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"Hey Nejire?" A voice called out from the bathroom, causing Nejire to answer back while flipping through a magazine. "Do you mind helping me dye my hair? I'm thinking of going to a pink color this time." Nejire couldn't help but squeal and quickly get up from the bed she was laying on, "Yuyu!!! Honey!!! That'll look so cute on you, is it a soft pink or a dark pink? Will it clash against my hair color? Oh no, if it does then I'll have to dye it another color so it won't clash! Maybe a pink to match with yours?" A snort was heard, causing Nejire to pout as she entered the bathroom, "Yuyu!! This is important!!! Our status as the cutest couple is on the line."

"We can't lose to Tamaki and Mirio, we have the be the best lesbians!?" Yuyu sighed and cupped Nejire's face, squishing her cheeks together. "Babe, calm down. It's a light pink, I'm sure it'll match with yours. No need to panic about it okay? I'm sure we'll keep the title as the cutest couple." Yuyu smiled at her energetic girlfriend who beamed at her, a light blush sprinkling Nejire's cheeks. "Why are you so perfect? Honestly, I don't know how I would manage without you. I probably would've never won the Beauty Contest without your help, you have amazing taste in outfits. I felt really pretty in that dress. Oooohhh! We should have matching outfits one day!"

"Yes yes, of course darling. Now, are you going to help me with dyeing my hair?"

Nejire nodded, "Of course honey!" Yuyu huffed and felt her cheeks warm, "Yeah yeah, let me change shirts. I like this crop top and don't want to ruin it. I have everything ready, just make sure to put on the clothes and to shake the bottle for a few minutes!" Yuyu called out as she walked back into her room, pulling off the crop top to put on an oversized shirt, which was Mirio's who left it behind when he slept over and now it's Yuyu's. Running a hand through her hair to ruffle it, she walked back to the restroom to see Nejire reading the directs while humming. Feeling her entire body soften as seeing her girlfriend ready to go beyond, warmed them. "Ready darling?" Yuyu softly asked, watching her girlfriend beam and nod excitedly, "I got this Yuyu! I got you-you!" Snorting again, Yuyu sat on the stool in the bathroom and leaned forward so the dye wouldn't stain Nejire's white blouse. "Let's get this show on the road."

"Do you think I should get another piercing?" Yuyu asked as she scrolled through Instagram photos of pro heroes, "Yuyu would look more attractive with even more piercings! It won't be fair since everyone will be flirting with you and then you'll get more attention!" Nejire huffed, her cheeks puffed up as she pouted, crossing her arms and away from where she had her arms around Yuyu's waist. "Trust me, the only attention from who I want to get is yours. I don't need anyone else's, I just need my girlfriend. Not kiss asses." Yuyu smiled down at Nejire who smiled softly and kissed Yuyu's cheek, "Why do you have to be so amazing?"

"I think another piercing would look nice on you, maybe different from the black ones you have? Where are you gonna get it? Oh!! Pick a blue color, so it reminds you of me!"

"Babe, we still have time to choose. Maybe you can get some piercings also when you go with me?"

"Yuuuuuu, please keep your hair pink! It's so cute, it's like a bubblegum pink and it matches with mine! We're like different colored cotton candy! Ooooohhhh!! You know how people have ship names? Ours should be cotton candy, imagine how cute that would be? Or maybe a mashup of our names, like Yuneji? No, not cute enough. Maybe Nejiyuu? Nejiyu?" Yuyu hummed along to her girlfriend's rambling, while focusing on painting her girlfriend's nails, steadily applying the pink nail polish. Looking up, she smiled when she saw the rainbow moonstone piercing her girlfriend has in her right ear lobe. "Nejiyu sounds cute, I think I'll stick with this hair for awhile." She laughed softly as Nejire ran her hand through her hair with thankfully dry nail polish. "It's nice, plus it's funny to see everyone compare Tamaki's blush to my hair color."

Paying attention back to Nejire's nails, she hummed as she gently blew on them to make them dry a bit quicker before placing it next to the open window. The breeze of fall bringing cool air into her room. "Give me your other hand so I can add the clear coat on it while this one dries, now tell me about how Mirio keeps scaring that first year, ah Midoriya was it?" Listening to Nejire talk while she painted her nails calmed Yuyu down, it wasn't often that they could hang out. Due to Nejire upholding the role of being a member of the Big 3, and herself helping Hound Dog with organizing appointments for counseling. It was nice to have a day were they just spend the day together.

"This reminds me how I miss our little dates." Yuyu felt her cheeks warm, "Yeah, me too babe."

"Oh, you're the two first years that interned with Ji-chan right?" Yuyu asked from where she was moving a box in the living room of the dorms. Her pink hair has faded out to a lighter pink. "What can I help you with?" She smiled at the girls, fiddling with the two bracelets that Nejire made her for her on her 16th birthday. "Is Nejire-senpai here?" Humming, the pink haired girl tilted her head as she placed her fingers underneath her chin. "Last she messaged me, she was at the mall with Mirio and Tamaki. Should be back around six, you guys can hang around until then. I'll just be finishing my painting for her."

"Painting, kero?" Laughing softly, she motioned for the girls to follow her. "Yeah, our anniversary is coming up and I wanted to make something for her. Our dates always are with colors. When we dyed my hair, picking colored piercings, painting our nails. I thought I should make a painting about it."

"That's so cute senpai! I'm sure Nejire-senpai would love it, especially since it shows how much you love her." Her cheeks grew a dark red, "Ah thank you! I love her, she's the cutest thing in the galaxy and what else is better than drawing Nejire in the galaxy? She looks like a goddess in it right?"

"Nejire!" Yuyu squeaked out from surprise when Nejire covered her cheek with yellow paint. "What? You looked so cute concentrated on your painting that I couldn't help but add more to how you look! The way your overalls are covered in paint along with your white shirt! How you stuck your tongue out while trying to put the best detail of it!" 

Yuyu shook her head before she dipped her palm into the red paint and smeared it on Nejire's cheek, "Yeah? Well prove it that it was cute honey." She softly said before the two leaned in to share a soft kiss. Nejire couldn't help but imagine her girlfriend in a wedding dress one day, where the sun hit her tanned skin, showing off her freckles on her shoulder and cheeks when it was summer. Whatever hair color her girlfriend had during that time, Nejire hoped that they would last as long as they could in love.

"I love you."

"Love you too Nejire."