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Sleepy Kitty

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Aizawa let his head drift up, his long black locks rolling off his face. His dark brown eyes connected to pair of emerald eyes and before he could stop himself, he felt his lips quirk up slightly into a small smile behind his capture weapon.

His beautiful sunshine of a boyfriend smiled at him and the hero felt his heart seize up a bit. He'll never get use to that angelic smile, "Yes Izu? What is it that you need?" The boy fidgeted -cute- before replying in a soft tone, "B-Bakugous messing with me again.."

Aizawa bit down the growl that was tempted to crawl from his throat, then opened his arms, "Come on bunny, cuddles help right?" Izuku smiled and walked over before sitting in the heroes lap nuzzling into his neck. Aizawa chuckled the greenette's hair tickling him.

The older male hummed as he relaxed back into his chair, seeing as they were out in the open at the front of his class. He shook his head tightening his grip around Izuku. Making sure his boyfriend was comfortable was more important than keeping their relationship secret.

He listened to the smaller male breathing hearing it was slowing down. He let his head rest back, letting his own eyes rest and soon both boys were asleep.


Class 1-a soon returned only to be gifted with an unexpected sight, Aizawa, there homeroom teacher, was holding the body of Izuku Midoriya who was nuzzled into his neck both sleeping peacefully. Well..that's what they thought..

Aizawa cracked his eye open staring at the class and didn't hold back the growl upon seeing Bakugou already hearing small sizzling. "You dare wake him, I'll expel every single one of you and put down reasons on your permanent record of why you shouldn't be accepted into any other school"

The class decided not to test their luck with that theory and took a seat quickly.. Atleast that was the plan till a loud hand slam on Aizawa's desk it scarring the desk as it popped with explosions. At the sudden slap the green haired boy popped up eyes slightly wide with fear.

"YOUR A GODDAMN FAGGOT DEKU, GET THE FUCK OUT OF M Y SCHOOL YOU USELESS SLUT-" Bakugou was sent tumbling back gasping as his cheek was stinging and a handprint was left burning red. Aizawa glared darkly making the ash blonde tense, "Bakugou..Katsuki..Get the f u c k out of my class and go to the principles office while I still have self control to not hang your ass up by your dick"

Bakugou gulped before scrambling up and ran, his pride be damned. Izuku whimpered and curled in on himself on Aizawa's chair tears burning his eyes till he felt Aizawa's hand place itself on his shoulder, the rest of the class standing behind him concern.

"Don't listen to him..He has his head too stuck up his ass to realize your are not a faggot nor a slut..your a beautiful male who deserves the world and more" The class showed their agreement making Izuku smiled happily