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100 Emotions 100 Words

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It was the most satisfying moment for teachers at the UA to see the birth of new heroes. Being a hero was not like any other job. It was a certain quality of heart. It was some kind of radiance, shining bright for everyone to see.

Every student grew at his own pace. Over this three years he saw his pupils lit up one after another. Each time in a different way. Each time giving a glimps of hero they would become. So he wasn't fearing the future when he looked at class 1-A already half of them burning brightly.

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It pissed him off, made him wanna punch this shitty read head for always being this enthusiastic! He had not any reason to. His quirk sucked and he wasn't smart either. But still he was always one of the first to get the tasks done. He had to know he never will be number one. So why? The hell why was this guy so enthusiastic? Was he one of the losers who didn't yearn for the top? No. He wasn't a loser. Not at all. He would never give up, just because it was hopeless. He was a real hero.

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It was like a little fire warming him from deep within him. He couldn't tell when it started. It sneaked up on him and grabbed its claws deep in his heart so he could never remove it without severe damage. He knew it could be dangerous, this tender feeling for the boy. But he would face that consequences head on. He had been number one for a long time and would never be stopping defending his principles. But still. It gnawed at his conscience that the parental love he felt for Midoriya made him prefer him over the other students.

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Hatred was pulsing hot through his veins whenever he saw the face of this man. It burned his soul away, like this man once burned his skin. Endeavor . The so called number one hero. It was pathetic to see him prancing around like a peacock, like he cared at all for anyone but himself. That was a lie. A huge lie. Endeavor was poisoning this world with his selfishness. This man was a monster and heroes like him should be erased .

That was his mission. This man would cremate in this blue flames. This was his mission, his name. Dabi.

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Monoma was addicted to that feeling. He couldn't stop displaying every triumph against class 1-A, no matter how insignificant. It was how he got attention from the other students. They had cheered for him during the sports festival and had felt so mighty and strong. And he wanted it back.

He caught himself bragging out of nothing. But his time of glory was over. His allies turned from him. Even his classmates betrayed him by siding with the enemy and playing friends. They stole him his triumph and glory. But he wouldn't stop. No matter how hollow his heart became.

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"Do you ever feel anything!?", this words hit Shouto hard. Especially because they came from a civilian he just saved from a villain attack. He had becoming to be recognized around the citizens since working for with a pro hero. And he had thought that he gotten better in communicating with other people.

Most of his classmates already could read his feelings of his face. But maybe that wasn't proof that he improved but only that his classmates knew him better than before. So he had still a lot of work to proof that he was not like his father.

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Pure terror flooded Katsuki's veins while looking at the scenery on the screen. His idol. All Might. He looked so frail almost defeated almost ... wrecked. And this because of him! Katsuki hadn't been strong enough, he had let himself be kidnapped. And forced All Might into this fight.

He heard the screams around him ridden from panic that their symbol of peace crumbled down. He had stolen this symbol away from them. He had down what no villain ever had been able to. How should he ever face his idol again? Could he ever become a hero with this burden?

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It was not easy for a man like him to show a softer side. To admit his own failures, to himself, to others. But he was aware that he had made so many mistakes in his mad ambitions of surpassing All Might.

He had destroyed his wife, tortured his sons. Lost one of them...

A lifetime wasn’t enough to atone for this. But he had to try! He would change! He would become a father his children could accept. would become a hero that gave the people hope. But to become strong like this. He had to get soft first.

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He felt nothing. Only the cold stone in his breast. It lay there, beating only shallow. His dreams had crumbled. It had been childish to believe that he could enter UA.

He would never be a hero. No one ever would shout his name full of relieve. To see in people's eyes the realization that everything was going to be all right because of him.

The future he had pursuited had vanished. The only thing left, was this cold darkness.

Remembering that day Kirishima shivered. But it was only a memory. It had left this pathetic part of him behind!

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It always had been hard these past ten years. He the hole Touyas absence had left, were huge. Touya had been his big brother, his idol and shoulder to cry on. Natsuo had never stopped missing him, never stopped being angry at his father. If it weren't for Fuyumi Natsuo had been all alone. He had lost his big brother and were separated from his little brother. His mother he had almost never seen. He had always been without. Without family, without friends. It got better when he moved to college. But still. He was without his beloved big brother.

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It was tough being at the lower ranks of the class. But it still had some good parts about it. Sero hadn't expectations to live up to. And he could all the strong people around him.

He probably never would tell them. They all were a great inspiration to him. Mina and Kirishima with their joyful personality. Todoroki finding out his own way to being a hero and getting along with his past. Bakugou with his straight forward honesty and unbreakable self-esteem. Uraraka with her love for her family. And even strange Midoriya seemingly to fight against his own body.

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You! Always everything was about you! You Goddamn asshole. You barged in and took all and every attention. You little peace of nothing grabbed what should be mine! All the praise, the ranks and successes! I will take them from you and make you taste the dirt of the ground below. You are just a little nothing and I will return you to your place!

You'll see! I will raise faster than you, will surpass you and then it's not you. Then it's me! And All Might will acknowledge me! Regret choosing you! I will take everything away from you!

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How had he ended up here? His path had always been so straight forward. They all had been heroes: His parents, his brother. And he had never wanted anything else.

Hatred and frustration had took the better of him. Could he really call himself a hero anymore? Was he worthy to bear the name Ingenium? Stain had been right to target him and let Midoriya and Todoroki live, if they hadn't fought him. They were the ideal he had to follow.

But still. He was so confused. What had Tensei done wrong? Why had Stain tried to kill him? Why...?

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God. Why was Kaminari so stupid? Why couldn't she just ignore him and his stupid grinning face.

Her fingers met the strings of her guitar producing an angry sound. But still not as angry as she had intended to.

Kyoka shivered slightly. Tears had formed in the corner of her eyes unwillingly. Making the frustration rise in her. She had never been a girl who cried easily. And now? She was here sobbing over a guy she never wanted to feel anything for. He was pathetic and hit on any girl. This affection for a moron was driving her crazy!

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Shinsou Hitoshi always's been accompanied by the darker emotions. Frustration because everyone told him to become a villain. Jealousy for all the people in the hero curse. And hatred for the system that didn't let him proof his worth.

But right now this bubbly feeling in his chest was new! He never experienced such joy. And if it weren't for Aizawa standing in front of him, he probably started crying. He finally could fulfill his dream. He would become a hero and could proof that a quirk didn't determine one's future.

It felt as is his life stated this instance.