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He Too Was A Tempter.

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Death had never been something to really cross my mind if I was honest, or at least, my own death had never really been a thought. However, here I am, I don’t need to imagine it. Yet, I am happy with the way that it is happening.

After all, what better way is there to die but surrounded by 6 of the most beautiful souls that have ever graced this Earth, all with beautiful smiles that make dying so bittersweet, for after all, while I may not want to die, it feels so good to see them smile so beautifully in my direction.

A tear slowly falls from my now closed eyes, and I start to smile as I feel six hands grasp different parts of me, whether it be my hands or my face, and I let out a weak chuckle as I reopen my eyes to see six pairs looking right back at me and I try to smile but I start to cough, and though I continue to smile at them all, the blood staining my lips and face makes this moment all the more saddening.

“Sorry guys...” I cough more blood out, this time a thick glob and it gets caught in my throat for a minute, but I smile weakly and continue, “I don’t think I’ll be... be able to make it... make it... to... karaoke...” I trail off as the energy starts to leave me.

All six of them let out wet chuckles, gripping on tighter wherever they have a hold on me, and my eyes start to close as I relax in their hold.

“I... love.... love all... all of you...”

My eyes open for the last time before my vision starts to darken, and the last thing I see is six radiant smiles.

I think if this is how I die, then Death is but a beautiful thing.