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KurooTsukki angst week

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Normally when a couple breaks up, it commonly a private conversation. This wasn’t the case.

Kuroo and Tsuki were out in the open in the middle of Tokyo University court yard. They just finished volleyball practise and heading home until Kuroo sprang a fast one on the tall blonde. Bokuto and Akaashi were slightly ahead of them when Kuroo told Tsuki that he no longer felt any chemistry between them. Boring or repetitive like a one night stand. An old wound that scabbed over and over and it just got stuck.

That’s how Kuroo described how he felt. Tsuki felt like his whole world split in half . He was being compared to a bed warmer who was overly clingy. His chest thudded as he replayed the words in his mind, not realising he stopped walking. Tsuki heard Kuroo talk but his mind wouldn’t process the words. He felt soft but calloused hands grasped his own and a soft monotone voice asking him if he was okay and what’s going on. Tsuki couldn’t breathe.

Tearful face stared at his now ex boyfriend. Tsuki refuses to let these dreaded salt water drop, he will not give Kuroo the benefit of a doubt. Akaashi must’ve noticed how tense he was because he too looked upset at Kuroo but the blonde paid no kind to it. The raven haired arse hole was staring at Tsuki with emotionless facade. Tsuki wasn’t sure if he was seeing things but he was pretty sure he saw a brief flash of grief pass through his golden gaze. Whatever it was Tsuki just wanted to leave the premises and go bury himself under mountains of blankets and possibly drown himself in his misery. The possibility of changing Uni crosses his mind but that can wait.

Kuroo went to open his mouth but he watched the blonde quickly swipe away the on coming of tears and straightened himself out. Honey orbs still filled with tears and his face morphed between despair and trying to disclose his expression off. Kuroo felt his own eyes well up but he held them back. He needed to do this. His chest clenched painfully as he watch Tsuki... his Tsuki , bow to him. Form trembled, the ravenette heard the blonde choke out a thank you and he almost missed the strangle whisper of,

“ I love you. “

Kuroo also bowed and said his thanks as well. His tears had fallen from hearing those three simple words that held nothing but utter adoration and love. Kuroo knew Tsuki meant those words. He knew Tsuki won’t look for another.

Fist clenched at his side, Kuroo never straightened himself. Refused to. He heard Bokuto frantically spouting nonsense in the background that he almost missed the soft fingers that carded through his dark locks and a thin cold silver chain weighted against his neck. He almost choked on his saliva when he noticed the platinum silver ring hanging off the chain. Kuroo screwed his eyes shut when he heard Tsuki say he’ll no longer need it and said one last thank you.

Soft lips pecked against his forehead and Kuroo did everything within himself to not grab the trembling mess of a blonde.

Tsuki had spun around and headed towards the train station. He saw Akaashi follow close behind after Bokuto told him to take him home. He was great full. But his heart was rapidly cracking and Tsuki just wanted to go home before the pieces decided to become non existent.


Kuroo never stood straight, never looked up as he heard quick footsteps hurry away. He refuse to acknowledge his best friend and the people that surround him. He was ashamed for breaking his lover heart by comparing him to a bed warmer and a leech who clung. They weren’t true. None of it were. But he needed something to crush the blonde.

A sob left his lips as he heard Kei’s whimper when he walked away.

Kuroo has no right to call him Kei. He doesn’t even have the right to call him Tsuki anymore but apart of him was calling out, wanting, his body and mind screamed for him to move and run after the blonde. But Kuroo can’t.

Bokuto guided the bed headed man towards an unoccupied bench and help him sit down. Kuroo saw him disappear for a moment but came back just as quickly. Two bottle of cold water greeted his vision. Accepting one of them, Kuroo said a weak thank you to his friend and uncapped the bottle before drinking it. They were silent and people were gossiping already.

Kuroo gripped the plastic bottle and Bokuto stared ahead.

“ did you really mean those words? “
Bokuto asked.

Kuroo sat silently and breathe in a shaky breath. “ no “ he bluntly said.

Bokuto snapped his head towards him and demand an answer as to why would he say such hurtful things.

Kuroo eyes welled up again as he remembered the threat his father gave to him last night.

“leave him or ill permanently rid of him”

Kuroo drink bottle ended up on the ground, dented. His head sunk further down towards his knees and the chained necklace swayed gently in front of him. Kuroo heart broke, shoulder shook as he cried and his stomach clenched painfully. Bokuto could only watch as his friend crumble and pour his heart out Quietly. One thing Bokuto knows for sure.

You’ll will do anything to ensure the safety of your love one. Even if it means by breaking there heart.