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Autumn Bruce Drabble Collections

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Apple Cider-----Thor/Bruce


Bruce was enjoying time off from his job. Currently, he was finishing up a correction and emailing said correction to the director of his department while he took in the atmosphere of the cafe. Once the email was sent through he was officially on vacation for the next week. It’s not like he was going anywhere but a break from work was always enjoyed. 

Autumn was one of his favorite times mostly because it got colder and he could wear comfy long sweaters. He smiles as the document is received and closed his laptop taking in the cafe atmosphere fully. He had ordered an apple cider and pulls his legs up in the comfortable chair and sniffs. The smell of cinnamon sticks tickles Bruce nose before he takes a small sip.

He sighs enjoying his hot beverage when the doorbell jingles. His gaze follows the man who had just walked in rubbing his black boots against the plastic mat. The man grabs his sunglasses and takes them off showing off intense blue eyes. Bruce squirms in his chair ducking his head at the gorgeous man. He chances to look up at the man again and lets out a sigh of relief. The man is ordering some to-go coffee a very high caffeine type it seems. Bruce shakes his head laughing internally to himself. He thinks to himself such a gorgeous man he’s doubtful he’ll see him again. It’s just a one chance opportunity, it’s not like the man will notice him or seek him out to talk to him.

Bruce is so lost in thoughts he doesn’t see the clear blue eyes staring in his. He nearly spits his drink but instead decides choking on apple cider is the better solution. The gorgeous man from before smiles down at Bruce.

“Sorry…I didn’t mean to startle you mind if I sit here?”

Bruce offers a silent shrug as the man sits down in front of him. “Hi, my name’s Thor. I’m waiting for one of my friend’s to arrive and you seemed the most interesting in the cafe…uh you know for waiting,” he comments before thumbing over at the man behind him. “Old man winter looked too crabby and you see relaxed. Uh, so what’s your name?”

“Bruce,” he says as the man begins to talk more. Bruce thinks to himself how on earth is this happening.