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Wind Scythe

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Shouto Todoroki is a prince who was forced to lead a surprise attack on the enemy's main military force by his cruel ruler of a father, Enji Todoroki, but unfortunately Lord Bakugou's army was ready for him. In fact they somehow were already tipped off way before Shouto's horse even left it's stable. There was a traitor but the young prince couldn't worry about that now that he was restrained by ropes and forced to kneel in front of a makeshift thrown that Bakugou's retainers must of thrown together for waring times.

He was in the center of the enemy's main camp, disarmed and defenseless. Shouto's heart was beating rapidly, fear and adrenaline of the battle still pumping through him. His forces were quickly overpowered and captured, and to his horror his men were all ordered to be executed except for the prince himself. He looked up at the king of the south and east. The legends say that he stood tall and looked more dragon than man, and his red eyes showed you your own death as they pierced through you but what Todoroki could see was a normal man. Crazed blonde hair, shirtless, body showing off many scars of battle and his arms were tattooed with red stripes that reminded him of flames. He was sitting on his thrown looking down on him like he was garbage and not a prince of the northern kingdom.

"So, the half blooded prince Todoroki dares to attack me? The fucking dragon king. You must got a pair on you." He leanes forward snarling, "Or you think so little of my fucking forces that a weak stand was enough to deter me."

Todoroki looked up to meet his harsh gaze, fear bubbling in his chest but he swallowed it in order to speak strong, like the man he was trained to be, "To be honest, I did not wish to do battle this way but my father ordered me to do this surprise attack on you to hopefully throw you off. I said it wouldn't work but my old man isn't one to be argued with so here I am."

Bakugou laughs out loud before standing, "Sounds like you got some daddy issues."

It was Shouto's turn to laugh, "You have no idea."

The blonde stretches, "Well I don't give a shit, you are still my enemy and a valuable piece at my disposal."

"My father will give you nothing for my return. I'm sure he doesn't give a shit if I live or die so using me for-"

"I have no interest in making deals! You think I'd use you like that? Fuck that. I want to destroy your father's kingdom, there is no point in deals! No. You are more of a moral buster." Bakugou stepped down and marched closer to Todoroki's form, "You aren't half bad looking, besides that dumb ass scar, bet my men would enjoy fucking your brains out."

Shouto leaned away, he never would of thought of the possibility that he would be thrown away like a whore. Even more fear poured out of him when his multicolored eyes met blood red, he could see that the king wasn't joking at all. He felt tears build up in his eyes but he refused to whimper or beg. The rumors of the dragon king being heartless was true. No wonder people feared him as if he were a beast.

"Kacchan, may I speak?"

The voice came from behind the king, making his head jerk behind him and Shouto's eyes followed, falling on a green haired beauty. He was short, skin pale but smooth in the fires light of night. He was thin but healthy, barely any muscle. He must never see battle. His hair wild with green curls perfectly fell around his baby faced. He looked timid but had a sweet smile. His body was being shown off with red flowy fabrics that hung on his arms but cut so deep it showed his entire torso and chest, the red wrapped tightly around his waist and draped to the ground. His feet were bare with gold bracelets., that matched the ones on his wrists and neck. And from the way he shifted as he looked at his king and back at the prince, the fabric was open on the sides to show all the way up to the top of his thighs. Todoroki could only describe him as beautiful.

"Speak Deku." The king's harsh town had softened slightly.

"It would be a waist to just throw him to the wolves like that don't you think Kacchan?" His voice was sweet but for some reason the captive could hear some playfulness in there.

The blonde looked back at Todoroki then back to Deku. "I'm not going to use him as a fucking bargaining chip, I don't negotiate! Plus the men would lick my feet to get a chance to bang some royal ass." Bakugou grabbed the prince by the hair, and looked towards the soldiers standing by.

The jingle of the golden bracelets stopped Bakugou from hollaring an order. "I know my Lord, but wouldn't it be better to use him as a reward?"

That caught the two's attention and Shouto's heart calmed slightly but he was still terrified.

Katsuki turned to meet Deku's eyes, who was now standing much closer, "Explain Deku."

The man looked like he floated as he made his way closer to the two, placing a gentle touch on his king's shoulder, "Well our top generals have been doing so well, and we could say that who ever proves themselves worthy will be given the prince after tomorrow's battle."

The crazed king let go of the other's hair and he landed with a hard thud as he took a moment to ponder it, "But the men-"

"The men are going to receive the riches of the next battle anyway, but to know that their strong general gets such a generous reward like that will get them all riled up for the possibility of them getting something like that." He began to almost lean on the kings brod body.

"Fuck fine," be look toward the soldiers near them, "Take him to my tent. Deku, chain him up and get him cleaned for tomorrow."

"Yes, and what will you be doing Kacchan."

"I got to go over tomorrow's plans with the generals, I won't be back till late." With that he walked away.

Todoroki felt tongue tied but was jerked roughly and carried to a huge illuminated tent and was tossed in. They were about to leave when Deku spoke, "Untie his arms."


"Then chain his neck and lock it to the post over there, and call for a few maid to come with some wash clothes and warm water."

The soldiers looked at eachother and did as told. The chain around the princess's neck was tight but better than being bound that he couldn't move, but as the soldiers were about to walk away one whispered in his ear, "A word of advice, don't fight the king's concubine. One mark on him and you will beg for death." With that, they left.

They were alone and Deku approached him, all smiles, "Let's get your clothes off shall we?"

"I would rather not." Todoroki sat and pulled his limbs toward himself.

Deku sighed, "Listen Todoroki, I saved you from being thrown and raped till you died. But you disobeying me is going to make things worse for you. So please just listen and don't fight me, I want to help."

"But why, why do you want to help a stranger? An enemy." Shouto looked up to see shining emerald eyes.

"Well, its cause I seen the way you looked when you talked about your father. You look like you had been through so much and didn't deserve anymore. And I've been there. I'm Izuku Midoriya by the way. But you can only address me as Deku." The maids appeared and brought the items. "Let them Todoroki. Please clean him thoroughly while I go pick out some clothes."

The prince wanted to protest but instead he kept quiet and let the maids work in silence. They stripped him of his royal attire and washed and scrubbed him. When they were done Deku, Izuku. Brought some fabrics to them and they dressed him in something similar to what the royal concubine was wearing. It was blue, soft and thin. It wrapped around one shoulder and held tight around his abs, and the bottom was exactly like Deku's. Once finished the maids quickly left the tent. Shouto wrapped his arms around himself because he felt his body exposed. Trying to sit closer to the corner his chain was stationed at. His lean muscles were on display and he was being reminded at what was to come.

"Blue looks so good on you Shouto! Kacchan doesn't like the color on me too much so I figure this was fine." Deku sat right next to him. "So you hungry or thirsty?"

"No thank you." He lied but was far too upset to eat or drink anything at the moment. The name Midoriya replayed in his mind, "You said this happened to you....would you mind explaining?"

"I guess it won't hurt, during the battle between the east and the south Lord Bakugou conquered the land swiftly, using his overwhelming large and strong military to take Lord Toshinari's land, the old ruler put up a hard fight but Kacchan had dragons at his disposal and they were too much for the old ruler's forces to even begin to fight against. Katsuki killed him and took the lands. Well I was the king's son, but I had my mother's name to keep my existence hidden in the hopes of being able to escape but Kacchan is no fool. He captured me and kept me for himself." He smiled like it was no big deal.

"That sounds aweful, don't you want revenge on the man that killed your father?" Todoroki couldn't grasp how happy Deku seemed to be.

"It was so long ago, and I promised my father that I would live to see the lands at peace and help make it happen. Being at the Dragon King's side seems the best way. And he isn't so bad once you get to know him. Well to his enemies but not to his people." He stretched and relaxed, the jewelry jingling as he moved.

"His side? You are just a slave right?" Shouto jerked his face to Deku's, "I mean, sorry that was disrespectful-"

"No it's fine!" He waved his hands, smiling brightly. His freckles becoming more present. "No I'm definitely more than just a slave but royal concubine is my official title till this is over. But trust me, I have a lot of power around here." He let out a giggle.

Shouto relaxed a little, the energy coming from Deku was so light hearted that he couldn't help but calm down.

"So how bout that drink?" Deku stood and reached his hand out for Todoroki's.

He hesitates before grabbing it, no reason to fight. He needed to except his fate, at least for now.


They talked for a few hours when finally Bakugou returned with a roar, pissed off from the meeting for tomorrow's battle, "Fuck those dumb asses, I don't see why we can't just fucking storm the place! And what the fuck is he wearing?!" Katsuki threw his furred cape to the floor as he looked at a now self conscious Todoroki.

Deku glided till he was in front of Katsuki. "Oh doesn't he look pretty? You hate that one on me so I figured dressing him in it would be nice."

"He should be dressed like a slave." The blonde growled.

"But he is a gift, so he needs to look like one." Deku said matter of factly.

Katsuki pushed Deku away, lightly as he stripped bare and crawled into the over sized bed. Growling for Deku to blow the flames out and get the fuck into bed. He did and grabbed a blanket and pillow to give to Todoroki. "Try and get some sleep Shouto."

Shouto took the fluffy furred blanket and pillow and curled up into a ball, trying to force himself to sleep. Anxiety settling in at the fact he was going to be given away tomorrow after the battle. Word of his failure probably already reached his father. He was almost asleep when he heard a whimper come from the bed. He rolled over slightly to look in the dark. A figure was sitting up in the bed. Then movements and more whines and gasps. He tried to look away and bury his head in the pillow so he couldn't hear but it was futile. Then Bakugou upped it, "Why are you being so damn quiet? Don't want your new friend to hear how much of a slut you are?" A rough jerk of the bed and a loud cry was his answer. "He needs to learn how to behave anyway Deku. Come on show him how he needs act under a man."

"Stop it Kacchan."

More rustling and a slap, Todoroki worried then that Deku was getting harmed over him but a cry of pleasure quickly followed the slap, followed by another, then another, all while the sounds of movement increasing. And soon Deku's muffled cries turned into outright moans of yeses and mores.

"That's better, my little slut. Taking me so well." The creaks and sounds of moans and grunts increased till finally a final cry came from Deku and then soon they drifted into sleep, Shouto bit his lip and ignored his embarrassing erection and went to sleep. Praying that the one who won him was kind like Deku. And not like Lord Bakugou.

What he didn't know was a gale force wind was coming for him....