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Adventures of the Kim and Min Family

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It was a normal Saturday for the Kims. The early morning was filled with peaceful melodies except for the babbling and squeals of an infant. The baby was wide awake and was pleasantly giggling with his brother’s silly faces.

The couple was still out of it, snuggling to each other, trying to get all the sleep they can. Surely one of them was up so late that night trying to convince a 5 year old that there are no monsters under his bed. It was a hard work trying to make the boy stop running around the room and drive the imaginary monsters away.

But the infant’s gurgles of excited laughter had become louder accompanied by the brother’s high pitched noises. The couple stirred in their sleep, still not willing to be up. The dark haired guy grabbed at the other and shook him lightly.

“Hey,” His voice was heavy with sleep. “Wake up, Joonie. Check on Kookie. I bet Hobi was being so extra again.” The other guy just lazily shifted on his side and rolled over. “Joonie..”

The light haired guy reached out for his phone on the bedside table and checked the time.

“It’s just 6am..” He hoarsely complained. Just then the infant’s laughter was replaced by an impatient whining before it turned to crying.

“Your kids are up, Namjoon.” Hearing his full name made him move his tired body. Jin can really be sweet but if he used his full name, it means he was getting impatient.

Namjoon rolled out of bed and pulled his sleeping pants on and went to the bathroom to wash his face quick. He trudged over the nursery where their prince was. His cries were so loud but it immediately stopped when the baby saw his father walk over his crib. He looked around the room and noticed their eldest son not there.

“Oh, baby bunny.” He scooped the frowning boy in his crib and bounced him on his arms. “Are you sad your brother left you?”

The baby just frowned and buried his face on his father’s sweater. Their eldest son later showed himself, running to his brother’s room holding a rattle in his hands. He smiled widely when he saw his father.

“Daddy!!” He run faster then tackled his father’s thigh. The impact almost topple his father.

“Woah, boy, someone’s on the sugar rush. I’m sure you haven’t had your breakfast yet.” Namjoon ruffled his son’s soft hair. “Why did you leave Kookie behind? Look he’s crying.”

“I just went to grab this.” He shook the rattle in his hands, grabbing the attention of the baby who reached his chubby arms towards the noisy instrument. The eldest son unconsciously let the baby take the toy. The baby was pleased with the new toy that he started drumming it to the air, once knocking it to his father’s cheeks. The whimper from his father made the baby giggle even more.

“Oh, you like that little guy? You just hurt your father.” But the baby just looked at him before giggling again. Namjoon just laughed at his son and herded Hobi to their room. “Go wake up, Appa.”

The boy smiled excitedly before running to the bed. He climbed the bed hastily then jumped on the sleeping man, who groaned in pain.

“Appa! Appa! I’m hungry and I want dragon pancakes!” Their son’s voice filled the room. Jin grabbed the excited boy and hugged him, securing the boy on his arms.

“Why are you so early, baby?” Jin croaked.

“I wanted to be up before Mr. Sun.” Jin smiled at his son’s reason.

“Alright. Come on, let’s make those dino pancakes of yours.”

“Appa, its dragons not dinosaurs.” Hobi complained.

“How about we make them both?” The kid smiled brightly. The kind of smile that outshine anything. The smile that his parents love to see everyday.

The little family gathered on the kitchen. Namjoon was bouncing the baby in his arms, swirling him in the air from time to time. Their Kookie’s laughter was like music to their ears. Jin and Hobi were busy mixing pancakes. Though it was mostly Jin keeping Hobi from mix the batter with his bare hands.

It was a normal day for all of them. A small family, almost perfect with the loving couples, their ball of sunshine, Hobi and a cute baby Kookie.

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Weekend was Yoongi’s favorite part of the week. He could be with his twins the whole day. He surely loves the weekends but sometimes, or should we say, all the time, it left him so drained and tired. He loves his sons more than anything in the world and he just can’t seem to be in par with his son’s energy, especially the eldest.

The sun was not yet up but he have to make sure the house is clean before his little monsters were up and about. He can do no chore when they buzz around, keeping his eyes on them was a very important rule.

He lazily got up and gathered his soiled clothes on one basket. He went out and started dusting everything while holding a broom on the other hand. He had learned to do everything as fast as he can. When everything is done, he returned the cleaning materials on their place and retrieved another laundry basket.

He silently walked to his son’s room, turning the knob without making a noise as much as possible. And there, his twins didn’t even stir. Taehyung was sprawled over the bed, his arms and legs were widely stretched. One of his arms was on Jimin’s little body. The boy himself was curled on a fetal position while sucking his thumb, a mannerism that Yoongi has yet to correct. Though he find it adorable, he thought that Chim has to grow out of it as early as possible.

He walked around the room collecting the clothes and plushies that needs washing. Just as he was collecting the papers, picture books and crayons, one of his monsters started stirring. He peered at his sleeping angels and noticed Tae blinking away sleep.

“Hello there, big guy. Did you sleep well?” Tae just looked at his father and later smiled. He reached his arms to his father wanting to be picked up. Yoongi let the paper down the floor and picked his son up.

“Appa, I dreamed of flying lizards.” Yoongi hummed at the boy while he continued to organize his boy’s room. Tae rested his head on Yoongi’s shoulders while sleepily recounting his dreams. “They are purple, yellow, blue and purple.”

“Do they look pretty?” Yoongi cooed. Tae shook his head.

“It’s big, Appa. They scary.”

“Alright, big guy. Can you draw them for Appa?” Tae nodded excitedly. Yoongi let the boy down and hand him his sketch pad and a canister of crayons. The boy started drawing which gave Yoongi enough time to finish cleaning.

At about 15 minutes later, Jimin turned over and stretched his little arms towards Tae’s side of the bed. The little boy slowly opened his eyes when he felt the bed empty. He sat up and rubbed his eyes while looking around the room. Yoongi sat beside the boy.

“You alright, Chim?” The boy looked at his father. He crawled towards him and curled on his father’s embrace. Jimin was a fragile child, too fragile that Yoongi was sometimes afraid he will break. His fluffy mochi always had a soft spot in his heart.

“Appa, I’m hungry.” The boy whispered sleepily.

“Come on, let’s get some breakfast.” He scooped him up and went over Tae who had already finished drawing. On the paper was a smudge of colors. Yoongi had difficulty identifying the legs and head but nevertheless, complimented his son. “This is pretty, Tae.”

Jimin peered down his brother’s art and smiled at his father.

“I want draw, too.” Yoongi scooped Tae and head to the kitchen.

“Later, baby. You can draw after bath.” He carried both boys down and strapped them on their chairs. Taehyung’s protest rang through the kitchen, claiming he was already big enough not to be strapped on a high chair. Jimin on the other hand was just sitting silently, his hand was busy tracing patterns on his chair.

Jimin was paler than Taehyung. His lips were a pale shade of pink. Taehyung, however, was an active kid, always on the run, always bouncing. Yoongi always love seeing his kids playing around. But he hates seeing his kids hurt, which he always see in his youngest.

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Yoongi prepared his kid’s morning meal. He had already gave them their milk beforehand. He was proud that his boys can already drink from a glass without spilling too much. Other kids were still drinking from their baby bottles or through sippy cups but his boys doesn’t need them anymore.

He looked over his boys and noticed Tae was already ¾ done with his milk but Jimin barely touched his. Not even reaching half. He always worries that his baby was not eating properly. His Chim is lighter than Tae, smaller than Tae. At some point, Tae was being mistaken a couple of months older.

“Appa,” He turned around to look at Tae. “Chim is falling asleep.”

He looked at his little baby who is slightly nodding off.

“I’m not,” Chim retorted dreamily.

Yoongi hurriedly produced two bowls of cereals and sat in front of his kids. Jimin was fighting his own battle with sleep.

Taehyung started digging into his food. He knows not to waste his food, any leftover means less playtime. He knew his Appa would never let him play during bath if he didn't finish his meal.

“Chim, you have to eat baby.” Yoongi placed the batman spoon on his son's pudgy hands. His little boy snapped out of it and started stuffing food on his mouth much to Yoongi’s satisfaction.

He got up and fetched his own breakfast. A toast and coffee, too lazy to cook a proper meal. He sat by his sons who were busy making sure the food got into their little mouth.

“Appa, done.” Tae held his empty bowl to his father. Bits of food were splattered on his face, clothes and table. He’s beaming proudly of his achievement. Yoongi reached over to pat Taehyung’s head.

“Nice, Tae. Now, let's see if Chim can win over his bowl.” Little Chim pouted and set his spoon down. He still have a bit left from his cereal.

“I don’t want anymore, Appa.” Yoongi rushed to his son. He handed Tae some lego pieces to keep him occupied.

“Just a bit more, Chim.” He picked up the spoon and started feeding his son. “Here comes an airplane. Open up Chim, or the plane will crash on your lips.”

Every meal is the same. He'd have to convince Chim to eat the last of his meal. It always end up with him feeding the little boy. Tae would also have that some of the days but mostly it was when he was feeding them vegetables.

When Chim finished his meal and everything was cleared up, Yoongi head to the drawers and pulled the kid’s vitamins and a small white bottle.

“Alright, time for the vitamins.” Neither of the kids complain about it. He got a spoonful of the syrup to Chims mouth and next to Tae, who had built a lopsided building with the legos. “Now Chim, time for your meds.”

“Appa..” The little boy started whining. “I don wanna. I hate that.” Yoongi felt his heart ache. He wished his baby boy wouldn’t have to experience this.

“It's just two small circles and it tastes like strawberry. You like strawberries, don't you?” The boy still whined. His eyes shining with tears and it broke the man's heart.

“Don want, Appa.” His tears were now flowing down his chubby cheeks. He unstrapped Tae from his chair and let him run around the kitchen. He scooped Jimin from his seat and bounced him on his arms.

“We’ll visit Uncle Namjoon if Chim will drink his meds.” It caught both boy’s attention. They love visiting Uncle Namjoon and Uncle Jin's house. Yoongi knows how much his kids love playing with his best friend’s kids.

Tae grabbed onto his father's legs and looked up at him.

“Let's go, Appa.” Yoongi reached down and sat Tae on the table.

“Only when Chim drink his meds.” Yoongi looked at his son's tear streaked face.

“Chim, let's go play Hobi hyung and Kookie.” Tae urged. Chim looked at his father. He frowned and hesitated for a minute before picking two small white pill from his father’s palm and drank it one after the other.

“Yey!” The father cheer earning an excited clap from Tae. Jimin was now smiling a bit. “Let's take a bath and we’ll visit the Kims.”

He picked his sons up and head to the bathroom. It would be a tiring day, he knew.

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Jin was busy chasing Hobi who refused to take a bath the normal way. The kid wanted to shower in the garden which Jin was greatly against with. Now he had to deal with a naked Hobi running around the room.

Namjoon as busy reading a magazine while watching Kookie babble on his stroller.

“Bbab-ba!” Namjoon look at the kid who had a determined look on his face.

“What is it little guy? Are you bored? Do you want to take a bath now?” The baby just repeated his exclamations while throwing his hands on the air. “You can't bathe yet. Hobi hyung is being stubborn.”

The baby just cooed and shifted his attention to the toys attached on the stroller. Just then, Namjoon's phone started ringing.

“Yes, Hyung.”

“Hey, Joon. We'll be coming to your house.”

“Sure. Is anything the matter?”

“No, I just promised the twins.”

“Oh, I see. Hobi will surely be delighted. See you, Hyung.”

Namjoon scooped the baby from his stroller.

“You have to take a bath. Your friends will be here soon.”

He walked to the nursery and picked the baby's clothes before heading to the big bathroom downstairs. Jin was there trying to get the shampoo away from Hobi’s eyes.

“Hey, Hobi baby, I would want to finish bath soon if I were you.” Hobi turned his head to his father who is setting Kookie’s plastic bath tub.

“Why Dad? Is it snowing already?” The kid grabbed at his Appa Jin's hands to avoid slipping.

“No, not for a couple months yet. Tae and Chim will be here today.” The boy cheered which made the bubbles fall in his eyes. He immediately wailed.

“Oh, Hobi baby. The shampoo is a no-tear formula, surely it doesn't hurt.” Jin sighed as he washed the bubble away from the child's face. Hobi stopped struggling when he realised it wasn't really painful.

Jin realized that his baby Hobi may have a talent for acting. He considered talking to Namjoon about sending their cute little sunshine to acting workshops.

Just when the boys had dressed up and the couple had tidied down the house a bit, their doorbell rang. Hobi was the first to the door but as young as he is, he still can’t reach the bolt. Namjoon walked over and opened the door.

It revealed a squinting Yoongi with Jimin perched on his arms while the other was holding an excited Taehyung.

Taehyung run to hug his Hobi hyung. The two boys had become instantly rowdy as soon as they've touched. Running around the house. Yoongi hasn't let Jimin down yet. He stepped inside the door, greeted by the couple.

“Hey there, big boy. How are you?” Namjoon cooed at the shy boy.

“I'm fine, Uncle Monnie.” The kid reached over and kissed his Uncle. Jin later showed up holding baby Jungkook in his hands.

“Hyung, I'm sorry for the short notice.” The older nodded and smiled warmly.

“Kookie!” Jimin reached over the baby who beamed widely before hiding on his father's neck. Jimin giggled at the cuteness which warmed Yoongi’s heart.

Jin set the baby on his cot to play. Then he went back to Namjoon and Yoongi who were sitting by the couch.

“Appa, I wanna play with Kookie.” Jimin sweetly asked his father. Yoongi looked at his sweet baby before letting him down.

“Sure, baby. Just..don’t run around.” Little Jimin nodded sadly and walked towards the baby who is patting a rabbit plushie with his fist.

“When Jonnie told us you were coming, I thought something was wrong.” Jin said as he placed some refreshments for the parents.

“It was nothing serious. Chim was refusing his meds again and I know a day here will convince him.” Yoongi’s eyes would never leave his small child even when he was just a few feet away.

“How is he doing?” Jin asked.

“I don’t know, Jin. I’m so afraid every time that kid writhes in pain. I'm so afraid. He’s just a kid. He was so small and yet he had to feel this pain.” The frustrations hit him like a truck at that moment. He can't even hide his tears from his friends.

“We know, Yoongi. It's not your fault.” Jin assured him.

“I felt so helpless, Jin. He was crying this morning. He was crying and he doesn't want his pills anymore.” Yoongi crumbled before his friends. He hated his son's crying more than anything.

“I know Chim is gonna get better. You have to be strong for him. For Tae.”

“I know, Joon. It's just..I just want to take his pain. My baby is just 3. And Tae was starting to notice. He would always ask why Chim can't run with him. Why Chim would cry in pain. Why Chim can't breathe. It just hurts.”

“Come on, Yoongi. You have to be strong. The boys were looking up to you. They don't understand it yet but they will one day, and make sure they remember that their Dad was there, stronger than any man.” Namjoon was your best bet when things are getting a bit out of hand.

Yoongi stilled his face and thanked his friends for listening to him.

The day was very hectic and noisy. It was mostly Hobi and Taehyung making such ruckus. Jimin silently play with baby Kookie until the baby fell asleep. His little fingers were curling at Jimin's little pinkie. Jin find it so adorable that he snapped a picture.

With nothing else to do, little Jimin walked to his father wanting to be cuddled. He had his thumb on his mouth again and as soon as Yoongi held him, the little boy curled up to sleep.

Taehyung was sweaty when he went to his father. He also climbed at his father's embrace and curled next to his brother. Nap time.

The house had suddenly became quiet. Namjoon placed a mat and layered some soft blankets to have the boys sleep in peace. Hobi immediately curled up on the side once his father was done arranging it.

Jin came to pick little Tae and laid him next to Hobi. Yoongi then placed Chim next to Tae. The monsters had turned to be angels again.

It was such a long day for the kids. The nap time gave the adults their time to eat, take a bath or in Yoongi’s case, sleep. Surely when the monsters wake up, it will be out of hand again.

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Monday is not everybody’s day. The start of a hectic work days just right after some rest. Yoongi was still out of it. The morning alarm had been snoozed a couple of times already. He was too tired to move his body.

Small feet later trudged to his bedroom. The twins were making their way to their still asleep father. Taehyung was dragging his blanket while Jimin was hugging his cow plushie still half asleep.

The little boys tried climbing their father's bed but it was still too high for them. Yoongi shifted from his bed when he felt some tugging on his blanket. He tried ignoring it, thinking it was some kind of a dream. But he snapped out of it when the blanket was dragged halfway down his body followed by a soft thud. Soft voices suddenly filled his ears.

He looked around the room to find his boys on the foot of the bed. Jimin was bent down to Taehyung who was rubbing his butt.

“Hey..” His boys looked at him and came closer. He scooped the boys up the bed. “What are my babies doing?”

“We wanted sleep here.” Taehyung said as he places his body under the blankets on Yoongi’s right.

“Appa, your bed was big. Can’t climb.” Jimin complained as he tuck his plushie on his left. “Taetae falled.”

“Is Taetae hurt?” The young father cooed on his eldest child.

“Gone now.”

He kissed both his son and tucked them closer to him. He was always thankful that his twins were such good boys. Not making such fuss about everything.

“Appa has to work. You will stay at Uncle Jin’s. Can you promise me that you will behave while Appa is at work?”

“Promise.” His twins replied in a sing-song. They both clung to their father. At this moment, Yoongi was debating whether he should just dump today's work and stay with his adorable kids.

But they still have to eat so he has to go. He packed the boys bag while they were at the bath. Securing their sketch books and crayons, extra clothes and Jimin’s meds. He got the boys dressed and let them eat.

When everything was done, he strapped the boys on their car seats and started driving to his best friend’s house. His boys were sweetly singing every kids songs they knew. It was very heartwarming.

Namjoon was busy preparing to go to work with a koala Hoseok on his legs. He was throwing his fits again, not wanting his Dad to go.

“Hobi baby, Daddy will be back before you know it.” Namjoon crouched to match his sons height. The boy shook his head, frowning.

“No, it will be..” He started counting with his fingers then held 6 fingers to his Dad. “It will be 8 hours.”

Namjoon chuckled softly. His son is still learning the letter and alphabets. He still have to improve he thought to himself. He uncurled two of his Hobi’s fingers.

“That’s eight baby.” Little Hoseok stared at his fingers as if trying to memorize it. “Come on, Daddy would be late if you won’t let go.”

“Don’t want!” He picked his son up, crumpling the neatly pressed shirt on the side. He got his bag and went downstairs.

Jin was making some cupcakes for the boys. He looked up when he heard his husband walking down the stairs. He also noticed a sulking Hoseok on his arms.

Namjoon set his Hobi down and ruffled his hair. He looked at Jin.

“I have to go, Babe.” Jin wiped his hands on a dish towel and went over.

“No, no. Don’t leave.” Hobi wailed. Jin held his sons shoulder and crouched down.

“Daddy will be back, baby.” The kid hugged his Appa and buried his face on his neck. He picked his Hobi up.

“Jin..” Namjoon felt bad leaving his son while crying.

“He’ll be alright. He will be occupied later when the twins are here. Go now.” Jin smiled at his husband.

Namjoon kissed him on the forehead while ruffling the kid's hair. He went out the door to his car. Eight hours will surely pass by like a wind.

Jin carried his baby boy away from the door.

“Hobi baby, Daddy has to work every Monday to Friday. If Daddy won’t work Hobi will be hungry and Kookie too. Do you want you and Kookie to be hungry?” The kid looked at his Appa. the frown on his face was still there.

“No. But I am sad when Dad leaves.”

“I know, baby, but Daddy will be back so smile now.” Just then the doorbell rang earning a squeal from the baby on the high chair. “The twins are here. Cheer up now baby.”

Jin let Hobi down on the sofa. The sulking boy didn’t even run to the door to meet his friends. Jin sighed and open the door. The twins were both carrying a bag on their shoulders. Chim has Batman and Tae got Spiderman. Jin thought they look so adorable. He squat down to meet the boys.

“Uncle Jinnie.” The sweet boy Chimchim hugged and kissed him. Tae was not far behind.

“How are you both doing?” Jin cooed at the toddlers.

“Fine.” They both answered. Taehyung looked around and behind Jin.

“Hobi hyung?” Jin ruffled the boy’s hair and pointed at the sofa. Both boys walked towards their Hobi hyung, sitting on either side of him while peering on his face.

“What happened?” Yoongi asked.

“He doesn’t want his father to go to work.” Jin frowned at the pale man.

“Oh, I get what Hobi meant. I want to do exactly just that.”

“Oh, Yoongi, you don’t want Hobi to hear that.” Jin complained. They both laugh at it. Yoongi handed a bag to Jin.

“Thank you for watching the kids, Jin hyung. Here is Chim’s meds. Please make him drink every pill. The small white bottle is for every meal, 2 of those. And the blue one when he is having a hard time.”

“Don’t worry, Yoongi, I watched your boys more than once and I had it memorized like the back of my hand.” Yoongi smiled gratefully at his friend.

“I’ll be going boys.” His twins perched on the couch to look at him. Their chubby arms was waving him goodbye. “Be good, okay? I will know who is naughty.”

“Bye-bye, Appa!” Chim was smiling brightly, his eyes were made to look like a small thin line.

“Appa, chocolates!” Tae squealed making Yoongi laugh. “And candies. Gummy worms. We love gummy worms!”

“Gummy worms!” Chim giggled.

“Alright. If you stay behaved I’ll think about it.” Yoongi walked over to his twins and kissed them goodbye. He also ruffled Hobi’s hair who just smiled a bit. “Maybe I’ll buy Hobi hyung some chocolates, too. Oh, if only he would smile for Uncle Yoongi.”

The little boy twisted his body to look at his Uncle.

“Promise?” The pout was very irresistible. Yoongi nodded and the boy gradually smiled. He even stood up on the sofa to give him a hug.

Chocolates, the world’s most effective bribe.

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Jin was having an easy day so far. Kookie was mostly asleep and the kids were silently playing. They were busy coloring the picture books Hobi gathered. Lunch was never a problem either. Hobi and Tae did well finishing their meal, though he had to feed Chim the last bite on his plate. Chim also didn’t give a fight with his meds.

He turned the TV on and switched it to his favorite cooking channel. The volume was turned to a very soft murmur since he doesn’t want Kookie to be disturbed. He knew his baby can be a bit savage when he was disturbed during sleep.

He watched the Chef on tv explain how to make the meat tender in every dish. When he looked over the coffee table, the kids were not there anymore. Kookie was still fast asleep on his cot. The pencils and crayons were all over the table as well as the picture books with a few torn pages lying on the sofa.

Some of the pictures had Hobi’s name. Only he can write his name yet. The twins had made their own arts too. Jin noticed Chim was better at coloring than the two.

He heard excited laugh from outside so he hastily opened the door to check on the boys. Hobi and Tae were by the garden, running around, playing tag. But Chim is not with them.

Jin went out the door and called Hobi.

“Hobi baby, where is Chim?” The boy just shrug.

“Don’t know, Appa.” Then they started running again. Jin went to check if the gate was locked before going inside the house. He checked the kitchen, the bathroom and the entire lower floor to be exact but Chim was nowhere to be found.

“Chim?” He softly called. He doesn’t want to wake his sleeping baby. He found a piece of the picture book on the base of the stairs to the upper floors. The boys must have went and played on the bedrooms without his knowing.

He started walking up the stairs and worry got the best of him when he saw his best friend’s child curled up on the stairs. The little boy was breathing heavily, his hands on his chest and beads of sweat was dripping from his forehead.

“Oh, gods, Chim!” He picked up the boy and carried him downstairs. He had gone paler than he actually is. He could very much feel the little boy’s frantic heartbeats against his skin. It was beating so loud and would often, like a couple of seconds, stop. It was frightening.

No wonder, Yoongi was so scared and anguished. He himself felt so shattered whenever the boy would whine in pain. It breaks his heart.

“It’s okay now, Chim, Uncle Jinnie’s got you.” He hurried to the bag Yoongi gave him a while ago and fished out a blue bottle. “Breathe now, Chim. Come on.”

He started bouncing the boy in his arms. His eyes were slowly fluttering close. Jin picked Kookie’s bib and wiped Chim’s sweat away. The kid was pretty much out of it, he was even slumped limply on his embrace.

“Stay awake for Uncle Jin. Breathe in, breathe out.” The boy copied his breathing pattern with such difficulty. “That’s good baby. One more time.”

He was afraid that if he fed the boy his medicine, he will choke. When the boy calmed down a bit, he got a glass of water and the boy’s medicine.

His heart was shattered at how this sweet little child can suffer so much. His soft whines of pain is like a needle burying on his heart, what more of his father?

“Here Chim,” He positioned the boy to sit on his left side. He was still looking so pale and catching his breath. “Slowly.”

He placed the pill on the boy mouth and gave him a bit of water. All of Chim’s meds were strawberry flavored which is his favorite. A clever move from his father. The kid was just refusing sometimes just out of stubbornness.

“That’s it. Good boy.” The little boy slumped on his shoulder again, feeling drained as ever. He was still breathing abnormally.

“Appa!” Hobi shouted all of a sudden. Jin felt Chim jumped, his heart picking up speed again. He turned around and looked at his sweaty son.

“Not so loud, Hobi.” Tae later stepped in who immediately frowned upon seeing his brother. He went straight to Jin and hugged his legs.

Then later Kookie started crying, too. Jin immediately felt occupied. He ruffled Tae’s damp hair as the boy was holding onto his brother’s hand.

“Tae, why don’t you change your clothes? Go with Hobi hyung.”

“Don’t want to leave, Chim.” Tae’s eyes was already glistening with tears. It softened Jin’s heart. At least the boys cared for each other.

“Don’t worry, Tae, Uncle Jin would be with Chim. You can be with Chim when you’re done changing your clothes.” The boy nodded and let his brother’s hand go. Hobi looked at his father and Chim before leading Tae upstairs.

Kookie was wailing so loud. Jin walked a bit closer to him.

“Kookie, what’s wrong baby?” The little baby started jumping up and down the cot while holding on the edges.

“Pa! Pa!” His big fat tears were streaming fast on his cheeks. Jin wanted to hug his baby Nochu there and then but little Chim needs him more.

Jin inched closer to the cot and ruffled the baby’s hair. Baby Kookie grabbed Chim small feet and started dragging him. “Pa!” The baby is being territorial, jealous.

“Kookie baby, don’t do that.” Jin cooed to his son but the baby was far more jealous as it is and grabbed more. Jin felt Chim held a bit tighter and winced. He looked down on his baby’s hand on the toddler’s feet. “Kookie, stop.”

Baby Kookie was leaving red scratches on the boy’s feet. The baby wailed louder when his father scolded him. He started throwing tantrums.

Jin felt sad that his baby is crying but he can’t just let the boy down. Tae later run down the stairs, his turtle printed shirt was inside out, tackling Jin as soon as he got close to him. The little boy was so worried.

Jin peeked at the boy in his arms. His damp hair was sticking to his forehead, still breathing heavily.

“You okay now, little guy?” The boy just remained immobile, too tired to even respond. He ushered Tae on the sofa and they sat down. He fixed the boy’s shirt. Kookie’s anguished cry was ringing through the house. “Tae, you stay with your brother okay? I have to get Kookie.”

The little boy nodded. He carefully placed Chim on the sofa, which is still big enough for them. Tae climbed the sofa and hugged his brother. Chim’s thumb had made its way to his mouth while the other was holding on to Tae’s hand. Jin find it adorable. He just wish that the little boy would feel okay now.

“Now, time for my sweet little baby.” Jin picked up his upset baby and started bouncing him on his arms. “What’s wrong baby love?”

Baby Kookie had stopped wailing when he was held by his father though his tears were not yet stopping. The little baby hugged his father and placed his head in the crook of his father’s neck. Jin felt his baby’s damp clothes so he started walking upstairs to change his clothes.

The twins were already asleep on the sofa. The pillows were arranged so that the boys won’t fall. Jin checked on his eldest son’s room and there he is, sprawled on the bed, asleep with nothing but his undies on.

Tae’s Spiderman bag lay on the floor. The used clothes was thrown beside it and the crayons and picture books was scattered near the bag. He walked over his son and covered him with a blanket. He doesn’t want his precious sunshine catching a cold.

“Hobi hyung is tired.”

“Oowee,” Kookie cooed. Jin chuckled and went to the nursery. He changed Kookies clothes and diapers. And then after that, his little prince was starting to happily babble again.

Jin went back to his sunshine’s room and started cleaning their things. Kookie was busy playing with a fire truck that he happily stayed in one corner while his Appa roam around. After everything was tidy enough, he went downstairs to watch the twins. The sight made him want to laugh.

Tae has turned so much. Half his body was hanging by the edge of the sofa. His hand was still in Chim’s grasp. Chim just turned to his brother’s side of the bed, his thumb still on his mouth. Jin set Kookie down the sofa and repositioned Tae.

“Baby,” Kookie crawled towards sleeping Chim. Jin worried that his baby will wake the boy up but instead, the baby quietly sat beside the little boy. His pudgy hand was stroking the boy's arms. Jin’s heart softened at the sight. He picked his son up. “Let’s not wake them up. Your Hyungs were tired. It’s just me and you now.”

Jin played with his baby while waiting for the kids to wake up or the fathers to get home, whichever came first. It sure was a tiring day.

Chapter Text

It was already past 5pm when Namjoon got home. He was amazed that the house was so quiet given that there are 4 monsters there right now. He quietly opened the door and immediately saw Jin on the couch. He was asleep with Kookie snoring on his belly. The TV was playing a cartoon without a sound on.

He inched closer and found the twins on the sofa, tangled with each other. Tae was almost strangling his twin. He also noticed that Chim was a bit paler than before and a sheen of sweat was covering his forehead.

He went over to his husband and ruffled their baby’s hair. He kissed his husband’s cheeks which awoke Jin.

“Hi babe,” He reach out and got Kookie from his embrace. “Had a rough day?”

“You’d never know.” He went over the twins. He untangled Tae from his twin and wiped Chim’s sweat. He placed a hand on the little boy’s chest. It was beating slower now than before. It was a relief.

“What happened?” Namjoon asked as he walk closer to Jin.

“Chim had his bad day. I was so scared for the boy, Joonie. His heart was beating madly and he was in pain. It wrecked my heart.” Jin’s eyes had moistened slightly. “I was so afraid that something bad might happen to him under my watch. I don’t want that. Yoongi will surely kill me.”

“Shh, it’s alright. Nothing bad will happen. You are amazing do you know that?” Jin smiled at him then went for a hug with Kookie in between. “Aw, my little prince is on the way.”

“Joonie!” Jin chuckled as he hit his husband’s shoulders.

Tae slowly opened his eyes when he heard voices. Jin watched the boy struggle to wake up and when he did, he immediately raised his arms out.

“Oh, this sweet baby.” Jin went and picked Tae up. The little boy, still half asleep, slumped on his shoulders. “What does my sweet baby want to do?”

“Tae is hungry.” The little boy slurred. Jin rubbed the boy’s back and head to the kitchen.

“Let’s prepare something to eat. How about cupcakes?”

“Like cupcakes.” Jin could feel the boy still falling asleep. He just chuckled. Yoongi’s kids were such sweet little things. Too clingy and too cute.

“Alright. Joonie, watch over Chim for a while.” Namjoon went over the couch and sat. Letting Kookie get comfortable in his embrace.

“Where is my sunshine?” As if on cue, Hobi walked down the stairs, dragging his whole bed sheet still naked but for his underwear. “Oh look at my big baby.”

Hobi went straight to his father and hugged his legs. His father couldn’t contain the smile that paints his lips.

“Why are you not dressed, baby?” The boy looked at him before slumping back on his legs, too sleepy to reply something. Namjoon sighed. “Come on, big boy, let’s grab your clothes.”

Namjoon carefully tucked their baby on his cot and made sure the pillows secured Chim on the sofa. The boy slightly stirred when Namjoon placed a pillow behind his back. He then went upstairs to dress his son.

Jin was placing the cupcakes on the table when he noticed Chim stir. Tae also asked to be let down and he run to his brother. Chim felt around for his brother with eyes still closed. Tae reached out and let Chim hold on to his hands. When Chim grabbed his brother’s hands, he opened his eyes. The two of them cuddled on the sofa.

Jin finished preparing the snacks and a jug of milk. He went over to the twins.

“Come on, let’s have some cupcake.” The twins both raised their arms towards him, wanting to be carried. “What should I do?”

Luckily, Namjoon walked down the stairs with a fully dressed Hobi behind him. He looked up and noticed the twins and Jin’s expression.

“Need some help?” He smiled at him before turning to the twins. “Who wants to be carried by Uncle Monnie?” Tae’s hands shoot up almost instantly.

“Tae! Tae! Tae!” Namjoon laughed.

“Alright! Come here you.” He picked Tae without much effort. He swirled Tae in the air making the boy giggle in delight. Jin lifted Chim on his arms. The little boy looked around the room.

“Appa?” Jin wiped the sweat from his hair and forehead. The boy looks so cute with his chubby cheeks and pouty lips.

“Appa’s not here yet, but he’ll be here later.” The boy just nodded. Hobi grabbed the boys hands and walked alongside them.

“Chim’s fingers is cold, Appa. Mine is not.” Hobi said. Jin tried holding the boy’s hand and it really is a bit cold.

“You hold on to Chim’s hands, baby, make it warm.” Hobi smiled and enveloped the little boy’s hands on his making Chim giggle adorably.

They all ate their snacks. Kookie also woke up in time to have his milk. The kids were now watching cartoons while Jin is preparing their dinner. It was already dark outside but Yoongi is still not home. The twins were starting to ask every 15 minutes. Yoongi called and told them he was made to do some forced over-time from work.

The couple can still cover it up until dinner. Tae refused to finish his meal. He is demanding that his father get the airplanes through his mouth. Namjoon convinced the boy a lot of times and even played with him but still, Tae won’t eat his food.

Chim was another problem. The little boy refused another bite halfway through his meal. Namjoon let Tae down his chair and started convincing Chim to eat more. But the boy, like his brother, wanted the airplanes their Appa does for them.

It doesn’t stop there. Chim also refused to take his meds. He wants his Appa and nothing more. Namjoon was the first to try convincing the boy. It was not good when he skipped his meds and it was based on Yoongi’s experience.

“Come on, baby.” Namjoon cooed for the nth time. The kid was still seated on his high chair.

“Appa. I want Appa.” The kid complained. Tae and Hobi were already in front of the TV. Kookie was also with the boys.

“Appa will be here when you drink this candy.”

“Don’t like. I want Appa.” The knot on the kid’s forehead was starting to show.

“Chim..please. We will have some ice cream.” Namjoon tried again but the boy was not impressed. He started crying. His tears were flowing one after the other. Jin went over which was followed by Tae. Hobi was sent back to the living room to watch his brother.

“Let me, darling.” Namjoon stood up and let Jin do the rest. But still, Chim wants his father. Jin tried with all his best but the boy really misses his father. Even Tae started crying. Namjoon scooped the boy up and played with him.

Jin carried little Chim and went to pick his phone. He doesn’t want Chim skipping his meds and Yoongi would surely be worried. But if his kids were missing him so much, there is nothing else to do but call him.

He dialled Yoongi’s number. After the third ring Yoongi picked up.

“Is everything alright Jin?” Yoongi’s voice is a bit worried already. Jin rarely give a call when they were on shift.

“Yoongi, your boys are missing you. Tae didn’t finish his meal. Chim ate a little and now he is refusing his meds. Yoongi, what time will you come home?” There was an audible sigh from the other line.

“I’m sorry, Jin. I’m sorry you have to deal with this.” Yoongi’s voice was laced with so much guilt that Jin felt bad.

“No, Yoongi, what are you saying? We are not mad about this. We are worried that Chim will not drink his meds.” Namjoon, sensing the tension, went over and get Chim away from Jin. The kid doesn’t need to hear it. He went over the living room with the sulking twins. “Listen, Yoongi, Chim had suffered enough for today, if he doesn’t have his meds now, I’m afraid the kid will be in pain again. I don’t want to see that.”

“Is Chim okay now? Did Tae cry?” Yoongi’s worry had gotten the best of him.

“They’re crying, asking for you. Chim is still pale but he’s okay now.” Jin heard Yoongi sighed again. He felt guilty for troubling him.

“Can I have them on the phone? Is Tae there?” Jin beckoned Namjoon to come over. He transferred Tae to Jin and the kid started talking to his father. His tears were dropping one after the other. After a while of talking, Tae asked to be let down and went straight to Hobi.

“Alright, now for Chim.” Jin handed the phone to Namjoon and let the kid talk to his father. He went over the kids on the living room. The three, with Kookie in the middle, were huddled together. Tae has tears still in his eyes which he wiped away.

Namjoon carried the boy to the back garden. He doesn’t want Tae to cry again. The kid started to talk to his father. Mostly he was asking when he will be home. He heard a lot of “I don’t like” and “I want, Appa” from the boy. He was still crying.

“Appa, it hurts.” Namjoon was suddenly alarmed. The little boy laid his head on his shoulder. He was tightly grasping a handful of Namjoon’s shirt. Namjoon pressed the phone on his ears. The voice of Yoongi was so worried.

“Chim? Oh, Chim. Hello, can you hear Appa?”

“Yoongi it’s me, Namjoon.” The little boy started breathing heavily and whimpering. “I guess I have to cut the call. Chim is having a hard time again.”

“Namjoon, make him drink his meds. Oh god! I’ll be home. I’ll be home right now.” The line was cut and Namjoon hurried inside the house.

Jin noticed his husband hurrying over the counter. He then noticed little Chim breathing heavily again.

“Hobi, you’re in charge.” His son nodded. He went over to Namjoon who is frantically digging into the boy’s bag.

“What happened?” Jin went and wiped Chim’s sweat from his forehead. He had been paler than before. “Oh, Chim. Calm him down a bit, I’ll prepare his meds.”

Namjoon softly rubbed the boy’s back while rocking him on his arms. The boy’s frantic heartbeats was drumming against his skin. The occasional whine of the boy makes Namjoon feel frustrated. He was thankful that none of his kids was sick but he felt really bad for the sweet boy in his arms. If only they could take his pain away.

“Here, Chim, Uncle Jinnie will let you have some juice.” Jin was holding a glass with a little orange juice. The orange liquid was just enough to mask the meds in it.

The little boy was too tired to argue and just sip the liquid when his Uncle raised it to his lips. Jin made sure to have him drink little by little. After the glass had been emptied, the boy slumped against his Uncle Monnie’s shoulder.

The couple was keeping watch at the little kid.

“How is Chim feeling?” Namjoon cooed. The little boy shifted in his embrace.

“‘M tired, Uncle Monnie.” His weak and strained voice made the couple sad. Jin rummaged through Chim’s bag and got him a new pair of clothes. He changed the boy’s clothes. He was back in Namjoon’s embrace after changing.

Namjoon continued to rock the boy in his arms. Little by little the boy fell asleep. Jin went over the living room and found the boys asleep as well. Hobi was seated in the middle. Tae’s head was in his shoulder while Kookie was curled up on his lap.

Jin transferred the kids on their own beds. Kookie was in the nursery, Hobi and Tae was in Hobi’s room. Chim was still in Namjoon arms. The couple was afraid to leave the kid upstairs. They stayed in the living room to wait for Yoongi. The tv was switched to the news.

Yoongi later stepped through the door. The man was sweaty as if he run from the office to his friend’s house.

“Yoongi..” Jin greeted the younger. But Yoongi’s eyes were on his little angel. His heart shattered upon seeing how pale his kid had become. He walked over to Namjoon and reached out for the kid. “No, Yoongi. Rest first.”

Yoongi sat beside Namjoon. He ruffled the kid’s damp hair. His uneven breaths were enough to worry his father. He just stared at his son.

“Namjoon, I...I..” His words were masked by the fear and worry for his kids.

“Yoongi, we understand. Don’t worry about it.” Namjoon tapped his best friend’s shoulder. “You don’t have to carry it all. You have us.”

“Thank you.” Jin later walked in.

“You eat first, Yoongi.”

“I’m alright.”

“Don’t argue. Come on. I know you skipped dinner at the office again.” Jin dragged his best friend to the dining table and let the man eat. He himself got some tea. Namjoon later joined them too.

They sat around the table, just like the old times, minus Yoongi’s wife. They had been through so much. The couple convinced Yoongi to stay for the night. The kids had just fallen asleep and they don’t want them to be disturbed anymore. The younger man resigned and let it slide for tonight.

Chapter Text

The young Yoongi was full of dreams. He wants to be a producer and nothing in the world can ever stop him. Well, at least he thought so. He would write lyrics and compose songs. He was contented until he got depressed with life. Everything crashed before his eyes.

Jin and Namjoon was struggling with their studies at that time. They did not notice that their younger friend was having a hard time.

Life was cruel and hard that Yoongi decided to end it all. He went by the bridge with it’s inviting water waiting for him underneath. Who would care? Yoongi was no one. He carefully walked over the edge, his feet was halfway to the edge when he heard a voice.

“Mister!” It was a sweet voice of a girl. Yoongi looked at the direction of the voice and found a small girl walking towards him. She was wearing a white sweater over her pink shirt, skinny jeans that was hugging her legs perfectly. Then Yoongi noticed that the girl was missing her left shoes.

He just watched her inch closer. His hands were not leaving the rails that keeps him safe. When the girl came close enough, Yoongi noticed that she was in tears.

“Are you going to jump?” Yoongi stared at her in confusion.

“Yes. I mean, no.” Yoongi’s mind was like a tangled ball of yarn. He can’t figure it out himself.

“Please jump.” Yoongi felt disappointed and somehow enraged. Suddenly the water was not inviting anymore. He climbed over the rail and stood in front of the girl.

“What are you aiming at?” The girl pouted adorably. Her plump red lips were forming a heart. Then her tears flow on her cute cheeks.

“I’m just..I just thought you could help me. Look,” She pointed at the water underneath. “It’s my shoe. You have to help me retrieve it. I don’t know how to swim.”

“Why is your shoes there in the first place?” Yoongi chided. The girl avoid Yoongi’s eyes.

“I-I won’t tell you.” Yoongi smirked and started walking away.

“Then I won’t help you either.”

“Please! I can’t go home like this.” The girl started sobbing loudly which annoyed Yoongi.

“Alright! Will you stop crying?” Then as if on cue, the girl stopped and wiped her tears away. “You’re weird.”

The girl just flashed a weak smile then followed Yoongi down the side of the bridge. The overgrown weeds were annoying Yoongi. It was itchy.

When they got on the bank, Yoongi searched for a stick to fish the shoe out of the water. He wasn’t supposed to be doing this. By now, he should’ve been free from all the world but here he is, saving a shoe instead.

His small arms were extended towards the small red shoe floating in the water. He was careful not to let the water touch his shoes but all efforts gone to waste when he fell face first into it. He thrashed angrily on the water. The girl was squealing so loud , trying to make Yoongi grab onto her arms.

Yoongi rolled his eyes to her and swam towards her shoes. He got it fast and went to the banks. The cold September wind was freezing him. The girl hastily put her shoes on and dragged the shivering Yoongi somewhere.

She led him to a vending machine on a near bus stop. She hand him a warm coffee, feeling bad for making the boy shiver.

“Thank you for helping me.” Yoongi took a sip of the coffee, the warm liquid travelled pleasantly down his stomach. “I tried jumping off, too.”

That earned Yoongi’s attention. He looked at the girl beside him. She looks too cheerful to attempt something crazy. “I was lucky only my left shoe fell. I chickened out at the last minute.”

Silence enveloped them. Yoongi was still looking at the girl. Her pretty slanted eyes, chubby cheeks and pouty mouth. He was entranced by her.

“I don’t want to die bloated. I want to die with a sense of pride. It’s hard right now, but I know one day it will be given to me. I’m Taeji by the way.” She smiled at him sweetly.


Yoongi had become attached to the girl. They would always be together during school days. Always together. Namjoon and Jin has also met the girl and the four of them become close.

Yoongi had never been happy throughout his life. The happiest he’d become was when Taeji said yes and they’d become officially in a relationship. They even got a small apartment for themselves. Namjoon and Jin often spends time there too.

They’ve been through hard and happy times in life. They’ve made it because they are together. One more month and they’ll be out of school. Graduates.

Yoongi received the most precious news a month after their graduation. Taeji was expecting a child. They’ve celebrated it with their friends. Jin had been the most excited. They decided to get married and tie the knot to complete the family.

Their wedding was attended by only Jin, Namjoon and the attending officer. Taeji wanted it to be private, both their parents disowned them because of the hasty decision. But never stopped them. They were so happy at that time.

Yoongi started working at a company. He can postpone his dreams of becoming a producer. He can make it happen once his family is a bit stable. He had to wait until Taeji gave birth.

Everything started to go downhill at Taeji’s 5th month of pregnancy. She tires easily and Yoongi was worried. She never wanted an ultrasound wanting it to be a surprise for both of them but Yoongi talked her out of it. He wanted to make sure she’s okay and the child’s okay.

The trip to the hospital was a surprise. The results of her ultrasound brought tears to her eyes. They were wrong to expect a child, they have two. Taeji was carrying twins. Yoongi was so happy at the news but the next thing the doctor mentioned dampen the mood.

Taeji’s body was too small for the babies especially the bigger one. It was explained that she was getting tired because of the stress from the extra weight. They offered to take the babies out on the 7th month and let them grow in incubators but Taeji refused. She knew everything could go wrong with a machine and she is not risking her kid’s life.

Yoongi was amazed by her bravery and sense of motherhood. He wanted to help. And at some point, he wanted Taeji to agree at their suggestion. He doesn’t want something to happen to her. He’s afraid to lose her.

And his fears were very valid. Taeji and the twin’s life hang by a thread on the day of the delivery. The toll on her body was too much that normal delivery had been out of the options. Yoongi was shaking with so much nerves. He was inside the room, holding on to Taeji’s hands.

Yoongi forgot to breathe until they pulled the first baby from her. The baby started squalling the moment the doctor’s held him high. Taeji was in tears when she looked at Yoongi, her smile was the brightest. The nurses hurried over the newborn, amazed of the newborn’s handsome features.

They had some difficulty pulling the second baby. Taeji’s heart rate started slowing down. Yoongi’s heart was beating madly, he prayed to every god he knew to keep them both safe.

When they finally pulled the baby, Yoongi first noticed that the baby was small and blue. The doctors and nurses started hurrying over the baby, he was not even crying. Worry is not enough to describe what Yoongi is feeling.

Taeji weakly pulled his hands.

“Yoongi, my love, listen to me.” He had tears in his eyes. He knew. He knew so well. Her voice was so weak and she had become so pale. “They are our pride, Yoongi. Look how handsome they are. Take care of them. Love them and protect them from everything in this world. They are the proof of our love. The proof I existed..I love you.”

“Taeji, please. You can do this. You’re not supposed to leave me. We’ll watch the kids grow. Maybe...maybe we can have one more child. Please, my love.” He kissed her. Her eyes were slowly fluttering close.

“I love you, Yoongi. You don’t have any idea how happy you’ve made me. Take care of the boys...tell them I love them..Taehyung...and..Jimin..” The machines blared the alarm. The doctors asked Yoongi to take a leave for a moment.

He was out of his mind. He walked out of the door and stumbled upon Jin and Namjoon who were waiting outside.

“Yoongi?” Jin asked softly. Yoongi was devastated. The young man had been so scared out of his mind. The doctors were out after a few minutes baring the news Yoongi despised to hear.

“I’m sorry. We’ve done everything but..” Yoongi lunged at the doctor.

“You’ve done everything and yet you can’t save her? YOU’VE DONE EVERYTHING??” Namjoon grabbed his friend away from the doctor. Jin started apologizing. “YOU DON'T HAVE TO APOLOGIZE FOR THEIR INCOMPETENCE, JIN!”

Namjoon dragged his friend a bit further from the bunch of hospital staff.

“I’m really sorry about my friend.” Jin’s eyes was glazed with tears. How can they accept that their bubbly Taeji was no longer with them.

“No, we understand. This must be hard for all of you. The younger twin was carried to the special care. He will be under observation for a while. You can visit the older twin in the nursery in a bit.”

Jin’s heart was shattered. Taeji was gone and her youngest is not yet stable. Jin went over to Namjoon and Yoongi.

“Yoongi, you have to see your sons.” Yoongi stood up and glared at him. Something that Yoongi won’t do.

“Why would I see the monsters that took away my life?” Yoongi spat, full of hate.

“Yoongi!” Namjoon scolded their friend. Jin was beyond hurt and disgusted. He slapped Yoongi across the face. His hands leaving a red print on the younger’s pale face.

“How dare you? Taeji gave her life for those two!”

“And don’t expect me to give them mine, too.” Yoongi walked past a frozen Jin and walked straight over Taeji’s room. Jin’s tears were flowing madly from his eyes. Namjoon went over and hugged him.

“Let’s give him some time, Jin. He just lost his love. I know he’ll come around one day. Would you like to see the kids?”

Jin and Namjoon went to the nursery where all the babies were lined. And there in the first row, just in front of the glass wall, was Taeji’s baby. Wrapped in a light blue blanket. He was red and asleep, he was the combination of Yoongi and Taeji. Jin’s tears couldn’t stop.

“How would Yoongi raise the kids, Joonie?”

“Have faith in him, Jin. We would also be here for him. Come on, let’s check on the other kid.” They walked over the room where the baby was kept for monitoring. The nurses allowed them inside and let them wear lab gowns.

Jin immediately cried upon seeing the baby. His small body was connected to different wires and machines. He was glad Namjoon inched closer to offer some comfort.

“What’s wrong with him?” Namjoon asked the nurse who is keeping watch.

“The baby has a weak heart. We will keep him here for 2 weeks or more depending on the results of the test. He had trouble breathing without the oxygen tube.” It crushed their heart. Surely they don’t want anything bad to happen to the newborn.

“Will he be alright?” Jin silently asked.

“We’re hoping he’ll be. We will be here to make sure he’ll recover.”

“Thank you.” Jin said in between his tears. “Please do everything to save this boy. Please.”

A week has passed. Taeji’s funeral has already passed. Yoongi was so shattered that he camped out of the cemetery just to be with her. Jin and Namjoon was keeping the older twin, Taehyung, in their custody. Yoongi was too out of it to care.

Jin and Namjoon would also take turns visiting the younger twin. The baby, Jimin, was still on the hospital, too weak to be brought home yet. Somehow, Jin is afraid to take the kid. He was too fragile.

They never had problems with it. The older twin was so behaved they never had trouble raising him. They just wish Yoongi would snap out of his misery and see how cute his sons are.

Yoongi started drinking every night. He was terminated from work. He started living a bad life. Liquor, cigarettes were his daily company. There’s no point in life anymore. Taeji was gone. His one and only life. He was wasted, too drunk to give a care.

Morning came with a bad headache. His phone had been ringing early in the morning. He irritably picked it up.

“Yoongi..” Jin’s voice. Yoongi was alarmed, Jin was crying. “Yoongi, come to the hospital quick. Please, I beg you.”

“Why would I?” Yoongi despised that cursed place. He hates it more than he ever wanted to admit. Jin was still sobbing on the other line.

“Yoongi, please, at least see your youngest while he’s still alive.”

That jerked Yoongi to reality. Sure he hates the boys for taking away his wife but he never asked them to die. It would be more painful if his wife died in vain.

He grabbed his jacket and scrambled out the door, stumbling upon bottles of booze that scattered on the floor. He still smelled strongly of alcohol. His heart was drumming through his head. Hearing it from Jin broke something inside him again. He wants it to stop. He doesn’t want to lose so much.

The hospital was a nightmare. It brought back nausea and pain. He wants to be out but then he needs to see him. He took a step until Jin was seen. He was almost plastered to the glass wall, crying. Namjoon was holding on to Jin’s shoulders with a baby on his arms. Yoongi knows it was his son.

He inched slowly until he was standing beside Jin.

“Yoongi..” Jin weakly said. His voice was so strained. He hugged the thin pale man in front of him. Yoongi felt so lost and he doesn’t know how to respond. “Your son..”

Yoongi’s head turned to look behind the glass door. And there, doctors and nurses were buzzing around a small baby. They were connecting wires and tubes which got tangled in the process. The baby was turning blue, like when he was born. Fear was gripping Yoongi’s heart, his eyes never leaving the small body of his son.

And when he look closely, his baby looked exactly like Taeji. His cheeks, his small pouty mouth and his round face, it all belongs to Taeji. It broke the man’s heart even more. It’s like watching his wife die the second time around. It woke him up. It opened his eyes. Tears made its way down his cheeks.

“No, no. please don’t take him away, too.” His palm and face were glued to the glass. Jin was also holding onto the young man. “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Please God, please. Give him to me.”

The hospital staff hovered around the baby for almost two hours. There was a time when the baby’s heartbeat was dangerously slowing down.

“Please baby. Please God. Don’t take him away from me. I’ll be good. I’ll try to be a good father.” Yoongi murmured through the glass. And as if the baby heard his father, his heart slowly and surely stabilized. Yoongi felt so relieved that he slide down the wall, all of his worries and fears turned his knees soft.

He cried like a kid, not caring about the people who may see him. He held his head in his hands. Jin sat in front of him.

“What have I done, Jin?” Yoongi said in between tears. “What have I done?”

“It’s alright now.” Jin softly said.

“I’m sorry for everything, Jin. I was wrong. I’m a bad father. How can I abandon them when they can’t even fend for themselves yet?” He sobbed.

“Don’t worry about it, Yoongi. Everybody deserves second chances.” He reached out to Namjoon and got the baby from his grasp. “Here. do you want to hold baby Taehyung?”

“I-I don’t know how.” Yoongi wiped his tears away and stood up. Jin placed the sleeping baby carefully in his arms. Guiding Yoongi’s arms to where he should place his arms for support.

Tears run down his face when he held his son for the first time. Taehyung. Taehyung was his son. Their pride and joy. He would never forget how Taeji smiled when he was born. He hopes Taehyung will smile the same way.

Jin took the baby away when the young man was shaking from so much happiness. That day onward, Yoongi had a new view in life. Taeji may not be with him anymore but two angels came in her place. He would never let them go. Never let them hurt.

Chapter Text

Jin and Namjoon had been together for almost 5 years already. They’ve first met at a photo exhibit held by the first year Film and Photography majors. Namjoon was invited by a friend to take his place. And honestly, Namjoon was not fond of exhibits, he finds it boring.

He walked around the place looking for somewhere with less people. He’s not an introvert, he just don’t want to talk to people at that time. He walked past walls of exhibit and stopped in front of a framed photo.

It was a photo of a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. Namjoon was amazed by the photographer's patience and expertise. He wanted the photo. He has to have that photo. He asked for someone to get him the frame. On the bottom was a printed name of the photographer.

Kim Seokjin.

The girl staff led him to a meeting hall where she told him the owner of the portrait will meet him. He was asked to sit and called out her friend.

“Jin!” Namjoon looked around to whoever will react to the call. “Someone’s interested with your project.”

A smartly dressed man turned around. Namjoon was amazed how the man can be so handsome. They talked for hours about the photo. And there they started.

Now the photo was hanging on their house. Namjoon is working as an engineer at a huge company. Jin had also started his own photo studio. Both of them was happy. But their happiness was tainted with the grief of losing a friend.

Yoongi and Taeji were married. When Taeji gave birth, she painfully gave her life too. They took care of his kids when their friend had been too broken. Now Yoongi was trying his best to raise his twins.

Jin spends his time with the twins since Yoongi was not that experienced with kids and his youngest needs a lot of watching. Taehyung was a behaved kid, both of his sons are, but Jimin is sickly because of his heart condition. Jin was extra careful with the kids.

Jin watches the kids when their father has to work. Luckily, Jin doesn’t need to always be on his shop.

One night, Namjoon came home from work with a folder in his hands.

“Hey, babe. Look at this.” Namjoon placed the folder in front of Jin when he was done setting the table. Jin looked at the file.

“Adoption paper?” He read through the file.

Jung Hoseok, 3 y/o.

February 19, XXXX

Details about the kid was written across the pages. Honestly, Jin had been reluctant. His hands were already occupied with the twins and he doesn’t know if he can take another kid.

“It’s alright if you don’t want to. My officemate just tried if we wanted to adopt a kid.”

“Of course, Joonie, I want a kid.” He stared at the photo of the little kid smiling through the photo. “It’s just’s just, I think Yoongi still needs us. He is still learning and his sons are..”

“I know.” Namjoon run a hand through his hair. He feels frustrated to be honest. He was fond of their best friend’s kids but still they’re not theirs. The kids still have to go home every afternoon and it makes Namjoon sad. “I want a kid in the house, Jin. I want a kid which I can call mine. Yoongi needs his kids and I can’t keep them here even if I want to.”

Jin looked at his husband. He didn’t know. He was not aware that the man was feeling lonely. Jin reached for the folder and read through it again.

Jung Hoseok was brought to the orphanage at 8 months old. The papers said that his parents were neglecting the child. Hoseok was an unwanted kid, a mistake by his parents. A concerned neighbor rescued the child one night. The baby was crying on his cot, left alone, while his parents was passed out after another pot session.

Jin felt sad and enraged. How could parents do such a thing? He grabbed the kid’s photo and stared at it. The boy was smiling brightly devoid of what happened when he was a baby.

Namjoon was just staring at him. He knew deep in his heart that Jin can’t refuse such a pretty kid. He watched him turn the photo in his hands. After a while, Jin looked at him with kind eyes.

“You know I can’t refuse this kid all along, don’t you?” The smile on Namjoon’s face was that of victory. He really wanted to adopt the kid.

“I love you.” Jin’s sweet smile creep upon his lips. Namjoon reached out to touch his husband’s hands.

“I love you more.” He checked the date on his phone. “Tomorrow is weekend. Yoongi will be home for the twins. Let’s call the orphanage now and fetch the kid tomorrow.”

The drive to the orphanage was pleasantly silent. Jin was exchanging text messages with Yoongi. The young father was so afraid that he’ll do something wrong. Jin almost had post-its on everything the twins need. Yoongi just has to look.

When they reached the orphanage, an old lady greeted them and led them to a room. She talked to them and interviewed them a bit. Later a younger worker knocked and opened the door. A little boy was hiding behind her legs.

“Go on,” The lady urged the boy. “They’re waiting for you.”

The boy peeked a little. The lady gave him a little push before she walked out the door. The little boy just stood there. His big eyes were roaming around the room. He had his hands gripping the helm of his shirt.

“Hoseok,” The old lady called the boy before walking to him. She held the boy’s hand and walked closer to the couple. She crouched down before talking to the boy. “Hoseok, meet the Kims. They will be your new parents.”

The little boy's eyes hovered to the men sitting by Mrs. Park’s table.

“Say hi to them, Hoseok.”

“Hello.” The kids tiny voice was so sweet. The old lady smiled to the couples.

“He’s a good kid.” She playfully ruffled the kid's hair. “I’ll leave you to get used to him.”

The old lady take her leave. The kid was left standing, eyeing the two. Jin crouched down to the little boy’s height.

“Hello, Hoseok. My name is Jin.” He playfully teased the boy’s cheeks.

“Hello, I’m Hobi.” Namjoon also crouched down and ruffled the boy’s hair.

“Hi, Hobi. I’m Namjoon. We will be your new parents. Do you want to call me Daddy?” The kid looked at Namjoon with big eyes.

“Daddy? Never had a Daddy.”

“Now, you have two.” The kid smiled so brightly. Jin felt the warmth on his heart when the kid run for his embrace. He got up and carried the little boy on his arms.

“Come on, let’s go home.”

The papers from the orphanage was processed fast. The little boy was strapped on a child seat. Jin also stayed in the backseat to accompany the kid. They had never been excited and nervous. They now have a kid of their own.

The kid was so amazed by the big house. The couple went and tour the kid around and showed him his new room. The kid was smiling brightly but he was also hesitating.

“Mine?” His small voice asked. The couple nodded. “I don’t have to share?”

Hobi grew up in an orphanage for boys. He grew up sharing things with other boys.

“All yours, little boy.” Namjoon cooed. The little boy embraced the man’s legs. He picked up his little son and tickled him.

“Thank you, Daddy.” The kid smiled and looked at his other dad. “Thank you, Appa.”

Namjoon and their little boy had become so attached. Building the car bed, setting up their robots and toys. It’s all their team effort.

Hobi had been very kind and active kid. He even love the twins very much. He was Taehyung’s playmate and he loves Jimin so much. He would pinch the little boy’s cheeks and leave them a pinkish shade.

Hobi was their only boy until a baby Kookie made his way to them 2 years later.

Chapter Text

It was a great day by the beach. Jin, Namjoon and Yoongi decided it was better to treat the kids outside sometimes.

Hobi was now 5 years old and the twins will turn 3 by the end month of the year. Hobi and Tae were running around the beach under Namjoon’s watch while little Chim was building a sand castle with his Appa.

Jin was busy poking at the food bags, making sure that they’ve got everything. He prepared the food beforehand. Everything was neatly packed with the kids favorite snacks to their favorite candies.

The afternoon sun was blinding. Hobi and Tae were still running around the beach taking an occasional dip in the ocean while tiring their Daddy Namjoon. The tall man was huffing trying to catch up with the boys. Their squeals of delight was ringing through the beach.

Chim on the other hand was complaining that it’s hot and sticky. Yoongi ended up fanning the boy who had found his hands busy with his father’s phone. His Appa let him watch cartoons. The little boy was singing sweetly along with the programs he’s watching. Chim has a very sweet voice.

Later, Tae’s wailing filled the air. Jin and Yoongi watched Namjoon pick the crying boy from the sand. Hobi was dazed by Tae’s sudden outburst and run to Jin. Little Tae reached out for his father who is currently occupied with Chim. Yoongi placed Chim on the blanket and got Tae from Namjoon. The little boy had scraped his knees which is bleeding.

Chim was looking at his crying brother and his lips were starting to quiver. Little by little, Chim’s tears made its way down his cheeks. The look on Yoongi’s face was between defeat, pity, sadness and worry. Namjoon took little Chim to his embrace and started cooing at the baby. They never want little Jimin to cry, they all know what will happen.

“Appa, hurts. It hurts!” Tae whined loudly.

“Appa will blow it away.” Yoongi started blowing at his son’s bloody knees. Jin handed the first aid kit he brought to Yoongi. The little boy’s eyes bulged once he saw the antiseptics.

“WAAH! Don’t like that! Appa, no. Appa!” Tae’s squeals of protest rang loudly. Yoongi hates it. He hates seeing his boys in pain and he wish he could take their pain away.

“This won’t hurt Tae.” Yoongi tried to assure his son. But the little boy knew how antiseptic sting. He’s been wounded far too many times to know it well.

“No, no, no, no.” Little Tae grabbed his father’s neck and buried his face on it, still crying loudly. The tight grip of the little boy was crumpling his father’s shirt badly. Yoongi embraced his son even more and rocked him slowly.

“Alright. Alright, baby, no more bad water.” As what Taehyung calls it. “Let’s just wash it with normal water okay?” The little boy shook his head on his father’s neck. “We need to wash your knee or else the bad bacteria will live there. When they did, your knee will hurt very bad.”

The little boy craned his neck and looked at his father. His eyes were glistening from the tears. Jin stood up and walked around for a bit. He walked towards Namjoon with Chim in his arms. They were seriously talking about something. Chim mostly slurred or twist his tongue adorably.

“Hey, Chimchim.” The little boy smiled at him brightly. Hoseok had slept through the commotion.

“Where are you going?” Namjoon asked him. He kissed the little boy in his arms and looked at him.

“I’ll just take a walk. Maybe I’ll buy some colored bandages for Tae. The boy was stressed out.” He winked at Chim who giggled adorably. “I’ll be back in no time.”

Jin walked at the little town near the beach. He was scanning the view for any pharmacy but he can’t seem to find any. All he could see were convenience stores lining the alleyway. He entered one and bought little Tae’s favorite jelly. This may cheer the boy up.

He walked around for a bit, waiting for something to caught his eye, and something really did. Just a little off road was a huddled body, arms extending to every person who passes by. Jin inched closer to her.

The old woman was sitting by the steps, arms raised waiting for someone to drop a coin or some food. Her dirty dress was covering her entire body and there clutched between her arms is a sleeping baby.

Jin was taken aback. What would an old woman be doing with a baby? Much less on the streets? He kept walking towards them.

“Excuse me,” The old woman’s head shot towards Jin who was crouching beside her. Her eyes turned moist and her lips quiver. Jin felt pity overwhelm him. “What are you doing here, grandma?”

“M-my fate throw me here, my dear. Old age is a curse. My children were disgusted they threw me away.” Jin felt his heart shatter. He thought of his own parents. Lucky his parents were under a big roof, eating three or more times a day. They’ve been so lucky.

“I’m sorry,” The old woman shook her head slightly and smiled sadly. “What are you doing with a baby on this street?”

The old woman looked at the sleeping infant on her arms. Her tears suddenly flow down her dirty, wrinkled skin. She playfully teased the baby’s cheeks.

“He’s not mine, my dear.” Jin looked at her wide eyed. Maybe it was one those syndicates use to attract pity from the crowd. An old lady and a baby begging on the side lines. “A teenage girl made me hold onto him for a while. She said she have to run after a robber. It had been a week and she never came back.”

The sobs of the old lady was so heartbreaking. She was somehow framed to take the kid.

“I can’t take care of him, my dear. The stores were giving me the bad eye for always begging for some milk. Some were starting to shove me away. I can’t fend for both of us. My old bones were so sore already and he’s too small.”

“Why don’t you take him to a nearby Orphanage?” The old lady shifted the baby on her arms.

“It’s too far from me, my dear. I can’t walk to it. Please take him.” She held the baby to Jin with shaking hands. “Make him yours or take him to a safer house.”

“Grandma, I can’t do that. I have enough on my hands.” The old woman teared up even more.

“Please. I can’t feed him anymore. I don’t want him to die in my arms.” Jin was of course very wary of the idea but he was worried the baby would fall from the old woman’s grip. She was crying and shaking too much. Jin took the baby gingerly.

The infant cried. His sleep had been disturbed and he’s hungry. His dark tuft of hair was peeking through a dirty blanket. He was also starting to smell of the filth from the street. Too young to be exposed to pollution.

“Thank you. I would never forget your face.” The old woman almost kiss his knees but he held her shoulder.

“Grandma, you can’t stay here.” He grabbed his wallet and rummaged through it. He hand her a fair amount of cash. “Here, Grandma, please buy something to eat. I’ll call a friend and ask her to take you somewhere safe. Take her contact as well.”

Jin stayed to calm the old lady first before walking back to the beach.She also gave him the papers that the teenage girl left her, all belongs to the infant. His head was clouded with things that happened. Could he really hand his innocent child to the Orphanage?

He saw what an orphanage can do to a child. Hobi was a bit sad at first, detached and rely on them to tell him to do something. They rescued Hobi from that place and now, he was not sure he can do that to the infant in his arms already asleep.

“God, what should I do?” His eyes would never leave the small face of the infant. His hollow cheeks and pale complexion. His chest was rising and falling evenly. His lips were pressed to a thin line. Dirt and gunk covering him entirely. Jin wanted to wash the baby immediately.

He noticed that his party were helping the kids eat when he reached the cottage. Yoongi was busy getting the food through Tae’s mouth while keeping Chim away from the barbecue skewers. Namjoon was also handing a juice to their sunshine while taking a huge sip from his own glass.

“Joonie,” All their eyes went to Jin. The twins made such noises.

“Uncle Jinnie!” Little Chim squealed. Jin wanted to smile to the sweet little boy but his head was so clouded he can only look at Namjoon, who is also looking at the bunch in his arms.

“Joonie,” His chest felt so heavy with emotions. “I just got our second child.”

Namjoon’s jaw drop, spilling the juice in his mouth and earning a high pitch protest from Hobi. The twins laughed as if they found it so hilarious. Yoongi had spaced out a lot. His mouth were parted and his eyes were glued to Jin.

Jin sat with them and introduced the baby. Hobi was latching on Namjoon, not actually wanting to get near the baby. Tae and Chim’s faces were inches away from the baby. They were fascinated how small he is. When the baby opened his eyes, the twins scooted away before inching close again.

“Uncle Jinnie, why he smell bad?” Tae commented. His eyes were big and curious. Jin ruffled the boy’s hair.

“Because he lived in the streets, baby Tae.” Chim was not fazed by the baby’s smell or dirty clothes, he was touching the baby like he never could believe he was real.

“Why is he small?” Chim looked at Jin, too. His little hand was holding the infant’s hands. The baby flexed his little fingers and held Chim’s hand. He squealed, twisting his tongue when he spoke. “Appa! Glabbed me!”

Yoongi inched closer and scooped Tae, who was just watching behind Chim. Tae laid his head on his father’s chest while watching his brother.

“Chim, a baby is small. You and Tae were that small when you were a baby.” Yoongi pinched his son’s chubby cheeks. His little boy looked up at him with sparkling eyes.

“Really? Hobi hyung is small, too?” The little boy asked. Jin chuckled at Chim’s cuteness. The nod from his father was enough, he paid attention to the baby again who is watching the boy with big eyes. “Hello..I’m Chim.”

“Appa, all babies are smelly?” Tae asked his father. Yoongi looked at Jin and silently asked him to answer for him.

“No, Taetae. Jungkook here didn’t receive enough love. He was not loved like Taetae, Chim and Hobi hyung.”

“No love? Why?” Both the twins were looking at Jin now. Their brows were furrowed.

“Because he doesn’t have an Appa.” The two just stared at him with parted lips. “Will you give love to baby Jungkook?”

“Chim will!” Little Chim raised his other hand in air enthusiastically. Tae however was too tired to respond and just cuddle with his Appa. Hobi was still too upset to even look at his new brother.

Jin was happy to have their second child.

Chapter Text

Yoongi hated celebrating Christmas especially after Taeji’s passing. He hates how happy they were the past Christmas they were together. The lanterns, garlands and colorful tinsel hanging everywhere in the house. The Christmas music box playing over and over again. How his wife’s voice melts with the background, singing Jingle Bells at the best voice she has. How he’d never ever have the same Christmas ever again.

He stopped. Even when the twins turned two. In his mind, he thought the twins would be too young to remember anything. He can’t hang one Christmas ball without picturing Taeji reaching out on top of a stool just to hang the angels on the top of the tree. It still shatters his heart.

But what broke his heart more was when the twins were a week shy of turning two. They were over at the Kim’s house. Taehyung talks a lot at that age. He asks a lot. So when the little boy asked him why Uncle Jinnie’s house is pretty, why Uncle Jinnie has a fat, fluffy grandpa hanging on the walls, did he realize that it’s not about him anymore.

Taehyung cried that day, wanting fairy lights on their bedroom like his Hobi hyung’s room. He wanted the fluffy grandpa to go home with him. Even Jiminie was not letting his plastic candy cane go. Hobi was tearing up, pushing a glowing star trinket on the twins hand.

Yoongi doesn’t want that anymore. He’s depriving his sons the fun that a kid should experience. So he thought, this year, the twins would have their own Christmas experience.

He was out of the office at record time. He pushed through the holiday shoppers rush to get his hands on some decors. He got quite a lot and even get a decent tree for a reasonable price. It would be a week before Christmas.

He picked his sons up from the Kims. they were talking all the way home. Taehyung was talking over Jimin who was tripping with his words still. He fed them, bathe them before making them settle for the surprise.

“Appa has something for you,” He gently said. Taehyung jumped up, smiling brightly.

“Gift!” The little boy all but screamed. Jimin giggled along.

“Yeah! And it’s so pretty.”


“Not unicorns, but it’s pretty like unicorns. It’s colorful,”

“Lainbows!” Jimin piped up.

“Not rainbows but..” Yoongi imitated a drum roll just to get the twins excited. He won’t do it for anybody, not even when somebody’s watching. “Tadah! Christmas decors!”

He got a “Woah, Kishmash ecors!” from Taehyung and a “Kishmash cors!” from Jimin. They crowded the box but still waited for their father to open it for them. When Yoongi opened the box, the twins eyes doubled in size, hands grabbing for some garlands.

“Wow!” Jimin said as he run his hands on the glittery silver garland. Taehyung was digging through the box, the blue garland somehow tangled with his small body. Yoongi let them play with it as he set up a camera to record this adorable moment. He promised Taeji to film the boys growing up for her. He won’t miss this for the world.

“Alright!” He went over the package on the side and started setting up the tree.

“What’s that, Appa?” Taehyung latched onto his leg, the blue garland wrapped around his ankle. Jimin came over with his a blue and gold ball in his hands. They were staring intently on the tree that started to take height.

“This is a Christmas tree,”

“Kishmash Tlee?” Jimin asked. He took a closer look it it, peeking at that plastic bristles. “Banana?”

“No, baby, no banana here.” Yoongi internally scolded himself for that lousy sentence but little Jimin seems to get the idea. “Santa places the gifts under the tree.”

“Santa?” Tae inched closer to his brother, his big curious eyes never leaving the tree.

“Yes, the fluffy grandpa, remember?” Tae even grinned wider.

“Ah! Granpa!” Tae was jumping around but little Chim was peeking underneath the tree.

“No gifts here,” He pointed the empty space between the floor and the tree.

“Santa has to know if you’re good boys. He only leave gifts for kind, good boys. Are you good boys?”

“Yeah!” Two of them cheered.

The three of them decorated the tree. Yoongi put on some Christmas songs to hype up the twins. He was lifting a boy after the other to let them reach the top. The tree wasn’t taller than Yoongi himself. He knew it would be tough if he get the Christmas tree the Jin style. Jin like it as tall as their ceiling. Yoongi won’t be lifting a kid up a ladder. Not very appealing.

As the twins gets more excited, their sentences gets more choppy and twisted. It was challenging especially with a blabber machine like Tae. He’s just lucky Taehyung speaks clearer with little to no stutter.

As the day drags closer to Christmas, the twins gets more excited. They would make sure to check the christmas tree first the moment they opened their eyes. Yoongi also brought them outside to look at the christmas decorations. Jimin remained by the snowman outside one kiddie cafe. He cried when Yoongi said they have to say goodbye. They eventually let the snowman go after kissing its cheek.

On the 24th, Yoongi dressed the twins in matching reindeer outfit complete with the antler headbands. He snapped away, consuming all his phone’s storage just because the twins were adorable and they even pose for Yoongi. That’s Taeji’s DNA for sure.

Hobi and baby Kookie were dressed as an overly swaddled dwarves. Hobi’s face was halfway buried in a warm green scarf while baby Kookie was almost drowning in a bright red blanket. Hobi immediately got off his huge scarf when he saw the twins playing near the tree.

“This is awesome!” Hobi jumped around the tree which was joined by the twins not much later.

Jin helped Yoongi prepared for food. The Kims will be celebrating with the twins plus Kookie’s first proper Christmas celebration. After all was done, and they were just waiting for their christmas turkey to cook, Jin gather the kids to help make cookies.

It didn’t take too long before three kiddos were dusted with a powdery white confections. They made their own cookies, Jin cuts their dough with whatever design they want.

Hobi made a bunch of christmas trees and blue candy canes. Little Jimin made several snowman in varying colors. Little Tae have all the shapes he could grab.

“This green!” Little Tae howlered while grabbing for the pipe of mint blue icing. He was decorating the last of his cookies after sprinkling one with too much sprinkles.

“That’s not green.” Hobi nonchalantly commented. Taetae pouted.


“That’s blue.” Little Tae burst in tears. Sticky hands wiping away the tears, smearing colored icing on his face. Jimin stared with that big eyes of his.

“O..kay. Come here, Taetae.” He grabbed the kid in one arm before waving at the two. “Finish your cookies. We’ll bake them when I’m back.”

Jin made little Tae watch their educational CD’s. When Tae was satisfied that the color a while ago was not really green, he calmly asked what color that was.

“Taetae don’t like baby blue.” The little boy bitterly said when Jin placed him back on his chair by the table. Jimin and Hobi were feasting with the candies on the table. Jimin more so because his Appa was too occupied to scold him. “Want green Uncle Jinnie.”

After the kids settle, the adults prepared and set the table.

Everyone was content and happy. The children were singing christmas songs here and there. Kookie was happily sucking on a baked pineapple. They transferred to the living room and played movies while the parents clean up. Namjoon slipped out of the house without the kids noticing.

“Here’s the cookies.” Jin sing-songed.

“No cookies before bed.” Hobi said. Jin kissed him on the forehead before setting the cookies on the table.

“Today is an exception, my love.”

The kids were slowly tiring. Yoongi and Jin were munching on the cookies when there was a knock on the door. Yoongi rushed to get his camcorder ready.

“Oh, that must be Santa.” Jin gasped. Three big eyes looked at him.

“Santa?” Little Chim was bewildered.

“Yeah. maybe he wants to check if there are good boys here. Come on, let’s open the door.”

Yoongi set his camcorder as fast as lightning. He grabbed the kid’s beanies, securing them in their heads before opening the door. The twins were squirming while Yoongi pull the beanie down their heads. And both of them stumbled back when they were hit by the cold wind upon opening the door. But it never fazed them.

Standing outside was a fluffy grandpa. Both the twins were amazed by the enormous white beard and his shiny red outfit. Hobi, on the other hand, was jumping in joy.

“Santa! Santa! We’re good boys!”

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Santa howlered. The twins were startled, mouths hanging open. When Santa stepped closer, both the twins scrambled to hide behind their father’s legs. Yoongi smiled softly. He bent over and pushed his kids in front. “Indeed, we have good boys here.”

The twins stared in awe when their Hobi hyung rushed in to hug Santa. Santa’s glasses laid crooked when little Hobi let him go. Taehyung inched little by little. He reached out cautiously before finally touching Santa’s beard. He let out a nervous laugh.

“Hello, little boy. What’s your name?” Taehyung finally giggle, almost tap dancing in his spot.

“Taetae! Min Tae-hyung!” Taehyung was smiling so wide. He later resigned to his curiosity and bear hugged his fluffy grandpa.

“Oh, little Tae. Are you sure you’ve been a good boy?” Santa’s frame was too big for Taehyung and made him looked draped over the shoulders.

“Yeah! Tae took naps and ate broccoli.” Tae slurred in rapid fire which made it sound like ‘Tae tuna ‘n aye oli.’

“Good boy.” Santa ruffled his hair.

“Let’s go in. it’s freezing.” Yoongi finally said when he noticed Jimin slightly shivering. The little boy didn’t even more.

Santa laughed once more before reaching out a hand for little Jimin to take. He had Tae on his arms. Little Jimin looked at his Appa before reluctantly holding Santa’s hand. Jimin remained by Santa’s side but it took a while before he finally warmed up. The twin’s smile was enough for Yoongi.

“Okay let me give the good boys their gifts.” All the boys jumped up, crowding Santa as he rummage through his sack. He pulled out one box and read it out. “First one for Hobi. Merry Christmas. Be a good boy not just every Christmas but everyday.”

“Yes! Thank you, Santa.” Hobi clutched the gift to his chest then kissed Santa’s cheeks. He was about to rip the wrapping when his Appa stopped him, asking him to wait the twins.

“And this one for Tae,” He pulled out a green wrapped box, handing it to the boy beside him. He pulled another red box. “And for JImin.”

“Thank you, Grandpa!” Taehyung said. His eyes were already fixed on his gift.

“You can open them.” There was a collective scream of delight followed by the ripping of paper.

“Wow, look Appa!” Hobi rushed toward his Appa, showing him a new frog plushie to add in his collection. Taehyung was also running towards his Appa to let him see a fluffy yellow giraffe.

Jimin remained in his seat. His eyes were twinkling as he look at the cow plushie he pulled out from the box. He smiled so bright before standing on the couch and giving Santa a well deserved hug. He giggled even. The little boy grabbed Santa’s red shirt for support before leaning in his ear to whisper something.

Jin and Yoongi watched the blush creep in Santa’s face. Even the enormous beard can’t hide it from the parents. Santa didn’t even miss the small smiles the parents give him. Little Jiminie planted a kiss on his cheeks before scrambling out the couch to brag his cow plushie to his Appa.

Jin also grabbed Kookie from the crib just to introduce him to Santa. But the poor little boy cried upon seeing the man. The little baby won’t even look at Santa. Jin can’t help but laugh when Kookie was pacified by the gift Santa gave him.

“I have to go.” Santa said to the kids playing be the couch.

“I don wanna.” Little Chim latched onto his legs.

“Play with us, Grandpa.” Taehyung was hugging Santa’s other leg.

“But Santa have to give other good kids their gifts.” Santa said as he pat the boy’s head.

“Oh,” Hobi pouted. “Will you come back?”

“Who knows,” Santa winked at them which made the kid’s spirit lift up again. “Bye, kiddos. Always remember that Santa likes good boys.”

“Yes! Bye bye, Santa.”

Jin gave Kookie to Yoongi and followed Santa out the door.

“Nice one, honey.” He called out to Santa who was taking the large pillow out of his red coat. Namjoon laughed.

“Ho! Ho! Ho! I pulled that off perfectly.” JIn helped him unbutton the coat when Namjoon broke one. They disposed the outfit on the back of their car, away from Hobi’s searching eyes. They linger a bit in the cold to watch the stars.

“What did Chim whispered to you that got you all red?” Namjoon smiled so wide it showcased his deep dimples. Jin saw his husband shine brighter than the stars above them.

“‘I love you’ is what he whispered to me. That sweet little boy. Yoongi would get diabetes from him.” Jin giggled.

“Chim just gave you a very nice present.” Jin cupped his husband’s face in his hands then kissed him passionately on the lips. Namjoon was like a fish out of the water when Jin broke the kiss. Jin winked at him teasingly. “Can’t let the child beat me. Merry Christmas, honey.”

“Merry Christmas, love.” namjoon returned a swift kiss on Jin’s lips.

“Eww, that’s gross.” Hobi howlered. The twins were giggling along. Yoongi was carrying a swaddled Kookie with that Yoongi trademark deadpanned look on his face.

“What-” Namjoon stammered.

“Took you so long, we got worried.” Yoongi sniffled, tucking Kookie further in his arms. “Got worried over nothing. You’re just acting like teenage couple and I gotta agree, it’s gross. Now kids, let’s go in, we don’t want anything to hurt our eyes more coz of what you’ve already seen. In you go.”

Jin rolled at Yoongi’s childishness. He kicked his husbands legs before slowly following Yoongi inside the house.

“Yeah, Yoongi, Merry Christmas to you, too.” Namjoon said loudly before grumbling something under his breath. “Leave it to the real gramps, he’s the best at ruining perfect moments.”

He closed the door. The smell of peppermint candies, cookies and christmas food still lingering in the air. The best so far.

Chapter Text

The Kim household was having their dinner. The kids were silently munching on their food, Kookie was mashing his baby foods with his hands. The couple was keeping their eyes on their kids while eating through their own meals.

“I forgot to mention,” Namjoon said as he set his fork down. Jin and Hobi’s eyes turned to look at him. “Yoongi will be having a 3 day business trip. I guess he was not let off the hook this time.”

“I guess not. It would be his 11th pass if they let him.” Jin snorted. Yoongi has to take care of his kids but sometimes he use it as an excuse to ditch a trip.

“What’s a business trip?” Their sunshine asked as he was shoving a potato on his mouth.

“An adult thing, sweetie.” Jin looked at the carrots lined at the edge of Hobi’s plate. “Eat the carrots, baby. Don’t waste food.”

“I don’t like carrots.” The little boy pouted adorably, almost convincing his Appa.

“Then I won’t tell you something important.” Namjoon playfully teased. A whine of protest escaped the kid’s mouth.

“What is it?” The boy had wide eyes. Even the baby was starting to coo towards his father.

“Eat the carrots first.” Namjoon said as he was shoving one on his mouth.

“Aaaw..I don’t like them. I don’t like them at all.” The little boy complained as he was shoving pieces of the vegetable in his mouth. The couple looked at each other, feeling somewhat proud.

When the boy was done eating everything on his plate, he asked his father to tell him. He also run to stand by his side.

“Tell me, Daddy. I finished eating all the carrots.” Namjoon pushed his plate and placed his son on his lap, facing him.

“Alright.” Namjoon pinched his cute son’s cheeks. “Uncle Yoongi will be away for 3 days and the twins will stay with us day and night.” Hobi smiled brightly. Who wouldn’t want a playmate 24/7?

“Really? For three days?” Hobi held 3 fingers to his Daddy.

“Really.” Namjoon playfully kissed his son, making him laugh merrily. Hobi was very excited that he started gathering his toys and coloring books on one side of his room. Preparing for a 3 day playtime with the twins round the clock.


Yoongi was done washing the kids and was now preparing them for bed. He was pushing a shirt down on a wriggling Chim while trying to keep his eyes on a naked Tae running around the room.

“Taetae, sit down here.” The little boy just looked at his father before running away again. He picked his father’s slippers and waved it in the air. “No, Tae, that’s dirty. You just finished washing and argh, this kid.”

He let Chim go and run to grab Tae. The little boy was squealing so loud. Maybe it was a wrong move to give them a cake after dinner. Tae made it to his room and rolled under the bed.

“Tae,” Yoongi exasperatedly run a hand through his hair. He just finished washing his boy and yet he crawled under the dusty bed. Later Tae was whimpering.

“Appa. Appa, spiders!” The little boy shuffled out from under the bed. There were cobwebs on his hair and his eyes were brimmed with tears. He immediately run to his father’s embrace.

“I told you not to run away.” He lifted his son and made his way to the bathroom. He washed Tae again and carried him to their room.

Chim had made a mountain of clothes on the floor. He stopped when he noticed his father standing on the doorway. Yoongi was appalled to see his son naked. The little boy took his shirt off and rummaged through their cabinet.

“What are you doing, baby?” He set Tae down who also run towards the pile and dug through.

“I’ll wear this!” Tae grabbed a dino onesie and hand it to his father. Yoongi reached for the fabric and helped Tae onto it. Chim was looking at his brother.

“I wanna wear that, too.” Chim went over his brother and started tugging at the onesie. Tae was displeased and turned for his father’s hug.

“Appa!” Tae was getting irritated and started pushing Chim away.

“Don’t fight.” He separated the twins and put Tae on the bed. He crouched in front of Chim. “Let’s find your onesie alright, don’t fight with Tae.”

Yoongi rummaged through the small pile and through the cabinets. He found the onesie on the upper drawers. Chim smiled brightly and grabbed at his Appa who help him get dressed.

“Alright, come here, monsters.” Yoongi laid on the twins bed he stretched both his arms on either side of him. The twins crawled their way to their father. Chim was on his left and Tae on the right. His little boys hugged him and tangled their small legs on his thigh, their little arms were closed on his chest.

He tucked the boys closer, feeling their heartbeat against his ribs.

“Appa will be away for 3 days.” Both boys looked up.

“Why?” Chim asked with big eyes. Tae was just looking at him.

“Appa have to work.”

“Why?” Tae lifted his chin up.

“Because I don’t want us to be hungry.”

“I’m not hungry.” Tae retorted. Yoongi just chuckled.

“You will be if Appa stopped working.”

“Appa will be back at night.” Little Chim told his brother. Yoongi looked at his little baby before kissing the top of his head.

“No, baby, Appa won’t be there by night. Appa will stay somewhere far.” That got a frown on the boy’s face.

“I don like.”

“I don’t like it either.” He sighed and looked at the ceiling. He doesn’t want leaving his kids that’s why he tried with all his might to decline the trip like he always do. His Boss didn’t allow it. “Listen to me okay?”

His sons looked at him with glassy eyes. Chim had his thumb on his mouth again.

“You will stay at Uncle Jin and Uncle Namjoon’s. Do you like that?” Both his boys nodded. “Can you promise me that you will stay behaved?”

“Promise.” He smiled brightly and tackled his sons earning a cheerful laughter.

“That’s my boys. If both of you behaved, hmmm..maybe Appa can grant one wish.” The kid’s eyes sparkled like diamonds. Tae shoot up and sat on his father’s chest.

“Appa! Appa, I want a dinosaur. Like the ones in the picture book.”

“You want another plushie?”

“No, Appa, the real Dino.” Yoongi laughed at his son’s cuteness. Innocence is bliss.

“No, Tae, we can’t fit a Dino in the house. We can’t feed them. They will eat you and Chim, too. Do you want to be eaten?” Tae focused on his father, lips were parted in awe. “How about we buy another Dino plushie?”

“Okay!” He laid flat on his father’s chest, slightly knocking Chim on the side. Chim sat up and looked at his father.

“Appa, I want Kookie.” Yoongi scooted to the headboard and laid his head there. He looked at his fluffy ball.

“Choco chip or strawberry?” Chim scrunched his nose.

“No. Baby Kookie.” He ruffled the boy’s hair.

“You really love him, do you?” Chim nodded adorably. Tae made his way behind Chim and hugged his brother from behind. Chim doesn’t mind, he absent-mindedly played with his brother’s arms. “I don’t think Uncle Jin would let us have the baby.”

Little Chim pouted and his thumb made its way to his mouth again. A signal that the boy is sleepy. Tae is already dozing off. He had his chin on his brother’s shoulder.

“Appa, ‘m tired.” Yoongi scooted over and picked Tae off him. He placed both his sons on either side of him. He’ll sleep with them tonight. He tucked them under the blankets, their head were on his biceps. Chim’s glassy eyes landed on him. “You have to sing, Appa. I don’t like the monsters coming.”

“Alright.” He kissed the boy’s head. Tae was already asleep with his mouth slightly parted. “Close your eyes love.”

His little baby snuggled closer as he started singing Beautiful Boy by John Lennon. His kids love singing. Often times they do it while they were in bath. It’s when both of them were singing together that Yoongi feel so blessed. It never fails to make Yoongi’s heart warmer.

Sleep well, my precious ones.

Chapter Text

Hobi was up earlier than he usually do. He jumped out of his bed and ran to his parents room. He started jumping in between them.

“Appa! Daddy! Wake up!” The couple was fast to reach out to their son and buried him under the blankets. Jin was hugging him. “No! Chim and Tae will be here.”

“They won’t be here until 8am, baby.” Jin murmured with eyes still closed. Hobi wriggled and sat up between them. He ran out of the room and went to his baby brother’s room. He knew so well that if Kookie is awake, their parents will have no choice but to get up.

“Kookie,” He cooed on the sleeping baby on his cot. The bunny plushie was squished between his small arms. One of the ears was partly inside his open mouth.

Hobi pulled the ears away from his brother’s mouth. The baby shifted. Hobi teased his cheeks and slowly the baby opened his eyes. He stared at his brother as if he doesn’t know what happened. He reached his pudgy hand towards his brother.

Hobi unlocked the latch of the crib and open the top half of the left side. He helped his brother stand and he bear hugged him. He started walking to their parents room, carefully. His brother’s legs was dangling on his.

The little boy stepped inside the room and immediately the infant started gurgling happily.

“Pa! Pa!” Hobi let him off on the bed and climbed after his baby brother. Baby Kookie crawled towards his Appa and started pulling his hair. “Pa! Pa!”

Jin lifted his head and peered at his youngest perched on his chest. Jin sleepily rubbed his eyes and held his son.

“How did you get here?” The baby just cooed at him. His eyes trailed to the lump under the blanket. Of course, Hobi. “Then I don’t have reason to stay in bed, huh?”

Hobi giggled under the blankets. He crawled towards his Appa. his brother was squealing with happiness from his brother’s tricks. Namjoon was still out of it despite his kid’s noises.

“You wake up Daddy.” Jin told his eldest who happily rolled towards his Daddy. The kid sat on the man’s chest then leaned in to kiss him on the lips.

Baby Kookie was staring at his brother. At sight of him kissing their Dad, jealous Kookie crawled towards his Daddy. He stopped short and looked at his brother. Hobi climbed down his father’s chest and helped his baby brother up.

“Kiss Daddy so that he will wake up.” Baby Kookie looked between his brother and his father. He cooed towards his father while his brother was cheering him on. But instead of kissing his sleeping father, Baby Kookie smacked a hand on his father’s face.

Jin couldn’t suppress the laughter. He rolled out of bed and laugh at the sight. Hobi was at first startled but upon hearing his Appa laugh, he also broke in giggles. The baby was also impressed. He was laughing along.

“What a way to say good morning.” Namjoon groggily sat up, holding their precious boy on his arms. “Where did you learn that pretty boy? You smacked hard.”

The baby just laughed.

“Time for breakfast.” Jin and family went downstairs to prepare their breakfast.

The couple were busy helping their kids to their meal. Hobi can do it alone, he just need someone to make sure he doesn’t fling the eggs off the table. Jin was also helping baby Kookie eat his mashed bananas.

“Yoongi is sure late.” Namjoon noticed. It was already 8:10 and their friend hasn’t showed up yet.

“Maybe he decided to bring his kids on the last minute.” Kookie grabbed at his Appa, wanting the spoon in his mouth not suspended in the air. “Here, baby. Yoongi was never away from the twins for more than a day.”

“Maybe,” Namjoon pushed the plate of eggs that Hobi wants to play with, keeping it out of reach.

At 8:15, their door opened up revealing a disheveled Min family. Yoongi’s hair was uncombed, his red tie was hanging loosely on his neck, he has bags under his eyes and worst of all his shirt was buttoned wrongly.

The twins were not better. They were still clad in their dino onesies, hair sticking out in every direction. Tae was still half-asleep. He was carrying his spiderman backpack up front, his chin was resting on top, still wanting to go back to sleep. Chim’s backpack was hanging on one shoulder. He was also holding on to one of his shoes. His right foot was encased in his shoes while the other would’ve been barefoot if not for the onesie. He was also holding on to his cow plushie..

Jin and Namjoon was appalled by the sight. Jin pushed his baby’s high chair closer to Namjoon and went to the bunch. He crouched near the twins before looking up at Yoongi.

“What happened? You all looked like a survivor of a zombie attack.” Tae placed his backpack down and rushed to his Uncle’s embrace. Jin hugged the boy and felt him sleeping on his arms. He let the boy cling to him and reached for Chim’s backpack.

“I can’t sleep last night.” They knew so well why. “I woke up late and I need to be there before 9. This is so screwed.”

“Language.” Jin scolded his friend. Hobi helped little Chim out of his shoes and hugged the boy. Chim was still sleepy to be his cheerful self. Once he was in his Hobi hyung’s embrace, the little boy started dozing off.

“I’m sorry. I should be off.” He placed a large bag beside the kid’s backpack. “Everything is there, Jin. Clothes, toys, some of the story books they like, Chim’s meds and a little oxygen tank just to be sure.”

Jin stood up with a sleeping Tae on his arms. Namjoon placed their baby on his cot and went over. He got Chim away from Hobi. The little boy had already fallen asleep. Hobi also clung on his legs.

Yoongi kissed both of his sleepy heads and bid goodbye. His moist eyes didn’t go unnoticed by the couple before him. “I’ll make sure to call when I can. Thank you.”

“Hurry up or you will miss your flight.” Namjoon looked at his watch. “Make sure to fix yourself before stepping out of your car.”

“Oh, yes, sure.” Yoongi turned his back and walked towards his car.

Three days of work. Three days without his angels. Three days of uncomfortable worry. Three days of anxiety. Yoongi wished it’ll be over soon

Chapter Text

The twins were up after two hours. Hobi has never been so excited than today. As soon as the twins finished eating, Hobi dragged them to his bedroom. They spent the whole day coloring and goofing around.

It gave Jin enough time to do a bit of work. His email was stacked with unopened mails from work. It wasn’t touched for two days and see what happened. Kookie was also being nice, he just spent his day sleeping or playing with Mr. Bun-bun.

Jin knows he had forgotten something. Then he saw little Tae run back to Hobi’s room still on his dino onesie.

“Oh, right!” Jin closed his laptop and head to the boy’s. “They haven’t taken a bath yet.”

Hobi’s room was a mess. Papers, books and crayons were scattered on the floor. Hobi and Chim were huddled on a crooked pillow fort. They were holding rolls of papers.

“What are you guys doing?” The little kids looked up at him. Their sweat was dripping on the sides of their forehead. Jin’s eyes trailed to Chim almost automatically. Little Chim is okay.

“This is war, Appa.” Hobi said. Tae barged in the room roaring like a crazy dragon. Hobi shoot up and they clashed paper swords.

“Do you even know what war is?” Hobi was so immersed in battling Tae with his paper swords that he may not heard. Tae smiled brightly as he looked at his Uncle.

“Enemies!” Little Tae screamed. Jin face palmed and reached out to Chim. He carried the boy which made the two stop.

“Appa!” Hobi complained.

“Don’t take, Chim.” Tae retorted. “I get him from Hobi hyung.”

“I will take Chim and you better follow me.” The two protested but Jin is not having any of it. He carried the boy down with the two sulking boys in tow. “We’ll take a bath.”

The mention of ‘bath’ excite the boys. Tae and Hobi were naked in a blink of an eye. Jin helped them get on the tub and shampoo their hair. The boys were so excited. Chim has a bubble beard, Hobi became bubble man and Tae was the bubble monster. Jin was not spared either, he was the bubble target. They throw bubbles at Jin who gladly played with them.

But the fun stopped when Tae accidentally threw the soap dispenser at his brother. It hit Chim between the eyes. The little boy cried and Jin gently rubbed the slowly bruising area. Tae was terrified, he hid behind his Hobi hyung muttering how sorry he was. Hobi, being the reliable older brother, rinsed both Tae and himself and ushered Tae out of the bathroom.

Jin was calming the baby in his arms. Chim was such a quiet and fluffy little boy. So soft and delicate and Jin loves him so much. The little boy was clinging to his Uncle. It took some time for Jin to convince the boy that nothing will fall over him.

After the boys were dressed, they were gathered in front of the TV. Munching on some animal cookies. Their eyes were so fixed on the screen that they didn’t notice Namjoon enter the house. He was out for some emergency meeting from work.

“Hey, what’s poppin’?” All three heads turned to look at him. He got a mix of “Daddy!”, “Uncle Monnie!”, and “Yo!”. The boys bounced off the couch and hugged the tall man. He noticed an angry bump on Chim’s forehead. Noticing the kid’s pink eyes, Namjoon didn’t comment about it anymore.

They were back on watching the cartoons when Namjoon went to the kitchen where Jin was preparing dinner.

“What happened to Chim?” Namjoon picked an apple on the basket. Jin sighed as he take the veggies out of the fridge.

“Tae hit him with the soap dispenser.” Namjoon dropped his jaw. How could Tae hit his brother? “Oh, it was an accident. Don’t give me that face.”

“They’re behaving well.” Namjoon helped in any way he can. Usually Jin would shoo him away. Namjoon is a destructive monster behind such good looks. He was mostly kept away from knives. Luckily, Jin was being nice with the kids.

“Then maybe we could give them some treat?” Jin winked at Namjoon. Namjoon smiled and went to check their fridge.

“Still got some ice cream.”

When dinner came, the kids were seated properly on their places. Kookie and Chim were seated on either side of Jin. Tae was in between his brother and Hobi.

“Want more chicken.” Tae exclaimed, pointing at the fried chicken near Jin.

“Please.” Chim told his brother. His eyes were focused on Tae.

“Please.” Tae sheepishly looked at his brother before setting his eyes on Jin. Once Jin placed a piece of Tae’s chicken on his plate, Chim was still looking at him. “Thank you, Uncle Jin.”

Little Chim continue eating once he heard his brother thank their Uncle. Jin felt warm. Yoongi was raising the kids well. They were growing up well and politely.

After dinner, Namjoon cleared the table and set the ice cream. The kid’s eyes suddenly sparkled brightly. It was a treat!

Jin scooped an ice cream on each of their little cups. Tae wants the vanilla flavored ice cream, Hobi grabbed for the chocolate one and of course, Chim got strawberry. Jin and Namjoon was just listening to the little ones blabber about anything. Jin was also feeding Kookie a bit of the ice cream.

“Daddy can sing fast.” Hobi bragged. He was scooping the ice cream neatly on his mouth, though some of it drips down his shirt, he’s still cleaner than the twins. Both of them had covered their face with the sticky treat. They even got some on their hair.

“Appa can sleep all day.” Little Tae said. Namjoon snickered which earned him a glare from Jin. He stood up and prepared a bowl of strawberries. He doesn’t feel like eating ice cream. He placed it in front of him and started munching on one.

Little Chim set his eyes on the bowl of his favorites. He let his spoon go and asked Jin to let him down. The little boy walked towards his Uncle Monnie. His Uncle looked at him as he was standing beside the man.

“You want to sit with me, Little boy?” Chim nodded and Namjoon scooped him up. He set him on his lap. Namjoon placed a strawberry on the kid’s hand. Chim examined the fruit before shoving it in his mouth, whole.

The couple laughed at the way Chim chew his food. His cheeks were bulging and the juice dribble on his chin. The two of them was so focused on the little boy. Once the food was swallowed, little Chim smiled brightly at his Uncle Namjoon. He loves everyone who gives him food. And it worries Yoongi because everyone seems to like giving him food.

“How was it?” Jin asked the boy.

“Yummy!” Chim reached out for another. He shoved it in his mouth like before. Namjoon also gave Hobi and Tae a strawberry. Their faces crumpling at the sour impact, biting a little every time.

Chim’s ice cream has long been forgotten. The little boy was eager in eating his strawberries. Namjoon pushed the bowl a bit in the middle so that Hobi and Tae can share but Chim pulled it closer again.

“You love this that much?” Namjoon said as he was ruffling the boy’s head. Tae later walked towards his Uncle Monnie, too. Namjoon placed the boy beside his brother. Little Chim stuffed a strawberry inside his brother’s mouth. Little Tae’s facial expression had become so twisted.

“I’ll take a picture.” Jin grabbed his phone and snapped a photo of the twins with their Uncle Monnie. “Yoongi will surely wish he’s here.”

The photo was sent to their father and after a few minutes he replied back.

“Wow, Chim must be so happy. Makes me want to be back as soon as possible. Are they giving you a hard time?”

Jin chuckled. As expected, Yoongi is being jealous. He dialled his best friend’s number and put it on speaker.

“Hello?” Yoongi’s voice boomed from the other line. The twins squealed hearing their father’s voice.

“Appa! Appa!” Tae exclaimed. “We played many, many games!”

“Oh, that’s so nice, baby. Are you being a good boy?”

“Yes!” Tae said while clapping his hands. “Big boy behave.”

“That’s right.” Yoongi was chuckling on the other line. “Why can’t I hear my other baby?”

Chim didn’t pay attention. He was still busy munching the strawberry on his mouth. Namjoon laughed.

“He’s busy at the moment, Yoongi.” Namjoon teased. “It seems strawberries weighs more than you.”

“Ouch, I’m so hurt.” Yoongi faked a dismayed voice. “Hey, Chim, do you love strawberries more than Appa?” The little boy tilted his head and pouted adorably.

“No,” Chim said as he was swallowing the last of his strawberry.

“You love Appa?” Yoongi tried again. He wanted his Chim to tell him.

“Pa!” Baby Kookie responded. Jin laughed.

“Kookie loves you, Yoongi.” Jin said while laughing. The baby was pleased and chuckled adorably.

“I love Kookie.” Yoongi said.

“Chim love Kookie, too.” Chim said. The adults laugh. Hobi was just sitting there, trying to figure out what the joke is.

When the kids started playing around the table, Namjoon decided that it’s best to wash them up. He picked the twins and made Hobi walk ahead. Jin stayed on the phone with Yoongi. It was mostly Yoongi worrying.

“Don’t worry, Yoongi. Your boys are behaving well and we’ll be here round the clock.” Jin heard Yoongi chuckled softly.

“Just don’t give them sugar before bed. It’s tiring.” Jin baffled for a minute. Ice cream has sugar.

“I guess it’s too late for that. We just fed them ice cream.”

“Oh no. Well, have a great night then.” Jin knew Yoongi well enough to know that the man was being sarcastic. The call ended as Jin wanted him to take a rest.

He was carrying baby Kookie in his arms and head for the bathroom where the boys were. They were playing with water again.

“That’s enough, kiddos, you’ll catch a cold.” Jin fetched their bathrobes and helped them wrap it around their small bodies.

Namjoon returned with the twin’s and Hobi’s toothbrush. He squirt a little orange flavored toothpaste on every toothbrush before handing them out.

“Alright, brush your teeth.” The kids giggled as Namjoon started singing “Brush Your Teeth”. The kids were enjoying their time. “No, Tae, don’t swallow it.”

The little boys were ushered to Hobi’s room. Namjoon was trying to make the boys wear their clothes. Tae was running around, Hobi was struggling too much and Chim was playing with Mr.Cow while singing.

Namjoon was getting tired of pushing down a shirt on Hobi so he just let him go. His little boy immediately run after Tae, both of them naked. Namjoon scooted closer to naked Chim.

“Come here, little boy, let’s get you dressed.” The little boy looked at the pajama and white shirt on his Uncle’s hands. He stopped singing and pushed his plushie away.

“Don like.” Namjoon inched closer and tried making Chim wear the clothes. “No, no, no. I want Dino.”

Namjoon lowered the shirt down and watched the little boy scramble down the bed and pick his dirty dino onesie.

“That’s dirty, Chim.” The boy eyed him for a while before dumping the onesie on the floor. He trudged towards their large bag and started dragging it. “Oh, alright. Let me do that.”

Namjoon rummaged through the bag with the help of Chim’s small hands. The little boy grabbed a Stitch onesie and waved it before Namjoon. A moment later, Chim was already on his Stitch onesie.

Two boys later joined the fray. Little Tae dug through their bag in search for the same onesie as his brother. Hobi also insisted that he wore the frog onesie Uncle Yoongi gave him. Just then, all the boys were wearing their onesies.

Namjoon stayed with the boys. Jin was on the other room rocking baby Kookie to sleep. Namjoon was crowded with legs and small arms wanting to hug. It was not easy cooing three boys to sleep. Chim was asking to sing him to sleep, Tae was insisting they camp on the roof to watch the stars and Hobi wants him to read them a hundred stories to keep the monsters away.

It was never a good idea to give them sugar after dinner. The kids dozed off after Namjoon read almost 6 stories, played alien with Tae and sang 10 children’s songs with them and it was already past 10 PM. It was tiring but also rewarding.

Chapter Text

The second day was much like the first. The little boys were playing on Hobi’s room. It was Kookie’s scheduled Pedia visit and Jin has to take him. Namjoon will be left to deal with the little ones. Jin promised to be back before or a little after lunch.

Namjoon left the children on their room to take a phone call downstairs. It was about work again. They were insisting that he come to their office but he knew he can’t leave the children. It was a tug between his colleagues but they just let him go.

He put the phone down when he heard someone crying. He hastily went up his son’s room to find Tae crying. Hobi and Chim were just staring at him. Namjoon held the crying boy.

“What’s wrong, Tae?” The boy was hiccuping and rubbing his eyes.

“Hobi hyung won’t give me his drawing.” Namjoon looked at his son who is pouting adorably. “Gives it to Chim. Always.” Little Chim was holding a couple of papers. His lips were jutting out and he, too, was on the verge of tears.

“Hobi hyung will draw you something nice, won’t you hyung?” His son nodded in a trance. “There, hyung will make you one.” But little Tae was still crying.

“I want that.” He pointed at the papers in Chim’s hand. The little baby, sensing that his drawings were in danger, hid the papers behind his back. “Chim won’t share. Bad!”

Yoongi’s kids sure know what bad is. Chim’s lips instantly curved downwards, his eyes were lined with tears. Namjoon felt lost. He want to please both kids but he knew only those drawing would make it better.

“Chim? Can you share one drawing to Tae?” Namjoon’s voice had turned soft. Chim shook his head as few tears started dropping from his eyes. God, these kids. “Would you let Uncle Monnie see the drawings?”

Little Chim hesitated but still passed the papers to his Uncle. Namjoon looked at the three drawings his son made. Tae was eyeing the drawings, too.

“Which one do you like?” Namjoon asked the boy in his arms. He will just draw it for Tae but the boy grabbed the drawing of a robocop and held it tight.

“No! Mine.” Chim tugged at his brother but Tae won’t let go. Tae’s tears ceased as soon as his hands locked on the paper but Chim’s tears broke like a dam. Hobi went to hug little Chim in an instant.

“Hyung will draw that again.” But little Chim was greatly sad. His tears were flowing fast, his snot was also running down his nose. The little boy was catching his breath through his mouth while hiccuping.

Namjoon rushed and picked the kid up. He should calm him or the worst will happen.

“Hobi, you play with Tae, okay? I’ll have to clean Chim.” His son just nodded and pulled Tae closer to him. The two started drawing again.

They went downstairs. Little Chim’s cry was ringing through the house. The little boy started panting along with his hiccuping and crying and it sound so tiring even for Namjoon. He softly bounced the kid on his arms.

“It’s alright, Chim. Uncle Monnie will play with you.” Namjoon went to the bathroom and pulled a towel. He wiped the kids tears and snot. The little boy was still hiccuping but he’s a bit calmer now.

After cleaning him, Chim slumped against his Uncle. The kid felt tired and sleepy. After a few minutes, Chim was already asleep on Namjoon’s shoulders. Namjoon just let the boy be as he move around the house.

Namjoon was preparing lunch when Jin came. He was pushing baby Kookie’s stroller. Their baby was soundly asleep like the boy on Namjoon’s shoulder. Jin eyed him for a while before asking what happened.

“The twins were fighting over Hobi’s drawings.” Jin smiled a little and placed the baby on his cot. He took over preparing lunch.

“Then this baby here had a hard time again?” Jin asked while patting little Chim’s back.

“Almost, but I calmed him down before the storm.” Namjoon felt proud.

The kids were gathered at lunch. Chim was still clinging on his Uncle Monnie. Namjoon just let the boy and fed him. Chim was being extra fussy today. He even refused to play with Hobi and Tae. He also put a little fight with his meds.

Jin put Chim on nap at an early time. The kid was too grumpy to be left alone. Tae and Hobi refused to sleep, they were busy making a pillow fort on their bedroom. Kookie was also asleep beside Chim.


Little Chim bounced back after his nap time. He was playing with his cow plushie alone. Kookie was taken by his Daddy to their room. They may be asleep there. Jin was busy cleaning the house when he noticed Chim playing.

“Hey there, baby boy. Are you feeling okay?” Little Chim nodded and hugged his Uncle.

“Chim will play with Hobi hyung.” The little boy slid down the couch and paddled over to his Hobi hyungs room. Jin sighed and resumed in cleaning.

An hour passed. Jin could almost hear the little kids squeals from his son’s room. Their laughter was echoing through the walls. Later thunders of little feet scrambling down the stairs was heard. Hobi and Tae ran like cheetahs out of the house, barefoot. Wailing like dying whales. He was amazed how Tae can catch up with his little legs.

Jin noticed that Chim was walking towards him. The little kids hair was plastered on his forehead, chest was heaving frantically. He was a bit pale again.

“Uncle Jinnie..” The little boy fell on all fours and started coughing. Jin dropped the pan and rushed to the boy.

The little boy was cold against his touch. He was panting and gasping for air. Jin was nervous. He got the boy on his embrace, run upstairs and went straight to their room where Namjoon is.

“Joonie! Joonie, please come here for a sec. Hurry up!” Namjoon opened his eyes in an instant, his hand flying automatically to the toddler curled next to him. When he felt that his baby’s still asleep, he felt alright but that was broken when he heard a little voice coughing and struggling.

“What happened?” He saw Chim slumped against Jin. Jin’s eyes were lined with tears. He secured his baby with pillows before rushing to his husband. Chim was so pale.

“Please. Please get his medicine up here. Yoongi packed his oxygen tank. I need your help.” Jin’s hands were shaking.

While Namjoon was fetching the medicine, Jin was growing more and more nervous. The little kid was already halfway unconscious.

“Chim, baby, please don’t fall asleep. Come on.” The kid would open his eyes when his Uncle speaks but immediately flutters close. The heaving of his chest was very alarming.

“Here.” Namjoon placed the meds on the little table and picked the equipment on the twin’s bag. He prepared the medicine and the device. He plugged the tube and handed the mask to Jin.

Jin held the boy and made him sit upright. Chim’s head was lolling to the side.

“Hey, Chim, look at Uncle Monnie,” The little kid struggled to keep awake. He looked at his Uncle with sleepy eyes. Namjoon sat in front of the kid and Jin, he started playing with the kid’s hands and slapping it gently when the kid was falling asleep.

“I was so scared,” Jin broke down in tears. He can’t already stop the tears from flowing down his cheeks. Namjoon felt helpless, he too was shaken and he doesn’t know what to say to Jin.

The strain on the kid’s body did not allow him to stay awake all throughout, he slumped against his Uncle Jin. Jin was holding him dearly. He knew how fragile this kid was. Since the day he was born he knew that he needs lots of care.

Jin’s heart broke, he hopes Taeji was not sad seeing her baby in pain. He somehow wished that Taeji would be here to embrace the boy. He knew she can make him better. The little boy with Taeji’s face was so important to Yoongi. His kids was all he have. He bet Yoongi will go to war if it was to protect his boys.

Two sweaty boys barged in the room and one look at Jimin made them quiet. They know the scene so well, especially little Tae. He knew what it means if his brother was connected to those tubes. Hobi was well aware, too.

That afternoon. Namjoon decided to take little Chim to his doctor. Tae tagged along. The little kid was crying when his Uncles told him to stay so Namjoon just let him.

They were back just in time when the phone rung. Tae and Chim had already fallen asleep on the way home. Jin had also done feeding his kids and was just sending them to bed. Jin did not mention anything to Yoongi. He doesn’t want his friend to worry about it.

Because of the afternoon disaster, the house was quiet earlier than it was last night. Tomorrow will be another day. Jin hoped that all will be well.

Chapter Text

Yoongi was alarmed. Jin has told him about what happened during the twin’s stay with them. He was worried that his baby was having frequent and more serious attacks these past incidents. He was becoming afraid for his baby.

Little Taehyung was also distressed. He noticed his older baby looking out for his brother always. Though at a young age, Tae was showing a great job of being a reliable big brother. Yoongi was proud but he doesn’t want his baby to be stressed out.

He was looking at their little faces under the night light. These precious babies that he was eager to protect. Tae rolled over and hugged his brother. Chim flexed his arms and his thumb made its way to his mouth again. Yoongi plucked it carefully, his baby’s mouth was left at a sucking position. His kids was all he needs.

The following morning, Yoongi started his usual weekend routine. He cleaned the house and cooked a decent meal. Once done, he walked to his sons room and slipped in the bed with them. Chim’s arms immediately wrapped around him.

He fell asleep and the next thing he knew, one of the monsters was on top of him. He opened his eyes and saw Tae lying on his stomach, the little boy was rubbing at his pink nose. Chim has rolled to Tae’s side of the bed and wrapped his limbs on a plushie.

“What’s up, baby boy?” Tae looked at him with sleepy eyes. His hands were still on his nose. “Is your nose itchy?”

The response was a sneeze and a shower of saliva. Yoongi sat up with Tae on his arms. His little baby has a cold.

“Appa, my nose is closed.” Tae was about to poke a finger through his nose, luckily, Yoongi grabbed his son’s hand.

“Don’t poke it with your fingers, it will be dirty.” Yoongi combed his son’s hair with his hand. “We will visit Uncle Jongsuk and he will make the germs go away.”

Little Tae liked the idea of visiting Dr. Jongsuk. He smiled at his father and asked to wake Chim up. The boy was too hungry to wait for his brother. Chim woke up when his father gave him a little shake. He crawled to his Appa and slumped on his shoulders. Yoongi was carrying them both, Taehyung was playing with Chim’s cheeks.

“Your nose is pink.” Chim sleepily commented. The little boy went back to sleep on his father’s arms.

Yoongi strapped Tae on his chair and prepared breakfast. Chim was still perched on his arms. The boy squirmed and looked around, his father was moving too much to his displeasure. As Yoongi was strapping him on his chair, Tae sneezed so loud.

Chim was startled, Tae as well. His nose was already runny and the sneeze pushed some of the liquid out. The little boy started crying. Yoongi hastily grabbed the paper towels in the kitchen counter and wiped his son clean.

“Dirty. Dirty. Dirty.” Tae sobbed. Yoongi can’t suppress the laughter, his son was being so irritable because of his cold. Chim started giggling when he saw his Appa laughing.

The little family was out of the door after an hour. Yoongi secured his babies on the backseat and drove to their pedia. The twin’s doctor was one of Yoongi’s few friends, he was actually Taeji’s cousin. He was there when the twins were born. He was one of the doctors that helped Chim survive.

The familiar buzz and smell of antiseptics makes Yoongi nauseous. He hates it there more than anything but he often visits because of Chim. He opened the familiar white door of an office. His friend’s face looked up when the door opened.

“Yoongi,” The smile was plastered almost every time on his handsome face. Little Tae pulled away from his Appa to run to his Uncle. “Hey, Taetae, what’s up?”

“Nose is closed. It’s dirty.” Little Tae wrapped his arms around the man’s leg. The doctor picked him up and playfully bounced him on his arms. Little Tae was so pleased, that’s why he loves his Uncle very much.

“Jongsuk,” Yoongi tapped the man on his shoulder as a greeting. “How’s work?”

“The same busy sched as usual.” He walked closer to Yoongi with little Chim on his arms. He pinched the boy’s cheeks which earned him an adorable smile from the boy. “How are you mochi? Is your heart still jumping?”

“Yes, it jumps. Sometimes it run fast and it hurts.” Jongsuk smiled. He ruffled the kid’s hair and proceed to his table with little Tae.

“Let’s check this little guy.” Jongsuk started the check-up on Taetae. The kid was behaved enough that Yoongi felt proud. “By the way, you may want to meet with Minseok.”

Yoongi nodded and kissed Tae on the head.

“Appa will take Chim to see his doctor. Will you be okay with Uncle Jongsuk?” The little kid nodded and also kissed his father. “I’ll be back.”

“Take your time. I have to catch up with this monster.” Jongsuk waved him out of the room.

Yoongi passed several clinic and offices. Chim was busy playing with a stem of sunflower that he picked on Jongsuk’s table.

“Hobi hyung,” Chim murmured on his flower. Yoongi looked at his son’s fluffy cheeks.

“What’s that?” Chim looked at him and held the flower closer to his face.

“This is Hobi hyung.”

“Why do you say so?”

“Because it’s pretty,” Chim giggled adorably and hugged the flower closer to his chest. Yoongi smiled happily. He is so proud to say that his kids were one of the most kind people on earth.

Yoongi knocked on a white door bearing the doctor’s name. He pushed it open and saw Minseok scanning through some documents.

“Am I disturbing something important?” The doctor looked up and met Yoongi’s eyes, he smiled when he saw the little boy on his arms.

“Come, come. Have a seat.” Minseok gestured at the little visitor’s area. Yoongi set Chim down on one of the chairs but the little boy jumped off and rushed to hug his doctor.

“Doctor Minnie,” Little Chim hugged the man’s legs. Minseok scooped him up and tickled the boy’s cheeks.

“How are you, fluff ball?” Minseok prepared two cups of coffee with Chim on his arms.

“‘M fine, Doctor Minnie.”

Minseok was the head cardiologist that handles Chim’s case after the old doctor retired from service. He set a cup of coffee in front of Yoongi and came back for his own.

“That’s good to hear.” Chim wiggled out of the doctor’s arms and went to his father. He inched closer then grabbed his father’s coffee. Minseok chuckled as Yoongi pried his son’s hands off the cup.

“Kids don’t drink this. This is only for Appa.” Yoongi reasoned. A pout was plastered on Chim face.

“Appa? Doctor Minnie is not Appa.” Minseok chuckled even more. Children were so nice to deal with. “Chim wants taste.”

“No,” Yoongi pried his son’s hand off. The pout was still there and the sad puppy eyes that Yoongi refused to look at. The little kid trudge to his doctor and bugged the man to let him have a taste.

“Coffee is for old people.” Minseok told the little boy. “Are you old?” Chim nodded which amused Minseok even more. “No, you’re not. Here, have a cookie instead.”

The little boy settled for the cookie. He took the adjacent chair and started nibbling on the sweet cookie. The adults looked at him for a minute before a conversation started between them.

“How are you today?” Minseok asked the young father. The bags under his eyes was enough to tell people he’s been having a tough week.

“Exhausted,” Yoongi complained. “I just got back from a work related trip yesterday.”

“Ah, yes, Namjoon told me.” Yoongi’s ears perked at the mention of his friend’s name.

“He’s been here?”

“Yup, hmm, that was two days ago. He brought Chim here and Tae was with him, too.” Yoongi furrowed his brows, no one mentioned a trip to the hospital but if it was two days ago, it must be Chim’s attack.

“Was it bad?” Yoongi was worried, so worried he can’t stop the sweating of his palm. Minseok’s face turned serious.

“Yes. It’s getting bad, Yoongi. Remember when Chim was just a baby? Dr. Park told us that the babies usually have murmurs in their heart. He said we give it time. At 9 months old the hole was found but then the veteran cardiologist told us that it would heal on its own, Yoongi it was still there.”

Yoongi just listen. He remembered the old doctor telling them about the case. They were told that it is normal for newborns to have that condition but Chim was born with his weak heart. A series of tests and they found out that the kid has a hole in his heart.

“Yoongi, we need to push the surgery. This is getting dangerous.” Yoongi just looked at his baby. The little boy was still munching his cookie, he noticed his Appa looking at him so he pointed the sunflower at him and giggled adorably. He sighed and looked at Minseok.

“Alright. Would it be administered as soon as possible?” Minseok looked at the boy.

“We have to prepare his body. It was one factor why we can’t just do a surgery on him. We will run some tests and will let you know if we can already schedule a surgery for little Chim.”

“Chimchim, my name is Chimchim.” The little boy declared. “I miss Taetae.”

“We will see him in a bit. Doctor Minnie and I had to talk some more. Is that okay?”

“Okay.” Chim slurred. He opened his palm towards Minseok. “More?”

Minseok laughed as he handed him another one.

“Would it be dangerous?” Yoongi’s small voice asked. It was the one question that he’s been dreading to ask yet he’s dying to know. Minseok smiled warmly, surely he had dealt with a lot of worried parents.

“We will do everything we can.”

The twins played with their Uncle Jongsuk until Jongsuk was paged for a scheduled surgery at 11am. Yoongi’s brain was so clouded with the upcoming surgery. He needs to prepare financially and emotionally to be honest. He was so afraid to lose one of his kids. They were practically opening Chim up.

Taeji, our baby boy has to undergo a dangerous procedure, please guard him from where you are.

Chapter Text

Jin woke up earlier than he used to. The moment his brain processed what day it is today he broke into tears. His soft sniffs were loud enough to wake the man beside him. His strong hands laid gently on the whimpering male.

“Hey, what’s up?” It was an early Monday and Namjoon was not used of seeing his husband cry.

“Hobi is growing up fast. I don’t want him to grow up.”

“Babe, it’s just preschool. It’s not like we’re sending him off to college.” Namjoon meant well but the mere thought of sending their little sunshine to college made Jin cry even more. He pulled Jin on a warm embrace. “Okay, I’m sorry. Come on, let’s get our little boy.”

They both went to their young son’s room. Only a little light was able to pass through the thick yellow and brown curtain. Their Hobi was still fast asleep. His limbs were thrown in impossible angles, hair sticking out in every way.

“Let’s just keep him here. I can teach him whatever he needs to know.” Namjoon sighed at Jin’s moist eyes staring intently at their son.

“You know we can’t. He needs to learn how to mingle with others.”

“He can learn how to socialize with me, his baby brother and..and the twins.” Namjoon let out a defeated sigh. He gently dragged Jin out of the room and carried him to the kitchen.

They both move in sync. Jin was preparing their breakfast while Namjoon tried to make the coffee maker work without damaging the appliance. Jin swiftly placed a hand on Namjoon’s and smiled at him.

“Let me, darling.”

Jin produced two cups while flipping the eggs over. Namjoon thankfully accepted his cup. The silence was comforting, they rarely get this everyday. Just the two of them peacefully enjoying their own cups.

“I don’t like Hobi going, too.” Namjoon finally let his thoughts out loud. Jin’s hand hovered over the pan, the eggs were slowly blurring as tears pool in his eyes. “It marks his developing independence. I’m afraid the time will come that he won’t be clinging to me, crying and begging not to go to work. That would be bad.”

Only then that Jin understood how his husband was feeling too. Tears fell from his eyes as Namjoon scoot over to give him a warm hug. Namjoon reached over the stove to put out the fire as the eggs were already burnt around the edges.

“I hope you won’t feed me that.” Namjoon felt satisfied when he saw Jin’s dashing smile.

“You know you’re fate, honey. Go prepare our little sunshine while I finish up here.”

Namjoon downed his coffee in one gulp before heading to their son’s room. Hobi was still asleep. He was now on his tummy, face planted on his fluffy zebra pillow. He sat on the side of the bed and gently shook the boy.


Little Hobi woke up almost automatically though he looked around in a daze. His smile was on his pretty face the moment he saw his father beside him. Little limbs wrapped around Namjoon and a heartwarming kiss was planted on his lips.

“Goo mowning, Daddy!” Hobi said with a yawn. Namjoon kissed his cheeks and scooped his son on his hands.

“Good morning, sunshine. Did you sleep well?” A hyper nod was a response. Namjoon made his way to the bathroom and started preparing bath. “Do you know what day it is today?”

Hobi scrunched his nose deep in thought. He excitedly clapped his hands when the realization hit him.

“School today!”

“That’s right! Now let’s prepare for school.” Hobi didn’t even give his father a hard time. He could take a bath with a little help from his Daddy. He is a big boy now as what he was claiming.

Hobi was already bathed when he went down for breakfast. Namjoon decided to dress him up after breakfast and just left him on a tank top.

“Appa!” Hobi cheered. Jin was placing the last dish on the table. He cupped Hobi’s cheeks and peppered them with kisses. Hobi giggles as he tries to swerve away. Jin stopped eventually and started Hobi’s breakfast.

“Are you ready for today, sweetheart?” Namjoon has already strapped baby Kookie in his chair next to Jin and has taken his own seat.

“Yes! I’ll meet new friends.” That’s what his parents were telling him weeks ago. School is where you meet new friends and it was the only thing the little boy understood.

The family of four drove to the school. Cars were already filling up the parking lot and Namjoon struggle finding a free space. They still have 5 minutes at most before the start of little Hobi’s class.

Jin was carrying baby Kookie in one arm and holding Hobi with the other. He noticed that Hobi was not jumping around anymore, his eyes were busy scanning the new environment. They stopped in front of a colorful room with parents and kids bustling around.

Namjoon stepped forward and talked to the teacher.

“Look at that baby, you have many friends to make.” Jin sat at the bench beside the classroom. Hobi was hesitantly clinging on his legs, eyes roaming around. Jin noticed how the little boy turned quiet. “What’s wrong baby?”

“Will you be there?” He pointed at the classroom. “Will Kookie stay too?”

“Oh, baby, Appa is not allowed inside, Baby Kookie too. We will be waiting for you here.” Hobi squirmed around, his little hand holding his baby brother’s. The teacher called everyone inside to start the introduction.

The first cry broke out after the parents started ushering kids in. When the first one cried, Hobi followed suit, fat tears started falling from his eyes, lips wobbling. Namjoon was fast to act out. He knelt in front of his son and patted his shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay little guy. You’ll be fine.” Namjoon tried his hardest to chase every tear that slides down his son’s cheeks.

“I’m scared.” The little boy wailed before crashing on his father’s embrace. The couple looked at each other warmly as if expecting the scene.

“Okay, how about we stay here for today? Would that make you feel less scared?” Little Hobi started to calm down and looked at his Daddy before nodding. Jin hand him a towel to wipe the boy’s face. “But it’s just for today, you have to be a big boy tomorrow. Okay?”

“Promise.” The little boy sniffed before kissing both his parents. He cooed at his baby brother before finally letting his Daddy lead him inside.

“Oowee,” Baby Kookie babbled which made the little boy smile.

The day ended smoothly. Little Hobi was sticking his head out the door every half an hour to make sure his parents were still there. Contrary to the start of the day, the little boy was very excited on his way home, talking about the boys he talked to or shared the snacks with.

Namjoon was very proud when the little boy told them he can do it alone tomorrow. Every parent takes pride in that small but very important achievement.

Yoongi and the twins were invited to dinner to celebrate their sunshine’s step to growth. Yoongi gave the kid a packet of assorted crayons which little Chim eyed the whole time.

Later that night, Yoongi updated his friends about his current problem with Chim’s condition. Both couples looked sadly at the boy playing with Kookie.

“It’ll be fine, Yoongs. Minseok is a great doctor.” Namjoon offered a small pat on the younger’s shoulder. Yoongi smiled but worry is still hanging on his face.

“I know that. Everything just worries me. The very first is my baby is..” He hid his face in his hands. “They’re cutting him. I never let my kids be wounded but..”

“We understand, Yoongi, we do. It’s the same for us.” Jin reached out a hand and grabbed Yoongi’s shaking fingers.

“And the savings is not enough. I have to work double shifts now. I’m not blaming my kid of course. I just don’t trust daycares that much.”

“You can always leave the kids to me, you know that.” Yoongi looked at Jin. The kind smile made him feel warm but still ashamed.

“I can’t always put the kids on you. You have to work and little Hobi is starting with school, Kookie is starting to walk. Putting two more kids in your care would be too much.” Namjoon just stayed silent as the two converse. He didn’t have a say on that.

“Yoongi, look at me.” Jin urged the younger to look at him. “We were there from the start. And you know that we love the twins like we love our children. If something happened to them while in the daycare, I would chop you to pieces.”


“No. it’s final. Leave the kids to me. I’d be more knowledgeable of taking care of them than a stranger, don’t you think?” Jin closed his argument with a bright smile.

“But-” This time, Namjoon placed his hands on Yoongi’s shoulders firmly.

“It’s fine, really fine. Who wouldn’t love extra fluff?” Namjoon failed to make the other laugh. “Come on, Yoongi. You don't have to stress about this.”

“Okay.” Yoongi stared at his friends, thankful that he can always ask them for help. “Thank you. I appreciate it very much.”

The couple just laugh. Jin pulled his phone out and let Yoongi see Hobi in his little blue uniform. Jin never missed a detail about what happened during their day. He made Yoongi watch a hundred photos of Hobi in the first day of his school life.

Yoongi felt happy and proud. A year or two from now, it would be him doting on a hundred photos of the twins in their first school uniform.

Chapter Text

It’s been three weeks that Yoongi takes double shifts and overtime. It’s been three weeks since the twins were left on Jin’s care. Most of the time, Yoongi was alone in their house, too afraid to wake the twins very late at night to go home. Jin would always convince him to leave them sleeping after they tried one time and Taehyung wailed for hours until dawn. Children turn grumpy once disturbed from sleep, especially Min Taehyung.

Two weeks more and Jin was starting to notice some new behavior from the twins, not to mention the questions. He was quite taken aback.

Jin was currently in the kitchen. Baby Kookie was in the playpen with the twins coloring in the floor. He could hear the twins banter and role playing noises from the living room. Hobi won’t be home until 3pm.

“Chim, sky is not purple, it’s green.” Little Tae said. Jin heard a shuffle of paper.

“Trees are green. We won’t see leaves if sky is green.”

They were quiet for a minute before Taehyung screamed for Jin.

“Uncle Jinnie, Kookie is eating the orange!” Jin immediately wiped his hands and rushed to the kids. Kookie was sitting on the floor inside the playpen but his chubby hands was closed on a crayon. The baby was contentedly sucking on the stick.

Jin pulled the crayon out and made baby Kookie open his mouth. Namjoon would be outraged once he knew Jin feed their baby some toxic crayons. The twins watched him wipe the scraped crayon on the baby’s teeth. He carried the baby and went to fetch a bag of cookies.

He fed the kids some cookies to keep them occupied before returning to the kitchen to finish preparing a decent snack. He heard a quiet shuffle of feet heading towards him. He turned around to see little Tae tugging on his shirt.

“What is it, little boy?” He crouched down and kissed the boy’s forehead.

“Will Appa come home?” the little boy hesitated.

“Of course, baby, he will. He’ll always come home to the both of you.”

“He didn’t come last night.” The boy pouted.

“Oh, he did but you were already asleep.” The little boy just hum then turned to run where his brother was calling him. Jin’s eyes followed the little boy back in the living room.

There were times when the twins would just keep to themselves. Taehyung would oftentimes be in a foul mood and he doesn’t like anyone picking him or even Chim up. There was one time when he thrashed on the floor, wailing because Namjoon cradled Jimin. Jin wasn’t sure where this was all coming from.

And then Jimin, the sweet little baby, was being detached. He was originally a shy boy but sometimes he’ll just pick his crayons and be quiet until Taehyung started bugging him. He’s trying to be independent. They both were.

They gather on Hobi’s bedroom one night, after all the kids were washed up and was prepared for bed. The twins were in their same pokemon onesie, Hobi was wearing his green pajama and Kookie was already nodding off in Jin’s arms.

He sat at the edge of the bed as he watched the twin fiddle with the plastic dinosaur.

“Will Appa be here?” Chim asked as he pushed the toy away from his hands.

“Yes, baby. He’ll be here by 11pm.” Jin looked at the small frog clock on Hobi’s bedside table. It’s already 8pm.

“What is 11pm?” Taehyung climbed over his brother to look at the clock. Jin pointed the number to the kids.

“You should sleep now. You too, Hobi baby.” Jin tucked the twins before shifting to his Hobi’s bed. “Sleep now. No more reading.”

“No more reading. Good night, Appa. good night Kookie, Taetae and Chim.” There was a collective murmur of good night’s before Jin switched the nightlight on and leaving the room.

He left Kookie in the nursery before retiring to his own room.

“Hey, why do you look so troubled?” Namjoon placed his book down as he watched Jin scoot closer to his side of the bed.

“The twins were acting weird.” Namjoon carded his fingers on Jin’s hair. He smelled of cookies and Kookie’s shower gels. “I’m worried.”

“I’m starting to notice, too. Tae is throwing tantrums and it was so unlike him. He’s a behaved angel. Yoongi’s sons were angels. Even Jimin is starting to be less clingy. He’d been emotional this past week. Hell, he even cried when an episode of Peppa Pig finished.”

“Do you think this has to do with Yoongi?” Namjoon stopped and looked at his husband.

“Of course it has to be that.” He tucked Jin closer and placed both hands on his shoulders. “We can’t blame him though. He has so much on his plate.”

The couple fell asleep but then they heard soft footsteps outside their room. They were receding downstairs. Jin bolted upright, he was alarmed and thought Hobi was sleepwalking again. He woke Namjoon up before carefully pulling his nightgown on.

He came upon the twins, reaching for the switch of the living room light. Taehyung was hoisting Jimin up, arms tightly wrapped around his brother’s middle. Jimin was barely touching the switch pad.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Jin softly called them out. Taehyung put Jimin down before the both of them looked at Jin. Namjoon was walking down the stairs. Feeling that they were caught with something they weren’t supposed to do, both the boy’s lips started to tremble dangerously. “It’s okay, don’t cry. Come here.”

Jin led the twins to the sofa after he switched the light on. Namjoon was quietly watching on the side.

“Why are you up?”

“Appa is coming home.” Taehyung said then he pointed at the clock. Jin muttered an “oh” as he looked at the clock. It’s exactly 11 o’clock, the time he said Yoongi is coming home.

“Appa is not here yet.” Jimin pouted.

“His work should be over soon. Let’s go back to bed, okay?” Jin tried picking up Jimin but Taehyung held his brother’s arms.

“No! We’ll wait for Appa.” Jin looked at Namjoon.

“He’ll be here later but we have to sleep. It’s bad for you to be awake this late. Do you want to stop growing tall?”

“Why Appa not here yet?” Jimin whined. Jin looked at how shiny Jimin’s eyes were becoming. He knew the little guy was fighting off sleep. Yoongi once told him that Chim’s medicines sometimes knocks him right off.

“Let’s sleep Chim, you’re sleepy.”

“I want Appa.”

Jin was not successful in sending them back to bed so Namjoon stepped up.

“Alright, we’ll wait for Appa. How about we watch him by the balcony? There we will see him when he arrives. Would you like that?” Namjoon was speaking directly to little Tae. Both boys nodded. “I’ll carry Taetae and Jinnie will carry Chim, okay?”

The boys nodded again. Both of them picked each kid and wrapped them with fluffy blankets before heading outside of the balcony. It was so quiet and cold. The couple were afraid the twins will catch a cold. They were subtly bouncing them on their arms, coaxing them to go back to sleep.

Jin was telling them about the stars and both were listening closely. After half an hour, Jimin fell asleep. Taehyung hold on a little more than 15 minutes after Jin finished telling him about all the heavenly bodies in the galaxy.

“It works,” Jin exhaustedly sighed. “I’m running out of constellations.”

“They were so tired and yet they still managed to hold on this long. Do you know if Yoongi was still in the office?”

“Let’s go check.”


As it turned out, Yoongi was forced to stay a little longer to finish the next morning’s presentation. He got to Jin’s house a little past midnight. The couple were cuddling on the sofa with cups of tea. Yoongi was about to leave, knowing that he can’t get his kids, and leave the couple to rest but Jin held him back.

“Yoongi, I think you should take your day off tomorrow.” Yoongi immediately felt guilty. Were they tired? Of course, they have to take care of his and their kids also. “No, Yoongi, it’s not what you think.”

“ there something I don’t know, Jin?” Jin untangled himself from Namjoon and held Yoongi’s hands.

“Yoongi, your twins are acting weird. I think they were starting to notice your absence.” Jin watched the line deepen on the younger’s forehead. “Taehyung’s mood skyrockets these past days, he’s being territorial and he doesn’t want somebody touching Jimin without his consent. And Jimin is keeping to himself, he stopped asking for our help, even when he can’t open the cookie jar. He doesn’t ask for help and you know how bad that can get.”

“I..I didn’t know..”

“It’s not your fault really. Just spend the day with them tomorrow. You don’t have to tear yourself apart because of Jimin’s bills, Yoongi. You can pay the hospital in installments. And we can help. Don’t count us out.” Namjoon said coolly.

“Thank you. Really, I don’t know where we’ll be without your help. Thank you.”

“That’s what friends are for, right?” Jin smiled warmly and got up to prepare Yoongi’s meal, much to the younger’s protest. “You eat then rest. You can take the small room beside Hobi’s room.”

Yoongi’s fatigue caught up to him. He slept as soon as his head hit the pillow. He has to rest because tomorrow would be tiring as well.

Chapter Text

Yoongi was dreaming of the presentation he made last night. He had informed his boss that he would take his off and he’ll follow his original schedules again. His supervisor, Ilhoon, understood his predicament being a single father of 3 kids. Ilhoon was so lenient on him. More so when he learned of Yoongi’s youngest medical needs. He was also wanting his kids to meet Yoongi’s babies.

He rolled over the bed and tucked the blanket closer. He heard the door open slowly but he was still too sleepy to open his eyes.

“Go on,” Jin whispered so softly. There were soft footsteps coming closer to the bed then bodies were lifted to it. He opened his eyes just as Jin was heaving Taehyung onto the bed. “I’ll leave them here. Just come down for breakfast later.”

“Thanks, Jin.” Jin smiled before slipping out of the room. His twins were crawling under his blanket, both of them on either side of him. “Hey, did you miss me?”

Taehyung sprawled over his stomach, he buried his face on Yoongi’s chest. Jimin was also curled up on his side.

“We miss you lots and lots,” Taetae murmured.

“Where have you been, Appa?” Jimin slurred as he scooted closer to Yoongi. Yoongi looked at his sons’ big round eyes.

“Appa had been busy with work lately. Appa is sorry for leaving you always. You know that Appa needs to work for us to buy food, yeah?” Both his sons nodded. He smiled then combed their hair with his fingers. “But Appa is spending days with you again like the old times. Would you forgive Appa for leaving?”

“We’ll think about it.” Taehyung seriously said. It was like a little pinch in Yoongi’s heart.

“How about we get ice cream later? Would you forgive Appa then?” Taehyung’s face automatically brightened.

“Only if you get me stoberries,” Little Chim said.

“Of course. Anything for the both of you.” Taehyung finally giggled when Yoongi kissed both of them. The door opened once again, revealing Hobi. He walked towards the bed and sloppily kissed the twins and Yoongi’s cheeks.

“Appa said breakfast is ready.” Hobi was still rubbing the sleep away from his face. Yoongi sat up, placing Taehyung down the bed but Jimin didn’t even move an inch.

“Hey Tae, you go with Hobi hyung, okay? Appa and Chim will talk a bit.” Taehyung nodded as he held Hobi’s hand. Yoongi scooped his baby in his lap when the two were out the door. “What’s up little man?”

Jimin remained silent, fidgeting with the print on Yoongi’s shirt.

“Were you a good boy while Appa is not around?” Jimin just nodded, not really paying attention. “Did you miss Appa so much?”

Little Jimin nodded again but this time his eyes were glazing over.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Do you hate me, Appa? Are you leaving me?” Yoongi stared at the little boy. His youngest. His heart jumped loudly in his chest. Was he making the baby doubt himself?

“No, I would never hate you. Why do you think I hate you?” Jimin’s tears slid silently down his cheeks. Yoongi felt like he was holding a fragile glass in his hands, he’s afraid he’ll break his son.

“I didn’t see you a long time. Appa left me. Please don’t leave me, Appa, Tae too. Chim promise I will eat my medicines always. I won’t be sick again.” Jimin was so confused, shifting from a third person to addressing himself as “I”.

“No, baby..” Yoongi was tearing up now. He didn’t know that this will be the effect of him not being around for weeks. “I’m not leaving you, or Tae, I won’t. I’m not mad at you because you’re sick, that’s not true. We’ll make you feel better okay? Just don’t think about that anymore. Appa loves you so much. Remember that.” Jimin hugged him as he wiped the snot on his arms.

“I love you too, Appa. Tae too.”

“Don’t ever think that I hate you, okay? That’s not true.”

“Okay. I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry, honey.”

There was a soft knock on the door before Jin’s head popped in. Yoongi knew he’d been there quite a while.

“Breakfast.” Jin said. Yoongi just nodded, wiping the tears away from his eyes harshly.

“We’re coming.”

Breakfast was chaotic. The twins bounced back to life and they were keeping up with Hobi’s egg flinging habit. Taehyung was laughing boisterously along with Baby Kookie’s snorts. Jimin was cheerily laughing along and the parents were just so happy seeing the boy finish his plate without anyone’s help.

Their breakfast ended when Hobi screamed after his Daddy knocked the carton of milk, drenching poor boy unfortunately. Jin just rolled his eyes then herded all children to the bathroom to brush their teeth and bath. Namjoon and Yoongi were left to clean up the disaster.

“Are you okay?” Namjoon asked as he was mopping up the spilled milk on the table. Yoongi looked at him uncertainty.

“Yeah, all’s good.” Namjoon tossed the rag to the sink.

“Jin heard, then he told me.” Figures. Yoongi stopped stacking the used plates then looked at Namjoon.

“He thinks I hate him for being sick.”

“You know that he doesn’t mean it, right?” Yoongi sighed as he remembered his Chim’s face when he asked him.

“He does.”


“That’s fine, man. Really. I’ll just have to make it up to them.” He smiled at Namjoon as he resumed his task.

“That’s the way to do it!” Namjoon clapped him clumsily at the back, one cup threatened to fall. “Oops, better not break that. Little Boss Jungkook loves that cup more than me.”


Yoongi drove the kids home to prepare before taking them to KidZania. He wanted to bring Hobi and Kookie along but Jin and Namjoon had other plans. It was, unfortunately, the kid’s annual check-up. Luckily, Hobi didn’t hear Yoongi asking Jin because he won’t stop bugging them if he did.

Kids were busy role-playing. He let Taehyung go when the kid saw other kids as firefighters.

“I’ll go, Appa. I’ll fight fire!” Yoongi laughed as an attendant helped little Tae into a uniform, a little too large for him. Jimin laughed at Taehyung first before heading towards the hospital where kids were dressed in white scrubs.

“I’ll be a doctor and help Tae if he gets hurt.”

Yoongi took a bench closer to his kids. Taehyung was busy running around and the other kids love him. They swarm him and run around when Tae was screaming “Fire! Fire!” over and over. After 15 minutes, Taehyung run towards Yoongi, wanting help to get the uniform off him.

“I’ll be Chim’s patient.” He was jittery with excitement as Yoongi pulled his fireman uniform off. He ran towards the kids surrounding his brother. “Chim! Chim! I got burned, it hurts.”

The kids rushed to Taehyung, faking an emergency. They all helped him sit down on a chair as Jimin placed a stethoscope in his chest. Only in KidZania would a doctor need a stethoscope for a burn in the arms.Yoongi snapped photos, as much as he could. He could hear other parents laughing at the kid’s cuteness.

“Your boys are so adorable.” One lady approached him. She was young with red hair. “How old are they?”

“They’re twins, 3 year olds.” The lady cooed at the boys as little Chim tried bandaging Tae’s arms with the help of a pretty girl.

“That’s my kid right there. She’s 5, Jennie. The older one, Jisoo, is 7.” She pointed to another pretty girl who was giggling merrily as he was trying to put the stethoscope on a girl’s forehead. She smiled at Yoongi before gasping. “Oh, where are my manners! My name’s Rose, sorry. You are?”

“Yoongi. Nice to meet you.” Rose laughed as he took Yoongi’s hands for a handshake.

“Nice to meet you, too.” A petite girl approached them with the little girls in tow, the ones Rose were pointing at. “Playtime’s up already?”

“Jisoo is being impossible and Jennie had been yawning far too often to be ignored.” She dumped the pouting Jisoo on Rose’s lap. “I see you made a friend.”

“Ah, yeah! This is Lisa, my partner. Lisa, this is Yoongi, the father of those twins.” Lisa’s eyes sparkled.

“Oh, those adorable munchkins.” Lisa adjusted Jennie in her arms. “The little one was trying to offer me a free check up a while ago.”

“Uh, that’s Jimin.” Jisoo’s ears perked up.

“I like the other one. He’s so fun. I played with him in the fire fighter’s station and he tried to flush me away with the hose.” Lisa laughed as Rose tried to excuse Jisoo’s loud booming voice.

“That’s cute. His name is Taehyung.”

“Great names. I think we need to go. Jennie is being fussy again. We don’t want her switching her aegyo on.” Lisa leaned in closer to Yoongi to whisper loudly. “Parents won’t let her go when she starts using aegyo, this dangerous child.”

He watched the young family walked away. Yoongi felt lighter when they started talking to him. He felt so out of place in the huge kid managed utopia.

Sweaty Jimin later walked towards him in a chef’s uniform this time. He was clutching a french bread in his arms, plastic of course. Yoongi scooped him up the moment he went in close.

“I baked you a bread, Appa.” Jimin handed the bread to Yoongi. “Unnies are so kind. They taught me how to cook.”

“This is so nice, Chim.” He faked a bite. “Wow, it’s so yummy!”

“Uh-huh,” Jimin just sat there for a while. Yoongi wiped his sweat away and placed a towel in his back.

“Are you tired?” Little Chim just nodded. Yoongi just let him rest and handed him a bag of cookies.

They watched Taehyung jump from one profession to the other. Yoongi internally felt worried. Would Taehyung jump from one occupation to another when he grew up? His train of thought was disrupted when a little boy walked towards them, he was silently watching Jimin. He had jet black hair and a pretty thin almond eyes. Little Jimin reached out to hand him a cookie which the other boy took shyly. He inched closer to Yoongi.

Yoongi cooed internally. Here he thought he was feared by the kids but this one little baby approached him. He picked him up and sit him beside them. He also transferred Jimin to the bench just beside the boy.

“What’s your name?” Yoongi attempted. The little boy looked at Yoongi before nibbling at the cookie.

“Jinyoung. I’m five.” He raised a palm to Yoongi showing how old he is.

“Hi Jinyoung. My name is Yoongi and this is Jimin.”

“I know him.” Yoongi slightly raised an eyebrow. Jinyoung could be his son, attitude-wise. “He was in the bake-ly with me.”

“JJ hyungie is Chim’s friend.”

“Oh, okay. If you said so.” Yoongi just let Chim and his new friend munch through the bag of cookies and talk about Peppa Pig and Barney. Later three kids were running towards him. Their screams were drowning out all the sounds around them. One of them was little Tae, keeping up with two children.

“APPA!” Yoongi caught Taehyung as he opened his arms so wide.

“What’s up?” Yoongi was worried of the ruckus his child was brewing with other children.

“We hide from Jackson hyung’s brother!” Taehyung rapidly said, words tangling as he goes. He was laughing and panting as he pointed at the other kids.

“I’m Jackson, 6. I’m Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam and Yugyeom’s big brother.” Yoongi internally counted all the unidentified names. “Hey, Jinyoung, give hyung a bite!”

“Alright, everyone sit around.” Yoongi felt like a daycare teacher. He sat his twins in the haphazard circle and put bags of snacks in the middle. The kids were subdued but they were still talking loudly, especially the kid Jackson. He had six kids to watch over in an instant.

“Jackson!” A loud voice called. Jackson immediately perked up, standing and hiding away behind Yoongi. His cookie smeared hands were holding onto Yoongi’s sleeves.

“Please Ajusshi, hide me.” Yoongi just sighed. Whoever was calling him may be his parent.

Two guys were walking towards them. One was with red hair, holding a baby in his arms and the other had blond hair, holding onto a sobbing boy. The kid Bambam waved a hand at them.

“Appa!” Bambam screamed. He was the same age as the twins.

“Jackson, why did you leave Youngjae?” The man with blond hair bowed to Yoongi. “Thank you for looking after the boys. Jackson, I can see you.”

“No problem at all. It seems like my kids were friends with yours.” The sobbing kid stopped crying when he saw Jimin. He went over and petted Jimin’s hair. Both men stared at little Chim.

“You must be Chimchim.” They both smiled when Yoongi nodded. “He’s been babbling about a certain “Chimchim” he played in the bakery. But Jackson ganged up on him again. My name is JB and this is Mark.”

“Nice to meet you.” Mark said in a perfect english accent.

“Daddy is tall but silly, Ajusshi. His Korean is funny.” Jackson giggled but stopped when JB glared at him.

“I’m sorry. Jackson talks a lot and he won’t stop unless he’s asleep. He’s quite a handful.”

“That’s fine, I understand. Taehyung has that too.” Taehyung stood up at the mention of his name. He waddled over the baby in Mark’s hand.

“Appa, he’s small like Kookie.” Mark sat at the bench so little Tae could meet the infant.

“How old is he?” Yoongi asked. He quite had an impulse of asking every kid’s age he meets.

“A year and a half.” It might have caught Jimin’s attention because he was beside Taehyung in an instant. His little fingers were shyly poking the baby’s cheeks.

“Go on, you can touch him.” Jimin smiled the brightest as he cupped baby Yugyeom’s face. He giggled before excitedly turning towards his father.

“Appa, he’s cute. Can we bring him home?” JB laughed.

“Do you like him, little man?” Jb asked little Chim.

“Yes. Chim wants to bring him home. Uncle Jinnie won’t let me bring Kookie.” JB pinched Jimin’s rounded cheeks.

“And here I want to bring you home, too. Oh gosh, your kid and I share the same passion for pretty things. You gotta watch that out.” JB joked.

“Yeah, JB here ended up bringing five pretty boys under his wing.” Mark added.

They talked some more before the parents decided to go home. All kids were tired and more than half of JB and Mark’s kids were cranky. Taehyung was almost close to tears when Jackson bid him goodbye.

“I don’t want you to go.” He pouted. Jackson nervously looked at his parents before pinching both sides of Tae’s cheeks.

“Don’t worry, we’ll play again sometimes. We’ll call you.” That was the parent’s cue for exchanging numbers. Jimin was still disappointed when he couldn’t take the baby home.

“Ask your Appa to just make one for you.” Mark joked.

“Appa?” Little Jimin innocently asked as well. Yoongi rolled his eyes at the laughing parents as they walk away.

On the ride home, Yoongi was bombarded with questions regarding babies. Where they came from, why JB and Uncle Jinnie have babies but Chim doesn’t and why they can’t have a baby to play with. The twins were only sedated when Yoongi handed them a chocolate bun to keep their mouth busy.

Maybe he won’t meet with JB’s family again.

Chapter Text

After the times that Yoongi left his kids in Jin and Namjoons care, he thought that maybe he could give them a break. The couple laughed at Yoongi but still, they appreciate the gesture. They haven't gone on a date except for their late night movies in their living room.

Yoongi was sitting on the Kim's couch, staring at the countless toys that littered the floor. Jin will surely kill him if he'd see him now. His eyes laid on the baby in the cot. Baby Kookie was staring at him with his big round eyes. His lips were pressed on a line.

“What is it Little Monster?” Kookie just stared for a whole minute before giggling. Yoongi was amused. Jin's baby is on a whole different level of being a brat sometimes. He walked over the cot then ruffled the baby's hair. The baby reached out to Yoongi while babbling. “What me to carry you?”

“Up!” Kookie screeched. It was the second word he said. The first almost broke his Daddy's heart and it made Yoongi laugh for days. It was one of their family dinners when Namjoon was cooing at his baby. Yoongi would never forget.

“Kookie, do you love Daddy?” Namjoon asked after the twins stopped peppering him with kisses. Jungkook was pouting the whole time the twins were crowding his father.

“No!” Jin dropped his fork after hearing.

“Say that again, baby.” Baby Kookie looked at him.

“No!” And all laughed at it. Baby Kookie broke in giggles after seeing that all his hyungs were laughing, too.

Namjoon sulked for that night until Hobi cuddled with him and kissed his sadness away. Jin regretted not catching it on film.

“What does the little monster wants?” Kookie sat on his arms, looking at him dead in the eyes. “What? Is there something on my face?”

Baby Kookie just giggled. Lucky him Jungkook was on a good mood. So far it was easy. The twins were just playing on their Hobi hyungs room. Hobi is at school and his parents will just pick him up later. He bounced the baby in his arms. He's sure growing up fast.

“What's your name little monster?”

“Ookie.” To say that Yoongi was amused would be an understatement, he cant stop grinning.

“Who is your hyung?”


“Hobi hyung.”

“Oobi ong.”

“Alright. Whatever.” Baby Kookie laughed nonetheless.

He set Kookie in his lap and feed him his bottle. He switched the tv on some videos of children's songs. Kookie was waving his arms around, obviously entranced with the sound and moving colors.

“Appa!” Taehyung grabbed his pant leg and latched on. Jimin came less than a minute after his brother. He dotes on Kookie and the baby was trying to grab his hands. It was their thing. Jimin plays with Kookie and the latter will giggle and grab Jimin's hands. “I'm hungry.”

“Alright. Let’s just wait for Kookie to finish his meal then we’ll cook something to eat. Okay?” Taehyung nodded then started playing with his father’s legs. “What do you want?”

“Pasta!” Taehyung screamed. Yoongi looked at Jimin who was still playing with Kookie.

“How about you, Chim?”

“Uhh..pasta!” Kookie let the bottle slip off his mouth at this time. He grinned widely at Jimin, showing his small teeth.

“Pa-ta!” The three children clapped merrily.

“Pasta it is then. You both keep an eye on this baby while I cook. No running away.”

He let Kookie waddle on the carpeted floor. The baby was finally good at walking on his own. He can already catch up to his hyungs. He was a bit behind on the growth gap given that he was neglected for almost one year of his life. Kookie will turn two in a couple months and Jin was starting to plan for his birthday party.

To Yoongi’s disappointment, he can’t find a noodle in the cupboards. There were no pasta in stock. He turned around to the kids who were playing in the living room and grabbed a handful of his hair. Min Taehyung never settle when he didn’t eat the food he was promised.

Yoongi slowly approached the kids.

“Hey, Tae, do you want chicken?” Taehyung scrunched his nose.

“No, I want pasta.” He stopped playing to look at his Appa.

“You said we’ll eat pasta, Appa.” Jimin supplied. He was cradling Kookie in his lap.

“Pastuh,” Kookie parroted. Yoongi cleared his throat. He’s doing so well in the day. He won’t have three crying children now.

“You see..Uncle Jinnie doesn’t have pasta noodles here.” Taehyung immediately pouted. He sat down and started grabbing at his feet.

“Ah!” Jimin immediately clapped his hands, startling Kookie. “We buy pasta. Uncle Jinnie said we buy pasta.”

“Uncle Jinnie said that?” Yoongi picked Kookie up. Taehyung immediately latched on to his brother.

“Uh-huh,” He was caressing his brother’s arms. “Uncle Jinnie goes to glocely when we asked for ice creams.”

Yoongi hated the idea of going to a public place with three small children in tow. He needs all the attention on the twins while making sure Kookie stays in place without throwing a tantrum. But yeah, they’ll be there real quick so there can’t be problems right?

The grocery is just a few blocks away but going there takes too much of his energy. He strapped Kookie in his seat followed by the twins on either side of him. He was about to drive when Kookie started whining.

“Bun-bun..” Yoongi turned to look at Kookie’s scrunched face. Jimin was also looking at the baby. “Bun-bun, Ookie..Bun-bun..”

“What’s Bun-bun?” Yoongi stared cluelessly into his youngest. Then Jimin started fiddling with his seat belt. “No, Chim, don’t do that.”

“Kookie left Bun-bun.”

“Who’s Bun-bun?” Yoongi was starting to lose it.

“The bunny.” Taehyung sighed and rolled his eyes. Yoobgi is sure he learned that from Jin.

“Bun-bun!!” Kookie screamed.

“Alright.” Yoongi got off his seat and started unbuckling the kids. It’s never safe to leave children alone in the car. “Get off Tae, Chim you next. Come here, Kookie.”

They all went to search for Bun-bun inside the house. Yoongi haven’t seen the toy since the couple left. They searched the bedrooms but there’s no bunny found.

“Hey, Tae, are you sure that bunny is here?” Yoongi quietly asked when they can’t find it.

“I didn’t see, Appa, but Bun-bun should be here.” Tae was scouring the kitchen for the third time.

After almost fifteen minutes of searching the house, they were all exhausted. Yoongi was now carrying Jimin in his arms. They can’t find Bun-bun. The calm situation Yoongi was enjoying turned to chaos. Kookie started bawling. Loud , angry sobs filled the house. Taehyung followed not later. He turned cranky from hunger. Luckily, Jimin was silently watching the two cry their hearts out.

“Appa..” He sadly said.

“Stay here, alright? I have to make Kookie and Taetae happy again.” Yoongi left him on the sofa and went to bounce Kookie in his arms. You can never underestimate the kids attachment to their toys. Not ever.

“Bun-bun just wants to play, Kookie-ah. He’s hiding now and he wants you to find him. But Bun-bun said you have to eat first before you could search again.” Kookie stopped sobbing loudly, he was left sniffing.

“Bun-bun hides?”

“Uh-huh, he just wants to play. We just have to go to the grocery and then we’ll play again. Okay?” The baby was still crying but not that loud anymore. “Get up, Tae. We’ll go to the grocery store now. Just a little bit more.”


“Taehyung, get up on that floor.” Taehyung just rolled around. Jimin was now starting to tear up. He hates it when his Appa is angry.

“I want pasta. I want pasta!” Yoongi knew Taehyung was just cranky. He sometimes become stubborn like his mother.

“If you don’t stand up, Taehyung, I’m giving you time out.”

“I don’t want!” He cried louder this time. Time out is boring and he hates it when his Appa is angry at him.

“Stand up, Min Taehyung.” He gently but firmly grabbed his son’s flailing arms and helped him up. “Go sit there at the corner. Don’t stand up and be quiet until I say so.”

“Appa..” And Yoongi now realized the situation he’s in. Jimin started sniffling, tears falling one after another. He first watched Taehyung as he slowly cried his way towards the corner.

“Stay there until I tell you. Stop crying.” Taehyung stopped sobbing and faced the bare wall. Yoongi sat beside the crying Jimin. “It’s okay, Chim. Tae is just stubborn. Do you want to help Appa fry chicken?”

Jimin nodded as he tried to calm his hiccups.

Yoongi gave Jimin the task of beating the eggs. Most of it was flying around than actually staying inside the bowl. He also put Kookie in his high chair and gave him a bit of dough to play around with. He ended up ordering for pasta because Taehyung will never recover without it.

When the food arrived and they finished frying chicken, he went over Taehyung.

“Taehyung, are you sorry now?” Taehyung nodded solemnly. “Do you know why you got time out?”

“Because I was bad.” Yoongi eyed his baby boy. Taehyung, his pride and joy. He was always reminded of Taeji’s smile when Taehyung smiles.

“Come here,” Taehyung automatically hugged his father once he opened his arms. “Don’t throw tantrums when something doesn’t go your way, okay? It’s not right to scream when you were talking to elderly.”

“Sorry, Appa.” Tae hugged his father tightly.

“Kiss Appa.” Taehyung kissed him all over. “I love you. Come on, Chim and Kookie are waiting for us.”

After their lunch, Yoongi assembled the children in the living room where all the toys were scattered. He wanted it gone before Jin eats him alive. He fetched the big box where all the Kim’s toys were stored then placed it beside the kids.

“Alright boys, I want you to keep all the toys in the box. Like this.” He picked the heaviest toy in the bunch then placed it inside the box. Eager eyes were looking at him. “Every toy should be placed here.”

“Okay!” Taehyung happily said. He started picking one toy and dumping it inside the box. Jimin followed closely. Dumping toys as carefully as possible.

Kookie waddled towards Yoongi with a pout.

“Bun-bun..” Of course, how could the baby forget.

“Come here. We’ll go find Bun-bun.” They scoured Kookie’s room then to Hobi’s then their parent’s. Yoongi let the boy search for his own. But they didn’t find any bunny stuffed animal which made Kookie cry.

He went down the living room with the sobbing Kookie to check on the twins. They were done with storing all the toys away. Yoongi decided that it’s better to have the kids take their nap. He laid the mattress with Tae’s help. The twins sent themselves to nap while Yoongi is busy calming Kookie down. It was almost half an hour before he tires himself to sleep.

Yoongi had just enough time to clean up before making snacks for the kiddos. Kookie woke up first. He walked to Yoongi in the kitchen and demanded to be cuddled. He immediately latched onto Yoongi. His eyes were puffy.

“No Bun-bun?” He asked innocently.

“I think he still is hiding. Don’t worry, maybe Appa knows were Bun-bun hides.”

Yoongi managed to gather all the children in the table. He was telling them a story of the pirate and a beautiful songbird. The Kim couple with their sunshine walked in the door after a little over 4pm.

Jin immediately noticed Kookie when the baby walked towards him. Big fat tears sliding down his cheeks. Jin looked at Yoongi nervously.

“What’s the matter Kookie-ah,” Kookie latched onto him, clinging for dear life. Little Hobi was already on the table doting on Chim and Tae.

“Bun-bun..” Jin melted at how adorable his baby is.

“Oh, honey, Appa is sorry. We didn’t notice that Bun-bun came with us.” Jin went over his bags and rummaged inside. He pulled out a little battered pink bunny. “Here he is.”

Kookie immediately hugged the bunny close to his chest then later smothered it with kisses.

“You don’t know the trouble we’re in when we can’t find Bun-bun. Why do you even carry it with you when your son is here?” Yoongi complained.

“You know that you could always call in these kinds of situations, right?” Jin teased. Yoongi rolled his eyes, effectively making Hobi laugh and later he was copying Yoongi’s eye rolling and made the twins laugh. And here he thought little Tae learned the art of eye rolling from Jin.

“Whatever.” He helped the twins out of their chairs. “We’re coming home now so you could rest.”

“Thank you so much, Yoongi. This means a lot to us.” Namjoon clapped him on the back.

“Anytime. Friends, remember.” Yoongi showcased his gummy smile before hauling their bags. “Come on. Say goodbye now.”

“Goodbye, Uncle Joonie. Goodbye Uncle Jinnie. Bye Hobi hyung. Bye Kookie.” Jimin singsonged. Taehyung just waved his hands goodbye before asking to be picked up.

Yoongi held Jimin’s hand while he adjusted Taehyung on his arms.

Chapter Text

When Yoongi woke up, he immediately felt like something is amiss. He rolled out of bed and do his usual chores while thinking whatever it is that he missed. When he was on the last batch of pancakes, his premonition that something is wrong intensified along with Taehyung’s crying.

He hurriedly checked on the twins’ room.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He carried his baby in his arms. Jimin stirred in his sleep and Yoongi hoped he will not cry, too. Little Jimin cracked an eye open and whine when he saw his brother crying. “It’s fine, Chim. Tae will be fine, go back to bed, it’s still early.”

Jimin rolled back to sleep after his Appa kissed him on the forehead.

“Is it nightmares, huh?” Taehyung just continued crying. When Yoongi reached the kitchen, Taehyung coughed wetly. And that raised a couple of flags to Yoongi. He placed his hands on the child’s forehead.


Yoongi went over the cabinet and fished the medical box. He sat the fussy Taehyung on the counter and grabbed the thermometer.

“Let’s trap Mr. Stickman on Taetae’s mouth. Open up, Tae!” Taehyung just grunted. He let out another wet cough.

“No, Appa. I don’t feel good.”The little boy grabbed his Appa and hugged him tightly.

“I’ll let you cuddle with Appa on his big bed only if you let Appa take your temperature.” Taehyung looked at him with red, shiny eyes. “And I’ll let you sleep there if you drink medicine and be a big boy.”

Taehyung just grunted again but opened up his mouth. Yoongi took his temperature. His little baby was running quite the fever. He made little Tae eat even a little bit and made him drink his medicine. They both headed towards Yoongi’s room. With Taehyung being sick, Jimin will surely be next. Yoongi will make sure Jimin will be free of the virus Taehyung caught. That baby can’t afford to be sick anymore.

They cuddled under a thick layer of blanket. Taehyung was splayed on Yoongi’s chest, his body heat and the blanket was roasting Yoongi’s skin. He hugged Taehyung and hoped his fever will go away immediately.

He must’ve fallen asleep because the next thing he knew, Jimin was already beside him. He was quietly doodling on a notebook he got on his night stand. Jimin’s other hand was holding a piece of pancake.

So much for putting Taehyung on quarantine.

Jimin noticed that his father was awake so he smiled brightly at him.

“Where did you get the pancake, big boy?” Yoongi was sure he placed it on the kitchen table. Thinking that Jimin may have climbed the chairs without supervision worried him. He can tolerate spidermans in the house but not when they cry from falling and hurting themselves.

“Kitchen. Chim is hungry.” Jimin was now facing him, notebook was set aside. He was still nibbling the pancake.

“How did you get to the table? I told you no climbing.”

“I fly, Appa. Angels don’t climb.” Yoongi knew not to argue. He’ll never win with these arguments with his children. While Jimin is weird, Taehyung is weirder. He was once caught on the twins banter when Taehyung claimed the three of them were aliens while Jimin insisted that they all came from watermelons. When Yoongi told them they were wrong and they all came from Appa and Eomma, the twins rolled their eyes and called him weird. The nerve.

Jimin crawled over to them and sprawled over Taehyung. His twin whined and Jimin was amused. Yoongi gently yanked Jimin off Taehyung.

“No baby, Taetae is sick.” Jimin pouted.


“Yes, he has a fever.”

“I’ll kiss Taetae better.” Jimin was about to jump to kiss Taehyung but Yoongi shifted to catch the kiss instead. Jimin giggled. “Appa!”

“You can’t, big boy. You’re not even allowed near. You’ll get sick, too.”

“Don wanna leave Taetae.”

“I know, baby.” Yoongi looked around the room, searching for something to distract Jimin. He saw the notebook. “What are you drawing?”

Jimin excitedly went back to the notebook. On the page were crooked picture of people. There were stick figure that Yoongi struggled identifying. If not for the number of kids on either side of bigger stick figures, he couldn’t have guessed.

“This is Appa, me and Taetae. This is Uncle Jinnie, Uncle Namjoon, Hobi hyung and Kookie.” He pointed to each drawing. Yoongi smiled. He pointed to a box-like drawing on the side.

“What’s that?”

“A car!” Jimin exclaimed. Taehyung was now lazily watching his brother.

“Do you want to color the car?” When Jimin nodded excitedly, Yoongi struggled to reach the drawer on his bedside where he kept a separate case of crayons saved in times like this. When Yoongi wanted to sleep in but the twins were already bothering him, he hands them the crayons to keep them busy.

Taehyung held tighter when he moved. The father and son watched Jimin color. When Jimin finished coloring everything, he reached for the ballpoint pen once again and scribbled. He drew clouds and among them was an angel floating by. He drew a dress and long hair. Yoongi was moved.

“What’s that, Jiminie?” The little boy proceeded to color the new additions before pointing at the angel.

“Mommy,” Yoongi trembled and subconsciously hugged Taehyung tighter.

“Where is Mommy, baby?” Yoongi was now trying his hardest not to let his tears fall. He can’t be vulnerable when both his babies were looking at him.

“Mommy is in heaven. She's an angel and she watch over Appa, Taetae and Jiminie.”

“Are you sad, Appa?” Taehyung finally said. He reached out to wipe the tears that slipped from his father’s eyes.

“No baby, Appa is not sad.” Both the kids were staring at him with worry in their eyes.

“Are you hurt?” Jimin innocently asked. He placed a hand on his father’s forehead. “You’re sick?”

“I’m not, honey, don’t worry.” He caressed Jimin’s fluffy cheeks. “I just miss Mommy so so much.”

His tears made a race down his face. The twins reached out at the same time to wipe them away and it made him giggle. No space would be there that his kids can’t fill.

“I love you both.” He kissed them on their cheeks.

“I love you, too, Appa.” Taehyung murmured.

“I love you, Appa. Mommy loves you, too.” Yoongi looked at his Jiminie and he can see Taeji in his son’s face, muttering the same words of love. He’s grateful for both his children. Sure he misses Taeji so much but he doesn’t dwell on it as much as he did before. Taeji lives in both his kids. He can’t ask for more.

“Okay, now leave Taetae to rest. We can’t afford you catching a cold, too, Jiminie.” Yoongi moves Taehyung to the bed and picked Jimin off it. He thought it was for the best but he didn’t know he’ll start the drama for the day.

Taehyung sniffed the moment his Appa moved out of the bed. Silent tears were falling from his eyes.

“Appa said that I could cuddle if I trap the temometer.” He crawled and latched onto his father’s torso. “Don’t leave, Appa.”

Yoongi looked between his kids. He can’t leave Taehyung in this state and he can't leave Jimin on his own. He can't leave Jimin in the same space as Taehyung, he’ll just get sick himself.

“I’m hungry.” Jimin complained.

Yoongi wanted to split his body so both children can have him and attend to their needs. As a last resort, he wrapped Taehyung into a big warm burrito and carried him downstairs with Jimin following close behind. He prepared Jimin’s breakfast, and sure enough one highchair was dragged to the kitchen table.

He watched and waited for the kid to finish. Taehyung was already asleep in his arms again. Once done, little Chim carried his plate to the sink. They were already being independent on their own little ways.

He directed Jimin towards the living room and have him watch TV.

“Stay here, okay? I’m going to put Tae in bed. Promise me you’ll be a big boy,” Yoongi reached his pinkie towards the little boy who excitedly wrapped his own pinkie around his father’s.


Yoongi ruffled his hair before walking upstairs with a bundle of Taehyung. He gently placed the kid on his bed and covered him with blankets. Taehyung grabbed his shirt.

“Appa, hugs?” He can’t deny Taehyung of anything. He carefully laid beside little Taehyung and cuddled with him. He started humming while stroking his son’s hair. He needs to sleep so he can check on Jimin downstairs.


Jin was in the middle of arranging his calendar of events for the whole of August. He needs to carefully plan his baby’s second birthday. He was browsing the net with all the themes and cake ideas when the phone rang. He swiftly lifted it with his left without breaking eye contact with his laptop screen.

“Hello, this is Jin speaking.”

“Uncle Jinnie.” Jin was surprised so he looked at the caller ID and sure enough, it was from the Min household. Jimin was calling him.

“How..” Jin can’t quite comprehend. But before he could start his questions, little Jimin was already talking.

“Uncle Jinnie, Taetae is sick. He was coughing and has fever. Appa is making him feel better with cuddles.”

Jin tried to piece the information together.

“You called me by yourself?” There was a happy confirmation from the other line. “Where is your Appa?”

“He’s with Taetae.” There was noise in the background and Jin can identify the songs from a cartoon the kids love watching. Jimin is alone.

“Oh, baby. What are you doing right now?”

"I am watching Peppa Pig but I get lonely so I called you. I’m a big boy now Uncle Jinnie, I can use telepome!” There were merry giggles from the boy and Jin can’t help it but smile. Jimin is so adorable.

Jimin was just talking to him about everything. He also mentioned that he drew his Mommy. Jin bets all his money that Yoongi cried. He just let the boy talk and talk when he heard a voice.

“Who are you talking to, Jiminie?”

“Uncle Jinnie,”

There was a bit of a static, like the phone was being rubbed into something.

“Hey, Jin, it’s Yoongi. Did you call?” Jin laughed.

“Oh no, Yoongi, Jimin dialed on his own.” Yoongi murmured on the other line. “I heard Taehyung is sick. Do you want me to come over?”

“No, it’s fine now. His fever is going down finally, sleep helped a lot. I’ll just let him drink another medicine for his cough.”



In the end, Jin visited the Min household. Yoongi also came down with the flu. He has to be quarantined with Taehyung or else Jimin gets it too. No one would be there to cook them some soup so Jin has to go.

Jimin was all too pleased to have company.

Chapter Text

Yoongi was mad when he was awoken early on a Saturday morning. Waking up wasn’t the issue though, it’s the news that he had to report to work. He tried arguing with Ilhoon but no one was really there to take his place.

Grunting, he prepared to go to work. Once dressed up, he went to the twins room to get them ready to stay with the Kim’s. The twin’s room was bathed in soft snores, the star night light casting a soft pattern against the wall. He started training the kids to have their own beds but frowned when he saw Taehyung’s bed empty. The said boy was in his brother’s bed, limbs tangled together. Jimin was tucked under Taehyung’s chin and they have both their arms around each other. And Yoongi doesn’t want to wake them up when they were this calm and comfortable.

He looked at his babies before gently sitting at the edge. The dipping of the mattress awoken Jimin, he stared at his father before croaking out a greeting. He untangled himself from his twin which woke up the latter.

“Where you goin’ Appa?” Taehyung asked, sleep was still heavy on his voice. Both boys were now clinging to him.

“Appa was called to work.” Jimin reached out to cup his face.

“But it’s Saturday,” The little boy whined.

“I know, angel, Appa is sad, too. But, hey, you’ll get to stay with Hobi hyung and play.” He sat one boy after the other on the bed and patted their bed heads. Then he sternly looked at each kid. “Alright, reminders again. What should you always remember, Jiminie?”

“No running, no hard playing, rest, eat the candies and tell when not feeling well.” Jimin counted them on his fingers. He proudly showed his father all five fingers.

“Very good! How about Taetae?”

“No loud shouting, eat broccoli, no candies before bedtime, uhmm..” Taehyung put his fingers under his chin and furrowed his brows. “ escaping naps and listen to Uncle Jinnie. Appa, I will take care of Chimchim.”

“Aww, that’s so nice, Taetae. Thank you!” He kissed Tae’s forehead then lifted them both to the bathroom.

Yoongi picked the clothes and placed it on the living room and let the twins change on their own while he prepared their milk. They would have to eat at Jin’s. It was already 6:30 and he has to be at work at 8. He placed the warmed milk on sippy cups and let them drink it while on trip. It’s not ideal but he was running out of options.

The twins were struggling putting on their clothes. They made it past their shirts but the pants were still a struggle. Taehyung was mindlessly putting both his feet on one leg hole. And Jimin was wearing the pants on his arms while he laughed at it. Yoongi sighed as he helped put them correctly.

The car ride was peaceful and quiet. Both kids were silently drinking their milk. Yoongi pulled over one bakery and got the kids out of the car. They walked the aisle and looked at the breads. The twins were fascinated by the fancy animal cuts.

“Appa! I want rabbit..and chicken, too!” Taehyung excitedly tugged at his hands.

“Appa, cake!” Jimin exclaimed, face almost glued at the glass display. The cashier was cooing at the boys. Yoongi doesn’t want to buy the cake. They were trying to limit Jimin’s consumption of sugar and tries as much as possible to give him only healthy foods.

“How about the apple tarts, Jiminie. Look they’re pretty.” Jimin pouted and stared longingly at the cherry cake.

“But I wanna give it to Uncle Jinnie.”

“Alright, whatever makes you happy.” Jimin smiled so bright it made Yoongi swoon.

“Can I have cake too?”

“No, Taehyung! Just go pick your animals.”

In the end, Yoongi spent quite the fortune on all the breads. They all came out of there carrying a cherry cake, blueberry cheesecake and assortment of animal breads. He swore not to take them to fancy bakeries again.

Yoongi struggled ushering his kids towards the Kim’s door while hauling their bags and some of the bread. He made Jimin carry his cake and he gave Taehyung his cheesecake to carry, too. The doorbell rang for quite some time before Namjoon’s head popped out. His hair was wet and messy and he was buttoning his shirt.

“Oh, good morning.” Namjoon said as he let the Mins inside.

“Where are you going?” Yoongi asked quite suspiciously. “Don’t tell me you’re also called to work on this fine Saturday,”

“You guessed it right.” Namjoon was smirking as he towel dries his hair. Taehyung has already let his cake go in favor of clutching at his Uncle Monnie’s legs. “ too?”


“Uncle Jinnie!!” Jimin shouted and ran towards his Uncle Jinnie the moment he saw him walking down the stairs. He was carefully hugging the box of cake in front of him.

“Slow down bud, you’ll fall.” Jimin just giggled merrily.

“This is for you.” Jimin gave him the box. Jin smiled as he opened it, a bit of the cake was smudged towards the edge. He thanked Jimin then peppered him with kisses, making the little boy giggle.

“This is for you, too!” Taehyung ran towards Jin as well, handing him his cheesecake. For all Jin knew, Taehyung just want to be peppered with kisses too.

“Why are you both so extra sweet today? It’s not even my birthday.” Yoongi scoffed. He was arranging the twins bags.

“Tell me about it. It wasn’t even cheap!”

“Well, you could’ve refused.” Jin retorted.

“Oh, if I could.” Yoongi rolled his eyes. The twins laughed then both went to cuddle. Little Hobi later walked down with his hair still all over the place.

“I can hear the twins.” He was still half asleep, but his eyes shot open when he caught a glimpse of his friends. “Tae! Chim!”

The three kids hugged and jumped around. Yoongi got his bag and prepared to leave. Namjoon is not far behind.

“I have to go, Jin. thank you for looking after them.”

“Not a problem. Drive safe!” Yoongi kissed the kids goodbye.

“Bye hon,” Namjoon said as he placed a swift kiss on his husbands lips. There was an echoing ‘eew!’ from Yoongi and Hobi. “I’ll see you later.”

The Dads left, leaving Jin with three children.

“Appa, I’m hungry.”

“Oh, yeah, c'mon kids. Let’s have some cake.” he winked at the little boys who squealed happily.

Jin let them all have a slice, saving the animal breads for later.

Hobi and Taehyung were running around the house. Jin has so many emails to deal with so he just let Jimin and Jungkookie play on the plush carpet. He made sure to keep the two close to his reach.

“Kookie-ah, say Appa.” Jimin was doing a good job in keeping baby Kookie in one place. The little boy appointed himself as Kookie’s tutor even when he himself can’t write his name correctly yet.

“Appa!” Kookie squealed.

“Good job!” Jimin patted Kookie’s head. He also stamped a small star on Kookie’s hands. “Say Daddy.”

“Dada!” Kookie started grabbing Jimin’s lips but Jimin pried his hands off almost immediately.

“No, Daddy. Da-ddy.”

“Dada!” Kookie shouted a little louder this time. Jin was just listening and stealing glances from time to time.

“Whatever. Say Hobi hyung.” Kookie giggled, which also made Jimin giggle.

“Oobi ong.” Jimin laughed at how Kookie pronounced the words. Jin find it amazing how Jimin can effortlessly made Kookie laugh. The boisterous baby laugh saved only for Jimin. Even Namjoon can’t make Kookie laugh like that.

“You’re so cute, Kookie. Now say Taehyungie..Tae hyung? Taehyung hyung?” Jimin knitted his eyebrows together and it made Kookie laugh even more. The little boy walked to his Uncle Jinnie. “Uncle Jinnie, is it Taehyung hyung or Tae hyung?”

“Both are correct, honey.” Jimin just stared at him blankly before nodding his head.

“Taehyungie hyung.” Jimin scratched his head. “Say Chiminie hyung.”

“Diminie,” Kookie was giggling his heart out.

“No, Chiminie hyung.”




“Kookie is rude!” Kookie giggled before reaching out and kissing Jimin on the lips. The kids does that all the time. Jin has just enough time to catch Kookie sitting back on his bum.

“THE FLOOR IS LAVAAA!” Hobi howlered as he latched on the handrail of the stairs leading to their rooms. The three jumped violently. Jin subconsciously lifted his legs off the floor. Jimin also scrambled to climb the sofa, leaving poor Kookie behind.

Taehyung climbed the chair in the kitchen.

“I’m okay!” He called back to Hoseok.

“Someone save Kookie! My brother is sitting on the lava. He’ll die!” Hobi’s voice was filling the house.

“No! No!” Kookie was close to crying.

“Here, Kookie.” Jimin urged the toddler to walk towards him. When he came closer, he heaved Kookie upwards. His breaths quickened when he managed to pull Kookie up the sofa.

“Are you okay, Chim?” Jin watched the fast rising and falling of his chest.

Jimin managed to bob his head up and down.

Jin looked at his son who was hugging the hand rail.

“Hobi, why do you always scare us?” The boy looked at him with his big brown eyes.

“I did not. The dinosaurs are chasing us so we have to make the floor lava so that they can’t enter the house without melting.”

“I don’t know what to do with you kiddo.” Jin stood to prepare their lunch when Taehyung screamed.

“Uncle Jinnie, don’t! You burn!”

“Oh, Taetae, Uncle Jinnie has iron legs, I won’t burn.” He started taking out plates with Taehyung sitting on the chair he was standing on a while ago. “Can you pass down the plates, Tae?”

“Are you a robot, Uncle Jinnie?” Little Taehyung asked while he was placing the plates in front of the chairs. He was crawling the space of the table.

“Yes, Tae, and I’m fireproof. Fire can’t harm me. Sit down properly, honey.” He went over the living room to get his babies. He carried Jimin in his arms and helped Kookie walk on his own. “Come on Hobi baby, let’s eat.”

“But the floor is lava. Carry me too Appa.”

“Hobi, Kookie is walking on the lava. I told you I’m a robot, you two are my sons therefore you’re robots, too.” Hobi’s eyes widen comically.


“Really, honestly, truly.” Little Hobi made hand gestures, body contorting. He was trying to transform to a robot. Kookie was bouncing on Jin’s side, squealing happily. Jimin was also clapping along, smile as bright as Hobi’s.


Sending the kids to nap was making Jin’s head ache. He made the greatest mistake of convincing the kids they were robots who are fireproof. Now all kids were crawling on the floor, making their own play and script. No one wanted to take a nap but Jin. He still have half of his emails to read and respond to.

“Even robots sleep, too.” Jin explained to Hoseok when he managed to grab the little boy.

“No, they don’t feel sleepy, Appa. I’m not sleepy.” Hobi ran away after that. Chasing little Taehyung who was slipping his body on crevices.

Jin sighed loudly and cradled Kookie in his arms. He cooed at his baby and slowly lulled him to sleep. He slowly laid him on the blankets he prepared a while ago. Jimin walked over to him when he saw Kookie was sleeping already.

“Are you tired, Chim?” The little boy nodded before laying beside Kookie obediently. Jin doesn’t need to tell him to do so. He got an idea.

Jin went over the drawers where he knew he kept some ribbons. He found a red one then a scissor. He cut four long strings of ribbons then went over the sleepy Jimin.

“Hey baby boy, Uncle Jinnie will charge you now, okay? Robots needs to sleep so they can re-charge. Here, look, isn’t this pretty?” Jimin smiled, hands trying to grab the ribbons. “Okay, I’ll tie this here then connect it to me so you’ll charge. Okay?”


“Very good.” Jin tied the ribbon loosely on Jimin’s wrist. He also tied one on Kookie before heading towards his laptop and tying the ends of the strings on his feet, prompting it on the table. Now all he needs is for the two naughty boys to notice.

It doesn’t take that long when Hobi and Taehyung are walking towards him, eyeing their siblings.

“Appa, what’s that?” Hobi asked, he climbed over his father’s lap. Taehyung was also clinging to his arms, obviously sleepy.

“The robots are charging. Do you see this?” He pointed at his ankle where the ends were tied. “I am charging them so that they can play later.”

“Charge me, too, Uncle Jinnie.” Taehyung grabbed one of the ribbons on the table and held his wrist towards Jin. “Appa said no escaming nap.”

“Escaping, Tae.” Jin wanted to squish the adorable boy. He tied the ribbon and Taehyung voluntarily laid beside Jimin, who was already off to la la land. All the energy left Taehyung, he immediately fell asleep.

“Am I still going to be a robot when I wake up, Appa?” Hobi was already yawning in Jin’s arms.

“You can be whatever you want to be, Baby.”

“I can be Daddy?”

“You can be like Daddy.” Jin peppered Hobi with kisses.

“Okay. I love you so much.” Hobi kissed Jin on the lips.

“I love you more.”

Raising kids takes all the effort but every effort is returned by the kid’s smiles and kisses.


Yoongi came in an hour later. He eyed Jin who had his ankle tied to red ribbons.

“Whoa, if I see Namjoon tied like this,” He motioned to the little boys sleeping peacefully. “I’d say you are kinky.”

“Shut up, Yoongi.” Jin blushed violently.

Jin just rolled his eyes. He’ll have to deal with their eldest kid, Yoongi. He just hopes a kid wakes up to occupy Yoongi. The sarcasm is just too much when Yoongi is bored to death.

Chapter Text

Yoongi was once again trapped in the “business meeting” he tried so hard to get out of. He was seriously thinking that Ilhoon hates him, which is really not the case. Ilhoon was also complaining, saying that Seungjae will have a recital the following week. He has to accompany the kid to lessons and practice. And yes, along with Yoongi’s reasons, it was denied.

Jin was also attending a seminar for business owners around the City. And it leaves Namjoon with four kids to watch over.

The kids were now rowdy, and Namjoon can’t keep them in one place for a long time. Hobi always drags Tae around, playing with anything they can get their hands on. Jimin was doodling on a sketch pad but Namjoon has to supervise because sometimes, Jimin thinks the wall is a better place to draw on. And there is Kookie, the adorable little baby Kookie. He was waddling around, pushing everything out of order. He already knocked the laundry basket and Namjoon took a good 15 minutes placing the contents back in and securing it out of Kookie’s reach.

“No, Chim, here. You draw here, okay? No painting the walls.” He has just turned his back to his baby when there is a crisp crash. “Oh fu-dge, Kookie! Oh no, your Appa’s gonna kill me.”

Kookie knocked the telephone out of the small table.

“INCOMING!!” Hoseok zoomed fast, followed by Taehyung. There were muddy footprints after their trail.

Namjoon’s jaw hit the floor. He ran after the two and found them on the backyard. Some of the plants were trampled on. There were flowers on the ground.

“Oh my goodness, Hobi. Your Appa’s really gonna kill us now.” Both the kids looked up at him. Taehyung held up his hands for Namjoon to see. There’s a tiny snail on his hand.

“What’s this Uncle Monnie?”

“That’s a little snail, Tae. Where did you find it?”

“We found it on the flower beds. Here, Appa!” Hobi tugged at Namjoon’s hand. They all scoured the ground for more snails. Namjoon has completely forgotten that he has two more little boys inside the house.

“What are you doing, Tae?” Jimin was holding Kookie’s hands. They both have mismatched shoes.

“Look, Chim.” Taehyung made Jimin come closer. On the ground was a collection of the snail family. “Snails!”

Little Jimin was not impressed. Namjoon wanted to laugh. Yoongi’s kids were not that exposed to dirt. Taehyung was the worst with dirt and slime. He would cry when he touched something he’s not familiar with. But Yoongi helped him overcome it by playing with clays and slime. It was a disaster at first with Taehyung screaming his head off. He never attempted it with Jimin seeing Taehyung’s reaction.

Namjoon is proud of Yoongi, the younger Dad properly raised his lovely angels on his own. He can’t think of how he’ll manage without Jin. looking at the mess created within just half the day, Namjoon is a bit disappointed with his parenting skills. He can manage a perfect few hours of watching them but a little more longer and his magic begins to wear off.

“Do you want to look for snails, too, Chim?” Kookie was trying to eat one of the snails so Namjoon carried him on his arms.

“No,” The little boy turned his back and went to the potted flowers.

They all tried to restore Jin’s garden but in the end Namjoon broke three more pots and Kookie succeeded in shredding a flower in his hands. They all went inside when Jimin complained of the heat.

“Daddy, can we eat now?” Hoseok asked.

“Sure, big boy. How about you all wait in the kitchen while Daddy prepare your food?” All kids went to sit in the kitchen.

“Want milk!” Kookie was already turning fussy. “Dada!”

“Wait a minute, baby, Daddy is..” Namjoon broke the plate he was holding. Hoseok face palmed.

“NO!” Kookie wailed. Big fat tears were rolling down his eyes.

“Daddy? How about we order food?”

“Good idea.”

So they wait for the food to arrive. Kookie was once again quiet, he has a bottle of milk, sucking quietly and contentedly. The three boys were playing a robot figurine.

The food arrived half an hour later. The three kids happily ate their jajangmyeon and fried dumpling. Kookie also left his bottle for the dumplings. Jimin is asking his hands to be wiped after every minute. He almost didn’t eat the food when he saw the sauce is black. Namjoon ran out of alibis so he just put the food into the little boy’s mouth.

“Uncle Monnie..” Jimin held out his sauce stained hands. Namjoon wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Jimin complains of his stained hands but his face was smeared with it. Pasta is still a mess to eat. Even Taehyung is struggling with his fork. The noodle will always slip out of his fork when he brought it to his mouth.

“Ugh, noodle hates me.”

“Do it like this.” Namjoon showed how to twirl the noodles in their fork. Of course Hobi is doing so well but even he has some sauce smeared on his face.

“Kookie,” Kookie opened his mouth, too. Namjoon took turns feeding Kookie and feeding himself.

The afternoon was almost uneventful.




The kids refused to be put down and nap. Everybody was engrossed in playing. Even little Jungkook was following his hyungs around. He was even made a king in one of their robot plays. The twins were so noisy, always doing whatever their Hobi hyung does. Climbing the chairs, crawling under the bed and even squeezing their bodies on crevices.

Namjoon just let them be. He was tidying up whatever mess he can.

“Daddy,” Hoseok ran down the stairs and hugged his father’s leg. “Kookie said you’re the dragon. Please, please be the dragon. Tae and Chim’s castle can’t be destroyed without the dragon. I need a dragon, Daddy.”

“Alright. Be ready, I will knock down your castles.”

It was like Namjoon was taken back to his childhood. The pillow fortress, the imaginary constituents and the childish gameplay. It was all nostalgic. They roughhoused with the little exemption of Jimin. There were some grunting and biting and the children’s’ squeals. Kookie was babbling whatever a young king would say.

It was heaven until Namjoon stepped on a rubber toy. He has Hobi in his arms when he slipped. His large body falling backwards. He unintentionally pushed Taehyung towards Jimin in his fall. Two heads colliding painfully followed by crying. There was also a sharp pain in his forehead where little Hobi slammed his lips with. His cries were so heartbreaking.

There was blood on the little boy’s lips. The previous laughter was now a collective cry of pain. The twins were sitting on the floor, clutching their own bruising foreheads, crying as if the world has turned its back on them.

“I’m sorry. Oh my gosh!” Namjoon forgot all his pains when he saw his son’s split lip. He immediately carried him on the bathroom to get the first aid then went back to the kids. “Let me fix you up, big boy.”

While he was fixing Hobi, Taehyung went over him and tugged at his arms. The little boy’s face was completely wet with tears.

“” Taehyung was pointing at the red bump on his forehead. Namjoon finished applying some cream on Hobi’s wound then cradled little Taehyung on his arms.

“I’m sorry, Taetae. Let me see it.” He carefully blew on Taehyung’s bump while his eyes were on Kookie. The little baby was soothing the crying Jimin, who just continued crying. Kookie shed his tears later, joining the anguished cries of his hyungs.

It went on for some time. Namjoon now has Jimin and Kookie in his arms. The crying was reduced but still there. Namjoon felt so sorry.

When Jin entered the room, with that worry in his eyes, Hoseok started crying again walking over to his Appa for some comfort. Jin look at Namjoon.

“I kinda don’t want to know what happened here.” Jin effortlessly carried Hoseok in his arms.

“I..I slipped and..this happened..” Namjoon attempted moving but noticed Taehyung has already slept with his head on his leg.

“I’m not even surprised.” Namjoon just offered a defeated smile. “You didn’t send them to nap, this happens.” Hoseok has already dozed off when his Appa started bouncing him lightly on his arms.

“They don’t want to.”

“And they don’t know any better.” Jin went over to transfer Hoseok into his bed. He then walked over Namjoon and planted a soft kiss on his forehead. “Let’s get them to bed.”

Jin slowly lifted Taehyung but the little boy still managed to open his eyes.

“Unicorns..” Jin can’t help the laugh that escaped his lips.

“Sleep, honey. You need that.”


Namjoon slumped on the sofa after properly setting the kids on the bed. He was sulking and thinking of what he did. Jin later joined him with two cups of coffee.

“Did you give Chim those markers again?” Jin asked as he hands him the mug.

“No, I didn’t.” Jin scoffed.

“Oh, so you draw this thing on the sofa,” Namjoon was mortified. He looked at what Jin was tracing on the side of the couch. And there, scribbled on the white fabric was the black marker of the scrawny man and four little boys. A crooked “Uncle Monnie” was written above the big man’s head.

“Fu--, I’m sorry, hon. I knew I kept all the markers away. How did I miss this when I am keeping an eye out on him the whole time. I’m so terrible at this, honey. I’m sorry.” Namjoon hid his face in his hands. He felt Jin’s warm hand caressing his shoulder.

“I’m not mad. And don’t think you’re terrible with them. Just because accidents happen doesn’t mean you’re terrible at keeping them company. Remember that time when Yoongi was still learning parenting, he fed the boys pasta which nearly choked them but look, Yoongi is good with the children.” Jin kissed the red bump on his husband’s forehead. “The kids adore you, Namjoon. Jimin wouldn’t have drawn you if he dislikes you. Our sunshine wanted to be like you when he grows up. You are Tae’s strongest man-bear and Kookie loves you so much.”

“Yeah, that baby loves me because he can just order me around. That clever little punk,” Jin kissed him on the lips before going back to his cup of coffee.

“You still have to clean that off or better yet, buy me a new couch,” Jin said nonchalantly. “You can add that couch to your ‘the-kids-seriously-loves-me’ gallery in the storage.”

Namjoon just laughed before cuddling closer to his husband.


Yoongi came in a little after five in the afternoon. The kids bounced back to life and were playing in the living room. The little boys, except Kookie, all have pink and puffy eyes. Hobi has a wound on his lips and the twins, plus Namjoon, has bruising bumps on their foreheads.

“Did you allow the kids to have headbutting game with you now?”

“Ha-ha, very funny.” Namjoon rolled his eyes and turned his back to Yoongi.

“Ha-ha, very funny.” Taehyung parroted. He laughed boisterously when Yoongi erupted in giggles. It made all the kids laugh.

“Oongi, up!” Kookie was clutching Yoongi’s pants before the man picked him up.

“What’s up, chip?” Yoongi started calling Kookie “Chip” after his last visit. Kookie pointed at the playing Jimin.

“Ong cry,” Kookie’s vocabulary is expanding day by day. It was mostly thanks to his tutor’s (Jimin) efforts.

“Why?” This time, baby Kookie pointed at his Daddy.

“Dada, bad.” Namjoon hid his face in his hands again.

“Argh, when will I hear the end of this.”

And of course, Namjoon continued hearing it even weeks after. Yoongi wouldn’t let is rest and Kookie won’t let it go either. They would always gang up on Namjoon.

And Namjoon is starting to believe that Jungkook is Yoongi’s secret son.

Chapter Text

It’s that time of the year when the parent’s were having so much workload. Namjoon and Yoongi both can’t pull out of the responsibilities in their companies and Jin had been struggling with his own. Four little babies were almost being neglected.

Jin was taking phone calls after phone calls ever since his photography studio made a partnership with a well known hotel in the city. His team was very busy making promotional videos and banners for the grand re-opening of another branch. It was too much to take.

“Appa, the pot is boiling and it’s spilling.” Jin spared a moment to look at his little sunshine.

“Wait a second, Baekhyun,” Jin placed the call on hold and looked at Hobi properly this time. “I’m sorry baby, what did you say?”

“The pot is boiling and spilling.”

“Oh!” Jin ran to the kitchen and immediately turned off the stove. There’s a spill all over the pot and the pasta was sticking to the bottom of the pan. “Guess we have to order some food. Go watch over your little brothers, baby.”

“Do you need help, Appa?” Jin leaned in to kiss the little boy’s forehead. His little sunshine has grown so much.

“I’ll be fine, love. Go play now.”

Jin got back to the conversation with Baekhyun. Jin entrust the operations to him since he decided to stay at home most of the time. Baekhyun helped him a lot. And now, the latter was convincing him to attend the company meeting.

“I can’t go over the main branch, Baek. the kids are with me and I don’t trust the daycare centers that much.”

“I understand, hyung, but you have to hear the reports from the branch managers and plan with them. We’ve already canceled the meeting last month.” Jin pinched the bridge of his nose. There would be no way he’s sending the kids to daycare, not until he did a background check to all the employees. But he can’t cancel the meeting again. He sighed as he thought of one way he could meet with the managers.

“Come over here then, Baek. gather them and bring them over. I won’t leave the kids anywhere.”

“Alright. How about we drop by at 10?” It’s already a quarter before nine, he got just enough time to bathe the kids.

“That would be fine. Thanks, Baek.”

Jin immediately checked the house’s office and made sure there’s no squeaky toy left there. He then gathered the kids to give them a quick bath. It goes smoothly and orderly, except the fact that Taehyung tried eating the bubbles again.

He changed his clothes along with the kids.

“Appa, why are you wearing that?” Jin was now sporting a salmon pink button down shirt.

“Because Appa’s workmates are coming here. We have to look presentable.” He fixed the twin's jumpers. Hobi is in his smiley printed shirt and pants. Even Kookie is looking good with his red shirt and khaki shorts.

“I look presemtible?” Little Jimin asked as he fidgets with the button of his shorts.

“Yes, Chim, you all look handsome.” Jin slipped on a nice watch and herd all children to the kitchen.

Jin strapped all kids on their high chairs before clipping their bibs on. He handed them their plates with burger, cut fruits and a small carton of almond milk. He was just placing Hobi’s plate when the doorbell rang.

“That must be Baekhyun. Hobi baby, you’re in charge.” Jin kissed Hobi’s head before walking towards the gate.

Baekhyun was on the other side, accompanied by six smartly dressed men and women. They all exchanged greetings. The kids’ voices reached their ears the moment they stepped inside the house.

“Old McDonalds had a farm, eh yah eh yah oh..”

“That’s very cute.” One from the group cooed. Jin smiled before gesturing towards the kitchen.

“Do you want to meet them?”

“Yes, please.”

“Alright, come.” Jin lead them to the singing kids. Their small faces were smeared with ketchup.

“BAEKKIE!!” The small boys all lifted their hands in the air when they saw Baekhyun enter the kitchen.

“Oh my gosh! My babies! You’ve all grown up.” He went in and hugged and kissed them all. Baekhyun instantly became friends with the kids the first time they met him. They met him one time when Jin brought all of them to the main branch.

All the kids started their own stories to impress Baekhyun, even Kookie was babbling. It made all branch managers laugh. Jin has to clear his throat to get the kids’ attention back.

“Kids, meet my workmates. Mr. Park, Mr. Choi, Ms. Kim, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Han and Ms. Bang.” There was a collective hello.

“Oh, are the twins Yoongi’s?” Ms. Bang hesitantly asked. Jin wanted to tease the girl but decided to hold it back.

“Yes, they are. Hey, Tae and Chim, introduce yourselves to Ms. Bang.” The girl was blushing so hard.

“Hello, Ms. Bang, my name is Min Taehyungie.” Taehyung smiled so wide.

“Hello, Ms. Bang, my name is Chiminie.” Jimin waved his small hands at the girl. She was obviously blushing.

“Oh, Minah, you’re not allowed near the kids. Is that clear?” Baekhyun teased. Jin and Baekhyun are both aware that Bang Minah has a huge crush on Yoongi ever since college.

Minah walked towards the twins and pinched their cheeks lovingly.

“You kids are so adorable.” Minah hugged them both. Jimin shied away while Taehyung immediately started engaging Minah in a conversation.

“I think we should proceed with the meeting.” Jin interrupted when Taehyung tried to move his chair to show Minah his elephant moles.

Jin made sure the kids were clean and comfortable before stepping inside the office.

Time went by so fast without their knowledge. They’ve talked about statistics and strategies and everything about business. They also presented the mock video presentation of the hotel. Jin made a mental note to visit the branch once it officially opened. The kids would surely love the pool.

“Let’s wrap it up.” Baekhyun announced. “I’ll have to meet the Pearl Hotel CEO in about an hour and a half. We’ll update you with the progress of this project.”

“Thank you Baekhyun. Thank you guys. Feel free to call me when you have any concerns.”

“Sure, Jin.” Jin treats his employees the best he can. He declined being called President or Ceo, he preferred the friendly environment.

Baekhyun bid goodbye and declined Jin’s offer to walk them out. He knew Jin needs to look after the kids.

Jin walked to the living room to check on the kids. He found Kookie sleeping soundly on the couch. He was surrounded by pillows and Bun-bun was in between his arms.

“Hobi?” Jin gently called out. He lifted Kookie and transferred him to his crib before looking for the boys. “Tae?”

He checked the bedroom and found no one. His heart started beating loudly in his chest. They’re just around, they must be.

“Chim? Where are you boys?” Jin started to panic when he looked around the house without any trace of the children.

Then the question floated in his brain: Did he locked the gate earlier?

His trembling fingers managed to dial Namjoon’s phone.

“Hello,” Namjoon’s voice came after a few rings. Jin’s voice stopped working. He’s too terrified to tell Namjoon. “Jin, what’s wrong?”

“Namjoon..” His voice broke then tears followed. The panic seemed to reach Namjoon.

“Why? What happened? Why are you crying?”

“Namjoon..I..I can’t find the children!” He sobbed after that. There was silence for about a minute.

“Okay, don’t cry. I’m coming home. Is Kookie with you?” he heard the shuffling of papers.

“He’s thankfully asleep. Hurry up, Joonie. The kids may be in danger. Please hurry.”

“Calm down, okay. I’m coming.”

Jin put the phone down. It was already 2:30 in the afternoon. It was past an hour and a half the last time he checked on the kids. He’s worried the kids fell on the creek five houses down, he worries that the kids were kidnapped and hurt. He’s afraid that Jimin might collapse somewhere. He’s afraid that he may lose them forever.

He scooped Kookie in his arms and got an umbrella to shield the kid from the sun. He has to start looking. He took his phone, his keys and wallet then dashed out the door. He walked the neighborhood. It’s big for little boys wandering around.

“Excuse me, did you perhaps noticed three small boys walk around here? A tall six years old with twins.” He asked the couple who passed by.

“No, I’m sorry.” Jin nervously thanked them. He called the police while he continued his search. He also texted Namjoon his location.

Then he cried when he saw Namjoon’s car pull over. Jungkook was awakened by the commotion. His big doe eyes were in panic when he saw his Appa crying.

“Appa, cry.” Little Kookie was grabbing Namjoon’s attention.

“Yes, baby. Hyungs are missing.”

Jin strapped Kookie in his seat then they drove around in slow circles, straining their eyes for small bodies walking around. Their neighborhood is big but luckily, it wasn’t crowded and there were a few empty lots still.

Namjoon tapped his phone and dialed Yoongi. It rang for sometime before Yoongi picked it up.

“Hey, what’s up?” There is so much noise in Yoongi’s background. He sounded like he’s in the middle of a discussion. “Wait a minute.”

The phone suddenly sounded a little better and clearer.

“Sorry, what’s the matter?” Namjoon clicked his tongue noisily and Jin was so nervous. He knew Yoongi will explode. His babies were missing.

“Uhh, are you in a meeting?”

“Yeah, but it’s okay. Some of my team were there.”

“Alright. Listen, Yoongi,” Namjoon took a deep breath and stilled his panicking heart. “We’re in big trouble right now.”

“Gosh, don’t tell me Hobi dragged your neighbor’s old dog in your house again. I told you just buy him one.”

“Yoongithekidsaremissing!” Jin yelled in panic.

“Hold up, is Jin crying? Speak slowly.” Yoongi’s voice was now more serious than before. There were also some pause. “What the f*ck is wrong?”

Jin didn’t have the inner strength to scold Yoongi and tell him Kookie is with them. He didn’t have the strength to tell him he was so careless and lost the kids.

“Yoongi..” Namjoon remained calm. He tried so hard to. “The kids are missing.”

“What are you talking about? Where are you? If this is a joke I’ll kill you, Namjoon.” His voice completely changed this time.

“Yoongi, I’m sorry. I...didn’t..” Jin cried. And through the confusion, little Kookie broke into tears, too. “Oh, Kookie, I’m sorry, baby.”

“Is it Hobi? Taehyung? Don’t f*cking tell me it’s Jimin.” There was a tense silence, only punctured by Jin and Kookie’s sobs. The distress in Yoongi’s voice was rolling in great intensity. Jin can already picture Yoongi’s scowling face. There was a harsh exhale on the other line. “Where are you now?”

Jin almost shivered at the cold tone. Even Kookie’s started bawling hard.

“Oongi, scary.”

“I’ll text you the address, Yoongi. Please calm down and drive safely.” Namjoon tried so much to get to the younger’s head. But Yoongi only clicked his tongue before hanging up.

“He’ll kill me, Joonie. I’m so careless!” Jin was almost curling into himself. His paternal instinct to calm down his own son has become non-existent. Namjoon rubbed soft circles on his husband’s shoulder.

“He’s just afraid, hon. Please, stop crying, you’re scaring Kookie even more.” Jin wiped his tears before climbing ungracefully to the backseat where Kookie was. The little baby doesn’t have a clue on what’s going on, he was merely absorbing the dark energy from his parents.

“I hope the kids are okay..” Jin whispered. Namjoon glanced at the rear view mirror. Jin was wrapping Kookie in his embrace, caressing the small child to help him calm down.

“I know they will be.”


“Hyung, the little prince is not here.” Taehyung pouted. Hobi was holding both the twins hands. They were walking slowly.

“Where we hyung?” Jimin asked. His free hand was shielding his eyes from the sun.

“I don’t know, Chim. I forgot the way home.” Little Hobi looked around for familiar things but he can’t find any. They always travel by car so the roads are a little bit confusing on foot.

“Hyung, ice cream!” Taehyung let go of Hobi’s hand to run towards the ice cream stand. He jumped around in happiness.

Hobi waited for Jimin instead of running after Taehyung. He knew that his little brother can’t run. It’s the first thing his Uncle Yoongi kept reminding them. Taehyung was jumping in joy. A young man came out of the booth to look at the children.

“Hi, kids, what are you doing here?” Hobi helped Jimin up the plastic hair while Taehyung struggled climbing the other. “Here, little boy.”

The young man helped Taehyung sat on the chair.

“We want ice cream.” Taehyung sweetly said.

“Oh, okay. Where are your parents?” The young man removed his red cap and sat with the children.

“Appa is working. We walked around to find the Little Prince.” The young man laughed.

“How old are you?” There was a chorus of three and five. The little boys insisted the ice cream again.

“Oh, the ice cream is not free though.” little Jimin pouted.

“But we don have money,” The little baby said sadly. The young man pinched his cheeks lightly.

“If you tell me your names, I’ll think about it.”

“I’m Hobi and the twins are Tae and Chim. We live far far away.” Hobi was pointing at the direction they came from.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Kai.”

“Cool!” Taehyung exclaimed. Kai reached out to ruffle his hair before standing up to get them ice creams. Hobi told him all the flavors they want.

“Here’s chocolate for Tae, vanilla for Hobi and strawberry for Chim.” Eager hands extended when names were called.

“Thank you, Kai hyung.” Jimin sing-songed.


Yoongi was driving around Jin and Namjoon’s neighborhood. It doesn’t take too long to meet with the couple. He braked hard and jumped out of the car. He watched Namjoon exit his vehicle.


“Has anyone contacted the police?” Namjoon opened his mouth, not sure if Jin did so.

“Nevermind.” Yoongi fished out his own phone and started calling the authorities.

Namjoon hates it. He hates seeing the old delinquent version of Yoongi. He has finally forgotten about it and never had he realized that it will resurface after having the twins.

“I’d like to report missing children. Yeah. A five and two three year olds. At around..2pm, yeah.” Yoongi’s face turned sour. His hand harshly brushed his hair. “What?! You want me to wait? Hey! Do you understand the situation?”

“Yoongi,” Namjoon tried grabbing Yoongi sleeves but the latter just brushed it away. Yoongi’s voice is becoming louder and louder by the minute. Jin has also climbed out of the vehicle with Kookie in his arms.

“No, you don’t understand. Those are kids! Do you expect kids to just come home? They can’t even read! F*ck you, you’re not helping!” Namjoon at this rate grabbed the phone out of his hands. He stepped away a little to talk to the police. “What the f*ck, Namjoon!”

“I’m sorry, sir. Yeah, Hoseok, Taehyung and Jimin. Please do. Thank you. You can call me on this number 000 000 0000. Yes. I apologize again. Yeah, bye.” Namjoon hung up and looked at the fuming Yoongi. He doesn’t want to speak in case it sparked something that they will regret later.

Yoongi must’ve felt the same. He just grabbed his phone from Namjoon hands and walked towards his car.

“Where are you going?” Namjoon asked.

“Anywhere. I have to find them.”

Namjoon watched the younger slam his door. His tires screeched when he sped and turned the corner. He just hopes they’ll find them soon enough.

Chapter Text

The little boys buzz around the small ice cream stall. Kai was sometimes catering to some customers who were captivated by the babies.

Hobi was now standing behind the soft serve machine, hands covered by ice cream. He was trying for a perfect twirl but it always ends up crooked. The twins were sitting at the counter, playing with some toys that Kai sometimes gives away.

"Hyung, I can't do it." Hobi said as he nonchalantly pass the ice cream to Taehyung. The little boy giggled as he licked the dessert. He also took turns with his brother.

"Just try some more. Even hyung has to try a thousand times before I made the perfect one." Hobi's eyes sparkled at the thought.

"I'm only at my..eleven!" Kai laughed at the little boy. He sees himself in him.

"Go make more." Kai smiled. He instinctively reached a hand out when Taehyung tipped at the edge of the counter. The twin's face was smeared with the ice cream.

"Hyung, I need your help. I can't count a thousand, that's too much number." Hobi said as he was trying for his 12th twirl. He immediately handed it over to Jimin when the tip was crooked.

"Sure. Hyung will help."

It goes on for a while. Kai loved the idea of having small brother's to take care of.

The twins were calling for customers. They were even serenading them with any song they knew. Maybe, Kai even had more sales today.

"Hyung, I'm tired." Jimin complained. He was rubbing sticky fingers to his eyes. Kai handed Hobi another cup before rushing over the sleepy Jimin. The kid looked tired even after all the sugar he consumed. Sticky fingers made grabby hands towards Kai.

"Let's clean you up first, big boy." Kai fetched wet tissue and started cleaning after Jimin. Taehyung was still playing with the ice cream that they got tired of eating.

"Hyung, I wanna go home." Jimin said after latching onto Kai. His hands were wrapped around Kai, cheeks pressed against his shoulder. "I miss Appa."

Taehyung perked up. He let go of the ice cream cup he's been playing with and grabbed at Kai's apron.

"I miss Appa, too." Taehyung smeared the ice cream on Kai's apron and he was trying to get into his face. He was trying to cup Kai's face but Jimin was already giving him the face.

"I'm sure your Appa will be here soon." Kai tried so much to still Taehyung and wipe off the stickiness in his skin. He knew the kid was tired. Jimin was already dozing off.

"Hyung!" Hobi howlered. Taehyung got off Kai instantly to look at his Hobi hyung. "I did it! Look!"

The ice cream was not that perfect but to Kai, it was impressive for a five year old. Taehyung scrambled off the counter and went over Hobi, peeking at the wondrous ice cream his hyung was holding.

"Let's take a picture."

Jimin clambered off Kai and toddled towards his hyungs. Eyes bright and alert again.

"Kimchi!" Jimin howlered. Kai was all too pleased to take pictures. The little boys were even good at posing for him. They looked like they were used to the camera. It ended when Kai ran out of storage.

The twins were down after sometime. Kai was cuddling them both. He doesn't have anything to create a makeshift bed for small kids. Hobi was now playing with his phone. Quietly sitting beside him.

"Do you have brothers, Hyung?" Hobi blurted. He was still immersed in his game. Kai watched him fondly.

"I have twelve brothers." Kai chuckled when Hobi's eyes enlarged like saucers.

"That's a lot!" Hobi set the phone aside to talk with Kai.

"Yeah, I grew up in an Orphanage. And there I had so many brothers to love."

"I'm from the Orphamage, too! Appa brought me home. I live in a big house now with my own bed and so many toys. Do you have an Appa?"

Kai wondered if the twins were also orphans. The three boys deserved to have such loving families. They were so sweet.

"I was adopted pretty early, if that's what you mean."

"Where are your brothers now? Can we play with them?" Kai wanted to ruffle his hair if his hands were only free. Hobi is so much like him back then.

"I don't know, Hobi. Maybe if I find them again we can." Hobi seemed to understand.

"Are you sad, Hyung?" Kai looked properly at Hobi. He's young and it seems like he knew what sadness really means. "You miss them?"

"I miss them so much."

"Appa said, when I am sad, just think that Appa, Daddy and Kookie loves me. When you're sad hyung, just think me, Taetae and Chim loves you so much." Hobi said while patting Kai's arms.

"Thank you, Hobi. This means so much to me." Kai was very touched by the gesture. He was lucky with his adoptive parents. They gave him everything that he'll ever need. They were quite old though and they left Kai a few years after he turned of age. Kai was alone and lonely. He was wishing to meet his brothers just to fill the void.

Today, three little boys filled his heart with so much joy.

Hobi was telling him about a funny but grumpy Uncle Yoongi when two heads popped at the store window.

"Daddy!" Hobi jumped out of his chair and ran outside. The man who Kai assumes is Hobi's Dad was immediately out of sight. The other one was almost glaring at him but when Kai looked closely, he was eyeing the toddlers in his arms. The man sighed before timidly entering the store.

He occupied Hobi's seat and reached out to brush Taehyung's hair out his forehead. Kai swallowed nervously.

"Are they yours?" The man sighed softly.

"Yes. I'm Yoongi. What's your name kid?" Kai looked at the man before him. He was young. He almost called Hobi's story about the man a bluff. Yoongi looked timid.

"I'm Kai."

"Thank you for taking care of the kids, Kai. And I'm sorry for any trouble they must have given you."

"Oh, no. They were such angels really. They helped me around." Yoongi looked around the shop. Melted ice cream was all over the place. A stool was also placed beside the soft serve machine.

"They sure helped trash your shop, huh?" Yoongi was looking around when he saw a photo tucked beside the business permits. It was old and it got his attention. "Do you mind if I see that photo?"

"No problem." Yoongi took the photo from the wall. Little Jimin stirred and rubbed his eyes. He immediately reached out when he saw his Appa.

"Hey, there, big boy." Jimin whined softly before rubbing his forehead against his Appa's chin. It was something the twins does whenever they were really sleepy. The little boy looked at the photo in his Appa's hand.

"Doctor Minnie," Jimin croaked. He was pointing at the boy in the picture with defined cat eyes and small pouty mouth.

"Yeah? Here I thought Appa is being weird." Yoongi kissed his son's forehead. The little boy snuggled closely and immediately fell back asleep. "Is this Kim Minseok?"

Kai looked at the boy Yoongi was pointing at. A warm smile crept at Kai's face.

"I don't know if we knew the same person, Yoongi hyung, but he's Xiumin. All I know is he calls himself Xiumin. I got adopted ahead of him so I don't know what happened after."

"Adopted?" Yoongi was looking at Kai's face. Kai told him his story. "I hope you guys meet again someday."

"Thank you, hyung."

Three figures entered the shop once more. They were a little cramped but it was the least of their worries. A handsome guy holding an infant in his arms, was almost kneeling before Kai. His eyes were red at the rims.

"Thank you so much for taking good care of the kids." He's voice was shaking. "You don't know how much we appreciate that you notified the police about this. How can we ever thank you?"

Taehyung whined at the commotion. His face scrunched at the sound but before he could even wail, Namjoon took him from Kai. Namjoon swiftly rocked Taehyung as soon as the first sob escaped his lips. Min Taehyung was disturbed from a well deserved nap.

"It's nothing. Please stand up." Kai was now helping the man stand up. The baby in his arms was looking at Kai like he was the eighth wonder.

"No, ask us anything." Jin sounded a little desperate. Yoongi rolled his eyes and cuddled Jimin closer. "My name is Jin and this is Namjoon, my husband."

Kai had to blink once, twice, before the idea sink in. Hobi has an unconventional family but he seemed content about it.

"It's fine, hyung. No need for anything. Their company was more than enough for me."

"I won't take no for an answer, Kai. Anything, anything that you'd like. You could even ask for a car, I don't care."

"I'm sorry, Kai. Just tell him anything." Namjoon finally spoke. Taehyung was nuzzled against his neck, snoring peacefully.

"Then.." Kai was staring at the ground. He doesn't really need anything. "Would you let me meet the Doctor?"

"Why?" Jin's eyes doubled in an instant. "Are you sick?"

"No, hyung, I..I just want to know if the Kim Minseok Yoongi hyung knows is the same person as my brother."

Jin was obviously confused. Yoongi sighed and handed him the photo from earlier. The Kim family was looking at the photo.

"No doubt, this is Minseok." Namjoon said as he looked at the kid with cat eyes. Jin, however, was staring at one kid in particular.

"Is this Baekhyun?"

"You know Baekhyun, too?" At the mention of the man's name, Hobi jumped around.

"Baekkie hyung is the best hyung!" By now, Kai was tearing up. Jin softened at the sight and gently held the boy's hand.

"You know what, Kai, just give me your phone number. I will make sure that you'll meet with Minseok and Baekhyun."

"Hyung," A few tears slid past his eyes, betraying his determination to keep it all up. "This means so much to me.'re giving me so much,"

"You've done so much more for us, Kai." Namjoon pat the boy's shoulders.

"If you need a babysitter, please don't hesitate to give me a call." At this Yoongi perked up.

"If you're offering as a trade, then no." Yoongi firmly said. He was brushing Jimin's hair with his fingers.

"Seriously Kai, these kids are a lot to handle. You may have seen their good side but trust me when I say they can be a mess sometimes." Namjoon said matter of fact.

"It's fine, hyung. I've taken care of lots of children before. And these boys were angels. I'd be glad to babysit if you ever need one."

"I'll take note of that then." Jin smiled gratefully.

Hobi grabbed Kai's arms as he was looking at his parents. Eyes shining brightly and smiling wide.

"Hyung will come to our house?" At his parents nod of confirmation, he hollered. "Awesome! I'll show you my toys. The garden. The big room." Hobi was babbling excitedly.

"You're scaring him, Hobi." Yoongi was smiling subtly. The little boy just laughed his Uncle off.

"I'll let you pet Kookie!" Jin took a deep breath to steady himself.

"Your brother is not a pet, Hobi baby."

"Ookie, pet!" The baby mimicked. It made Kai laugh. A boisterous, sincere laugh. And Jin thought it suits him.

They exchanged numbers and bid farewell to Kai. Hobi was even close to tears when Jin had to drag him away from the ice cream shop. The promise of meeting him soon was barely enough to make the boy let go of Kai's apron.

They walked to their cars. Namjoon carefully strapped Taehyung in his car seat while Yoongi does the same with Jimin.

Jin was debating whether he should talk to Yoongi or not. But looking at the Younger's expression, he thought better of it. It's better to let him process everything that's happened.

Once they secured the twins in their seat, Namjoon walked towards Jin. He carried Hobi in his arms and watched as Yoongi awkwardly stood there, hands in the latch of his car.

"Drive safely." Namjoon broke the silence. Yoongi's eyes flickered towards him for a second.

"You, too."

And just like that, Yoongi zoomed out. They watched for a while.

"Come on, the kids are tired." Namjoon said.

They drove in silence. Hobi and Kookie both fell asleep a little after the car started. Jin's heart was heavy in his chest. He was so careless. He could've lost the kids just like that.

He broke his best friend's heart just like that. And he will never forget the rage in the younger's face.

He just hopes Yoongi will forgive him soon.