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Let Me Spell It Out For You

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This is why you don't mess with magic.

This is why you don't fucking mess with the supernatural.

Unfortunately, the reminder came a little too late as the damage has already been done. And, oh boy, this is some fucked up mess he created.

Ryan's holed up in a broom closet with his laptop, trying his best to ignore how cramped his legs are. He has his bottle filled up, and in the pocket of his hoodie are two sandwiches that may or may not have been someone else's lunch that had been left in the fridge. His phone is on 'do not disturb' mode and Ryan prays that no emergencies occur while he's in here.

All he's trying to do is wrap up his research notes for one of the episodes in the upcoming season of True Crime. That's all he wants to do but nope, he's made almost zero progress and he's been at it for hours. The wi-fi connection on his laptop is intermittent, and it makes what once was a two second wait into a multi-minute stalling... just to open one (ONE!) webpage. There aren't even any pictures on it.

As if the technical difficulties aren't bad enough, the metal bits of the step ladder are digging into Ryan's spine and it's almost a miracle that they haven't cut deep enough to draw blood. The worst part is that he can't even risk moving it, just in case it sends everything flying. Even one little noise and he could be found. And that would equate to a one-way ticket to hell.

But for all the misery he's in, Ryan can't find it in him to actually complain. This is, after all, his own fault. He put himself in this predicament with his own stupidity.

It was supposed to be a simple spell.

Okay, maybe not that simple. There was a whole bunch of assorted plants and fruits involved, some of which Ryan has never even heard of before. There were also an entire set of runes that he's not sure if he drew correctly. Maybe that's where it went wrong. Maybe not.

Ryan's not a complete idiot though, he didn't just randomly pluck some shady-ass ritual off of Google to perform. He had actually gone and hunt down a very specific spell book that his childhood friend recommended. Okay, not 'recommended', she merely mentioned using it before, and she said the spell she performed worked. She had nothing to gain from lying to Ryan, so of course he believed her.

So on a Friday night, under the full moon, Ryan found himself in the middle of his living room floor, sitting in mostly darkness, surrounded by a circle of candles. He had crushed a bunch of the ingredients into a bowl and set it on fire, exactly as he was instructed to do.

He had one of Steven's hoodies lying on one side of the altar, and one of Andrew's ties on the other. Don't ask how he got them, it's better not to know.

Ryan consulted the spell book for the next step and it said to... 'toss the petals into the burning flame and chant the following' ...what followed was a bunch of Latin that Ryan was certain he completely butchered.

He was almost done and once the whole thing was completed, Steven and Andrew were supposed to 'fall in blissful and unending love'. Or so the book claimed. Ryan sighs, he's been trying to get Steven and Andrew together for the longest time but had no success. He may have gotten a little impatient, hence the witchcraft. (And this was not at all because he made a promise to himself that if Standrew happened, he would grow a pair and ask Shane out.)

Of course, if the thing worked, he would be able to do it for himself and Shane. But he's not merely using his friends as guinea pigs, he genuinely wanted them to be happy together. It was purely coincidental that they also happened to be suitable test subjects.

And yes, Ryan recognizes the irony in him attempting witchcraft.

Maybe he had pissed off the ghost of a witch on one of the Supernatural episodes. Or maybe he misread the instructions, or maybe he's just being punished for messing with something he isn't supposed to but whatever it was, the spell had gone horribly wrong and now Andrew...

"Ryan?" Holy shit. Andrew's muffled voice comes from just beyond the closet door, and from the little breaks in the light strip under it, Ryan can tell exactly where his hunter is standing on the other side. He's so fucked now.

The handle jiggles and the door shifts a little but it remains shut. Ryan had stuck a broomstick under the handle to 'lock' the door, he didn't expect it to work but it did.

"...Ryan?" Andrew's voice is a little softer this time, sounding a little lost and a little... hurt. Ryan clutches at his chest trying to calm himself down but nothing could prepare Ryan for what he hears next. "Did I do something wrong?" Andrew's voice is shaky and even cracked on 'wrong', and Ryan immediately feels everything terrible.

He needs to stop hiding away, and face this head on. All of this is his fault and it's not fair to hurt Andrew like this, for something he has no control over. There's a soft thud against the door and Andrew speaks again.

"I'm sorry..." Hold the fuck up, is he...? Oh my god, he's actually crying. That's too much, that's just too much for Ryan to take. He gets up and unceremoniously shoves his laptop off him, reaching for the door. If his computer got completely wrecked, he'll deal with it later. As he's about to push the door open, he realizes that Andrew is likely still leaning against it.

"Andrew... I'm coming out." There's a noise of surprise from the outside, and the parts of slim strip of light under the door join back up. Ryan waits a few more seconds for Andrew to get to a safe distance before opening the door.

Ryan has to squint when he steps outside, his eyes unused to the relatively bright surroundings. Andrew's blurry figure is slouched in the corner. Even though Ryan's sight is hampered he can still easily make his way over.

When he does, he pulls Andrew into a hug to comfort him. The embrace is familiar, and Ryan's rubbing circles into Andrew's back. His sobbing slowly subsides and he mumbles into Ryan's ear.

"Is it because I outed you...?"

The thought never even crossed Ryan mind before this. Sure, Andrew did ask him out and indirectly outed him but Ryan was the one who said 'yes'. In a way, he outed himself. The weird thing is, Ryan had had anxiety attacks from fears of being outed against his will but... the past few weeks he didn't even care what people thought about it. It's like none of it mattered.

"Absolutely not, Andrew..." Ryan has to steady himself with a deep breath. He cursed his past self for being so rash and thoughtless, for not considering Andrew's feelings. "I'm sorry, Drew. I just.... I..."

'I needed some space from you.' His mind unhelpfully supplies. While it is indeed a factual statement, it is also possibly one of the worst things he can say right now. But since he can't think of anything else to say, he just squeezes Andrew in his arms a little tighter, ignoring how he can somewhat feel the filling being pressed out of the sandwiches between them. At least they're plastic-wrapped, would be a bigger mess otherwise.

Since the spell misfired, Andrew somehow became in love with Ryan instead. It's puzzling how that could've happened. When the burning reagents in front of him had suddenly exploded, Ryan thought that the worst case scenario would be him losing his already-sparse eyebrows. He didn't even consider that the spell would actually work but in the worst way possible.

This entire thing is a real nightmare.

And it's not even Andrew's behavior that's the problem. Ryan's completely fine with Andrew's shows of endearment and whatnot, it's actually kinda nice to have someone treating him with such love and kindness. The problem stems from the fact that Steven doesn't talk to Ryan anymore (likely out of jealousy) and the real kicker, oh man, you better sit down for this one... Shane's completely fine with it. Actually, he's uncharacteristically delighted at this strange turn of events.

It's completely stupid for Ryan to think that Shane had anything other than platonic feelings for him. Yet here Ryan is, grieving over losing something that never really existed. It hurts to a ridiculous degree, and Ryan hates to say this but... Andrew actually helps make it a little more bearable. Every time Andrew gave him any sort of affection, he imagines it's Shane instead and it stings a little less. That counts as cheating, right?

Where does Ryan go to collect his 'Worst Boyfriend In The Universe' award?