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Adventures of the Kim and Min Family

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It was a normal Saturday for the Kims. The early morning was filled with peaceful melodies except for the babbling and squeals of an infant. The baby was wide awake and was pleasantly giggling with his brother’s silly faces.

The couple was still out of it, snuggling to each other, trying to get all the sleep they can. Surely one of them was up so late that night trying to convince a 5 year old that there are no monsters under his bed. It was a hard work trying to make the boy stop running around the room and drive the imaginary monsters away.

But the infant’s gurgles of excited laughter had become louder accompanied by the brother’s high pitched noises. The couple stirred in their sleep, still not willing to be up. The dark haired guy grabbed at the other and shook him lightly.

“Hey,” His voice was heavy with sleep. “Wake up, Joonie. Check on Kookie. I bet Hobi was being so extra again.” The other guy just lazily shifted on his side and rolled over. “Joonie..”

The light haired guy reached out for his phone on the bedside table and checked the time.

“It’s just 6am..” He hoarsely complained. Just then the infant’s laughter was replaced by an impatient whining before it turned to crying.

“Your kids are up, Namjoon.” Hearing his full name made him move his tired body. Jin can really be sweet but if he used his full name, it means he was getting impatient.

Namjoon rolled out of bed and pulled his sleeping pants on and went to the bathroom to wash his face quick. He trudged over the nursery where their prince was. His cries were so loud but it immediately stopped when the baby saw his father walk over his crib. He looked around the room and noticed their eldest son not there.

“Oh, baby bunny.” He scooped the frowning boy in his crib and bounced him on his arms. “Are you sad your brother left you?”

The baby just frowned and buried his face on his father’s sweater. Their eldest son later showed himself, running to his brother’s room holding a rattle in his hands. He smiled widely when he saw his father.

“Daddy!!” He run faster then tackled his father’s thigh. The impact almost topple his father.

“Woah, boy, someone’s on the sugar rush. I’m sure you haven’t had your breakfast yet.” Namjoon ruffled his son’s soft hair. “Why did you leave Kookie behind? Look he’s crying.”

“I just went to grab this.” He shook the rattle in his hands, grabbing the attention of the baby who reached his chubby arms towards the noisy instrument. The eldest son unconsciously let the baby take the toy. The baby was pleased with the new toy that he started drumming it to the air, once knocking it to his father’s cheeks. The whimper from his father made the baby giggle even more.

“Oh, you like that little guy? You just hurt your father.” But the baby just looked at him before giggling again. Namjoon just laughed at his son and herded Hobi to their room. “Go wake up, Appa.”

The boy smiled excitedly before running to the bed. He climbed the bed hastily then jumped on the sleeping man, who groaned in pain.

“Appa! Appa! I’m hungry and I want dragon pancakes!” Their son’s voice filled the room. Jin grabbed the excited boy and hugged him, securing the boy on his arms.

“Why are you so early, baby?” Jin croaked.

“I wanted to be up before Mr. Sun.” Jin smiled at his son’s reason.

“Alright. Come on, let’s make those dino pancakes of yours.”

“Appa, its dragons not dinosaurs.” Hobi complained.

“How about we make them both?” The kid smiled brightly. The kind of smile that outshine anything. The smile that his parents love to see everyday.

The little family gathered on the kitchen. Namjoon was bouncing the baby in his arms, swirling him in the air from time to time. Their Kookie’s laughter was like music to their ears. Jin and Hobi were busy mixing pancakes. Though it was mostly Jin keeping Hobi from mix the batter with his bare hands.

It was a normal day for all of them. A small family, almost perfect with the loving couples, their ball of sunshine, Hobi and a cute baby Kookie.