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Private Message



That's all he was.

How had he become this person, a lonely virgin that wrote fanfiction and dreamed of making it big on Broadway? Hell, he'd even settle for being a playwright or an award-winning journalist for Vogue. But right now, he was none of those things. He wasn't even good at writing fanfiction. How could he have been if he hadn't even received one lousy review?

Kurt rubbed his eyes and stood up from his desk chair slowly, deciding that he needed to drag himself off to bed. It was almost midnight, and he had to be in the office by eight. It had been six hours since he posted his latest chapter, and if someone wanted to leave him feedback, they would have by now. He reached for the button on his monitor when he heard the chime, the one that alerted him when he got a new email.

He slowly sat back down, blinking when he realized who the email was from.


PM: SEPartnersFan.

A private message?

He had received them before thanking him for a review he had written on another author's work, and this was probably no different.

But it was. Because he didn't remember reading anything by someone named SEPartnersFan. Could it be someone commenting on his chapter? A fan, perhaps?

He clicked on the email out of curiosity.

You have received a message from SEPartnersFan.

He immediately clicked on the blue link that took him to his reviewer's profile, which was pretty much empty, except for a little line that said that his messenger had joined the site only yesterday. There was no other information, no stories written by the mysterious person or no favorite stories by anyone else.

So his messenger was a new user that probably sent him a message by mistake, or maybe he left a message saying it was the best story he had ever read because he had never read another fanfic before, and he didn't know any better. Or it could be a message saying his writing sucked. Kurt contemplated shutting the monitor and going to bed like he was going to do before the email had wrecked his plan.


But he couldn't. The anticipation was just too much. He had to know what that message said.

Little did he know that one private message was about to uproot his entire life.