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The Last Resort

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“Mommy? Where are we going?” Shinsou asks as he was strapped into his car seat. He looked up quizzically at his mom as she gave him a backpack stuffed with clothes and his favorite plush cat.

“We are just going to a trip to see some of mommy’s friends okay?” She replied, giving him a small sad smile. She double checked that he was properly in his car seat before she got into the front seat and started the car.

Shinsou scrunched up his face at the look his mom gave him, he didn’t think there was a reason she should be sad today. He was good today, he did everything his mom asked and he even avoided asking questions like she asked. No matter what he did, his mom would give him the same sad smile and pat his head while she thanked him.

He just wanted it to go back to normal. He wanted to go back before he got his quirk a month ago. His mom used to smile and hug him all the time. Now he either gets these sad looks or a terrified one if he had used his quirk. He’s trying not use it, but it’s so hard not to. It feels like an itch on his forehead, only going away if he uses his quirk or enough time has passed.

Shinsou started to get more nervous and confused the father they traveled from home and how dark it was getting outside. He kept asking his moms questions on where they’re going and how long it would take. At first, she’d respond with ‘We’re almost there’ and ‘Not too long now’, until she finally stopped answering and Shinsou was left staring at back of her head. He hugged his cat tightly to his chest as he settled down with his forehead resting against the window as he watched the sky slowly darken.

He doesn’t remember falling asleep, but he slowly came too when he felt the car stop and heard a door slam shut. He sat up and rubbed his eye with the back of his hand, as he looked out the window at hi mother. His mom walked up to a man and women and started talking to them. She occasionally looked back to the car but mainly kept her focus on the people in front of her. Shinsou shifted and pressed his hands and face against the window truing to get a better look at them.

The man couldn’t have been too much taller than Shinsou. He was short and round and waddled a bit as he moved around, kind of reminded Shinsou of a penguin. He was balding at the top, but still had limp black hair around the side of his head. What made him so unnerving to Shinsou was the man’s sharp grin filled with equally sharp teeth.

The woman was standing up ramrod straight, with a bulky bag tight in one hand and a set of papers in another. She was about the same height of his mom, not tall but not short, and had short cropped black hair. Her face was pursed unhappily and continued to become more contorted as they continued talking. The women suddenly held out the stack of paperwork to his mom and looked at her expectantly. He saw his mom turn to look at him with the same sad smile he’s been getting all month, before she turns her back to him to sign the papers.

“Hey kid, get out the car.” A rough voice said from behind him. Shinsou jolted in his seat and whipped his head towards the voice.

A lady was leaning into the car with her arm resting on the roof. She had long blonde hair that partially covered her face as she folded in on herself to get into the car. Even with her hair in her face, Shinsou could still make out a shiny black eye staring at him. Shinsou hugged his stuff toy tighter when she reached in with a scar riddled arm, and a single large circular scar on her palm.

“Come on kid,” She grunted as she grabbed his ankle and started to pull him across the seats. Shinsou fell on his stomach at the movement letting out a small ‘oof’. He made one last-ditch effort to stay in the car and reached for the car door handle but ended up grabbing onto his backpack as he slide out the car.
She placed him on his feet once she got him out and them motioning for him to move. She let out an irritated sigh when he just stared at her, and roughly grabbed his upper arm, pulling him in the direction of his mom. He sent his mom a bewildered look as soon as they reached the small gathering, but she refused to look at him.

“Mom?” he whispered trying to get her attention, but she turned her head away from him and snatched the bag out from the black-haired women’s hand.

“Pleasure doing business with you Ms. Shinsou.” The man chortled giving her a slight bow as she walked to the car.

“Mom?” he murmured as he watched her go, her soft purple ringlet hair swaying behind her as she walked to the car.

“Mom!” he shouted, panicking he tried pulling his arm away from the lady, but she had him in a vice grip. He struggled harder when he saw his mom enter the car, the grip on his arm impossible tightened. Ignoring the pain that it caused, he increased his efforts. “Let me go!”

“MOM!” he cried out, as heard the revving of the engines. He kicked frantically at the lady holding him, but she didn’t so much as flinch at the assault.

“I always hate this part.” The black hair lady murmured from beside him.

He froze in his spot as he saw his car back up and turn away. It felt unreal as he watched his mom slowly drive back down the road they came from until it went out of view. Even then he refused to look from that spot, holding his breath in hopes it’d turn around.

“Oh shut it Memory, you know it’s necessary.” The scarred women growled out from behind him. “They need to know, they’re not coming back. If not, we’re going to hear years of whining. ‘Where’s my family?’ and ‘when can I go home?’ and that’s the most annoying thing. At least this way, its once and done.”

“I guess you’re right.”

Shinsou felt his arm get pulled hard; rough enough to cause him to stumble back, but he managed to keep his eyes trained on the road. “Come on kid, if you haven’t realized it yet, she’s not coming back.”

“Mom?” he whimpered as he was pulled along, he dug his heels into the dirt in a halfhearted attempt to stay, unwilling to completely give up yet. He felt empty, like everything was moving around him but he was frozen in time. He barely paid any attention to anything around him, vision tunneling to the spot where the car had disappeared to.

Suddenly a face entered his view, beady black eyes glaring into his own. She grabbed both of his shoulders and shook him roughly causing his head to whip back and forth with the movement. “Listen to me kid. She’s not fucking coming back, get it through your thick skull. She sold you for a measly one hundred twelve thousand-yen, mere pocket change.”

“What.” He whispered, staring at her with large eyes.

She gave him a glare as she stood back up, taking his backpack from him and slinging it over her shoulder. She placed her hand on the back of his neck and steered him towards their car. “Tough luck kid. We bought you for your quirk. In exchange she got rid of a problem kid and some extra spending cash. Must have been too much for her to handle you. It must be a giant relief to finally rid of you.” She glanced down at him and let out a sigh when she saw tears start to stream down his face. “Look kid, a quirk like yours? You’re bound to end up with us sooner or later. At least now we can train you, you’ll be more prepared, protected, and you will last longer than the others who start so late.”

She forced him into the back seat once she opened the door, throwing his backpack after him before getting in herself. Shinsou looked at her and went to grab the door handle on his side but was met with metal. The lady let out an amused chuckle and told him he wasn’t the first one to try that. He turned away as he felt heat rush to his cheeks in embarrassment. He turned his head slightly to look out the back window, to watch the road as they drove in the opposite direction his mom went.

“Wipe those tears kid, we don’t like criers here. You’ll have plenty more reasons to cry about later.”

He let out a sniffle and harshly rubbed his face with the back of his arm to get rid of any remaining tears. Shinsou gave one last longingly look out the window before turning away.