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The Privileges of Power

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It was what she had been waiting for all summer. Potter really would never learn, would he? But no matter, now that her powers and authority had been expanded so wonderfully, she could finally do whatever she wanted with the boy. Arrogant, hotheaded, disruptive... And now, even after all those detentions the previous year, still determined to break rules. Dolores paced her office excitedly. So many possibilities, so many ways to punish him. The cruciatus curse, imperio - oh, the things she could make him do. But no. She mustn't be hasty. There was plenty of time for all of that. No, she would start things off slowly tonight.

Just then, there came a knock on her door. "Enter." she trilled. "Ah, Mr. Potter. So glad you could join me tonight."

Harry glared at her.

"Please, have a seat." she said, gesturing to the plush, pink chair in front of her desk. Harry sat. "Now then, I've been thinking about what to do with you, as my methods last year seem to have had little affect on your attitude."

"You mean when you forced me to slash my hand open every night and write lines in my own blood?" Harry asked, dryly.

"Precisely." she smiled her toad-like smile. "Since that didn't seem to quite do the trick, I'm afraid I'm going to have to take more extreme measures." She could see the sudden fear behind his eyes as she said this, though he tried to hide it beneath a mask of anger. The sight sent tingles up her spine, tendrils of excitement about what was to come.

She bit her lip, heart pounding with anticipation.

"Stand up, Mr. Potter."

"Stand up?"


Shrugging, Harry stood. With a flick of her wand, the plush chair he had been sitting in disappeared. Harry stood in the middle of the sickeningly pink office, glaring at Umbridge, his dark form contrasted against the fire crackling cheerfully behind him, and Umbridge took in a deep breath, admiring her pray for a moment, before, swish! Another flick of her wand, and ropes sprung from the walls and floor, coiling around the boys limbs, immobilizing him in place. Fury flared in Harry's face and his eyes grew wide, his mouth open, about to exclaim in outrage, but with another swift motion of Umbridge's wand, a gag materialized in his mouth, muffling his speech.

"Was there something you wished to say?" asked Umbridge, almost hysterical with glee. "I'm afraid it's time for you to listen now, Mr. Potter. She let out a short laugh and crossed the room to stand in front of him. Harry struggled at the bonds, but they were tight, and his movement was quite restricted. Umbridge's smile widened. "Now then, where shall we begin? First thing's first I suppose. We must see what we're working with, mustn't we, Mr. Potter?" With that, she waved her wand once more, and his robes vanished, leaving only his baggy briefs behind.

"Tut, tut, now, Potter. When was the last time you changed these?" She slightly lifted the worn cloth with her wand, peaking beneath at his unexpectedly impressive manhood. Now Harry was really struggling, wrenching at the ropes that held him and screaming into the gag furiously. Rage filled his eyes as he glared at her. "I told you we would have to take more extreme measures, Mr. Potter. If you break the rules, you must be willing to accept the punishment, and you have broken many, many rules this year already. Including rules of hygiene." She gestured to his underwear again. "It seems I'll have to teach you that lesson as well." And she pulled the briefs down his legs slowly, brushing her face against his cock as she went, inhaling the musk. With his underwear now down around his ankles, Umbridge straitened once more, staring unabashed at his lithe, young form, watching as blood rushed both to his face and to his growing member. She smiled again.

"It seems you really can't control yourself after all, Mr. Potter." She laughed again. "Don't tell me you've never been with any of those stupid little Gryffindor sluts? I've seen them throwing themselves at you day in and day out. Pathetic. But, you can't be a virgin, Mr. Potter?"

Harry merely glared, breathing heavily.

"No matter, no matter." her excitement was palpable, "We're not here to pleasure that filthy little prick of yours. We are here to punish you." she walked forward to stare him straight in the face, "So let's begin."

She reached her hand between his legs and gently grasped his balls. She could see the fear in his eyes once again and she smiled as she started to squeeze. Harry began to shake his head as her grip steadily tightened, pleading with her with his eyes. Her smile widened. She tightened her grip again, and Harry groaned through the gag, his obvious pain only exciting her more. She squeezed tighter and tighter, adding another hand and pulling down at the same time. Harry howled a muffled howl, tears beginning to form in his eyes, and Umbridged cackled, squeezing the 16-year-olds balls as hard as she could for a full thirty seconds before letting go. Harry fell limp in the binds, breathing heavily and groaning in pain.

Umbridge stood back, taking a shaky, steadying breath, and surveyed her handiwork. His balls were red and beginning to swell, and curiously, his cock still stood erect, pointing towards the ceiling. It twitched, and her eyes widened with surprise, a devious grin creeping across her face.

"Oh, Mr. Potter. I am going to have a lot of fun with you."