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Dear Yoongi-hyung, please stop hiding, you know it’s a bad idea

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“Is Yoongi-hyung hiding again?” Jimin asks, staring intently at an egg.

Taehyung looks up from the third plastic bottle he’s been enthusiastically destroying. Eager, firm hands twisting the poor material and the sounds of it as it wrecks, just another normal element in their experimental room. He slides a sympathetic glance at Jungkook, who was lounging half on the couch, half on the ground. An arm draped over his face and a heavy pout on his face. Totally dramatic, if Taehyung did say so himself, but he had absolutely no rights to talk when it came to the varied drama-queen’s antics among them. He made money out of it, after all. A guy had to eat. Though, there is something he can say. “Did you make him gay panic again?”

“I just…!” Jungkook starts, flinging his arm out of his face and rolling smoothly to land on his feet. Show off. “He looks so cute when he’s flustered. And, and when he’s embarassed it makes me want to do those stuffs to him.”

Taehyung shakes his head. Here Jungkook went and did it again. It was Yoongi they were talking about, and when it came to that man, there was none of that Jungoo-baby bullshit involved. Nope. A simple glance from him and Jungkook became wild . “We did tell you—”

“—to not let the beast awaken.” Jimin finishes, letting the egg roll on the table in suspicious circles in favor of turning his attention to them.

Jungkook heaves his arms upward. Incredibly set on being dramatic today, Taehyung observes, Yoongi must have been hiding for longer than they thought then. It was only in instances like that Jungkook stopped goofing around and became so whiny . “I couldn’t help myself! I mean, have you seen him?”

That, Taehyung did. Who didn’t? You’d have to be blind to not notice someone like Yoongi. He’d try to be conspicuous, always in retreat and rarely giving his inputs unless he was asked for it but—There was something about him, okay? Sleepy gaze and constant pout paired with a body that had the tendency to curl on itself and swim in large clothes. Min Yoongi was adorable and this, this was only the tip of the iceberg. So hell fucking yeah, Taehyung saw him, the instances in which his pants were uncomfortably tight with a sudden arousal caused by a certain petite hyung were proofs enough. He clears his throat, letting the bottle drop and turning toward Jungkook with a light, airy smirk. “...yeah. If you guys weren’t dating, I would have tried to tap that.”

Jimin plops on the vacated couch, knowing smile, wiggling eyebrows. They share an understanding gaze. “Big mood.”

A weird noise from Jungkook takes back the attention to him. His expression whirls between bewilderment and offense, slides near understanding before coming back to offense again. “What the fuck? Stop thinking about my boyfriend like that oh my God .”

“Sorry not sorry, loser, your boyfriend’s literally everyone’s wet dream, suck it up.” Jimin is a savage bitch, Taehyung remembers, as his friend produces an egg out of nowhere and hurls it toward Jungkook. It’s evaded easily, but still.

Jungkook‘s scandalized frown turned toward him, Taehyung shrugs, smiling in a way he hopes is at least a little bit sheepish. He’s not feeling apologetic at all but best not to let Jungkook know that. Taehyung’s not as shameless as Jimin is. Well... “I mean, he’s not wrong,” he mutters. “ anyway. What did you do last time when he avoided you for like, a year?”

Jungkook blinks. “It was two weeks?”

“My bad, with the way you were moaning about it to everyone I would have thought it was a year. Point is , you just gotta do the same thing, since it resulted in you guys dating!”


That was suspicious. Jimin leans forward, elbows on his thighs as he eyes Jungkook. “Well bitch, I’m curious, what did you do?”

Jungkook grins. A somewhat wild, feral glint entering his usual candid gaze. It was moments like these Taehyung remembered Jungkook was actually an adult. A full grown-man. That he knew of the birds and the bees and actively participated in the process with poor, oblivious Yoongi-hyung. Oh dear . “So, remember when I nearly fucked him in class last time?”

Taehyung does remember. The money he made on this and the weeks of jerking off to how damn ravishing Yoongi had looked were a constant reminder. He coughs, flushing a little, and pretty damn grateful to see Jimin’s cheeks take on a pink dust on the other side of the table. “Who doesn’t? What’s the link though?”

“Well, you see…”

“Yoongi-hyung’s avoiding me.” Jungkook doesn’t even bother knocking as he barges in Jin’s and Yoongi’s shared room. It looks more like an apartment inside of a ridiculously large mansion, but that’s fine, the housing is the only thing they’ve ever wasted money on. Jungkook is totally on board with wasting it all on Yoongi but the older man’s not quite fine with that.

Jin crosses one long leg over another, ever-so elegant, regal. Which is complete bullshit, he may be a modern-day prince but Jungkook knows this man is also the incarnation of chaos. “He sure is,” said chaos answers, matter of factly.

Jungkook wants to cry. “But why .” He doesn’t even bother phrasing it like a question, and he’ll deny having whined until the day he dies. It’s just—he feels like he lost a part of him, the moment he realized Yoongi avoided him like the plague. Ripped from the other half of his soul, a sudden, painful tear which wasn’t fun at all .

Yoongi’s a quiet, warm presence by your side. He’s little and often cold, so he wraps himself in many layers of clothes and huddles by the closest person’s side. It’s Jungkook, more often than not. Always, since the existence of his heavy crush on Yoongi dawned on him. Yoongi’s little, a quiet and warm presence by your side, works all night and rarely sleeps, so his head often finds rest on Jungkook’s bicep—because he’s little like that, you see, he doesn’t reach Jungkook’s shoulders. You can never get bored, with Yoongi, he seems like he doesn’t talk much, but when you engage him on a subject he’ll always answer to the best of his abilities. Sometimes he gets excited if it’s a subject he holds dear to his heart. And then, then his eyes would sparkle in this way that brightens his adorable, marshmallow-soft face and Jungkook was so gone for him.

But it’s been, like, two weeks three days fourteen hours and twenty-six minutes since he’s seen Yoongi. He’s starting to feel the withdrawal symptoms. Even trying to corner Yoongi into his usual, strange hiding places doesn’t work. Jungkook has a detector, a Yoongi detector, he can literally feel it in his body when Yoongi’s near. And he is. Near, that is. He just simply disappears off the map the moment Jungkook goes in his direction. It’s depressing, Jungkook can feel himself wilting away.

Jin peers up from the book he was reading, something that suspiciously looked like “how do dominate the world in five easy steps”. Jungkook’s smart, you see, so he doesn’t comment. Who knows what kind of chaos this hyung might unleash on him. “Yoongi hates pda. And you nearly fucked him in front of the whole musicology class.”

Jungkook winces, scratching the back of his neck as his cheeks warm up. Admittedly, it hadn’t been the smartest move. But Yoongi had been pouting at him. Had looked cute enough to ravish right here and there. What was he supposed to do? Stay in place and not get his hands on him? Impossible. “You would have done the same.”

Jin nods, putting the book by his sides and waving a dismissive hand in the air. “Probably. But I’m smoother than you, I probably would have found a way for it to not seem that way.”

He totally would have. Jin’s the kind of man that’ll be able to make you believe two plus two were equal to five even though you were perfectly aware that it did not make five. Jungkook rests his shoulder on the door-frame, staring in mild-amazement at the man. “You’re the king of bullshit…”

The haughty smirk he receives as an answer makes him remember Jin’s perfectly aware of all his wicked qualities. Jungkook doesn’t even know why he bothers. “That I am. Now why are you coming here looking like death? Don’t you have a certain kitty to find?”

Despair comes back with a vengeance, and Jungkook feels himself sag immediately. Though a brief, wary grin tugs his lips upwards. “He’d kill you if he knew you called him that.”

“That boy is literally a cat , I’m just adding in a term of endearment. Now spill, you look ready to burst anytime soon and we don’t want that. Blood is really hard to wash off…”

Jungkook sure feels like death is hanging around him more and more every day. He’s thirsty for something that has nothing to do with water and hungry, desperately hungry, but not for food. Milky-skin and stars in a sleepy gaze for dark nights have him trapped; addicted and coming back for more, leaving him dry and empty when he doesn’t catch them in his. Jungkook misses Yoongi so bad, he craves death. He bites his lips, letting himself fall on the floor in a squat. Doesn’t even have the strength to stay up anymore. “It’s just—I’ve tried everything!”

“Everything everything?

He did. After working his Yoongi-senses to try and catch a hold of the man, he pulled the big guns. Skipping classes with no remorses to actively look for Yoongi weighed no results. He didn’t know how the tiny man did it, but he managed to hide from Jungkook. A determined Jungkook. A Jungkook who looked through every damn corner of their establishment in the simple hope of seeing him. But, but nothing.

He missed him. Missed their spontaneous dates that weren’t really dates, but Jungkook desperately wished were ones. Missed Yoongi squaring up at every occasion and trying to fight Jungkook. Hopeful for a win this time around, baby fists in front of him that couldn’t even scratch Jungkook if he tried. He always looked so cute, Jungkook only used minimal efforts to block his attacks. Fond grin, sparkling eyes and heart beating furiously in his chest.

God, he missed Yoongi . Couldn’t even bring himself to goof around as he usually did. Taehyung and Jimin nearly had a panic attack when Jungkook refused to partake in their weekly prank-the-hyungs-day. Hell, he didn’t even fight Jimin when the man muttered a  “depressed muscle pig is depressed .”! It was that bad. “Everything everything every-fucking-thing,” he bemoans, falling on his behind and taking his head between his hands.

He hears Jin lets out a gasp. A real gasp, not the dramatic ones he did before sprouting some bullshit. “Even the creepy stalking?”

The last resort. The one he had promised he wouldn’t use unless emergency because he didn’t want to creep his baby hyung out. Jungkook shakes his head, mouth curling downward. “Even the creepy stalking…”

“Okay wow . He must have resorted to his last hiding place.”

That makes him look up. Wide and red-rimmed eyes, hair in disarray and shoulders sagged. He probably looked like he hadn’t slept in a week, and that may or may not be the case. “ know where it is?”

“I sure do. I’m his daddy, after all.”

“I’ll fight you.”

Jin smirks. Gets up and walks by Jungkook’s side before elegantly sliding down, which shouldn’t even be possible, but he does it anyway because he’s Kim Seokjin . “Square up, you little shit,” he says softly, teasing, “but I won’t tell you where my boy’s hiding.”

Jungkook remembers Yoongi’s adorable face when Jungkook throws him in a gay panic. It happens at least thrice everyday. He usually drinks in the expressions and spends hours dreaming about it. “... please . I’m dying. My heart is bleeding and soon my whole body will desecrate. It’s gonna be bloody and all because of love .”

“Those will be just flesh wounds, youngling,” Jin says, dramatic again.

Jungkook stares. “Please stop quoting the black knight on every occasion.”

“I’ll have you know, this is an iconic line from a wonderful movie. I guess baby boomers don’t have any culture…”

“I’m not—” Jungkook grabs his hair as to not grab Jin’s and finish in a cat-fight that doesn’t suit any of them. “hyung, oh my God I NEED Yoongi-hyung!”

“Yikes, this is getting scary,” the man mutters, itching away from him. “tell you what, I’ll spill the tea, but I want you to check which brand of underwear Yoongi likes better. I saw those panties…”

Wait, what . His baby, easily flustered Yoongi whose mouth drops open and cheeks redden fire whenever he gets a glimpse of Jungkook’s muscles? He stares at Jin, blinking fast, unable to process it. “Yoongi wears panties?

“He tries to hide it but I got a sneak peek one day…”

There’s a moment of silence. Jungkook catches Jin’s gaze, holds it, and sees understanding flash between them in a bright, solid line. Jungkook’s mind’s conjuring quite the dirty images, he clears his throat. “Dude…”

Yeah .” Jin agrees, nodding as he looks at empty air. And, then, he shakes his head, a devious little grin on his plump lips. “So, Yoongi’s in…”

Rumors say a man that suspiciously looked like Jeon Jungkook flew through the campus like some sort of human-thunder. Jungkook shose to not adress those rumors..

What he knows, though, as he stands in front of one of the teacher’s dorm room, is that the love of his life is just a door away. He’ll deal with the fact his man’s in a teacher ’s room later. Right now… “Baby hyung .”

There’s a muffled, strangled scream on the other side of the room. Kind of high-pitched, kind of really hot, but it’s Yoongi . Yoongi’s distinguishable voice, milk and honey, granulated sugar and lullaby to sleep, lullaby to peace. Jungkook presses his forehead against the door, taking in a shuddering breath. “Oh my God how did you even know I was in there? Don’t answer! Go away!”

“You don’t mean that,” he says, thinks that he shouldn’t be so loud, but truly, he doesn't care. “You don’t, do you?”

Yoongi doesn’t answer. Of course he doesn’t mean his words. Doesn’t mean it when he tells Jungkook to go away. He’s not mean , even unintentionally. Just doesn’t use his words much, or tends to act on fear when he hasn’t had the time to sort his thoughts out. He’s like a skittish kitten, would scratch you in his haste to run away when he’s scared, but defenseless, delicate. “I don’t...but I can’t see you right now,” he hears the voice of his darling loud and clear, before it shifts away, as if Yoongi was trying to hide the moment he realized he was shifting closer. “You make me feel all weird and do these stuffs I’d never do by myself. You’re dangerous, Kook-ah…”

Fuck it .

Jungkook takes a step backward. Two, three, four. Pushes his sleeves up his elbows, and runs, and breaks .

The door creaks, chips of wood fall on the ground, before it opens soundlessly. Yoongi gapes at him, and all Jungkook can think, shoulder and arm throbbing in full pain, is that he looks adorable . Swimming in a loose, long sleeved pullover that pools at mid-thigh, falls across one deliciously creamy shoulder and hide the entirety of his hands. It flaps cutely when he waves his arms in panic, mouth open in shock and his famous cat-like eyes big and blinking quickly. “I—you-did you just—”

Jungkook doesn’t waste more time before rushing toward him. Observes all those features he was deprived of for two horrendous weeks. Probably looks frantic, greedy. Trembling hands carefully rubbing Yoongi’s delicate arms, feeling his warmth against the soft fabric of his pullover. Smelling fruits, autumn, Yoongi . He groans, not wasting any more time before scooping the man off the ground. Firm hands on narrow hips, pushing their body flush together as Yoongi’s legs wrap on instincts around his body. He blinks furiously down at Jungkook, sweater-covered hands gripping his shoulders, sinful lips bitten and cheeks already on fire. He breathes funny, sharp inhales before he holds his breath and then lets it out quickly, fumbling around words he doesn’t quite know how to form.

He’s perfect, and Jungkook sees heaven when he has this little angel crowded against his body. Tight-fit, soft bundle warm and cloud-light on his chest. “You can’t hide from me like that, hyung,” he mutters, nosing at the underside of Yoongi’s chin and inhaling his scent sharply. A warm heat spreads on his lower stomach and he shifts, already feeling the beginning of arousal. “I nearly died .”

“Didn’t wanna make you worry—I, I just, I got so embarrassed .” Yoongi splutters. Red, fidgeting. The same shade and adorableness he exudes when Jungkook guided his trembling hands for the first time under his shirt. Helped him squeeze dainty fingers around his bulging muscles, and heard his stuttered breath, his baby whine . There’s something to be said, about Yoongi allowing himself to be seen this way. Strong, tough Yoongi who struggles with showing his sensitive sides. Resort on sarcasm and blank sentences to not show he’s fumbling, to hide his embarrassment. Yoongi’s soft and doesn’t quite know how to show it, feels awkward and clumsy with what represents basically the entirety of his personality.

But when he’s with Jungkook, he becomes putty . Allows things and acts he’d never even dare to think about. And, as a result, he runs away to hide his embarrassment. Silly little hyung, Jungkook will always find him.

“‘missed you so bad,” he mutters, lips lost on the rapidly bruising skin of Yoongi’s neck. “I’ll have to show you. Will you allow me that? Hyung? Let me show you how bad I missed you?” He rolls his hips upward at the same time as he thrusts Yoongi’s body down, presses the hardening bulge of his crotch around the swell of Yoongi’s ass.

In Jungkook’s arms, boneless and breathless, Yoongi shines pretty pink and dolly “yes, yes, I’m sorry kook-ah, do it !”

So, of course, Jungkook does him. Does him good .


“...Are you always going to fuck his brains out when he hides from you?”

“I always fuck his brains out,” Jungkook sniffles, crossing his arms over his chest. “when he hides, I just do it extra hard so that he can’t run from me until I can explain myself.”

Taehyung shakes his head. Part because of Jungkook’s words, but also because he’s trying to will away the images running wild in his head. He really wishes he wasn’t crushing so hard on Yoongi, that was so going to cause him problems one day. “You actually have no excuses.”

“I don’t,” the boy shrugs, before jumping on his feet with a devious grin. “But now I remember how I got him to talk to me again. Gotta Zayn!” He bellows as he runs toward the door, probably running to ruin a certain hyung. May the Min Butt Rest In Peace.

“That meme is so dead,” Jimin mutters, barely there, probably imagining the scene Jungkook described in too many details.

Taehyung can relate. Except—“A meme never dies.”