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The Wolf will play

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Draco screamed.

Blood, there was so much blood and pain. His voice grew hoarse from the strain, the edges of his vision started to grow dark and he slipped into blissful oblivion.

As he flickered in and out of consciousness he heard a voice say in a high cruel tone “Lucius, you know this is what you deserve. You have failed me for the last time.” Voldermort smiled.

The hunched and gnarled looking wolf loomed over Draco Malfoy’s limp form. Thick bars cut them off from the surrounding audience. “shall I let Greyback here finish him off? Or shall I show the boy mercy?” Lucius was silent.

Narcissa knelt at Voldemort’s feet “please” she begged. “he’s only a boy but Draco can serve you well. He can help. He can get you into the school.” She new it was nearly impossible, to fix the broken vanishing cabinet that Draco had mentioned but maybe it would buy her time. Time to figure a way out.

“bring me the boy” Voldemort said interestedly. Four death eaters pointed their wands at the Werewolf shooting stunning spells at the same time. Three of them stayed trained on Greyback’s dazed form while Nott hurried in and dragged Draco out.Voldemort flicked his wand. “enervate” he said casually. A gasp as his entire body shook, then a scream escaped Draco’s lips. “useless” said Voldemort “see to his wounds, I’ll speak with him tomorrow.”

Narcissa rushed forward and cast a levitating spell on the now silent but shaking form of her son. “yes, thank you my lord.” Only once she had him safely back in his childhood room, the door firmly locked did Narcissa let the tears come. What had she done, how could she have let it come to this, she needed to find a way out and fast, there would be less than a year to do it. To get them out safely.

Draco woke feeling stiff and groggy the next morning. He tried to move and immediately cried out in pain. His right arm was in agony. He looked down, there was a thick poultice covering the length of his forearm. Then he remembered. Being shoved in a cage, surrounded by watching Death Eaters. Greyback. Greyback changing. The sound of cracking bones, the shifting of his flesh. The wolf looming over him, teeth bared. Then pain. So much pain. Was he. Tears sprang to eyes. No no no no. this couldn’t be. He couldn’t be one too. He scratched and tore at he thick, sticky covering on his arm. He needed to see, needed to know if his worst fears were true.

Narcissa sat up suddenly in her chair at her son’s cry, now fully awake. She sprang to her feet and grabbed his wrist, stopping him from tearing open the wound on his arm. “stop it. Stop it this instant.” She said sternly still struggling with Draco. “you’ll tear the whole things open again and I’ve only just stopped the bleeding.

Draco stilled. “is it- am I?” he couldn’t finish the sentence. Narcissa’s shoulders sagged and she gently let go of Draco’s wrists. She ran her hand through her son’s hair, gently stroking it. She nodded, unable to say it. Tears sprang to Draco’s eyes. A cacophony of thoughts swirled in Draco’s head, the loudest of which was, ‘his life was over’.

“hush, hush.” Whispered Narcissa still stroking his hair. she sat on the bed and held her son as he cried, how she wished she could take his place in this moment. She rocked him back and forth and sang softly a lullaby she hadn’t sung in years. Eventually Draco quieted. She wiped the tears from his cheeks. “now,” she said firmly “you will get up, you will dry your eyes, and you will face this like a Malfoy. Let me see your arm.” Draco extended his arm, Narcissa gently removed the remains of the poultice as Draco looked on in horror. His forearm was a torn, bloody mess, clearly visible was a huge set of teeth marks. Narcissa quickly covered the wound with more of the thick green mixture before she wrapped the whole arm in white gauze. “There.” She said, trying to hide the tremble in her voice “now get downstairs, The Dark Lord wished to see you as soon as you awoke.”

Narcissa made a vow, she would protect her son. That evening she went to see Severus Snape.