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100 Days of Rinch

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“Do we really have to do this?” John groaned and ran a hand down over his face. “I’m already a good dancer, Harold. I can prove it.” He wrapped his arm around Harold’s waist and pulled him flush against him.

Harold let out a surprised, ‘oof,’ as he collided with his partner in the elevator. John grabbed his hand and twirled him around. “See?” He pulled Harold in close again, pressing a kiss on his slightly parted lips.

Harold scoffed and slapped him in the arm, rolling his eyes. “While that was somewhat… surprising… you still need help,” he chastised him lightly, “a lot of help. So quit complaining. The wedding is in two weeks and I’ll be damned if our first dance together isn’t perfect.”

John sighed and sulked into the ballroom with his partner for their dance lesson.