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University Blows!

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"I have to buy text boooooooks."


"Should have done it yesterday."


"But I don't have a drivers license yet."


"School starts in 5 days. you have enough time to get what you need."


Chromia glared at windblade. Yes school started in five days, No she hasn't got all her shopping done, Yes she needs to wake up to do so. Slowly she got up and fixed her hair. Walking towards the kitchen and stared at all the boxes. She looked back at windblade. "You did this much packing already?" Windblade curved around her and picked up a box putting it towards the side, "yes yes I know we won't be gone for long. But it's college you never know when we will be able to step foot here." Chromia chuckled, "so you say that, but what if we get the chance?" 


"Then we save the precious moment while it last's."


"well don't you mean like this then~"


Chromia leaned in kissing windblade softly. Windblade was totally expecting this from her, always ending one of their moments with a kiss. A few moments later they broke the kiss gazing into each other. "Now how about that school shopping." Chromia said walking towards the door. Windblade had to do a double look at her. "Chrome! You're not going shopping without a shower first."

 Chromia grunted throwing her hands in the air. "Showering is for nerds."


"Then I happily will call myself a nerd. In the shower you."


with brainstorm and quark




"stormy? What are you going on about now?"


"I still can't believe that my high school teacher passed me. And trust me she hated me from the bottom of her heart."


Quark rolled his eyes at his over energetic boyfriend. They were already setting up their dorm. It was a mess, wasn't that big but it was enough to get brainstorm all hyped up. Brainstorm pulled out his phone after it rung. After he started talking in the other room, quark lost all focus on him and on the boxes that he was unpacking.




"Do you mind keeping the noise level down. People are gonna start complaining." 


"I do not give a damn. but guess what."




"perceptor is coming back from Britain. isn't that great!"


"Wow. His dad actually allowed him to come back to America?"


"No his dad doesn't approve but his mom did. At least he is not at some private school, right."


"I guess that is good. What about wheeljack? Where is he?"


"Wheeljack is at some factory with his grandpa. Bomb factory I think."


"I think we should focus on the unpacking stuff. We have a lot to do."


They get back to packing, brainstorm always stopping a bit just to look at his phone. Quark had to throw his phone somewhere in the pile to get him to organize to find it. It was actually quite nerve racking for quark, just him having to throw one of brainstorm's belongings somewhere so he can organize. "Can you please not throw my stuff." Quark just smirked fixing his glasses on his face,"Maybe if you organize a bit you would have found them" quark said with a matter of fact voice. Brainstorm rolled up his sleeves and glared at his smaller boyfriend, he wasn't threatening him just wished that he was able to find his stuff. "Oh yea, were gonna finish this, I'm gonna go organize the bedroom you organize this room and then I will get my hands on you." With that quark just giggled and brainstorm went to the other room.


Skyfire and starscream


Skyfire and starsream was just finished decorating their dorm. They were laying together on a couch together flicking through channels. A few days ago skyfire wouldn't talk to him just because starscream played a prank on him, but now he has no choice since they moved into a dorm together. Starscream looked up at him, "are you still upset little baby" starscream teased him as he poked skyfire's face and messed up his hair. Skyfire grunted but did not answer as he shook off starscreams finger off his face. "What was that giraffe, I couldn't hear you." Skyfire glared at him, "don't call me that." "why not? Its such a cute name for you." Skyfire turned off the TV, "because you say that in the school, everyone is gonna start calling me that."


"keep saying that then it might happen."