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Good Things Come Out Of Tragedys

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Kakashi POV

It was 3 in the morning when I heard a pounding at the door I groaned and turned onto my back and looked at the clock that was on the bedside table. It was 3:01 am now I could see the number blinking on and off for a moment.

"Hatake gets up this is a matter of great importance." I sighed I could hear the person yelling from my apartment I groaned and got out of the bed and walked down the stairs. Letting the echo of my footsteps be the only noise that my ears could handle this late at night. I moaned a little as a big light hit my face as I opened the door to see two ninjas looking at me.

"What is so important" There was an expression of horror painted all over their faces. "It's the Uchiha they are…." I heard the words but my brain couldn't process it Mikoto was a good friend of mine hell we went to class together she was amazing mother to be taken out by her own son.

"The little one Sasuke where the hell is he." I looked at them waiting for a response as a horrid look appeared on their face, I turned white a sheet as I felt the fear in my chest start to grow even more frantic than before.

"He is at the hospital I…" I didn't wait for him to finish the sentence I ran all the way they're not even bothered by the pouring rain or the fact that I wasn't even wearing shoes bother me.

I made it to the large white and green building when I ran in to find the Hokage standing there with a little boy in shock. He was sitting on the white coat with doctors swimming him. His eyes were void of any emotion but I knew them well. The dark blue eyes were the same ones that I looked into when he was first born and the same eyes that I use it watch when Mikoto was busy. They were the same eyes of the women that I used to be in love with. I sighed and looked at him for a moment before feeling a primal urge to hold him.

I walked slowly and only stopped when I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to look at the 3rd Hokage. I had to resist the urge to growl at him. "Stop we must talk I want you to hunt down the boy and make him pay…."

"Kakashi" I turned to see that Sasuke eyes were filled to the brim with tears I sighed and walked over to him as he jumped into my arms. What kind of seven years old has to deal with this shit. I sighed and tangled my fingers into his soft black blue hair before gently stroking his head and turned to look at the Hokage. Gently bouncing Sasuke up and down to try and get him to stop crying.

I sighed and looked at the Hokage for a moment and then at Sasuke who was still crying into my shoulder. His little shoulder shaking as if the very weight of the world was on them. "Momma and papa there both gone all of them are gone they are dead. He killed him why would they do that?"

This week and terrified voice struck so many chords in my heart as I thought about the turmoil his thought must be in. He pulled his head out of my shoulder and glared up at me tears started to build in his eyes. I sighed and lifted my left hand to his face gently wiping the tears away with my thumb. "I don't know buddy I don't know but you are going to stay with me as your mother wanted." I looked at him and he nodded his head before curling up into my arms and crying into my chest.

I turn it look at the Hokage while trying to comfort Sasuke the best that I could but I couldn't do both. "His mother and I were friends I promised her that if any were to happen to her and her family then I would protect him and look after him. I'm his godfather you should find it in her will it should be back at the compound."

I nodded my head and looked at him for a moment before turning back to look at the doctor for a moment before cuddling Sasuke closer to my chest and sighing. "Can I take him home." I looked at the man in the white lab coat for a moment before sighing.

But he nodded his head and I walked out of the hospital not taking a second look. I rushed back to my apartment being careful not to get Sasuke wet. I sighed greatly my warm breath to hit his face causing goosebumps to form as I looked at him. "Papa?"

I looked down at Sasuke he had a few tears coming from his eyes and I sighed before walking into the living and looking at the picture frame of me and Mikoto at our graduation. She was just as gifted ninja as I was.

I sighed and sat Sasuke down he cuddle up on the couch and I walked out other room for a moment and grabbed a towel and walked back over to Sasuke and dried off his dark black-blue hair for a moment.

I sighed and looked around before carrying up to my room and placing him gently in the bed. I watched him sleep but I could see that his eyes were moving rapidly and I knew that he was having a bad dream. I ran to his sighed the moment that he started to toss and turn and cried out again.

"Mom no wakes up you can't be dead." I looked at him before lifting him gently into my arm and he cuddles up to my chest. Seeing him in this kind of pain drove me to think unspeakable things.

I felt such rage when I thought about the way that Sasuke was feeling and for what Itachi had down I don't think that I could sleep ever again. I spent the night thinking about all of the nights passed events. This wasn't how I wanted things to go down Mikoto was an Uchiha by blood she was forced to marry a man her parents thought would be best.

I sighed he should have married me but with that thought, I groaned and cracked my neck before looking around the sun was breaking through the window and I sighed for a moment before looking down at Sasuke he was still sleeping and his face was at peace. But I could see the dried tear lines that were streaking his cheeks.

I sighed and walked down the steps cracking my back and walking into the kitchen before making some pancakes I was stirring the batters when I hear the footsteps at first I thought that it was Sasuke but when I turned around I was greeted by Kurenai her wild black hair and red eyes wild with confusion.

Her red and white dressed a little too short for my liking. "I sensed another chakra in the house do you want to tell me who that is." I sighed and looked at her for a moment her eyebrow was quirked in question. I ignore the question and started to pour the pancake batter into the pan and fill them and I saw the batter bubble.

I sighed and looked at her and then place the pancake on a pan before hearing another step of padded feet. I sighed and looked at the stairs before washing my hand clean and looking at Sasuke his eyes red-rimmed, as he shuffled his feet over to me I could see the pain in his eyes as I lifted him up into my arms and he buried his face into my chest. "It wasn't a dream was it." I looked at Kurenai and sighed

"I'm sorry buddy they are gone." I looked at him for and then sighed and turned to look at the pictures off in the distant. "How about you eat something and wait with Kurenai while I finished filling out the paperwork to be your official guardian."

I sighed and looked at him for a moment and he nodded his head and I place him gently on the chair and kissed him on the head gently before walking up into my room to get change. I threw on a pair of sweat and the first shirt that I saw at this point there was no reason to get all dressed up.

I sighed heavily before looking at the picture in the living room. Don't worry Mikoto I will protect him to my last breath. I sighed and thought about telling Kurenai the truth about the two of us but nothing good would come out of it that was for sure.

I walked down the stairs and looked at him for a moment and sighed before turning to look at Kurenai who was smiling gently at Sasuke trying not to hurt him in any way like he was a broken toy of some sort. I sighed and kissed her on the lips. I pulled away and looked at Sasuke for a second and smiled at him.

"I will only be gone for an hour or two okay I promise." He nodded head gingerly and looked at Kurenai. I don't need to worry about him misbehaving he was a good kid and even with all this mess this is the one thing that will remain constant.