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Triple Threat

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“Goodbye babe, happy birthday,” Jane Rizzoli kissed her girlfriend lightly on the lips as she held the door open for her other girlfriend to follow her.

“Goodbye darling, we’ll be home later tonight to take you out to dinner. I love you,” Maura Isles also kissed their girlfriend on the lips before following Jane to the door.

“I love you ladies too. Have a good day, loves,” Emma Swan smiled, waving goodbye to her girlfriends going in to work. She watched as they walked down the driveway to Jane’s car, Jane holding the door open for Maura like the gentlewoman she was before going around and getting into the drivers seat.

Emma went inside the large house she lived in with her girlfriends, after said girlfriends waved goodbye from in the car as Jane drove away, heading into the Boston Police Department headquarters where they both worked.

Still dressed in her silk robe Maura had gifted the three of them for Christmas, all matching, yellow for Emma, black for Jane and light purple for herself, Emma sat down at the breakfast bar opening her laptop as she did so.

Due to her work as a bail bonds person, Emma had multiple profiles on dating websites she used to hunt her bond jumpers. Jane struggled slightly with that aspect of Emma’s work but Emma still had the respect and trust from her occasionally jealous girlfriend.

Opening up one website she used to see if her target, Bryan, had answered, Emma sipped her coffee Maura made as she waited for the page to load.

In the time it took the web page to open, Emma’s mother-in-law, Angela Rizzoli, who lived in the guest house of the house owned by Maura in which they all lived, came into the kitchen, looking for Jane before she herself left for work.

“Good morning Angela,” Emma greeted her from the island bench.

“Good morning sweetie. How many times have I told you to call me ‘Mom’?” Angela came over and side hugged her daughter-in-law.

Whilst it didn’t take Angela much time at all to come to terms with her daughters sexuality, it took her a while to come to terms with her daughters polyamorous relationship she’d shared with the two blondes for the past three years. Now though, Angela loved both of Jane’s girlfriends as her own daughters.

“I will get there one day Angela but you know I struggle with that word. I do love you as a mother though.”

Having been orphaned from only hours old and being bounced around from crappy foster home to crappy foster home, Emma had never felt comfortable calling anyone ‘Mom’, but if there was one person who did deserve that title, it was Angela Rizzoli.

“I know honey, we’ll get there. Happy birthday though, what are your plans for the day?”

“I’m trying to get a jumper who skipped out on his wife who put up $25,000 for his bail. I bag him, I’ll get my cut of the other $25,000 my company put up.”

Frowning, Angela replied, “You three have jobs that are too dangerous, I always worry for you all.”

Pulling Angela into a hug, Emma tried to assuage her guilt for worrying her mother-in-law.

Their hug was distracted though when Emma’s laptop chimed announcing a message from her mark.

Groaning, Emma accepted the dinner invitation her mark had extended for tonight. Hopefully she could get straight into the restaurant, arrest him and get out again, to her birthday dinner with the loves of her life.

“I’ll leave you to work, I’ll see you later Ems, happy birthday again,” Angela kisses her goodbye, returning to her guest house with a fresh cup of coffee in hand.

Ringing Maura, Emma asked her to put it on speaker phone so she could inform the two women at once about the slight change of plans for the night.

“It’s okay babe, we’ll go out once you get back if you like,” Jane replied, pulling into Maura’s designated car space right near the entrance to the building (there were perks to dating the Chief Medical Examiner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts).

Hanging up the phone, Emma got organised for her work for the evening.

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“Hello, Sargent Korsak,” Maura greeted Jane’s Sargent who was sat at his desk opposite Jane’s.

“Hi Doc. Come to take your girl to lunch?” He asked.

Smiling, Maura replied, “One of them.”

Smiling a non-verbal reply, Korsak went back to his work.

Korsak didn’t have an issue with his best detective being gay, nor the fact her partner worked with her. He did however, take a while to accept their polyamorous relationship with another female. But, he thought, Jane is happy, and that’s all he could want for his pseudo daughter.

Turning her attentions to Jane, Maura saw her girlfriend looking intensely at her with unmistakable love.

“Hi,” Jane whispered in greeting.

“Hi yourself,” Maura returned, “ready for lunch?”

“You bet. Korsak, I’ll be back later,” Jane informed the older detective.

Together, the two women walked through to the elevator Maura had just got off. It was not until the doors closed with Jane and Maura as it’s only occupants, did the former take the latter’s hand in her own. It was well know by her girlfriends that Jane was not all that comfortable with public displays of affection, unless she instigated it.

This was as close to contact Jane would permit at work, and only because they were alone in the elevator.

Heading down to the cafe on the bottom floor, Jane and Maura ordered their meals from Angela, who’d worked at the Division One Cafe for a number of years.

Bringing out three meals, Angela sat with the ladies to eat her lunch as well. It was one of the perks of her job, keeping an eye on most of her children.

“So Emma is going out tonight to catch a jumper I hear?” Angela commented to the table when she sat down, attempting to illicit a response from her daughter who was not the biggest fan of her yellow blonde girlfriends job, despite her own.

“She rang and told us,” was all Jane said.

“I don’t get why you, of all people, Jane, have a problem with Emma’s job,” Angela said.

Keeping calm, knowing her mother was baiting her, Jane answered as she picked at the hot fries that were next to her club sandwich, “Because when I go out on the street to catch bad guys, I have Frost and Korsak right there with me, and the rest of BPD at my fingertips. Emma has no one for backup. It’s not that I don’t trust Emma, I don’t trust the creeps she collects.”

Trying to sooth her hot tempered detective, Maura input, “What Jane means is that she worries about Emma, just as you do all of us, Angela.”

“Okay, I get it.” Angela let the conversation lie. “What are you two doing for her birthday then?”

“We’ll see what time Ems gets home from her sting and take her out to dinner if she’s not too late. We’ll give her her gift whatever time she gets home though.” Jane answered.

“What did you get her?” Angela asked, excitedly.

Sparing a glance at a blushing Jane, Maura informed Angela of the official gift they were giving to their girlfriend, “Jane and I bought her a matching necklace and earring set for when we have to attend formal functions.”

“Yeah, she’ll love it Ma, we got yellow diamonds for her, yellow is her favourite colour after all.” Jane added.

Laughing, Angela said, “I know.”

Before the conversation could continue, both Jane and Maura’s cell phones rang simultaneously.



Angela cleared the left over fries into a takeaway box for the women, knowing they would be called away to a death scene.

“Thanks Ma,” Jane said as she hung up her phone, kissing her mother on her cheek as she took the container out of her hands.

As Jane and Maura were walking out of the cafe, Emma walked in the front door of BPD headquarters.

Spotting her, Jane walked over and apologised for their not being able to stop and chat, “Maura and I just got a case baby, I’m so sorry but we have to run. Ma’s in the cafe if you want lunch.”

“Yeah, no worries then, be safe. I love you two,” Emma said, briefly hugging the pair, making Jane cringe purposely, before going into the cafe for her own lunch with Angela.

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That evening, Emma got dressed for her ‘work date’ as Maura called them, by herself, blaring her music as she did so, not a care in the world.

Slipping into a hot pink dress and black stilettos, Emma placed into her clutch a pair of zip tie handcuffs and a small canister of pepper spray.

Underneath the pink dress, Emma had a concealable inner thigh holster for a Glock 43, a present from Jane last Christmas, which she carried with her tonight.

It took a fair amount of skill to be able to conceal the weapon, and to be able to walk gracefully with a gun between your thighs.

Picking up the car keys to her beloved yellow Volkswagen Beetle that had seen better days, Emma climbed inside and drove to her office.

Although Emma was technically a freelancer bounty hunter, most of the time, she did have use of a work truck that belongs to the company she was contracted to for this hunt.

Arriving to the office, Emma checked in with Amanda, the administration lady, to inform her of the arrangement that evening, and that she would be taking F150 pickup truck.

Whilst it was a bitch to drive in the city, it provided Emma with a bit of safety whilst transporting her marks. The front and rear seats were separated by a plexiglass cage so that the marks were unable to attack the driver whilst on their way to the police station for booking in.

Collecting the keys to the truck, Emma left the office and walked to the basement car park, finding the black nondescript vehicle in its allocated spot.

Checking the metal lock box in the tub of the truck, Emma confirmed there was a yellow wheel clamp so she would be able to disable her marks car before going into the restaurant.

Making her was through the city traffic was, as she predicted, a nightmare.

Emma was in luck though, when she got to the front of the restaurant, finding a car park right behind her marks car. She had done her research and found out the make, model and registration plate of this guys car before leaving the office.

Checking the mark was not in the silver sedan, Emma quickly clamped his rear tyre, without getting any dirt on her dress.

She quickly rinsed off her hands with hand sanitiser before heading inside the restaurant. She’d decided not to carry in the clutch but rather strapped the white plastic zip cuff underneath her thigh holster under her dress so she could have her hands free for the evening.

Emma gave her marks name to the maître D at the front desk and was pointed in the direction of his table. Emma confirmed by mugshot mentally, that the guy she was supposed to be on a date with was in fact wanted for jumping bail.

The start of the ‘date’ went off without a hitch, Emma chatting a bit about herself, revealing herself to have no family that matters.

Even though she had her girlfriends, she would never reveal this to her marks, especially ones she was meant to be ‘dating’.

As predicted, Bryan ran out of the restaurant and to his car as soon as he figured out Emma was a bail bonds person.

His car though, would not move, due to Emma having clamped it less than half an hour earlier.

When he made a snide comment about Emma having no family, in a fit of rage, Emma slammed his head into the steering wheel of his sedan, rendering him unconscious, slumped against the wheel.

Manoeuvring Bryan’s hands to behind his back, Emma zip cuffed his hands together and dragged him out of the sedan and half carried half dragged him over into the truck.

Slamming the back door shut after ensuring kiddy lock was enabled on the door, Emma climbed in the drivers seat and started driving towards the BPD headquarters, underneath which were holding cells on the other end of the building to the morgue where her honey blonde girlfriend worked.

Emma thought about her girls as she drove to their work place, wondering when she would have them back, active cases did take all of their time after all.

Halfway through the drive though, Bryan regained consciousness and started swearing and kicking the plexiglass as best he could with his hands behind his back.

This was why Emma always took a work truck to pick up bail jumpers. The cut of $25,000 that she would be earning for catching Bryan was not worth taking a kick to the head or body for, experience taught her that.

She ignored him as she pulled into the watch house bay announcing her prisoner as she exited the vehicle.

Emma signed him across to the Boston Police Department as she quickly filled in her paperwork she needed to claim her earnings.

Once that was done and her truck removed from the watch house bay, Emma re-entered the building, this time making her way to the Homicide bullpen, hoping that Jane or Maura would be in either of their offices.

When she saw the bull pen was empty of any Detectives, Emma made her way back down stairs to the morgue, to see if there was anyone in there.

Although this area was not devoid of people, neither of her girlfriends were there.

Emma spoke to Maura’s assistant, Susie Chang, who informed the blonde that Dr Isles and Detective Rizzoli were still at the crime scene and that she didn’t know how much longer they would be there for.

Emma knew from previous cases that just because the ladies were done at their crime scene, that did not mean they were done for the night.

They would have to return to the office, write their reports, lodge any evidence they’d seized and so forth. Maura would have to get everything planned and organised for the autopsy to be completed first thing in the morning and Jane would have to collate all the information they had so they could pick up right where they left off when they eventually would make it home for a few hours sleep before returning.

Emma thanked Susie and left the building.

Although, Emma was used to her girlfriends work schedules being hectic when there was an active case, it still put a bit of a dampener on her birthday night.

Stopping at a late night bakery on her way back to returning the truck from the office, Emma picked up a small cupcake to eat when she got home as a lonely birthday cake.

Lodging her paperwork with Amanda before going home, Emma left with her cupcake in hand and returned to Maura’s house in Beacon Hill.

Getting inside and kicking her shoes off, Emma went into the kitchen and plated the cupcake. Looking around the kitchen, Emma could only find one candle, a blue star, that was obviously left over from Jane’s nephew, TJ’s, birthday party last month.

Emma lit the candle, blowing it out with a wish of not being on her own for her birthday, wishing that Jane and Maura would be home quickly.

Even though it was only eight o’clock in the evening, Emma knew the ladies would be cutting it fine to get back home by midnight.

The blonde was startled out of her reverie by the sound of Maura’s doorbell ringing.

Thinking it might be Frankie, or Tommy with TJ, Emma opened the door but couldn’t see anyone in front of her face.

She was startled to see a young boy with a mop of neat brown hair wearing an overcoat and a red and green scarf around his neck standing at her front door.

“Can I help you?” she asked him.

“Are you Emma Swan?” his little voice confidently asked.

“Yeah, who are you?” was her instant reply.

“My name is Henry. I’m your son.”

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“So what do you think, Maura? Suicide or homicide?” Jane asked the doctors opinion on the scene they were currently standing in.

“I won’t be able to confirm until I get back to the lab but I believe we will be investigating a homicide. Look at the ink smudges on the deceased’s left hand, that tells me she was left handed. Now, look at the entry wound of the single gun shot.”

“It’s on the right hand side,” Jane answered, “meaning someone staged this scene to look like a suicide.”

“That is what the evidence indicates.”

The pair had been called to the death of a female, early twenties, who’d sustained a single gunshot wound to her right temple. The body was found in the Social Law Library in Pemberton Square, hunched over what looked to be university assignments.

Having indicated this death was suspicious, Maura began collecting the evidence she would need to continue her side of the investigation.

Whilst Maura collected her evidence, so did Jane and Frost. Frost spoke to witnesses and the informant whilst Jane went around with the crime scene technicians collecting vital clues and evidence. Korsak has also attended the scene, and was overseeing the operation whilst keeping the press at bay.

After Maura’s morgue attendants had collected and removed the body, the detectives were able to get their first glimpse of the paper the victim was working on prior to her death.

The first thing they noticed was the ink smudges on the paper correlated with the ink smudges on the victims left hand. A problem Jane knew only too well.

Peering past the smudged ink, they would read the paper was an assignment on string theory. Obviously the victim was fairly intelligent to be writing a paper specifically on string theory.

Bagging the blood spattered assignment and possessions of the victim, the crime scene techs took them back to lodge them in evidence.

Jane’s attention was now drawn to the gun itself. It had not yet been cleared and rendered safe by first responders to allow the homicide detectives to view the scene untampered.

After it had been photographed in situ, Jane, who’d already donned a pair of gloves upon arrival at the scene stepped up to the pistol with Frost at her side, feeling less sick now the corpse had been removed.

The pistol was a Baretta APX Compact. Jane picked up the pistol and racked the slide back to clear the chamber. The magazine spring locked the slide in place indicating there had only been one round in the chamber and no follow up rounds in the magazine when it was shot, seeing as the chamber too was clear of any further rounds.

‘Interesting’ thought Jane, clearly, this was a planned attack carried out with meticulous care.

The immediate area surrounding the chair and desk had evidence of brain matter, indicating the death happened here. There was muzzle burn against the victims right temple showed the gun muzzle was touching her skin at the time the trigger had been pulled.

The question Jane’s team now had to answer was, why would this girl be murdered in a library in the early afternoon. And why did nobody hear the gun go off.

Maura and Jane remained at the crime scene until just past 8:00pm. The ride to BPD headquarters took longer than normal at that time of night, especially when you factor in the coffee stop Jane insisted on.

When they walked into the morgue together to formally lodge the victims body, Susie mentioned Emma’s visit an hour earlier to them. Although sad to miss any opportunity to see their girlfriend, both understood it was all part of their jobs.

Maura worked diligently in the lab for nearly an hour before wandering upstairs to wait for Jane to go home, having finished what she could do in the morgue that night.

Walking into the bull pen, Maura’s phone stared ringing. She pulled it out of her handbag and smiled as Emma’s caller ID photo flashed on the screen.

Sitting down next to Jane, Maura answered the phone holding it between her and Jane so the detective could hear the conversation too.

“Hi Ems,” Maura greeted her blonde girlfriend.

“Hey Maur, is Jane there with you?”

“Yeah, I’m here babe, what’s up?” Jane asked, “How did your arrest go?”
“It went fine, got the bad guy, came to see you two, you were at your scene though. I’m ringing to tell you I’m going to be out of town tonight.”
“What?!” Maura interjected.

“I - do you two remember when I told you about my having to give a child up whilst I was in prison?”

“Yeah,” Jane replied softly, “what about it?”
“Well ‘it’ is a he, and he found me at home. I’m driving him back home to his mother but that’s in Maine, in a town I’ve never heard of before. Have either of you heard of Storybrooke? It’s about four hours away?”

“Um, no, is that even a real place?” Jane asked.

“Apparently it is, the kid, Henry, lives there. I’m gunna drop him off then come home.”“Emma, if you are tired, you should stay in this Storybrooke place for the night, I don’t want you driving tired, it’s almost as bad as driving drunk, or drugged,” Maura chastised.

“Okay, I promise, if I get tired, I’ll stay there for the night. I’m gunna go, the kid’s waking up.”

“Alright babe, you drive safely okay, and if you want, Maura and I will come and drive you home.”

“Thanks darlings, I’ll call you later. I love you both.”

As Maura hung up the phone after saying her goodbye, she looked at Jane apprehensively, “What do you think this boy, this Henry, wants from Emma?”

“I dunno, to meet his birth mother I suppose. We just need to be here to support her, it won’t be easy knowing where the boys is, especially after having to make the decision to give him up in the first place.”

Maura, like normal, agreed with what Jane had said.

Together, they made their way to their now empty house to await the return of their girlfriend.

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Rubbing the sleep from his eyes with the back of his hand, Henry asked Emma, “Who were you speaking to?”

“Um-” Emma didn’t quite know how to explain her relationship to the young boy, especially as she didn’t know what his understanding was of homosexual relationships, let alone polyamorous ones.

“It’s not a hard question Emma,” the smart and precocious boy stated.

Alright, straight out with it it would be then, “I was talking to my girlfriends.”


“Yes, I have two, we have been together for three years now,” Emma watched the child she gave up at birth ponder her words.

“Why do you have two?”

“Ah,” Emma stalled for time thinking how best to answer, “Jane and Maura, my girlfriends, they were together for a year before we met. Over the following few months, the three of us got really close. After knowing each other for over six months, they asked me if I would be open to being in a relationship with them. We’ve been together ever since.”


Emma could have laughed at how easy Henry accepted what she’d said, most adults take a lot more time to be as accepting.

“Have you been in a relationship like that before?” Henry asked after a few moments of silence, “I’ve never met anyone in a three person relationship before.”

“No, and neither had I. Love is love, it doesn’t matter who you love, so long as they treat you right,” Emma stated.

“That makes sense,” Henry replied.

Whilst Emma drove, Henry pulled out his story book and started pouring over it.

“What’s that?” Emma asked, glancing across at the book.

Without missing a beat, Henry told Emma she wasn’t ready to know what his history book of fairy tales were.

It didn’t take much coaxing though for Henry to start telling his birth mother a little bit about the book, revealing she herself features inside.

Disbelieving, Emma kept driving on towards this mysterious town, letting Henry continue reading before falling asleep again.

After a few hours, Henry woke up again and asked, “How much further?”

“I dunno kid, I’m following your directions, or I was until you fell asleep. We can’t be too far away though,” Emma hoped.

“This looks familiar,” Henry spoke up about half an hour later, “I think around this bend you’ll see the towns ‘welcome’ sign.”

Emma looked curiously over at the boy, “You think? Have you never left your town before?”

“Nope,” he answered simply.

“And you thought your first foray into the wide world would be to Boston?!” Emma cried, worried instantly for the safety of the son she’s never known.

“Hey, I’m a smart kid, I didn’t get lost, I found you,” Henry returned in a cranky voice, emphasising the ‘you’.

“Henry, yes, you found me, but I could have been a deranged serial killer for all you know, that wasn’t safe,” Emma implored the child to see reason.

“But you’re not a serial killer,” Henry replied sullenly, turning to look out the window as the rain fell around the car making its way into the town he called home.

Still cranky at being chastised by the Saviour, when asked for an address, Henry replied “44 Not-Telling-You Street.”

Frustrated at the child’s behaviour, Emma slammed on the breaks to the yellow bug and leapt from the vehicle for some fresh air, throwing the door closed as a power breaker on the power lines above her exploded.

Henry followed his frustrated birth mother out of the car, and listened to her imploring him to give her information about where he lives.

Instead, they entered into another conversation about his story book, up until Doctor Archie Hopper and Pongo arrived on scene to make the situation even more awkward.

Watching Henry interact with the Doctor, Emma came to the realisation the child was in therapy, and discussed it with him, sarcasm escaping when she was informed the Doctor was Jiminy Cricket.

Finally, Henry was helping give Emma directions to Mifflin Street, after Doctor Hopper gave away his address on him.

When Henry finally pointed out his house, Emma had to agree with Doctor Hopper, it was the largest house on Mifflin Street, it was even bigger than Maura’s house back in Boston.

As Emma climbed out of the bug and walked with Henry through the gate and up the garden path between neatly trimmed hedges, Henry began begging Emma to take him with her, saying how his only parent, his adoptive mother, doesn’t love him, only pretends to.

Considering Emma gave her baby up for their best chance, it broke her heart to hear, and so she tried comforting the boy, telling him she was sure his mother loved him.

As Emma was bent over talking to the boy she gave up, the woman who gave him a home burst out the front door of the white mansion, calling her son and running towards him.

Stepping back, all Emma could think of was how beautiful the brunette woman was, despite the tears tracking down her cheeks.

’Oh I’m in trouble here,’ Emma thought as she watched the woman hug the boy tightly.

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Having retired the night before with no word from Emma, the first thing Jane and Maura did when their alarm clock went off at 7am the next morning, was check their phones for any messages that may have come through the night.

Both were disappointed when each of their phones had no correspondence from their blonde girlfriend.

“I hope she made it all right,” Maura mumbled into Janes shoulder as she rolled back into bed for the eight minutes of snooze her alarm had been reset for.

Curling her long slender arms around the smaller woman, Jane replied, I’m sure she will be fine darling, Emma’s a smart girl, if she got tired, she would have stopped driving.”

Maura murmured her agreement before closing her eyes again for a short time.

When the alarm obnoxiously sounded for a second time, both women climbed out of bed and into the shower, showering together, to save water of course.

Descending the stairs, Maura and Jane’s senses were pleasantly assaulted with the delicious smell of bacon frying in the kitchen, being cooked by Angela who loved cooking for her girls when she was home in the morning.

“Hey Ma,” Jane greeted her.

“Good morning girls, where’s Emma? How was the rest of her birthday? Is she still sleeping from a big night?” Angela smirked, rattling off a million questions at once.

“Ma, too many questions, too early,” Jane grumped, upset her girlfriend in question wasn’t even in the same state at the moment.

Looking slightly apologetic, Angela turned back to cooking the eggs she’d added to the pan.

“Don’t mind Jane, Angela, she doesn’t like it when Emma goes away,” Maura addressed the brunettes snappy response to her mothers questions.

“Away? Where’s Emma? She was here yesterday!” Angela cried, pulling the bacon from the pan and letting it sit on paper towel prepared on a spare plate.

“Ma, what I’m about to tell you cannot be repeated, okay? You absolutely cannot tell anyone about this if I’m going to tell you,” Jane said seriously to her mother.

“Of course, Jane, I won’t say anything. Emma isn’t in trouble is she?” Angela asked, suddenly worried for the younger blonde woman.

“No, Angela, she isn’t in trouble, she’s just dealing with a deeply personal matter,” Maura added.


“Ma, when Emma was eighteen, you know she was sent to prison?” Jane confirmed the deep secret that took Emma two years to confess to Angela.

“Yeah, she doesn’t like to speak about it,” Angela answered, confused.

“No, she doesn’t,” Jane continued, “when Emma went into prison, she didn’t know it, but she was pregnant. Emma gave birth to a baby whilst she was inside.”

Pulling the pan off the stove, Angela staggered to a chair on the other side of the island bench, collapsing down onto it, shocked at the information.

Jane continued as Maura took over the remainder of the cooking duties from Angela, “Emma gave the baby up to give it its best chance. She never held the baby and didn’t know what she had. Last night, a ten year old boy knocked on the door and proclaimed Emma to be his birth mother. Emma has driven him home in Maine, we don’t know when she will be coming home. She was going to drive back but I guess she was too tired to continue driving.”

Placing a plate of food in front of the Rizzoli matriarch, Maura put a reassuring hand on the older woman’s shoulder, asking, “Are you okay Angela?”

Taking a moment, Angela soon replied, “I guess, I hope Emma is okay, I feel bad she didn’t feel she could share this with me.”

“She doesn’t like talking about it Ma, it was the hardest thing she ever had to do, but she knew it was the right choice. When Emma was in prison, she had no one, she didn’t have a house, she didn’t have a family, she had no way to support herself, let alone a child. Emma took a long time to share that with us, Ma, make sure you don’t go saying anything to anyone, especially not the boys,” Jane referred to her brothers, two of the worst gossips she knew, after Angela herself.

“I won’t, I swear. Poor Emma,” Angela moped, eating the food from her plate as her daughters did the same, Jane sneaking a piece of Maura’s bacon as per usual.

Once breakfast, and the heavy conversation, was over, Jane and Maura bid Angela goodbye, leaving for their offices.

They had both to follow up on their murder from the night before.

Maura’s day would be filled by completing the autopsy and analysing the seized forensic evidence from the scene.

Jane’s day would be occupied by interviewing those close to the victim and studying the victims background and movements in the hours and days before the murder.

Doing what they do best, the two women got to work on solving the murder.

Chapter Text

Brown eyes sized Emma up before speaking, stunned, “You’re Henry’s brith mother?”

With her brain taking it’s time to catch up, Emma’s only response was a timid “Hi.”

From behind the two women, a man, clearly the Sheriff of this little town, awkwardly left the pair alone, stating he was going to check on the boy who’d run inside moments before, proclaiming to have found his ‘real’ mom.

Turning her attention back to the breathtaking woman in front of her, Emma caught the Mayors eyes travelling the length of her body before their owner clearly reset herself before offering Emma a drink, and walking her inside.

Emma followed the woman in the grey dress inside the house, learning her name was Regina. Emma’s first thought walking through the well decorated house was this woman clearly opulent, more so than her girlfriend, who was the wealthiest person Emma had ever met.

As this woman, this Regina, poured Emma a drink, they briefly discussed the fact Emma had asked for no contact when adopting out Henry, confirming also that the Mayor needn’t be worried of a father coming onto the scene.

Regina was about to lead Emma through the house to one of the sitting rooms when the Sheriff announced his presence, informing them Henry was fine, though tired.

Dismissing the Sheriff from the house, Regina continued the conversation with Emma in the sitting room, seemingly defending her position as Henry’s mother whilst somewhat interrogating Emma.

It was only when Emma mentioned Henry’s book did the woman in front of her seem to falter. When Emma explained about the book, and Henry’s perception of the book, the Mayor insisted she did not know what Emma was talking about. It was then Emma realised the kid must not have spoken to his mom about his ideas.

Deciding to end the conversation, Emma said, “You know what, it’s none of my business, he’s your kid, and I really should be heading back, my girlfriend’s are waiting for me.”

Against her better judgement, Regina couldn’t help but find herself intrigued by her son’s birthmother,“Girlfriends?”

“Ah, yeah, Jane and Maura. I live with them, they’re expecting me home sometime tonight, or tomorrow morning rather,” Emma quickly divulged, looking at her hands once she finished speaking instead of the slightly intimidating brunette in front of her.

Given the raised eyebrow Regina was currently sporting, Emma realised the woman was probably not as open minded as some people, and decided to ask, “Do you have a problem with that, Madam Mayor? Because Henry doesn’t.” Emma didn’t know why she felt the need to add the last the last three words, but felt they were important none the less.

Ignoring the question posed to her in favour of addressing her son’s knowledge, Regina confirmed, “Henry knows about your lifestyle choices?”

“Yes,” Emma quickly added, explaining further, “I was speaking to Jane and Maura telling them I was coming out to Storybrooke so they wouldn’t worry when they got home to an empty house, Henry heard me speaking to them and asked who I was speaking to. I didn’t want to lie the kid and so told him about the girls. He seemed cool with it.”

“Of course he is ‘cool with it’, he’s ten. Everything that hasn’t got to do with me is ‘cool’. And no, to answer your question, I don’t have a problem with what you choose to do in the privacy of your own home but I do wish you would have spoken to me about it before telling my son,” Regina defended, not wanting to woman sitting across from her to know just how okay she was with her choice of relationship. Regina herself knew of the benefit of multiple partners in a relationship, and knew that, for some people, it worked really well.

“Well that was a bit hard when I’ve never met you, and the kid was asking me questions three hours away. As I said, I’m not gunna lie to him,” Emma proclaimed.

Regina gave Emma a withering stare before standing up and offering to take Emma’s empty glass.

Sensing when she was being dismissed, Emma stood up and gave the Mayor the glass before walking out of the room and to the front of the house.

Quickly saying goodbye as the front door was opened for her, Emma left the Mayor standing in her entrance hall as she made her way back down the garden path. Emma used all of her available will power to not turn around for one last glance at the Mayor before leaving. Yes, the Mayor seemed uptight and defensive, but she’d just got her son back after he’d been missing for who know’s how many hours. Despite the Mayors attitude, Emma could appreciate a beautiful figure in front of her, even if that beautiful figure hard a sharp tongue to go with it.

As Emma got to the gate, she thought she heard a noise from the top level of the house. She looked back and saw Henry’s distinctive silhouette in the window of the second room in from the side of the house. As soon as Henry realised Emma was watching him, he turned around and left the window.

Feeling somewhat deflated, Emma climbed into her yellow bug and pulled out her phone. She sent a quick text to Jane and Maura informing them she was on her way back, and drove away, following the route she came into town out of it. It was only when she was gaining on the ‘Welcome to Storybrooke’ sign did Emma look on her front passenger seat.

It was then she saw Henry left his story book in her car. Smiling to herself, Emma commentated, “Sneaky bastard” before looking back to the road, in time to see a grey wolf in the middle of her path.

Swerving so as not to hit the large creature, Emma over shot the swerve in the wet conditions and crashed into the large ‘Welcome to Storybrooke’ sign, knocking herself unconscious in the process.

What seemed a few hours later, Emma was awoken by a whistling sound permeating her brain.

Cracking her green eyes open, Emma looked across the space in front of her and noted two things.

One, a grumpy, short, older man was responsible for the whistling, and two, she was locked in a jail cell.

‘Oh, Jane is going to love this,’ Emma thought, making a mental note to call her girlfriends as soon as possible, as she tried to remember how she got there.

Chapter Text

Prior to Emma’s emergency trip to Maine, Jane and Maura had organised weeks ago to have the Saturday after Emma’s birthday off to spend the day with her.

Despite Emma not actually being there, Jane and Maura still had the day off regardless.

That is why 8:00am found the pair asleep in bed when the ringing of the detectives phone woke them up.

“You’re not on call,” Maura grumbled as Jane rolled over to the side of the bed to answer the call.

“I know babe, but it’s Emma,” Jane responded, picking up the phone.

“Put it on speaker,” Maura asked, immediately awake.

“Good morning baby,” Jane greeted the woman on the other end of the phone.

“Hey Jane, is Maura there with you?” Emma queried.

“I’m right here darling, good morning,” Maura spoke.

“Good morning you two.”

“Are you on your way back to Boston?” Jane asked.

“Um, not yet, here’s the thing - I slept last night in a jail cell in this Storybrooke town, the Sheriff arrested me for drink driving,” Emma started, about to continue when Jane cut over the top of her.

“What? Ems, you’ve never driven drunk in your life, what happened?”

“If you’d let me continue,” Emma left the last word hanging.

“Sorry,” Jane repented.

“As I was saying, the Sheriff arrested me for driving drunk because I got into an accident.”

Once more, Emma was cut off.

“Emma, are you okay? Are you hurt? What happened?” Maura cried down the phone.

“Seriously people, I have the talking stick right now!” Emma said loudly, “Anyways, there was a wolf in the middle of the road, I swerved to avoid it because it would have written off the bug. When I swerved, it was raining and I slid the back of the bug out and crashed into their ‘Welcome to Storybrooke’ sign. I was knocked out and woke up in one of their jail cells,” Emma finished her tale.

“Have you seen a doctor Emma?” Maura asked, her first priority was her girlfriends well being.

“Not yet, but I’ll get there, I feel fine at the moment though.”

“Where are you now Ems?” Jane asked her question next.“I’m still in the Sheriffs Station, I’m helping the kids Mom and the Sheriff find the kid again.”

“Why?” Jane frowned, not that Emma could see it, “Didn’t you take him home last night?”

“Yeah I did, but it turns out he likes bolting. He’s disappeared again so I’m going to help find him before coming home.”

In the background of Emma’s location, Jane and Maura heard a sharp female voice say, “‘He’ has a name.”

“Babes, I’m gunna go but I will call you again as soon as I can. I have to find Henry. I love you two,” Emma smiled as she spoke.

“We love you as well,” Jane and Maura said together before the phone call disconnected.

Jane set her phone back on the bedside table before rolling back into position cuddled up into Maura’s side, asking, “Do you think Emma will be okay?”

“I’m sure she will be, she’s tough,” Maura answer simply.

“Oh, I’m an idiot,” Jane admonished herself, “I should have asked Emma if that Sheriff had charged her and if she want’s me to do anything.”

“If she did, Emma would have asked, Jane. I know she’ll feel compelled to help find the boy again before she comes home but if this Henry boy is constantly running away, it might be a while before Emma is back in Boston.”

“If the kid is constantly running away, what’s happening at home that he feels not being there is the best option for him?” Jane asked, knowing Maura would not be able to answer the question but still feeling the need to voice it.

“I’m sure Emma will make sure he is okay, we can’t control that.”

“No, but we can control what we do for the day. What do you feel like doing?” Jane asked, deciding they’d best move onto a not so unhappy topic.

“As much as I love laying in here with you, I am a bit hungry. Shall we get dressed and go out for breakfast?” Maura suggested.

It didn’t take long for the ladies to be showered and dressed, ready for a rare day of just the two of them. It had been so long since it was just Jane and Maura, Maura and Jane. Though they wouldn’t change their relationship with Emma for the world, it was nice just spending time just the two of them. It reminded Jane and Maura why the two of them deciding to date in the first place.

Climbing into Maura’s Lexus, the pair drove to a cafe the two of them frequented, to the point the cashier knew their orders without being told. Whilst they ate, they thought on their missing girlfriend, and how she should have been with them.

Both Jane and Maura knew Emma, and knew what she was like. The yellow blonde would not stop until she knew her progeny was safe, whether or not she had custody.

Both women vowed to do whatever was necessary to help Emma in what was becoming her mission, making sure this mysterious Henry boy was safe.

Chapter Text

After speaking to Jane and Maura on the phone in the Sheriff’s station, seeing as her phone was flat, Emma was whisked away from the station back to 108 Mifflin Street by Regina and Graham.

This time, Emma saw more than the opulent foyer and reception room. She was led up the stair case winding around the inside of the mansion and up to the second floor to Henry’s bedroom.

Emma looked around as she followed to the others into a spacious bedroom, decorated well, with lots of creature comforts Emma could only have dreamed of when she was Henry’s age.

‘At least he lives in a nice house’, Emma thought as she spotted a desk with a computer on it.

Emma sat down and booted up the computer whilst the Sheriff tried to make small talk with her, and Regina just paced the room.

It didn’t take long with Emma’s computer skills and devices to find Henry’s recent email and internet history.

The kid was smart, but not smart enough to beat technology.

Quickly, Emma was able to locate a lead to finding Henry, in the form of Henry’s school teacher.

Though grumpy about the prospect of seeing the pixie haired school teacher, Regina agreed to take Emma with her to Storybrooke Elementary School to see Mary Margaret Blanchard.

Emma trailed into the school classroom behind Regina, dodging primary school children filing out of the room.

In a tense few moments, Emma watched as Regina snidely treated the oblivious teacher, slightly horrified at the abruptness of the older woman.

Although Emma’s first thoughts about Henry’s adoptive mother was that she was quite good looking - because she was - Emma was now seeing that looks could only get a person so far. Most of what Emma had seen of Regina Mills, she didn’t seem like the nicest of people.

Emma was happy to see, if only for a brief moment, Henry’s teacher stand up to the Mayor, only for the Mayor to loose her shit and storm out of the classroom purposely knocking over a stack of books left on one of the kids desks.

Feeling bad for the younger brunette, Emma watched Regina leave before going over to Mary Margaret to help pick up the books.

Whilst conversing with this peculiar school teacher, Emma couldn’t explain why she felt it easy to speak openly to the woman.

The pair discussed Henry for a while, Mary Margaret explaining how Henry is a special child whilst Emma commented on Regina’s parenting style.

When Mary Margaret felt she’d gone too far in a comment about giving children up for adoption, she tried to backpedal and defend her actions.

It was during this last moment of conversation did Emma understand, this school teacher knows where Henry might be.

“You might wanna try his castle,” Mary Margaret suggested before having to leave.

Emma was able to work out where Mary Margaret meant and headed over to the water front where she did indeed find Henry in a castle - a playground castle.

Despite the wind, Henry was watching out from the platform of the playground castle, deep in thought.

Emma climbed up behind him, and sat down, handing his story book to him, “You left this in the car.”

Though Emma wanted to discuss Henry’s constant running away, they ended up discussing Henry’s belief in his story book.

Using big words he obviously learnt in therapy, Henry made Emma feel better by saying he understands why she gave him away.

As quickly as Henry made Emma feel better, the kid was able to make her feel down within a coupe of sentences, feeling sad as she felt she was disappointing the kid.

Listening to Henry begging Emma not to take him home broke something inside of the blonde woman, causing her to rail on the kid her past problems. She revealed about her past in foster care to him and implored Henry to give Regina a chance.

Instantly though, Henry begged Emma to believe she was put through a portal from the Enchanted Forrest.

Having had enough, Emma, defeated, said, “Come on Henry,” and took him home to his mother, surviving a stoney silent car ride with the ten year old.

Emma watched Henry run inside past Regina, and watched as the brunette decided to speak to Emma instead of going after her son.

Whilst Emma thought they could have had a civil conversation, Regina instead yelled at Emma that she would have no part in Henry’s life, throwing a ten year old decision made in juvenile detention back in Emma’s face.

Not giving up without a fight, Emma demanded an answer from the frustratingly beautiful woman, “Do you love him?”

When the brunette replied in the affirmative, Emma’s lie detector was silent, confirming that, though she seemed bitchy, the older woman did indeed love her son. Sensing something was still amiss, Emma made the decision to extend her stay in Storybrooke for a week, checking into Grannies BnB before calling her girlfriends to inform them of her plan.

Chapter Text

Jane and Maura went into work that morning, greeted by a stack of outstanding paperwork.

During their day off, which wasn’t used for its original purpose, Frost and Korsak had figured out who their murderer was, and were now trying to find him.

The female victim from the library was a student at Boston Cambridge University, and had uncovered a student drug ring being conducted by the senior students distributing to the juniors. The study material found under the victim was her own investigation into the drug dealers.

An investigation that cost the student her life.

Using the information collated by the victim, and a short black hair found on the victims body in stark contrast to her own long platinum blonde hair, Frost and Korsak were able to work out the murderer was the captain of the football team, head of the drug ring.

Having been unable to locate the murderer the night before at his home or hangouts, it was up to Jane and Frost to stake out the BCU campus trying to locate Arthur Hawthorne.

The pair immediately went to the Headmasters office to locate Hawthorne’s first class, aptly, football training.

The Headmaster gave them Hawthorne’s school files which they perused walking through the campus to the football fields out the back.

Arriving at the fields, Jane and Frost were able to easily find the seniors football team in training, all wearing the school football uniforms, complete with helmets.

“Shit,” Frost muttered, realising they wouldn’t be able to identify Hawthorne until after practice.

“Hand me that file,” was all Jane responded, flipping through the pages until she got to Hawthorne’s football file. She read through the document for a few moments until she found what she was looking for, “he’s in the number 8 jersey.”

“And this is why we work in pairs,” Frost commented as he and Jane once again headed towards the football field.

It didn’t take Jane long to locate their wanted player.

“There,” she pointed out a tall solid looking quarter back doing drills on the field closest to her and Frost.

As Jane walked towards the field, she kept her eye on her quarry, watching as he repetitively caught and threw the football to his running backs.

It was only when Jane and Frost were about fifteen feet away did Hawthorne realise the presence of the detectives. Jane watched the realisation cross Hawthorne’s face, and watched as he made the stupid decision to run.

Though he was a quarterback, Jane’s nickname in her flag-football team was ‘The Punisher’, and for good reason.

As soon as Hawthorne started running, Jane took off after him, Frost hot on her heels. Jane chased Hawthorne to the other side of the football field, entering the cover of a seating area, causing Jane to leap over concrete tables and chairs in order to cut Hawthorne off as he got to a walkway.

Lining Hawthorne up as she was running, Jane dipped her left shoulder and extended her her long arm out, tackling Hawthorne into a pile of trash cans, Frost providing cover as Jane wrestled Hawthorne into a pair of handcuffs.

Once Hawthorne was secure in handcuffs, though still struggling, Jane removed the football helmet from his head and placed it on the top of last remaining standing trash can, revealing a head of short black hair, consistent with the hair found at the crime scene. Of course, Maura would have to confirm this in her lab after the appropriate testing.

“Arthur Hawthorne,” Jane spoke to the quarterback whilst she and Frost helped him to his feet, “you are under arrest for the murder of Shannon Rooke.”

As Jane handed the helmet from the trash can to the Headmaster, who’d followed the detectives at a distance, Frost read Hawthorne his rights before leading him away to the waiting patrol car.

Jane briefly spoke to the Headmaster and followed Frost to the front of the campus, thanking the Headmaster for his help as she climbed into the drivers seat of her car, following the patrol car to BPD Headquarters to interview Hawthorne.


Maura knocked on the interview room door, an hour after Jane and Frost returned with Hawthorne.

Walking into the room, Maura briefly nodded to her girlfriend and Frost, handing the latter the manila folder in her hand.

Frost opened the folder, seeing the DNA test from Hawthorne’s hair matched that found at their crime scene, confirming, along with their other evidence, that Hawthorne was their killer.

Frost showed Jane the results and handed Maura back the folder before the blonde woman left the room.

Maura didn’t have to wait long for Jane to finish her interview, as Hawthorne chose not to speak anymore after being shown the DNA evidence against him. The only reason Hawthorne gave for killing Shannon Rooke was that he didn’t want her informing the Headmaster about his drug ring.

Frost took Hawthorne down to the watch house whilst Jane sat with Maura for a quick break before officially charging the now former quarter back.

“Emma rang,” Maura told Jane, “whilst you were out at BCU. She’s staying in Storybrooke for a week, she doesn’t think something is quite right with little Henry.”

“Is he okay?”

“I don’t know, all she said was things were a bit weird in the town, she wanted to look further into it before leaving.”

Jane sighed, missing her girlfriend, “I hope she comes home soon, I miss her.”

Maura placed her hand on top of Jane’s scarred ones, “I miss her too, dear.”

“If she is going to be over there for much longer, we should think about going there as well, what do you think?”

Maura thought for a moment, “I agree, if only to support Emma. As an added bonus, we could make a holiday out of it, we haven’t been away all together for so long.”

“Yeah, that would be nice,” Jane wondered out loud, “A week or two with no dead bodies, no murderous football players, just us, and a couple of pina coladas relaxing, wherever people relax in this Storybrooke place.”

“That does sound good,” Maura agreed.

“Right, well, we’ll organise it with Emma after this week is done, and see if she is going to stay there longer again.”

They sat in silence for a few moments, contemplating their missing girlfriend and the possible holiday they could have to be back with her. Before too long though, Frost was back and it was time for Jane and Maura to get back to work.

If Maura wanted to be able to go home with Jane at a reasonable hour, she had to get to work on the two routine autopsies she and Kent had to get through that afternoon.

As for Jane, her afternoon would be filled with more paperwork, filing Court documents for her and Frosts arrest.

Chapter Text

Woken up with a start from an unusual noise, Emma took a moment to realise she was in Storybrooke, Maine, not Beacon Hill, Boston.

Stretching Emma took a few moments to wake up before ringing Jane and Maura before they had to go into work, making herself a coffee as she did so.

Their phone call was cut short by a knocking on Emma’s motel room door.

Still wearing what she went to bed in, Emma answered the door in her see-through white tank top, black bra and pink panties. Being proud of her figure, Emma didn’t care about answering the door in those clothes, coffee mug in hand.

Opening the door, Emma was surprised to see Mayor Regina Mills standing at her door, a basket of crisp red apples in hand.

Without evening getting in a word of greeting, the Mayor launched into a lecture about her precious apple tree, not that Emma cared about it.

Through the course of their brief, and snarky, conversation, the Mayor learnt Emma planned to stay in her town for a while, whilst Emma figured out the Mayor, though beautiful, seemed nuts, in Emma’s opinion.

After closing the door in Regina’s face, leaving Emma still holding an apple, the latter decided to get dressed to go downstairs for breakfast, shooting Jane and Maura a text telling them she would call them later.

Making her way down stairs into the diner, Emma kept thinking on the Mayors behaviour at her door, and her veiled threats.

Emma was about to take a bite from the apple Regina left her when Ruby, the tall, leggy waitress placed a hot chocolate down in front of her, telling her she had a secret admirer.

After watching Emma admonish Graham for sending the drink over, Henry revealed himself to be the sender of the drink, giving Emma an early morning dose of sarcasm when she asked him if he had school.

Emma walked Henry to school and engaged him in a conversation about his book, Henry revealing his plan to be Operation Cobra. During their walk, Emma was about to take a bite of the apple in her hand before Henry saw it and threw it away behind them. If Emma wasn’t trying so hard not to laugh at the young boys behaviour, she would have scolded him for littering.

When they finally got to the school, Emma met the teacher again from yesterday. They spoke for a while, Emma working hard to school her features when she learnt she was face to face with her supposed mother - according to Henry.

Though she didn’t believe Henry’s tales about the book, the boy would have her believe she was talking to the mother that gave her up at birth, Snow White, who was now his school teacher. It didn’t compute in her brain and she needed to get away from the school.

Thinking of a segue to leave the conversation, Emma asked Mary Margaret about Henrys shrink, and soon found herself in the company of Doctor Archibald Hopper, or Jiminy Cricket, depending on who was naming him.

Ignoring the quip the Doctor made about PTSD, Emma sought out Henry’s records, which Doctor Hopper was only too happy to provide.

Or so Emma thought.

For the second time in less than 24 hours, Emma found herself once again in the Sheriffs Station, arrested, this time for stealing the files willingly provided to her.

It didn’t take much time, or sass from Emma, for Henry to show up at the station, Mary Margaret in tow, to congratulate Emma on her plan for Operation Cobra.

Emma didn’t know what it was, but whilst speaking to the school teacher, Emma found herself willing to trust the lady, her usual instincts not to trust people not occurring in this brunettes presence.

Emma listened to Henry sass the Sheriff before getting an idea on revenge for the Mayor.

Seeking out a chainsaw from the hardware store in town, Emma took great joy in taking the chainsaw to the Mayors beloved apple tree, enjoying watching the gorgeous brunette, hips swinging as she marched across the lawn, a determined and sexy, but angry, look across the Latinas face.

The pair engaged in a small bit of verbal sparing before Emma marched off with a satisfied grin on her face, leaving the Mayor to grieve over the damage done to the tree.

Job done at the Mayors tree, Emma took a few minutes on her way back to her room at Granny’s to call Jane and Maura.

During their conversation, Emma told them about her adventures in Storybrooke, and admitted the damage to the apple tree so, if she found herself arrested for a third time, her girlfriends wouldn’t worry themselves if they don’t hear from her for a while.

“As much as I want to come home to Boston, I think I need to stay here for a while,” Emma explained, “Henry’s mother, she’s gorgeous but she’s crazy!”

“Gorgeous?” Jane laughed, “Do we need to be jealous?”

“Jane, darling, you are the brunette in my life, I’m just admiring what’s in front of me, you would too, if you came out here and saw her.”

“Would you like us to come to Maine, Emma?” Maura asked, mentally working out when she could spare some time off if Emma planned to stay in Maine for a while.

“I think I’ll give it two weeks here and see how Henry goes, and make a decision then. Would it be okay with you two if I stayed here for another two weeks?” Emma asked nervously.

Not that Emma could see Jane’s head shaking, but she shook her head as she replied anyway, “Of course babe, you do what you need to do, you know we’ll support you any which way. If you do decide to stay for a while, let us know and we’ll come to Maine for a while when we can.”

Arriving at the BnB, Emma thanked her girlfriends for their understanding before hanging up, promising to try to stay out of trouble.

Emma was barely inside for ten minutes before she was walking out again, having been asked by a regretful Granny for her room key back.

Thinking of what to do next, Emma pulled her ringing phone out of her pocket, seeing the Mayor was calling, at the same time she saw the Mayor had had her yellow bugs tyre clamped.

Storming into City Hall after being summoned, Emma made the decision to sort out her issues with the beautiful Mayor. This planned backfired though when Henry stumbled across their conversation, orchestrated of course by Regina, only hearing Emma using the words Doctor Hopper warned her about.

Emma wasn’t in time to catch the boy before he left the building and had no idea where to find him. She decided to let him be, and stay with his mother, as she only seemed to screw up his life, just as she did to nearly everyone she met. Emma decided then that she would return to Boston, to Jane and Maura, the only things in her life she hadn’t screwed up.

Deciding she had to pay Mary Margaret back the bail money before leaving, she went to the school teachers apartment and had a chat over cocoa with cinnamon, an eerily familiar combination to Emma.

Emma actually listened to Mary Margaret, and somehow, the pixie haired woman got through to the stubborn blonde, who marched over to Doctor Hoppers office, knowing from what Regina had mentioned in the office that Henry would be with the Doctor at that time of night.

Emma spoke with Henry, earning herself a great big hug and a warming heart, deciding then and there that for the foreseeable future, Storybrooke would be her home, even if that meant living in the bug for a while.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

Chapter Text

As far as paperwork went for Jane after solving a case, the Hawthorne case was pretty easy, considering it was Frost’s arrest. Jane had only to help compile the brief of evidence for her partner.

She wrapped up the outstanding paperwork by 4:00pm the afternoon after Hawthorne was arrested and was free as a bird, waiting only for Maura to finish in the morgue.

Heading down to the basement office, Jane waited in Maura’s office, stretching out as much as she could on Maura’s short couch.

Whilst waiting, Jane decided to go ‘full romantic’ as Emma was laughingly call it, and planned a romantic night for her and Maura to enjoy, even though she felt bad about Emma missing out.

The blonde had called her girlfriends from Maine that morning and relayed the updated news of her choice to stay in Storybrooke for her son.

“As we said, Emma, you do what you need to do for you and Henry. I’ll have a look at the roster in the morgue and see when I can spare some time off so we can come to you for a while,” Maura reassured Emma again that other blonde was doing the right thing.

It left Jane with free time to devote to her doctor, as she would show Doctor Isles tonight, all going to plan.

Maura had not realised Jane was in her office, and so was startled when she walked in on Jane napping on the couch she didn’t really fit on.

Kneeling down as best she could in a pencil skirt, Maura gently shook Jane awake calling her name softly, keeping in mind Jane’s reactions to being violently woken up from a sleep or nap - it did not bode well for the person or situation that awoke Jane abruptly.

Smiling lovingly as Jane’s eyes blinked open, Maura planted a kiss to her lovers forehead, standing back up as Jane sat up.

“Hey, baby,” Jane crooned.

“I take it you’ve finished work if you’re creeping into my office for a nap?”

“M’not creeping,” Jane pretended to sulk.

“Right,” Maura returned, slipping her arms into Jane’s and pulling the taller woman up for a proper kiss.

“Do you have plans for dinner, babe?” Jane asked the doctor.

“No, do you?”

“I’ve just made plans for us, let’s going home and get changed, I’ll make the reservation on the way. I want to take you out somewhere nice and have a romantic evening with you,” Jane whispered into Maura’s ear, hands sliding down to cover Maura’s ass in her pencil skirt.

Moaning slightly into Jane’s ear in return, Maura answered, “I would love that, let’s go.”

The pair left the morgue and raced home for a shared shower, Face Timing Emma from the shower so the blonde wasn’t entirely missing out. Emma appeared to have been in a diner when they called, and had made her way out into the back alley when she realised her girlfriends were calling her naked from their shower.

The three caught up whilst Jane and Maura were cleaning each other, both putting on a show for their girlfriend, loving that Emma was in a semi public place. Neither Jane nor Maura were into exhibitionism so even though they were showering, they kept it as ‘G’ rated as they could whilst being naked. okay, maybe ‘PG’.

After making their girlfriends night and saying goodbye, Jane and Maura left for the Italian restaurant Jane booked.

Though the pair had the best Italian chef living in their granny-flat, they still enjoyed going out to Italian restaurants.

Maura chose their menu that night, choosing specifically foods, and wine, that would make their mouths taste amazing any time they kissed that night.

Already just sitting at the table in the crowded restaurant, Maura loved the lingering taste of red wine in Jane’s mouth after kissing her waiting for their tiramisu. She couldn’t wait to get Jane home and taste the rest of her.

Jane too, was struggling to keep the evening subdued enough that she and Maura wouldn’t get kicked out of her favourite restaurant.

By the time the pair made it to the car, the not so subtle caresses began, Maura’s hand gliding up Jane’s thigh as the brunette navigated traffic and the streets of Boston. If Maura wasn’t careful, Jane would pull her Lexus over and take Maura in the backseat, not that the doctor would complain.

As the pair arrived, somewhat dishevelled, to their house, Maura wasted no time ripping Jane’s clothing from her body right in the entrance way after opening the front door. Jane too started to pull down the zip on the back of Maura when the creak of a floor board stopped both woman in their tracks, spinning around with just her bra covering her breasts, Jane found her mother trying to sneak out the back door, back to the granny-flat.


“Um, hi Janie, Maura,” Angela awkwardly greeted the pair.

“What are you doing in here Ma?”

Looking sheepish, Angela answered as Jane put her shirt back on, but not before zipping up Maura’s dress so she wouldn’t lose her dignity too, “Well, the TV in my place broke tonight, I don’t know what happened but it wouldn’t turn on. There was a program I wanted to watch on tonight and so I thought I’d borrow Maura’s TV whilst you two weren’t home. I’m sorry I interrupted your evening, I tried to leave quietly.”

“It’s okay Angela. Have you organised for someone to look at your TV?” Maura asked, trying to get the topic away from what she and Jane were about to do in front of her mother-in-law.

“Yeah, Frankie is going to come look at it tomorrow. I’m just gunna go, goodnight,” Angela said as she left the main house.

Sighing and dropping her head onto Maura’s shoulder, Jane whinged, “Well that was embarrassing!”

“I think your mom was more embarrassed than you were, dear,” Maura soothed her detective.

“Mm, probably,” raising her head, Jane continued, “but now that she’s gone, where were we?”

“I think we were right about here,” Maura mumbled, pressing her lips against Jane’s and once more ripping off Jane’s shirt.

Jane returned her hands to Maura’s back and unzipped the dress, taking Maura’s hand to help her step out of the material pooled at her feet, still in her heels.

Jane whistled as she took in the beauty that was Maura, standing there in the entrance way in just lingerie and high heels. Jane picked Maura up as the doctor wrapped her legs around her girlfriend. Jane carried her to the island bench in the kitchen and lay her down, looking across her shoulder to make sure the blinds in the kitchen and dining room were drawn before committing to her next act.

Grinning at the nearly whimpering doctor, Jane ran her hands across Maura’s torso and abdomen, hooking her fingers into Maura panties when she got to the blondes hip bones. Jane dragged the underwear down Maura’s legs and proceeding to taste and tease Maura where she needed Jane the most.

It didn’t take long for Maura to reach her peak, not with Jane’s experienced and talented tongue.

Desperate to return the favour, Maura slipped off the island bench and took Jane’s hand, leading her, still in her heels, upstairs for a night filled with passion.

The only thing that would have made the night better would have been if Emma was there to share it with them.

Maura vowed, that when she and Jane got to Storybrooke, they would make a repeat of this night, with all three of them together, how it should be.

But for now though, Maura put her tongue to work, working on the girlfriend she did have with her.

Chapter Text

Emma was sitting in the bug after eating dinner at Granny’s and was combing through the Mirror, trying to find possible rentals, seeing as she was no longer welcome to live at the BnB. the Mayor’s doing.

As Emma was about to give up for the night and close her eyes, she was approached by Henry’s teacher, Mary Margaret.

They spoke for a few moments, joking about the curse and dates. Emma was taken aback when the teacher offered for Emma to stay at her place, in her spare room.

Emma politely declined, citing a penchant for being better on her own. It wasn’t strictly the truth, not now that she was living with Jane and Maura, but it was the truth that Emma didn’t do well living with strangers, a throwback to her foster care days.

Emma drove her Bug out to Henry’s castle and slept there in the car park for the night, her window slightly down, allowing the sea breeze to waft through the car, providing Emma with fresh air.

It wasn’t the worst night Emma spent in her car. She was only in her jeans and white tank top, with a blanket from her trunk to keep her warm.

Though she woke at any slight noise, sea birds squawking, waves crashing, ship horns blaring, Emma slept pretty well. She awoke properly with the sun, pulling on her boots, getting out of the Bug to stretch her legs.

She walked around for a few minutes before she saw Henry walking towards the castle. She waited there for him, and together, they climbed up into one of the towers.

Henry told Emma he’d found her father, and went on to show the blonde a picture in his storybook of a blonde man standing in the middle of a forrest. Henry pointed out all the reasons why this Prince Charming was her father, and Mary Margarets soul mate.

After discussing it for a while, and Emma agreeing to help Henry in her own way, they started to leave the castle, but not before Henry commented on Emma’s wardrobe, or lack thereof.

“Emma, you’ve been wearing the same clothes since you got to town. You need a clean shirt,” Henry commented, screwing up his nose to the right like he was wont to do.

“I don’t exactly have my entire clothe collection with me here kid,” Emma defended herself.

“I’ll find something from my Moms closet for you, I’m sure something there will fit you,” he said, as if it was nothing to steal clothes from one woman to give to another.

“You’re a real Robin Hood, Henry,” Emma replied.

“Don’t call me that!” Henry exclaimed.

“Okay then, sorry.”

Emma looked at Henry for a moment, trying to work out why he was so offended to be called ‘Robin Hood’, but couldn’t work out why, ‘It must be something to do with the storybook’, Emma thought.

She drove Henry back into town, dropping him home a street away so the Mayor wouldn’t see them spending time together, before driving over to Mary Margarets apartment and filling her in on Henry’s plan, both agreeing nothing would likely come of it.

Emma left the storybook with the teacher and left after their drinks were finished.

That afternoon, Emma met up with Henry at the diner, Henry handing over the promised shirt, saying his mom wouldn’t ever notice it missing.

It was a dark grey silk blouse, because of course the Mayor would wear silk clothes. Despite it belonging to another woman, it fit Emma well enough, and she actually liked the shirt. As she buttoned it up and rolled up the sleeves, Emma couldn’t help but take in the smell of the clean material. Without seeming creeping, Emma enjoyed the smell of it, it was nice. It reminded her of the nice clothes Maura wears when the three of them go out on a date night.

Tucking her dirty tank top behind her in the booth as she sat down to speak with Henry, Emma enquired as to where Regina thought her son was, laughing slightly when she heard the answer was playing Whack-a-Mole.

Emma smiled when she made a comment about believing that went entirely over the ten-year-olds head.

Their conversation was interrupted when Mary Margaret came into the diner saying John Doe, or Prince Charming according to Henry, woke up.

Off to the hospital they went to learn not only was John Doe missing, but that Regina Mills is his emergency contact.

Regina stormed out of John Doe’s room when she saw her son with the blonde woman who wouldn’t leave her son alone.

Regina grabbed Henry’s arm to drag him away the blonde woman, making Emma growl silently at her treatment of the boy.

After a snarky exchange by all parties, Regina left the hospital with Henry but not before leaning into Emma’s personal space and commenting on her attire. With Regina that close to Emma, Emma immediately knew the aroma of the shirt came from the Mayors perfume, as she got a huge whiff of it as the Mayor leaned into her. Yet still, after Regina’s behaviour and comments, Emma still liked the scent of the brunettes perfume, not that she would compliment her on it.

With the Mayor gone, Emma stayed with the Sheriff and Mary Margaret to find John Doe, leading her to be searching the woods of Storybrooke with the sheriff, the teacher, and unexpectedly, Henry.

Eventually they found themselves, and John Doe at the Toll Bridge. It took the worst chest compressions Emma had ever seen conducted in her life, and a breath of air from Mary Margaret to wake the John Doe, who was taken back to hospital for medical attention.

It was only when the group of rescuers were at the hospital watching the doctors work when the John Doe’s name was revealed by a blonde woman crying his name.

The picture of evil, in Henry’s eyes, Regina came strolling into the midst of the group announcing John Doe - David Nolan - had a wife, Katherine, the blonde who was standing watching the doctors work on her husband.

Soon, Katherine came out to speak to the group, thanking them for finding David, and told them about their life together, and how they now have a second chance.

Doctor Whale came out of the hospital room to announce David would be making a full recovery, despite the memory issues plaguing him.

After the announcement, Henry was forced to leave with his mother, who was grounding him for insubordination. Henry stretched his mothers patience by speaking for a few more minutes with Mary Margaret.

Whilst Emma was listening to Henry talk to his teacher, Emma was thinking about the situation, not believing a word the Mayor spoke.

As a result, Emma chased Regina through the hospital and called bullshit on her story. They didn’t exactly argue, but rather traded sharp jabs at each other before Regina took her leave, following Henry out into the parking lot.

When Emma left the hospital, she drove around aimlessly, talking to Jane and Maura on the phone, relaying the days events.

“Have you found somewhere to stay, dear?” Maura asked.

“Nope, there’s no rentals that I can find, I can’t stay at the BnB because of the ‘No Felons’ rule-”

“Yes, my little criminal,” Jane laughed.

“Hey! I didn’t do either of the things I was arrested for, okay?” Emma defended herself, “The one crime I did commit, I didn’t get arrested for, you go figure!”

“I know hun, I’m just trying to make you laugh, I love your laugh,” Jane placated the blonde.

“Anyways, I’m just driving around town at the moment hoping to see any ‘For Lease’ signs on some houses or something,”

“Is there anyone there that you can stay with for the night and look around more tomorrow? Maura questioned.

“Um, Henry’s school teacher, the one who he’s trying to tell me is my mother, Snow White? She kinda invited me to stay at her place, but it’s weird, you know I don’t do well living with strangers.”

“I know you don’t hun, but it looks like it’s your best option at the moment if there are no rentals,” Jane advised, “you said she seems nice enough, not a serial killer or anything. At least stay there tonight, so we know you’re safe, have a hot shower and try again tomorrow. Who knows, you might actually like staying there.”

“I guess,” Emma eventually agreed, turning the Bug around and heading back into town to Mary Margarets apartment, “I really miss you two, I can’t wait to see you again. Do you know when you might be able to come out here?”

“Jane and I are trying out best at work to figure out some time off, as soon as we know, we’ll tell you. We can stay in the BnB together, surely they will let you in if you’re not actually living there.”

“I hope so,”

“Make us a list of things you want us to bring to you for when we’re able to come out, hopefully you’ll find a place to live by then,” Jane added.

“Yep, I’ll think about it. I just got to Mary Margarets place, I’m gunna let you guys go and call you later, probably tomorrow. I love you two.”“We love you too,” was chorused back to Emma before she hung up the phone.

Grabbing her emergency bag, Emma looked up the apartment building and into the top floor window she knew looked into the school teachers apartment.

‘This is as good as it’s gunna get,’ Emma thought to herself as she walked up the stairs to what would, with any luck, be somewhere she could live for a while without being kicked out.

Chapter Text

As it turned out, it took Maura and Jane four weeks to be able to clear their schedules enough to head up to Maine to visit Emma.

On her final day of work before leaving, Maura ran Kent through everything she wanted him to deal with him the morgue for the two weeks she would be away.

With Kent and Susie in control, Maura had no doubts the morgue would run smoothly.

At 5:30pm, Maura collected up her handbag and belongings, turned the light out in her office and made her way upstairs to the Homicide bull pen to find Jane.

Jane herself was finalising all the matters on her task list before her leave, and talked Frost through the only open investigation she had, which he would be taking over on.

When they finished their handover, Frost and Korsak both gave Jane a hug and told her they would miss her whilst she was away, but that they would make sure nobody sat at her desk.

As they were saying their goodbyes, Maura entered the office, saying goodbye to the two gentlemen as well.

“We will see you two in a couple of weeks time, don’t get into too much trouble,” Maura wished them farewell as she and Jane entered the elevator to the parking garage.

Jane led Maura over to the blondes Lexus and opened the passenger door for her. Despite the fact the Lexus belonged to Maura, Jane mostly drove the pair, normally the trio, around, no matter what car they were in. No one questioned it, it was just the way things went, Jane was a natural born driver.

The only time Jane doesn’t drive, normally, is when she can’t, like when she badly sprained her ankle a few years ago chasing a perp. Jane tried to drive despite the injury but after a few failed corners, the keys were handed over to Maura, so as not to crash the Lexus.

Climbing in the drivers seat, Jane started the car and took a hold of Maura’s hand, holding it until she had to let go to get out of the parking garage. As soon as she could though, Maura’s hand was back in Jane’s.

The drive to their house didn’t take long, and when they opened up the garage door to put the Lexus away, they were greeted by a wonderful surprise.

A yellow bug parked on the far left side of the garage, next to Jane’s Subaru.

Neither woman could wait to get out of the car and into the house, work bags and handbags laying forgotten in the back seat of the luxury car.

Virtually running inside, Jane and Maura found Emma sitting on the island bench in the kitchen, with a bowl of Bass’ strawberries and a chilled bottle of champagne sitting next to her.

Jane’s breath was stolen from her when she saw Emma’s attire, an aqua crystal Chantilly Lace and Satin Slip, one Jane knew was purchased from Victoria’s Secret, if the pink and cream striped bag sitting behind Emma was any indication.

Obviously having heard her girlfriends come home, Emma had jumped up on the island bench in the kitchen, and, with her legs crossed over each other, was in the process of pouring three glasses of champagne, each with a strawberry in the glass, as Jane and Maura walked, ran, through the door.

Emma didn’t take her eyes off her task of pouring the glasses as her girlfriends approached, the smirk on her face showed she knew what affect she was having on the pair.

Reaching Emma at the same time, Maura and Jane each put a hand on Emma’s top knee, desperately wanting contact with the blonde.

“Emma,” Maura whispered, taking the glass handed to her by her blonde girlfriend.

Turning around to face the women standing in front of her, Emma let her smirk form into a genuinely wide smile, opening her legs to surround her girls and pull them closer, “I missed you two. Surprise,” Emma said by way of greeting, and explanation.

Without missing a beat, Jane forwent her greeting, instead, choosing to kiss Emma deeply, plundering her girlfriends mouth in a way she hadn’t been able to in nearly six weeks.

“I missed you, too,” Jane murmured when she finally broke away from Emma’s lips when the need for air became too urgent.

“I can tell,” Emma replied, tucking a stray strand of long brown hair behind its owners ear.

Maura, having been sipping on her champagne as she watched her girlfriends kiss, decided it was her turn to kiss Emma, and pulled the other blonde down gently, meeting their lips, Maura’s tasting of champagne, Emma’s of Jane.

Jane herself sipped her champagne and opened the Victoria’s Secret bag further, noting there were more goodies inside.

Emma pulled away from Maura when she heard the rustle of tissue paper from behind her, indicating Jane was snooping on her presents.

Before Jane could get much further, Emma pulled the bag away from the brunette and slipped off the kitchen bench, picking up her champagne flute and casually walking up the stairs to their bedroom, a room she hasn’t slept in in over a month, knowing Jane and Maura would trail behind her.

When the trio reached the bedroom, Jane and Maura saw Emma had set the mood for their return.

Emma sat on the end of their bed and gestured for the pair to come over to her. When the two women were standing in front of her, she opened up the Victoria’s Secret bag and handed each woman a tissue wrapped gift, marked ‘M’ and ‘J’ respectively.

Opening up their gifts, they saw Emma purchased them the same slip she was wearing, Jane’s in her customary black, Maura’s in coconut white.

“Baby, they’re beautiful,” Jane whispered to Emma, kissing her in thanks.

“Yes, Em’s, thank you so much dear,” Maura added, stealing herself a kiss.

“I’m glad you both like them, I thought I’d come and surprise you two, and help drive to Maine tomorrow. I stopped, obviously, on the way here, and saw these, loved them and bought them,” Emma explained.

“As much as I just want to rip my clothes off and put this on,” Jane said, “I desperately need a shower after work. So let’s put plans on hold for five minutes whilst I shower, I’ll be right back.”

“Why do we have to wait, I’ll join you in the shower,” Emma jumped at the chance to remain close to her girls.

“I suppose I could also be tempted into a warm shower with my ladies,” Maura laughed softly.

It was a good thing her ensuite was redecorate three years ago after Emma moved in. The shower was expanded, to three times the size of a normal shower, with three heads, to allow the three of them to shower at the same time without forgoing warm water. There were three sinks to save time in the mornings when they were sometimes rushed. The only thing singular in the ensuite, was the toilet itself.

Maura knew that if they were to ever leave this house prospective buyers would wonder why the bathroom was basically in triplicate, but it worked her her family, so she was happy with it.

Despite having only been wearing her slip for less than twenty minutes, Emma disrobed out of it, to join a very naked Jane Rizzoli in the shower, Maura following not a moment longer.

With all three of them together, they spent the first three minutes huddled together under one head in a tight hug, just remembering how they all fit together snuggly in their threesome. They delighted in just being together, touching, feeling, hugging each other. Something they hadn’t been able to do as a trio in far too long.

“Please don’t be away from us this long again,” Jane mused, holding Emma tightly to her and Maura.

“I’ll try darling,” Emma whispered back, kissing each of her girlfriends.

Chapter Text

Emma, Jane, and Maura stayed in the shower for a while longer before actually showering and exiting. Drying off, the trio couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces at being back how they belonged.

Jane led the charge out into their bedroom, each donning their slip from Emma before going down to the kitchen to cook some food.

As much as Jane and Maura wanted to reacquaint themselves with Emma’s body, the need for food won out.

Jane started taking out vegetables and some steak, slicing the food thinly to make a stir fry for them to eat. As she was sautéing the veggies, Jane’s attention was brought to the actions of her girlfriends.

Emma had, as was customary, jumped up to sit on the island bench in the kitchen whilst Jane cooked.

Stirring the stir fry, Jane watched as Maura walked to stand in front of Emma, the latter opening her legs and wrapping them around Maura’s waist, pulling the darker blonde closer to her.

Maura tipped Emma’s head backwards and longingly kissed her girlfriend, enjoying the interactions she’d been missing for nearly two months.

Smiling, Jane left the frypan on the element as she walked over to wrap her arms around Maura’s back, just wanting to be close to her girls.

Maura broke away from Emma, stepping out of her legs and letting Jane take her place, Maura taking over the cooking.

‘This is the life’, Emma thought, her hands running over Jane’s back.

Not from lack of want, but rather from hunger, Jane and Emma also separated, Maura carrying three bowls to the table, Jane bringing cutlery and Emma bringing three glasses of wine.

They sat down to eat, Emma discussing her time in Storybrooke, telling Jane and Maura about the time she searched for a missing pregnant teenager, rescuing Henry from being trapped in the towns mines to the time she got into a fist fight with the beautiful Mayor in the cemetery.

She regaled tales of her adventures after she was elected Sheriff, following the untimely death of the towns Sheriff. Maura growled at Emma when she heard of the light blondes fire heroics, chastising Emma for nearly getting herself burnt whilst Jane congratulated her on saving a woman who clearly dislikes Emma so much. Now, Maura had two police officer girlfriends to worry about on shift, even though she knew theoretically Emma would be safer in Storybrooke than Jane was here in Boston.

Emma continued with her updates of Storybrooke, “Jane, you should see the Mayor, babe, she is beautiful, just like you. She’s tall, brunette, brown eyes full of electricity with a seriousness nearly unmatched.”

Jane’s instant reaction, even though she knew Emma wouldn’t do anything, was to growl softly under her breath, jealous Jane rising to the surface.

“Jane,” Maura softly called to her brunette girlfriend, “Emma can think someone beautiful without you needing to become jealous, from what Emma’s said, I would probably think she looks good too,” Maura said, winking at Emma, knowing she was playing at Jane’s not normally present ego.

“Yeah, Janie, trust me, as much as Regina is gorgeous, nothing will happen because, one, she seems to absolute hate me, and two, she’s Henry’s mom, it would be weird for the kid. And three, I’m with you and Maura.”

Jane looked slightly abashed at her reaction, listening to Emma carry on, “Sorry babe, she probably is good looking, I shouldn’t hold that against you. After all, that’s how you came into Maura and my relationship, we both thought you were beautiful and kind enough that we both wanted to spend more time with you. Let us meet your Mayor, and make our own minds up.”

“Meet her? I’m not sure about that’s a good idea.”

“We’ll have to meet her, seeing as how she’s Henry’s mom also,” Maura replied.


“Yeah,” Jane added, “you and Regina are Henry’s moms.”

“No, I don’t think so, I’m not Henry’s mom. I’m just, Emma.” Emma hastily said with a sad look on her face.

“‘Just Emma’? Well, ‘Just Emma’, I think you are special to Henry, because you gave birth to him, and even though you gave him up, you have been looking out for him for the last two months,” Jane told her, taking Emma’s pale hand into hers and giving it a squeeze.

With tears in her eyes, Emma quietly thanked Jane for believing in her.

Maura changed the conversation onto lighter topics, she and Jane filling Emma in on all the silly things TJ and Tommy have gotten up to recently.

Eventually, the trio finished their dinner and locked up downstairs, making their way to their bathroom for their nighty routines, not practised in two months, but not forgotten.

Finishing in the bathroom before Jane and Maura, Emma stepped out into their bedroom and dimmed the lights and drew the curtain. She took a seat on the decorative armchair Maura placed over in the corner, slipping the left spaghetti strap off her shoulder, her way of enticing her lovers.

And they fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

Jane came into the bedroom before Maura, and stopped to stare at her returned girlfriend, admiring her feature in the soft light of the room. Jane was standing just beyond the door to the bathroom for so long, Maura walked out and straight into Jane.

When Maura saw what had captured Jane’s attention, her pupils blew wide, arousal coursing through her veins.

Maura took Jane’s hand in her own and led her over to Emma, both women sitting on each of Emma’s knees, but still holding most of their own body weight on their feet so as not to crush Emma.

Jane immediately lunged toward Emma’s mouth, capturing the plump lips in a searing kiss. Maura took advantage of Emma’s exposed neck and kissed her way all along the exposed flesh, nibbling Emma’s ear lope when the moment presented.

Jane’s left and dominant hand crawled up the small bit of exposed skin on Emma’s thigh to the apex between the blondes legs, finding the sweet, moist centre she was aiming for.

With Jane’s dexterous fingers pumping in and out of her opening, Emma was panting into the brunettes mouth, breaking off the kiss in favour of actually breathing.

Once Maura’s mouth had laid claim to Emma’s exposed neck, it then ran south, claiming Emma’s breasts after slipping the second strap off Emma’s shoulder with her teeth. Maura’s right hand then made its way to Emma’s apex, joining Janes.

Maura swiped her index finger through Emma’s folds whilst Jane pumped away, gathering juices to make it easy to massage Emma’s clit with her finger.

Emma was in heaven, enjoying her girlfriends attentions and ministrations, the two separate dominant hands doing what they do best, the two sets of mouths worshiping her upper body.

All too quickly, Emma was reaching her peak, orgasming quickly, consecutively under expert hands, eyes slamming shut.

Catching her breath, Emma opened her eyes, and promptly lost her breath again - Jane and Maura had the others juice covered digits in their mouths, cleaning off the essence that was Emma, both with their own eyes squeezed shut.

Deciding she wanted to fuck her girls together after not being able to for so long, Emma moved to stand up, grabbing a now clean hand each and leading the women to their king sized bed.

With Maura and Jane laying down, Emma crawled over them both, a knee between each of their legs. Emma ran her hands over her lovers bodies, encouraging Jane and Maura to start kissing each other whilst her own hands roamed their bodies for a bit longer, squeezing breasts and caressing satin covered hips.

Having her fill of touching her girls over the slips, Emma slipped a hand each under Jane and Maura’s slips, two fingers each swirling in moist folds, gathering slick juices.

Not being ambidextrous, Emma had to concentrate on her left hands ministrations of Jane than she did with her right hand for Maura.

Concentrating on her doubled actions, Emma slipped a third finger inside each girlfriend and steadily pumped away, curling her fingers upwards on the outward stroke.

Gaining a rhythm, Emma could afford to loose concentration for a few moments and shifted forward, bending forward awkwardly but enough that she could suck Jane’s nipple through the slip into her mouth.

Maura, seeing what Emma was trying to accomplish, helped by removing Jane’s breast from the slip, Jane in turn latched onto Maura’s closest breast.

Though their movements were a bit uncoordinated, it didn’t take long for Jane and Maura to reach their own orgasms, both left panting whilst Emma looked smug.

For the next hour, Jane, Maura and Emma took turns caressing and cajoling each other to orgasms, all revelling in the love shared in the room, in more ways than one just happy being in the same post code, let alone the same room.

Chapter Text

As a sliver of daylight broke through into the room, the brunette occupant of the king bed woke with a wide smile on her face, as she always did when she woke with two blondes in her arms.

Deciding she would give Emma a proper wake-up for her first morning home, Jane snuck under the blanket cover her and her girlfriends, and rolled over to her left, crawling down Emma’s still naked body.

Arriving at her desired location, Jane got to work straight away, tongue laving against soft pink folds, nose bumping against an engorging clit.

Jane let her right hand wander across Emma’s torso, seeking out pink nipples whilst her left gently stroked the inside of Emma’s thigh, up and down, in time with Jane’s tongue which continued its march up and down Emma’s folds.

Smiling into her work as she heard a moan from above, Jane used two finger on her left hand to gather some of the wetness seeping from Emma to lubricate her fingers, preparing to enter the blonde.

Waking to a feeling she hasn’t woken to in so long, Emma smiled through another moan as two fingers were stretching her open and gently moving back and forth inside her. Emma opened her eyes and saw Maura watching her with arousal in her eyes, both enjoying the effects of Jane’s early morning activities.

Maura rolled across the bed and smother her lips onto Emma’s own, doing above what Jane was repeating below, happy with the knowledge both of her girlfriends were awake.

Letting out a long loud moan as she reached climax, Emma used the fingers perusing Jane’s hair to pull the brunette up and out of the covers.

“Good morning,” Jane said to her lovers with a grin on her face.

“Good morning,” they echoed back, identical smiles adorning their faces.

It took another half hour for the trio to make their way from the bed to bathroom, preparing to make themselves presentable to the world.

They had decided to go out for breakfast to celebrate Emma’s return, and knew that because the Rizzoli matriarch would normally cook them breakfast, they would have/get to take her with them.

Whilst Maura and Emma didn’t mind much having their mother-in-law with them, Jane always pretend grumbled, despite the fact she loved her mother very much.

The group of four ladies climbed into Maura’s Lexus and Jane drove them to their normal cafe for breakfast.

Sitting at the table, Angela tried to refrain from pressing Emma for more details than the blonde was willing to share but still pressing enough to satisfy her curiosity.

Luckily for Angela, Emma was happy to share some details of her time in Storybrooke with her mother-in-law, “Henry is a great kid Angela, he’s smart, funny, sarcastic. I’m sure he and Jane are going to get along great whilst she’s there.”

Jane had just returned to the table from placing their orders, just catching the last sentence, “What am I doing?” she asked, trying to figure out why her name had been dropped.

“Ems was just saying that you’ll get along with her son,” Angela answered.

“He’s not my son, Angela, he belongs to Regina, she is his mother,” Emma answered without emotion, correcting the matriarch.

“Nonsense, you birthed the boy, he is every bit your son as much as he is this Regina lady’s,” Angela spoke passionately.

“Ma!” Jane scolded, “Stop, what Emma says with Henry, goes, okay?”

“Okay,” Angela backed down, apologising to Emma.

“It’s okay, Angela, I get what you’re saying but he’s really not my kid. Regina is his mother, just like she likes to remind me.”

“Is she okay with you now?” Maura asked, curious if Henry’s adoptive mother is more receptive to Emma now that the blonde has been around Henry for a bit longer.

“Nah, not really. I’m trying to do what’s best for the kid at the moment and Regina doesn’t want me around him for a while, so I guess coming here was just good timing.”

“What’s Regina’s problem now?” Jane queried, aware of some of the issues between the Sheriff and the Mayor.

“There’s this news paper reporter in town, Sydney, he wanted to help try and catch the Mayor doing some dodgy business but in the end, we were the ones who lost the moral high ground getting into her office under the guise of being the Sheriff, it wasn’t my most honest moment but I thought I was trying to do the right thing in the end, but the end can’t justify the means, so I’m staying away from Henry for a few days.”

“I’m sure you’ll be back together with Henry in no time,” Angela said, “in the meantime, do you have any picture of him, I haven’t seen any yet?”

Emma opened up her phone and showed the others a few picture she has of Henry and her together, and a few of Henry on his own. There were a few photos of Henry and Emma in Granny’s with Ruby and Mary Margaret, and some photos of Henry at his castle before it got damaged in the recent storm.

As their breakfast was finished, the group of women headed home for a quiet afternoon at the house before their long drive the next day. Emma helped Jane pack, as always, the detective leaving it to nearly the last minute to pack her suitcase.

Laying in bed that night, Emma confided her fears about being more of a presence in Henry’s life to her girlfriends, happy to finally be able to talk about her fears in person.

“Darling, it’s normal to be worried about parenting a child,” Maura started before using her Google mouth to rattle off statistic and quotes about child rearing.

Jane on the other hand took a more abrupt approached to soothing Emma’s fears, “You’re gunna be great for Henry in whatever capacity you choose, tell your fears to fuck off, they don’t own you.”

“If only it were that easy,” Emma chuckled after Jane’s impassioned sentence.

“When we get to Storybrooke, Maura and I will meet with the kid and we can help you, what else are we here for otherwise?”

“I can think of something,” Maura whispered, rolling over onto Emma, claiming the other blondes lips as a way of ending the conversation and moving onto less family friendly activities whilst they still had the use of a larger king size bed.

“Mmhm, yes, good call,” Jane agreed, shimmying down Emma’s body taking care of her lower half whilst Maura dominated the top.

Lost in the joy of her girlfriends mouths, Emma decided to put her worries and fears aside for now, they were tomorrow Emma’s problem.

Chapter Text

Waking up for the second time in two days wrapped in her girlfriends arms was pure heaven for Emma, who had been longing for her girls’ touches ever since she left for Storybrooke.

Crawling out of the bed leaving a sleeping doctor and detective, Emma went through her normal morning routine before going downstairs to start breakfast, knowing Angela would probably be coming through the back door in a few minutes.

Enjoying the silence of the kitchen whilst she had it, Emma tried to imagine Regina’s reaction to seeing two new people in town if the way she greeted Emma was measure of the Mayors hospitality.

Emma could just see Jane and Regina arguing with each other, going toe for toe in a battle of sarcasm and wit. Honestly, Emma didn’t know who would win that battle, but it sure would be sexy to watch.

Shaking her head of such thoughts, Emma turned the gas stove top on as Angela came through the door as expected.

“Good morning Emma,” the matriarch greeting, hugging Emma on her way past the blonde.

“Good morning Angela,” Emma returned, “I was thinking of making Eggs Benedict for breakfast if you can help me with it, you know what I’m like with cooking. We can add a small green salad, keeping both Jane and Maura happy.”

“Keeping both of us happy with what?” Jane asked, yawning as she walked down the stairs, Maura right behind her.

“Emma and I are going make breakfast for you, it’s a surprise. If you and Maura want to help, go and set the table then make coffee,” Angela instructed.

“How ‘bout I make coffee then set the table,” Jane teased.

“I don’t care, just get it done,” Angela smiled right back at the wolfish grin on Jane’s face.

“Don’t worry Mom,” Maura called, “I’ll take care of the table,” she offered whilst moving past a still Jane to get the cutlery for the table.

It didn’t take long for four breakfast plates and four cups of coffee to be placed on the table, and four women to sit down to eat.

“When are you three heading up to Maine?” Angela asked.

“I think we should go once we’ve cleaned up here, I would like to be off that road by dark,” Maura replied.

“Especially if there are wolves on the road,” Jane said pointedly to Emma, remembering the time Emma was involved in a crash because of a wolf.

“Hey!” Emma pretended to be affronted, “That was one time!”

“I know darling,” Jane whispered, wrapping her arm around Emma’s shoulders and pressing a kiss to the side of the blondes head.

“Don’t worry about cleaning this up, I’ll fix it,” Angela offered, wanting to make sure her girls were off the road in a reasonable time.

“Are you sure?” Jane asked her mother.

“Certainly am,” she smiled, “I love looking after my children, additions included of course,” Angela extended her smile to Maura and Emma.

Just as they group were finishing their dinners, a knock at Maura’s front door gets their attention.

Getting up to open the door, Jane gets pushed aside by a five-year-old TJ yelling, “Emmy! Emmy! Emmy!”

The woman in question immediately gets out from behind the table and kneels down ready to received the running child into her open arms. For some reason, toddler TJ took an instant liking to the new blonde woman in the family, even though he normally wasn’t good with strangers. Ever since, ‘Emmy’ has been his favourite Aunt to visit.

“Hey Little Buddy! I missed you!” Emma squealed back at him, matching his excitement, “You’ve grown so much!”

“I gru dis much bigga Emmy,” TJ answered seriously, holding his thumb and forefinger about an inch apart.

“I can tell, you’ll be taller than me in no time Little Buddy,” Emma smiled, standing up to greet Tommy and Frankie, Frank, as he has taken to being called.

“We missed you Em,” Frank mentioned as he hugged his sister-in-law.

“Yeah, don’t go away for so long again,” Tommy requested.

“Sorry Tommy, didn’t Jane tell you I’m moving to Maine for a little while?” Emma asked.

“Um, no, Jane?” Tommy asked accusingly, facing his sister.

Said sister in turn replied, “I didn’t know how much you wanted me to tell the guys, I hadn’t said anything other than you’re visiting Maine for personal reasons.”

Nodding, Emma knelt back down to TJ, “Hey Little Buddy, do you think you could go to your play room for a little while whilst I speak to your dad? I promise I’ll come through in five minutes to come play. Do you know how many that is?”

Holding up five fingers proudly, TJ said, “Silly Emmy, I can count!” TJ grinned before running up to one of the spare rooms on the second level of the house that held TJ’s toys and a small bed for whenever he had sleepovers at Aunties house whenever his pop had to work the night shift.

With TJ out of the room, Emma led the two Rizzoli men to the couch to sit whilst she spoke.

“I’m not going to say too much but all you guys need to know is that ten years ago, I gave birth to a baby boy that I immediately put up for adoption. I was in no fit state to be a mother, certainly considering the fact I had the baby whilst I was in juvie. That baby boy is named Henry, he came and found me six weeks ago and I’ve been in Maine with him ever since. I didn’t tell you guys because I don’t tell people full stop. Jane and Maura knew, obviously but their lips are sealed. As will yours be,” Emma looked pointedly at the blokes, taking in their pitying looks.

That was why she didn’t tell people about the baby. One, it wasn’t their business, two, she couldn’t stand to see the looks on the faces of Frank and Tommy, they reminded her of the looks the nurses gave her when she was being stitched up after giving birth. The nurses faces clearly read that going through the trauma of child birth only to immediately hand over the baby without even a hug was, in their minds, not worth it.

Emma knew otherwise. She knew she would not have been able to care for Henry the way Regina obviously cared for him, albeit in her own special way. Emma couldn’t blame the nurses for their thoughts, it would be what a lot of people think, but Emma didn’t care what other people think, she never had done. She knew in her heart she made the right call for her baby, to give him his best chance.

The boys both promised Emma they would not breathe a word of what she had shared with them, and wished her luck wth being with Henry for the foreseeable future after she also explained her move there for now.

Frank and Tommy stayed for a cup of coffee after Emma went up to play with TJ after five minutes like she promised. She bought him back down so he could spend time with Jane and Maura too whilst they were there.

Jane loved spending time with her nephew, TJ reminded her of Tommy when he was five, and she never got tired of reminding Tommy of that. Jane also took great joy in filling the little boy with heaps of sugary treats before returning him to his father to enjoy the sugar crash that would quickly follow the high she returned him on. Just her sisterly way of saying “love ya little brother”.

When Maura suggested the ladies get on the road, TJ, Tommy and Frank said their goodbyes, TJ crying his eyes out because he was sad Emmy was leaving. It took Angela promising TJ he could stay with her for the afternoon to get him to stop crying so the ladies could leave guilt free.

With Emma driving the the bug and Maura as her passenger, it was left for Jane to drive the Lexus, agreeing to stopping halfway and switching with Maura so she too could enjoy some one on one time with Emma before they got to Storybrooke.

Backing out of the driveway, they waved good-bye to the boys and Angela, who was trying to get a sniffling TJ to wave his hand to his Aunts in farewell.

On the road they then were, making their way to a little town that was a little different.

Chapter Text

It took over half and hour for the yellow bug and black Lexus to make their ways out of Boston but once they were on the highway, it was smooth driving the whole way to their halfway point of Portland, Maine, before they would continue up the coast to Storybrooke.

Whilst Maura was with Emma in the bug, Jane was driving the Lexus solo, a perfect opportunity to blare her music loudly and sing badly and off key, without anyone commenting on her terrible singing.

Watching and laughing at Jane’s singing in the rear view mirror behind them, Maura and Emma were entertaining each other on the drive and catching up.

“What else have I missed whilst I’ve been away? I see you cut your hair shorter,” Emma asked, complimenting Maura’s new hair cut that was by now two weeks old.

“Not a lot, Jane’s been busy at work, I’ve been busy too in the morgue. Jane and Barry were going out to arrest a suspect a few weeks ago and were gone for a few hours. When they got back, Jane trudged down to my office, smelling like trash and proceeded to try and hug me. I growled at her and asked what happened, their suspect decided it would be a good idea to avoid capture by running through a rubbish dump and hiding in the piles of trash.”

“Did they get him?” Emma asked, loving stories about Jane at work.

“Her, and yes, Jane heard a rustling in one of the piles and she tried to get Barry to go digging. He refused so they settled it by playing scissors, paper, rock. Jane lost and went tip diving. They got a successful arrest out of it so it was worth it in the end.”

“Did she stay smelling like trash the whole day?”

“No, I made her go and use the shower in the back of my office and I went up to her locker to get her spare clothes. I’m sorry we forgot to tell you about that, it was funny,” Maura apologised.

“Tell me about Henry?” Maura asked Emma after a while of silence.

“He’s a good kid but he doesn’t understand that I can’t just take him away from his mom because he wishes it, so that makes things hard. I know no judge would ever give me my parental rights back, I gave them up when he was born for a reason. I was in no fit state to care for him, I had no one, no anything. I’m not stupid enough to hope that I might one day be legally his parent. I know that’ll never happen. Not with his real mother hating on me like she is,” Emma commented.

Maura wanted to be sad for Emma, hearing what she had just said was sad. But Maura has to agree as well with what Emma said about not getting it having any parental rights with the boy. The only way that would happen would be for Regina to agree and help, and that didn’t look likely at the moment.

“At least she is letting you see him, kind of,” Maura tried to make her girlfriend feel better.

Smiling at her attempt, Emma replied, “I am grateful for that, I know Regina can be a bitch sometimes but I think she’s realised that I just want what’s best for Henry. I know that’s not me but I am grateful to have any part in his life that she allows. I know realistically that any judge would grant her a restraining order against me if she wanted. That’s why I have to work hard to stay on side with her, even though we both make it hard most days.”

“At least you’re looking at the situation logically and with understanding,” Maura answered.

“Mm,” Emma returned, staying quiet for a moment before saying, “I need you to look that way with Henry when you meet him, if Regina lets him meet you guys.”

“What do you mean, dear?”

“Well, his attachment and belief in his storybook. He believes it’s real, he believes I am a saviour that is going to break the Evil Queens, Regina’s, curse and free the town of her oppression. That’s a lot for a kid to believe and a lot of pressure to try and deal with without alienating the kid about how fairy tales aren’t real,” Emma tried explaining, “I know you’ll want to point out how his book is just stories, fairy tales. But I need you to just placate him, and go along with it, even if you don’t believe it. Please?”

“Like how we tell TJ Santa Clause is real?” Maura laughed.

Grinning, Emma returned, “Exactly like that.”

“Except you’re Santa this time. Santa the Saviour?”

Grin still in place, Emma lifted Maura’s hand to her lips to kiss the doctors knuckles, “Precisely.”

The pair continued discussing Henry’s inclinations until they reached a diner in Portland, Maine for lunch.

The diner was cool inside, Emma ended up giving Maura her red leather jacket to wear as she was cold. Maura also stole Emma’s beanie she was that cold in the diner.

After lunch, Maura kept Emma’s clothes and climbed into the Lexus to drive the rest of the way. She had to move the drivers seat a lot closer to the steering wheel to be able to reach the pedals. Damn tall girlfriends.

With Maura following behind, Jane sat down in the passengers seat of Emma’s bug, giving the blonde clear instructions to let her know if she is too tired to continue driving.

As they continued up the highway, Jane asked Emma to tell her about Regina, mother to Henry, Mayor to the town.

“Her personality is really hot and cold, one day she’ll seem okay with me and the next she absolutely hates me. Sometimes she doesn’t have a problem with me seeing Henry, some days she doesn’t want me anywhere near him. I don’t get it. If I could get to some even playing field that would be okay and I could learn to live with it but the up and down is really hard to get a grip on sometimes.”

The detective side of Jane showed for a moment, “How about how she treats Henry? Do you think she’s not good for him?”

“She has given him everything I could have hoped my baby would have been given. She is the exact parent I wanted my baby to go to when I made the decision to adopt him out. I don’t think she’s bad for him at all, just a bit of a control freak, helicopter parent sort of thing.”

“That’s good. Tell me more about her?”

“What do you want to know?”

“You mentioned she was beautiful, tell me about that,” Jane queried.

Emma saw right through the ‘innocent’ question, “Are you really jealous baby?”

Pretending to not be exactly that, Jane rebuked, “I’m not jealous, just cautious. If my girlfriend is spending time, albeit not happy time but time none the less, I just want to know a bit about the woman she’s spending time with.”

“Jane, darl, relax. Yes, Regina is stunning to look at, and yes, I suppose she did look like she was going to kiss me one day when I saved Henry from down the mine shaft, but you have nothing to worry about. Regina is too busy hating me to make a move on me, and I am more than satisfied and happy in my relationship with you and Maura to try and pursue other women. If you want to know what she looks like, you can meet her yourself later. I’m sure she is going to make an appearance as soon as she realises there are new people in town.”

“Possessiveness, never a good trait,” Jane mumbled.

“And what are you being right now?” Emma laughed, causing Jane to turn away from her to hide her smirk.

Emma carried on driving for a while, and just after 2:00pm, driving down a forrest road, a sign came in view.

Jane kept her eye on the wooden sign with its stone base, reading the words repetitively, ‘Welcome to Storybrooke’.

Going past the sign, Emma glanced in her rear view mirror to see Maura follow her past the sign in the black Lexus.

Emma led Maura out of the forrest and through the town. Looking out the window at the buildings they passed, Jane saw the town was concentrated and only covered a small area whilst the surrounding forrest area appeared endless. Jane enjoyed watching her new surroundings, taking note of businesses in the Main Street that she wants to go back and look at over her time in the town.

Stares followed the pair of cars as they made their way through the town and to the front of Granny’s Bed and Breakfast. Jane was eyeballing onlookers right back, not that they would have been able to tell, curtesy of Jane’s reflective sunglasses.

Stepping out of her yellow bug and stretching, Emma turned to her girlfriends and said, “Welcome to Storybrooke.

Chapter Text

Getting out of the Lexus, Maura handed Emma her jacket and beanie back, it wasn’t freezing cold in Storybrooke like the diner was.

“Thanks baby,” Emma smiled helping Jane grab their luggage from the boot of Maura’s car and leading them inside Granny’s Bed and Breakfast.

Jane and Maura looked around at their surroundings whilst walking behind Emma into the cute little establishment, liking what they’ve seen of the town so far.

Inside, they found a leggy brunette with red streaks manning the front desk, waiting to check the strangers in. As Emma wasn’t technically staying in the room, only ‘visiting’ guests, she was permitted to remain with her girlfriends until they left. Emma of course slipped in the cost of a third person in the room as a tip, so as to still pay for her use of the room for the two weeks Jane and Maura would be staying.

Ruby gave the women their room key with a square view, waving the upgrade fee as Granny had done for Emma months earlier.

Getting into the privacy of their room, Jane commented to Emma that though the town seemed nice to look at, it was a bit peculiar.

“Wait ‘til you meet the residents,” Emma stated, voicing her desire for a nap.

“That sounds like a good idea, darling,” Maura agrees, slipping off her shoes and clothes, opting to sleep in her underwear with Emma in the queen sized bed.

“I’ll just quietly unpack a few things and have a look around,” Jane said, not sleepy from driving for the last few hours, unlike her girls.

Making quick work of unpacking a few things, Jane glanced at her watch and saw it was nearly 3:00pm.

She decided she would put her curiosity to rest.

Walking downstairs to the check in desk, Jane noted the person manning the desk had morphed from the young brunette to an older grey haired woman with a kindly face.

“Excuse me,” Jane starts politely, “I was wondering if you could give me directions to City Hall?”

Raising her eyebrows slightly, Granny corrected her in saying ‘Town Hall’ and gives the needed directions and wishes Jane good luck on ‘whatever business you have there’.

Seeing as though it was a lovely day and just a five minute walk, Jane set off on her own down Main Street, heading towards the object of her curiosity.

Arriving at Town Hall, Jane looked up at the large yellow and white building that had no left over indications of the fire inside its walls less than three months ago.

Jane walked inside and followed the directional arrows for the mayors office. She saw there was a desk at the end of the hallway on the top floor in front of the doors to the mayors office, guarded by the mayors secretary.

As she approached the secretary, Jane observed the plaque indicating the woman’s name was Louise.

Flashing her badge she carried with her everywhere, Jane politely asked, “Is the Mayor inside?”

Confused as to why a strange police officer was asking, Louise replied, “Yes officer, she is.”

“Is she free?”


“Thank you,” Jane responded and walked past the secretary’s desk to knock on the large wooden double doors herself.

She heard a luxurious voice call out ‘Enter’ and pushed through the heavy doors and entered the large office, gaining her first glance at the Mayor of Storybrooke.

Jane saw that she was indeed as beautiful as Emma alluded to, and could see her taste in furniture and clothing was equally exquisite.

In turn, the Mayor got her first glance of a new stranger in her town, a very tall, very good looking stranger. Confused, Regina immediately asked, “Who are you?”

“Allow me to introduce myself, Madame Mayor,” Jane picked up the moniker used by her girlfriend, “I am Detective Jane Rizzoli, Boston Homicide,” Jane used her full title, just because she could.

Eyes narrowing at the woman walking towards her desk as she remained seated, Regina continued, “Boston Homicide? Is there an active homicide investigation concerning my quiet little town, Detective?”

“No, Madame Mayor,” Jane replied taking a seat, uninvited, before the mayoral desk, “I just wanted to introduce myself as I believe we will be coming across each other a little bit in the future.”

“And why would that be?” Regina asked in her best ‘Mayor voice’.

“Sheriff Swan,” Jane simply stated.

Putting two and two together, Regina probed, “I take it you are the Sheriffs girlfriend, Detective?”

“I am.”

“Did she bring you to my town?” Regina asked, concerned for the integrity of her protection spell if strangers kept being able to make their way inside the towns barriers.

Smiling, Jane answered, “She did, along with our girlfriend Doctor Maura Isles.”

“Yes, I have heard of the Sheriff having two girlfriends,” Regina commented, not meaning anything by it.

Instantly though, Jane was on the defensive, “Do you have a problem with that, Madame Mayor?” Jane asked, not knowing she was echoing a question already directly asked of the Mayor.

Again, the mayor replied that she didn’t have a problem with it.

“Alright, well then, Madame Mayor, Regina, if you will,”

“I will not.”

“Okay, Madame Mayor then,” Jane continued, not at all perturbed by Regina’s abrupt correction, “I wanted to let you know Maura and I will be in Storybrooke for two weeks. During this time, if you are amenable, we would like to meet Henry, for Emma’s sake. She has told us so much about that special little boy.”

Perceiving the detectives use of the word ‘special’ as a euphemism for ‘special needs’, Regina was immediately angry at the stranger trying to take up more time with her son, “Henry is MY son, and he is not ‘special’ as you say, he is just adjusting and growing up. He doesn’t need strangers coming in to his life to tell him he is different.”

Realising the other woman misinterpreted her words, Jane apologised, “I did not mean any offence, and I did not mean to imply Henry has special needs, I only meant it to say that Henry is exceptional, from everything Emma mentioned. I apologise that it was taken the wrong way,” Jane placated the defensive mother.

Regina was not dumb, she knew that as soon as Henry found out Emma was back in town, with her two girlfriends in tow, he would make every effort to sneak around to see them. The only way Regina would be able to control the interaction, was for her to organise a meeting under her own terms. Understanding this was better to be done sooner rather than later, Regina decided to put differences aside for an evening and invite the group for dinner, minus the poison she was wont to use.

“If the Sheriff insists on you meeting my son, then you will come over for dinner at my house tonight, 7:00pm, don’t be late,” Regina commanded.

Slightly shocked at being given even a hostile invitation, but an invitation none the less, Jane agreed on behalf of the three women.

Sensing she was being dismissed from the Mayors presence, Jane couldn’t help but throw one slight jab at the Mayor as her parting sentence, “Thank you for the invite, we will see you at 7 o’clock sharp, but for now, I have two girlfriends waiting in my room to partake in all manner of salacious activities. Good day Regina,” Jane left before the the blushing Mayor could find her words to respond.

Walking back to the Bed and Breakfast, Jane felt quite pleased with herself, believing she gained the upper hand in her first meeting with the Mayor. Jane wasn’t sure why she wanted the upper hand, other than her own jealousy, but she would take the win where she saw fit.

Getting back to her room however, she was not going to be feeling like a winner for very long.

“YOU DID WHAT?!” Emma screeched when Jane told her of her impromptu meeting, “Now she’s going to ban Henry from seeing me for a lot longer now, thanks Jane,” Emma sulked.

“Emma,” Jane tried to explain, “no, she won’t, she invited us to dinner tonight so Maura and I can meet Henry, she isn’t going to stop him from seeing you. I only introduced myself to her.”

“Yes, in a very obnoxious way,” Maura added, earning a glare from Jane and a smirk from Emma.

“Well, how bad can it be?” Jane worriedly asked then, concerned that maybe she had taken it too far with her last comment (which she wasn’t going to mention to her girlfriends now).

With a shake of her head, Emma dejectedly commented, “We’ll wait and see.”

Chapter Text

Watching the tall Detective walk out of her office, Regina release a huff of breath before quickly rising to her high heeled feet and going to the window behind her desk.

The Mayor watched as she waited for the other brunette to exit the building, it took a few moments but soon enough, Jane Rizzoli’s assured footsteps made their way out of Town Hall. Regina continued watching as the object of her stare made her way back along the street and out of sight, never knowing she was being watched from above.

As soon as she was able to pack everything on her desk away for the day, Regina grabbed her handbag and left her office, locking it securely behind her.

“I’m leaving Louise, finish everything you need to and go home early after you’ve cancelled my four o’clock meeting with the Water Board,” Regina instructed as she walked past.

Shocked at seeing the Mayor leaving early, and giving her an early mark in the process, it was all Louise could do to answer a stammering, “Of course, Madame Mayor, good bye.”

Regina hammered on the down button of the elevator, silently demanding it arrive at her floor quicker. When it finally did arrive, Regina descended alone to the ground floor and marched out of City Hall, straight to her Mercedes Benz.

As quickly as the older car would allow, Regina gunned the engine and had the car roaring towards the invisible town line. It took only ten minutes to get to where she wanted to be, and once there, Regina climbed out of the drivers seat and marched up to the barrier she erected 28 years and five months ago.

Walking to where she knew the line to be, Regina held up her right hand in front of her, as if gesturing for the barrier to stop. Walking forwards, Regina felt the familiar, and comforting, feel of magic wash over her.

Though there was no fresh usable magic in Storybrooke now, it was still magically protected, as Regina had worked into the curse when she cast it.

Taking another three steps forward, Regina felt the curtain of magic billow to allow her to pass through to the other side.

The last time Regina remembered being on the other side of the barrier, she was taking Henry back to the adoption agency for what turned out to be just a car ride.

Sure, Regina had occasionally left the town before she collected Henry, but after bringing her precious bundle of joy home, she entrusted no one to look after him as well as she could.

Looking back at the barrier from the other side, Regina could see the faintest of glimmer belonging to the protection spell, because she knew to look for it. Otherwise, the other side just looked like endless forrest.

Satisfied the barrier was indeed functioning as it should, Regina then had to ponder why the protection spell would allow three strangers to enter her town.

As Regina crossed the town line again, she glanced down at the expensive watch adorning her wrist. She had another hour before she had to collect Henry from Archie’s office and go home to prepare for her impromptu dinner guests.

The mayor decided to take a trip down to her vault, to peruse her collection of magical books to try and figure out what power these strangers had over her very powerful protection spell.

If there was something could explain the reasonings, she was sure it would be contained in her vaults library.

In no time at all, Regina was again climbing out of her car, this time at the cemetery. Walking across the grass in the afternoon sun, Regina enjoyed the brief heat and sunshine of her face after being inside in her office all day.

Unlocking the Mills crypt, Regina paid her respects to her father before closing the crypt door to push her fathers tomb across the floor, allowing her access down stairs to her sanctuary.

Regina breathed through the musty air for a few moments, adjusting to the air quality down in the vault. One more bit of magic left over from the Enchanted Forrest was a preservation spell on everything down in this vault. Somehow that spell included the air from the Forrest.

Sometimes Regina was comforted by the smells she grew up with, other times, all she wanted to do was exhaust the air inside and ventilate in new, fresh air.

Today, the air was more of a comfort than a distraction. Regina walked through the rooms to the rear of the vault in to the library. Looking upon the entire wall bookshelf, it took Regina a moment to pull down the appropriate book on protection spells.

Sitting in a comfortable winged back chair, Regina opened the book and flipped to the section on large concealment charms, trying to find the specific magic element used in the curse.

Finding the page she was after, Regina pulled out her phone to set a timer for forty minutes, giving her plenty of time to read what needed to be read but still enough time to get to Archie’s office to collect Henry after his appointment.

It was a good thing Regina had set a timer as, when it chimed, she was still immersed in the spell book. She had gathered enough information to know that Emma was permitted into Storybrooke because Henry had brought her in, who had been brought in by Regina herself. In turn, this allowed Emma to bring her girlfriends in, though Regina wasn’t sure how because there were two cars driven into Storybrooke, the Bug and a Lexus. Regina figured there must have been something of Emma’s in the Lexus to allow it in, if she herself was driving her yellow death trap.

Putting the book back on the shelf as she shut off her alarm, the Mayor made her way topside again, speaking as she left the crypt, “Goodbye Daddy, I love you.”

Regina drove the short distance from the cemetery to the doctors office, trying to ignore the fact her son would be more excited to see the blonde woman and the new people in town than he would be to actually spend time with her, his mother.

Regina couldn’t help the small smile on her face that seeing Henry brings however the smile was quickly lost as the ten year old threw his backpack into the back seat and clipped in his seatbelt, all without saying anything to Regina.

“Henry,” she started, “I know you think it’s my fault Emma left town-"

“It is your fault,” Henry muttered under his breath, but not quietly enough for Regina to miss it.

“What was that, young man?”

“Nothing. What were you saying?” he sullenly replied.

“I was saying, I know you think it is my fault Emma left but she has returned.”

Regina tried not to let her heartache show as Henry’s face lit up and his entire body language changed at the mention of Emma Swan. Quickly, she masked her pain and continued.

“Miss Swan returned today, and brought with her her two girlfriends.”

“Jane and Maura are here too?” Henry asked excitedly, “Can I meet them, please Mom?”

Once more, Regina worked to mask her pain, this time at Henry calling her ‘Mom’ for the first time in weeks, and only because he wants something.

“Yes, dear. They will be coming over for dinner tonight, so as soon as we get home, I want you to clean your room spotless and take a shower before dinner,” Regina tried to at least get some chores done, even though his ‘reward’ for doing them is inevitable.

Henry was barely controlling himself from jumping up and down in his seat, he was that excited, “I will, I promise, thanks Mom!”

For the first time in a long time, Regina did not have to fight Henry to clean his room or take a shower, it made her sad that it was only the excitement of being around people that were not her was making Henry this agreeable.

She didn’t have time to ponder though because she still had to cook dinner for five, and it was already six o’clock.

No pressure.

Chapter Text

“Jane! You can’t wear that!” Emma cried, eyeing the garment Jane wore.

With a sly smile, the woman in question asked, “Why? It’s my favourite shirt.”

With a shake of her head and a smile of her own, Maura replied, “A shirt that reads ‘My girlfriends went to a sex shop and all I got was this lousy T-shirt’ is not appropriate to wear in the company of a minor, Henry will be at dinner.”

With a fake exasperated sigh, Jane took off her favourite house loungewear and replaced it with her good Red Sox jersey Emma bought her for her birthday with ‘Rizzoli 50’ on the rear.

“Better,” Emma commented, “thank you darling.”

“You’re welcome,” Jane answered with an exaggerated bow, grabbing the Lexus keys and putting them in her pocket.

Jane watched as Maura gave her outfit a once over, looking for any lint or dust. The doctor was dressed in a black and white floral print skirt and black sleeveless top, and was unable to locate any marks on her clothes.

Emma meanwhile was wearing her blue leather jacket with a white button up top and skin tight black jeans, paired with her black knee high boots.

Confirming the three women were appropriately dressed, they walked out of the BnB and climbed into the Lexus. Emma gave directions from her spot in the backseat to get them to the mayoral mansion.

Soon enough, Maura and Jane received their first glimpse of the large manor house but weren’t given long to admire the building from the car as Emma immediately climbed out to start walking along the footpath to the front door, having seen a silhouette in the window of which she knew to be Henry’s bedroom.

Approaching the front door, the three women heard from inside, a voice call out ‘No running in the house’, before the front flew open and a small pale boy came barrelling through it, throwing himself into Emma’s arms, completely ignoring the two other women with her.

“Hey kid, I missed you.”

“I missed you too, Emma.”

The doctor and the detective easily saw in that moment how much Emma cared for the boy, and how much he adored her in return.

Breaking away from Emma, Henry took a step back and surveyed the other guests.

Stepping to the left where Jane was standing, Henry stuck his right hand out to shake the brunettes hand, saying, “You must be Jane. I’m Henry.”

“Hi Kiddo, yeah, I’m Jane, how are you?” she asked, taken with the boys formality.

“I’m okay,” was his simple reply before moving on to repeat his introduction to Maura.

Once introduced to Henry, the party moved in doors, towards the smell of the kitchen.

Regina met the group half way, after having done the same lint check to her tight purple dress Maura did in the kitchen.

Regina eyed the group, subtly nodding her head in greeting to Emma before basically ignoring her.

“Hello again, Detective,” Regina started politely.

“Madame Mayor,” Jane greeted with a slight nod of her head, “allow me to introduce to you Doctor Maura Isles, our girlfriend,” Jane made the introduction as Maura stepped forward to greet the hostess.

Maura’s initial thought about the imposing Mayor was the same as her two girlfriends, this woman was beautiful.

Maura politely greeted her hostess and complimented her on a lovely home.

“Thank you,” Regina replied, gesturing for the trio to come with her to the kitchen for drinks.

Henry however grasped Emma’s hand and dragged her away from the group to talk to her upstairs in his room.

Following the boy, Emma listened as he chatted excitedly about the things he’d done whilst she was away. When they got to the safety of his bedroom, Henry started on his real agenda for the evening.

“You’re so smart Emma, bringing help to defeat the Evil Queen, how are they gunna help you?!”

Holding back an exasperated sigh, Emma answered, “Kid, firstly, your Mom isn’t ‘Evil’, she’s your Mom. Secondly, I didn’t bring Maura and Jane here to help with anything. I missed my girlfriends and they came for a holiday. If we happen to cross paths with your Mom whilst we are here, that’s just a coincidence.”

Frowning, Henry continued, “So it wasn’t Jane’s plan to get invited to dinner tonight to get insider information on the enemy?”

“Henry, talking like that is not helping my case to see you okay? And no, Jane was being pig headed when she went to Regina’s office this afternoon and wrangled herself an invitation to dinner, which we should be getting back to, come on,” Emma gestured for Henry to go with her back down stairs.

Entering the kitchen, Emma saw Regina and Maura in conversation whilst Jane was standing back surveying the pair.

“What did we miss?” Emma asked walking over to Jane to slip an arm around her waist.

“Nothing much, just chatting. Did you know Regina and Maura have something in common?” Jane queried.

“No, what?”

“They both love horses and ride.”

Indeed, Regina felt more comfortable talking to Maura than she did the two police officers, and so was able to invite more conversation with the doctor than she had the detective.

Whilst Jane was sitting back watching the movement in the kitchen, Maura started talking to the Mayor about her own horse riding adventures, though not her college adventure, that was a relatively private story for those who knew her well.

“I started riding when I was five,” Maura informed the Mayor as they waited the last five minutes for the lasagne to cook, “my parents wanted me to learn all manner of skills they believed was becoming of a lady. I enjoyed it and soon was learning all sorts of riding skills. I particularly enjoy bare back riding, I think it requires more skill and coordination between the rider and the mount.”

“My mother never wanted me riding bare backed, she said it made me ride like a man,” Regina input whilst dishing up the salad, unsure as to why she was being so open with this stranger about her younger years.

“Are there stables in town?” Emma piped up.

Regina threw her a withering stare before replying, “You are the sheriff in this town, Miss Swan, how do you not know there are stables out on Pine Valley Road?”

“Because I have never had to go out to Pine Valley Road, Madame Mayor. And for some reason, Google Maps doesn’t work here to show me the towns every road,” Emma replied curtly.

Trying to change the subject to a less tense topic, Jane remarked, “Dinner smells lovely, Regina.”

“Lasagne is my specialty, it ought to smell good.”

A few minutes later found the odd group sitting at the formal dining table Regina had not had occasion to use in too long.

The dinner itself went better than anyone in the group thought it would. Regina and Emma managed not to snark at each other for almost an hour, Jane enjoyed talking to Henry about anything under the sun, and Maura found herself enjoying the Mayors company and conversation.

Going to bed that night, Regina could not explain why she felt comfortable with Maura but not Emma or Jane. She was sure though, she would find reason enough to engage Maura with further conversation away from her two girlfriends in the near future.

Maybe then she could figure out why this unusual woman made her feel comfortable enough to talk openly.

Chapter Text

When Jane and Maura woke with Emma in Storybrooke, they decided to go down into the diner for breakfast. Emma called her roommate so Mary Margaret could join them and meet her girlfriends.

Getting dressed, Jane heard a commotion out of the window and pulled back the curtain and saw two men squabbling over what looked to be a flower van. She called Emma to the window to see the commotion too.

The only comment the Sheriff made was, “Mr Gold is at it again,” before going back to getting ready.

Trooping down to the diner, Emma led Jane and Maura through the restaurant, seeing Mary Margaret talking to David at a table for two.

“Hey David,” Emma greeted the man before gesturing for Mary Margaret to join her booth with Jane and Maura.

Mary Margaret excitedly introduced herself to Emma’s girls before they ordered their breakfasts.

Mary Margaret filled Emma in a little bit on Henry, not realising the other woman had already spent some time with the boy the night before, telling Emma how Henry missed her whilst she was away.

As their breakfast was being delivered, a woman with a crying baby entered the dinner, and came over to the booth as well.

It didn’t take long for Jane and Maura to get familiar with these town folk, Ashley and her baby, their waitress Ruby who checked them in the day before, and the waitress’s grandmother, Granny, who runs the diner and gave Jane directions yesterday.

Before too long, the three other women organised to have a ‘girls night’ whilst Emma declined on behalf of her and her girlfriends, in favour of spending time together.

Whilst the group was chatting, Emma received a call from the station, requiring her to go to work.

Jane decided to go with Emma whilst Maura took the Lexus for a drive around town.

Emma and Jane went into the sheriffs station for Emma to collect her gun, and to give Jane a spare one. Together, the girlfriends collected their job details and made their way to the house owned by Mr Gold. When they arrived, the front door was ajar. Emma and Jane set to work clearing the house that was ransacked.

As Emma came around a corner, she came face to face with Mr Gold, doing his own clearing of the house. Jane came down the stairs to see Emma talking to the man she saw causing a disturbance in the street earlier that morning.

Jane smiled as she came into the conversation, hearing Emma threaten to arrest the man for obstruction of justice.

The older man noticed Jane coming up behind Emma and turned his attention to the stranger, surprised to see a new face in town.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my house?” he asked Jane who’d secured her own BPD badge to her belt with her borrowed gun.

“I’m Detective Jane Rizzoli, I was with Sheriff Swan when she received the job details, I attended to help her,” Jane held her hand out to greet the man as she spoke.

“I didn’t know the Sheriffs Department stretched their budget to include a Detective on the books,” Mr Gold shook her hand once before dropping it.

“They haven’t,” Emma cut in, “Jane is volunteering. Now, who would have done this?”

Gold filled the officers in on one Moe French, his suspect for the crime.

With details of a suspect, Jane and Emma left the house, trying to figure out Mr Golds curious choice of words as they left.

The women went back to the Sheriffs station and, with their knowledge gained from Gold and their observations earlier that morning, they procured a search warrant for Moe French’s house to search for a list of things Gold said were stolen.

By midday, Emma was able to ring Gold to come into the station to collect his possessions they’d found at the French residence.

“Maybe I should speak to the Mayor about stretching the Sheriffs Department budget to accomodate you permanently, Detective Rizzoli,” Gold commented, surveying his belongings spread out before him, “and the man himself?”

“Closing in on him,” Emma said happily.

“So, job well half done then,” Gold said, realising there was an item of singular importance missing.

“In less than a day, we got everything back. Is something wrong?”

"You recovered nothing, there’s something missing.”

“We will get it when we find him."

“Not if I find him first,” Gold muttered as he left the station.

“He is definitely the weirdest person I’ve met so far in this town,” Jane commented as the older man left the station.

“He doesn’t seem to like not being in control of everything,” Emma replied.

“Apparently not.”

Jane helped Emma for the rest of the afternoon try to track the missing Moe French. Soon after dark, the two police officers were patrolling the town trying to find the man when they drove past a building owned, of course, by Mr Gold. They observed the grey flower delivery van parked in the driveway and decided they would speak again to Gold to see if he had any further information to share with them.

As Emma, driving for once, parked the Storybrooke Sheriffs patrol vehicle behind the grey van, she and Jane climbed out and walked up to the front.

Immediately Jane knew something was very wrong.

Sharing her thought with Emma, she said, “The front door is wide open Ems, and there’s an upturned table in the entrance way.”

Just as Emma was about to reply, she heard grunting and yelling coming from a back room.

Following the calls of “It’s your fault!”, Emma found Gold beating Moe French with his cane, repeating the singular phrase.

Emma grabbed Gold by the arm to stop him from bringing the cane on Moe’s head once more with Jane grabbing his other arm and pulling it behind his back.

The pair put the older man in handcuffs and walked him to the back of the police cruiser whilst they organised an ambulance for Moe.

When the ambulance got to the house, Jane helped them whilst Emma went to the cruiser to speak with Gold. She didn’t get much, only confirmed Gold wasn’t going to cooperate with the police investigation and reaffirmed to him he was under arrest for his actions.

When Jane was finalised with the ambulance and getting a version off Moe, she and Emma took Mr Gold back to the station to spend the night in the cell.

The next morning, Jane brought Emma breakfast of a pastrami sandwich after the blonde had to remain at the station all night babysitting the prisoner.

Whilst Jane was at the station talking to Emma, Regina came into the building with Henry, telling the two women they had half an hour with Henry, ignoring their questions as to why the Mayor wanted to be left with the prisoner.

The pair took the boy back to Granny’s for a proper breakfast with Maura before Emma had to get back to the station.

Within the thirty minute deadline, Emma had Henry returned to the Mayor and returned to babysitting Mr Gold. Jane, not wanting Emma to be alone, decided to go with her, leaving Maura to be a happy sightseeing tourist for the second day running.

As Henry gave Emma a hug goodbye, he turned to Jane, unsure of whether or not he should hug his birth mothers girlfriend as well. In the end, the boy decided to give the tall brunette detective a quick one armed hug before following the Mayor out of the station and to the car for the quick ride to school.

In the station, Emma finalised the paperwork for Gold before he was able to be released from custody. Once completed, Emma took Jane to Mary Margarets apartments to collect a few belongings so she could go back to the BnB to have a much needed sleep, leaving Jane with the stations mobile to be on call to cover her for a few hours of much needed rest.

Luckily, the town of Storybrooke was safe and secure for the few hours Emma was sleeping.

Chapter Text

Whilst her girlfriends worked and slept, Maura took the Lexus for a drive around town, exploring the ocean front, the pier, some of the forrest and other sights in the town.

Remembering the Mayors comment about a stable being on Pine Valley Road, Maura took a drive out to the stable.

Turning off into Pine Valley Road, Maura’s decided to take a tour of the stables, and enquire if it would be possible to ride a horse for a few hours.

It had been way too long since Maura had been in the saddle.

Following the sign posts for the Pine Valley Stables, Maura drove along the gravel driveway a hundred yards and stopped in front of a large building that could house up to fifteen horses.

Maura walked inside the building and immediately was surrounded by the familiar scent of horses and hay. She walked through the stables and found a young woman cleaning one of the stalls on the far side of the building.

“Excuse me,” Maura appealed for the woman’s attention, “who is in charge here?”

The young red headed woman turned around and answered with a strong accent, “I am, can I help you?”

“Yes, my name is Maura and I was wondering if it would be possible to hire a horse to ride for a an hour or two?”

Exiting the stall and walking to a desk at the stable entrance, the woman, Meredith, asked, “Can you ride?”

Smiling and nodding, Maura informed Meredith she could ride quite well.

“Okay then, if you sign this waiver, and wear proper riding attire, you’re more than welcome to take your pick of horses along the far wall, or I could pick one for you. When were you wanting to ride?”

“Wonderful, could I ride this afternoon, say around three?”

“Certainly,” Meredith nodded, telling Maura she could pick her horse upon her return.

Before leaving, Maura filled in and signed all paperwork required, and paid the hire fee.

Happy to have a plan for the afternoon, Maura drive back into town, right past the Mayors office.

On a whim, Maura pulled into the parking lot and ascended the building to the mayors office.

Maura waited about ten minutes before Louise was instructed to let the mayors visitor inside.

“Good morning Regina,” Maura greeted, “thank you again for dinner, it was lovely.”

Smiling for once at an unexpected visitor, Regina replied, “Good morning, and you are more than welcome. What brings you by?”

“I remembered you said at dinner there were stables along Pine Valley Road. I went out there asking about hiring a horse and have booked in for a ride this afternoon at three. I know you are working but I though I would invite you to come with me. I remember you said you enjoyed riding.”

Taken aback by the thoughtfulness of a virtual stranger, Regina though quickly about the offer, deciding to accept it.

“That would be lovely, thank you,” Regina found herself agreeing to an afternoon of horse riding with the doctor.

“Lovely,” Maura smiled, “would you like me to pick you up or meet you there?”

“I’ll meet you there,” Regina answered.

With their plans made, the doctor left the mayors office to have lunch with her girlfriends before getting changed into more appropriate clothes in which to ride.

Emma was happy Maura was getting along with Regina, at least one of her girlfriends did.

It wasn’t that Jane didn’t like Regina, or indeed the reverse, Maura just happened to click with Regina in a way Jane and Emma hadn’t.

Returning to the stables at 2:45pm, Maura saw a dark Mecerdes Benz already parked up, unoccupied.

Entering the stables a second time, Maura immediately saw the mayor brushing down a black Friesian stallion at the back of the stables with its tack sitting waiting to be fitted.

“Good afternoon,” Maura greeted her.

Regina smiled, returning the greeting, actually excited to ride a horse. She hadn’t in way too long.

“Meredith recommends the white Andalusian mare in the second stall from the left,” Regina pointed out a magnificent horse standing at the gateway of its stall watching the two women speak.

“There are some stunning horses in this stable,” Maura commented as she tied her hair into a pony tail so it was out of her way. Her riding outfit for the unplanned holiday activity was only a pair of jeans and a borrowed T-shirt from Emma, as well as a borrowed pair of Emma’s boots that were suitable for riding in.

“There really are, and I’m not down here enough to appreciate them,” Regina replied, dressed in proper riding attire that was at the back of her cupboard.

In fifteen minutes, the ladies had tacked up their mounts and were walking them outside, having decided to take a trail ride through the forest to a beach Regina knew was only accessible via horse or foot.

Both women forwent the mounting block in favour of mounting up straight from the ground. In no time at all, both were situated atop their equally tall horses and off for their ride.

“When was the last time you were out here?” Maura asked Regina after a few moments of riding in comfortable silence.

“About ten years ago. I used to come out here all the time after I moved to town but after adopting Henry, I didn’t have enough time spare to dedicate to riding.”

“How long have you been here for?”

Realising she probably should have worded her answer better, Regina now had to cover for the towns frozen behaviour - she couldn’t exactly tell the doctor she rode for eighteen frozen years.

“Long enough, I moved here some time before Henry was born, obviously.”

“And did you have a horse wherever you moved from?”

A sad smile crossed Regina’s face, thinking of the horse her father taught her to ride on, “Yes, his name was Rocinante, he was a chestnut gelding my father gifted me on my fifteenth birthday. He was killed many years ago, I don’t like to talk about it,” Regina finished, not wanting to remember all over again the reason Rocinante wasn’t in the stable with the other horses from the Enchanted Forrest she’d spent time with.

The horse she was riding, Antonio, was named for her fathers horse he had as a child, and the horse Maura was riding, Magnifique, was a gift from Maleficent after they commenced their ‘friend’s with benefits’ relationship they had going in the Forrest.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Maura apologised.

“It’s okay, it was a long time ago. I’m just glad Ant and I get on as well as Rocinante and I used to. Magnifique is also a beautiful horse to ride, she’s so gentle and calm.”

They rode on towards the water, about a three mile return trip.

“Can I ask you a question about your girlfriends?” Regina queried, hesitant to even ask what was on her mind,


“What is Jane’s problem? She seems very, I don’t know the word, overbearing maybe, of you and Emma?”

Maura smiled, knowing exactly what Regina meant, “Jane is the oldest child of three kids. She has two younger brothers and she always felt a responsibility to look out for them, wherever they went. Sometimes you can’t help your family. Her little brother, Tommy, he’s a sweet guy but wasn’t the brightest young adult. Despite Jane and the middle brother, Frank, going into BPD, Tommy went the other way, to jail. He spent a few years in prison for drink driving, hitting their family priest on a cross walk, it was his third DUI offence. Because of not being able to protect her brother from himself, Jane always feels the need to protect Emma and I even though we can take care of ourselves. Half the time, Jane doesn’t realise she’s even doing it,” Maura explained some of the brunettes behaviour.

“So how do you explain the way she came into my office and, for want of a better word, challenged me?” Regina was curious to see the explanation for that act.

“She was being a dick,” Maura simply said, “I think she was a bit jealous that you and Emma had spent more time together than she did with Emma for a few months. Not that that excuses her behaviour at all, and please don’t tell either of them I said that,” Maura half begged.

“I won’t. What does Jane have to be jealous of?”

Maura raised a single perfect eyebrow to the mayor, enjoying the slight teasing, “Come on Regina, you are a beautiful woman, from what we’ve heard, you don’t mind getting in Emma’s personal space, and you hold a power of authority over her. For Jane, they are huge turn ons, she loves that kind of behaviour. I think she’s just jealous Emma got another woman’s attention whilst she wasn’t there. Again, please don’t repeat this conversation.”

“Trust me, I won’t,” Regain agreed, going silent and pondering the doctors words.

Their silence was interrupted when Maura spoke up again, “This is beautiful,” they had reached the beach.

“Yes, it is,” Regina admired the scenery before her.

The ladies dismounted the horses and walked them along the beach for ten minutes before deciding to head back.

“How confident are you on that horse?” Regina challenged Maura.

“95% confident, why?”

“I challenge you to get back to the stables first. Are you game?” Regina decided to let her fun side out of hiding for a short while, seeing as how she felt comfortable in the doctors presence.

“Challenge accepted.”

The pair counted down from three and galloped their respective steeds back to the stables, the mayors black mount nudging out the white mare in the last hundred feet.

Laughing at the fun they’d had, Maura and Regina took the saddle and reins off their horses, affixing leads to their halters and walking them to the yard they could hose the animals down in.

Whilst hosing off the horses, their conversation continued.

“Do Emma and Jane ever ride with you?” Regina asked.

Laughing, Maura answered, “The big, tough, Jane Rizzoli is scared of horses, and I haven’t been riding since before Emma entered our relationship.”

“Your Jane is scared of horses?” Regina asked in disbelief.

“Yes, she is afraid of nearly anything taller than her, and trust me, that’s not much. Horses though, she is most definitely not a fan,” Maura admitted.

As they finished taking care of the horses and put them away, Regina thanked Maura for the invite and climbed into her car to go home, Maura following suit to get back to her girlfriends.

Regina concluded, definitely, that she could be good friends with Doctor Isles, who could turn out to be one of her only real friends in this world.