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Forbidden Fruit

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Honestly, Miss Granger, those two friends of yours is only going to slow you down. Even with your unfortunate bloodline you're surely too acquire some status off intelligence alone. Potter and Wesley however, will need to use their parents influence, well Potter at least." The pale skin beauty whispered like a lover to the frizzy-haired witch beside him. The potion fumes seemed only to magnify the leggy witches long curls volume.

Hermione Granger rolls her hazel eyes as she continues to measure powdered Wolfsbane with a silver scalpel."Honestly, Riddle its unbecoming to try to throw off your competition. I believe your skill alone could one day surpass mine if you gave up your extracurricular activities..", Hermione whispers haughtily. Riddle has noticed that her pulse quickens when he stares at her intensely, so he stares at her delicate mannerisms and furrowed brow as she tried to concentrate on the project before them. Riddle internally chuckles when he notices the quickened pulse on her freckled throat. Tom wanted to wrap his hand around her delicate neck; she looked soft and tempting. An absolute forbidden fruit. He found himself wondering if she moaned softly or was she an aggressive lover? True to her brash house? Riddle tenses slightly before continuing to add his Wolfsbane to the pewter cauldron beneath him. He stirs before staring into the haughty swot's hazel eyes.
"You are no competition to me, Hermione Granger. You are merely something that has my interest for now.", He whispers, smirking at her bristled anger. Tom Riddle grabs onto one of her curls before letting it go quickly. Hermione tries to smack his hand away but misses drastically, however, catching the glazed eyes of Professor Slughorn nearby. Tom Riddle smirks at her predicament before turning back to his Wolfsbane Potion.
" Ahh Miss Granger, my bright pupil whatever is the matter?" , a rosy-cheeked Slughorn says while somehow squeezing through the narrow table to Hermione and Tom's cauldrons.

" Well Professor I ...well you see", Stammered Hermione as her cheeks soon grew as pink as their Potions Masters own ruddy mass of flesh. Tom chuckles darkly before running his hands through his glossy waves of black hair. Slughorn peers into a flustered Hermione's cauldron before hiccuping and patting her on the back diligently.

"Ah, I see Miss Granger! Your potion is complete. It's as perfect as ever. Keep this up, and I'm sure to ask Dumbledore for your internship after graduation. Twenty points to Gryffindor." , beams Slughorn and pats Riddle on the back with raised eyebrows before waggling towards Nevile Longbottom, who somehow managed to create a gelatinous mess of grey slime that was consuming everything in contact.
"Do try and keep up.",Hermione smirks at Riddle, who rolls his eyes before they both began bottling their potion into vials.

The rest of the potions class was clearing out when Riddle grabs Hermione's wrist gently. She jumps before snapping her wrist back in defiance. Riddle waits for the last irritating Hufflepuff to leave before walking closer to the startled witch before him. He slowly takes in her subtle cupid's bow, how her golden brown curls smelled of honey and cinnamon.
" This...all this is child's play, Hermione." Riddle holds his hands out and stares at their surroundings to emphasize his meaning before turning his green eyes back to the delectable course beneath him. He takes in her subtle tension and the way she bites her lip in curiosity.
" I'm playing a dangerous game, yet the rewards are worth it. Graduation is around the corner, and once I leave these institutional doors, I plan on conquering everything. Let me know when your ready to play with higher stakes than house points", he begins to trace Hermione's neck softly, and she bites her lip harder before pushing away from the gorgeous Slytherin, her cheeks flamed and blood pounding into her ears like tribal drums. Riddle raises his eyebrows in question before flicking a piece of dust from his shoulder and watching the wary witch before him.

"I would never team up with you Riddle; I rather work hard through my skill and integrity alone than follow you and your immoral ideas.", She says before grabbing her books and heading towards the arched exit in a flurry of honeyed cinnamon. Tom Riddle stares at their shared potions table before grabbing the infuriating witches dropped quill and turning towards the door himself.

Later that evening.
Slytherin Common Room

Tom was currently fuming at today's events. It was clear from everyone in the Slytherin room that Head Boy wanted to be left alone, his magic was cold and unsettling. The majority of the younger Slytherins were forced off to bed and the older years were currently working on a prank for the seventh year Gryffindors. Tom twirled the maroon quill between his fingers as he stared into the fire in calculated determination. He is snapped out of his thoughts when a blur of silver blonde hair bows before him.

" Rise Malfoy, What is your report?", Toms says before putting Hermione's quill in his robe pocket. He conjures himself and Draco Malfoy a tumbler of Odgens finest. Malfoy accepts before sitting across from his master.

" My Lord, I have returned from the owlery with word that the tome shall be seekable, my lawyer has contacted several treasure hunters, and I await her letter," Draco gulps his firey drink before refilling and waiting for his master's word. Riddle sips his drink before nodding his head.
" Excellent. What of the childish prank our housemates on foolishly working on ?", Riddle rolls his eyes at the waste of time.
" The rest are on their way back now; I passed them on their return from outside. They are quite drunk; however, I made sure that they left Granger alone.", Draco says before refilling his choice of vice. Tom nods his approval before pouring over the tome he conjured.

" My lord, may I ask why you are so interested in the mudblood? I'm sure you could have defiled her years ago, yet it's like your courting her? Forgive my forwardness.", Says a tipsy Malfy. Riddle closes his book gently before staring at his right hand with cold eyes. Draco feels the change of dynamics in the air before even noticing Riddle's anger. He stares in fear at Riddle's cold yet silent fury. Draco soon finds himself unable to control his left hand as he grabs the bottle of Odgen's Firewhiskey and shoots his head back before opening his mouth and pouring the hot drink into his mouth. Draco Malfoy gags as his body wouldn't allow him to purge the liquid nor stop the onslaught of fluid. Riddle stares at Malfoy before opening his book and sipping his drink.
" The subject of Hermione Granger and what I intend to do to her will not be discussed now or ever, Do you understand?"

The heavy clink of an empty bottle is heard hitting the marble floor in a shatter as Draco Malfoy hunches over in his bile and the smell of fire. His silver hair was dripping with sweat, liquor, and shame.

" Yes my Lord.", He croaks before clearing the mess and bowing weakly. Tom Riddle stares at the wizard before him in silent observation. He finally stares back to his book, but not before saying.

"Also, only I can call Miss Granger Mudblood."