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Osamu Hates His Brother

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Tsumu added AkaAAAaaaAshIiii and 18 Others to Second Years.  

Samu: What the fuck is this Tsumu...

Suna: ^^^^^

Tsumu: It’s a group chat for all the second years obviously

Tsumu: I thought it would be cool as the setters, aces, captains, future captains, team moms and Liberos have group chats. 

BRO NOYA: This isn’t all the Second Years!!!

Tsumu: then add them |( ̄3 ̄)|

BRO NOYA added Futakuchi and 4 Others to Second Years. 

Futakuchi: why the fuck am I here

Futakuchi: I was kinda busy with Daishou 

Sssseguro: please don’t tell us about what you do with my captain while you’re alone 

Akama: yeah I respect Daishou-san so I don’t particularly wanna know what he does in his free time with his boyfriend. 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: I don’t know half of these people...

Yuuji: Hey! Why isn’t the rest of my team here!?!?

Yahaba: trust me one of you is enough 

Future Team Mom: not all of date tech is here as well

Futakuchi: Aone doesn’t have an account soooo

Shirabooboo: I just noticed Yahaba is in here and now I want to leave even more than what I already did. 

Yahaba: the feeling is mutual but I’m not that pathetic (-。-;

Watari: Oikawa-san is rubbing off on you 

Yahaba: ???????

Kyoutani: you use those stupid emojis like him

Taichi: damn even your own boyfriend is sassing you

Yahaba: says the guy who doesn’t have a boyfriend because he’s too busy pinning over a taken guy

Komori Motoya: why don’t we stop being mean to each other and all introduce ourselves? 

Future Team Mom: I think that’s best. 

Future Team Mom: we should do it in teams and Atsumu should start since he made the chat. 

Tsumu: Of course I’m first. Best always goes first

Samu: if that was the case you definitely wouldn’t go first

Tsumu: Shut up!!!!!

Tsumu: Anyway, I’m Miya Atsumu. Setter and number 7 from Inarizaki and surprisingly I’m dating Sakusa. I’m also the best setter so (*'ω'*)

Kyoutani: fucking hell it’s another Oikawa..

Suna: My user name tells you my name so I’m not gonna bother re-typing it. 

Ginjima: I still don’t get how you’re dating Kita-san 

Suna: and I’m number 10 and middle blocker. Unfortunately I’m on the same team as Atsumu. 

Osamu: I’m the less annoying Miya twin. Feel lucky that you don’t have to live with Tsumu

Ginjima: I’m Ginjima and I’m probably never gonna answer because I’m bad at replying to messages. 

Kosaku: hi, I’m Kosaku and I’m usually forgotten about so don’t worry if you forget about me.

Futakuchi: Damn that’s kinda sad

Futakuchi: I’m just gonna quickly introduce myself so I can get back to Daishou

Futakuchi: I’m Futakuchi and I’m currently the captain of date tech as our previous captain decided to focus on studying. 

Shirabooboo: I’m Shirabu from Shiratorizawa and I’m the current setter of the team

Yahaba: Oikawa-san is still disappointed that you replaced Semi

Watari: yeah, Oikawa-san always said that Semi was fun and interesting and wasn’t always easy to predict. 

Taichi: before you guys kill each other I’ll introduce myself. I’m Kawanishi Taichi and I’m on the same team as Shirabu. 

Shirabooboo: He also has an endless supply of pictures of Semi. 

BRO NOYA: isn’t Semi dating Tendou???????

Shirabooboo: yeah, Semi-san is dating Tendou and everyone on our team knows about Kawanishi’s crush except Semi-san. 

Narita: Damn poor Kawanishi...

Akama: yeah...

Yuuji: let’s lighten the mood a bit!!!

Yuuji: I’m Terushima Yuuji!!! The current captain of Jozenji! 

Watari: it’s like I can hear that reply  

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: the amount of exclamation points used gives me flashbacks to Bokuto-san..

Kinoshita: I’m assuming your name came from him too? 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: you would be correct about that one. 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: I’m Akaashi Keiji from Fukurodani.

Sssseguro: I’m Seguro from Nohbei 

BRO TORA: fuckin’ snakes...

Akama: well that’s a little rude. 

Akama: I’m Akama, I’m also from Nohbei! 

Tsumu: I think the Itachiyama boys should introduce themselves next. 

BRO TANAKA: well obviously you would want your boyfriend to introduce himself next 

BRO NOYA: yeah! I bet you two have already done the dirty!!

Sakusa Kiyoomi: ...Who’s dirty? 

Samu: Tsumu. 

Tsumu: fuckin’ hell Samu!!!! 

Tsumu: don’t say shit like that or he will try to fuck me with 5 condoms on again! 

BRO TORA: Ha! He tried to do that!! 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: I like to be safe. 

Tsumu: ...too fuckin’ safe..

Tsumu: just introduce yourself. 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: I’m the ace from Itachiyama, Sakusa Kiyoomi. 

Komori Motoya: I’m Komori! I apologise in advance if Sakusa’s bluntness offends you!! 

Tsumu changed Komori Motoya’s name to Sakusa’s Mom

Sakusa’s Mom: wow! Okay then (>人<;)


AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: that also reminds me of Bokuto-san. 

Silent Cat: I’m Fukunaga and I’m glad Lev isn’t here to see that message. 

ApplePi: so am I.

ApplePi: I’m Kenma. 

Narita: such enthusiasm. 

ApplePi: thanks 

Yahaba: I’m Yahaba from Seijoh. 

Watari: well that was kinda dull.

Watari: I’m Watari and I hope we can all become friends! 

Yahaba: Kyoutani.

Kyoutani: .....

Kyoutani: hi

Kyoutani: he already said my name so I’m not fucking saying it again. 

Suna: the last ones to introduce themselves is the Karasuno boys right? 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: yeah. 



Future Team Mom: I’m Ennoshita. I’m sorry for those two in general. 

Kinoshita: I’m Kinoshita...and we are all sorry for those two. 

Narita: I’m Narita! 

BRO TANAKA: I’m kinda offended. 


BRO TANAKA: I’m Tanaka and Suga-san said that I’m great. 

Silent Cat: that’s because he’s your mom. 


Silent Cat: my point still stands. 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: ....I’m already hating this chat. 

Tsumu: ( ̄∀ ̄)

Samu: why did you do this Tsumu....

Samu: ....I hate you so much. 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: ^^^^^

Suna: ^^^^^

ApplePi: ^^^^^^^

Shirabooboo: ^^^^^^^

Taichi: ^^^^^^

Futakuchi: ^^^^^^^

Yahaba: ^^^^^^

Tsumu: Wow

Tsumu: it’s good that I don’t care. 

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Group Chat: Second Years

BRO NOYA: guys

BRO NOYA: we need to talk relationships 

ApplePi: why? 

Silent Cat: maybe because he wants to be in everyone’s business. 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: I’m living for the sass that Fukunaga has over chat. 

ApplePi: I mean I like Fukunaga in general because he can never get on my nerves since he’s always so silent. 

Silent Cat: I feel honoured to have Kozume Kenma like me

BRO TORA: I thought Kenma only liked Kuroo tbh

ApplePi: I also don’t mind Kuguri 


AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: *How

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: also I think you have literally just answered your own question. 

ApplePi: he has 

Akama: I mean Kuguri is pretty calm and silent so it honestly doesn’t surprise me that you don’t mind him. 

ApplePi: I also don’t mind Daishou but y’know 

ApplePi: Kuroo

Futakuchi: I knew you didn’t mind me. 

Sssseguro: Daishou-san? 

Futakuchi: hey

Watari: why do you have Futakuchi’s phone 

Futakuchi: he’s taking a shower and I was bored 

Futakuchi: don’t we worry he said I can go on it 

Futakuchi: I’m not one of those boyfriends that check their partners phone every second to check they’re not cheating

Yuuji: Who tops? 

Akama: ew

Akama: I don’t wanna know 

Futakuchi: Kenji. 

Akama: great 

Akama: now I know my captain gets fucked in the ass by date tech’s captain. 

Sssseguro: we will never be able to look at Daishou-san the same again. 

Samu: trust me it isn’t as bad as walking in on your captain riding your best friend. 

Samu: then walk in on your brother getting fucked the next day. 

Kinoshita: you just don’t have much luck do you? 

Samu: no. 

Suna: I told you to not come back to the club room that day. 

Tsumu: and I told you not to come into my room that day 

Ginjima: so basically they are saying it’s your fault. 

Samu: why does that not surprise me. 

Tsumu: but I’m with Noya

Tsumu: I wanna know everyone’s relationships 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: well it’s obvious I’m dating Bokuto-san

ApplePi: and I’m dating Kuro 

Silent Cat: and it wouldn’t surprise any of us if you 4 had a four-way. 

Futakuchi: You all know Kenji is dating me. 

Yuuji changed Futakuchi’s name to Snek Lover.  

Snek Lover: I would argue with that 

Snek Lover: but it’s accurate so I can’t

Snek Lover: o(`ω´ )o

Shirabooboo: I’m dating Ushijima-san

Shirabooboo: even though it took a while since he is so dense. 


Narita: it’s like Noya is the founder of the Asahi protection club. 


Future Team Mom: unfortunately 

Silent Cat: Damn. 

Tsumu: Samu is single because he’s aromantic 

Samu: thank you for sharing my life you ass

Samu: but I am aromantic

Samu: not to be confused with asexual

Taichi: no one was gonna confuse them. 

Yahaba: I’m confused that Atsumu and Sakusa are dating

Watari: and I’m confused you and Kyoutani are dating

Kyoutani: so am I 

Sakusa’s Mom: why are you confused about Atsumu and Sakusa dating? 

Yahaba: I don’t know

Yahaba: I just couldn’t really imagine clean freak Sakusa dating Atsumu 

Tsumu: I don’t know if I should be offended or not 

Silent Cat: you should. 

Tsumu: (T_T)

Silent Cat: ( T_T)\(^-^ )

Kyoutani: can we stop with the fucking emoji’s 

Snek Lover: hey I’m back

Snek Lover: Who changed my name? 

Yuuji: hi Futakuchi 

Snek Lover: you changed it didn’t you

Yuuji: nooooooo

Snek Lover: .....

Yuuji: .....

Yuuji: okay I did

Snek Lover: .....

Yuuji: let’s go back to talking about relationships!!!!

Yuuji: Kinoshita and Narita are dating right????

Narita: yup

Suna: as much as this conversation is truly exhilarating 

Suna: Kita-san is starting practice and will whoop my ass if we don’t start

Tsumu: I would have thought you would have liked that

Samu: Kita-san will whoop all of our asses if we don’t leave 

Tsumu: true 

Tsumu has gone offline.  

Samu has gone offline.  

Suna has gone offline. 

Yuuji: well by then..

Future Team Mom: We need to get back to practice as well before Daichi-san kills us with his glare. 

BRO NOYA: I’m not scared of Daichi-san!!!!


Narita: you should be 

Narita has gone offline. 

Kinoshita has gone offline.  

Future Team Mom: Noya and Tanaka, you better get your asses off here now. 

BRO NOYA has gone offline. 

BRO TANAKA has gone offline.  

Future Team Mom: thank god 

Future Team Mom: bye

Future Team Mom has gone offline.  

Akama: those guys actually have practice today? 

Snek Lover: seems like it. 

Yahaba: we don’t have practice today 

Watari: probably because Oikawa-san is too busy getting fucked by Iwaizumi-san 

Kyoutani: I did not want to know that. 

Yahaba: Hanamaki-san is probably watching some stupid show on Netflix with Matsukawa-san. 

Watari: most likely. 

Watari: I wonder what Kunimi and Kidaichi are doing

Kyoutani: Kunimi is probably sleeping and Kindaichi is probably playing with Kunimi’s hair as he sleeps. 

Shirabooboo: well Shiratorizawa doesn’t have practice today but only because the school requires for Sunday’s to be only used for free time and studying. 

Taichi: I would be studying 

Taichi: but I’m watching a movie with Semi-san 

Taichi: and Tendou 

Taichi: and Goshiki

Snek Lover: sounds fun

Taichi: Semi is sitting right next to me and he seems to be really enjoying the movie 

Yuuji: how do you know????

Taichi: he has this slight smile on his face that he always gets when he’s enjoying something 

Taichi: and his eyes are sparkling as the tv screen is being reflected onto his glasses that he has to wear when he is on his phone, watching tv, on his laptop/computer and doing class work/homework

Taichi: he’s also got his hoodie covering his hands and has one of his hands covering his mouth 

Taichi: but I can still see the corners of his mouth so I can still see the slight smile. 

Shirabooboo: Kawanishi...

Taichi: fuck..

Snek Lover: you really like him don’t you..? 

Taichi: maybe..

Yuuji: I feel bad for you dude. 

Yahaba: at least get us a picture. 

Watari: yeah! 

Taichi has sent a picture to Second Years.  

Yuuji: he actually looks really good in glasses

Taichi: he always looks good. 

Snek Lover: we will find out soon 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: oh I forgot about the training camp 

ApplePi: it’s being held at Nohebi right? 

BRO TORA: unfortunately. 

Sssseguro: yeah

Sssseguro: they are trying to figure out where to put all of us to sleep. 

Shirabooboo: I’m just surprised so many of us are going. 

Sakusa’s Mom: it’s to send off the third years 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: I dislike training camps

Akama: don’t worry

Akama: we have separate showers so you don’t have to share baths. 

Akama: you can take a bath if you would like to though. 

Kyoutani: if it’s to send of the third years 

Kyoutani: does that mean Date tech’s and Johzenji’s Previous captains and members gonna be there. 

Snek Lover: our previous team members and captains are coming

Yuuji: mine aren’t

Akama: I’m really gonna miss the third years

Taichi: same 

Shirabooboo: you mean you’re gonna miss Semi

ApplePi: I’m gonna miss Yaku hitting Lev when he’s being annoying 

ApplePi: and how calm Kai always is. 

Yahaba: aren’t you vice captain next year? 

ApplePi: unfortunately

ApplePi: it was a compromise as everyone wanted me to be captain but Kuro knew I wouldn’t like it. 

Watari: so what have they already discussed about where we are sleeping?

Sssseguro: we have enough places to sleep for a room per team 

Sssseguro: but since there have been group chats created per year group they are thinking about putting us in bigger rooms per year group. 

Sssseguro: they are also worried that in teams there will be too much making out as most people are dating other team members. 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: there aren’t any Nohbei members dating each other

Akama: no

Akama: recently Numai-san finally got the courage to ask out Kuguri

Snek Lover: so we are probably gonna be in rooms with everyone of the same year? 

Sssseguro: it’s seems that way

Shirabooboo: that means Kawanishi won’t be able to sleep next to Semi. 

Taichi has left the chat.  

Yahaba: well that was mean. 

Watari has added Taichi to the chat. 

Snek Lover: looks like this training camp is gonna be fun. 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: I guess

ApplePi: it’s gonna be very loud 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii has gone offline. 

ApplePi has gone offline. 

Chapter Text

Group Chat: Second Years

BRO TANAKA: ugh why do we have to go to school

BRO NOYA: yeah! 

BRO NOYA: why can’t we just go to practice and then go back home. 

Sssseguro: I hate to agree but you have a point

Sakusa’s Mom: everyone has to go to school so quit your whining

Future Team Mom: I like you Komori. 

Sakusa’s Mom: Thank you!!

Sakusa’s Mom: I like you too Ennoshita! 

Suna: where is Atsumu and Osamu?

Akama: they haven’t been in the chat yet this morning. 

Akama: why????

Suna: Atsumu said he didn’t feel well after practice yesterday and seemed a little out of it. 

Suna: Kita was worried all night. 

Snek Lover: oh so your boyfriend stayed the night at yours. 

Suna: no I stayed at his. 

Suna: he helps his grandma out a lot

Suna: she has a weird thing of always playing with my cheeks 

Kosaku: Grandma Kita is adorable though

Ginjima: yeah

Ginjima: she always bakes us cookies and then if we lose a match she always bakes us cupcakes to have after she and Kita-san cook dinner

Yuuji: wait

Yuuji: your captain cooks you guys dinner

Kosaku: yup! 

Kosaku: he also buys us food to eat while we’re sick! 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: now I get why Sugawara-san calls him the Mom of Team moms 

BRO TORA: Yaku-san said that Kita is blunt but extremely nice so 

Silent Cat: well Yaku-san likes to kick Lev so it’s kinda hard not to be liked by him 

ApplePi: he didn’t like Kuro at first

ApplePi: they used to fight all the time about what is better

ApplePi: poor Kai was in the middle of all of it. 

Shirabooboo: the only arguments I have are with Semi. 

Taichi: that’s only because he’s hurt that you replaced him without any hesitation

Taichi: I mean he got slapped because he was upset and angry. 

Yahaba: your coach slapped Semi???

Taichi: yeah

Taichi: luckily Tendou-san took care of him

Sakusa Kiyoomi: I honestly don’t care who your setter is as long as Ushijima-san is at his strongest. 

Suna: Sakusa. 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: yes?

Suna: have you heard from Atsumu?

Sakusa Kiyoomi: no. Why would I? 

Suna: because you’re his boyfriend...

Sakusa’s Mom: please tell me you do actually talk to Your boyfriend Sakusa...

Sakusa Kiyoomi: I do when he starts the conversation

Sakusa’s Mom: (;_;)

Samu: Guys video call now

Watari: why?

Narita: most of us are getting ready for school. 

Samu: I don’t care this is fucking important

Suna: okay calm down 

Samu: is Kita-san with you??

Suna: yeah 

Samu: okay

Samu: now call

Yahaba: okay I’ll do it 

Yahaba is calling Second Years. 


The screen popped up on Yahaba’s computer showing the faces of the other second years in the chat with a few missing. 

“Who’s missing?” 

Yahaba checked through the list of people in the call to try and answer the question asked. 

“It seems like Ginjima, Kosaku and Atsumu are missing.”

Suna looked at the list as well, “well Ginjima and Kosaku are probably busy but I’m not sure about Atsumu.” 

Everyone, excluding a few, looked at the screen confused until Ennoshita started to speak. “Maybe that’s why Osamu wanted us on a group call?”

Yahaba looked for Osamu’s name to see his camera is pointed at the ceiling so no one could see anything. Yahaba looked at everyone else and could see Akama and Shirabu doing the same as him. 

“Does anyone know what the fuck is going on...?” Everyone shrugged and was thoroughly confused until Suna passed his laptop over to what Yahaba assumed was Kita. 

Everyone was shocked when Kita’s calm voice came through on their speakers on whatever device they were on. “Osamu, what’s going on?”

It seemed that the voice of the calm captain finally got Osamu to move his camera to face him. Yahaba looked at his screen closely to inspect Osamu’s face as it seemed like the usually blank face had slight tear stains on his cheeks. His hair was sticking out in different directions that wasn’t just caused by your average bed head but what appears to be pulled at. 

Yahaba heard Osamu take a deep breath before slowly speaking, “I was getting changed into my uniform and then I heard something fall down the stairs.” Yahaba could hear the subtle hitches in his breath that signifies that he’s trying to stay as calm as he possibly can before continuing. “So I went to check but then I saw ‘Tsumu at the bottom of the stairs passed out and I don’t know what to do because our dad has left for work and our mom is out shopping for groceries!”

Yahaba bit his lip softly and looked at the screen not knowing how to feel seeing someone who seemed so calm and uninterested so upset and vulnerable. Kita seemed to be thinking about what to say before he decided to speak. 

“Stay calm Osamu. Leave this call and I will call you back afterwards. Since I don’t know where you two live I’ll get Suna to take me to you while he also calls your mother, okay?”

Osamu took a deep breath before nodding and leaving the call with Kita following soon afterwards. 

Yahaba just looked at the screen not knowing what to say or do. “Maybe we should end the call now.” Yahaba tried to think where the voice came from before noticing it was from Kyoutani. 

“Yeah..we can continue to talk in the chat.” Yahaba spoke softly, “I’m sure they will keep us updated.” Everyone nodded except Sakusa. Yahaba looked at the little box on his screen with the black haired teen in it and tried to figure out what he was thinking. He just seemed so confused. 

Yahaba sighed before hesitantly clicking the end call button. 


Yahaba has ended the call to Second Years. 

Kinoshita: ...what do we do now? 

Kyoutani: we all go to school and wait for them to update us. 

Kyoutani: it isn’t gonna do us any good worrying so much. 

Watari: who knew Kyoutani could be so smart. 

Shirabooboo: rip Watari. 

Yahaba: are you gonna see him Sakusa? 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: why would I do that if he is sick. 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: I could catch something. 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: is it just me or is everyone too shocked for words...? 

Future Team Mom: I know I am. 

BRO TORA: your boyfriend is passed out after falling down the stairs and that’s all you’ve got to say.

BRO NOYA: if that was Asahi no one would be able to hold me back from seeing him. 

Snek Lover: Daishou got a paper cut on his finger the other day and I acted like he was dying. 

Snek Lover: his words not mine. 

Yuuji: dude

Yuuji: I get you hate germs and everything

Yuuji: but he’s your boyfriend 

Yuuji: but at the same time I’m sure Atsumu would understand since he knows you. 

Sakusa’s Mom: fuck that 

Akama: oh shit. 

Sssseguro: Komori doesn’t usually swear..

Sakusa’s Mom: I don’t fucking care if you don’t like germs! Atsumu is your boyfriend and he clearly has something wrong with him if you don’t go and see him then you have no right to call him your boyfriend! 

Sakusa’s Mom: Atsumu May be an ass most of the time but he’s always so considerate of you and your obsession of not being around germs! And as much as he will be happy to have his brother and his captain and friends there he probably still wants the comfort from his fucking boyfriend! 

Sakusa’s Mom: so if you don’t go and see him, if he’s in hospital or if he is at home, I will be beyond angry! 

Sakusa’s Mom has gone offline. 

Sakusa Kiyoomi has gone offline.  

Yahaba: let’s all just go back to getting ready for school.

Future Team Mom: agreed. 



Tsumu: hey! 

Future Team Mom: Atsumu!

Future Team Mom: How are you?

Tsumu: as good as I can be while being in hospital. 

Yahaba: so you got sent to hospital? 

Akama: damn. 

Tsumu: yeah, this isn’t the first time I’ve passed out. 

Tsumu: I’ve never done it at the top of the stairs before though. 

Samu: yeah

Samu: Tsumu used to pass out a lot when we were younger. 

Tsumu: I haven’t done it for a long while but I also a little sick at the moment 

Sakusa’s Mom: has Sakusa seen you? 

Tsumu: he’s here right now. 

Tsumu: he brought my favourite snacks with him 

Sakusa’s Mom: Thank god 

Samu: just to give ya evidence. 

Samu sent a picture to Second Years.  

Sakusa’s Mom: well I didn’t expect him to be literally snuggling with him 

Samu: I know it’s disgusting that I have to witness it. 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: what’s wrong with Atsumu’s arm? 

Samu: he fractured it. 

Samu: it should be fine enough for him to play during the training camp though. 

BRO NOYA: that’s good then

Yahaba: are you okay now Osamu? 

Samu: yeah

Kyoutani: Yahaba was worried all day and it was annoying. 

Yahaba: shut up! 

Watari: you were though. 

Yuuji: I think we were all worried at least a little. 

Tsumu: well no wonder 

Tsumu: I’m amazing! 

ApplePi: he’s back. 

Samu has gone offline. 

Watari has gone offline. 

Yahaba has gone offline. 

Kyoutani has gone offline.  

Future Team Mom has gone offline. 

ApplePi has gone offline. 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii has gone offline. 

Tsumu: ( T_T)

Sakusa's Mom: ( T_T)\(^-^ )

Chapter Text

Group Chat: Second Years

Taichi: help

Future Team Mom: What’s wrong!?!

Taichi: Semi has a pink fluffy blanket wrapped around him because he’s cold

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: I thought it was gonna be something serious

Future Team Mom: don’t say it like that 

Future Team Mom: especially after what happened to Atsumu. 

Tsumu: yeah!!

ApplePi: shh Atsumu

Tsumu: (T_T)

Shirabooboo changed Taichi’s name to Semi’s Cute Ass.  

Semi’s Cute Ass: wtf

Shirabooboo: oops 

Shirabooboo: my finger slipped 

Yahaba: I actually like you for once 

Shirabooboo: I don’t 

Semi’s Cute Ass: Semi is gonna see this in the team group chat you fucking dick 

Semi’s Cute Ass: Fuck Semi is asking why I’m glaring at my phone and is trying to look at it. 

Silent Cat: why is Semi in your room???

Shirabooboo: they are roommates 

Narita: and they were roommates

Shirabooboo: a second year rooms with a third year. 

Shirabooboo: that way as a first year you can be with someone you know and then in your second year you would have hopefully gained friends from your club and get put with a third year from your club. 

Shirabooboo: I room with Ushijima so I got lucky. 

Semi’s Cute Ass: I’m sharing with Goshiki next year

Semi’s Cute Ass: because he said ‘Shirabu-senpai is too mean’ 

Watari: I don’t blame him. 

Semi’s Cute Ass: ahh I’ve gotta go 

Semi’s Cute Ass: Semi wants me 

Semi’s Cute Ass has gone offline. 

Silent Cat: he’s whipped 

BRO NOYA: ^^^^^



“Are you okay Semi-San?” Kawanishi looked over at the third year standing in the middle of the room with the fluffy pink blanket still wrapped over his shoulders. 

“Yeah I’m fine. It’s just so cold. They need to add better heating into these rooms...” As if on cue a shiver ran down Semi’s spine causing him to wrap the blanket around himself even closer. “You wouldn’t get it Kawanishi, you always seem to be so warm. Tendou cuddles me when I’m cold be he’s usually cold himself so we just share the same cold body heat.”

“Y-you could...uh..cuddle with me..” Kawanishi rubbed the back of his neck as a light blush dusted across his cheeks. He looked up again when he heard a small laugh escape the older teen. “I would love that. Especially if it means I can get warmer.” Semi smiled at Kawanishi before gesturing for the younger teen to move. “Get comfortable and then I will get myself situated.”

Kawanishi nodded quickly and sat on his bed with his back against the wall and his legs crossed. Semi then sat down in Kawanishi’s lap with his blanket still tightly around him and placed his head on Kawanishi’s shoulder. 

Kawanishi blushed and softly bit his lip before grabbing the tv remote. Semi looked up at Kawanishi for a second, “Kawanishi?” 


“Why is your chat name ‘Semi’s Cute Ass’?”

Kawanishi blush turned into a darker shade of pink as he just turned the tv up in volume to avoid answering Semi’s question. 



Group Chat: Shiratorizawa Bitches

Back Up Mom: nice name Kawanishi. 

Semi’s Cute Ass: ....really Yamagata

Semi Is A Bottom: I agree with the name 

Semisemi: -.-

Semisemi: Goshiki is in this chat guys 

Semisemi: keep it pg 

TenSemi’s Child: I still don’t quite get Tendou-San’s name

Strong Boi: I think it means that Tendou is the one who penetrates Semi. 

Semisemi: Omfg

Semisemi: I give up 

Back Up Mom: *pats semi’s back* 

Semi Is A Bottom: it’s true tho 

Reon: why is nearly everyone’s names in this chat related to Semi?

Semisemi: I wish I knew 

Reon: I’m just shocked that even Ushijima has a different name 

Strong Boi: Tendou done it and I don’t know how to change it. 

Reon: I should have guessed that was why. 

TenSemi’s Child: Who even changed Kawanishi-San’s name? 

Shirabooboo: I did 

Shirabooboo: I done it in the second years group chat. 

Semisemi: why that???

Shirabooboo: why not? 

Semisemi: Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)



Group Chat: Second Years

Shirabooboo: Kawanishi you better be thanking me for you being able to be near Semi right now 

Yuuji: why

Yuuji: what happened????

Semi’s Cute Ass: Semi got cold and now he’s asleep in my lap

Snek Lover: why the fuck is he in your lap??

Semi’s Cute Ass: I’m always warm so Semi wanted to cuddle to get warmer 

Tsumu: get some Kawanishi!!

Samu: I give you the right to slap my brother. 

Suna: I don’t or Kita will kill me 

Ginjima: you mean he will blue ball you 

Tsumu: tbh I can’t relate 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: Atsumu you told me you were showering. 

Tsumu: I was gonna but I felt light headed so I thought it wouldn’t be good to stand in the shower. 

Tsumu: so I’m gonna have a bath instead

Sakusa’s Mom: good thinking 

Sssseguro: you don’t wanna pass out in the shower 

BRO NOYA: why aren’t we talking about the fact that Kawanishi said Semi 


Future Team Mom: language

Future Team Mom: I sounded like Suga




Semi’s Cute Ass: really...

Kyoutani: I can feel the eye roll though the text 


Semi’s Cute Ass has sent a picture to Second Years.  

Akama: How Cuteeee!


Semi’s Cute Ass: I wish 

Semi’s Cute Ass has gone offline. 

Yahaba: well shit. 

Chapter Text

Group Chat: Second Years

BRO NOYA: the training camp is close now!!!!!!!!11!1!!!1!!!!!!11!!!1!1!!!!!

Yuuji: I'm so excited (๑✧∀✧๑)

Silent Cat: that also means that the 3rd years will be leaving soon 

Shirabooboo: way to kill the mood 

Sssseguro: we love a good mood killer 

Akama: ┏༼ ◉ ╭╮ ◉༽┓

Akama: I already wanna cry at the thought of Hiroo-san leaving 

Akama: He's so quiet but intimidating at the same time and makes the other teams fear us

Ginjima: Your first year that replace your ace that one time is fairly intimidating 

Sssseguro: you mean Kuguri?

Samu: he does 

Samu: honestly tho

Samu: I actually find him quite hot 

Samu: I would definitely smash him

Suna: I never thought I would ever see you type that shit

Akama: sorry

Akama: our precious ace in training is taken by our current ace

Akama: although at the training camp we could probably trick him

Samu: wdym?

Sssseguro: we could all play truth or dare or like spin the bottle or maybe seven minuets in heaven if we could get away with it

Sssseguro: and then get Kuguri to join in

Yuuji: damn you guys are even snakes to each other

Yahaba: that gives me ideas for our other love sick person in this chat

Yahaba: I know you're not love sick Osamu but y'know

Samu: its chill

Samu: also I think I know what you're implying and you should definitely do that

Yahaba: ⚈ ̫ ⚈

Samu: ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Suna: What happened to you Osamu?

Samu: ┻━┻ ︵ ¯\ (ツ)/¯ ︵ ┻━┻

Suna: I've been traumatised

Tsumu: same

Semi's Cute Ass: I'm scared of those faces 

Samu: wdym

Yahaba: wdYm

Kyoutani: wHaT d0 You mEAn????????

Yahaba: (*〇□〇)……!

Kyoutani: What?

Yahaba: I can feel you mocking me 

Yahaba: へ[ •́ ‸ •̀ ]ʋ

Kyoutani: use one of those fucking emojis again then you will be single 

Kyoutani: I know you're gonna be captain next year but if you start to act like that fucking trash I will leave you

Watari: I just heard Oikawa Senpai sneeze 

Kosaku: I hope hes oaky

Kosaku: *okay

Watari: he's fine 

Watari: Iwa is now aggressively caring for him

Kosaku: thts good then

Kosaku: ⁞ ᵕ ‿ ᵕ ⁞

Watari: You're so cute Kosaku!!!

Kosaku: Thxs 

Kosaku: u r 2!!

Watari: ´・ᴗ・`

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: can we stop using so many emoji's now 

Kosaku: (。•́-ก̀。)

Watari: .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.

Yahaba: (◞‸◟;)

Samu: (ノ`_´)ノ~~┴┴

ApplePi: I will kikk aloof uuu

Future Team Mom: What?

ApplePi: srry playidaf9 afffff gam3zzz

Sakusa's Mom: I think he means 'sorry I'm playing games'.

ApplePi: yh

Tsumu: thank goodness we have Komori

Future Team Mom: agreed 

Snek Lover: for once someone agrees with Atsumu


Tsumu: I wished someone would burn me 



Sakusa Kiyoomi: I'm confused?

Tsumu: don't worry

Sakusa Kiyoomi: okay Atsumu. 

Kinoshita: Aww 

Narita: young love 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: Are you not the same age as us?

Ginjima: they are 

Ginjima: they are just trying to confuse you 

Kinoshita: we aren't 

Narita: but if it did confuse you I'm sorry

Shirabooboo: you just need to remember that Sakusa and Ushijima are very similar when it comes to bluntness and not understanding things.

Silent Cat: must be a top ace thing 

Tsumu: oh well Sakusa does top

Silent Cat: not what I meant

Shirabooboo: so does Ushijima 

Silent Cat: *facepalm*

Silent Cat: anyone else wanna talk about their ace's topping them?


AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: Bokuto-san tops me too

Akama: our current ace tops our future ace

Silent Cat: I was being sarcastic but okay...

ApplePi: don't act so innocent Fukunaga

ApplePi:  I know you and Tora have some friends with benefits thing going on

BRO TORA: wtf Kenma 

Silent Cat: ……….

Silent Cat: I mean I can't deny it 


Yuuji: I'm not fucking anyone nor am I being fucked by anyone 

Yuuji: but I would smash Daishou any day

Snek Lover: please don't talk about fucking my boyfriend dude 

Yuuji: sorry dude 

Snek Lover:  it's okay dude 

Future Team Mom: those two are just as bad as Noya, Tanaka and Yamamoto together

Future Team Mom: just with dude instead of bro

Semi's Cute Ass: also why does everyone want to fuck a non-single snek.

Sssseguro: it's literally just Osamu and Terushima but sure

Sssseguro: also Akama the team group chat is going crazy so maybe we should check. 

Akama: okay!!



Group Chat: Snek Snek

NaoYASSSu: why the hell do we have to have a group chat again

NaoYASSSu: and why I have to be fucking in it

Hyperactive Coach: Kuguri!!

Hyperactive Coach: don't use such foul language

NaoYASSSu: sorry but I honestly couldn't give a shit

Human Snake: Numai control your boyfriend 

Numaiiii: bold for you to assume that I could control him

Takachiho: but you can 

Hiroo: yeah I had the unfortunate case of hearing you two in the club room

Snekishima: I just can't believe that Kuguri is that loud 

Akama: I can to be honest 

Sssseguro: that must be why a certain second year wouldn't mind smashing him

Numaiiii: who the fuck wants to do that?

Akama: sorry

Akama: we are sworn to stay quiet

Sssseguro: we aren't but go off

NaoYASSSu: can we not have a conversation about smashing me and how loud I am

NaoYASSSu: I'm the youngest here so it's kinda fucked to say shit like that

Human Snake: Numai is the one who's fucking ya 

Hyperactive Coach: lets just not talk about sex anymore before I get in trouble again 

Takachiho: I second that 

Takachiho: my mom looks at my phone frequently and last time when she saw that picture of Numai and Kuguri making out got my phone confiscated

NaoYASSSu: would you rather a video next time?

Sssseguro: could you send me one to send to the second year we were talking about

NaoYASSSu: sure

Numaiiii: you are not doing that

NaoYASSSu: try me bitch

Numaiiii: I just won't kiss you then


Hiroo: ...

Human Snake...

Sssseguro: ...

Akama: ...

Snekishima: ...

Takachiho: ...

Hyperactive Coach: ...

Numaiiii: ...

Numaiiii: get your fuckin ass over here then 

NaoYASSSu: I thought you didn't want to kiss me 

Numaiiii: shut up 

NaoYASSSu has gone offline.

Numaiiii has gone offline.




Private Message: Sssseguro to Samu

Sssseguro  has sent a video to Samu.

Samufucking hell

Sssseguro: you're welcome 



Chapter Text

Group Chat: Second Years

Tsumu: why thd hell is Samu looking at his phone practically 24/7

Sssseguro: wouldn't you like to know <( ̄︶ ̄)>

Tsumu: yes 

Tsumu: that's why I'm fucking asking you damn snake

Akama: wait 

Akama: Kuguri actually sent you a video of him and Numai-san making out????

Samu: I can tell you that he did in fact 

Samu: did you know that the first year is very loud

AkamaThe whole team knows unfortunately

Suna: how does your whole team know

Sssseguro: When Numai finally grew the balls to ask Kuguri out they had sex in the club room and they did not wait for all of us to finish getting changed after practice

Sssseguro: needless to say a lot of us went home in our practice clothes and picked up our school uniforms the next morning

Suna: damn

Samu: you're acting like you and Kita-san have never had sex in the club room

Suna: It's not my fault you left your jacket in the room after Kita checked that everyone was gone

Ginjima: Osamu is acting like he didn't get good blackmail material out of the fact that Kita was riding your dick instead of you actually fucking him

Suna: I would suggest that if all of you don't want to do extra laps today then you stop talking about my private sexual encounters with my boyfriend.

Samu: no offence Kita san but if you wanted it to be private then maybe you should have done it home

Kosaku: u just expct Kita-san to have sx in front of his gran?????

Suna: Kosaku, please try to use fully formed sentences. What you just said is hard to understand.

Kosaku: don't worry Kita-san. when I message you privately I wont use text talk

Suna: Now all of you are going to stop talking about my sexual encounters unless everyone in this chat who are apart of this conversation will do extra laps. Don't think I can't tell the other captains in the captain chat to make you all do extra laps. Or I will go to the team mom chat and tell them. That's it. Goodbye.

Tsumu: damn.

BRO NOYA: you guys are brave for angering your team mom

BRO NOYA: I would never anger Suga-san like that

Suna: rip Osamu

Sssseguro: he can't die before he can fuck Kuguri

Tsumu: I don't think Kuguri's boyfriend wold be fine with my brother fucking his boyfriend

Akama: I think it would depend, if Kuguri would want to then he would probably let him as long as he knows what's happening. Numai and Kuguri really love each other but I also know that if one of them wanted to have sex with someone else every once I an while they would let them. also Numai would probably feel okay with osamu since osamu is aromantic so there would be no chance of Osamu developing romantic feelings for Kuguri. if any of that made any sense.

Suna: it does



Private Message: Samu to NaoYASSSu

Samu: hey

NaoYASSSu: hi

NaoYASSSu: you're the second year who said he would bang me aren't you

Samu: possibly 

NaoYASSSu: I mean you won't get anywhere with that attitude. 

NaoYASSSu: Have you seen my boyfriend?

Samu: I have

Samu: he seemed very into your ass when you two were making out 

Samu: I mean I see why

NaoYASSSu: so Seguro-san did send you the video

NaoYASSSu: I'm gonna be honest with you and say that I really don't see why you would wanna fuck me 

Samu: what makes you say that?

NaoYASSSu: out everyone on my team you said you would fuck me 

NaoYASSSu: I don't put any effort in to how I look and I'm just not the best looking

NaoYASSSu: fuck knows how I got a boyfriend let alone someone that I've had a crush on for so long

NaoYASSSu: like Daishou-san is way more attractive then me and so is Hiroo-san and I'm pretty sure the Numai-san has fucked Daishou-san before Daishou-san started dating Futakuchi-san so I don't get why the fuck he's dating me.

NaoYASSSu: ah shit I rambled sorry

Samu: it's fine

Samu: it seemed like you really needed to get that out

NaoYASSSu: nah I'm just being stupid 

NaoYASSSu: my brother would call me a fucking idiot and tell me to dump Numai-san to save him from having to deal with someone so emotionally problematic

Samu: your brother says that shit to you?

NaoYASSSu: your brother doesn't?

Samu: my brother makes fun of me as much as I make fun of him but we would never tell each other that they should break up with someone that they love because they are emotionally problematic 

Samu: fuck we wouldn't even call each other emotionally problematic

NaoYASSSu: you wouldn't?

Samu: fuck no!

Samu: what else does your brother do or say?

NaoYASSSu: that's it

Samu: have you ever told Numai about it?

NaoYASSSu: no and I don't want him to know so don't even bother trying to convince me to tell him

Samu: why?

NaoYASSSu: because I don't want to

NaoYASSSu: and everything that I've told you stays between us

Samu: I don't agree with you keeping this from your boyfriend but if you want me to keep this a secret then I will

Samu: but just so you know you are unbelievably attractive but cute at the same time and you shouldn't question why people would want to fuck you

NaoYASSSu: you know for an aromantic person that was surprisingly romantic

Samu: whatever Kuguri

NaoYASSSu: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Group Chat: Second Years

Yahaba has sent a video to Second Years.

Semi's Cute Ass: is that the 'meme team'?

Watari: yeah

Snek Lover: are they dancing seductively to despacito?

Kyoutani: unfortunately

Yuuji: dam Hanamaki hips don't lie

Snek Lover: looks like Matsukawa agrees from the way he's dancing with him

Sakusa's Mom: why are they dancing seductively to Despacito?

Yahaba: they kept playing and obnoxiously singing it whenever someone would fail at something and Oikawa-san got annoyed and made them do it 

Yahaba: but now he's pissed because they were actually good

Watari: moral of the story, no one challenge Makki and Mattsun (especially Makki) to a dance or just dance battle because they will wreck you

Yahaba: Makki is good at a lot of things surprisingly 

Yahaba: Makki can sing really well

Kyoutani: yeah I just wish that both of you would stop singing high school musical all the time 






Kinoshita: BET ON IT,

Sakusa's Mom: BET ON IT

Kyoutani: not you too Komori

Sakusa's Mom: I'm sorry but High School Musical is amazing 

Future Team Mom: I mean I don't think any of you will beat Daichi and Suga on the High School Musical thing

BRO TANAKA: oh yeaah 

BRO TANAKA: they are so cute

Semi's Cute Ass: what do they do?

BRO NOYA: they know all the lyrics and dance to can I have this dance 

Narita: Kinoshita has a video of them doing it in the rain and it's v adorable

Kinoshita has sent a video to Second Years.

ApplePi: that is actually extremely cute 

Shirabooboo: I agree that is extremely adorable and sickly I'm gonna throw up

Samu: Tsumu used to make me sing I want it all with him

Silent Cat: I'm assuming that he was Sharpay and you were Ryan 

Samu: you assumed right 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: is that secretly why Atsumu dyed his hair blonde 

Tsumu: rude! but secretly yes 

Tsumu: Sharpay is an icon



BRO TORA: honestly I'm not shocked at all of this

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: tbh neither am I 



Group Chat: Mom Squad

Sugamama: is anyone else's second years screaming out high school musical songs?

Godzilla<3: Yahaba and Watari are and Shittykawa is being his usually shitty self and decided to join in

Twin Handler: Mine are.

Momiwa: even Suna? 

Twin Handler: Unfortunately, yes.

Cat Mom: Tora is singing and Kenma is just humming along

Human Snake: Akama and Seguro and playing the songs through Akama's phone but tbh I'm more worried about my first year at the moment but we can talk about that later 

Semisemi: Shirabu is being his normal bitchy self but Kawanishi is looking at his phone watching something but I can hear can I have this dance coming from his phone.

Godzilla<3: Akaashi, can you explain any of this since you are in the second year group chat?

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: yes I can Iawizumi-san

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: in the second year group chat we were talking about High School Musical and now everyone is singing it

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: also Sugawara-san, I saw that video of you and Daichi-san dancing and singing to can I have this dance and it is extremely sweet

Sugamama: Well thank you Akaashi

Semisemi: So that's what Kawanishi is watching

Momiwa: now lets move onto Daishou's problem with Kuguri

Cat Mom: yeah what's going on Daishou?

Human Snake: I don't know

Human Snake: he just seems really out of it and is more quiet than usual and is avoiding Numai

Twin Handler: The last thing I hears regarding him was when I was scolding my second and your second years through their group chat on Suna's phone.

Human Snake: what happened????? 

Twin Handler: They were talking about Osamu having a video of Kuguri and Numai making out.

Semisemi: how the fuck did he get that??

Human Snake: Seguro asked Kuguri for it so he could send it to some second year but I didn't expect Kuguri to actually do it 

Human Snake: I didn't know it was going to Osamu though

Sugamama: maybe Kuguri and Osamu have talked to each other 

Human Snake: hmm

Twin Handler: Osamu is aromantic so don't worry about him stealing Kuguri from his boyfriend, he probably only would want sexual things from Kuguri.

Twin Handler: That sounds really bad but you all know what I mean.

Godzilla<3: I'm sure both parties will be fine. Kuguri could just be having a bit of an off day or may be extra tired today

Sugamama: if anything bad happens to either of them we will all be there to give them both warm hugs so nothing to worry about :3

Human Snake: I guess

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: obviously Sugawara-san would offer hugs to them 

Sugamama: good to know that you know what to expect of me now Akaashi




Chapter Text

Group Chat: Second years

Tsumu: I'm adding someone else to the chat since they won't stop harassing me until I add him

Narita: are they a second year?

Tsumu: yh but I honestly just forgot about them

Tsumu added Best Smol Boy to Second Years.

Best Smol Boy: fuckin finally 

Yuuji: introduce yourself then dude 

Best Smol Boy: I'm Hoshiumi Korai from Kamomedai High!

Sakusa Kiyoomi: How did you forget about him Atsumu? He went to a training camp with us.

Tsumu: do I even have to mention the fact that I fell down the fucking stairs the other day 

Tsumu: so sorry if I don't remember to add another fucking second year

Samu: I mean I don't think anyone actually gives a shit about you falling down the stairs 

Tsumu: I will push you down the fuckin stairs and see how you like it 

Kyoutani: wasn't Osamu crying when he told us about Atsumu falling

Best Smol Boy: woulda been great black mail material 

ApplePi: honestly the setter group chat gets all the quality blackmail material

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: It is quite interesting seeing some of the things that come out of that chat.

Shirabooboo: I like just getting blackmail material on Semi.

Tsumu: the group chat is called pretty and petty setters for a reason

ApplePi: and that reason is mainly Oikawa

Best Smol Boy: I heard the mom chat is pretty lit 

BRO NOYA: cool name dude btw

Best Smol Boy: I know 



Group Chat: Mom Squad

Sugamama: gasp!!!!!

Sugamama: I forgot someone!!!!!

Sugamama  has added Facepalm to Mom Squad.

Facepalm: oh Hi

Twin Handler: Hello.

Facepalm: I'm Misaki, the 3rd year Manager from Johzenji.

Godzilla<3: now your name makes sense 

Facepalm: uh huh

Facepalm: I facepalm with those guys all the time 

Semisemi: I would too if I was you

Semisemi: I facepalm with my team too because sometimes Ushijima forgets that he is captain and runs off way ahead of all of us like its proving something but if anything it's just more tiring for me because then I have to deal with Shirabu, my sweet child Goshiki and Tendou all at once

Human Snake: sounds stressful 

Momiwa: I still facepalm with my team and I'm not even their captain anymore 

Cat Mom: it's okay Moniwa, *pat pat*

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: I just facepalm about Bokuto-San and so does the whole team. 

Facepalm: we all know you wouldn't have it any other way tho 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: sadly you are right about that one

Twin Handler: Oh, are we all still having that coffee meet up before the training camp? If we are then would anyone like me to bake some cookies or cake to bring with me.

Human Snake: obviously we want you to do that 

Godzilla<3: yeah Kita your baking is a literal gift from god 

Momiwa: I can't wait to eat Kita's treats again

Semisemi: this is why Kita is the mom of the mom squad 

Sugamama: yeah I can never out mom Kita so I've given up trying at this point 

Facepalm: I've never tried this baking???

Facepalm: is it really that good? 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: fuck yes 

Human Snake: it must be good for Akaashi to just swear for no reason like that 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: Kita's cakes and cookies will always be worth swearing for 

Twin Handler: How about we keep swearing to the minimum.

Cat Mom: yes mom 

Semisemi: okay mom

Human Snake: sure mom

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: yeah mom

Sugamama: yes mother 

Godzilla<3: yh mom 

Momiwa: yes mommm

Facepalm: okay mom!!!

Twin Handler: .....

Twin Handler: Thank you. 



Group Chat: Pretty and Petty Setters

Pretty Boy: what's up sluts???

Semisemi: if anyone is a slut here it's you Oikawa

KaGAYama:  or Atsumu 

Tsumu: I will stab a bitch

Yahaba: an we'll just tell your boyfriend in the second year group chat 

Tsumu: fuckin snitches 

Takeharu: why am I not in the second year group chat but Terushima is?????

ApplePi: because one of you party boys is enough and it only makes sense to have your captain if we're only gonna have one of you

Momiwa: wow Kenma explained something 

Momiwa: I'm so proud 

Momiwa: *wipes away a single tear*

Giant Setter: Don@T cry S3nP4i 

Snekishima: did anyone actually understand that????

Giant Setter: sorry I was doing something with Sakunami 

Snekishima: tmi


Shirabooboo: sure you were 

Giant Setter: I was 

Pretty Boy: don't worry I believe you 

Sugamama: I do to because I don't condone underage sex 

KaGAYama: but Noya-san told me you and Daichi-san had sex in the supply closet in your second year

Sugamama: do as I say and not as I do child 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: I'm sorry Sugawara-san but I'm pretty sure mostly everyone who plays volleyball that are going to the training camp has had sex, whether it's straight, gay or lesbian sex I bet most of us has had sex

ApplePi: he has a point

Pretty Boy: you're only agreeing since Kuroo occasionally lets Akaashi and Bokuto fuck u

ApplePi: you would agree too if you had Bokuto fucking you or had Akaashi's pretty face kissing you

Pretty Boy: u rite

ApplePi: not only that but Bokuto is great at after sex cuddles even if he didn't have sex with you

ApplePi: he's just great at cuddles and hugs all together 

Snekishima: Bokuto does have his beefy ass arms so I could see why he would be good at cuddling 

Semisemi: now I want Bokuto to kill me with his beefy arms hugging me as I slowly start to lose oxygen and accept the fate of my sweet slow death from being deprived of oxygen 

Sugamama: same 

Pretty Boy: kinky bastards 



Group Chat: Second Years

Best Smol Boy: this chat is was so boring before I came here. I'm glad I was able to make your lives better

Yuuji: no offence dude but the chat legit died 

Snek Lover: damn thts harsh but tru

Silent Cat: what shall we do to welcome our new member then?

Tsumu: cry ourselves to sleep 

Sssseguro: I already do that though 

Samu: same 

Sssseguro: you only do because you can't fuck Kuguri 

Samu: no sadly I do think about things other then sex 

Samu: is he okay though?

Sssseguro: yeah why wouldn't he be 

Samu: no reason 

Akama: suuuuuureeeeeeee

Samu: if you guys are gonna be dicks about it I'll just video call him later

Akama: how cuteeeee but he's at Numai's house tonight since his parents are out and Numai's parents love Kuguri but I'm sure you could still call him

Yahaba: for someone who is aromantic you do seem to care about Kuguri a lot

Yahaba: but lets change topic anyway

Best Smol Boy: lets play a game where you have to tell on thing you are most embarrassed about

Yuuji: one time I got a B on my test 

Best Smol Boy: okay lets not play that game 

Kyoutani: lets play a game of slap Terushima for even fucking saying that 

Samu: ^^^

Suna: ^^^^^^

Tsumu: ^^^^^

BRO NOYA: ^^^^

BRO TANAKA: ^^^^^^^^^^


Yuuji: fuck 



Kosaku: hi

Watari: AHHHH Kosaku is on!!!!

Narita: how are you?

Kosaku: gd, u?

Kinoshita: we're all good 

Sakusa's Mom: is it just me or does it seem way too quiet in here

Future Team Mom: no it is suspiciously quiet 

Tsumu: Samu is calling someone at the moment and Suna is studying with Ginjima 

Yahaba: I know where Akaashi and Kenma are but I don't think you all wanna know 

Shirabooboo: oh they definitely don't 

Future Team Mom: Noya is on date nigh with Asahi

Future Team Mom: Tanaka is taking a shower 

Tsumu: so is Sakusa 

Yuuji: Futakuchi is 'Netflix and chilling' with Daishou

Semi's Cute Ass: I'm watching movies with Semi again 

Akama: Well this is boring 

Best Smol Boy: mhm



Osamu quickly dried his hair and made sure it looked as presentable as possible before leaving the bathroom. As Osamu walked to his room he just kept thinking to himself 'why the fuck do I care about him?'. The teen shook his head and opened his bedroom door before closing it behind him to make sure that no unwanted guests came in. Especially not Sakusa, of all the nights Atsumu decided to have his boyfriend around it just had to be tonight. 

He sat down on his bed and grabbed his laptop and opened the skype app and clicked on Kuguri's screen name and proceeded to quickly send the younger male a message.

Samu: hey is it okay to call now?

NaoYASSSu: sure 

Osamu moved his mouse over to the call button and took a deep breath before clicking it, his heart started to beat so fast as each noise that proved the call was being made rang out through the silence of his room. It only then decided to calm down once Kuguri's bored resting face popped up onto his screen. Osamu looked at his screen intently when something seemed a little off with his face, it seemed like Kuguri had a bruise starting to form just under his eye. Osamu's raised an eyebrow before finally breaking the silence. 

"Have you got a bruise under your eye?". Kuguri's face turned to a look of shock for a brief second before going back to his bored expression.

"Hello to you too."

"I'm being serious. How the fuck did you get that?"

"Volleyball." Kuguri's reply came quick, too quick, like it was rehearsed and pre-prepared for anyone who was bothered enough to ask. "Balls to face hurt a lot y'know, especially when your team is known for nailing people in the face to get the advantage in matches." Osamu still didn't believe the younger teen but decided to drop the subject for now to avoid upsetting Kuguri.

"I know, your team plays so fuckin dirty it's unbelievable." If that was even the right thing to say Osamu wouldn't have known but Kuguri didn't seem to mind the new conversation so maybe it was. Why did Osamu even care so much on whether what he said offended the younger male, usually he wouldn't give two shits about that kind of stuff so what's so fucking different with Kuguri Naoyasu.

"I've never realised how strong your accent is. It's kinda nice. It's different from everyone at my school. Daishou-san always tries to speak like he has tea with the queen most of the time." Kuguri turned to look over at the door as he heard someone walking past until the door opened.

Osamu saw Kuguri nod before someone appeared behind Kuguri and pulled Kuguri onto his lap before handing the younger teen an ice pack. Osamu was about to ask who the guy was until he noticed the familiar hair from the video that Seguro sent him. "Osamu, this is my Boyfriend Numai, Numai-san this is Osamu the guy who Seguro-san wanted the video for."

Osamu buried his face in his hands, "Jesus Christ you couldn't have introduced me in a better way instead of 'this guy watched us make out'..."

"He wouldn't understand otherwise so unless you want him to think I'm talking to some random stranger you will now be known as 'the guy who watched us make out'" Kuguri made sure to emphasise his air quotations while only using one hand as the other was holding the ice pack under his eye. Kuguri turned around and quickly kissed Numai in the lips as a thanks for the ice pack. "I guess it's nice to kinda meet you Osamu."

Osamu was taken back slightly by Numai's voice but quickly recovered and mumbled out a quick greeting back. "It's nice to meet you too. I'm glad Kuguri also has an ice pack for his bruise now as well."

"Yeah well this idiot had to get something from his brother before practice and accidently walked into a lamppost." Kuguri seemed to go stiff in Numai's lap as Osamu looked at the screen confused at the oldest teens words. "I thought you sai-" Osamu was interrupted by his brother suddenly bursting into the room and jumping all over Osamu.

"'Sumu!! You said you wouldn't be too long and then you would watch movies with me and Sakusa!! It's rude to make us fuckin' wait!" Osamu rolled his eyes and pushed Atsumu off of himself but unfortunately Atsumu was quick to attack his brother again.

Kuguri watched his screen at the twins fighting before starting to laugh loudly, everyone stopped and looked so shocked at the youngest teen holding his stomach from laughing so much. Osamu felt his cheeks starting to heat up as a blush appeared on his face. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the moment was broken when Atsumu shouted out "Awww!!! 'Samu is blushin'!!" Osamu grabbed a pillow and whacked Atsumu's face with it.

"I gotta go." Osamu quickly ended the call and pushed Atsumu off the bed. "I fuckin' hate you 'Tsumu!"

Osamu walked out of his room with Kuguri's laugh replaying in his head, not even noticing his brother screams of 'No you don't!'

All the grey haired twin could think was.

"Fuck sexuality is so fucking confusing." 

Chapter Text

Group Chat: Slap Me Daddy

CuteYui: may I ask why the captain group chat has to be called that again

Cat Bro: because its an amazing name

Owl Bro: don't judge and just deal wit it 

I'm Sorry: I feel like my name is not only relevant to my 'party' team but now also this chat

Momiwa: well at least the name is kinda creative

Human Snake: he has a point to be fair 

Twin Handler: I think we could be called something else no matter how creative our current name is right now.

Strong Boi: I don't understand the daddy part

Pretty Boy: of course yu wouldn't you dense fuck 

Pretty Boy: its probably what Shirabu calls you in bed

Strong Boi: how did you know he called me that during our sexual interactions?

Human Snake: fuck he played you good oiks 

Pretty Boy: -_-

Dadchi: can we not talk about Shirabu's and Ushijima's daddy kink please

Cat Bro: says the guy called 'dadchi'

Pretty Boy: yea mr refreshing probably calls you that

CuteYui: He does 

CuteYui: especially when he's like kinda riding Daichi's thighs

Dadchi: how could you Yui!!!!

Human Snake: that IS hilarious 

Cat Bro: like you can talk Daishou

Cat Bro: Futakuchi fucks you so hard that you can only do it on weekends because you cant walk the next day

Momiwa: I'd rather not hear about my ex teammates sexual life Kuroo 

Twin Handler: I do not wish to hear about any of this either 

Strong Boi: I wanna be Tracer 

Dadchi: the fuck 

Pretty Boy: did that ass hole just meme 

Pretty Boy: only Makki and Mattsun can meme 

CuteYui: HIT oR miss I GueSS th3y nEV3R Miss hUh????

Pretty Boy: stooooooop

Human Snake: can TikTok just burn in a fire now??????

Twin Handler: Honestly, I wish it would.



 Group Chat: Gayest Team

Fuck Me With Creampuffs: guys why is everyone still talking about tiktok memes they're fucking dead now and it annoys me when someone tries too hard to meme 

Eyebrow God: babe chill tf out

Eyebrow God: I know it hurts but it will get better

Fuck Me With Creampuffs: I came here to have a good time and I honestly feel so attacked right now

Kunimi: It will get better Hanamaki-san 

Mizoguchi: do you know what will make things better is if Kunimi stopped being lazy 

Kunimi: who invited this bitch here?????

Fuck Me With Creampuffs: how dare you attack my child in his safespace

Pretty Boy: I thought me and iwa-chan are the parents of the team????!!!!!

Eyebrow God: nahhh we share the first years 

Eyebrow God: Kindaichi is yours and iwa's and Kunimi is mine and Makki's

Kunimi: im chill with that

Kindaichi: So am I 

Why Is Everyone Gay?: Hanamaki why is your name that?

Fuck Me With Creampuffs: well our better coach, it's a reference to Heathers from when Heather says "fuck me gently with a chainsaw" but with creampuffs instead. and its slightly shorter

Mizoguchi: I feel like I can get arrested just from your username 

Yahaba: well fuck 

Watari: oh shitballs 

Kyoutani: oh my mother fucking god 

Godzilla<3: all of you shut the fuck up and go the fuck to sleep you little shits

Fuck Me With Creampuffs: okay Iwa-chan

Eyebrow God: Yes Iwa-chan

Pretty Boy: Hey!!!!!!

Godzilla<3: Bed Now Shittykawa

Pretty Boy: ...…...

Pretty Boy: yes Iwa-Chan



Group Chat: Second Years

Suna: are we just gonna ignore the fact that Osamu is fuckin Aromantic yet he seems so fuckin invested in Kuguri Naoyasu 

Samu: I'm just invested in his wellbeing and fucking him nothin else...

Tsumu: who are you trying to fool I saw you blushin last night when you heard him laughing 

Ginjima: he did that 

Samu: have I ever told you all that I hate you?

Ginjima: numerous times, yes

Yahaba: don't be so mean and tease Osamu

Yahaba: sexuality is already confusing enough, especially at this age, without you all teasing him

Best Smol Boy: im fine with them teasing him though

Future Team Mom: of course you are

Sakusa's Mom: we are not teasing Osamu anymore 

Sssseguro: on a different note. Akama you had a question for Osamu.

Akama: oh!!!

Akama: did Kuguri tell you how he actually got that bruise under his eye????

Akama: because the only person who believes the bullshit excuse of 'I walked into a lamppost' is Numai.

Samu: the excuse he gave me was that he was hit in the face with a volleyball but I definitely don't believe that crap

Sssseguro: yeah that definitely not it sis

Kosaku: y wld he lie?

Watari: and why would he not give Osamu the same excuse he gave his team mates 

ApplePi: What was the full excuse he gave the team 

Akama: he had to go pick something up from his brother but accidently walked into a lamppost 

Best Smol Boy: maybe he thought Osamu would be able to suss out the actual cause of the bruise if he said that 

Samu: did he actually meet his brother??

Sssseguro: yeah and like two of his brothers friends and he did actually get something 

Samu: what?

Akama: he got his toothbrush since he forgot to pack it since he was staying at Numai's house 

Samu: I don't like what I'm thinking 

Akama: I would say to share it but you don't have evidence and if Kuguri is keeping it a secret he doesn't want everyone to know but please just help him when you figure out what to do 

Sssseguro: as great as Numai is and everything but he is hella dense and he can over react over things

Sssseguro: not only that but I bet Kuguri is worried about putting too much pressure on any of us with all the third years leaving and having to focus on their futures and then all the second years getting ready for our third year 

Kinoshita: is he not friends with any other first years in your school???

Akama: I know he's friends with most the first years from other teams but in our school he's only really friends with the team 

Akama: there is this cute kid who's coming up to our school and team that came to check out the school with his junior high that was amazed by Kuguri 

Sssseguro: yeah that kid was so cute.

Kyoutani: maybe Kuguri doesn't want all of you snooping in his business 

Kyoutani: I get you all care but this may be something he really doesn't want anyone to know about

Semi's Cute Ass: I agree however if he's showing up with bruises it can be a bit hard to judge things 

Yuuji: but at the same time a hospital can't force treatment on patients unless there is certain circumstances that means they can 

Snek Lover: how do you know that?

Yuuji: I may or may not wanna work in a hospital 

Silent Cat: that explains the good grades 

Shirabooboo: I think we should let Osamu and Kuguri's boyfriend and close friends handle it for now but all be here with our support if Osamu or the others end up needing it 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: I agree now lets change subjects

Narita: HOw is Atsumu????

Tsumu: I'm good at the moment. 

Tsumu: my arm is recovering well and my doctor has started me on some new pills to try and help with the whole light headed and fainting thing until they finally find out what happens 

Best Smol Boy: as long as you're in top shape for the training camp it will be fine 

BRO NOYA: yeah I wanna try receiving your serves again 

BRO TANAKA: yeah your serves are so good but Yamaguchi will be better than you 

Suna: thank god you said that or you would have inflated his ego way too much and I would personally find you and rip your tongue out

BRO TORA: holy shit 

Watari: well the change of subject was good for a little while 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: this chat is a mess 

Silent Cat: you just realised that???



Group Chat: AAACEEE

Mr Soft: Hello

Godzilla<3: you are too pure and sweet to be in this chat Asahi 

Snek Lover: I'm sure Noya would disagree 

Mr Soft: please tell me Noya doesn't talk about our sex life in the second year group chat 

Yuuji: he doesn't don't worry 

BRO TORA: he has too mush respect for you to do that

Numaiiii: I would say the same about my boyfriend and my teammates but I would be flat out lying 

Snek Lover: you would 

Snek Lover: but I cant talk because Daishou definitely cant say the sme about me 

Numaiiii: yeah please think twice before telling me how you fuck my captain/friend 

Aran: I wish I couldn't hear or walk in on my captain having sex with our middle blocker

Strong Boi: I only say things about my sex life to annoy Oikawa

Owl Bro: ohhhhhh I knowwwww we see it all the time in the captain group chat 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: I didn't expect Ushijima-san to be that explicit about his sex life even if it is to annoy Oikawa. 

Owl Bro: oh how wrong you are 

Chapter Text

Group Chat: Second Years

Snek Lover: Someone help me T-T

Akama: Daishou-san????

Akama: why are you on Futakuchi's phon??

Snek Lover: I got another paper cut and he's acting like I'm dying again 

Snek Lover: Teruuuuuuu

Yuuji: yh 

Snek Lover: tell him to calm tf down pleaseeeeeee

Snek Lover: (┬┬_┬┬)

Yuuji: mkay Daishou 

Snek Lover: thank chuuu ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Yuuji: ;)

Silent Cat: well that was interesting 

Shirabooboo: I honestly don't know what to think of that

Semi's Cute Ass: I don't think anyone does 

Yahaba: does anyone know where the hell the team moms have gone 

Kyoutani: yeah Iwaizumi has left me to deal with you and fucking Oikawa in the same fucking room 

Kyoutani: fml

Samu: I've been left with Tsumu who won't stop talking about my call with Kuguri 

Suna: rip

Samu: I swear to god suna if you don't fucking help me I will get kits-san to blue ball you for ten fucking years

Suna: okay I'll help 

Best Smol Boy: the power of being blue balled is strong 

Future Team Mom: tbh it just makes me think of blue from heathers 

Narita: musicals are the best 

Watari: and that's the true tea 

BRO TORA: Fukunaga loves them 

ApplePi: *cough* don't you mean your crush *cough*

ApplePi: I'm sorry what was that????

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: wow Kenma 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: Sugawara-san is laughing so hard right now and Yaku-san is trying not to laugh 

Sssseguro: wait so are all the team moms together right now 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: yes but we are still waiting for Daishou but from what seemed to have happened earlier it seems Futakuchi is holding him up

Kinoshita: where are you????

Kinoshita: Daichi is practically gonna die at this point 

Future Team Mom: I don't know how Suga-san does this shit daily 


Silent Cat: 'babe'

ApplePi: you wanna play that game 

Silent Cat: ...….no

BRO NOYA: someone really out sassed Fukunaga 

BRO NOYA: dammnnnn

Tsumu: ive screen shot this moment 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: this is truly a moment we must all memorise before we die from colds 

Sakusa's Mom: ......

Sakusa's Mom: you should be a drama student Sakusa 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: Why? 

Semi's Cute Ass: you're extremely dramatic 

Shirabooboo: says the guy who nearly cried when Semi cried 

Semi's Cute Ass: I wasn't the only one a lot of people were upset because it was just unexpected from him 

Shirabooboo: .....fine 

Ginjima: by that response I can only assume that Shirabu was upset too 

Kosaku: aw hw cte 

Watari: ahhhh Kosaku is back with his cute typing 

Kyoutani: you're the only one who thinks that because none of us can understand the fuck he is saying 

Watari: he's still adorable 



Private Message: Dadchi to Sugamama

Dadchi: When are you coming back 

Dadchi: Hinata and Kageyama are fighting 

Sugamama: not for a while Dai 

Sugamama: Daishou just got here and we only just ordered coffee

Sugamama: tell them that if they don't behave then I wont let them have any the cookies Kita made for the team 

Dadchi: okay that worked 

Sugamama: see you've got this Dai 

Dadchi: thank you Koushi 

Sugamama: if things get bad get Ennoshita and Yama to help 

Sugamama: especially if its a Tsukki problem because he's secretly whipped for Yams

Sugamama: they are such a cute couple 

Sugamama: and if that doesn't work then i'll tell them off in the group chat

Dadchi: this is why I love you

Sugamama: I love you too Daichi 

Sugamama: if you get through this then I'll cook you dinner tonight okay?

Dadchi: sounds good to me 

Sugamama: you may get something else too ;)

Dadchi: ;)

Dadchi: shit gotta go love you 

Sugamama: love you too good luck 



Sugawara put away his phone safely into his pocket before turning back to everyone at the table. "Sorry, Dai needed some help with our kids." Suga laughed to himself just thinking about how Daichi's cute little panicked face probably looked. 

"I feel like a lot of our teams are going crazy without us there but we still needed to have this little meeting before the training camp. And for Kita's baking." Everyone nodded their head in agreement to Yaku's comment. "This training camp is gonna be hell and a half with everyone in the same place together. Also with us going to Daishou's School my team are gonna be extremely annoying. I'm just hoping me and Kenma can keep Kuroo in line."

After Yaku finished talking everyone slowly turned their heads to face Daishou. The mentioned captain looked up from his coffee to see everyone staring at him with hopeful glints in their eyes. The snake like boy was confused as to why they were looking at him like that and decided to question them. "Why are you all looking at me like that for?"

Akaashi rolled his eyes before answering the clueless Daishou's question, "Are you gonna be civil with pain in the ass Kuroo-san or are you gonna be a little shit like you usually are and provoke him?"

Daishou rolled his eyes at Akaashi before facing the others again. "I will try to be civil with him but I'm not making any promises for the rest of my team. The only people in my team who won't actually provoke Nekoma is Kuguri and Akama. Seguro may listen to me and Akama though. Numai may listen to Kuguri. Hiroo I will never know."

"Not to sound rude or disrespectful, but I think Kuguri and Osamu will be attached to each other considering their recent development." Kita took a sip of his tea.

"Are we not gonna talk about how Kita just low-key done something iconic." Kita looked at Iwaizumi with a look of confusion on his face. "You took a sip of your tea after you said what could be considered as tea." Kita still looked confused but decided just to ignore it while continuing to drink his tea. 

"What I want to know is that no one will try to have sex with each other while we are there. I'm mainly talking about you and Futakuchi, Daishou." Daishou fake gasped after Moniwa looked at him with a straight face to match his statement. Misaki nudged Daishou before pulling down the collar of his shirt a little to reveal a small hickey on the snake boy's neck. "Daishou we all know you and Futakuchi fucked before you came here" Misaki giggled. "Not only that but Mika told me that you are very needy and pouty when you don't get what you want."

Daishou blushed and slowly slid down in his chair while nibbling on his cookie. Semi laughed at Daishou's reaction "Come on Daishou we all know that Mika fucked you with a strap-on while you were dating." Semi managed to get out between his fits of laughter as Daishou slide even further down in his chair. 

"Is it just me or is Semi stupidly pretty?"

Iwaizumi choked on his coffee before looking up at Akaashi, "That's a bit rich coming from you Akaashi. You do have a point though. You, Semi and Sugawara are all stupidly pretty. Daishou and Kita are stupidly attractive as well." 

Yaku nodded in agreement, "Must be a setter and a captain thing." 

Sugawara smiled with a slight blush present on his cheeks from the complement. "Back to the training camp though. I bet Kuguri and Osamu will do something during this training camp. I'm not sure what but they will do something."

Everyone nodded in agreement before Daishou spoke up, "I just hope Osamu can figure out what the hell is going on with Kuguri.."

Chapter Text

Group Chat: Fuck All Our Lives

Hyperactive Coach: is anyone elses students talking about overly sexual things in team group chats????

Hyperactive Coach: or is it just mine 

Ukai: Well my team don't usually because sugawara stops them before they even can 

Ukai: not like him and Daichi isn't any better

Meow Bitch: im worried all of us are gonna get arrested eventually because of what all those kids say 

Why Is Everyone Gay?: Hanamaki name on here is enough to get me arrested 

Mizoguchi: we are just gonna have to put up with it because its gonna be even worse at the training camp

Sigh: its gonna be a horror show at the training camp 

Cat Coach: agreed I just hope Daishou and Kuroo don't kill each other 

Blocky Team: this training camp certainly is gonna be interesting 

Spawn Of Satan: all I know is that my team will win all of the matches 

Ukai has gone offline.

Meow Bitch has gone offline.

Blocky Team has gone offline.

Sigh has gone offline.

Mizoguchi has gone offline.

Why Is Everyone Gay? has gone offline.

Hyperactive Coach has gone offline.

Dog's R Cute: But didn't Karasuno beat Shiratorizawa?

Spawn Of Satan has gone offline.




Group Chat: Second Years

Ginjima: so is there any updates on Osamu x Kuguri 

Samu: the fuck does that mean?

Ginjima: it means I ship you two

Ginjima: I also ship Kawanishi and Semi

Semi's Cute Ass: thanks I guess?

Shirabooboo: that's the only time you and Semi will ever be considered in a relationship together so you should be thankful

Shirabooboo: I also ship Osamu and Kuguri though

Akama: I ship it so hard even though I love Kuguri and Numai as a couple

Sssseguro: sammeeee

Yuuji: I think we all lowkey ship it

Sakusa's Mom: maybe we shouldn't say that to Osamu's face though

Snek Lover: are you saying you don't ship it?

Sakusa's Mom: I never said that >w<

Tsumu: Komori might as well be a living uwu face

Samu: back to you all fucking shipping me

Samu: can you fucking not

Yahaba: we could

Yahaba: but the thing is 

Yahaba: that we don't wanna 

Samu: I fuckin hate all of u

Watari: its okay Osamu some of us wont tease you 

Samu: whatever 



Tsumu added Akama and 10 others to Operation Osamu x Kuguri.

Tsumu: now we can talk about him without him getting bitchy

Snek Lover: isn't it a bit weird that you are shipping your brother with someone who you don't even know

Tsumu: isn't it weird that you're dating Daishou but it looks like you two could be cousins

Tsumu: plus I've never seen Samu look like that at someone and it was through a fuckin phone

Twin Handler: Atsumu, despite all the curse words, does have a point.

Twin Handler: he did seem very flustered at even the mention of Kuguri's name

Human Snake: Kuguri is a little similar and I haven't seen him act like that since before he got with Numai

Human Snake: also do me and Kenji really look like we could be related?

Human Snake:  because that would explain why Mika looked a little confused when the two of them first met 

Snek Lover: I guess we do kinda look similar 

Human Snake: well we aren't related so I guess its fine 

Akama: lets get back on topic 

Akama: Kuguri and Osamu 

Sssseguro: yeah does anyone know anything else that is different from their usual behaviour 

Ginjima: Osamu has been very distracted 

Ginjima: I'm pretty sure Kita-san knows why 

Tsumu: oh yeah cuz kita-san had to scold him for not focusing 

Tsumu: Kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Twin Handler has added Suna to Operation Osamu x Kuguri.

Tsumu: kita noooooooooooo 

Tsumu: he will tell Samuuu

Suna: I wont you idiot 

Suna: i'm as much of your friend as I am his you know

Suna: not only that but Osamu will get pissy at Kita for allowing it and I don't want to deal with a pissy Osamu and a subtle pissy Kita

Twin Handler: Choose your words carefully Rin. 

Suna: ....

Yuuji: he's whipped 

Yahaba: back on topic guys!

Twin Handler: Osamu was getting distracted because he's still worried about Kuguri. 

Human Snake: I'm glad that someone who isn't on our team is worried for him 

Human Snake: but I hope he doesn't see Kuguri soon because he may have a few more bruises now 

Yahaba: what do you mean?????

Akama: when he came to practise this morning he had a full on black eye and a bandage around his wrist 

Sssseguro: he also had bruises on his legs but that was definitely from volleyball

Shirabooboo: its not his parents right...?

Human Snake: no

Human Snake: his parents are always away on business trips so he mainly lives with his older brother who he said is also barely there

Human Snake: his brother also seems nice too

Sakusa's Mom: maybe he's getting bullied?

Sssseguro: that would explain why he wouldn't want to tell Numai

Snek Lover: why wouldn't he want to tell his boyfriend?

Akama: because Numai can overreact sometimes

Akama: badly

Suna: what does Kuguri's brother look like?

Human Snake: similar to Kuguri but even taller and with slightly darker and neater hair then Kuguri

Suna: like this

Suna has sent a picture to Operation Osamu x Kuguri.

Human Snake: yeah that's him how did you get a picture of himand Kuguri

Suna: well Osamu wanted to play games so I went to his house and then he got frustrated because he couldn't concentrate so we went out to get food and I spotted Kuguri with someone who wasn't his boyfriend so 

Suna: Osamu hasn't spotted him yet 

Suna: oh shit scrap that he has and he doesn't look impressed

Twin Handler: Keep him in line for me please and if it gets too much drag him away and call me.

Yahaba: why are you so panicked 

Twin Handler: Because Osamu is like me and Suna and doesn't show much emotion very often. The only person that can really get a lot of emotion out of him is Atsumu but recently he has been more expressive, especially if anything about Kuguri is mentioned. 

Sakusa's Mom: lets hope nothing gets too out of hand 

Suna: I guess I'll keep everyone updated



Osamu gently touched Kuguri's face to take a closer look at his eye while Suna sneakily snapped a picture, as much as the raven haired male should be doing damage control he couldn't help but want to take the picture to send into the group chat. 

"What in the actual fuck happened to your eye?" Osamu said in a tone that came out a lot harsher then it should have been which quickly prompted Suna to give him a nudge and a look that told him to calm down. Luckily the younger male didn't seem that phased by the harsh sounding tone but instead moved Osamu's hand away from his face. 

Kuguri was about to reply when a deeper voice cut him off before he could. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your friends my darling little brother."

Osamu and Suna noticed a slight frown appear on the younger teens face before he nodded. "Sorry.. This is Miya Osamu and Suna Rintarou from Inarizaki, Osamu-san, Suna-san, this is my older brother Taro.." Kuguri's tone was a lot quieter then usual for the already unenthusiastic boy and it worried the two from the fox team. 

"What are students from Inarizaki doing with being friends with someone like my baby brother." Osamu didn't like the undermining tone in Taro's voice and was about to say something to the older boy until Suna nudged him again. 

"Oh we just wanted to hang out with someone who is gonna be the ace of their team next year, and because the training camp our team is going to is being held at Kuguri's school we thought it might be a good idea to some of them from that school." 

The grey haired twin glared at Suna as it made it sound like they were only friends with Kuguri for beneficial reasons which certainly wasn't the case, but the grey haired male relaxed when he saw Kuguri nodding along with Suna's story.

"That's why I said I couldn't play games with you today because I was supposed to be meeting them here." Kuguri looked up from where he was fiddling with his hoodie sleeves over to his brother. 

"I don't reme-"

"Of course you don't fuckin' remember. I literally told you that we were meeting him last night Suna." The mentioned male looked at Osamu confused only to see the twin looking at Kuguri who had a kind of pleading look in his eyes and understood why the grey haired teen went along with the younger teens story. "We were just about to leave thinkin' that Kuguri didn't remember about it but then he showed up and we really have to go." 

Taro huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. "Fine, see you later Nao. Be home before ten or you are in big trouble." 

Kuguri stiffly nodded and watched as his older brother walked away, only then becoming relaxed once his brother had fully gone. He turned to the two older boys and mumbled out a little 'thanks'. 

The three were silent for a little while until Suna decided to speak up. "Well you two can decided what you wanna do, because I assume Kuguri has no where to go now, while I call Kita." 

"You're so fuckin' whipped."

"Oh you don't wanna go there, Osamu the aromantic my ass."

Osamu glared at Suna as he walked away from him with his phone already out. "Back to my question, what the fuck happened to your eye? And don't you dare say volleyball because no one on your team is bad enough to hit you in the face with a ball to leave a bruise like that."

"Someone opened the door when I was standing behind it and it smacked my face and my wrist. But I'm fine."

"Well your eye doesn't look fuckin' fine."

"It is so calm down. Can we just go back to your house or something?"

Osamu sighed and nodded, "Sure but my annoying ass brother is gonna be there."

"That's fine. I'm sorry for interrupting whatever you and Suna-san were doing."

"Don't worry 'bout it. It's weird to hear 'san' at the end of our names. You don't have to do that y'know."

Kuguri rolled his eyes a little and grabbed Osamu's hand. "It's a habit so shut up and lets just go." Kuguri started to walk out while still holding Osamu's hand before quickly stopping and looking at the grey haired teen. 

"Oh by the way, your accent is a lot hotter in person." 

Osamu blushed as soon as Kuguri said that and let himself be dragged off with the younger boy but not before hearing Suna whisper to him, "Look who's whipped now" before joining Kuguri to show him the way to the Miya house hold. 



Chapter Text

Group Chat: Operation Osamu x Kuguri

Suna has sent a picture to Operation Osamu x Kuguri.

Snek Lover: is Osamu holding Kuguri's fucking face 

Akama: it seems like he is 

Akama: I assume he wasn't too happy about the black eye then 

Suna: definitely not 

Suna: but now he can no longer called me whipped because he is sooooo whipped 

Sakusa's Mom: you're sooooooooo whipped no matter if he is or not 

Tsumu: I wanna meet him now -_-

Suna: well you will because we are now coming back to your place 

Tsumu: oh really 

Twin Handler: Don't even think about it Atsumu. 

Tsumu: but!!!!

Twin Handler: Don't.

Tsumu: f


Tsumu: n

Tsumu: e

Yahaba: I'm starting to think that the whole Inarizaki team is just whipped for Kita

Suna: that's because we are 

Human Snake: why is Kuguri going back to the twins house?

Sssseguro: yeah isn't he supposed to be with his brother today?

Suna: well Kuguri and Osamu lied to Kuguri's brother saying that they already planned this and at first I was confused but then I looked over at Osamu and he was looking at Kuguri and it seemed like he was begging us to go along with him so we did 

Suna: so now we are on the train back but something happened before that

Ginjima: what exactly?

Suna: well as Kuguri was dragging Osamu along, by his hand

Suna: he just turned around to face him and said 

Shirabooboo: just fucking tell us 

Suna: he said 

Suna: your accent is way hotter in person

Yuuji: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dsgkdgkjsgljdhkjgksjashgdkdfahgdshgkjsdjkdafhkskgf

Snek Lover: Terushima.exe has stopped working and the comment wasn't even aimed at him 

Human Snake: I would but also wouldn't expect Kuguri to say that fucking hell

Tsumu: I don't think Samu has an accent 

Akama: yeah but compared to how people talk from our school it may be quite different 

Suna: any way we are nearly at your house Atsumu so you better fucking behave 

Tsumu: sure whatever 

Twin Handler: Behave.

Tsumu: okay Kita-san 



Osamu walked up to the door of his house and took his keys out of his pocket before unlocking the door and leading Kuguri inside. Atsumu heard the door close and came running down the stairs ready to harass his brother like the good brother he is. 

"Samu! You're back my darling brother!" Atsumu shouted as he jumped and hugged his brother. Osamu pushed his brother off of him and glared at him. 

"Really Tsumu. Can't you leave me alone for one fuckin' second." 

"Nope! But you should know that mum is home so you should probably introduce Kuguri to her." Osamu rolled his eyes at his brother before walking over to the kitchen, leading Kuguri with him as they were still holding hands. Atsumu noticed their joined hands and gave Suna a knowing look causing the raven haired boy to roll his eyes at the blonde.

The two followed Osamu and Kuguri into the kitchen. "Ah mum. I've brought someone here I hope you don't mind." A raven haired woman turned around at the sound of her son's voice and smiled at the group of boys.

"And who might this be." The woman frowned slightly once she noticed Kuguri's black eye, "Oh! that eye doesn't look very good should I go and get you an ice pack sweetie?"

Kuguri shook his head slightly, "I'm okay thank you. I'm Kuguri Naoyasu, I'm a first year from Nohebi. Sorry for intruding, all of this was kinda last minuet."

The lady smiled softly at the younger boy, "Don't worry about it sweetheart. You can stay as long as you need, I love the boy's having new friends. Now how about Atsumu and Suna take you upstairs while I quickly talk to Osamu."

Osamu let go of Kuguri's hand and let Suna lead the younger boy upstairs, Atsumu was about to follow them before his mum stopped him. "Before you go Atsumu." The mentioned twin turned to face his mum. "You better behave or you will be in big trouble."

Atsumu sighed and nodded before turning around and walking upstairs but not without shouting, "Why is everyone telling me that!" As he went up the stairs.

The raven haired woman laughed at her son's words before turning to Osamu. "So are you going to tell me why you brought a boy back that has a black eye and why you were holding his hand."

"I've been talking to him a lot and I spotted him at the place I was eating at with Suna. He was with his brother but everything just seemed so tense and he made up a lie saying he couldn't hang out with his brother because he was supposed to hang out with us. He looked at me like he was begging me to help him so I went along with everything and then his brother left."

"But what about the black eye. How did he get that because he seems like quite a polite boy."

"Mum I wish I knew where the fuck he got that. He had a bruise the other day just under his eye and now he has a whole black eye! And he hurt his wrist! He just said he got whacked with a door by accident but I don't believe that for one fuckin' second!"

Osamu's mum frowned before hugging her son in hopes to calm him down a little. "Now normally I would tell you off for swearing but I will allow it this once okay." Osamu just nodded into his mum's shoulder. "Is he staying over night? Do you want him to because I can call his parents and make up something about not wanting him to go home in the dark by himself." Osamu just nodded again.

"Okay, I'll ask him to give me his home number later but for now I'll leave you boys to it."

"Thanks mum...I don't know what it is but for some reason I really care about him.."

His mum laughed softly before stroking her son's dyed locks, "Sweetie I think you might like him. And you know that is perfectly fine if you do, okay. Now go upstairs and save Suna and Kuguri from your brother."

Osamu nodded and went upstairs and into his room where he assumed everyone was and when he walked into the room he was greeted by the sight of everyone on their phones. Osamu rolled his eyes before sitting down next to Kuguri. 



Group Chat: Second Years

Shirabooboo: so how is everyone feeling about the training camp????

Yahaba: I'm excited to rope people into playing truth or dare and getting people to kiss one another 

Semi's Cute Ass: I hope that doesn't include me 

Yahaba:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yahaba: suuuuurrrrreeeeeee

Yahaba: whatever helps you sleep at night 

Semi's Cute Ass: I'm looking forward to everything BUT that.

Akama: I think it will be nice to meet everyone in person 

Sakusa's Mom: I am so excited to meet everyone and hopefully get to be in a different team and learn to adapt to other players styles 

Best Smol Boy: I think it will be cool to spike other peoples sets 

Best Smol Boy: I mean every setter will be lucky to toss to me 

Tsumu: I just really want to toss to that orange kid from Karasuno 

Best Smol Boy: I don't get whats so great about him but go off I guess. 

Future Team Mom: this camp is certainly gonna be interesting 

Silent Cat: good luck team moms 

Watari: and the nope squad

ApplePi: on behalf of the nope squad we thank you 

Chapter Text

Private Message: Samu to Twin Handler

Samu: Kita san can you please come to my house before I murder your future husband and my brother 

Twin Handler: I'm already on my way so don't worry. 

Twin Handler: Not only that but your mum invited me over to bake some cupcakes for all of you with her as she was thinking about just getting take out for dinner instead of cooking.

Samu: I swear my mum loves you 

Twin Handler: No we just both relate about having to deal with you and Atsumu being a pain in the ass 24/7.

Samu: Tsumu more then me tho right?

Twin Handler: You can be a real brat like Atsumu when you want to be. 

Twin Handler: But whatever helps you sleep at night. 

Samu: I very attacked!!!!!"!"!"1212131121!!!!!

Twin Handler: Relax.

Samu: is it a coincidence that you know that drag race reference or do you actually watch it????

Twin Handler: Well technically that was on Untucked.

Samu: good point but damn Kita san didn't know you would watch that

Twin Handler: I watch it with the other Team Moms frequently.

Samu: Well then

Samu: the more you know

Samu:  ( ͜。 ͡ʖ ͜。)

Twin Handler: I'll be at your house in about 10 minuets.

Samu: okay 

Samu: ill see you soon then kita san 

Twin Handler: See you soon.

Samu: Wait you didn't deny that Suna would be your future husband!!!!!!"1211!!!!!!!1111!!!!!

Twin Handler: See you Soon. 

Twin Handler has gone offline.

Samu:  (˵ ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆˵)



Group Chat: Second Years

Samu: I finally have blackmail material on Kita san bitches 

Suna: what exactly 

Samu: I made a joke that I was gonna kill his future husband while referring to you and he didn't even deny it 

Samu: then when I asked him about it he just went offline 

Tsumu: suna just threw a pillow at samu really hard

Suna: now what have we learnt today

Samu: not to use anything against Kita san......

Suna: good

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: wow Osamu and Atsumu are a lot more similar then I originally thought 

Kosaku: yh thy r

Kyoutani: 'thy'

Watari: ahhhhhhh Kosaku soooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Yahaba: Watari.exe has stopped working 

Best Smol Boy: well its good to know that no one should even try to get blackmail material on Kita Shinsuke 

Semi's Cute Ass: wait isn't Kuguri with the fox trio 

Suna: yeah but hes on his phone too

Tsumu: we are waiting for Kita san to arrive 

Snek Lover: so you are all whipped for Kita

Ginjima: u would be too if you met him 

Akama: well I just hope Kuguri is okay 

Sssseguro: yh you guys best take good care of our baby snek 

Akama: Kuguri is the baby snek of our team that we all love very much

Snek Lover: Kuguri is low key adorable tbh 

Yuuji: dude ur low key adorable 

Snek Lover: omg you too dude

Yuuji: ur boyfriend is high key adorable 

Snek Lover: should have seen that one coming 

Shirabooboo: Semi is low key adorable 

Semi's Cute Ass: did you ctually just say something nice about Semi?

Shirabooboo: yes but what happens in this chat stays in this chat

Best Smol Boy: ohhhhhhhhh but does it??????

Shirabooboo: it does unless you don't want you ass kicked 

Best Smol Boy: you don't scare me 

ApplePi: never doubt the power of a setter 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: we are pretty and petty according to our group chat name 

Silent Cat: whats the libero's group chat name????

BRO NOYA: best position ever

Watari: we try to keep it pg in there because we have Shibayama in it and he is precious 

BRO NOYA: the libero chat is lit

BRO TORA: the ace chat is pretty lit too

BRO TANAKA: its weird though because you are also in the next gen ace group chat 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: I, Terushima and Futakuchi are in both as well 

Sakusa's Mom: why is it weird?

Ginjima: because the next gen one is a bit rude to the old one 

Kinoshita: how?

Kyoutani: its called 'Next Ace (Bye To The Other Old Fucks)'

Narita: damn 

Samu: i'm pretty sure that's where Kuguri is chatting in right now

BRO TORA: he is 

Yuuji: I'm shocked there is 4 first years in the chat 

Future Team Mom: we sure do have some talented first years among us 



Group Chat: Crow Family

Kiyo: Yachi and I have arranged all the stuff we needed to for the team before the training camp 

Precious Child: oh yeah!

Precious Child: I forgot we done that 

Ukai's Wife: oh good that makes things a lot more easier 

Ukai's Wife: everything has now been finalised so we know where everyone will be staying that we will leave to be shared among the different group chats 

Ukai: but we will also tell you where you will be staying when we arrive

Dadchi: and for the love of god 

Sugamama: try to restrain yourselves from fucking while we are there

Tsukki: that's a bit rich coming from you and Daichi san 

Adorable Fluff: I don't think you really have to worry about us 

Sugamama: maybe not you Yama but I don't trust Tanaka and Noya 

Mr Soft: but im with Noya....

Dadchi: but you're whipped 

Mr Soft: have a point 

Literal Sun: me and Kageyama wont do anything Suga-san

KaGAYama: we wont?

Literal Sun: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Literal Sun: I'm excited to meet all the other first years 

Narita: yeah the second years will probably steal Kuguri off you first years

Adorable Fluff: why exactly 

Kinoshita: no reason 

kinoshita:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Narita:  (  ͡° ل͜ ͡°)人( ͡° ل͜ ͡° )

Future Team Mom: the second year group chat has planned to play truth or dare to try and get Kuguri and Osamu to kiss 

BRO TANAKA: way to reveal our plan babe...

Adorable Fluff: isn't that a bit off 

Tsukki: its best not to get involved Tadashi

Adorable Fluff: okay Tsukki ヾ(^-^)ノ

Sugamama: you guys are not doing that

BRO NOYA: don't worry Akaashi will be supervising

Sugamama: that doesn't make it any better

Kinoshita: Kuguri is literally at Osamu's house right now

Sugamama: I will only allow it to happen if Daishou and Kita supervise as well

Dadchi: that makes most sense since they are their captains

Narita: fine

Sugamama: I will talk to Daishou and Kita then.



Kita knocked on Osamu's bedroom door before entering the room to see all the younger boys invested in their phones. "Good to see you guys are getting along so well." Kita said as he sat down next to Suna before pulling the phone out of his boyfriend's hands. Suna rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around Kita's waist and pulled the smaller male closer to him.

Kita smiled ever so slightly that it would have been missed by anyone who didn't know Kita that well but Suna noticed the small smile straight away.

Kita turned to look over at Kuguri, "It's nice to finally meet you Kuguri. I hope the boys have been nice and welcoming enough for you."

Kuguri nodded, "They've been quite entertaining actually. I got to see Suna-san nearly knock Osamu-san out with just a simple throw of a pillow."

Atsumu started laughing loudly at the memory. "Oh my god it was so fuckin' funny! You shoulda seen it Kita-san!" Osamu glared at his brother and went to reach for a pillow but was interrupted by Kuguri laughing quietly.

"It was fairly funny to just see Osamu-san's face afterwards, I wish I managed to get a picture." The mentioned male blushed at the statement and hid his face to hide the redness as best as he could not noticing the smirk the other fox team members shared.

"Well I'm glad you guys are getting along but I have some baking to do. Oh is there anything you are allergic to, Kuguri?" Kita stood up and looked at the younger male as he shook his head no. Kita nodded and was about to leave before turning around to face Atsumu, "Behave."

The blonde gasped and placed his hand on his chest like he was offended as Kita left the room. 

"So are we gonna do something or are we just gonna go back to being angsty, anti-social teenagers?" Suna put his phone in his pocket and looked at the other three males in the room. 

"We could always play something like twenty one questions." Atsumu suggested as he put his phone on the desk he was sitting on. "I know it's usually played between two people but we could just take turns asking each other questions."

Osamu and Suna nodded and turned to Kuguri for his reply, the latter just shrugged. "I don't mind as long as we don't have to answer anything we aren't comfortable with." 

The raven and the blonde nodded as Osamu just looked at Kuguri with a questioning look. 

Osamu's stare was cut short by Suna moving onto the floor and gesturing for the others join him, all four boys forming something that somewhat resembled a circle. "Who wants to ask a question first."

Atsumu smirked, "I'll go!" The blonde turned to look over at Suna. "What's he kinkiest thing you and Kita-san have ever done?"

Suna rolled his eyes at the question. "Well you fuckin' pervert, I hate to burst your little bubble but we haven't really explored the kink world yet."

Atsumu laughed, "'Yet' so are you saying you might?"

"Sorry but you're only allowed to ask one question per turn." Atsumu pouted and crossed his arms across his chest, well as best as he could with his hurt arm. 

Suna turned to the youngest male, "So Kuguri, how did you and your boyfriend get together?"

Kuguri blushed slightly. "Well I've kind of always had a crush on him since I met him. The whole team kinda knew because I wasn't exactly subtle but Numai-san is so dense it's sometimes hard to believe. Then after our match with Nekoma, the one that I had to replace him for, I just got frustrated that he wasn't picking up on anything and kissed him then he asked me if I liked him."

Osamu stared at Kuguri with a shocked expression plastered all over his face. "Did he seriously ask you that after you kissed him?"

Kuguri nodded before carrying on, "Yeah, he is really that dense. So I just kissed him again and he said 'I guess that is a yes' and then asked me out."

"Well you get to ask a question." Kuguri nodded and looked at Osamu. 

"I've kind of asked you this before but you didn't really answer me." Osamu nodded and waited for the younger boy to carry on. "Why did you say you would bang me? You know out of the many people who are way better looking then me."

Atsumu and Suna both looked between Osamu and Kuguri with wide but curious eyes. Osamu just stared at Kuguri not really knowing how to answer. 

"I-I...I'm not quite sure if I'm honest.. I guess it's just because you're you.. I don't know. I think you're attractive." 

Kuguri nodded and looked down at his lap. 



Chapter Text

Group Chat:  Second Years

Tsumu: Sakusaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tsumu: ヾ(`ε´)ノ

Sakusa Kiyoomi: yes?

Tsumu: I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Sakusa Kiyoomi: do you wish for me to come over or? 

Tsumu: letme check with the others first 

Suna: do you really think your mom can handle that many of us

Samu: but he will also stop annoying the shit out of me if Sakusa is there 

Samu: not only that but Kita is here too 

Suna: just get over here Sakusa fuckin hell 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: okay

Sakusa Kiyoomi: does Kuguri have anything?

Samu: no he doesn't you dickhead 

Future Team mom: calm down Osamu he was just asking 

Tsumu: yh don't be mean to my bf 

Tsumu: (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧

Suna: im so glad Kita is here or I might just ahhhh

Semi's Cute Ass: stay strong Suna 

Suna: you too

Suna: I heard youre going out for food with Semi

Yuuji: get some TAICHI!!!!

Snek Lover: chill dude 

Snek Lover: also one of the fox boys. 

Snek Lover: can one of you get Kuguri to message his boyfriend and Suguru before my head explodes from Suguru worrying and from Suguru complaining about Numai worrying to him 

Samu: I'll get him to call or text them now 

Snek Lover: you're a lifesaver, thanks

Samu: np

Akama: we have been given room arrangements to share amongst groups

Sssseguro: yeah and they aren't too bad

Yahaba: go ahead and tell us then

Akama: well since they are doing it in year groups they have had to split things up a bit so there isn't too many of us in one space

Best Smol Boy: makes sense

Sssseguro: the Kuguri should be telling th first years about their arrangements and me and Akama here and Daishou and Hiroo for the third years

Akama: also there will be some junior high students joining on one or two days that are going to be joining our school and team but they wont be staying overnight unless absolutely needed and even if they do they will be in the main dorm areas   

Shirabooboo: wait if you guys have dorms then why do most of you not stay in them like Kuguri?

Akama: Kuguri, Daishou, Numai and Sakishima live close enough to not need the dorm system but me and Seguro actually share a room 

Silent Cat: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

ApplePi: still wanna try playing that game 

Silent Cat: ...…..I mean not really 

BRO TORA: kenma my bro you need to stop 

ApplePi: that's what you two get for telling the team about what happened with me and Kuro 

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: lets just get back to the room arrangements 

Yahaba: Wait does that mean we get meet that kid you guys were talking about that seemed to admire Kuguri

Akama: yup!!! He's adorable.

Sssseguro: well the first group will be: Atsumu, Sakusa, Terushima, Yahaba, Shirabu, Akaashi and Kenma. 

Akama: the next is Kawanishi, Futakuchi, Aone (please let him know Futakchi :3) Nishinoya and Ennoshita 

BRO TANAKA: no babeeee

Future Team Mom: shhhhhh

Akama: the next is the rest of Terushima's team along with Komori to keep them calm 

Sakusa's Mom: uwu

Sssseguro: the next is Tanaka, Fukunaga. Yamamoto, Watari, Kosaku and Hoshiumi 

Akama: the last is me, Seguro, Suna, Osamu, Kyoutani, Ginjima, Narita and Kinoshita 

Watari: so you two aren't staying in your dorm rooms during the camp????

Sssseguro: nope, we thought we could join you guys and that way if anyone really feels the need the to fuck they can sneak of to our room 

Akama: then we will bleach the whole room afterwards

Sssseguro: yeah so if any of you do decide you desperately need to fuck just ask one of us and we will let you in but don't make too much mess or noise we are not your fucking maids

Sakusa Kiyoomi: I doubt anyone will take up your offer 

Tsumu: yh most people just fuck in bathrooms 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: we are never doing that 

Tsumu: why not????

Sakusa Kiyoomi: bathrooms are the homeland of germs and spreading them 

Best Smol Boy: he has a good point 

Semi's Cute Ass: he may have a good point but if your desperate then most people don't tend to care that much

Shirabooboo: what the fuck are you talking about Taichi

Silent Cat: just because he's a virgin doesn't me he hasn't thought about it 

Semi's Cute Ass: who ever said I was a virgin 

Yahaba: its kinda obvious with your die hard crush on Semi

Shirabooboo: for once I actually agree with Yahoe 

Kyoutani: did you just call him 'Yahoe'?

Narita: that was a kinda shit name to make up 

Narita: no offence 

Kinoshita: I don't think the no offence made it any better 

Shirabooboo: I don't care if it was a shit name 

Shirabooboo: its just the first thing I thought of 

Suna: it still was proper shit 

Suna: you coulda just called him clapped or somethin

Shirabooboo: oh be quiet your whipped as fuck

Yuuji: you see that was good 

Yuuji changed Suna's name to Whipped Boi.

Whipped Boi: yall are just sad virgins 

Samu: the name does make sense though 

Snek Lover: yknow all of us are illegal still in many over places 

Snek Lover: the age of consent here is so low its bad

Future Team Mom: I agree. no thirteen year old should have sex 

Kosaku: and ppl thght th Uk was bad wth 16

Sakusa's Mom: yeah that isn't nearly as bad as 13

AkaAAAaaaAshIiii: isn't is 20 in South Korea

Tsumu:  SRSLY?(゚┏Д┓゚ ;)

Sakusa Kiyoomi: Atsumu definitely wouldn't be able to wait that long 

Tsumu: damn right I wouldn't 

Tsumu: id rather have to deal with u wanting to wear 10 condoms then that 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: ..can I?

Tsumu: no

Tsumu: I cant believe you even bothered asked me that 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: worth a shot 

Samu: as much as I like to see my brother suffer but there is no way that would even be remotely enjoyable 

Tsumu: exactly 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: so only 5?

Tsumu: no

Tsumu: 2 at the most 

Sakusa Kiyoomi:  ( ་ ⍸ ་ )

Sakusa Kiyoomi: fine 

Sakusa's Mom: did Sakusa just use a emoji???????

Tsumu: I know hes getting better at this whole chat thing!!!! uwu

Sakusa's Mom: uwu 

Sakusa Kiyoomi: thank you 



Private Message: NaoYASSSu to Human Snake

NaoYASSSu: hey Daishou-san 


Human Snake: I was worried 

NaoYASSSu: sorry 

Human Snake: its fine 

Human Snake: I've just kept looking at the group chat Kenji is in with Osamu in 

NaoYASSSu: then why were you so worried 

Human Snake: I still rather hear from you personally 

Human Snake: so what happened???

NaoYASSSu: nothing I just didn't want to hang out with my brother today so Osamu-san and Suna-san helped me out and now I'm here 

NaoYASSSu: now Kita-san is here making cupcakes with Osamu-san 's mom and Sakusa-san is gonna be here soon 

Human Snake: will you be okay with that many people there?

NaoYASSSu: yh why wouldn't I be 

Human Snake: nothing I just notice how sometimes you get a bit uncomfortable when around a bunch of people you don't know 

Human Snake: you were like it when you first joined the club 

NaoYASSSu: you noticed something like that 

Human Snake: I don't hear you denying it 

Human Snake: and yes, its also kinda my job as captain to know all our teammates and stuff that they are comfortable with and what they aren't comfortable with 

Human Snake: so are you sure you are going to be okay because if not I can talk to Numai and get him to pick you up 

NaoYASSSu: i'll be okay 

NaoYASSSu: Atsumu, Suna and Kita-san are all nice. so is the twins mom 

NaoYASSSu: now I will know more people at the training camp 

NaoYASSSu: not only that but when Numai-san sees my face and wrist he will freak out and I don't wanna deal with that right now 

NaoYASSSu: at least with school I can cover it with makeup and avoid him 

Human Snake: what about Osamu????

NaoYASSSu: what?

Human Snake: you said that everyone is nice but you didn't mention Osamu

NaoYASSSu: I did 

Human Snake: no you didn't

Human Snake: So what do you think of him

Human Snake: Kuguri????????

Human Snake: why are you taking so long to reply

Human Snake: Kuguri????????????????????????

Human Snake: KUGURI


Human Snake: K

Human Snake: U

Human Snake: G

Human Snake: U

Human Snake: R

Human Snake: I

Human Snake: FUCKING

Human Snake: N

Human Snake: A

Human Snake: O

Human Snake: Y

Human Snake: A

Human Snake: S

Human Snake: U




"Hey um Kuguri?" The grey haired twin looked at the shorter boy. "Why is Daishou blowing up my phone? I thought you were talking to him."

Kuguri took Osamu's phone out of his hands and muted his chat with Daishou before putting the phone on the desk in the corner of the room. "I was but he was asking stupid questions so just ignore him for now." 

Osamu nodded, "So what did he ask?" 

"Oh you know the typical pointless captain questions that all captains ask." Osamu nodded again. 

"By the way my mom was wondering if you wanted to stay here the night. It would make her feel better knowing you're here safe then walking home and getting the train that late in the dark. Especially if you're already injured." The taller male grabbed the other's bandaged wrist gently and just sighed while looking at it, not noticing the light pink making it's way onto Kuguri's cheeks. 

"What about my brother..? He will be angry if I don't come home on time..."

Osamu frowned and, without noticing, moved his had so it was now holding Kuguri's hand instead of his wrist making Kuguri's face even more pink then it was before. "My mom will call your brother and tell him that you're staying here. Why are you so worried about that anyway? He's not you're fuckin' parent. He doesn't get to decide what you can 'nd can't do."

If only things were that simple. "You're right but..."

"But what exactly? You're brother shouldn't be dictating your life like he's your guardian."

"I know but that doesn't mean he's going to be happy about it." Why couldn't he just understand that his brother wasn't going to let things slide that easily. Also technically, while his parents were away, he is his guardian. "But I will stay if that's what you want."

"It's not about what other people want, it's about what you want. Of course I want you to stay. I don't want you going home in the dark even if your dick head brother wants you to, but if you want to go home then my mom will take you and I'll tag along."

Kuguri looked down at their still joined hands and felt his face heat up once again before nodding. "Okay...I'll stay. As long as I can borrow something to sleep in obviously."

The older male laughed slightly, "Well obviously I will let you borrow something. Just tell me when you want to change. Now though, we have to go downstairs and eat before both of my mom's kill me."

"You mean you're actual mom and Kita-san don't you."

"Yup! Kita-san nags me like a mom so he technically is. Now lets go."

The two males walked down stairs and into the kitchen with their hands still linked, if the others noticed they decided not to say anything about it. Even Atsumu decided against teasing his twin brother due to the soft smiles on both of the male's faces. They were barely there but were also a big difference for the two usually straight faced teens.

Later on that night Osamu gave Kuguri one of his hoodies and a pair of sweat pants that were too small for him but the whole outfit still seemed to be a tad too big on the shorter male. The two decided they were okay sleeping in the same bed just for the night but before Kuguri went to sleep he grabbed his phone and opened one of his chats and typed out a quick message before putting his phone on charge and snuggling into Osamu's chest. Osamu's arms circled around the younger male's waist on instinct in his sleep which just made Kuguri snuggle closer.



Private Message: NaoYASSSu to Human Snake


NaoYASSSu: I still love Numai-san so much and I would never want to leave him but....

NaoYASSSu: is it bad if I think I might like Osamu....?