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So What, Its Complicated.

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Ten watched as his cat jumped down from the refrigerator heading towards where he was sat in the windowsill. Sketchbook ball ended in his lap with a hot cup of tea gripped tightly in his hands. He watched the people walk into the cafe below his apartment. Grabbing his sketchbook he stood up moving it onto the counter of his kitchen as he set down his coffee he scooped the cat whom was following him off the counter so that the evil beast couldn’t break his favorite mug. He set the cat down and looked out at his apartment. There were supplies and clothes everywhere there was one circle of emptiness in the middle .where he usually sat when working, but he had to clean up because Doyoung was coming over with his brother and he’d complain, “Ten you really need to take care of yourself” “Your living state reflects your mental state so can we please keep it tidy”; and on and on until Tens ears would bleed. After hours of organizing, wiping down, and dusting he was done. “Why, do I try so hard for my fiends, Crow?” He said addressing the cat in an annoyed tone “They should just accept me for who I am right? That being a mess. So what if…” but before he could finish there was a knock on the door.

Ten walked to the door as he opened the door he saw an angel. Wait an angel? He did a double take looking away then looking back. The guy had the whitest hair he had ever seen. And boy did it suit the man. Just then ten realized he had been staring he looked away feeling a slight heat creep onto his cheeks. “Hello what can I do for you?” Ten asked not looking back at the boy. “My roommate and I were coming over to introduce ourselves but he.” Then Ten saw the boy turn and point down the short hall towards a tall man walking their way balancing a tray of what seemed to be cupcakes. “Forgot our moving in ‘present’”.Then the tall guy was in front of him. “Wow, what a way to introduce me TY.” “Hey” angel man snapped “I thought we had agreed not to use that name anymore?” He raised an eyebrow and ten felt like he was about to faint. Tall man ignored TY? And stuck out the tray of poorly frosted cupcakes smiling as he said “Hi I’m Johnny and that is Taeyong we just moved in next door.” He motioned in the direction of their apartment.

Ten nodded not knowing what to do the guy seemed to be expecting something. “Oh,” Ten said regaining his senses “would you like to come in?” He gestured and Johnny nodded Taeyong followed close behind. “Wow you keep your place clean.” Johnny said. Taeyong nodded “At least someone else keeps things clean” he said poking Johnny’s side. Ten waved dismissively “My ‘Mom’ is coming over so I had to clean it up I promise you I work much better in the cluttered chaos my apartment usually is.” He tapped his head “Helps me let everything up here flow better.” “So,” Johnny said as Ten took the tray of cupcakes from him “How old are you?” “Johnny,” Taeyong hissed at his friend elbowing him. Ten laughed at the display. “I'll only tell you if you both tell me first” Ten said smiling brightly. And both Johnny and Taeyong could have swore they were being blinded by the adorable smile. Johnny lifted his hands “I’m 24 finishing up college”, “And I’m 23 with two years of college left.” They both looked back to Ten his face was bright red. Wow Ten thought they were his age based upon appearances. His head turned toward the clock recognition flashing across his face and then he was ushering then out of the house. Johnny almost stepped on a black cat that scurried away with a cute chime of a bell. Then they were out the door. “Sorry, but if you were in here when my mother got here he’d castrate you.” He smiled softly even though the words were violent. “Thanks for coming over to meet me.” He started closing the door but for the first time Taeyong spoke without prodding. “Wait, you never told us your name?” The boy smiled “My names Ten.”

And with that the door closed as they walked the short distance to their door Johnny said “Ten what a weird but adorable name. Also you forgot to ask him how old he was Mr.Bossman.” Taeyong looked to him and muttered something under his breath Johnny couldn’t quite catch. The small boy was sure adorable but he wondered what else they boy could be. They’d have to find out some way or another. Just as they were about to enter their apartment arms were around their necks and a weight slamming against their backs. They both groaned looking at Jaehyuns head between theirs. “What the fuck man.” Taeyong said annoyed but not moving the members arms off of him. Just as Taeyong had swung the door open their was a yell from down the hall.

“Jung Jaehyun?” The voice was soft but loud and Johnny and Taeyong groaned simultaneously. Then there was a shriek “You mean the Jaehyun that cheated on you with a hooker because he couldn’t get any other female to sleep with him willingly?” Incredulously Ten yelled stepping out into the hall propping his hands on his hips and glaring. “T-ten” the black haired boy Stuttered. “Go in the apartment bunny take Jeno with you.” He turned back and the boy seemed to relax as he was ushered into the home. “Bunny?” Johnny questioned. Ten called after them “Don’t eat the cupcakes they’re rotten.” Both Johnny and Taeyong flinched at that statement. The tree of them had turned slightly towards the scene but after Doyoung was pushed into the house they froze. Ten stepped toward the door and started to pull it shut glaring down the hall his parting words were. “You” he pointed to Jaehyun “Ever come near Bunny again after what you did and I Promise you won't be able to walk and it's not going to be because you got fucked good. And you two please leave me alone if you hang around that douche your obviously not much better.” And with that he left. They realized at the same time that Doyoung was the boy Jaehyun always talked about. Taeyong and Johnny looked at each other and nodded.

Taeyong opened the door and Johnny dragged Jaehyun in. “What happened to liking him enough to propose Jae?” Johnny yelled as Taeyong was locking the door. Jaehyun looked away. “I didn’t cheat on him.” He said quietly. “Why don’t you tell him that” Taeyong said ever the calm one of the duo. “Because when you get caught with a hooker in your house and no clothes on how can I tell him that it was because I’m part of a gang and when they need a place to stay they know they can come stay at my place and be safe for the night. I didn’t even know that she was there. Until I came out to see him crying and the girl moving towards me!” Jae’s voice increased in volume as he continued talking tears starting to fall down his face at the end. They nodded. “You should still try to explain to him Jae.” Johnny said having calmed down after an explanation. “What if he breaks it off with me though?” He said not meeting their eyes. “Well then it's just like it is now.” Taeyong said matter of factly. They moved over to the room where all of the hurt people had disappeared. Jae knocked. And they neared shuffling inside and as the door opened they heard a shout. “Bunny my neighbor is fucking hot and I can't go there because you wont even let him explain anything to you.”

The boy at the door was as tall as Taeyong, dark hair, and he looked young. “Um can I speak to Doyoung?” The boy narrowed his eyes at Jaehyun then scanned the other two. “Well i guess it's easy to determine who’s tall guy and Angel man out of the two of you.” He laughed then reaching out his hand “I’m Jeno I Doyoung’s younger brother and Tens friend. I don’t know if he’ll want to talk to you but since I understand dealing with boyfriends who don’t listen I’ll drag him here for you.” Then he whispered “plus it’s embarrassing when my boyfriends come over and he just starts bawling his eyes out so please fix you relationship,” the boy to a step towards Jaehyun”but let's get this straight if you actually cheated on him I hope you know you wont ever sleep with anyone ever again.” Then he stepped back smiling making his eyes become small rainbows. At that he left them at the door. Johnny looked down at him “Angel man huh?” At that Taeyong grinned “Hey it's a start. At least I’m not tall guy.” Johnny was about to reply but then two figures appeared in the door one seeming angry his arms crossed and the other had his hands on his shoulders guiding him out of the room.

“You can go in he’s on the couch.” Jeno said finally removing ten. “Yah Jaehyun you guys end up having makeup sex don’t do it on my couch or in front of my poor cat. In fact don't do it in my house at all.” This made the Jeno kid start laughing. “Ten I think your cat has seen you do worse things than Bunny will ever fathom.” Ten twisted facing Jeno “ Could you not say shit like that now my neighbors probably think I’m some whore or something great job Jeno.” He whisper yelled pushing him. The boy smiled and his eyes almost disappeared “Isn’t it true though?” At this Taeyong and Johnny's interest they were intrigued and Ten was dying of embarrassment.

So what if he didn’t settle down he didn’t need it broadcast to his neighbors. But they’d probably find out when he got a little to loud. Then again they could think he had a boyfriend that treated him right at least? Ten turned around to see Taeyong smirking but looking at him with an odd expression. Ten still had his hands pressed to his face. While Johnny and Jeno kept laughing Taeyong leaned down and pulled his hands away. “Why cover up such a pretty face babe?” Tae questioned him.

Just then the door opened Doyoung pushing Jaehyun out of it saying something to quiet for the rest to hear but it obviously hurt Jaehyun, his face dropping. “Jeno, Ten can we just watch a movie now?” Doyoung asked. “Of course babe.” Ten said glaring at Jaehyun. He then stepped into his apartment leading doyoung inside. “So how did it go?” Jeno pressed Jaehyun. “It went as well as it could. He thinks I’m lying though.” “Well are you?” Jeno said leaning back slightly. “No.” “Well then all you can do is keep going after him if you still do love him, right?” Jaehyun looked at the boy with new respect. “For a kid so young you give good relationship advice.” Johnny said slinging his arm over Taeyong and pulling him into his side. “Well between Ten’s experiences and my own two boyfriends I think I’m pretty versed in relationships.” He smiled then a call came from the apartment. “Jeno, we need someone to cuddle were starting the movie and its supposed to be scary.” Jeno saluted them with two fingers “Well duty calls.” And moved into the apartment closing the door. “So what did he say?” Taeyong said as they walked back to their apartment. “He said the lies hurt more than not knowing.”

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Ten was cuddled up in Doyoungs lap while Ahs was playing. Doyoung squeezing him to death every time it got scary despite this being like the tenth time they’ve watched it. Ten was worried about his friend。Bunny used to light up when talking about Jaehyun。Then the whole thing went down and it seemed that Doyoung wasn't the only unhappy one anymore but, why would jaehyun cheat on bunny if he still had feelings for him? Ten was pulled out of his thoughts by a loud bang on the door。

“Ten you whore come open this door。” A muffled voice shouted。Ten looked at Jeno pouting making the other boy groan。

Getting up he glared ”Stop that,” he said throwing a pillow that hit Ten in the face “I‘ve got the door “. Loud voices then entered the apartment.

“Hey,why doesn’t everyone quiet down we’ve already started the show?” Doyoung said. As everyone shuffled in. Jungwoo shuffling over and. cuddling up to them on the couch. Meanwhile Jaemin Renjun and Jeno pile in the love seat and Hyuck claims his throne of the armchair. Movie night goes smoothly with minimal food mess and if Ten did notice hyuck cuddling with Crow he didn’t mention it. The two being enemies ever since crow broke Haechans phone screen by pushing it off the counter. By the end of the season everyone was tired.

“Wow I never thought I’d be attracted to a psychopath, But Donovan could hit me up any time and I’d let him kill me afterwards.” Said Hyuck.

“Liz should hit me up sometime and tell me that makeup routine.” Jungwoo said and Ten nodded against his chest.

“But let's be honest Evan Peters in any of the seasons could jump my bones and I’d be happy.” Ten said.

“You say that every time we rewatch the seasons.” Renjun stated as a simple fact.

Jaemin sat up and turned towards the couch they were on. “You still think that after cult?” His voice rose to a Squeak as he asked.

“Well yeah it's still Evan Peters. Oh and the dude that plays Harrison could hit me up too. Maybe together that would be nice” Everyone collectively groaned. “You all know in your hearts you’d let Harrison get all of your asses.” Ten said as he detangled himself from doyoung and Jungwoo.

“Boo you whore.” Doyoung said as Ten went to get everyone blankets and pillows Hyuck following behind without being asked because off how often they had done this. They brought the blanket back and everyone got cozy.

“Tennie?” Haechan spoke up from the armchair.

“Yeah hyuck?” Ten turned toward him sitting up.

“Come cuddle me I’m lonely.” Haechan said reaching out and Ten padded over cuddling into the chair with him.

“Night night Tennie.”

“Night Hyuckie.”


“Wow they’re so cute.”

“Aw ten doesn’t look like the literal devil when he’s asleep.”

“Hurry get pictures.”

“Oh my gosh they look so soft.”

Then something hit Ten in the face. He cracked an eye open glaring with one eye as ,the offender; Doyoung retrieved his phone from the blankets on top of Ten. He tried to snuggle back under the blankets and fall back to sleep but doyoung had other plans. Ripping the blankets off of Ten and Haechan. Making Haechan fall off of his side of the chair and making Ten tip backwards and fall on the floor as well.

“Wake up we have to get to Uni.” Doyoung huffed looking annoyed until a smile peaked through. “Ill make you both coffee hurry and get changed.”

Once everyone that had to head over to Uni was ready they set out. Doyoung driving Jaemin Jeno and Renjun in his Honda Civic R. Which for a car was a nice looking car, but much to expensive for any of his friends other than doyoung to own. Even Doyoung would admit it was a gross waste of money on his parents side. While Ten would be taking Hyuck. Ten also came from money but, his father didn’t like that he was going into the arts field and leaving the business for his sister. His mother still Got him a good amount of money when he moved out. Which he used to buy his apartment and his pride and joy. His Yoshimura R-77 the trusty bike that took him wherever he needed to go in life. Ten smiled handing Hyuck a helmet as he got on the bike. As soon as Hyuck was on and holding Ten around the waist they were off. Ten only glancing back at four figures walking down the stairs when one said something loud enough to hear but not clear enough to respond to. Riding on his bike was always calming until Haechan started screeching as ten wove through cars. They reached the Uni arts building parking lot. Haechan stumbled off of the bike falling on his butt. While Ten started laughing at him almost falling off the bike himself.

“You were trying to kill me.” Hyuck said pointing with a shaky finger as Ten took the helmet off of him.

Leaning down and yelling next to his ear. “Too bad it didn’t work.” Then stepping back and securing the helmets to his bike. Doyoung pulling in next to him just as he finished.

“Hyung~” Haechan whined pulling on Doyoungs arm. “Ten tried to kill me.” Doyoung side about to say something but Ten skipped past them.

“Hae just because you rode bitch doesn’t mean you have to act like one.” Ten sang as Haechan glared and started chasing after him. While Ten started screaming and running away.

“Oh my god when-“ Doyoung had started saying as he got bumped by Jaemin who didn’t even look back to apologize.

“Ten you didn’t think to tell me about the hot neighbors who you totally have a crush on?” Jaemin yelled giving chase to the two already going.

“Oh my god I babysit actual children.” Doyoung groaned.

“You love us all tough Hyung.” Jen said walking past him and towards the building with Renjun tucked under one of his arms. The other carrying all three of their backpacks.

Ten got to class panting a water bottle appearing in front of him. “Thanks winwin ge.”
Ten said flashing the boy a smile.

“Ten” Haechan shrieked as he jumped almost toppling the boy over. “Your the Bitch.”

“Haechan.” A stern voice said. Ten and Haechan both turned.

“Yes Mrs. Lewis?” Haechan said stepping backwards towards the door.

“Our class has started-“she said glaring. Before she finished Haechan dashed out of the room while Ten snickered.

“As I was saying before Haechan interrupted.” She said small smile creeping onto her face “These are our two teacher aides. Winwin,” she said motioning word the boy who stepped closer to Ten “and Ten. They. Have both taken this class before so address them with respect. Th-“ The door swung open again two more people stepping in everyone turning toward the noise.

“Welcome to the class gentlemen. You must be new since you don’t know that being late is unacceptable.” Said Mrs. Lewis an annoyed expression on her face. While Ten gawked at the newcomers.

“Yes Ma’m we are new. We just moved in and got a little lost on the way to administration.” Said Johnny.

“We have a note if you would like it.” Taeyong Said flippantly.

“Just sit down” she said pinching the bridge of her nose and pointing towards where the other students were seated. They both walked over placing themselves against the wall.

“As I was saying Ten and Winwin will be given groups they have to work with. Keep in mind though they can't give you all their time they have their own project together.”

“Over the weekend divide up teams between yourselves.” Said Mrs Lewis handing them each a list of the students in the class. “Your all dismissed.”

“Lewis could we have the studio so we can start on our project. Then we can get it done and help the class more near the end.” Winwin said softly.

“Yes by all means.” She said turning and leaving.

“Let’s divide the class up first Winwinie.” Ten said sitting in the middle of the room. Dividing the class up was relatively easy until four names were left.

“Ill take Johnny and Taeyong.” Ten said circling their names.

“Then I guess I have Yuta and Taeil.” Winwin replied.

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Ten and Winwin decided the song they were dancing to. Dance To This by Ariana Grande and Troye Sivan. But that’s about as far as they got with all the bickering. Ten had the rest of the day off but had to go to work. “0 Mile” the coffee shop below his apartment. Run by Jungwoo and Kun. Both students at his school and also his adopted family. As he entered there was a tall blonde boy flirting with Jungwoo at the cash register while Jaemin snapping pictures from the side. Jungwoo was laughing and as Ten got close enough to the counter he saw the boys face was as red as a tomato.

“Yeah so call me and we can have some fun.” Jungwoo said winking at the boy. Said boy nodding frantically. Haechan walked out of the back with a bag of pastries just as the front door opened.

“Lucas. Dude hurry up everyone’s getting snippy because you haven’t brought the food yet.” Another boy groaned from the door as Lucas turned from the counter to flash him a quick smile.

“Sorry Mark I’m coming.” Lucas said turning back to the counter.

As Jungwoo handed him the pastries he leaned in. “I hope next time we meet you’ll be saying that for me.” Jungwoo winked and the red flush reappearing on the boys face. Ten and Jaemin happily slapping each other off to the side.

“Lucas hurry up.” Mark groaned from the door again.

“Dude stop being a whiny baby.” Haechan said quirking an eyebrow at Mark.

The other boy glared “Maybe your shop should be faster and I wouldn’t be complaining?” Mark retorted.

“Maybe if you would just shut up you’d realize you could have gone elsewhere if you don’t find our work speed up to your standards. You would have saved me from ever having to hear your nasty voice.” Hyuck said glaring back now.

“Whoa Whoa.” Kun said emerging from the back his motherly instincts probably telling him about the argument. “Sir I’m sorry we were slow but we cook everything fresh so that obviously takes time but you can call ahead so you arrive when what you ordered is done. There’s a card in the bag.” Kun told him smiling at the boy. Then grabbing Haechans schoulders and guiding him to the back.

“Well now that that’s over bye Lucas call me sometime.” Jungwoo said flirtatiously waving at the boy as he left with Mark.

“Could you feel that sexual tension or was it just me?” Jaemin asked poking Ten. As they walked to the back.

“Oh no it was there for both of them.” Ten said laughing as Haechan glared at him.

“That boy is annoying don’t ever pair me up with him in your mind. You demon.” Haechan spat out this just served to make both Jaemin and Ten laugh harder. Haechan resorting to throwing a spatula at them.

“Haechan we cook with that don’t throw it.” Kun said exasperated. “You two need to stop riling him up.”

“Yeah he’s already riled up from Mark.” Jungwoo said as a mischievous smile curled his lips. “That sexual tension would rille anyone up.” With a shriek Haechan started chasing them Ten escaping out to the front seeing someone at the counter.

“What might I do for you?” Ten asked smiling. The boy looked up and Ten realized it was his neighbor. “Oh. Hi, Johnny what can I get you?” He said flirtatiously.

“Well your number would be nice but, I also need a whole order of everything on this list.” He replied, Placing his hands on the counter and leaning over it Closer to Tens face. “And as fast as you can please I need them for a meeting.” Ten nodded frantically taking the receipt. Rushing off to the back handing it to Kun.

“Its for a meeting so if we could do it as fast as possible the customer would be pleased.” Ten said slight blush still covering his cheeks. He got a few questioning looks from his friends but ignored them.

Kun nodded “Of course tell them that it will be 15 because we just made a batch of these.”

Ten smiled “Thanks KunKun.” He hugged Kun quickly making him laugh.

“Of course TenTen now go finish flirting with the guy at the counter.” Ten smiled moving back to the front.

“I told you he’s a Witch.” Jaemin said pointing to Kun. Haechan nodding along. This earned them both a smack on the back of the head and instructions on what they needed to do. Ten saw a new face standing next to Johnny.

“Everything you ordered should be out in 15 or so.” Ten said but when he caught a glance of the new boys face he smiled. “Hey, Jisung what’s up?”

The boy looked up startled then his eyes widened as they landed on Ten. “Ten, wow! I didn't know you worked here. How Are those classes you were complaining about last week?”

“They were fine, how the boyfriend situation going?” Ten asked eyes softening. Jisung was on of his favorite students when he helped his old dance teacher at the Dance studio.

“I’m sorry to interrupt but how do you two know each other?” Johnny asked looking to Jisung for an answer.

“You remember how I was telling you and Taeyong about the amazing dance substitute we have every Wednesday that’s him. How do you know Ten Johnny?”

“I’m his neighbor.” Ten said for Jhonny smiling at Jisung. “So did you ask him hun?” Ten asked again.

“No its so stressful what if he hates me.” Jisung said face planting on the counter with a dull thud.

Ten smiled laughing softly. “From what you’ve told me about Chenle he doesn’t seem the type to do that hun.” Ten counseled patting Jisung head softly.

“Ten the orders done.” Jungwoo called from the back. Ten patted Jisungs head one last time before retrieving and ringing up Johnnys order.

“You forgot something.” Johnny said.

Ten looked up surprised “What did we miss and I can go get it for you?”

“You didn't give me your phone number.” Johnny said quirking a brow and smiling flirtatiously. As Jisung gagged slightly in the background slipping out of the door as quickly as possible. “Unless you don’t want to?” Johnny said slight furrow in his brows at the statement.

“No No of course just give me a second to write it down.” Ten said grabbing one of the business cards and scribbling his number on it along with his name. Then handing it to Johnny.

The door jingled “Babe hurry everyone’s ready to start.” Taeyong said from the door Johnny nodded moving off with Jisung trailing behind him.

“Bye Kitten Talk to you soon.” Johnny said as Taeyong lead them out of the cafe. Ten felt the worry build in his chest. So if Johnny and Taeyong were dating then why did Johnny ask for his number? The anxiety grew during the rest of Tens shift. Doyoung and Jeno showing up at the end to hang out with him. Jeno smiling at Jaemin telling him Renjun was back in their dorm room waiting for him to start movie night saying that his brother needed him for a while. As soon as the door to Tens house was open Doyoung went in and collapsed on his couch. Telling Ten and Jeno about how he and Jaehyun had talked at school that day.

“Yeah so I don’t know if he’s telling the truth or just making up some ludicrous story so that I forgive him.” Doyoung said plopping face first into the pillows on Tens couch after explaining what Jaehyun had told him. Ten giggled bouncing around.

“Bunny? Do you not find it hot that your boyfriend is in a gang?” Ten asked setting his sketchbook down and sitting on Doyoung who was sprawled out on the couch.

“Ten” Jeno said looking up From his phone “that’s only something a sexual deviant like you would find attractive.”

“No,” Ten pouted “Bunny does too.”

Jeno eyed him “Why do you say that?”

“He’s hard?” Ten said giggling as Doyoung tried to slap him. Ten jumped onto the armchair Jeno was occupying smoothly laying down across his lap. “Hi, how was heaven when you left it?” Ten said making Jeno burst out laughing.

In the middle of laughing he tried to reply. “You’ll have to ask my boyfriends because I didn’t come from heaven but they must have.” Ten abruptly stopped laughing and rolled off of Jeno’s lap and moved over to Doyoung smacking him excitedly.

“DON'T YOU THINK THATS SO ADORABLE LIKE SURE HE RUINED MY JOKE BUT HE CONTINUES TO SUPPORT HIS ADORABLE BOYFRIENDS EVEN WHEN THEY AREN'T WITH HIM.” Ten yelled then paused, “Wait does that make my hot neighbors part of the gang too?” Tens eyes glinted with interest.

“Um, I don’t know Jae didnt say much else about it.” Doyung said rolling over to look at Ten question in his eyes.

“Kay while its fun listening to you guys being hecka gay, I actually have a relationship to return to.” Jeno said standing up. Getting glares from the other two.

“I’m going to head out too Tennie.” Doyoung joined Jeno at the door putting their shoes on. As Jeno opened the door Haechan was about to knock and ended up hitting Jeno in the face instead.

“Haechan~” Jeno whined flapping his arms at the boy.

“Sorry how was I supposed to know you were going to open the door. Maybe you should have invited me then we wouldn’t have had an issue.” Haechan huffed crossing his arms and tapping a foot.

“You still had work and we all have school tomorrow.” Jeno said. “If we had waited for you it would have been forever until we were done. Renjun and Jaemin wanted to have a movie night so I have to get going. Bye Tennie.” He said walking away.

“Ill see you guys tomorrow at school.” Doyung said stepping out after his brother.

“Do you need something else Haechan?” Ten said as Haechan walked in going directly to the kitchen.

“Yeah, I thought I’d cook for you so you don’t die from constantly eating takeout.”
He said pulling ingredients out of the fridge. “And I was hoping you’d let me stay over tonight?” He said turning to the sink washing his hands.

Ten stared at his back. “Tell me the reason then of course you can Hyuckie.” Ten replied. Worrying about his friend.

“I like you more than my housemates. They’re always speaking in Chinese and it’s awkward to have them talking to one another without understanding.” He said blushing “Not that they’re bad people but is just weird.”

Ten laughed “Now you know how I felt when I first moved here.” Ten said earning a glare from Haechan. That made him laugh even more until his phone vibrated in his pocket.

Unknown number:
Hey Ten it's Johnny. I hope you don’t mind that I gave Ty your numbat too.

Unknown number:
Hey Ten it's your neighbor Taeyong.

“Tennie?” Ten looked up “Do I really have to make food to stay over its already late.”

“NO lets go to sleep just plan on making breakfast.” Ten said poking Haechans cheek.

“Ugh Fuck off Bitch.” Haechan said slipping into tens room taking over the left side of the bed. Ten bouncing on after him.