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Jade Potter

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This is sort of an introduction chapter, so a little short and quick to set things up. Keep with it people!



Harry had heard his aunt and uncle talk about ‘your aunt who never wanted you’ and ‘your fathers useless sister who didn’t want you either’ and had heard the name Jade once or twice but after years and years of no contact, no word, no visit, no message, no letters, and nothing, Harry had given up, not even giving his fathers sister a second thought. It was when Hagrid had whisked him off to Diagon Alley before his first year that Harry had had any real information about the elusive aunt of his.

The half giant had motioned to what appeared to be apartments above some of the shops on the street as they headed to get his robes measured and cheerily said “and up there, the balcony with the flowers, that’s where your aunt Jade lives” Harry had practically stopped in his tracks

“she’s...she’s a witch?”

Hagrid had nodded

“yes, she’s not there at the moment though, off tracking dark wizards somewhere, she wanted desperately to be the one to get your from the Dursely’s but she had a lead on the people who helped hurt your parents and, well, I can’t say much but she isn’t allowed to return yet” Harry had glanced up at the balcony, seeing the dark windows behind it, clearly leading to an empty, unoccupied house.

“She hunts dark wizards?” “Yeah. She’s very good at it, got in a few scrapes as well. She’s got in a lot of trouble you know, trying to check up on you with the Dursely’s, got cautioned by the minister for magic himself once”

“She tried to see me?”

Hagrid smiled down at the young boy “yes. She was banned from contacting you, but Jade’s never been one for the rules. She watched y’ from a distance, every Christmas, every birthday. She’s been through a lot, an awful lot, life’s not been easy on Jade, and when she’s back, she’ll be so happy to see you”


Harry got the impression quite quickly that Jade was fairly well known in the magical world, though it seemed his scar meant more or less the same thing. At Gringott’s the moody goblin that had taken harry to his vault had spent a good ten minutes muttering ‘and you can tell your aunt that I don’t care if she’s off in the middle of Merlin knows where, chasing whoever it is this time, she can’t keep send form A145QQS by owl, it has to be done in person. She knows that, I’ve told her enough times, I don’t care how famous she is’. Harry hadn’t said anything, not really sure what the response was to that. When they had gone to Olivander’s for his wand, he had tried an oak wand that the wizard had handed him.

‘Oak, your aunt has an oak wand, represents strength, loyalty, and perseverance through good and bad. Unicorn hair core, very powerful wand for a powerful witch. Now, that one won’t do Mr Potter, shall we try another?’.



It was during his first disastrous potions lesson in his first year that Snape had first given any indication that he had known Harry's aunt.

It was after not knowing yet another answer that the moody potions professor had sniped “Mr Potter, you appear to be every bit as useless as your father was at potions. What a shame your aunt didn’t gift you a few brain cells”

“You know my aunt?”

Snape didn’t change his expression and just frowned a little deeper if possible “she is a world renowned auror. Everyone knows”

That wasn’t entirely true. Obviously everyone had heard of her. Not only was her work as an auror well known, what with what happened to the Prewett twins and her torture well documented in the press, she was also the twins sister of the tragic James Potter, which was a story every witch and wizard in every country knew. The last think Snape wanted to admit was that he actually had a much longer, more tangled history with the woman, the entirety of which he hoped he’d never have the Potter boy find out.



It wasn't too long after Christmas that Harry had been reading the Prophet over breakfast and had scanned over to an article that caught his eye:

Jade Greenlake (formerly known as Potter) has returned from an assignment with the Department of Mysteries, and four unnamed wizards have been sent to Azkaban as a result of the work.

Geeenlake has been held in the Intensive Care ward of the Serious Maladies wing of St Mungo’s Hospital. Her condition is understood to be ‘improving’ but there is no word on whether she will be fit to return to active duty any time soon. However, it is understood that she is in a serious, critical condition.

Auror Greenlake previously had an extended period of time off after her torture with dark magic at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange, in an attack that also killed two of her best friends. The injuries occurred only a few weeks before her twin brother James and his wife Lily Potter were killed by You Know Who in an attack that somehow was survived by their infant son Harry.

Jade Geeenlake fought for the custody of her nephew Harry, but whilst not released to the public, it is understood that there were extenuating reasons that young Harry was placed with his mothers muggle family.
After this happened Greenlake was forced to take time off to recover, though she returned to duties before the recommended time was over.
Greenlake is credited with being the first student ever approached to join the Auror department, rather than their standard application procedure, and she joined the department straight out of Hogwarts.
Kingsley Shaklebolt declined to comment at the time we went to press.


Harry looked over it several times, seeing that Jade was back in the country, but also that she was seriously injured. Harry had asked Hagrid about the situation and he said he would ask around for any information. He had spoken to Harry after class the following day, telling him that Jade was going to pull through, but she had been cursed quite badly bringing in a Dark Wizard from wherever in Europe she had been - the location was still a secret- but that a previous injury meant it was taking a long time to heal, and she would be in hospital for most likely a few months.



Three weeks before the end of his first year Harry had received a letter, his name written in a cursive, black ink that he didn't recognise.

Inside was a letter in the same handwriting that he quickly read over:


I have wanted to speak to you ever since you started in September at Hogwarts. I assume you’ve heard enough about me from your teachers, specifically Dumbledore, about what I have been up to and why I couldn’t come and see you earlier. I have spent so many years struggling to comprehend how to live my life whilst you lived yours with Lilly’s sister.
I never knew them myself -they weren’t at your parents wedding- but I saw that they weren’t treating you properly but every time I tried to get any nearer to you, the ministry found out, and if I was sent away then I would never be able to see you.
I took on a task a year ago to track down some bad people and unfortunately I had to miss your first day at school. I spent 11 years dreaming about waving you off at platform 9 3/4 and then I missed it. It’s funny how life plays these tricks on you.

Dumbledore has an item that has been in our family for generations. I haven’t any need of it, I’ve got my own ways of not being seen, but I know you have it, and I hope you used it to get up to as much mischief as James and I used to at your age. Use it wisely, not everyone gets to play with invisibility cloaks!

I will see you the second I am allowed out of this stupid hospital
All my love


Sorry for the patchy first chapter, next chapter we meet Jade, and she sees the Weasley's, Harry and Snape.