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Good for Something

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Monoma sauntered in, surveying the gym until he spotted him. Shinsou was doing pull ups towards the back of the gym, which Monoma had recently learned was routine ever since the sports festival. He walked closer he got a better look at the general studies student. Some of his wild purple hair clung to his sweaty forehead, the rest looking messier than usual (Monoma was surprised Shinsou’s hair could get more wild). The blonde walked as elegantly as he could up to the bench near the other boy before he quietly bent over to put down his bag. Shinsou watched Monoma bend over, he was wearing a gaudy tracksuit, the kind that would say ‘juicy’ over the ass, and Shinsou was almost surprised that it didn't. Monoma spent his sweet time digging through his bag, finally pulling out a water bottle and sitting down on the bench.


Monoma needed to copy Shinsou’s quirk. Ever since he saw it in action it had been constantly at the back of his mind. He just needed to touch him.


Monoma could have just bumped into him in the halls, that would have done the trick, but that was so boring. Besides, Shinsou himself was also on his mind, especially since he had started to bulk up. He also felt like they were similar, in a way.


“You need something?”


“Just enjoying the view”


Shinsou seemed to slightly taken aback by the response, but quickly regained his composure. A couple more minutes passed before Monoma spoke again.


“You interest me, Shinsou Hitoshi.”


“How so?”


Shinsou didn't stop his pull ups, but he slowed his pace, still not looking at the other boy.


“In more ways than one, but Id like to talk to you about something in particular”


Shinsou grunted in response, and Monoma took it as an invitation to continue.


“Were the same, Shinsou. Our quirks. They are strong, but powerless if we are alone. We both depend on others, their bodies or their quirks, and that makes people uncomfortable, doesn't it?”


He seemed to have caught Shinsou’s interest, because the boy had dropped down from the bar and was now standing under it, arms crossed.


“People don’t like it, they don’t like the idea of being used. You know that more than anyone, don’t you?”


“Where are you going with this?”


Shinsou eyed him with a face Monoma had a hard time reading, but it seemed like a cautious curiosity.


“I just wanted to tell you, I think it's unfair that you’re not in a hero course. The test was built against you from the start, I got in through dumb luck. I happened to have strong people around me.”


Shinsou was a little surprised by his brazen admittance of getting in with luck and not skill. Monoma wouldn't have said that kind of thing to anyone in 1-B and especially 1-A. Maybe he judged this guy a little too quickly.


“But I know you’re going to be a hero. It's going to happen. You might have to use unconventional means, but you'll get there, and you'll be a great hero, I can tell.”


Monoma had stood up and started to walk closer to him as he talked, trying to make as much eye contact as he could with Shinsou avoiding his gaze




Shinsou was blushing. Monoma knew stroking his ego would work. Nothing he had said was a lie, though. He fully believed in Shinsou, it just wasn't something he would normally say. Shinsou was sporting a small, half smile half smirk, the white of his teeth peeking from between his lips. He rubbed the back of his neck. Monoma was a little concerned with how much that turned him on.


“How do you train your quirk? Who do you practice it on?”


“I don’t really practice it much, I dont exactly have a line of eager volunteers.”


Shinsou was looking less stiff than when they had started talking, Monoma noted.


“You have one.”


Before Shinsou could react, Monoma was moving closer to him.


“Use your quirk on me, Shinsou.”


This wasn't a part of Monomas originally plan, he was supposed to get close to him and just touch him a little....but fuck it. He knew he had made the right choice when he saw Shinsou tense at his words.


“You dont want me too”


Shinsou said it as a statement.


“Use it on me to practice. Besides, im kinda curious to see how it works first hand.”


“You trust me? You barley-”

“Yes” Monoma interrupted.




“I dont have anything else going on.”


“Well, shit uh...”


Shinsou looked around the gym quickly, there were a few students working out here or there.


“I dont do that in public, I dont want somebody to assume im doing it without consent and start a fight, so....”


Shinsou ran his hand through his hair.


“My room?”


Monoma nodded.