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Trick or Treat

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As soon as they arrive at the party Miu declares that she needs some booze. Kaede watches as her girlfriend hurries to the closest table, long straw-colored strands of hair bouncing behind her to the rhythm of her steps. It takes Miu some time to decide what she wants to drink and just when she’s about to pour herself the weirdly-looking green punch Kokichi suddenly appears at her side as if out of thin air, the colorful costume of a jester that he’s wearing impossible to miss. Even from where she’s standing all the way across the room Kaede can hear their bickering, the sound of her girlfriend’s distinctive cackling and a constant stream of profanities accompanied by the smaller boy’s ugly horse-like laughter.


Not knowing what to do with herself in the room of unfamiliar faces Kaede keeps her eyes on her girlfriend, knowing how much chaos Miu can cause if she lets Kokichi get under her skin. Their classmate is exceptionally good at masterfully pushing Miu’s buttons and Kaede is determined to have some fun tonight before any kind of disaster takes place. And knowing her classmates as well as she does - it’s probably only a matter of time. Especially if Kokichi is already here.


Her eyes follow the familiar curves of Miu’s body, observing how the skirt she’s wearing just barely reaches the top of her thighs, leaving very little to the imagination. The medical stethoscope is draped loosely around her neck and Kaede has a worrying suspicion that she’s seen the exact same one in the hands of the timid Ultimate Nurse from Class 77-B. The fishnet stockings are wrapped around Miu’s long legs and a nurse’s cap sits on the top of her head. Furiously red heels she’s wearing are higher than her usual shoes and she’s easily towering over Kaede.


The nurse costume is revealing and Kaede honestly doesn’t know what she was expecting. She’s just secretly glad that she managed to convince Miu to leave the giant syringe in her room. She decided to not question how Miu even came into the possession of something like that. She knows from experience that it’s better to not know some things.


Kaede raises her hand and re-adjusts the pumpkin hair clip as she can feel it slowly starting to slide off her hair.


Her own costume is nothing like Miu’s.


She feels somewhat out of place next to her sexy girlfriend in her simple black top and a giant pumpkin-shaped skirt. She fell in love with this costume when she had seen it for the first time. It instantly reminded her of late autumn evenings from her childhood, the memory of her grandmother’s pumpkin cakes and warm, wrinkled hands guiding her hands as she was learning how to make a perfect jack-o’-lantern. It’s a memory that she holds close to her heart, one of the last memories of her grandmother.


Still, when she caught the glimpse of both of them in the mirror when they were leaving for the party she almost laughed out loud.


A slutty nurse and a pumpkin. What a pair they make!


She sighs as she realizes that Miu and Kokichi’s voices are getting louder and louder, catching the attention of some people around them. She starts walking to where they are standing.


“Akamatsu-chan!” beams Kokichi at her when they finally notice her.


“Hello, Ouma-kun,” she greets him politely. “I hope you don’t mind me stealing Miu away, she promised me a dance earlier.”


And with that she takes Miu’s hand in hers, fingers entwined together and presses the gentlest of kisses against her girlfriend’s cheek, feeling the warmth spreading under her lips as a rosy blush immediately spreads across Miu’s skin. The inventor’s embarrassment at even the slightest gestures of genuine affection never fails to ignite this unrestrained feeling of fondness blooming in Kaede’s chest. She smiles softly as her girlfriend starts spluttering helplessly and the blush that colors even the tips of her ears reaches darker and darker shades of red.


From the corner of her eye Kaede can see Kokichi’s familiar mischievous smirk as it stretches lazily across his face.


“Ew, I better get out of here before the slut orgasms right here and now,” he says with mock horror and with that he disappears just as suddenly as he appeared.


Kaede can’t help but laugh, especially when she notices the look on Miu’s face.


She squeezes her hand.


“Let’s party,” she says, the traces of laughter still present in her voice. She doesn’t wait for Miu’s reaction as she leads them both to the dance floor and straight into the mass of dancing bodies.