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The room was bathed in soft lighting that seemed to be coming from the skirting board. The pale blue glow illuminated up the walls, and when you sat down on the sleek bed Tony led you to, you couldn't help smiling at the twinkling lights that peaked out of the dark ceiling like miniature constellations. The whole room was modern and stylish, with a seemingly monochrome palette; bar the funky lighting... which you thought was a genius solution to his problem, considering you knew Tony was afraid of the dark after Afghanistan and New York.

Reaching up, you cupped his face, your thumbs tracing around his precisely trimmed goatee, before you pulled him down to your level. Your lips had barely touched his when your tongue gave a sultry swipe, and you tried not to smirk when he immediately gave in to your silent request. Your hands moved to wrap around his neck, before you leant backwards to pull Tony on top of you. He groaned into your mouth as his more than obvious arousal brushed against your thigh, and a myriad of thoughts flashed through your mind; all focused on how to rid him of his clothes without breaking your kiss.

His waist coat and shirt were easy enough, at least after Tony propped himself up on his hands so you could reach the buttons. However, he seemed just as intent on remaining lip locked with you, which meant actually removing the articles was a bit of a rig-moral; by the time you were trying to slide his trousers down his thighs, you couldn't stop giggling. The pair of you had shuffled and swayed side to side so much it had felt like you were on a boat. It was ridiculous, but you couldn't help stealing another quick kiss before letting Tony stand to kick off his shoes, as well as lose his trousers and socks.

You sat up, the skirt of the demure black dress you'd worn to dinner riding high up your thighs, but you didn't bother to correct it. If you had your way, the silky number would soon be discarded on the floor, preferably along with the racy lace lingerie you wore underneath. However, your first goal was to rid Tony of the snug black boxers and form fitting, white vest top he still wore.

You grinned up at him, trying not to make it obvious that you were wondering what was beneath the top. Because even after working and living in close quarters with Tony for over a year, you had still never seen the man topless. But now after your fifth date... one where you finally got your thrilling drive in his latest covertable, followed by grabbing some famous New York pizza and a couple of beers... Tony had invited you up to his suite. So the last thing you wanted to do was make him nervous or uncomfortable, especially since you knew he'd only been with Pepper since Afghanistan. So you let your hands slowly creep beneath his top, gradually pushing it upwards to reveal nicely defined abs. But before you reached his chest, Tony obviously had a change of heart... or at least a break in confidence.

Lightly grabbing hold of your wrists, he pulled your questing hands away from his warm body, and with a gentle push, had you sprawling back across his bed with your feet still planted on the floor. Heck knew the picture you must have made, but from the way that he grinned down at you, Tony was loving the sight. To your surprise, instead of joining you, he opted for kneeling between your slightly parted legs. His palms smoothed up them, starting at your ankles and travelling to your thighs, pushing the silk of your dress up to your hips. You heard his hum of approval, which was the only warning you got as he deftly rid you of the lace that had covered your core; though Tony chose to leave your thigh high stockings and killer high heels exactly where they were.

With gentle pressure he eased your legs wider apart, before his hands ran back up your thighs, until his slightly calloused thumbs caressed either side of your core. As he continued those maddeningly slow strokes, you could feel his breath ghost over you, making you squirm... and even if you knew this was more a diversion tactic then anything, you really couldn't find it in you to complain. Especially when Tony started placing sucking kisses over your heated flesh, before a sudden swipe of his tongue across your most sensitive bundle of nerves made you jump. You could feel his chuckle against you, even as he started a slow deliberate rhythm as he licked your core; his thumbs stroking the crease of your hips in time to his tongue. It felt good, yet oddly relaxing; but whilst you were enjoying it, you wanted something more.


How he understood what your whispered gasp of his name meant, you'd never know. But he must have, since he began to roll your stockings down, even as he sucked and licked your most sensitive spot. Once he'd removed them and your shoes, your fingers gently wove into his thick brown hair, and gave a careful tug. Tony somehow got the message yet again, because a moment later he was crawling up your body in order to capture your lips with his. The hard length of him pressed against your core, and you couldn't help the little whine of frustration that it was still hidden from you.

“Tony... I want to see you,” you managed, in between kisses. “Can I?”

“It's not a pretty sight,” he muttered into the crook of your neck. “I don't want you running scared now I've finally got you in my bed.”

You almost... almost... rolled your eyes at Tony's stilted attempt at humour, but you saw it for what it was: a defence mechanism. It was what he did, and though you hated that he felt the need to use it, it didn't phase you. It was one of Tony's quirks, and you adored him regardless. Even his warning didn't surprise you; you could see the faint glow of the arc reactor after all, and knew it was why he wore the tank top in the first place, to hide the light whilst wearing a suit. Just knowing what he'd been through made it obvious that his chest was hardly going to be unscathed, but it was Tony, and any part was going to be sexy as hell. You told him as much, earning you a pleased chuckle.

“Don't say I didn't warn you,” he cautioned, his smile turning a little strained.

“I'm not going anywhere,” you assured, cupping his face. “But if you're not comfortable, that's totally fine.”

You could smell the sandalwood and vetiver scent of his cologne as he leant down to kiss you, the press of his lips strong but sweet. You got the impression he was trying to put his feelings into actions, since words seemed to have failed him; though that didn't stop him from pulling away to whisper:

“I'll show you mine, if you show me yours.”

A laugh was startled out of you at his childish teasing, but you let him help you up, turning obligingly so he could reach the zipper at the back of your dress. Tony kissed down your back as he pulled the fastener lower; a pleasant shiver rippling down your spine as he eased the silk from your shoulders, letting the dress pool at your feet. His lips found the side of your neck, as his skilful fingers deftly unclasped your bra. The moment it was discarded you turned to face him, wasting no time freeing him from his snug boxers. Teasingly, you lightly stroked the length of him, pulling a ragged groan from him, before your hands began to creep beneath his tank top.

This time when you got to his chest, Tony took a deep breath before grabbing the hem of his top and quickly pulling it off. It was more like ripping off a plaster than something sexy, but you could appreciate he was probably wanting to do it before he lost his nerve... showing he had a weakness was already far beyond Tony's usual comfort zone, so you didn't hold it against him. Even Tony Stark couldn't be a sex god all the time.

However you still hadn't gotten a good look at his chest, since the moment the top was off, Tony had pulled you into a tight embrace; though you could feel the myriad of scars as you bare breasts rubbed against his naked torso. A gasp escaped you, not because it was unpleasant, but because you could finally feel his skin against yours. Scarred or not, it felt amazing, and you kissed him hungrily before pulling away to finally see.

The first thing you actually noticed was that the arc reactor glowed with the same pale blue as the lights along the skirting board. You smiled at the realisation, not the least bit surprised... you figured Tony found the colour comforting after all the years he'd lived with the piece of technology, and to be honest, you rather liked the hue yourself. You'd have loved to explore, to run your hands and tongue across the newly revealed skin, but you noticed a guarded look entering Tony's eyes, which was the last thing you wanted to see. So you contented yourself with quickly running a hand down his marred torso, whilst playfully licking and nipping at his neck and collarbone, until you could wrap your hand around him. Alternating between tortuously slow and fast enough to make him pant, you caressed the length of him, twisting your wrist with each slide of your palm until Tony suddenly grabbed the back of your thighs and picked you up.

He grinned at you mischievously before dropping you back onto the bed, and you couldn't help laughing as you bounced on the soft mattress. But laughter quickly turned into a drawn out moan, as Tony effortlessly slid two fingers into your heat. His pace was lazy, a tempo he kept even when your rolled your hips to try speed him up. It was driving you mad.


Granted, that was hardly a sonnet of seduction, but Tony had you so wound up that stringing more than a couple of syllables together was too much effort. Somehow he resisted teasing you for it... at least verbally, since her purposefully rubbed his length against the core of you, as he reached up to pull a foil packet from beneath his pillow. You raised an eyebrow, equally amused and intrigued that he'd evidently been confident you'd be going back to his after your date, but that was something to rib him for later.

All you cared about was eagerly watching him roll on the protection, before reaching up to grab him by the back of the neck, and pulling him down into a hungry kiss. You were passed the point of wanting to tease, and thankfully so was Tony. He slid into you with one fluid thrust, and you both moaned at the sensation of having him hilted inside you. He felt delicious, and as you locked your ankles over his lower back, the new angle had him hit all the right places.

Tony leant down on his forearms, bringing your torsos flush as his hands carded through your hair. You weren't sure if it was to be closer to you, or to stop you looking at his chest, but you weren't particularly bothered when he rolled his hips; hitting you right there. Your head tipped back as you sighed in pleasure, affording Tony the opportunity to lick up the column of your throat before nipping your ear lobe.

With unspoken agreement you fell into an easy rhythm, the roll of your hips perfectly mirroring his, even when he reached down and pulled your right leg up to rest over his shoulder. You let out a contented hum, too far gone to give any verbal approval; Tony had already worked hard to get you wound up twice, coherent thought was a long forgotten concept. Your focus was narrowed down to the sandalwood and vetiver scent of him, the taste of wine that still lingered on his tongue, the heat of his skin as your hands scrambled for purchase, and the exquisite friction of his movements.

Then all at once, that steadily building pleasure hit it's peak, your entire body began to lock, chasing the sensation until a final roll of Tony's hips pushed you over the edge. Every single cell of you felt the current, a wave of heat followed by a sensation of calm; even as Tony thrust himself to the hilt one last time, burying his face into the crook of your neck. You contracted around him as he slowly pulled away from you, your sensitive bundle of nerves still feeling electrified from your release, though the rest of your body felt blissfully relaxed. Your muscles so heavy, that even rolling over to cuddle into his side when he returned to bed felt almost like too much effort, but a satisfied smile pulled at your kiss swollen lips, when Tony curled an arm around you shoulders to pull you close.

You were tempted to let your fingers gently caress the arc reactor, and you debated telling him that you didn't mind his scars at all; they weren't ugly, but a symbol of what a complete bad-ass he was. However, you didn't want to risk ruining the contented mood that had settled over you both. Instead, you draped your arm across his stomach, before craning your neck to plant several feather light kisses along his jaw. Tony stifled a yawn as he turned to press his lips to your forehead, and you let your eyes slip close... only for a moment...


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Nervous butterflies flittered around your stomach as you led Bruce through your apartment. It had taken several weeks of dating, and just as many false starts, but you were really hopeful things would go right this time.

You'd made sure to set the mood. The usual lights were off, instead your bedroom was lit with soft fairy lights and gently flickering candles. The air was scented with ylang ylang and jasmine. Soft guitar music was playing just in audible level, and you'd set the room's temperature to be warm but not stifling. You'd pushed your bed to the side of your room, and the empty floor space was filled with an assortment of floor pillows and various types of blankets; from light cotton sheets to warm and fluffy throws.

Bruce's step faltered just over the threshold, his hand squeezing yours tightly. You turned back to face him, a small understanding smile already pulling at your bare lips... every time the two of you had tried to advance your relationship, you'd always dressed up; pretty lingerie, perfect make up. This time you'd opted for a different approach. You'd forgone make up and opted for a simple, navy silk robe to cover up in. Bruce was equally relaxed; a comfortable pair of grey joggers and a classic white tee... essential, the clothes he usually wore when you practised yoga together.

The pair of you had always known you were never going to have a 'normal' sex life, but it wasn't really about that. Both of you wanted to introduce more intimacy in your relationship, and after some extensive research, you'd figured that trying some sort of tantric sex might fit your needs. Or at least you could adapt the idea to suit your slightly unorthodox relationship. There'd been a few instances where you'd tried, always after dates where you'd already dressed up, but the mood had never felt right; and even though you'd assured Bruce every time that it was alright, the night would end with him feeling guilty and you worrying about him.

After the fifth failed attempt, you'd suggested making it intentional, a date night that was solely about exploring intimacy between you... whilst once again insisting you were not expecting anything from the evening except being close to Bruce. So you'd run a bath in your en-suite, decadently adding rose and vanilla bath oil and decorated the warm water with lavender and peach coloured rose petals. Tea light candles surrounded the tub, and you'd managed to find a good quality elderflower presse; since Bruce didn't drink.

However, although your boyfriend knew the premise of the evening, you hadn't told him the details. Which meant stepping into your bedroom was the first time he was confronted with the reality of it all, so to help ease the nerves you knew he'd be feeling, you simply wrapped your arms around Bruce's neck and embraced him tightly. After a moment's hesitation, he hugged you back, and for several minutes you stood holding each other; the gentle music drifting around you.

“Thank you,” he whispered in your ear.

You planted a soft kiss on his cheek as you murmured back: “Remember, there's no end goal tonight. It's just about being together.”

“I know, but...”

“No buts,” you interrupted, lightly kissing his lips. “It's just about relaxing and enjoying each other's company. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“I still can't help think...”

“Well don't,” you teased, gently. “I know what you're going to say, and I'll say what I always say in reply... to be blunt, if I wanted to get off, there's toys for that. I'm perfectly capable of pleasing myself if I want to. But this is not about that, and you know that. If you insist on thinking, use that wonderful sexy brain of yours to think rationally. Tonight is just indulging in uninterrupted time together, where we don't need to worry about our friends, or the press, a mission, or even random fans looking for autographs.”

Bruce offered you a gentle smile, and even in the dim light, you could see the blush trying to creep up his neck. You didn't know if his bashfulness around sex was something inherent to your boyfriend, or a by-product of his forced celibacy, but he always seemed to flush whenever you openly admitted to being able to take care of your own needs. It was kind of adorkable, but you refrained from teasing him about it... just this once.

Instead, your hands slid down his arms until you could lightly catch his hands. You gave him a reassuring smile, as you began to lead him towards your en-suite. Though your smile got wider, when Bruce pulled you into another hug the moment he set his warm, chocolate eyes on the petal filled bath.

To your surprise, your boyfriend took the initiative, turning you in his arms so your back was flush with his torso, in order for him to loosen the silk tie that held your robe together. You glanced at him coyly over you shoulder as the navy material fell to the floor, then without another backward glance, your sauntered over to the large bath. There was a rustle of clothing behind you as you stepped into the fragrant water, and you were dying to look, but a moment later Bruce's hand appeared in your peripheral; a sweet gesture to help you get comfortable in the tub.

Scooting forward slightly, you made enough room for Bruce to slip in behind you, allowing you to settle back against his chest whilst his legs bracketed your hips. Feeling the hair against your skin wasn't a surprise, you had seen your boyfriend topless a handful of times, but it was the first time feeling his naked body against yours. A soft hum of approval escaped you as you reached a hand over your shoulder, your fingers danced along his jawline, and you smiled at the few days worth of stubble you could feel there.

The thick layer of petals bobbed along the surface of the water, effectively hiding most of you from view, but that only added to the romance of the moment. Helped further by Bruce reaching for the rose scented soap; he trailed soft kisses down the back of your neck as he lathered the bar, and you sighed contentedly as he smoothed the fragrant bubbles over your slick skin. Not for the first time, you were immensely gratefully for the lavishly large tube your apartment provided... courtesy of Tony... since it gave you room to shuffle further forward, in order to tip your head back into the water for Bruce to wash your hair.

His fingers were magical as he massaged your scalp, and after he'd helped smooth out the last of the bubbles from your locks, you insisted on returning the favour. However, turning proved more fraught than you'd imagined, and a surge of water splashed over the side, dousing several tea lights. Unable to help yourself, you started to chuckle, with your boyfriend promptly joining in... you really should have known you couldn't escaped at least on hitch, not that it really mattered.

Still giggling slightly, you knelt in between Bruce's legs, and after helping him to wet his curly hair, you got the chance to repay his careful attention. But all too soon the water began to cool, and instead of topping it up, you both opted to move your evening to your bedroom.

Of course, exiting the tub was hardly an elegant affair, but once again you didn't care, especially when it ended in Bruce wrapping you up in a fluffy towel. In between stealing kisses, you helped dry one another, before you leant over to grab the untouched drinks and your boyfriend insisted on pulling on his purple boxes again. He gave you an embarrassed smile when you raised an eyebrow in question, but he managed not to blush when he explained it was a precaution against any wayward bodily fluids that might happen.

You really couldn't fault him for the thought, in fact you were rather thankful and touched by it, which you naturally let him know. Bruce's shoulders sagged in obvious relief, but you chose not to comment as you led the way back into your room; not at all bothered that you were now the only one naked. You were more than happy with the situation when your boyfriend pulled you into a hug from behind, his large hands smoothing over your midriff as he cuddled you close.

“I hope you realise how beautiful you are,” he whispered.

A small smile tugged at your mouth as you turned in his arms, your hands cradling his face as you placed a lingering kiss against his unresisting lips. Slowly, the pair of you sank onto the mountain of floor cushions. Your fingers naturally wandered to his hairy chest as he gently laid you down, and you were pleased to noticed his custom Stark watch didn't start bleeping, even as you wrapped a leg over his hip. He smoothed a hand along your thigh, calf and down towards your foot; lightly squeezing to relieve tension you didn't even realise you had there.

Your breath seemed to naturally synchronise, and Bruce's gaze was warm as he propped himself up on an elbow to look down at you. You weren't entirely sure how long you spent simply smiling at each other, but eventually your hands moved up to his shoulders, where you gave a light squeeze. You were not expecting the drawn out moan that escaped your boyfriend, but considering he spent his days hunched over a lab table... or literally Hulking out... you probably shouldn't have been surprise.

“Alright, roll on your front,” you instructed, chuckling.

Bruce readily complied as you reached for the ylang ylang and jasmine scented massage oil that you'd stashed nearby, just in case. Whilst he got comfortable, you warmed a generous splash in your hands, before smoothing it down his surprisingly toned back. Kneeling beside him, your hands glided across his skin as you worked out a multitude of kinks and knots, smiling to yourself at each gasp or contented sigh you managed to pull from your boyfriend. You worked from his neck and shoulders, down to the Apollo dimples just above his rear. You were debating dipping beneath his boxers, when Bruce decided to roll over, catching you by surprised and pulling you down to sprawl across his torso.

You gasped as his warm hand immediately found your thigh, smoothing up towards your apex. To say you hadn't actually expected the night to go in that direction was an understatement, but when no sudden beeping came from his watch, Bruce ran a finger either side of your core. Without really thinking, you let your legs fall wider open, whilst your head rested comfortably against his shoulder.

His touch was languid, thoughtful, and just when you were about to accuse him of teasing, Bruce carefully dipped a finger inside you. The pace was tortuously slow, but that didn't stop your hips from rocking up to meet each lazy thrust of his hand. Though you'd always been adamant that you didn't need a sex life to be happy with him, you were hardly going to argue with the turn of events... and as long as there was no sound from the watch's built in heart monitor, you knew there was no problem.

So you gasped and writhed beneath Bruce's hand, driven crazy by the deliberately maddening pace he set. His free hand had come into play, caressing and stroking any part of your bare skin he could reach, even as he added a second and then a third finger inside of you. You were almost shaking with need before his thumb found your most sensitive bundle of nerves, and you promptly forgot to listen out for the bleeping when he crooked his fingers just so. Your body tensed as your release hit you completely unexpected, and you were only vaguely aware of Bruce gently kissing your face as he eased you through the after shocks. You were left boneless in his embrace.


That was about as articulate as you were going to get any time soon, not that Bruce seemed to mind. His smile was rather self-satisfied, and you would have rolled your eyes at his uncustomary male bravado... expect you figured it was actually rather well earned. And all was forgiven the moment Bruce leant down to press a soft kiss to your forehead, before leaning over you to snag one of the fluffy throws that made your sumptuous pillow island.

A contented hum escaped as he draped the warm fabric over both of you, and you blindly searched behind you until you managed to catch hold of his hand. Shuffling backwards until you were flush with Bruce's torso, you smiled as he moulded himself around you; his arm curling securely over your waist, even as your fingers remained entwined with his. He kissed the back of your shoulder before settling down, and your eyes began to grow heavy. You felt a faint breeze drift over you, ruffling your hair, and even through closed eyes you know FRIDAY had just controlled the air conditioning to blow out the candles for you.

You meant to thank her, but your words came out a surprisingly big yawn. Bruce chuckled behind you, before pulling you tighter into him. Your smile was back as you snuggled into your warm cocoon. You knew you should probably talk a little, discuss how successful your night had proven to be and figure out if there was anything you could do for him in the future. But as you stifled another yawn you figured you could talk later... after a few minutes rest, not a second longer...


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Laughing, you fell back onto Clint's messy bed, bouncing slightly as you hit the lumpy mattress. You weren't exactly surprised Lucky had managed to trip you up. The dog whined as the archer ushered him out of the bedroom, scratching at the closed door for a moment, before presumably wandering to the lounge of Clint's run down apartment.

He'd seemed embarrassed by the state of the place, and even the neighbourhood it was in, which wasn't the best. But it was closer than Stark Tower, and you got the feeling that it was kind of significant for Hawkeye to bring you there; you got the feeling that probably only Natasha knew about this place, especially since Clint usually spent time in the new apartment Tony had set up for him at the Compound.

“If I thought for a moment you'd actually say yes, I'd have tidied up the place.”

You smiled up at Clint as he clambered on the bed to join you. It wasn't as if the apartment was awful, granted you'd spied a stack of old pizza boxes in the tiny kitchenette, and the couch had looked pretty tread-bare when he'd led you through the small lounge area. Sure, there was a mound of laundry in the corner of his room, and the entire place had a barren and rundown feel to it, but it wasn't the worst bachelor pad you'd ever seen. It wasn't dirty, for instance, just dishevelled and a little neglected... kind of like Clint when you'd first met.

“It's not that bad,” you assured.

You reached for him, your hands immediately skimming under the hem of his t-shirt. Both your shoes and his jacket had already been discarded in the hall, and after his 'breakfast date' comment earlier, both of you knew exactly why you'd agreed to come over. There didn't seem any point trying to be coy about it, and from Clint's appreciative smile, you guessed he felt the same. Especially since the moment you got his t-shirt off, he was immediately reaching for the button of your cropped jeans.

Grinning, you lifted you hips so he could slide the denim off your legs, and you quickly returned the favour; leaving him clad in simple plum boxers, as you straddled his lap whilst he sat on the edge of the bed. His hands rested on your waist before sliding up your torso, taking your off-the-shoulder top up with each movement. Feeling a little impatient, you whipped the offending article off, dropping it to join the rest of the pile of discarded clothing.

Clint's slightly calloused hands smoothed their way to your back, and for a moment you figured he was going for the clasp of your bra, until you felt yourself gently being tipped back. Smirking, you complied, confident you looked good in the violet satin lingerie you had worn... just in case.

“Fuck! You're gorgeous,” he complimented, sounding a little awed.

Without warning he tugged you back to him, your nearly bare torso pressing against his naked one. His skin was warm against yours, and you let a contented sigh escape as he buried his face in the crook of your neck. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders immediately, hugging him tight. In that instance, as he pulled you impossibly closer, you realised that somehow something had changed. You knew that whatever was about to happen between you two was no longer going to be just fucking, there was emotion there... far more than friends with some sexual attraction.

His lips were soft and his stubble pleasantly scratchy as he kissed a path from your neck, across your collar bone towards the top of your breasts. You giggled as his tongue darted out to lick your cleavage, and you could feel him smile against your skin, as his kisses continued to the other side of your neck. His lips travelled up the column of your throat and along your jaw, until he captured your mouth with his.

You licked the seam of his lips, not at all surprised you could still taste a faint hint of coffee as his tongue began a languid dance with yours. The kiss was intense but unhurried, and even as Clint deftly unhooked your bra and slid the straps down your arms, he didn't even try to pull away to look. The material remained pressed between your bodies until he carefully rolled you onto your back, but even then he didn't break the kiss, instead reaching between you before blindly throwing your bra to a corner of his room.

His palm was warm as he cupped your left breast, his touch confident yet light as he stroked your skin. And still he kissed you, slow and thorough, until the need for air grew too great for either of. But even as he pulled away slightly, his eyes remained locked with yours, despite his hand now wandering down to your hip.

The intensity in his gaze took you by surprise, and you were so close that you finally realised that his gorgeous eyes were not an unusual blue like you'd always thought, but a striking sea green. There was hardly any room between your bodies, but you managed to snake a hand down his torso, over his subtly defined abs and the enticing trail of blonde hair, until your fingers toyed with the waist band of his boxers.

Your free hand gripped his delicious bicep as your other teasingly dipped beneath the plum coloured fabric... you could already feel his obvious arousal against your thigh, and though you couldn't drag your gaze away from his captivating eyes, you desperately wanted to feel him. Clint must have felt the same need, because with surprising finesse he managed to divest you both of your final articles of clothing.

Your fingers closed around his length at the same moment his hand rested over your heat. His forehead fell to rest against yours, his free hand tangling in your hair, but his eyes remained locked with yours; you knew Clint was known for his superior sight, but being the focus of his gaze so intimately was something else... it took your breath away.

“You are the most beautiful thing I have ever fucking seen,” he whispered, huskily.

But instead of replying all you could do was moan appreciatively, as he slowly slipped a finger inside you. You didn't even feel embarrassed by how ready you were for him, being on the receiving end of his gaze was intoxicating; coupled his naked skin pressed against yours, you were almost surprised you hadn't pounced on him yet.

He bit his lower lip, obviously trying to stop the pleased smile from forming, evidently proud of your reaction. For a split second you debated calling him out on it, until a second finger joined the first; you gasped his name, barely registering you'd started stroking him to the same rhythm he was touching you, as he crooked his fingers just so.

“So fucking beautiful,” he muttered, pressing his forehead a little firmer against you.

It was impossible to look away from his eyes, even as his thumb found your most sensitive bundle of nerves. You felt as if he was staring at you, trying to discover and catalogue your tells... knowing Clint, he probably was. Because surprisingly quickly he seemed to know exactly how you liked to be touched, and all too soon you were too distracted to split your attention. Your hand left his length to clamp onto his thigh, fighting the urge to shut your eyes as a familiar warmth began to pool in you. However you lost the fight, your head tipping back and Clint's name somewhere amongst the drawn out moan that escaped you as you suddenly peaked.

He eased you through the aftershocks, but instead of feeling satisfied and languid, a fresh wave of heat shot through you as you watched him suck his fingers clean... because fuck, that was hot. Clint smirked at you knowingly, before leaning down to kiss you deeply.

“Not too tired out I hope,” he murmured against your lips.

“There's a condom in my back pocket,” you replied, only sounding slightly out of breath.

His smirk got wider as he shimmied down your body, pausing to place a cheeky kiss at the apex of your thighs, before leaning over the side of the bed... and promptly fell off. You scrambled to your knees as fast as your blissed out body would let you, and couldn't help chuckling at the sight of a clearly embarrassed Clint blinking up at you.

“Smooth, bird brain,” you teased.

He frowned at you for a moment, and you couldn't help staring until it suddenly clicked... the fall must have knocked his hearing aids out. Because they were so sleek and small, there was no hope you'd find them before completely losing the mood, a fact Clint must have realised too.

“Okay... this looks bad,” he stated allowed.

Smiling gently, you shook your head, reaching for your jeans and easily pulling the foil packet out of your back pocket. You tore it open, before sliding off the bed to straddle Clint's thighs. He was still obviously aroused despite the set back, and you quickly rolled on the protection, only to glance up at finding him staring at you; though this time his gaze was more surprised than intense.

You raised an eyebrow, signing: What? Changed your mind?

Clint frantically shook his head, replying: Fuck no! I just thought...

Grinning, you leant forward to steady yourself on his toned chest, before easily sliding down onto his length. You sighed at the delicious fullness as he groaned your name, and you couldn't help moving to sit up; his hardness encased in your heat.

You're a dork, but it's part of your charm.

He laughed, reaching up to grab your hands and pulling you to lean over him again. You pinned his hands to the floor, your fingers entwined as you began to rock your hips. Clint moved his hands up, effectively pulling you down and close enough for his lips to find yours. You moaned into the kiss as he bucked up to meet you, and soon your hands left his in order to tangle in his short blonde hair. Clint's strong arms wrapped around your waist, holding you close as you took the turn to rest your forehead against his.

The smile he gave you was incredibly sweet, almost adoring, and once again you knew this wasn't about getting laid. You'd always figured that sex with Clint would be fun and fast paced... because yes, you had fantasised about it before. But although you were obviously enjoying yourself, you were blown away by how focused he'd been before, and how gentle and... dare you say... loving he was now.

Your pace remained indulgently slow, not caring how the old carpet was cold and scratchy against your knees, and Clint didn't seem to mind lying on the hard floor as you undulated above him. He drew his knees up behind you, changing the angle and giving more force to his thrusts. From the way his hands twitched against your back you had a feeling he was close; you didn't mind, you'd already found your release. So you sat back, prepared to give him the ride of his life, but apparently, Clint cared. His hand snaked back around to your front, his thumb finding your sensitive bundle of nerves again, just as your rhythm picked up pace.

Just as you ground down on him, Clint surged up to meet you. His large hand wrapping around the back of your head and pulling you into a bruising kiss. It was that fierce press of his lips against yours that sent you over the edge. You gasped against his mouth, your heat fluttering around his length, as his hand that had been playing with you suddenly gripped your thigh tightly. His muffled groan had you pulsing him around him a final time, and after an exhausted sigh Clint flopped back, pulling you with him.

Your cheek rested against his chest, and as he slowly slid out of you, you couldn't help giggling softly. Despite the unspoken emotions you knew lay behind what had happened, you still felt thoroughly fuck, and glancing up at Clint, you saw he looked utterly debauched... it was a good look, and you were about to tell him so, until you remembered the missing hearing aids.

With more effort than you'd care to admit, you rolled off him, kneeling to the side in order to check the pile of discarded clothing. Immediately figuring out what you were doing, Clint kissed the back of your shoulder in silent thanks, before taking a moment to clean himself up, then moving to check under the bed. It didn't take long for you to both triumphantly find your prizes, and you carefully handed Clint the discreet, clear coloured hearing aid.

After dusting them both off, he popped the small ITEs back in his ears, before prompting grabbing you around the waist and pulled you back onto the bed. Laughing, you snagged his rumpled duvet to throw over you both, and it only took a moment to get comfortable; Clint lying on his back with his arm curled around you, whilst your head rested on his shoulder and your leg slung over his.

“Tell me that was just as fucking good for you...” he said, pressing his lips to your forehead.

You hummed, pretending to think. “Bed hair, check. Kiss swollen lips, check. Feeling like my legs are going to collapse if I try standing again, check... Yeah, you weren't half bad, Hawkeye.”

Clint snorted. “Remind me why I like you?”

“Because I'm gorgeous, sexy, put up with your jokes and just blew your mind?”

“Yeah... they're pretty good reasons,” he agreed, squeezing you tight.

“So... when you kicking me out of bed?” you teased.

“The only reason I'd kick you out of bed would be to fuck you on the floor again,” he retorted.

“Now there's a thought,” you laughed, cuddling into him. “But I think we should try the bed next.”

“Stay the night,” he mumbled, stifling a yawn. “You can do your walk of shame tomorrow...”

“The fuck?” you laughed. “Walk of shame, my arse. I'll be fucking proud to walk through the tower in the same clothes I wore today. If we have sex just before I head back, I'll have the 'thoroughly fucked' look to go with it.”

Grinning, he pulled you impossibly closer. “You say the most romantic things, babe.”

Chapter Text

Staying completely still was actually a lot harder than you'd ever expected, staying completely still whilst completely naked was a-whole-nother ball game. But at least the air was warm, and the bed... Steve's bed... that you were seated on was comfortable; covered with sumptuous silk sheets.

It wasn't the first time Steve had ever asked to sketch you. In the past six months of dating, your boyfriend had drawn you plenty of times. Some spare of the moment, some more posed like a pin up girl. However, when Steve had shyly approached you that morning, bashfully asking if you'd model for him again, you knew he had something a little different in mind. But the fact he practically tripped over his own tongue, when he finally got around to asking if you'd be willing to pose nude... after treating you to an early dinner first... you couldn't help laugh.

Naturally you'd agreed, trying not to laugh further when Steve hurriedly promised there was no 'funny business' behind his request. Because of course there wasn't. It wasn't like you hadn't tried to get Steve into bed the first few months you dated, before giving up after accepting he was just that old fashioned. You didn't mind too much, after all, dating Steve came with a lot more pros than the con of sustained sexual frustration; you just made it a priority to have uninterrupted time alone immediately after any dates you went on.

So after assuring him that you knew he was going to be a perfect gentleman, you waved him off to set up whatever he needed to set up. You helped yourself to another glass of wine, patiently waiting until Steve let you know he was ready... you didn't mention that you could feel his hand tremble as he led you into his room, and tried not to seem surprised at the silk sheets on his bed, the soft candle light and the satin wrap that had been left on the bed for you.

True to his word, after kissing you lightly on the forehead, Steve had left you to get undressed, and you folded your things in a neat pile on top of his dresser before slipping into the pale gold robe. Unsure how he wanted you to pose, you decided to call him back in; diligently not commenting on the very visible blush that already graced his cheeks and neck.

Steve's hands still shook has he helped you onto the bed, his touch gentle and respectful as he arranged your pose. Your back was towards where he would be sitting, and anything intimately private was hidden from view. Though the way he had your upper half turn slightly, glancing back over your shoulder, left the swell of your right breast exposed. Or at least it did, when Steve carefully slid the satin from your body.

You had to give him credit for trying not to look as he stepped back, but the audible way he swallowed gave him away. So you couldn't help the slight smirk or knowing look you directed at him, when he finally sat down with sketch pad and charcoal in hand, and you weren't surprised when he seemed even more flustered every time his gaze briefly met your eyes.

You honestly had no idea how long you sat there, listening to the scratch of Steve drawing and the softly crooning voice of Bing Crosby. But just as you thought your leg was about to fall asleep, he gave a satisfied sounding sigh, and still looking down at his sketch, crossed the distance between you. He hesitated a moment before shyly handing you the sketch, quietly muttering about getting you the wrap. However, almost on it's own accord, your hand shot out to grab his wrist; your eyes still glued to the drawing... it was gorgeous. You almost doubted it was you, since the woman in the sketch could have rivalled Greta Garbo or Mae West with her beauty and sex appeal. You couldn't believe Steve saw you that way.

“This is stunning,” you whispered.

Without really thinking, you leant up to kiss his strong jawline, and you heard Steve exhale a shaky breath.

“You're making it real hard to remain a gentleman, sugar,” he said, quietly.

You huffed out a laugh. “You've been drawing my portrait all night.”

“It's not the same,” Steve stated, still staring at the wall above his headboard.

“You can still look,” you assured.

“You're too tempting for me to guarantee it would remain just looking,” he admitted, hesitantly.

By this point, even his ears had flushed pink and he was clenching his jaw so tight, you marvelled how he hadn't broken a tooth yet. And still he hadn't lowered his gaze... you had to admit, it was equally maddening and flattering that Steve was trying so hard to remain completely respectful. But after sixth months of dating, you were more than happy for things to progress further.

“If you're really that uncomfortable, hand me the robe. But I really don't mind you looking... or touching,” you told him, honestly.

Steve's sky blue eyes briefly met yours, before snapping back to the white wall. Hesitantly, his hand came to rest on your bare shoulder, his palm pleasantly warm against your skin, as his gaze slowly crept back to meet yours.

“Is this alright?” he asked, cautiously.

It was something so innocent that you couldn't help smile up at him, even as you twisted, bringing yourself to face him... but keeping your legs crossed for now. Steve seemed so nervous, you didn't want to push him further or faster than he was ready. So you shuffled towards the edge of the bed, bending your legs over the side to help keep your relative modesty. You were not expecting Steve to sink to his knees in front of you, his touch boarding on reverent as his stained fingers trailed a light path down your arms; leaving black smudges in their wake.

“I'm... I'm so sorry, I...”

You silenced his apology with the press of your lips against his. Wanting to distract him, your tongue swept across the seam of his mouth, and you could taste the faint hint of wine as you deepened the kiss. The citrus musk of his cologne was almost heady, and when he leant forward, his hands sweeping back up your arms to settle on your shoulder blades, you were forced to open your legs to let him close enough. Not that your really minded, though you'd have preferred to feel his skin against your naked thighs, instead of the soft cotton of his white tee.

“You're remarkably overdressed,” you whispered against his lips.

“Do you want me to...”

Steve trailed off, his hands going to the hem of his top, though as he glanced down and realised the position you were in, he flushed impossibly redder. His mouth opened and closed several times, obviously trying to find the right thing to say, before he looked up at you with big, puppy dog eyes. He looked partly stunned and partly terrified, you did your best not to chuckle.

“Sugar... I'm... I... ah... I should... um... probably have told you. I mean... you've probably guessed...”

“Your a virgin?” you interrupted, unable to stop your eyebrow from raising.

“I'm sorry,” he muttered, hanging his head.

Unable to help yourself, you cupped his jaw in your hands, tilting his head up to look at you once again. His hands found your thighs, his fingers drawing nervous, nonsensical patterns in grey-ish smudges against your skin.

“Whatever for?” you asked, gently.

Steve shrugged, struggling to keep eye contact. “That I have no idea what I'm doing? That I'm already making a mess of things?”

“Do you want this?”

“Yes!” he answered, immediately.

A soft chuckle escaped you at his enthusiasm. “So do I. And for the record, I'm flattered and honoured you want me to be your first.”

“What? No deflowering Captain American puns?” Steve tried to joke.

“I'll leave them to Tony and Nat,” you smiled. “Though seriously, you are definitely overdressed.”

Slowly, giving Steve plenty of time to change his mind, you inched up his t-shirt until he shrugged it off and dropped it to the floor. As you let your fingertips wander back down his toned chest and over his very defined six-pack, you couldn't fail to notice how Steve's breath hitched at your touch, or how he held his breath when you got to his waist band.

“You sure?” you asked.

He swallowed audibly, before whispering: “Yes.”

As you undid his tan coloured slacks, Steve rested his forehead against yours, his eyes locked with your gaze, and his large hands stroked soothingly up and down the outside of your thighs. You smiled at him reassuringly as you pushed both his trousers and underwear down his muscular thighs; letting him grip your hand tightly, helping him balance as he kicked off his remaining clothes. But the only time his gaze left yours, was when you handed him the sketch to put somewhere safe. Though the  moment it was securely out of harms way, Steve was back, kissing you sweetly even as you shuffled further back on the silk sheets.

“I should have bought you flowers,” he murmured against your lips.

You gave a thoughtful hum. “The sketch was more than enough... and you're far too coherent.”

Unable to help yourself, your reached between you both, your hand wrapping around the length of him. Even at such a simple touch Steve groaned, his forehead dropping to your shoulder as you gave a few experimental strokes. In all honesty, you weren't expecting too much from your first time together... it was much more important that Steve enjoy his very first experience than worrying about getting you off. Besides, you were certain that there would be many more opportunities to teach him how you liked to be touched.

So with your free hand, you took care of yourself, whilst slowly sliding your hand up and down Steve's length; occasionally twisting your wrist and making him gasp. Truthfully, he lasted longer than you expected, and you were pretty worked up yourself by the time Steve shakily called your name. You immediately stopped, though smiled indulgently when he explained he was too close... however, it was hard not to smirk when he shyly added that he wanted to be inside you.

“You definitely sure?” you checked, one last time.

“Absolutely,” he nodded, seeming a little less nervous.


He cursed under his breath at your prompt, before pushing himself up from you with one hand, whilst fumbling in the bedside draw with the other. It didn't take him long to produce a distinctive foil wrap, and not wasting any time, you rolled it on him before lying back and pulling him with you. Just as you helped Steve position, he took a moment to pause and look you directly in the eye.

“Are you sure?” he asked, seriously.

You smiled at his thoughtfulness. “Perfectly.”

With surprisingly smoothness, Steve slowly thrust his hips; the pair of you moaning as he hilted inside you. A contented hum escaped your lips as you adjusted to the delicious fullness, and his shaky breath caressed your skin as he took a moment. You kissed his cheek, giving a gently roll of your hips that pulled another groan from him.

When Steve finally raised his head from your neck, the look he gave you was so full of love and awe you felt an unexpected lump form in your throat. The smile you offered him was soft and tender, and you cupped his jaw as you began to move together.

However, as expected, it didn't take Steve long to reach his peak. He tensed above you, and even in the midst of his climax, it was obvious he was trying to brace as much of his weight off you as possible. Chuckling, you gently rolled you both onto your sides, the length of him slipping out of you as you curled into his arms.

“But you... you didn't... I'm sorry,” he whispered, the very second he recovered.

You shrugged, genuinely unconcerned. “This was about you... and there's always next time.”

“Next time?”

“What... you a love 'em and leave 'em type of guy?” you said, deadpan.

Steve stared at you, clearly scandalised. “Of course not, I just didn't think you'd want... not after...” he trailed off into a sigh. “You're teasing me, aren't you?”

“Couldn't resist,” you admitted, kissing his cheek. “But seriously, yes. As long as you're still comfortable, there's a next time.”

“Give me five minutes,” he said, his lips brushing your forehead.

“Five minutes?!” you laughed, incredulous. “This some super soldier stamina thing?”

He grinned at you, almost cheekily. “Maybe...”

Chapter Text

You checked your step the moment you set foot into your bedroom. Since you'd started dating... and had given your permission of course, because Loki was always adamant about permission... it wasn't unusual for Loki to teleport into your room unannounced. It also wasn't unusual to see Loki in the guise of an animal; a cat if he was feeling down and wanted affection, a snake if he was feeling vulnerable. But a combination of the two however, was pretty unheard of.

So walking into your room and finding a black and green garter snake curled up in the middle of your bed was quite a surprise. One that only got stranger when there was a flash of green light, leaving you confronting a very dejected looking black cat. Without really thinking, you crossed the room to sit crossed legged on your bed. Lokitty pawed at your knee and mewled, looking up at you with expressive emerald eyes. You gave the cat a soft smile, wondering what had got him so upset that he wasn't even sure he was welcome in your lap... like he'd done dozens of times.

Most might have thought dealing with a boyfriend who transfigured himself into animals would be weird. But oddly, Loki's animagus forms were probably the least strange things you dealt with. He was a prince from an alien race, a god from old Norse myths. So after that, Loki being a sorcerer with the habit of changing forms when he was unhappy wasn't really weird at all... it also probably helped that he made an adorable cat though.

You scooped up the cat, cradling him to you in a gentle hug, before depositing the black fluff ball on your lap. The purr you received as you began to scritch behind his ears wasn't just happy, it almost sound relieved. You frowned, trying to decide what had him so upset. As far as you knew, nothing had happened whilst you'd be out shopping with Pepper and Natasha. Thor hadn't mentioned any off world activity, and no one else on the team had mentioned anything wrong when you'd stopped by the common room. Of course there was... Your train of thought halted almost abruptly. You had an idea what was wrong.

Trying not to dislodge Lokitty, you shifted to fish your StarkPhone out of your back pocket. With a few quick flicks of your thumb you found what you were after; a news article from this morning, effectively 'outing' your relationship with the trickster. You weren't sure, but you had a feeling that might be what was upsetting him... after all, he'd been the one insisting on keeping your relationship quiet, worried that dating him would make you more of a target than you already were by being an Avenger. Now, several photos of you together were splashed all over the media.

Wanted confirmation, you tilted the screen down so his feline eyes could read the headline: Troublesome Trickster Turncoat Ensnares Avenger Darling. And in another flash of green, you were once again confronted with the snake, but one that was firmly coiled around your wrist, almost as if begging you not to leave.

“Oh Loki,” you whispered.

Your tone was part affectionate and part exasperated. Did he really think this was going to bother you? He was such a fool. The only reason you'd agreed to keep your relationship 'secret', was because the adorable idiot had almost driven himself into a panic worrying about any backlash you might face. You'd have been shouting it from the roof tops that this amazing man wanted to court you. But since some people were actually still stupid enough to think him the ultimate villain, instead of a victim of Thanos, you'd only very reluctantly agreed for Loki's sake.

“Is this what you were upset about?” you asked, gently.

As you talked to the snake, you used your free hand to scroll through the articles, finding a rather flattering article about the pair of you. Some drivel that you were changing the trickster for the better... you honestly hadn't looked passed the heading of: Loki Puts Tricks Aside To Woo Fellow Avenger, but it was accompanied by a flattering photo of the pair of you at Tony's last charity ball.

Once again, you tilted the phone so the snake could see the screen. He flicked it's tongue out before moving his head in a very deliberate nod, and it was a hard won battle not to roll your eyes. However, you couldn't help booping Loki's rostral scales.

“Silly snake,” you chuckled, kissing the top of his head. “Though as cute as you are, I would prefer talking to my actual boyfriend about this.”

Loki's body coiled a little tighter around your wrist in reply.

“I'm not mad,” you assured, patiently. “I just want to talk, and maybe get a proper cuddle off you.”

Several silent minutes passed before he unwound himself from your arm, and slunk off further down the bed. The snake turned to glance behind at you once, and after offering him an encouraging smile, there was a familiar flash of green light before you were finally face to handsome face with your boyfriend. No real thought went into reaching to cup Loki's cheek, or leaning in to plant a feather light kiss on his unresisting lips.

“Hello there,” you whispered, gently.

A ghost of a smile was your only answer, or warning, before Loki suddenly pulled you into a hug; effectively dragging you so close you had to straddle his lap to return his embrace. You huffed out a small laugh, even as he buried his face in the crook of your neck, and you hugged him back fiercely... hoping to reassure him you weren't going anywhere.

“I'm sorry,” he murmured against your skin. “I should have been more careful, let Thor or Wilson escort you to public events. I should have planned our dates more carefully, I should have...”

“I'm not,” you stated. “I'm glad it's happened. Of course, I'd have preferred to do it on our terms, but the end result is the same.”

Loki pulled back to look at you incredulously. “How can you say that?”

“Because I'm proud to be with you,” you replied, as patiently as you could. “Because I'm happy to be your girlfriend, and don't care want anyone else thinks about it.”

“You're mine?” he asked, sounding awestruck.

You almost... almost... burst out laughing, but considering who you were talking to and how his mind worked, managed to exchange it for a smirk instead. Loki had been 'courting' you for six months, lavishing you with dates and gifts. He sent you flowers weekly, wrote you poetry, insisted on learning how to cook at least your favourite meal. And on one memorable occasion, had held vigil at your beside whilst you been out with nothing more serious than a bout of flu. He had been amazing, and still insisted you were beautiful whilst the rest of the team kept reminding you how rotten you looked. If that wasn't dating, you didn't know what was.

“You're mine aren't you?” you challenged, smiling.

“Unequivocally and whole heartedly,” he assured, capturing your hand and kissing your knuckles.

“Are you ashamed of that?”

Loki looked at you horrified. “My darling, no. I would gladly proclaim my adoration for you to the corners of the nine realms. I would sing songs of your loveliness and write sonnets to your beauty. I would fall at the feet of the All Father and profess the depths of my feelings for you.”

You cupped his face in your hands. “Loki, have you ever considered I might feel the same for you?”

He looked at you perplexed, like he couldn't understand that anyone... let alone you... would feel that way about him.

“For such an intelligent man, you can be awfully dim at times,” you told him, affectionately. “I love you, you dolt. And I don't care who knows we're together, I'm proud to be with you.”

In place of words the silver tongued trickster usually prized, Loki instead surged forward, capturing your mouth in an unexpectedly passionate kiss. His tongue swiped the seam of your lips, demanding entrance that you readily gave. There was nothing sedate about the kiss, and you returned his fervour with equal measure. You'd been so caught up in the kiss that you hadn't realised the shift in your position; but one moment your were straddling his lap, the next you lay beneath him, with Loki propping himself up to look at you.

“I would have you, my dear,” he whispered, stroking your cheek. “I have dreamt of your writhing pleasure, imagined the taste and feel of you. Wondered if you would grant me the knowledge of how to bring you ecstasy... but you're not some tavern wench to be sullied. You are a goddess amongst mortals, your charm and beauty could rival any in the cosmos. I would give you all of me, bring you the nine realms on a silver platter if you so desired. I would fall to my knees at your feet, unworthy that I am, just for the chance to tell you how ardently I love you.”

“Loki... I want you too,” you murmured, tears threatening to prick your eyes. “I don't need the universe, just you.”

His eyes searched yours for a moment, a small smile tugging at his lips. “Be my consort. Let the nine realms know only you hold power over me, that only you can sway me. For I would gladly walk eternity with you at my side.”

“Are you asking me to marry you?” you asked, stunned.

“Would you prefer I do it like one of those awful romance movies Barton likes to watch?” Loki retorted, cheekily.

You couldn't help chuckle. “No... that's quite alright.”

“Do you accept?” he asked, evidently trying to hide his nervousness.

“Was there ever really any doubt?” you smiled.

He kissed you softly. “Forgive my forwardness, but would you consent to consummating our relationship?”

“I've been inviting you back for 'coffee' after dates for the past five and a half months,” you giggled. “And don't try playing the alien prince card, you just admitted to watching Barton's RomComs.”

“I beg your pardon then, my queen,” Loki smiled, affectionately. “And ask you believe me when I say it pained me to leave you each night. However, I knew once I experienced the full wonder of you, I would not be able to leave your side. Call it selfish, but I did not know how deep your affections ran. I did not want to be a passing fancy for you, only to be discarded and left pining for eternity.”

“Not going to happen,” you assured him. “I love you.”

“Then grant me tonight, and every one after.”

You barely remembered to whisper your agreement, before you pulled him down and kissed him just as passionately as the first time. His arms moved to slide beneath your back, holding you tightly as your legs wrapped around his hips. And when your eyes flickered opened moments later, you weren't terribly surprised to realise you weren't in your room any more. You weren't exactly sure where you were, the halo of candle light only illuminated the space so much. But you could smell the heavy scent of roses in the air, and felt cool silk against your back... needless to say, you also weren't surprised to find yourself naked, with Loki's equally bare skin pressed yours.

“Impressive,” you stated, deadpan.

Loki smirked down at you, his more than evident arousal pressing against your heat. You tilted your hips, teasingly letting him slide against you, earning your his lips crashing against yours again. You whimpered as the length of him brushed against your most sensitive bundle of nerves; it was almost alarming just how wound up you already were. You were more than ready, and seriously doubting you'd be able to handle too much teasing.

“You deserve to be worshipped,” Loki whispered, trailing kisses along your jaw. “I would love to taste and touch you all over, to bring you release a dozen times before even thinking of joining with you. But I beg for your mercy. I need you too much, my darling. I need to know you intimately. Grant me reprieve and I will dedicate my life to your pleasure.”

You vaguely managed to nod, stunned by his declaration which was oddly sweet and hot as hell. You were glad you weren't the only one too wound up for foreplay, but you were far too aroused to muster the mental capacity to answer eloquently... or even coherently. Thankfully, it seemed Loki understood.

“I've cast a contraceptive spell on myself,” he told you, quietly. “I could also cast one on you if it would reassure you, or I'm willing to try Midgardian methods if you prefer.”

Though he said it, the small wrinkle of his nose let you know exactly what Loki thought of human methods. You stifled a small chuckle, amused but touched that he thought to offer, especially before you had to ask.

“I trust you,” you assured him.

His lips met yours gently, completely at odds with the earlier passion, and you both sighed in union as he slowly slid inside you. Being Jötunn, Loki was bigger than you were used to, even in his Æsir for. But instinctively he seemed to know to wait for you, giving you time to adjust and refusing to move until you took the initiative. Gripping your knees tightly to his hips, you managed to twist and flip your positions; Loki laying on the silk sheets and straddling him, his length still hilted inside you. He grinned up at you, seeming both surprised and impressed, though you wiped the smirk off his lips the moment you rolled your hips. The moan you dragged from him was delicious, and you couldn't help leaning down to tangle a hand in his long raven hair and kissing him ravenously.

Loki you half way each time, thrusting up as you ground down. Panting for breath, you rested your forehead against his, staring into his intense green eyes as his talented fingers snaked between you to find your most sensitive bundle of nerves. You gasped at the sensation; not only could you feel him there, but it suddenly felt like a dozen cool finger tips were gently caressing your skin. Your entire body tingled as you rocked against his length, and you didn't need to see Loki's small almost nervous smile to know it was his magic.

I trust you,” you managed to say again, half whisper-half gasp.

He'd never used his powers on you before, other than healing, so even your pleasure addled mind realised he was worried how you'd react. The reassurance must have been exactly what he needed, because he was soon smirking up at you, a hint of mischief in his eyes. A moment later, the ghostly fingertips were replaced by a pair of much firmed hands; ones that gently pulled you up right and cupped your breasts. Glancing over your shoulder, you were met with another Loki smirking at you; his hands drawing tantalising patterns as he moved to kiss up the column of your throat. A wanton moan escaped as the original Loki thrust up, hitting that spot deep inside, whilst his skilled fingers focused on the bundle of nerves at your apex.

It was almost sensory overload, especially when his doppelgänger's hands were rejoined by the cool ghostly fingers. Every inch of your skin was caressed, and your boyfriend's clone turned your head to kiss you deeply, just as the original surged up right; wrapping his arms around your waist as he pulled you down onto him. The change of angle had you unexpectedly peaking, your moan muffled by his twins mouth, even as you felt Loki reach his own release. However, instead of disappearing like the ghostly fingers did, his doppelgänger reached between you, circling your extremely sensitive bundle of nerves until you quickly rode another wave of ecstasy.

Panting, you collapsed onto your Loki's chest, your heat still pulsing around his length. You couldn't help the small chuckle that escaped you... you couldn't believe he was such a powerful sorcerer, to be able to do that for you, even while he was climaxing. He was a marvel, and one hell of a lover. You were glad you'd agreed to marry him, you'd been ruined for life. Another wave of giggles washed over you, this time Loki's warm laugh joined yours. It sounded so joyous and carefree, it suited him and you told him as much, even as he summoned a blanket to drape over you both.

No regrets?” Loki asked, holding you tight.

You snuggled impossibly close. “Never,” you assured. “You could never be a regret.”


Chapter Text

You weren't paying an awful lot of attention to your surrounds as you kicked off your shoes and dumped your bag on the floor. It wasn't that it had been a bad evening, but with Tony elbows deep in some project or another, and Rhodey still posted wherever the hell the military had sent him this time, what should have been your first double date had turned into just you and Pepper having girly drinks together. Not a bad thing necessarily, but Rhodey's top secret mission meant radio silence. You missed him, and even though Tony could trace where he was, you'd both agreed not to look unless FRIDAY alerted you to a distress signal from War Machine.

So you were far too into your own head than was probably good for you, and it wasn't until you were hanging up your coat that you realised there was a distinctive navy jacket hanging on the rack. You blinked at it, slightly confused, only just registering there were other things slightly off in your apartment. For one, there was a delicious smell coming from the kitchen, not to mention classic eighties rock being played through your sound system. Not many people had access to your place and that specific taste in music, but you kept your pace sedate as you followed your nose, not wanting to get your hopes up. Because honestly, it could have been Tony or Clint in your kitchen... it just wasn't very likely. But then again, neither was the sight that greeted you.

With his back to the entrance way, Rhodey stood still in his dress blues, the sleeves of his shirt rolled to his elbows as he stirred what smelt like pasta sauce. You'd have liked to have said you too a moment to admire the view, before maturely going to wrap your arms around him from behind. However, what actually happened was you yelped in surprise and run towards him. Thankfully, Rhodey had the sense to step away from the stove, effortlessly catching you letting you wrap your legs around his waist.

He'd been gone for a little too long, and you'd missed him a little too much for a polite greeting. So you kissed him almost hungrily, not that Rhodey seemed to mind, since he returned the kiss with equal fervour. You quickly found your back pressed against the counter, and your hands cradled his handsome face when you finally pulled away for air. His chocolate eyes were almost black as he looked up at you, and you felt a wave of heat rush through you at the sight.

“Bedroom?” you suggested.

It was hardly the height of your seduction technique, especially considering you only been dating a few weeks before he'd been posted abroad and hadn't been intimate yet, but Rhodey didn't seem to mind. He answered by instructing FRIDAY to turn off the hob, before carrying you to the door you directed him to. By the time he was laying you on your thankfully made bed, you'd already managed to discard his military tie and open half the buttons of his uniform. In return, Rhodey made short work of the little black dress and stockings you'd worn out, not that you'd let your wandering hands be idle. Soon you were both in nothing but your underwear, and you felt relieved you'd opted for a sexy set of black lace lingerie, despite not thinking anyone but you would see it.

Rhodey's hands stroked almost reverently along your body, only stopping to gentle remove your last articles of clothing as he finally leant down to press his lips to yours again. You could taste a hint of mint as he tongue began a languid dance with yours, and smelt the sandalwood of his cologne as his warm skin pressed deliciously against yours. Blindly you managed to push his boxers down over his hips, before Rhodey discarded them without breaking your kiss. You hummed your approval as the hard length of him brushed against your core, the sound becoming a please sigh as he started to plant soft kisses along your jaw and throat.

He barely shifted to let his hand explore, your bodies still mostly pressed together as his hand snaked between you to caress your heat. His talented fingers stroked gently at first, slowly dipping into you, before retreating to tease at your most sensitive bundle of nerves. You moaned his name, your back arching ever so slightly off the bed at his touch. Obviously encouraged by your approval, one then two fingers slid inside you, their long length allowing Rhodey to caress that spot just there, making your moan delightedly.

Opening eyes you hadn't realised you'd closed, you found his smile was almost a smirk as he looked down at you. Despite his excellent ministrations, you couldn't help think Rhodey looked a little too pleased with himself. So when his fingers crept to caress your most sensitive spot, you took the opportunity to reverse your position. Tightening your tights around his hips, you quickly twisted, landing Rhodey with his back flat on your smooth cotton sheets. Feeling devilish, you rubbed against the length of him, dragging a groan from your boyfriend. It was your turn to smirk as you repeated the move several times, though you leant down to kiss him as he muttered:

“God! You're stunning.”

The smile you gave him was much softer, your kiss nearly sweet as you leant over to your bedside draw. Without looking, you produced a familiar foil square, opened the packet before straddling Rhodey's thighs as he rolled it without comment. Sitting up, he grinned at you, offering his hand as support so you could poise over him. His free hand cupped your face, his thumb stroking your cheek bone as his gaze remained locked with yours as you sank down slowly onto his length. You moaned softly as he hilted inside you, and his controlled breath ghosted over your lips as he rested his forehead against yours.

“Hey,” you giggled for no real reason.

“Hi,” he whispered back.

Unexpectedly, Rhodey kissed the tip of your nose, making you chuckle until he moved ever so slightly, the length of him finding that exact spot and turning your laughter into a wanton moan. His strong arms wrapped around your waist, as you raised yourself up, your thighs already trembling. His warm hands caressed whatever skin he could reach whilst yours found his shoulders, giving you leverage as you set a relaxed pace. Throughout your steady rise and fall, Rhodey whispered a stream of endearments and compliments, but it was the look in his chocolate eyes that made you feel like a sex goddess. He gazed at you as if you were the most amazing woman he had ever meant, it was a heady feeling, and coupled with the way he slowly tilted you backwards, allowing him to perfectly hit that spot inside you, sent you tumbling over the edge.

Somewhere in your surprised gasp and silent moan was his name, and your nails dug into his skin as you gripped Rhodey's biceps to ground yourself. A moment later he tugged you close again, holding you tight with his face buried in the crook of your neck as he found his own release. You purposefully pulsed around him, dragging a choked moan from your lover before he lifted his face to rest his forehead against yours once again.

“You... were magnificent,” he complimented, panting for breath.

You couldn't help huffing a laugh. “Not so bad yourself, fly boy.”


Chapter Text

Giggling, you cuddled into Bucky's side as he palmed the lock on his front door, before holding it open for you to step inside. You turned on the spot, one of your hands tangling in his chestnut locks and the other braced on his hidden metal bicep, as he slipped his arms securely around your waist. His lips were on yours in an instant, soft and sweet like always, and you couldn't resist licking the seam of his lips to deepen the kiss.

The pair of you had shared many lovely dates since you got together a few months ago, but the one you'd just got back from was certainly the most successful. Bucky had managed dinner and dancing; even grabbing a few drinks before heading back to his, and you could still taste the Sidecar cocktails he'd been drinking as he kissed you thoroughly. You'd probably indulged in one too many French 75s, since you giggled again when Bucky suddenly picked you up and began carrying you bridal style through his neat apartment. You were a little buzzed but certainly not drunk, so you'd been perfectly able to agree to go back to his place after your date.

It was hardly the first time a night out had ended with one of you going home with the other, and you'd fallen asleep together many times... usually watching old movies, because neither of you wanted your date to end. However, other than a little heavy petting, nothing physical had happened between you. So you were a little surprised with the way Bucky lingered after he carefully set you down on his bed, not that you had any complaints what-so-ever. You'd been debating with yourself for weeks how to broach the subject with him. You hadn't a clue if Bucky had been a good catholic boy before the war, but more to the point, neither did he. The man who's flesh hand gently smoothed down your leg and helped you kick off your killer heels, had no idea about his past before HYDRA. However, you did know that there'd been no one other than you since he'd escaped.

Sometimes that thought blew you away, amazed that the wonderful man before you trusted you so much. Other times it scared you slightly, causing you to worry if you were moving too fast, or if Bucky wasn't comfortable with something and didn't know how to tell you. On the whole though, it had been a fantastic four months you'd been dating, with relatively few 'bumps' along the way. You utterly adored the man, and if the way Bucky whispered how beautiful you were as he came to sit beside you was any indication, the feeling was mutual. A soft sigh escaped you as he gently pressed his lips to your jaw, your cheek, before leaning towards your ear.

“Would you stay with me tonight, Doll?” he whispered.

You turned to face him, but the room was too dark to properly make out his features; the only light filtering through from the hallway. However, you had the feeling Bucky meant more than just falling asleep together. He'd never asked before, it had always just happened, so you knew his request was important. Without really thinking, you leant up to kiss him, slow and sweet.

“If you're sure,” you murmured against his lips.

“I have no real idea what I'm doing,” he admitted, honestly.

Even as he spoke, his flesh hand slowly inched up your thigh, disappearing under the hem of your black dress, until you could feel his fingertips brush over the top of your stocking. The touch made your skin tingle and your breath hitch, and you decided it was almost a good thing he didn't remember if he'd done this before, if Bucky 'knew what he was doing' you'd probably be a puddle by now.

“No one really does with a new partner,” you reassured him. “But you're doing fine.”

As you spoke you moved to your knees, your hands resting against his muscular chest, as his flesh hand slid around to the back of your thigh. Figuring Bucky wasn't sure where he was 'allowed' to touch, you moved his hand to your rear, earning you a huff of laughter before he captured your lips with his. You made short work of his shirt buttons after that; smiling into the kiss as his metal hand cautiously cupped your face. He was always so worried to touch you with it, prompting you to pull away enough to press a soft kiss to his metallic palm, before sliding his shirt off his broad shoulders and down his mismatched arms.

The white cotton landed soundlessly on the floor, and a moment later, Bucky was carefully sliding your dress up and off your body. He paused then, seeming to realise you were knelt on his bed in nothing but black satin lingerie and lace topped stockings. He reached out for you with his flesh hand, his warm palm smoothing across your ribs and down your torso, his touch almost reverent. However, it bothered you that his metal arm was held stiffly at his side, as if he was stopping himself from touching you with it. And as considerate as you tried to be with Bucky's feelings, you couldn't let that stand. Your fingers ran along the smooth plating, catching his wrist, and pulling his hand towards you. Bucky sucked in a surprised breath as his metal palm met the bare skin of your waist, and even in the dim light you could see tears suddenly shimmering in his eyes.

Without thinking you surged up, your body pressing against his naked torso as you kissed him fiercely. It hurt you to see him so vulnerable. It hurt that he seemed so shocked you'd 'let' his metal hand touch your bare skin. So you wanted to leave no room for questions in how you felt about him. You adored Bucky, admired him... bruised but unbroken... and you had no doubt that even though you weren't quite there yet, it wouldn't take long until you were completely in love with the resilient man.

“I adore all of you, James. Your touch is always welcome,” you reminded him.

It seemed the exact thing to say to reassure him, at least for the moment, because his lips were back on yours... soft but unrelenting... as both his hands smoothed up your back. He was actually quite deft as he unhooked your bra, and you couldn't help wondering if it was thanks to some forgotten memory. Not that it really mattered in that instance, especially when he trailed his fingers around to cup your breasts in his mismatched hands. You hummed your approval, your own hands slowly running down the well defined plains of his torso, until you got to his waistband. Belt buckle, button and zip where easily undone, but you waited a moment, your fingertips teasingly stroking the skin just above his boxers.

So much had been taken away from Bucky over the decades, you wanted to make sure he understood he was in control here. Despite already being almost naked, you wouldn't move further unless he told you so. You didn't have long to wait, since he broke your kiss to rest his forehead against yours and whispered a please. It was the permission you needed, and you wasted no time pushing both trousers and boxers from his hips. Bucky shuck off his remaining clothing quickly and efficiently, completely at odds with how he slowly and indulgently pulled off your underwear and rolled down your stockings. You lay back on the cool cotton sheets, reaching a hand up to cup his face as he leant over you.

“Show me how to please you,” he asked, quietly. His flesh hand already smoothing up your inside thigh.

“I'd rather make you feel good,” you admitted, your fingers trailing a light path up the length of him.

“Please, Doll...” Bucky pleaded, before kissing a path down your neck.


His name was part pleased gasp and part exasperated sigh as it left your lips, and you almost rolled your eyes as you felt him smile against your skin. Still, it was hardly a request you wanted to say no to, despite desperately wanting what was essentially his first time to be good. Though it didn't seem like he'd need much guidance, since he was already teasingly stroking the outer part of your core.

Your hand rested over his, coaxing first one, then two of his fingers inside your heat, before you let your own found your most sensitive bundle of nerves. You worked in tandem, though your free hand curled around Bucky's impressive length, matching the rhythm he'd set for you. However, your strokes faltered as he found that spot inside you, and your back involuntarily arched off the bed as Bucky pressed it again. He chuckled at your reaction, the sound hot as hell, though you frowned as he moved out of your grasp. However, you didn't have long to dwell on it. His metal hand drew your fingers away from your most sensitive bundle of nerves, and you were about to protest, before his tongue replaced them. You whimpered at the feeling, your hand gripping Bucky's metal one like a life line as he promptly drove you insane.

The crash of your climax wasn't exactly a surprise, though you hadn't expected Bucky to coax you through the aftershocks. You lay almost boneless on his bed, sated in a way you hadn't been in a long time... considering Bucky didn't remember any past experiences, he was bloody good at it. And you might have said that out loud, since he suddenly chuckled, before he leant over to kiss you deeply. You inhaled the vanilla-cinnamon scent of him, moaning appreciatively as his still hard length brushed against you.

“Condom?” you suggested.

It was hardly the most eloquent thing you'd ever said, but it got your point across. And Bucky didn't seem to mind, since he leant across your body to reach his bedside draw. Your hands kneaded his muscular thighs as he sat back to roll on protection, and you smiled as he finally settled between your thighs.

“Is this okay,” he whispered.

His metal fingers entwined with your closest to him, gently pinning your hand to the cotton sheets, as he lined himself up. In answer, you hooked a leg around his hip, pulling him into you in one smooth motion. You moaned in unison, his breath ghosting across the shell of your ear, as your free hand carefully carded through his hair. He felt nothing short of amazing, and your breath caught with each thoughtful roll of his hips. After kissing you sweetly, Bucky's eyes never left yours, and a traitorous lump formed in your throat at the look of utter devotion you could see in the dim light.

How you'd got so lucky to find such a sweet and amazing man, you'd never know; the slow and loving pace Bucky set left no room to question how he felt about you. His flesh hand stroked up and down your leg almost reverently, before he shifted slightly; moving so your leg was draped over his bicep and his hand cupped your rear. The change in angle made you gasp, letting him hit just the right spot. You were suddenly so close and Bucky seemed to know it, since although he kept the same slow pace, his thrusts become more deliberate... passionate. Your free hand scrabbled for purchase on his toned back, your blunt nails leaving faint marks on his skin, as you felt your second climax approaching.

“Fuck! Doll. Come for me, please.”

You hadn't realised you had a voice kink until that moment, but the husk in Bucky's voice as he pleaded sent you over the edge; dragging him right along with you. You lay their panting together, trying to catch your breath before Bucky gently pulled away. As his metal hand released it's grip, you winced slightly, the blood rushing back after you'd held on so tight. Unfortunately, Bucky misinterpreted the gesture.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked, genuinely worried.

You smiled up at him, shaking your head. “Pins and needles.”

Thankfully, he huffed a laugh at that; capturing your wiggling fingers and raising them to his lips to kiss. You rolled to the side, admiring his powerful silhouette as he got up to dispose of the condom, and you grinned as you watched him walk back. He seemed more relaxed than you dared hoped, and you pulled up the weighted blanket from the foot of his bed the moment he was settled down beside you once again; a pleased sigh escaping your lips, as Bucky pulled you back into his arms.

It felt so good, your limbs pleasantly heavy from your release and snuggled against the man you were quickly falling in love with. You stifled a yawn, just as Bucky pressed a kiss to your forehead. You could see the glittering lights of the city through the open curtains, though the only sounds to be heard were your slowing breaths and Bucky's steady heartbeat. And you couldn't help thinking that the moment was utterly perfect.


Chapter Text

You fell more than sat back down on the sofa, a tired sigh escaping your lips. Scott chuckled as he draped an arm across your shoulders, pulling you closer until your head rested on his shoulder... you adored Cassie, but she was a handful just like any other kid you'd ever met. Still, you wouldn't miss the time you got to spend with her and Scott for the world, you just couldn't help feel old when a pre-teen had run you far more ragged than any villian-of-the-week ever could. Tonight she'd insisted you put her to bed instead of her Dad, and you'd nearly fallen asleep yourself during the fourth bedtime story of the night.

But thankfully, she was now tucked up in bed in the room you'd helped Scott decorate for her, which meant you could finally chill out with your boyfriend. But considering the time, and the fact you were on call from four in the morning with Natasha, Sam and Rhodey, you figured it was probably time for you to head home. However, the way Scott was trailing kisses along your jaw and down your throat made it hard to stick to your decision; you told him as much.

“Then stay.”

A huff of laughter escaped you, not thinking he was serious. You went to get up, determined to find your shoes that you thought you'd kicked off at the door... honestly, you were too busy trying to wrangle a hyperactive eleven year old on a sugar high at the time, your shoes could be anywhere... but Scott caught your wrist. You rolled your eyes, giving him a lopsided smile when tugged you back towards him, his hand only releasing it's hold was you were straddling his lap. Then his arms slid to your rear, pulling you forward until you could feel the length of him against your clothed core. You blinked at him, a little surprised; you didn't think you'd done anything particularly sexy to get such a reaction. Scott for his part, just grinned out.

“Do you realise how hot you are?” he asked, his voice low. “I mean, you're always gorgeous. But watching you take care of Cassie just makes me even more crazy about you.”

You shook your head, trying not to laugh... because of course Scott would find that sexy. You really should have known.

“You do remember I'm up early for work, right?” you countered.

It wasn't a no... definitely not a no. You wanted to stay. But in the six weeks you'd been dating, it would be the first time you had, and you didn't want to put a dampener on anything if it got to the point you had to sleep; not to mention it felt a little weird with your boyfriend's daughter just down the hall. But you guessed that was reality of dating someone with a kid, and since you planned on sticking around, you supposed it was something you had to get use to.

“Good to know how highly you think of me, but don't think I'd last seven hours anyway,” he chuckled.

You huffed a laugh... trust Scott to make a joke out of it. In retaliation you leant in, gently nipping his bottom lip instead of kissing him, not that he actually seemed to mind. His strong hand kneaded your rear as you knelt over him, and the look in his warm eyes made you think he genuinely thought you were the sexiest woman alive. In that moment you more or less thought 'fuck it'. After all, it wasn't like you had far to go to get to work, an elevator ride more or less, so you surged forward to capture his lips in a searing kiss. The spicy scent of his cologne was almost heady, and you could taste a hint of cola as his tongue danced with yours.

It seemed Scott understood your silent agreement, because you suddenly found yourself being hoisted up; your legs instinctively wrapping around his waist, as his lips muffled your squeak of surprise. That didn't stop him pulling away to grin at you cheekily though, and you stifled your laughter against his shoulder as he carried you into his bedroom. He paused briefly to carefully kick the door closed, plunging you both into a hazy darkness, before he carried you over to his bed. Somehow, he managed to kick the foot of the bed, tripping and all but dumping you on the navy sheets. However, your tight hold on Scott meant you brought him with you, and you were more or less just a tangle of limbs. You turned your heads to face each other, not that you could actually make out his features in the dark, though that didn't stop the pair of you from bursting out laughing.

Scott really was a dork, but he was your dork.

Thankfully, things went better at that; your clothes hurriedly discarded in a haphazard pile on the floor, in between heated kisses. You hands eagerly roamed the toned expanse on his torso, just as Scott caressed any part of your body he could reach. His warm hand smoothed your thigh and calf, before his fingers wandered up your inside leg, making you shiver pleasantly. You found a spot on the crease of his hip that made him groan when you pressed lightly with your thumb, and his breath stuttered, ghosting across your face, as your fingers trailed teasingly over his balls before you wrapped a hand around his length. At the same exact moment, Scott's hand cupped your core; his fingers dipping into your heat almost languidly.

Considering his penchant for safe cracking, you weren't really surprised that he was skilled with his hands... you just hadn't been prepared for exactly how good he was. He caressed you expertly, immediately finding that exact spot inside you, and quickly figuring out how you preferred your most sensitive bundle of nerves to be touched. You might have been embarrassed at how quickly Scott had you a writhing mess, but honestly, it felt too good to care. Still, you hadn't expected just how quickly your orgasm snuck up on you, and you barely had the acumen to clamp a hand over your own mouth as your release washed over you.

“Good?” Scott whispered in your ear.

You lashed out playfully, catching him in the ribs as he leant over to reach his bedside table. Chuckling, he sat back holding a distinctive foil wrapper. You shook her head, trying not to laugh along with him, which was pretty hard to do when he suddenly booped your nose.

“Don't pout,” he teased, leaning over to kiss you. “I love that you enjoyed yourself.”

Before you could say anything in replied, Scott slid into you with a fluid motion, forcing you to bit your lip to subdue the moan that nearly slipped out. He paused a moment, and you could feel more than hear his chuckle, prompting you to lightly smack his shoulder.

“You're a bloody menace,” you hissed, but with no real bite.

“But you like that about me,” he retorted.

“I'm seriously reconsidering...”

“I think I can change your mind,” Scott murmured, huskily against your ear.

He sat back, your legs draped over his and his hands kneading your thighs, and you gasped when he rolled his hips, once again brushed that spot inside you. His fingers trailed around until his hands cupped your rear; his palms warm as he tilted your hips ever so slightly. Another thrust had him hitting all the right places, and you had to clamp your hand across your mouth to muffle your moan. After a few more steady thrusts you couldn't take it any more.

“Stop, stop, stop...” you panted.

Scott immediately did as you asked, looking worried as he pulled away from you. You felt a little guilty at that... but you'd feel a whole lot worse if you woke Cassie up. So you quickly sat up, giving Scott a hasty kiss as an apology, before rolling to brace yourself on your knees.


Scott's low groan sounded almost broken; his hands kneaded your rear before sliding around to hold your hips, as he kissed up your spine. Your arms gave out as he slid back into you with one fluid thrust, and you moaned into his pillow. The new position was bloody perfect, made all the better when you reached round to circle your most sensitive bundle of nerves. Your whimper of approval was muffled by the bedding, and you could feel the hard press of Scott's lips on the back of your shoulder as he stifled his own moans; his pace becoming faster, as if he was spurred on by your quiet noises.

But then that steadily building heat you felt suddenly peaked, your body tensed, chasing the sensation before you were falling over the edge for the second time. You pulsed around Scott's length, quickly dragging him with you, and the pair of you all but collapsed in a tangle of limbs; his toned torso flush against your back as he slowly slid out of you.


You chuckled at his exclamation, though your limbs felt like jelly as you tried to roll over to look at him. He kissed your cheek as he went to clean up, and you'd barely managed to turn onto your back before he was sliding into bed beside you. His arms slid across your waist, whilst his free hand started to play with your hair.

“Good?” he asked again, less cheekily this time.

“Thoroughly fucked,” you replied, sleepily.

Scott huffed a laugh, reaching down to pull the throw at the bottom of the bed over you both... something you were thankful for, since you were fare too hot to even think about getting under the duvet. Really, you should probably hop in the shower, but you were comfortable, and there'd be time enough after you got up.

“Hope you're alarm isn't too annoying,” he stated, kissing your temple as he pulled you properly into his arms.

“Tony set it, the song's random... so expected it to be something truly obnoxious,” you explained, trying not to smile.

“Great...” Scott grumbled. “Just great.”

You gave his cheek a patronising pat, before cuddling closer. “Oh, and it's set for two a. m.”

His answering groan made you chuckle, but you soon drifted off to sleep with a smile still on your lips.


Chapter Text

You sat on the opposite side of the Rasul from Thor, trying not to smirk at the behemoth of a warrior with his regrown golden hair piled on top of his head in a bun. He had no such qualms, his wide grin making the mud on his face crack in several places. That was it for you then, you giggled so much the clay on your face began to flake off as well, prompting you to finally admit your time in the fragrant mist was over. Not that you really minded, when Thor's large hands began to help you wash off the cleansing mud from your entire body. However, it seemed your bathing suit was a lost cause, and with only a moment's hesitation, you shimmied out of the wet and muddy material. Thor's blue eyes skimmed across your naked body, before his large hand cupped your clay free face and he leant down to give you a feather light kiss.

“Your beauty would rival any Asgardian goddess,” he complimented.

His smile was warm and adoring, but he soon moved to turn his muscular back to you. He didn't even glance over his shoulder as you returned the favour, and helped him wash the cleansing mud from his all-too-touchable body. Though he did capture your hand in his, raising your knuckles to his lips to kiss, before he moved aside to open the Rasul door for you. Even once in the small, dimly light changing room, Thor didn't glance at you. Instead handing you the fluffy white robe the spa had provided. However, instead of being offended, you thought you might have an idea what was going on... and once you'd securely belted the soft robe around you after drying off, you thought to put your theory to the test.

“I'm decent now,” you grinned.

“There was nothing indecent about your beauty,” Thor corrected, immediately turning to face you. “But as ravishing as a sight you were, even the glance I got was too bold. You did not give me permission, and I would ask my lady's forgiveness for my transgression.”

Chuckling, you strained up on your tip toes to be able to plant a quick kiss to his soft lips. You weren't in the least bit surprised Thor was being a gentleman, he always was, but he'd been an utter wonder today. You weren't entirely sure where he got the idea to treat you to a spa day... though you suspected Darcy in all honesty... but your boyfriend had not only spoilt you rotten, he'd been a picture perfect gentleman all day; holding your gown to shield his own view whilst you'd gotten comfortable for your couple's massage, gallantly helped you into the enormous jacuzzi you'd shared, and now this.

Not to mention that Thor had not only paid for everything in advance, he'd also booked you a room in the boutique style hotel for the night as well... a room with two double beds in it no less, in case you didn't feel comfortable sharing one with him. He'd even offered to get a different room, because you'd obviously been a little too quiet whilst you'd dumbly stared around the sumptuous space in awe. Of course you were quick to reassure him, delighted at the prospect of such indulgent time alone together; even if you were only a few blocks from the Tower.

You'd also been dating for several months, so it wasn't like the thought of spending the night with Thor hadn't crossed your mind... several times. It had originally taken you by surprised how slow things progressed between you both, until you remembered he was a prince from an alien race. You'd more or less gone with the flow after that, occasionally asking Brunhilda or even Loki for advice, though usually content to just let things evolve naturally.

So when Thor had explained he wanted to 'spend the night' with you... if you were agreeable... you'd given him the most thorough kiss to date, just to get your point across. Your boyfriend had been ecstatic; beaming before he pulled you back in for another heart stopping kiss. Though eventually, you'd managed to peel yourselves away from each other, in order to make it to the spa day he'd booked for you. And it had been a wonderfully indulgent day, even if the relaxation was wearing off with each step you took towards your hotel room. Thor's hand gently squeezed yours as he swiped the card to open the lock, and the giddy sense of anticipation had butterflies swarming around your stomach as you let him usher you into the room.

A delighted giggle escaped you as you took in the transformed the balmy room, that was now bathed in flickering candle light with red rose petals sprinkled on the bed nearest the window. An ice bucket containing a bottle of what you assumed was champagne stood on the bedside table, along with a pair of champagne flutes and a large bouquet of stunning red blooms; including carnations, tulips, chrysanthemums and of course roses. The room looked straight out of a romance novel, and you realised that Thor had not only asked someone about what was stereotypically romantic on Earth, but also had the staff set it up whilst you were at the spa. The care he'd put into this was mind blowing, and an unexpected lump formed in your throat as his strong arms slipped around your waist.

“Is it to your liking, my lady?” he asked, surprisingly quietly.

“Thor, this is a amazing!” you whispered, leaning your head back on his strong chest.

You stayed like that for several moments, just basking in the romantic atmosphere, until you felt the pleasant scratch of Thor's beard and the contrasting soft press of his lips, as he slowly kissed from behind your ear down the column of your throat. A small shiver rippled down your spine as he slowly undid the tie of your robe. His large hands were warm and slightly calloused as they splayed across your midriff, and you reach behind you, blindly unfastening your boyfriend's robe.

“Would I be too bold in asking if I could take you to bed?” Thor murmured against your ear.

Feeling a little devil may care, you shimmied out of the fluffy dressing gown, before giving him a flirty glance over your shoulder. “I thought you'd never ask.”

Apparently that was exactly what Thor needed to hear, since the warrior stripped off his own white robe, discarding it in a heap with yours before he picked you up bridal style. He grinned at your small squeak of surprise, and you buried your face in the crook of his neck, muffling your chuckles against his warm skin as he effortlessly carried you across the room. And as he set you down gently on the petal covered bed, leaning over you with his hands planted either side of your face, you couldn't help admire his strong biceps and broad shoulders... Thor really was a marvel to look at.

Not that you had long to appreciate, since your eyes slipped closed the moment he leant down to kiss you. You could taste a faint hint of coffee as his tongue started a languid dance with yours, and you found yourself humming against his lips, as his knees came to rest either side of your legs; the warm length of him an impressive weight as it rested against your inner thigh.

“I am not a skilled sorcerer like my brother,” he murmured against your lips. “So I cannot perform barrier charms like he can. Nor could I think of a suitable way to ask you what steps are required on Midgard, so I went to Tony...”

Your eyes fluttered open as you tried to process this information, trying not to smirk at the image it brought up... since you knew Tony would have probably thrown in a healthy dose of good-natured ribbing into the mix. However, you doubted he'd have led Thor astray... not too far anyway, and not without setting him straight afterwards at least.

“He told me a myriad of practises Midgardian woman do, and I cannot... there is no way... it would be ungentlemanly...”

“I'm covered,” you interrupted, taking pity on him.

Thor offered you a relieved smiled, before continuing: “Thank you, my lady, for understanding what I could not voice. It eases my mind to know, since Asgard's warriors are far more virile than your Midgardian men. I was unconvinced these... condoms... Tony insisted I buy would be protection enough.”

You couldn't help smirking at that, though oddly, it didn't sound like boasting. More like a simple fact, and you were flattered that Thor had cared for your well-being enough to ask for advice... even if it was hilarious he felt uncomfortable asking you such information, considering you were obviously about to sleep together. Still, you couldn't help be touched by the gesture all the same, even though you were slowly realising your boyfriend was genuinely nervous about this; despite hiding it rather well.

“Are there any of your customs I should know about?” you asked, gently.

Thor shook his head. “No, my lady. From what I learnt, the act itself seems comparable. It was just protection that concerned me, as it is obvious you do not have access to the same herbs, potions and spells those in Asgard do.”

“Is there anything Tony didn't cover you'd like to know, or anything you want clarification on?” you asked, seriously,

“No...” he said at length, seemingly embarrassed. “Not... as such. The educational videos Tony had me watch were very informative, however these... condoms... are not as easy to apply as the demonstration seemed to make it.”

Once again, you took a moment to let that sink in; realising that not only had Tony gone out of his way to find Thor some sex-ed videos instead of porn... which mean you really owned the guy at least a drink... but your boyfriend had also tried to practise to make sure he was doing it right. You were seriously blown away by the consideration. And though it was hardly conventional pillow talk, the care Thor had shown you without you even knowing, made you want him all the more.

“I'm happy to help,” you told him, teaming your honest remark with a cheeky wink.

Thor's grin lit up the room. “My lady is too kind.”

You made a shooing motion with your hand, that your chuckling boyfriend correctly took as 'go get the condom', since he leant over to retrieve a distinctive foil packet from the bedside draw. However, instead of handing it to you, the small square lay on the white duvet beside you, as Thor's warm hands began to rove your body; his palms and fingers caressing every inch of bare skin he could reach. And your own hands tangled in his golden locks, freeing his hair from it's messy bun, just his wandering fingers found your core. Your leg fell wider open, allowing him better access to dip one then two fingers into your heat, and his thumb began to draw almost lazy circles around your most sensitive bundle of nerves. Blindly, you tried to reach for him, only to have your hand pinned gently to the bed as Thor moved to lie beside you; his other hand still driving you crazy.

“You deserve to be worshipped,” he stated.

As he leant over to kiss you once more, you whimpered against his lips as his talented fingers found that exact spot inside you. You could feel Thor smile against your skin as his kisses moved along your jaw, down your throat and chest, until he'd dipped his head to run his tongue around your bust; occasionally stopping to lick or gently nip at it's peek, before turning his attention to your other breast. The combined attention of his hand and lips pushed you to the brink, and you muffled your moan against the crook of his neck, your body trembling as he eased you through the after shock. Your climax had taken you by surprise, so it took you several seconds to collect enough wits to reach for and open the foil packet, and a few more to remember to slow down your actions so Thor learnt how to do it himself.

He captured both of your hands in his, kissing your knuckles in silent thanks, before he lay down beside you once more. One of his muscular arms slid under your neck, to curl across your back, whilst the other hooked under your knee and lifted your leg to drape over his sculpted hip, once he'd shuffled close enough. Thor gave a few teasing strokes against your heat, his smile almost cocky, before you had enough; flexing your leg and effectively drawing his length into you with ease. His appreciative groan was almost obscene, and you couldn't help smirking at your boyfriend when he looked at you... surprise tinged with a little awe. It was a heady feeling, have a god look at you like that, and you couldn't help surging forward to capture his lips in a bruising kiss.

Whether Thor had intended to start slow and lost control, or if it was merely cultural differences, you weren't sure... you didn't really care. All you knew was the pace he set was punishing. Not forceful or domineering, just so fast paced you couldn't do much than hold on. Not that you minded, since the angle was perfect and the litany of praises that seemed to fall from his lips; not always in languages you understood, but you caught 'amazing', 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous' a number of times. And his eyes... his striking blue eyes remained locked with yours, never breaking despite his passionate thrusts. You almost felt guilty as you felt that telltale heat begin to coil. Your back bowing and your eyes slipping shut as you climaxed again.

A small whimper escaped you as he withdrew, one arm still firmly curled around your shoulders, even as he took himself in hand. Your movements were a little sluggish as you shimmied forward, your limbs still too blissed out from your release, and your thoughts were a little muggy. But you wrapped your hand around his stroking his still covered length, smiling slightly as Thor moved his hand slightly so your fingers could entwine with his. He groaned his approval, even as he pressed his lips to your temple. Once again the pace was almost brutal, and your arm was seriously beginning to hurt as Thor suddenly pulled you impossibly closer; his lips crashing against yours as his climax finally hit.

“Why did you pull out?” you asked, sleepily. Once your boyfriend seemed a little more with it, and had gone then returned from the en-suit bathroom.

“You are not some tavern wench, I would not use you to chase my own pleasure.”

A small chuckle escape you, as you snuggled back into his strong arms. “Things are a little different here, Thor. As long as sex is sex and not rape, it's perfectly acceptable to find your own release, especially after you've given your partner two orgasms already.”

His lips caressed your forehead. “I wouldn't not want to assume, my lady.”

“Then you have my permission,” you said, grinning despite stifling a yawn. “If that's what you need. As your girlfriend, I give you permission to enjoy sex as much as I do.”

His rumble of laughter shook your whole body. “You are far too kind, my love.”

Chapter Text

The minute you were back inside your apartment, you pressed Pietro up against the door, kissing him hungrily. It had been your third date in as many weeks, and his flirting had been driving you crazy all night. Actually, his flirting has only been driving you crazy during your taxi ride home. Before that it was his sweet and attentive nature that had driven you to distraction, and you genuinely doubted Pietro had realised the effect he was having on you, until you'd whispered in his ear:

“My place?”

His answering grin had told you he understood exactly what you'd meant, and you'd felt the need to tip the cab driver heavily, for having to put up with your intense make out session. However, when Pietro had picked you up so the pair of you could get to your apartment quicker, you didn't really have enough presence of mind to feel guilty about it. And despite it barely taken a few seconds for Quicksilver to race you both to your apartment, it felt far too long since your lips had been on his, which was why the pair of you were in the positions you were in... not that he seemed to mind.

Pietro groaned as your tongue swiped along the seam of his lips, demanding entrance, and you could feel his obvious arousal as you pressed your body flush to his. For a moment, you let your hands tangle in his shaggy platinum locks as you kissed him deeply. But you couldn't deny he was just far too tempting. You couldn't stop your hands from wandering; first tracing lightly along his stubbled jaw and down his neck, across his well built shoulders and along his muscular arms to push off his jacket, before wandering down his defined torso so you could start to inch up the black long sleeve he wore.

You smiled against Pietro's lips, as his breath hitched when your palms finally started smoothing up the sculpted plain of his torso, taking the soft cotton with them. You only pulled away from him to whip off his top, but whilst he was distracted, you took the chance to gently nip the juncture where his neck met his shoulder. Pietro practically melted at your action, even as his arms wrapped around you possessively.

“маче, you need to tell me where your bedroom is, or our first time will be in your hall.”

“Tempting,” you purred, your hands wandering to his waist band and undoing the button.

“Please принцеза...” he whimpered. “I will christen every surface in your apartment with you, but let me do this right the first time.”

You chuckled, your lips trailing kisses along the other side of his neck, as your fingers dipped below his waist band to teasingly stroke the length of him. Pietro's breath stuttered, and you couldn't help using your free hand to push his jeans and boxers a little further off his hips, allowing you to wrap your questing hand around him. Pietro let out what sounded like a Sokovian curse, as he let his head fall back against the door. His eyes slipped closed and his breathing became ragged as you continued to stroke him in a determined rhythm, and all the while, you couldn't stop the smirk the pulled at the corner of your mouth. Having Quicksilver trembling at your ministrations was quite the heady feeling.

“Aнђео, please...” he panted. “You're driving me crazy, љубави моја.”

“Second door on the right...”

You'd barely been able to utter the last word before you suddenly realised you were not where your were just a moment ago. Laughing, you fell back on your bed, your navy dress already hitched up around your waist from how Pietro had carried you. But your laughter soon turned into a drawn out moan, as he made short work of your lacy knickers and wasted no time in pressing his mouth to your core. He licked and sucked and gently nipped until you were a writhing miss beneath him. Pietro hooked one of your legs over his shoulder, giving him room enough to slowly slide two fingers into your heat, as his tongue drew maddening circles around your most sensitive bundle of nerves. His other hand swept up your body, somehow blindly freeing your breasts from the scooped neckline of your dress and confines of your satin bra.

The combination of his warm hand kneading your flesh, along with the attention that he was paying to your core, quickly became too much to bare. The heat you'd felt pooling in you began to spread, reaching a fever pitch as he crooked the fingers inside you just so. Your whole body tense as you chased your release, and his name might have been somewhere in the low moan of appreciation, as a well times suck to your most sensitive bundle of nerves sent you over the edge. But you barely had time to collect your wits and catch your breath, before Pietro was over you, kissing you deeply. You could faintly taste yourself on his tongue, but all it did was make you want him more, especially when the length of him slid against your core.

“принцеза, please...”

You didn't really think when you pushed Pietro on to his back, pushing his jeans just slightly further down his thighs before you straddled him. You almost completely forgot to reach over to your side table, when he pushed himself up so he lathe your left breast as he caressed the right, but somehow your hand managed to scramble around to produce a familiar foil packet. You shuffled back just far enough to let him roll on the protection, before a wave of inspiration hit you.

An almost wicked smirk pulled at the cherry red lips as your pulled a confused Pietro to the edge of your bed, positioning him in sight of the full length mirror that hung on your wall. His sky blue eyes widened in shock as your straddled him again, this time with your back flush to his torso, still not caring that he was only partially undressed.

“Fuck! Маче...” he breathed.

You didn't answer. Instead you slowly began to strip off your dress, even as you began to sink down on him. You could feel Pietro's warm breath ghost over your bare skin as your dropped the navy material to the floor, moaning appreciatively as he finally hilted inside you. His hands trembled slightly has he unhooked your bra, tossing it off the bed, even as you slowly began to roll your hips. His warm hands roamed your body then, though he seemed to particularly like the contrast of of your silk topped stockings still against your thighs. You reached behind to clasp your hands behind his neck, though his eyes remained locked on your reflections in the mirror... you weren't normally such an exhibitionist, but there was just something about Pietro that made you want to do this.

You couldn't get enough of the look on his face as you always watched your reflections; it wasn't even lust, more like awe, and it made you feel sexy as hell. A feeling that only increased tenfold, as his skilful fingers found your most sensitive bundle of nerves, whilst he feverishly began lavishing your neck and shoulders with kisses. His free hand clamped around your thigh, his thumb stroking then band of silk against your skin.

“љубави моја. Mejo лепа девојка...” he pleaded. “Come for me, please.”

If you hadn't been close before, his words pushed you there. It was getting harder to keep up your rhythmic pace; your back began to arch as his hand left your thigh to tease your breast, whilst his other kept up his maddening ministrations. Your whole body began to tense, you were so close, and if the frantic pace Pietro rubbed your most sensitive bundle of nerves was anything to go by, so was he.

“Please, Мојa анђео. One last time...”

The hand cupping your breast moved to turn your face towards him, and Pietro's lips crashed into yours just as your white hot release hit you again. You moaned into his mouth, one hand twisting into his shaggy hair, as the other clamped over his fingers to stop his maddening circles. You pulsed around his length, dragging him with you. Several minutes went by as you tried to catch your breath, and Pietro's hands smoothed down the naked expanse of your back, before he chuckled softly and flopped backwards onto your mattress.


You huffed a small laugh at his exclamation, and gratefully took the hand he held up for you, helping you clamber off him as gracefully as your position allowed. Though with a relieved groan you finally kicked off the high-heeled shoes you'd been wearing all night, before leaning down to steal a gentle kiss from his unresisting lips.

“You were... wow...” he murmured again.

Grinning, you pressed a light kiss to the tip of his nose. “I'll go grab you some tissues.”

“I'll be here, принцеза,” he agreed, sounding a little out of it. “Trying to remember how my legs work after a sex goddess blew my mind.”


Chapter Text

When Stephen had whispered asking you to stay, your heart had broken a little. He sounded so vulnerable, so unlike the cocky man you'd grown used to working along side. But when his breathing had stuttered when you'd kissed his scarred hands, your heart had shattered. Even though he and Christine had been on and off again during the entire time you'd known him, you got the feeling he hadn't been intimate with anyone since his accident. He seemed too nervous, too hesitant... nothing at all like the Stephen Strange you'd come to know. Not that it was necessarily a bad thing, just different.

As you murmured your agreement, you weren't entirely surprised when he suddenly surged forward again. It was if he was trying to recapture your earlier passion, or pretend he hadn't shown you his vulnerable side. You weren't entirely sure which, but that didn't stop you from rocking against him as he kissed you hungrily; trying not to smirk at his obvious arousal. However you couldn't help smile at his soft groan as you started to kiss along his jaw and down his neck, outright grinning when he jumped when you playfully nipped at his pulse.

“I... should tell you it's been a while,” he said, quietly.

Your fingers lightly caressed his throat... the only bit of skin left available thanks to his maddening robes. You could admit at least to yourself that you'd been wondering how exactly you could remove them, a thought that had plagued you far longer than just that night; but at least the cloak was behaving itself, presumably having gotten what it wanted when it had pushed you into Stephen's lap.

“That's alright. I'm hardly a party girl,” you teased, softly.

Stephen shook his head, a pained expression flashing in his blue-grey eyes, before he raised a trembling hand to gently stroke your cheek. His nervousness was almost palpable, and without him saying anything more, you understood from his slight frown what was going unsaid. Stephen hadn't just been without a partner for 'a while', he hadn't had any form of relief, presumably since the accident if you were understanding his silent hint. To say you felt sorry for him was an understatement, you couldn't imagine how difficult it would be to be forced to endure years without release... because you guessed it wasn't by choice. Even with all his magic and martial arts training, his hands were still weak and riddled with nerve damage.

“A smart woman like you... I'm certain you've figured out what I mean,” Stephen continued, not meeting your eyes. “I'm... unsure how well my... performance will be, so I understand if you've changed your mind.”

Several reactions wanted to bubble up: staring at him in shock, consoling him which he'd likely take as pity, as well as laughing at the absurdity of it. You liked Christine well enough, but you couldn't help wonder how demanding she or any of Stephen's previous lovers must have been, if he felt the need to give you a disclaimer before a single item of clothing came off. Fuck, if it had been as long as you thought it had been for him, you were more than eager to figure out how quickly you could make the usually cock-sure sorcerer come undo. The prospect of making the normally collected man a puddle of endorphins and oxytocin was delicious, so much so that you hadn't even really thought what he could do for you.

You doubted that Stephen expected your next move, which was to press up flush to his torso, running your hands through his greying hair, before lightly gripping the soft strands and gently tugging to tilt his head backwards as you rose up on your knees. His eyes widened for a fraction of a second whilst you grinned at him wickedly, before you firmly pressed your lips to his. You could smell the bergamot and sandalwood scent of his cologne as you licked the seam of his lips, and you kissed him thoroughly when he relented to your silent request. You took your time, fighting the urge to smile at his groan of appreciation, and humming your own approval when Stephen finally grabbed your rear. You barely noticed the trembling in his hands, far too focused on how he panted for breath when you eventually pulled away.

“Guess you'll be at my mercy tonight then,” you purred, letting you gaze wander his face as your hands trailed to his shoulders. “The things I want to do to you...”

“Are you sure? As good as that sounds I don't want you to feel...”

“The only thing I'm bothered about if how the hell I'm supposed to get you out of these robes,” you interrupted, smiling impishly. “But I'm sure you can take care of that for me...”

You trailed off, biting the side of your lower lip in order to stop yourself from grinning in satisfaction, as Stephen noticeably swallowed before nodding his head. He seemed a little dazed, and you couldn't help wonder how often his partners had taken control like you were. Not that you really cared; if what you could feel brushing against you was any indication, Stephen was more than happy with your current situation, and as long as he was consenting, you were more than happy to call the shots.

“As interesting as your study is, I'm sure you can think of somewhere more comfortable than a chair in front of the fire. Somewhere with a little more room to move,” you suggested.

Whilst you placed open mouth kisses up the column of his throat, Stephen didn't even verbally reply. Instead he shifted to pick up what he referred to as his 'sling ring', sliding it on to his left hand before gesturing with his right, drawing circles in the air until you could hear a whooshing sound behind you. You smiled into his skin, knowing he'd just opened a portal. Though you squeaked in surprise when instead of asking you to get up, Stephen deftly lifted you, prompting you to wrap your legs around his waist. You rolled your eyes when he smirked at you for the first time that evening, but outright laughed when the cloak slunk through the portal just before it closed. Though thankfully instead of harassing the pair of you, it settled itself on a chair at the far side of the room.

The place had a Victorian feel to it, in keeping with the rest of the Sanctum; with the moulded door and window frames, dark patterned wallpaper and polished mahogany furniture. The bed itself was made of brass, the sheets were soft white cotton, but the eiderdown was a rich navy with gold embroidery. It oddly suited him, though you couldn't help wonder if it was Stephen's choice, or what had already been there. Not that it mattered when he suddenly dropped you, the soft mattress making you bounce and you couldn't help chuckle. Stephen's earlier tension seemed to be melting away... perhaps that was a move he'd pulled in the past... but if he thought he was getting any more control back he was sadly mistaken. As he made to lean over you, you braced a hand against his toned chest and pushed him backwards. Standing beside the bed, he gave you a small frown as you reclined comfortably against his sheets. You arched a perfectly groomed eyebrow.


He faltered for a moment, his keen eyes searching your face as you pushed up to lean back on your palms. You wondered how very far out of his comfort zone Stephen was; perhaps he was used to taking the lead, being able to flirt, tease, joke... maybe even sweet talk a lover into his bed. But whatever answers Stephen was looking he must have found, because a moment later the yellow tinged electric light overhead vanished, only to be replaced by a myriad of flickering candles. You smiled at the romantic ambiance he'd created, but huffed a laugh when instead of undressing so you could learn how to open his intricate belt and robes, Stephen made a quick gesture that divested him of everything but a pair of snug fitting black boxes.

Your smile morphed into a sultry smirk as your gaze raked over him. Feeling his body through heavy clothing was once thing, getting to enjoy the unobstructed sight was something else entirely. He wasn't overly muscular, though he was toned from his martial arts training. But when you slid off the bed to kneel in front of him, reaching up to run your palms down from his torso to his boxers, you were pleasantly surprised that his body had just enough give, that it didn't feel like you were getting up close and personal with a brick wall.

Grinning up at him, you made short work of the last offending article of clothing, taking a moment to admire the length of him, before you wasted no more time in closing your lips around him. The strangled groan Stephen gave was delicious, and you swirled your tongue around his head, adding a little sucking pressure, before sliding him further into your mouth. He was long enough that you had to curl a hand around the base of him, twisting your wrist so each stroke was a spiral of motion, as you continued to lavish his head with interchanging licks and sucking heat. You cupped his balls with your free hand, alternating between teasing caresses and firmer rubs, as his hands tangled in your hair. You hummed in approval whilst he was still securely in your mouth, eliciting a gasp that could have been a warning, as a moment later you could taste his release as it hit your tongue. With softer suction, you coaxed Stephen through his climax before releasing him with an obnoxious pop, winking up at him when he huffed a laugh.

As he helped you up, you were forced to silence what suspiciously sounded like an apology; knowing he'd be able to taste himself when you kissed him hungrily. Suppressing a smile as he backed you up to the bed, you made short work of the buttons on your white chiffon blouse, as well as the fastening on your caramel coloured trousers. Stephen took the initiative to slowly push the soft material off your body as you kicked off your nude wedges, though he spared a moment to admire the sexy, white lace teddy Natasha had insisted you wear... just in case. And oh, how glad you were that you'd listened to your friend's advice when you saw how Stephen's eyes darkened as he looked at you. However, the tense moment was broken when the sorcerer made a rapid gesture, magically removing your lingerie from your body, before gently nudging you to lay back on his bed.

Stephen wasted no time in starting to repay the favour, exploring your body with licks and kisses; not just in obvious places like your neck, breasts and inner thighs, but unexpected places like your calves, your shoulder and crook of your elbow. You couldn't help giggling, and squirmed when his gentle attention grazed over one sensitive part or another. Though as much as you were enjoying his tantalising exploration, you couldn't help noticing something unusual.

“You can touch me, you know,” you whispered.

“Haven't I been?” he murmured against your jaw.

“Stephen...” you chided, gently.

“I thought I would spare you from them,” he admitted, in between lavishing your neck.

Valiantly, you fought the urge to roll your eyes... your man was evidently impossible. However, that was the sort of shit you refused to let stand. Sure Stephen's hands were covered in scars, some silvery and faded with others still red and angry, and yes the scars travelled higher than you expected; up passed his wrists... but that was no excuse for such utter rubbish. So refusing to let Stephen continue with his warp delusion, you hugged his waist securely with your thighs, before deftly twisting and easily reversing your positions. You straddled him, his half-hard length pressed along your core though all but forgotten when you captured his hands in yours.

The heart-aching vulnerability was back in his blue-grey eyes, as you slowly lifted his right hand up to your lips. Planting a soft kiss to the inside of his wrist, you heard Stephen's breath stutter, though you persisted. Your lips gently pressed to his palm, his finger tips, his knuckles, and the back of his hand before repeating the process on his left. By the time you had finished, you had the sneaky suspicious that Stephen was blinking back unshed tears. Though he quickly surged up, his scarred and trembling hands finding their way into your hair, whilst he made the most of your distraction and rolled you both until you were underneath him again. This time his hands tentatively explored you, the texture rough but the touch light... teasing. It felt good regardless of Stephen's reservations, and you couldn't help the soft moan that escaped as he trailed a path up the inside of your thigh, whilst he shifted to lie beside you. His questing touch found your apex, and you gasped at the sensation of him lightly stroking your core.

“I used to be good at this,” he murmured, actually sounding regretful rather than boastful. “But now I don't have the strength, never mind the dexterity.”

Instead of saying a word, you simply swiped at his lower lip with your thumb. You'd intended to give him a pointed look, but the small smile on Stephen's mouth, coupled with the way he kissed the pad of your thumb, let you know he'd understood. You returned his smile, though that quickly morphed into a smirk as he shuffled down the bed and coaxed your legs apart. Confident in your own sexuality and appeal, you let him admire you. However you didn't have to wait long until a drawn out moan was pulled from you, as Stephen gave your core a slow teasing lick. He chuckled, obviously feeling in safer territory as he pulled away a little; his breath ghosting over you, as he focused on stroking and kissing your inner thighs and the creases of your hips.

You couldn't help squirming slightly, the anticipation mounting as Stephen lavish attention seemed to be heading towards your core, before he'd switch tactics to kiss your pelvis and thighs. The process repeated several times before his tongue finally found your heat again. His licks were slow and almost tortuous, and you fought hard not to direct him to the bundle of nerves that most wanted his attention. But somehow you managed; one hand tangling in his hair, the other mangling the sheets in a vice like grip.

To your surprise, Stephen started to alternate his licks with gentle caresses from a single finger. Slowly sliding slightly inside you, before retracting. It was obvious he wasn't aiming to find that certain spot inside you, but you oddly didn't dare. His attention was maddening yet wonderful... and he still hadn't even so much as brushed against your most sensitive spot. Until bloody hell! There he was!

Completely unexpected, you felt his lips close around where you wanted him most, a sudden suck that made your back arch off the bed, before he start to lap at that bundle of nerves; slowly at first, then sped up until you were a writhing mess. It felt so good, but you couldn't stop thinking about having him inside you... right until your own climax almost snuck up on you. Your breath caught as the first wave washed over you, and you shuddered with each slower lick Stephen gave you.

But the moment the feeling eased and he moved to sit on his haunches, your reached to pull him into a bruising kiss. He had been amazing, but that didn't stop you wanting more. You managed to gasp about protection in between fevered kisses, not at all surprised when he summon a distinct packet with a gesture. Taking the initiative, you grabbed the foil square and quickly opened it; determined to not let dexterity issues halt either of your pleasures. You gave the length of him an assessing stroke, and grinned when you discovered that Stephen was also more than ready to continue, and it only took a moment to roll on protection before you were guiding him into you.

With a swift thrust he was hilted inside and you moaned in unison. He felt so damn good, a sentiment you suspected he felt as well, since he buried his face in the crook of your neck; all gentle kisses and nips as he slowly began to move. There was unspoken agreement as Stephen hooked one of your legs over his arm, and he leant down on his forearms, taking the weight off his hands. You couldn't help moan at the change of angle, one that had him brushing against that spot that made your toes curl. Your fingers scrambled for purchase on his back as you rolled your hips to meet his thrusts; languid at first, before become quicker and more forceful, until your rhythm was almost frantic. You snaked a hand between your bodies, circling your sensitive bundle of nerves feverishly as Stephen pushed you closer to the edge.

Your second climax hit with almost as much surprise as your first, and your back bowed off the bed, whilst your mouth opened in a silent scream. It seemed you'd brought Stephen crashing with you, for a moment latter his breath and rhythm stuttered, before he thrust almost impossibly deep. You smiled against his temple, holding him close as the wave finally receded, chuckling softly when he was left almost boneless above you. A gentle tap to his shoulder had him releasing your leg, and you fought the ridiculous urge to pout as Stephen slowly withdrew to lay beside you. With another complex gesture, the sorcerer managed to dispose of the prophylactic, and you couldn't help thinking magic was awfully convenient... especially when with just another flick of his wrist, you found yourself under the eiderdown with Stephen, instead of on top of it.

A contented sigh escaped you, as you turned to tuck yourself into his side; his arm wrapping tightly around you, as you rested your head on his shoulder. It seemed that the Cloak of Levitation took that as it's cue to wander over, gliding slowly towards the bed until it settled itself down on top of you both, draping itself across the covers to act like a second blanket. You wiggled an arm out of the warm cocoon in order to drape it over the cloak and Stephen's torso, essentially hugging them both. You took a moment to simple enjoy the calmness, punctuated only by your lover's slowing heartbeat and his steady breaths. You let them lull you, and the last thing you were aware of was the corner of the cloak curling around your fingers, as if to hold your hand.


Chapter Text

It felt weird, stepping out of Sam's shower. But a combination of Clint being, well Clint... because who else would manage to find the only faulty panel in the Compound's duct system, which of course happened to be right above your now demolished shower... and a fight with a particularly goopy monster, had left you turning to your boyfriend for help. Naturally, Sam had been more than happy for you to use his bathroom, and had even borrowed Nat's special shampoo for you to get all the gunk out of your hair. Still, it felt a little weird walking out of his en-suite in nothing but a fluffy towel. Though the way Sam did a double take, as dropped some clean clothes he'd fetch from your apartment on the bed, was certainly an ego boost.

You weren't entirely sure what had you sauntering over to him, after all, you were still sore from the mission you'd been on with Bucky and Loki. However, you suspected it had something to do with how his normally warm brown eyes were practically drinking you in. You couldn't help the small smirk that tug at the corner of your mouth, and Sam certainly didn't seem to mind following your lead as you wrapped a hand around the back of his neck, pulling him down to press a lingering kiss to his unresisting lips. Sam's hands settled on your hips, his fingers kneading the fluffy material of the towel.

“You can take it off, you know,” you purred.

Sam's eyes searched your face. “You sure?”

There was no mistaking your boyfriend's growing arousal as it pressed against you, and you couldn't deny it hadn't crossed your mind more than once in the fortnight you'd been dating. However, Sam could be such a wind-up merchant at times, you couldn't help teasing him a little. So you stepped away from him, slipping passed to retrieve the nearest item of your clean clothes.

“Well, if you're not sure, I'll just get dressed and go...” you said, trying not to smile.

You failed spectacularly as his strong arms wrapped around you from behind, before he planted a soft kiss to the juncture where your neck met your shoulder. You tipped your head back, letting it rest on Sam's shoulder, as he slowly kissed up the side of your throat.

“I never said that,” he smiled against your skin. “I've been trying to figure out how soon was too soon to invite you to stay.”

“And all you needed was a gloopy slug monster as your wingman... who knew?!” you grinned.

You felt as much as heard his answering chuckle, and you happily turned in his arms, your hands clasping behind his neck as you smiled up at him. The pair of you took a moment to simply look at each other, and you couldn't help appreciate just how damn handsome Sam was. Your smile was threatening to turn into a proud little smirk, even before your boyfriend whipped off his simple grey tee, revealing a delicious expanse of rich toned skin and amazing muscles. All bets were off, and you surged up to kiss him hard, you tongue demanding entrance even as you let the towel drop to the floor with a muffled thud.

Sam groaned, honest to goodness groaned against your lips, as his warm hands immediately smoothed down your spine before gently palming your rear. You hadn't been expecting him to pick you up especially since his bed was right behind you, but you instinctively wrapped your bare legs around his naked waist when he did so. You breathed in the cedar scent of his cologne as your kiss turned languid, only to suddenly burst out laughing when after giving you a peck on the nose, Sam unexpectedly dropped you on his bed. His grin was infectious, and you blatantly watched as he kicked off his remaining clothing before joining you on his once pristine bed.

“Fancy seeing you here...” you grinned, moving to lie on your side.

“Imagine that...” he drawled in reply.

You hummed in approval as his smoothed down your side, over your hip and around the back of your thigh. He drew your leg over his hip, his other arm wrapping around your shoulders, as his hand trailed back up your inner thigh towards your core. Sam smiled at you warmly, as he rested his forehead against yours, and a soft sigh escaped you as he began to slowly dip first one then two fingers inside you. His caresses were relaxed, almost lazy, but instead of feeling annoyed you let your head rest on his shoulder and let yourself enjoy his attention without seeking the end goal.

Several times he brushed against that spot inside you, pulling drawn out moans from you, though Sam kept his ministrations sedate. Still, you were more than ready when he whispered if he was okay to get a condom, and you nodded your enthusiastic consent. He chuckled, kissing you on the forehead before rolling on the protection, but instead of lying between your thighs like you kind of expected, Sam settled back down beside you and pulled your thigh back over his hip.

The moan that escaped you as he slowly slid to the hilt was almost obscene, but he felt so good you didn't really care. And if his small smirk was anything to go by, Sam wholeheartedly approved. You rolled your eyes at him, earning a chuckle before he pulled almost completely out of you, before leisurely hilting inside you again. Another moan was tugged from your lips, but you decided that since he was hitting all the right spots, you'd let his sexy little smirk go... for now.

However, that wasn't to say you'd be out matched, and several purposeful rolls of your hips, hand him burying his face in the croak of your neck as he moaned his own enjoyment. With unspoken agreement you both kept the pace unhurried, stealing several kiss and stocking any part of the other you could reach in that position. Though despite your boyfriend's thrusts being almost languid, there was a deliberateness about them, and quicker than you expected, you found yourself teetering on the edge. The way you gasped his name must have given Sam some clue, because he shifted slightly; hitting the exact spot inside you just as he slipped a hand between you to caress your most sensitive bundle of nerves. That was all it took. Your released washed over you like a wave, and as you clenched around him, you dragged Sam over with you.

For several moments you lay panting, your chests heaving as you caught your breath. You weren't exactly sure who chuckled first, but one minute you glanced up at him, the next you were both giggling as you hugged each other tightly. Your face practically hurt from how much you were smiling, and you stole a final kiss before Sam finally pulled away to dispose of the condom. He was back a minute later, pulling up his weighted blanket to cover you both. Still smiling, you shuffled closer, your arm snaking across his toned abdomen as his curled around your shoulders again.

“I'd buy that gloopy slug monster a drink... if you hadn't killed it,” he teased, kissing your temple.

“Well, I guess you better by Loki one then,” you retorted, swatting him half heartedly on the stomach. “Since it was his badly timed spell that got me covered with goop in the first place.”


Chapter Text

You woke in stages, the warm sunlight filtering through the sheer curtains. You weren't sure how long you'd been asleep, but you couldn't deny how much you'd needed the nap after your flight to Wakanda. You'd been almost dead on your feet when the jet touched down, and T'Challa had insisted you rested whilst he finished up his meetings. Okoye had shown you to a room, her stoic mask breaking into a smirk the moment she opened the door to the classy suite for you. Honestly, you'd been too tired to think much about it, until your head had hit the pillow and you'd inevitably smelt T'Challa's aftershave. But once again, you were much too tired to process it all, only vaguely realising you must be in his room before you promptly fell asleep.

But now as blinked back awake... incredibly glad you'd kicked off your shoes and removed your jacket, leaving you to sleep in jeans and a simple black tank top... you realised you weren't actually alone. A muscular arm was curled snuggly around your waist, and a toned chest was pressed flush to your back. You smiled as you felt T'Challa press a soft kiss to your bare shoulder, and chuckled softly as his growing beard tickled your skin. It felt so good to be back in his arms, since although you'd been dating a number of months, you'd only been able to meet up a handful of times. Normally, he came to you... albeit to also visit Tony, but you could let that slide... or you'd meet up somewhere like Paris or Vienna, during your rarely booked vacations.

However, this time T'Challa had invited you to Wakanda, and you couldn't help thinking there was something significant about him inviting you to his country. You knew very few outsiders ever got the privilege, and you felt incredibly honoured to be there... it was also a complete bonus that you got to spend time with your boyfriend, but you'd refused to confirm or deny anything, when both Tony and Natasha had smirked at you knowingly as you boarded the jet that morning. Not that it really mattered right then, as T'Challa began to slowly kiss up the column of your throat. Unable to help yourself, you tipped your head backwards, granting him better access.

“Good evening, Yam intanda,” he whispered against your ear. “Do you feel better for resting?”

You only managed a contented hum in reply, as his warm hand dipped under the hem of your top to draw indistinct patterns against your skin. Smiling, you pressed further into, feeling his already obvious arousal pressed against your rear. Your smile widened. Despite the short breaks you'd had together, T'Challa had always insisted on being a gentleman and booking you a private room, which had been sweet yet maddening in equal parts. However, lately your nightly conversations had been turning decidedly steamy; naturally filling your dreams with plenty of fantasies. You'd hoped this invite meant things would progress between you, and from the way his fingers slowly caressed the skin just above your waistband, you had the feeling T'Challa was wanting the same.

“I have wanted to invite you here since our first date, Sithandwa sam,” he told you, quietly. “But I hope you know that we'll only go as far as you're happy with.”

That was it as far as you were concerned. All bets were off. The man had been driving you crazy for months, but there was your green light. So without bothering to verbally reply, you quickly rolled to face him; pushing T'Challa onto his back as you moved, before straddling his waist. Your actions pulled a surprised chuckle from him, and you smirked down at him feeling a little triumphant... you took a moment to admire him in his traditional dashiki, almost surprised to see him wearing a colour instead of black, but you had to admit the man could pull off a purple shirt better than even Bruce could.

“That answer your question?” you asked, glibly.

Without waiting for a reply, you leant down to him; tasting a hint of roobios and smelling the exotic spell of his cologne as your tongue started a languid dance with his. T'Challa's hands trailed down your spine before gently squeezing your rear, and you could feel him smirk against your lips as you ground against his still clothed erection. Chuckling, you trailed a line of kisses across his stubbled jaw, before whispering in his ear:

“You're far too over dressed.”

“A problem easily rectified, as long as you're sure,” T'Challa replied.

You sat back up, quickly stripping off your tank top which prompted your grinning boyfriend to do the same. However, just as you went to unclasp your bra, he gently shooed your hands away before removing it for you. A slight breeze from the open window caressed your skin, just as T'Challa began to lavish attention on your bare breasts; his warm hands stroking any part his lips and tongue couldn't reach.

“Still over dresses,” you panted.

“So demanding,” he chuckled, against your skin.

However, despite his teasing, T'Challa quickly set about rectifying the problem. Gently, he lay you on your back against his soft cotton sheets, making short work of your remaining clothes before he quickly followed suit. For a moment you simply lay together, taking a moment to admire each other before he leant down to press a achingly soft kiss to your unresisting lips. T'Challa leant his forehead against yours, smiling at your warmly as his fingers teasingly trailed up your inner thigh before caressing your core. You let your legs fall open, giving him better access, even as you began to slowly stroke the length of him. Both your actions were unhurried, almost lazy, and your free hand cupped his cheek as he continued to smile at you lovingly.

All the times you'd fantasised about him, you'd never really thought your first time would be so sweet, so soft and gentle. But that's all you could really think to describe the moment. Every move T'Challa made was tender, as if he had all the time in the world to spend with you. You couldn't help pulling him down for another languid kiss, and when you whispered his name against his lips, your boyfriend seemed to understand immediately. Still, you almost pouted when his skilled fingers left your heat, even if it was only so he could reach over to the bedside draw. T'Challa made short work of the distinctive foil pack he produced; pressing a lingering kiss to your lips as he positioned himself between your legs. Your gaze remained locked with his as he slowly rolled his hips, a small gasped escaping your lips as he hilted inside you.

“You are so beautiful, Yam intanda,” he murmured, brushing a few errant wisps of hair from your face.

You very nearly told him you loved him... but you refused to be that cheesy. Instead, you clasped your hands behind his neck, pulling gently until his forehead rested against yours, before you rolled your hips. How your boyfriend managed to give you a look that was equal parts cheeky smirk and besotted smile, you really weren't sure, but it was something you never wanted to forget. No one had ever made you feel as precious and desirable as T'Challa did. It was a heady feeling... even before you factored in the fact he was a king; which was something you actively tried to forget about, if you were being honest. And once again, you pushed that thought aside, concentrating instead of rolling your hips to match each of his slow but deliberate thrusts.

He moved slightly. One hand sliding down to cup your rear, shifting your leg just enough to change the angle... hitting you right were you wanted him... as his other hand slipped between you, his talented fingers finding your most sensitive bundle of nerves. You gasped at the combined sensation, and despite T'Challa's still leisurely pace, you find yourself unexpectedly teetering on the edge. Not helped by the fact he chose that moment to whisper against your ear:


His delishiously accented voice was aparently all you needed. You crashed your lips to his as your back bowed off the bed. You pulsed around him, dragging him with you as your release crashed over you. It took a moment for you to properly blink back to reality, and grinned up at your boyfriend as he smiled down at you.


T'Challa chuckled softly, before leaning down to plant a sweet kiss to the tip of your nose. “I meant what I said,” he told you, his voice still hushed. “I do love you, Sithandwa sam.”

Despite being a little surprised, you couldn't help smiling up at him adoringly; almost relieved he'd said it first... especially after how close you'd come to blurting out. So you cradled his handsome face in your hands, your smile threatening to burst into a grin as you told him:

I love you too.”