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Snakeskin and Cigarettes

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Majima’s first encounter with Kiryu after his release from prison was lackluster. He hadn’t been expecting very much, but he still ended up disappointed. The Dragon of Dojima barely got a punch in during their fight and kept losing his balance after his fists failed to connect. To be fair, Majima was going all out and Kiryu was obviously 10 years out of practice, but he secretly hoped the younger man would’ve kept his skills alive in the joint. Or at least been able to keep up with him, even a little bit. He assumed Kiryu would have been the talk of the prison yard, and have to constantly fight against the other inmates to assert his dominance. Unfortunately, it seemed as if he barely got any fighting in during his time away. His skills right now would barely allow him to defend himself against the low-life punks that sulked around every corner in this town.
“Nishida!” Majima yelled as he lit a cigarette. He was lounging in his plush office chair the day after his fight with Kiryu. He heard the man stumbling from the other room, obviously in a hurry to get to his boss.
“Yes, sir?” Nishida said as he burst through the door. Majima took a deep inhale of his cigarette and let the smoke sit in his airway a moment before exhaling slowly.
“Did’ja get Kiryu-chan’s number yet?” he asked. Nishida nodded frantically and handed over a slip of paper. “Why didn’tcha bring it to me earlier?” The younger man’s face went white and he opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water as he tried to come up with an excuse of why he hadn’t brought the phone number to his boss immediately. “Tch, get outta here. Text Kiryu-chan and introduce yourself. Tell ‘em to save yer number.”
“Yes, sir,” Nishida said, quickly bowing before walking out of the room. Majima took another puff from his cigarette as the battle played back in his mind. Kiryu huffing in front of him, kneeling on one knee as he struggled to get up and keep fighting even though he had clearly lost. His muscles may have atrophied, but the burning determination in his eyes was just as bright as it was before he landed in prison. He was sure the Dragon of Dojima would get his skills back, and with Majima’s help, surpass himself from 10 years ago.
He laughed a bit to himself, he was definitely gonna enjoy this. If he was lucky, he’d be able to jump Kiryu nearly every day. The battles wouldn’t scratch the dark itch inside him just yet, but eventually they’d be able to fight at full power. It would at least be more entertaining than battling against opponents who could barely even walk after Majima was finished with them. Just the thought of eventually being able to fight Kiryu at his full strength made Majima grin widely and cackle to himself. He stood up from his comfortable chair and decided to start wandering the streets in search of the Dragon of Dojima.
* * *
By the time Majima found Kiryu after wandering the streets for a few hours, he was silently cursing his outfit. It was fuckin’ cold outside and he could barely suppress a shiver. That is, until he saw Kiryu slink out of Gandhara. A grin split across his face as he skipped over to Kiryu, who didn’t even notice Majima until he tapped on his shoulder.
“Majima-san,” Kiryu said, exasperation in his voice.
“Kiryu-chan, fancy seeing you here!” Majima said, only trying to keep the grin out of his voice a little bit. The barest hint of red crept up Kiryu’s collar. He lifted his chin up and glared at Majima.
“What do you mean, Majima-san?” he asked evenly. If Majima hadn’t seen him walking out of the Adult Video parlor he never would have guessed where the dragon of Dojima had just spent the last 20 minutes. Majima reached across the gap between them and laid his hands on his shoulders before looking him solemnly in the eye.
“We all get backed up sometimes, Kiryu-chan,” he began saying. “But the next time ya need ta blow yer load, just gimme a call and I’ll send the prettiest hostess in Kamurocho yer way.” The way Kiryu’s face shifted from purposeful nonchalance to unbridled rage made Majima cackle. He leaned over and rested his hands on his knees in an exaggerated pose of laughter before wiping a fake tear from his eye. He was about to say something when Kiryu’s fist connected with his jaw, knocking him onto the ground.
Kiryu stood above him for a split second before their battle started in earnest. A swift kick in the ribs knocked the breath out of Majima, but he spun his legs beneath Kiryu and sprang off the ground. He began throwing his fists out, grinning whenever his hands met Kiryu’s flesh. He was winning before Kiryu landed several blows to his exposed chest which made him groan from the contact.
Kiryu wrapped his hand around Majima’s neck, clenching around his throat. Majima clawed at the hand but made no real effort to break free. He licked his lips as he imagined Kiryu tightening his grip and shoving his face into a mattress as he fucked him, or shoving his face down to his cock. When Majima felt his leather pants tighten at the front, he broke away and tried to bring the fight back into his favor, but he wasn’t able to focus. His eyes were drawn to the peek of chest that Kiryu’s shirt exposed, or the way his slacks left nothing to the imagination when the younger man wasn’t facing him. He eventually fell panting on the ground, grateful that his hard-on had subsided before Kiryu could notice. Not that he wasn’t hoping to eventually bed the other man, but he didn’t even know if Kiryu swung that way. He didn’t want to ruin the fighting for something that might not even be a possibility.
Kiryu stood over him, panting heavily. While the younger man had won, it wasn’t even close to a true victory due to how much power Majima was holding back. His eye was drawn to the beads of sweat glistening across the younger man’s forehead. He looked into Kiryu’s eyes and saw something he hadn’t seen in the younger man’s face before-- It looked like he wanted to keep fighting. Majima secretly hoped the fighting was making Kiryu hot under the collar and that’s why he was looking at Majima that way, but he had no way of knowing yet. He licked his chapped lips and wiped the blood from his nose, licking the blood from his gloved hands as Kiryu watched. His face darkened and he looked away. Majima grinned and stood up.
“Well, that was fun Kiryu-chan,” he said. “I’m serious about callin’ me the next time yer feelin’ a bit lonely. I’ll setcha up real nice.” He wiggled his eyebrows at Kiryu as blush crept up from his collar again.
“That’s not necessary, Majima-san,” he said. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it as he walked off, looking like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Majima shook his head and began walking back to his apartment where he’d no doubt be spending the night masturbating to Kiryu.
Majima stood in front of his bathroom mirror and bit his lip as he ran his fingers over the bruises blooming across his chest. He gently pressed into one and moaned as the pain blossomed from beneath his fingertips. He turned the shower on, steam filling the room before he stepped in. The water burned his skin and almost felt unbearable, but he stood under the stream and sighed at the way his muscles relaxed under the heat. He started playing back the fight with Kiryu in his mind, remembering the way Kiryu’s eyes looked as he stood over his bruised body. He felt his cock twitch with interest and he took a deep breath while he gripped it. He jerked himself slowly as he remembered the way Kiryu’s fists felt against his exposed chest, the way Kiryu groaned as Majima’s fists connected with solid muscle. He started stroking himself faster as he imagined the fight ending with Majima sitting atop Kiryu’s thighs, where he would grind himself against Kiryu’s cock.
“How’s that feel, Kiryu-chan?” Majima imagined himself purring into Kiryu’s ear. He could practically feel the way Kiryu would dig his fingers into his hips as he threw Majima on the ground, ripping his leather pants off and unceremoniously shoving two un-lubed fingers in Majima’s unprepared asshole. In his fantasy, the pain and pleasure mixed together so closely that they were indistinguishable. The grip on his cock in the present tightened and he came with stuttering hips before his fantasy could devolve into violent fucking in an alleyway. Good thing this is just the shower, Majima thought to himself, but he was still embarrassed by how quickly he came while thinking about Kiryu.
As Majima dried off, he began thinking about the logistics of actually making a fuck-buddy situation out of their relationship. Knowing his luck, Kiryu would be the vanilla type, not even willing to fuck Majima’s brains out.
* * *
Majima was wandering the nighttime streets of Kamurocho again. He had Nishida call Kiryu and tell him to avoid Millenium Tower, and to definitely not have any weapons on him. Knowing Kiryu, he’d guess it was a trap, but maybe he’d show up to keep refining his skills.
The fake cop uniform was stuffy and stiff, but Majima knew how good he looked. He whistled as he kept a proper posture, his gloved hands gripped together behind his back as he strolled through the Millennium Tower area in search of a 6ft man in a gray suit. There! He began strolling over and called out, “Stop in the name of the law, Kiryu-chan!” Kiryu stopped and didn’t turn around, so Majima walked up to him and cackled at the surprise on his face.
“Majima-san? What are you doing here?” Kiryu asked.
“The Majima family got some reports of some maniac with’a bat and dagger rampagin’ around the place so I’m on the job,” he said, clicking his heels together as he gave a proper salute. He grinned as he saw Kiryu roll his eyes. “You look kinda suspicious, Kiryu-chan, so I’m gonna hafta pat you down.”
Kiryu huffed but didn’t argue, placing his legs ever so slightly farther apart and raising his arms to allow Majima access to his body. A huge smile split across his face as he began patting his hands up and down Kiryu’s muscular legs. He wasn’t quite groping him, but this definitely wasn’t a kosher pat-down, either. He purposefully kept his touches light as he began patting down Kiryu’s chest before he felt something hard in his pocket. Unfortunately, it was his jacket pocket, and not a hard-on from Majima’s lewd pat-down. He looked up at Kiryu, who was purposefully looking in the other direction. He pulled the cheap dagger out and tsked.
“Now what have we here, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked, spinning the dagger in his hand. “I’m gonna hafta show you how the Majima family deals with criminals.” He pulled his bat out and gestured at Kiryu, who quickly squared his shoulders and raised his fists. Kiryu landed the first punch, Majima groaning as he hit his bruised body. He couldn’t help but recall the way he had pressed his fingers into the same bruise before jerking off the night before. The battle didn’t last long, Majima had his ass handed to him even quicker than the last time. He licked his bloody lips and grinned at how quickly Kiryu was regaining his strength. The younger man huffed above him before leaving, muttering something about leaving him alone. Majima stood up and reveled in the way his body ached, biting his lip as he imagined groping Kiryu again. He was already sporting a slight boner, but reliving the moments when he groped Kiryu’s thighs made him fully hard. He stowed his bat and walked quickly back to his apartment, grateful he didn’t have to walk very far in his condition.
* * *
Things continued in much the same way for several weeks; Majima getting his ass kicked, him returning home or finding a nearby public bathroom and furiously masturbating to the look on Kiryu’s face as he beat him down. He decided that the look in Kiryu’s eyes after some of their fights wasn’t just anger, but something more feral-- a hunger for Majima. Or at least, he was getting off from their fights, even if it wasn’t from Majima himself. He told Nishida to get Kiryu down to Asia for a “welcome back party.” He half expected Kiryu not to show up, the idea that he wouldn’t show up giving him the courage to set this whole thing up. He reasoned that even if Kiryu didn’t like his little show, he’d be angry enough at the display to beat him into a pulp. He felt himself getting disappointed at the prospect of this dashing his hopes of ever getting to see Kiryu’s huge cock, but at least he’d know whether he would ever be open to a sexual relationship, instead of the doubts and anxieties that came from not knowing for certain. He was pretty surprised when Nishida sent him a text letting him know Kiryu was on his way to the strip club, but he got into position and waited for him to walk through the door.
When Kiryu walked into the dimly lit room, Majima suddenly felt incredibly self-conscious on the pole. He was in too deep, though, so he began gyrating his hips against the cold pole before swaying his hips as he walked around. He could see Kiryu’s Adam’s apple bob as he watched the show unfolding in front of him, but he didn’t say anything, didn’t even sit. He just clenched his fists and watched as Majima slowly shrugged his snake-skin jacket off and slowly squatted in front of the pole, bringing his legs apart as seductively as he could in his tight leather pants.
“Like whatcha see, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked after Kiryu kept silent. His heart felt like it was beating out of his chest. “You can touch the dancers all ya want tonight, my treat.” He said before making exaggerated kissy faces at him.
“What on earth are you doing, Majima-san?” Kiryu asked. Majima could tell his was keeping his voice even on purpose, which made him grin even wider.
“Why, I’m welcomin’ you back, Kiryu-chan!” He said, feigning offense at the question. “I’ve seen you go into Gandhara a lot and figured you needed ‘ta let off a little steam.” Majima grinned, but he faltered when he saw the outline of Kiryu’s cock through his slacks. He was hard from his little dance around the pole. Now he was the one at a loss for words, swallowing heavily as he tried to think of something to say. For once in his life, Majima didn’t have something snarky to say. Kiryu didn’t seem to notice Majima’s sudden nervousness and sat down on one of the hard plastic chairs, spreading his legs apart as he tried adjusting his erection without drawing attention to it. Majima went back to dancing, spinning around the pole slowly, enjoying the feeling of Kiryu’s eyes roving over his body.
“Uh,” Kiryu stuttered from beneath the stage. Majima whipped around to face him, the younger man’s face was flushed and his eyes were raking around the room. “You said--” he swallowed and cleared his throat before looking directly at Majima. “You said I could touch the dancer?” Majima felt his pulse race and his own cock hardened even further. He stepped off the stage and pretended to consider Kiryu’s question as he stood in front of him. He was about to make a joke about Kiryu’s eagerness when he was pulled forward into Kiryu’s lap. He quickly wrapped his arms around the other’s neck and began grinding their clothed cocks together, glad things had turned out this way instead of the less pleasurable outcomes he’d been stressing over. He could feel Kiryu’s hands tremble as he tentatively placed them behind his back.
“Touch me as much as ya want, Kiryu-chan,” he whispered against his neck. “It’s yer welcome back party after all.” With that encouragement, Kiryu began running his hands down Majima’s back slowly before cupping his ass. Majima gasped, he hadn’t expected him to be so forward. He looked at Kiryu, whose eyes were lidded with desire. He was biting his lips as he began kneading Majima’s muscular flesh while they continued grinding into each other. The contact was too much and not enough at the same time. He could barely believe this was happening, and it was so much better than he had fantasized, even if they were just grinding. Majima’s desire was screaming at him to rip Kiryu’s pants off and deepthroat his cock right then and there, but he stopped himself so he could savor this incredibly hot moment. The music thrumming in the background seemed to invade his chest, highlighting his own racing heart, and Kiryu’s hands felt so hot against his ass. Majima had expected him to be more shy about touching him, but Kiryu was groping him like he’d never get to see the older man again.
Majima didn’t want to admit that he was close, and he didn’t have to, because Kiryu grunted beneath him and stilled his hips, burying his sweaty head into the crook of Majima’s neck.
“Yer a bit of a quickshot, eh, Kiryu-chan?” Majima said, as if he hadn’t been about to blow his load in his leather pants just a moment ago. Kiryu looked up and panted through parted lips, but didn’t respond. Majima wanted to continue grinding into Kiryu, but he was very aware of the way Kiryu had stopped kneading his ass. His body felt cold without the contact. He cleared his throat and stood up, walking to the stage to put his jacket back on. He expected Kiryu to be gone by the time he turned around, but was surprised to see the younger man standing stiffly several feet away from where he had been sitting earlier.
Majima sat on the stage and crossed his legs, which wasn’t an easy task with his erection pressing urgently against his pants, but he wanted to keep in control of the situation and seem cool and collected. He pulled a cigarette out of his jacket and gestured towards Kiryu, who seemed to wake out of a stupor to walk towards him and light his cigarette.
“Thanks,” he said quietly. Kiryu nodded in response and avoided eye contact.
“Thank you for the welcome back party, Majima-san,” he said formally, but Majima could hear nervousness under his voice. Majima didn’t respond, instead taking another drag from his cigarette. Kiryu opened his mouth like he was going to say something, but dashed out the set of double doors instead. Majima scoffed and finished his cigarette before leaving the dirty club. He told himself he’d be able to make it back to his apartment before needing to relieve his erection, but he barely made it across the block without memories of the way Kiryu’s eyebrows drew together as he pleasured himself with Majima’s body invading the forefront of his mind. He found the nearest public bathroom and rushed inside the closest stall before jerking himself off as he fantasized about the way Kiryu’s big hands felt against his ass. He came with a grunt and his cum landed on the side of the stall. He figured his cum wasn’t the worst thing to grace these walls, so he just left, washed his hands, and swaggered back to his apartment where he’d spend the night fucking himself with one of his toys as he imagined Kiryu’s hands all over him.

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Kiryu was panicking. He desperately wished he could write off the… event… at Asia as just a dream or fantasy, but the cooling cum in his boxers spoke to just how real it had been. He couldn’t believe he’d actually done that. He tried blaming it on his lack of action since he got out of prison, but he couldn’t deny how attractive he found Majima-- especially when he was dancing so provocatively in the dim light of the strip club. Kiryu was even more humiliated at how fast he had cum, and in his boxers no less. There hadn’t even been true skin to skin contact. He ran out of the club and back to Serena, stripped out of his wet boxers and laid in the bed in the back room. At first, he tried to go to sleep as if his cock wasn’t hard again and leaking against his abdomen. When he could no longer ignore it, he began loosely jerking himself off as he stared up at the ceiling and thought of the way Majima’s tongue darted out of his mouth to wet his lips as he watched Kiryu’s face, and how firm his ass was in his hands. Kiryu bit his lip and began moving his hand faster as he imagined burying his face in Majima’s neck, biting and sucking at the soft flesh while Majima moaned and his hips stuttered against his.
Kiryu’s abs tensed as his orgasm hit him. It was disappointing compared to rutting against Majima in the club, but it took the edge off. At least, that’s what he told himself. As the sweat beading his forehead cooled in the evening air, he started thinking of what that meant for their relationship. He’d expected Majima to start making fun of him for cumming in his pants, so he’d hurried out the door before that could happen, which didn’t leave any time for logistical questions. Was Majima just doing it to get ammo against Kiryu? Was he attracted to him? Would this mean no more fights between them? As much as Kiryu hated to admit, the brawls the two shared daily were bringing him back to his skills ten years ago, and he didn’t want one impulsive event to stop that. He wasn’t sure if there was anyone who could bring out his buried skills like Majima could.
Kiryu rolled over in bed and chewed at his lip before drifting into restless sleep, where he luckily didn’t dream. The next day he wandered around Kamurocho aimlessly, half hoping he’d run into Majima along the way so they could sort out their relationship. Unsurprisingly, the only time he actually wanted to encounter Majima, he was unable to. Once dusk fell, he decided to drop by Bacchus and grab a few drinks before going back to Serena. He was about to walk through the door when he got an email from Nishida. It was about Majima being “lost”, undoubtedly a ploy to get him to look for a fight with Majima. He was no longer in the mood to fight, so he walked through the door and nearly walked back out when he saw who the bartender was.
“Ah, Kiryu-chan, ya got here real fast!” Majima said gleefully, pulling a glass from off the counter and setting it in front of him. “Sit down, it’s not everyday a shmuck like you can get his drinks prepared by the Lord of the Night himself.” Kiryu scoffed and took a seat in front of Majima, who was mixing a drink. Kiryu had to admit that he looked like he knew what he was doing as he poured the mixture in the glass in front of him. He brought the concoction up to his nose and sniffed it to try and detect any strange odors.
“Lord of the Night?” Kiryu asked after he determined the drink was safe. Probably.
“Tch, can’t believe ya haven’t heard of me,” Majima said, mixing another drink, not even looking at his hands while he prepared it. “I used ta be Sotenbori’s top cabaret owner back in the day.” Kiryu raised an eyebrow and took a swig. It definitely wasn’t bad, but not to his tastes either. It was also watered down.
“You watered down drinks as the ‘Lord of the Night’, Majima-san?” Kiryu asked, finishing the drink and placing the empty glass in front of him. Majima pretended to look wounded before grinning widely.
“Ha, I almost thought ya wouldn’t even notice,” he said. “Didn’t want ya to get drunk from one or two drinks tonight.” Kiryu nodded and watched Majima’s hands move skillfully as he poured different brands of alcohol into another glass. He couldn’t help but notice just how calm Majima was. Almost as if he were attempting to act totally normal. Kiryu couldn’t blame him, maybe he didn’t want to talk about what happened in Asia. Perhaps it had just been a spur of the moment mistake he would rather not be mentioned again. The thought disappointed Kiryu, but he wouldn’t push the other man into a relationship he didn’t want. He tried to focus on what Majima was mixing, but he found himself focusing on the way his hands moved, or how soft his hair looked.
“Whaddaya think of that one, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked after Kiryu finished the third drink of the night. His body was pleasantly warm and he felt less on edge than he had felt all day.
“It’s pretty good,” he said truthfully. Majima smiled and Kiryu saw what looked like pride glint in Majima’s eye. He began mixing another drink, this time with more alcohol than the last ones. This one was the best out of all of them, and Kiryu said as much. “You weren’t kidding when you said you were the Lord of the Night. You’re really good at this.”
Majima waved his hand dismissively in front of his face and scoffed. If Kiryu didn’t know any better, he could’ve swore he saw a blush creep onto his face.
“So, Kiryu-chan, that’ll be 3 million Yen,” Majima said, taking a rag out and wiping down non-existent stains on the counter top. Kiryu felt his jaw drop.
“Excuse me?” he yelled. “There’s no way that amount of booze cost that much money!”
Majima cackled in front of him and stopped wiping down the counter. He placed a finger thoughtfully to his chin.
“Well, I guess we’ll hafta take this outside to take care of this then, eh, Kiryu-chan?” Majima said. Kiryu grunted and stood up, holding the door open for Majima as he walked outside.
Fighting Majima was even better drunk than it was sober. Kiryu’s movements felt like they were coming more naturally, like his inhibitions were stripped away and he could just fight and not worry about anything but the thrill of feeling his fist connect with Majima’s jaw. A particularly strong left hook made Kiryu stumble against an alleyway and suddenly Majima had pinned him against the wall. He was about to start struggling when he saw the way Majima was looking at him. Hungrily, like he hadn’t eaten in weeks, and Kiryu was an all you can eat buffet. Kiryu swallowed against the gloved hand wrapped around his throat as his eyes lowered down Majima’s body. When he saw a slight bulge in Majima’s pants, he felt a blush rising in his cheeks. He was getting off on this.
Majima didn’t seem fazed by the recognition that he had gotten a bit hard during battle, in fact, it made him grin even wider. He pushed his head to Kiryu’s ear and tightened his grip around his airway ever so slightly.
“Whatcha gonna do about it, Kiryu-chan?” Majima said, his voice soft and husky against Kiryu’s ear. Kiryu took opportunity to headbutt Majima, forcing himself to not watch the blood trickle down Majima’s forehead, and instead began fighting again. When Majima inevitably lost and laid on the ground panting, Kiryu stood above him, trying to keep his expression even. Majima didn’t look disappointed as he had expected, he seemed to look thrilled.
“You sure know how ta treat a guy, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said, holding his gloved hand out to Kiryu, who gripped it and pulled him up. He pulled a cigarette out from his jacket and gestured to Kiryu to light it. Kiryu fumbled for his lighter before holding the flame up to the cigarette, definitely not watching the way Majima’s lips looked wrapped around it. They stood in silence as Majima leaned against the alleyway. He took his bow tie off and shoved it in his pocket.
“What’re you still doin’ here?” Majima asked, taking another drag of his cigarette. “Figured you’da left by now.” Kiryu swallowed and turned his head away before he began walking away.
“Oy, I didn’t say that ‘cuz I wanted you to leave,” Majima yelled after him. “Am I scarin’ you off? You want that kinda shit to stop?” He looked at Kiryu carefully, like he was trying to get the truth out of him. He was surprised by the questions, he hadn’t expected Majima to be so forward, which only made him blush harder.
“It’s not that,” Kiryu began saying. “I just… Well, I haven’t been with… another man” he trailed off and became very interested with a scuff mark on his loafer. He looked back up when he saw Majima’s cigarette hit the dirty concrete.
“Eh? Yer serious?” Majima asked, his mouth hanging open. Kiryu nodded and avoided eye contact. “I just thought after Asia you’d been with a guy before.”
“No, that was,” Kiryu swallowed before continuing. “I didn’t know what I was doing.” Majima chuckled, but it didn’t sound like he was making fun of Kiryu.
“Howsabout tomorrow we play some poker?” he asked. Kiryu was taken aback, but nodded anyway. “Nishida’ll email you the details.” Majima stepped on his fallen cigarette and began sauntering off, leaving Kiryu to stare at the way his hips swayed back and forth in the dim evening light. He ran his fingers through his hair and began walking back to Serena, wondering if the sudden change of subject wasn’t so sudden at all. Perhaps their poker game tomorrow would be a discussion of their relationship. Or maybe it’d just be another excuse for a battle. Either way, Kiryu wanted to go. Maybe he could get Majima hard again and not immediately head butt him.
* * *
The next morning, Kiryu slowly walked to the Adult Video store, hoping to find something gay. He hadn’t thought about a man this way before and had no experience, and hoped he’d be able to learn something, even if it was from crappy porn. He was blushing furiously as he asked the clerk for their “men’s love” section, but the young man didn’t even blink. He led Kiryu to the back room and pointed to the shelves where the porn he was looking for resided.
He felt incredibly out of his element. If it was man on woman porn, he’d just grab whatever looked tame and be on his way, but he didn’t know anything about gay porn. He felt his cock twitch with interest at some of the pictures on the covers, his mind imagining himself and Majima in those positions. He settled for 3 videos that didn’t have anything too non-vanilla in the title and slunk to the cash register, where the bleary-eyed clerk checked him out and wished him a good day.
Just his luck, he bumped into Majima on his way to Gandhara. He tried shoving the plastic bag full of porn videos into his suit before Majima could see, but he was too slow.
“Well, well, well, what have we here?” Majima chuckled, running his fingers against Kiryu’s jacket pocket. “I told ya to give me a call if ya wanted the hottest hostess in Kamurocho, a guy like you shouldn’t hafta jerk off in a video booth when he wants a little release.” Kiryu raised his chin and tried to look intense, even though he really wanted to crawl into the sewers.
“Who said they were for jerking off?” Kiryu said, trying very hard to sound nonchalant.
“Heh, why don’t you show them to me then, Kiryu-chan?” Majima grinned. He knew he had Kiryu backed into a corner. Kiryu ignored his instincts which screamed at him to deck Majima’s stupid grin and beat him into the pavement, and handed over the plastic bag instead. Majima cackled as he grabbed the bag, but his laughter quickly turned to surprise as he saw the bags contents. He looked up at Kiryu, probably to see if it was a joke, but seeing the way red rose from Kiryu’s collar, he decided the younger man was in earnest. He licked his lips as he shoved the bag back into Kiryu’s hands, and his face split into another grin.
“I’ll see ya tonight, Kiryu-chan,” he said. As he walked off, Kiryu saw that he was swaying his hips even more than normal, and found it hard to tear his eyes away from Majima’s ass.
* * *
Kiryu almost talked himself out of watching the porn videos burning a hole in his suit pocket. He’d walked around town in a nervous stupor trying to convince himself one way or the other and ended up in Smile Burger as the day started darkening. He was drinking one of their signature shakes when he decided that he might as well follow through with his plan from earlier. He strolled down the street to Gandhara and booked a booth for long enough to watch all the videos if he decided he wanted to. He was about to put the video in the player when his phone started buzzing. Kiryu felt his heart begin to race as he pulled open his phone and read the email from Nishida.
Hello, Kiryu-san. Majima-san asked me to tell you to go to the following address for poker night:
It was an apartment address Kiryu didn’t recognize.
He seems to be in a very good mood, sir, so I suggest you prepare for anything to happen.
Kiryu swallowed as he realized what was likely to happen at Majima’s apartment. He stood up from the booth and caught a taxi back to Serena to drop off the videos, so he wouldn’t have to carry them all night. As he was reapplying his cologne in the bathroom, he suddenly froze. Was this going to be strip poker? Knowing Majima, it was very likely to be strip poker or some violent version of it. Or, honestly, it might be both. He debated whether he should bring more articles of clothing with him, but that would give Majima the satisfaction of knowing he wasn’t confident in his skills.
He strolled down to a liquor store and bought a bottle of whiskey and began the walk to the address Nishida gave him.
Kiryu was barely able to knock on the door before Majima ripped the door open and greeted him enthusiastically.
“Kiryu-chan! Took ya long enough,” Majima said, stubbing his cigarette out in an ashtray near the entrance. “Come in, come in.” Kiryu walked inside and noticed Majima wasn’t wearing shoes, so he took his off and placed them next to Majima’s signature silver tipped boots. Kiryu cleared his throat and handed the bottle of whiskey to Majima, who grinned at the gift. He gestured for him to follow, so he did. Majima led him into a surprisingly well-furnished living room, where couches surrounded a low table covered with chips and playing cards. A clean ashtray sat in the middle, and Majima set the bottle of whiskey next to it.
“Take a seat, Kiryu-chan,” he said, gesturing to the suede couch. “I’m gonna grab us some glasses, be back in a flash.” Kiryu did as he was told and took in his surroundings. He hadn’t expected Majima’s living quarters to be so… put together. He half-expected him to invite him to a derelict warehouse where his men were waiting in the wings to join their boss on a beat down. He heard Majima humming a vaguely familiar song from the kitchen before he padded back into the room. He sat cross-legged across from Kiryu and handed him a glass.
“Is this your real apartment, Majima-san?” Kiryu asked, reaching across the table to pour himself a glass of whiskey. Majima yanked the bottle away and tutted, shaking a finger.
“One of many, but I spend the most time here,” he said, setting the bottle on the floor next to him. “No booze just yet, we need to be sober for this first part.”
“What do you mean?” Kiryu asked.
“You ‘n me are gonna have a nice discussion about whatever relationship we got goin’ on right now,” Majima said. His face turned serious and he picked at his nails a bit before continuing. “I wasn’t expectin’ ya to react like ya did at Asia, not that I’m complainin’ though. But I gotta know if yer really okay with things goin’ on like this.” Kiryu felt himself blush.
“Majima-san,” Kiryu began, clearing his throat. He forced himself to meet Majima’s eye. “Fighting with you has… well, I don’t know how to explain it, but it makes me want you.” Majima nodded and squinted before he spoke.
“So what, ya want a no-strings attached kinda thing between us?” He asked. Kiryu paused before nodding. “Fighting and fucking?” Kiryu nodded again, swallowing as he blushed further.
“How vanilla are ya, Kiryu-chan?” Majima brought a cigarette out from his jacket and lit it as he eyed Kiryu’s reaction.
“What do you mean?” Kiryu asked.
“Do ya wanna safe word, or should no mean no?” Majima asked, taking a drag from his cigarette, exhaling slowly.
“Melonbread,” Kiryu said breathlessly, surprising even himself with the way how desperate his voice sounded .
“Haw?” Majima asked, his eyebrows furrowing.
“That’s my safe word,” Kiryu said, his eyes darting to the floor. He heard Majima chuckle gently.
The two continued discussing some hard boundaries, which neither of them had many of. Majima didn’t want to be tied up, and Kiryu didn’t want to be blindfolded. Kiryu felt himself relaxing as they continued talking. The subject matter was incredibly explicit, Majima asking about sex maneuvers he had never even heard of, but it wasn’t to embarrass him. He was finding out what was and wasn’t okay, which Kiryu appreciated.
The two decided that during their fights, if (when) it became sexually charged, they’d deal with it then. Maybe that meant Kiryu getting fucked, or he’d fuck Majima, or hell, even both. Whoever was winning would get to choose the way their fucking went. Kiryu grinned-- this probably meant Majima wasn’t going to be holding back as much as he had been in previous fights. The leaner man stood up and stretched, Kiryu eyeing the way his chest expanded and his muscles practically rippled beneath his skin.
“Gonna take a leak,” Majima said, pointing behind him. “When I get back, we’re gonna be playin’ some strip poker. And this kinda talk we had here is gonna stop for tonight, unless you feel like ya need some more.”
“I think I’m good on the boundaries talk,” Kiryu said evenly.
“Good,” Majima said. “If ya ever wanna have another talk like this, shoot me an email with yer safe word in it. Otherwise...” Majima bit his lip and ran his eyes up and down Kiryu’s body. “I’m gonna be on yer ass.”
Kiryu nodded and watched Majima saunter into the other room.

Chapter Text

Majima could hardly believe his luck. Kiryu was into it! He agreed to this frenemies with benefits thing! He’d said he was taking a leak, but really he just stepped away to escape the thick sexual tension permeating the air. Once he got back, though…
He stopped himself from thinking further so he wouldn’t be hard before their game of strip poker even began. He walked into the bathroom and splashed cold water on his face before wiping the water off with a fluffy white towel. He briefly wondered if Kiryu would be staying the night, or if he’d just want to use the shower after the “game”. He might end up just leaving, too.
Majima couldn’t believe how eager Kiryu had seemed, even when he was clearly unsure of what a sex term meant, he showed interest in almost everything Majima mentioned. He was half expecting Kiryu to balk at the notion of rough sex, but he seemed ready to try. They hadn’t discussed what tonight would entail in detail, just that Kiryu not have anything up the ass tonight. Majima took a deep breath and walked back into the living room, grinning as he met Kiryu’s gaze. He looked slightly embarrassed and very aroused. Perfect.
“You wanna deal, Kiryu-chan, or should I?” Majima asked, gesturing to the deck sitting on the table in front of them. He leaned back in the sofa and spread his legs apart, watching with glee as Kiryu seemed to get distracted by the shift in posture. The younger man licked his lips and contemplated the question before answering.
“I can deal, Majima-san,” he said. “I’m not sure I trust you to deal.” That made Majima chuckle. Kiryu was smarter than he seemed.
“Woah, woah, woah, big guy,” Majima laughed as Kiryu started shuffling the deck. “We haven’t even discussed the terms.” Kiryu huffed and set the cards back on the table.
“What are the terms, then?” Kiryu asked.
“We each get 500 chips. 5/10. Whenever we lose 50 chips we gotta take off a piece of clothing. First one naked loses.” Majima grinned at the look of concentration on Kiryu’s face.
“What does the winner get, then?” He asked.
“Heh, we’ll just hafta find out, eh, Kiryu-chan?” Majima said, raising an eyebrow.
“Aren’t you at a bit of a disadvantage, Majima-san?” Kiryu asked. “You’re only wearing 3 pieces of clothing, 4 if you count your socks.” Majima chuckled at that.
“Who said I was wearin’ any underwear?” He asked, grinning at the way Kiryu’s neck turned a deep shade of red. He watched him swallow as he processed the information.
“If yer so concerned, why don’tcha take off your suit jacket right now,” Majima said, gesturing across the table. Kiryu obliged, and rolled up his shirt sleeves before shuffling the deck again. He dealt their cards and grimaced at the hand he dealt himself.
“Let’s begin, then,” Kiryu said, throwing a 5 chip into the middle of the table. Majima grinned and picked up his own cards, keeping his face from changing as he saw his hand. Just his luck, double aces already. He threw in two 5 piece chips and let Kiryu decide whether he was bluffing or not, grinning innocently when Kiryu tried to size him up. Kiryu was quickly down 50 chips by the time the first hand ended, his pair of 6s not saving him from having to shimmy out of his shirt.
Majima whooped as Kiryu took his shirt off, licking his lips as he stared at the man’s perfect chest. Damn, he really wanted to get his mouth on those nipples, or at least give him hickies across his collarbones. Kiryu folded hims arms across his chest at first, his face stoic, but his cheeks betraying his embarrassment.
“Aw, don’t be like that Kiryu-chan,” Majima said. He pulled his own suit jacket to the side to show off his own nearly bare chest. “I’m already half naked anyways. I promise I won’t ogle ya! Much, anyways.” Kiryu huffed and dropped his arms back down. It was funny that only now was he self conscious of his bare chest when he usually found any excuse to rip his suit off during a fight. He poured them both whiskey in the glasses he’d brought in earlier, hoping to get Kiryu a bit more relaxed.
Majima lost the next round, down 75 chips. He couldn’t contain his surprise at how well Kiryu had been able to bluff him. He shook his head at Kiryu’s self-satisfied smirk as he dragged his newly won chips over to his pile.
“Well, Majima-san, I think it’s your turn now,” Kiryu said coolly. Damn, he got over his embarrassment quickly. Majima kept eye contact as he slowly took his jacket off before throwing it onto the floor. He liked the way Kiryu was looking at him. He wasn’t licking his lips like Majima had been, but the smirk across his face and his eyes slowly poring over Majima’s exposed chest showed he enjoyed what he was seeing.
“Don’t know what yer lookin’ at,” Majima huffed, still upset at being bluffed so thoroughly. “I’m practically naked whenever ya see me anyways.”
“This is different,” Kiryu said, chuckling. Majima rolled his eye and gestured for Kiryu to deal again.
Majima didn’t even try and hide his disappointment at his next hand; total junk. He was about to fold when he noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. He looked up and saw Kiryu lightly palming his cock through his slacks as he looked over his cards. He almost dismissed it as Kiryu scratching an itch, but it was too gentle and too prolonged. His own cock twitched in interest as he watched the show unfolding in front of him. It seemed like Kiryu was doing it absent-mindedly, so Majima quickly looked back to his own cards so Kiryu wouldn’t get embarrassed and stop.
He huffed loudly and hoped he’d be able to get a pair of 4’s or something as he threw in another 10 chip into the pile. Kiryu paused and looked at Majima. The way he was looking at him almost made Majima laugh-- he thought he was bluffing! Which wasn’t a bad thought to have, but this time, his junk hand was really junk. Kiryu doubled down and threw 50 chips into the pile, no doubt confident in his own hand. He was calling his bluff. Majima smiled sweetly at Kiryu as he began turning the final cards over. Ah! He would at least get a pair. The two men showed their cards and Majima cackled at Kiryu’s hand-- it was even worse than his own!
“What’s it gonna be, Kiryu-chan?” He asked as he dragged his newly won chips over to his side of the table. “Yer slacks, or yer socks?”
“Hmph,” Kiryu huffed. “I don’t really think socks count in strip poker, Majima-san.” He stood up and shimmied out of his slacks. Majima whistled and twirled his finger, hoping to get the other man to spin around and show his ass. Kiryu looked hesitant at first, but eventually slowly turned after he threw his slacks to the side.
“Damn, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said, his voice lowering as he imagined grabbing Kiryu’s ass. As he sat back down on the couch, Majima’s eye was drawn to the slight bulge in Kiryu’s red boxer briefs. Kiryu pointedly looked away as he spread his legs slightly, which unfortunately made the bulge less obvious. “Yer such a tease.”
The next few rounds didn’t go by as quickly or easily as the first few. Neither man wanted to be the first one naked, and both wanted to be the winner. They were playing carefully, but that didn’t stop Majima from losing his 50th chip after Kiryu bluffed him perfectly again. He grinned at the other man as he turned around, bending down to grab the bottle of whiskey next to his seat. He could feel Kiryu staring a hole into his leather pants, so he began removing them as erotically as possible. He did his own little spin, raising his arms to the side as if he were showing off. He wasn’t fully hard, but his half-erection was still impressive.
Kiryu was smirking at the sight, even if his face was dusted with blush. Majima saw as he began rubbing himself through his boxers again, which made his own erection grow all the way. He plopped back down into his seat, spreading his legs apart as he lightly jerked himself off.
“Well, Kiryu-chan, I guess I’m the loser,” he said, biting his lip at the way Kiryu was watching him. He looked enraptured. Majima took another shot of whiskey and offered the bottle to Kiryu, who just shook his head. He continued jerking himself off, enjoying the look on Kiryu’s face, the way his lips were slightly parted and his cheeks red.
“Can I...” Kiryu trailed off before continuing. “Can I watch you finger yourself?”
Majima was delighted at the request, but tsked lightly.
“Kiryu-chan, yer the winner here!” he exclaimed, taking his hand off his cock and licking the precum that gathered on one of his finger tips. “You gotta demand it.” Majima saw something flash in the other’s eyes, which made his erection twitch against his belly.
“Majima-san, finger yourself for me,” Kiryu said, his voice husky with arousal. Majima bit his lip and stifled a groan as he dug through his jacket pocket for the container of lube he kept with him. Kiryu didn’t look surprised, but watched every movement as Majima opened the lid and poured a generous amount on his fingers.
He swirled his fingers around his asshole for a few moments before he gently pushed his finger tip in. He huffed at the intrusion and began slowly pumping his finger in and out until it was in as far as he could manage with this angle. He looked up at Kiryu and was happy to see that Kiryu’s lips were parted as he palmed his cock through his boxers, and the way he wasn’t taking his gaze away from the show Majima was giving him.
Majima groaned as he pressed a second finger inside himself. He twisted his fingers and began curling them, unable to stifle a moan as he brushed against his prostate. He heard Kiryu stand up and kneel in front of him. Majima bit his lip as he felt Kiryu’s hot breath dusting against his inner thigh.
“Let me do it, Majima-san,” Kiryu said. His pupils were wide and his face and neck bright red. Majima grinned and passed the lube down to Kiryu, who warmed it between his fingers. “Take them out.” Majima was surprised at the command, but obeyed anyways, moaning at how empty he felt. There were a few moments where he thought Kiryu was going to chicken out, and just as he was about to ask him what he was doing, he felt a tentative finger pressing against his asshole. He was about to remind him that he was already stretched enough for two fingers when Kiryu unceremoniously pressed the entire length of his finger in.
Majima moaned and jerked his hips. Kiryu took the hint and began curling his finger inside.
“Ah!” Majima moaned loudly. “Right there Kiryu-chan, keep rubbin’ right there!” Kiryu began pressing his finger against Majima’s prostate more regularly, adding a second finger as he began scissoring his fingers gently.
“Jerk yourself off,” Kiryu practically whispered against Majima’s thigh. The older man was quick to oblige, murmuring words of encouragement to the man fingering him. He groaned as he felt Kiryu press a third finger inside him, but quickly adjusted and tried to take the entire length of his fingers by grinding his hips down, but Kiryu stopped him by pressing his hand against his hips. “So needy, Majima-san.” He said before returning to a leisurely pace, barely brushing against Majima’s prostate on every other thrust.
Majima began moaning in earnest now, the pleasure of Kiryu’s fingers mixed with his own hand wrapped around his aching cock was bringing him close.
“Kiryu-chan,” Majima whimpered. “I’m close, Kiryu-chan.” Kiryu said something that he didn’t hear, so he asked him to say it again.
“I said, stop jerking off, Majima-san,” Kiryu said sternly. Majima groaned and threw his head back as he took his hand off his cock, his hips thrusting upwards in search of contact. Kiryu began fingering him faster now, his fingers scissoring inside him as he thrust in and out. This went on for what Majima thought was an eternity before he couldn’t stop himself from begging.
“Please, Kiryu-chan!” he blurted out. “Fuck me, touch me, do somethin’, please!” He looked down at the man between his legs and saw the arousal plainly written on his face. He keened as Kiryu removed the fingers from inside him, about to start complaining, but quickly shut up when he saw Kiryu begin removing his boxer briefs. He couldn’t stop himself from whimpering at the size of Kiryu’s cock. He’d expected him to be huge, but damn, it was a real monster. Thick, too. He swallowed heavily as he watched Kiryu lube up his cock and press in against his entrance.
“Ready?” He asked, gripping Majima’s hips as he ran the tip of his cock around his asshole. Majima nodded furiously and threw his head back as Kiryu began pressing inside him. The stretch was almost unbearable, but he loved it. Three fingers hadn’t been enough preparation for this. He loved the feeling of getting stretched out, the way he almost thought he couldn’t take it, but always savoring the pleasure of being split open like this. He began moaning Kiryu’s name as he pressed further and further inside him. Kiryu’s cock seemed to go on forever-- it felt like an hour before he was all the way in, his balls against Majima’s ass. He wrapped his legs around Kiryu’s and tried urging him to fuck him, but found his voice wasn’t working properly, so he whined instead, hoping Kiryu would get the message.
Kiryu was standing above him with a look of pure concentration on his face.
“Damn,” he murmured. “You’re so tight, Majima-san. It feels so good.” Majima began squeezing around Kiryu’s cock which earned him a low moan escaping from Kiryu’s mouth. He grinned, about to say something when Kiryu began moving, which knocked the wind out of him. He dug his nails into the cushion below him as Kiryu slowly fucked him, moans and swears pouring out of his mouth freely.
“Fuck!” he moaned breathlessly as Kiryu bottomed out again. “Yer so fuckin’ huge, Kiryu-chan.” That made Kiryu begin moving faster, who seemed to be trying to coax out more noises from the man below him. He finally began slamming into him, gripping his hands so hard around Majima’s hips that he’d bruise, which only made Majima moan louder. The older man began jerking himself off as he tried to memorize the way Kiryu’s cock split him apart, his huge dick rubbing against his prostate just the right way on every thrust. He felt like there was a heater inside his asshole, Kiryu’s dick was so hot.
Before he could stop himself, Majima began tipping over the edge, spasming around Kiryu’s cock as he continued fucking him. He wanted to fall limp after the final rope of cum coated his chest, but he kept flexing his asshole to milk Kiryu’s orgasm out of him. It didn’t take long for the younger man to cum, his hips stuttering as Majima clenched around him. He didn’t pull out immediately, panting above Majima.
“How was that, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked, attempting to sound as innocent as possible. Kiryu didn’t respond, but he did pull out, groaning at the sight of his cum leaking out of Majima’s ass. He padded over to where he’d thrown his jacket . Majima lounged in the chair, wondering what Kiryu was looking for in his coat. He was touched when the younger man brought out a packet of pocket tissues and began wiping the cum from his used hole. He felt rather than heard Kiryu say something against his thigh. “Eh? What was that?”
“It was good, Majima-san,” Kiryu said. Majima looked down and saw how hard the man was blushing, which made a grin split across his face. Damn, this was going better than he expected.
“Go grab a shower, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said, stretching his arms above his head after Kiryu finished wiping away his cum. “There’s clean towels ‘n everything in there. You can use any of the soaps ya want, too.” Kiryu nodded and headed to the bathroom. Majima began cleaning himself up, wiping away his cum from his chest, picking up Kiryu’s discarded clothes and checking for any evidence of what just happened. When he was satisfied they were clean, he folded them and set them in the guest bedroom. He walked back to his own pile of clothes and debated about getting back into those god-awful leather pants, and ultimately decided against it. Instead, he walked to his own room and grabbed his fluffy robe and pulled it shut around him, throwing his old clothes in the laundry basket.
He was smoking a cigarette and nursing a glass of the whiskey Kiryu brought with him when he heard the water shut off, and heard Kiryu pad into the living room. He had a towel wrapped around his waist and Majima appreciated the way his abs looked as he searched the living room for his clothes.
“They’re in the guest bedroom,” Majima called, taking another drag from his cigarette. Kiryu jumped like he hadn’t expected him to still be here. “You can stay the night if ya wanna, or don’t. I don’t care.”
“Thanks, Majima-san,” Kiryu said, bowing slightly. Majima waved his hand and was about to chew him out for being so formal when he saw Kiryu opened his mouth again. “It’s pretty late, so I think I’ll stay here.”
Majima nodded as he stood up, gesturing for Kiryu to follow him.
“There should be some sweat pants about yer size if ya don’t wanna sleep naked,” Majima said, pointing at the small dresser pushed against the farthest wall. “I’m gonna go shower now, so I guess this is goodnight.” Kiryu pursed his lips before responding.
“Goodnight, Majima-san,” Kiryu said. Majima turned away and waved behind him before he took a hot shower, the first one in ages where he didn’t feel a pressing need to jerk off.

Chapter Text

Kiryu was getting stronger every day. Every fight with Majima awoke something from his past inside him, and he was satisfied with his progress. It was taking longer than he would have liked, but he couldn’t deny that he enjoyed their impromptu battles. He also liked their relationship after hours, meeting at Majima’s apartment or rutting together in alleyways after their fights got them hard after slamming their fists into each other.

There was so much Kiryu wanted to do with Majima-- fuck his mouth, suck his cock, finger him again, get fingered. It was almost overwhelming just how much he wanted to try. He was worried his inexperience would be a turn off for Majima, and he’d only want Kiryu doing things to him instead of dealing with Kiryu’s lack of ability. Fortunately, the next time the two met proved that Majima was more than willing to work with Kiryu’s inexperience.

The Dragon of Dojima was walking back the convenience store when he felt someone sneak up behind him. He spun around, his fists out, ready to beat down whatever punk wanted to try him. Instead of some two bit punk, he was greeted with Majima’s grinning face. The one-eyed man pulled out his bat and their battle started. Majima only got one or two swings to connect before he was sprawled out on the concrete, a dazed look on his face as he wiped blood from his nose.

“Just like I’d expect from ya, Kiryu-chan,” he said breathlessly. “Even after surprisin’ ya, you barely even flinched.” Kiryu reached his hand out and lifted Majima from the ground. The older man threw his arm around Kiryu’s shoulder and told him to walk to his place, leaning against him for support as they strolled through the neon-lit city.

When they reached Majima’s apartment, Kiryu opened the door and held it open for the other man, who smirked at the gesture.

“Yer a true gentleman,” he said, walking to the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water. Kiryu stood stiffly in the living room, willing himself not to get an erection at the thought of what had happened between them in this room just days ago.

Majima walked into the living room and settled in the seat he was in last time, spreading his legs apart, his jacket falling to the side to expose his tattooed chest.

“Majima-san,” Kiryu said, a slight blush creeping into his face. “I want to suck your cock tonight.” Majima grinned widely.

“How forward, Kiryu-chan!” He said. “Get over here, on yer knees.” Kiryu obeyed and knelt in front of the other man, who stood and shimmied unceremoniously out of his leather pants. He sat back down and gestured towards his half-hard cock. “Get to work, then, Kiryu-chan. I’m not in the mood for teeth tonight, so don’t go doin’ stuff yer not prepared for just yet.”

Kiryu nodded and reverently gripped Majima’s cock, which twitched beneath his hand. He stroked it a few times until it was fully hard before rubbing his thumb over the head, which earned him a slight moan. He brought himself closer until his mouth was nearly touching Majima’s cock. The other man thrust his hips at the hot breath against him.

“C’mon Kiryu-chan, stop teasin’,” Majima moaned. Kiryu swallowed any nervousness he felt and began licking where his cock met his balls. The smell was overwhelming, it was so masculine and musky that Kiryu wanted to keep inhaling this scent forever. He kept stroking Majima’s cock as he began licking from the base upwards. He went slowly, savoring the salty taste and the way curses and encouragements poured out of Majima’s parted lips. He finally reached the swollen head and carefully took it into his mouth, hollowing his lips and sucking gently.

“Fuck!” Majima moaned, his hips stuttering as he tried to stop himself from thrusting into Kiryu’s mouth. He began licking around the head, still stroking his hand slowly up and down. He paused as he watched the way Majima’s foreskin moved up and down with every stroke. He bit his lip as he debated about whether he could really do this, but he steeled his nerves and began working his tongue under the foreskin as best he could.

“Jesus Christ, Kiryu-chan,” Majima panted above him. “Keep doin’ that.” Kiryu obliged and continued stroking his cock as he licked under Majima’s foreskin. He started stroking faster, which made Majima start thrusting his hips into Kiryu’s touch. Majima reached his hand out and gripped Kiryu’s hair, which made Kiryu’s cock twitch in his pants. He closed his lips around the head and began sucking again, which made Majima start pulling his hair harder.

“Fuck, Kiryu-chan,” Majima groaned. “I’m gonna cum soon.” Kiryu started stroking faster and took the head out of his mouth, but kept it held open as he looked up at Majima. He finally came, ropes of cum shooting onto Kiryu’s face and into his open mouth, some landing on his red shirt. The taste was bitter and salty, but he swallowed it anyway, the cum sticking in his throat. He sat back on his haunches as he looked up at Majima, whose head was thrown back and his chest heaving.

“Damn,” he said to the ceiling. “Ya like yer hair gettin’ pulled, eh?” Kiryu felt his face blush, but he nodded anyway. The two sat in silence for another moment, before Majima took a big breath and looked back at Kiryu. He was grinning like a demon.

“How was it?” Kiryu asked self-consciously. Majima cackled and slapped a hand on Kiryu’s shoulder. He gestured for Kiryu to stand up, which he did. Majima leaned forward and began pulling Kiryu’s slacks off. He mouthed at the wet spot in Kiryu’s boxer briefs, grinning when Kiryu moaned at the contact.

“Majima-san,” Kiryu murmured. The other man looked up as he pulled Kiryu’s underwear off.

“Hm?” he said while stroking Kiryu slowly.

“I want to fuck your face,” Kiryu said. His face was totally red, but still held his usual stoic expression. Majima laughed lightly and held his mouth open, looking up at Kiryu with his eye lidded. Kiryu’s breaths came out ragged as he lightly gripped the back of Majima’s head and thrust in slowly. He moaned at the wet heat of Majima’s mouth, the incredible softness of the inside of his cheeks. He was halfway in when he pulled out, which made Majima whimper below him. He gripped Majima’s hair tighter and pushed his cock all the way in, moaning when he felt Majima swallow around him. The older man closed his lips around the base of his cock and hollowed his cheeks, bobbing his head a little. Kiryu yanked his head back.

“No, Majima-san,” he said sternly. “I’m fucking your face tonight.” Majima licked his lips before he held his mouth open again, practically begging Kiryu to go back to thrusting inside. He pushed back in and groaned at the way Majima moaned around his cock. He looked down and saw Majima was hard again. “Touch yourself for me.” Kiryu said softly, another moan vibrating around his cock as Majima gripped his cock and slowly jerked himself off.

Kiryu began thrusting in Majima’s mouth in earnest, reveling in the way Majima moaned whenever he bottomed out, the way he’d begin swallowing around his head when he paused after pushing in all the way. He started pulling Majima’s head onto his cock, meeting his thrusts somewhere in the middle, which made the man below him rub his cock even faster. He met Majima’s good eye and was pleased to see how blissful he looked. His pupil was huge, his eye lidded. He looked like he could stay in between his legs forever.

It didn’t take him long to get close with the way Majima was jerking himself off and moaning around Kiryu’s hard cock. He thrust deep in Majima’s mouth and held his head down as he began cumming, groaning as Majima eagerly swallowed around his cock. He felt light headed as he gently thrust into his mouth, riding out his orgasm. He eventually pulled out and was delighted to see Majima came on his chest during Kiryu’s own orgasm. He looked down at his shirt and saw spots of drying cum, which made him grunt, but he made no effort to wipe it off. He sat down across from Majima, neither of them saying anything. The only sounds in the room were the echoes of traffic and the two breathing heavily.

Majima broke the silence with the sound of his lighter flipping open, lighting the cigarette sitting between his parted lips. Kiryu rifled through his jacket pocket and found a packet of tissues and threw them to Majima. He smirked as he wiped his chest off but muttered thanks anyways. Kiryu stood up and walked into the kitchen, searching through a few cupboards before he found where Majima kept glasses. He pulled two out and filled them both with tap water before walking back into the living room, handing one to Majima before sitting back down and draining his glass. Majima sipped his slowly. Kiryu was about to get up and refill his glass when Majima cleared his throat.

“I didn’t think ya had it in ya,” he said hoarsely. Kiryu blushed furiously and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Was I too rough?” he asked, his voice full of concern. Majima chuckled and shook his head.

“Nah, I like it that way anyways,” Majima said, finishing his water. He shook the empty glass at Kiryu, who stood up and refilled both their glasses. When he walked back into the room, the floor was clean of their discarded clothes and Majima was nowhere to be seen. Kiryu set the glasses down and wandered towards the guest room. He saw Majima inside the bathroom, placing their clothes in the small washer inside the room. He saw Kiryu walk past and tossed him a fluffy robe.

“Take yer shirt off, too, ya got cum all over it.” he said. Kiryu obliged and handed over his shirt and jacket after he pulled the cash and cigarettes he kept in the pocket. He rubbed the fluffy fabric between his fingers and smiled at how soft it was before pulling it around himself.

“I didn’t expect you to own anything not made of snake skin or leather, Majima-san,” Kiryu said, tying the fluffy belt around himself.

“Hmph,” Majima huffed, pouring detergent into the washer before closing the lid. “There’s a lot ya don’t know ‘bout me, Kiryu-chan.” Majima was wrapped in his own fluffy robe, the one he wore last time.

“I’m kind of hungry,” Kiryu said, leaning against a wall and lighting a cigarette.

“Me too,” Majima agreed. “I’ll order some takeout. Whaddya want?”

“Anything’s fine by me, Majima-san,” Kiryu said, taking a long drag from his cigarette. The two men walked into the living room where Majima flipped on the TV. He then grabbed his phone and called for takeout. After Majima placed the order, the two sat in silence, focused on the game show playing in front of them. It was cozy, but Kiryu was knocked out of his stupor when the doorbell rang. Majima made no effort to get up, looking expectantly at Kiryu, so he huffed and walked to the door, making sure his robe covered his lower half. He opened the door and was surprised to see Nishida holding several bags of food.

“Kiryu-san,” Nishida said, bowing slightly. “Here’s the food the boss ordered.” Kiryu felt his cheeks flush at the idea that someone knew about their little tryst. He mumbled something about grabbing cash when Nishida shook his head. “It’s already paid for. Enjoy the food.” Nishida then left quickly. He didn’t even seem to register that Kiryu was in one of Majima’s robes at this hour. He shook his head and closed the door, reasoning that Nishida had probably seen much worse than Kiryu in a robe while working under Majima. He set the bags on the table and the two began eating, not saying anything as they continued watching TV. Once Majima finished eating, he stretched loudly, his arms reaching above his head as he yawned.

“I’m beat,” he said, covering his mouth as he yawned again. “Ya gonna stay the night again?” Kiryu nodded and muttered that he wanted to finish watching the game show. Majima nodded and strolled into his bedroom, closing the door loudly. Kiryu wondered if that was a challenge to see if he’d fuck Majima again, this time in an actual bed, but he felt his eyelids getting heavy. He cleaned up their mess of food and took the garbage out and continued watching the game show until he heard the washer ding. He pulled their clothes out and put them in the dryer. He finally crawled into the guest bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

* * *

As the two kept fucking after their fighting sessions, Kiryu got better and better at sucking Majima’s cock. His gag reflex had been nearly unbearable at first, but he eventually came to enjoy the sensation, the way he had to focus on not gagging and the way Majima’s musk filled his nose and went straight to his cock. Kiryu loved the way praises poured out of Majima’s mouth when he was able to take the older man’s cock even further down his throat, and the way he would tug on his hair with his leather gloves.

“Yer gettin’ so good at this, Kiryu-chan,” Majima would say breathlessly. “I love the way yer face looks while I’m fuckin’ it.” He’d run his thumb across Kiryu’s cheekbone, grinning when he’d moan at the contact. Then he’d gently run his gloved fingers through his hair before gripping tightly and yanking, which only made Kiryu moan more.

After one particularly steamy fight, Majima shoved Kiryu to his knees in an abandoned lot near the Champion district and shoved his face into the bulge in his leather pants. Kiryu protested at first, but stilled when he felt Majima pull on his hair, making him hiss through his teeth.

“Be a good boy and suck my cock, Kiryu-chan,” he said. Kiryu began reaching up to undo his zipper when Majima reached down and slapped his hands away. “With yer teeth,” he said lowly. Kiryu huffed but did as he was told, embarrassment warming his core as Majima licked his lips while he watched him undo the zipper with his teeth. Majima pulled his pants down and Kiryu loved the feeling of Majima’s cock against his forehead, he would have loved to just stay like this, but the arousal clouding his mind demanded he take the older man’s cock into his mouth. He suckled at the sensitive spot where Majima’s balls met the shaft and smiled when he heard Majima groaning. He slowly licked up his length before lapping up the precum that dripped down the head. He took the head in his mouth and slowly began bobbing his head, stroking the length he hadn’t gotten in his mouth yet. Majima’s hips stuttered as he pulled Kiryu’s hair tighter, urging him to take more into his mouth. Kiryu eventually worked Majima’s cock all the way in, pressing his nose against Majima’s pubic bone and humming around his length when he heard Majima groan above him. He looked up and saw Majima panting, his eye looking at him with adoration.

“Fuck, Kiryu-chan,” he moaned. “Keep goin’.” Kiryu began bobbing his head slowly, focusing on the way his throat felt around Majima’s thick cock, the way he was able to control his gag reflex, the way his cock tasted on his tongue. He began rubbing himself through his slacks, the touch not enough but still almost overwhelming him. He started going faster, keeping his gaze on Majima, whose eye was dark with pleasure. He thrust his hips in time with Kiryu’s head bobs, and began tightening his grip on Kiryu’s hair. He pressed all the way into Kiryu’s mouth, which made Kiryu grip the back of his legs and dig his nails into the soft flesh with one hand as his other desperately rubbed his cock through his slacks, eventually cumming moments after Majima finished thrusting into Kiryu’s mouth and moaning his name.

Kiryu tore himself away and swallowed all the cum, opening his mouth and showing Majima, which earned him a chuckle. He pulled Kiryu off the ground and offered him a cigarette, which he took. Majima pulled his pants up and the two began smoking in the empty alleyway, glad that no one had walked by to see what had just transpired.

“Well, lemme take care of ya, then,” Majima said, gesturing towards Kiryu’s crotch. He seemed confused at the lack of a bulge, but when he saw the way Kiryu wouldn’t meet his gaze and how red his cheeks were, his concern quickly turned into a grin and a chuckle. “Damn, Kiryu-chan, came in yer pants without me even touchin’ ya, eh?”

Kiryu didn’t respond, just finished his cigarette before throwing it on the ground and stepping on it. Majima finished his own cigarette and began walking away, waving behind him as he stepped out of the alleyway. Kiryu frowned as he began the wet journey back to Serena, reminding himself he’d have to do another load of laundry. Hopefully Reina wouldn’t notice.

He was settling into bed when he got a text from Majima. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a challenge to battle him.


Howsabout we start preppin’ that tight ass o’ yours? I got all the supplies we’d ever need at my place. How’s sometime next week sound?


Kiryu bit his lip at the prospect of Majima fingering him, he could practically already hear the praise Majima would give him. He texted back: looking forward to it. Unsurprisingly, Majima didn’t respond, and Kiryu fell asleep.


Chapter Text

Majima was sitting at his desk, scowling at his phone as he read an email from Shimano. He was about to reply something snarky when he heard a knock at the office door.

“Come in,” he said, throwing his phone across the desk and pulling a cigarette out of his coat pocket. When he saw it was Nishida entering the room, he gestured to his cigarette. Nishida shuffled over and held his lighter the the cigarette, waiting until Majima took a few puffs to put the lighter back in his pocket.

“I have information about Kiryu-san, sir,” Nishida said formally. Majima gestured for him to sit down, which he did, his back stiff.

“What is it?” Majima asked as he took a drag of smoke.

“He’s begun fighting in the coliseum, just like you predicted, sir,” Nishida began. “He’s undefeated so far, rank B right now.”

“Rank B?” Majima asked incredulously. “Why didn’tcha tell me about it earlier?”

“He rose to rank B in one day, sir,” Nishida said. “I got back from Purgatory just now.” Majima nodded and smiled as he took another drag of his cigarette. He thought for a moment before speaking.

“The Dragon of Dojima is almost back, eh, Nishida?” Majima said happily.

“Yes, sir, and I hear he’s been training with Komaki as well,” Nishida said. Heh, Kiryu training with that old bag. It didn’t surprise Majima at all, he was glad that Kiryu was taking his recovery so seriously.

“Figure out an excuse to text him,” Majima said, spinning his chair around so he could watch the foot traffic through the streaked window. “Say I’ll be droppin’ in on his fights or somethin’, make sure you mention I’ve been sharpenin’ my dagger.”

“Yes, sir,” Nishida said, bowing before walking out of the room.

* * *

Even though Majima had said he had all the supplies necessary for anal exploration at his apartment, it wasn’t quite the truth. Sure, he had toys and lube aplenty, but he was fairly certain Kiryu wouldn’t be well-versed in cleaning himself thoroughly for anal play. So here he was, standing in front of the hygiene aisle, trying to decide what product would be best for first timers. His hand hovered over an expensive enema package when he wondered whether Kiryu would even want this. Wasn’t this a bit personal? What if Kiryu thought he was into scat or something? He gnawed at his lip and threw a few different brands into his shopping basket before stopping short in front of the large display of toothbrushes. Kiryu hadn’t brought his own the last time he’d stayed over. Would it be too much to keep an extra toothbrush for him? Majima hesitated again, worrying that Kiryu would get the wrong message from the gesture. He just didn’t want him to have poor dental hygiene, that’s all. Eventually, he decided that he may as well. He grabbed the ugliest pink toothbrush he could find and strolled to the self checkout.

* * *

The next 3 days were filled with fighting bordering on obscene. He’d begun strolling into fights when Kiryu got into scuffles with small fry, reveling in the way Kiryu beat down his opponents with no mercy. It was funny the way the punks challenged him, unaware of what exactly they were getting themselves into, but once Majima joined in, the battle turned into something more primal. The fights felt like foreplay more than actual battles to Majima, and he had to remind himself as he was limping away from another loss that they were for Kiryu’s benefit first and foremost. It wasn’t his fault he got hard whenever Kiryu kicked him in the ribs, or the way his heart raced when Kiryu stood victorious over his bruised body.

After their most recent fight, Majima whispered an invitation to his place once dusk hit as he held Kiryu in a headlock. He almost worried Kiryu didn’t hear him, but the look on his face after he broke free of the hold told him he definitely had.

“C’ya later, Kiryu-chan,” Majima cackled as he strolled to his apartment. Kiryu looked so eager, so unlike his usual stoic expression. This was gonna be a good night. When Majima walked through the door, he began preparing the apartment for the night’s event. He grabbed a few water bottles from the fridge and placed them in a bowl of ice on top of the dresser in his bedroom. He brought in a few towels, and fussed over where the pillows were laying on top of the mattress, but eventually mused that they’d move the pillows where they needed to be during the rest of the evening. He quickly changed the sheets and made sure the comforter he covered the bed with wasn’t too scratchy. He dug through his dresser for his beginner butt-plug and set it near the lube he placed on the bedside table. He scolded himself for acting like an eager boyfriend, but knew Kiryu would appreciate the gestures. At least he wasn’t laying down rose petals or some shit, he reasoned. He called Nishida and asked him to be ready to bring over Kiryu’s favorite sushi at a moment’s notice. Once he was satisfied with setup, he sunk into the sofa and began smoking, purposefully emptying his mind to chase away the anxious butterflies settling in his stomach. He was probably more nervous than Kiryu at this point.

He practically jumped out of his skin when he heard three rough knocks at the door. He stubbed out his cigarette and strode to the door, grinning when he opened it and saw Kiryu’s blushing face.

“There ya are, Kiryu-chan!” He said, pulling him inside the toasty apartment. “Thought ya’d never show! Go ahead and take a seat on the sofa, we gotta have another little heart to heart fer tonight.” Kiryu swallowed audibly and took a seat across from Majima.

“So,” Majima began, clapping his gloved hands together. “The plan fer tonight is to give ya a few enemas to clear out yer system, then fingerin’ ya for a while, gettin’ ya used to prostate stimulation.” Kiryu knitted his eyebrows together.

“Enema?” Kiryu asked. Majima groaned, of course he wouldn’t know what that was. He quickly explained what it would entail, which made Kiryu blush even further.

“I ain’t into watchin’ ya let the water out, but I’ll help ya with the first one,” Majima said. Kiryu nodded, grateful they were on the same page. The older man paused as he wondered whether there was anything else they needed to discuss.

“Er, I think that’s it fer now,” Majima said. “Are ya good ta go?”

“I’m ready now, Majima-san,” Kiryu said eagerly. The two men stood up and walked into the bathroom. He cursed as he realized he had forgotten a blanket. He told Kiryu to stay put and rushed to his bedroom to grab a spare blanket to throw on the chilly tile. By the time he returned, Kiryu was naked with a slight erection straining against his abs. Majima threw the blanket on the floor and placed a towel down. He told Kiryu to lay down on his side, which he quickly did.

“Move yer leg up,” Majima murmured. Kiryu did as he was told, and Majima took the opportunity to feel him up, enjoying the solid muscle beneath his fingers. The younger man was breathing heavily, and Majima hadn’t even put the damn nozzle in him yet. He pulled out the enema kit and stood in front of the sink, warming the water to just the right temperature before filling the bag about halfway. He used some of the included lube to cover the tiny nozzle before pressing it against Kiryu’s tight hole.

“Relax, Kiryu-chan,” he said softly. “Tell me if it hurts, okay?” Kiryu nodded into his arm, and Majima was happy to see the blush rising across his chest. He gently pressed it in, the grunt Kiryu let out making him nervous. “Is it okay?”

“It’s fine,” Kiryu breathed out, looking up at Majima, his face almost entirely red. Majima turned the dial on the bag so water began flowing slowly inside Kiryu’s body. “That feels… strange,” Kiryu said. Majima ran his hand up and down Kiryu’s exposed chest, which made Kiryu shiver at the touch. Majima noticed that Kiryu’s slight erection had turned into a full hard on, but didn’t touch it just yet. At least he was enjoying this. The two stayed like this, Majima running his hands over Kiryu’s exposed chest while Kiryu trembled underneath him. When the bag emptied all the way, Majima turned the flow dial off and began rubbing his hand on Kiryu’s ass cheek.

“Gonna take it out now, alright, Kiryu-chan?” He asked soothingly. Kiryu nodded slowly. “It’ll feel strange, but you gotta keep the water in for a bit, can you do that for me?”

“Yes, Majima-san,” Kiryu said breathlessly. He grunted as Majima pulled the nozzle out.

“Lay on yer back if ya can,” Majima said, sitting cross-legged next to Kiryu. He bit his lip as he saw a slight bulge on his stomach. He pressed his hand against it and massaged it gently, rubbing small circles as Kiryu moaned beneath him. The younger man threw his arm over his face and breathed heavily as Majima continued touching him. His hand kept brushing Kiryu’s erection, which made him squirm beneath his touch.

“Rubbin’ like this helps clean yer insides out,” he murmured, continuing to apply pressure in circles on Kiryu’s lower abdomen. He nodded in response and his breathing began evening out, his cock dripping precum onto his abdomen. They stayed like this for what felt like forever to Majima, but was really only 9 or 10 minutes.

“Alright, Kiryu-chan,” he said quietly, making Kiryu look up from beneath his arms. “Get on the toilet and let it out after I leave. Then I wantcha to practice doin’ one yerself while I wait in the other room, okay?” Kiryu nodded. “There’s more kits in the cupboard if ya want ‘em. Make sure ya don’t get the water too hot, either.” He lightly patted Kiryu’s red cheeks and stood up, walking into the living room for a smoke. He stepped outside to cool down, the sweat from his warm apartment cooling on his abs as he watched the neon lights of Kamurocho blink erratically. He dragged his fingers through his hair as he replayed Kiryu squirming beneath his hands, imagining the whimpers his gentle touch dragged from the younger man’s throat. He threw his cigarette down, stamped on it and walked back inside. He wanted to watch TV while he waited, craving something external to distract him so he wouldn’t rush into the bathroom and make Kiryu cum, but he kept it off, just in case Kiryu called for him. Time crawled by as Majima waited for the other man to finish. He’d planned on letting him try one on his own, since he’d be doing it himself from now on, but it was still painful to have to wait with his erection so urgently pressing against his pants.

He eventually pulled out his phone and checked for any urgent emails. Luckily, there wasn’t any. Not even Shimano was emailing him, which would no doubt ruin his mood for the night. Just the thought of having to deal with his boss made Majima’s erection subside. He was so absorbed in his phone that he didn’t even hear Kiryu enter the room, who announced himself by clearing his throat. Majima looked up and was surprised to see Kiryu’s arms crossed self-consciously across his chest.

“Ya alright, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked, his voice filled with worry as he sprang from his seat, rushing over to the younger man’s side.

“It...” Kiryu paused. “It felt good.” Majima’s mouth dropped open, and his previously flagging erection suddenly came back to full-mast. Majima’s mouth was dry, so he swallowed a few times and began walking to his bedroom, Kiryu following closely behind him.

“It’ll probably be easiest if ya lay face first on the bed, and put these pillows under yer hips,” Majima said, trying to keep his voice even. Kiryu nodded, and got situated on the bed. “Comfy?” Majima asked.

“Yes, Majima-san,” he said quietly.

“Let’s get started, then,” Majima said, grabbing the bottle of lube from his bed stand and warming it in his fingers. “Spread your legs a bit, Kiryu-chan.” The younger man did as he was asked, and Majima licked his lips at the sight of the Dragon of Dojima splayed so lewdly in front of him. His tattoo looked fantastic, his ass cheeks were firm and his hole looked good enough to eat. Majima shelved that idea for another time and gently rubbed his fingers against Kiryu’s asshole. He heard him breathe a huge shuddering breath and saw him flex beneath him.

“Relax, Kiryu-chan,” he said quietly. “I’m gonna take real good care of ya. Go ahead and jerk yerself off if ya wanna” He smiled when he saw Kiryu purposefully relax and bring his hand to his dick, and so kept rubbing his wet fingers around the rim. If he were doing this to himself, he’d already have two fingers in his ass, but he wanted Kiryu’s first time to be gentle and pleasant, even if he decided he’d like it rougher later on. Not that Majima would even get to fuck him tonight, it’d take a few more sessions of this before he’d feel good about fucking Kiryu’s virgin hole. After enough gentle pressing, Kiryu’s hole seemed to relax enough for Majima’s finger tip to get swallowed in. Kiryu gasped into the pillow he had his face buried in, and clenched around Majima’s finger tip. Majima rubbed the small of his back and whispered words of encouragement. Kiryu’s arm moved back and forth as he jerked himself off, which made Majima’s pants feel even tighter.

“Gotta keep nice ‘n relaxed, Kiryu-chan,” he said, not moving his finger tip until Kiryu stopped clenching so hard around him. “How’s it feel?” Kiryu muttered his answer into the pillow, so Majima told him to speak up.

“I like how it feels, Majima-san,” he said breathlessly. “Keep going, please.” Majima chuckled and began pushing his finger in to the second knuckle. Kiryu whimpered at the intrusion, but kept relaxed.

“Yer doin’ so good, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said. He began moving his finger around, which practically made Kiryu keen. He gently moved his finger side to side, eliciting more moans from the sweating man beneath him. After he was able to move his finger smoothly in and out, he pressed his finger all the way in and began caressing the inside of Kiryu’s ass, looking for the swollen spot that’d make the younger man moan even more. It didn’t take long to find it, and Majima tried to memorize the exact spot which made Kiryu begin swearing and thrusting his hips against the pillows beneath him. He lightly brushed over Kiryu’s prostate as he thrust his finger in and out, reveling in the sound Kiryu was making beneath him. He realized he’d been whispering encouragements since the last time he spoke, and continued telling Kiryu how good he was being.

“Majima-san,” Kiryu gasped. “I’m gonna-- oh fuck, I’m so close, Majima-san.” The older man grinned and began stroking Kiryu’s prostate faster than he had been, enraptured as he watched Kiryu thrust into the soft pillows beneath him. Eventually the thrusts stopped and he clenched around Majima’s finger as he stilled beneath him.

“I’m gonna take my finger out now, okay, Kiryu-chan?” He asked. Kiryu nodded and Majima watched his chest as it heaved while he slowly removed his finger. He wiped the lube off on the towel he set next to him and walked over to the dresser to grab a bottle of water. He placed it in front of Kiryu, who slowly rolled over and propped himself up before taking a huge drink of the cold water. Majima gathered the cum stained pillows and tossed them on the floor, which made him realize how hard he was. Kiryu seemed to notice Majima’s tight pants and licked his lips as he looked at it pressing against his pants.

“Are you going to fuck me now?” Kiryu asked. Majima wanted to laugh, but Kiryu was being so genuine, so he just shook his head.

“Not tonight, Kiryu-chan,” he said. “We’ve still gotta lotta work to do on yer asshole if yer gonna be able to take my cock. I ain’t as big as you, but definitely bigger than my finger.” He paused before continuing. “We can either be done with yer ass for the night, or I could put this butt-plug inside ya while we do somethin’ else.” Kiryu looked intrigued at the prospect.

“Which butt-plug?” he asked. He stood and grabbed the butt-plug and showed it to him. It was slightly thicker than the finger he’d had in Kiryu’s ass moments ago.

“What sort of stuff would we do while I wear it?” he asked.

“You could fuck me if ya wanted to,” Majima said with a smile on his face. “Or we could take turns suckin’ each other off.” Majima saw Kiryu’s breath hitch at that suggestion. “Oh, ya wanna suck me off again?” Kiryu bit his lip and didn’t respond for a split-second.

“I want you to facefuck me, Majima-san,” Kiryu said breathlessly. “I want to use the butt-plug, too.” Majima laughed and shook his head at the look on Kiryu’s face, but it wasn’t a laugh making fun of him. He could barely believe how eager he was to get facefucked. He wondered if any of the punks Kiryu crushed on a daily basis would ever guess the Dragon of Dojima was capable of looking so subservient.

“Alright, Kiryu-chan, lay back on your front,” Majima ordered, Kiryu quickly obeying. He lubed up the butt-plug and gently pressed it against Kiryu’s asshole. He held his breath as he watched Kiryu relax and press his hips back onto the plug, Majima didn’t even have to push it in. He rubbed around the flared base a few times and smiled as he heard Kiryu pant into his arm again. He patted the back of Kiryu’s leg a few times and told him to sit up. He was about to tell him to get on his knees when Kiryu began speaking.

“Can we try something new?” Kiryu asked.

“Heh, whaddya wanna do now, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked as he pulled his clothes off. He turned to face Kiryu and grinned at the look of arousal on Kiryu’s face.

“Could you...” Kiryu swallowed and bit his lip before continuing. “Could you fuck my face while I lay my head off the bed?”

“Haw?” Majima asked. Kiryu demonstrated, his face red as he held his mouth open, his tongue lolling out of his mouth as he looked up at Majima. He ran his thumb across Kiryu’s face and chuckled.

“’Course we can do this, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said while he held his cock close to Kiryu’s outstretched tongue. He groaned when Kiryu began licking the head, savoring the precum that gathered there. He wanted to tease him like this, get him begging for his cock, but seeing the way his fit body was splayed in front of him, his hand already gripping his cock at the prospect of being facefucked made Majima less patient than usual.

He began slowly thrusting into Kiryu’s mouth, moaning every time Kiryu made a sound around his cock. Damn, his mouth seemed softer than it was last time. He continued the slow pace, barely getting his cock halfway in before Kiryu lightly slapped the back of Majima’s thigh, urging him to go deeper.

“So needy, Kiryu-chan,” Majima whispered as he began pressing further into Kiryu’s mouth. He could feel Kiryu’s throat spasming around his cock as he got used to the intrusion, and he could feel hot puffs of air as Kiryu breathed around him. He pulled all the way out before bottoming out again, loving the way Kiryu began furiously jerking himself off and moaning around him. He lightly ran his finger across the bulge his cock made in Kiryu’s throat and grinned when the contact made Kiryu grunt and pull Majima closer to him as much as he could with just the grip on his thighs. He obliged, and felt himself get closer to the edge when he saw Kiryu was cumming already. He was about to pull out and give the younger man a break when Kiryu gently slapped his thigh again, no doubt silently telling him to keep going.

Majima bit his lip as he began thrusting in and out faster, loving the sounds Kiryu’s throat and mouth made around his cock. Damn, he’d gotten over his gag-reflex quickly, even quicker than Majima had. He moaned as Kiryu started swallowing rhythmically around his cock, and began fucking his mouth in earnest, enjoying the slapping sound his balls made against Kiryu’s forehead. He finally felt himself getting close and pushed all the way in Kiryu’s mouth, swearing as Kiryu continued swallowing around him even as he was cumming. He pulled out and watched Kiryu swallow the last bit of cum that had landed on his tongue instead of down his throat.

He splayed out next to Kiryu, their limbs touching ever so slightly as they both panted and stared at the ceiling. Majima gained his bearings first and handed Kiryu his water bottle from earlier before grabbing his own. He was about to go call Nishida to bring them takeout when Kiryu said something from the bed.

“What wazzat?” Majima asked.

“The… the butt-plug,” Kiryu muttered. “Can I keep it?” Majima chuckled and nodded his head.

“It’s all yers, Kiryu-chan. Go ahead and take it out while I go make a call,” Majima said, before walking into the living room. He called Nishida, who sounded relieved to finally get the call he’d been waiting for. When he reached his bedroom, he glanced at Kiryu, who was smoking as he watched the city splay out beneath the window he was gazing through. Majima dipped his gaze down Kiryu’s beautifully tattooed back, his eye finally resting on the younger man’s firm ass. Majima opened his closet and grabbed his own robe and the definitely-coincedentally-Kiryu-sized-robe that had mysteriously materialized in his closet since the two started their fuck buddy relationship. He tossed the robe over, Kiryu catching it without even turning around. Majima was sad to see that ass get hidden beneath the fluffy white fabric, but knew the younger man appreciated the gesture.

“Food’s on its way,” he said as he began to gather the damp pillows and bedspread in a pile on the floor. Kiryu nodded, taking another drag of his cigarette as Majima took the pile of laundry into the bathroom. He started the washer and walked out, surprised to see Kiryu sitting in the spot Majima usually occupied in front of the TV. He grumbled before sitting next to the younger man, who promptly threw his arm around him. He leaned into the touch and the two sat in silence as they watched a baseball game, waiting for Nishida to arrive with their food.

Chapter Text

Kiryu was comfortable with their arrangement. The sex was good, and the fighting was arguably even better. He’d begun fighting in the arena to please his new trainer, and found that he was nearly back at full strength. He loved the satisfied way Majima talked about his abilities after he beat him into the ground for the seemingly hundredth time. Their arrangement almost seemed regular now, too. Kiryu could barely walk across the street without the back of his neck tingling, his senses alerting him to Majima’s presence close by. Their fights were like clockwork, the most varied thing was what getup Majima would be in next. Even though he thought his disco outfit was tacky, he couldn’t help but smile when he saw him strolling shamelessly down the street.

Their fucking was less regular, what happened between them seemingly random based upon their whims at the time. Majima told him his ass was finally ready, but said Kiryu would have to wait. For what, Kiryu wasn’t sure, but he was excited nonetheless. He should have known better than to let his guard down around Majima, but his newest scheme took Kiryu completely by surprise.

When he got the text from Nishida telling him about the hostess desperate to meet him, he figured the shtick would be the girl trying to get him into bed, but Majima stealing him or her away. Or maybe Majima would interrupt the date and act jealous, thus leading into a fight. Kiryu was certainly not prepared to meet Goromi.

“Welcome, Kiryu-chan,” Goromi said, her voice chipper as she bowed slightly.

“Majima-san?” Kiryu stuttered out, his eyes sticking to her fishnet clad legs and the tattoo peeking out from her tight dress. He saw Goromi roll her eye.

“Call me Goromi-chan,” she said. She sounded annoyed, but the annoyance quickly shifted as the two sat in the booth together. Kiryu knew he was blushing, he could feel how hot his cheeks were. Goromi looked good, really good. Even with the tacky wig, Kiryu loved her outfit. He hadn’t realized how silent he had been until Goromi broke it.

“You’re a bit shy, aren’t you, Kiryu-chan?” she said, smiling as she took a sip of her champagne. Majima’s usual accent was gone, replaced with carefully pronounced words and a comfortable smile on her lips.

“I’m sorry, Goromi-chan, I get nervous around beautiful women,” Kiryu said, smiling sheepishly as he tore his eyes away from her legs. She giggled and covered her mouth as she laughed, and he noticed a slight blush crawl up her cheeks. She began flirting with him mercilessly, gently placing her hand on his knee as they laughed together at a joke she told.

“What kind of man do you like, Goromi-chan?” Kiryu asked after he ordered a fruit platter. She tapped one of her bright pink nails against her chin as she considered the question.

“I like manly men,” she began, gazing away from Kiryu as if she were lost in thought. “Someone who can protect me, a real muscular guy. And someone who’s stoic and cool, too.” Kiryu chuckled at the description.

“Now Goromi-chan, you wouldn’t happen to be describing me, would you?” Kiryu asked.

“Hm, well I guess you do fit the bill, Kiryu-chan,” she said, smiling at him. Kiryu was about to ask another question when the manager came by and let him know his time was up. The man’s face was strained, and he looked very nervous. His eyes were darting rapidly between Goromi and her date. After Kiryu paid the bill, they walked together towards the entrance, where he turned to face her, taking her hands in his as he stared into her eye.

“Can we go on a date, Goromi-chan?” he asked, pleased when she clapped her hands together and squealed.

“I thought you’d never ask, Kiryu-chan!” she said. “Meet me outside, I need to grab my purse.” Kiryu stepped outside and felt his heart rise into his throat. He’d been so forward, it made his head swim. He was almost certain he didn’t take the correct bait, this must have been an effort to make him angry enough to start a battle, not get tongue-tied. He began imagining the way her fishnet-clad legs would look as she stood above him, stomping on his chest before kicking his ribs. He liked the prospect. Maybe they could fight before heading back to the apartment.

“There ya are, Kiryu-chan,” Goromi said. Her accent was back to sounding like Majima’s, but her voice was still higher-pitched. However, it took on a huskier tone now that she wasn’t in the club. She hooked her arm around Kiryu’s, clutching his forearm as she began tugging him towards an unknown destination.

“Where are we going, Goromi-chan?” Kiryu asked. He was very aware of how Goromi towered over him due to her pink heels, which clicked sharply against the pavement. She hummed and laughed before responding.

“It’s a secret,” she said mysteriously. Kiryu was so focused on the way her perfume smelled and the way she pressed into his side as they walked that he didn’t even notice the punks until they jumped in front of them, smirks adorning their face as they brandished dull knives. The leader demanded Kiryu hand over his wallet. Goromi giggled and stepped aside as Kiryu cracked his knuckles and stepped forward. Unfortunately, Kiryu’s menacing aura didn’t deter the punks so he began kicking their asses. He’d defeated two of them when Goromi joined in, cackling as she brandished her dagger and began slashing at the last punk. Kiryu was mesmerized as he watched, dropping his fists as he watched her gracefully spin and drag her dagger across the punks exposed arms. He loved the way her ass looked in that tight dress, and the way her tattoo moved as she quickly took down her opponent. She giggled girlishly when he begged for his life, turning around to Kiryu. The punks scrambled off and they were alone again. Suddenly her face turned serious.

“Can’t believe’ ya’d let a lady fight yer battles for ya, Kiryu-chan,” she said, shaking her head slowly.

“Huh?” Kiryu exclaimed. “You jumped in yourself!” He was about to continue arguing when Goromi began brandishing her dagger like she had been in battle.

“Guess we’ll just have ta settle this in a battle of our own, then,” she said, a manic gleam in her eye. Kiryu chuckled and squared his shoulders as they began fighting. Their fight seemed to move in slow motion, Kiryu’s eyes drawn to the skin leading under her dress. The way her nails tore a gash down his barely even registered as he watched her spin around elegantly to face him after he sunk a strong blow to her ribs. He kicked his feet under hers and watched with satisfaction as she crumpled to her knees. She didn’t make an effort to get up, her head tucked to her chest. Kiryu began to worry.

“Are you alright, Goromi-chan?” He asked. She looked up with a huge grin across her face.

“’Course I am,” she said, wiping the blood dripping from her nose. “I’m kinda cold, though, Kiryu-chan.” She held her hand out, which Kiryu took and helped her up. He shrugged off his suit jacket and wrapped it around Goromi’s shoulders, which made her hum and smile at him. She leaned against Kiryu and began giving him directions to what Kiryu came to find out was her apartment. It had similar décor to the apartment Kiryu was familiar with, but the air smelled more feminine. Goromi threw herself on the couch and sighed happily.

“Yer a real monster, Kiryu-chan,” she said. Then her voice changed to a more seductive tone. “In more ways than one.” As she spoke, she raked her eyes down Kiryu’s chest and settled at his crotch, which made Kiryu’s cock twitch. She suddenly stood up and began walking towards the bedroom, Kiryu following behind her, watching the way her hips swayed and the way her ass filled that dress out so perfectly.

“How’s about ya give me a gift, Kiryu-chan?” she purred, feeling up Kiryu’s biceps as she spoke. Kiryu furrowed his eyebrows.

“What would you like?” he asked, wondering what kind of hit his wallet was about to take. Goromi smiled and stepped away from Kiryu.

“Let me do whatever I want to you,” she said. Kiryu nodded enthusiastically and began unbuttoning his shirt, but stopped when Goromi put her hand out. “Uh uh, you gotta listen to my commands, too, big boy.” Kiryu swallowed around the lump in his throat and nodded dutifully. The smile Goromi gave him made something inside him burn with pleasure.

“Take yer shirt off and sit on the bed,” Goromi said, her arms crossed as she watched Kiryu fumble with his buttons. Once he was situated, she began speaking again: “I’m gonna sit on top of ya, but yer not allowed to touch me til I say, that clear?”

“Yes, Goromi-chan,” Kiryu said. She walked over to where Kiryu was sitting and straddled him, grinning at the erection beneath her.

“Eager, huh?” She teased. She began rubbing her hands up and down Kiryu’s toned chest before taking one of his nipples between her fingers and pinching it gently. The motion surprised Kiryu, but he enjoyed the way her hot fingers felt against the sensitive skin. She then lowered her head to his chest and began licking and sucking on his nipple, which made him grip the bedspread below him as he groaned. He wanted to cant his hips up and grind into Goromi’s ass, but he stayed still as she opened her mouth and moved to his other nipple. He moaned in appreciation when Goromi began massaging his saliva covered nipple with one of her free hands. He stared down at her and watched as she bit around his nipple. It wasn’t gentle, but the pain made Kiryu’s cock twitch even more, and he began panting at all the attention. She pulled her face away from his chest and grinned at the expression on his face.

“Ya like that, huh?” she asked, grinding slightly against his erection. He nodded frantically. She took his nipple back into her mouth and began sucking around it, biting whenever Kiryu stopped making as much noise. She took his nipple out of her mouth and began biting at his collarbone, making Kiryu moan as she began leaving marks along his chest, marking him as hers for the night.

“Take yer pants off, but leave yer boxers on,” she said after Kiryu devolved into a whimpering mess from her hot mouth. He quickly obeyed, not resisting when she pushed him back to sitting in front of her. She knelt in front of him and pressed her hand against the tent in his boxers. He moaned at the contact. His moans only grew louder as Goromi began mouthing at his hard cock through his boxers. He loved the way the fabric became wet from her saliva, the way she sucked gently and rubbed his thighs. She pulled his boxers off and slowly began stroking his cock, the head red and leaking precum. She didn’t waste any time and immediately began deepthroating his cock. Kiryu began breathing heavily, his hands clenched at his sides as he kept himself from grabbing her head and thrusting into her throat. She looked up at him with a mischievous glint in her eye as she brought him close to the edge. When Kiryu began getting dangerously close to cumming in her mouth, she popped his cock out of her mouth, grinning at the way he couldn’t stop his hips from thrusting into the air. He groaned at the lack of contact, but kept his hands at his sides. .

“Yer bein’ so good, Kiryu-chan,” she said, rubbing around his abs, purposefully digging her pink nails into his skin, never brushing her fingers too closely to his weeping cock. “I think ya deserve a reward.” She began pulling nails off her hand and disposed of them on the bedside table. She rifled inside the drawer and brought out the lube, warming it in her fingers. Kiryu moved back onto the bed so she’d have easy access to his asshole, which made Goromi chuckle. She pressed her pointer finger in slowly as Kiryu moaned. She was going faster than he was used to, but he liked the feeling of being stretched out like this. She began thrusting her finger in and out, brushing against his prostate several times before adding a second finger, adding to the already delicious sense of stretching Kiryu was experiencing. He began panting and moaning even more than he had been moments ago, and struggled to prevent himself from thrusting his hips in the air. It was so hard to keep himself from clenching around Goromi’s hot fingers, but he kept himself relaxed and was rewarded with a third finger after she deemed him ready enough.

“More, Goromi-chan!” Kiryu cried as she curled her fingers against his prostate. He felt her breath quicken against his thighs and almost sobbed when he felt her fingers leave his ass. He looked towards her and watched as she yanked the zipper down her dress and stepped out of it. Now she was only wearing the fishnets and a pair of pink panties, which barely contained her hard cock. She yanked the fabric to the side and began stroking herself with lube, biting her lip as she looked at Kiryu sprawled in front of her.

“I’m goin’ in now, Kiryu-chan,” she said breathlessly, rubbing the head around his entrance. He nodded and focused on staying relaxed as she pressed in. He choked on his breath at how full he was feeling, the way she stretched him out so nicely. He was vaguely aware of Goromi taking one hand and gripping it around his cock as she whispered praises above him.

“Yer so fuckin’ tight, Kiryu-chan,” she murmured, her other hand squeezing his hip. “Just stay nice ‘n relaxed fer me.” Kiryu keened at the contact around his cock and did as he was told. He couldn’t resist moving his hips against her, trying to get her to bottom out in him already. She chuckled at his eagerness and pushed all the way in, which made Kiryu moan her name. She paused, all of her willpower preventing her from thrusting in and out.

“Are ya alright, Kiryu-chan?” She asked, stroking his cock slowly. His chest was heaving and he nodded and made a small sound. “Whadja say?”

“Faster,” he breathed out. She obliged and began dragging her cock out of Kiryu’s asshole. He couldn’t stop himself from clenching around her as only the head remained inside, and the sound she made was worth the effort. He relaxed again and relished the feeling of her filling him up and dragging against his prostate with every thrust. Her face was beaded with sweat as she began fucking him faster, gripping his hip harder. She still kept the leisurely pace as she jerked him off, but her movements soon became irregular as her hips started thrusting even faster.

“Goromi-chan,” Kiryu moaned. “I’m- I’m cumming!” Kiryu panted as his abdomen began tensing. The sensation of him cumming around her made Goromi thrust as deep as she could and cum with him. Kiryu whimpered when she pulled out, sad to see her leaving the room so soon after they finished. He thought she left for good, but was relieved when she hurried back into the room with a warm washcloth and wiped the cum dripping from his asshole.

“Ya alright, Kiryu-chan?” she asked. Kiryu could tell she sounded nervous.

“I’m doing good, Goromi-chan,” he said. “Thank you for cleaning me.” She scoffed and finished cleaning before standing up.

“Need anythin’? Food, water? Are ya cold?” she said as she fussed over him. He shook his head and he laid in silence, eventually falling asleep.

* * *

He woke up in the dark, Majima laying next to him and snoring loudly. He stretched his limbs and got out of bed, wondering if he should leave before daylight. He yawned into his fist as he wandered to the kitchen, stumbling for the light switch in the dark. He drank several glasses of water before returning to bed, wrapping his arms around Majima’s sleeping body. He buried his face in his neck, the older man’s scent the last thing on Kiryu’s mind before he fell back asleep.

* * *

Kiryu woke up to an empty bed and a plate of breakfast left out for him. Kiryu tidied up as much as he could before leaving, smoking a cigarette as he strolled down the street. He’d be busy today, but he kept thinking about the way Goromi looked under the dim club lighting. He wondered if Goromi and Majima were so separate that she’d only come out occasionally. He frowned at the prospect of never seeing her again, she looked damn good in that dress. He flipped open his phone and had a debate with himself about sending a message to Majima, but eventually his curiosity won out.

Can we meet sometime to talk? Melonbread.

He was surprised when Majima texted back immediately.

Of course. Tonight, the beef bowl place you like, 8pm. That good?

Kiryu responded that it would be fine, and Majima didn’t text back. Kiryu set an event in his phone to remind him at 7:30 that he had somewhere to be, and began focusing on the other things he had to take care of for the day.

The reminder came while Kiryu was beating the shit out of some delinquents that targeted a couple on a date near the park. He shoved the last one’s face into the ground and pulled out his phone. He’d almost forgotten.

The walk to the beef bowl restaurant took a bit of time since he had been on the other side of town, so he was a few minutes late. Majima was sitting at the food bar, shaking his leg intensely. His face lit up when Kiryu walked through the door, and he rushed over to usher him into the restaurant. He sat Kiryu down next to him and paid for his meal.

“I didn’t expect you to be here before me, Majima-san,” Kiryu said truthfully before digging into his beef bowl.

“Well, this was important,” Majima said quietly. “I can be on time if I wanna.” They sat in silence as Kiryu finished his food. They then walked to Serena and were happy to find it empty. Kiryu poured them some whiskey before sitting down next to the older man.

“Did I scare ya off with that Goromi shit?” he asked nervously. “If ya hated it, I won’t do it again.” Kiryu shook his head.

“I really liked it, Majima-san,” Kiryu said. Majima looked taken aback but pleased.

“So what’s this meetin’ for, then?” the older man asked, draining his whiskey. Kiryu was suddenly very nervous. He doubted it would even phase Majima, but the prospect of saying his desires out loud filled his stomach with butterflies.

“Well, I, uh,” he started stuttering so he drained his own glass before continuing. “I want you, as Goromi, to dominate me.” Majima was silent for a beat before he responded.

“Okay,” he said simply, pausing again. “We might have different definitions of dominatin’, though, so ya gotta tell me what you got in mind.” Majima listened intently as Kiryu began describing the fantasy that had been dwelling in the back of his mind since he felt how good it was to listen to Goromi’s commands. Although Majima seemed very interested in his fantasy, Kiryu still looked away. He felt vulnerable sharing this.

“Well, in terms of the BDSM world, that’s still a pretty vanilla fantasy, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said. At first he thought the older man was making fun of him for his tastes, but he was just stating the facts.

“Ya don’t want me dressed like this ta dom ya?” Majima asked, gesturing towards his leather pants and snake skin jacket. Kiryu swirled his empty glass as he thought of his answer.

“It’s more like, when you’re Majima-san, I get off on challenging your ‘authority’, and love the thrill of winning a battle of dominance,” Kiryu said. “But with Goromi-chan, the thrill came from obeying you.” Majima chuckled at his answer.

“Alright, well, that’s totally fine by me,” he said, stubbing his cigarette into the ashtray sitting between them. “How ya wanna determine when she’ll come out?”

“I’m not really sure,” Kiryu answered honestly. “I’d like it to be a surprise, I think.”

“Fer now that’ll work,” he said, nodding slowly. “I’ll letcha know if I change my mind about the frequency er anything.” His phone started ringing, so he flipped it open and listened as the man on the other end spoke quickly. Kiryu could tell it was Nishida, and he sounded on the verge of a breakdown.

“Ya, ya, ya,” Majima sighed after Nishida fell silent. “I’ll be there in a flash.” He flipped his phone shut and stood up, his back to Kiryu for a moment before he spoke again. “Well, that’s my cue. I’ll see ya later.”

“Goodbye, Majima-san,” Kiryu said.

“And Kiryu-chan?” Majima said, his back still to the younger man. “Why don’tcha try dommin’ me one of these times. My safeword is the same as yers.” He didn’t wait for Kiryu to answer before strolling out of the bar.

Chapter Text

Majima was busy. He’d been on a hair-trigger for days now, his family under him practically trembled when he entered the room. He may not be directly under Shimano’s thumb anymore, but he still has to operate on a “how high do I jump, sir?” basis, which made him want to rip his hair out and show that ugly mother-fucker exactly why they call him the Mad Dog, but he’ll stay on his leash. He’ll keep playing the part of obedient lap-dog. For now.

The only thing that kept him sane during all this was Kiryu. He could always make time for their fights, or better yet, their fucking. He was eager to do anything with him, and their little romps calmed Majima’s frayed nerves. He’d expected Kiryu to be a cuddler, but it still came as a surprise when he woke up with the younger face so close to his own, breathing evenly as he slept next to him after he get fucked for the first time. He’d stayed in bed longer than he should have, grumpy that he’d have to leave the cozy bed. They hadn’t met up for sex since, but Majima was aware that he wanted Goromi to come out from time to time, so he kept that notion in the back of his mind.

While they hadn’t met up for sex, the two kept fighting consistently. Majima enjoyed the diversion of getting to dress up as a cop or in his disco digs, and he enjoyed getting his ass handed to him even more. Today, though, he was strolling around town with just his dagger. To him it felt like months since he and Kiryu had fucked, but it was really only a week or so. As he turned a corner in the hotel district, the back of his neck began tingling, so he turned around and saw Kiryu running towards him, a couple punks chasing behind him. He hadn’t seen Majima yet, so he ducked behind a vending machine and watched as Kiryu finally stopped and kicked the delinquents’ asses. Majima was about to pop out from his hiding spot to surprise the younger man who was panting over their battered bodies when he began speaking:

“I know you’re there Majima-san, stop hiding,” he said, turning to face the general direction of his hiding spot. Majima cackled and stepped out, unsheathing his dagger. Kiryu raised his fists and they began fighting.

Close combat with Kiryu after so long without sex got him hot under the collar, he found himself purposefully getting punched in the ribs, or letting himself get in chokeholds. As usual, Kiryu eventually knocked him on his ass and stood over him, panting with his mouth open. Majima pressed a finger into one of the developing bruises and moaned, which earned him a glare from the man standing above him.

“Well, are ya gonna help me up er not?” Majima said, holding his arm out expectantly. Kiryu pulled him up roughly, which made him stumble into the younger man’s solid chest. He grinned and brought himself closer as he felt him up, loving the way his pecs felt under his gloved hands.

“Not here,” Kiryu growled, yanking Majima’s hands away. He was taken aback at the reaction, worried that he had taken things too far, but when he met Kiryu’s eyes, he saw a flame of arousal behind them. He grinned and stepped back, holding his hands up innocently.

“Sorry, sorry,” he said. “Didn’t mean ta make ya upset, Kiryu-chan. Whatever can I do ta make it up ta ya?” Kiryu huffed and crossed his arms over his chest before regarding Majima thoughtfully.

“Follow me,” Kiryu said, shoving his hands in his pockets as he walked deeper into the city, no doubt on his way to Majima’s apartment. The older man grinned as he followed him, excitement and arousal bubbling up from within his core. Instead of opening the door for him as usual, Kiryu leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette and looked at Majima expectantly. A smile split across his face at the challenge.

“A test of wills, huh?” he cackled as he lit his own cigarette. “I think we both know which of us is more stubborn, Kiryu-chan.” The younger man smirked and took another drag of his cigarette.

“That’s true, but only one of us already has a stiffy, Majima-san,” Kiryu said, pointedly lowering his gaze to the swelling in his leather pants. Majima huffed and threw his cigarette on the ground and stomped it as he held the door open and gestured for Kiryu to walk inside.

“Thank you, Majima-san,” Kiryu said, a smirk across his face. He rolled his eyes and locked the door behind him as he struggled to contain his joy at the way things were going. Kiryu sat on the sofa with his legs apart as he finished his cigarette. He didn’t even have a trace of blush on his face, which surprised Majima. He squirmed beneath the gaze Kiryu was giving him, like he was undressing him with his eyes. He decided to take some initiative and sat on Kiryu’s lap, his arms draped around his neck. Kiryu brought his hand up to run through Majima’s hair. He thought he was going to lower their faces together for a kiss when Kiryu tightened his grip and yanked Majima’s head back, making him gasp. The younger man ran his other hand up and down the exposed flesh of his neck as he just looked at him.

“I didn’t say you could touch me,” Kiryu said quietly, sounding mildly amused. Majima bit his lip and stifled a groan at the way he was looking at him.

“I’m sorry, Kiryu-chan,” Majima breathed out, goosebumps rising on the tender skin beneath Kiryu’s fingertips.

“I’m not sure I believe you,” Kiryu said. “What are you willing to do to prove it?” Majima licked his lips and closed his eye as Kiryu began mouthing at his neck, gentle at first, but leading up to bites he could feel bruising already on his collarbones.

“Anything ya want, Kiryu-chan,” Majima panted, groaning whenever the younger man would bite down on his flesh. Kiryu let go of his tight grip in his hair, and sat back on the sofa as the younger man regarded him. He eventually smirked and pushed Majima off his lap.

“Let’s go in the bedroom, then,” he said, Majima following eagerly behind him. He was about to ask what Kiryu wanted him to do when he began issuing commands. “Take your clothes off and get on your knees next to the bed.” Majima slowly stripped for Kiryu, biting his lip seductively as he threw his clothes into a pile on the floor. He grinned as he stood naked in front of Kiryu, a half-erection straining against his abs.

“I said, kneel, Majima-san,” Kiryu said expectantly. The older man cackled and shrugged his shoulders.

“But I don’t wanna kneel, Kiryu-chan,” he said. He barely finished saying the other man’s name when Kiryu gripped his hair again, tighter this time. Majima whimpered at the pain, his cock twitching against his abdomen.

“Get down, now,” Kiryu said, gazing into Majima’s eye. He grinned even wider.

“Make me,” Majima whispered. There was a pause before he felt his left leg get kicked out from under him, forcing him down on one knee. He struggled against the grip on his hair before Kiryu kicked his other leg so he was kneeling, his cock drooling precum.

“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Kiryu asked, unbuckling his pants. Majima leaned back against the bed as he watched Kiryu pull out his cock. He tried to move forwards to taste it, but got a hand wrapped around his throat in response.

“Sit. Still,” Kiryu growled. Majima felt his cock twitch against his abdomen. Kiryu eventually brought his cock closer to the older man’s mouth, and he held it open in anticipation of getting face fucked. Kiryu tightened his grip around his throat, but smirked above him.

“I’m sure you’d love to get facefucked, Majima-san,” Kiryu said. “But you’re just gonna suck on the head for now.” Majima groaned at the restriction, but nodded anyway. The younger man released his grip around his throat, and he took a few deep breaths before Kiryu pressed the tip of his cock into his open mouth. He did as he was told, at first, hollowing his cheeks and running his tongue around Kiryu’s sensitive head, but when he saw Kiryu close his eyes and moan, he began taking more of Kiryu into his mouth. Either the younger man didn’t notice, or let him keep sucking for a few moments before pulling out.

“C’mon Kiryu-chan!” Majima groaned. Kiryu cocked his head before getting down on his haunches in front of the naked man. He cradled Majima’s chin in one hand, forcing his lips to purse. He smirked at the look of desperation on his face. He stood up and yanked Majima up with him before spinning him around and shoving his body over the mattress, forcing him to bend over. He struggled against the solid grip around his neck, but stopped when he felt Kiryu force his legs apart. Kiryu held him there for a few moments before he cautiously let go, turning towards the bedside table to grab lube. Majima took the opportunity to spring up. He didn’t even get to turn around before he felt a solid blow to his back, making him groan and topple over as the breath exited his lungs.

“Stay there,” Kiryu said. Majima panted and obeyed, barely stopping himself from humping the bedspread beneath him. He expected to feel Kiryu’s rough hands on his ass any second, a few fingers lubed up and exploring his asshole, but he was disappointed.

“What the fuck are ya doin’ back there,” Majima asked, turning his head. His eye widened as he saw Kiryu, one hand wrapped around his cock while the other was no doubt stretching his asshole out.

“Hey, I wanna do that, Kiryu-chan,” Majima protested, beginning to get up. He only stopped when he saw Kiryu’s pointed glare, which made him still and made his cock twitch. He watched and kept quiet as Kiryu worked his way up to 3 fingers, moaning as he jerked off. He stopped and looked at Majima as he pulled the fingers out of his ass.

“Sit up,” Kiryu said sternly. Majima was quick to obey. The younger man poured out more lube and stroked Majima’s cock, who thrust his hips up at the touch. Kiryu pressed his palm forcefully against Majima’s thigh, which made him groan and still his hips. Kiryu smirked and sat on Majima’s lap, grinding their cocks together. He brought his hands to Kiryu’s ass cheeks and massaged the soft flesh, trying to work his fingers to Kiryu’s hole, but Kiryu yanked his head back.

“Be good, Majima-san,” Kiryu said, smirking at the look of arousal on the older man’s face. He obeyed and let his hands fall to his sides as Kiryu lifted himself up and began aligning himself with Majima’s cock. He began moaning as Kiryu started sliding down around him, it was so hot and tight he wanted to fuck him over the bed right now, but he stayed still and savored the look on Kiryu’s face as he got speared with his cock.

“Fuck, Kiryu-chan,” Majima panted, bringing his hands back to his firm ass cheeks. “Please lemme touch ya, I’m beggin’ ya.” Kiryu didn’t tell him to stop, so he began kneading his ass. It was like a vice was around his dick, and he moaned when he felt Kiryu clench around him. They were just sitting like this, Kiryu making no effort to move up and down after he was all filled up. Majima bit his lip as he slowly began rolling his hips, trying to urge Kiryu to move around him, but all it earned him was a swift bite on his shoulder, which only made him moan more.

“Sit still,” Kiryu purred into his ear. He obeyed and sat panting as Kiryu slowly began moving up and down on his cock. He groaned at the pace.

“Yer killin’ me Kiryu-chan,” he panted. “Go faster.” If anything, this seemed to make Kiryu slow the pace even more. He seemed to be more focused on planting gentle love bites to his earlobe, his hot breath coming out in puffs against his ear. Kiryu clenched around Majima again, making him moan and grip Kiryu’s ass even tighter, but he didn’t thrust up this time. Kiryu chuckled.

“Did I finally get you under control?” Kiryu said, running his hands up Majima’s chest.

“Just go already, fer fucks sake,” Majima panted as Kiryu dragged himself up painfully slowly. He seemed to consider the offer, but pulled off of Majima’s cock, making both of them groan.

“What do you say, Majima-san?” Kiryu asked.

“Please, Kiryu-chan,” he panted out, trying to pull Kiryu back into his lap. The younger man chuckled and sat back down on Majima’s cock, all the way in one go. They both moaned, Majima reveling in the tightness and heat around his cock, expecting Kiryu to keep up the slow pace. But he didn’t. The younger man began going up and down, so quickly that Majima found it difficult not to cum from the increased stimulation. He bit down on his lip so hard it drew blood, but kept himself from cumming too early. Kiryu was panting and moaning above him.

“Jerk me off, Majima-san,” he said, increasing the pace even further. He quickly obliged, gripping Kiryu’s weeping cock as he timed his hand movements with Kiryu’s frantic pace.

“Do you wanna cum inside me?” Kiryu said, placing their foreheads together. Majima groaned and nodded frantically, which made Kiryu smirk and begin going even faster. He increased the pace he was jerking the younger man off and was rewarded with him burying his cock to the hilt before stilling, clenching around him as cum coated Majima’s hand. As Kiryu began cumming, Majima couldn’t help but cum, Kiryu’s moans were so hot, and he was so tight around him. Kiryu leaned against Majima, his arms thrown around his neck as they both panted. When he eventually pulled a way, Majima licked the cum off his fingers, which made Kiryu bite his lip. He stood up and they both groaned. They were silent a few moments before Kiryu began speaking.

“Are you okay?” he asked, worry etching his face. “Did I hurt you too much?”

“I’m fine, Kiryu-chan,” Majima assured him. “Ya gotta remember, I like it rough.”

“I’ll be right back, okay?” Kiryu asked, waiting for Majima to nod before he left the room. Majima laid back and stared at the ceiling, his chest still heaving from the exertion. He was about to call for Kiryu when he heard him rush back into the room.

“Let me see your lip,” he said. Majima obliged and turned his face towards Kiryu, who gently wiped his bloodied lip with a cool washcloth.

“Ya realize you get me way more injured durin’ our fights, right?” Majima asked, chuckling at the look of concern on Kiryu’s face. The younger man rolled his eyes, but didn’t respond, instead wiping the washcloth across Majima’s abs which still had remnants of Kiryu’s orgasm painted on. He gently began wiping down his softening cock, cleaning the lube off before setting the washcloth aside. He ran his fingers critically over the bite marks covering his collarbone, and ghosted his fingertips over the imprints his hand left on his neck.

“I promise I’m okay, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said quietly, touched at the concern the other man was showing him. “We got a safeword, remember?”

“I know, Majima-san,” Kiryu said. “Was that… was that alright?” Majima looked up and saw how nervous he was. He chuckled, Kiryu sure was dense sometimes.

“I love that kinda shit, Kiryu-chan,” Majima assured him. The younger man visibly relaxed and they sat in silence for a few moments.

“Do you want a bath?” Kiryu asked.

“Haw?” Majima said, his eye widening. “Ya don’t gotta do that kinda shit fer me, I’m really--” Kiryu cut him off before he could continue.

“Do you want a bath or not?” Kiryu said, his voice a bit sterner. Majima sighed and nodded his head.

“It’d be nice, I guess,” he said.

“Stay here, I’ll go run you a bath,” Kiryu said, throwing Majima his robe before exiting the bedroom. Majima pulled the soft fabric around him and smiled as he laid back down. He heard the telltale sound of running water and closed his eyes, suddenly drowsy. He sat back up when Kiryu entered the room. He stood up and followed him into the bathroom, expecting him to leave once he walked in.

“What, are ya gonna bathe me, too?” Majima asked, chuckling a bit at the notion.

“Can I?” Kiryu asked. Majima’s eye widened, and he turned his head away, a blush no doubt crawling up his cheeks. He grunted.

“Sure, whatever,” he said, tossing the robe onto the floor. He paused, debating whether he should remove his eye patch. He took it off quickly, looking critically at Kiryu to see if his expression would change. His face stayed the same, so Majima set his eye patch on top of his robe and sank into the warm water inside the bathtub. He sighed contentedly as he felt his muscles relax.

“Is it too hot?” Kiryu asked. Majima shook his head.

“Just right, Kiryu-chan,” he said, sinking further into the water. Kiryu adjusted his position and began gently wiping a soapy washcloth across his chest. He was especially gentle as he wiped it over the bite marks across his collar bones. He began washing the rest of Majima’s body, his hand dipping under the water to reach his strong thighs.

“Ya know Kiryu-chan, when I imagined ya washin’ me after sex, my fantasies involved a lot more of yer hand on my dick,” Majima said, chuckling when Kiryu’s face turned red. He stayed still as the younger man directed him to lean this way or that way, lifting him slightly out of the water as he wiped down his body.

“Your tattoo is gorgeous, Majima-san,” Kiryu murmured as he ran his washcloth over the grimacing mask on his back.

“Heh, not like ya haven’t seen it before,” Majima said. Kiryu set the washcloth on the side of the tub.

“Tip your head back,” he said. Majima wanted to protest, but Kiryu had his heart set on this so he tilted his head back and closed his eye, sighing happily as warm water ran over his head, dampening his hair. He heard Kiryu rummaging through his various bottles lining the tub, but kept his eye closed and his head leaned back. The telltale sound of a bottle being opened came before Kiryu’s hands began massaging his hair, making him smile at how gentle he was being.

“Just think, less than an hour ago you were yankin’ my hair around like it offended ya, and now yer treatin’ it like it’s fragile,” Majima said, scooting backwards to get closer to Kiryu’s touch. He felt Kiryu place his hand on his forehead, shielding him from any stray shampoo getting in his eye as he rinsed the soap out of his hair.

“I honestly didn’t think ya could manage somethin’ like that without me coachin’ ya, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said after he finished rinsing his hair. Kiryu grunted.

“Nishida told me you were stressed out,” he said. “I figured this would help you relax.”

“I oughta slap the shit out of him fer spillin’ his patriarch’s secrets to a civvie,” Majima said, but there was no venom in his voice. He sighed as he thought about going back to work after this, having to deal with all that shit again. Kiryu interrupted his thoughts.

“I’ve actually wanted to do this for a while,” he said quietly. “I was worried I would do something wrong.” Majima didn’t respond, and Kiryu had him stand up and sit on the edge of the tub, drying his hair off. He wrapped him in a towel and smiled. Majima smirked, hoping to get back some of his dignity with a snarky remark, but anything he wanted to say died in his throat when Kiryu pulled him close. It was a hug, and it made Majima realize the two of them had fucked and spent so much time fighting, but had never embraced like this. He began squirming after a moment, which made Kiryu let go of him. His face was slightly red, and he looked nervous, worried that he’d done the wrong thing hugging him.

“I could use a smoke,” Majima grunted out. Kiryu nodded and stepped out of the room, leaving Majima in the steamy bathroom with nothing but his thoughts.

Chapter Text

Kiryu was livid at Majima. Kidnapping a little girl? Then, like an idiot, he takes a knife to the gut from one of his own men. After he settled Haruka back down and had some alcohol in his system, he calmed down. Without adrenaline coursing through his veins, he realized Majima would never have done something to seriously harm Haruka, especially since he knew how much Kiryu cared for her. The older man frankly kept her from getting kidnapped by someone who was much more willing to harm her. He wanted to go visit Majima as he recovered, but decided to keep his distance for now. It was a few days before he felt the tell-tale tingling on the back of his neck signaling Majima was about to drop down on him. He flipped around and was surprised to see Majima with a serious look on his face. He didn’t even have a weapon out. Neither of them said anything for a few moments before Majima sighed.

“Well, better get this shit over with, then,” he said, raising his fists. Kiryu raised his own and kept his guard up as Majima approached him and began landing blow after blow, not allowing him an opportunity to retaliate. He eventually ducked out of the way and landed a solid blow to Majima’s ribs. He was confused to see that the older man had a grimace on his face. Usually he was cackling with delight by this point. After he landed the first blow, Majima unraveled, barely able to dodge or block any hits coming his way, which led to him sprawled across the pavement even quicker than usual.

“What’s wrong, Majima-san?” Kiryu asked, offering his hand to the older man. He grunted in response and ignored the proffered hand, standing up by himself and clutching his side.

“It was fun as always, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said, looking away from the younger man. “I’ll see ya later.” He began walking away, but stopped when Kiryu placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Let’s go get a drink,” he said. Majima hesitated, his body as taut as a guitar string wound too tightly, ready to snap at any moment. He eventually nodded, and they walked together towards Bacchus.

“It wasn’t my decision, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said after they settled into the bar together, swirling the ice in his drink. He didn’t look up.

“What, the kidnapping thing?” Kiryu asked. “Of course it wasn’t. When the brass tells you to jump, you say how high, right?” Majima grunted.

“I wanted to say no, ya know,” he said quietly. “Loyalty to a friend, er some shit like that. But I couldn’t.”

“I’m glad it was you and not someone else,” Kiryu said, draining his glass. Majima looked up at him for the first time of the night, a look of confusion written on his face.

“Why’s that?” he asked.

“You would never hurt a child,” Kiryu said. “As far as I’m concerned, you did me a favor.” Majima chuckled and shook his head, but it looked like a weight had been lifted. They sat in silence as Majima finished his own drink, before he slammed the glass onto the counter top.

“Ya wanna come back to my place later?” he asked.

“Sure, what time?” Kiryu asked.

“10 pm sound good?” Majima asked. Kiryu nodded and they both stood up, the younger man throwing down a few bills to pay for their drinks. “Meet me in my smaller apartment.” Kiryu felt heat rising in his cheeks at the prospect of seeing Goromi again, but he tried to keep his expression unchanged as he nodded. Majima pulled out a cigarette and sauntered off after waving a lazy goodbye.

* * *

While Kiryu would no doubt enjoy the night’s ‘activities’ he was resentful of how much down time there would be between now and 10 pm. At least he had plenty to do so him mind wasn’t too preoccupied with grabbing Goromi’s ass. He was about to find a ramen place for dinner when he had the idea of giving his lover for the night a gift. He almost talked himself out of getting one, reasoning that it would be too sentimental for her. However, when he recalled that he had already bathed Majima and washed his hair, he figured a gift for Goromi couldn’t be much more sentimental.

He stopped by the usual stores for women’s gifts, but he frowned at the selection. A scarf? He doubted she’d have any use for one, same with the wallets and watches glittering from the display cases. After he determined that these places didn’t have what he was looking for, he strolled to the pawn shop, hoping to find something nice. He was browsing the display case when a silver piece of jewelry that caught his eye. He looked closer and saw that it was a necklace with a very long chain, with a snake in a striking position hanging heavily at the bottom. It was incredibly detailed, looking like each scale had been hand carved out of the metal, red rubies for eyes. He called over the cashier and pointed the necklace out, glad that the price wouldn’t empty his wallet.

“Would you like it gift wrapped?” the cashier asked after Kiryu paid. He hesitated before answering yes, picking out the classiest gift wrap they had. He left the pawn shop with a lighter wallet, but he was satisfied with the gift. He pulled out his phone and checked the time, but groaned when he realized he still had hours to go before he could meet with Goromi.

* * *

At first, Kiryu told himself that he would show up fashionably late, but he found himself in front of Goromi’s apartment at 9:45. He knocked a few times before straightening his shirt, nervous energy coursing through his body and making it difficult to stand still. It felt like forever, but eventually the door opened and Goromi greeted him with a smile.

“Get in here, Kiryu-chan,” she said, gesturing for him to come in. “I ain’t fully dressed yet, but I trust ya won’t ogle a lady.” He walked into the apartment, gingerly shutting the door behind him. While she was wearing a dress, heels, and fishnets like last time, that’s about where the similarities between her last outfit ended. The biggest difference was the lack of a wig, her dark hair held in place with a silver headband. Her dress was a halter top instead of strapless, and he found his eyes drawn to the small details of her tattoo peeking out from the fabric. She was wearing fishnets, and Kiryu found himself swallowing heavily as his eyes traveled up her legs. She turned her back to Kiryu and stood in front of a mirror, putting dangly earrings in. The back of her dress was unzipped, and the hannya mask seemed to be challenging him to walk forward and begin groping her, but he stayed still as she applied the finishing touches to her makeup. She pursed her lips and put on red lipstick before turning around and grinning at Kiryu.

“Come zip me up, wouldya?” she asked, turning back around so her zipper was facing him. He walked over and zipped her dress up, brushing his finger tips against the bits of tattoo he could see peeking from the back. “Gettin’ fresh already, Kiryu-chan?” She chuckled as Kiryu stuttered and blushed at the accusation.

“You look lovely, Goromi-chan,” he said.

“’Course I do,” she said, smirking. “I expected ya to be early, but not this early. It takes time to be as beautiful as this.”

“I just couldn’t wait to see you,” Kiryu said, wrapping his hand around her waist, pulling her close. She raised an eyebrow and giggled.

“Damn, Kiryu-chan, ya really have a way with women,” she said before closing the gap between them and leaning down slightly to kiss him. It was much more gentle than Kiryu would have ever thought the person in front of him was capable of. He returned the kiss gently, until Goromi started pressing her tongue into his mouth, which he gladly allowed. She placed her arms around his shoulders while he lowered his hands and began squeezing her ass, which made her moan into his mouth. She broke away and wiped away the lipstick that transferred onto Kiryu’s lips before walking into the bedroom. When they arrived, she regarded Kiryu as she cocked her head and didn’t say anything. Kiryu felt his face flush, but he stood silent under her gaze.

“Take yer clothes off,” she finally said before sitting on the bed, crossing her legs as she watched Kiryu strip. By the time he was fully naked, he was already hard from the thought of following more of her orders. He met her gaze and tried to keep it, but found himself blushing too hard and had to look away, which made her smirk.

“If ya wanna cum tonight, yer gonna have ta earn it, Kiryu-chan,” she said with a grin splitting her face. He swallowed, but nodded as his cock twitched.

“How am I going to do that?” Kiryu asked. She leaned over towards the bedside table and pulled out a few different sex toys and a bottle of lube. Once she had them sitting on the bed next to her, she grinned again.

“Yer gonna make me cum,” she said, gesturing for Kiryu to come closer. He walked to her side and sat down as she uncrossed her legs. She huffed before saying “barely got in this dress ‘n now I’m gettin’ out of it. Next time, yer takin’ me on a date before we fuck.” Kiryu chuckled and nodded, but helped her slip out of her dress, his hands pausing as he ran his hands down her newly exposed chest. He bit his lip as he saw the bulge in her panties, red this time, a wet spot beading against her swollen cock head. She grinned and slipped them off, her cock straining towards her navel. She sat down and lifted her legs up onto the bed, pointing at the floor in front of her. Kiryu quickly knelt in front of her ass and bit his lip at the sight.

“Get ta work, Kiryu-chan,” she said, her voice heavy with arousal. He grabbed the container of lube and poured some on his fingers, rubbing them together to warm it up. He briefly considered how many fingers to put in as he pressed his index finger against Goromi’s asshole. She thrust her hips up impatiently, so Kiryu pushed in two fingers immediately, grinning at the moans Goromi began letting out.

“Fuck,” she said breathlessly. “You fucker, keep going.” He obliged and began scissoring his fingers, brushing his finger tips over her prostate whenever he could. He glanced over at the toys sitting next to her and pressed in a third finger, enjoying the way her asshole stretched around his fingers. She had her fingers in his hair and was tugging lightly, urging him on. She groaned when he pulled his fingers out without warning.

“What the fuck, Kiryu-chan,” she said, no doubt about to chew him out when Kiryu pressed the biggest toy against her asshole. Her mouth fell open and she began breathing heavily as Kiryu worked the toy inside her. He began fucking her gently with the large purple toy, gripping her cock and stroking slowly. He noticed a switch at the base and flipped it on, which made Goromi cry out and tremble beneath him, her cock leaking precum. He adjusted his position and took her in his mouth while pushing the vibrating dildo in and out of her ass.

“Fuck, yer doin’ so good, Kiryu-chan,” she panted, her praise going straight to Kiryu’s painfully hard cock. He began deep throating her, pleased with the moans pouring out of her mouth. She began thrusting her hips up and began pulling Kiryu’s hair as she came down his throat. When he felt the final rope of cum across his tongue, he pulled her out of his mouth with an audible ‘pop’ and turned the vibration off. He pulled the toy out, and Goromi moaned, her asshole clenching around nothing without the toy inside her. She gripped his hair again, harder this time, and made him look up at her, grinning at the look on his face.

“Good boy, Kiryu-chan,” she cooed, caressing his face, resting her thumb on Kiryu’s lips. He opened his mouth and began licking her finger, sucking gently, lightly biting down as she grinned above him. “Ya wanna cum, Kiryu-chan?”

“Yes, Goromi-chan,” he said breathlessly.

“How do ya wanna cum, hm?” she asked, pulling her thumb out of his mouth.

“I want to fuck your ass, Goromi-chan,” he said, his pupils wide with arousal. She chuckled and had him stand up.

“Lay down, then,” she said. He quickly obeyed, his cock leaking onto his abdomen. She crawled on top of him, resting one hand on his chest while the other guided his cock to her asshole. He was expecting her to lower onto him slowly to make him beg, but she quickly took him to the hilt, which made him grunt and breathe heavily. She began grinding her hips, grinning at Kiryu’s moans.

“Play with my nipples, wouldya?” she murmured, Kiryu quickly obliging her request. Her tattoo was beautiful beneath his fingers, but he was more concerned with the hardened nipples begging to be played with. He pinched and twisted them gently, which made her begin fucking herself faster on his cock. She moaned at the attention and threw her head back as she began jerking herself off. She kept up the pace for a bit longer before quickly pulling herself off, grinning at Kiryu’s disappointed groans.

“Please, Goromi-chan,” he whimpered. “I want to cum inside you.” She giggled and told him to stand up.

“Fuck me, Kiryu-chan,” she purred, bending over, Kiryu quickly gripping her waist as he pushed into her in one stroke. They moaned in unison at the sensation, Kiryu enjoying the wet tightness around his cock.

“You’re so tight,” he murmured as he thrust slowly inside her.

“C’mon, Kiryu-chan, you can do better’n that,” she said, laughing at his slow pace. He gripped her waist harder and began fucking her faster, his balls slapping against her ass on every thrust. Kiryu saw her hand disappear beneath her body-- she was jerking off again--so he steadied himself and began slamming into her, drawing out her breathy moans and cries of his name. She began cumming, clenching around Kiryu, the already tight feeling increasing until it was almost unbearable, but he grit his teeth and kept fucking her.

“Yer doin’ so good, Kiryu-chan,” she said, panting in between words. The praise finally pushed Kiryu over the edge, making him bury his cock in her ass as he came, breathing heavily as his thrusts slowed to stillness. He was about to leave and get something to wipe Goromi off when she swatted at him and told him to sit down before standing up and leaving the room. She returned quickly with a damp washcloth and gently wiped the lube from Kiryu’s softening cock.

“How ya doin’, Kiryu-chan?” she asked after she finished wiping him down. “Ya alright?”

“I’m fine, that was amazing, Goromi-chan,” he said, staring up at the ceiling. He looked back over at her and saw she was biting her lips. He noticed she was wearing a nightie, one of the see-through ones with faux feather’s adorning the neckline. “Are you okay?”

“Tch, I’m fine, ya dumbass,” she grumbled before crawling into bed and snuggling up to Kiryu’s bare chest. She sighed contentedly as she settled in. Kiryu placed his arm over her and pulled her closer.

“I didn’t think you were a cuddler,” Kiryu said quietly, more to himself than to the woman next to him. She chuckled and planted a kiss on his pecs.

“Heh, but you are, Kiryu-chan,” she said. They stayed wrapped together for at least a half hour, discussing everything and nothing, huge topics and what they had for dinner the other day before Kiryu heard his phone ringing. He groaned as he unraveled himself from Goromi, who whined and tried to get him to stay. He answered the phone, his face darkening as Date-san spoke on the other line.

“Alright, I’ll be there soon,” he eventually said before closing his phone. He looked longingly towards the bed where Goromi was still sprawled out.

“Leavin’ already?” she asked. He nodded and began dressing himself. He was about to leave the room when he felt something in his suit pocket, which made him frown. He pulled the box out and remembered the gift from earlier. He swallowed and walked to Goromi.

“Er, I meant to give this to you earlier, but this is for you, Goromi-chan,” he said, placing the box carefully on the bed side table. He didn’t wait for her to respond, just rushed out the door as he headed back to Serena to deal with whatever Date-san was complaining about this time.

Chapter Text

Majima was lounging in his family office, very purposefully ignoring the elegantly wrapped gift on his desk. Nishida had stepped inside the room earlier, eying the gift suspiciously, but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the lecture he’d no doubt get if he asked about it. Majima kept the gift at the edge of his peripheral vision as he did boring paperwork, glancing up occasionally as if to see if it were still there, and not a figment of his imagination. Part of him was screaming to throw it away without opening it, that’d no doubt make him seem aloof, but the more reasonable part of him simply wanted to open it. It wasn’t like Kiryu gave him the gift to cause such a crisis within him, but the gesture shook Majima to his core. The younger man had no doubt given dozens of similar meaningless gifts to hostesses in his day, so this one would be no different. Majima trudged back to his apartment, his steely glare cutting a path through the throngs in his way.

He threw the present on the coffee table and regarded it critically. He reasoned it would probably be some generic pricey gift, a scarf or perfume, maybe a watch if Kiryu was really creative. Nothing to get nervous about. Majima finally ripped the wrapping paper off and opened the velvet lined box, groaning when he saw the necklace nestled inside.

“Kiryu-chan, yer a real dumbass,” he said, gently pulling the necklace out. While he would have preferred a gold chain, the piece of jewelry was definitely to his tastes. The striking snake was beautifully detailed, and he couldn’t stop himself from smiling and shaking his head. He dug through his closet, wondering if he kept a jewelry box at this apartment, and quickly found a sparsely populated box, filled with mostly costume jewelry. The gift from Kiryu looked incredibly expensive next to the cheap pieces, and Majima almost tossed them all out. He made a mental note to wear the necklace the next time Goromi came out. He carefully closed the lid and placed the box on top of his dresser before plopping down on the couch and downing a few beers before bed.

* * *

While Kiryu was busy, Majima was even busier. Shimano called him out of the city for some job only he could do, which really meant the ugly motherfucker wanted to send his lackeys after Kiryu without the older man there to stop them. He settled for telling Nishida to keep an eye on Kiryu and let him know if anything strange happened, and began drowning himself in the busy work Shimano left him.

* * *

Majima cursed at himself for forgetting his toys, his fingers not filling him up enough while he fantasized about Kiryu. He bit his lip as he jerked himself off, his fingers rubbing furiously against his prostate as he tried to mimic the way Kiryu’s cock brushed against that spot so perfectly when he fucked him. He eventually came, his hips stuttering, his breathing heavy. He sighed, his desire wasn’t any less than before he jerked off. It’d been weeks since he’d seen Kiryu. He would’ve went back to Kamurocho already if Shimano hadn’t made it clear that he was expected to stay in this middle-of-nowhere podunk town. He rolled over and felt across the bed for his phone. He flipped it open and frowned at the lack of communication from Kiryu. He figured he would’ve sought him out earlier.

Majima played back the conversation they’d had in Serena a while ago, Kiryu telling him he liked being dominated by Goromi. He began wondering if maybe the younger man would enjoy getting dominated by him, as well. He knew he said he enjoyed the power struggle, but what if he lost? A plan began forming in his mind, and he grinned widely as he scrambled out of bed to dig through his luggage. It was a long shot, but he was hoping he’d brought along handcuffs. He had brought his cop uniform, but he wasn’t sure if the cuffs got packed as well. He cackled as he found them pressed against the bottom of his suitcase. He dug them out and threw them on the bed, snapping a quick picture before sending it to Kiryu.

Are ya doin’ anythin’ this weekend?

Kiryu’s response was practically immediate.

I am free. Where are you?

Majima grinned at the younger man’s eagerness. He responded with the address of the place he was staying, as well as what to bring with him. He’d be here a while, may as well get Kiryu to bring his toys when he drives up.

That’s pretty far away

Majima frowned at the response, maybe he wouldn’t be able to come after all. His hands hovered over the keyboard as he debated about what to say when Kiryu sent another message.

I’ll be there.. See you then

Majima’s face lit up. While the fact that Kiryu would be visiting him at the end of the week would help make the drudgery more bearable, it most certainly wouldn’t stop him from wanting to bash his head in on the wall.

* * *

Majima was incredibly grumpy by the time Friday evening rolled around. The men he was forced to work with were giving him an even wider berth than usual, scared that anything they do would ignite the one-eyed man’s rage. He even snarled after someone bumped into him, practically ready to kick his ass when he saw Kiryu. He pushed whoever ran into him out of the way and jogged over to the younger man who looked extremely lost.

“Kiryu-chan!” Majima called out, waving frantically. “Long time no see!” He grinned when Kiryu noticed him, his face turning relieved.

“Majima-san, there you are,” he said. “I wasn’t sure if I was at the right place. I didn’t expect you to be staying somewhere so… fancy.” Majima did have to admit that while it was a tiny town, this little villa they had him situated at was pretty nice. He noticed the carry-on bag Kiryu had clutched in his hand, no doubt his sex toys and lube.

“Well, Kiryu-chan, I think we both know why I asked ya here,” he said seductively, dragging his hands across Kiryu’s solid pecs. The younger man chuckled before ripping his shirt off, Majima quickly following suit with his jacket. They started fighting, blows landing rapidly on both ends. Majima cackled with glee at the euphoria fighting Kiryu made him feel, even though he still wasn’t at full strength yet. He mused over whether he’d kill the younger man if he went all out, and reasoned that he’d be fine. He was almost back at full strength, after all. He unsheathed his dagger and began fighting in earnest, adrenaline pouring through his veins as he was able to fight at full strength for the first time in ages. He was like a demon, slashing at Kiryu’s exposed chest, kicking the younger man’s feet out from under him, never letting Kiryu’s blows knock him down for longer than a split second. The battle was making Majima hard, but he didn’t let that slow him down. He laughed as he realized Kiryu was wearing out quickly, panting heavily as he struggled to keep up with Majima’s manic pace. He landed a kick across his chest and grinned when Kiryu didn’t get up, groaning on the ground beneath him. He sheathed his dagger and breathed heavily. While he had won, it was a close match. One or two more battles like that, and Kiryu would be back at full strength.

“Looks like yer gettin’ soft in yer old age, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said, panting as he walked closer to Kiryu’s body laid across the ground.

“You’re older than me, Majima-san,” Kiryu said grumpily, rolling onto his back. The change in position made it quite obvious that Majima hadn’t been the only one hard during their battle. They were silent for a moment, the only sounds were their panting. Majima offered his hand and pulled him off the ground. Kiryu groaned and pressed his hand against his abdomen.

“I forgot how hard you hit,” he grumbled, leaning against Majima as they began walking towards where the older man had been staying.

“It felt good just to let loose, huh, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked. The younger man nodded.

“It’s been a while since we’ve fought,” he said. As he started saying something else, his face began to get red. “I didn’t realize how much I’d miss you.”

“Heh, don’t go gettin’ all soft on me just yet, Kiryu-chan,” Majima chuckled in response. “Save the sappy shit fer after I fuck ya.” He pushed open the door and shoved Kiryu onto the mattress, tearing off the rest of his clothes as Kiryu did the same. Majima crawled into his lap and began kissing him, biting at his lip and pushing his tongue into his mouth. The kiss didn’t last long, but left them both breathless when Majima pulled away.

“Ya alright with gettin’ yer hands tied up?” he asked. Kiryu looked confused for a moment.

“I thought that was why I came in the first place,” he said, raising an eyebrow. Majima chuckled, but felt more at ease now that he knew for sure Kiryu would be into this. He rummaged through the bag Kiryu brought with him and brought out the rope inside.

“Lay down, Kiryu-chan,” he said, grinning as the younger man obeyed, his cock already hard and leaking. He grabbed Kiryu’s hands and yanked them above his head, the younger man putting up some resistance, but ultimately let his wrists get bound together. Majima placed his finger between the bonds and Kiryu’s wrists and made sure the knot wasn’t too tight. When he was satisfied with the setup, he sat between Kiryu’s legs and traced slowly up his muscular thighs. The younger man shivered beneath his touch and thrust his hips off the bed before Majima pressed his hip down, forcing him to sit still as he brushed his finger tips up and down his legs, getting so close to touching his cock, but never close enough.

“Move yer legs up,” Majima eventually said, patting Kiryu’s muscular thigh as he shifted position. Now that he had a nice view of Kiryu’s asshole, he turned away and rifled through the bag, grabbing lube and a vibrating butt plug. “Yer asshole been lonely without me?”

“I, uh,” Kiryu swallowed before continuing. “I fingered myself a few times.” Majima cackled, and loved the look of embarrassment on the younger man’s face. He warmed the lube up between his fingers and immediately began pressing his index finger inside, which made Kiryu gasp.

“How’d it feel, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked, continuing to push his finger inside Kiryu’s asshole.

“Not as good as when you do it,” Kiryu said quietly.

“Huh, what wazzat?” Majima said, grinning as Kiryu began panting when he pressed another finger inside him.

“It didn’t feel as good as you, Majima-san,” Kiryu groaned, moving his hips to try and take more of Majima’s finger. He scissored his fingers and began rubbing against Kiryu’s prostate. “I kept-- I kept imagining you fingering me, while I jerked off, but-- but it didn’t feel as good, Majima-san,” Kiryu was moaning loudly as he spoke, trying to keep it together so he could finish his sentence.

“Oh? That so?” Majima grinned as Kiryu nodded frantically after he stroked his prostate several times. Without warning, he pulled his fingers out, which made Kiryu cry out.

“No, please-- please I want you,” Kiryu whimpered. He was about to say more when Majima began pushing the butt-plug inside him. He moaned and pulled against the rope tying his wrists to the headboard, and shivered when it was fully inside. He was panting, his chest heaving, his cock drooling precum onto his abdomen. Majima poured some of the lube onto Kiryu’s aching cock, grinning when he gasped and thrust his hips at the contact. He lightly gripped the younger man’s cock, stroking slowly a few times before turning the butt-plug on. Kiryu’s reaction was immediate, and it made Majima bite his lip and groan. Kiryu was squirming and moaning, thrusting his hips into the loose grip on his cock. Majima took his own cock in his hand and began stroking himself at the show he was getting before Kiryu cried out and came, ropes of cum spraying across his abdomen. This didn’t stop Majima’s hand from moving around Kiryu’s cock. He began whimpering at the overstimulation, pulling against his bonds.

“Yer doin’ so good, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said, his voice thick with arousal. He could barely believe how quickly Kiryu had cum, but it was quite the sight. He stopped jerking himself off and slowed the pace around Kiryu’s cock, which made him gasp in appreciation. He turned the butt-plug to a higher power and grinned when Kiryu began tensing up, whimpering again.

“Majima-san, please, it’s too much Majima-san,” he choked out between whimpers.

“Aw, but ya look so pretty like this, Kiryu-chan,” he purred out, running his hands across Kiryu’s sculpted abs. He began licking the cum off his chest before taking one of his nipples into his mouth, biting down gently before placing stronger bites on his neck. He loved the way Kiryu moaned at the attention, still panting at the vibrations inside him. Majima pulled away and grinned when he saw Kiryu’s cock getting hard again.

“Oh? What’s this?” he teased as he took his cock into his hand, stroking him with the same loose grip as before. Kiryu groaned and thrust his hips up, panting into his armpit. He kept jerking the younger man off, but removed the butt-plug.

“Majima-san,” Kiryu groaned.

“Yeah, Kiryu-chan?” Majima said, running his finger around Kiryu’s wet rim.

“Fuck me, please,” he said.

“Hm, I dunno if yer ready fer my cock just yet,” Majima said, grinning when Kiryu groaned in frustration.

“I am, I promise I am, just put your cock inside me,” Kiryu said. Majima chuckled at his voice, thick with arousal and desperation.

“Well, alright,” Majima said, stroking his own cock with lube, lining himself up with Kiryu’s entrance. “I’ll take yer word for it.” Majima was pushing inside so slowly it felt like torture, moaning at the way he clenched around him. Kiryu was moaning and panting constantly, a stream of swear words flowing out of his mouth. It felt like forever before his balls met Kiryu’s ass, but he wasted no time before fucking Kiryu in earnest. He began jerking Kiryu off faster, which made the younger man moan even louder.

“Majima-san, I’m-- oh fuck,” Kiryu grunted, cumming across his chest for the second time that day. He began tensing around his cock as his orgasm hit him, which pushed Majima over the edge. He’d planned on fucking him into a whimpering mess and making him cum once or twice more, but he was so pent up, he came much sooner than expected. He slowly thrust in and out after his orgasm was finished, both men panting heavily. He pulled out, which made them both groan at the sensation, cum dripping from Kiryu’s used hole.

Majima rummaged through his bag before finding a baby wipe, running it gently over Kiryu’s asshole. The younger man hadn’t said anything since he came, so Majima quickly untied him and began rubbing his wrists, making sure his hands weren’t blue.

“Are ya okay, Kiryu-chan?” he asked. “Yer hands alright?” Kiryu grunted in response before nodding slowly.

“I need a second, Majima-san,” Kiryu eventually mumbled, his words slurred a bit.

“Of course, of course,” the older man said, throwing on his jacket and Kiryu’s slacks, which were a bit big on him, but would work for a trip to the kitchen, and he rushed to get Kiryu something to drink. He returned and found Kiryu sitting up and staring at the floor.

“Thanks, Majima-san,” he said appreciatively, downing the glass of water quickly. “Why are you wearing my pants?”

“Huh? Oh, gettin’ into those leather pants is a fuckin’ nightmare when I’m sweaty,” Majima said, which made Kiryu chuckle. He swallowed before continuing. “I believe there’s a favor I gotta repay ya for.”

“What do you mean?” Kiryu asked.

“Just follow me,” Majima said, finding an oversized shirt for Kiryu to wear as they walked to their destination. He opened the door to the bathroom, and Kiryu whistled at its size. It was more of a locker room, with an oversized tub and stools sitting near them, with showerheads close enough to wash off when sitting on the stools.

“You don’t have to do this, Majima-san,” Kiryu said. Majima rolled his eye and took the shirt off of the younger man before stripping out of his own borrowed pants, tossing them far enough away that they wouldn’t get wet. He told Kiryu to sit down on one of the stool, and turned on the bathtub faucet, throwing in several scoops of bath salts. He pulled the other stool up behind Kiryu and grabbed one of the shower heads, testing the water temperature before running the water over Kiryu’s body. He grabbed a loofah and body wash and began lathering up Kiryu’s back, tracing the dragon etched into his skin.

“Isn’t this a set-up for a hentai?” Kiryu said, chuckling when Majima huffed.

“Ya already came twice, don’t push yer luck,” Majima grumbled, but the grin in his voice betrayed his false anger. Kiryu chuckled again and hummed happily when Majima began rinsing off the soap.

“Scootch yer butt off, yeah, just like that,” Majima ordered. He took the shower head and rinsed any remaining cum and lube away.

“Are you getting fresh with me?” Kiryu asked, teasing. Majima chuckled and turned the bath faucet off.

“As much as I’d like to stay, I have work to take care of before the day ends,” Majima said, standing up. “Yer welcome to stay here after ya finish yer bath.” Kiryu stood up and stretched, yawning into his fist. Majima started leaving the room when the younger man called his name. He turned around and looked at him.

“I really did miss you, Majima-san,” Kiryu said. The older man scoffed before turning around and opening the door, a burst of steam escaping out of the room.

“Missed ya too, Kiryu-chan,” he said quietly before leaving.


Chapter Text

Kamurocho was lonely without Majima roaming the streets. Kiryu found himself wanting to go back to the little villa where the older man had been staying, but was worried Shimano would eventually find out he was visiting and punish Majima for allowing the enemy in. Though he and Majima had sex several more times when he had visited, it wasn’t enough. The city was duller without the man walking around with his gaudy snake skin jacket and leather pants, and Kiryu was still horny.

It was another week and a half before Majima returned to the city, pounding on the back door to Serena after hours when only Kiryu was inside. The younger man had been asleep, and the knocking startled him, so he was ready to beat down a burglar and was instead greeted with Majima’s grinning face, the one-eyed man leaning against the door frame.

“Majima-san!” Kiryu exclaimed, holding the door open to gesture him in.

“Let’s hit the town, I’m dyin’ to do somethin’ other’n paperwork,” Majima said, hooking his thumb over his shoulder.

“Let me get changed,” Kiryu said, hurrying to the back room and quickly throwing on his usual clothes. When he returned to the main bar, Majima was leaning against a wall and looking around. Kiryu was surprised he didn’t have a drink in his hand. As his eyes looked up and down his body, he noticed that Majima was wearing a different necklace than usual. When he recognized it as the gift he had given him—Goromi—his heart skipped a beat, a breath getting stuck in his throat.

“Took ya long enough,” Majima said grumpily when Kiryu stood next to him.

“Where are we going?” Kiryu asked. A grin lit up Majima’s face, which made him nervous.

“Just across the street,” Majima said, not attempting to hide the grin on his face as they began walking down the metal stairs to the street below.

“To Stardust?” Kiryu asked. While he had no objections, it seemed strange.

“Yup, I rented out the place,” Majima said as they began leaving the alleyway. “Pulled a couple strings with the owner, too.” Kiryu furrowed his eyebrows as Majima held the door to the host club open for him, but didn’t say anything.

“Ah, Kiryu-san, Majima-san, we’ve been expecting you,” the clubs owner, Kazuki said. “Just as you asked, no other guests are present.” This statement was directed towards Majima, which confused Kiryu even more. He was about to turn to ask him what was going on when one of the hosts rushed out and grabbed Kiryu, ushering him into the back room. He looked behind him at Majima, whose grin was the widest he’d ever seen it.

“See ya soon, Kiryu-chan,” he said, waving and cackling at the confused younger man.

“What’s going on here?” Kiryu asked the host after he dragged him into the dressing room.

“You didn’t know?” the man asked, obviously confused. “Majima-san rented out the whole club for the rest of the night with the explicit request that you be his host.”

“What?” Kiryu asked incredulously. “I don’t know anything about being a host, this is ridiculous.”

“Yes, which is why I’m here to give you a crash course and choose a more appropriate outfit for your client,” the man said, eying Kiryu’s red shirt and gray suit critically. The outfit he chose for him was a tight pair of pants— Kiryu guessed they were even tighter than Majima’s— and a black mesh shirt which didn’t do much to cover his chest. The fabric seemed to catch against his nipples whenever he moved, distracting him from the lecture about pouring drinks the host was giving.

“Above all, you need to be flirty and seductive,” the host cautioned, handing over a bottle of cologne to spray over himself. “It can’t be fake, customers will be able to see through that from a mile away.” The man regarded him critically, getting close and sniffing him before giving a satisfied nod. He looked up at his hair and grimaced.

“Here, sit down, let me do something with your hair,” he said, Kiryu quickly sitting down as the man began styling his hair into something he’d seen on other hosts before. “You know, Kiryu-san, if you ever needed the work, Kazuki would hire a man like you in a heartbeat.”

“That won’t be happening,” Kiryu said, huffing at the idea of him being a full time host. He felt butterflies rising in his stomach at the prospect of playing host for the night. While he’d fucked and been fucked by Majima, he’d never truly flirted with him, or even tried to seduce him. Their fists usually did the seduction. He wondered if this was another way to bait him into a fight, but he wasn’t able to dwell for long before Kazuki rushed through the door and told Kiryu it was time for him to come out. He walked out the door and struggled to feel confident as he strolled towards the VIP table above the bar where Majima was sitting. While he was nervous, he was still happy to see the older man after so long apart, and let those feelings bring a warm smile on his face as he walked up the stairs. Majima was sitting, his legs held apart and his arms resting on the booth behind him, a smirk adorning his face. Kiryu stood stiffly in front of him, not saying anything before Majima cleared his throat and looked expectantly at him.

“Introduce yerself,” Majima said, waving his hand lazily.

“Good evening, Majima-san,” Kiryu said, bowing slightly. “I’m Kiryu and I’ll be your host for the night.” The older man’s smirk turned into a full on smile as Kiryu sat next to him. He was silent for a beat as he debated what to say next. He wracked his brain for the quick rundown the host from before had given him.

“What can I get you to drink?” he asked, relieved he remembered the first step.

“Nothin’ fer now,” Majima said, his eyes raking down Kiryu’s practically bare chest. He suddenly felt aware of the warm air dusting against his skin, and the way the mesh fabric seemed to have holes in just the right places for his nipples to press out. “Ya new here, Kiryu-chan?”

“Of course, you’re the one who made me do this,” he replied, wishing he could sit closer to the older man, but the host who’d given him the rundown was adamant that the club had a no touching policy.

“Aw, c’mon Kiryu-chan, get in character,” Majima said, making a pleading face at the younger man, who huffed and rolled his eyes, but decided to play along.

“This is my first night,” he said, pausing for a moment before continuing. “I hope my inexperience won’t ruin your night.”

“Ya don’t gotta worry ‘bout that, Kiryu-chan,” he said. “I like my hosts a little green, anyways.” The two began talking, their conversation light and impersonal, mostly discussing Majima’s activities while he was out of the city. He ended up ordering a bottle of champagne, and grinned when Kiryu’s hands shook as he poured their glasses. With a bit of alcohol in him, Kiryu felt much more relaxed, and found it was much easier to flirt with Majima.

“With a body like yours, you must have women falling all over you, Majima-san,” he said, attempting to rake his eyes coyly over the older man’s semi-exposed chest. He hoped he didn’t look like a lecher, but Majima didn’t seem fazed by the attention.

“I could say the same for you, Kiryu-chan,” he said, grinning and licking his lips as he trailed his eye up and down the younger man’s body. “I betcha got a harem of ladies just beggin’ ya fer yer cock.”

“There’s only one man I want in my bed lately,” Kiryu said, chuckling and taking another drink of his champagne.

“Oh?” Majima asked. “That so? Ya got a crush on him, then?” Kiryu smiled and refilled their glasses instead of answering, leaning as close to Majima as he could manage. He was about to change the subject when he felt Majima’s gloved hand gripping one of his knees gently. The contact made Kiryu blush, and he felt blood rush to his cock, even though it was such a light touch.

“There’s a no touching rule in this club,” Kiryu said, his heart pounding in his throat as Majima began running his hand up and down his thigh.

“Ya can’t really say that when ya got a hard-on just from a touch like that,” Majima whispered, grinning manically. Kiryu blushed harder and looked away, biting his lip as the older man brushed his hand over the bulge in his tight pants. The touch was unbearably gentle, and Kiryu bit his lip harder as he tried not to moan from such a light touch. He was suddenly hyper-aware of the open air around them. The club may have been empty, but the idea that one of the hosts could walk up and catch them made Kiryu’s heart catch in his throat as Majima continued groping him. When the older man eventually removed his hand from his crotch, he panted in relief, but immediately missed the feeling of being touched.

“Why dontcha come sit in my lap?” Majima offered, smiling at how flustered Kiryu looked in front of him.

“But— I, the,” Kiryu was stuttering before he forced himself to swallow and breathe. “The no touching rule, Majima-san.” Instead of responding, Majima just patted his leg expectantly, grinning when Kiryu lost the battle of wills against the host act and sat on his lap. Majima’s leg was muscular beneath him, and he felt self-conscious as he looked down at the self-satisfied smirk on the older man’s face. He wrapped his arms around Majima’s neck, not before casting his eyes about, as if someone would walk up the stairs and catch him breaking the rules.

“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Majima teased. He went back to rubbing Kiryu through his tight pants, which made him gasp and thrust his hips into the contact. “Or maybe it is hard, eh?” Kiryu’s face was burning, but he’d missed the older man’s touch, he didn’t even want to attempt to stop him from brushing his fingers over his cock. It made him self conscious knowing Majima was staring at him so intently, smirking at Kiryu’s reactions, grinning whenever he’d make noises at the attention. The older man began planting kisses across his chest, the sensation was muted but somehow felt more intimate through the mesh shirt. He was startled by the sound of a throat being cleared. He whipped his head around and saw a host looking at the two men.

“I apologize, Majima-san, but this club has a strict no touching policy,” he said, bowing slightly. The older man smiled amicably as Kiryu crawled back onto the leather seat next to him.

“Sorry, sorry,” he said, scooting a few inches away from the man sitting next to him. The host thanked Majima for being so willing to obey the club’s rules and left quickly. “Pour me some more champagne, wouldya?” Kiryu obliged, suddenly feeling overwhelmed by Majima’s cologne and musk, which seemed to overpower him. He glanced at the older man’s crotch and felt a wave of arousal pass through his body as he saw that he was as hard as himself. Kiryu tried to compose himself and think of something interesting to say, but his thoughts were interrupted by Majima.

“Ya busy after this, Kiryu-chan?” he asked, watching the younger man over the lip of his champagne glass. His mind felt muddy as he tried to think of a way to respond that would be seductive, or at the very least flirty.

“Well, I might,” he said, drawing his eyes over Majima’s muscled chest. “If a certain handsome client of mine asks me on an after-hours date.” Majima chuckled and finished his drink, setting the fluted glass gently on the low table sitting in front of them.

“Well, howsabout ya come back ta my apartment with me,” Majima suggested. His heart began beating harder and he racked his brain for the ways hostesses he’d been with had responded to questions like that.

“So forward, Majima-san!” Kiryu said, faking outrage. “You haven’t even bought me a gift yet!” The older man seemed surprised at first, but quickly began chuckling as he dug through the inside of his suit jacket. He pulled out a small box, wrapped in gaudy wrapping paper but tied carefully with a red ribbon. Kiryu took the box and began untying the ribbon when Majima stopped him, pulling the box away and shoving it back in his jacket.

“Hey, don’t open it here,” he complained. Kiryu huffed didn’t try and retrieve the gift. “Well? Will ya come go on a date with me?”

“I’d love to, Majima-san,” Kiryu said, smiling at the prospect of spending more time with the older man. He clapped his gloved hands together, and an uncomfortable looking host that looked suspiciously like Nishida in a toupee rushed up the steps and settled the bill before wishing the two men a good evening. They left the building, Kiryu shivering at the change of temperature, the cool air making his already sensitive nipples even harder. He leaned against Majima as they walked, stringing his arm through his as they headed towards his apartment. Kiryu felt incredibly self-conscious as they strolled through Kamurocho, feeling passersby stare at the two men. He wanted to use his threatening gaze to get them to stop, but he found himself unable to. He looked over at Majima and saw him smirking. He no doubt saw how self-conscious the walk to his apartment was making Kiryu, and he seemed to enjoy the blush crawling up the younger man’s face. An idea began forming in his head, Majima would no doubt enjoy Kiryu using his newfound strength during their fucking. He kept himself from grinning as the walked up to the front door, hoping that he’d be able to keep up the facade he was planning. He went to open it, but Majima intercepted him and opened the door for him.

“Thanks, Majima-san,” he said. He wondered if he should keep the host act up now that they weren’t in the club. While he thought it would be fun to continue it, that wasn’t what he had in mind for the night’s activities. As soon as the door was closed and locked, he balled his fist and hit Majima across the face. He looked up in surprise, clutching his jaw.

“What the fuck were you thinking, Majima-san?” Kiryu growled. “Dressing me up like this? Making me a host?” The older man’s face seemed horrified and remorseful at first, but it didn’t take long for him to catch on to the “gimmick”.

“I dunno, Kiryu-chan,” he chuckled after his surprise faded, a huge grin splitting his face. “Ya gonna make me say sorry?” The younger man smirked and, quick as a flash, his hand was wrapped around Majima’s throat. The air crackled with electricity as the two men stared each other down, an unspoken battle raging in their eyes. The older man licked his lips and grinned wider.

“To the bedroom, then?” Majima asked, his voice unable to come out as normal with Kiryu’s hand on his windpipe. The younger man dragged Majima by the scruff of his collar to the bedroom.

When they were inside the bedroom, Majima jumped onto Kiryu’s back, his arms wrapped around his neck as he tried to take him down, but the younger man untangled himself and slammed Majima onto the bed, panting and hard beneath him. He began ripping his leather pants off, slapping his legs aside as he flailed and tried to kick him. When Majima was naked from his waist down, Kiryu stood triumphant over him.

“You humiliated me, Majima-san,” he said, shoving the younger man’s knees apart as he removed his own tight pants.

“But ya look so good, Kiryu-chan,” Majima panted, his chest heaving as his cock drooled against his abdomen.

“Be quiet,” he said sternly before spitting on his index and middle finger.

“Make—fuck!” Majima cried out as Kiryu pressed in his fingers into his ass, not being gentle as he began stretching his asshole out. The younger man had his other hand resting near his hip, and he dug his fingers in so hard that it bruised, which made Majima moan and pant even harder. Kiryu removed his fingers to spit on them again before returning them with a third, which made Majima curse and beg for more. Kiryu began rubbing at Majima’s prostate in earnest, smirking when he began panting and clawing at the bedspread. He pulled his fingers out and yanked Majima into a sitting position by the hair before pulling his snake skin jacket off, tossing it somewhere on the floor.

“Are you sorry yet?” he asked, gripping his fingers even harder in Majima’s soft hair. The older man just grinned and cackled manically, so Kiryu pulled him off the bed and began kissing him, biting at his lower lip before he started biting heavily on his collarbone and neck, making the older man moan and scratch his nails down Kiryu’s back. After he was satisfied with how Majima was marked, he turned him and shoved him over the bed before reaching towards the bedside table and ripping out the lube, not bothering to warm it between his fingers before pouring some onto Majima’s asshole, which made him jump. Kiryu pressed three fingers back into his stretched hole, satisfied that he was loose enough. He rubbed himself a few times before lining himself up.

“Ready to apologize?” he asked, not pushing in just yet.

“Fuck you,” Majima said, turning back to grin at him. Kiryu buried his cock all the way into Majima’s asshole, making the older man grunt and himself moan. He wasted no time and began slamming into him, pushing his head against the bed as he fucked him. When he saw Majima’s hand snake down beneath his body, he slapped his arm away.

“No touching,” he growled, increasing his pace. Majima’s moans were delicious— breathy and loud, interspersed with ‘fuck’, ‘harder’, and ‘more’. He yanked Majima’s head off the bed, his eye was lidded with arousal, drool dripping out of his open mouth. “Apologize, right now.” Instead of saying anything, Majima cried out louder than before and began cumming around Kiryu’s cock, which continued to hammer in and out of his asshole while he tightened with his orgasm. Kiryu let go of his hair and he dropped limply on the bed, whimpering as the younger man continued fucking him before his own orgasm overtook him. He pulled out and came over Majima’s back, cum coating the hannya mask and petals covering his body. Kiryu stood panting above him, catching his breath when he heard Majima murmur something beneath him.

“Sorry, Kiryu-chan,” he said, barely audible, his face buried in a pillow beneath him.

Chapter Text

Majima was surprised when Kiryu told him to apologize. He’d really worried he’d screwed up by making the younger man dress up and be his host for the night, but was relieved when he found out it wasn’t real anger towards him.

He was panting heavily on the bed, cum covering the bedspread beneath him as Kiryu’s cum cooled on his back. He figured he should apologize, just in case Kiryu really wanted to hear that.

“Majima-san, I wasn’t really mad,” Kiryu said, sounding panicked. “Did I hurt you?” Majima wanted to respond, but found it hard to speak, so he just grunted. There was a pause when neither of them moved, but Kiryu eventually rushed out of the room. He heard him stumbling around in the other rooms before bursting back in, water and an energy bar in one hand and a washcloth in the other. He quickly wiped down his back before gently rollling him over and lifting him into a sitting position. He pressed the glass to Majima’s lips, and he gladly began drinking the cool water. It was hard for him to focus his eye, but it eventually landed on Kiryu’s face, whose brows were knitted and had a look of worry Majima had never seen before. He blinked a few times and everything came into more clarity.

“’m fine, Kiryu-chan,” he mumbled, trying to pull away. Kiryu didn’t let go and pressed the unwrapped energy bar into one of his hands.

“You need to eat this,” he said. Instead of protesting, he began chewing on one end. Damn. Kiryu had really done a number on him that time. He couldn’t remember the last time he came that hard, if there even was a “before” for an orgasm like that. While he wasn’t hurt, he was certainly out of it from the intensity. After the first few bites of the chocolate flavored bar, he found himself ravenously hungry, and quickly finished the rest.

“Damn, Kiryu-chan,” he said, smacking his lips. “That was intense! Ya made me cum harder ‘n ever before.” The younger man looked relieved as Majima spoke, and heaved a sigh of relief, running his fingers through his hair.

“You looked so out of it,” he whispered. Majima laughed, but felt his chest fill with warmth at the younger man’s concern.

“Just took me a sec ta get back ta normal, that’s all,” he said. “I promise.” Kiryu turned his head and smiled.

“Let’s go take a shower, Majima-san,” Kiryu said. Majima wanted to eat first, but he was feeling sweaty and sticky, so he followed him into the bathroom.

“Nah, let’s just stay here for now, I’m exhausted,” Majima said, yawning into his fist. They both laid down and drew closer together, a comfortable silence stretching between them as they relaxed. The older man’s stomach eventually rumbled loudly, which made them both chuckle.

“I’ll order some takeout, you go grab a shower,” Kiryu said, turning to face Majima and stroking his face, not making any effort to stand up. The older man grinned.

“How ‘m I supposed ta get up when yer caressin’ me like that, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked, chuckling when the other man blushed and removed his hand before they both stood up. Majima showered quickly, not even washing his hair before he got out and donned his robe and walked into the living room where Kiryu was sitting and flipping through channels.

“The food should be here in 15 minutes or so,” he said, setting the remote down. “I’ll go shower now.” Majima nodded and sat in Kiryu’s place, zoning out as he watched the game show in front of him. He was knocked out of his stupor when he heard Nishida’s telltale knock at the door, so he stood up and greeted him.

“Thanks, Nishida,” he said, grabbing the bags of takeout food.

“Have a good evening, sir,” Nishida said, bowing slightly before walking away from the door. Majima walked back into the living room and pulled each food container out of the bags, setting aside Kiryu’s favorites before digging into his own. It wasn’t long before the other man returned, rubbing a towel through his wet hair as he sat down next to Majima and began eating. The older man leaned into Kiryu’s chest and they continued watching the baseball program as they finished their late-night meal.

* * *

They’d just crawled into bed together when Kiryu asked the question Majima had been waiting for since the club.

“Can I open that gift?” he asked, wrapping his arms around Majima after he shook his head.

“In the mornin’, after I’m gone,” he said. He leaned in closer to Kiryu’s touch, and the younger man quickly fell asleep, breathing evenly in his ear as butterflies exploded in Majima’s stomach at the thought of Kiryu seeing what was in the tiny box. It was a key, one that would work in any and all of his apartments. He’d felt so confident when he went to the locksmith and copied his own personal key, grinning as he imagined the look on Kiryu’s face, but now he was just nervous. What if he didn’t want it? A toothbrush was one thing, but a house key? That was practically asking him to move in! Which is what Majima really wanted to do, but couldn’t find the words to ask. As Majima chewed on his lip, Kiryu began snoring lightly next to him and he began reasoning that the younger man would probably be oblivious to the significance of the gift. The thought disappointed him, but calmed him, too. He’d be able to play it off if Kiryu wasn’t into the idea. As the butterflies in his stomach settled, he fell into a dreamless sleep.

Leaving Kiryu in the morning was as awful as it was the last times he’d had to leave the bed where the younger man was sleeping peacefully. He brushed a few stray hairs from his sleeping forehead and shoved himself in his leather pants and pulled on his snake skin jacket. He pulled out the gift from last night and placed it on the coffee table in the living room before leaving. As much as he hated to go, at least he’d be able to focus on something else besides the way Kiryu would react once he opened the present.

* * *

He was smoking a cigarette and walking back to his office after finishing an errand when his instincts alerted him to Kiryu being near him. Instead of feeling glee at the prospect of fighting the younger man again, he felt panicked. If he was lucky, maybe he could get away before Kiryu noticed him, so he began strolling in the opposite direction. He almost felt disappointed when the younger man didn’t end up following him back to his office, but the relief of not having to face him right now outweighed anything else.

* * *

He finally walked into his apartment after several hours worth of reading boring documents, his eye swimming with black and white text. When he heard someone rummaging in the kitchen, his body tensed and he drew his dagger as he stepped lightly over the threshold.

“I’m not a burglar, you know,” Kiryu said, surprising Majima enough that he dropped his dagger before quickly scrambling onto the floor to pick it up.

“Kiryu-chan,” he said, unable to disguise his surprise. “I didn’t expect ta see ya here.” Kiryu was putting groceries away, and was looking critically at how bare Majima’s fridge had been.

“Do you want me to leave?” he asked, his voice even as he kept his back turned from Majima. He huffed and squeezed between Kiryu and the fridge, grabbing a beer before returning to the living room and plopping down to watch TV. The younger man eventually joined him, passing him a fresh beer as they both intently watched the game show going on in front of them. Majima was about to tease Kiryu for being so jittery when the younger man placed his hand on his leather-clad knee and stroked him lightly with his thumb. He looked up and saw that a blush had risen in his cheeks, but Kiryu kept his eyes forward like the game show was the most interesting thing he’d seen in years. Without warning, Kiryu turned to him and began kissing Majima, moving his hand to grip his hip as their tongues pressed together as they kissed. The older man grinned and began biting gently at Kiryu’s lower lip before deepening the kiss, running his gloved fingers through the younger man’s hair. They pulled apart, panting as they broke the kiss, both of their faces flushed. Majima glanced down and saw Kiryu was hard against his slacks, and went to unzip his pants when Kiryu pushed his hand away and knelt in front of him, unzipping his leather pants and tossing them aside, Majima lifting his butt off the sofa to make it easier for him.

“Ya wanna suck my cock, huh?” Majima asked, grinning when Kiryu bit his lip and nodded as he gripped the older man’s hard cock in his hand, stroking lightly. “Go on then, Kiryu-chan.” The younger man began licking Majima’s balls as he stroked him, making him sigh and pull his gloves off so he could feel Kiryu’s hair between his fingers. When he began tugging his hair, Kiryu began moaning and started licking up and down Majima’s shaft, finding the sensitive spot just behind the head and sucking at it, making the older man tighten the grip in his hair. He finally took his swollen head into his mouth, hollowing his cheeks as he sucked, continuing to stroke the rest of his cock as he began taking more and more of Majima’s cock into his mouth.

“Fuck, Kiryu-chan,” Majima panted above him. “Yer mouth is so fuckin’ hot, ya look so good like this.” This made the younger man moan, which in turn made Majima thrust his hips at the vibrations around his cock. He suddenly began deepthroating him, his mouth wet and warm around Majima’s cock. He moaned and threw his head back as Kiryu began swallowing around him, just letting his cock sit in his throat as he fought to control his gag-reflex, eventually bobbing his head slowly.

“C’mon, Kiryu-chan, yer killin’ me here,” Majima groaned, whining as Kiryu suddenly took him out of his mouth, stroking him against his cheek as he looked up at the older man.

“Do you want to fuck my face, Majima-san?” he asked, his voice thick with arousal. The older man groaned again and nodded, standing up as Kiryu took his place sitting on the sofa, opening his mouth and sticking his tongue out as Majima caressed his face while he lined his cock up with his open mouth. He bit his lip as he began pushing inside his mouth, Kiryu not even flinching when he bottomed out and held his head against his cock. He tightened his grip in Kiryu’s hair and started thrusting in and out, the younger man’s face blissed out as his cock continued hitting the back of his throat. He started fucking his face in earnest, moaning and panting at the way Kiryu’s throat felt when he swallowed around him. He wanted to stay like this forever, but found himself nearly ready to cum, so he increased the pace before burying his cock deep in Kiryu’s mouth, holding his head against his pelvis as he came down the younger man’s throat.

“Fuck,” Majima panted out as he sat next to Kiryu, spent. He’d expected a moment of reprieve, but Kiryu sat closer and practically whined as he began tracing his hand up and down Majima’s chest.

“Fuck me, Majima-san,” Kiryu panted, rubbing himself through his pants. The older man grinned, but knew he wasn’t ready to go just yet, so pulled Kiryu into the bedroom, where they kissed breathlessly as Majima tore the younger man’s clothes off. They tore apart, their foreheads resting together as they panted and held each other’s gaze. Majima finally pushed Kiryu gently on the bed before rummaging through the drawer for lube, warming it in his fingers as Kiryu knelt on the bed, pushing his ass up and spreading his cheeks apart. He chuckled, arousal rushing down to his cock as he pressed his finger against Kiryu’s asshole.

“More,” Kiryu whined, pushing back onto his finger. Majima obliged, pushing a second finger inside him, making the younger man gasp and moan as he got used to the stretch. Majima bit his lip as Kiryu started moaning in earnest when he began stroking his prostate, pressing a third finger inside earning him a muffled cry of his name. His cock was already hard, but he didn’t think Kiryu was stretched enough for him so he continued twisting his fingers inside him, scissoring them as gently as he could and continuing to stroke his prostate.

“Majima-san,” Kiryu groaned against the pillow he was holding near his face.

“Hm?” Majima asked, trying to sound nonchalant as he stroked his prostate harder.

“Fuck me already, Majima-san,” Kiryu panted, making Majima grin and stand up, the younger man whining at the sudden emptiness. The older man stroked lube over his cock as he lined himself up. He hesitated as he rubbed himself over Kiryu’s asshole.

“Lay on yer back, I wanna look at yer face,” he said, rubbing the small of Kiryu’s back. The younger man quickly flipped over, his cock straining towards his navel, precum dripping down the swollen head. Majima bit his lip at the expression of pure lust written across his face, so he lined himself back up and pushed in, both of them moaning before Majima bottomed out. Kiryu wrapped his legs around him, which made the older man place his hands on either side of his body as he leaned over him, making Kiryu whimper and struggle to close the distance between them to kiss. Majima leaned down further and they kissed, gentle at first, before devolving into tongues pushing against each other and Kiryu raking his hands across Majima’s back as he began fucking him in earnest. He’d cum just a bit ago, so even though Kiryu was almost unbearably tight around his cock, he was able to fuck him earnestly without worrying about cumming too quickly. Kiryu began crying out beneath him, panting Majima’s name as he began spasming around the older man’s cock as he came, his cock cumming untouched against his abdomen. He was slowing down to give him a break when Kiryu spoke.

“Keep going, please,” he panted. “Please Majima-san.”

“Well, since ya asked so nicely,” Majima chuckled breathlessly, burying his head against Kiryu’s neck as he began fucking him harder and faster, grunting as Kiryu continued squeezing around him well after his orgasm ended. The younger man began scratching his back again, tightening his legs around him as the pace kept increasing. Kiryu cried out as Majima began biting at his neck, leaving hickies above the collar. Majima felt one of the younger man’s hands leave his back and glanced down to see that Kiryu was hard again and had begun jerking himself off, cum from his previous orgasm covering his fingers as he stroked his cock. Majima bit down again and began thrusting harder, making the younger man moan louder and jerk himself off faster.

“Kiryu-chan,” Majima panted against his neck. “Kiryu-chan ‘m gonna cum.”

“Cum inside me, Majima-san,” Kiryu moaned, increasing the pace of his hand. Majima thrust one final time before cumming, groaning when Kiryu’s own orgasm hit him, cum painting his chest as his asshole spasmed around Majima’s cock. When they both finished cumming, they stayed held together, Majima’s breathing evening against Kiryu’s sweaty neck. The younger man’s legs eventually loosened their grip around Majima, who gently pulled out and splayed out next to Kiryu. They laid in silence before the younger man cuddled up to Majima. He kissed the top of Kiryu’s head and threw his arm around him, pulling him closer as they relaxed post-coitus.

“Majima-san,” Kiryu said.

“Hm?” Majima replied, stroking the younger man’s arm.

“What do you think of me?” he asked, his voice turning serious.

“Eh?” Majima asked, surprised at the question. “Well I think yer really strong and have a good heart, too good sometimes if ya ask me.”

“No, that’s not what I mean,” Kiryu said.

“What do ya mean, then?” Majima asked, his heart pounding against his ribcage.

“Do you… was the key an invitation to move in?” he asked, his voice quiet.

“Do ya wanna move in?” Majima asked instead of answering.

“That’s not what I asked,” Kiryu said.

“Look, Kiryu-chan,” Majima began saying, running his fingers through the younger man’s hair as he looked up from his chest. “I wouldn’t mind if we did stuff like this everyday, er even just seein’ ya everyday.” Kiryu grinned and kissed Majima’s tattooed pecs before laying his head back down against where he had kissed. They sat in a comfortable silence before Majima squirmed out from Kiryu laying on top of him and stood up.

“Gonna grab a shower, ya can join me if ya want,” he said. He did, and they shared a tender kiss in the shower before drying off and curling up in bed together, Majima holding Kiryu, the younger man’s sculpted back pressed against his abdomen. When his breathing evened out enough for him to be asleep, he leaned his head close and planted a kiss near his ear.

“Love ya, Kiryu-chan,” he murmured, thinking the younger man was already asleep. He was surprised when he rolled around and looked at him, his face serious but flushed. He hugged Majima before planting his own kiss near the older man’s ear.

“I love you too, Majima-san,” he whispered, the two holding each other as they drifted off to sleep.