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Film & TV Show Oneshots

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*You're definitely the perfect middle to Tandy and Tyrone's magic even though you have no romantic affiliations with them, just pure friendship. Because you represent gray while Tandy represents white and Tyrone represents black, your magic is centered around finding truth in people's thoughts on top of having the ability to create silver force fields to be used as shields as well having the ability to call upon or sent away at will a magical bow and arrow that was metallic silver to your trio but invisible to a human's naked eye. It also was obvious that you shared a psionic link with your two friends that strengthened whenever you three were all close together.

*Your physical appearance also shows that you are different from Tyrone and Tandy because while they both had brown eyes, you had blue eyes that were so pale, some people believed you were legally blind or had cataracts. And your hair was wavy and light brown while Tandy's was straight and blonde and Tyrone's was black and curly. But your skin was a beautiful shade of tanned olive.

*Photos and drawings, EVERYWHERE! You're constantly wanting to take pictures or draw charcoal pencil sketches of Tandy and Tyrone so you can freeze time for a moment and have a sentimental keepsake in the process. Sometimes Tandy and Tyrone laugh as they try to hide away from your camera or they watch you as you draw people, places, and things. But for the most part, Tandy and Tyrone love when you take pictures of them and post it on social media, filters or no filters. What they both love more is when their artistic friend (who wants to get into a good art college in the hopes of being a professional graphic designer) sketches beautiful pictures in charcoal pencils or inks in lead pencil drawings before coloring them in. Honestly, Tyrone and Tandy suggested you sell art on the side of school (high school or college, you pick) because your work looks so real that it's almost like you snapped a Polaroid, even if it's 3D art on either a white physical pad or a digital drawing pad.

*Not to say that Tandy and Tyrone don't take pictures of you too or try to draw things for you. Tyrone is constantly snapping photos of you and Tandy on his phone when you two are napping together (think this picture: while Tandy takes pictures of you on her phone when you're in the middle of drawing something with sweet little hashtags and filters on social media. Tandy and Tyrone have even attempted to draw you cute things for special occasions like your birthday or Christmas, although Tandy does better than Tyrone since (bless his little heart) he can only manage a little stick figure while the beautiful blonde can manage to at least draw simple things like butterflies or dogs. Just seeing how sentimental they both are makes you lucky to be their best friend.

*Tandy may be a rich girl with a rich father, but that doesn't mean she's a whiney brat with no sense of responsibility. The girl is very good at managing money on a budget and she's one of the nicest girls you've ever met. In fact, Tandy is your go-to when you want to talk about cute boys and fashion since the blonde knows how to attract the men and show off her gorgeous body. But what you and Tandy really like to do the most is have girls-only slumber parties and munch on junk food and carbs while watching movies without worrying about putting on makeup or looking presentable for society for a couple days. While Tandy's mother doesn't really notice you since you and Tandy don't see much of her, Tandy's father absolutely adores you because he believes you're the type of best friend and strong female figure that his little girl needs, making you the best thing for her in his eyes since sliced bread. But you are also Tandy's go-to whenever she's having a bad day and needs to relax a little from her seemingly-perfect lifestyle of being the pretty blonde who does ballet weekly but also has a rebellious spirit due to such a lifestyle. You teach her that she doesn't need to be a petty thief who steals from the rich and gives to the poor like Robin Hood in order to have fun and get what she wants in life; you also teach her that even though she is a rich girl, she doesn't fit the stereotype of what a rich girl should be (bratty, whiney, snobby, rude, hateful, etc.) because she's a loyal, close friend to you. This only causes you to grow closer to Tandy as a female friend.

*Tyrone comes from a polar opposite background in comparison to Tandy's, a background marked by daily crime and sheltering people away from the world due to a learned climate of fear. This is why whenever you spend the night at Tyrone's house, he always sleeps on the floor, away from the windows, and asks you to stay near him because he's so scared that something bad will happen. Tyrone also gets easily discouraged by how much his parents shelter him and his brother to the point where they expect perfection and teach their boys to live in constant fear of the world so they'll never explore it. But with you around to be his best friend, you teach Tyrone that life is about exploration without fear since the world is a beautiful place even if some places and people are dangerous and evil; you also teach him that the people who love you should love you for who you are, for ALL flaws and perfections alike. This only makes Tyrone a closer male friend to you.

*Tandy has such perfect hair and skin (and maybe that's because of the products she's stolen from some rich kids she believed didn't deserve their wealth since they used others as property and a means to an end or maybe it's just natural, healthy attributes about her) that you constantly stare in awe at her face. Noticing how you always stare at her face before staring at her facial products, Tandy is the best friend ever because she always makes you feel beautiful from the way she dotes on your appearance even though she and Tyrone think you're beautiful and could find a nice guy who could treat you right. This is why Tandy constantly tries to find you the best products and makeup that can make your skin really healthy as well as your hair soft and glistening with plenty of strength fit for five heads of hair. By the time Tandy is done giving you a makeover, your friend turns you into a drop-dead knockout that all guys would go "goo-goo" eyes over and think about in their dreams.

*Tyrone is constantly playing basketball with Billy, who visits every so often from college or work to be with his little brother. So since you go to all his games with Billy as you two clap and shout in the stands, Tyrone began to teach you how to play basketball whenever he was out of season and it was a nice day outside (especially if you do NOT know how to play the game). It always makes his parents so proud to see you, a good influence on their son, playing basketball in the driveway with him as you two play best two out of three rounds for dibs on what restaurant is picked when you, Tandy, and Tyrone hang out together again.

*The best times you three have is together at your parent's house near Lake Borgne in the place you all were born and bred: New Orleans, Louisiana. Your parents love having Tandy and Tyrone over because both of your friends are kind and polite. All three of you love sitting by the beach together, eating homemade pizza you made together in the kitchen and drinking Coca Cola. The real kicker is when Tyrone picks up Tandy bridal-style just as she got comfortable with her tan on the spot she purposefully chose in the sand so he can throw her in the water. Little moments like these are captured by your phone camera as you laugh at how playful and cute your best friends are as a couple before they both try to throw you into the water too.

*Everyone better hope they don't bully you because if they do, they better hope they have good insurance because the wrath of Cloak and Dagger will not be extinguished. While you can defend yourself, physical attacks can be prevented with your newfound powers and secret identity as "Clandestine." But other times, words can hurt since some people are so cruel. Nonetheless, Tandy and Tyrone will always pick you back up because they love you as a friend and they love EVERYTHING about you. It's the reason they befriended you in the first place, minus the psychic bond you all share as humans with powerful magic.

*Tyrone and Tandy have their own talents, just as you have a natural talent for drawing. Tandy can sing and dance ballet like a professional, but Tyrone is gifted in anything related to athletics. But while you and Tandy can sing to songs on the radio if you guys go on a trip on the road together, Tyrone can rap like there's no tomorrow.

*When you obtained your magic powers, Tyrone received Tandy's white ballet slipper and Tandy received Tyrone's black hoodie. But what they obtained from you was a piece of a silver necklace that when connected, spelled out "Best Friends" on a silver disc (Here's a necklace reference: It was once whole before the day you all received your powers. After receiving your powers and your psychic bond, the necklaces were an item that everyone treasured the most, meaning you guys never take the necklaces off since you all are so scared of losing your individual piece.

*You, Tandy, and Tyrone constantly borrow each other's clothes since you and Tandy wear around the same size in shoes and shirts, but Tyrone's clothes can fit everyone perfectly. Hoodies are the item of choice to borrow from Tyrone while cute dresses are the item of choice from Tandy. However, Beanies are the item of choice that Tandy often 'steals' from you because they're so slouchy and warm. Tandy kept stealing your gray Beanie so much that you eventually had to just give it away to her and buy another one so 1.) you two could be hat twins and 2.) Tandy would purposefully not return it because she liked yours so much. But Tyrone prefers to steal sweatpants from you because let's face it, the dude needs to eat a sandwich or something because he's too lean in your opinion; Tyrone also likes your sweatpants better than his own because yours are more comfortable as far as cloth texture and fit around the waist go.

*Movie marathons are a must in this friendship! If you three watch scary movies, Tyrone is throwing the bowl of popcorn several feet in the air and trying to find the nearest blanket to hide under while you and Tandy scream at the top of your lungs and hug each other as you both tremble; cuddling among friends with the lights on (after Tyrone reads a passage of the Bible to you and Tandy) ensues after the film credits roll because all of you are too scared to go to separate bedrooms. If you watch Disney movies, it quickly turns into karaoke night. If you watch comedy films, you can expect laughter to fill the room so much that everyone is coughing due to how hoarse vocal cords are from how hard the laughing was. If you watch romantic movies, you and Tandy are reaching for a Kleenex box if it gets too sad even though your blonde friend tries to fight the tears because she's a quote-on-quote "tough girl"; a stray sniffle is then cued by Tyrone as he tries to fight the tears followed by you and Tandy handing him a Kleenex.

*If you ever started dating someone outside the trio, Tandy and Tyrone would be so protective of you, it's not even a joke. Tyrone would teleport all over New Orleans to find out more about the person (who they hang out with, where they live, etc.) while Tandy would relentlessly interrogate the person until they were a suitable match for you in her eyes (since she knows what you like and what you want in a dating partner). And if the person EVER broke your heart, cheated on you, or made you feel uncomfortable, you can expect to hear a news story about the person landing themselves in a hospital, rambling on about some white light and black shadows like a lunatic.

*At parties, you three are always out on the dance floor before coming to the sidelines for a snack and drink. The funniest thing that ever happened at a party was after you were bad-mouthed by the female host who thought you were stealing her man and you cursed her out, Tandy got in the car with you and Tyrone before she asked anyone if they wanted a cookie after taking a bite of her own cookie. Boisterous laughter ensued the whole car ride back to your house for a sleepover because Tandy had stolen cookies from the party and shoved them in her purse in retaliation for how that host spoke to you.

*Overall, the trio that is you, Tyrone, and Tandy is a good one because you all are the best of friends. A fateful night brought you all together through powers and near tragedy and since then, a decade later, you three have been connected. No matter what happens, you three will always be together as best friends and protectors of New Orleans.