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Snip-Snap (Kiss-centric Drabbles / Oneshots based on Tumblr Prompts)

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Anonymous asked: Diakko and 34, would be lovely, if that's possible for you :3


#34 - to pretend


“Be careful,” Diana whispered, fingers clamped around Akko’s wrist while they  weaved their way around Blytonbury’s crowds.

“It’s the two of us!” Akko scoffed, looking over her shoulder to check on their pursuers. Two, burly and mean-looking men pushed and shoved around the crowd, craning their necks to catch a glimpse of blonde and brown hair. “You know we can take them on.”

“And put the non-magical residents in danger?” Diana replied sharply, ducking behind a woman’s parasol.

Akko pouted, “I hate it when you’re right.”

“This is hardly the time!” 

“Let’s turn into mice?” Akko could see they were getting closer now.

“The crowd will trample us,” Diana shook her head.

“And bigger animals will endanger them all the same,” the brunette gritted her teeth, feeling the tension boiling over while their footstep grew more and more frantic. Diana was beginning to bolt into a run. “We need to lose them. We can’t run away from them, but we can blend in–”

“I hesitate to say it but I’m Diana Cavendish. And you were on national television stopping a missile.”

“So were you,” Akko chimed, her shins narrowly missing a fire hydrant in their haste. Her crimson eyes surveyed the location, looking for something, anything, that they could use to escape pursuit. That’s when she saw it: an alley.

Diana kept her pace steady, discreetly pulling out her wand to create a communication link. “We need to let Professor Ursula know our loca–”

“Diana, pull me into that alley and kiss me.”

Diana actually stopped, her jaw hanging open with an incredulous expression and–

“I swear to god, Diana,” Akko grumbled, pulling the blonde into the alley and leaning against the wall.


“I saw this in a famous super hero movie,” Akko said as quickly as possible, planting Diana’s hands against the unkempt brick wall so that she was pinning Akko against it, “people are uncomfortable with public displays of affection and those idiots won’t look twice if we smooch, so for the love of Jennifer just kiss me!

Diana blinked, and then nodded vigorously before urgently (and awkwardly) planting her lips against Akko’s.

“Mmph!” Akko squeaked, eyes clamping shut.

Diana felt like she should have apologized, but the footsteps were coming closer, and Akko was easing into her touch, and the burly men were yelling while the crowd dispersed around them, and at the center of it all–

Akko used strawberry lip gloss.

“I don’t see ‘em anymore,” they could her the man’s gravely voice.

“Let’s check ‘ere,” the other man–the one with the beard–suggested. Diana felt Akko’s hands settle on her shoulders.

To add to the effect, of course, but it was… kind of nice.

The men rounded into the corner of the alley, and it took two seconds before one of them scoffed and looked away sharply, “yikes.”

The reaction apparently caused Akko to giggle, and the sensation tickled at Diana’s lips–she could feel the curve of Akko’s smile. The blonde witch instinctively angled her head, so as to prevent their noses from bumping into each other, and she realized she could hear the soft sounds of the movement of their lips.

The retreating footsteps were an afterthought. She had knots in her stomach. Akko’s hand had made its way into her blonde hair, combing through it while the brunette stopped, only to take a breather before coming back for another kiss.

When they pulled away (only by centimeters), Akko was breathless with half-lidded eyes, “they’re gone now.”

“I know,” Diana kissed her again regardless.

“We probably need to make sure,” Akko mumbled into Diana’s lips, her arms wrapping around the other woman’s neck while she was pushed up against the wall.

“It would be prudent to do so,” Diana agreed, her hand dropping to Akko’s waist while she nearly stumbled forward because –oh–did–did Akko just lick her lip?



“You said the comm signal came from here,” Croix complained. She thought that a rescue mission would have a sense of urgency.

“It seems I was mistaken!” Chariot sounded unusually flustered.

“What was in the alley?”

“Nothing,” the redhead said sharply, desperately pulling Croix away.