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Right As Rain

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               Everyone had no idea how to act.

               The day before, Woojin and Chan had been at each other's throats. Today they hadn't said one cross word to each other. Not that they had said anything to each other, actually.

               There seemed to be a barrier between them as they never got close. When one would head towards the weights, the other would cross the room and start on the bags.

               Even Wonshik was watching with apprehension.

               When he had come in, he had expected to find the two in pieces. Instead, the duo was very much alive. Quiet, but that wasn't surprising. They were also slightly battered—Chan sported a healthy black eye and the right side of Woojin's jaw was marred with a deep red/purple blotch.

               But the biggest difference for the entire gym was the true shift of energy.

               Woojin and Chan no longer hated each other.

               Everyone could feel it, the tension that had been lifted from the air as they all finished their training sets for the day.

               Perhaps locking them in the gym wasn't such a bad idea, after all.

               "You didn't lock us in here," Woojin commented as he motioned for Wonshik to raise the pads again. The older man had gotten distracted thinking about the peculiarness of his training group.

               "You don't know that," he finally answered, a deep rumble in his throat as he saw Woojin's lips twitch. "Yall were in here a while."

               Woojin stopped and straightened from his striking posture. "How do you know that?"

               Wonshik outright chuckled when he saw the alarm in the brunette's eyes. Raising the pads, he instructed Woojin to strike.

               But in a non-typical manner, Woojin just squinted. "Do you have cameras?"

               Wonshik's jaw dropped. "Why?" he asked slowly.

               Shaking his head, Woojin averted his gaze and instead got into stance.

               "Come on, now!" he goaded, mouth slipping into a slow smile as he heard Wonshik's laugh.




               Chan finished his set and looked over at Wonshik who was training with Woojin. He was holding pads, and while that was not out of practice for the veteran fighter, Chan thought back to his earlier musings.

               Then he blinked the thoughts away, watching Woojin punch Wonshik's hands.

               The man was a skilled striker, he just needed more confidence in it.

               Chan bowed his head as he twisted his lips to quell his indulgent smile. It was harder than expected because his eyes kept crawling back over to the brunette. He was sweating, on his last sets and the dark auburn of his hair had turned chestnut with perspiration. Woojin had also lost his shirt, now working out in just a tank top and sweatpants.

               Wonshik was laughing at him, Woojin grinning back.

               But that didn't matter, because the night before, Woojin had kissed Chan.

               Closing his eyes in rememberance, he could feel his cheeks lift as he thought of the petal soft lips on his. The taste of Woojin heady as they pressed against each other. The blonde remembered the way the older man's back felt beneath his palms, how thick and steady he had felt above him. Woojin had been interesting before.

               Now he was fascinating.


               Youngjae was snapping in front of his face, Chan coming to as he crossed his eyes on the hand at his nose.

               "I have been calling you," the younger man whined. Then he looked over to Woojin who was stretching. "So…"

               "I told you, everything is settled," Chan said to his friend. Youngjae, out of all of them, had always been the one he gravitated towards. Even in the beginning, when everyone was being so nice, Youngjae just felt more genuine than the others.

               Not that they weren't.

               He just felt more.

               And now, he and Chan had established a tradition of walking home together, their apts just down the hall from each other. They shared occasional dinners and rarely, late night snacks. Though when given any real amount of time, Chan tried to spend it with Jisung and the group like he was tonight.

               "You ready to head home?" Youngjae asked, pushing his washed hair back. He had already showered and was just waiting for Chan.

               The blonde immediately felt guilty, looking over to Woojin once more.

               This time, the brunette was watching him back.

               Lips curling at the corner, Chan looked down to the bench he was sitting on, smashing his lips together to get rid of his smile. Then he looked up into Youngjae's face.

               "Yeah, let me just shower."




               "Who is Woojin?"

               Chan looked up from his food, his crossed legs holding the pizza box steady. Jeongin was holding the now black haired man's phone. His hair was currently in a showercap, the dye still setting and when he snapped to what the youngest was saying, he couldn't get the words out fast enough around the food in his mouth.

               "Is he calling?"

               Jisung stopped his conversation to look over at the interest. "Who is he?"

               Chan ignored him easily. "Throw me my phone, please," he bordered on begging. Because once Jeongin knew you wanted something, he turned evil.

               "He's not calling."

               "Ok," Chan rolled his eyes. "Just throw it to me."

               "Hmmm, he might have texted," Jeongan sang. "I should read what he said—"

               The black haired man nearly toppled the entire pizza over with how quickly he got up. Snatching his phone with a glare, he didn't have time to give the youngest a true look. Instead, he needed to see what Woojin had said—

               Blinking, Chan's brow furrowed.

               "There's… there's nothing from him," he murmured, eyes raising.

               Jeongin was overcome with laughter. Felix threw his friend a solemn face, though none of them could feel sorry. Their youngest was not to be trusted. And he knew it.

               "Someone named Youngjae asked about Woojin," Jeongin finally got out, swiping a thumb to clear his tears. "Yall got in a fight?"

               Before Chan could get on the boy about his intrusion (along with how disappointed he truly was that Woojin hadn't been reaching out), Jisung poked his head into the conversation.

               "Is that where you got your black eye?!" he questioned loudly.

               Sheepishly, Chan waved it off and returned to his pizza, this time with it on the table beside him as he sat down on the floor.

               "No, I mean yes. But it was… not bad?" he ended awkwardly. He didn't know how to lie about this, nor did he know how to say to his friends that he totally came in his shorts as his arch nemesis dry fucked him.

               Chuckling, Chan shoved a piece of pizza in his mouth.

               But Jisung was smarter and he sank down to stare at his friend. Chan stopped chewing.


               "There is nothing to—"


               Looking at the face of Han Jisung, up close and personal, Chan simply groaned.


               "Bullshit," Changbin said sweetly. Chan wrenched his neck to give the other a glower.

               "The name certainly sounds familiar."

               "I think my hair needs to be washed—"

               "Its fine," Jisung said easily, reaching for and taking the slice of pizza from Chan's long fingers, placing it blindly on Chan's glass coffee table. "Who. Is. Woojin."

               Now Hyunjin was crowding him as well and when the eldest looked around, he realized there was no way he was getting out of this without admitting to who Woojin was. And he didn't trust himself to keep quiet when he finally got the chance to relive that moment.

               The moment that changed everything.

               Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and all heads whipped towards it. Breaking out in a wide smile, Chan squeezed from in between his friends. Shrugging his shoulders, he walked to the door pretty satisfied with the distraction.

               Jisung stood, Hyunjin sank into the couch. Chan answered the door, whipping the metal open to—


               All chatter behind him stopped and the brunette raised his eyebrows slightly. Then he licked his lips, eyes then focusing on the shower cap atop Chan's head.

               "Again?" the older man remarked. "What color?"

               Chan blinked. "Huh?"

               Woojin pointed slowly toward Chan's hair.


               Then remembering his friends were just on the other side of him, Chan stepped forward and pulled the door close behind him. Woojin took a step back as their chests met.

               "Sorry," Chan apologized, bringing his hands forward to steady the other. Although he knew he didn't need it—Woojin's core was admirable.

               "It's fine."

               "Wait," Chan said, tilting his head. "What are you doing here?"

               As if to say this wasn't normal, because it wasn't. They weren't friends, they weren't even enemies at this point. But whatever they were, and for as long as Chan knew Woojin, they had never seen each other outside of training activities.

               Now, the brunette was at his door, wearing jeans and a sweater covered with a long down jacket. It was frigid outside and Chan could have sworn he could see the pink of Woojin's cheeks. It painted him that much more attractive.

               "Did you need something?" he asked when he realized the older man wasn't answering.

               Woojin simply looked down the hall then back at him, mouth poising as if he wanted to say something but couldn't quite form the sentence. Then he cast his eyes down.

               Chan forgot he was wearing a shower cap, focusing only on how spectactular his view was the moment.

               "I asked Youngjae where you lived," Woojin said with a sheepish raise of his eyes. "I hope you don't mind."

               Shaking his head, Chan tried at an understanding smile.

               Woojin started to return it.

               Suddenly, again, the door opened and Chan barely had time to reach behind him and slam it shut. Grunting as his friends tried once more to open it, he leaned towards Woojin.

               "What did you need again?"

               "Are you busy?"

               "No," Chan jumped. "Not at all."

               Woojin's eyebrow raised. "Then what is that?"


               "Babysitting?" Woojin chuckled. It made Chan want to see a full out smile.

               But before he could entice one, Woojin looked back at the hall before he settled back on Chan. "Well, I just…"


               The brunette swallowed loudly. "I'm not going to say anything about what… what happened yesterday."

               Chan's spine slowly steeled and he found himself just as slowly comprehending what Woojin was saying. Or implying. Or whatever it was that he was doing.

               "Y-yeah," he responded dumbly.

               The tug at the door knob stopped.

               "Just, so that we don't have to worry about that getting out."

               "That?" Chan echoed, hands falling to his sides.

               Woojin had the decency to blush, then he stood taller. "The kiss."

               Chan's brow furrowed, regarding Woojin with a direct gaze. "You came to my apartment, having asked another of our trainees where I live, so you could tell me you were going to keep this a secret?"

               Woojin opened his mouth. Then shut it.

               Chan smiled.


               Chan's fingers smoothed over Woojin's ears as he stepped into him deliberately this time, mouth covering his in a fluid sweep. It didn't matter he was wearing a shower cap, the brunette's arms coming around his waist easily as he tilted his face into their kiss.

               Pressing forward, Woojin walked Chan into the door, squeezing him between his body and the metal. Reaching for his mouth again, Woojin's tongue teased his, teeth nipping at the younger man's bottom lip.

               Woojin sighed between kisses, hands delving beneath the other's large tshirt.

               Chan reached behind him for the doorknob, holding it closed as they made out.