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Remember to Forget

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When I’m running, for a mile, a minute, a breath… I’m someone else. It’s like the real Edward leaves my body, and I’m replaced with someone different. Someone invincible.

No one can touch me.

When I started running competitively my dad was my first coach… he used to say: “Edward, it’s not about running towards the finish line, it’s about running away from the start.”

So that’s how it was for so long, I was running away from the beginning… but then everything changed in the space of one afternoon… everything. Suddenly I didn’t want to run from the start, I wanted to run towards it. Back to the beginning.

Back to her.

If I could just be a little faster then maybe she would be okay. Just pushed a little harder, I could see her smile at me one more time.

There was never a fast enough.



I didn’t understand him at first, this strange boy with the sad green eyes. I was just intrigued; intrigued with his athleticism that seemed to spill from his soul. He pushed harder than anyone, and he was so fast.

I tried to talk to him, tried to make him see me.

But he was always chasing ghosts.