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The Bug Narcissist

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It was a peaceful evening, the sounds of birds chirping loudly and the rush of water from the river nearby- it was certainly a day to enjoy a walk outside your woodland home and take in the fresh air.

Yet there you were sitting at your desk in the corner of your room on your swivel chair far away from the sunlight. A mechanical pencil in hand, lazily tapping the table as you looked at your blank sheet of paper in your sketchbook. Your tail flicked back and forth, slightly frustrated as you started to draw something only to find distaste in what you made. You erase it and start over, before adding another crumbled paper to a pile. Twenty mind-numbing minutes had gone by and you finally accepted - you had the dreaded art block.

'Great just what I needed'

You thought to yourself dropping the pencil and spun across the room in your chair to the bed and threw yourself onto the covers with the grace of a limp noodle. Grabbing the laptop nearby and sitting upwards, legs crossed, you place it in your lap.
You opened it in hopes of finding inspiration, anything to set your creative gears in motion Deciding to go on twitter and looking through your feed, you become distracted. So distracted you actually speed through many tweets in a rampant retweeting haze, forgetting what you meant to do in the first place. It just amazed you that the internet would come up with so many ways to make something so minor like a letter or an insect humorous. Your craze stopped when you soon scrolled past a post from the city news channel " 's Cell games anniversary".

Something clicked in your head hearing that and thought back. The world has been quite peaceful ever since the terrifying narcissistic android who called himself Cell was defeated ending the Cell games.

It was a terrifying point of time back then you were only 9 years old at the time sitting at home with your mother. Hearing the multiple accounts of people disappearing leaving nothing but clothes and blood behind, the sightings him in his first form on footage albeit shaky it was still quite terrifying much like a horror movie. It was hard to keep sleep as you were afraid you would fall victim too. Being evacuated from city to city as his massacres continued. The vivid memory of you and your mother watching the news anxiously in the living room for any word of good news when it was suddenly interrupted by Cell himself making quite the entrance as he broke through the floor nonchalantly a straight-laced glare grabbing the reporter and asking if it was the top floor Then he dropped him to the floor and proceed to blast him off screen. Your mother quickly shielded your eyes away before she could see anymore else but you could still hear him giving his announcement with that sinister voice before hearing a loud explosion.

After that, your mother made it a great effort to keep at least you alive taking a capsule house and moving far into the woods where the both of you were undisturbed as you both watched the "Cell games" intensely. Seeing the strongest man on earth- getting his ass handed to him worried you immensely but as soon as you saw a small boy not much older than you enter the ring you were mortified, to say the least up until he started fighting.

Both you and your mother was cheering for then up until the camera suddenly stopped rolling when a loud blast happened. You held your breath in anticipation. Finally, when the camera came on again, The reporter announces that cell was defeated and the child was collapsed on the ground with a few others around him celebrating.

Soon after, was claiming victory for the battle. You called bullshit but your mother could have cared less as Cell was finally destroyed and the threat against the world was over. After a few years, your mother moved backed into the city when you were 19. She had urged you to join her but you were adamant to stay "Cell games" stuck to you even after so much time had passed you also wanted to be more independent. since you had become quite accustomed to it. It was quiet there unlike the city and the possibility of being hidden in the forest if need be another world ending terror appears you'd be safe.

The more you watched at the video and looked at how he gloated about defeating Cell recounting events the probably never happened and it was quite obvious as he would keep making inconsistencies in his claims. Even the reporter corrected him as he nodded and laughed obnoxiously brushing it off. This always made your blood boil! You knew deep in your gut he never was the one who defeated Cell luckily they were also multiple other people who thought the same as you could see in the comment section. You smiled started making your own comment 'The big dope can't even keep his story right! I can't believe Why anyone buys into his lies. He's just doing it for the money! definitely suits the creep!' and with that, you posted your comment with a smile as a few minutes later a few people replied starting a flame war in the comments. Opening a new tab you looked to youtube watching a few clips of shows and cartoons before just and delving into any video that deemed interesting seeing even more videos of that mustached bastard on the front page. Trying to avoid it you accidentally click it when your computer lagged and tsk'd in annoyance having to hear him again before moving on you glance at a thumbnail with Cell titled "Bugboy interrupting the news" thinking back to the Cell games again. You hesitantly clicked the infamous video of Cell in the news studio. It was just as you remembered but you felt no fear from it. Looking at him closer He wasn't ugly, to say the least, it was quite the improvement from his first look and he was...aesthetically pleasing. Your face paled and you shook your head in disbelief.

"Bad thoughts, bad thoughts! W-why would you think that he's a mass murder!"

You shouted covering your face and extended tail to quickly close the computer sitting in silence and laid back onto the bed. A few moments after you got up again shifting off the bed and took the computer with you to the desk opening it and looking at the video pausing it again. Slowly reaching forward to your pencil and started drawing.
An hour had passed and you sat back looking at your new piece. A detailed portrait of the monster bug man Cell. You felt slightly proud of this not only because you were happy how it turned out but also how you have now conquered your fear of him it was about time you did he has been dead for so many years. Getting up from your seat and stretching hearing a satisfying pop in your shoulder you sighed in relief and rolled your shoulders before walking out of your room to the kitchen since you were starting to become hungry considering your insatiable appetite you had from since young.
Your mother always said you inherited that from your father you wouldn't know since you only met him when you were very young before he died from a fatal illness. You opened the fridge with a smile but it soon faded realizing there was no food left other than leftover dinner from the other night. You cursed to yourself as you had forgotten to go buy groceries. Closing the fridge you grab your keys and purse then headed out the door and then hissed slightly as the sun's harsh rays suddenly hit your eyes making you blink a few times rubbing them "so bright how is it not night yet?" You said to yourself closing the door behind you locking it and wrapping your tail around your waist pulling your shirt over it not wanting to gain any attention you've learned from past instances at schools and even in public people had an urge to grab it, which you for one detest. You began walking quickly in a bee-line for the store you hadn't realized how hungry you actually were and you had a craving a burger or pizza or anything meat related it's a good thing the store wasn't far off. Following the river, it leads right by the store which you had left as fast as you entered when you had bought all of the food you needed. You enjoyed conversing with the store clerk but there was also a large number of people in the store that watched as you bought your goods and whispered to each other. You were slightly embarrassed and felt anxious as you were not used to such large crowds.

Heading back to your house you started eating one of the foods you bought, a large cheeseburger with extra sauce. You sank your teeth into the burger savoring the taste as the sauce dripped all over your fingers you licked it off trying not to get yourself dirty. The trek through the forest was much more enjoyable when you slowed down and had food in hand walking by the river enjoying the sound of the water rushing by but to your surprise the birds from earlier had stopped chirping, in fact, the forest was now dead silent how did you not notice before?

'They must've been spooked off by some hunter or something' you reasoned to yourself trying to keep calm but had a bad feeling that made your stomach turn the more you walked forward. A heavyweight grew on your chest that you couldn't shake almost like if you felt a presence. Your breathing became more ragged as you hesitantly kept walking forward looking over to your side at the river

a red streak slowly wafted through lightly tinting the water a dark red and as she looked forward her eyes widened in fear. Legs shaking as she quivered in disbelief.

On the forest floor a large stag was pinned to the ground and above it was


You tried to convince yourself that it couldn't be him, He's been dead! but...
Who else could it be? That green body covered in spots, Those large wings, the large crown on his head, his black bloody claws that were still buried deep into the stag. This was him the real Cell, that monster, the bug-man that you were terrified to meet when you were younger and there he was in front of you tearing into a stag with such precision and ruthlessness. The childhood fears you thought had finally subsided immediately washed over you again overflowing in a tsunami of emotions making it almost difficult to breathe. Your vision grew blurry as you realized you were crying. You assessed the situation he was distracted still cutting open the stag and eating its insides. You took this chance to quickly back away from him maybe if you were to call for help the same people that killed him before would be able to do it again.

You took one step backward and his eyes instantly snapped to you

"I'm going to die"

That was the only thing you could possibly think as he looked you overtaking in the sight before him. He smirks seeing how she was clearly terrified wiping away the blood on his lips.

You wasted no time as you immediately dashed away from the monster back to the direction of the shop in hopes to get help from anyone only to hit face first into what seemed like a brick wall and falling flat onto your ass and dropping your bags onto the floor next to you.

"My, my aren't you quite rude, intruding on my meal and not even giving me the courtesy to say hello?"

He teased looking down at you with those piercing lavender eyes it was almost as if he was looking right through you. The fact he was 7 ft tall didn't help either, you knew he was tall but in person his height was terrifying.
A whimper caught in your throat as you couldn't even give an answer, more tears clouded your vision. He smiled licking his fingers from the remaining blood left on them it's not like he expected a response, of course, you'd be left speechless at the sight of him. Might as well strike up a conversation.

"I take it you already know me?" He says with a dark chuckle crossing his arms

"Y-you...y-your...P-perfect cell..." you sputtered and he grinned hearing that his wings twitched slightly.

"Oh? That's good so you know who I am and respect." He says resting his finger to his chin. He walks around you a concentrated look on his face as if he were scanning your body, You heard soft squeaks from his feet whenever he stepped making you slightly flinch each time, which he would give a slight chuckle at before facing you once again.

Multiple different things flashed through your mind of any idea of how to escape but all ended in your quick demise either by being devoured or blasted into oblivion. You kept your head down to scared to look him in the eye but felt something raise your head once again you froze in place seeing that he had extended his tail to tilt your head up to look at him, Who looked amused at your reactions.

"So I'm sure you know what I'm capable of." he says his smirk still plastered on his face and you nodded. The both of you were silent for a moment.

"Well? Are you not going to run and scream for help?" he said the point of his stinger lightly touched your face "Or are you going to stand there and let me kill you-"

"Well with all due respect Mr.C-cell You just teleported S-so…" You interrupted and he looked at you raising an eyebrow his smirk fading "I'm pretty sure if I tried running you'd kill me in an instant it wouldn't make any sense and I-I'd just..T-tire myself...out..."

His smiles "So you've accepted your fate?" He says raising his tail in a striking position.
"N-no not really...but I-I can't really do anything a-about that..." you manage to say before closing your eyes he gave a deep hearty chuckle at this.

You braced yourself for what's to come Only for nothing to happen until feeling a hand gently placed onto your head and open your eyes to see he had knelt in front of you to be at your level, though he still towered over you even then. "Now, let's not get ahead of ourselves, I don't think I'll kill you.." he says now starting to pet your head as if you were an animal. Even when he said this you still couldn't calm down you could only hear the sound of your heart pounding in your ears. "Oh do calm down I'm being serious. I only want to ask you for one tiny favor" he says lowering his hand to wipe your tear stained face "If I'm mistaken there was a small house up ahead quite far away from the city….Is that your home?" he asks.

Wait why would he want to know that? You nod slowly and he gave a hm of approval. "Alright, then I'll give you two options since you've put me in such a good mood...Option One" he says raising a finger "I eat you and you die a slow, painful death." you opened your mouth to speak but he put a finger to your lips silencing you. "Or option number two, you have me reside in your home until I see fit to leave and I won't kill you choose wisely." he said and you thought to yourself for a moment.'The infamous Cell In my house? This is insane I can't do that! But I don't want to die either…' you bit your lip as the tail around your waist twitched slightly anxious. He took a quick glance not paying much mind to it. "I'm waiting,human." he says sounding slightly impatient. You nodded murmuring option two. He smirked and stood up again "Good well then lead the way." he says yanking you up by the scruff off your shirt with one hand as if you were a kitten then set you in front of him. You look back at him shakily and he tilts his head forward which you took as a sign to start walking to which you obliged picking up your bags and began to speed walked to the house

Maybe if you could get there you could call someone without him-

"And don't get any wild Ideas about calling anyone I'll be sure you'll be met with a swift end." he says as if he were reading your mind which made you even more anxious hopefully that wasn't another power of his. The walk to your house felt like forever only hearing the sounds of his feet squeaking and the river rushing past. The both of you hadn't spoken another word but you could have felt him staring at you. Gaining the courage you took a quick glance at him and saw him staring at your waist in deep thought. You quickly looked away before he noticed you your tail wrapped tighter around you and you heard him give a small "oh.".

Approaching the house you quickly fumbled with your keys dropping them and Cell caught them for you "Here I'll do it you're shaking more than a newborn fawn" he spat opening the door and walking in which you followed suit closing the door behind you walking over to the table and placing your groceries on them. You looked to the monstrous man in your house who analyzed his surroundings he seemed to shake his head in disapproval at the state of your house then stared at a vase intensely. It wasn't much of a castle but you didn't need much you enjoyed the small home it felt cozy...up until now.

It will be so strange having him here how will I even be able to sleep with him lounging around in here? How do I know he'll keep his word and not kill me? He could be unpredictable and just change his mind in a snap!

"This house is far from perfect but I guess it will do though I must make some adjustments." He says interrupting your thoughts and you heard him walk over to the small vase on the table facing away from you and slowly nudged it off letting it smash onto the floor. "Hey what the hell-!" You quickly covered your mouth realizing you were just about to shout at him. Looking over his shoulder he shot you a glare "I-I'm s-sorry I-I didn't mean-"

"Did you know that you have a terrible sense of decor?" he interjects not letting you finish your statement, leaving you confused. Did the literal monster bug-man just say I don't know how to decorate my house? "Not to mention that vase looked terrible and tacky." he says

You huffed slightly "W-Well I sorry I was trying my best when I made it!" your voice cracking, faint tears fell from your eyes. Cell looked at you surprised seeing you suddenly gain a little courage to talk back to him. He chuckled possibly guessing that hit you in your pride. "I'm sorry did I hit a nerve, I was only giving you constructive criticism." he teased taking note of how easy it is to rile you up when it comes to your creations.

"How adorable."

You looked pretty upset for a moment, almost as if you were about to throw a fit but you took a deep breath remembering your current situation. Calm down, it's not wise to pick a fight with a 7ft tall murderous android- you thought to yourself. Turning around you rummage through your grocery bags mumbling to yourself, placing the boxes fast food onto the table which was 3 pizzas,2 shakes and the remaining burger which you promptly took up seeing as you were still hungry you began to eat sitting onto your small sofa hopefully the food will make you feel better. You curled up onto the couch and continued to eat stuffing your face as quickly possible.

Cell watched you eat for a moment before walking over

"Hey, are you just going to eat that all by yourself?"

he said arms folded, raising an eyebrow. You looked up to him face stuffed with food but slowed down seeing him glaring down at you. You shifted a little on the couch and slowly reached up a pizza slice a few drops of sauce dripped onto your hand but you didn't mind and just expected him to take it. He looked to for a second and smiled before sitting down and leaning forward eating the slice from your hand in two large bites licking his lips.

You blushed at this about to pull back your hand but he held it in place with his extremely strong grip as he then licked the sauce from your hand and wrist "hm...Not as meaty as I'd prefer... but quite savory, feed me more." he says leaning back onto the couch crossing his legs and folding his arms waiting for you to feed him another slice. You broke into a nervous sweat 'My god is this actually happening? What the hell, what the hell!" You thought to yourself

"Don't keep me waiting."

You quickly took another slice and fed him. He made quick work of the pizza it was quite a task keeping up with how fast he would eat them in a mere 3 minutes one of the two of the pizzas were gone leaving the last one he still seemed to be hungry as he looked at you expectantly. You sighed 'there goes most of my lunch' you thought to yourself as you opened the last box of pizza but scrunched your nose in disgust.


Oh great they got the last one wrong even if he left back some you'd still have to suffer guess I'll just pick it off. Picking up one of the slices you hold it up to him and he eyes it for a moment "what is that?" he asks looking to you as he pointed to the pineapple toppings. "O-oh! That's p-pineapple it's a fruit topping, I-it's not really the thing for me...I-I'm not sure if you'd like it either…" you warned as he raises an eyebrow. "oh please you humans have such sensitive tastes you can't handle a little fruit on your meals it must barely make a difference" he says brushing you off before taking a bite, I guess he isn't the type to care about taste I mean he did just ate a deer raw- "Oh God that's disgusting!" he shouts holding his mouth and spat it out onto the floor moments, making you flinch. You'd like to laugh at how just a minute ago he was acting so high and mighty but you kept it inside. A small smile crept onto your face as he attempted to drown the taste by drinking one of your sodas. "I t-tried to w-warn you" you stammered as he drank the entire thing and glanced at you slightly annoyed grumbling to himself.

"I think I lost my appetite you can have that garbage,human," he says before standing up and began investigating your house

You looked over at him who was now in your kitchen rummaging through the cupboards. Picking up your own slice I mean you didn't have a problem with eating this "garbage" as you are pretty hungry. You picked off the toppings thinking he would have probably done the same but I guess he didn't think about that or he's too stubborn to do so. You also realized he's been calling you human this entire time might as well tell him my name since that will get old really quick. "(Y/n)." He turned to you confused "What?"

"My name is (Y/n) so you don't have to keep calling me human"

"(y/n)..." he said to himself as if seeing how it sounded to him. "Alright then I'll try to remember it though don't count on me using it as much." he said cockily you nodded and you mustered the courage to look at him again. In person, you could see him much better than on tv. Like the luster on his biogems and the purple segments of his joints. You wondered if the green on top is an armor or an exoskeleton, if it was armor he could just take off then what would he look underneath? Is he just all purple and then his face is a lighter purple like a reverse tan, or maybe the purple segments are also part of the armor and he's just really pale-

"Taking in the view I see." he says snapping you out of your internal struggle. You blush embarrassed shaking your head not finding the words to say he places his hands on his hips a smug smile on his face "It's quite alright dear I know I'm a sight to behold no need to be so timid" he says walking closer again looking down at you making you shrink

In your seat "N-no I was just looking at your a-armor.." you said a little above a whisper. He tilted his head "My exoskeleton." he corrected and you slumped giving a small "oh...I thought you could take that stuff off"...

He glares at you again leaning close to your face "do you think that it's bad that I can't" he growled making you squeak as you tried more and more to become one with the couch "N-no! There's nothing w-wrong! I think it's cool actually!" you said quickly in hopes to calm him down. He backed off "I'd say 'extraordinary' but I guess cool is alright as well, It's not as if I expect much from your vocabulary" he says condescendingly making you roll your eyes when he turned away from you and then back to the kitchen you looked to the floor and gasped as you realized your floor was covered in bloody footprints from cell.

You groaned and got up looking at this crime scene of a floor "E-excuse me..u-um Perfect cell-"

"Ah that just rolls off the tongue doesn't it..." he chimes in "Continue."

"O-oh well um I just wanted to ask you a tiny task." you say walking over to a closet and took out a mop and bucket. He gave a small hum for you go on. "Could you perhaps wash your feet? It's just that I like to have in here clean and uh…" you trailed off motioning to the floor. He looked to it and thought for a moment

"Fine, where's your bathroom?" he says sounding slightly annoyed yet he held a poker face as he folded his arms.

God, why doesn't he just use the river does he pay my water bill?

"Just in the hallway over there to your left." you say pointing to a small hallway. He makes his way over there with his loud footsteps echoing throughout the house and a series of squeaks from his feet and from the strain his weight put onto the floorboards leaving even more bloody footprints on the way there.

"Couldn't you just float over there?" you mumbled to yourself going to the kitchen to fill your mop bucket and began to clean.

This spot certainly backfired onto you haven't it? You thought you'd be safe and hidden from any dangers since the cities seem to draw in monsters but just your luck the one time one comes back he decides he wants to hide exactly where you were hiding...Now that you think about it this would be a wise place to hide if you were a monster.

"Goddamnit I should have thought this through I'm just as bad as those bimbos in horror flicks"

You thought to yourself mopping furiously at the blood on the floor as you hear the hiss of the shower. You looked to see mist slowly rising from the bathroom. 'I hope he isn't getting in there too messy, he doesn't seem like the kind of Bug man to take showers often' you thought.

Finally, after a few minutes, you were finally done wiping your brow of sweat. You had to put some elbow grease into some of the stains that had dried. You set wrung out the mop into the bucket and set it aside then looked to your other hand remembering that he licked them earlier. You cringed slightly at the thought and went to the kitchen to rigorously wash your hand with dish-soap.

The water was still running in the bathroom " he sure is taking his time" you thought walking into the hallway the door was wide open for you to see cell standing in the shower letting the water hit him as the blood washed down the drain, his eyes closed and was in a statue-like state. You tilted your head in curiosity, maybe that's just his way of washing off?

You walked off not wanting to get caught staring again you entered the room and turned your attention to the window you had realized it was now night. You felt slight comfort looking out at those bright lights in the sky. The cool night air filling the room you gave a small yawn and stretched, Your tail unraveling from your waist. Since Cell was currently occupying the bathroom you decide to just change out of your clothes and into a large (F/c) T-shirt and Some (F/c) Sweats, You could always just shower in the morning you were to tired as it is to wait for him to get out and you were emotionally fatigued to say the least.

Walking to your bed hurling yourself onto it curling up into a ball as you pull the sheets over you assuring yourself that the mass murdering android wouldn't kill you while you slept. I mean he kept you alive for so long why would he just do it know all of a sudden, You reasoned still staring at the door it felt like hours when you lied there staring at the door. I guess this is just like you remembered you were as a kid, man if she could see you now she'd be awake for the whole night. Yet your eyes started to falter as you slowly drifted to sleep not being able to stay awake for much longer, You slowly close your eyes hearing a slight creak as you drifted to sleep.