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Triple Threat

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“Goodbye babe, happy birthday,” Jane Rizzoli kissed her girlfriend lightly on the lips as she held the door open for her other girlfriend to follow her.

“Goodbye darling, we’ll be home later tonight to take you out to dinner. I love you,” Maura Isles also kissed their girlfriend on the lips before following Jane to the door.

“I love you ladies too. Have a good day, loves,” Emma Swan smiled, waving goodbye to her girlfriends going in to work. She watched as they walked down the driveway to Jane’s car, Jane holding the door open for Maura like the gentlewoman she was before going around and getting into the drivers seat.

Emma went inside the large house she lived in with her girlfriends, after said girlfriends waved goodbye from in the car as Jane drove away, heading into the Boston Police Department headquarters where they both worked.

Still dressed in her silk robe Maura had gifted the three of them for Christmas, all matching, yellow for Emma, black for Jane and light purple for herself, Emma sat down at the breakfast bar opening her laptop as she did so.

Due to her work as a bail bonds person, Emma had multiple profiles on dating websites she used to hunt her bond jumpers. Jane struggled slightly with that aspect of Emma’s work but Emma still had the respect and trust from her occasionally jealous girlfriend.

Opening up one website she used to see if her target, Bryan, had answered, Emma sipped her coffee Maura made as she waited for the page to load.

In the time it took the web page to open, Emma’s mother-in-law, Angela Rizzoli, who lived in the guest house of the house owned by Maura in which they all lived, came into the kitchen, looking for Jane before she herself left for work.

“Good morning Angela,” Emma greeted her from the island bench.

“Good morning sweetie. How many times have I told you to call me ‘Mom’?” Angela came over and side hugged her daughter-in-law.

Whilst it didn’t take Angela much time at all to come to terms with her daughters sexuality, it took her a while to come to terms with her daughters polyamorous relationship she’d shared with the two blondes for the past three years. Now though, Angela loved both of Jane’s girlfriends as her own daughters.

“I will get there one day Angela but you know I struggle with that word. I do love you as a mother though.”

Having been orphaned from only hours old and being bounced around from crappy foster home to crappy foster home, Emma had never felt comfortable calling anyone ‘Mom’, but if there was one person who did deserve that title, it was Angela Rizzoli.

“I know honey, we’ll get there. Happy birthday though, what are your plans for the day?”

“I’m trying to get a jumper who skipped out on his wife who put up $25,000 for his bail. I bag him, I’ll get my cut of the other $25,000 my company put up.”

Frowning, Angela replied, “You three have jobs that are too dangerous, I always worry for you all.”

Pulling Angela into a hug, Emma tried to assuage her guilt for worrying her mother-in-law.

Their hug was distracted though when Emma’s laptop chimed announcing a message from her mark.

Groaning, Emma accepted the dinner invitation her mark had extended for tonight. Hopefully she could get straight into the restaurant, arrest him and get out again, to her birthday dinner with the loves of her life.

“I’ll leave you to work, I’ll see you later Ems, happy birthday again,” Angela kisses her goodbye, returning to her guest house with a fresh cup of coffee in hand.

Ringing Maura, Emma asked her to put it on speaker phone so she could inform the two women at once about the slight change of plans for the night.

“It’s okay babe, we’ll go out once you get back if you like,” Jane replied, pulling into Maura’s designated car space right near the entrance to the building (there were perks to dating the Chief Medical Examiner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts).

Hanging up the phone, Emma got organised for her work for the evening.

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“Hello, Sargent Korsak,” Maura greeted Jane’s Sargent who was sat at his desk opposite Jane’s.

“Hi Doc. Come to take your girl to lunch?” He asked.

Smiling, Maura replied, “One of them.”

Smiling a non-verbal reply, Korsak went back to his work.

Korsak didn’t have an issue with his best detective being gay, nor the fact her partner worked with her. He did however, take a while to accept their polyamorous relationship with another female. But, he thought, Jane is happy, and that’s all he could want for his pseudo daughter.

Turning her attentions to Jane, Maura saw her girlfriend looking intensely at her with unmistakable love.

“Hi,” Jane whispered in greeting.

“Hi yourself,” Maura returned, “ready for lunch?”

“You bet. Korsak, I’ll be back later,” Jane informed the older detective.

Together, the two women walked through to the elevator Maura had just got off. It was not until the doors closed with Jane and Maura as it’s only occupants, did the former take the latter’s hand in her own. It was well know by her girlfriends that Jane was not all that comfortable with public displays of affection, unless she instigated it.

This was as close to contact Jane would permit at work, and only because they were alone in the elevator.

Heading down to the cafe on the bottom floor, Jane and Maura ordered their meals from Angela, who’d worked at the Division One Cafe for a number of years.

Bringing out three meals, Angela sat with the ladies to eat her lunch as well. It was one of the perks of her job, keeping an eye on most of her children.

“So Emma is going out tonight to catch a jumper I hear?” Angela commented to the table when she sat down, attempting to illicit a response from her daughter who was not the biggest fan of her yellow blonde girlfriends job, despite her own.

“She rang and told us,” was all Jane said.

“I don’t get why you, of all people, Jane, have a problem with Emma’s job,” Angela said.

Keeping calm, knowing her mother was baiting her, Jane answered as she picked at the hot fries that were next to her club sandwich, “Because when I go out on the street to catch bad guys, I have Frost and Korsak right there with me, and the rest of BPD at my fingertips. Emma has no one for backup. It’s not that I don’t trust Emma, I don’t trust the creeps she collects.”

Trying to sooth her hot tempered detective, Maura input, “What Jane means is that she worries about Emma, just as you do all of us, Angela.”

“Okay, I get it.” Angela let the conversation lie. “What are you two doing for her birthday then?”

“We’ll see what time Ems gets home from her sting and take her out to dinner if she’s not too late. We’ll give her her gift whatever time she gets home though.” Jane answered.

“What did you get her?” Angela asked, excitedly.

Sparing a glance at a blushing Jane, Maura informed Angela of the official gift they were giving to their girlfriend, “Jane and I bought her a matching necklace and earring set for when we have to attend formal functions.”

“Yeah, she’ll love it Ma, we got yellow diamonds for her, yellow is her favourite colour after all.” Jane added.

Laughing, Angela said, “I know.”

Before the conversation could continue, both Jane and Maura’s cell phones rang simultaneously.



Angela cleared the left over fries into a takeaway box for the women, knowing they would be called away to a death scene.

“Thanks Ma,” Jane said as she hung up her phone, kissing her mother on her cheek as she took the container out of her hands.

As Jane and Maura were walking out of the cafe, Emma walked in the front door of BPD headquarters.

Spotting her, Jane walked over and apologised for their not being able to stop and chat, “Maura and I just got a case baby, I’m so sorry but we have to run. Ma’s in the cafe if you want lunch.”

“Yeah, no worries then, be safe. I love you two,” Emma said, briefly hugging the pair, making Jane cringe purposely, before going into the cafe for her own lunch with Angela.

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That evening, Emma got dressed for her ‘work date’ as Maura called them, by herself, blaring her music as she did so, not a care in the world.

Slipping into a hot pink dress and black stilettos, Emma placed into her clutch a pair of zip tie handcuffs and a small canister of pepper spray.

Underneath the pink dress, Emma had a concealable inner thigh holster for a Glock 43, a present from Jane last Christmas, which she carried with her tonight.

It took a fair amount of skill to be able to conceal the weapon, and to be able to walk gracefully with a gun between your thighs.

Picking up the car keys to her beloved yellow Volkswagen Beetle that had seen better days, Emma climbed inside and drove to her office.

Although Emma was technically a freelancer bounty hunter, most of the time, she did have use of a work truck that belongs to the company she was contracted to for this hunt.

Arriving to the office, Emma checked in with Amanda, the administration lady, to inform her of the arrangement that evening, and that she would be taking F150 pickup truck.

Whilst it was a bitch to drive in the city, it provided Emma with a bit of safety whilst transporting her marks. The front and rear seats were separated by a plexiglass cage so that the marks were unable to attack the driver whilst on their way to the police station for booking in.

Collecting the keys to the truck, Emma left the office and walked to the basement car park, finding the black nondescript vehicle in its allocated spot.

Checking the metal lock box in the tub of the truck, Emma confirmed there was a yellow wheel clamp so she would be able to disable her marks car before going into the restaurant.

Making her was through the city traffic was, as she predicted, a nightmare.

Emma was in luck though, when she got to the front of the restaurant, finding a car park right behind her marks car. She had done her research and found out the make, model and registration plate of this guys car before leaving the office.

Checking the mark was not in the silver sedan, Emma quickly clamped his rear tyre, without getting any dirt on her dress.

She quickly rinsed off her hands with hand sanitiser before heading inside the restaurant. She’d decided not to carry in the clutch but rather strapped the white plastic zip cuff underneath her thigh holster under her dress so she could have her hands free for the evening.

Emma gave her marks name to the maître D at the front desk and was pointed in the direction of his table. Emma confirmed by mugshot mentally, that the guy she was supposed to be on a date with was in fact wanted for jumping bail.

The start of the ‘date’ went off without a hitch, Emma chatting a bit about herself, revealing herself to have no family that matters.

Even though she had her girlfriends, she would never reveal this to her marks, especially ones she was meant to be ‘dating’.

As predicted, Bryan ran out of the restaurant and to his car as soon as he figured out Emma was a bail bonds person.

His car though, would not move, due to Emma having clamped it less than half an hour earlier.

When he made a snide comment about Emma having no family, in a fit of rage, Emma slammed his head into the steering wheel of his sedan, rendering him unconscious, slumped against the wheel.

Manoeuvring Bryan’s hands to behind his back, Emma zip cuffed his hands together and dragged him out of the sedan and half carried half dragged him over into the truck.

Slamming the back door shut after ensuring kiddy lock was enabled on the door, Emma climbed in the drivers seat and started driving towards the BPD headquarters, underneath which were holding cells on the other end of the building to the morgue where her honey blonde girlfriend worked.

Emma thought about her girls as she drove to their work place, wondering when she would have them back, active cases did take all of their time after all.

Halfway through the drive though, Bryan regained consciousness and started swearing and kicking the plexiglass as best he could with his hands behind his back.

This was why Emma always took a work truck to pick up bail jumpers. The cut of $25,000 that she would be earning for catching Bryan was not worth taking a kick to the head or body for, experience taught her that.

She ignored him as she pulled into the watch house bay announcing her prisoner as she exited the vehicle.

Emma signed him across to the Boston Police Department as she quickly filled in her paperwork she needed to claim her earnings.

Once that was done and her truck removed from the watch house bay, Emma re-entered the building, this time making her way to the Homicide bullpen, hoping that Jane or Maura would be in either of their offices.

When she saw the bull pen was empty of any Detectives, Emma made her way back down stairs to the morgue, to see if there was anyone in there.

Although this area was not devoid of people, neither of her girlfriends were there.

Emma spoke to Maura’s assistant, Susie Chang, who informed the blonde that Dr Isles and Detective Rizzoli were still at the crime scene and that she didn’t know how much longer they would be there for.

Emma knew from previous cases that just because the ladies were done at their crime scene, that did not mean they were done for the night.

They would have to return to the office, write their reports, lodge any evidence they’d seized and so forth. Maura would have to get everything planned and organised for the autopsy to be completed first thing in the morning and Jane would have to collate all the information they had so they could pick up right where they left off when they eventually would make it home for a few hours sleep before returning.

Emma thanked Susie and left the building.

Although, Emma was used to her girlfriends work schedules being hectic when there was an active case, it still put a bit of a dampener on her birthday night.

Stopping at a late night bakery on her way back to returning the truck from the office, Emma picked up a small cupcake to eat when she got home as a lonely birthday cake.

Lodging her paperwork with Amanda before going home, Emma left with her cupcake in hand and returned to Maura’s house in Beacon Hill.

Getting inside and kicking her shoes off, Emma went into the kitchen and plated the cupcake. Looking around the kitchen, Emma could only find one candle, a blue star, that was obviously left over from Jane’s nephew, TJ’s, birthday party last month.

Emma lit the candle, blowing it out with a wish of not being on her own for her birthday, wishing that Jane and Maura would be home quickly.

Even though it was only eight o’clock in the evening, Emma knew the ladies would be cutting it fine to get back home by midnight.

The blonde was startled out of her reverie by the sound of Maura’s doorbell ringing.

Thinking it might be Frankie, or Tommy with TJ, Emma opened the door but couldn’t see anyone in front of her face.

She was startled to see a young boy with a mop of neat brown hair wearing an overcoat and a red and green scarf around his neck standing at her front door.

“Can I help you?” she asked him.

“Are you Emma Swan?” his little voice confidently asked.

“Yeah, who are you?” was her instant reply.

“My name is Henry. I’m your son.”

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“So what do you think, Maura? Suicide or homicide?” Jane asked the doctors opinion on the scene they were currently standing in.

“I won’t be able to confirm until I get back to the lab but I believe we will be investigating a homicide. Look at the ink smudges on the deceased’s left hand, that tells me she was left handed. Now, look at the entry wound of the single gun shot.”

“It’s on the right hand side,” Jane answered, “meaning someone staged this scene to look like a suicide.”

“That is what the evidence indicates.”

The pair had been called to the death of a female, early twenties, who’d sustained a single gunshot wound to her right temple. The body was found in the Social Law Library in Pemberton Square, hunched over what looked to be university assignments.

Having indicated this death was suspicious, Maura began collecting the evidence she would need to continue her side of the investigation.

Whilst Maura collected her evidence, so did Jane and Frost. Frost spoke to witnesses and the informant whilst Jane went around with the crime scene technicians collecting vital clues and evidence. Korsak has also attended the scene, and was overseeing the operation whilst keeping the press at bay.

After Maura’s morgue attendants had collected and removed the body, the detectives were able to get their first glimpse of the paper the victim was working on prior to her death.

The first thing they noticed was the ink smudges on the paper correlated with the ink smudges on the victims left hand. A problem Jane knew only too well.

Peering past the smudged ink, they would read the paper was an assignment on string theory. Obviously the victim was fairly intelligent to be writing a paper specifically on string theory.

Bagging the blood spattered assignment and possessions of the victim, the crime scene techs took them back to lodge them in evidence.

Jane’s attention was now drawn to the gun itself. It had not yet been cleared and rendered safe by first responders to allow the homicide detectives to view the scene untampered.

After it had been photographed in situ, Jane, who’d already donned a pair of gloves upon arrival at the scene stepped up to the pistol with Frost at her side, feeling less sick now the corpse had been removed.

The pistol was a Baretta APX Compact. Jane picked up the pistol and racked the slide back to clear the chamber. The magazine spring locked the slide in place indicating there had only been one round in the chamber and no follow up rounds in the magazine when it was shot, seeing as the chamber too was clear of any further rounds.

‘Interesting’ thought Jane, clearly, this was a planned attack carried out with meticulous care.

The immediate area surrounding the chair and desk had evidence of brain matter, indicating the death happened here. There was muzzle burn against the victims right temple showed the gun muzzle was touching her skin at the time the trigger had been pulled.

The question Jane’s team now had to answer was, why would this girl be murdered in a library in the early afternoon. And why did nobody hear the gun go off.

Maura and Jane remained at the crime scene until just past 8:00pm. The ride to BPD headquarters took longer than normal at that time of night, especially when you factor in the coffee stop Jane insisted on.

When they walked into the morgue together to formally lodge the victims body, Susie mentioned Emma’s visit an hour earlier to them. Although sad to miss any opportunity to see their girlfriend, both understood it was all part of their jobs.

Maura worked diligently in the lab for nearly an hour before wandering upstairs to wait for Jane to go home, having finished what she could do in the morgue that night.

Walking into the bull pen, Maura’s phone stared ringing. She pulled it out of her handbag and smiled as Emma’s caller ID photo flashed on the screen.

Sitting down next to Jane, Maura answered the phone holding it between her and Jane so the detective could hear the conversation too.

“Hi Ems,” Maura greeted her blonde girlfriend.

“Hey Maur, is Jane there with you?”

“Yeah, I’m here babe, what’s up?” Jane asked, “How did your arrest go?”
“It went fine, got the bad guy, came to see you two, you were at your scene though. I’m ringing to tell you I’m going to be out of town tonight.”
“What?!” Maura interjected.

“I - do you two remember when I told you about my having to give a child up whilst I was in prison?”

“Yeah,” Jane replied softly, “what about it?”
“Well ‘it’ is a he, and he found me at home. I’m driving him back home to his mother but that’s in Maine, in a town I’ve never heard of before. Have either of you heard of Storybrooke? It’s about four hours away?”

“Um, no, is that even a real place?” Jane asked.

“Apparently it is, the kid, Henry, lives there. I’m gunna drop him off then come home.”“Emma, if you are tired, you should stay in this Storybrooke place for the night, I don’t want you driving tired, it’s almost as bad as driving drunk, or drugged,” Maura chastised.

“Okay, I promise, if I get tired, I’ll stay there for the night. I’m gunna go, the kid’s waking up.”

“Alright babe, you drive safely okay, and if you want, Maura and I will come and drive you home.”

“Thanks darlings, I’ll call you later. I love you both.”

As Maura hung up the phone after saying her goodbye, she looked at Jane apprehensively, “What do you think this boy, this Henry, wants from Emma?”

“I dunno, to meet his birth mother I suppose. We just need to be here to support her, it won’t be easy knowing where the boys is, especially after having to make the decision to give him up in the first place.”

Maura, like normal, agreed with what Jane had said.

Together, they made their way to their now empty house to await the return of their girlfriend.

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Rubbing the sleep from his eyes with the back of his hand, Henry asked Emma, “Who were you speaking to?”

“Um-” Emma didn’t quite know how to explain her relationship to the young boy, especially as she didn’t know what his understanding was of homosexual relationships, let alone polyamorous ones.

“It’s not a hard question Emma,” the smart and precocious boy stated.

Alright, straight out with it it would be then, “I was talking to my girlfriends.”


“Yes, I have two, we have been together for three years now,” Emma watched the child she gave up at birth ponder her words.

“Why do you have two?”

“Ah,” Emma stalled for time thinking how best to answer, “Jane and Maura, my girlfriends, they were together for a year before we met. Over the following few months, the three of us got really close. After knowing each other for over six months, they asked me if I would be open to being in a relationship with them. We’ve been together ever since.”


Emma could have laughed at how easy Henry accepted what she’d said, most adults take a lot more time to be as accepting.

“Have you been in a relationship like that before?” Henry asked after a few moments of silence, “I’ve never met anyone in a three person relationship before.”

“No, and neither had I. Love is love, it doesn’t matter who you love, so long as they treat you right,” Emma stated.

“That makes sense,” Henry replied.

Whilst Emma drove, Henry pulled out his story book and started pouring over it.

“What’s that?” Emma asked, glancing across at the book.

Without missing a beat, Henry told Emma she wasn’t ready to know what his history book of fairy tales were.

It didn’t take much coaxing though for Henry to start telling his birth mother a little bit about the book, revealing she herself features inside.

Disbelieving, Emma kept driving on towards this mysterious town, letting Henry continue reading before falling asleep again.

After a few hours, Henry woke up again and asked, “How much further?”

“I dunno kid, I’m following your directions, or I was until you fell asleep. We can’t be too far away though,” Emma hoped.

“This looks familiar,” Henry spoke up about half an hour later, “I think around this bend you’ll see the towns ‘welcome’ sign.”

Emma looked curiously over at the boy, “You think? Have you never left your town before?”

“Nope,” he answered simply.

“And you thought your first foray into the wide world would be to Boston?!” Emma cried, worried instantly for the safety of the son she’s never known.

“Hey, I’m a smart kid, I didn’t get lost, I found you,” Henry returned in a cranky voice, emphasising the ‘you’.

“Henry, yes, you found me, but I could have been a deranged serial killer for all you know, that wasn’t safe,” Emma implored the child to see reason.

“But you’re not a serial killer,” Henry replied sullenly, turning to look out the window as the rain fell around the car making its way into the town he called home.

Still cranky at being chastised by the Saviour, when asked for an address, Henry replied “44 Not-Telling-You Street.”

Frustrated at the child’s behaviour, Emma slammed on the breaks to the yellow bug and leapt from the vehicle for some fresh air, throwing the door closed as a power breaker on the power lines above her exploded.

Henry followed his frustrated birth mother out of the car, and listened to her imploring him to give her information about where he lives.

Instead, they entered into another conversation about his story book, up until Doctor Archie Hopper and Pongo arrived on scene to make the situation even more awkward.

Watching Henry interact with the Doctor, Emma came to the realisation the child was in therapy, and discussed it with him, sarcasm escaping when she was informed the Doctor was Jiminy Cricket.

Finally, Henry was helping give Emma directions to Mifflin Street, after Doctor Hopper gave away his address on him.

When Henry finally pointed out his house, Emma had to agree with Doctor Hopper, it was the largest house on Mifflin Street, it was even bigger than Maura’s house back in Boston.

As Emma climbed out of the bug and walked with Henry through the gate and up the garden path between neatly trimmed hedges, Henry began begging Emma to take him with her, saying how his only parent, his adoptive mother, doesn’t love him, only pretends to.

Considering Emma gave her baby up for their best chance, it broke her heart to hear, and so she tried comforting the boy, telling him she was sure his mother loved him.

As Emma was bent over talking to the boy she gave up, the woman who gave him a home burst out the front door of the white mansion, calling her son and running towards him.

Stepping back, all Emma could think of was how beautiful the brunette woman was, despite the tears tracking down her cheeks.

’Oh I’m in trouble here,’ Emma thought as she watched the woman hug the boy tightly.

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Having retired the night before with no word from Emma, the first thing Jane and Maura did when their alarm clock went off at 7am the next morning, was check their phones for any messages that may have come through the night.

Both were disappointed when each of their phones had no correspondence from their blonde girlfriend.

“I hope she made it all right,” Maura mumbled into Janes shoulder as she rolled back into bed for the eight minutes of snooze her alarm had been reset for.

Curling her long slender arms around the smaller woman, Jane replied, I’m sure she will be fine darling, Emma’s a smart girl, if she got tired, she would have stopped driving.”

Maura murmured her agreement before closing her eyes again for a short time.

When the alarm obnoxiously sounded for a second time, both women climbed out of bed and into the shower, showering together, to save water of course.

Descending the stairs, Maura and Jane’s senses were pleasantly assaulted with the delicious smell of bacon frying in the kitchen, being cooked by Angela who loved cooking for her girls when she was home in the morning.

“Hey Ma,” Jane greeted her.

“Good morning girls, where’s Emma? How was the rest of her birthday? Is she still sleeping from a big night?” Angela smirked, rattling off a million questions at once.

“Ma, too many questions, too early,” Jane grumped, upset her girlfriend in question wasn’t even in the same state at the moment.

Looking slightly apologetic, Angela turned back to cooking the eggs she’d added to the pan.

“Don’t mind Jane, Angela, she doesn’t like it when Emma goes away,” Maura addressed the brunettes snappy response to her mothers questions.

“Away? Where’s Emma? She was here yesterday!” Angela cried, pulling the bacon from the pan and letting it sit on paper towel prepared on a spare plate.

“Ma, what I’m about to tell you cannot be repeated, okay? You absolutely cannot tell anyone about this if I’m going to tell you,” Jane said seriously to her mother.

“Of course, Jane, I won’t say anything. Emma isn’t in trouble is she?” Angela asked, suddenly worried for the younger blonde woman.

“No, Angela, she isn’t in trouble, she’s just dealing with a deeply personal matter,” Maura added.


“Ma, when Emma was eighteen, you know she was sent to prison?” Jane confirmed the deep secret that took Emma two years to confess to Angela.

“Yeah, she doesn’t like to speak about it,” Angela answered, confused.

“No, she doesn’t,” Jane continued, “when Emma went into prison, she didn’t know it, but she was pregnant. Emma gave birth to a baby whilst she was inside.”

Pulling the pan off the stove, Angela staggered to a chair on the other side of the island bench, collapsing down onto it, shocked at the information.

Jane continued as Maura took over the remainder of the cooking duties from Angela, “Emma gave the baby up to give it its best chance. She never held the baby and didn’t know what she had. Last night, a ten year old boy knocked on the door and proclaimed Emma to be his birth mother. Emma has driven him home in Maine, we don’t know when she will be coming home. She was going to drive back but I guess she was too tired to continue driving.”

Placing a plate of food in front of the Rizzoli matriarch, Maura put a reassuring hand on the older woman’s shoulder, asking, “Are you okay Angela?”

Taking a moment, Angela soon replied, “I guess, I hope Emma is okay, I feel bad she didn’t feel she could share this with me.”

“She doesn’t like talking about it Ma, it was the hardest thing she ever had to do, but she knew it was the right choice. When Emma was in prison, she had no one, she didn’t have a house, she didn’t have a family, she had no way to support herself, let alone a child. Emma took a long time to share that with us, Ma, make sure you don’t go saying anything to anyone, especially not the boys,” Jane referred to her brothers, two of the worst gossips she knew, after Angela herself.

“I won’t, I swear. Poor Emma,” Angela moped, eating the food from her plate as her daughters did the same, Jane sneaking a piece of Maura’s bacon as per usual.

Once breakfast, and the heavy conversation, was over, Jane and Maura bid Angela goodbye, leaving for their offices.

They had both to follow up on their murder from the night before.

Maura’s day would be filled by completing the autopsy and analysing the seized forensic evidence from the scene.

Jane’s day would be occupied by interviewing those close to the victim and studying the victims background and movements in the hours and days before the murder.

Doing what they do best, the two women got to work on solving the murder.

Chapter Text

Brown eyes sized Emma up before speaking, stunned, “You’re Henry’s brith mother?”

With her brain taking it’s time to catch up, Emma’s only response was a timid “Hi.”

From behind the two women, a man, clearly the Sheriff of this little town, awkwardly left the pair alone, stating he was going to check on the boy who’d run inside moments before, proclaiming to have found his ‘real’ mom.

Turning her attention back to the breathtaking woman in front of her, Emma caught the Mayors eyes travelling the length of her body before their owner clearly reset herself before offering Emma a drink, and walking her inside.

Emma followed the woman in the grey dress inside the house, learning her name was Regina. Emma’s first thought walking through the well decorated house was this woman clearly opulent, more so than her girlfriend, who was the wealthiest person Emma had ever met.

As this woman, this Regina, poured Emma a drink, they briefly discussed the fact Emma had asked for no contact when adopting out Henry, confirming also that the Mayor needn’t be worried of a father coming onto the scene.

Regina was about to lead Emma through the house to one of the sitting rooms when the Sheriff announced his presence, informing them Henry was fine, though tired.

Dismissing the Sheriff from the house, Regina continued the conversation with Emma in the sitting room, seemingly defending her position as Henry’s mother whilst somewhat interrogating Emma.

It was only when Emma mentioned Henry’s book did the woman in front of her seem to falter. When Emma explained about the book, and Henry’s perception of the book, the Mayor insisted she did not know what Emma was talking about. It was then Emma realised the kid must not have spoken to his mom about his ideas.

Deciding to end the conversation, Emma said, “You know what, it’s none of my business, he’s your kid, and I really should be heading back, my girlfriend’s are waiting for me.”

Against her better judgement, Regina couldn’t help but find herself intrigued by her son’s birthmother,“Girlfriends?”

“Ah, yeah, Jane and Maura. I live with them, they’re expecting me home sometime tonight, or tomorrow morning rather,” Emma quickly divulged, looking at her hands once she finished speaking instead of the slightly intimidating brunette in front of her.

Given the raised eyebrow Regina was currently sporting, Emma realised the woman was probably not as open minded as some people, and decided to ask, “Do you have a problem with that, Madam Mayor? Because Henry doesn’t.” Emma didn’t know why she felt the need to add the last the last three words, but felt they were important none the less.

Ignoring the question posed to her in favour of addressing her son’s knowledge, Regina confirmed, “Henry knows about your lifestyle choices?”

“Yes,” Emma quickly added, explaining further, “I was speaking to Jane and Maura telling them I was coming out to Storybrooke so they wouldn’t worry when they got home to an empty house, Henry heard me speaking to them and asked who I was speaking to. I didn’t want to lie the kid and so told him about the girls. He seemed cool with it.”

“Of course he is ‘cool with it’, he’s ten. Everything that hasn’t got to do with me is ‘cool’. And no, to answer your question, I don’t have a problem with what you choose to do in the privacy of your own home but I do wish you would have spoken to me about it before telling my son,” Regina defended, not wanting to woman sitting across from her to know just how okay she was with her choice of relationship. Regina herself knew of the benefit of multiple partners in a relationship, and knew that, for some people, it worked really well.

“Well that was a bit hard when I’ve never met you, and the kid was asking me questions three hours away. As I said, I’m not gunna lie to him,” Emma proclaimed.

Regina gave Emma a withering stare before standing up and offering to take Emma’s empty glass.

Sensing when she was being dismissed, Emma stood up and gave the Mayor the glass before walking out of the room and to the front of the house.

Quickly saying goodbye as the front door was opened for her, Emma left the Mayor standing in her entrance hall as she made her way back down the garden path. Emma used all of her available will power to not turn around for one last glance at the Mayor before leaving. Yes, the Mayor seemed uptight and defensive, but she’d just got her son back after he’d been missing for who know’s how many hours. Despite the Mayors attitude, Emma could appreciate a beautiful figure in front of her, even if that beautiful figure hard a sharp tongue to go with it.

As Emma got to the gate, she thought she heard a noise from the top level of the house. She looked back and saw Henry’s distinctive silhouette in the window of the second room in from the side of the house. As soon as Henry realised Emma was watching him, he turned around and left the window.

Feeling somewhat deflated, Emma climbed into her yellow bug and pulled out her phone. She sent a quick text to Jane and Maura informing them she was on her way back, and drove away, following the route she came into town out of it. It was only when she was gaining on the ‘Welcome to Storybrooke’ sign did Emma look on her front passenger seat.

It was then she saw Henry left his story book in her car. Smiling to herself, Emma commentated, “Sneaky bastard” before looking back to the road, in time to see a grey wolf in the middle of her path.

Swerving so as not to hit the large creature, Emma over shot the swerve in the wet conditions and crashed into the large ‘Welcome to Storybrooke’ sign, knocking herself unconscious in the process.

What seemed a few hours later, Emma was awoken by a whistling sound permeating her brain.

Cracking her green eyes open, Emma looked across the space in front of her and noted two things.

One, a grumpy, short, older man was responsible for the whistling, and two, she was locked in a jail cell.

‘Oh, Jane is going to love this,’ Emma thought, making a mental note to call her girlfriends as soon as possible, as she tried to remember how she got there.

Chapter Text

Prior to Emma’s emergency trip to Maine, Jane and Maura had organised weeks ago to have the Saturday after Emma’s birthday off to spend the day with her.

Despite Emma not actually being there, Jane and Maura still had the day off regardless.

That is why 8:00am found the pair asleep in bed when the ringing of the detectives phone woke them up.

“You’re not on call,” Maura grumbled as Jane rolled over to the side of the bed to answer the call.

“I know babe, but it’s Emma,” Jane responded, picking up the phone.

“Put it on speaker,” Maura asked, immediately awake.

“Good morning baby,” Jane greeted the woman on the other end of the phone.

“Hey Jane, is Maura there with you?” Emma queried.

“I’m right here darling, good morning,” Maura spoke.

“Good morning you two.”

“Are you on your way back to Boston?” Jane asked.

“Um, not yet, here’s the thing - I slept last night in a jail cell in this Storybrooke town, the Sheriff arrested me for drink driving,” Emma started, about to continue when Jane cut over the top of her.

“What? Ems, you’ve never driven drunk in your life, what happened?”

“If you’d let me continue,” Emma left the last word hanging.

“Sorry,” Jane repented.

“As I was saying, the Sheriff arrested me for driving drunk because I got into an accident.”

Once more, Emma was cut off.

“Emma, are you okay? Are you hurt? What happened?” Maura cried down the phone.

“Seriously people, I have the talking stick right now!” Emma said loudly, “Anyways, there was a wolf in the middle of the road, I swerved to avoid it because it would have written off the bug. When I swerved, it was raining and I slid the back of the bug out and crashed into their ‘Welcome to Storybrooke’ sign. I was knocked out and woke up in one of their jail cells,” Emma finished her tale.

“Have you seen a doctor Emma?” Maura asked, her first priority was her girlfriends well being.

“Not yet, but I’ll get there, I feel fine at the moment though.”

“Where are you now Ems?” Jane asked her question next.“I’m still in the Sheriffs Station, I’m helping the kids Mom and the Sheriff find the kid again.”

“Why?” Jane frowned, not that Emma could see it, “Didn’t you take him home last night?”

“Yeah I did, but it turns out he likes bolting. He’s disappeared again so I’m going to help find him before coming home.”

In the background of Emma’s location, Jane and Maura heard a sharp female voice say, “‘He’ has a name.”

“Babes, I’m gunna go but I will call you again as soon as I can. I have to find Henry. I love you two,” Emma smiled as she spoke.

“We love you as well,” Jane and Maura said together before the phone call disconnected.

Jane set her phone back on the bedside table before rolling back into position cuddled up into Maura’s side, asking, “Do you think Emma will be okay?”

“I’m sure she will be, she’s tough,” Maura answer simply.

“Oh, I’m an idiot,” Jane admonished herself, “I should have asked Emma if that Sheriff had charged her and if she want’s me to do anything.”

“If she did, Emma would have asked, Jane. I know she’ll feel compelled to help find the boy again before she comes home but if this Henry boy is constantly running away, it might be a while before Emma is back in Boston.”

“If the kid is constantly running away, what’s happening at home that he feels not being there is the best option for him?” Jane asked, knowing Maura would not be able to answer the question but still feeling the need to voice it.

“I’m sure Emma will make sure he is okay, we can’t control that.”

“No, but we can control what we do for the day. What do you feel like doing?” Jane asked, deciding they’d best move onto a not so unhappy topic.

“As much as I love laying in here with you, I am a bit hungry. Shall we get dressed and go out for breakfast?” Maura suggested.

It didn’t take long for the ladies to be showered and dressed, ready for a rare day of just the two of them. It had been so long since it was just Jane and Maura, Maura and Jane. Though they wouldn’t change their relationship with Emma for the world, it was nice just spending time just the two of them. It reminded Jane and Maura why the two of them deciding to date in the first place.

Climbing into Maura’s Lexus, the pair drove to a cafe the two of them frequented, to the point the cashier knew their orders without being told. Whilst they ate, they thought on their missing girlfriend, and how she should have been with them.

Both Jane and Maura knew Emma, and knew what she was like. The yellow blonde would not stop until she knew her progeny was safe, whether or not she had custody.

Both women vowed to do whatever was necessary to help Emma in what was becoming her mission, making sure this mysterious Henry boy was safe.

Chapter Text

After speaking to Jane and Maura on the phone in the Sheriff’s station, seeing as her phone was flat, Emma was whisked away from the station back to 108 Mifflin Street by Regina and Graham.

This time, Emma saw more than the opulent foyer and reception room. She was led up the stair case winding around the inside of the mansion and up to the second floor to Henry’s bedroom.

Emma looked around as she followed to the others into a spacious bedroom, decorated well, with lots of creature comforts Emma could only have dreamed of when she was Henry’s age.

‘At least he lives in a nice house’, Emma thought as she spotted a desk with a computer on it.

Emma sat down and booted up the computer whilst the Sheriff tried to make small talk with her, and Regina just paced the room.

It didn’t take long with Emma’s computer skills and devices to find Henry’s recent email and internet history.

The kid was smart, but not smart enough to beat technology.

Quickly, Emma was able to locate a lead to finding Henry, in the form of Henry’s school teacher.

Though grumpy about the prospect of seeing the pixie haired school teacher, Regina agreed to take Emma with her to Storybrooke Elementary School to see Mary Margaret Blanchard.

Emma trailed into the school classroom behind Regina, dodging primary school children filing out of the room.

In a tense few moments, Emma watched as Regina snidely treated the oblivious teacher, slightly horrified at the abruptness of the older woman.

Although Emma’s first thoughts about Henry’s adoptive mother was that she was quite good looking - because she was - Emma was now seeing that looks could only get a person so far. Most of what Emma had seen of Regina Mills, she didn’t seem like the nicest of people.

Emma was happy to see, if only for a brief moment, Henry’s teacher stand up to the Mayor, only for the Mayor to loose her shit and storm out of the classroom purposely knocking over a stack of books left on one of the kids desks.

Feeling bad for the younger brunette, Emma watched Regina leave before going over to Mary Margaret to help pick up the books.

Whilst conversing with this peculiar school teacher, Emma couldn’t explain why she felt it easy to speak openly to the woman.

The pair discussed Henry for a while, Mary Margaret explaining how Henry is a special child whilst Emma commented on Regina’s parenting style.

When Mary Margaret felt she’d gone too far in a comment about giving children up for adoption, she tried to backpedal and defend her actions.

It was during this last moment of conversation did Emma understand, this school teacher knows where Henry might be.

“You might wanna try his castle,” Mary Margaret suggested before having to leave.

Emma was able to work out where Mary Margaret meant and headed over to the water front where she did indeed find Henry in a castle - a playground castle.

Despite the wind, Henry was watching out from the platform of the playground castle, deep in thought.

Emma climbed up behind him, and sat down, handing his story book to him, “You left this in the car.”

Though Emma wanted to discuss Henry’s constant running away, they ended up discussing Henry’s belief in his story book.

Using big words he obviously learnt in therapy, Henry made Emma feel better by saying he understands why she gave him away.

As quickly as Henry made Emma feel better, the kid was able to make her feel down within a coupe of sentences, feeling sad as she felt she was disappointing the kid.

Listening to Henry begging Emma not to take him home broke something inside of the blonde woman, causing her to rail on the kid her past problems. She revealed about her past in foster care to him and implored Henry to give Regina a chance.

Instantly though, Henry begged Emma to believe she was put through a portal from the Enchanted Forrest.

Having had enough, Emma, defeated, said, “Come on Henry,” and took him home to his mother, surviving a stoney silent car ride with the ten year old.

Emma watched Henry run inside past Regina, and watched as the brunette decided to speak to Emma instead of going after her son.

Whilst Emma thought they could have had a civil conversation, Regina instead yelled at Emma that she would have no part in Henry’s life, throwing a ten year old decision made in juvenile detention back in Emma’s face.

Not giving up without a fight, Emma demanded an answer from the frustratingly beautiful woman, “Do you love him?”

When the brunette replied in the affirmative, Emma’s lie detector was silent, confirming that, though she seemed bitchy, the older woman did indeed love her son. Sensing something was still amiss, Emma made the decision to extend her stay in Storybrooke for a week, checking into Grannies BnB before calling her girlfriends to inform them of her plan.