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Leave It To me!

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“Are you sure about this?” The red-headed young woman said to the brunette sitting in front of her. They had been talking for a while in the brunet's room. The teen let out a sigh and nodded at her.
“I’m positive Kirijo-san, I won't be alone, I’ll have Koromaru and YOUR husband with me after all.”

The whole briefing was just uncertainty from Mitsuru Kirijo. While Ken wasn’t apart of the Shadow Operatives, he was an old friend and trusted Ally, it had been his choice not to join the operatives after all in an attempt to have a normal Childhood if that was even possible after what happened seven years ago. Plus the dead coming back t life 5 years ago…

No Ken’s childhood had been anything but normal. Now that his Guardian and Benefactor needed help, he had no right to say no, besides he wanted the adventure, he needed it more than anything, he saw it in the old albino Shiba Inu as well. “Will you be okay without him here?”

“I shall be fine, I’m quite independent and he is the only person who isn’t tied to the shadow operatives… other than you of course.”

“Well yeah, he was dead..” Ken let out a wistful sigh. The thought of going to Tokyo was Jarring a bit, sure Tatsumi Port island was large, but it was nothing compared to Tokyo, he hadn’t of even been there before. But the Shadow Operatives needed him, he had to find that Shadows nest.


And the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Their motives, who they were, they had to be known, if they were persona-user or just crazy kids, they had to be reigned in one way or another. With some Politician on their tail, the Shadow operatives sure couldn’t do anything. This was her last resort and even then he could see how hesitant she was. Though she tried to hide it behind a serious expression, her eyes had all the worry of a mother….

“I’ll be fine Kirijo-san.” The brunette finally stood up crossing his arms in a comfortable manner in an attempt to show her it was all okay. “Shujin right? I can joint the Soccer club if they are open for break time and keep track of the mission, I’m not a kid anymore and if you are coming to me then It’s truly a last resort.


And that was how Ken Amada and Minato Arisato ended up on a train heading to Tokyo. It was a quiet ride, the blonde hair golden eyed young man he had known as a leader was just listening to music, a book in front of him on the wheelchair. Ken never fully understood what had taken place when he appeared at the dorm five years ago, but despite the DRASTIC change in hair color and eye color and the eccentric woman who brought him to them with a book in his hands, it was no doubt Minato Arisato. Mitsuru’s husband (off the books, he was dead for three years) and beloved leader of SEES.

Ken stared at him for a moment, wondering what his seeable eye was seeing as he stared at the blue book that was lined with velvet, or if he was just looking at the lack of legs, The didn’t seem to have fully gotten over that either. Ken couldn't blame him, but at least he was alive. The brunet thought for a moment then tapped the blond's shoulder, prompting him to take out an earbud and glance at him quietly.

“Why did you offer to come Arisato-san?”

“Antsy, I guess,” he replied without any emotion. He moved his bang from his left eye for a moment, revealing the blue eye underneath only for it to fall back over it. His bored expression didn’t change at all He always had been hard to read. “Besides you need to have a guardian for Cover reasons.” Ken nodded scratching the back of his neck as he did. That wasn't a lie and none of the other operatives could take the place of him without it being a major tip-off. Besides, Ken was still technically a minor. Not 18 yet, but getting there. After this the two went back to silence, Minato put back in his earbud and stared off at that book again. Ken hated this silence, yeah he hadn’t of really known Minato that well, he was closer to his twin after all, but still, this felt like a waste of time they could use to get to know each other better.


Gah, we wish Koromaru would have ridden the train with them…

Ken closed his eyes for a moment leaning back into the window. It was cool against the back of his head and there was so much going on he felt like he needed a nap.


The rough voice of an intercom woman woke him up. “Shibuya, welcome to Shibuya.” She said in a tone that was obviously recorded and changed over and over for every station. The Brunette sighed and stood up tapping his companion on the shoulder to get his attention so they could get to the doors and get off the train. Minato was perfectly capable of moving the chair himself, but Ken wanted to push the wheelchair, mostly to keep himself preoccupied. He could focus on something other than the White noise that was bombarding his sense of hearing.

A maid was waiting for them outside the station to take them to the apartment Mitsuru was paying for them to use. A First-floor apartment that had been renovated or something or another… Ken doesn't fully remember that conversation but it was a nice apartment and since the building didn’t have an elevator it was perfect on the first floor. Their boxes awaited them and the maid said a few things that Ken didn’t quite catch as he started to unpack the room that would become his for the next year.

And his hardly had the sheets on the new bed before crashing for the night.



When Morning Arrived Ken hardly had any time to get out of bed and dressed before he got a thermos stuffed his face by his Current Cover Guardian with a quick. “Going to school meeting principal” Explanation. the brunette blinked as he sipped the bitter instant coffee he had gotten used to over the years, Minato was better at making it then he was though. Ken shook his head then went to grab the red and black uniform that was Shujin’s uniform. The Plaid felt tacky and the turtleneck was uncomfortable and While he couldn't trade out the pants, he certainly could change out the turtleneck for his old formal Shirt he wore for Gekukan, replacing the blue tie with an orange ribbon that inevitable clashed the red. Ken didn't care the ribbon had been a gift from someone after all., A gag gift, but a gift nonetheless.

He stepped out of the unpacked room into an unpacked living room with thermos ni hand, the new school bag with Shujin’s logo was with him as well just in case he needed it then the two were off for the Ginza line. Aoyama Itchome was the destination and in turn Shujin Academy.

The Principal instantly made Ken want to lay down and die, it was no wonder the First Phantom Thief Target had gotten off for long, this guy cared about nothing then reputation, He “Humbled” Himself when talking about Ken's grades and Activities and Ken Was positive he didn't actually see the annoyed look on his face through all the fat rolls.

“Sir if you could get to the point.’ minato interjected. “Today is Saturday and our presence has caused quite a buzz already, so just tell him his room assignment.”

The man seemed surprised by the Blondes interjection. He wheezes a bit from nerves and nodded slowly. “R..right, you'll be in 3-D The Student Council President is in your class as well, feel free to ask her if you have any other Questions.”

“Thank you Principal Kobayakawa. “ Ken murmured and the two left the principal dazed. Ken sighed “Koromaru is supposed to get in Tokyo by tonight right?’ Ken asked. The Beloved Shibu had to be driven from a vets appointment the day they had to get on the train, thus why he wasn’t there yet. Minato nodded and ignored the various murmuring form on break students as the two made it down.

“He’s the new transfer?”
“He’s so cute!”
“I Hope he isn’t anything like the other Transfer..”
“Is that his Guardian? He’s kind of creepy.”
“They look nothing alike.”


“Excuse me.” Another student on break interrupted them. A young woman with short bobbed brown hair, braided into a headband, and Maroon eyes that almost reminded Ken of Mitsuru… “you must be the new transfer, It’s lovely to meet you.”
“I’m sorry who’re you? “ Ken asked.
‘Oh my apologies, I’m Makoto Niijima.’ She smiled trying to hide the fact she was checking him up and down for anything suspicious. Ken was perplexed though to why she was already suspicious of him. “I’m the Student Council President your first official day is Monday correct?”
“It is.” Ken nodded. ‘Oh I‘m Ken Amada. And this person wheeling away Apathetically is My Guardian, Minato Arisato.”

“It’s nice to have a name to face Amada-san.”

“Are You coming, Ken? We have boxes to unpack still.” Minato glanced back at the two, caution in his visible eye. He was looking Makoto Nijima up and down in a suspicious manner as well.

“Oh right coming,” Ken said back he bowed to Makoto then ran off to get with his guardian, once outside ken had to ask. What do you think?’

“Not sure.” was the simple response, and then quiet all the way home, and quiet with the unboxing the rest of the day and the next, With a goodbye form the newly Arrived Koromaru on Monday, Ken was off to his first official day at Shujin Academy.