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The Twin Sister of Michael Mell: Michelle Mell

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The ‘Squip’ squad was sitting around their table, Rich and Jake were arguing over whose house they were going to this weekend. Chloe and Brooke were talking about Madeline and how she was still trying to get in Jake’s pants even though he and Rich are dating. Christine was talking to Jeremy about the Play that was going on that afternoon. Jenna and Michael were on their phones sitting next to Christine and Jeremy.
They all didn’t notice the small girl walking towards them and how everyone else was staring and holding their breaths, waiting for the drama to happen. What no one expected to happen is the small girl hugging Michael from behind and for Michael to freeze. Everyone at his table stopped and stared at Michael and the girl hugging him. Michael eventually looked behind himself, and when he saw who it was, he beamed.
“Michelle! When did you get back?” He inquired with a happy voice. “Mom decided that since dad wasn’t able to take care of me, she fought for custody and won. She signed me up for school here, and this is my first day, so of course I had to see my big brother,” She exclaimed, even more, happy than Michael was. Everyone paused and then they all thought at the same time ‘WHAT!’
Some of the kids listening in stood up in shock and his friends stared at him confused, except Jeremy. Michelle sat down next to Michael, and they started talking about what was happening, ignoring all of the gaping people around them. After 2 minutes of trying to get Christine’s attention, Jeremy joined them, and everyone just watched in shock as all three just sat there, laughing. After 6 minutes everyone sat down and went back to what they were doing.
Christine pouted when she realized that Jeremy wasn’t going to talk with her about the Play anymore so she turned towards Jenna and she asked her a few questions. Jeremy, Michael, and Michelle continued to talk throughout lunch, and when the bell rang, all three of them groaned. Rich and Jake looked at them, “So are we still having that sleepover this weekend, Mikey?” Rich asked teasingly, Michael grinned back. “Oh hell yeah, you guys need to meet my sister and get to know her,” he nudged Michelle after he said that and she just huffed at him.
They all headed off to class and split up at one of the halls. Rich, Jake, Michael, Michelle, and Jeremy went down one hallway, and Chloe, Brooke, Christine, and Jenna went down the other hallway. Surprisingly Michelle and Jeremy had class together, and Michael was across the hall. Rich and Jake had their class a little way down. Class for Michelle and Jeremy was a little bit weird, but they expected that so they ignored it.
When class ended Michael, Jeremy, and Michelle all met up at Michael’s PT Cruiser, and they went to 7-11. Michael got Sushi and a slushie. Michelle grabbed a sandwich and a Pepsi. Jeremy grabbed two bags of chips and red mountain dew. They went back to Michael and Michelle’s house. Their Moms weren’t home, so all three of them went down to Michael’s room.
Michael grabbed his weed, Michelle set up a game, and Jeremy got the bean bags ready for him and Michael to smoke. Michael and Jeremy were going to shotgun while Michelle was going to play games. The rest of the Squip Squad all thought that Jeremy had a crush on Christine still, but Jeremy and Michael were dating. The week after the Squipicident (Rich’s words) Jeremy apologized, and Michael forgave him.
A week later Michael accidentally came out to Jeremy about his feelings, and Jeremy said he felt the same, and that his squip hated his feelings for Michael and hid them from him. It was a very emotional moment, and they cried a lot but they got together, and they are happy. Christine started to like Jeremy back, and Jeremy knows this, so does Michael. They’re getting ready for Christine to confess her feelings.
Jeremy said that he is going to feel bad for rejecting her. Michael said he could care less; if she wants to try to get his boyfriend, then karma was going to hit her hard. Michelle said that they were too cute to try and break them up and if she tried Michelle would fight her. Michael and Jeremy both laughed at that. The only other people that know that Jeremy and Michael are dating are Michael and Michelle's moms and Jenna Rollens. How Jenna knows, they don’t know.
Michelle put on Apocalypse of the Damned, Michael and Jeremy sat down with Jeremy on Michael’s lap, and they started to shotgun. Michelle just sighed and let them do whatever they wanted to do. After a while, Michelle left to go to her room for bed while Jeremy and Michael were sitting on the bean bags, giggling and telling jokes. After a while of just sitting there Jeremy got up, and Michael just pouted after him. Jeremy looked back at Michael and smiled, he then went over to the Tv and went onto Netflix.
They browsed for 10 minutes, and they decided on Moana. Jeremy liked it because it had good music, Michael liked it because of the grandma. They watched it all the way until the end, and they sang along with all of the songs. Once they finished the movie, Michael put on some relaxing music, and they got ready for bed. Jeremy got in first, and Michael went in after him. It took Jeremy 2 minutes before he settled down against Michael's side. Michael turned off the light, and they fell asleep in less than 10 minutes, the weed made them tired.
Michelle came back down at around 1:30 am to see if they were still up and what she found made her giggle happily. Michael was hugging Jeremy from behind, and Jeremy was holding his arms. She took out her phone, and took a picture, she then sent it to both of her mom's, still giggling. She eventually went up stairs and she settled down to sleep.