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Taken for Granted

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Jaebum was having an awful week. The company kept on sending him to different places to go and people to talk to as the leader of Got7. He was feeling very stressed and it didn't help that they were preparing for another comeback. Jaebum leaned against his leather seat in his studio and closed his tired eyes. "I hate my life," He thought miserably as the stress continued to build up in him. He then soon diligently returned back to working on the comeback and writing even more lyrics while editing the beats he deemed to be mediocre. He was so frustrated however when he just couldn't get the sound he wanted. He threw another piece of lyric paper away totally stressed out to his limits.

The leader didn't exactly know what time it was but he figured it didn't matter after he decided to stretch his numb legs before getting back to work. Around an hour later, a gentle knock at his door got him out of his work daze. The singer grunted at the interruption and angrily opened the door to reveal-

"Youngjae, what are you doing here?" Jaebum asked harshly making the smile the younger had waver a bit at his tone before smiling even wider, irritating the leader more because "What is he so happy for all the time?"

Youngjae had on a yellow fuzzy sweater with a baby chick in the center of hit with denim shorts and a pair of yellow converse high tops. The older thought he looked cute though he would never admit it out loud. Youngjae held out a bag of take out food and showed it to the older before responding. "Because you haven't eaten all day so I brought you some food! It's your favorite, soft spicy tofu stew!" Youngjae exclaimed brightly before letting himself in. Jaebum sighed and closed the door before returning back to his seat and ignoring the younger. "Hyung! You have to eat!" Youngjae pouted as he stared at the older singer ignoring him in favor of working, working, and working. Jaebum would've loved to spend time and pay attention to the sunshine of the group but the deadline for the song he was working on was too close and he couldn't afford to waist even one second of his time. Apparently, this was a no no for the younger. Youngjae huffed out and took out the food from the bag.

"Hyung, I'm not going to leave until you eat this food." Youngjae declared and when he still got no response, Youngjae figured he would bring the food to the leader instead. The younger peeled off the lid to the stew and took out a pair of chopsticks before proceeding to approach the older. "Jaebumie hyung! Here! Foooood!" Youngjae exclaimed as he arrived next to the older who only briefly glanced at him before looking back at his screen. The younger huffed at that so he placed the styrofoam cup next to Jaebum's keyboard. Youngjae waited for him to at least take a bite but he didn't. Youngjae pouted thinking maybe hyungie is thirsty? as he turned around in search of a water, his hand hit the cup causing it's contents to spill all over Jaebum's equipment starting from the keyboard.

Jaebum reacted quickly with shouting and immediately springing out of his seat as the stew fell on his pants. Seeing it spread to the mainframe of the computer, he quickly tried wiping it with his hands. Youngjae gasped as he witnessed it unfold and when he saw Jaebum trying frantically clean up the spill, the younger quickly took off his sweater and place it over the spill, trying to help his hyung stop it from leaking into the hard drive of the computer as much as possible. The leader quickly went back to the computer and furiously clicking on anything that could possibly save his work but it was too late. The screen did one final glitch before fading to a dark black.

Jaebum looked at the dark screen helplessly before remembering who caused this problem in the first place. Jaebum slammed his hand down on the desk causing Youngjae to jump.

"I-I'm sorry hyung! It w-was an accident!" Youngjae cried out as Jaebum's breathing became heavier. The younger singer nervously shifted from foot to foot as the moment of silence stretched out before being cut off by the older.

"Oh my God Youngjae! Can't you do anything right for once? Look what you did!" Jaebum yelled out in fury making the shorter flinch at the harshness of his tone, "You couldn't have left me alone?! If I didn't answer you it was because I don't want to talk to you! I should've never answered the damn door. You're such a fucking clumsy idiot! This song is due soon and you just fucking ruined it all! Our comeback is just around the corner!" Jaebum was breaking harshly by the end of his outburst but Youngjae refused to meet his eyes which bothered him even more. "Look at me when I'm talking to you! You're not welcome here anymore! You understand at least that right?" The older spat out angrily, not thinking of his words.

Youngjae lifted his head and Jaebum was met with tears streaming down the younger's splotchy cheeks and building up in his red eyes. "I-I'm sorry hyung. I-I'm s-sorry I messed up your work. I'm s-sorry I tried to come in uninvited to give you food! I-I'm sorry!" Youngjae sobbed out, almost making the older immediately apologize for what he had said. "I'll leave now, " Youngjae continued as he wiped some of his tears away with the back of his hand, "I won't come back like you said." And with that, Youngjae dashed out of the studio leaving tear stains behind. Jaebum let out a frustrated grunt as he moved back to his dead computer and shoved the keyboard off the desk in anger causing it to loudly crash against the floor.

Jaebum then looked at the spilled food cup in disgust as he shucked it in the trash can along with it's contents. He then moved his gaze to that yellow fuzzy sweater Youngjae was wearing just moments before. Jaebum hated it. The singer shoved the soggy sweater in the trash can along with anything else that was there prior to it. The singer fell onto his chair and buried his face into his hands. Now he'd have to ask for a time extension and new monitor. There was no way he could remotely finish the song now. God really hated him, huh? Jaebum decided to just go home and ask for a time extension the next day. He packed up his belongings and left with tired eyes and a tired mind.


Jinyoung was so tired of waiting already. This choreography just had to be perfect for their comeback. He didn't want to let down IGot7s. Everyone was on time for dance practice expect for one person. And that one person was none other than-

Choi Youngjae messily appeared in a Supreme shirt messily tucked in his denim shorts along with black sneakers and was out of breath. "I'm sorry I'm late!" he apologized with no further explanation as he set down his belongings, oblivious to six glares directed all at him.

"Ya! Choi Youngjae! Where were you that you were a whole hour late? What was so important?" Jinyoung questioned harshly causing Youngjae to flinch.

"S-Sorry hyung," the younger apologized, "I-I was just-"

"I don't care what you were doing!" The older interrupted causing Youngjae to look down at his feet, "You wasted an hour of our time that we are going to have to make up! Don't you think we're tired too? Yet we're all here on time!"

Youngjae made a noise in his throat, "H-Hyung, I just-"

"Don't make up any excuses!" Jinyoung shouted, the stress of the comeback heavy on his back and in his tone, "All you have to say are excuses! I'm sick of it! Maybe it would be better if you never even entered the group if you don't even care about it." The silence that followed his outburst was defining as the other members awkwardly stood around before a quiet sob filled the room before abruptly stopping. Jinyoung looked at the younger shocked and was about to apologize but swallowed the urge down. The younger turned to the side as he furiously tried to wipe his tears away.

"I-I'm sorry hyung. I'll do b-better next time." Youngjae quietly promised earning a stiff nod from the older singer. Jinyoung immediately went ahead and started the practice and whenever it was time for breaks, Youngjae, who usually played around with Yugyeom, BamBam, or Jackson, sat in the corner looking at his water bottle while the rest of the members stiffly talked. Jinyoung became even more stressed with the situation and grunted. Someone always had a problem or issue and he would be the person most of them went to besides from Jaebum. The vocalist sighed and got up, the thoughts in his head becoming to overwhelming for him.

"Alright everyone," Yugyeom announced, getting everyone's attention, "Let's continue so we can go home already. It's pretty late already." Everyone nodded and got up to continue practice.

After awhile, Youngjae started to be behind in moves and wasn't timing them correctly. The others noticed but decided to just let him be since he was already nagged at a lot but one member was not having it.

"Ya. Youngjae." Jinyoung called out after seeing the younger completely miss a vital part in the choreography, "What was that? You didn't put in any effort on that part at all!" Youngjae looked down at his feet once more as the older called him out. He was just tired. He just wanted to go to sleep at this point and never wake up again. "Are you even listening to me right now?" An agitated voice yelled out, pulling him from his thoughts, "It's like you want this comeback to fail, is that what it is? You don't care for the group anymore?"

Youngjae flinched and his eyes grew wide. "Th-That's not what it is!" Youngjae assured with pleading eyes, "I do care for the group! I'm just tired ment-"

"We're all tired, Youngjae!" Jinyoung shouted out, making everyone in the room, especially Youngjae, flinch. "We all want to go home, we all want to eat, we all want to sleep, we're all tired! Get that through that useless brain of yours! That excuse does not work when you're in a group. Either suck it up or leave. It's your choice though maybe you should leave with that mind set of yours." With that, Jinyoung angrily stomped past Youngjae, bumping his shoulder hard against the younger's, causing Youngjae to wince at the pain. A few moments of awkward silence passed before someone cleared their throat.

"That's all for today I guess." Jaebum said and sighed out as he went after Jinyoung, the rest of the members following right after him, leaving Youngjae all by himself in the too quiet practice room. As soon as the other members left, Youngjae fell down on the floor and cried. He cried until he had no more tears and was numb to everything around him. He sat on the cold, cold floor until his brother worriedly looked for him since he wasn't picking up his calls or texts and found him in the practice room with dried tears on his cheeks. His older brother picked him up and took him home. Youngjae's brother cuddling with his precious younger brother and telling him how talented he is. And as Youngjae fell asleep against him, his brother rubbed the dried tears off and held him close. What Youngjae's brother wasn't prepared to hear however, was what Youngjae murmured in his sleep. He was going to have to ask the rest of Got7 what happened to make his sunshine of a brother cry. Those two words were too much for his brother to ignore.

"I'm sorry."