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Short Stop

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Louis was livid. It was Monday morning and he was excited to see the the baseball team list. The thing that ruined his mood was the fact that his name was nowhere to be found on the piece of paper outside of the gymnasium.

The small boy did not mean to be cocky but he knew he was one of the best players on the team. To not put him would be a monstrosity especially since he worked so hard to prove himself.

Lunch time is when Louis decided to he was going to confront Harry, even if it was in front of the whole cafeteria. The petite boy was confident to get his name on the list and would argue for as long as it took.

When the small boy walked in the cafeteria, he quickly noticed the rowdy group of jocks in the corner - typical. The pair of blue eyes immediately spotted the curly haired boy who was the centre of attention. Louis made his way over to them and ignored the greeting he got from Jacob - he was too blinded by annoyance to listen.

Without any ounce of shame, Louis tapped Harry on the back and said, "Are you daft?"

The tall boy turned around with a dark look in his eyes, "Excuse me?"

"You heard me! Are you daft? D-A-F-T."

"No, I'm not. Thank you for asking." Harry said as he tried to brush Louis. The curly haired boy turned back around to his table.

Louis tapped him on the shoulder again but this time harder, "Well, I sure as hell think you are for not putting me on the team."

Everyone around the table went silent. They felt bad for Louis because they have seen the things Harry could do to people. Louis was only a small boy, he would never be able to defend himself from the six foot male. Until then, they could only hold their breaths.

Harry sat up straighter, "I think my reasoning was very smart."

"Oh yeah, and what reason was that?"

"We don't need druggies on the team."

Louis froze in his spot and gave Liam a knowing look. Liam was the only other person that knew and he did come to their door to deliver pizza. He was mad - kicked off the team for one little thing?

This is when Louis started raising his voice, "Firstly, what I do on my own time is no one's business but myself." He started pointing to different people at the table, "not you, not you and definitely not you, Harry."

Harry stood up from the table and looked down at Louis, "It becomes my concern when it could potentially affect your place on the team." Harry raised his eyebrow as if he was challenging the smaller boy.

Louis made a face, "I don't do it everyday and even if I did, I would definitely not do it at school before practices!"

"How am I supposed to know that?" Harry crossed his arms over his chest.

Louis put his hand on his hip, "You can either trust me or lose one of the best players. It's your call." After saying that, Louis angrily walked out of the cafeteria.

The talking at the table resumed when the tall boy sat down. Harry continued eating, acting like nothing happened at all. Liam gave him a look.

"What?" Harry questioned with a mouth full of food.

"Why'd you do that?"

"Do what?"

Liam sighed, "Not put Louis on the team."

"You heard why, he was using an illegal substance." Harry casually said.

Liam snorted, "And you haven't?" He and Harry have had their fair share of incidents.

"It's different."

Liam leaned back in his chair, "Stop putting up walls and just let the boy in."