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"So... what happened to your ears?" Lance asked.

"What about my ears?" Allura asked.

"Well, back in my time, Alteans had round ears like us," Lance traced the top of his ear with a finger. "Was there like an accident or..."

"Hmph." Allura said.

"Alright team, our best shot is splitting up. We have two Lions and a ship and five more Lions to find." Shiro called the four occupants of the Altean ship to order.

"Are we sure splitting up is our best option?" Lance asked. "I mean, we were already split up once. Won't splitting up again just make it easier for the Galra to pick us off?"

"It might, but time is of the essence here," Shiro said. "And besides, they haven't seen a Lion in thousands of years, so we have the element of surprise."

"Yeah... A thousand years..." Lance chuckled nervously. He folded his arms over his chest, each hand gripping an arm tight.

"Coran and I can take our ship and you two can take your Lions," Allura said.

"Always happy to help!" Coran twisted the end of his mustache. "Just let me plug the location into the computer and we'll be on our way."

"Lance, you'll go for the Yellow Lion, I'll take the Green and Coran and Allura can find the Red, White and Grey. They're unsurprisingly, still together."

"You sure you wanna send some newbies to find Keith, Jade and Stella-Bo??" Lance asked. "They're a lot to handle, especially together."

"I think they can take it," Shiro sighed. "Besides, Hunk and Pidge might... panic. They should see some familiar faces. Keith and Jade's been trained for the worst, so they won't be a problem. Also they'll have each other."

"Right," Lance glowered down at the floor.

"Then it's settled." Shiro said. "We should go now."

Allura and Coran went to their seats and Lance went to leave, but before he could Shiro grabbed his shoulder.

"Lance... Are you going to be okay?" he asked.

"You know me, I'm always okay. I'm not just okay, I'm fine ." Lance said, drawing out the "i" in fine.

"You tend to shove this kind of stuff deep inside until it bubbles out later," Shiro said. "A thousand years... You never got to go back and see your fam-"

"I'm fine Shiro!" Lance pushed Shiro's hand off his shoulder. "Can we just get going?"

Shiro gave Lance a tense nod and they left the ship.