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A Marriage Proposal Run

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On a perfect, peaceful, and sunny afternoon in Konoha, the Hatake couple arrive at the large doors of the Hokage compound. The silver-haired Rokudaime hokage raises his right hand to knock on the black wooden doors, whilst his other hand gently holds onto his beloved’s hand, but before his hand can even touch the dark wood, the door abruptly opens shooting out two small shadows whom immediately latch onto said ex-hokage.


“Kashi-jiichan!!” screams both of the devils his grandchildren with identical faces and shining blue eyes, though one blond and the other raven. Kakashi grimaces from the loud noise, but immediately replaces his expression with a big smile behind his dark mask, patting the two fluffy heads.


“Now how come only Kashi-jiichan gets a hug?” a fake-sad voice says from beside Kakashi, immediately causing the two kids to jump off the Rokudaime and latch onto the brunette squealing happily, making said brunette laugh happily at the children's antics. Kakashi sighs lightly to himself, but smiles watching Iruka’s happy expressions as he cuddles the yellow and black balls of fluff.  


“Boruto! Menma!” shouts a familiar voice, “Where are you two? Stop foolin-...” Naruto pops his head out the door frame and stops as he sees his precious Iruka-sensei, and in his opinion, the less important and pervy Kakashi-sensei. “Ah… Tou-chan.. You’re already here?? You’re so early!” the Nanadaime hokage exclaims happily and somewhat shocked.


“Sorry Naru-chan for showing up so early.. Kashi and I finished our lunch earlier than we anticipated so we thought we could come by to relieve you and Sasuke-kun earlier too - so that you two could have more of your much earned alone time.” Iruka smiles back brightly, shifting his arms slightly to carry the twins better. Naruto only blushes lightly and scratches his neck a bit embarrassed. “Thank you for your consideration tou-chan.. But you really didn’t have to!”


“Nonsense. We’re happy to be here to take care of our three precious grandchildren anyways.” the brunette smiles gently at the twins in his arms. “Ruka-jiichan! We really missed you and Kashi-jiichan!” exclaims Boruto, with Menma nodding animatedly agreeing to his twin’s exclamation.


Iruka laughs again, “Ahh, but you and Menma-chan just saw me and Kashi-jiichan only yesterday…” Boruto pouts cutely, “That’s already too long though!” Menma nods agreeing again and moves in to nuzzle Iruka’s chest, tightening his grip on Iruka’s light turquoise Hatake-clan branded haori. Iruka only proceeds to continue giggling lightly with Kakashi snickering, both enjoying their two grandchildren’s cute behaviour.


Naruto smiles brightly at the scene and opens the door wider to let Iruka and Kakashi enter into the compound. “Maa.. Tou-chan, you spoil these two too much.” Iruka ignores Naruto rude comment and continues to walk into the main house holding onto the twins firmly in his arms. Kakashi only laughs quietly behind his mask at Naruto’s sulking face.


Laughing and catching up with the days’ events, the Hatake couple and Uzumaki-Uchiha trio make their way to the main living room of the house, to find a certain raven-haired Uchiha with a small cute similarly raven-haired young girl with whiskers on her cheeks in his arms.


“Oh, Sasuke-kun and Himawari-chan! There you two are!” Iruka happily bounds his way to Sasuke with the twins still animatedly chatting nonsense to the brunette. Sasuke responds with a small rare smile that he reserves for family, “Otou-san, it’s good to see you.” he then directs his eyes to his silver-haired sensei who gives a closed eyed smile back, “You and Kakashi are quite early though.” Iruka smiles again, “Yes, yes. Naruto has already scrutinized us for that…” the brunette glares at the blonde whisker-cheeked boy standing next to Kakashi sheepishly,  “We finished lunch early, so we thought we could come earlier to let the both of you have more time together and of course, spend more time with our cute grandkids!” he finishes shooting a loving smile at Himawari.


Himawari’s eyes sparkle at Iruka’s face and the way her two older brothers were latched onto him. “Jiichan!” she struggles out of Sasuke’s hold, who lets her down onto the ground gently, and runs to hug onto Iruka’s leg. “Hold me too!”


The silver-haired Rokudaime hokage uses this chance to move forward and pick up the small squealing Himawari, as Sasuke walks to stand next to his blonde lover happily sighing quietly. The young raven-haired Uzumaki-Uchiha daughter hugs onto her grandpa Kakashi tightly, nuzzling her face into the crook of his neck cutely.


The Hatake couple make eye contact with the respective Uzumaki-Uchiha kids latched onto their bodies and share a loving and happy smile, both thinking the same thing. “Life is perfect right now.”


Iruka finally sets the two non-stop chatterboxes onto the ground and turns around to look at the Uzumaki-Uchiha couple happily but with a hint of deviousness, “As much as Kashi loves an audience… You two aren’t really going to stand there and watch all day, are you? Or will you make full use of this RARE chance of free time with each other?” the brunette putting specific emphasis on the word “rare”.


The silver-haired sensei continues to hold onto Himawari as he watches the amusing exchange between his husband and his two ex-students - who are currently blushing like preteens on their first date. The two devil twins have yet again found a way to happily attach themselves to Iruka, when Sasuke and Naruto abruptly thank their two adoptive fathers for helping them watch their kids, kiss all their children goodbye and make a quick escape out the Hokage compound hand-in-hand.


“Well that Sasuke-baka is quick as always” Kakashi snorts, as he goes over to sit down on the big orange colored sofa in the living room with Himawari safe in his arms. His husband laughs and follows having picked up the twin blonde and black-haired boys to carry again. “Oh Kashi, if we were in their shoes, I’m sure you would have *shunshinned out of here the minute they arrived.”


Menma suddenly wiggles out of Iruka’s hold and sits up looking at the brunette with innocent sparkling blue eyes of curiosity. The blonde, Boruto, then follows his slightly younger brother after making eye contact with him.


“Ne, ne.. Ruka-jiichan” Menma starts, “Where are papa and tou-chan going?” his eyes sparkling in wonder, head tilting slightly. Now it was Boruto’s turn to nod animatedly to his brother’s question. Iruka finds this immensely amusing and proceeds to say with a smile, “Hmm, well it’s your papa and tou-chan’s wedding anniversary today.”


Boruto then tilts his head in more curiosity, “What does a ‘wedding anniversary’ mean?” Kakashi chuckles quietly, now carrying onto a sleeping Himawari who fell asleep from being too excited before. “Well a wedding anniversary is a day to celebrate two people getting married.” Iruka tries to explain in a simple way.


“What does getting married mean then?” Menma counters. A light blush forms on the tanned man’s face as he is left speechless, surprised at the question. Kakashi feels a bit bad for his husband but does not try to help him, only simply wonders when Boruto and Menma entered the questioning phase - they weren’t like this yesterday!


"Ruka-jiichan, how did you and Kashi-jiichan get married?" two sets of matching sparkling blue, cerulean eyes look at Iruka expectantly. Kakashi immediately snap his head to look at Iruka and the two boys on his lap with anxious eyes, knowing fully well where this was going and only wishing that the sofa would just eat him up. This helps pop the academy principal out of his moment of mortification and causes him to giggle quietly, smiling, "Well, that is a funny story actually. I suppose I should thank your papa and tou-chan for making it exciting though." he giggles some more and touches the scar above his nose lightly, "It all started on a moonlit night.."


At that moment, Kakashi’s soul floated out of his body.


*Shunshin: The Body Flicker Technique