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The Future is Prologue

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Getting trapped in a tomb wasnt the worst that happened.

They got to meet some interesting people also trapped. Thankfully he wasnt cursed to spend forever in here like these guys.

They had the most fasinating stories. There was one about this god being trapped here and the reincartnstions of his lost love a warror princess named xena (hey. Thats my middle name) saving him after centeries apart.

He wished someone loved him enough to have that kind of relationship.

It was nice to hear a story about the ledgendary xena. Father had been so enarmorred by muggles and their tales on magic that they had gone to a muggle psycic to get a reading. Was instructed to read these scrolls based on xena and bestow the name upon their line as a show of faith in magic.

Percival ignasious xena weasley

He had always hated it. The others would tease him about being a girl with such a girly name.

Guess they were right. Or something. He had yet to read the stuff that oliver had gotten from the muggles world on gender.

Whatever. Point was...that his family hated him.

That was the worst event to happen.

That realuzation that studious and logical was not what make a weasley.

He had tried to change.

Got a girlfriend. He cant see why the couply stuff is supposed to be fun.

He relaxed on taking the rules seriously. The amount of points that should have been taken last year but werent would have set a record.

He git rid of his glasses. In public. He still needs to see.

He got a research material on jokes and pranks. He cant see how that shit would be funny.

He thought finally getting his promotion at hogwarts would be a moment for celebration like it had been for bill.

Nope. Bill had tapped his shoulder and moved on to charlies story about the newest dragon. Norbert they were called. To be fair it was an adorable story.

That he eavesdropped on. After getting a clear message of leave them the hell alone from both his older brothers. A story that apparently charlie shared with ron and harry and hermione.

The golden trio. While happy that ron had friends he coukdnt see why they had to travel with them. This was a famiky vacation. Why was harry and hermione treated more lije family the he was?

Exclustions was normal.

Maybe it would be better to stay here.

The first eighteen hours and 42 minutes werent so bad.


Bill could not believe the terror that rushed through him when he found out why harry and hermione fighting with fred george and ron.

His brother was sealed in the tomb that had taken days to uncurse. And apparently had a failsafe thst reinstated those curses once closed.

He and the team had been working for the past few hours when it finally clicked and opened.

He found his brother lying near an alcove a few feet away.

(Please be asleep please be asleep you cant die you cant die)


Felt like forever by the time they got him to the hospital and the results.

Curse sensitiviy an overexpozure to a cursed area kind a like a sunburn.

Broken heart syndrome he had a heart attack. Because of a broken heart.

Malutrition he hadnt been eating right. Hindsight gave points in time that showed how he would be studying instead of eating.

Hermione couldnt stand to be arround ron. He had no semblence of worry or regret for finding it funny. Couldnt see why everyone was all upset.

Her and harry were crowded around fred as he continued to cry. George had to be given a calming draught after passing out and fred hadnt stopped crying sense the got here.

At least they got the message. They were lucky on multiple fronts that this hadnt gone worse.