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The Protagonist Family Headcanons! (Cause this isn't a bad Idea at all)

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So, Akira's life wasn't the most... Calm, you could say. His parents were assholes who never liked him for... Some reason they never really cared to even give him. They hated each other, so there was always a fight somewhere in the house over something. But, he had his friends. Or people who he liked to think as a 'surrogate family'.

He had met this family only five years ago, when they first moved. He was around 11 at the time, and he met the youngest of the family, Souji, who dragged him into the insanity that was his own.

There were four of them, and honestly, they were all a little weird in a quirky, but a good quirky, way.

Naoya Toudou, was the oldest. And while he only had that title due to physical age, his personality was more Akira's age. He acted more like a child of 11 that Akira did, and it was off putting at first to say the least seeing that he was 23 and an adult.

Tatsuya Suou, the second oldest, and acted like the eldest. He was the one, in fact, keeping everyone in line, and it was pretty amusing to see him smack Naoya around the head when he got too loud. He was only 22, but he acted much older. But with that family, he wasn't surprised.

Minato Arisato, the second youngest, and acted like a moody teen. Honestly, it was amusing, seeing him, a 21 year old go on about how 'living is pointless' while drinking tea. Everyone at this point just rolls their eyes at him, the effect obviously worn off already.

Souji Seta, the Youngest, was actually an enigma really. He didn't have a set 'persona' to show. It was as if, around that time, he had multiple personas that he had but never stuck. He wondered if it was a teen thing, since Souji was 16. Tatsuya said it was because he was still getting used to the move.

He had asked why they had moved, once, and they all sort of gave a weird look at each other. He wouldn't understand back then, the real reason for moving. But the majority of it they told him was true.

Naoya, after graduating school, moved around because he couldn't stand still. He eventually met Tatsuya, and they clicked. In a bother way at least. Tatsuya moved with him, and on their way met Minato. Minato wasn't in the best place, and they had found him before he decided to do something stupid. They had moved to the city and was planning on staying a while there since they could all get jobs. Then, they found Souji. He had gone through the similar experience as the other three (Something that didn't make sense until later) and was immediately accepted into the weird family. Even though it wasn't stated, Akira understood the implications of when someone had a bad family life. They then decided, that for the comfort of their little brother, that they'd move to a smaller, and much quieter area.

It was only later that he found out what they hadn't told him, and understood a lot more of them all.

He had explained to his Family, his biological family anyway, what had happened. But, as he expected, they didn't believe him. Because of course their son who never spoke up or went against them at all, would hurt someone for no reason. His surrogate family, which was more like an actual family than anything, actually believed him. Naoya told him to take it slow, and try to not blow the world up. Tatsuya told him that if he could deal with the insanity that was their household, he could handle a year away. Minato told him to stay strong, gave him an awkward pat, and left to his room. Souji gave him a big brother-like hug, and told him to 'be true to himself'.

It was barely even a month where he'd use that advice for the journey of the next year.

It took him a few weeks of avoiding his brothers until he caved. He had told Naoya everything, scared that the now 28 year old would laugh in his face. But in his surpise, he didn't. Well, he laughed, sure, but in a more 'Yes, it happened' sort of way.

Turns out, he had a lot to be filled in on getting back home.

Or so he thought.

He was working in the cafe with Soujiro. Seeing as now he was still only a teenager, with no more business with being a phantom thief, or going into the metaverse, he needed something to do. And he wasn't working his other shifts, so there he was.

He was just cleaning the tables as soujiro had asked him to do, when the door opened. He heard Soujiro's usual greeting, and brought up his silent 'persona'. He wasn't like Souji, who didn't know how to handle all of the persona's inside of him, which caused the array of reactions you got from him. He just stuck to one, which was the quiet brooding one. He kind of admired Tatsuya the most out of all of his brothers, so thats who he went to imitate. It worked, and while he seemed more 'delinquent' like rather than the 'aloof badboy', it did him justice. He even had the stare down pat.

"Ah, Aki-kun!" The voice made him look up in shock. There, in their glory, was his four brothers. Souji ordering something, Minato and Tatsuya already sitting down, and Naoya walking up to him.

"Nao-nii-san... What.. You should all be in-" He was cut off by a tackle from Naoya.

"Well, no, actually. We're deciding that we wanna live here. In shibuya. With you." He said, and he blinked once. Then twice. Then a third time.

"I think you broke him, Nii-san." He heard Souji's voice, but he looked over at the comfused.

"But... You moved because Souji didn't like the big city..." He said, and they nodded.

"I need to get over my fears some how. And you made a lot of friends here. Don't do what I did and leave them." He said, and he felt himself tearing up.

"AWH! Don't cry! Big brothers hear! We're all here!" Naoya said, higging him like a big brother.

"I think that's what's making him tear up in the first place." Tatuya's quiet, but amused voice called out, making souji and Minato laugh, while Naoya was trying to baby him and appologise.

Honestly... Some things never change.

They were all kicked out by Sojiro. Well, Naoya was, the rest was okay. But they all left, but Tatsuya gave him something before he left with the others.

"Here... You'll probably end up crying, so you may want someone with you." He said, the cheeky grin was the only hint he got before he left. Sojiro was curious and watched him open it. He only read the first paragraph before he was in tears.

Naoyo Toutou.

Thank you for you patience, as we are happy to tell you that you now officially have the custody of Akira Kurusu.

Fucking Naoya Toutou, had to be the best person in the world, and had to adopt him. Of Fucking course. He read, on, despite his tears.

Akira Kurusu will keep his family name, unless explicitly stated. He will be your official Adopted brother. Congratulations.

It took Soijiro, Morgana, and Fuutaba to calm him down. And even then he was still too happy to function properly.

He probably scared a bunch of people at school the next day, seeing as how he was smiling the entire day.

"Dude... are you okay?" Ryuji had asked.

"Yeah, you seem really happy. Did something happen?" Ann asked, and he couldn't take it anymore. He blurted out everything that had happened. They were happy for him, and he cried once more. Not as much, but enough to be worrying.

Looks like he wasn't going to leave anytime soon.