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The new exchange student

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"So, is he hot?" 

They were at the beach talking about the new exchange student, and Ino is the number one gossip queen, so to think that she wasn't going to hear about it, it's like thinking that the school would actually be fun.

"I haven't met her yet, Ino." 

"You still don't know if it's a girl" 

"I think I know who I will be living with."

The new girl would be living with Sakura since all the other doorms was either full or painted neon green all over the walls. 

 Some studens last year painted the whole school in neon colours just for fun so they had to paint it all white again, but when some teacher saw that there was white flowers and hearts on the neon green wall, the school just told them to pack their shit and leave. But the white flowers and hearts on the green wall are still there.

"Have you heard that Sasuke broke up with that slut?" 

"Yeah, who haven't? Bet Karin already has a new guy drooling after her by the time we make it back home." Sakura didn't care about Karin at all, she is only bad news.


Knock knock

"Oh, that must be her." 

She raised her self from the sofa and opened the door.

There right in front of her, stod the most handsome looking guy she ever seen. He had short, black and almost curly hair with the sharpest jawline she ever seen. And gosh! His eyes, they where the most georgeus thing in the world. Cat looking eyes with black orbs stared at her. A smirk on his lips.

"Hello, I'm your new roommate."