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Only one

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Morgan growled at the phone as he tried Reid’s number a third time.

Hotch entered the room. “No contact with Reid yet?” The rest of the team was all there. They all shook their heads as they waited for Morgan to get some kinda result on the phone. “Anyone talked to him yesterday?”

They all looked at each other. “He seemed okay after the case the day before.” Emily was mostly talking to Garcia who was already thinking over every bad thing that could have happened.

“Screw this. I’m going over there.” Morgan didn’t ask for permission, but he knew that he already had it. Even though no one had said anything they all knew that something was off with the young profiler. The main reason that no one had mentioned it, was that Hotch seemed to know what was going on and that he had been almost back to his old self lately.

The phone rung in his hand and Morgan held a hand up to silence the group, not that he needed to.


There was just a low scuffle on the line. Maybe a breath, but he couldn’t be sure.

“Reid? You there…? Talk to me!”

“Mor… Morgan?” The voice was almost only air and if Morgan hadn’t expected it to be Reid, he wouldn’t have recognized it.

The silence and the five pair of eyes begging for answers was interfering with is ability to think straight. He left the room and thankfully only Hotch followed.

“It’s Morgan. Are you hurt?”

“I… Mor…”

The crack in Reid’s airy voice was already drawing Morgan towards his car.

“Reid! Talk to me. Where are you?”

Hotch stood still, listening closely and had quietly blocked Morgan from the stairs. Morgan looked the older man in the eyes, sharing a little of his frustration and maybe even some panic, as they waited for the doctor to answer.

“I… I messed up, Morgan.”

“Just tell me where you are.”


“I’ll be right there! Stay on the line.” Morgan took a step forward hoping for Hotch to step aside. He didn’t, and Morgan took the phone from his ear a short moment.

“I’ll go. I don’t know what it is yet.”

“We’ll handle the case from here.” Hotch looked Morgan in the eyes with the same look as when he’d give out orders that was not up for discussion. “Call me.”

Morgan nodded and ran off to his car.

“Keep talking to me, Reid!”

Not knowing for sure what was happening, Morgan took no chances and put on lights and sirens, blasting through town. Reid didn’t speak much and when he stopped entirely, Morgan was expecting Reid to loose the fight with his breathing any second. It was heavy, and it sounded like the young man was fighting for every breath. Only half of the way there Morgan was sure the bump on the line was from the phone impacting with the floor. After that there was only silence.