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Yu is a bit of yan and tsun

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Yu was standing on the hill, kicking rocks as he shouted in frustation. He couldn’t stop thinking about a certain boy with caramel dyed hair and dark brown eyes. He is just so cute… Yu thought.His hair, eyes, face, voice, personalities, body, everything! Everything about him is perfect…. He finally sat down at a nearby bench and looked at the small town. Yu reached for his pocket and took out a pair of earphones and his phone. He plugged in the earphones, put them on and smiled.

‘’ Hey partner… Can you answer this question for me? Pleaaassseeee??”

“Partner! Good morning!”

“Yeah like you. You’re special to me, you know?” He was now looking at his phone with a smile across his face. His background photo was Yosuke in the pagenant costume and Yosuke seemingly embarrased. “oh Yosuke… You’re just too cute, too adorable… I love you so much…”Yu said as he put the record on a loop.


“Wait so there is someone who you like?” Yu asked Yosuke in shock. He and Yosuke were sitting by the Samegawa river.

“.. Y… Yeah… I think… i’m not entirely sure.” Yosuke said hesitantly.

“Who is it?” Yu said demandingly. He needed to get as much information from Yosuke as possible.

“W.. Well…”Yosuke went silent.


“You know the girl that talks to me at like every Junes break?” Yu nodded.

“yeah i know her… wait is it her?? “Yu asked in a disbelieve tone.

“well… technically yeah i like her i guess...“Yosuke said relunctantly as he looked away trying to cover his luminous red face. Yu was speechless. All this time, Yu thought Yosuke was in love with him but he was wrong, terribly wrong.

“I… I know… I’m way out of her league but well i think i like her…” Yosuke said shyly.

So cute… Yu thought.”So what’s special about her? I remembered her asking me out once but i declined. She was pretty polite to be honest.”

“w…well you see..ahh uhhh Ummm i well like her face,she is also interested in music, she loves cute things, she is polite… She always says thank you for your work Hanamura, well done today, all that jazz, and whenever she gets flustered, she is really cute…”By this time, Yosuke’s face was completely red. Yu was stunned. He had never heard Yosuke talking about anyone like that before. He was definitely jealous.

“ I… I… “

“ I know dude. You don’t have to say anything…but i have to ask you honestly. Should i confess to her?”

“I…I…”Yu didn’t even get to finish his sentence when he heard a noise.

“ah shit it’s my dad.”Yosuke checked his phone. “He needs someone to work on the grocery department immediately. Ughh my break… ” Yosuke groaned in frustation. “well let’s talk about this later. See you later,Yu!” Yosuke gave Yu his traditional wink and left hurriedly.

Yu was left alone by the river, stunned by the reveal of his favourite Brunette’s secret.

“I…I dammit Yosuke. Why her… Not me?” Yu sobbed. “It hurts… It hurts so much dammit…”He cried and cried.He noticed that it was late but he couldn’t care less.

I need to be supportive but still i’m in love with him. I’m crazy for him . I’d even die for him. I want to protect him and i want Yosuke to be mine. MINE.