He could only imagine how ecstatic Boss would be if he got All Might’s or Endeavor’s past records.

27 shoved the folders back into the cabinet when he heard footsteps approaching. He must have been at it a lot longer than he thought. It didn’t think he was at it for more than an hour but when he looked up at the clock, two hours had already passed.

He walked as quietly as he could over to the door. He pressed his side against the wall as he crouched and looked through the slightly opened door. The only thing he could make out was a sliver of the hall but it was more than enough.

Two sets of footsteps were approaching. Not an adult if he went by how long their stride was and how light they sounded. Well, at least none of the teachers were small enough but it could still be a small adults. He mentally crossed out Nezu as a possible candidate. When Nezu walked with someone, he’d be talking their off but it was absolutely silent.

He ducked his head further into the room when the shadows walked by the lounge. When he deemed it safe to look, he stuck his head out and saw Todoroki and Midoriya walking away from him.
Todoroki seemed to be walking with a purpose. His head was held up as he walked confidently the hall. Midoriya was trailing slightly behind him and looked like a sulking puppy with the way his shoulders was hunched.

Where are they going? If he went by the crowds cheers and applauds, the festival was far from over. There was something going on and he was going to find out.

Keeping his distance, he trailed them as far as he could but still keeping them within his eyesight. They soon entered some sort of tunnel and stopped. He remained crouched by the entrance s they wouldn’t see him immediately if they looked his way.

“Oi! What the fuck are you doing?” A voice whispered sternly at him. 27 sighed and looked over his shoulder to see Bakugou scowling at him.

“What does it look like I'm fucking doing?” He whispered as he turned his attention back onto the students conversation. He felt more than heard Bakugou shuffle up next to him and lean against the wall.

“You look like your eavesdropping like a jealous lover.”

“I’m just doing what you want to do. So either shut up or get away.” 27 snapped back.He didn’t really care that Bakugou had caught him. He didn’t seem like someone who would snitch on him, especially since he also followed them out from the arena. If he told someone he caught him eavesdropping on Midoriya, it would only bring up the fact that Bakugou had also followed Midoriya. He didn’t mind the other here, but he would prefer it if the guy would shut up so he could hear.

Bakugou let out a grunt like he was going to protest but closed his mouth when Todoroki declared that Midoriya was All Mights secret love child. “That’s bullshit. I’ve known Midoriya for years. No way in fuck is All Might his dad.”

Now he’s definitely glad that Bakugou was here. Despite making comments throughout the others conversation, he did quickly debunk Todoroki’s theory. Even with it debunked, it didn’t diminish how valuable that information that was being said. He did get his confirmation that Todoroki was Endeavor’s son but that’s not what interested him.

Todoroki wasn’t the most level-headed person, often acting out on his emotions, but he didn’t base claims on stuff without facts. He had to have had reasonably reasons to think Midoriya was All Might’s child and be confident enough in them to say them directly to Midoriya.

He knew that All Might has talked to Midoriya, he saw them interact with him in the recovery room, but he didn’t know how close their relationship was. If Todoroki had reasons to believe that they were related, they must be close. That could still be useful information. Not as useful as if he was his child but it was still useful.

Bakugou let out a sigh that sounded more like a growl as grabbed his arm. 27 had resisted the urge to flip him onto his back as he started to drag him back from where they had came from. The only thing stopping him was that the sound would draw the other student’s attention. “Come on, the convos over. Deku is doing his stupid proclamation speech and any minute now he’s going to stomp out like he just defeated All Might in a fist fight. Fucking half n half is already going to be pissed and if he caught us, he wouldn’t hesitate to freeze our balls off.”

“He does have quite the temper doesn’t he?” He murmured out loud. Bakugou only ignored his question and continued to tug him down the hall. “So, are you going to let me go? Or do you just like holding on to me Salvo?”

Bakugou dropped his arm like it had burned him and sent him a glare. He mumbled a whatever putting his hands into his pockets he slouched as he stalked away muttering about his match coming up. 27 stayed rooted to his spot and watched Bakugou’s back as he walked towards the screaming crowds to make sure he wouldn’t come back. Only when he heard what he was sure was Midoriya coming, did he leave.

It was strange that Bakugou would just leave like that. He expected some sort of confrontation about what had happened on Monday, especially since they were alone. Tuesday he looked like he wanted to say something but never did. He was always interrupted by class starting or by another student.
As the week progressed, it seemed almost like he forgot about it. Which he knows he didn’t. Bakugou had remembered about USJ and confronted him as soon as possible. He doubts he’d forget about some slight that happened as recently as Monday. The only explanation he could think of is that he became too focused on the sports festival to be concerned over what had happened.

27 shook out his hands to try to get himself to focus on his task. He shouldn’t be concerned about that now. He had a job to do and he was running out of time. Sooner or later Eraser or Mic would search for him and he’d like to get as much information as he can before that happens. He has no idea when an opportunity like this would present itself again.

His goal was to get enough useful information to tide over any lulls in his reporting. Hopefully if he had given them enough, they’d give him some leniency in the amount he delivers to them. Maybe he could even get a break for a bit?

With that in mind, he entered the teacher’s lounge to only stiffen. He fought the reflex to pull out the knife he had stashed in his sleeve earlier for safety reasons.

Over by the cabinets that he wanted to get into, someone was already over there digging through the folders. They were so focused on the folders they didn’t even notice his entrance and gave him time to analyze his opponent.

They looked to be around his height but he couldn’t be sure with the helmet they were wearing. They had on a bulky white suit that resembled and astronauts and wore yellow boots. It gave very little what their quirk may be, but it had to be something physical based on the fact the suit seems to have a purpose.

“Who are you?” 27 asked, slipping the knife down far enough to be able to pull it out quickly if it became necessary. It was unlikely that this was a villain of some sort but Aizawa did seem to be nervous that there was a possibility of an attack, so he couldn’t say it wasn’t a possibility.

He really didn't think they were a villain or a spy. They moved around with familiarity and were at complete ease. Even the most trained spies would show some uneasiness in an unfamiliar place.

127 often showed some unease while worked and he had the benefit of being invisible. The smallest amount of tension was always visible in his shoulders while he was out on a job and he was the best the Miasma had.

Besides, if they were a spy, they’d make an awful one. Their clothing would draw too much attention to them and it was too memorable. They also weren’t silent either as they pulled cabinets open and close with loud bangs.

They jumped at the sound of his voice and their helmet let out a clang as it banged against an open drawer above them. They rubbed the back of the helmet as they turned to him. “Oh! Hello! You must be Shinsou, I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m just here to pick something up for Nezu.”

“I didn’t ask that. Who are you?” He repeated.

The white eyes to seem to squint in confusion as they looked at him. “I’m 13.”

27 took an involuntary step back at that. It felt like his nerves were on fire as shock swept through his body.

13? They were supposed to be dead? 10 said they died a long time ago. It was a story he had heard many times. 13 was the main reason and a prime example on why they had to hide their numbers. That he got murdered because they didn’t hide their number but flaunted it like a badge of honor. Which it was until it turned out to be his deathbed.

He was told that they were always rented out between these two gangs until it all went wrong. The gangs started to recognize 13 on either side of the battle field. No matter how they had tried to hide it, there was no hiding the fact they were 13. The two gangs didn’t want either side to rent him out, so they made an agreement. WIth that they decided that neither of them could have the Number, but the only certainty that the other would follow with their agreement was to kill them.

“I thought you died.” 27 said softly once the shock coursed through his system.

“It was touch and go for a while but the doctors patched me right back up.”

They had to be excellent doctors to patch 13 back up. 10 said they were torn limb by limb like a doll. When Boss’s quirk didn’t work bringing them back, they went over themselves. 10 wouldn’t describe the scene that he had walked into that day. He’d go pale before flushing slightly green and changed the conversation.

“How did you escape? How did you get away?” 27 inquired relaxing his stance.

The only way out of Miasma is death and they had used that to their advantage. The Miasma still thinks they’re dead and therefore they aren’t after them. It was almost amazing to see them, they’ve been free for far longer than he’s been in the Miasma. How in the hell did they do it?

“I don’t really remember much about that day to be honest. I just remember using my quirk against that one misty guy and the next thing I knew I was waking up at the hospital. I’m sure I would have died without any help.”

Of course they got help.They probably had some great contacts to avoid the Miasma for so long. Maybe they had dirt on Boss that made him back off?

“What have you been doing since? Have you been lying low?”

“Went back to work, I wasn’t going to let them win after all that. I’ve been sent on a couple of rescue missions and I’ve been working on my combat skills more. I don’t want to be in that same position again.”

“So, you became a hero.” 27 pondered under his breath. 13 didn’t seem to hear them as they excused themselves saying that Nezu needed these immediately and that they can talk later.

13 escaped. They actually got away from the Miasma. They got away and became something the Miasma values but hated. They became a hero. They used the training they got and turned it into something good.

Could he do that? Could he do what they did? Get away? Be free from the Miasma, have the freedom to do what he wanted. To not have to worry about what may happen next. To just be able to breathe for a bit. To get a break.

Then maybe he could work at cleaning the blood off his hands. To try to get rid of that stain. He knows he couldn’t bury his past deeds. What’s done is done and he couldn’t take it back even if he wanted to. He could never make it completely right but maybe he could try.

“Shinsou, there you are.” Aizawa said from behind him, breaking him out of his thoughts. “Don’t run off like that.”

“Sorry, just got bored in that room. It’s not as entertaining as the PA system made it seem like it was going to be.”

“Don’t let him hear you call him that. He can and will sound like he’s on the PA system for weeks.” Aizawa sighed. His tired eyes looked him over before he pulled out his wallet. He flipped it open and looked into it. “The festival is almost over. Let’s go to some booths before they close.”

Chapter Text

“Come on just pick something. If you don’t I’ll pick something for you and won’t like it.”

Bug had decided to take the next step in his training. He had become decent at fighting hand to hand; enough to beat some of the less experienced members, but not good enough to beat all of them. Bug thought it was time to introduce some sort of weapon to use while fighting to help even out the playing field.

27 stood stiffly in front of the table that was layden with an assortment of weapons. There were spears, staffs, knives, swords, tonfas,clubs, a whip, a tekko, and a large assortment of guns. It was a lot more than he has ever seen, some of them he didn’t recognize.

It was nerve wracking trying to pick one. As he looked over his choices, he had Bug leaning over his shoulder. He could feel her breath along his neck as he contemplated his choices. Anytime he reached out for something, she’d make a small sound. He couldn’t determine if it was a good or a bad sound and he’d retract his hand which caused her to let out a sigh. It was an endless cycle.

“Hey Bug?”

27 relaxed at the sound of the familiar voice and looked over at the door. A girl had her head peeking out from behind the door, her long deep green hair falling sideways in waves and kept her dark eyes trained on Bug. He pushed down any excitement he felt when he saw her and looked back to the weapons.

“What do you want 50? You know that this is a private training secession.” Bug sighed leaning away from over his shoulder to give her a glare.

“I know, but Boss sent me to come get you for some paperwork.”

“Ugh. I thought Memory was supposed to do the reports this month. She loves doing them, I swear it’s like a drug to her. Just tell Memory she can do it.”

“Memory is already there ma’am. There’s more than she can handle.”

“Great.” Bug groaned then looked over at him with a frown. “Sorry kid, looks like we are going to have to cut this short. Let’s get you back into your cell.”

27 gripped at his shirt as she motioned him to follow. He just got here. This was supposed to be his time out of that room. Some relief, a break from the boredom. He doesn’t want to go back there so soon. He’d rather be training with Bug than sit in there with nothing to do but stare at the brick walls.

”You don’t have to do that Bug. I can help him pick one of these out. I know the basics to most of these, I can teach him so he doesn’t miss any training. Don’t want to set his progress back a day.” 50 said nonchalantly as she stared intently at her fingernails.

Bug’s eyebrows furrowed as she contemplated 50’s offer. The silenced that stretched on left him uncomfortable and he started to fidget. “Alright, fine. I’ll be back as soon as I can. If I’m not back by five, take him to his room.”

50 bowed low as Bug marched passed her, letting her hair cover her face to hide anything. Only when the door was shut behind Bug did she straighten up. She turned and gave him a bright smile as she walked towards him.

“Hey 27! I got you something!” 50 greeted while she started to dig through one of the large pockets in her cargo pants. She sat down when she got close enough and let her long legs stretched before her. Her curled a finger in his direction and then patted the space next to her.

He didn’t hesitate in accepting her offer. He backed away from the table and almost barreled into her as he sat as close as he could next to her, letting them sit hip by hip. She let out a huff in amusement at the display but pulled him into her lap.

The other numbers were always wary of him. They never knew what to make of the mask or him. Sometimes they shied away from him like he was contagious. Others didn’t like the fact he didn’t talk and he’d hear them say that he was creepy. That his presence and his eyes were too still for a person his age. Some of them treated his presence like a challenge. They’d stand too close to him, jostle him when they walked by, and were always rougher than they needed to be when they trained.

He never liked being in the same room as any of the other numbers, but 50 was an exception. 50 was never put off by him. She’d treat him like he’s seen her treat other people. She was fully capable of filling up the silence that he leaves and sometimes always knew what he was thinking.


“Alright now, don’t get too excited. You’re going to have to save it for later.” She said as he got comfortable. She pulled her hand out and wrapped her arm around to hand him a paper bag.

It was a small white bag that was scrunched up so it was only a bit bigger than his fists. It crinkled in his hands as he gently opened it and pulled out the item inside.

He couldn't stop the confused hum he let out when he saw what it was. It was food. Food that was a light brown and felt fluffy when he poked it. It was slightly squashed in places, and some sort of dark sticky paste leaking from between cracks. His favorite thing about it, was that it was shaped like a fish.

“I just got off from a job and the client left me alone for an hour. So, you know how I don’t like sitting around for too long.” She said waving her hand around. “I took a walk and saw a stand that was still opened. Used my quirk and got free taiyaki. They’re really good, kinda sweet but you look like you have a sweet tooth. I didn’t know which one you’d like, so I took the red bean. Most people like that one.”

Nodding he put the treat back into the bag, careful not to squish it anymore. He gently put it into the lower pocket of his pants. It was the safest place he could think of. His calves took the least damage during training . The treat is most likely to come out unscathed during exercises as long as he keeps constantly aware of it.

“This was my brother’s favorite food when he was your age.” 50 hummed. 27 leaned back into her hand as she started to card her fingers through his hair absentmindedly. “44 did some math for me the other day and calculated how long I’d have to work here. At the rate I’m going, I’ll pay back my brother’s debt in ten years.I will be in my thirties and you’ll be what? Sixteen? Seventeen?”

He gave her shrug, keeping his eyes closed knowing that she’ll see the gesture. He really has no idea. It was too hard to keep track of time here. The most he knows is that he has been here a while and that he just wants it to end. 27 jolted in his spot against her chest at her movement as she started to gesture with her arm.

“That’s fine, we’ll figure it out when we get out. What?” She asked poking his forhead when he scrunched up his face. “Don’t be so pessimistic, we’ll get out. If by the time I’m done and your still in here, I’ll personally get you out. If I can’t just buy you off of them, I can just rent you out everyday. You haven't done a job yet but I’m sure you will still be pretty cheap in ten years. You could live with me! We can get a cat just like your stuff cat. Like a real cat and name it Mocha or something. You could meet my parents, maybe even my brother if he has shaped up. We will eat like kings and live in the warmest apartment to the point people will always complain that it’s too hot in there. It’ll be great.”

50 continued to brush his hair with her hands as she talked about their future together. She kept mentioning all the places that she’d take him, people he’d meet, and the things they’d do.

It sounded nice, but ten years was a long time. He doesn’t know if he’d get fed today; if Bug would remember to take off the mask, let alone think that far into the future. It doesn’t seem rational to think that far ahead when they’re stuck here now.

He wanted to ask questions or just sit and talk with her. To do something, to reciprocate her excitement, but he couldn’t. He was too tired to move from his position and even if he wanted to talk, the mask was still secured on his face.

“I think we need to get back to picking something before Bug comes back. I was lying earlier by the way. I don’t know how to use any of these besides the one small handgun and the knives so that’s your two options.” She said as she helped him to his feet. Placing her hands on his shoulders she looked him in the eye. “. But I don’t think a gun would be good for you. When you point a gun at someone, it’s only with the intent to kill here. The second you miss, the second you hesitate, it’ll all be over for you. If you don’t hesitate....”

He looked at her as her eyes went distant as she trailed off. Her dark brown eyes seem faded and she begun to gnawed at her lip as she thought. When she finally did continue, the light tone of her voice was gone and replaced with steel.

“Don’t let this place take another thing from you okay? Don’t do anything you can’t come back from.”

27 gave a hesitant nod at the intensity of her voice. He could feel her hands tighten on his shoulders slightly too tight before she let go with a smile.

“Besides, guns can run out of bullets then you would be screwed. Not to brag, but I’m very good at knives.I’ll be the best teacher for you! Maybe Bug will let me permanently train you with them if today goes over well. Let’s go pick one that’ll fit your hands.”



27 jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Eraser’s face was pinched as he pulled his hand back and muttered a sorry.

“What?” he croaked as he tried to ground himself in the present. They were at the stall area of the festival. He could hear children screaming in delight and conversations floating around around him as they celebrated. The air thick with the smells of vendors preparing and selling food.

Even with the probability of something happening, he still felt anxious. There were too many people wandering around up and down the aisles. They seemed to be pressing onto him from every direction, even though they were standing off to the side.

“I asked if you would like some taiyaki?” Eraser repeated, voice low as he considered him. 27 felt the heat rise slightly up his neck and quickly tug this hoodie up his shirt in attempt to hide it.

He remembers staying close to Eraser as they walked through the fair while still trying to keep an eye on the people around them. Then he had caught sight of a girl carrying the fish shaped treat. Glancing the way from the direction she came from, he saw the stand and the memory flooded in.

He doesn’t even remember stopping. How long was he lost in his thoughts? He must have been staring at the stand long enough to gain Eraser’s attention.

“I’m going to buy some for all of us. I don’t know which one Yamada would like, so I’m just going to get one of everything.” Eraser explained then went towards the stand when he didn’t say anything. His feet felt like they were glued to the ground as he watched Eraser go up to vender to order.

He didn't move an inch by the time Eraser came back with the treats. Someone people had bumped into him as they walked by, some tried to encourage him to move to the side, but he stayed and watched.

“Pick one.” Eraser said holding them up to him. “This one has custard, this one chocolate, and this one is red bean.”

“Red bean.” He said and gingerly took the treat from Eraser. The bag felt warmer and heavier than he thought it would have been.

He was slightly nervous in eating it. What if it didn’t live up to his memories? He remembered it being one of the best things he’s ever had despite having to wait twelve hours to eat it. If it’s not that good, would it taint his memories.

He barely processed that Eraser said they should return to the announcers booth as he absent mindedly followed the pro hero through the crowds. Figuring it was now or never, he took a hesitant bite into the pastry.

It was almost better than what he had remembered. It wasn’t as hard and cold but was warm, light and fluffy. It was a lot sweeter than he remembers but still holds the spot of his favorite food.

Would this have been the future that 50 envisioned? Maybe they would have visited the festival themselves. Get as much pastries as they could carry and then sit in the stands to watch. He would actually watch the festival, instead of doing what he had done.

Guilt settled in his stomach as he thought of her. Is this what she have wanted? He knows she’s told him to do whatever he needs to survive, but she told him not to go too far. He promised that he wouldn’t cross that line. To never do something he couldn’t fix or make up but there’s no turning back from what he did on Monday.

He could see Eraser glancing at him from the corner of his eye when his step faltered, but he was grateful that the pro hero remained silent.

“Hizashi.” Eraser said in a way of greeting as he entered the booth and threw the bagged treat at Mic.

“Wha-” Mic said looking up from a tablet to only get smacked in the forehead.

“Got you the custard.”

“My favorite! You always know what to get me.” Yamada chirped as he opened the bag. “You missed the ceremony by the way. You should have seen the way the crowd lost it when All Might showed up. I swear they almost busted my hearing aids.”

“I’d prefer not witnessing that.” Eraser shrugged and sat down in the seat next to Mic. He looked back and gave him a pointed look and motioned to the chair next to him.

“What? It’s not like I’m just going to run off.” 27 bristled.

“Look what happened last time when we took our eyes off of you, you were gone for hours. Besides, the whole thing is almost over. There’s just a couple more events for the other years and then we’ll do a quick clean up. If you wander off now, it might add a couple of hours before we get back home.”

He couldn’t refute that logic so he made himself comfortable in the hard chair. He tried to make the treat in his hands last as long as possible so hopefully by the time he finishes it, it’ll be time to go. He concentrated on eating as Mic and Eraser went back to announcing. It wasn’t all that interesting or important to pay attention too. It was simple games that were meant more for fun, since the actual main events have stopped.

“Well isn’t this just a closet full of fun in here.” A voice said sarcastically.

27 dragged his eyes from the screen to see Midnight leaning against the doorframe. She had one eyebrow raised and arms crossed as she looked them over.

Mic was still as energetic as he was in the start of the festival. Moving around and screaming into the microphone as he saw fit. Eraser had rested his chin against the table in front of him while grumbling into the mic occasionally. 27 knew he wasn’t that much better, with one leg thrown over the armrest of the chair and one arm dangling behind him.

“What do you want Nemuri.” Eraser sighed as he turned in his seat.

“There’s been a change of plans. I need one of you to do the announcements for the third years Free for All.”

“I thought 13 was going to do it.”

That spiked 27’s interest in the conversation and decided to tune in. At first he thought it was going to be a simple timing issues that she needed help with. The event lasting longer or shorter than they had thought and had to shift the time schedules, not a total change in duties.

“They were, but now they’re going to be the refereeing.”

“You were supposed to ref that.”

“Things change Shouta.” Midnight said cocking her hip to the side. She didn’t look impressed with Erasers dull tone. 27 would even say she looked agitated. She was shifting her weight between her feet and kept looking at her phone.

“Just stay, don’t make things more complicated than it needs to be.”

“I got a call from my firm, crime rates have spiked today and they need extra hands.” Any trace of irritation slowly fell off her face and her eyes softened as she relaxed her stance. “There was an increase in gang activities and pettier crimes. A lot people are getting hurt. Routes are being shifted and heroes are being taken unaware. Five heroes have been injured today.”

Midnight trailed off and looked over at Mic who turned off the speakers to look at her. She gnawed at her lip before finally continuing. “Have you heard from Tensei?”

Eraser and Mic exchanged looks before Mic responded. “Not today. Yesterday we were talking about the possibility of Tenya and Shinsou training together next week, but nothing today.”

Training? They wanted him to train with Iida? There’s no advantage for him to train with him. The difference in their fighting styles would normally be beneficial but not with Iida.

Iida has technique but it’s not fluid, not as instinctual. He could almost see Iida mentally preparing on what to do next and how to execute it. He obviously never used his training in an actual fight and made him easy to read. It’d be a useless training exercise to fight Iida.

“His agency can’t get a hold of him. If he does get into contact with you, let me know.”

27 watched them give their nods in agreements and Mic wishing her good luck as she left. Both adults turned to each other and started to discuss who would cover Midnight and who would stay here.

Memory did get his information in time if what he had heard was correct and people had taken advantage of the available information. It only made sense that different organizations took this as their chance to do their business. There was tons of information on what the heroes routes were, how long they were, how little heroes patrolling. It was less of a chance of coming across them today. They would also have advantage if they do end up interacting, the heroes were bound to be exhausted with their intense scheduling for the day.

“Come on Shinsou,” Eraser ordered breaking him out of his thoughts. “Let’s get this over with.”

“See you later Loud Hailer!” 27 did a two finger salute as he walked backwards out the door. He couldn't help the smirk on his face grow when a voice too loud to be normal shouted that he’s going to run out of names sooner or later.

“Where are we going?” he asked after a spending a couple of moments in silence walking down the empty corridor.

“Just down the hall to help 13.”

“You know 13?” 27 asked trying to keep his voice as even as possible.

“Yes.” Aizawa grunted.

“How long have you known 13?”

“For a while.”

27 barely restrained himself from rolling his eyes but did grit his teeth. Eraser’s really going to make him work for it isn’t he? This is going to be like pulling teeth to get anything out from him.

“Did you know 13 before the incident?”

27 felt cold chills go down his spine as Eraser turned his head and tried to read his face. His fingers itched to fiddle with his sleeves as the silence grew on. Just when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore, Eraser answered.

“Yes. I’ve known them before the incident. With our different lines of work our paths have rarely crossed over, but we’ve met before.”

“So you knew them before they became a hero.”He mumbled more to himself than to Eraser.

“I did. They came to me a couple of times to help them figure out what they wanted to do in the future. It could be difficult to decide which way to go with a dangerous quirk like theirs.”

27 felt his eyes widen as he processed what he was told. His breath felt short as he trailed Eraser into the room and sat in a chair with a heavy thud.

Eraser was the one of the people who helped get 13 out. But it had to be more than just him, something bigger. Was it UA? UA was a force to be reckoned with. Did they get 13 out? Is this.. Is this not a joke? Was this. Did they want to get him out? Were they the serious? Were they really going to get him out.

He let his eyes go over to Eraser who was sitting on a bench with a headset pressed to his ear. The hero didn’t seem to think too much about what he had just told him. His body was relaxed as he leaned onto the table to comment on the action happening below to have regretted anything. Not even an ounce of guilt was written on his body.

“Hey Stamp out?” 27 asked.

Eraser didn’t so much as move as he let out a grunt in response. His eyes were still trained onto the field below and let out another muttered commentary into the microphone about what was happening.

“I heard you talking with Zero Hour about possibly training with Iida.”


“I was wondering, if it’s okay if I can do it.”

Eraser paused and turned in his seat to look over at him. He let his face be as blank as possible while Eraser wore a matching blank look. “Do you want to do it or do you only want to do it because that’s what you think you’re expected to do?”

The questioned made him pause. Isn’t the training the next step to make sure he can leave the Miasma? If he could handle the pressure of going through the process of leaving the miasma. Sure, it may be what they want him to do but can’t he want to do it also?


“Fair enough. We can set something up next week.”

Chapter Text

The weekend seemed to go by sluggishly but also had spurts where it went by quickly. There was times where they were lounging around the apartment with nothing to do and no worry, then there were times were there was an in flood of information shoved at them.

After Eraser had finished announcing the last event, he quickly ushered them all out of UA to avoid doing anything else. He had to pry Mic out of the announcer's booth to get him to leave. He kept muttering to him how they don’t have time to spend to help clean up and needed to get home. Mic looked hesitant until Aizawa reminded him that he has a radio show to host that night and the robots could handle any messes that they had made.

Mic’s excited chatter filled the car on their way back to the house, only interrupted when Aizawa included his input on how the students addressed different situations. The light atmosphere that was carried into the apartment was killed when Mic answered his phone. At the serious tone in Mic’s voice, Aizawa told him he should be getting ready for bed since it was late and guided him out of the room. He agreed to leave but lingered by his door to try to make out their hushed conversation.

From what he could hear, Mic got a called from Midnight about an update on the older Iida’s situation. He was found in critical condition along with a dead sidekick in an alleyway in Hosu. After the call ended, they debated back and forth on who would go to the hospital. There was a moment when they had contemplated taking him with them to the hospital, but turned it down when they noticed what time it was. Eventually they agreed that Mic would go visit tonight while Eraser stayed, but tomorrow he would go visit instead.

The following days the atmosphere in the apartment was tense. Information kept coming in about what had happened during the festival. Twelve heroes were injured, two had died, and criminal activities had increased by three percent. The percent didn’t seem too drastic to him, until he heard that Japan has a crime rate of 9%, and that put it into a whole new perceptive.

Eraser became more tensed and on high alert as information came in. He refused to take his usual naps and went to work hours before than he was scheduled too. Aizawa also made sure that he or Mic was in the apartment with him at all times, not even a minute without an adult present. Mic had tried to loosen Eraser up as much as he could, but Eraser only seemed to get worse every time he came back from visiting the hospital.

Mic either took the situation a lot better than Eraser or was able to hide it a lot better. The only nerves he showed; that might has well have been him placating Eraser, was texting hourly updates on where he was when he was out. Mic didn’t change any of his behavior other than that. He continued to sing loudly as he cooked, hummed while he did paperwork, and but did try to keep the conversations light.

The tenseness in Eraser’s shoulders only relaxed when they had entered Class 1A on Monday morning. Undoubtedly, feeling that they were safe behind the impregnable walls of UA. 27 could see Eraser relax even further after doing a headcount with his eyes.

“Morning.” Eraser greeted as he entered the room, a chorus of good mornings repeated back at him. 27 ignored the eyes on him as he went to seat, making sure not to make eye contact with the red ones. “More importantly, we’re having a special hero informatics class today. Code names.You’ll be coming up with hero names.”

27 covered his ears with his hands as the class erupted in excitement but quickly quieted when Eraser used his quirk on them. The excitement in the air was almost tangible as they all buzzed with excitement.

“Well, this is important to think carefully over.” Eraser sighed as the front door opened and Midnight casually strolled in. “So Midnight will be making sure your names are okay. I can’t do stuff like that.“

“Why? Is it because you named yourself after an office supply?” 27 couldn’t help but yell out as Eraser went to slink into his sleeping bag.

“No. I didn’t come up with it.”

“Don’t tell me that you’re husband picked it out for you.” 27 teased. The silence he got as a response was the only confirmation he needed and the class seemed to agree.

The class erupted in chaos. Some students just yelled out husband in a questioning tone, some asked when he got married, and some asked who his partner was. The only one that wanted answers and knew that Eraser wasn’t gonna give it to them, was Mina.

She stood up with her chair letting out a loud screech as it was shoved back and pointed a finger in his direction with flair. “You! You know so much more about Aizawa and we have known him longer than you. You are going to spill the tea! Give me every detail you got!”

“Everyone shut up or I’ll have Shinsou pick out your hero name.” Eraser threatened as other people turned to him for answers. There was a couple of confused murmurs and some saying that it wasn’t that bad of a consequence. “Trust me, you don’t want it.”

“Alright! Now done with that, it’s my turn to take charge.” Midnight said at the podium, snapping the whip against her hand. “What you pick today could be your code name for life. You better be careful or you’ll be stuck with something utterly indecent. So I’ll have the final approval of your names. Who would like to go first?”

27 leaned forward and tapped his pencil against his desk as the rest of the class exchanged looks. He decided he was going to record everything, Midnight doesn’t sound wrong about their names sticking with them, if that's true it may be useful. The information wouldn’t immediately become valuable for the Miasma but maybe in the long run it could be priceless.

“I’ll go first.” The blonde in the corner said as he got up and strode to the podium. He flipped his board dramatically for the reveal. 27 debated with himself if he actually saw glitter or if it was just a trick of the light. “Shining hero, I can not stop twinkling! Which means you can’t stop my sparkles!”

27 could feel the shock from the rest of the class at the name. It was less of a code name and more of catch phrase. It felt like they were more surprised than they should be. He’s sure that it wasn’t unusual for peoples first ideas to be sentences but what actually shocked him was Midnight’s response.


“It’ll be easier to use if you take out the ‘I’ and shorten the ‘can not’ to can’t.” she said as she edited the board and flipped it around to show him the revision. “

“You’re right, mademoiselle,” Aoyama said with little flare as he took the board and sat down only to be replaced by Mina who rushed up in a pink blur.

“Hero name, Alien Queen!” Mina shouted with glee as she turned the board around.

“Are you trying for the thing with acidic blood?” Midnight asked voice wavering. “I wouldn’t if i were you.”

“Maybe I should help out.” 27 pointed out when Mina let out a whine at the veto as she went back to her seat.. “I bet anything I could come up with would be better than the sentence Continuous Sparkling and Space Invader came up with.”

“Fine, if you have any good ideas, feel free to write it on the board and show us.” Midnight said with a smirk on her face. 27 didn’t like that look on her at all. She looked like a cat ready to pounce on a mouse, but he can’t figure out she has planned. Is she thinking he’s bluffing? Or would she only find it amusing? He was so focused on Midnight that he had failed to see the next person walk up to the podium.

“I’ve had this name in mind since grade school. Rainy Season Hero: Froppy.” Asui showed at the class. There was a mumble of awhs and how its cute and that it fit her.

“It sounds delightful.Makes you sound approachable. This is a perfect example everyone should follow.” 27 froze in his spot as Midnight turned her Cheshire grin onto him. “ What would your name for them be Shinsou?”

“Choppy.” 27 blurted out the first thing that came to his mind and almost immediately regretted it. The silence was deafening as people turned in their seats to look at him. It was too late to take it back and decided that this was the hill he was going to die on. “What? It’s a great name.”

High pitch laughter broke the silence that followed. Asui was still standing at the stand but had a hand covering her mouth as she laughed with an occasional ribbit. “It sounds like I chop people's arms off or something.”

Her laughter broke the absurd tension in the room and it became more relaxed. People started to become more confident with their choices and started lining up to announce their names.

Unfortunately for him, he still regrets ever speaking up. They had seemed to turn his names into a game. Anytime they went up and announced their names, they’d turn to see what he would come up with.

“Sturdy Hero: Red Riot!”

“Cherry Upheaval.”

“Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack.”


“Headphone Plug.”

“Tentacle Hero: Tentacole”

“Multiple Limbman.”

The class paused at that and looked at him. “What? You have Invisible Girl, Tailman, and Sugarman, and you look at me like you’re all shocked that I can't come up with an equally boring name? They only needed one more adjective plus man or women to make it some sort of pop band.” 27 explained as he slouched in his seat.

That’s it, he’s not doing this anymore. They were being too friendly. He thought making weird names would get them to realize that he didn’t want to be their friends, but it snowballed out of control. They were all becoming too chummy with him over this and he didn’t want that.

They didn’t seem to care what Midnight had said or didn’t say about their names, but looked over at him to see what he created. He couldn’t tell if they did it to validate that their name could be a lot worse or they were making fun of him. No matter what the answer was, he’s not doing it anymore.

“King Explosion Murder!”

Okay, maybe one more.

“Stick with Boom Baby, it’s more fitting.”


Bakugou looked furious and he felt the edges of his lips curl upwards. Bakugou gripped the board and let out a couple of small explosions as he gritted his teeth. Just as the sounds were getting louder, it was abruptly cut off.

“None of that.” Aizawa’s voice drifted across the room. 27 couldn’t see him from his spot but he’d bet every information that he had ever gathered, that Bakugou was getting the red eyed glare right now. “I warned you all about his names, so cut it off. You can’t do anything to him, so go sit down.”

“Are you sure that you still need him.” Bakugou said between gritted teeth. 27 was impressed with his ‘death is coming for you and I’m the Grim Reaper’ glare he was receiving from Bakugou as he stomped towards his chair. He met the glare with a toothy grin which only seemed to rile the blonde up more.

“You’re not going to touch him.” Aizawa repeated. “Times almost over, the rest of you hurry up.”

27 eyed Midoriya as he stood up in front of him; blocking the stare he was getting from Bakugou, and went to the front of the class. He could see that his steps started off hesitant and a little shaky until it grew into a more confident stride by the time he reached the podium. When he flipped the board to show what he had wrote Deku in bold, blocky letters, the class let out a shock sound. A couple of people asked if he was sure, and if he really wanted that as his name and if he realized that he would get stuck with that name forever.

“Yeah, I didn’t like the name until now. But someone changed the meaning of it and that had a huge impact on it. It made me really happy.” Midoriya explained as a smile grew on his face. “This is my hero name!”

27 felt the looks he was receiving from the class after they had settled down after that revelation. He ignored their eyes and gave a shrug.

The guy named himself ‘Useless’. He can’t think of anything more condescending than that. He doesn’t know what the guy has been through, but he doubts he has earned that title. He’s going to the top hero schools in Japan, has a nice quirk, finished well in the sport festival, has friends,and if he’s heard right, he also has a caring mother. 27 could barely grasp the concept of having all that, let alone thinking how you can be considered useless in the scenario.

“Tatsu.” 27 muttered out when he gave into the pressure of their gaze. He fidgeted in his spot by tugging on his sleeves as they continued to stare at him. “It means accomplished.”

27 only clarified hoping they’d look away, but it didn’t seem to help. A couple people awed and others started asking him why Midoriya got an actual name instead. He didn’t want to explain that he didn’t want to kick a guy that was already beating himself up.

Luckily Midnight broke up the commotion by snapping her whip in her hand. She told them that their time was running short and they still needed to go through the remaining students.

He was grateful for the break and settled for staring out the window than paying attention to what the rest of the class was doing. He could hear them talking in the background but decided to ignore them even when he heard his name get called a multitude of times.

He had counted twelve birds until he was interrupted with a short cough. 27 blinked and looked around the rapidly emptying class. He was slightly surprised that he didn’t hear the bell announcing the end of class, but was still grateful to see Aizawa and Midnight talking in the corner of the room. There was only a couple of students still exciting, but he did see Uraraka and Midoriya exchange worried looks before leaving. Another cough drew his attention away from the door and saw Iida standing ramrod straight next to his desk.

“I would like to confirm our training sessions for this week. “

Training session? Ohh right that. Was it supposed to be for today? He doesn’t remember Eraser telling him about it, in fact all talk about any sort of sparring stopped after Mic had gotten that call from Midnight. He had thought that since Iida’s hospitalization, it would have put everything on hold. .

“You sure? You’re brother’s in the hospital and you guys are leaving for your internships this Friday.”

“That’s precisely why I would like to do these training sessions. I would like to be prepared for the internship in anyway I can. I would like to take you up on the offer of you teaching me all you can within the short amount of time.”

“So you want to train during school with the hero course and then meet me after school for more training? You think you can handle that and then go into an internship and still perform your best.” He said slowly as he asked for clarification.


27 tilted his head to the side and pinched his eyebrows as he considered the teen in front of him. Iida’s face looked more serious than he’s ever seen him, and he once saw him scolding Bakugou for leaving scorch marks on a door. The intensity of it was slightly unnerving but also exhilarating.

It’d also give him time to be out of the apartment and even stretch out a bit. If he could get them alone, maybe he could end the session early and wander around the campus by himself for a while.

If he could figure out how extensive the UA defense system is, then perhaps he could give that information away than anything on actual people. The defense system is important, but he seriously doubts someone could find a way around it. If they did, they’d be faced with a school full of pro and future heroes. It was the safest information he could give without turning people directly over.

“Alright. However, if I'm going to teach you, there’s some things you must know. I’m not going to hold back and you have to follow any rules I give.”

“That sounds fine with me.” Iida said bowing slightly. “Thank you for providing me with this opportunity to train with you.”

“Just meet me in gym A after school, I’ll get Eraser to agree to it.”



It had taken him the course of the day to get permission to hold a training session. Eraser seemed oddly stubborn on letting them spare even though he seemed all for it the previous week.

Eraser did admit that he was talking to the older Iida about letting them spare, but they never agreed on the timing. Which immediately spiked 27’s interests. Iida said that they were planned to spare this week, but Eraser didn’t know anything about that. Which only made him want to do it more.

With what had happened during the Sports Festival, Eraser was adamant that it could wait till later. He had told him that the timing was wrong, to wait for a better moment. That training so soon to learn different moves could be detrimental to Iida’s current progress, that it could alter what he already knows. That this week should be a rest week before actual patrolling with heroes.

27 refuted all those arguments as much as he could. There’s no better time to learn something new than the present, it would give Iida more time to learn them than if they waited any longer. That Iida learning more moves and techniques could only improve what he already knows, not hinder it. That if they rested this week, their reflexes and their training could become rusty right before the internships.

None of these arguments worked. Eraser still said it was a bad day and they could figure out a later date. He had to pull out the big guns before Eraser finally agreed.

His timing had to be perfect. He had waited until they just walked into the lounge to make his move. Asking Eraser why he was sabotaging all of his attempts on making friends within earshot of Mic, did the trick. .

Mic apparently didn’t need to hear the full story because he turned and made a sound that sounded like a bird getting stepped on. Eraser sighed and gave him a glare as Mic started to shut down all of Eraser’s reasoning on why they shouldn’t be training together.

That’s how he ended up in spare UA gym clothes with a sulking Eraser in gym A. The clothes were slightly scratchy and uncomfortable, but provided a large enough range of movement that he couldn’t complain about it.

Iida was already there on the floor doing some floor stretches. Luckily he wasn’t wearing his hero costume but the same gym outfit he was wearing. He did look up and got to his feet when he noticed him and the still fuming Eraser.

“Here’s the basic rules for this,” Eraser said crossing his arms, “Don’t take this too far and keep it well within your limits. I have to go do some work, but there will be surveillance on the both of you. If I see that you’ve gone too far, this will never happen. No weapons. Shinsou I know you have that steak knife in your shirt, don’t use it. Is that understood?”


“Yes Sensei!” Iida exclaimed as 27 grumbled reluctantly in acknowledgement. Eraser raised an eyebrow at him expectantly and he sighed as he let the knife slip out of his sleeve and onto the floor with a clang.

“I’m trusting you to keep with these rules Iida.” Eraser says making eye contact with the teen. “Do not take it too far. I do not want to see any major injuries here. If there’s an issue, there’s a button by the door you can press and a teacher will arrive shortly.”

27 watched Iida agree to the terms and Eraser give him one last look before he left the building. He motioned for Iida to continue stretching as he started to do his own small routine. They sat in the empty gym in silence as they did their own thing.

“Alright, I think this is enough to begin.” 27 said as he stretched out his arm across his chest one last time until he felt the pull. He bounced slightly on his toes to get the blood pumping a bit to warm his muscles up a bit more.“Here’s the rules. You can’t use your quirk and you can use all the space provided. Initially, you could have used anything here as a weapon, but Eraser kinda killed that.”

Iida nodded in agreement as he got up to his feet. 27 eyed the low stance Iida got in before he settled into his own. His center of gravity was pretty high, which made sense for having a quirk that depended on speed. It did well for running, but for a hand to hand fight where he can’t use his quirk, it wasn’t good.

27 waited until Iida made the first move. Predictably, it didn’t take long until there was a foot coming at his head. He ducked under the attack and delivered his own by sweeping the legs. Iida stumbled back a bit when his supporting foot was knocked over, but was able to stay on his feet until 27 followed through with a punch to the chest. Iida fell back onto his butt but quickly rolled onto his feet to dodge his follow up move. He got up and glared at him as he started to slowly circled him.

He kept his eyes on his as they measured each other up. It wasn’t long before Iida came at him again with another kick, but he was slightly surprised when he had followed through with a punch when it had missed.

27 felt weird drawing this fight out the way he was doing, but he did want to learn what moves Iida does know. He wasn’t wrong about how he could easily read him, it was as if his next moves were written on his face. Perhaps that’s why his hero costume has a full frontal mask.

Iida’s movements were all choppy and disjointedly, almost robotically than the fluid movement he was used to in his opponents. It made the fight easier to read and to avoid and block any of his attacks.

He was getting slightly bored of dodging. Iida did land a couple of hits during the round, but nothing too strong. As time went on, Iida started to move in a pattern. Left kick, right kick, punch, kick, kick, leg swept, kick, punch. The fight became less exciting than he thought it was going to be as soon as he learned that the pattern just repeated.

27 waited until the next kick to the chest to grab the leg and hold on tight. It felt like he got hit by a small car when the leg hit his chest, but he held on. Iida stared at him incredulously with his caught leg was still held in the air.. 27 took advantage of the shock and tugged as hard as he could until he heard Iida’s shoe squeak as it moved across the gymnasium floor.

“You are really predictable.” 27 said calmly as Iida fell onto his butt. “Is that the best you got?”


27 sighed and rubbed his face with his hands as Iida’s face went blank in front of him. “Slap yourself as hard as you can.”

The sounding smack of skin was almost as satisfying as the spluttering Iida did when he came to. “What was that for? I thought there was no quirks!”

“I said you can’t use your quirk, not me.” 27 explained as Iida glared up at him. He could see the irritation building on Iida’s face. Before he could say anything, he continued with his explanation. “You won’t always have the advantage of your quirk. I heard what happened in the sport festival. Your quirk needs a cool down time. What are you going to do when that happens while fighting a villain? Ask them to stop for a second until you’re recharged?”

Iida opened his mouth to argue but closed it as he thought it over. Only when Iida nodded did he continue with his point.

“You rely too heavily on your quirk, even your first attack was using your legs. Every opponent will know you’re going to come at them with a kick over a punch. If you want to get over that and become more versatile, you need use more moves than that.”

“You make a fair point.” Iida mumbled as he got up .27 didn’t so much as blink as Iida went at him with another attack, merely sidestepped the punch.

He let them continue to spare one for awhile. He could feel his muscles burn pleasantly at the exercise. However, he also could feel the bruises that added up on his sides and arms as Iida started to land more hits. His moves were more mixed than they were at the beginning, a little bit more sporadic, but still predictable.

“You think too much,” 27 grunted as an unsuspected kicked landed on his side. He skidded across against the wooden floor from the impact of the attack until he hit one of the walls. Pressing a hand against his throbbing ribs he straightened out from his curled position. “You need to become more instinctual. It’ll come in time, but it won’t happen before you go fight Stain.”

27 thought Iida almost snapped his neck at how fast he turned his head to look at him. “What?”

“This is why we’re doing this right?” 27 asked as he sauntered closer to the startled Iida. His eyes were wide and his brows were up at his hairline as he tried to stutter out an excuse. “It’s no secret that you took an internship in Hosu, and not a very good one for one with your family’s status. Hasu, the city where your brother was found injured by the hero killer right?”

Iida pressed his lips into a thin line but didn’t respond. He did however get into a defense stance and became as taut as an extended rubber band as he continued to slowly approached.

“You want to take him down don’t you? Get some sort of revenge for your brother.” He whispered as he got close enough to Iida. “To get revenge for what he had done. You want to ruin him like he ruined your brother’s career.You can’t do it. You can’t take him down like you are now. You can’t even take me down. You should give up.”

27 should of expected it, but he was still caught be surprised by the explosion of pain that erupted across his face.Stumbled back a step he covered his nose with his hand. He could taste the blood that ran down his nose onto his lips and coated his teeth. Iida looked just as surprised as he was. His eyes were wide and still had his fist extended out in the air.

“Are you okay?!” Iida shouted waving his arm around, once he recovered. He turned his head, swiveling it side to side as if he was looking for something to help fix this. “I am terribly sorry! I did not mean that! Let’s go to Recovery Girl. Wait, why are you smiling?”

“There you go!” 27 grinned, keeping one hand pressed to his face. “Maybe less emotion next time, but that was very good. It’s fine to rely on your instinctual reactions but don’t let emotion cloud your movements, it’ll become sloppy. However, this is a very good start.”


“Well, you should have followed through with something, but you’re learning. Remember don’t hesitate because he won’t. Just keep going until he can’t move anymore.”


“It’s fine Motor, let’s continue. Or do you want to stop?”


27 rolled his eyes as Iida’s face went slack again and ordered him to slap himself. “God, you really do need to learn. You really shouldn’t be talking anyways. Are you going to Hosu to hold a conversation with Stain or to kick his ass?”

“You’re righ-”

“You’ll get the hang of this sooner or later. Slap yourself and let's continue, looks like I got a bit of work to undo before Friday.”


Aizawa felt a bit out of his element, not that he would admit it out loud. School had ended hours ago, long enough for Hizashi to give him a coffee and say he was going to pick up Shinsou from the gym and go home But he was still in the lounge with his paperwork spread out and his hair put up to help him concentrate better. He can vaguely recall another teacher enter the lounge, but his lack of response and mumbled grunting sent them on their way.

He had finished the school work he needed to grade for the week and started to focus on his hero work. Normally he would go home for this, but he really needed to use some of UA’s connections and secured servers that was only guaranteed on campus. So he settled for the too sweet old coffee and the hard chairs the lounge had to offer.

To say he had made any progress in the hours he spent hunched over everything,was an understatement. He had looked over and over all the information that he had on hand.

The detective had sent him all the information that he had found about the guy with the 87 tattoo. The autopsy had came back and the best thing they could provide was that something had eaten him from the inside. They had told him it was some sort of bug and that it didn’t occur naturally, so more than likely it was caused someone's quirk.

Even knowing that it was someone’s quirk, provided him very little to go on. They checked the registered quirk database and it also brought them to a dead end. There was an estimated 160 people with bug based quirks. That wasn’t even enough additional information to narrow that list down. And this was assuming that they were registered, a native to Japan and not a temporary visitor to the county. Even if the person they were looking for did show up in the search, they didn’t know which city to narrow it down into.

All the information they got, from the bodies found, to the repeated appearances, they couldn't figure out the city that was the focal point. There were incidents in every city, every time of the day, every month of the year, and for every underground activity.

The only solid evidence they had was the body they had found. The guy with the 87 tattoo. A guys tattoo that matches Shinsou’s.

Matching tattoos.

If he could kick himself he would. It was so simple but yet they had missed it.

Aizawa took one last chug of his coffee before he entered the police database. He went to the cases and started to narrow them down by searching tattoos. The cases quickly dwindled down from thousands to hundreds when he added number tattoos.

He scrolled quickly down the provided pictures until he saw one that caught his eye. In the same neat print was the number 50 tattooed on a slim ankle.

According to the file,she got caught in the cross fires of a drug raid and was killed instantly by someone’s quirk. The police had no information on her other than her general appearance. They had no idea who she was.

No one ever came to claim the body and there was nothing to identify her by other than that tattoo. No one knew what her quirk was, so the registry was out of the question, her fingerprints and her dental records came up with nothing. She was a complete mystery.

Aizawa saved the case and continued to scroll down the list. Only when two more people with the same styled number tattoos appeared did a pattern start to form.

The number 44 tattooed on the back of a girls hand, found dead in a lot after two rivals fought. 61 printed on the ribs of a man who got caught in a car chase. Then there was one incident where a disembodied leg washed up on the shore with the number 102 printed neatly on the arch of the foot.

The cases were all the same. All dead with no information about them. They had nothing. No name, no place, no visible quirk, nothing. All they had were these numbers. Even the time range was wide. The earliest case was the body was six years ago and the most recent was two years ago, besides the man they had found.

Dread settled in his stomach when he came to realization of what else they had in common. They were all dead. Each one of them were found were dead. All of them were dead besides Shinsou.

He printed out the pictures on the cases before he slammed the laptop closed and shoved the paperwork into his bag. He needed to get home and ask some questions, this was not going the way he thought it would or maybe just what he hoped it wouldn't. As soon as the bag was packed he was rushing out the door.

The man with 87 was caught by police just like Shinsou was and then wound up dead not a week later. Shinsou was caught, teleported back, but he had managed to escape. But how did he escape, while a man much older than him got killed. It doesn’t make sense.

Or was that man just a warning? This is what would happened if you betray us. Is that why Shinsou hasn’t given them any information since they got him out of the police station? Does he know what the consequences were and was withholding information or did he just genuinely not know a lot and had given them everything he knew.

Aizawa didn’t hesitate in opening the door when he reached the apartment. He could hear Hizashi say something to Shinsou about something to do with Recovery Girl before it stopped.

The relaxed smile on Shinsou’s face slid off as soon as he saw him approach him at the table. His eyes went wide as he took in his disarrayed appearance but didn’t make a move to leave as he sat down across the table from him.

“Shou?” Hizashi asked when he put his bag on top of the table with a thud.

“I’ve have some questions for you and you’re going to answer them.” Aizawa ordered, ignoring Hizashi’s question as he stared at the teen. He could see Shinsou throat move as he gulped and pulled at his sleeves before giving a curt nod. “Let me see your tattoo.”

The scared look Shinsou had was immediately replaced with defiance. He squared his shoulders and jaw as he return his look with a glare. “No.”

“That’s okay, I have some here.” He replied as he pulled out the pictures he had of the other tattooed numbers. He spread the enlarged photos across the tabletop and watched Shinsou go deadly pale as he looked down at them. “Seems awfully like yours, doesn’t it?”

“Shou, maybe now is not the time.” Hizashi said as he looked at the scattered papers.

“No? Now is not the time? When would be a good time? When he’s found dead like the rest of them? Would that be a good time?” Aizawa asked as he shoved a picture of the dead body so Hizashi could see, careful to keep it out of Shinsou’s sight.

“Perhaps when you’re a bit calmer.” Hizashi said as he took the photo. The only indication that it had affected him was the widening of his eyes. Without prompt, he reached over and pulled the folder that Aizawa had placed on the table and started to skim over the information.

“When I first asked your name, you said it was 27.” AIzawa said as he turned his attention back to Shinsou. He could hear Hizashi give a deep hum as he obviously read something insightful in the paperwork, probably finding something he didn’t see. He mentally made a note to ask him about it later, but for now he needed some answers. He was tired of being in the dark about this. Shinsou was withholding dangerous information that could cause him harm. “When furthered question, you said you were a number. Unfortunately, I don’t think we were able to continue that conversation, so I am going to ask again. What does being a number mean?”

Shinsou’s eyes were still glued on the tattoos in front of him as he rubbed his shirt on where his number was located. His eyes seemed glazed as he stared but when Aizawa pulled the photos to him, it snapped up to meet his.

“Shinsou. What does having a number tattooed on you mean?”

The defiance in Shinsou seemed to waver in front of him. Shinsou gnawed lightly at his lip as he scratched at his arm as he tried to determine something. Time ticked by as Shinsou seemed to try to figure out what he wanted or didn’t want to say. By the time he replied, Hizashi had finished reading what he had read, and no doubt had made the same connections if not more.

“Being a Number means you work for them.” Shinsou said voice wavering as his eyes darted around the room as if someone was about to jump out any second.

“How many numbers are there?”

“I.. I don’t know. There was twelve of us and then sometimes there was thirty of us. It changes so much.”

“Why does it change so much?”

“It’s a difficult job.” Shinsou shrugged. “Not everyone can handle it or handle it for long.”

He heard Hizashi take a sharp inhale of breath but said nothing. He didn’t like the implications of it nor the way that Shinsou said it so nonchalantly. He had said it like it was an everyday fact of life, that it was just how things worked and it didn’t settle well with him.

“The number 102, that’s a pretty high number. Has there been that many people?” Shinsou froze and looked too interested in his nails at the question, so Aizawa continued. “Do the numbers ever repeat themselves? Or do each person get their own number?”

“No number is repeated. Every number is their own number.”

“What’s with the tattoos?”


“They’re insurance to show we are who we say we are.”

“Do you know any of these people? Names? Quirks? Anything?”

That was the wrong question to ask and he immediately regretted it. Shinsou’s breath picked up and his hold on his arms tightened. Aizawa could see the sweat build up along his hairline as he stared down at the photos. Hizashi gave him a glare before moving to gain Shinsou’s attention.

“Hey Shinsou, you with me listener?” Hizashi said softly as he kept his eyes on the teen in front of him. It took a minute before Shinsou gave him a short nod. “Good, why don’t we try that breathing thing again all right? Breathe in with me.”

Aizawa collected the papers on the table as Shinsou let in shaky inhales and exhales as Hizashi walked him through the exercise.

It was some progress but it had to be enough for the night. Undoubtedly as soon as Hizashi could calm him down enough, Shinsou would understandably retreat to his room. They at least know without a doubt, that the cases were all connected. Now all he had to do was inform of the potential lead to the detective, and undoubtedly face Hizashi’s wrath.

Chapter Text

27 didn’t realize how bad he messed up until he overheard their argument. Mic had hovered behind him as he escorted him back to his room. He continued to awkwardly stand in the doorway as he tried to decide what to do next, but eventually left when he said that he was going to go to sleep. It wasn’t meant to be a lie. He was exhausted from what had happened during the duration of the day, but he was just unable to go to sleep.

Tired from the training session with Iida, who surprisingly picked up the moves he taught him relatively quick, to being forced by Mic to go to Recovery Girl for his nose, and then that impromptu interrogation from Eraser.

He knew something was up as soon as he saw Eraser march into the room with that face on. His eyes were blazing and immediately pinpointed and locked onto him as soon as he got home.

It was inevitable that the tattoo was going to be brought up,especially when he had it openly on display not too long ago, but he wasn’t prepared to see the photos Eraser dragged out. As soon as the photographs were slapped on the table, he knew he was playing a losing game.

Seeing the other Numbers had thrown him off. He couldn’t look away from that tattoos even if he had wanted to. He took in the dark ink on the way too pale skin, and the way it was tinted in a light blue, he knew it wasn’t taken when they were alive. Even when Eraser pulled the papers away, the after image was ingrained in his head.

He had said too much during the whole thing and he didn't realize until later. He thought Eraser already knew about the Numbers, that he was just repeating what they had already knew. Even with the intense look from Eraser, he only realized it was new information by the way that Mic was reacting.

It was all new information for them. The whole point he was here to spy on them for was because he was supposed to already know about the Numbers. He thought he was going to throw up when he realized this has all been a hoax. He had misunderstood what Eraser had said during the interrogation at the station and that was the only thing that had saved him that day. A fluke in his understanding about what happened, he unwittingly lied and saved himself.

Eraser definitely knows now about the Numbers and now knows how the Numbers work. Because of him. He let it go that they go through Numbers a lot. That you can tell who is who based on their Number. He let him know Miasma’s branding techniques.

“Shouta! You don’t need to act like that!”

27 squeezed his hand in his lap as he heard Mic voice echo down the hall, stinging his ears as a bit of his quirk was used to emphasise his statement. He felt tired. He felt so tired, even if he wanted to sleep he knew he wouldn’t be able to, so he decided to sit by the door and listen in.

“Hizashi, people are dying. He hid information that could be beyond useful!” Eraser low voice replied harshly. “Did you not see this? You read it all, this is important. These people.. These people have the same tattoo as him. Look, it’s the exactly the same, these two even have similar scarring to his. They were all part of the same organization! They all wound up dead! I know you see what I see, this isn’t going to end well if he keeps quiet.”

27 buried his head in his forearms as he heard the sound of rustling papers, a slam, and then the sound of rapid typing. He cringed in on himself when Eraser continued in an even softer voice.

“This guy here, was also brought into the station. He said nothing and now he’s dead. He said nothing and this is how he was treated when they got him back. Shinsou? He managed to escape, not unscathed but he got free. I don’t know if they underestimated him or he caught them by surprise, but either way, I don’t think they want him free. Three of these people are dead. If what Shinsou said was correct, there’s probably a lot more dead than we know about. I wouldn’t doubt them coming to finish a job, no matter where or who he is with.”

It was true, Miasma didn’t hesitate concerning stuff like that. Even with that knowledge,it was still a shock to have seen 102 in the line up that Eraser showed. He was one of the most loyal of the Miasma. He had bitten off his own tongue to keep their secrets when he got captured by another info broker. He was the most loyal and he was dead. Then here he was, giving the information away freely.

“You should still reign it in. I know it’s important, but think of it this way. If he knows that there would be consequences for him saying anything, maybe it’s better for him not too. Just let him go at his own pace. Once he feels safe enough, I’m sure he’ll give stuff away willingly than having to pry it out of him. You don’t need to come bursting in with guns ablazing and freak him out.”

27 could still vaguely hear them continue to go back and forth, but he had heard enough. He got up and took up a pen to make his report at the desk.

He had to tell the Miasma about what Eraser knew. He’ll keep the report as vague as he could, maybe say he accidently confirmed Eraser’s theories and didn’t give it to him directly. Hopefully, when Eraser reports it to someone he doesn’t divulge who his source was.

The report took longer than he wanted too. There wasn’t a lot of information to put, but he had to wait for his hands to stop shaking before he started it. Anytime his hands started to shake and his writing became messy, he’d drop the pen and then pick it pack up again when it was steady.

As soon as it was done he threw the pen out the window without looking. He felt his throat close up when he heard the clank of the pen hitting the asphalt. The feeling of dread increased in his stomach. He felt like was just waiting for the other shoe to drop, and the feeling wouldn’t go away. Eventually, he crawled back into bed and pulled the blankets over his head as if it could block it all out.



It was getting increasingly hard to avoid Eraser but he managed to avoid any confrontations the whole week. It was an accomplishment that he was quite proud of. Eraser was like a dog with a bone and he was determined to get more information out from him, and made the avoidance difficult.

The following day, Eraser let the subject drop and left him alone. They went about their day with the tension between them thick enough to cut with a knife, but he didn’t say anything. He could see Eraser stop himself from asking questions throughout the day, but not once did he bring it up. Even when he picked him up after his daily training with Iida and saw him with a plastic knife to his throat, he held back the questions he wanted to ask and told him it was time to go. His restraint was admiral, until it started crumble the next couple of days.

At school, he followed Mic around instead of Eraser to limit the contact between them. Even during lunch he managed to avoid him. He’d excuse himself and go into the cafeteria and sit at a table next to random students. Eventually he was dragged to sit with Midoriya and his friends. It was a bit stressful to be sitting with them, they were always so loud and animated, but the situation worked in his favor. He would see Mic stop Eraser from approachings, saying that he needed to make friends his own age. Running out of options, Eraser became more and more determined to talk to him. The only thing left for him to do was to go with Plan B: Mic.

It was the perfect back up plan when he gets cornered by Eraser. All he had to do was glance at Mic with big eyes and Mic would stoll over and effectively stop any attempt Eraser made or attempted to make. It didn’t even have a down side. There was one attempt before where Mic had tried to talk to him about it but the outcome remained the same. They got nothing.

Mic had walked into his room and sat backwards on his desk chair so he faced him while he was on the bed. He could tell that Mic was trying to figure out the easiest way to ask him about the other night with the way he held himself. His shoulders were slouched and he had a hand to his mouth as he tried to come up with a strategy.

He had let Mic talk when he finally figured out a way to go about it. Mic first started off with light conversation, but decided to derail it when he noticed he was steering the conversation towards the tattoos. As soon as Mic said ‘Number’ he let the tears fall. It was pretty amazing to see how quickly Mic had back tracked. Guilt did sting at him when Mic had started to try and calm him down, but it worked and the subject was dropped.

Eraser seemed to halt any attempts at questioning him soon after he dropped off his students at the train station so they could go to their internships. He figured it was most likely Mic’s idea with how excited he was, but they all ended up watching a movie on Friday night. He didn’t pay too much attention to it, he was more focused on making sure that Eraser wasn’t going to try anything, but he caught the gist of it.

It was about some destructive alien falling onto Earth and getting adopted by a little girl and her older sister. He did shoot them a look when he learned that the alien also went by a number. It was too coincidental that they were watching a movie where the evil thing also had a number assigned to him, then it became uncanny when the alien got a name. It had to be a trick of some sort to try to get him to talk, so he spent most of his time watching them from the corner of his eye.

However, they never did anything else to cause suspicion. The most that had happened was Eraser getting up and bringing back popcorn for everyone to share. He even gave him his own bowl so he didn’t have to leave the chair he was sitting in and join them on the couch. The atmosphere remained light the rest of the night, as they switched from one movie to the next until he went to bed.

It was strange to see how relaxed it was on Saturday. Soft music was played around the apartment as they all did their own things. Even the meals were tense free as they talked about what they had watched the previous night. It was such a strange change from what had happened the previous weekends, that he shouldn't have been shocked to see 127 on his bed.

27 kept his eyes trained on the other as he said good night to Mic while he closed the door behind him. They stared at each other in silence as the two heroes in the house were moving about around the house. It seemed like an eternity until he had heard the the lights get turned off and the apartment settled into silence.

“So 27,” 127 breaking the stand off. He had his legs crossed in front of him on top of the bed as one eye locked onto his and the other at the window. “Heard about what Eraserhead knows about the Numbers.”

He could hear the door handle squeak as he squeezed it. It wasn’t too late for him to do something. Mic had probably already taken out his hearing aids but if he screamed loud enough, Eraser should hear him, maybe even Mic. If he was going to get killed by 127, he at least wanted to make it difficult.

“Woah, kid, don’t look like I have a gun to your head.” 127 said raising his hands up in mock surrender. “It wasn’t your fault, it was only a matter of time this happened. The Miasma was a bit sloppy with their bodys. They couldn’t get the body’s back before the cops showed up, Well, besides 102. But that’s what you get for trusting a person with a tiger shark quirk. He damn well threw up part of it and had to be the most important part.”

127 smiled and gave a shrug like it was all in good faith. “It was pushing it with 87, we needed to set an example.”

27 tightened his grip on the door handle and debated still fleeing. 127’s eye immediately darted to the door at his movement. The slanted smile on his face turned into a frown as he eyed the action.

“It wasn’t for you. We got in some new Numbers since you’ve been gone, and one of them is taking longer to whip into shape. It’s kinda hard when Bug doesn’t want to risk using their quirk on them, so they had to find other means.You know how they don’t tolerate disobedience, but they don’t want to get rid of them. They finally found their number 4.”

That wasn’t good. The Miasma has never had a number 4 before and for a reason. They had skipped that number to save it for someone special. Someone worth their time. They wanted the number of death, to be exactly that. They wanted someone so dangerous, someone so powerful, to hold the title of death. So far no one has been able to lay claim to it, until now.

“They’re a huge bitch.” 127 rolled his eyes as he flopped backwards on the bed and let out an exasperated sigh. “I get it, her quirk is dangerous as hell, but they just don't listen! The Miasma is only keeping her because they don’t want anyone else to use them or to kill off anyone with that much potential, but it's still dumb! The first day, she fucking killed 91!”

He hadn’t worked with 91 a lot, so he wasn’t too familiar with them. Their jobs never had aligned, him being a guard or a getaway, and 91 used for his sleight of hand in heists. All he knows they had red writing inked onto their skin and that they had quick hands.

“Poor fuck went up to 4 said some dumb pun and poof!” 127 made a small explosions sound and flashed his hands above him. “One moment he was there, and the next he was sucked into this tiny ass black hole. Thought their head was gonna pop as it squeezed in. Bug didn’t even do nothin! Somethin about it was only a matter of time till 91 pissed someone off enough. But I think it’s because of their quirk. 4’s quirk has to do something with their blood, to render Bug’s quirk useless. So as a warning, they decided to use 87 as an example that they aren't afraid to kill them off if they fuck with their clients. But I guess, we’re all free range targets, so if you meet that bitch, you run.”

“Why are they getting more Numbers?” 27 asked letting go of the handle and cautiously moved towards the bed when 127 motioned at him.

“Well, 69 also died. Bug won’t tell anyone how she died, just something about mayonnaise, lawnmowers, and a lake.” 127 asked more than he said. As soon as 27 was close, he tossed a bag at him. “Get dressed, you got a job from Honzo again. Boss didn’t want you to take it, but we’re running low on Numbers that are available. Too many are dead, untrained or unavailable. Even I have a job tonight after I drop you off. So to keep your cover, Boss is throwing in 58 for free, they weren’t doin nothin anyways. We tried to get 58 to go instead of you, but Honzo was insistent.”

He took the bag and quickly changed into the familiar set of clothes. He could hear 127 move behind him, the scrapping of plastic against wood confirmed that he was getting the mask that was hidden under the bed. He jumped slightly as green arms reached around and pressed the mask against his face. As soon as it was was place,127 ushered him out the window and to the car.

It was confusing on why 58 was coming with him. They have worked a couple of times in the past, their quirks complimented each other nicely, but it was worrying on why he was coming with him.

58 had a weak illusion quirk. He could change the appearance of objects or people and the sound of their voice as long as they were within ten feet of him. He couldn’t make things disappear like 127 nor change the actual mass of the object, but it was still effective. It was extremely useful when someone needed a distraction or to throw off any opponents.

His quirk complimented well with his appearance and manners. 58 was an unassuming tiny man, he was about ten years older than him, and he was still smaller than him. He had mousy brown hair and always walked around with his shoulders hunched over like he was trying to disappear, and always looked like he was terrified.

58 jumped and looked at him with wide eyes as he got in the back seat with him. When he did recognize him, he gave him a small finger wave before pulling his arms back to his chest while his eyes darted around the car before it settled onto 148.

“Please tell me you didn’t threaten to eat him again.” 127 sighed as he got into the passenger seat and saw how jittery 58 was.148 only grunted in response as he started the car. “You can’t do that! We need him to perform well! You know he takes it seriously when you say that!”

27 glanced to his side when 58 flinched at the accusation and murmured something about seeing 148 eat someone which only caused 148 to let out a deep chuckle. 58 seemed to sink into the chair as if it would swallow him up and save him.

Sometimes it was a mystery to him on how 58 had lasted as long as he has, with be being that pathetic. But it was probably because he was so jumpy that has been saving him. He used to question if he looked and acted like that, but dropped it when figured he didn’t want to know.

“So here’s the job. Both of you are hired to grab someone and deliver them to Honzo.So lil bro, your mask will be open for this since we are going to be the ones dropping you at the site.”127 explained as the car screeched as it turned tightly around a corner. 127 didn’t seem phased at the movement, he didn't move an inch from looking back between the center console, but 58 and him were thrown around like a rag dolls.

Kidnapping wasn’t new to him, he’s done it a couple of times before. It was pretty quick as soon as he could get them under his control, but why was 58 necessary? Do they no longer trust him to do his job?

“We’re going to drop you both off at Hosu.Initially, 58 was here to help keep your cover. Help hide your appearance a bit and keep your identity secret since that hat on your head isn’t that much of a guarantee. However, we got information that it’s going to get pretty intense out there tonight. Both Stain and the League have something planned, so 58 is also here to make sure the job gets done.”

27 tried not to bristle at the slight insult, but held his tongue. It’s true, he used to be dependable to finish a job. Now though, he has multiple failed mission under his belt. If it was going to get as hairy as 127 implies it was going to get, maybe it is good to have some back up.

“We aren’t sure if the target is going to be at Hosu, but we are hoping with all the commotion later in the night, that it would draw him over there. There will be heroes all over the place, so try to stay under the radar. 58, remember to change up the both of your disguises frequently and stay on the rooftops if possible.” 127 said looking pointedly at 58 until he gave a shaky nod then continued with his orders. “Alright, here’s your target. After you get him, bring him to the address listed at the bottom.”

He took the photograph handed out to him with shaky hands. Blood rushed to his ears as his stomach sank when he looked down at the familiar face.

Midoriya was written in bold letters right above the freckled teens face. It looked like they had used a photo taken at the sports festival to show their mark. He was sitting in the stands with his finger brought up to his mouth, no doubtedly mumbling as he watched the show, with two figures blurred out next to him to bring him into focus.

27 could hear 127 and 58 talking but he was too focused on the picture. His thoughts raced as the paper crumbled a bit under his tightening grip.

This… This was definitely his fault. He could ignore and deny that what had happened to the older Iida wasn’t his fault, but with this he couldn’t. Underneath the picture was a list of descriptions detailing Midoriya’s quirk and what were his weaknesses. The details of how his quirk affects his body, living with only his mother, his protectiveness over his friends, and his fondness of rushing in without thinking was all laid out before him. It was all there. It was everything he had observed and put together for his reports.

He couldn’t get the thoughts plaguing him to go away. Even after getting dropped off with 58 in some alley in Hosu. The guilt still ate at him as they jumped from rooftop to rooftop as they canvassed the area. It was still a distraction as 58 said they should head one way because he wanted to avoid Stain.

“No, we should go near him.” He said bringing him out of his thoughts as 58 tried to pull him in the opposite direction. It was a job. It was just a job. He had to do it, and go home. This wasn’t just on him, but also on 58. It wasn’t just his job on the line.

Maybe who ever wanted Midoriya would release him after whatever they wanted him for. He could guess that it was for All Might, but he was hoping it was about something else. It was unlikely that Midoriya just owed someone money, but maybe they’re just going to use him as ransom or as bait. He could get saved by the number one hero, and that’s it. Some ruffled feathers but he’d be fine.

“Are you crazy!” 58 hissed under his breath as he gave him another yank. “Stain would kill us! We don’t have a contract with him! He wouldn’t hesitate to kill us! Let's avoid him!”

“If Midoriya is going to be anywhere, it’ll be close to Stain.”

“How would you know?”

It would have been so easy to just say that he knew that Iida was hunting down Stain, and if he went by the worried looks he saw coming from Midoriya, he would be trying to get to his friend. It was in his bio that he was protective of his friends and reckless, but he couldn't say that. He never did tell the Miasma of Iida’s plan, it would have probably been worth some money if they could have sold it to Stain, but he couldn’t bring himself to write it down.

“I think he would be where the action would be, he is a hero in training. Where Stain is at, Midoriya would be there sooner or later if he’s in the city.”

He could feel the light brown eyes weighing him down as 58 considered his argument. It wasn’t until 58 let out a stuttered sigh that he relaxed his stiff posture. “Fine, but only because I brought my gun to this. If those Nomu creatures or Stain moves towards us, I’m not going to give a warning shot.”

“Nomu?” 27 questioned as they started to move again.

“You really need to listen when people go over job details, no wonder I’ve been called to make sure this mission is a success.127 said that the League was going to attack today with some Nomu things. I have no idea what they are, but I’d rather not meet one.”

Loud screaming and blasts from the distances drew their eyes and the conversation abruptly stopped. From where they were,he could make out small dots moving across the sky with the occasional explosions lighting it up. “Fuck, it’s staring. Its starting! Fuck! Let’s hurry up and get this over with!”

He merely nodded as 58 started to fret over the implications of what a Nomu might be and if they were going to be heading their way. He didn’t tell 58 not to worry about it like any other time his paranoia took control because he was worried about them also.

The Miasma doesn’t know what they are.All they know is that it was an imaginable monster. It wasn’t far off from he remembered. He could barely process or look at the monster directly when he came within two feet of it, to uneased to get a good look. He just knew he never wanted to be close to another one again.

They follow orders like a robot. No emotion, no thought, cant distinguish who is who besides their boss. He wouldn’t doubt that they would attack blindly. If they were to get in a way of one of these while they attacked, they had no hope.

A harsh tug on the back of his shirt caused him to startle out of his lose his footing and slip back. “Pay attention!” 58 high pitched voice whispered in his ear. “He’s right down there.” He was roughly pulled back from looking over the edge by the collar of his neck. “Stop that! Give me a second to change our appearance first! I don’t want Stain to see our real faces! He could hunt us down or pay to have us killed!”

27 looked down to watch the changed as 58 grumbled about recklessness. His hands scarred hands doubled in size and become dark enough to match the sky above them.Glancing over to 58, he watched just in time to see his form shrink and become a dark sleet grey color to match the building they were crouched on. It wasn’t perfect camouflage, but hopefully enough to fool anyone to happen to look up.

He gave a nod in acknowledgement to 58 as the other pressed their finger to the edge of his mouth to tell him to keep quiet. Gripping the end of the building with both hands, he leaned over the edge to look while 58 stood behind him acting as a look out for any approaching Nomu.

Stain was crouched in the middle of the alley holding a knife in both hands while pressing someone up against the wall. His heart jumped to his throat when Stain paused and slowly turned his head as if he heard something. He thought he was made and was about to motion to 58 that they should make a run for it, until he saw a metallic blur run at stain.

Pride quickly replaced fear as he watched the scene below him. Iida didn’t hesitate in attacking the villain. Even when he was shoved away by a blow, he quickly got back up and went on the offensive, leaving Stain no choice but to fight back.

He shouldn’t have been so surprised after training him, but Iida was actually holding his own against Stain. He was now using a more diverse mix of techniques that involved more than just his legs and has been working in his favor. As the match went on, he did started to regret not allowing Iida to use his quirk in their latest training session.

Iida was moving quickly but any of the moves that he learned recently was sloppy when paired with his quirk. His leg would waver slightly, unused to that position and the speed in which it was moving, his stance changes were too slow to match how fast the rest of him was moving, it just wasn’t working as well as he had hoped.

The one good thing that he notice was that IIda wasn’t talking, he was just moving. 27 could vaguely make out Stain talking throughout the fight over the loud noises, but not once did he hear Iida. It may not have seemed important during training, but it would help in a drawn out fight. He would be able to conserve his energy and his breath as he fought, and he wouldn’t be encouraging the ravings of a mad man.

27 bit his tongue to stop him from yelling out when Stain pinned Iida to the floor with a knife to the arm. His hands twitched against the rough brick as Iida yelled that he was going to kill Stain for revenge. Stain’s voice echoed back along the alley as he started to preach about what made a hero a true hero to the struggling Iida. He flinched back as Stain sent a kick and then repierced Iida with his knife when Iida continued to resist.

Should he do something? Throw a chunk of brick and hope he hits Stain or it’s enough to distract him. Would that be enough? Should he go down there and do something.

He bit his lip hard enough to draw blood as he tried to stop his mind from racing out of control He needed to think rationally. Iida wasn’t their target, Iida wasn’t their mission. It would ruin the mission if he did something like that. It would draw Stain’s attention to him and maybe even get killed by him along with Iida.

Even if he did manage to get him out, then what? He sidetracked the whole mission and they probably wouldn’t be able to recover. But would that be so bad if it did happen? If the mission didn’t recover, then he would have saved Iida and perhaps buy Midoriya more time that he hasn’t realize was running out. Sure, they’re would be consequences, but maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they said Stain got in the way and the chaos of the Nomu’s was too much to handle.

Just as he was bout to turn to see if 58 was distracted before he did anything, there was a sudden flash of light in the alley that caught his attention.

“That’s our boy.” 27 looked at the corner of his eye to see 58 standing on the rim of the building, letting his body lean out half way as he looked down into the alley. “Guess you were right, the kid does have a knack for finding trouble.”

Turning his focus back down, he could see Midoriya standing in front of Iida who was still lying on the ground. He could barely hear the muffled talking as Midoriya and Stain went back and forth, but what worried him was Iida. He was no longer pinned to the floor by the knife but he still wasn’t moving.

The stillness unnerved him, but he knew he wasn’t dead based on the others reactions. Midoriya was too calm for him to be dead and he could see him turning his head sideways to look at the other teen as he spoke. 27 gritted his teeth as Izuku turned his head completely to look at Iida, completely exposing him to a possible attack from Stain.

But he did nothing. Stain didn’t move an inch as Midoriya was distracted. Stain didn't take the chance to take advantage of the opening. From what he knows, Stain’s tactics rely all on his timing. He gets in, does what he does, and gets out before he gets spotted or backup arrives. He was constantly racing against the clock, but he didn’t do anything when he was presented with a perfect opportunity to end the fight quickly. Was his ideals on filtering out the unworthy and leaving the worthy heroes, stronger than risk killing someone that might fit his criteria so he could escape.

“Do we fail if our target dies before we can get them?”58 pondered under his breath as Midoriya shot forward to attack Stain. “It wouldn’t be our fault right? Or would it? I don’t know, but this isn’t looking good for us.”

27 couldn’t agree more.

Midoriya held his own for a solid minute until he landed on the floor and froze. He could hear 58 mutter about how their info was wrong, that Midoriya had used his quirk but his arms and legs were still functioning, but paused his mutterings when the teen stopped moving.

“Oh, it looks like it’ll be okay. We can just grab him while Stain’s distracted or maybe grab him after Stain leaves.”

He didn’t really appreciate 58’s commentary on the action but he was right. It looked like it was going to be okay for Midoriya but not for Iida. Stain walked away a yelling but still prone Midoriya and confidently strode towards Iida with his weapons gently swaying at his sides.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” 58 sighed as a sudden wall of flames separated Stain from his target. “How the fuck are we going to get him now?”

27 didn’t feel the same frustration as 58 when Todoroki entered the fray. His quirk was well suited to fight someone like Stain, as long as he kept his distance he could win. The only downfall his him trying to protect the other three while he fought.

58 let out groan when Midoriya got up and muttered about the lost opportunity of an easy capture. He remained crouched as he watched the fight below while 58 started to fidget nervously at his spot. The only sound that interrupted the silence was that of the rushing wind and the battle below.

Their teamwork wasn’t perfect, but they were doing well with a fight they were unprepared for. They seemed to have figure out how Stain’s quirk had worked if he went by the sudden change in strategy. It was like a sort of keep away as they dodged the villains weapons, ande when they got nicked, they went full force to make sure he couldn't get the weapon back..

It was amazing to watch them fight. The amount of skill Stain was showing that allowed him to fight against his now three opponents at the same time.The power behind Todoroki’s quirk, the agility Midoriya was displaying, and Iida’s determination that was plain to see even from his position.

As they grew stronger and more composed, Stain’s actions became more erratic and frantic as time drew on. He could see how desperate the Hero Killer was becoming as the students started to over power him and gain the upper hand.

The fight was over in just a blink of an eye. One moment Stain was dodging flames, the next was cornered by Midoriya and Iida, and with no room to avoid the following attacks, Stain took a beating from the three students.

“Holy shit. They actually did it.” 58 murmured as he saw Stain’s prone form trapped in ice. The students looked just as shock as they felt but they quickly broke out of it to tie Stain up. 27 couldn’t help the smirk that formed on his face as Iida checked Stains bandaged arms and pulled out a hidden knife. “Well, I guess we got some good news and some bad news. Good news, Stains out of commision and won't be a problem, our target is alive and can’t move from injuries. Bad news, a bunch of pro heroes just showed up. Fuck! We are so fucked!”

27 eyed 58 as he started to wring his hands nervously in front of him and pace along the rooftop in long strides. His mutterings became quicker as the sounds of the calvary drifted up to them. 58 tugged roughly at the roots of his hair as he looked over at him with wide eyes.

“What the fuck are we supposed to do?!” HIs voice lilted as hysterics started to peek through. “We need a distraction! Why don’t you jump down there and say you lost your parents or something, and I’ll swoop in and grab the target!”

“And then what? I’ll be stuck down there and as soon as you leave, the disguise will wear off and I’ll be exposed. Wasn’t the reason you’re here is so my cover doesn’t get blown?”

“Then what’s your plan?! I don’t see you coming up with one!”

“Wait for an opening.” He asked more than he said. He had no plan, at least nothing that would follow the jobs outline. The whole situation was looking grim as their chances of pulling the job off slipped between their fingers.

“Ha! Like an opening is just going to magically appear! He’s surrounded by heroes!” 58 suddenly stilled with his hands still in his hair and eyes became impossibly larger as he looked in the distance. “This is the end.”

27 felt chills go down his spin as a roar echoed around them. It was deep and throaty and something distinctly inhuman that he had heard only once before. He turned slowly to see the thing that he desperately wanted to avoid fly in their direction.

“HOLY FUCK!” 58 screamed loud enough that 27 slapped his hands over his ears. 27 stumbled to his as 58 yanked on the back his collar to pull him onto his feet. “He took the kid! This is our chance! We can’t let it go to waste! Keep the fuck up kid! I got a plan!”

27 followed 58 on the rooftops while keeping his eyes on the flying Nomu. He could see Midoriya clutched in it’s claws as he struggled weakly trying to get free. Anytime it looked like Midoriya was making any progress, the claws grip tightened. Midoria’s scream could barely be heard over the rushing wind as the talons sunk in enough for him to bleed.

This was the most bizarre thing he has ever done. It was such a flip on how 58 was terrified of meeting a Nomu but now is actively hunting one. 58’s cold glare was zeroed onto the creature, not one wavering as they jumped between buildings. All nerves he saw before was gone as the mission was finally achievable. It was amazing from what all 58 feared, he would rather face a Nomu then come back unsuccessful.

“Here’s what we’re gonna do!” 58 shouted above the wind as they trailed behind the Nomu. “Imma shoot that fuck down! If the information was correct, it may not bring it all the way down, so you’re going to have to finish him! If he keeps going straight, I’ll shoot him when he gets near that building! Get ready!!”

27 gave a nod before picking up his speed as they split off. He could feel his legs start to burn as he jumped across a gap before rolling to absorb some of the impact before continuing. He could see the building that 58 pointed too and it wasn’t too far. He just needed to run a bit faster and get into position before the Nomu passed it. No longer looking at the Nomu, he focused on getting on top of the building. Just as his foot hit the top, a loud bang followed by an awful screech gave him the signal to act.

The Nomu didn’t go down with the shot in the wing, but it did cause it to waver from his path and closer to his direction. Taking a gulp he pushed off the side of the building and onto the Nomu.

He almost lost his grip when he was surprised by the texture of the skin and the way one of the Nomu’s dead eyes focused on him. Ignoring the shouts below coming from Midoriya, he used his grip on the scaly but oddly leathery arm to swing one leg around until he was straddling the creatures neck.

Another bang sounded and the creature let out another screech as it’s other wing was shot and caused it to jerk around in the air. 27 tightened his hold with his legs as the creature started to desperately try to keep itself in the air. He was relieved to notice that the bullet holes in the wings weren’t closing but still weeping blood. This one didn’t regenerate and had a giant weakness that he could use.

As soon as their altitude was low enough that he was comfortable that they would be able to survive the fall, he jammed one of his knives into the exposed brain. He twisted the knife as it sunk in with a squelsh. He quickly grasped the underside of the creatures head as it started to jerk beneath him.

The crash was something he never wanted to experience again. It wasn’t a graceful fall or with a slow descent.It felt like they were plummeting down in a spiral. There was nothing he could do but hold on and hope that the fall wouldn’t kill Midoriya.

His head sparked in pain as it went forward and smashed into the creature underneath him as they tumbled. After what seemed like an eternity, they finally hit the ground and he felt his bones vibrate at the impact. Giving himself a minute to regain his lost breath, he laid on top of the collapsed monster. He closed his eyes breathing deeply through his nose as he did a mental run over to see how badly he was injured.

The Nomu must have absorbed most of the impact, because he felt a lot better than what he thought he should. His head was throbbing, he could feel a couple of bruises forming, and his muscles and arms felt stiff, but other than that, he was fine. .

“Shit, come one kid, I can’t carry you too.”

Blinking his eyes open he saw 58 standing over him. He wasn’t facing him but looked over his shoulder as he shifted his weight between his feet anxiously. A green mop of hair was on his other shoulder as two limp arms encircled his neck, and 58’s arms supporting the legs.

“Come on kid, you had a nice nap, but they’re going to be here any minute now. We gotta move.”

His arm was roughly yanked up as 58 lost patience as he tried to orientate himself.. Stumbling to his feet, he felt the ground beneath him sway dangerously before it finally settled.

“We don’t have to go too far, a car is supposed to pick us up just a couple of blocks over.” 58 chittered as he started to push him forward with his shoulder in short bursts. “Let’s go! You can nap later! I don’t want this kid waking up or the heroes catching us before we get there.”

It was like the world was flashing by him and he was moving through thick mud. One moment his arm was hooked with 58’s with him mumbling something about hurrying. Next he was in a car with a knocked out Midoriya drooling on his shoulder. Next he was standing in a damp warehouse.

With the way that time was going by, at first he thought it was a dream. It had to be some sort of nightmare. What’s in front of him, isn’t real. He couldn’t be here, they couldn’t be here.

“Nice to see you again 27.”



27 stiffened as the large granite skinned man waved and his one guard lifted the a door in the floor, exposing the staircase.


“See you both have made good on your part of the transaction. Let’s continue somewhere more private.”

58 shouldered passed him when he didn’t move to follow immediately. Only when his client waved him over, the think fingers curling up on itself in blocks, did he take an unsteady step to follow. He kept his eyes trained on Midoriya who was now slung over 58’s shoulder . He watched how Midoriya’s unconscious form bounced as they descended down the stairwell and down the hall.

Bile rose in his throat as thought of Midoriya’s fate. He already didn’t look good. His face was was red and bleeding, probably road rash from the fall they took, and from what he remembered earlier, his arm wasn’t in the best of shape from the fight with Stain. There was no way he was going to get away from this.

The room felt colder than he had remembered it. He could feel the coldness sink into his bones and made his hands feel stiff. The appearance of the room was just like he remembered, besides the rusted color by the drain was more prominent than before.

27 felt his hands twitched at his side as he watched 58 hold Midoriya up as the guard clasped the chains onto his wrists. The snaps as the chains locked into place seemed too loud in the silence that enveloped the room. Both men took a step back as Midoriya was left there dangling by his wrists. They didn’t adjust the chains length that was obviously made for someone alot taller. Unlike the man from before, Midoriya’s feet couldn’t brush along the bottom of the floor but was held up in the air.


“Wake him.” His clients voice rumbled. The guard quickly nodded as grabbed a bucket that he hadn’t notice from the corner of the room and dumped its contents over Midoriya’s head.

Midoriya jolted awake as he spluttered as the water was poured over his head. He let out a hiss in pain as he immediately tried to yank his arm out of his restraints. The way he was moving in his attempts to get free, reminded him of a fish caught at the end of the line. The chains clinking together as Midoriya tried to escape by twisting around and yanking.He light up green a couple of times as he tried to escape using his quirk, but he only became more frantic when nothing happened.

It wasn’t long before Midoriya stilled and his labored breaths were heard over the small twinkling of the chains as he swayed. The panic in his eyes was gone and replaced with glare as he squared his jaw and faced them. Midoriya didn’t seem to know who to focus his glare one. He kept swiveling his head side to side taking in everyone who was in the room before turning attention to his client when he took a step forward.

“Are you done now?” Honzo asked as he casually walked closer.

“What do you want?” Midoriya demanded as he gave another yank at his restraints.

“Just some information.”

“I don’t know anything.”

“Oh, but you don’t know what I’m about to ask.” Honzo pointed out. “I know about you and All Might.” 27 didn’t think Midoriya could have gone any paler after being doused in water in a freezing room, but any color that was left on Midoriya’s face was gone at the statement.

“Just answer my questions, and we can go on our merry way.” Honzo voice sounded like it was dripping in sugar as he gave Midoriya a large smile.

Flashes of what happened last time passed before his eyes and he gritted his teeth to stop him from shouting out that it was a lie. It was all a lie. The words were too sickly sweet to be anything but a lie, not even Midoriya looked fooled. His face twisted up at the promise and kept his mouth firmly closed.
“No? Not going to do saything? Fine.” Honzo growled as anger started to color his voice. He snapped his fingers at the guard, who quickly rushed towards him and handed him something from his pocket. 27 felt 58 slink back into him as Honzo put metal bands around his each knuckle.

“Excuse me sir.” 58 stuttered out and inhaled sharply as Honzo turned his head slowly and gave him a sharp glare over his shoulder, with one hand raised to throw a punch at the chained child in front of him. “You’re time is nearly up, and I must be escorting him back up front. Thank you again for choosing our Miasma for all your needs.”

Anger flashed briefly across the stony face causing 58 to take an involuntary step back. Just as he thought that things were going to go sour, the client let out a grunt and waved them off.

“I trust you know your way out.”

“Indeed.” 58 said grabbing his upper forearm tight enough that he could feel a bruise forming. 58 quickly turned on his heel and shoved open the thick concrete door opened and pulled him through. 27 looked over his shoulder to see Midoriya’s wide eyes on him before the door closed and blocked his view.

Midoriya wasn’t going to make it. No one knows where he’s at, they just know he’s missing. There was no doubt that the heroes found the dead Nomu in the street, but if anything, they’d think he was captured by the League of Villains. People would be searching for him but in all the wrong places.

This wasn’t good and it was his fault. Midoriya was only here because he told the Miasma about his relationship with All Might. He knew that information could have possibly be sold off to someone, but the price and effort to get that information shouldn’t be worth it. Honzo must be desperate for something, if he went to the trouble to not only buy that information but also pay them to deliver Midoriya to him.

If he was that desperate, who knows what he would do. It didn’t look like Midoriya would be kept alive long enough for someone to find him here. The last hero lasted a couple of weeks, but that was a trained hero and Honzo had all the time in the world. The way he was going straight to the point with Midoriya, it seemed like he was on a time limit. Just like Stain, he’d become increasingly desperate the longer he was denied what he desired. He’d become sloppy, he’d become belligerent. He doesn’t know how long Midoriya has left before the end, but it wouldn’t be long enough for an outside source to save him.

Gritting his teeth, he yanked his arm out of 58’s tight hold. 58 paused in his stride and turned to retake his arm, but he pulled it out of his reach before he could touch him.

“Come on kid, I got to get you up there. Boss is about to recall me any minute now, and I need to make sure you’re up there before I leave.” 58 sighed as he put his hands on hips.

“No.” His voice sounded soft to even his ears.

“What did you say?”

“I’m staying here.” He said putting another step behind him. 58 squinted his eyes at him and took a step forward to match his.

“Are you kidding? You want to stay with that psycho? Stop playing kid, lets go.”

“No, I’m not.” He said stealing his resolve. He could do this, he can’t back out now. This had to be the right thing to do. He can’t live with any more regrets. He wouldn’t be able to look anyone in the eye if he let Midoriya die. He’d have to sit behind that empty chair, to hear people talk about him, to always be reminded of what he should have done.

“Why the hell would you want to stay here?”

“I’m going to save him.”

It was the first time he had ever heard 58 laugh and it made him nervous. It seemed like as soon as 58 started laughing he couldn’t stop. It was deep belly laughs as he folded in on himself. He brought a hand to his mouth to stifle it and then started to take deep breaths in attempt to calm himself down.

“Good one kid, lets go.” 58 sighed as he wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes.

“I’m serious. I’m getting him out.”

“Let me get this straight. You kidnap him, give it to the client, and now you want to free him? You want to go against our client and the Miasma?”

“Yes.” he said squaring up his posture. He let his stance slowly widen and palmed the knife in his sleeve.

“You know I can’t let you do that kid.” 58 said sternly, his voice dropping as he took a larger step forward. “I can’t afford to fail this mission, let alone because you’re going through your teenage rebellion phase.”

58 never seemed big to him until now. 58 straightened out his slouched form to extend it to his full height, even without his quirk in use, it was an intimidating sight. He was still about a foot taller than him, and pared with the sharpness in his eyes, it sent chills down his spine.
27 watched as 58’s form slowly started to morph as he used his quirk. Grey fog swirled up from his feet until it encased his body and left behind an even larger figure.

He knew it was a trick, so 58’s quirk was little use in this fight. 58 always changed his form to appear more or less intimidating depending on what the situation called for. But it was all just that, an illusion. It appeared that was larger, but his arm span remained the same, his actual height remained the same, everything was the same.. It worked well on other opponents, but he has spared enough against 58 to know his true size.

A sudden bang echoed the halls and a pain in his left arm that made him hiss. He pressed his free hand against the wound, he looked up at 58 as he felt warm liquid spill between his fingers.

“That was a warning shot.”

That’s when it struck him that he hasn’t ever really fought 58. He’s sparred with him, but never anything with weapons. With his quirk, it didn’t look like 58 was holding anything, but merely pointing a finger at him. His quirk was more dangerous than he thought.

It was a long shot, but he had wished 58 would have let him do it without snitching. He had already showed his cards and no matter what happens after this, he would have to follow through.

If he does do what 58 tells him to, 58 will still tell Boss what had happened and Midoriya dies. If he continues, it would still have a lot of variables, but Midoriya and him may have a chance. At this point it was either 58 or them.

“I’m going to be recalled by Boss any minute now and I will be giving my full report.” 58 sneered as he took another step to close the distance between them puffing out his chest.. “And I will be telling him everything.”

“Guess I have to be quick then.” He snarked back as he charged forward.

27 winced as there was another bang that reverberated around them, but this time there was no pain. He pulled out his knives from his sleeves and ducked under the arm that swung his way. As it passed over his head he lifted his uninjured arm and let the knife scrap against the skin before dancing away from another attack.

They continued going back and forth, and he tried to break himself out of the rhythm he accidently built. It wasn’t working and 58 wasn’t slowing down. He kept deflecting his blows with the side of the gun or would dodge it, then he would follow through with his own attack or shoot the gun at him. Defeating 58 normally wasn’t too hard, but he was at a severe disadvantage.

They both knew how each other’s quirks worked, but 58 could still use his and be effective. While 58 has remained undamaged from earlier, his head was still throbbing unbearable and now had a bullet wound in his arm, limiting its movements. While 58 only had to buy time, he was quickly running out of it. He had to end this soon.

It was a gamble but he threw his knife at 58 and followed it. As 58 sidestepped to avoid the knife, he tackled him to the ground. He heard the exhale of as he knocked the wind out of him, he quickly wrangled the gun out of his hand while he was out of it and threw it to the side. While 58 tried to regain his breath, he straddled him and pressed his knees against his shoulders and pressed his free hand against his neck.

He bit his tongue as 58 clawed at his hand to get him to release his tightening hold. 58 started to get desperate and started to transform into people he knew. He shaped himself to look like 127, to Bug, to a little girl, to All Might, but he didn’t let go even as the illusion on his own hand started to flicker. His eyes widen then quickly closed it when the form shifted into something familiar.

“I know you’re not 50.” He said as he kept his eyes firmly shut and reached for the knife strapped to his leg with his free hand. It slipped slightly in his shaky hand as it went slick with his blood but managed not to drop it. The hands scratching at his became more frantic as he brought the knife up.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I can’t let this happen. I’m so sorry.” 27 mumbled as he guided the blade to his chest and pressed down. He kept his eyes closed as he heard choking and then bubbling. Only when the hands at his wrists slowed down till it stopped did he dare move.

27 rolled off 58 and immediately dry heaved. He felt tears go down as his face as his body rejected the contents of his stomach. He slumped forward and let his head between his knees, letting shaky breaths pass through his lips as he tried to regain his composure.

It wasn’t 50, it wasn’t 50. It was just 58. This was necessary. There was no other way he could get around it. No help was coming, two floors underground, there was no other way he could get Midoriya out. He needed to do this. He need to get his knife back and continue.

It felt like an eternity before he was able to get to stumble onto his feet. He dragged his eyes away from the wall to meet the dull brown eyes. His face was still contorted like he was screaming and his hands looked like he was reaching out.

His stomach protested at the sight, but he took a step forward and grabbed the knife that was his chest and yanked it out. Resting his hand against the wall, he kept his eyes closed as he walked back down the corridor

He wasn’t done, he needed to keep going. He’s gone way too far to go back now. If he failed now, it’d be pointless. He already failed Miasma, already lost them money by killing 58, so if he failed Midoriya. All this work, would be for nothing.

He still had two more people to go through before he could free Midoriya. He can’t hesitate like he did with 58. He couldn’t react the way he did afterwards either. He got lucky that 58 gave him a warning shot instead of shooting him in the head. He doubts he would be as lucky with the next two.

Shaking out his hands to get rid of any lingering nerves he pushed the door in front of him opened it enough to peek through.

The guard was in front of him with his back facing him, but didn’t turn around, too focused on what was happening in front of him. His client was in the center, his button up shirt was rolled to his elbows while he paced in front of a beaten Midoriya. He could hear him talk about how much easier everything would be if Midoriya just gave him the answers that he wanted.

Midoriya didn’t seem to be listening to him at all. He was still dangling five inches from the floor but now had his chin resting against his chest. His left arm was bent at a weird angle and his right eye was swollen shut. From where he was standing he could hear the ragged breaths coming from him. Even in that condition, he could still see the defiance in those green eyes.

If he was quick, he could take the guard by surprise and avoid a fight with him. Perhaps, if he was quiet enough, with how distracted Honzo was, he could catch him by surprise also.

Palming another knife that was strapped to his other leg, he go prepared to move. When the clients voice raised as his anger spiked, he took the opportunity to attack.

He moved quickly and quietly as he closed the short gap between them. He quickly covered the guards mouth with one hand and brought the knife to his throat and guided it across. He winced as the body went limp in his hold. Taking its weight, he gently lowered it to the ground as quietly as he could.

“What the hell are you doing.”

27 felt like he was doused in cold water at sound of the deep growl. He looked up from the pale purple eyes to see dark steel ones staring at him. So much for catching him by surprise, he was literally caught red handed.

“I said, what the hell are you doing!” Honzo roared and took a step forward. 27 flinched slightly but slowly stood up straight keeping his eyes on the other man.

“I’m-m,” 27 stuttered before clearing his throat to try and make his voice come out as even as possible. His fiddled with the knife still in his hand as he tried not to let the fear eat him as Honzo steadily marched towards him. “I’m getting Midoriya out of here.”

He doesn’t know why he expected some sort of reply, maybe his time getting Iida out of the habit made him form one of his own, because of instead of another question, Honzo charged right at him.

Wincing slightly as his shoulder hiit the floor as he jumped and then rolled out of the way of the charging freight train. He barely managed to get back on his feet before he had to dodge a fist to his face. With the arm within reach he dragged his knife against it as he danced away. His eyes widen as the knife merely glanced off the skin with sparks.

Honzo laughed darkly as he straightened out his posture. “Not going to work kid.You’re not going to ruin this for me. I will get what I want in the end.”

27 eyed the man’s fists as he banged his knuckles together as a manic grin grew on his face. The noise that emitted from the action sounded like two rocks crashing together and his side twinged in pain at being reminded how strong they were.

One hit from that and he knew it would be over with, but he couldn't stay on the defensive for long. He could feel his moves become sloppy as he started to tire. He was grateful that the wound on his arm is now only bleeding sluggishly, but the blood loss from earlier was making his head light. This needed to end, but he had no idea how. He knew he needed to find a weakness in the guys quirk, but he couldn’t think properly.

The quirk was obviously a defensive quirk that he turned it into something more offensive. It wasn’t too different than Kirishima’s but this looked like he was in a constant state of activation, so there was no time limit. It was like he was made out of rock, even as the man moved he could hear it. The sound similar to two stones rubbing against each other as he even made the subtlest of moves. Maybe his quirk was just a layer of rock covering him, maybe he could chip away at it.

He ducked another swing as he tried to decide where he should try to break the rock at. Somewhere vital but somewhere easy to reach and easy to replicate. He mentally cringed at his stupidity at taking so long to figure out where, when he realized he’d have to go after a major artery and the one at the neck would be the easiest.

The first couple of hits did nothing but dull his knife and his injured arm was grazed by a fist that caused him to skid across the floor. It was only after the fifth hit in the same spot, did he see any progress.

Excitement bubbled in his chest as he saw small cracks form then spread across the neck, forming a spider web pattern. The progress gave him a jolt of energy and he redouble his efforts.
He felt the wind in his hair as he dodged yet another fist and grunted as he put as much force as he could to sweep at the other’s feet.

When Honzo came crashing down, the room shooked and caused the chains to jingle loudly. He shot forward and hit the spot on his neck again. The dark stone cracked until it exposed flushed pink skin. It wasn’t too large, but large enough to get the job done.

He let out a startled choke as Honzo moved faster than he expected and grabbed him by the throat. He grunted as he tried to pull the hand off with one hand as Honzo got up from the floor. HIs hand slipped off his as he got slammed against the wall behind him, and then again, but he kept his the hand with the knife tucked out of sight behind him.

“What are you going to do now huh?” Honzo growled as he leaned in close that 27 could smell his rancid breath as it fanned across his face. His lungs burned in his chest as it begged him to do something, but he laid limply in the hold. It wasn’t time yet, it needed to be perfect. Act to soon and it’d be all over.

The sound of his heart pounding in his ears was so loud he could barely make out Midoriya yelling about something in the background. Panic started to build up when the opening wasn’t opening and black dots started to dance across his vision.

Come on.

Right when he thought he was going to pass out, Honzo moved in closer. “I love this part. To see the desperation, to see the loss of hope, to see the light leave the eyes.”


With how close he became he took the chance and shoved the knife he still had in his hands into the crack he created. His took in a giant gulp of air as the hand blocking his airway loosened its hold and his feet hit the floor.

“What?” Honzo voice sounded wet as he stared down at the knife in his chest then up back at him as he took a clumsy step back. “What are you doing? You’re going to regret this.”

“What was your advice again? You know the one. The one for situations like this?” 27 said hoarsely as he matched the clients movements, so he could keep his hand on the handle of the blade. “Leave no witnesses.”

It was almost satisfying to see the shock on the man’s face as he sunk the knife in deeper as he twisted it. The other did make one last effort to dislodged the knife before he started to cough out blood that splattered across 27’s shirt and face. One heavy hand gripped his wrist softly like he was going to move it, but instead he slowly sank onto his knees with a loud thud. When 27 did let go of the knife and stook a step back, the man fell forward.

The once loud room went deadly silent. He could feel Midoriya’s eyes trail after him as he went to go search the guards body for the keys to the cuffs. When he did finally pick the keys out of the front pocket, he looked up to see the half lidded eyes watching him.”

Gently taking the first cuff, he silently unlocked it, slung the arm over his shoulder, and repeated the process with the other. He grunted and then shifted Midoriya’s weight as he collapsed on his back without the support of the restraints holding him up.It was difficult carrying Midoriya with just one hand, he had to lean dramatically forward to keep the teen on his back, but he made do.

Midoriya didn’t make a sound of protest as he was getting manhandled into position, nor did he make a sound when they exited the room. It was only when they were walking down the hall and he pointedly looked to the wall as he sidestepped 58’s body did Midoriya speak.

“Did you kill them?” Midoriya asked between labored breaths.

“Yes.” He kept his voice lower than he normally would. He just hoped that combined with the hat, lower voice and that he was completely out of it, Midoriya wouldn’t recognize him. Even if Midoriya had suspicions later on, he hopes that the fact he supposed to be at Eraser’s house would provide enough doubt that he would never voice it.


27 gritted his teeth as he started to walk up the stairwell while leaning against the sides. Black dots started to dance across his vision as he carried the extra weight up the stairs, but he couldn’t stop yet. He knows he doesn’t have much time left before 127 arrives to pick him up, and he still needed to do things. He needed to get Midoriya somewhere he could be found, and then come back and deal with the mess.

In a perfect world, he would have enough time to dispose of the bodies and clean up, but he doesn’t have time. The most he could do was hopefully get rid of 58’s body along with his knives, so Memory can’t use her quirk on them.

“It had to be done.” He grunted as he put Midoriya on the step and leaned him against the wall to free his hand. He shoved open the hatch and let out a sigh as fresh air greeted them and tousled his hair. He let himself breathe it in for a couple of seconds before he picked Midoriya up and continued to take him out of the warehouse.

“You didn’t have to kill them.” Midoriya’s breath tickled the hair on the back of his neck as he mumbled. “There had to be another way.”

“Yeah there was,” 27 laughed humorously as he adjusted his grip on Midoriya as he started to slip down his back. “I could have done nothing and you would have died instead.”

“I’m sure I would have gotten out sooner or later.”

“No, you were in a pretty fucked situation. Isn’t that how your arm got hurt? Tried to use your quirk on your bonds?” The silence he got in response was the only confirmation he needed. “If you have talked, he would have killed you afterwards. If you stayed quiet, he would have killed you. I’ve seen it before.Those chains have held people far stronger and more trained than you. No matter what, you would have been killed. There was no win for you.”

“There had to be another way.” Midoriya murmured softly before letting out a hiss as he was jostled when 27 stumbled over a crack in the sidewalk.

“Not everything is black and white.” 27 snapped as anger bubbled in his chest. “Sometimes life is about living in the grey. You can continue to live in your ideal world, but some people don’t have the luxury to! Some people don’t have the choices you do! Sometimes they run out and you only have one option left and it’s not necessarily the one you want but you have to take. They have to take the last resort or nothing at all. You can judge my actions all you want, but it won’t change a thing about what just happened. It was either you or them, and I picked them.”

Midoriya went blessedly quiet as he silently fumed. LIke he wanted to do all that? Like he enjoyed doing all that. Does he really think he didn’t try to find another way? There was nothing that he could come up with, with such a short notice. It was getting late, his time was running out, and he did the only thing he thought that would work.

27 let out a puff of air as he scanned the streets. He had to be heading the right way, he could vaguely remember 148 driving them this way the first time. There had to be somewhere populated nearby, somewhere he could drop Midoriya off and get back.

“If it makes you feel better, you had no choice in what had happened.The decision was out of your hands.” He muttered as he started to walk faster when he saw distant lights. “Everything that had happened, is not on you.It’s on me, so try not to worry about it.”

Midoriya didn’t say anything as he rested his chin on his shoulder as they moved. They continued walking in silence as the lights got closer. When he saw someone walking further down the road, he sped up towards them, careful not to jostle Midoriya’s injuries more than was necessary.

27 let out a relieved sigh when he got closer and saw more people milling about. He was confused at first at the amount of people who were awake this late at night, but then realized they had entered the red light district.

This was place was better than what he could have hoped for. The red light district was the best place he could think of to drop someone off anonymously. No one pays too much attention to each other while they were in the district. They keep their heads down, minded their own business, and won’t remember anyone they pass by.

“All right, here’s where I drop you off.” He grunted as he weaved through the crowds making sure he kept his head down and walked closely to a man who he picked as his target. He was obviously very drunk. He was talking way too loudly to the people he was partying with, gesturing wildly, walking was slanted, and his face was very red. Reaching into his pocket and snagging the phone that was peaking out, was far too easy but he wasn’t going to complain. “But you’re going to have to do me a favor for me.”

“Whhaa?” Midoriya slurred as 27 moved to the side and entered an alley. He slid Midoriya off his back and made sure to lean him against the wall to keep him sitting up straight. Midoriya’s normally bright eyes were glazed as he looked up at him.

“Wait an hour.” 27 ordered as he adjusted him as Midoriya started to slouch against the wall while his head rolled to the side to rest on his shoulder. He shoved the phone into Midoriya’s better hand and gently curled his fingers around it. “Just do this one thing. Stay awake,and wait about an hour before calling the police.”

He didn’t wait for a response and turned to head back. He had no time to waste in making sure he understood, he just had to hope that Midoriya would follow through with it. Even if Midoriya waited thirty minutes, hopefully it would still be enough time for his plan to work.

Midoriya already looked really tired, but if he wasn’t able to call, he’s sure someone would see him lying in the mouth of the alley and go to help him. Hopefully...Maybe...At the worse he’d have to wait until the early morning when people start ushering the drunks home.

His stomach sank as he got back to the warehouse and went rushed down the stairs as fast as he was able. His own ragged breathing sounded ominous as he went down to cellar.

He felt tired. But that seemed like an understatement. He was utterly exhausted.It felt like his body was weighed down by rocks as he moved forward to do one last thing.

It felt like an eternity before he finally saw 58 body, and his stomach clenched uncomfortably at the sight. He didn’t realized he made the amount of mess he did. Blood had pooled around him and was spreaded around when he walked through it earlier. Even now, he could see streaks of blood on the floor from where he had leaned against the wall. Trails leading from the body and to the entrance.

He had no time to deal with all this. He couldn’t clean this all up in time. He had no supplies, he had no experience, he had nothing. All he could do is drag him out.

27 avoided looking directly at 58’s face and grabbed the smaller man’s wrist and pulled him onto his back. He tried to ignore the coldness and how stiff it was as he started to walk. He gagged a bit when he felt a growing thick stickiness on his back that felt like sludge, but he trudged forward.

The route he took was deliberate as he left. He went the opposite direction from the front, then walked over two blocks before heading towards the ocean. It was probably pointless, but he wanted to avoid any chance of 148 smelling 58 if he got out the car.

His hands and knees shook as he finally reached the end of the docks. Tossing 58 and the knives into the water, and watching him sink slightly before he started to get carried away by the tide,was almost a relief. He was almost done with this, he was almost done with the night. Only when he jumped in the freezing water to wash off any lingering smells and watched the blood slowly taint the water near him red, did things catch up to him.

His laughing sounded hysteric to even his ears. It started off soft, until it started to grow louder and more choked as it continued. He grabbed the hat on his head and ripped it off his head and pressed it against his mouth to try and stop it, but he couldn’t. The stark contrast of feeling warm tears go down his face to the freezing water he was floating in, startled him out of it.


Was it all worth it? Was all this worth it. He really did all that. He betrayed the Miasma, he killed his client, he killed a guard, and he killed 58. Then he's going to try and trick the Miasma which he knows hasn’t worked for anyone ever. Like he’s smart or clever enough to trick a whole organization that has been around for ages.

Trying to play both sides was more difficult than he thought it was going to be. He wanted this to all be over with. He’s going to continue with the plan he made tonight, and then spill everything he knows to Eraser tomorrow. He’s going to put all his eggs in one basket and get it over with. He’s done. He can’t do this anymore.

“Hey lil bro.” 27 blinked and saw 127 standing in front of him. Looking around he noticed he wasn’t in the water but in front of the first warehouse. He should probably care that he doesn’t remember leaving the water and making his way here, but he just can’t bring himself too.

He could feel himself shake and sway in his spot as the wind swept over his dripping wet form. HIs arm was still throbbing, his head felt cloudy, his body felt numb and he felt like he was going to fall over any minute not.

Sleep. That’s all he wanted. He wanted to crawl into bed and just sleep for as long as he can. He could tell he desperately needed a shower, but he doesn’t think he’d be able to stay awake for it. He mentally groaned when he realized he had to deal with the wound in his arm also, and formulated a new plan. He’d go to sleep, wake up, and tell Eraser or Mic about the wound, and then spill everything he knows about everything. Then probably sleep some more. Yeah, that sounded like a good plan.

“What happened.” 27 flinched back as he felt scaly hands on his face, but stilled when they reached around and undid the mask. Only when he focused on 127’s face did he notice the tears still trailing down his face. “Boss tried to call 58 back and it didn’t work. What happened to him?”

“Nomu.” he mumbled as 127 started to encourage him to get into the car.

“Fucking things,” 127 cursed under his breath as he opened the door and put him into the warm car. “One of those fucks tore one of the newbies to shreds today, 58 didn’t stand a chance against those things. Is that why you’re all wet?”

He could only nod as he clenched his jaw to keep his jaw from chattering. He could hear 127 mumble to 148 to turn the heat up, before he got a blast of warm air on his face. He closed his eyes as his fingers started to pinprick sharply as it started to regain sensation.

“How about the client? Did it go well? I didn’t see him.”

“He’s still busy interrogating.” He explained as he wrapped his arms around himself.

“You’re not hurt right?”

“I’m fine. I’m just cold.” 27 could feel 127 scrutinized him, but was glad he didn’t didn’t say anything. He had no idea how he would be able to explain a bullet wound in his arm, especially since he knew 58 had brought a gun to this mission.

“Alright, let's get you home then. We got about thirty minutes before the heroes wake up.”

Chapter Text

“Shou, he’s still here. Yes, I’m looking at him right now. He’s still asleep and before you ask, I’m going to let him continue sleeping.”

27 pulled the blanket over his head and wrapped it tighter around himself as he heard Mic’s voice get quieter as he moved down the hall. His arm twinged at the sudden movement, but he let himself sink further into the soft bed.

He could barely remember arriving back last night. He can vaguely recall 127 taking him up to the room, taking off his mask and reclaiming the suit before depositing him on the bed. He doesn’t even remember his head hit the pillow before he went to sleep.

The warmth of the bed had taken out the chill in his bones and he could feel it soothe some of his sore muscles. He would have like to stay cocooned up in the blankets forever, but he started to become aware on how disgusting he was.

He could feel dried blood flaking off and onto the bed as he moved, causing his skin to become itchy. The smell of hightide and what could only be described as death clung onto him. He wrinkled his nose and tugged the blankets way to free his face, when the trapped smell started to make him gag.

Blinking wearily he sat up in bed and looked down at his arm when the pain spiked enough for him to let out a hiss. He pulled the undershirt he wore to the side so he could get a clear look at the wound.

It wasn’t as bad as he thought it was going to be. He would have thought it was merely a graze, if he didn’t notice how deep one section was. It wasn’t bleeding as it had the previous night, but the activity he did earlier caused a couple of droplets to drip down his arm. He wasn’t too concerned over the wound. It wasn’t anything he would consider to be a serious priority, so it could wait until after he had the talk with Mic.

Preferably, he would want to take a shower, but he didn’t want to overthink what he was about to do and lose his nerves, so he settled for doing a quick wipe down with a soaked washcloth. He needed to talk to Mic and he didn’t want to talk to him while he smelled like road kill. A proper shower could wait until after their conversation, he just wants to get it all over with as soon as possible. Maybe afterwards, Mic would even help him with his arm. It’d be a lot easier than doing it himself.

Crumbling up the undershirt, he tossed it underneath his bed next to the mask that was haphazardly placed. He likes to keep everything that related to his jobs in one place, all physical evidence right there so he could find it quickly if necessary.

Shaking the nerves out of his hands, he left the bathroom and headed towards the sound of Mic humming a small tune. He could feel his heart pound erratically in his chest as his nerves came out at him in full force. 27 breathed through his nose to try and calm himself down before entering the room.

Looking around, he saw Mic sitting on the couch, looking through what appeared to be an album book. His hair was up in a bun, with headband to keep any stray strands of hair out of his face. He was wearing a shirt had a multitude of colored paint splattered down the front and on the short sleeves.

“Hey Mic, can I talk to you about something?” He asked while taking a step closer after using a minute to reign up any courage he had left. Mic’s head shot up and looked at him with wide eyes, before a smile started to spread across his face. 27 tilted his head to the side and took a hesitant step back when Mic’s smile got so large it was hurting his own face. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“You called me Mic!”

“No, I didn’t Knock Off Amplifier!” 27 scowled crossing his arms. The retort didn’t work the way he wanted it to, the grin was still on the hero’s face. “Stop it, it’s creepy.”

“Alright alright.”Mic chuckled lifting his hands up in a placating manner. He had dropped the smile off his face, but 27 could see the edges of his mouth curl upward as he tried to fight off the exaggerated grin.

27 opened his mouth and then closed it. Is this the right choice? Last night he already betrayed the Miasma, but it looked like he got away relatively clean. It might catch up with him later, but so far so good.

They think 58 was killed by a Nomu, and if the client never contacted them again, perhaps they would think he got what he wanted. That part of the plan wouldn’t last too long unfortunately. As soon as they find out that he died, that theory would crumble in his hands. However, maybe if enough time has passed, any evidence of him causing it would be gone.

“I umm, what are you doing?” He blurted out when he saw the Mic’s smile waver after the seconds tick by and he didn’t say anything. He’ll go about talking to him about the Miasma slowly, maybe even wait till Eraser arrives to get Started. It’ll be easier telling everything the one time than having to repeat himself.

“Well I was cleaning, but I got a bit distracted with this.” Mic patted the seat next to him on the couch as a clear invitation. 27 bit his lip before deciding to accept it when Mic shifted over to give them more space between them. As soon as he sat down, Mic adjusted the album on his lap, tilting it so he could get a clear view. “Nemuri made an album with all of us when we graduated UA together.”

That spiked his interest and he leaned in closer to look at the photos. In the first photo, was a group of students next to each other. A young girl with black hair and glasses was in the middle with her arms over the shoulders of the boys next to her. The boy on the left, had long shaggy hair, he was looking away from the camera but you could see the smile that tugged at his lips. The other boy had short blonde hair, orange glasses on and had his mouth open in a similar grin that he saw not too long ago.

“Is that you guys?”

“Yup! It was our first day of our third year!” Mic explained and then flipped the page excitedly. 27 felt like a hot rock settled in his gut when the next photo was shown. It can’t be who he think it is. It can’t be.

“Who’s that?” he asked trying to keep his voice as level as possible.

“Oh! That's 13 and Shouta! 13 is a couple years younger than us, and Shouta was helping them with their quirk after school. They didn’t have a great handle on it, so if it got out of hand, Shouta was there to turn it off.”

Looking up at Mic as he continued to tell stories that went with each picture, he knew he wasn’t lying. That was 13, the similarities were there. This one was shorter, the outfit different than the one he’s seen them wearing the other day, but there was no denying that it was the hero 13.

The hero 13. Not the Miasma 13.

They were far too young to be that 13. The hero costume they wore hide their age well, but if they were younger than Eraser like Mic said, they couldn’t be the same person.

“Did..” Shinsou choked out, breaking the rambling Mic was saying about a prank they pulled on Ingenium. “Did 13.. Has thirteen almost died before?”

Mic looked startled at the question. He felt his hands shake slightly as Mic pursed his lips and looked him over uncertainty. “Yes, it was at USJ, I believe you were there.”

“I was.. I just had other things to concern myself over.” He mumbled grasping his sleeves in attempt to steady his hands. He tried wracking his brain if he saw 13, or even a mention of them, but he can’t recall. He was so tired from the 10’s quirk, and he was so focused on the Nomu and the Hand guy, it was completely possible that he missed them. If 13 was there, they never came close to him or lasted long enough for them to cause a problem that he needed to step in.

“They received life threatening injuries during the attack. They were lucky that they had survived.” Mic said rubbing the back of his neck as he talked. “If it weren’t for how soon we had arrived and the quick thinking of the medical staff, they would have died.”

Aizawa never got someone out from the Miasma. UA has never gotten anyone out of the Miasma. He had read everything so wrong. He had jumped to assumptions based on what he wanted to hear. No one has ever escaped the Miasma and lived to tell the tail. The only way out really was death.

He could barely hear himself as he excused himself from the couch to go to the bathroom over the sound of blood rushing loudly in his ears. The feeling of Mic’s eyes on the back of his neck did nothing to help keep him steady as he staggered down the hall. He’s too tired to keep up any pretenses, he just needed to get to the bathroom as fast as he could.

This was all a mistake. He almost made another huge mistake. Not only did he betray them yesterday, he was going to betray them today. He was going to spill everything about the Miasma and he was going to risk it all.

He thought the chances were slim to escape, but still there was still a chance. But now? There was none. There was no chance at all, there was only an illusion of a chance. He had put faith in that they had experience getting people out of that organization, but they didn’t. It was all just a lie.

Gripping the edge of the tub, he started the hot water, letting the sound of the rushing water fill the room to try and block out his inner voice. He could feel the panic of what he almost did, the consequences he managed to avoid, bubble in his chest and squeeze at his throat. He forced himself to shove it down and get to work.

Stepping away from the tub, he went to the cabinet under the sink and grabbed the bandages that 127 had left last time. He froze as he saw small cuts that littered his hands that he didn’t notice before. It was like a cat had scratched at him, none of them in a straight line, jagged and crossed over themselves. He quickly shoved his hands under the faucet when he connected how he got them.

After scrubbing his hands with a washcloth until they were sore and red, he moved onto the bigger issue. He grabbed the tweezers he saw in the drawer and slipped out of his clothes before sitting in the tub.

He breathed heavily through his nose as he turned to face it. He pulled the skin gently with the tweezer so he could get a better look. The wound was red and puffy as it’s been repeatedly irritated, but between the swelling, he could see a sliver of metal. It was deep,but it was something he was confident he could pull out.

27 didn’t know exactly what he was doing, he just knew he couldn’t leave it in there. Anytime he was injured in the past, 10 was there to deal with it. He could pass out and wake up with everything taken care of. Because of 10, it wasn’t the Miasma’s top priority for him to learn basic first aid. He did learn the basics of bandaging things up, when he didn’t want to risk the after effects of their quirk, but he never learned anything more than that.

Biting down on his lip he pressed the tweezers with his free hand to grab the shard. He bite down harder, blood filling his mouth as the pain started to get too much. It was difficult to get a grip on it. It was wet with blood and he only had one shaky hand to grab it. He mentally thanked his past self for deciding to get into the tub before trying to retrieve the bullet, when ood started to run down his arm and taint the surrounding water a light pink..

He refilled the tub after, what seems like hours but more likely was only mere minutes, the bullet was finally wiggled free. Once it was gone, he scrubbed at his body with soap. Once he was sure that he erased all the evidence from his previous night, the crusted blood and all the grime gone, did he get out of the tub.

The wound on his arm was still open and weeping slightly, but he couldn’t do anything about it. He had no equipment or experience or opportunity to get it stitched up. He wrapped his arm as tight as he could, hoping that it would be enough.

Looking both ways down the hall, making sure that he wouldn’t cross pass with the hero, before he rushed into his room to change. He pulled on a large baggy sweater that was was able to hide the bandages and was long enough to pull over his hands to cover the scratches.

He had to hide every evidence he could. He can’t leave any trace behind to cause him to be under any more scrutiny from Mic or Eraser. The stakes of hiding everything has never been higher, and he dreaded to see it raise any more than it has. He’s made so many mistakes and taken too many risks, that he’s not sure he’s going to be able to handle the consequences if he gets found out.

All he could do, is continue to lie. He knows he’s just digging a deeper hole for himself, both towards the Miasma and the heroes he’s temporarily living with, but he can’t think of any other way. He can’t think too much about the future, or it’ll feel like everything will collapse on him. The only way he could think of to move forward is to just live one day at a time.



The night just kept getting worse and worse. The first thing that alerted him that something was wrong, was how quiet the night started out with. The route he was on, normally had a lot of activity, from muggers, to drugs, to simple robberies, but there was nothing. It set him on edge as he waited for the other shoe to drop, it was too much like the quiet before the storm.

He was half way through his shift when his agency called him. They were frantic in the call and told him that he needed to go to Hosu as fast as he could. He was about to turn them down, telling them it was irrational for him to go all the way to Hosu. He was a train ride away and by the time he reached the city, any activity should be lover with. Then his agency told him there was a large scale attack from the League of Villains, and he replied saying he was on his way.

By the time he had reached Hosu, he was mostly needed for clean up. Dead Nomu’s littered the streets and he was set to work looking for any stragglers or people trapped in the remains of the attack.

It was nerve wracking clearing up the dead Nomus. He knew they were dead, but he couldn't help but think ‘what if they are faking it?’. He could feel the ghost of large hands pressing around the back of his head, as he walked by their bodies to help civilians out of the rubble. It felt like he was constantly watched by their eyes. Their dead eyes held the same look and emptiness as their alive ones did, and that didn’t help calm the paranoia that creeped along the edges of his mind.

It was almost a relief when he got a call from Noamasa and distracted him from what he was surrounded with. The relief of finally getting away from the last dredges of the wreckage was gone when the detective told him that three of his students were involved in the fighting.

It wasn’t surprising when he mentioned who was involved. Iida was emotionally motivated, Midoriya would try and help his friend, and probably dragged Todoroki with him. Todoroki doesn’t seem to be the one to be forced into situations he didn’t want to be in, but he could see how the sports festival might have changed his relationship with the persuasive teen and feel like he may owe him.

The uneasy feeling was replaced with dread when he heard that Midoriya was carried off by a Nomu and was missing. They had only contacted him as a last resort, they thought they had it all handled until they found a dead Nomu that matched the description of the one that carried Midoriya off and they needed someone who’s experienced with missing people cases. He was quickly dispatched to search the surrounding areas to find evidence of where Midoriya was taken and hopefully find the teen himself.

It had been hours searching with no progress. There was nothing concrete to go on. No tire marks, no signs of a struggle, no trails, there was nothing. All they had to go off of, was the wounds in the Nomu’s wings and the large on on its head.

He wanted to pull his hair out in frustration. It has been four hours since Midoriya was missing and there was no progress. The longer that Midoriya remains missing, the worst his outcome will probably be.
The time he was supposed to end his shift, came and went, but he couldn’t just go home. Two of his students were in the hospital and one was missing. How was he supposed to go home while a child couldn’t? Why would he go home until he knows what happened to him or he’s exhausted every option in finding him.

Startled, he stumbled slightly on a crack when his phone started to ring in his pocket.

“Detective.” He answered flatly when he picked up the call.

“We found Midoriya, he’s in the hospital right now. He’s going to be fine, Recovery Girl has already seen him.”

Aizawa let out a sigh as the tension he was carrying left his shoulder. He felt his adrenaline crashing in on him, and he’d rather just go home now that everything was more or less settled. He could probably catch a quick nap before having to finish grading the research papers that he had assign and-

“I need you to meet me at the hospital.”

“What reason for? He’s alright isn’t he?”

“He is alright, but before he went to sleep, he mentioned bits and pieces of what had happened. I think it would be important for you to be there when he tells his story. It has something to do with that one case. I’d rather not discuss it over the phone.” Naomasa replied, his voice dropping towards the end.

“I’ll be right there.” He said snapping the phone shut before he could get a response as he walked to a more populated area to flag down a cab.

There was only one case that Naomasa wasn’t comfortable with talking over the phone. Which only brings up the questions on what did Midoriya get himself involved with to get that sort of attention, and what happened for Naomasa to know that it was the organization.

So far they were under the impression that it was the League that had taken Midoriya, but whatever was said must have been enough to warrant him a call to the hospital than just saying that Midoriya was safe.

Pushing through the hospitals front doors, he was greeted by Naomasa and Sansa. Sansa was standing rimrod straight next to Naomasa, his hands steadily at his side.Naomasa was standing slouched and his face was set in a firm line and Aizawa can see the darkness that started beneath his eyes. The detective had two steaming cups of coffee in his grip and handed him one when he got close.

“He should be waking up any moment now.” Naomasa said as he brought the cup to his face and took a sip. He jerked his head to the side indicating he should follow, before walking. “I’ll give you the rundown while we go up to meet up with him.”

Sansa beside him muttered that Naomasa really shouldn’t be drinking coffee, as they followed the other. The walked in silence as Naomasa decided on how to go about his explanations as they walked to the elevator. It was only once the doors shut behind him did Naomasa continue.

“I’m going to start from the beginning on why Midoriya was there in the first place, it might give some clues.” Naomasa shrugged pressing his finger against a floor button in front of him. “Iida found Stain in an alleyway with the hero Native. He was found by Midoriya on the ground. Iida doesn’t have a clue on how Midoriya found him,especially how fast he did. There were reports of Midoriya spotted on a train before he left to presumably go find Iida. When Midoriya got there, he sent his location to Todoroki and that’s how he appeared. They continued to fight Stain together and eventually defeated him.”

“Endeavor is going to take credit in the capture.” Sansa interjected during the pause. “We already talked to him about it. It’ll keep the kids out of unnecessary scrutiny and trouble that way.”

“Sansa’s right, it’ll be better that way. That is, if they agree with the terms.”

“My students aren’t idiots. They’ll take the deal.” Aizawa grumbled. Atleast, he sure hopes they do. They must realize the gravity of their situation and what they had done. It’ll probably sink in later but for now they must make the wise decision. Their future was at stake, and surely they’ll realize that. He would go over and make sure they knew which decision to take, but there will probably be people better suited for that than him.


“Getting back on track.” Naomasa sighed stepping out of the elevator when it dinged opened. “Pro heroes were at the scene after the fight had ended, and that’s when it got weird. A flying Nomu came and snatched him right up. None of the heroes were able to try and get him before the Nomu was out of distance. They called in back up on the walkie, but as you know, Hosu was in chaos and there were still Nomus being spotted all over. Thirty minutes had passed before someone can go look for him specifically, they had hoped someone would have spotted him earlier during the fighting, but no such luck. They didn’t find Midoriya, but the did find the Nomu you saw earlier.”

“Then I got called in for the search.” Aizawa finished, putting his hands in his pocket as he shuffled slightly behind the detective as they walked down the halls. “But what don’t I know?”

“Toshinori got a call from Midoriya at 6:45 from the red light district in Wajima. Toshinori found him and then called for the paramedics.” Naomasa sighed as he ran a hand through his hair, combing the loose strands back. “The kid was a wreck. A couple of ribs were busted, his arm broken, wrists fracted, a concussion, severe blood loss, and littered in bruises.I’m surprised he was aware enough to make the call in the first place.”

The list of injuries that Midoriya had, could be explained by the Nomu and his fight with Stain, but the location he was found in, made it point that there was more to it. Midoriya was found in Wajima, the district right next to Hosu. How did Midoriya get there? It was a bit of a way aways and the Nomu was found.

“There are a couple of reasons we think it may be our case.” Namosa started, breaking him out of his thoughts. “When found, Midoriya wasn’t fully aware, but he kept muttering about the number 58 and about two people until he passed out. The police didn’t think much of it and didn’t think it was important to inform me. That was until a body washed up onto shore an hour later. The body had strangulation marks around his neck along with a knife wound that went across the trachea. However, it also had the number 58 tattooed behind his ear.”

Another number dead. It couldn’t be a coincidence that someone just happened to have a number tattoo nor the same number that Midoriya was talking about. But he mentioned two people.

He knew it was irrational, but he had to make sure that it wasn’t Shinsou. Pulling out his phone he shot a quick text to Hizashi while Naomasa talked to the secretary asking permission to talk to Midoriya.


Me: Is Shinsou home?

Hizashi: Where else would he be? You didn’t take him with you right?What’s going on?

Me: Can you just check for me if he’s there? I’ll explain later.

Hizashi: Sure

Hizashi: He’s snug as a bug in his bed.

Me: Thanks, I’ll probably be home in a couple of hours.

Aizawa put his phone back into his pocket as a nurse moved to show them which room Midoriya was in. Knowing that Shinsou was in his room, set his mind a bit of relief. He knew that it was irrational to think that Shinsou was involved in it, but any mention of the organization made him think that the next number to show up would be 27.

Seeing Midoriya’s condition was a bit of a shock. He was sitting in the bed that made him look so much smaller than he normally was, and looked over at him with one eye black and the other wide eyed. There were bruises scattered along every visible part of him that wasn’t wrapped up. The ones that drew his eyes, were the dark ones that peaked from the bandages around his wrists and the yellowing one around his throat.

“Aizawa?” Midoriya voice wavered slightly as his eyes darted between him and the detective. “What are you doing here?”

“We just need to hear your story of the events that had taken place. Are you up to talk?” Aizawa asked as he sat in the chair next to the bed. He slouched slightly in his chair when Naomasa sighed and pulled the other chair from the corner of the wall to the bed.

Midoriya Nodded his as he wrung his hands together in his lap. Aizawa could see him shift uncomfortably in the bed as the silence continued, so he broke it.

”Can you start with the Nomu taking you?”

“It happened really quick.” Midoriya mumbled. “I was getting carried out and the next I felt something sharp on my sides and then I was in the air. Then there was a shot and the Nomu screamed, it was so loud and I think it panicked because it started to squeeze me tighter. Then someone jumped on it, and it made it so much worse. I tried to tell them to get off, but they didn't listen.Then we were falling and I must have knocked out when we hit the ground, because when I woke up I was in a room.”

“What did he look like?” Naomasa interrupted. “As much detail as you can.”

“He was tall, I want to say as tall as All Might. It was difficult to see him, he was pitch black and was wearing black clothes.”

“What happened next?” Naomasa asked. The room went silent, besides the sound of Naomasa’s pencil scratching on paper as he wrote down what Midoriya said. Midoriya shifted in his seat and turned his head away as he bit his lip.

“Do you want me to call Toshinori in??” Aizawa asked already taking out his phone. He had hoped that having his mentor here would help put Midoriya at ease, but he visibly paled in front of him at the mention of his name.

“No!” Midoriya blurted out as he sat up straighter. “No, that’s okay!”

Aizawa squinted his eyes at the display but decided he didn’t want to push it when he saw the frantic look Midoriya was giving him. His eyes were glued onto his phone, even as he put it back into his pocket. “Okay, I won’t call him.”

“Thanks.” Midoriya mumbled as he visibly deflated and sunk back into the bed. “I was hanging in the air by my wrists when I woke up.I.. I didn’t know what was going on, but there were four people in the room watching me. The tall guy from before, a smaller person that was grey, a skinny guy with grey hair, and a guy who looked like stone and was way taller and bigger than the others. He was so big.”

The pencil scribble next to him rapidly as Naomasa rapidly took notes. Aizawa watched as Midoriya’s eyes glazed over as he went through his memories. Right when he thought he should draw Midoriya out, he continued with his story.

“The large man started asking me questions before the small grey man said he and the other one had to go. That he was going to get picked up? I think he worked for some company, he said something about choosing Miasma.”

They have a name. They finally have a name for the organization. It was a relief to finally know, it finally felt like they were getting some progress on the case.

“As soon as they left, the man. The man started mumbling about how he’d never get 58 again. The other man in the room must have been his assistant because he said that 58 was a gift and a freebie, but would make note not to get 58 again or any of the 50’s if they wanted to make sure. Then they decided to start questioning me about All Might. He just kept asking about where he could find him, any weaknesses, his activities, anything that could help him get to All Might. “

How did they know about Midoriya and All Might? They weren’t to secretive about their relationship, but for it to spread into the underground was strange. They could have probably seen Midoriya and All Might together in public and drawn a conclusion. Or maybe, being a UA student that gets taught by All Might was enough. Midoriya was the easiest one to grab out of the three students that were present at the scene.

“I didn’t tell them anything I swear!” Midoriya rushed out as he gestured wildly with his hands. “I didn’t say anything the whole time.”

“It’s fine Midoriya. Even if you did, I’m sure All Might could have handled it.” Aizawa placated quickly when Midoriya’s voice raised in pitch in panic. Midoriya didn’t seem convinced, his eyebrows were still at his hairline, but he did reluctantly nodded.

“I don’t know how long I was there, I just kept going in and out. Then I heard the Man sound absolutely livid, but it wasn’t directed at me, so I looked to see who he was talking to.” Midoriya’s voice drifted into whispers as he continued. “There was a different guy in the room, different from everyone I saw before.He was crouched over the grey haired man, and his hands were covered in blood. The grey haired man wasn’t moving and he was covered in blood.”

Aizawa held up his hand to stop Naomasa when he looked like he was going to ask Midoriya a question. He knew Midoriya didn’t need any prompting to continue but just needed time to wrap his head around everything.

He knew it was going to be hard for Midoriya to retell his accounts of events based on the wounds he received, but he didn’t know how hard. This isn’t what he would wish for his student to witness nor having to relive it as he retold what had happened. He will put it to a stop and revisit another day if it gets out of hand, but they needed as much information as they can while everything is still fresh.

“The two men started to fight. The large man had a quirk that was similar to Kirishima’s but I didn’t see the other use a quirk.” Midoriya murmured, voice soft and breathy as he continued. “Then it was over. The other man was on the floor and the other got the keys and let me go. I couldn’t walk and he just swung me over his shoulders and carried me out. We did pass one more dead guy as we left the building.”

“What do you remember about the building?” Naomasa prompted when Midoriya went silent.

“I was in the concrete basement of a warehouse. I don’t know where, everything is so blurry and I just remember trying to stay awake as I was carried out. I remember him putting me down with a phone and he told me to wait until I called. Told me to wait an hour before I could call for help and he just left.”

There could be a lot of reason for them to ask to wait. To wait until they were out of the district, to wait until they were far enough away from the scene they couldn’t be implemented in the crime. To wait until he could remove any evidence that could incriminate him. It didn’t seem strange for him to see why they would ask to wait before calling, but Naomasa seemed to find it interesting if he went by how fast he wrote it down.

“What did the man look like?”

“He was about the same height as Aizawa but was skinnier. I remember he was really boney when he was carrying me and I was scared he was going to drop me a couple of times. He had a mask covering the bottom of his face, wore all black clothing, and had a hat on.”

Dread settled in his stomach at the boys words. The description matched Shinsou too much for him to be comfortable with. Everything he said besides the hat, matched what Shinsou wore when they met the first couple of times.

He stood up abruptly, drawing their eyes to him as he excused himself from the room. Naomosa tried to stop him by telling him that they were almost done, but he waved it off. He could tell him anything important later, right now he needed to put his mind at ease.

”Shou? Are you okay? Yamada questioned over the phone.

“Check on Shinsou for me.” He replied ignoring the question as he walked to leave the hospital. He was done for today. He doesn’t know how long he’ll last and still be functional. He’s exhausted, sore, and just drained. His body felt heavy, his eyes were burning no matter how many times he put eyedrops in, and his head was throbbing in pain.

” I just checked on him like an hour ago. “


”Alright I’m going now. “ Yamada said softly. Aizawa could hear a couple of dishes clink together before the sounds of footsteps. ” Shou, he’s still here.”

“Are you sure? Can you see his face? Are you sure he’s there?”

”Yes, I’m looking at him right now.” Yamada said, then quickly hurried to continue speaking. ”He’s still asleep and before you ask, I’m going to let him continue sleeping.”

Aizawa snorted and rubbed his irritated eyes with the palm of his hand. “I wasn’t going to ask you to wake him up.”

”Sounded like it, that or make me check his pulse or something. What’s going on? What’s got you this antsy?”

“I’m on my way home, I’ll tell you when I get there.”

”Alright, you better or I’m only going to play loud english songs in the apartment for the rest of the week.

“Yeah, yeah, I love you too. See you soon.”

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27 blinked rapidly as he tried to keep himself awake but he was failing. His position at the desk wasn’t helping the matter. He couldn’t find the energy to lift his head that was cushioned on his crossed arms as he slouched against the desk. He had been so tired lately even though he’s been sleeping a lot more than he usually did.

Sunday he had slept the day away, not even noticing when Eraser came home. He woke up for lunch when Mic came to his door, but went quickly back to sleep soon after. He doesn’t remember what he had ate or if they were trying to talk to him.

During dinner that night, he couldn’t tell if Eraser was shooting him looks or if he was just imagining it. He had looked at him as if he was unfolding a dastardly plan in front of him, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Even Mic shot him looks as they ate, but his seemed more concerned.

Mic had looked at him with such concern it had unnerved him. What put him back at ease was when the expression shifted and looked like Mic was trying to figure out a hard puzzle. It wasn’t the suspicion that made him relax, it was more that Mic’s facial expressions when he thought was amusing. His face was scrunched up, mouth twisted like he ate a lemon, and his eyebrows high on his face. It was so outrageous that he couldn’t help but find it funny.

He had heard them talking earlier about what had on Saturday night after dinner. Mic wasn’t the best of whisperers despite what he says and he could hear almost everything. Eraser talked softer, and obviously used to being in situations where it was necessary to keep the volume low, and it was extremely hard to hear him. From what he could gather, all they knew that there was a large scale Nomu attack and that three of his students were involved in a fight with Stain. Relief flooded through him when he heard Eraser say that all three of his students were in the hospital and would be fine.

All of his efforts didn’t go to waste. Midoriya must have been able to call for help or the right person had stumbled onto him and called for help before anything bad could happen. He did feel slightly guilty for leaving Midoriya in that alley, but also felt guilty that he subsequently forgot about it the next morning. Perhaps he should have made sure someone found Midoriya earlier, but it had completely slipped his mind.

Their talking had stopped after an hour, but unfortunately, it didn't mean they were done. He could hear the papers shuffling and the occasional ‘Look here’ by Eraser. They had continued like that for a while, but he never made an attempt to figure out what exactly they were talking about. He tried to fight sleep to see if anything important might come up, but eventually caved when his head hit the door when he started to nod off.

Monday went just as well as Sunday, if not more. His nerves were on fire in anticipation of seeing Midoriya, but that was the worst of it. He didn’t know how it would be to see him so soon after what happened; to see the results of his kidnaping turned rescue, but he wasn’t there. In fact, Midoriya, Iida, and Todoroki weren’t there.

The class was confused and asked Eraser tons of questions, that he expertly avoided. He placated them by saying that they’d be in class the next day. Eraser never went into detail about anything in, not what had happened to them, not that they were in the hospital, not the Nomu attack, not stain, nothing. If 27 didn’t know better, he would have genuinely believe that Eraser knew nothing.

Eraser didn’t acknowledge the concerned whispers nor the rumors that floated around through the day about what had happened to their peers. All the students had to go off of, was from what they had heard on the news. The only information they had available to them was the Nomu attack and that Stain attacked Native, but Endeavor defeated them. 27 did have to admit that one of the rumors were close, but as the day went on, they started to become more bizarre.

The first rumor was that fought Stain and were heavily injured and a hero saved them. That didn’t seem to satisfy them, and it spiralled out of control. He think he heard Kaminari say that the Nomu were hanging out with Stain as friend, but things went out of control. That instead of a laid back day, it swiftly turned into the bloodbath that it was. 27’s favorite was definitely the rumor that Todoroki teamed up with Stain and the Nomu’s to defeat Endeavor and claim the spot as the new number two hero.

With the distraction of having three of their classmates absent, no one came to him the whole day, which he was happy with. Most of the day he spent it with his head in his arms as he tried to sleep off his growing headache. His body still felt sore from Sunday and he couldn’t help but always being acutely aware of the throbbing sensation in his arm.

That night he had checked out the wound in his arm as he changed the bandages. He thought it looked fine. It was red and slightly puffy, but isn’t that how it’s supposed to look? It was a healing wound. He washed it off as best as he could, pressing his lips together to keep himself from making too much noise when pain shot up from it. The whole procedure took a lot out of him, and he ended up turning in early for the day.

A short stunted cough drew him out of his thoughts and lifted his head to see who it was. He probably should have been worried to see Iida standing rimrod straight in front of him, but he couldn’t bring himself to care.

In the morning, he took note that all three of the students that were in the hospital were at school. Todoroki had his disinterested look on his face when he had entered, not bothered by Yaoyorozu who was going over what he had missed the previous day. Iida was fending off questions by a group of students as he desperately tried to get them to sit down before Aizawa’s arrival. Midoriya was in his seat, not looking up despite the events around him. He just sat there staring contemplatively at his desk. He seemed quiet and too absorbed in his thoughts not notice anything, but 27 could hear almost silent mumbling spilling from his barely opened mouth when he walked by.

At first he dready any form of confrontation from them, and he felt like he was on high alert. Rationally, he knew that neither Todoroki or Iida wouldn’t have any sort of idea that he was involved on saturday night, but he still didn’t want to chance it. What made him truly set him on edge was Midoriya. He had a higher probably of figuring it out. Perhaps he wouldn’t when he was under 58’s quirk, but after that it was a different story.

After he had killed 58, the illusion was gone, and he had to risk the chance of Midoriya recognizing him when he rescued him. He was banking on the idea that he wouldn’t be recognizable based on the facts that it was late at night, Midoriya was injured and sure to be tired after everything that had occurred, and he had his hair and the majority of his face covered. But that was no guarantee.

27 had spent most of the day staring intently at the the back of Midoriya’s head, but still tried to remain as subtle as possible. He think he was, no one seemed to have called him out for staring, and Eraser didn’t give him glance in his direction during the whole day.

“Shinsou may I speak with you?”

Oh yeah, Iida was speaking to him. How long has he been zoning out? His thoughts have been running wild lately but at the same time he couldn't grasp them, it was like they slip between his fingers like sand. Shit he did it again if he based it on how Iida’s arrowed eyebrows scrunched up.

“Shoot for it locomotive.” 27 mumbled, keeping his chin resting on his forearms as he looked up. Iida was fidgeting in his spot, his eyes looking at the desk before looking him in the eye. He was nervous. Well, as nervous as he’s ever seen him. He was standing stiffly in front of him, and used one finger to push up the glasses that was slipping off his nose.

“I would like to apologize.” Iida continued when 27 raised an eyebrow questioningly. “I would like to apologize for my treatment of you. Our training sessions held an ulterior motive and I dragged you into it. I was so deep seeded in getting revenge for my brother, that I failed to uphold the standards for heroes and I am sorry..”

27 let out a sigh as Iida bowed low after his speech. He casted a quick glance around the room, and noticed that they were alone, once again worrying him about how unaware of his surroundings he’s become.

“I knew what you were doing. I thought I made it clear during our first day.” 27 said dully when Iida didn’t move a muscle to straighten his bent posture after a couple of seconds. “I knew what you’re motives were and I trained you anyways. I really don’t care.”

“I would still like to apologize that I had used you in that manor and I would understand if you no longer want to continue training with me.”

He was too tired to deal with this. Why was he pushing it so hard? It is what it is. He knew what Iida was doing, he had made it very transparent. Even if he didn’t know, it still wouldn’t have mattered to him. It wasn’t like it had harmed him in anyway, and if he had, Iida just used every tool in his toolbox to reach his goal.

“It’s fine Turbo, but I accept your apology.”27 relaxed slightly as Iida finally straightened up. He thought they’d part ways, but Iida was looking at him expectantly. Then the last part of Iida’s speech clicked. Does he want to continue training with Iida?

It was something to do. The training had helped break up the repetitive nature of his daily routine. It was also a great excuse to spend a few less hours out from under the analytical looks of Eraser.

However, he was so tired. His body creaked and groaned as he moved and his eyes felt like they were going to sink into his face. Everything screamed and protested every movement he did, and he doesn’t know how long he can keep it up until it collapses.

He also started to become how aware of how he just didn’t care anymore. Movements became slow, his recklessness had increased, his awareness of his surroundings have decreased, he’s made more mistakes, and his techniques have become sloppy. He was just so tired of waiting for everything to come crumbling down on him. He felt utterly drained and wanted to sleep for eighty years, but he had tried to keep himself alert. He had to keep face with Miasma, Eraser, Mic, the school, the students.


Fuck, I zoned out again.

27 looked over to the doorway to see Aizawa standing hunched in the doorway. His dark eyes darting to Iida before settling onto him. It was the small amount of apprehension on his face that made him decide his answer.

“Yeah Rocket Man, let’s go right now.”

The day was over and this was normally the time when they met up, but it was the perfect excuse to stay away for awhile and just get a break. He could see the folder that Aizawa had tucked in the crook of arm. It wasn’t one of his folders that he kept the school work he needed to grade, it was the elusive case folder. He’s seen glances of it, and he knew it had everything Eraser knew about the Miasma in it, but he hasn’t been able to get his hands on it. The only time he’s even seen the folder, was when Eraser was trying to pry answers from him. He’d rather deal with being tired and practice hand to hand with Iida than see what Eraser wanted.

Abruptly getting up, he pulled his backpack strap onto his shoulder, startling Iida. He ignored the contemplated look as he squeezed by Eraser to exit the room. He had hoped the finality and dismissalment of his actions, would show he was leaving, but it didn't work.

“Shinsou, where are you going?” Eraser asked as he stepped aside to let Iida leave the room.

“To the gym with Iida.”

“Why don’t you take a break from that for awhile. We can-”

Nope, not going to happen. Time to pull out the big guns.

27 turned so he was walking backwards, facing a Eraser who still stood by the entrance of the classroom, and the confused Iida following him. He gave Eraser the biggest smile he could manage, causing Eraser to cut himself off with the snap of his jaw closing.

“I’m just going to hang with my friend,I haven’t seen him in a while. See you later Abrader.” he said giving a two finger salute before spinning on his heel to continue on his way to the gym, letting the smile drop from his face. He could hear Iida splutter behind him before saying he considered him a friend also. 27 did feel a bit guilty for using Iida to get away, especially when he said he thought of him as a friend.

The sound of Iida’s rushed footsteps was the only sound following him, and he let out a relieved sigh. He didn’t have any other plan to avoid him, so he was glad that had worked, if not he would have probably made a run for it if he was desperate.

“Shinsou.” Iida said when he caught up to him. “I have to tell you something about the gym.”

“What?” 27 asked when he was about to push the gym door open. He stopped suddenly when he heard a thud coming from inside. Startled, his reflexes kicked in and he lowered his stance. He pressed his fingers against his mouth to shush Iida when he tried to talk.

No one was supposed to be in there. They’ve reserved the gym for this time everyday for a month. Checking the clipboard next to the door, confirmed they still had the time slot. No one has never been in there at the same time as them and no one was reserved to the time before them, so a session wouldn't be running late.

His mind raced at who it could be in there, until dread started to sink into his stomach. He wasn’t prepared for an encounter. His one arm hurt and the range is limited, he’s not in the best condition, and he only had a plastic knife. The knife would only work if there was one person there, if he was quick enough and aimed it in the right place. However, if there was more than one person, he’d be fucked. He’s not sure how reliable Iida would be in a fight like this, especially if it turned out to be a member of the Miasma.

Would Iida react fast enough if there was an intruder? Would he just ask questions to suss out the situation? The enemy would take advantage of that, and would attack before Iida could even breathe the first word. He didn’t want to worry about himself and Iida.

Another thud came from inside the room. 27 pushed Iida back further from the door as he slipped the flimsy knife out from his other sleeve. He shushed Iida again when he made an aborted sound, then pressed the door open slowly. His heart was pounding in his chest when he peeked his head in. He slowly took in the room, and then turned and glared at Iida as he shoved the door open all the way with a loud bang, startling the people inside.

Midoriya looked at him wide eyed from his position on the floor. He was laid flat on his back on the mats, between the legs of a standing Uraraka, with his wrist still clutched in hers. Uraraka looked like she was towering over him, the determined look on her face was wiped away as she looked at him with horror as her face reddened.

“It’s not what it looks like!”Uraraka shrilled taking a step back dropping Midoriya’s hand roughly to cover her pink cheeks.

“It looks like you just Judo flipped him”

“Oh,” she said lowering her hands, her eyes glancing from Midoriya to him. “Then it’s exactly what it looks like.”

“What are you guys doing here?”

“Iida invited us!” Uraraka chirped as she helped a red Midoriya to his feet.


“I thought it would be imperative to make a backup plan if you didn’t want to continue.” Iida said stepping out from behind him and entered the gym. He walked over and set his bag down next to the other two bags leaning against the wall. “I invited them to train with me if you didn’t want to.”

“We didn’t know you both trained together!” Uraraka interjected before 27 could say anything.“We were interested in how you guys trained together.” She rocked back on her heels as she looked nervously between him and Iida, suddenly unsure. “It might have been a bit rude of us to show before Iida told us the plan was a go. If we are intruding, we can leave.”

This was actually good timing. He was actually getting a break for once. Even if he was caught unaware, it was a good thing they had came. It looked like at least, Uraraka looked like she was hoping that she would get invited to train with them, being that Midoriya was just watching him carefully. If he lets them train with them, he could take a break. He could have them train together and he can rest on the side and shout out pointers.

“If you would like to join us, there’s nothing stopping you.” 27 shrugged as he went to put his stuff down. He could hear Uraraka’s excited shout, but glancing over, he could see Midoriya remained in his spot and kept silent. It wasn’t out of the ordinary to see Midoriya quiet, but in this instance it was. Midoriya always talked during Hero training class, they couldn't get him to spot, even threat by Bakugou didn't work. This silence wasn’t what he expected, he at least thought he would talk to Uraraka, but she was holding up their conversation.

The looks were unnerving and sent his heart racing.He could feel his eyes on the back of his neck, causing his hair to raise as he stretched along side Iida. Midoriya shouldn’t know it was him, at least not for certain. He was wearing a disguise during their first encounters of the night, and the second half, Midoriya was half awake. He should be safe as long as he doesn’t do anything to confirm his suspicions.

As soon as he was done with stretching, he put them to work. He kept the routines as fast between each other, not giving them enough of a break to allow Midoriya to think too hard about anything. He soon realized that he was running out of stuff to make them do without him getting involved. He taught them, along with help from Iida, simple defense moves that he can just point or lift their elbow in correction, without having to get physically involved.

It was when they still had an hour left, that he had ran out of everything that he could make them do.. Most of his training he had received was through experience. Sure. he could make them repeat exercises from earlier, but he already had them do it twice.

“All right, we’re going to pair up.” He said breaking their chatter as they drank some water during a small break. “First, me and Floaty are going to pair up, then we’ll switch later.”

27 jerked his head to the side, indicating Uraraka should follow, before he walked to the circular mat. He glanced at her warily as her demeanor changed from peppy to something more determined and focused. Lowering his stance, he watched her as she walked around, both taking time to analyze the other.

There was a couple of reasons he wanted to be paired up with her. Iida and Midoriya, have more of a blunt force attacks, both relying on their quirk power behind their attacks. Uraraka was different. Her quirk was powerful, but in a different sense than theirs. She had to be a lot smarter than the others, and her attacks more precise. She relied on her quirk, but not to the extent of the others.

This pair up, was the the one match where they were more or less evenly matched with quirk wise. He just has to keep his eyes on her hands. She doesn’t hit as hard or as fast as the other two. He didn’t have to worry about a super powered hit on him, which would surely take him down with one shot, but with her? He just had to make sure she doesn’t touch him with her hands, there was nothing in the ring she could use her quirk on, so he doesn’t have to worry about floating objects.

He waited for her to make the first move. It was normally his go to in fighting new people, but in this case, he wanted to drag out the stare down as long as possible so he could conserve some energy. She moved like he thought she would, hand stretched out in front of her, ready to use the same moved she used on Midoriya.

The match was a lot of dodging and back and forthing. He did have to admit she was a quick learner. He see her try and use a couple of techniques she learned today on him. She was good, but unfortunately he knew how to counter his own moves.

Unlike him, the longer the match went on, the faster and more determined she got. Every time she missed him or took a hit from him, he had hope that it would damper her spirits, but it did the opposite. She came back harder and faster.

He dodged a punch from her fist and grabbed her wrist, quickly rolling her over his shoulders and to the ground. He could feel the sweat making his shirt cling onto as he tried to catch his breath. She was quick, and he’s sure that he probably only caught her because she got distracted when she noticed Iida and Midoriya watching them on the side lines.

“Give up?” He asked between heavy breathing. His chest hurt. His ribs protested at every breath he took and the pain in his arm made him wish the whole limb was gone.

He had hoped that she would have answered him, just to end the exercise, but all he got was a determined scowl. Before he knew it, she slammed her hands flat against the mat with a solid smack that echoed the gym and then he was on his back.

Pain erupted from his already painful chest, and his breath escaped his lips. Closing his eyes, he concentrated on trying to get it back, ignoring the shouting around him, and focused on taking deep breaths.

The room felt too hot, and when he opened his eyes, it looked like he was inside of a foggy fishbowl. He could vaguely make out the blurred figures of Uraraka, Iida, and Midoriya standing over him. He could see Iida’s hands waving frantically before him and Uraraka left his field of vision.

It was when he saw Midoriya’s mouth move with no sound coming out, that he noticed the persistent ringing in his ears. He reached up and pressed his hands against his ears, knowing that it wouldn’t do anything but gave him a sense that he was at least doing something. He blinked up at Midoriya as the words started to be heard over the ringing.

“They’re going to get Aizawa, they should be back soon.” Midoriya’s voice warbled.

27 shook his head and muttered a no before sitting up. That was a mistake for a couple of reasons. The room spinned slightly as he moved and Midoriya went to steady him and touched his arm. The arm.

Biting his lip did nothing to prevent the low groan he let out when Midoriya’s fingers curled around his arm, right around the wound. His arm slammed against him as gravity took hold after Midoriya dropped it like it was hot.

“It was you.”

It felt like a bucket of cold water was poured over him at those three words. Breathing through his nose harshly, he looked up just in time to see Midoriya paling.

“It was you.” Midoriya repeated, voice softening anymore. “I.. I didn’t think it was you. Not at first. I saw a bit of your hair sticking out from underneath your hair, but a lot of people have purple hair. It just didn’t make sense for it to be you. You’re in like witness protection. But..Then I saw the way you fought with Uraraka. It was just too similar to ignore. Perhaps, that you and the guy could have had the same teachers. Then this,” Midoriya said motioning towards his arm. “Proves it. The guy had the same arm injured.”

Too many coincidences for him to play it off that they were different people. He couldn't think well enough to try and convince Midoriya, so he’s just have to go the different route.

“Yes, it was.” His voice sounded defeated to even his own hears. He coughed, clearing his voice before he met Midoriya’s eyes and glared. “You can’t tell anyone of this. Not Eraser, not All Might, not your friends, not your mom, and not even the cat that lives in the alley next to your house.”

“How did you know that?” Midoriya squeaked.

“Lucky guess, everyone has a cat in their alley. You can’t speak a word of this too anyone.”

“Why not?” Midoriya said, squaring his shoulders and lowering his voice in conviction. “Why would I keep something like that a secret? You killed people. You are working with villains again. People are in danger, and you want me to sit aside and watch it happen? What if someone else has to go through what I did? I don’t want that. I’m not going to let it happen.”

“Did you not listen to me when I spoke to you that night? The world isn’t black and white, and no matter how much you stick with your idealistic ideals, it wont change a thing.” 27 growled. He continued when Midoriya didn’t so much as move a muscle. “Nevermind, if you didn’t understand then, you won’t understand now. I’m going to say this as simply as possible, so even a broccoli head like you can understand.”

27 leaned forward, getting close enough to see his reflection in Midoriya’s eyes. He had to keep Midoriya’s mouth shut, it was necessary for both of their survival. He needed to know how serious he was about this.

“If you tell anyone, they’ll die. Tell All Might, Eraser, your mom, your friends, anyone. They’ll be dead within the week.”

“Is that a threat?” Midoriya bristled eyes narrowing.

“That’s a promise.” He snarled back.The irritation bubbling violently in his chest. He knew it was irrational, but Midoriya should just listen to him than fight him on it. Midoriya knew who he was talking to, or at least knew what he could do, and he still was arguing with him about it. Like he didn’t know how things work, like he hasn’t been living in this type of life for years. “Do you think I’m playing? You’re in over your head here, so stay out of it.”

“Maybe you’re in over your head.”

“Maybe so!” 27 snapped, he could feel his hands shake slightly at his side before he clenched his fists. “But at least I know what the fuck I’m dealing with. You do not.”

“Then tell me!” Midoriya said raising his arms in the air before dropping them again. “Tell me and I won’t be in the dark about this!”

“Didn’t I just tell you not to spread information around, so why the fuck would I? Do you think this is a game? You saw me, and that was just me. And you damn well know there’s more of us. Do you really think that they’d let you live if they found out? Let us live?That they wouldn’t just kill everyone you’ve ever talked to, anyone you bumped into the street? This isn’t some fucking fairy tail!” He could hear his voice rise, but quickly lowered it when he became acutely aware they were still in the gym, and the others would be back any minute now. He took a couple of deep breaths through his nose, before he continued. “Heroes can’t win them all. Even if they did, what would qualify as winning? Who ever had the most survivors on their side? Who could live to tell their tale? There would be no winners. What would even classify as good or evil? Villain or heroes? Everyone seems like the hero in their own story, and it’s no use in trying to convince the other team that their not. So do yourself and everyone you know a favor, and keep your trap shut.”

27 furrowed his eyebrows more at Midoriya when he heard the door open, daring him to say something. Midoriya returned the look back, face never wavering even as footsteps hurried towards them.

“What is going on?” Aizawa questioned. 27 could see the bottom of his black boots on the corner of his eye, but he refused to break the eye contact first, he wasn’t going to lose this. It seemed like an eternity of them staring at each other in the stifling silence, when Midoriya finally broke eye contact.

“Nothing sir.”

“Nothing? I thought Shinsou got injured?”

“You don’t have to talk like I’m not here.” 27 said, anger still prevalent in his voice.he shook out his hands before stumbling onto his feet. Hands reached out to him as if to steady him, but he shoved them away. “I’m fine. I just got the wind knocked out of me. You guys are making a big deal out of nothing.”

“It looked kind of serious.” Uraraka said.

“I’m fine. I’m good as new.”

Eraser didn’t looked convinced, his eyebrows were furrowed and arms crossed as he stared him down, but he didn’t say anything. “If you say so. Do you think you’re okay enough to go somewhere?”

“Of course. I said I was fine. I’m more than okay.” 27 answered quickly, bristling at the challenge in Erasers voice. If he gets asked one more time if he’s fine, he’s going to scream.

“Good, lets go.”

Chapter Text

Tears were already streaking down his face, pooling on the ridges of the mask that was strapped to his face. His hands shook as he clutched and pulled at the collar of his shirt. Panic coursed through him like lightning as he heard footsteps approach the door.

There was no denying that he had messed up. He messed up so bad and he didn’t know what to do He made impulse decisions instead of thinking things through.

. He knew he wasn’t supposed to leave the room but the door was left wide open. It was hard to resist leaving the dark, damp room to go wander around in the fluorescent lights in the halls.

He knew he wasn’t supposed to go to the kitchens but he was so hungry. Bug either forgot or decided not to give him anything yet.

He knew he wasn’t allowed food besides what they brought him but it smelled so good. It was so tempting to eat something that had actual flavor than the bland grey stuff he got.

He knew he wasn’t supposed to see anyone, but he saw 50 in the halls as she went into her room. The split second of seeing the panic on her face as the door slammed shut as it separated them, is what made what he was doing sink in.

He took from the Miasma. He took food and went on a stroll. They house him, feed him, take care of him, and he turned around and stole from them. The food, the small break, the light...It wasn’t worth betraying them like he did.

He ended up panicking and throwing the muffin the opposite direction of his room as he ran. He doesn’t even know why he took it in the first place, he couldn’t even eat it even if he wanted too. All his meals were supervised by either Bug or Memory and the mask was always locked.

It was getting hard to breathe as his throat clogged up with sobs that he couldn’t release as time ticked on. Anticipation and fear clawed at him when he couldn’t get enough air into his lungs. Only when the door slammed opened did he let in a startled breath.

He tried not to sink more into the corner of the room than he already was, but shrunk back when Bug’s dark eyes landed on him. Her skinny body was blocking the doorway, stance wide, arms behind her with a large scowl on her face as she stared at him.But what startled him even more, was the towering figure behind her.

Blinking, he tried to clear the tears to make sure he was seeing right. When the appearance didn’t change, he accepted the fact there was a large cat entering his room behind Bug. It was confusing on why there was a giant fluffy white cat in the room, until his eyes landed on his forehead. At first he thought it was just the coloration of the fur, then he got a better look when the other stepped out from behind Bug. THe markings between his eyes created the number 83.

His eyes were trained on the mans mouth as he yawned, his tongue curling around the sharp needle like teeth at the display. 83 slouched as he sauntered into the room as he followed Bug. Even with his bent form, he was still heads taller than Bug, and had to remain crouched to avoid bumping his head against the ceiling.

“What am I doing here?” 83 yawned as he stretched, glint of claws peeking out from his hands as he spread them out above his head.

“You’re going to help me with punishment.” Bug said, dark eyes never leaving him even as she stepped aside to put her back against the free wall. “He’s been taking things that are not his.”

“You said that earlier.” 83’s blue eyes rolled languidly as he scratched under his chin. “I want to know what I’m doing here.”

“He steals and you don’t listen. I want you to get rid of anything that shouldn’t be here.”

“Why me? Couldn’t you do it?”

“Are you questioning my orders.” Bug’s voice sounded like ice to his ears and he could swear the room got impossibly colder as she changed her stance to face the other Number. He stared wide eyed at 83, tiny hands white knuckled gripped on his shirt, as if it could stop him from making a sound or to even take a breath to regain her attention. Despite the tone of Bugs voice, 83 stood unphased, a hand slightly tugging on his ear as he let his eyes sweep around the desolate room.

“I just see nothing here, seems like a waste of time.”

“Just search the place. He’s been stealing and god knows what else he took. Just listen for fucking once and search the place.”

27 felt his heart squeeze in his chest as 83 sighed and started to move. He kept his eyes on the slow figure as he went to the only thing in the room. The air in his lungs stilled as the man ripped the blanket off the bed and threw it out into the wall. The dingy brown material fluttering down like it was in slow motion as 83 lifted the dirty mattress. 27 slowly sank to his knees as he watched with wide eyes as 83 pulled out the only thing he had.

The black plush cat that was being held by its tail; being dangled between the pinched claws, was the only thing he had. It was the only thing that he had left. His mother got it for him on his last birthday with her. They were passing stores downtown, when he saw it in the window. He had begged his mom for it every time they passed it and she refused him every time, to only surprise him with it a week later.

It was large enough that he had to use two hands to hold it up, and the fur was so thick it covered his hands when he squeezed it. It came with a bright blue ribbon tied in a bow around his neck with a tag on it. When he asked his mom what it said, she said that it says that his name was Mocha.

He carried Mocha around with him everywhere he went after that. To play at the park, to do errands with his mom, everytime he went to the quirk doctor, and finally with the last time he was with her, He used to keep Mocha on him at all times when he was in his new room here. It was the only thing soft and warm within it, not even the blanket seemed to conserve the same amount of heat.

It was only when he started getting scared that he put it under the mattress for safe keeping. They had took him from his mom. They had taken his clothes. They took his backpack. They took his name. So he hid it, hoping they wouldn’t take Mocha also. He should have known that nothing could stop them from taking him also.

“What do you want me to do with this?” 83 asked jiggling Mocha in the air. 27’s couldn’t help but notice the difference between Mocha now than what he remembers. The furr was still long, but was clumped and flat in places, losing its once luscious volume, and the once bright golden eyes looked faded. Bits of white fluff was peeking out from the fur from where 83’s claws dug into it and broke the fabric. Small bits of it fell out as 83 adjusted his hold casing it to fall to the ground in a manner that reminded him of fresh snow.

“Here,” Bug said as something flew through the air. 83 didn’t look away from the cat and caught the projectile with his free hand. “Burn it.”

He wanted to move, to scream, to cry, to do anything. But he didn’t. He couldn’t. He sat on the back of his heels, while he stared wide eyed as 83 lifted up a lighter to the toy.

The whole process was slow and he doesn’t know if it was because it took awhile for Mocha to catch on fire or if everything only seemed to move in slow motion. The smell of burnt hair clung to his nose as he watched transfixed on the burning toy. The fire curling playfully around the paw as it licked at it. The fire singed away the fur, before getting a grasp on the toy and working its way up.

When Mocha was dropped to the floor, his eyes followed his descent. When there was nothing but the burning embers left, his eyes stayed. When a foot stomped on the remains to put out the small glowing cinders, leaving him in darkness once again when the door closed, he still didn’t move.

A large deep meow broke him out of his thoughts and he blinked down at the fat black cat in his lap.The smell of burnt fabric was still teasingly in his nose and he felt tears rimming his eyes.

27 noticed that he still had the tag flipped up so he could read the name ‘SMOKEY’ written in blocky letters. He must have been out of it long enough to annoy the cat as it let out another annoyed meow,but he let it go when the cat swatted at his hand for a second time.

The closer he inspected the hefty weight in the lap, the more he noticed the differences between Smokey and Mocha. The only thing about the cat that resembled his toy was that they both had dark fur. The cats fur had dark brown markings running up and down his body like a tigers and it was far shorter than the fluffy mess than Mocha was. The most striking difference was the emerald green eyes that tract his movements as he shifted in his spot.

“Take this one too, she won’t stay off the table.”

27 barely managed to react in time to pull a small grey cat into his arms when Eraser handed her over. Even getting booted off the table didn’t seem to phase the new cat. She started purring so loud in his arms that he could feel his chest vibrate from the frequency.

“That’s Ash.” Eraser explained when he shot him a confused look. “She’s friendly but she has the single track mind to push my papers off the table every chance she gets.”

The cat seemed to purr even louder as if confirm what was said about her. He ran his hands gently through her fur as the one in his lap decided to take a nap.It was calming to just sit here and pet something so soft with such a warm presence, but nothing was adding up.

He was still confused on why they were here anyways. He was so sure that Eraser was going to start asking him questions again, especially when he saw The Folder in his hands not too long ago. He was prepared for a lot of things today. An interrogation, some sort of fight with Eraser, a fight with Midoriya if he spilled the beans, try and convince Eraser that it wasn’t him, and to try and cover his tracks. However, he wasn't prepared for Eraser asking if he liked cats.

It was such a difference in questioning that it took him a couple of minutes to get past the shock and respond that he did. There was no more questions after that. They walked in silence, Eraser with purpose and him with hesitation as they went from the car to the cat cafe. He made sure to try and keep pace with Eraser, trying not to show how that keeping at that speed was becoming more difficult. He suspected that Eraser had noticed and slowed down his pace but he was too tired not to be grateful.

When they entered the cafe,Eraser told him to pick somewhere to sit while he order things for them. He immediately bolted to the far corner of the room that had a small wire table and excellent sightlines of the room. He ended up sitting on the floor while Eraser took claim to the table. Eraser did leave space for him on the table, the chair was clear and the area around it was free from paperwork, but he preferred being on the ground.

On the ground he was able to rest his back against the sturdy wall instead of the metal decorative backrest, he got to sit on the plush carpet instead of the decorative pillow on the seat that was sure to immediately put him to sleep. The final perk of sitting on the floor was that the cats that caused too much ruckus on the table top would be taken off and they would go investigate him instead.

At first he didn’t know how to feel about the place, it made him anxious. The place in general was too public for him, it feel like something was going to happen. He could see the pedestrians walk by the large windows that surrounded the place, the room itself was empty besides some tables, chairs,and cat furniture. The thing that stressed him out the most was that there was no security here. There was no cameras that he could see, no bodyguards, nothing but the lone tiny woman that worked here.

He was on high alert for awhile, ignoring Eraser’s prompts to get him to drink any of the water that he had bought or to sit in the offered chair. It wasn’t until the first cat made its way up his arm and onto his shoulder did he relax.

The place never became crowded, the only instance was when a group of teenagers came in for an hour before leaving. It was relatively quiet, besides the low piano music playing in the background, meows, and the soft sound of papers shifting as Eraser flipped through his paperwork.

There was still an ache in body that won’t seem to go away, but the warmth of the cafe made it even harder for him to stay awake despite the throbbing pain. He adjusted himself against the wall, making sure the grey cat in his arms wasn’t tempted to squirm off his chest and use his bad arm to jump off. He did have to admit that he felt content with the small amount of weight on his chest and on his lap as he stretched out.

All the adrenaline had finally ran out. He could barely keep his eyes open as he laid there. He knew he shouldn’t fall asleep, especially in a place as open as this. He wanted to avoid asking Eraser if they could go home. It would be rude of him to ask Eraser to drop everything that he was doing so they could leave and it would also open up a chance for him to ask questions.

He glanced over and saw Eraser diligently working on grading the paper in front of him. Eraser didn’t so much as look up from his work when he turned to face him, but he can tell Eraser was still aware of his surroundings. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to just close his eyes for a bit. Just enough to get enough willpower for the walk home.


Aizawa let out a relieved sigh when Shinsou finally fell asleep. It was hard watching the kid struggle with fighting sleep for so long before he finally caved in.
The kid needed a break, so he thought a cat cafe would do the trick and be a nice treat. Hizashi and him both noticed how Shinsou has became more wound up since they had gotten him. The bags underneath his eyes had became more prominent, his movements were jittery, and he was no longer as subtle as he repeatedly surveyed rooms.

Hizashi thinks it’s because he’s not adjusting well. Going from an organization and trained as he was, to something more normal was a drastic change. It was obvious Shinsou’s did not have a lot of social interactions in the past, and now he was being shoved into a situation where it was a frequent and long occurrence.

However, he thought something else was going on. A lot of stuff wasn’t adding up. Shinsou was withdrawing from them even further than before. It was never easy from the start but now it seems even worse. They rarely see him when they are at the apartment, he spent way too much time alone in his room, and at school he knows he’s avoiding them as much as they can.

Shinsou had deep dark bags underneath his eyes despite sleeping longer than the both of them and that everytime they checked on him, he was always sleeping. Aizawa could see small scraps and cuts littering Shinsou’s hands. Hizashi said that it could be caused from his sparring sessions with Iida, but he wasn’t too convinced that it could cause all that.

There was so many questions that have been floating around in his head since Sunday morning that he wanted to address. The person that Midoriya described sounded just like Shinsou and the fact that there was a Number and a series of Numbers mentioned. It was just too much of a coincidence to ignore.

The plan today was to try and get answers from Shinsou. The previous days he knew he was being avoided and he was willing to let it happen. Shinsou didn’t look good at all, he was too pale, shaky and was more jumpy than usual to put the extra pressure of questioning on him. The last time that happened and he pushed, Shinsou didn’t last long and broke down after a couple of questions. Aizawa did have to admit the scolding he received from Hizashi was well warranted. Sometimes he just pushes without caring about the consequences for his actions as long as he gets his answers. So this time, he’s going to play it a smarter and be more careful about it.

Aizawa waited until today because he thought it would have given Shinsou enough time to process everything that happened over the weekend, if he was involved. Then when he tried to catch Shinsou after school, he weaseled his way out of it and into sparring with Iida. He didn’t mind too much, it gave him time to get his case together and a line of questioning prepared while Shinsou spent time with Iida.

He was going to do it today, he was. Until he got a call from the police station. Naomasa received information from abroad about Shinsou’s mother. Her name is Uia Shinsou and she had moved to France from Japan after the pressure became too much. The French law enforcement got into contact with her and encouraged her meet with them at the station. She went to the station and somehow had the impression that she was there to pay for a fine, her son no longer in her immediate thoughts.

They told Naomasa that she went pale when she was told that they had found her son. Her words were stilted, choppy, and broken, even when they got a Japanese translator so she didn’t have to speak French. They thought she went into shock and had her sit down as they got her water. She went home soon after, saying that she needed time to wrap her head around things.

A week later, with no further contact from Mrs. Shinsou, they had became nervous. They visited her place and found it a mess. Her credit cards and ID was left scattered across the table, papers were shredded and discarded into the trash can. In her bedroom, half her closet was missing, drawers opened and pulled out of the dressers, and toiletries were missing in the bathroom. After they inspected further and contacted the neighbors who said they saw her leave her house last week in a rush, it all came to one conclusion.

She ran.


She left everything and ran. There were able to trace her steps to a train station and then afterwards iit becomes unclear of where she went. They thought she took a train to Germany but checking surveillance cameras, it turned out to be false. Her trail quickly turned cold and they were stumped.

Her rapid disappearance only brought out more questions. Why would she run so quickly, when her son that’s been missing for years, the one she’s supposedly been searching for, the one she’s been waiting for any word for? What really happened the day Shinsou went missing? Did she know of this? Does she know about the Miasma? Does she know what they can do? Is that why she ran?

Aizawa’s plan to confront Shinsou was disintegrating in his hands as the time passed by and he received even more information. Iida running in with Uraraka closed on his heel, telling him that he was needed, threw him off his thoughts. Seeing Shinsou, pale and shaking on the ground as he made intense eye contact with Midoriya, completely destroyed his plans.

He swore he could have cut the tension in the room with a knife. Not even Midoriya breaking eye contact and the silence, released any of the tension in the room.Shinsou was being completely defensive and snapping at anything that was remotely related to him. His shoulders were up to his ears and his fists shaking at his sides as he tried to hold his own stance. When Shinsou wobbled onto his feet and followed him to the car, it made him fully accept his decision not to have the discussion today.

It was bit of a gamble taking him to the cat cafe, he wasn’t sure if Shinsou even liked cats. The only thing he could really do was make sure that he went at Shinsou’s pace and keep him comfortable. As soon as they entered the room, he could see Shinsou clock everyone in the room and all the exits. Even as Shinsou shuffled almost drunkenly to the corner of the room, he could still see his head sweep back and forth as he took in his surroundings.

Aizawa order a coffee, a bottled water, and a couple of cakes. He bought a lemon one for Shinsou, despite already knowing that Shinsou wouldn’t touch it. He figured he’d offer it to him and if he doesn't eat it, he could just bring it home to Hizashi.

As predicted, Shinsou didn’t touch the food that was offered. He sat in his corner, refusing the offer of a chair in preference of remaining in a spot with optimal sightlines of the place.Even with that, iIt took awhile for Shinsou to relax. His eyes darted around the room and jumped at any sudden movements a cat made or someone entering the building. It was only when a cat that was undisturbed by how much Shinsou moved, crawled into his lap, did things change.

Shinsou absolutely froze and stared wide eyed at the cat when it determinedly walked into his lap. Then he stiffly pet the animal and slowly relaxed when the cat didn’t make a move besides opening an eye to peer up at him before going back to sleep in its position. After that, it was smooth sailing after that for awhile.

He watched as Shinsou visibly relaxed as cats came and went as they crawled all over him. He leaned against the wall, eyes half lidded as he pet the cats that were within his vicinity. Then he suddenly froze and went deathly pale as he looked at a tag of a fat black cat. Aizawa tried to snap him out of it by calling his name but it didn’t work. Just when he thought Shinsou was going to pass out from lack of oxygen, he let in a large breath when the cat meowed.

Aizawa took the chance and deposited the friendliest cat in the shop into his arms. Shinsou robotically took her but he at least took her. It wasn’t too long before Shinsou went back to his position with the cat purred loudly on his chest. Once he was sure that Shinsou was fine, he went back to grading the essays he ad assigned last week.

It wasn’t until his phone started going off in his pocket, did he break away from planning the student’s final exams. Checking his phone he saw he got a couple of messages from Hizashi, asking when they will come back home. He didn’t realize how late it had become and his surroundings just emphasized it. The sun was going down with the street lights flickering on, and the sole worker was going around cleaning the store.

“Shinsou, it’s time to go.” Aizawa said as he started to shove all his stuff in the bag. There was no movement to be heard besides his own, which caused him to still. Shinsou was always on high alert. He saw him wake up from a deep sleep and jolted up when Hizashi sneezed two doors down. That’s why the both of them started communicated more in sign language when Shinsou was sleeping.

“Shinsou,” He repeated when Shinsou didn’t move.He looked alot worse than he did earlier. He still looked pale but now he could see sweat forming around his brows and the slight harsh breathing.

Aizawa shoved the rest of his papers onto his bag and reached out and touched Shinsou’s hand before quickly retreating it when Shinsou shot up. His skin was just as clammy as he thought it would have been from seeing his appearance. Shinsou looked over at him, blinking rapidly before he doing another sweep around the room.

“Come on, it’s time to go.” He stated when Shinsou finally gained his bearings and let out a small yawn. It was definitely time to go. It was late and Shinsou needed actual rest in a bed. It was concerning on how much harder Shinsou swayed on his feet as he moved, but he still refused any help that he subtly offered him.

“I got it,” Shinsou croaked as he pushed Aizawa’s hand away that he had held up to catch him when he started to tilt to the side. He didn’t think he did, but he wasn’t going to push it too hard. The car isn’t too far and he’ll stay close to catch him if Shinsou starts to completely topple over.

At this point he’s concerned if he could make Shinsou drink and eat something before he passes out. The perfect scenario, he would be able Shinsou to take some medicine along with food and water, but he doubts he’d be able to manage do that while he’s acting like this. Maybe after he gets some sleep, he’d be more open to taking something to help.

“Fine.Let’s just get home then.”

Chapter Text

No. No, he can’t be here again.

Shinsou turned his head sluggishly to look towards the metal door. He blinked a couple more times to clear the dancing black dots from his sight in hope that he was just seeing wrong. Even as the black dots slowly decreased in numbers, he realized he was truly there again. It was exactly how he remembered it. A desolated cold room with only the thin mattress he was laying on and the sound of dripping water that accompanied his heavy breathing.

Another blink and there was suddenly a familiar face standing just in front of the door. 50’s expression was mostly obscured by her hair as she tipped her head slightly forward, only her lips that held a faint crooked slant was in view.

“50?” He asked, his voice felt and heard like sound paper as it escaped between his lips. “I thought-”

“Shhh,” 50 murmured soothingly as she tilted her head to the side while she placed a bony finger to her lips. Not soon after, he heard footsteps approach and then walk by the door. 50’s posture went rigid and taunt when the steps faded and he couldn’t help but copy her body language. “What are you doing?”

“What do you mean?” He asked, confusion lacing his voice.

Another slow blink and 50 was standing a foot away, her body still tenses and her fists clenching and unclenching at her side. Her head tilted to the side as she studied him and her voice came out cold when she finally spoke.

“Didn’t I tell you not to do anything you can’t come back from?”


“Didn’t you cross that line?” She interrupted in the same chilled tone.


“Not just once either. You did it multiple times. How many did you kill?”

“I had to! I had no choice!” He said sitting up quickly, his heart pounding in his chest uncomfortably. He felt too hot but he could feel himself shivering hard enough to shake his frame. He couldn't determine if it was from fear

“No,you did have a choice” She said softly, her head turning slightly away from him. “You let this place take another thing from you. Turned you into killer. The first one you can blame the Miasma, the next you can’t.”

“I couldn’t just let them go!” He shouted. He wanted to move, he wanted to do something, but he couldn’t budge an inch from his spot.

“You could have. You could have just walked away and let it happen.”

“He was going to die.” He said, his voice cracking slightly on the word die.

“And now, you might.”Her voice was even softer. “You need to pick a side.”

“I have-”

Another blink and he let in a sharp inhale as he was shoved into laying flat on the bed. 50 was now hovering above him, her wavy green hair still obscuring her face. He could feel her her hair tinkle his nose as it swayed above him.

“You haven’t. You need to pick. Stay or leave. Miasma or uncertainty. 27 or Shinsou.” She mumbled as if she was reading off the list. She lifted her head, it was enough for the hair to part enough for him to make eye contact with the dull eyes. He felt himself choke as he felt her hands gently cup his face, but he couldn’t look away from her eyes as the brightness continued to fade in front of him “You can’t have both. You have to pick. It’s important. Focus and pick.”


Aizawa sighed and looked up at the clock. They were going to be late for school again. Well, late for him. They could reach school before classes start but he did like to arrive an hour early so he can make sure everything is set up. It doesn’t look like that’s going to be happening today, if the frantic noises were any clue. It wasn’t until he heard Hizashi asking if Shinsou already ate, did it struck him he hasn't seen Shinsou at all yet.

“No. I’ll make sure he eats something.” he called back as he went towards Shinsou’s room.

It wasn’t unusual for him to wake up later than the both of them but it was unusual for him not to be sitting at the table by now. Shinsou wasn’t an early riser, but it was still strange not to see him by now. It was a routine now to be cooking while he was dozing off or outright sleeping at the table. He didn’t even notice he wasn’t there when he rushed by to try and make up for lost time. He didn’t think to glance at the table earlier, he just assumed the kid was there.

The first couple of knocks, there was no response, the only sound that interrupted the silence was the blow dryer as Hizashi got ready. AIzawa looked over his shoulder to see the hallway bathroom door open and noticed it was empty, leaving the only option for Shinsou to be in his room. He hesitated with his knuckle against the door when he heard Shinsou’s muffled voice through the door after a loud knock.

“Shinsou?” He questioned with his hand now against the handle. Hearing a muffled groan, he pushed the door open and stepped in.

In the past, Shinsou would get out of bed or sit straight up at the sound of them entering all the way inside, but he didn’t move. The closer Aizawa got to the bed to see if he could rouse the prone figure, the more he noticed how off everything was.

The normally pristine room was in a disarray. Papers that were normally stacked carefully on one side of the desk, was spread across the desk, a couple of pens were on the window sill, and there was clothes tossed on the floor, mere feet from the laundry basket.

Shinsou himself was sprawled across the bed, an arm hanging off one side, legs tangled in the blankets that were shoved down, and face buried in the pillow beneath him. He was wearing pants with its fabric shoved up to his knees, and his longs sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. It wasn’t until he got closer, did he noticed that Shinsou was mumbling things too softly for him to decipher into his pillow.

“Shinsou?” He asked as he reached out to touch the kid. Aizawa jumped slightly from his crouched position when Shinsou’s hand struck out and grasped his hand quickly.

“I’m so sorry.” Shinsou panted softly as he turned his head and looked at him with glazed over eyes.

“What are you sorry for?” He replied as he reached out and touched the kids head with his free hand. It was more alarming that Shinsou didn’t flinch at the contact than on how hot he felt.

“I’m so sorry 50. I didn’t want to. I’ll do better.”

“It’s fine.” Aizawa replied softly. Shinsou’s half lidded eyes weren’t even looking at him, but seemed to be focused on the middle ground. It wouldn’t harm him, if he played a long when he was like this, he doubts Shinsou is even processing what he’s replying with.

“I’ll get out. I promise. I’ll get out.” Shinsou mumbled as he tugged on Aizawa’s wrist. “I’ll do it myself.”

“You’re already out kid.”

“No no no no, I’ll get out out. ” Shinsou said emphasizing the word with another weak tug bringing him that much closer. He didn’t have much time to think about what Shinsou has said before he had something else to worry about. Aizawa wrinkled his nose when he was assaulted by a rancid smell. He let Shinsou continue with his long strings of mumbled sorries, while humming confirmations as he tried to find where the smell was coming from.

It didn’t take him too long to figure out the smell was coming from Shinsou and not from the bed or anything surrounding him. He started inspect the Shinsou, starting at his legs and working his way up. Shinsou was surprising compliant as he lightly patted his body down while he watched his face for any sort of indication of any injury, as he searched for the smell. It wasn’t until he touched his arms that he received any reaction. Shinsou winced and did a full body flinched away from the contact but didn’t break the endless stream of apologies that left his mouth.
“Alright kid, I’m going to have to take off your shirt to look at your arm.” He explained sternly, cutting Shinsou off. An ‘I’m so sorry’ was his only response, so he took it as a go ahead. Shinsou was pliant as he propped him up against his side.

With Shinsou leaning against him, it was even more evident on how much body heat Shinsou was producing. He could feel the hot puffs of air against his neck as Shinsou was now fervently apologizing for breaking a promise. Aizawa pulled managed to get both arms out of the sleeves and rolled up his shirt so it hanged on Shinsou like a collar.

Aizawa let in a sharp inhale when he saw his upper right arm crudely banadged. The banadages itself had red spots and were browning from dried blood and grime. He was hesitant in taking it off to see the damage, but when Shinsou didn’t so much as flinch when he touched the arm, he continued. It took him a second to find where the bandages again but when he did, he only managed to unwind a bit of it before Shinsou let out a hiss in pain.

There wasn’t enough of the wound visible to him to determine how bad it was, but enough showed to let him know that it wasn’t good. The bit that was exposed was red and puffy. He could see clear and yellow liquid weeping from it and the smell got exponentially worse as the wound hit the free air.

“HIZASHI!” He yelled turning his head towards the door. He tried not to show the panic in his voice but Hizashi must have heard it anyways. There was a rapid set of footsteps before Hizashi barreled into the room and quickly went to the bed after he did a quick search around for an intruder.

“We need to get him to the hospital. We can’t deal with this here,” Hizashi said wide eyed as he saw the arm. He took Shinsou’s arm and turned it gently to get a better look but set it down when Shinsou inhaled sharply.

“We can’t.”

“We can’t keep him here Shou! We can’t deal with this on our own.”

“We can just have Chiyo come over. We can’t have him in the hospital with everything going on.” Aizawa explained. “It would be too risky.”

It was a theory, but it was all he had to work on. He started to notice that evidence at the police station were disappearing. At first, it was just some evidence of his smaller cases and thought it must have been displaced, then he started to notice it happening to Shinsou’s case.

The older evidence started to slowly disappear. The old police report with Shinsou’s mom disappeared from the case file then the first accounted witness of what is thought to be first encounter by someone who went by a number went missing. It was irking but he did have to be glad that he took the precaution and made physical copies of any evidence and additional copies for the times when he took it home with him, so it was not completely lost.

With evidence disappearing, it made him question if he was the only one so he did what he did best. He started to snoop around. He didn’t ask questions to people directly, but started to look through other people’s cases and see if it matched up with the database’s records. It took a while to find any evidence, but he noticed that the person hiding evidence started to get sloppy as time went on. The more recent missing evidence was slightly more obvious than old cases, still hard to spot, but detectable. They would forget to wipe a certain server or just completely forget to get rid of the evidence in the file but removed it from the database.

There wasn’t really any pattern to what went missing, just that enough was missing to make it hard to build a case. There was biological samples missing, finger prints, witness reports, interviews, interrogations, quirk analysis notes, fire department reports, witnesses disappeared, dead bodies went missing from the morgue, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. If he was to assume that who caused this was all in the same organization, they had their hands everywhere, and that included the hospital.

“That’s if you are correct. It’d be more sanatary to deal with this in a hospital. Besides, Chiyo can only progress healing. This,” Hizashi said pointing to the exposed wound. “This is beyond her quirk’s capabilities. Part of it is already dead, there’s no healing that. It needs to be removed.”

“If I’m right, things could get a lot worse if he gets taken to the hospital. Chiyo can deal with it, she knows enough about this stuff.”

“Fine, I’ll call Chiyo and warn her before we get to school. However! We’ll get her opinion and we listen to her advice.” Hizashi reasoned as he pulled out his phone and put it to his ear as it rang. “If she says that he needs to go to the hospital, he goes to the hospital and you don’t get to argue with her.”



“He needs to go to the hospital.”


“He needs to Shouta.” Chiyo sighed as she leaned against her cane.

It took her five minutes upon them carrying Shinsou in through the door before she reached that conclusion. She took one glanced at the flushed face and the labored breathing before she was taking out her phone to call the nearest hospital. Aizawa did have to admit it didn’t look good when they came in with Shinsou being carried bridal style in his arms.

They ended up sitting in the back seat of the car as they left the house, with Shinsou’s head resting in his lap as he stretched out across the back seat. They knew that getting Shinsou to UA would be an issue but they didn’t think it would take that much of a toll on Shinsou. He was a sweaty pale mess by the time they got to the school, no longer raving about whatever was on his mind at the time. Instead he was silent as his eyes rolled this way and that as if he was trying to take in his surroundings. The only thing that saved them was that it was still early in the day and they didn’t have to worry about carrying Shinsou through a crowded hall.

“Please Chiyo, we need to keep this here if we can.I wouldn’t be asking if there was any other way.” Aizawa pleaded. Her eyes flickered from Shinsou to him and back to Shinsou before she let out a sigh.

“Fine, but you’ll need to leave so I can concentrate. I don’t need the both of you breathing down my neck.” As soon as those words were said, Shinsou sat up abruptly, swaying slightly in the bed that he was laid in. He looked at them with wide, glassy eyes, as his hand snatched Hizashi’s wrist faster than he had thought possible in his condition. Shinsou’s knuckles were turning white as he held on tighter when Hizashi tried to gently pry his fingers off him.

“Don’t leave. I’m sorry.” Shinsou said looking earnestly at Hizashi.

“I know you’re sorry Listener but I have to go.” Hizashi said softly patting the hand that gripped the now redding wrist.

“No” Shinsou mumbled, “I’m really sorry.” he gnawed on his lip for a moment as he looked at Hizashi before continuing. “I know I shouldn’t have done that to him. To them. To them all. I should have kept my mouth shut. I should have walked away. “

“That’s okay buddy-”

“Don’t leave me again. Please. I’m sorry. I’ll pick a side. Just don't go.You’d promise we’d leave together.”

“You have to stay here but I’ll be back before you know it!” Hizashi said as he eyed Chiyo as she walked towards them and mouthed the word sedative to him. Shinsou was so focused on keeping Hizashi next to him that Chiyo was able to walk up and administer the drug without a fight. “I’ll be here when you wake up okay?” Hizashi mumbled when Shinsou jolted at the contact and looked down at the injection site.

“Why?” Shinsou said, lifting his head and looked up at Hizashi. A flicker of betrayal and hurt flashed in his eyes before it settled into acceptance. “I’m not leaving am I, 50?”

“Of course you’re leaving, just after this okay?”

It wasn’t long before Shinsou’s eyes fell shut, probably didn’t even hear or notice Hizashi’s reassurances. As soon as Shinsou was hooked up to machines, Chiyo ushered them out of the room and told them to come back after classes were done. The surgery wouldn’t take that long but she wanted Shinsou to get as much rest as he can before they come back. Hizashi tried to protest it, but she cut him off quickly, saying that they would probably accidentally disturb his sleep and it would be better if they stayed away.

The door slamming shut in front of them didn’t ease any of the lines on Hizashi’s forehead. It wasn’t until Aizawa took his arm and tugged him towards the teacher’s lounge did he break his gaze from the door and followed him.

Classes were a great distraction. It was easy to forget his ward was in surgery when he had to worry about keeping his class inline. He had saved a desk from getting destroyed by an explosion and had to pry Kaminari off a wall that he was taped too.The only reminder he got about it, was when Midoriya asked where Shinsou was.

It wasn’t an odd question, he’s sure that he probably noticed that the kid sitting behind him was missing from class and Midoriya is the type to ask those questions. What was odd, was the way Midoriya was holding himself. He seemed nervous. His was fidgeting in his seat, didn’t make eye contact, and started to rapidly mumble under his breath when he said that Shinsou was sick and wouldn’t be joining them today. He couldn’t dwell on it for too long before he had to leave the room to go to his next class.

The day went by smooth enough, he did manage to stop Hizashi from sneaking into the recovery room, so he counted it as a win. However, Hizashi did end up hounding Chiyo during lunch when she went came by the teacher’s lounge to talk to Toshinori. He did have to admit that he had relax some when she answered Hizashi’s insistent questions that the surgery was successful with nothing going wrong and that Shinsou was sleeping off the sedatives.

“Hizashi, stop pestering her.” Aizawa sighed looking over at said man. Hizashi was leaning over Recovery Girls desk, and talking a mile a minute. He kept making small talk with her but each conversation he had with her, he would drag it back to Shinsou. It always ended with Chiyo saying that he’s banned from the recovery room until the day was done. Aizawa could see the frustration mount in the older ladies face,her eyebrows were furrowed more with her frown deep, and decided to step in before Hizashi gets banned for life.

“I’m doing no such thing! I’m just wondering if Chiyo thinks the weather is nice today.” Hizashi explained putting on his sides and cocked his hip.

“Are you really talking about the weather? Really? Because I swear you just asked her about the weather ten minutes ago.”

“Maybe so.” Hizashi’s voice lilted at the end as he crossed his arms.

“We can visit him after, just a couple more hours. Besides, he’d just be sleeping and you’d grow bored of just sitting there soon enough.”

“Fine, but I’m not going to wait for you.”


It was as his body was always trying to become conscious but it was always just out of his reach. His skin felt tight against his body, his head felt like it was hit with a sledge hammer, and his mouth felt like he ate a fistful of sand. He couldn’t make himself move, no matter how much he wanted too. His arms and legs felt like they were weighted down with lead and couldn’t even manage to twitch his fingers.

He remembers a voice talking to him, but he wasn’t able to grasp what they were saying before he went back under. Every time he managed to become more aware, it would slip right between his fingers like sand and he was asleep again. The next time he woke he heard more than one voice talking and he desperately tried to focus on the sound to stop him from slipping back. He tried to make out what was being said, but it all sounded garbled and muffled to his ears, so he focused on trying to place names to the voices.

He didn’t like not knowing where he was and it was making his heart pound uncomfortably hard in his chest as panic started to set in. The last thing he remembers is going to bed after coming back from the cat cafe and nothing else. All he knows for sure is that it was too warm and he was too comfortable to be in his room at the Miasma.

Breathing through his nose, he tried to calm his heart enough so the pounding wasn’t so loud in his ears so he can focus on his surroundings. He relaxed his body, hoping that no one noticed the way he tensed up earlier and were unaware that he was awake.

The first thing he became aware of is the insistent mumbling off to his right, the next was how scratching the bed sheets were beneath his fingers. He twitched slightly when he started to notice persistent beeping coming from his right that his head was now throbbing intune with.The strong smell of cleaning products with a slight twang of lemon, soon made it self aware. A sudden shout of ‘Midoriya’ drew his attention and he decided to take the risk to see what was going on.

Blinking against the harsh light to allow his eyes adjust, he noticed there was a curtain drawn up and separated him from the rest of the room. It was then he noticed the silhouettes that were casted against the white fabric. There was another bed on the other side with a small figure sitting up in it. Assuming the shout had called out to them, it had to be Midoriya. There was another far larger figure standing at the end of his bed. He was quick to determine it was All Might, he knew of no one else that tall or large.

“Midoriya! You must be more careful! Must we have an accident every training exercise?” All Might’s voice boomed around him, enough that he could feel it vibrate his bed.

“I’m sorry. I thought I would be able to handle a bit more of the power but I overestimated. It won’t happen again.” Came Midoriya’s weak reply.

“That’s all right my boy! As long as you are now aware of your limits!” All Might replied, flexing his arms in the signature move. 27 was about to turn away, but did a quick double take onto the tall figure when he hard coughing. He froze in his spot when All Might doubled over and...and shrunk?

“All Might! Are you okay?” Midoriya said startled, and by the sounds of it, made a move to get out of bed. All Might waved off Midoriya’s concerned rambling, but remained hunched over. When he seemed to regain his breathe after the coughing fit, he straightened out. The silhouette was completely different now. 27 couldn’t help but sitting up straight in his spot, sore muscles twang warningly, but soon faded when he froze to look at the sight in front of him.

The once strong figure was not crumbled on itself. His hair was limp, dangling in front of his face like it lost the energy to stand up. The once muscular arms, now looked skeletal as it moved about to try and reassure Midoriya. The more he looked, the more he started to recognize the figure.

It couldn’t be him..Right? Maybe he was seeing things or processing it wrong. He could feel the dull throb in his head, his sore muscles, the rattle in his chest, and the way his shirt clung to the sweat against his body. He knew he was sick, he wasn’t new to having fevers, but it could help explain why he saw All Might turn into Toshinori.

Maybe he didn’t realize he fell asleep and they were able to switch in between the moments he was awake or aware. Maybe he was hallucinating? It wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened. Last time-

“Toshinori, you need to take better care of yourself. It doesn’t set a good example to Midoriya.” Recovery Girl’s scolding broke him out of his thoughts.

So it is Toshinori, but didn’t Midoriya just call him All Might, in that smaller form? It would explain why he sees Midoriya with Toshinori a lot. He thought it was because he was All Might’s assistant, and it’d be easier to get into contact with All Might through him. But if what he saw was true,Toshinori is All Might and All MIght is Toshinori.

He jolted when the curtain was drawn away and causing him to make eye contact with Midoriya. He could vaguely hear Toshinori excuse himself from the room as his wide eyes stared into the confused ones of Midoriya. Recovery Girl started talking and fiddled with the machines around him, unperturbed by the staring contest between them.

Midoriya’s eyes were furrowed as he maintained the eye contact and wrung his hands nervously in front of him. When he knew that he had his full attention,27 let his eyes drift towards the door Toshinori left through and back to Midoriya then raised an eyebrow questioningly.

It was a risk to let any indication that he knew, no matter how subtle he was. Midoriya might not even know what he was silently asking or implying. It could backfire on him, Midoriya might do something to prevent him from speaking of it. He doesn’t want to know what Midoriya might use a quirk like his, to keep someone’s mouth shut. However, if he could get a confirmation of what he saw was realand not some hallucination, it would be worth it.

The widening of the green eyes when Midoriya processed the movement was the only thing he needed to confirm what he saw. The following display of panic that flashed across Midoriya’s face only further proved that he did see things correctly. Midoriya’s mouth was open and gaping like a fish on dry land as he tried to find words to assumingly fix things.

“That’s all I can do for you hun,” Recovery Girl said, drawing his attention to her. She was standing next to his bed with a notepad in her hands that she was looking intently at. “You’re still running a fever but it’s nothing my quirk can stop. You will have to visit me after you get some actual sleep and I can use my quirk to finish up the healing process on your wounds.” 27 blinked in surprise when her hand shot out and dropped a gummy in his hands. “You can go home as soon as those two boys come back, it won’t be long now. I don’t need them to continue bothering me when I have other patients to attend to.”

He put the gummy in his mouth and ignored Midoriya’s attempt at gaining his attention by waving his arms around when Recovery Girl’s back was facing him. It wasn’t like there was much to say and it wasn’t like he wanted to speak to him. He could already imagine what Midoriya was going to say. ‘Please don't tell’ or ‘Keep your mouth shut or else’. It was probably the former rather than the later but you never know someone's true character until they are backed into a corner.

Luckily, he didn’t have to wait for too long. Not soon after Recovery Girl checked on Midoriya, the door opened to show Mic with Eraser close behind him. 27 kept his eyes trained on Eraser as he was led out into the hall by Recovery Girl after she greeted them, despite Mic rapidly approaching him.

“Look at you! Up and at them already!” Mic chirped when he reached the bed. 27 dragged his eyes away from the now closed door. No matter how hard he stared, he’s not going to know what they’re talking about. He almost regretted looking at Mic, his smile was too bright for him to be comfortable with it being directed his way. “Wasn’t so bad huh?”

“No?” He responded hesitantly after thinking the question over. If he was to be honest, he has no idea what had happened or what wasn’t so bad.

“Let’s get you dressed so we can leave. I don’t think I put enough hairspray in my hair this morning, and I can just feel it tip over. I even ran out of my extra cans here.”

Chapter Text

“Are you going to tell me what happened?”

Shinsou didn’t respond, he just continued to stare at him with his face carefully blank. He was laying on his bed under the covers with his head turned towards him. His cheeks were flushed a deep red and AIzawa could hear the small pants from where he was standing across the room.

Normally he would wait for Shinsou to feel better before questioning him ,but there are too many pressing issues for him to ignore. Shinsou has danced around every question he had and he was hoping with him being ill that it would cause him to slip and make mistakes. Shinsou seemed to have came to the same conclusion, seeing that he’s been keeping his mouth shut. No snarky retorts, no half truths, no vague answers. Nothing. The silence only confirmed that he knew more than he was willing to tell.

Yesterday, Chiyo had pulled him aside to talk to him about the details of Shinsou’s injuries while Hizashi was getting him ready to leave school. She was able to heal up most of the wounds she found and informed him that she’d come the next day to use her quirk one last time. There was nothing she could do about his fever he has, the only thing they could do is make sure he got enough sleep, food and water.

It was only when she was sure that Shinsou was fully occupied by Hizashi and out of earshot, did she start to go in depth about what she did and what worries that it brought up. The infected wound on his arm was as concerning as they had thought, and would likely leave a scar. She couldn’t tell what had caused it because of how long it’s been since he had received the injury and the infection didn’t help.The only thing she determined about what happened was that he had to have gotten into an altercation and something penetrated the skin then was amateurly dug out.

There were also minor wounds that were in later stages of healing. He had a bruised side along with scrapes and scratches along his forearms and hands. There was also an assortment of bruises that also littered along his arms and around his torso. The bruises were all in different stages of healing, which only indicated multiple incidents.
Chiyo didn’t even have to bring up what she thought was happening. It was obvious they drew similar conclusions, but she trusted him to find out exactly what was going on.

“How did you get injured?” Aizawa ordered more than he asked. Shinsou didn’t so much as blink at the question and continued to stare blankly at him.

“SHOU! Did you get him to eat yet?” Hizashi’s shout echoed around the house.

He hadn’t and he's long given up in trying to get him to eat something. He had given Shinsou the soup that Hizashi had made, which is now sitting on the side table long forgotten. The kid just refuses to eat it. He’s tried multiple ways to get him to have some. He tried encouraging him to eat it, tried to be logical about it and say he needed it after the healing session he had in the morning, and he tried to bribe him. Shinsou didn’t even touch it after he took a sip of it first, he just looked at the soup with disdain. After ten minutes of trying to get him to eat with only snarky responses as a result, he decided to switch gears and question Shinsou about what had happened.

The smik that spread across Shinsou’s face at the question made the hairs on the back of his neck raise. The swuit he sent at the kid, only made the smile wider across the pink tinted face and his suspicious rise.

“He hasn’t Elocutionist! He’s been too busy interrogating me!” Shinsou’s hoarse voice croaked. He could barely hear Shinsou from where he stood and he seriously doubted that his husband would hear that across the apartment. He gave his own smirk back at the kid and was about to tell the kid nice try when he was cut off. The edges of Shinsou’s lips curled upwards at the edges at the sound of the loud gasp that responded from the other room.

“SHOUTA! I thought we agreed to leave him alone until he was better!”


Aizawa groaned and looked at the smug kid in front of him. “Are you going to eat it or not?”

“I’m not going to eat it.”

“Why not?”

Shinsou’s face went grave again as he looked between him and the soup. His eyes still had the glassy sheen he had the other day and just as pale. “I don’t want anything from you or anything that you make.”

“I didn’t make it, Hizashi did.” He sighed. He knew that he wasn’t the best cook, but seriously? He could manage to reheat soup from a can.

“No but one of you made it. I’m not going to eat it.”

“Why not?” Aizawa repeated, trying to let how tired he was peak through his voice. He thought they were past this. Shinsou was eating food without them taste testing it for him since last week. He had thought they had finally developed enough trust in this and now it’s like they slipped backwards.

“I’m not going to risk it.”

“You think I work for them?” He said more than he asked. The purse of Shinsou’s lips was the only answer he needed. It suddenly clicked on why Shinsou acted the way he did when they first met. With what he had learned the other day about how strong of a pull the Miasma had at the station, to the connected deaths of other Numbers, it would only be logical to think everyone works for them. Maybe it went beyond that. That Shinsou doesn’t just think he’s working for them, but received orders to get rid of him.

“Fine. However, I do know who doesnt work for them and I know who you don’t think works for them. You will be eating something today.”

The confusion on Shinsou’s face was evident as he pulled out his phone to call the only person he knows that could get him to eat something. He needed to get Shinsou to eat something, literally anything. He didn’t want to explain to Chiyo the next day that they couldn’t get him to eat anything after she stressed how important it was for ten minutes.


Aizawa paused, the voice was a lot higher than who was supposed to answer. He pulled his phone away from his and looked down at the caller ID to check. Nope, it was the right number.

“Hello, is Sansa there?”

”If he was here, I wouldn’t be answering, would I?”The voice replied flatly.

“Guess not.”

He was about to hang up and try again later, when he heard another voice in the background of the call, asking who was on the phone.

”I don’t know. This guy is pretty dull though.“ the voice wasn’t as loud and slightly muffled, before it returned back to its original volume. “What’s your name.”

“Tell Sansa it’s Eraserhead.”

”It’s some dude going by Eraserhead! Is that supposed to be a hero name? He needs better PR if that’s his name. Maybe I can be his agent.

Aizawa pulled the phone away slightly from his ear as he heard muffled talking, static, and then rustling sounds, before finally hearing the familiar voice he was looking for.

”What do you want Aizawa? It’s 12 at night. “

“I need you to come over.”

”Did Yamada leave you alone for too long again? I told you, next time go to a cat cafe.“

“It’s not that.” He muttered into the receiver. “The kid won’t eat. I need you to come over and prove it’s safe.”

”Can’t you do it? It’s late and we were just about to head to bed “ Sansa explained. There was a shout from the background saying that he obviously needed a new manager to make his schedules if the thought this was a good time to call someone.

“He doesn’t trust me but he’ll trust you. It’ll be fast. Just like at the station.”

”Aizawa, it’s late, I’m tired, and I just want to go to bed“

“Sansa, please. He’s sick and delusional,” he replied, The last words earned him a glare from Shinsou. “He really needs to eat. The kid hasn’t eaten in days. You’re not going to let a kid starve right?”

Maybe it was a bit over dramatic, but he really did need him to eat something. Shinsou was sick and he hasn’t eaten in awhile. He’s had bits of food here and there, but he can’t remember when he had eaten a proper meal.

There was a deep sigh coming from the receiver before Sansa’s voice broke the lingering silence. ”Fine, I’ll see you in fifteen.”

Sansa kept his word, not fifteen minutes later after the call, there was a knock on the front door. Shinsou sat up straight at the sound, wobbling as he did, but looked at him with confusion clear on his face. Aizawa only smirked and waved him off as he went to go greet the guest.

“Sansa! Miyashita! How are you both doing?” Hizashi greeted as he let them inside.

Sansa looked a little rough as he stepped inside. His fur was in disarrayed, he was wearing pajama bottoms, a large shirt with holes in it, his eyes were half lidded and he let out a yawn with a small wave as a greeting.

The man that entered with Sansa was on the opposite end of the spectrum. He wasn’t that much taller than Sansa, but far leaner. He had tan fur that was brushed neatly, with large circular ears that was framed by equally groomed black hair. The man was dressed in a neatly pressed suit, and based on the way that Hizashi was ogling it, it had to be expensive.

“We’re doing well, thank you for asking.” The man replied to Hizashi when Sansa just gave another yawn. His eyes did a swift sweep around the room before it landed on Aizawa. “You must be Eraserhead. I don’t believe you’ve had the honor of meeting me. My name is Miyashita.”

“Right..You can call me Aizawa.” He replied. He made eye contact with HIzashi and raised an eyebrow when Miyashita looked away when Sansa leaned against him. Hizashi mouthed that he’d already met him four months ago.

“Let’s get this over with so we can go home.” Sansa mumbled as he lifted his head off of Miyashita’s shoulder. “I worked a double and I have a shift tomorrow.”

Hizashi quickly swooped in and put a bowl of soup into Sansa’s outstretched hands. He mumbled a small thanks and without prompt, started to walk towards Shinsou’s room. Aizawa stood for a second as he tried to determine if he should follow him or not. One look of Miyashita reminiscing with Hizashi about the last time they hung out, he quickly made up his mind to follow.

The dumbfounded look on Shinsou’s face made it clear that he picked the right decision. Shinsou sat up quickly, using his arms to support his body as he swayed. His eyes were still glazed but were alert as they darted between Sansa and him.

“Seriously?” Shinsou choked out when Sansa sat on the end of the bed.

“Apparently,” Sansa said as he pulled a leg underneath the other. “You don’t trust Aizawa here, not to hurt you or something.” Sansa gestured to the soup in his hands, before making a show of taking a sip of it. Shinsou eyed it carefully before accepting the bowl from Sansa and pulling it into his lap.

“He says you trust me for some reason. So trust me when I say this,” Sansa said turning to eye him from where he’s standing slouched in the doorway. “Aizawa has enough jobs, he’d be too lazy to have another.”

The room was quiet as Shinsou thought over what Sansa said. His face was pinched as he watched the steam rise gently from the soup resting in front of him.

“Besides, I don’t think Aizawa would be able to hide something that big for long,” Sansa interrupted the silence. “We were hanging out-”

“You really don’t have to talk about this,” Aizawa said quickly.

“We were hanging out and Aizawa can not hold his liquor mind you,” Sansa said ignoring his statement and the resulting sigh. “And he admitted to having a crush on this guy since high school. He acted like it was some giant secret that he had a crush on his husband! He sounded like a middle schooler for two hours! Two! Then! There was a time when he admitted that he had stolen the neighbors cat because he thought it looked sad. Once he-”

“I think that’s enough Sansa!” He said abruptly. He could feel the heat burn up his neck and reach his ears. The cat that got the canary look he got from Sansa was not appreciated but seeing Shinsou finally taking a hesitant bite was.

“What about the time we first met? Have you told him that?” Sansa asked keeping his eyes on him. It took him a second to realize what Sansa was doing. He was keeping the conversation and the attention away from Shinsou.


“Well, we met through Naomasa. I was still a bright eyed bushy tailed cop and I was extremely nervous to come face to face with my first pro hero.” Sansa continued when Shinsou gave an eager nod. “Naomasa thought it would be better to meet somewhere informal, not to draw attention to Aizawa I guess. Underground hero and all. I’m actually not sure about why he thought it was a good idea to have us meet at the bar.” Sansa paused for a second, his nose scrunched up as he thought. Shinsou’s eyes widen at the sudden movement and his eyes shot up when Sansa’s ears twitched when Aizawa let out a small groan.

“I was a hour late because I got held up the station, but as soon as I stepped into the bar, I heard a loud shout. ‘IT’S A CAT!’” Sansa dropped his voice and slurred the words as he tried to mimic what he had heard. “ We weren’t even introduced yet, but he had no fear when he walked up to me and ask if he could pet my ears. It was only after that, did Naomasa introduce us. Luckily that’s also when Yamada decided to step in when Aizawa visibly excited at seeing me more in the future. The next day, and seeing a sober Aizawa acting like he normally does? It was like having whiplash.”

“Really? I don’t believe it.” Shinsou said as he eyed the two of them as if Aizawa would conspire with Sansa over something like this.

“You don’t find that believable?” Sansa asked with mock shock. “That was one of the less bizarre encounters. There was this time at this party Yamada was throwing-”

“Don’t you have to go?” AIzawa interjected quickly. “It’s getting late and I’m sure you would like to get some sleep before your shift tomorrow.”

“Yeah yeah, I guess you’re right. Besides, I think Miyashita has to work in a couple of hours.” Sansa replied, giving another yawn as he got up from his seat on the bed. “This all settled?” Shinsou gave a nod when Sansa looked at him then showed his half empty bowl. “Is it settled, settled? Are we going to have a repeat or do you think Aizawa is trustworthy enough to feed you?”

“As long as Delete Face doesn’t cook, I’ll eat it.” Shinsou replied, a smirk tugging on his lips.

“That’s for the best.” Sansa said solemnly. Aizawa pursed his lips at that but started to usher Sansa out of the room when he saw him open his mouth to retort, no doubt going to tell what had happened the first time he cooked for him. Burn noodles one time and no one's ever going to let you live it down.

“Thanks for coming.” Aizawa said when they met up in the living room.


“Perhaps not at one in the morning.” Miyashita said as he got up from the couch next to Hizashi. He gave Sansa a smile when he joined him on their way to the door. “We have to get dinner together one day, maybe this time Aizawa would actually arrive.”

“Ha! Funny story on that!” Hizashi laughed a giant grin on his face.

“Is it as funny as his hero name? Because that would be riot.”

“Thanks for coming! Best be going now!” Aizawa said, voice straining a bit. Is it pick on Aizawa day or something?

“Bye now! See you all later!” Sansa chirped before the door closed behind them.

“I don’t remember having to meet with them to go to dinner,” Aizawa sighed when they stood in silence for a couple of minutes, while Hizashi was in the kitchen washing the tea cups they had used.

“You don’t? I guess that makes sense. I told you we were going to meet Sansa and his new boyfriend, but you were pretty out of it at the time.” Hizashi explained. “Remember the time you got stuck in the dumpster and then ended up at the landfill?” Aizawa groaned and put his head in his hands when he realized where this conversation was going. “Well, while you were there, we had a lovely dinner. It’s a shame you missed it, it really was nice. What wasn’t nice, was the fact that you smelled like trash for two weeks. I don’t even know how the smell clung onto you so hard, even after multiple showers. You sure you didn’t get sprayed by a skunk? A quirk maybe? Do you even remember this?”

“I remember Hizashi, and to be honest, I’d rather forget it.” he replied rubbing his temples. “Let’s just go to bed. I'm wiped.”



It took a second for him to realize that someone was at the door after hearing the doorbell right. 27 blinked wearily and strained his ears to hear what was going on.

If he had to be honest, he still felt like complete shit. His arms felt like lead, his head felt like someone was pounding at it with a hammer, his mouth felt drier than a dessert, and his thoughts were coming and going sluggishly. With all that, he didn’t feel like he was completely all there.

Last night felt like a weird dream, he’s still unsure if the officer actually stood in his room telling stories about Eraser or if it was some fevered dream. Even this morning when Recovery Girl did another check up it still felt unreal. He felt all out of sorts and it was like he was standing still while everything was speeding past him. He did not like that feeling and he needed to get his bearing back as fast as possible.

“How did you know where we live Little Listener?” Mic’s voice drifted into his room.

“Iida. He’ll be by over later with Uraraka also if you don’t mind. We heard Shinsou was sick, so we wanted to visit him.”

27 bit the inside of his cheek as he tried to place the voice. It took longer than he wanted for him to recognize the wavering voice.

“How nice of you! Let me just make sure he’s up to it!”

27 nodded his head as soon as Mic popped his head in the doorway. It was for the best to skip the whole song and dance and just hurry up with this encounter. He knew that this was going to happen sooner or later, and Midoriya did seem like the type to do it as soon as possible.

Midoriya shuffled in, not to long after Mic left. He looked like an absolute wreck. Midoriya’s hair was in it’s normal tangled mess but looked even more untidy than usual. Below his frantic eyes were dark eyebags that could have rivaled his own. He also didn’t look like he knew what to do with his hands when he walked to sit in the only chair in the room. One minute he was wringing his hands in front of him then he was tugging on his pants pockets, then it was fiddling with the edges of his shirt.

27’s eyes never left Midoriya as he went to sit in the chair. He made sure to keep his face completely blank as Midoriya finally decided to do something and pull the desk chair closer to the bed.

There wasn’t a chance of him breaking the silence first. The look he was giving Midoriya was obviously making him extremely uncomfortable and he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. The look kept halting any attempts Midoriya made at saying anything, let alone start a conversation as serious as this.

It was between one blink and the next, did he see a hand reach out to him. He acted before he even realized what he was doing it. He grabbed the hand and pressed it back, forcing it in the wrong direction. His heart was beating hard in his throat as he applied even more pressure on the hand.

He breathed in deeply in through his nose as he stared at the hand. Wrong scars. It was the wrong scars. His eyes drifted up from the hand and to the wide eyed look Midoriya was giving him. He could see the muscles twitch in his arms like he was about to do something but he made no move. Wrong hands. Wrong person.

“Do not touch me,” he growled as he applied more pressure on the hand as a warning before letting go.

“Sorry! I won’t!” Midoriya voice went up a pitch as he pulled his hands back into his lap. Midoriya looked down and started stretching it out,his eyes pinched in the corners as he wet his lips to talk. “Sorry, you weren’t responding to your name for a while. I was just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

Did he fall asleep? He doesn’t remember Midoriya saying his name, let alone saying anything. Maybe he was more out of it than he thought. This suddenly became a lot more difficult. He needed to get his head in the game if he was going to deal with this.

“What do you want?”

“I..I.” Midoriya started before he pursed his lips. Uncertainty was clear in his face and his body language. A couple of minutes passed like this, until Midoriya squared his shoulders and pressed his lips into a fine line. “I need to you to keep quiet about what you saw the other day.”

That wasn’t a surprise topic at all. It was very straight to the point but that is how Midoriya addresses any problem that he comes across. From what he’s seen, Midoriya tries to bulldoze any of his problems, or in Todoroki’s case, anyone else's problem. No fear of consequences, just pushes forward and thinks it’ll all just magically work out.

“I saw a lot of things the other day. You’re going to have to be more specific.” 27 said in a flat tone.

“What had happened with All Might.”

“What about All Might? You’re going to have to be way more specific. I’m a brain washer not a mind reader.” He could feel the corners of his lips twitch upwards at the exasperation that flashed across Midoriya's face.

“The relationship between All Might and Toshinori.”

“What aspect of their relationship?”

“Fine!” Midoriya sighed throwing his arms up then letting them fall with a resounding smack against his legs. “The Toshinori is All Might thing!”


So he wasn’t seeing things. It was nice to hear it from someone else that what he saw was true. It did seem unrealistic and he wouldn’t doubt that his fevered mind could have come up with something like that. It just seemed so illogical and such a stretch to think Toshinori is All Might. If someone told him that last week, he would have laughed right in their faces.

Toshinori was a small, fragile looking man. He walked around like his bones were made of glass and he spat up blood sporadically. To compare him to All Might, a hero that was built like a brick wall, who defeated too many villains and saved too many people to talk, was irrational. However, he did have to believe his eyes on what had happened and now that it got confirmed by Midoriya? He can’t doubt it anymore.

“Oh that thing.” He replied nonchalantly while he looked down to inspect his nails.

“Yes that thing.”Midoriya huffed as he fidgeted in his seat. “So are you going to keep it a secret?”

“What would I get out of it?” he asked making eye contact with Midoriya. He kept his gaze as cool and cold as he could as he stared back as shock flashed across his face.

“What do you mean, what would you get out of it?” Midoriya spluttered.

“I know a lot of people who would love to get their hands on this type of information. So what do you have to offer?”

Well, he only really knew that Miasma would want information like that. He was still on the fence if he should give it or not. On one hand, if he tells them, Boss would be thrilled and perhaps even give him a break. However,they’d start demanding even more information on the subject and with the bar raised. If he can’t produce the information that they expect from him, it could turn out to be even worse for him.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t tell them, Toshinori would be safe. He wouldn't have to live with the guilt of handing a guy like that over to the highest bidder. The downside to this, is if the Miasma ever found out that he knew this, and didn't tell them, he would not like the consequences.

“You’re joking.” Midoriya said dumbfoundedly. When 27 raised his eyebrow at him, Midoriya’s face sobered up. “How about I don’t tell Aizawa that you were the one that killed two people in front of me and ditched me in some dirty alleyway?”

“Touche,” 27 slumped back into the bed after he contemplated Midoriya’s offer. Maybe if he did get caught not telling the Miasma, he could spin it in his favor. It’ll be a long shot, but at least he had something. It would just have to be plan B with Plan A being him not getting caught. “Deal. Neither one of us will every broach either subject again. This is you’re last chance to ask any questions. You have ten seconds before we drop this subject. Speak now or forever hold your peace.”



“Wait hold on! Give me a second to think!” Midoriya said frantically.



“I just don't know where to start!”


“Stop counting down! It’s not helping!”

“Six. Five.”

“Uhh! What! Wait no, why? Wait.” Midoriya scrambled waving his hands around.

“Four. Three.”

“Give me a second!”


“Oh! I!”


“HOW DID YOU END UP IN THIS POSITION!” Midoriya shouted quickly, his hands slapping on his thigh.

“Zero.” 27 sighed and leaned back to think about the question.

There was a lot of ways he could blame or point out on how he ended up where he was. The question itself was so broad. How did he end up at the Miasma? How did he end up between a rock and a hard place? How did he end up living with two pro heroes? How did he end up debating on giving away All Mights secret or not?

Rationally, he knew that Midoriya probably wanted to know about how he ended up at the Miasma. That question itself held a lot of weight. There was a lot of things that made him end up where he was at. His quirk, his mom, his attitude, just his general existence. All of it could be how he had ended up in the Miasma. Maybe it wasn’t even a singular thing but a combination of them all.

“Circumstances.”27 finally responded. “It was just a lot of circumstances.”

“Would you have changed what you’ve done to not end up like this?” Midoriya asked hesitantly.

What could he have changed to not be like this? Maybe if he was more obedient, he wouldn't be where he was. Hell, maybe less obedient he could be somewhere else. Ran away at the first sign of his mom having an issue with him. If he changed his behavior and got a handle on his quirk as soon as he could. Avoided questions when he first got his quirk. Maybe if he gave his mother space, she wouldn’t have dropped him off when she did.

“Questions are over now. Time’s up.” he said after clearing his throat. “Did you want anything else or just wanted to settle that small matter?”

Midoriya didn’t look like he wanted to end the conversation there. He got that weird determination look on his face. It sent a small shiver down his spine when he recognized it. It strongly resembled the one he saw at USJ when Midoriya charged at the Nomu without a second thought. As quickly as the look came, it went away. Midoriya let out a small huff before settling back into his chair.

“Nothing like this. Iida and Uraraka should be coming over soon with fruit and some drinks. They wanted to see how you were doing.”

“That’s unnecessary.”

“Well, try telling that to Uraraka when she becomes determined and having Iida backing her up? It’s impossible to stop them when they get like that.” Midoriya said laughing a little. “We can leave as soon as they arrive if you want and I promise I won’t say a word about what we talked about.”

“Good. I wouldn't have to do anything unnecessary to silence you then.”

Midoriya let out a small laugh before it stuttered to a stop when he saw the look at his face. “You are kidding right?”

“Maybe. Maybe not. Do you want to find out?” He asked leaning forward a bit, and letting a grin to slide across his face.

“No thanks. I have a pack of cards in my backpack, we can play that until the others arrive.”


Aizawa wanted to pull his hair out. This conversation was going nowhere and he wanted it to end. He got called into the station to discuss a case and it ended up being a witch hunt with him being the witch.

Someone finally noticed some of their evidence was missing from their case, and now they’re trying to figure out who did it. Unfortunately for him, they think he did it.

People had noticed him snooping around different cases a couple of days ago and now had drawn the conclusion that he had tampered with evidence. They had started to pull up security cameras and records to see what he’s done at the station. That’s when they noticed that he had printed out some copies of his cases. Granted, they didn't realize he had copies of all his cases but saw the few that he had copied at the station.

So here he was, sitting in Naomasa’s office with Sansa standing in the corner with his arms crossed and looking disapprovingly at him as he got interrogated. Naomasa was sitting in front of him with his elbows resting on the desk and his hands clasped in front of his mouth.

“I just helped you the other night!” Sansa ended up bursting out, his tail thrashing angrily behind him.

“And I’m saying that I’m not getting rid of evidence. I’m just making extra copies.” Aizawa replied shrugging his shoulders.

“Then what’s going on then? You go looking through people's cases and the next thing we know, they’re missing pieces.” Naomasa asked.

“They were already missing pieces, you are just now discovering them.”

“DId you do it or do you know who did it?”

“I didn't do it.”

Naomasa shoulders relaxed at the statement No doubt his quirk supporting what he had just said. Sansa’s ear twitched as he watched the detective's reaction but he too finally relaxed his stance.

“Do you know who did it?”

“Not exactly.” He replied. Naomasa’s eyebrow shot up questioningly,which encouraged him to continue. “I don’t know exactly who did it but I have an idea that I will not discuss here.”

“What do you mean by that?” Sansa asked, fur bristling slightly at the implied insult.

“I don’t know who else is listening to us.”

Naomasa let out a small hum but then nodded and got up. He motioned for the both of them to follow. He walked sure footed throughout the station, not once did his stride break despite a couple of people trying to gain his attention. They walked right out of the station and down the street.

Aizawa could hear Sansa grumbling behind him about the walk, and then groaned when he realized where they were going. Naomass kept his stride with his hands in his pockets, until they reached a house fifteen minutes later. Not once was the silence interrupted between them all after the initial complaints and the realization from Sansa.

The officer sighed and walked past the now still Naomasa and opened the front door. “Miyashita shouldn’t be home at the moment. We should have the place to ourselves.”

“That was the plan.” Naomasa said smiling slightly as he walked into the living room with AIzawa trailing behind. Naomasa sat on the couch with one leg resting on the other as he leaned back into the cushions.“Now, tell me what’s going on.”

Chapter Text

Aizawa hadn’t realized how much weight he was unintentionally carrying until some of it left his shoulders at the sight before him. Not all of it left, he still had a lot of things that were weighing on his mind. He still had to figure out what Shinsou knew, figure out what the Miasma was, how it worked, how to dismantle it, and that doesn’t include his other cases or his duties that come with being a teacher.

It had taken him hours to talk with Naomasa about what he thought was happening at the station. He ended up explaining a couple of concepts and theories a multitude of times. Sansa looked beyond unconvinced as he talked but Naomasa hummed along encouragingly. He ended up showing some of his supporting evidence that he luckily kept on his phone, that was finally able convince Sansa that at least one of his fellow officers were in the Miasma.

By the time he got home it was seven at night, which officially means that he spent 8 hours at Sansa’s house discussing the case.The apartment seemed almost eerily empty to him when he first came in. The kitchen and the living room void of anyone and had a strange stillness in the air. The only thing that put him to ease as he settled in was the soft music he could hear coming from his bedroom.

It was when he heard a loud thunk followed by a shout from Shinsou’s room did he become more alert. With his heart pounding as thoughts rushed to his head that the Miasma found out about their conversation, he went to the room. He didn’t waste time in knocking on the door but threw the door open with the handle firmly grasped in his hand. Five startled sets of wide eyes and cards fluttering to the ground is the sight that had greeted him.

Shinsou was laying propped up in his bed with a set of cards in his hands.His face was still flushed with his lingering fever and he had a deer in headlights look as he stared at him. Uraraka was sitting crossed legged at the end of the bed with her jaw dropped as she stared at him with cards slowly falling out of her hands.

Midoriya was sitting on the small ledge at the window as he fumbled with picking up the cards he tossed in the air when the door had opened. Iida was now standing at his spot in front of the desk chair that flew back when he got up abruptly at the sound. He was standing rim rod straight with his mouth opening and closing as he tried to figure out what to say. The last person in the room was Asui, who was sitting on top of the desk with her legs swinging out in front of her. She put down a single card in the stack in the middle of the bed and claimed Uno, completely ignoring the atmosphere.

“Hello Sensei,” Asui croaked after she decided to declare herself as the winner when no one continued the card game.

“Hello.” He replied slightly startled.

Having five kids in the room is not what he had expected when he came home today. It wasn’t anything he anticipated from Shinsou either. He didn’t think Shinsou was friendly with anyone, let alone be close enough for people to come visit him outside of school.

“We can leave if you want!” Uraraka blurted out as she tried to break the now awkward air. “We didn’t mean to intrude!”

“I apologize Sensei! I didn’t mean to betray any trust by bringing them here.” Iida said matter of factly as he adjusted his skewed glasses on his face.

“It’s fine Iida!” Aizawa jumped at the sound of his husbands voice so close to his ear as he interrupted the long speal that was sure to come from Iida. He gave the man a sharp glare when he started to tug him away from the door. “Just continue you what you were doing!”

He begrudgingly let Hizashi pull him into the living room and deposited him on the couch. Hizashi quickly joined him with his legs crossed underneath him as he sat sideways on the cushion to face him. A large smile was on his face as he slowly leaned in closer to his until he huffed in fake irritation and pushed him away gently. Hizashi let out a small laugh at the display but fixed his position so their sides were pressed up against each other.

“So, this is progress.” Hizashi mumbled as his eyes darted to the hall and back to him. “Should have known, Izuku ‘Knows No Boundaries’ Midoriya would have became friends with Shinsou.”

It was good progress. It was slightly jarring to see that many of his student’s in his house at one time, but it wasn’t unwanted. He was glad that Shinsou was finally talking and hanging out with kids his own age and that it was outside of training.

Having Shinsou socializing was one less thing he could be concerned about. It had weighed on his mind heavily about how to try and integrate Shinsou into a normal life. Well, as normal as they could get it to be with his background and their lives. Having him train with Iida was a nice way to break the ice and get him used to talking with other students, but he had to admit that he didn’t think it would lead anywhere. Shinsou was always closed off and if he did talk, it was to snark at them. However, seeing him play a normal card game with his peers, proved that wrong.

“Well,sooner or later one of the students in that class would have forced their way in.” Aizawa sighed as he thought over his class. “It was bound to happen when you put him with that group of kids.”

“Speaking of your class, have you decided who I’ll be fighting against for the finals?”

“I was thinking Jirou and Koda.”

“Sound vs sound, sounds rad!” Hizashi exclaimed excitedly before settling down quickly against his shoulder, like that outburst sapped the rest of his energy. It was a long day for the both of them. He knows that Hizashi got out of school and headed straight to the station to do his show and plan more ahead. He also knows that he’s running on little less than four hours of sleep with him patrolling the other day. They both really just needed a break for a while.

It was silent for a bit, just enjoying each other’s company while they listened to the excited shouts and sounds of complaints that came from Shinsou’s room as their game progressed. Minutes ticked by until Hizashi turned his head to look at him, his chin pressing against the top of his shoulder. “What are we going to do about the camp?”

“The training camp?”

“Yeah, I have to go to that convention in Hotsu and you’re going up in the mountains. What are we going to do with Shinsou?”

“I could take him with me.”

“Is that really the smartest idea?” Hizashi said leaning back slightly to take in his whole face. “You’d be too busy with your students and helping with Kan’s to be able to focused on him.”

“It’ll be fine, he’s not a little kid.”

“You want him to be surrounded by that amount of training? I don’t think that’s a good idea, you saw what had happened with All Might.”

Hizashi is probably right. No, he was right.

Shinsou has always been weird with training instances. It was fine when it was with Iida because there were no quirks used and it was one on one. Shinsou also had complete control over their training, there was no surprises or any expectations from him during their training.

It was vastly different when there was a bunch of people using their quirks in a room. Shinsou was always tense and on high alert, even when he was on the sidelines. Being at the camp with not only his students but with Kan’s, and with them focusing on increasing their quirks, was not the best idea.

“What do you have in mind then?”Aizawa asked.

“What if we get someone to watch him?”

“That’s a good idea, but who? Everyone we know is busy that weekend.”

“Well,” Hizashi’s voice singsonged. “We do know one person that’s free that weekend.”

“No.” He deadpanned quickly. No, not her. She’s beyond qualified but he doesn’t know how Shinsou would react with a personality like theirs and to be frank, he doesn’t want to know.

“Come on! She’s perfect! She’s free, has the place to herself, doesn’t even have patrol! It’ll be perfect!” Hizashi reasoned. “Besides! It’ll only be for a couple of days until my thing is done and I can come pick him up.”

“Fine, but you’re dealing with any consequences with them meeting. I do not want to know how many things he could learn from her. Even in that short amount of time.”




27 sat with a pencil clenched hard enough in his fist that his hand ached. He stared down at the blank paper in his lap as if it was mocking him.

The cards that they were playing with earlier was safely tucked away under his mattress along with the other things he has collected since his arrival. At first he didn’t want the cards and he had tried to give it back to Uraraka. However, she kept insisting that he keep them. At first he thought that she must have seen him sneak away one of the reverse Uno cards earlier and she felt bad for him or he ruined the deck, but she said it was so when they come visit next time, they’d have something to play.

The group quickly took their leave after Iida pointed out how late it was getting and it was a school night. He could hear them from his room refusing Mic’s invite to stay for dinner and exit the apartment. As soon as that front door closed, the levity of the atmosphere went way and the reality of everything came crashing down around him.

Eraser was onto him and he was too close for comfort. He was like a dog with a bone and he knew won’t let it go anytime soon. The suspicion was easily read on Eraser’s face any time he sees him and it only mounts as time passes. It was only a matter of time before he corners him and questions him. Even with his tactics, he could only avoid him for so long.

He has no idea what he would say to Eraser when it comes to that. If he tells him too much, the Miasma is will find out and there will be consequences. He cant risk having the Miasma find out he spilled anything, he still hasn’t figured out how he’s going to get out of it. If he tells too little, Eraser is too suspicious not to know he’s still hiding things, and would push for everything. He just needs to find a nice balance.

With that somewhat figured out, it only remains one other major pressing issue that he needed to do. His report to the Miasma was due tonight and it had to be good.

It needed something. Last weeks report was lackluster and he’s sure it was disappointing. He needed to make up for that and the only thing that comes to his mind was the big revelation of the week, perhaps the century. That Toshinori Yagi was All Might.

He had told Midoriya that he wouldn't tell anyone but he could always go back on his word. Even if Midoriya somehow found out that he had told the Miasma, it would be too late too late to change anything. It had little risk for him if he told the Miasma. It wasn’t like he had too much to risk if Midoriya did tell Eraser everything. If Eraser hasn’t figured out that he was involved with the incident by now, he was at least close in putting it together. Which leaves Midoriya’s threat null.

Miasma’s unspoken threat had a stronger pull than Midoriya’s. If he doesn’t tell them, and they find out, it’ll be so much worse for him than anything Midoriya could do or say.

27’s stomach turned and his lungs clenched tightly in his chest as he thought over his options. If he tells, Toshinori would be in a world of hurt. It might take awhile for someone willing to fork over the amount of cash that they want in exchange, but it will happen. If he doesn't tell, he’d run the risk and be the one on the chopping block.

He breathed heavily through his nose in attempt to calm his staggered breathing. He pressed the pen against the paper and started his report, simply starting with his basic observations.

Telling the Miasma about All Might can wait. It’s not like there was a time limit on it and he could always say he found out later than he actually did. What he needs to write is something that would be important enough to report but nothing that can directly harm anyone. If he couldn’t figure out something, he’d have no choice but to write about All Might.

He gnawed at the bottom of his lip as he tried to wrack his sluggish brain about anything that he could report. There was the instance of Mic going to leave town in a week but that didn’t seem like anything that the Miasma would find useful. He could write about how Aizawa was closing in on them, and how his cover is about to get blown. That was his main purpose of coming here anyways.

The pen glided jaggedly across the page as he wrote. His hand was too tense for any fluid movement and the sudden cough would jerk the pen across the page. It was messy but it was legible. Memory should be able to make out what he wrote.

What worried him was that the page wasn’t even a quarter way full. It looked so blank and empty compared to his previous reports. It needed something else to help fill the page, something to make it thicker.

27 pursed his lips before he was struck with the realization of what he should write. Finals for the students were this week right before summer break. He had heard Eraser discuss with not only Mic but also Vlad King about a training camp. The details were slim, but he did get that they were going to be training with the Wild Wild Pussy Cats in the mountains somewhere. It wasn’t a lot, but the Miasma could probably piece together enough information to figure out exactly where it’s going to be located.

It was the perfect information to write about. It wasn’t important enough for the Miasma to know or sell for large amount, but it was big enough that it looked like he was giving away everything he had learned this week and that he was getting semi-useful information. It was a harmless side note to everything that had actually learned. No one truly cares about where some UA class was going to be for a week, so he doubts anyone would buy that information.

The training camp was irrelevant and it was harmless information to give away.

Chapter Text

He should have known things weren’t going to work out the way he had planned, it never really does. The week went by smoothly, almost suspiciously smooth, which should have clued him in that this was not going to go as expected.

Shinsou had recovered rather quickly after a day in bed and was ready to follow them into work by the next day. He didn’t do anything worrisome while he was with them. Shinsou dutifully did the paperwork that Hizashi had given him to fill in the gaps of his schooling and actually paid attention to the lessons in class instead of staring out the window. He had eaten everything that he was given without a fuss and cleared every plate that was in front of him.

What Aizawa thought was going to be the disaster of the week, happened with little fanfare. He had thought having Shinsou watch the student’s finals would have caused something. He didn’t know what exactly, but during the whole testing period, it felt like he was waiting for the other shoe to drop. However, it never did.

Shinsou had watched the screens passively from the viewing room with his arms crossed. Flickers of recognition crossed his eyes as the student’s paired up against heroes and the muscles in his arms would twitch in small actions like he was the one there, but other than that, he did nothing.

Perhaps he had too little faith in Shinsou in regards to things like this but he’d rather play it safe than sorry. He did not want a repeat of what had happened with All Might or having Shinsou to panicking without Hizashi or him there. He didn’t want to imagine how All Might would try to calm Shinsou or how any of the students in the observatory would react.

Aizawa blinked out of his thoughts when Shinsou bumped into him as they walked side by side. The boy’s head turned to follow the person he managed to avoid and glared at them as they continued walking by without saying anything.

“We’re here,” He mumbled as he stood in the entrance way to avoid the babbling group of businessmen that passed by. Shinsou merely nodded at the statement but scooted closer to him to get off of the sidewalk and out of the traffic.

Maybe this wasn't a good idea. She was certainly qualified to watch him for a couple of nights and was attentive when he gave a brief statement of what to suspect, however the idea still sat uncomfortably in his chest.

It was undoubtedly that their two personalities would clash against one another, they were just too different not too. He was not going to kid himself and think that maybe it would go by smoothly. The best realistic outcome of this situation he could think of, is if Shinsou was completely indifferent to her and the worst is that he’d take every chance he could get to shut her up.

“Eraser!! You’re supposed to ring the doorbell, not just stare at it!”

Aizawa resisted the sigh that wanted to escape him as Emi stood in the doorway with her hip cocked to the side. She had on a black, rock style t-shirt that showed a blurred photo of a man jumping in the air across it. It was only when he saw the letters Delete Face, bolded across the shirt did he realized the blurred photo was of him.

“Come in come in!” Emi said ushering them inside with a wave.

Aizawa felt Shinsou close on his heels as he entered the house, his breath hot on the back of his neck as he took in his surroundings and on the jubilant women in front of them.

“Eraser! What a cutie you brought!” Emi said excitedly when she saw Shinsou as he peered around him. “You’re making such a perfect family for us! He’s such a perfect mix of us! He has you’re expressions and I’m sure he has my sense of humor. And his hair! His hair is a great combination of ours! Take my hair, make it a bit darker, and boom! Purple!”

“That’s not how colors work Joke.” Aizawa sighed at her enthusiasm.

“Oh! Why don’t you just marry me now Eraser? You don’t have to tempt me with this cutie, I’m already yours! Just say the word!”

“I don’t think your girlfriend would like that.” Aizawa said bluntly as she tilted her head to the side as if she was daydreaming of their wedding day.

“On the contrary, I’m sure she could whip us both into shape.” She said while giving him a wink that sent shivers down his spine.

“I don’t think my husband would like that either.”

“Perhaps he would surprise you.” She winked suggestively.”I think it would go over splendidly.”

Aizawa felt more than he saw Shinsou step out from behind him to get a better look at Emi, which immediately drew her attention back onto him. Her teasing smile was replaced with something softer as she looked over him. “How rude of me, I’m Emi Fukukado! You must be Shinsou.”

Shinsou didn’t look sure about her as his eye’s did a quick sweep over her. Even with the uncertainty, he did give her a nod in response as he took another step away from him. Emi didn’t seem phased as he scrutinized her with sharp eyes as she casually strolled up to him. Aizawa felt his heart jump into his throat when she abruptly pulled Shinsou into a hug, announcing that family greeted each other with hugs.

He swore that he warned Emi that Shinsou did not like to be touched, but he could be wrong. Maybe he just briefly mentioned it or assume she would know, either way it was a mistake. He felt like he was frozen in his spot as he watched the hug. It was like he was waiting for something and wasn’t allowed to interfere. Scenarios of how Shinsou would react flashed through his mind's eye.

Him pushing her over to get her away,shouting with curse words thrown through the air, flipping her over the shoulder and onto the floor or he would use the knife he knows Shinsou has tucked away in his sleeve. The possibilities were endless but he did not expect the outcome that actually happened.

Shinsou went ramrod straight in her hold. He didn’t look like he was breathing as his arms remained at his side as her’s encircled him. Just when he thought Shinsou would throw her off of him, he slowly relaxed into the hold He went almost limp, with his head resting against the top of her shoulder as he practically melted into her hold with his arms hesitantly encircled her waist.

Aizawa felt his mouth drop slightly at the view, but quickly shut it when Emi sent him a smug smirk over Shinsou’s shoulder. She didn’t seem willing to let go first as she kept her arms around him as time ticked by.

Their position and the time spent must have caught up to Shinsou as he abruptly pulled away. His neck was flushed red as he dropped his hands to his side and looked everywhere but at the two heroes.

“Don’t you have a bus to catch Cancel Mug?” Shinsou coughed out when the silence dragged on. Laughter burst through Emi’s lips at the name and she held her hands at her side as if it could hold her together. Shinsou sent him a look of disbelief and what had to be a tint of worry as Emi doubled over laughing.

“You are a riot! This is going to be so much fun!” Emi said between laughs. “I can get you your very own delete face shirt! It’s perfect for any Aizawa occasion!”

“They make those?” Shinsou asked hesitantly.

“Of course! They’re hilarious! I collect all the knock off version of my friends! I have a Misses Jest poster up in the living room! I can show you all the merch I have while I show you around!” Emi announced, excitement filling her voice. Emi snapped her fingers as she reached to some sort of conclusion and told them to wait right there. She bolted to one of the back rooms, before coming back just as quickly.

“I have an extra Delete Face you can have!” She said tossing him the fabric that he deftly caught before it could hit him square in the face. Shinsou looked at a second before quickly pulling it over his head. He looked down at the shirt with his hands grasped at each corner as he pulled it out to get a better view and seemingly marveled at it.

“Hey Delete Face,” Shinsou said suddenly as he looked up from the shirt to him as a shit eating grin spread across his face. “I’m going to wear this shirt every time I have to go to UA. As soon as I can, I’m going to get your whole class a shirt like this.”

“Oh!” Emi interrupted before he could respond. “That reminds me of this one time I was arresting these guys right? They were not fun at all and kept on pouting and didn’t laugh at my jokes! So I had to take them down without my quirk! Just socked them right in the jaw and they went down so quick! It was startling! They were all fine, well, besides the bruises, but they’re okay now. Anyways, you would not believe what they were wearing! It was almost as bad as the time I met Eraser and Mic at karaoke and, believe me, you would not imagine in your wildest dreams what they were wearing! It was-”

“Nope!” Aizawa said cutting her off. He did not like where this story was going or the look of admiration that was showing on Shinsou’s face. He did not expect them to get along like this, this was not the plan. He didn’t want to know what Joke would teach him in the few days they have together. Dread settled into his toes at the thought of how many stories she would undoubtedly tell him in the next couple of days. He’d almost prefer if Shinsou hated her than this.

“It was so cute though!” Emi replied pouting slightly.

“Not having it.” he grunted as he turned around to go to the door. He looked over his shoulder and made one last eye contact with Shinsou, who still had that smug smile that curled at the edges of his lips. “Yamada’s going to pick you up in three days, be good for Joke.”

The mumbled reply of when aren’t I, was the last thing he heard before he shut the door and headed to the school.


27 didn’t know exactly what to make of Ms. Joke, or Emi if he goes by what she wanted him to call her. She was...eccentric to say the least.

Emi was chipper as she showed him through her brightly colored rooms. It was blaringly different than the cool colors that colored the walls of Eraser’s and Mic’s abode. The room’s colors ranged from oranges, to bright blues, purples, and even greens. It didn’t look like anything matched with each other or looked like it was planned. It was as if she found something she liked and decided to toss them together and to hope for the best. Which seemed to be her life motto.

She was unphased by anything he did, even when he purposely tried to push her buttons. He had wanted to see her limits, to see what would she do if he angered her, but she never reacted in the way he expected.

It soon became clear that him calling her everything but her name, actually amused her. It probably had to do with all the knock off hero items that said everything but the heroes names, that she had around the place. He had called her Jokester, Prankster, Riddle, Quip, Jest, and many more that he blurted out without thought. She merely laughed and went along with it.

Dinner the previous night had looked amazing, but even then he pushed it around on his plate and refused to eat it. It didn’t take her long to notice that he wasn’t eating what she had made, and she shrugged it off. She joked about how she never has been the best cook and it must seem like garbage compared to Mic’s. Before panic and guilt could sink in, she swept up the plates off the table and declared she was going to order pizza.

It was odd to see someone with such a relaxed and go with the flow mentality, and he didn’t know how to react other than push even harder. She had placed a board game for them to play while they ate pizza onto the table. He didn’t know the rules or how to play this weird game, and started to guess as they played. Once again, it didn’t take her long to notice he didn’t pay attention to the rules when she was reading it to him, and she accepted and adapted to the ones he made up. It was almost baffling how quick she was to play a long or go with what he wanted to do, even as he decided he’d rather quit the game watch a movie before bed.

The most unsettling thing about it all, was how comfortable he was around her and how quickly it had happened. He should have been wary of her and kept his distance. He didn’t know her beyond the simple description of her quirk that Eraser had given him hours before meeting her and that she was a pro hero. He’s been with her for one night, far less than he’s been with Eraser and Mic, but yet he couldn’t stop himself from dropping his guard.

He couldn’t put a finger on why though. Maybe it was her laid back attitude or how easily she laughed things off. Perhaps it was the casual touches on his shoulders and arms as she passes by him or to gain his attention. It never seemed to have a hidden motive, she was always out front about everything she did and also didn’t look like she could keep a secret to save her life. She was simply so open, he couldn’t conceive that she would have any ulterior motives.

It didn’t sink in that it could have been her appearance, until he stopped himself from calling her 50 when he wanted to ask if she wanted him to make popcorn. He had quickly bitten down hard on his lip in order to stop the numbers from tumbling out from his mouth. Emi’s head tilted to the side questioningly at his sudden silence but her smile was still clear on her face and in her eyes, and he felt his stomach clench.

He had quickly left the room after that, saying that he had a tiring day and all he wanted to do was sleep. She didn’t push or prod him for answers, merely stating that she was going to watch the next season of ‘My cat from hell’ if he wishes to rejoin her later.

That could of been them. That could have been him and 50 on a couch watching shitty television with. That could of been them if everything didn’t happen the way it did.

He quickly shoved down everything that was trying to come up as he stood in the middle of the guest room. Tears pricked at his eyes as he swallowed hard to keep the emotions from bubbling and over spilling. He needed to get a grip. What’s done is done and there was no going back.

“What’s with the water works? Is it because you missed me?” The voice said close enough to his ear that the air moved his hair. 27 jumped and pressed his back against the wall. His hands were pressed flat as his chest heaved while he looked around the empty room with large eyes.

Trusting his instincts, he let his eyes settled on the lone chair in the room and gave it his best glare. It wasn’t too long before 127’s image flickered into existence. He was sitting backwards in the chair with his arms crossed over the backrest and his chin resting on his forearms. One of his eyes were focused on him while the other was trained on the door. He had his signature smile on his face but something seemed more off about it than usual. It still had the same easy going way but he could see the undercurrents of tension that made his smile taut at the edges.

“Awh bud! I missed you too!” 127 broke the silence when he didn’t say anything. He spun in the chair as he looked around the room and let out a long high pitched whistle. “Nice digs, looks like you got an upgrade little bro.”

The only difference that 27 could tell the difference between this one and his room at Aizawa’s was the computer on the desk and that the walls were painted a dark purple. It didn’t seem any larger to him or even have more furniture. A room was a room, and it’s not like he needed anything more than a bed anyways.

“We were mighty worried about ya when you didn’t give ya report on time. Thought you must have been found out or croaked from an injury.” 127 said, voice suddenly serious and sharp. “We did some digging and there was no word of you at the station, so it wasn’t that your cover was blown. So it had to be an injury or your own carelessness. Carelessness was ruled out, you wouldn’t be as stupid as to forget an appointment, so the only option left was that you were unable to write it. Seeing as you’re still kicking, it wasn’t because you died. That only leaves you being too ill or injured to write. What took you down?”

“I was sick.” He blurted out quickly.

“What got you sick? Were you injured during the last mission?”

27 kept his face blank as 127 scrutinized him. He wasn’t going to give him anything if he could, he didn’t know how much he knew or what he knew. Even if he didn’t, he didn’t know what to say to wiggle himself out of this, so he’ll just let 127 draw his own conclusions.

“You said you weren’t injured.” 127 announced as he abruptly got up from the chair in one swift movement. His face was disgruntled as his eyes swept him up and down.

“58 didn’t actually get taken down by a Nomu.” 127 said matter of factly before he took a step back and ran his hand over his scaled head. His face scrunched up and he let out a heavy breath. “Honzo hasn’t called for our agency again. In fact, no one has heard from him since that weekend and his company is starting to crumble. Something happened that night. What happened?”

27 gave a small shrug as 127 steadily stalked towards him. His footsteps were silent but it seemed loud to his ears. Every step he took forward, it felt like it was adding pressure on his shoulders. He forced himself to stay still when 127 paused his stride a foot away with his stance widening like he was expecting an attack.

“What happened to 58? What happened to Honzo? What did you do?” 127 growled lowly.

127’s face was unreadable despite him looking for the cracks in the carefully blank face he held. Shivers went down his spine as both blank eyes locked onto his and he was suddenly reminded of who he was dealing with.

This wasn’t just some transporter or errand boy, this was 127. Somehow along the way, he’s relaxed around him and had put what 127 actually does for the Miasma at the back of his mind. His job wasn’t just gaining intel for Miasma, he was a hired hitman. A trained killer with more experience than he has and has killed more people than he could count on two hands.

127’s blank look fell away and was suddenly filled with exasperation at the sound of grunt. He quickly turned on his feet with his hands crossed across his chest and one foot tapping as he looked out the window. A minute didn’t pass by before the large scaled head of 148 peaked in.

“You’re supposed to wait in the car.” 127 sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose when 148 clawed his way in through the window. “You’re like a herd of elephants I swear. If I didn’t put those sleeping pills in her drink, I’m sure we’d both be laughing our asses off right now.”

148 large body thunked against the floor when he finally managed to scramble into the room. He quickly stood up and brushed off his pants. His small black eyes blinked rapidly as his thin long tongue flickered out in the air as he took in his surroundings before it locked onto him.

27’s head hit against the wall when he jerked his head away when 148 suddenly appeared in front of him. He resisted the urge to gag as his rancid breath fanned across his face with the other’s thin forked tongue uncomfortably close to him. He could hear 148 chew his gum so loudly that it was the only thing he could hear over his racing heart.

“You were in distress.” 148’s deep voice shook his bones as he talked to 127 without turning away from him.

“Stop trying to smell my feelings, you can’t do it. Besides, it’s just weird no matter how you phrase it.” 127 grumbled. “And I was fine! Go back to the car! We’re just finishing up here.”

Undeterred by the order,148 didn’t move a muscle and continued to analyze him. 27 kept his eyes locked onto 148’s but noticed one claw hand reach up and rested against the wall beside him from his peripheral. The nails clicked against the wall in a slow rhythm as 148 impatiently tapped his finger.

27 often forgot how large 148 was because he always seen him in the distance or sitting in the car. However, he was suddenly reminded of why he was 127’s bodyguard.

148’s whole being reeked of barely contained muscle and power. He was so broad that he blocked his view of the rest of his room and he had to lean over to keep his head from bumping into the ceiling. His arms were hidden under a black shirt but he could still see how the shirt looked like it wanted to rip at the seams. His face was so close to him that he could see the individual large, flat, stone colored scales that covered it.

“Babe!” 127 voice was laced with equal amounts of irritation and fondness. “Let’s just go.”

148 still didn’t move from his spot as he glared down. It wasn’t until a smaller set of scaled hands wrapped around his arm, did he let himself get pulled away with only a small grunt as a show of resistance.

“Come on 27,” 127 chirped while he tugged 148 towards the window. Any trace of irritation or anger was erased from his voice and was settled into its natural chipper tone. “You’re going camping.”

Chapter Text

He didn’t like any of this. Not only was his mask on too tight but the people around him kept staring at him. The hand guy was still glaring at him from his spot at the bar, a little blond troll was giving him death looks, and the feral blonde gremlin was giggling far too much every time she looked his way.

27 pulled against his mask as he tried to keep it from digging into his face further than it already has. 127 said that wearing the mask that he had as a kid, was punishment for leaving his newer one at Eraserhead’s apartment and that he’s just going to have to accept it. He just needed time to get used to the constant pressure.

“Why the fuck do we have him here?” The blond kid growled more than he asked. He didn’t look that much younger than him, maybe a year, but the scowl on his face made him look a lot older.

The kid had shaggy, dusty blond hair that framed his face and reached down to partially cover his eyes. He was dressed in what seemed to be a middle school uniform. The only thing that showed that this wasn’t just some middle school kid, was the gas mask that dangling from around his neck and the gun that was strapped to his hip.

“Why do we have this extra player Kurogiri? I thought this one left our party a long time ago.” Shigaraki questioned with his head tilted towards Kurogiri’s direction. Kurogiri didn’t pause as he cleaned a glass behind his bar with a cloth.

“He’s going to be on sale soon. The price is pretty cheap and we could always use some extra hands.”

“Why would we want him when they don’t? I don’t need any defective members.”

“He’s not defective,” Kurogiri sighed as he inspected the now spotless glass. “His cover is about to be blown with the heroes. They can’t use him anymore after that and they want to squeeze as much money as they can out of him. Think of this as a trial run like the rest of them. If he doesn’t work out, we don’t have to buy him. Besides, we already rented him for the night, might as well make use of him.”


“Can he be on my team? I think we would have a lot of fun together!” The girl piped in. 27 couldnt stop from shuffling back a step when the girl looked over at him with sharp golden eyes.

Seeing a girl that young here was also a bit of a shock to him, until he really looked at her. She looked innocent enough at first glance. Her hair was styled in two messy buns on the top of her head, she was particular about how her uniform was adjusted so it looked it’s cutest. The scarf about her neck wasn’t too concerning nor was the backpack that was strapped to her because she hardly paid any attention to it. She always wore a smile on her face that caused her eyes to crinkle at the edges and was just as energetic as she was when he first arrived an hour ago. It was when he looked even closer did she set him on edge.

Her smile was a bit too large for her face and showed way too much of her pointed teeth. It wasn’t friendliness that showed in her eyes, but something sharper, tougher, and harder. Her movements about the bar weren’t as carefree as he first perceived, but were calculated as if everything was carefully considered and measured beforehand.

It was when she pulled out a knife out of nowhere that it confirmed that he was right to be cautious. The way she handled the knife spoke of years of experience. She expertly twirled it between her fingers as she had a one sided conversation with the other kid, without looking down at it. She did end up stopping the twirl to point it close to the kids face saying how she wished she could cut him up because she didn’t know how to handle how cute he was.

“He’s going to join dabi.” Shigaraki’s voice broke their eye contact as she turned to frown at him.

“But he already has Twice!” She whined at him with a pout on he face. “You can’t put someone that cute with Dabi, what if his ugly spreads?”

“You’re already paired up with Mustard.”

“But he’s going to do his own thing and leave me all alone. Why can’t I have this one? All Dabi is going to do is stand there with Twice. I need him more than Dabi does.”

“Fine, just stop complaining. Your voice is giving me a headache.” Shigaraki sighed as he rubbed at his temples when Toga squealed in delight. “Kurogiri, open the gate.”

Black mist appeared in the middle of the larger in a spiral formation. It was so close to him that he could feel the cold seep in through it and into his bones. 27 jumped when hands grabbed at his elbow and started to pull him towards the mist. Toga looked up at him with a large grinned right before the fog enveloped them.

It had been a long time since he’s been teleported anywhere, but he was still able to fight off the lingering disorientation once he was through. He wanted a second to fully get his bearings on where he was but Toga wasn’t having it. A spark of irritation flared in his chest as she dragged him across a clearing to another group, but it was quickly smothered as adrenaline kicked in.

The group wasn’t that large and look like a bunch of random people thrown together, but his body was screaming at him to run. A man in a full body suit was pacing back and forth on the outskirts of the group with a hand tugging on his full faced mask as he argued with himself. There was a tall man who wore a smooth white mask with black details that created a replica of a face on its front. He didn’t seem too concerned about what was happening around him but was more focused on the marbles in his hands. A guy with some sort of lizard mutation was sitting crossed legged on the ground with an assortment of swords in his lap but was talking to a red headed individual next to him. There was another guy who was cladded in leather and an assortment of belts that strapped his arms to his sides. He was crouched at the edge forest hunched over himself as he murmured to himself. However, the one who caught his eye was the black haired guy in the middle of the group.

His demeanor was the exact opposite of Toga’s. Visibly she was filled with rapid, chaotic movements, but had that deep stillness within. 10 once told him that still waters run deep and this guy was the epitome of it. He was still and carried a false sense of calm and boredom on the outside, but his eyes betrayed the underlying anger that was simmering underneath.

It was only when he was a few feet away did he manage to tear his eyes away from the others and notice the burns. The burnt skin was pulled taut by staples that held it onto healthy skin. The staples looked like it struggled to keep everything together as the guy moved. The burnt skin was cracked in areas with small scabs that had formed around his jaw and the edges of his mouth from constant wear and tear. But what time and time again that caught his attention was his eyes.

The blue eyes felt like they were dissecting him piece by piece as he was pulled closer and he had to resist the urge to dig his feet into the dirt to delay the inevitable. Toga giggled beside him when he flinched back when he gathered the rest of the groups attention.

“Is that everyone?” The guy asked flatly as he shoved his hands into his pockets.

“Yup! Look at this guy Dabi! Shigaraki said I get to keep him!” Toga replied with a slight tilt of her head. Her grin became even sharper as she emphasized that he was going with her.

Dabi either didn’t see the underlying threat she gave or didn’t care as he took a step forward. 27 fought to remain still as the hand grabbed at the collar of his shirt and pulled him closer. 27 vaguely heard Toga give a whine behind him and say something but he muted it out in favor of giving Dabi his full attention.

Dabi was so close, 27 could feel his abnormally hot breath on his face as he scrutinized him. He didn’t know if it was his imagination or not, but the hand on his shirt felt like it was getting hotter and that Dabi smells vaguely like burnt flesh. It was only when he thought he was going to be burned by the overheating hand on his shirt, his mask gave out a click that broke the silence.

“Time to get started.” Dabi announced as abruptly let go of his shirt and took a step back. His eyes didn’t leave his as he started to give orders for everyone to split off. Dabi only looked away to give a head jerk to the guy in the full body suit to indicate for him to follow. “Muscular has left a while ago, but he knows the plan. Everyone meet back here when it’s done.”

The groups slowly cleared out before it was only the kid from before;that he now learned was named Mustard, and Toga remained with him in the field. Mustard didn’t seem too pleased about the situation he was in, but stilltold them to catch the fuck up when he started walking into the forest.

Their group didn’t last too long. Mustard left when Toga started to gush about how cute he was again and that she wanted to see him bloody. When she moved closer to him with a knife, he shoved a gas mask over his face with a huff and yelled over his shoulder as he left that he hopes she chokes. She didn’t seemed concerned by the declaration as she laughed him off and called out that she’ll see him later while she strapped her own mask over her face. Once done, she handed him a mask and told him to put it on.

It was a relatively thick material, but it wasn’t hard plastic like the one had. It was soft but obviously contained some sort of filter but it was flexible enough to slip on over his own Miasma mask.

“So! I don’t think we said what the goal was!” Toga said breaking the silence. Her movements were still high energy as she bounced slightly on her feet as she walked, but her eyes were focused as they darted back and forth. “You see, there’s this cute little boy they want! He’s a bit of a firecracker but he is so cute when he scowls! His whole face scrunches up and it is so adorable. The league reeealllyyy wants him! I think it would be good to have another friend my age in the group you know? It’s filled with so many old people, it needs someone fresh! Names like Barkugone Katsureki or something like that. They said to focus on getting him, but really I’m here to get some blood! Preferably from only cute people! Do you think UA has a lot of cute people? I think so. I saw them at the sports festival and-”

27 stumbled forward at the mention of UA and straightened his posture before she could notice. She didn’t even turn to him as she continued to ramble, but he felt like the world was tilting beneath him.

He is where Eraserhead is. He’s where the whole class is. He’s where he told the Miasma they would be. He was the one that told them where the camp was, essentially he was the one that allowed this attack to happen. What threw him off was their goal. They were after Bakugou, but why? The last time he saw the League, they were after All Might. No, motive doesn’t really matter, the only thing that counts is that they are after him.

Did he give information on Bakugou? Maybe just a little about his personality and about his quirk, but they should have learned most of that during the sports festival. He did mention the sports festival on how they...oh.. He told them how and what UA had used to restrain Bakugou for the ending ceremony.

27 stomach dropped and he resisted the urge to throw up. He could still hear Toga’s chattering over the sound of his heart pounding in his ears. His hands clenched at his side tight enough that his nails dug into his skin and drew blood. Focus, that’s what he needs to do.

What’s done is done and he can’t do anything about it now. The only thing that he could do is focus on this job and make sure he doesn’t get recognized. Is that even necessary? Was he finished? Back at the bar they did mention that the Miasma was going to sell him soon. Is that how he’s going to get out? Get pawned off from one place to another and the cycle of him being given away will continue until he’s no longer useful or dead.

“You know, it’s not very cute if you ignore me.”

27 took a step back when Toga was suddenly in front of him. Her mask that she was wearing, made her that much more intimidating and better portrayed how dangerous she was. The mask has a series of metal tubing that looped throughout for circulation and covered the majority of her face. Her smile might of been covered but she must have wanted people to know what it looked like. The scarf around her neck had teeth pattern details in it that created a simplistic version of her own large smile.

“You don’t talk much huh?” Toga continued when he didn’t respond. “That’s alright, I can talk for the both of us if that makes you happy. Or better yet, it’s probably a good idea to keep quiet. It’s almost time now.”

27 followed her gaze to the floor and saw a small fog that started to swirl beneath their feet. At first it was faint, something that he could play off as a trick of the eyes, but then it started to get darker and rise higher. Toga was unperturbed by it, in fact her excitement increased the thicker the fog grew.

Toga’s eyes crinkled at the corners as she smiled under her mask. When he took a step forward to continue, her arm shot out and the flat of her hand pressed against his chest to still his movements. She brought a finger up to where her lips would be then tilted her head to the side.

The forest that was once alive with chirps of birds was now dead silent as the quirk set to work. They stood there like that with her hand on him and her head tilted to the side until they heard shouts coming from the distance.

“Oh! They sound pretty cute! We should go that way!” Toga said as she pointed with her weapon in hand. “It’s time to get a move on!”

It surprised 27 how quick she started to move after her declaration. She was fast and nimble as she ran through the forest. There was no hesitancy in her steps as weaved through the trees, despite the floor being obscured by the purple fog.

The further they moved, the less concentrated the fog became. His vision was soon clear of the purple tint that it had earlier, but he still didn’t dare to take the mask off. He could feel his legs protest the intense running as they went, but just when he thought he’d risk taking a break, Toga stopped abruptly in front of him.

She was absolutely still with her hand reached out beside her in the universal sign to stop. Her head was tilted to the side and her eyes were sweeping the area in front of them. He was about to become concerned with how long they were standing there, until he saw her weight shift on her feet. It was as if someone suddenly pressed play on her as she suddenly darted off the path and started to climb a tree that overlooked the path.

27 quickly took the hint and went to the tree closest to him and climbed. The bark was rough under his fingertips as he pulled himself up from branch to branch. He kept watch of Toga from the corner of his eye as he climbed. He didn’t want to risk losing sight of her for a multitude of reasons.

He needed to know where she was at all times. If he lost her he wouldn’t know what would happen. He knew that if he was left by himself, he’d wander around the woods that he didn’t know how to navigate. He’d end up lost until someone picked him up, and that might not be one of the members of the league. Another reason he kept an eye on her, is that Toga was dangerous. He didn’t trust her and didn’t see it happening anytime in the future. Her sense of what is or what is admiration was screwed and the way she acted on it worse. She could turn and attack him just as soon as she would help him.

27 paused his climbing when she stopped. He adjusted his spot on the branch so one hand was pressed against the trunk and both of his feet were planted firmly on the branch below him. He squared his shoulders so he was partially facing her but also facing the path below.

Toga bounced on the balls of her feet lightly as sounds of footsteps approached. She pulled out a knife with her free hand as she leaned over to watch the scene. He had the sudden realization that she reminded him of a stone gargoyle with how she was position and how still she was, but instead of a protector of the people, she was picking her targets.

It wasn't too long before two people holding hands appeared. 27 immediately recognized them as Asui and Uraraka and felt his stomach clench. He knew he was going to come across people he knew sooner or later, but everything suddenly felt too real in that moment. Their footsteps too loud, the bark too rough under his fingertips, even the wind felt like sandpaper across his skin.

Uraraka’s eyes were large as she looked around frantically and was leaning into Asui as they went down the path. Her steps were shaking as she walked but she was moving. Unlike her, Asui was walking as confidently as she always does. Her head was swiveling slightly as she calmly took in their surroundings but she was also murming assurances that everything was going to be fine as she pulled Uraraka along the path.

They didn't move as the hero students walked below them. Toga’s eyes had narrowed and were completely focused on her targets below and didn’t look like she was breathing. She waited until they walked around a bend in the path before she jumped down from the tree. She looked up at him, her eyes wrinkled in happiness while she waved him down.

“They’re cute! I think they would be perfect, don’t you?”

27 kept his face blank as he replied with a shrug before he climbed down. Perfect for what? He had no idea what her goal was or what she was looking for. She always talked too fast and in an odd way that took him a second to figure out what she actually meant. All he knew that she wanted someone she thought was cute, but other than that, he has no idea what. He could fathom a guess and say it has to do with her quirk, but he didn’t want to assume with a person like her.

He followed Toga off the path and into the bushes. He winced anytime a twig snapped under his foot or he stumbled over a root. While he only made sound occasionally, once again she remained completely silent as they went after the two students. It was unnerving the way she moved through the forest, it reminded him too much of a predator stalking its prey.

Just when he thought they were just going to watch them from afar, Toga darted out of the bushes and onto the path to pass the two girls. She got a couple of feet in front of them before she slowed down and pivoted on a foot to turn and face them. 27 blinked in surprise when he saw that the knife that was strapped to her side was now in her hands and had blood dripping down its edge.

“Ocacho is your arm okay?” Asui asked steadily as she kept focused on Toga.

“It’s just grazed me, I’m fine.” Uraraka replied with her hand pressed against her arm. Her white shirt was slowly becoming red beneath her fingertips as she applied pressure.

“It was mean to suddenly come out and start slashing at us! Who are you?” Asui questioned after she gave a glance at Uraraka as if to make sure that she was telling the truth.

“I’m Toga. Oooo I was right! You two are cute! Uraraka and Asui,” Toga said, her voice light and pointed her knife as each student as she stated their names.

Uraraka’s eyes went wide and glanced quickly at Asui before it went to Toga. “She knows our names.”

“Maybe from the sports festival? In any case, she knows who we are and our quirks, which puts us at a disadvantage.”

27 winced slightly at that, but started to move closer to them. Asui was right, but he doesn’t think she doesn’t know how right she was. If the League decided to buy the cheap information on them, they know more than what they could gain from the sports festival. Not only that, she wasn’t even aware of how many others were in the forest with Toga or that Toga wasn’t alone right now.

“There’s not enough blood.” Toga pouted to herself. With her free hand, she reached behind he back and pulled out a part from the machine that was strapped to her back. A metal cylinder with a tube that attached it to the machine was now in grasped her hand.. “Normally I’d suck it out directly from the cut to get more, but this machine will start sucking if I just stick it in. So my work will progress very quickly.” Toga said dreamily as she pressed a button, which caused a needle to come out from one end. “And I’m going to stick it in.”

He saw it before Uraraka did. Toga shift her weight from her heels to the balls of her feet right before she shot forward with her knife leading the way. Uraraka’s eyes widen even further and she managed to shout out a warning before a tongue wrapped around her and she was hurtling through the air.

27 watched Toga get bored as Asui ordered for Uraraka to run back to camp. She seemed happy enough to let them have a moment to talk at the start but her patience was draining quickly. He could see how impatient she was getting with the way she rolled her shoulders to loosen them up and the way she kept fidgeting in her spot. It seemed that Asui saying that she was also going to escape had pushed it too far for Toga.

Uraraka shouted Tsu out as a warning mere seconds before the attack. Without the warning and Asui’s quick reflexes, he doubted that she would have been able to avoid the knife to the face with the only consequence being a cut to the tongue.

“Tsu..Tsu.. Tsu!” Toga murmured until it was an excited exclamation. She turned her face away from him and looked over her shoulder. She tugged down the mask to display the growing smile to Asui. “What a cute nickname! I’m going to call you that too.”

“The only people that can call me that are the ones I want to be friends with.” Asui replied quickly, her voice wavering slightly. 27 could see the confidence that Asui once carried wither in Toga’s presence. Her stance was less sure and her voice started to tremble as she started to realize how dangerous the person she was dealing with was.

Toga turned quickly and threw her weapon when Asui jumped aside to avoid an initial blow. Toga’s mouth curled sharply at the edges when Asui was pinned to the tree by her hair. She let her hands rest against her side as she casually strolled up to the trapped girl, ignoring Uraraka’s shouts.

“Yay! I’m your friends too right?” Toga asked as she leaned into Asui’s space. Her eyes immediately focused on the blood that stained on the corner of the other girls mouth. When Toga continued, her voice no longer held the lilt it did but was deeper and carried a sense of seriousness that he hasn't heard from her before. “You’re bleeding my friend, Tsu. You are so cute and with the blood, you’re even cuter. I love blood.”

27 watched as Uraraka charge at Toga at the same time as Toga lunged at her. He thought for a second that he should have stepped in, but glad he didn’t when Uraraka grabbed her wrist and the back of her neck and slammed Toga to the ground. He could hear the knife fall the ground as Uraraka straddles her to keep her on the ground.

Toga looked up from the ground and made eye contact with him as the girls talked about what they should do next. She raised an eyebrow at him before her eyes darted towards Asui against the tree. It took him a second to realize what she wanted, but he gave her a nod and then jerked his head towards Uraraka, which earned him a sharp smile.

“Ochaco, you’re wonderful too. You have the same smell as me, so there must be someone you like right?” Toga asked interrupting the girls. 27 took this as his chance to move when Uraraka visibly faltered. Her once determined face slowly morphed into confusion until it settled into mortification.

27 moved around as Toga continued to distract Uraraka. He managed to circle them unseen by going from bush to bush until he was by the tree Asui was stuck into. Toga gave him a second warning by giving him a slight nod before she jammed her device into Uraraka’s leg.

He darted out of the bushes and grabbed Asui’s tongue that shot out at the sound of Uraraka’s scream. The corded muscle felt weird and was slightly slippery under his grasp but he managed to keep his hold onto it. He heard the surprise shout of Asui as he turned and used his weight to throw her over his shoulder. He tried not to think too hard when she let out a muffled scream as she was torn from the tree.

As soon as her back hit the ground, he immediately pinned her on her stomach while she was still breathless. He could hear her wheeze as he got on top of her and put her in a similar hold Uraraka had on Toga. He kept his knees on her upper shoulders, with the rest of his weight pressed against the top of her back, and pressed her face into the ground to stop her from using her tongue with his hand.

“Took you long enough, I didn’t think you were ever going to do anything.I almost thought you were going to hide out in the bushes forever.” Toga called out.

27 looked over and saw that now Toga was straddling a struggling Uraraka. The look on her face as she held the syringe into Uraraka’s leg made his stomach twist. He could feel Asui try to move beneath him when she regained her breath, but he pressed his knees in sharper into her back to discourage her.

He did want to stay in the bushes forever. Some irrational part of him hoped that if he kept silent, out of sight, and never came into contact with anyone from UA, he could keep his cover. That he could continue what he has been doing .

However, that thinking was illogical and he needed to gasp the facts. He needed to start thinking about his future. His cover has been unstable since the start and it’s about to be blown any time now and the Miasma knows it. He needed to get sold, he didn’t want to think about what would happen if he didn’t. If he could make the League happy with how he performed, it would guarantee that someone would take him . He needs to throw all his eggs into one basket and it had to be this.

“I think I’ve had enough of Ochako here.” Toga said drawing him out of his thoughts. She had leaned back and was holding up a red vial in the air as she marveled at it. She turned the vial this way and watched as the blood swirled. “I think I want some of that cutie also.” Her eyes quickly darted away from Toga and onto Asui who started to struggle again underneath him.

“Aren’t we supposed to meet everyone in the clearing right now?” His voice sounded scratchy and rough to his ears as he blurted out the question. Toga opened her mouth before shutting it abruptly as she thought. Her face scrunched up in concentration before she let out a huff.

“But we were just starting to have so much fun.” Toga sighed longingly. She placed her weapons back in there spots before she reached down and carded her hand into Uraraka’s hair. Toga leaned down and whispered something into her ear, that cause Uraraka to go deathly white before she gave a shaky nod. “Alright! Let’s make our getaway, I’ll race you there!”

27 was almost surprised that Asui didn’t attack once he released her to follow Toga into the woods. Instead she went directly to Uraraka to check on her. Maybe he shouldn't have been as surprised as he was considering who they were. Asui did mention earlier that they weren’t allowed to use their quirks to defeat villains but to only escape. They were also more concerned about each other than themselves, if he based it on the display he had just witnessed. Anytime one of them had a chance to escape, they’d rush back in to help the other girl out.

It was almost naive if he thought about it. They kept attacking her like they would have been able to defeat her, even with the disadvantages they had both acknowledged they had. They should have gotten away while they could. If they wanted to play hero, they could have just returned with back up of some kind, instead of fighting a losing battle. It was just irrational and he couldn’t fully grasp it. Maybe that’s what makes them the hero students and him a Number.

“Looks like we are late!” Toga called over her shoulder as she burst out into the clearing with long strides. “We have to hurry or we will miss all the fun!”

27 wrinkled his nose inconfusion before it dropped when he entered the clearing. It was chaos. There were large chunks of ice that were formed in seemingly random places and people were scattered everywhere. He noticed a group of students collected together towards the center of the field but the villains were scattered around them.


Both sides of the fight looked ready to fight but it wasn’t hard to determine who would win in the end. The league might have lost some of their numbers, but other than the guy with the white mask having crumbled clothes, the rest of them didn’t look like they had a scratch on them. The league’s condition was a stark contrast to the students who looked like they were about to fall over any second. They all looked dirty, ran ragged, and were obviously injured. There were cuts and bruises that covered their bodies, but the worst off one had to Midoriya who had both arms in splints.

He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief when he saw Todoroki, Midoriya and Shoji suddenly start running in the opposite direction. He had thought they would continue to fight until they lost or couldn’t move anymore, but at least someone in the group had realized there wasn’t a possibility of them winning this. The relief was short lived when their exit was cut off when Kurogiri suddenly appeared. His heart pounded in his chest as he saw Toga took advantage of the shock and ran out in a dead sprint straight towards the group of students. After a split second of hesitation, he was close on her tail.

“I’m Toga, Izuku!” She chirped as she threw her weapon at him which he narrowly avoided. As injured as he was, Izuku didn’t stand a chance against her He was soon on his back and on the floor with Toga pressing a foot against Izuku’s arm.

27 was legs protested as he pushed even harder to close the distance between them. Toga’s arm reached far above her head as she was ready to plunge a knife into Midoriya, but he could see someone else running towards the two of them at an alarming speed.

There was only a split second difference between him grabbing Toga’s arm and pulling her off Midoriya and avoiding the attack from Shoji. 27 gritted his teeth as he felt the wind on his face as Shoji’s hand was mere centimeters from his face. He skidded back on his feet as he changed direction with Toga in his grasp to avoid the hit that Shoji followed through with.

They were still too close to him and Shoji’s reach was far longer than theirs. He needed to get them back away from them before it prompted Toga to go back to attacking or Shoji from attacking to protect his friend.

27 let his knife slip out of his sleeve and sent it towards Shoji when he took a step forward. He didn’t bother to look back to see if the knife hit his target or not as he turned to pull Toga in the other direction. However if he went by the surprised shout, it must have landed.

“Let us go Dabi.”

The tension leaked out of his shoulders at the order by Kurogiri but it wasn’t over yet. He kept his hold tight and he kept his eyes trained on the warp point as he sprinted. He felt her tug on his hold as she attempted to go back but was discouraged when the man in the grey and black spandex blocked her way. He made is strides longer and was practically dragging Toga behind him when he finally made they finally made it.

After stepping through the warp, he only had a split second warning before he let go of Toga’s arm to avoid getting stabbed. He quickly backed up to void the knife that was coming from her other hand. His nerves felt like they were on fire as a last bit of adrenaline pumped through his veins to get ready for a fight, but she only scowled at him.

“That’s enough Toga.” Shigaraki sighed from his spot at the bar. Toga rolled her eyes and mumbled that they were only playing before she took her own seat at the bar.

27 finally felt like he could breathe for the first time since this has started when he saw everyone come through the mist. It was over, it was over. No one was hurt and they didn’t get Bakugou. The league didn’t succeed, but he didn’t fail his mission either. It was the best possible outcome he could have hoped for. He didn’t do a lot, but he did just enough not to raise too much suspicion.

“Let me the fuck go!”

Those five words caused everything to crash down around him. 27 turned back towards the portal with wide eyes as he saw Dabi leading Bakugou by his throat.

“Make any sudden movements and I’ll burn you.” Dabi deadpanned.

“So we can fucking match?” Bakugou snarled back as one hand clutched at the one at his throat. Dabi didn’t see the need to respond to that besides curling his fingers tighter around his neck.

“Twice, grab the restraining equipment.” Shigaraki ordered as he got up from the bar.

“On it!” The man in the spandex suit said, before shaking his head. “What am I? Some sort of lackey?

“That’s exactly what you are, so hurry up.” Dabi retorted. Twice grumbled about how it was bullshit but left the room anyways to presumably get what was asked of him.

“Perhaps it would be better to keep him in the marble until it’s time?” the man in the yellow trench coat interjected. “It would be easier to contain him until we have need of him.”

It wasn’t too long after Shigaraki nodded his head in agreement that Bakugou soon disappeared in front of them in a flash of light.

“Now, let us prepare for what we should do next.”


27 was exhausted and it wasn’t because of the attack from the camp. After Bakugou was turned into the marble, all the league members started to regroup. Twice returned with metal bracers and a mask and tossed them on the counter before joining the discussion that started to take place.

They all seemed to ignore him as they talked about what happened at the camp, which is what he preferred. It wasn’t until they started to mention they lost three of their colleagues that the attention was brought back onto him. He could feel at least one pair of eyes on him at all times as they went through who did what, why certain members failed, and who they needed to join the group.

It was a giant relief to see 127 walk through the front door when Toga started to talk with a lot of fanfare about what happened. The only one that seemed to keep up with her or understand what she was actually saying was Twice, who nodded along with a finger on his chin as he hummed in acknowledgement.

127 was confident as he strode in, despite the reactions from the other person who had a mutant quirk who pointed one of his swords at him. 127 wasn’t phased as a sword was pressed against his neck as the other demanded to tell them who he was. 127 shrugged and said his name before saying he was here to pick him up. Even with that, the League member didn’t drop the sword till Shigaraki told him to put it down. The league member didn’t look impressed but managed to look even less impressed when 127 winked at him and asked for his name.

The tension seemed to escalate until 148 stumbled into the bar. 148 let out a deep sigh as he took in the stand off between the smirking 127 and the scowling man that said his name was Spinner. 27 swore he heard 148 mumble under his breath that he has a type before saying groughly that they need to go now.

27 took that as his chance to slowly shuffle sideways around 127 who was now leaning into Spinners space. 27 felt his heart jump to his throat when 148 growled next to him when 127’s nose was practically touching Spinners. He felt his knees lock when 148 took a step forward towards the two. Just when he thought 148 was going to attack, 127 reached out behind Spinner and grabbed one of the liquor bottles that was on the counter. He leaned back with a smile and held up the ambered liquid with a laugh. With that, 148 quickly escorted them both out, keeping his large frame in between them and the rest of the league as 127 was throwing thank you’s over his shoulder.

The car ride was just as bad as if not worse than the interactions at the hideout. He tried to ignore them as he quickly changed into what he was wearing earlier and take the mask off, but it was difficult. His jaw let out a loud click as he moved it around to stretch it out. Normally the sound would make them turn to look his way, but they were both arguing with each other. Well, more like a one sided argument.

148 was glaring at the road the whole ride with the steering wheel in a death grip. 127 was the one trying to joke with him about what had happened in the bar. When that didn’t remove the scowl or the intimidating aurora that formed around his partner, he started to talk about the future.

It was a bitter sweet as 127 rambled on about what they were going to do after they stopped working for the Miasma. No matter how much he can fantasize about it, they all knew what was going to happen. 148 still had fifteen years before he could get out and 127 only had three. The three years was just a courtesy number they had given him, but in reality he’s there for how long they want him. 127 knew too much about the organization and was far too valuable to allow to just walk off. After the three years, they all know 127 wouldn’t bring up his release, he’d keep his head down and continue to what he does.

127 and 148 were still talking about moving to a tropical Island somewhere as he got out of the car.The half the block walk from the car to the apartment seemed like the longest walk in his life. He ended up dragging his feet as he walked and couldn’t bring himself to be any quieter. The window was still open from when he had left and he it was easy work pushing it up and climbing in through the window.

“Thought you were slick huh?”

27’s head turned so fast to the sound of the voice that he thought he heard his own neck pop. He felt his eyes widen as he stared at Ms. Joke sitting in the corner in a leather chair. One leg was thrown over the side of the armrest and the other was planted on the floor. In her lap she had a stuffed white cat that was dressed in one of the wild wild pussy cats outfits that she was petting dramatically.

His eyebrows furrowed when he realized that the leather chair wasn't here when he had left the room. Did she really move the chair here when he was gone? Wait, that’s not important. He needs to stay focused and not let her throw him off.

“Sleeping pills huh?” Ms. Joke questioned. Her face was blank as she stared at him. The laugh lines were still visible on the corner of her eyes, but the lack of humor in her face made him fidget in his spot. “Those didn’t work to well huh? To be fair if it was anyone else, it probably would have knocked them out longer than two hours. HOWEVER!” She swung her leg off the armrest and onto the floor with a stomp. “My girl friends quirk is a lot stronger than that and I’m used to that! So spill the beans!”

27 kept his mouth shut. No way was he going to say anything. He doesn’t know exactly what she knows or how much she knows. He’d let he draw her own conclusions of what’s happening and go from there.

“Time to change tactics then!” Ms Joke declared after a couple of minutes in silence. She leaned forward on her chair with her arms resting against her knees as she made eye contact with him. “I know you weren’t the one to drug me. I do not keep sleeping pills in the apartment and I know that Eraser didn’t send you here with some. Now, I also know that I was with you the whole time until you went to bed. There was no time for you to drug my water before drinking it because I didn't get myself some until after you went into your room. I also know, that who ever did it, had to be skilled enough for me not to notice them in the apartment. Which means this was just not you wanting to spend a night out on the town.”

He was so fucked. This was it. Everything was over. He’s too tired, caught too unaware, and had no excuse to give to her. Anytime he tried to find an excuse, it would slip out of his grasp. His cover was blown just like the Miasma thought it was going to be. Hell, maybe they did this all on purpose and they planned for it to happen this way.

“Also kid,” Ms Joke said, bringing him back into the present. “I can still see a mask imprint on your face.”