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In Lance's opinion, the worst thing about space was how quiet it was.

When you were driving down the road on Earth, you could always hear something; birds, engines, horns, music and more. Flying a Lion? Your only ambient sound was the soft beeping of the computers.

Lance sighed and took his hands off the controls for a moment to stretch, with a soft grunt. "Hey, Blue, how about we kick it with the road trip mix?"

Lance felt the warm growl in his head, that came when his Lion touched his mind and then the computer screen in front of him flashed to a playlist. Upbeat music filled the cockpit and Lance could feel a little of the tension fading away. He tapped his fingers against his leg, shifted in his seat and looked out the window.

"Blue... You're pretty old right?" he asked.

There was a low growl in reply.

"So, you've probably... I mean I know there were some Paladins before us and you had to watch them... die and then move on right?" Lance said. "Like you keep going and everyone you've ever known just... doesn't."

Lance felt a comforting purr in his mind, it filled his body with a telepathic calm. It had taken a long time for Lance and the other Paladins, to forge such a strong mental bond with their Lions and it was times like these, that he felt most grateful for it. As long as he had Blue, he'd always be okay.

But that didn't change the fact that he'd woken up from a several thousand year nap, to the news that he'd never see his family again.

"Well, I still have some family left in this timeline," Lance pushed the controls and sent his Lion rocketing off towards the coordinates blinking away on his computer screen. Lance smiles solomnly, but almost happily, " This is 'Operation: Rescue Hunk & Yellow!', after all!"

A few hours passed, before Lance found himself at the Yellow Lion's location.

"Thilin? Never heard of this planet." Lance read the computer screen with a frown. "Let's take 'er down Blue."

As Blue landed, paws crunching on the dirt of the planet, Lance noticed a group of natives rushing towards him, before he'd even come to a complete stop. Lance put his helmet on and disembarked from his Lion.

"I come in peace," he said with a grin. He'd always wanted to use that line.

The aliens blinked two sets of black eyes and babbled away in a language, that took Lance's translator a moment to work out.

"Step away from the God, heretic!" they seemed to be yelling.

"Step away from the what what now?" Lance asked. Before he knew what was happening, aliens were holding him at spearpoint, pushing him away from his Lion.

"This is not good," Lance gulped.