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You'll Always Be Family

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Brian grinned as he enjoyed the LA heat at one of the famous Toretto family dinners. Dom was at the grill and Leon was inside with Mia helping her cook.

It was almost unbearably hot and Letty made her dissatisfaction known as she glared at Brian and Vince who were both lounging on the shitty lawn chairs Jesse had insisted that they get for a beach day they still hadn't gone on yet.

Jesse was currently sitting at the table, sitting in shorts and bare of a shirt with a cigarette tucked behind his right ear, humming as he tapped away on the laptop he had gotten for his birthday less then a month ago.

He was dimly aware of Letty took a long swig of her beer a few feet away before getting up from her seat and disappeared into the house just as Mia and Leon were starting to bring out the food.

Brian himself was stretched put on a lounge chair and was pleasantly warmed in the spots where the sun lapped at his skin. His eyes were closed and next to him he could hear Vince snoring softly in his seat. Ignoring the sounds of the grill sizzling in the background and even the faint sound of Mia and Leon's laugh leaving the kitchen as he dozed lightly.

The next thing he knew cold water was raining down on him in a sudden wave making his gasp and jack knife out of his seat. Next to him he could hear Vince spitting curses as he sat up, looking much like a pissed off soaking wet cat. They seemed to come to the same conclusion at once because suddenly Vince was chasing Letty around the yard while the others laughed. Feeling bold Brian approached Dom with a shit eating grin. The bald man raised a questioning eyebrow at him. A challenge.

Never one to back down from a fight thanks to the crazy ass white boy tendencies that Rome proclaimed he had he went in, wrapping his arms around Dom's broad chest and sufficiently wetting the older man. Dom laughed and neither of them notice Mia disappear into the house for a moment or notice her come back with her camera. Snapping pictures of them discreetly before moving on and taking pictures of Leon and Jesse and obviously of Letty and Vince running around the yard. He and Dom separated at some point and watched and laughed as Vince grabbed the garden hose and turned it on.

Managing to not only wet Letty but Leon and Mia as well but thankfully not her camera, leaving Jesse as the only one hundred percent dry, laughing as he turned away from his computer and watched his adopted family laugh as they wer soaked, a large grin on his face. making his way over to the youngest and managing to get even more wet in the process he smiled, a devilish spark in his eye. "Hey Jesse why don't you take a break and come join us"

"Ohhhh no, nope, not happening." He shook his head even as a boyish smile lit his face.

"Come on Jess take a break, you've been working all day. Come on" The Blond grabbed the others hand and pulled him up. Dragging him towards the spray of water currently being directed at Leon, even as the younger man resisted he still laughed, trying in vain to stay away from the refreshingly cool spray of water.

"No No No, Brian!!"

"Yo Vince, over here man" The blonde grinned and lightning fast had Jesse trapped in his arms, and Vince was turning the hose their way, Jesse was still trying to yell even as he laughed and didn't put up as much f a fight as he could have.

"NO PUT ME DOWN! BRIAAN!" He shouted as he was soaked in the cold water, causing his shirt and Jeans to stick to his skin as water doused the front of his body, his hair plastering itself to his forehead the same way Brian's was making the two men look similar thanks to their close age.

Everyone enjoyed the sounds of Brian and Jesse's laugh as they started rough housing. Laughter of there own mixing in and filling the backyard with the sounds of warmth and family and safty.

Brian wasn't the only one enjoying the heat of the day.