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We will always find each other (In our hearts)

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 25 years ago in the fairytale world...

Alec had never been so happy in his life, he had never thought he could feel like this but here he was getting ready to start a wonderful life marrying the one he loved. When Alec had first met Magnus he would have laughed at the thought of marrying him, Magnus was also known as Prince Charming but Alec certainly didn't think he lived up to his name when they first met. However Magnus had proved him wrong. Magnus. Just thinking of his name made his heart soar- Alec was brought out of his thoughts when his best friend Jace cleared his throat.

"You ready buddy?"

Alec's face lit up, "Yeah I am", Alec said excitedly.

"Come on then Snow, Magnus is waiting for you", Jace said with a grin.

Alec rolled his eyes at the nickname, his friends kept calling him that even though they knew it annoyed him. The only person he actually liked calling him Snow was Magnus. When his friends called him Snow it was to tease him, but Magnus always called him Snow with such affection and tenderness that it made him feel safe and loved. Alec jumped when he felt Jace hit his arm.

"You were thinking about Magnus again weren't you?"

"What? No-okay fine I was, but I can't help it I love him".

"I'm so happy for you Alec, after everything you have been through you deserve this".

"Thanks Jace", Alec said quietly and hugged Jace tightly.

After a while Jace released Alec, "We should go now".

Alec nodded and took Jace's arm when he offered it to him. Jace was walking Alec down the isle because his father refused to, in fact both of his parents refused to be at the wedding which hurt Alec so much. They hated that he was gay and had kept trying to set him up with women in the past in the hopes that he wouldn't be gay anymore. Now they had given up and just made hurtful comments whenever they had to see each other. Alec wished things were different that his parents still loved him.

Alec's mood lightened when he entered the great hall of his castle and saw Magnus at the altar waiting for him. Magnus had gone down the isle with his father before him. Alec pushed thoughts of his parents out of his mind and focused on Magnus' beautiful smile, his smile automatically made Alec smile back it was so contagious. Everyone had stood up again for Alec when he had entered with Jace. When Alec reached the altar Magnus gently took his hands.

"My gorgeous Snow", Magnus whispered in awe as he stared at Alec love-struck making Alec's heart flutter.

Alec was about to reply when the door suddenly burst open and Alec's worst nightmare stormed into the hall. Magnus drew his sword and stood protectively in front of Alec. Izzy, Clary and Jace joined Magnus and drew their swords too. The guests panicked and tried to escape but Jonathan used magic to freeze them in place.

Jonathan laughed and shook his head, "I can't believe you idiots really think you can protect Alec from me".

"We won't let you hurt him ever again!" Magnus growled.

Alec couldn't breathe he was so terrified. He thought he was finally safe from Jonathan and that he could be free and happy. Jonathan locked eyes with Alec and smirked, Alec jumped in fright when Jonathan suddenly appeared behind him and forced him into crushing kiss. Terrible memories were starting to invade his mind leaving him frozen and he was so relieved when Magnus pulled him away from Jonathan. Magnus tried to attack Jonathan but he used magic again to move away.

"Tell you what Snow", Jonathan said, saying Snow mockingly. "I will let you have your happily ever after for now. But you will soon be my husband so enjoy your freedom while you can". Jonathan smirked at Alec then disappeared.

Alec hadn't realized he had been hyperventilating until Magnus gently kissed him to stop him hyperventilating. Magnus pulled Alec into a hug. "Ssh it's okay you're safe now".

"But you heard what he sad Magnus. He's going to make me marry him, I'm so scared-"

"Hey I won't let that happen, I will protect you from Jonathan", Magnus said softly and tightened the hug. They stayed that way for a while until Clary awkwardly cleared her throat.

"So um what are we going to do about the wedding?"

All the guests were still panicking and talking loudly, Maia, Luke and Max were all trying to calm them down but Jonathan had really scared them all.

"Alexander do you still want this? After what happened with Jonathan I would understand if-"

"I still want this, if you do?" Alec said sadly looking away. He felt guilty for ruining the wedding, Jonathan had come for him.

Magnus gently took Alec's chin and turned his face to him, "I know what you are thinking Alexander, none of this is your fault. Jonathan was the one who interrupted the wedding not you. I still want this because I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you".

Tears of joy were falling down Alec's face, "I love you too", Alec said and kissed Magnus. They only stopped when Jace wacked Alec's arm again. "Hey stop doing that!" Alec said indignantly and rubbed his arm.

Jace just rolled his eyes, "We need to calm the guests down".

Magnus glared at Jace for hitting Alec but nodded and turned to the guests, "ENOUGH!" Magnus screamed making everyone fall silent a once. "Listen, I know you are all scared, but we won't let Jonathan hurt you. Snow and I are still going through with the wedding please sit back down. You are all safe now".

"But Jonathan said Alec will be his husband, why are you still having the wedding when Alec is cheating on you?" Raj said making Alec flinch.

Magnus' hands curled into fists and he glared furiously at Raj, "Alexander doesn't want to be with Jonathan, I won't go in to details for his sake, but Jonathan wants to force Alexander to marry him. He didn't cheat on me and he never would. Apologize to Alexander right now!"

"I'm so sorry Alec", Ra said but Alec could tell he didn't really mean it. Raj also wanted Alec and had tried to sabotage his and Magnus' relatoinship in the past and had nearly succeeded.

Magnus could also tell that Raj wasn't really sorry and was about to shout angrily at Raj but Alec stopped him.

"It's okay Mags, can we continue the wedding now?"

Magnus reluctantly stopped himself taking his fury out on Raj and nodded. Magnus knew Alec hated it when people shouted at each other because of Jonathan. Magnus glared at Raj again but took Alec's hand.

When Alec and Magnus kissed after their vows he hall erupted into cheers and the party lasted long into the night. Alec curled into Magnus when it was time for bed and Magnus wrapped a protective arm around him.

"I love you so much Snow".

"I love you too Charming".


Now in our world...


Simon sighed, his date wasn't going well at all. He had met Jordan at a café the other week. They had hit it off and Jordan asked him out. They were having dinner out at a restaurant, Simon had enjoyed himself at first but now Jordan was making him feel very uncomfortable. Jordan kept making lewd comments and trying to touch his thigh under the table.

Simon thought he ought to stay until they finished the meal even though he really didn't want to. He was relieved when it ended but just as they were leaving Jordan grabbed Simon's arm painfully tight making him wince.

"Want to come back to my place?" Jordan said seductively.

"I'm sorry no, I um don't think this will work out".

Jordan glared at Simon and pulled him harshly closer to him, "I was only asking to be polite, you don't have a choice".

Simon's eyes widened in fear, "Let me go!"

"I can't do that Simon", Jordan said and forced him out of the restaurant, Simon tried to scream for help but Jordan kissed him roughly stopping him.

Simon was terrified and tried desperately to get away but Jordan pulled him tight against his chest.

"Hey, let him go!" A voice shouted and a young woman kicked Jordan hard enough to make him lose his grip on Simon. The young woman immediately pulled Simon away and put him behind her.

"Move he's mine!"

"No, he isn't!" The young woman shouted and kicked Jordan again making him double over in pain.

Jordan glared and was going to attack again but they had attracted the attention of a police officer and his partner who was coming towards them and so he ran, "This isn't over Simon!" Jordan yelled over his shoulder.

"What's going on here?"

"That guy just tried to kidnap Simon", The young woman said pointing at Jordan. The officers ran after Jordan

"Hey thank you so much for saving me but how do you know my name? You're not a stalker are you? I mean if you are-"

The young woman rolled her eyes, "I'm not a stalker. I know your name because I'm your sister Rebecca".

"What? That's crazy I don't have a sister!"

"Yes you do. Look I know this is a lot to take in but there is so much more you need to know".

"Like what? I have to set off on some epic quest like in Lord of the Rings?" Simon said incredulously.

"Actually yes. I need your help to save our father he's in so much danger. This is really hard to believe but our parents are Snow White and Prince Charming they just don't remember-"

"Okay I am so grateful for you saving me but I'm going to go now", Simon said and tried to leave but Rebecca punched him so hard that he fell to the floor unconscious.