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True Colours

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Cisco had been breaching between Earth 1 and 2 for weeks now before the realization hit him like a truck. The realization that he wasn’t as straight as he thought he was. And that was all Harry’s fault.

He had been helping Harry getting his full intelligence back. Jesse and him had been working hard to reverse the process of the damage the thinking cap had done. Mind you, Harry still hadn’t gotten the full potential of his brain back but he was on a good way that he could gain 4 of his 7 PhD’s back again. And he was still learning every day. Even parts of the grumpiness that Cisco had learned to adore came back piece by piece.

So, when Cisco realized that the affection he felt for Harry and the happiness that consumed him whenever Harry smiled at him wasn’t just a strong friendship bond… well, you could say he was more then surprised. Had he ever felt that way before? He had, actually. Rather recently with Cynthia. Also with the girl in the red dress when he was in the 9th grade. But boys? Could this be just a strong friendship? Was he fooling himself?

Cisco started to compare his feelings for Harry with the ones he felt for Caitlin and concluded that he did not want to be romantically or sexually involved with Caitlin at all. Ever.

Harry on the other hand was actually kind of cute when he smiled. The way his eyes seemed to sparkle when he solved a problem or the way he laughed when Cisco made a movie-related joke. The way Harry chewed on a pen when he was thinking hard and the way his strong arms flexed when he carried heavy boxes through the workshop as if they were light as feathers.

The more Cisco actually thought about Harry’s arms the more he wished he could feel them under his fingers, feel them around his body, around his waist when Harry would hoist him up and press him against the wall, trailing kisses down his throat while Cisco’s hands would bury themselves in his stupid, unkempt locks while Harry’s hands would slide from his thighs to his butt and-

“Ramon? Ramon!” Cisco snapped out of his daydream and knocked screwdrivers and other tools from the table. Harry looked down at the mess on the floor and then back to Cisco.

“You alright? Did you have a vibe?” Cisco felt his cheeks burn as he stammered:” No, I’m good. Just… y’know, daydreaming.”

Harry nodded at that and smirked: “Well, if you want me to come back to Earth-1 we really need to finish this. So stop daydreaming and get to work.”

“You know you’re not my boss? Technically I could be your boss!”

Harry raised his eyebrows at that. “My boss? We’re on Earth-2, I’m technically everyone’s boss here.” Cisco snorted.

“Yeah? Tell that Jesse.”

Harry just rolled with his eyes and went back to work, throwing some meaningless insults at the breacher while Cisco couldn’t stop but look at his back in adoration.

The day went on like that. They worked, they bantered, they laughed and Cisco’s heart swelled in his chest with each minute he spent in Harry’s orbit.

It was already late when Cisco started to pack his things.

“So, I’ll get you tomorrow at 10 and then we’re gonna be roomies again!” Cisco grinned at the older man while Harry just raised an eyebrow.

“Roomies? You mean you sleep in your bed and I sleep on the couch.”

“Well, you can always sleep in S.T.A.R. Labs if you want.”

“Nah, I’ll pass. You couch is way more comfortable than those small cots.”

Cisco smiled at him and bit his tongue to stop himself from suggesting that Harry could also sleep in his bed, next to him.

“Alright, buddy.” Cisco hugged Harry goodbye.

“See ya tomorrow.” Harry said while they hugged and Cisco didn’t want to let go. But he did, smiling brightly and then turned around to open a breach.

After the breach closed behind him on Earth-1, Caitlin greeted him with a big smile.

“Is he coming back tomorrow?”

Cisco couldn’t hide his big happy smile and didn’t really care as he said: “Yeah, I’ll pick him up tomorrow and then he’ll stay. He’s gonna sleep on my couch again and I really need to clean my apartment.”

Caitlin raised her eyebrows at Cisco’s wide grin and little blush. “Cisco, I’m pretty sure you are making the ‘I have a crush on someone’ face.”

Cisco’s smiled faltered and the turned red.

“Uh, I… I don’t make such a face. I don’t even know what you’re talking about!”

“Oh my god, you have a crush on Harry!” Caitlin looked surprised and wanted to add something as Iris and Barry walked into the breach room.

“Did you finally figure it out?” Iris asked happily and grinned at Cisco. Barry looked more surprised and asked: “Wait, you’re bi?”

Cisco looked stunted at his friends. “What? What are you all talking about! I- I’m not.. I don’t…”

“Hey, Cisco! That’s okay! We fully accept you the way you are! Right, guys?” Caitlin looked over her shoulder at Barry and Iris who both gave them a thumbs up and a big smile.

“I know you would, I didn’t doubt that!” Cisco looked helplessly at his hands. “It’s just… I’m not sure if it’s… if I’m…” He stopped and looked up, feeling unsure.

Caitlin walked over to him and hugged him tightly, rubbing small circles onto his back.

“It’s okay if you don’t know. You feel what you feel and don’t need to label yourself to justify those feelings.” Caitlin let go of him so Barry and Iris could hug him, too.

“No matter if you’re bi or gay or whatever, you’re always gonna be my best friend, man.” Barry smiled at him and Cisco smiled back, a few tears escaping his eyes.

“But just for the record, I’m pretty sure I’m bi. Like… I really like girls, I can’t doubt that. I’m sorry.” Cisco grinned. “But… I’m also kinda pretty sure I fell in love with Harry.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet!” Iris grinned at him.

“So, now we need a plan on how you can get Harry on a first date, right?” Barry grinned at Cisco who ultimately started groaning.

“Oh god, please don’t! I don’t even know if Harry’s interested in guys.”

“Well, why don’t you start with telling him that you’re bi? Maybe he’ll say something like ‘Same’.”

“This is not a sitcom, Barry!” Iris shook her head.

“But outing yourself could still be a good start?”

“But what if he doesn’t accept me?” Cisco waved helplessly with his hands.

“Cisco, he has two mom’s and a bi daughter, I’m pretty sure Harry will 100% accept you.”

Cisco huffed at that. “Alright, yeah… And it is a good start to see if he’s straight or not I guess…”

After they got out of the breach room Cisco told Joe and Cecile. They both hugged him tightly and told him they would always support him. But Joe had some thoughts about Cisco’s crush- Harry.

“I mean, he is like 20 years older than you, Cisco. Also, not always the nicest person.”

“To be very honest, Harry’s life experience and his body are like 20 years older than me. Harry himself is actually a 12-year-old kid who likes to throw tantrums. And he has his heart in the right place and really cares about the people close to him.”

Joe nodded slowly. “Well, yeah. I just don’t want you to get hurt. The both of you.”

“Okay, Joe. First I need to find out if Harry’s straight or not. Second if he’s not I really don’t know what I’ll do. If I ask him out and he says no- our whole friendship is gone. Poof. Off and away. Fly-“

“Yeah, I get it.” Joe waved his hand. “Just, if everything goes the way you want it to go… Be careful.”

“Believe me, I will be.”


That night Cisco was kept up by some questions. When should he tell Harry that he was bi? And if Harry asked how he knew that now, should he tell him that it was his fault? Well, however you want to define ‘fault’ in that context. Cisco pondered on that question until he finally fell asleep.

When he woke up later, it was almost 9 o’clock. Cisco cursed. He was supposed to pick up Harry in an hour. Instead of eating breakfast he then decided to make his daily hair routine. He figured if he was gonna tell Harry today, he should look fine as hell. And that was what he was aiming for. Red, tight jeans and a button-up shirt. His locks had to be perfect too, so when he was finally finished it was already 9:55 am.

“Alright, no need for coffee or breakfast. Just breach over to Earth-2.” Cisco sighed once. “You can do this Cisco. It’s just Harry. You’re gonna be fine. You know him like the back of your hand. And you’re fluent in Harry-grumble so, you’re gonna be fine. Very fine.” He then opened a breach and hopped through it.


Harry stood in his hallway when Cisco came through the breach. He was wearing his black baggy jeans and black sweater. On his back was his (black) army backpack.

“You ready?” Cisco asked him and grinned from one ear to the other. Harry smiled back and greeted him with a hug.

“Yeah, absolutely.” Harry then eyed Cisco from the side as he prepared to open a breach again.

“Did you do something with your hair? It looks different. Also, you smell kinda… different.”

Cisco raised his eyebrows at him and faced Harry.

“Uhh, my pomade was empty and I didn’t realize that soon enough… Also, I’m wearing a new aftershave.” Cisco turned a bit red and looked at the breach he now finally formed.

Harry nodded at that and looked away as well.

“Well, it looks better that way. I guess.” Was there a faint blush creeping up his cheeks or was that just Cisco hallucinating?

They then hopped through the breach together where Team Flash already waited for them.

“Harry, it’s good to see you again, man!” Barry grinned at him and pulled Harry into a hug. Iris and Caitlin followed.

“Don’t forget that you promised to watch over Jenna for us as 'soon as you were back.' Your words, not mine.” Cecile looked at Harry with a fake-stern expression.

“And I absolutely will!” Harry grinned and swooped the little girl up in his arms as Cecile started to smile and proceeded to kiss him on the cheek.

“It’s good that you’re back.” Joe clapped Harry on the back and looked over at Cecile. “I guess that means we have a lot of time just for the two of us.”

“Well, we still gotta work at some point!” Cisco said loudly but smiled at Harry, who was carrying Jenna and started to coo at her.

“Don’t worry, we also want to see our daughter each day and spend time with her, Cisco. We’ll give you two some time off.” Cecile winked at him and Cisco blushed dark red.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Harry looked over at the two of them.

“Nothing. Cecile is just being Cecile!” Cisco glared at her as he grabbed Harry by the arm and dragged him and Jenna out of the breach room.

“Remember! No dangerous experiments when the baby’s in the room!” Joe called after them and the rest of the team started to snicker.

“I don’t want to know what kind of experiments they’ll do when they should get together.” Iris waggled with her eyebrows.

“Well, we can’t really say that. We don’t know if Harry’s straight or not.” Barry looked a bit skeptical at his wife.

Cecile cleared her throat at that. “That’s not entirely true.”

“What? What do you know?”

“During the time I was still pregnant and I wasn’t able to control my mind-reading abilities… well let’s just say that Harry always thought Cisco was straight and never really thought he’d get a chance to ever tell him about his crush without making it weird. So, he settled on the friendship and – this part is actually kinda cute- would try to make Cisco as happy as he could and swore to protect him as good as he could.”

That's actually kinda cute." Iris smiled at Cecile.

“So, why didn’t you tell Cisco that Harry’s definitely not straight and has a crush on him?”

Cecile ran her hands through her fingers. “I don’t know if he still as a crush on him. He probably has, but that’s something he should tell him. Also, I already feel bad that I outed Harry like that. I mean, that’s not really my decision to make.”

“Oh, we could just pretend that we didn’t know that and act all surprised when he tells us. Right guys?” Barry looked at the others and they all nodded.

“Okay, let’s see what these two do with our little baby girl.” Joe made his way towards the entrance.

“Aw, I used to be your little baby girl!” Iris shouted after him. “What are you gonna call me when Jenna and I are in the same room?”

“You’re my big adult girl then!”